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8ATUBDATlll!tl!llmitlirilinUAI!T 10, 1177.
The vicissitudes of free government havo
never before offered to complete a demon
stration of the real cause, which lead to tho
decay and downfall of republican nations
M that afforded by the preient condition
of thing. In the United Btatei. And this
is so because there Is no other Instance on
record In which the acts and opinions of
the politicians nave been brought out In
such strong contrast with tho wishes and
sentiments of the people.
Our people, hiving Just emerged from
the convulsions of war, and seeking
rcposo from the distractions of further
tumult, directed by their appeals the
adoption of some means which should
peacefully determlno the result of the elec
tion, as between the two great and evenly
contending parties, by a fair and reasonable
construction of the constitution framed for
their guidance. This courso was demanded
by the general desire to close the contest
then racing In the barren fields of assertion,
and to avoid all possible danger of hostile
collisions, which experience taught could
result only In distress and Buffering to
them, and vlo'enco to the organic law sup
porting the structure of their governm ent.
And such were the earnest and unceasing
asseverations of the people of their wish to
see Justice meted out under the forms of
the Constitution and In pursuance of Its
provisions, and of their fears that anarchy
would other lse supervene through at
tempts at an adjustment by means subver
sive of it, that Congress responded by the
creation of a commission to carry out the
popular will, v. hose agency was confined
within the pun low of tho consecrated In
strument. Bat when the Impressive and solemn
trust Imposed by the law came to be exer
cised by those appointed to the duty, Its
execution disclosed a disparity of reason
and dissimilitude of Judgment that startled
and dismayed the country. Not that there
was any longer cause of fear from violence,
but because of the now patent fact that
party, and not principle, wonld have con
trolled the conflict bad It onco set in, and
the liberties cf the people would havo been
at tho mercy of mi r Hal madness. Not be
cause of the danger in prospect, but of the
danger escaped I The representatives of
one party, blinded by zeal, or over-wrought
by considerations of equity, real or I mix
incd, voted to cast down tho bulwark of
government, that the way might bo clear
to pursue and disperse the obstacles erected
by alleged fraud In their pathway to the
Presidency. In so far as their action could
effect such a result, they declared in favor
of overruling and setting aside the Consti
tution upon mere allegations of fraud, to
b proToo, trac all, by partisan testimony,
in utter disregard and contempt of the ex
press Injunction of the people, who sought,
through the Intervention of the Commis
sion, to which they had committed the
sacred charge, to have Its ordinances Invio
lably maintained. And this was done
without accountable cause, without prece
dent In all the realms of coittltutlonal
construction, but against the whole body
of precedents since the foundation of the
Government. It was likewise in violation
of the Scriptural precept and all moral
maxims. It was the manifestation of a
willingness to root ont the tares, without
reference to the destruction of the wheat,
and apparently careless of the conse
quences to those who sowed tho field.
Can any one suppose that a single member
of that Commission six months ago would
have held that there was a power In Con
gress, or any other branch of the General
Government, to do the acts his vote wonld
now Justify? No. Nor would either of
them affirm of himself, that such would
have been his Judgment then, or now, had
the question been presented In the abstract,
unattended by any prospect of practical
results to follow It. But It Is not an evi
dence of corruptness. It Is rather ono of
sacrifice. It only shows, as wo said yea
terday, that great crises change the hearts
and control the Judgments of men, Imper
ceptibly to themselves. In obedience to the
sympathies and Impulses of aisoclition,
and uninfluenced by the convictions or
canonizations of the past.
an otrrrtAUE on common iitjmanity.
The spirit of bull dozing has fastened It
self upon the House of Representatives
with a force and enthusiasm even greater
than It has exhibited In the South, where
the system was first created by the ruling
passion of mob violence. The Democrats
look upon Governor Wills as their chief
enemy. Their emmUsaries tailed to pur
chase his honor and Integrity by their gold
and cow In a spirit of bitter spleen they
are endeavoring to ruin his physical health
by sacrificing bis personal liberty In the
trim Bastlle or the Capitol. They have
thrown him Into a dungeon with Iron bars
at the windows, mouldy walls as his con
lines, and amid these filthy and degrad
ing surroundings, they are compelling
him, In violation of the most sacred rights
of an American freeman, to drag out day
after day awaiting their peculiar pleasure.
Tbe Constitution confers no right upon the
House of Representatives to deprive an
American citizen of his personal liberty,
and yet at the whlmslcai behest of a mob
violent committee this man Is cast Into a
sunless and loathsome dungeon, as though
be were a common knave and guilty of a
bloodr crime.
Hut what Is bis offonse 1 It Is because
be refuses to produce tho papers of a
sovereign State, over which he has no
more control ana rigm man nas me ruier
of an Oceanlo Isle over the Government of
the American people. It is because he re
fuses to answer questions asked htm by a
notoriously bull-dozing committee, which
is hts-rlgbt to refuse without violating any
Jaw or conimlltlns; any offense rmnlj'uble
by tho House of Representatives under the
Constitution. It Is an Infamous outrage,
aid an arbitrary srbemo to force confession
by punishment such as a Christian clvillzt
tion would refuse to Infl'ct upon a creature
of tho bruto creation.
Governor Wills Is an old man, IIo Is
seventy years of age and Infirm In b.xlv.
Under the unreasonable treatmont of tbe
Democratic IIouso ho bat become HI and
Is now under the care of a physician.
Thcso facts wero all laid before tliollouie
on Thursday, and still that body Insisted
upon bis further confinement in this foul
and disease-breeding dungeon crypt. Tals
policy Is but a continuation of their law
less and assassinating system In tho South.
It Is a scheme which will work out a most
telling curse to them In the course of time.
Dull-dozing in the National Capital, the
tyrannical use of power, tho Infraction ot
human rights, and the violation of all rules
of common humanity will bring In their
wake a retribution which wilt be felt
among tho perpetrators of theso crying
outrages. The bull dozing days of the
Democracy are fast passing away.
Til i: IlOl'E.1 OF THE DEJIOCItACr Altli
Slnco tho developments of yesterday and
to-day a rlpplo of general good humor has
been constantly passing over the mass of
Republican voters throughout tho country,
while in a corresponding degree shadows
of gloom and misgiving have shrouded tbe
hitherto hopeful Democracy. Florida is
for Hates. That question Is now settled
beyond dispute. In tho future tbe only
points of Important consideration are those
of Louisiana and Oregon. Louisiana slnco
the sun rose on the eighth day of Novem
ber has been confidently claimed by the
Republicans. Every development since
that dsy has materially strengthened that
claim until at last whatever hopes the De
mocracy have bad of securing It for Tildes
have fadid away. To-morrow the evldenco
In this caso will be presented to the Tri
bunal for Its decision. On Monday Mr.
