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vol. xvn.
NO. 65.
JBaai Mcpuult ran.
' amU. . . L
cnATio cuiiaTAiNs DEma iield.
Suspicious ManoroTfta In th- UonM n Bat
unlay Randall's Shameful Violation of
th. RalM-Th. Situation Ablx glalocl and
Dlscnuod-U All ElM Falls, Will the Dem.
ocrats of tho Uous. "Consuma" Tlraa la
Ord.r to Defeat nay..? af.otlns; of Doth
noms-s In Jolot ConY.ntlon
''iba schema ofths rebel Democracy now
flelsy, and the first act la that drama of da.
Jajwason Batnrdaj plajtd, not only la tho
Home of RepruenUUTei, bat It was alio at.
tempted In tho Senate. Al soon as the fact
was ascertained on Friday that the Electoral
Tribunal had decided In favor of the IUtes
udWnuLiB electors from Florida, a confer
ence of prominent Democrats was held, and It
vis decided to defeat.the will of the people by
Indirection. In puinanco of this purpose,
, wueu me iionie xnei as a? o'ciock, ana aner
Hr.V. ?li, tiaan aTamuS .. M.nal mam Ilt.v
IVJ .tuianlmotu conssnt," and after the Speaker
naa 'presented the communication from tat
tlce CLtrrons announcing the .agreement of
iheTrlhtaal, Mr. Situh, of Ohio, moved
that 'the Senate be notified that the noose
would meet them In Joint convention at 1
o'clock. Under strict construction of the
electoral bill, there should sot have been a
moment's delay, and Mr. Hub and other Re.
publicans Interposed objections. But they
were of no avail. The Douse was bound to
have an hour's delsy. It could not,
In decency and respect to the Senate,
fiy the time for the meeting at a
later hour. The Republicans did not call the
yeas and nays on the question, but Mr. Hilb
gave notice that If delay was attempted again
tbey would do so ; and that distinguished Illi
nois Statesman who knew Just enough of law
to lose to the United States a million and a
half of dollars, sneerlngly rem irked that the
Democracy accepted the service of the notice.
The hour's delsy having been secured, In ac
cordance with the conspiracy of the preceding
night, the Mouse proceeded to the transsctlon
of miscellaneous bus lness, which It had not
the shadow of a right to do. It was
A CLZin violation or ins rxicToiut. Law.
She Home, nnder that law, had but one
course to pursue, and that was to consider the
decision 6f the Tribunal, but IUndsli, ruled
otherwise; In fact It seems that he will rule
anything that will answer Ms purpose; he Is
without exception the most unscrupulous
-demagogue that ever occupied the Speaker's
chair. Since he has been elevaktd to the
office, he has almost dally brought disgrace
upon the chair once graced by the
most honored names In American history.
The Senate acted otherwise. They construed
the llsw as It was lntented to be construed,
that the two Houses should meet again after
a decision nas been rendered. They refused
to transact any business whatever, but sat do
Ing nothing until one o'clock ; and it was even
ruled-that a recess could not be taken even
for a few minutes. At one o'clock the Joint
convention assembled, and after a brief
vision of not quite halt an hour separated to
consider the vote of Florida. When the Sea.
ators again reached their chamber, Mr. Sib-
nTKSOjr, who It seems was In the
coKsnnacT'rou sclit,
moved a recess until 10 o'clock on Monday,
but the Senate rejected the motion, and by a
strict psrty vote decided that the objections
should be sustained. The House was notified
accordingly, but the majority In the latter
had determined not to nsvo a further Joint
session on Saturday.
Hid the rebel Democracy been disposed to
act fairly theywould have met at onee. As
soon as the confusion Incident to the retire
ment of the Senate had subsided, Mr. Ltnde,
another of the conspirators, moved a recess
until to-dsy. Mr. Haul made the point of
order that that could not be done under the
law. The Brusca overruled the point of
order, and Mr. Una appealed, and the appeal
was laid on the table by a rising vote, and so
fifes could be observed Messrs. Horn and
TnoitHBUBO were the oaly two Keoublleans
I who voted with the Democrats. They did so
n the ground. that the House had a rlzht to
take one recess. On the question of the re.
ecu the vote was psrtlsan, except
that Messrs. Casn and Hxtuosd, of
Indiana, Lb Motne, of Illtaols, MoRoiM,"bf
Mlssoiri, and "WniTEnousi,; of New Tork,
voted with the Republicans against It. The con
spiracy was thus a fact accomplished, and the
House having taken a recess the Senate had
no course to pursue but to do likewise. It Is
.a qnestlon whether the House can tc-day, as
has .teen Its custom, take a further recess
from ten to twelve o'clock. The Republicans
very generally hold that it cannot, but that it
must now proceed at once to consider the ob
jections. It Is very certain that It cannot
titnsact any legislative business, for the reg.
ulsr order Is the consideration of the decision
of the Tribunal, and that will be Insisted
In the cite of Florida, although It was what
any one unbiased by party feeling must have
anticipated, has thrown the Democracy into
disorder and confusion, and It Is not to be
wondered that they sought a postponement
of the final action until to day; not that they
timid expect to change the result so fsr as It
J relstes-to Florida, but In order to prevent an
l Open rupture tn their own party, and to de-
wt.. nmA vilan f ..IIh. fnaa. ?.. T.
rise some plsu of action
vipuv tukuig. Ik
was In fact
' asxiko a TKCCl
to bury their dead after a Waterloo defeat,
but, like most truces, taken advantage (of to
survey the field and lay out a plan of future
pperatlons. Whit that plsn will be has not
trsnsplrcd. There was a protracted consulta
tion on Saturday sight at the house of Mr.