Stouoiitom will make tho main argument
for the Republicans, and by Tuesday we
will probably be able to announce Louisiana
for Hates. The Democrats know this
will bo the Inevltablo result, and are there
fore looking to Oregon as their forlorn
hope. The case of Oregon will probably
be reached by Thursday, and Mr. Stanley
Mathews, who Is thoroughly prepared In
the case, will present the main argument
for the Republicans. In this forlorn hope
of the Democracy tho friends of Mr. Hates
have nothing to fear. The popular will of
the sovereign people of Oregon declared at
the ballot box that Mr. Watts was their
cholco as an elector. The votes were counted
accordlog to the forms of law, and he was
pronounced elected by legally constituted
authority, and It was only at the eleventh
hour that Governor Gnovsn Importuned
by the National Democratic Commltteo to
save his party fromdefeat,dcclJed to usurp
his legitimate powers and send his "Gob
ble" despatch which read:
'I shall deold. every polat in this ease of th.
pott olflea elector In f.ror of th. hlgh.it Memo
rratlo .lector and grant a eertlflcat. accordingly.
Hut. morning of tho sixth lnconlwiu.no. oonn
dtntlal." When Florida was decided for nans
yesterday the Democrats In their despera
tion endeavored to console themselves that
they might yet deprive Hares of this vote
Id Oregon and throw the election In the
House. But such hopes are in vain. Toe
Republican leaders have not stepped Into
the snaro which the Democratic leaders so
cunningly laid for them. They refused to
assert or admit that the certificate of Gov
ernor Stearics was conclusive of tho tights
of the Florida electors. They, on the con
trary, claim that full force must only be
given to the certificate when there is no
other person present exhibiting a better
warrant and showing by unmistakable
evidence that he Is tho legitimately chosen
elector. We will not boast, but the hops
of the Democracy are dead.
John BnouoriAU says that "llfo Itself Is
a gamo of chance. The very axiom,
'nothing Is certain,' disproves even the
certainty of nothing being certain. The
very machinery of the firmament Is a
sublime game ol billiards. In which the
stars are the balls, and tho cues the
centrifugal and centripetal forces."
BnocouAM Is talking simply for the sake
of talk, and not for the sake of truth. Were
his theory correct, where would be that
splendid equilibrium which we find so
amply preserved throughout all the realms
of space! Were tho machinery of tho
firmament a sublime game of billiards, as
ho affirms, and the cues the centrifugal and
centripetal forces, and the whole controlled
by the caprices of chance, chaos would
reign, and a clash of solar systems and the
utter destruction of the machinery of
the universe would follow, leaving one
Illimitable ruin throughout the realms
of space. Were Bnoua ham's theory
correct, there would be times when the
Democratic demagogue would be found ex
pounding the true principles of honest
Government a thing which never hsppeni
under the present Incomparable system of
law and order which grace the Universe.
Were nature subject to the vagaries of
chance, apple trees would be fruited deep
with pumpkins, grape vines would yield
potatoes, rose bushes would grow pansics,
plants which this year may be laden with
fragrant heliotropes might bear odorless
flowers tbe next.
Cnomn's nose, with all Its blushing
(well, might have been under his arm, and
thit fastidious palate of bis, which was
such a skillful Judge of ipirifui ftrmintt,
might have been In his car, and
his ear on his elbow. Samuel
Cox's voluble tongue might have
been in the mouth of some Member with
less brains. The Commltteo of Appropria
tions' bands might have been slung alto
gether to the shoulders of the extravagant
BrniNOEit, and thus would have been
burled constantly In Uncle Sam's pocket
for Jon's sake. Indeed, the caprices of
chance might have made Field Tweed
and Tweed Field, and the Tombs of Hew
York might havo been In Washington, and
the Goddess of Liberty outraged aud
drowned In the Fotomac. But as Chance
Is not Ring; law and order reign, and the
Electoral Commission, guided by their be
nign Influence, Is preparing to declare
Uayes as elected, and the American people
are making arrangements to secure his
! rtaceablo Inauguration.
tiik lnnrcrnr.ssim.u tuuco-iiussian
Tbe ErgVsh people, ss a general thing,
ate oprcsed to spy complications In the so
lution of the Kastern question which will
Involve Great Britain In war. This was
the sentiment which they exhibited Just
bifore the Crimean struggle, but notwith
standing tho powerful anti-war spirit then
prcvslcnt, tho nation, through the action of
its political leadera and the inducements
held out by the allied poneis, was sad
denly launched Into that bloody conflict,
which every ono now believes might and
ought to bavo been avoided. Tho British
ministers wero then, as they profess
to be now, mthuslasllo for peace, but
when tho crisis came they sulJenly
weakened and becamo utterly con
fused ss to the course which ought to have
been taken. France, ss tho ally of Groit
Britain, urged her to defend tho Mussul
man power. Them need bavo been but
moderate encouragement In this respect,
for amlcalilo relations b.ttresn Russia nud
England bad long beforo been destroyed.
Bcsldis, she wss in the entangling meshes
of an Implied agreement to atd and protect
tie Sultan's right-. These were the con
ditions of Great Britain then, and she is
surroucded by even greater entanglemonts
now. It may, theroforo, be reasonably
expected that when tho hordes of armed
Cossacks cross the Turkish border, on their
devastating expedition to the Golden
norn, they will find the rank and file of
British red coats awaiting to receive them
In the provinces cf Bosnia and Bulgaria.
The Secretary of the Navy has made to
tho Naval Service the sad announcement
of the death of two distinguished officers
of the Navy, Rear Admirals Wilkes and
All-ex. Of Admiral Aldek, the Secre
tary says ! The life of this distinguished
officer wss devoted, from his youth, to the
service of his country. As a young man,
he took part In the United States Explor
ing Expedition under the late Rear Ad
miral Wilkes, and subsequently had
charge of most Important scientific duty In
the survey of our Pacific coast His later
services wero those of the Chief of the
Bureau of Navigation, and tho command
of our fleet on the European Station.
In every sphere of duty ho exhibited the
highest qualities of a naval officer, aud
wax, during the late civil war, specially
conspicuous for gallantry and capacity on
almost every occasion which contributed
to the glory of the Naval Service.
In the announcement of tho death of
Admiral Wilkes, he also says : The scien
tific and literary attainments of this distin
guished officer, and his acknowledged zeal
and patriotism, have been long known and
appreciated by his countrymen. Ills death
will be lamented by the Service and by the
people of the United States.
There Is a growing uneasiness settling
OTcrthe Democracy slnco the Tribunal's
decision In the Florida cose, and some In
dications of a resistance to tbe ultimate re
sult of the work of the Commission. The
New York Sun, seeing the chances of Mr.
Tildes passing so rapidly away, cries out
In agony, "This Commission, tbco, Is
neither a legislative nor a judicial body.
It Is non-dcscrlpt. It is a body for which
we find no place cor room under our sys
tem of government. It Is without form
and void. It Is a monstrosity, It is
neither ono thing cor the other. It la
During tho entiro tlmo the electoral bill
was under consideration, Baiitlett, the
editor, was silent. Not a word was written
for or against the proposed compromise,
and It was not until the fifth Judgo had
been chosen that Baiitlett saw fit to give
bis opinion ss a Constitutional lawyer,
against the bill. It Is too late now. The
time for opposlllou has passed. The bill Is
a law. Its fruits are rapidly growing.
The Gun must swallow the result whether
It be palatable or no.
None of the aspirants to the Presidency
of Mexico should ever be alio wod to occupy
the position. None of them are In any
manner qualified for tho exalted place.
They are natural bandits, with all the in
clinations and characteristics of peace dis
turbers, and Mexico will never prosper
under their rule. According to reports,
Diaz has the advantage of both his oppo
nents, and unless there is a providential
Interference of some kind, he will proba
bly be Inaugurated, as he has virtually, by
bis arbitrary measures, disposed of both
Iolesias and Lbrdo. The electors re
cently chosen will meet to-morrow and
cast their votes for President, the formal
opening and counting of which will take
place on the 12th of March; and If there
Is sot another Cromn's nose thrust Into
the affair, It will probably result In hi
peaceable election.
Let us approach the matter gently, yoi,
ss softly and delicately as we can. Trdm
hull and Palmeii and Littlefikld at a
quadroon ball In New Orleans. Did they
go there for the honest "count," sacri
ficed Washington, and was this the boasted
mission of the Democratic statesmen to
Louisiana t
When the Nation was In peril, when the
foundation of the glorious fabrlo reared by
onr fathers was tottering, as it were, and
becoming shaky like it might ; when the
eyes of tho whole people were upon them,
Palmer and Trumiiull threw these aw
ful responsibilities aside and attended a
"nlggah" ball, sab; yes, sab, a nlggah
ball, scd what Is worse, a bad nlggah
ball, sab a ball given by a bold, noto
riously bad nlggah woman at that. Ye
gods, wait a minute while wo weep I
Cil'TAlN Dittt has not little pity for Man.
dot. He ssys he was a born rascal, and that he
would not believe blm on oath, that he pro
cured money darlog the war for the ostensible
purpose of using In the purchaie of food soil
provisions for tbe soldiers, but spent It for
himself. Tiro more pitiable objects never
breathed than are Maddox and Littlivield
to-day. They deserted the Republican party,
and joined the Democracy. Now that party
ruthlessly casts tbem aside.
AGentliuan recently found two mlnle
balls Imbedded In each other on the battle
field near Petersburg, Va. Oen was Confed
erate and tbe other Federal. Therhtd met
I half ; sol cavVraccd. tacit other,
rxiciruL aleep la the shsst anchor of
Tnn dsy laborer must strike for hire
A bit of nonsense One that will not check
a horse.
Houses will not go up while rents are com
ing down.
A N Incalculable weight Tbe weight of la
It is often easier to pick fliws thsn to do
better oneself.
ltAitnoAD agents are always ready to
answer a fare question.
Tun hopr of tbe Democracy low lies under
tbe cuticle of Cronin's note.
Tnn R hsva Florida, a good
eaie, good lawyers, a good court and good
tnough proipects.
Itrms or fabulous woalth burled In the
roiks of tbe Black Ullls are again floating
mildly about the country.
A cold sod coatless man does not much
object to a draft If It comes through tbe door
of a bank.
Witi! Florida lor Hates, there does no', ap
pear to be tbe ghost of a cbanco for Mr. Tiu
dpn. Cronin's bore cannot bridge over the
It is gratifying to learn that after the De
mocratic bull dozing committee have exhaus
ted tbclr hopes of finding anything crooked tn
tbe actions of Meters. CnA-roLEn and Mo
Cormick as officers of tbo Republican Na
tional Committee, that they have determined
to examine the bank account of Mr. Tlldeo.
Russia, in Europe, has a population of
71,730,080, while European Turkey has a
population of 8,(00,000. The population of
tbe whole Ottoman Empire la 48,000,000,
of the Russian Empire, 80,000,000. Russia
has 12,118 miles of railroad, and Turkey, OSS
miles. Both of them have an empty treasury.
Tns Democratic leaders are becoming dis
satisfied with tbe compromise plan. When
the Democratic leaders find that the applica
tion of the doctrine which they have uniformly
maintained la fatal to Mr. Tildsx's chances,
they are as ready to dlscsrd thst as they are
any other principle.
Now that Mr. Fields has finished ladling
out his dlsbollcsl gumbo of falsehood and
slander from the lips of his witnesses, the suf
fering public msy obtsln a short respite, nts
doses have palled tbe pain of common de
cency, as Mother Squeie's trescle palled the
appetite of her pupils.
WnEH Governor Wells swore that the wit
ness Littlefiild lied, there was not an In
telligent Democrat or Republican tn the
country but what coincided with Governor
Wells' opinion, snd tbe evidence recently
adduced by the committee makes aound that
Ediikm Fabha, who succeeds MionAT, Is a
fierce Turk of the old school, and Is as
bigoted and rattle-brained an apostle of Mo
bammed as ever whUTed at a chibouk.
He will be a swlltagent of war In tbe Turkish
councils, snd will soon have the Mussulman
bssha bazourks again tearing at the throats ol
tbe Christian Bulgarians.
Circcustances are often altering cases
nowadays. During tbe progress of the Tweed
trial, Mr. David Dudlxt Field disagreed on
several Important polota of law with Mr.
O'Coxon. Now we find tbem both of tbe
opinion that Congress and the Commission
have unlimited power of Investigation. They
both claim that tbe powers to Investigate a
Stste Includes the power to set aside a Stato
election, and they are called atrlet construc
tionists. Tnx cocntrt la moving under a cloud of
mjsttfylogtales of scandal and bribery, trick
ery snd falsehood, partisan hate and political
bullylnr. Mr. Field bas brought from the mi
asmatic atmosphere of the Gulf,men who have
been wheezing out scandal and tales of cor
ruption and woe and misery and crime. These
public tattlers of scandal have gorged the
public press until the publle mind Is turned
and dazed with Its enormity, and common de
cency shocked and shsmed.