Asntu S. Hewitt, participated In by aome of
thot'o who still look upon Mr. Hewitt as a
leader, snd by some who no longer recognize
him as such. What was done there Is sol and
may not ever be known, for the mantlo has
passed from Mr. Hewitt's shoulders.
On Frldsy evening, when the report had
gained currency that the Commission bad de
cided that the Hues votes should be counted,
SrEiKsn RiNDiLL called together, la his
room st the Cspltol, a few whom In recog
nized as Democratic loaders, of whom Mr.
HaiviTT was not ono, and the meeting con
tinued until after the action of the CommU"
ston was made public, when the sitting was
adjourned to Col. Peetod's room at the Ar
lington, where the plans were submitted and
approved. The first development of
was the motion made on Saturday by Mr.
I.inde, who first suggested It InMr. Speaker
JUxruLis l'ttle meeting at the Capitol, that
the iiouse take a recess beforo the debate
commenced, the only time when, under the
hill, such a motion could possibly be In or
der. What the rest of the programme la re
mains to be developed. There are rumors
very generally credited that the Finis.ii
policy of delay will be adopted, and every ob
stacle possible thrown In the way of the
count with a view to protract It beyond the
fourth of March, when this Congress expires,
and the power to count will cease
when the law (and not the Constitution, as
erroneously stated) require the Secretary of
State to call a new election, the Fresldent of
the Senate meantime discharging the duties
of the executive offlce. The precedent es
tablished on Ssturday of a recess Immediately
after an objection Is entered, gives the Demo
crats In the nouse the power to force a new
election, for they can object to each State
successlvely,BO thst but one State's vote can bo
counted each day. Beyond an objection to
Illinois, it Is not believed they will attempt
this plan at all, until after Louisiana
hss been counted. When that State Is
reached, and goes to the commission, every
effort will be msde by the lawyers and the
Democratic Senators and Representatives.
We are loth to believe that any of the Judges
will lend themselves to the schemo
and keep the esse away from the Joint con
vention sa long as possible.
When the decision of the tribunal Is an
nounced , If It Is sriverse to the Democrats, they
threaten to adopt the recess plan,
urging against the assurance of popu
lar condemnation the plea that they
have nothing to lose and everything to gain
bytheventure; that they are defeated now
and can only be defeated the next time. If as
long time can be consumed In the Commission
on Loulslsna as was taken for Florida, It will
not be necessary to resort to the recess plsn
until after Oregon hss been reached and
decided by the Commission, but on this esse
they do not expect the vote of any of the
Judges of the Commission, and have some
doubt as to how one or both of thslr Senators
will vote
The most revolutionary men of the party
(among whom Mr. David Dcdlbt Fizld Is
ssld to be) propose that the Democrats oi the
Commission refuse to attend Its meetings, and
thst Justices CLlrronD and Field resign
their Judgeships , snd that the nouse then
proceed to declare there has been no election,
and elect Mr. Tieckx; as the Senate could fill
Its vacancies and the remaining Judges would
have the same power, the Commission would
only lack three of being full; so that this
course would be nothing more nor less than
to he nut down by the strong arm of the law.
Practically then they havs but one way of de
feating the will of the people within the law,
and that Is by'daWy, .But Just here comes la
another difficulty. -When the Republicans
were in power the Northern Democrats could
control their Southern allies by promises of
what they would do, but since that party has
had the House the Southern men find the
bitterest adversaries of true Southern Interests
among the Northern Democrats; they
have found that Republican, principle
of the development" "of ' American
interests and a liberal system of Internal im
provements are more In harmony with the
wants of the South, especially at this time of
depression, than the narrow and con
tracted views of the Hunker Democracy, and
looking upon longer delay in, the declaration
of the result of the election as baneful, and
the excitement of a new election, with the
consequent suspension of business? a the
greatest evil that could be inflicted upon the
country, and suicidal to the Democratic
Iiirty, they would far sooner accept a
tepubllcan administration, and give It their
cordial support, thsn to follow the blind and
stnpld policy of the Bourbon wing of their
party. They see further that such a course
would give them the control In their own
States. Wipe out all color Unas, and destroy
all traces ot the "late unpleasantness," that
In this position "Msssichusetts and South
Carolina could walk arm and arm" to the
musleof theUnlonln the fullest fellowship,
and without fear of being placed In antago
nistic positions hereafter This is the weak
point In the Democratic armor, and a knowl
edge or It will tend greatly to check any rev
olutionary efforts
After the Senate had entered the nail of
Representatives, Acting Vice Fresldent Fekbt
took a chair to the right or tke Sr-BAXEi, and
calling the convention to order, said that the
two Houses had aeparated on an objection to
the count of the electoral vote of Florida, and
the objections had been referred to the Elec
toral Commission provided for by law. The
Commlaalon having decided la accordance
with the law, the two Houses had again met
In Joint convention to concur In or differ from
the aatd decision.