Mr. Stouohtok, who has so ably defended
tbe rights of the Republican votera of the
country before tbt Mixed Tribunal, will pre
sent the main argument In tho Louisiana
case, probably on Wednesdsy next. Mr.
Stouoiiton Is the principal counsel In the
grest Emma Mine case, now pending bofore
the New York courts, and as soon u he has
completed his work la the Louisiana case he
will go to New Tork to attend to pressing
duties there
23. l'utladeljiMa J, H. Mpnftiicou A Co,,
fobll.l.tr.. roruleurX. II. WMUker A .boo
Wainlnf ton, O. 0.
This Is tbe latest novel from an American
press, and an American pen, and It has the
elements of freshness and delicacy which will
undoubtedly make it very popular. It Is tbe
story of the ups and downs, mostly tbe
downs, in the life of an unfortunate young
girl brought to a close satisfactory to all
parties concerned. There Is little tragedy,
an abundance of pathos, and several well
drawn cbsracters.
ELLEN W. OLXKT. 6 TO. p. HI. l'bllalel
Bhla. 1. 11. Llnplncott A Co , Pabl.tiiTS. To
babonshtatC. U. l'urceirs, waiblnstoo, 10. C.
A delightful modern romance written In a
clever manner, and filled with the brightness
of summer.
LITTEI.IH L1VINU AUE ror t-tbruanr loih.
rubll.bed bj Llllcll A Oar, lloiton.
This number contains several very Interest
ing articles reprinted from tbe latest British
periodicals. "Tbo Shadow of the door,"
Irom JUackvood't 3ligailni Is concluded.
There Is also an Interesting article on Charles
lngsley, from the Fortnightly llttltic, and
Instructive ons on "Tbe Geographical
ect of tbe Eastern Question," froai tbe
e source, written by Edward A. Free-
Cbloeie llobbera at lha vrhlpplnz Tost,
Von IA Drfroif Frit Prut,
On Monday at 850 we left Teklu and reached
nong Kong at 11 A. M. On the Slid Mr.
llarlan told me there waa to bo a pub'le flog
glneoftwo Chinese. 1 hsre often seen the
bseks of negroes In tbe United States with
txarkaof tbe lasb, but this Is tbe first time 1
ever bsd tbe chance to seo the cst-o'-nlne-tslls
applied. The whipping post here Is the
street at the bate of a small triangular spsoe,
msde by three streets, and Immadlately In
front of the harbor Master's office. A slab of
granlts rises about ten feet above a atone
platform, and leaning against It Is a wooden
scaffold. Here the men are fastened by a
belt around their bodies aod thetr arms ex
tended at full length above tbem and held
secure by a slip noose around tbe wrists.
Each man received twenty.flve lubes, and up
to tbe eighteenth they writhed, but after that
drooped, and I thought the first ons had
fainted, but as the second acted la tbe same
manner I came to tbe conclusion that tbe
strsln upon tbe nerves bad reached tta climax
and that neither felt the lash. The backs,
however, were a fearful sight. These fellows
sre to receive seventy Are lsshes, twenty Are
rsch, at three different times, for violence ant
robl-ery and pulllug carriages out of Clilna
girls' esis.
raiDAT, Fobrn&rr B. MIT.
Tl SKNATieroet at ten t, u.t with Mtkiri.
Oj. Mi RON .tf Wit, Ami TiU-in rtaDt, tni m
motion or Mr. Tuti, tho hdIb took a larthtr
rrrf rutll) Ik.Ito o'clock.
1 fco Rihatk t0.il.rinb.. at twlr o'clock.
Tb I'll AI RUM bfortb Senate tha eredrjau
ill or Mr, Kaimom aifFnatoreloctrroralV (J-for
Ix Tears from March 4. KIT. llar1 on Ilia
Tbe U1IA1K appointed Mr. IVAnDOCK to All the
arancr in ttiaUommltteeon AcncfllUre.and Mr.
If ar NaT to fill the racimcy in the committee on
1'nMlo ItalUlDEi TKl Urnund.
The GllAIlt laid before u.e Sktatk the bill
ma kin jf arprciirlattoni fr forttfloatiom anil
batbore, xlih tnenon-oonfurrnce cf th Home
In tbe Senate amendment a, Mr. Wistw
nioTed that the Senate Inmt 11 tti amendment
nod eik for a conference. 80 rJered.
Mr. ALLlbON l renentM a petition lYom the
American boclety of CUI1 Kb-tlneeri ana kindred
focietieiln relation totheeoMinleilon appointed
by ConartM for tettioa: iron nnd eteel I
Sir. IMJAIXS prenentM a petition from
the Kidmi Aptrlcnharal Hwloty, aikloc relief
lorh ouit driredatinni. lteferred to the Com
mittcenn Aerteoltare.
Mr. KLLLY presented a petition from eUtieni
ol Ore Ron aiking CongreM to rcdrcit their srler.
aneee and enable tbem to perfect their lit lot to
thetr landi. Iteferred to Committee on TabUo
Heveral peMtlona In relation to amendment to
tbe Te&aloa Law were preaented and laid on the
Mr ANTHONY from Committee on Trie Urn
reported favorably on the resolution to print 4,ftou
etra coplci tf 1'ruf. UayOen'e anonal report.
mtt ronTHRBrrroRTor tiib district.
Mr. STKNOKU from Committee on m.trtet or
Columbia, reported bark tbe bill Tor the ennport
or the UoTcrnment of the Untrlet cf Colombia for
the year epfltnr June 30, 1STS, with amen inietm.
Ort'ered pr nted and placed on tbe caleoda".
Mr. W1TE presented a bill to remote tbe
political disabilities ol 11. II. Iewli, of ItaUl
more. Iteferred to the Committee on Jmlleiary.
Mr.MKJtIMON reported favorably from Cam
mittee on District of Uol umbla, the bill to amend
the aet to Incorporate the Colombia Hallway
Company of District ol Columbia. Placed on tbe
Mr. DENNIS from Committee on Commerce
rejivrted favorably on tbe bill authorising tbe
Ocean City Dridge Co. to operate tbe bridge
heretofore creeled over and across Mynepaxent
Day, In Maryland, Tlaoedon thectllcnrUr
Mr. W1NDOU Introduced a bill for making
appropriation for the expenses of tbe Electoral
Com mission. Iteferred to Commltteo on Appro
Mr. SPENCER lotrodooed a bill by request, to
relievo the churches of the District of Colombia
and clear the titles to such property. Iteferred
to Committee on D. C.
Mr.JNOALU Introduced a bill to amend an
act providing for tho sale of the Uiaae lands In
Karras. ltelened to Committee en l'ablio
Mr. KELLY called up the Mllto adjust the
oiBims of the owners of lands In tbe Kiarnath
Indian reservation in Oreroo. After some debate
objection waa made to the bill and it waa laid
over till to-morrow mornlns;.
Mr. WHYTE presented a petition ofeltlsens of
Ann spot is, Md , preying for abolishment of doty
on books. Iteferred to Commute on Finance, lie
also called up tbe bill to promote telegrephio
communication between Europe and America,
Mr. HAMLIN Introduced a bill to repeat the
statute relating to appointments and promotions
on tbe stalT or the Army. Iteferred to the Com
mittee on Military A Hairs.
ThoCHAIU announced tbe expiration of the
morning hour and laid before the benate the
on which Mr. Eaton look tbe floor.
The debate was further continued by Messrs.
Dawks, Doqt, Doutwill, Hubrmaw. and with,
out coming to an conclusion on tbe bill, tho Sen.
ate, on motion 01 Mr. Uavebo. ol Pa., at 4 to
went into executive session, and at 4 took a
recess till lu o'cloek to-morrow.
Mr. O'BRIEN, Md., presented memorials or
the Valtlmora Doard of Trade for appropriations
for expedition to the North Pole. Referred to
same Committee
Alr.IiNDE, Wis, Introdoood a bill to au.
tborlie the Salt Lake and Munele tribes of In,
dians to sue In the courts of tbe United States
Bererred to the Judiciary Committee.
Mr. liUCKNEK, Mo., Introduced a bill to
provide for the settlement of certain claims
gainst tbe District or Colombia. Referred to
the District Committee.
On motion of Mr. WALDRUX, Mlob., the
House insisted npon Its amendment to the bill to
rrovlde for a deficiency In tho Oorernment Print
ing Office and agreed to tbe conference asked fur
by tbe Benate. 1 be amendment In controversy
rtaulates tbo wages of printers according to
prices paid In New York, Philadelphia and Dal.
i more )
Ihe regular order having been demaaled, the
House returned the oonsiderationof tho deuciener
appropriation bill, tho pending question being
upon the amendment to pay clauns for supplies
furnished the Indians, and amounting to half a
million dollars. The demand Tor tbo yeas and
naje, wbleh was made yesterday, having been
withdrawn, tho amendmenlwasdeelared rejected.
Ihe question being upon its passage, Mr. Car
bon, 01 Illinois, demanded the readiog ol tbe en
srossed bill, and as this most be done upon the
demand of a single member, the reading was pro
ceeded with, tbeblll having been engrossed In an
ticipation or such a demand.
Kalian hour was thus wasted In the redln
and then tbe bill passed, there being bat two
negative votes.
Mr. SWANN. Md., from the Committee on
Foreign Atlalrs, reported back the bill providing
ror the distribution or tbe award madeoy tbe
United States and Mexican Mixed Commission.
The SPEAKER appointed Messrs. Waldror-.
Mlch.t Vakcb,; Ohioi and Roberts, Md.,
the conlerees on tbe printing deficiency bill.
Mr. ULACKHUKN, Ky., (rom the special
Commute on tbe Louisiana Election, reported a
resolution authorising that commltteo to have
the residue or tho testimony taken by tbem
printed at a private establishment, bat at rates
not to exceed the price paid at tbe Government
Printing Cfflco.
Clin this connecnlonMr. BLAOKIIURN sent
up and had read a letter from tbe Poblle
Printer, stating that be oould not possibly do
the work at present, lie called attention to the
fact tbat tbe appropriation for printlnat was ex.
hausted, and that alter the date of tbe letter
(Wednesday,) be sbeold stop all printing, exoept
tbe Hiftd. In view ol tbe existing law bo did
not consider it safe to continue tbe work lathe
absence of appropriations
Mr. HALE sMe.,1 made thepolnt of order that
the resolution mast go to the Committee 00 Prist
The CHAIR overruledtbe point of order.
Mr. HAI.E made the further point that It
made an expropriation, and must be considered
first In Committee of the Whole. Also over
ruled. Mr. HALE made the still farther point that
tbe law explicitly required all printing for Con
gress to bo done by the Publlo Printer.
The SPEAKER sustained that point.
Mr. DLACKUURN enquired If tbe Speaker
ruled tbat tbe House could not order tbo printing
done. In the face of the tact that tbe Poblio Print
cr said he oould not do the work? II tbe testi
mony was of any value It should be printed at
once. Tbe Committee could not possibly exam
Ino the testimony in manuscript: It was too volum
inous. The SPEAKER said there was no law which
antborlied ono House to make an outside contract
Mr. VANCE, Ohio, called attention to the raet
tbat both Houses baa passed a deQeleney printing
bill, and the subject or difference was now In
Mr. KLLLKY, pa., said thattheOoTernmeat
Printer could do all tbo work neoeaaary, II the
House would give him money enough to employ a
proper force.
Mr. IOWNSEND. N. Y.. laid Mr. CLAFr
Lad to furlough nearly too printers yesterday for
lack of funds.
Mr. VANCE, Ohli, did not think that any one
would have censured tbe Printer if be bad exer
cised a discretion and employed a force, ror he
knew tbat the deficiency bin bavd passed.
Mr. llLAOKUUHN then tried to bare the reso
lution referred to tbe Commltteo on Printing, bat
objection wes made.
Mr. HUlOlir, Tenn, moved that the House
resolve Itself into Committee of the Whole on tho
Private Calendar, and upon thepolnt being made
tbat this waa rot private bill day.
Ibe SPEAKER said that he would role that
this was sun the legislative day or Thursday,
tebruery 1st, but be would also rule tbat a ma.
Jurliyoftbo House could determine whether It
would go iiito Commltteo or not.
The House then went lntooommlttee on tbe
Private t alendar.
Mr COX, or N. Y., In the chair, and the bill to
eon Ann certain private land claims la New Ales.
Ico was then taken up.
Alter debate participated in by Messrs.
.To.rr, Vt, ItBAOABD. lex., Elstirs, N.
M ,;LvcKvut,Moa and others, Mr. Holmab
moved to strike out the enacting clause or the
bill, which was rejected by a vote of W to Ts.
Then after a struggle to defeat tbe bill and
amendments in committee, the committee rose
st 4 o'cloek, without Anally disposing or tho bill.
Mr. MOHI1IHON, or Illinois, rrom tbe special
Committee 00 Louisiana Affairs, submitted tbe
report or the committee together with the report
of sub-committees, and tbat with tho report or
the minority, submitted by Mr. Towbsrbd. of
Pa,, was ordered lobe printed In the Ascers.
Ihe SPEAKER laid before the House a mes.
ssge from the President, accompanied by a me
morial In relation to tbe Q eve rom ent building at
the Centennial exhibition, and the reading of the
memorial was demanded for the purpose of oc
cupying time, as there seemed to nean impres
sion tbat a Joint session would be held on the
electoral Tote,
Tbe reading was suspended In half an hour, and
at4 3lhel!uuolcokarcceis till ten o'clock to
mc r row,
A VomarV That Wonld) Not MwoarXIef If tut
band Into the nltntlarr-Tbat m Hull
road Company le Asked to Payfor HiaRlng
a Woman's ArmTtia 11te4ilynii Shooting
AfTrny Dwindles Into an Act of Self,
Or rtelitln Jiiorf.lSH, John Cherry tjot on
board in uncommonly large toad of lighting whir
by, and went home to his wire Mary, who, iselng
his Intoxicated state, endearorel to relieve him
or what little balance o(. funds that might bo re
maining on bis person. At the time she shoved
her band Into Ms pocket he waiaboutaiceadlng
the stairs, to retire, with a coaboll lamp la his
band. Per movement threw him Into a sudden
and terrible rage, and wheeling roaod he threw
the lighted letup at her, striking her on the het 1,
tbe oil running" down upon her face, shoulders
and breat, and burning her so severely as to en
danirer her life 1 In faet she had not sufficiently re
covered to dispense with ihe services of her phys
ician until one week atro, and In the court yester
day her weak, pale, emaciated appearenee gave
evidence that she had been a long sufferer and
wasBotyet rree from the atBlctton. When the
cere came to bo called Mary Cheery was the
first wltnei s put on the stand, and aatonlahe 1 tbe
rroorutlon by staling that the wbnle affair was
he result of an accident la which she was cbleffy
to blame.
Dcnme the efforts of the District Attorney to
draw from her srme contradictory acknowledge
ment, she stack like wat to her first declaration,
and never swerved from the first statement of it
being an accidental burning, Tbe word battle
between herself and the coonetl for the Govern.
Trent created considerable merriment and showed
tbat whatever the troubles between man and wtro
mirth t bare been, the breach was now netted and
domestic peace rested In tbe household, and tbat
she Old not propose, by her evidence, to send her
huaband to ihe penitentiary. Tbt Tlrtotlly car
rled the prosecution oat of court, and by direction
of his Honor a verdict of not guilty waa entered,
and 1 he secured discharged from custody.
Ihe OulgTOwtliof arolltlcal lHecriMlnn
Tbci. Pltcfalynn. a young, thin, spare butlt man,
of ltd Ian extraction, was arraigned before
Judgo MaeArihur yesterdar, to answer to the
chergo of shooting Joseph liebltoge, In a hnase
on Maryland avenue, on November T, UTVb
twecne and 6 o'clock In the afternoon. The
affray occurred on the Presidential election day.
One was a Democrat snd the other a KrpuM leant
they met at this house; both had been drloklng,
andalter exchanging salutations, entered a die
cnsiton on the political aspect of the Presidential
canvass. It was but natural that each should
bolster np his party proclivities, and desire to ase
his candidate eteetetf. consequently tho dlapote
grew warm between tbem, and was loon at fever
beat. One satontbestatr steps and'the other
occupied a chair In tho room, but after talking a
short time, Uebllnge ot up and moved toward
Pltchlynn. parsed Mm and started to go op the
stairs. When they got In elose contact tbe latter
drew a pistol, firing at tbe former three times,
every ibot taking effect In the body. After tbe
shooting, I'lteblynn left the house, but was inb
sevnently arrested, Rehlloge was cared for In
the fcouKe during tbo night and removed to Provi
dence Hospital In the morning, where he re
mained two weeks under medical care be Tore
having sufficiently recovered to be discharged.
The evldenco tended to show tbat tho shooting
wasdonelaseir-defense, and the jury returned a
verdict or acquittal.
Wanting Damage for a Broken Ann
Mrs. Catherine Tyler, aa aged anl re
spectable colored woman, not much inclin
ed to travel, but being desirous of going to lljwle,
Md.,In JuIt 1ST&. thought tbat she would arouse
herself, and screwed vpeourage in indent to aarry
her thou sib the journey. The shortest anl moat
direct route was by the way of tbo Baltimore and
Potomac railroad, running between this and the
monumental city, which bad a station at Bowie,
and there took on and let off passengers. Mrs.
Tyler residing nearest wbfchls known as tbe tan.
nel station, located at the Nary Yard, concluded
to take pasaag at that point. On July Mb ihe
started on her travels, took her little satchel anl
proceeded toward the stopping place at the tun
nel. Either ibe or the train was behind time, and
minutes were precious any how she had Just
reached tbe steps of th ear, laid hold upmtbe
rslf and placed one foot on tho step, with tho In
tentlon of mounting, wben tbe train started with
such ruddenness as to throw berto tbo ground,
with force sufficient to break her arm, anl In
flicted bruises on tbe body. She was taken baek
borne, surgical aid rendered, and tbo bones re-set.
but she (ailed over afterwards to enjoy the fall
Rielolness and benefit of th arm. She Institu
ted suit against tbe company, claiming ifiw dam
egee for the injury received.
The defendants maintained that she was ran
Blng after tbe train and broke her arm la trying
to get on while tbe cars w.re in motion, and thai
the regular stoppage was made at tbe station,
aud the accident resulted from ber own careless
ness. Ibeiatt Isnowpecdlng In the Circuit Court.
Ticketed for Albany.
Commitments to the Albany penitentiary bar
been made oat for the following convicts sen
tenced t that prison:
Wm. Broad us alias Win. Sun tns, larceny, 3
latres Adams, alias Baddy Adams, petit
larceny, icrond offence,! years.
Cbarlci E. Wesley, larceny, 3 years.
Barrenderod on m Requisition.
A requisition on Chief Justice Cartter, from
Oovernor Kemper, or Virginia, was received yes.
terdsy ror tho oody of Jonn Henry Jones, who is
charged with stealing amnio rrom John Butler
Of Fairfax County, a In January last. He was
surrendered by order of the Chief Justice, ant
taken In charge by Sheriff Ayre, or Fairfax
Circuit Court,
Before Chief Jostlce Cartter.
cow r AST.
Archer ranccast Manufacturing Co. ts. A.
R. Shepherd; an action on over-due promissory
totes ler 3,oua. Th defendant plead want of
notice; jury out.
llliken ts. Wilson Agerand Ellsha O.
Jiter; an action to recover etw, money loaned ror
a speculation, which was to nave been returned at
tbe expiration of six months, with Interest. A
judgment bad previously been entered against
11,0. A ger for default, leaving the present de.
fendant alone In tbe suit. Verdict for plaintiff
for 540, with Interest from January 6, 1ST. J.C.
Fay for plaintiff, and L. O-.llunt fur defendant,
Catharine Tyler vs. Baltimore and Potomae
R. R. Co. This waa a salt claiming 0.WO
damegei for injuries received while getting on a
train at the tunnel station. The defendant
claimed tbat she broke her arm running to catch
the train, end not while getting: on. Carrlngton
ft Carrlngton ror plaintiff, and Stanton &. Worth
log ton for defendant. Caso itlll on.
dim Inal Court.
Before Judge MaeArthur.
Jsmct flhrwiei, charged with making An
si unit on Thomas Edwards, January IC, lSITt
gollty t ft bench warrant was Issued ror his arrest,
and be was brought in and sentenced to pay ajio
One or 30 days In jail, John Cherry, charged with
on June 37, 1S16. making an assault on his wife,
Mary Cherry , with Intent to kill; not guilty; J,
Parker Jordan for defence. Charles Stewart, in
dicted for forgery; on motion of John AOrow,
J-sq., this case was postponed until March no it.
Thomas Pltchlynn, Indicted forapaanltlngwltn In
tent to kill Jos. lUhllOKe on Nor. T, 170; not
guilty. Tbe prisoner was discharged.
Pollc Court.
Before Judge Snell.
CCRITT. W. S. Laraer, charged with keeping a Ramb
ling house, forfeited $'J) collateral. Charles
Praeman, disorderly; is. O. J, White, vagraoti
ninety days in tho chain gang. Frank Whitney,
colored, a professional thief and attempting" to
rick tho pocket of a lady on Pennsylvania avenue,
le was sent to the chain gang for ninety days in
default or xo bonds. Klijah Wilson, (he same
ebarge; chain rang lor ninety days in default of
Sjuu bonds. Frederick Hotter, profane; S3,
ohn Butler, throwing stones In tbe street; 3.
William Wbelan, throwing stones In tho itreetj
15. Wm. Waller, carry log a revolver; $ JO. Sam.
nel Matthews, loud; $3. James Smith, disturb
ing tbepeaeoofUoorgetown; t Wilson Harris
was sent down for vagrancy. James Boston,
loud and bod le rout; 15. Also, charged wltb pro
fenlty; $5. Thomas Turner was sent to tbe chain
gang ror ninety dsra as a vagrant, Wm. White,
throwing 1 tones In the street. 5. Walter S.
Powell, placing sweepings and rubbish on the
street $1. Charles Myers, charged with keeping
an unlawful bar and selling whisky without It
ccosei $105. Edmonla Jackson, charged with
grand larceny.ooinmttted.lndelauH offMJ bonds.
Patrick Brlen, charged with assault and battery
with Intent to kill Charles Koiet; Judgment
suspended. Belle Orompton, asaaulton Cecilia
Jackson; L Sarah llolley. threats to Mary
Armstead; 100 personal beads. Harry Colbert,
larceny of a peek of hominy; $1. Jeremiah John
son, assault and battery on Maggie West; $
Frank Taylor, assault on Mary DruumoDd, $14
or thirty a ays.
Court Calendar for Monday.
Circuit Court, before Chief Justice Cart'er.
Noa. 1M, Cluss, uae, Ac, Ti. District of Col umbla j
119 Domer vs. Pumpbrey; 32J, Livingstone vi.
Seymour; 224, Brawn a. Walt ace, vs. Straining A
Plumb; 2U, Raid, use Johnson vs. Evans; 'X17,
Holtiman vs. Merriment ia. Lane vs. Cox; 231,
Hall vs. Piatt) 239, United States, ase or Reed et
el. vs. Thomas at al ; SCO, Kldd A Brlstow vs.
Lsbergj 240, Creswell etal vs. Nelson; '241, Mul.
doon ACarly vs.Cahlll:li3, Lansborg etal. vi.
Miller et al.
An Inexorable Governor
(By Telegraph to the Rational Republican,
Tn ek tow, N, J., Feb. 0 The Senate) this
morning received a message from the Governor,
returning with bis objections, the supplemental
bill In reference to criminal proceedings granting
writs of error In a murder case, as a matter or
rlsht, and of course tnotber eases, whiob bill was
Intended to reach tbe caso of Uicbwald and Kyan,
sentenced to be banged ror tbe murder of Police
men Brock. The veto meaaairo was laid over
under the rule, and ordered to be printed.
WASIUHOTOJf, P. U. Tcb, ft, 117T.
In Nv Tork to day money was eav at 5(5W.
riebaer u,l .4. U0'J Br" tWH9iHi
Itslra fores. rT'"r: 't?!-- -, M. Vt-i, ij.
Idas iih. rv ,B,,rf o.anece at New York to-dty
vtnifMrfv.wtMwn''T W4iT.ilt Tho
MibVfnaaairv uni 0MI on Meeunl of nUre-t,
fitJu for' tSSeN I"-10' Uioms receipt,
tJovernmentbondiac.l""",. ,..,.
o'e, itti. con Don... . ill -rs, lew tiiu
a-Wa, 1 Mia, new.... 1104 io-0 coupons., ...... 11114-
-2u'a, 1SH7 US 1
Plate bonds qetet ao4 nominal. ., . .
7etintH.ee'.', ild.. 4214 i, ranKl" A. A O.St
TeanrMreS'a. new,, 43 jMliaourlsjts.t. ...!-
TrenrsuM-e. scrlea.,.. 42'Mo. Art. Jo t07
Irsrlnlav a 'a. 11 i.nnlstlana Jl
do rew an 1.onttIana, nsw.i
do conaol... 78 leve. 6",,,
rtrt Aett md. 7 Uvm h'a ..
tleoif la S'a., U Alt.n-.me I'a.,
.utorpla 7't
Oeorstla cold bonda.
N. 1 EtfAflflaV. ftd....
.labaiiia ft'i ... It Ji
Aria 11 1 to aa
AtkanRava F'a 10
IN. larollna. new.., 1214
Arkanate M..,., JO
r- a. r, . tiKTiai m, a
ft. Carolina, old.,.. W
tt. Carolina, new.... IS
Atlanta taum
0 old
Blocks active and strong.
pad do Mill Its Vaba.h ..,..,
Htatern Union Tl Union faeltTd
North est rn a l.tfiA A 1. preferred.
do. pref,..,. M niionrt I'attac...
Rock Ulanif, 10!J Mleolan GVntral...
Ualntraul Itf Del A Hulon,...
an. prer " aft-rtey lenini.
V. C. A 1 C H lrl.. Lack, A W.... 0-J
Ktie eu llllnula Ventral
lUnnirwl 81, Jo.. MH Plttaoarg
l.ekc Hiorr UU (told to carry Hi
N.Y.I fn.rmt Kit J Mnney W
Ohio Mlil.alppl.. SM Uold clowd t
Thol1owln are tbe toUt aalvsur stveke al tti
New York Block lioerdi A
raclficAla.il t CON. T. Central e,70l i
nTrrn union... yi 7ii inio x aviiMiStippi,
Wal.ath ,.,,. mi
Union faMllo J)
uo pr,
Itork lland. ...,..
Halnt I'aul
do pref,...
O. P. A I. L
trie ,
Hannibal A Bt, Jo.
A, 1 p'efrrroi,.
MtaftOurlraclOa.... 100
Mlrtstian Central,. SDI
Pel, lltKMon... 4,1)1
trriev Ltntrnl ,,, 27,sVr)
Dei., Laca. A V , w,v
liitv rnorn.
Buying. Selling
IT. H. tflxea, mi, reftUtered
Vhe-lwcnLlca, 1M.,
t-ire-Twenilc, J. A j lit,....
HTcTwentlea, J, J,, lutf...,
rlve-lwentlca, J, ft f 1WW....
New Blve lr Cent ,
t'nrrency hlxee
vuiirraauiiarauieeu a-we......
I'tpirrcnt. y, H, Bonds
. orlcn Exchangee.
Thre dav f.IU ,.
bltr day bllla...
11ALTIMORB, Feb. f.-Vlrjrlnla sixes, deferred,
TH. trails la ronaoUdated, 7Hl 1o , aroond at
rUr.ati; North Carolina alxes, old, 22 'it do,, new,
II t do., special tax, S bid to-dar.
NKWTOBtc, Peb, t. -Cot ton quiet; sates of IS5
bales at 11910 Net re-el pu of the week, I 089
bales; groes, M,7Mbales Export Ureal lirUain,
12.S19 oateei Fiance, bale; Continent, 100
bat ret Channel, b!c( sales, S,ej9 balcsi
stock, bgs,109 bales.
floorfair trade dolns:, mainly for home nac;
aotne little export Inquiry) trice without decldal
clianar. fcoutberu liui more active, with un
chanci-il prlcia Kr flour In moderate deman 1 at
fltftQllo. PapcrfliiuCornrnral itullt Western, Jer
!&?.. Pf,a?n"Hi RiaiMt llrandywlne,
t-l&eSMl ItalUmore, 1144. v beat raliur mora
t favor, wllh a llttla tu (la milling ,n...J .
ssriln arai ItnVjiln tiaf. SI arsi ha. .. .. -a
r"LV'""-.r--,"'i. ".,
for JariaT. aVLalta till I Sns.la ll.nalan... .lli
at (Mr, lond, Harlcy dull and heavy, good on.
graded Canada, fit. 11 r ley malt dull and un.
changed! taoada, ft 13 1 20. Corn-now, lrj
lower, with only a very moderate business for
export and home uet old a ahadeeaaler, and more
doing In export tra let 6V,7c for unjrredel new
e tern mixed! MV.Wc for new no grade n.lT4,
;i7He for new an-amer ml ted 1 67 So for mw No.
S.Uaoirr white. Oats las active, without, bw
;ev, any d elded rbang la price. Uy arm:
70 for thlpplog. Hop dull at loftlta for nr-
line. llffaUTau for new ..torn ars.l Va..iKrn. IL'at't
ror new New York: 2M3c for new California.
Bio quiet and unchanged. 8agr qntet
eeduumlnalt New Urkanqultat JCfS.Tc. Utoo
unchanifd aud moderately active. Petroleum dull
andnoiUnal, crude, llsotrenued, 2 allot rratUa
and cam nominal! n apt ha, US. Tallow unsettled
at S-fic for prima city. tteain easier at 13 15(41 U
for attained. Turpentine eler ati-to for aplrlta,
Fsss heavy and lower at Mjs3Si for Kuia and
Peoniyliaalat 6& 43 for We.tern, latter frean.
1 ore lccldedlr I we end more active; new mesa.
SltilSJJ; unlnapcoted,lToO. Heef quiet. Hf
ti assist asusi, Airrtsj DCtl quirl, sjm meal
rt 111
MMn forWiBtern;l(Va-no wr state. Lheeselirin
'($" "or common to prime, Mmeed qulot.
WhUkey unlet at SlWS. Alcohol offered at JU
without buyers. Freights to Liverpool Uttllt cotJ
ton. DtraaO, di-4Udi per steam, Hdi wheat, per
alias, 4Hd.
UAtTiMOBB, Feb. 1. Cotton inlet, mtlUUg
upland. UHc.
tour more active ana iraert but not nuouiiy
-routnern active and ateadvt Weatern Irreenlar
ah,l lAaavai.. SaAialli.n alt, Ihlllt.. .. ti
fi-OUSct Western mixed, apot. ottHe.i laat half
01 f ruiusiii, tmjsii jasirvii. 14 iva.Di April, W a
TjlWc! April.
lis, UaU QQlet
western wntka.
it. SSUI ttramr. SI (311. Oat nolrk anl
ateadyt boutbern prime, 4Zai western wlilta. 4lf
43. Itye steady at TiOTSc. Cloverteed iood to
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Iergeit variety of new pattern i la the city, at
Heat produced equal to Steam.
The Newest, Best and Cheapest Elevated Ores
la the Market.
And alt Tin and Copper Work.
AU Beit Vaxletlei or Ranges and Fire-place)
smith, hIroe A CO.,
No. 1014 Pennsylvania avenue,
sell-tf "" "
la the Original and only Worcestershire Bauee.
Is the best Sauce In the world,
Js on every bottle.
-iv New Tortc
Dr. Tf. D. Bhrader, ottoe SIS Pennsylvania eve
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Piles and Fistula la their wont form I by means of
an entirely new and arHntlne method of treatment
without ulea the knife. Ilxaturo or cauitle. a
wltlioui pain, loaa of tlmo or Inconvenience to tho
patient, and no money required front responsible
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ufflcebours, 10a. m. to I p. in., bunder excepted.
Advice free. et
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