Mr. FERKY then opened an envelope and
handed the decision to the Secretary of the
Senate (Mr. GOau.u), who read the same.
Electoral coxihssiox. i
T.bruarr f , lira. )
T. the Vtt slJeal .f the Beast, or lb. United
BUlci, presiding la 111. mMtlofof tbe HouM.ef
CunsreM under tb Act.f Coafrea. cnllu4 "An
Act toproTld. ror, antl r.ftul.1. tb. counting of tb.
TOUs for Preitdcnt and Vie. fresldent arising
tb.rcon. Tor tb. term commencing- March 4th,
A. 1. 1077." Approved J.nuary Slto. A. i. lsrr,
Tb. riectoril Cominlittoti mentioned I. MUd
.rtlel., bnvlnir recelred certain ccrtlBctea and
paper, purporting to be certificate, and paper, ae
toinpsuTlns tbo ..in. of tbo tlectorittvot. fiom
tie Btaf. if l.rlda, and tb. objection, tli.r.to
.ubmltted to It uttdir tb. ..Id not now report, tb.t
Itb.s onlj cooBldrred tb. ..tn. pnrftu.ni to .aid
vote. oFraderlck 0. huuiphr'Ti.Ub.i. B. rcrc
V in. 11. liolden.and Tboin.1 w.Lons.n.uieil In tb.
certlSc.toofM.Xi. Bte.rns. UoTcrnorofftaldoLte,
nblcbvot. aro rrtia.d bjr ..11 p.raoni. at .p
pe.r. br tb. eertlDc.l. submitted to tbe Comim.
tlon a. efOrtiald. and marked No. 1, br t.ld Com.
million, .re bcr.wltb return.d, ar. the vote. ro
vldedrorby tb. Coaitltutloaortbo Unlt.d HUtcs,
and tb.t tli. Mm. ar. lawfully to bo touated, ..
I lirln certified, vlai Your (S) vote. for ttntberiord
1. ll.T.i, of the Hut. of Ohio, for Prcildint, and
foiiMOvolatrorVfllllainA. Wbtcler, of Uil Slaw
of New York, lor Vlo l'reild.nt.
Tbo CJommltiiloji also ha. decided, and berebr de
cides and report!, tbatth. four person. J.it before
named were dul j appelated .lectori la and by .aid
But. of Florida.
Tlioaroundortblidcclilon, stated brleOr, as re
quired by laid act, liaa followit
Tb.t It la not competent nnder tb. Commotion
nd lh. l.wa.lt exlited.t th. d.ta of th. bum.
of tbe .aid act to KOlnto.Tldene. alelaod., to.
fsper opened br lh l'rrtld.Bt of ibt Htu-te la tbo
leieoceof tho (wo Hou.ci to prore thftl other ro
urn.tl.au IbgwregnUiiy ctrtlOed to 4yth ttor
tvrnorcl tbctiuto pf VJorlU la, tml iccordlur to
tho delermla ttlon nd aecUrmlloa of their tpnomu
ment by tht Hoard of BUteC.nTa.iser.of Mid hum
frlortotho time icqnlrcd for tho performance of
btlrdutlvi. had been appointed iketora, or by
eonclt.lTt proof to -how tttat lliey had not, and that
all procctAllngi of tho coaru, or acta of tho LefrUla
tun or of th Executive or Florida labjeqtuatto
the caitlnr of the Yetea of the flee ton, on tho pro
acrlhed day, are tnadmUalblQ for any acb pnrpate
Alto tbo objection made to tho tuellf tbllltr ot
Mr. liunphre) the Commlulon Is of opTaUn tliat
wltboni refeettnee to the juUoq of the effeetof
the Tele of an Ineligible eltctor, the eTtdeeet doee
not .how that he hud the office of abipplDg eotnml
loner on tbe day when the elector! were appoint J.
?be Cominlialon ha. aUo decided and doea hereby
decide and report that aa a eoaaefjaence of the for
pomr, and upon tbe round, before iUU.il, neither
of the paper purporting to be certificate! of tbe
electoral totri of aald Bute ofiriorlda, numberid
(!) two and Oi three ty tbe Commlsilon, and heie-
wiiu iitufaru uit mo Hiuuciiii tir tuiTvvf pri
Tiaea ior oy tue uouiuiuuon or me umtoa Biaiei,
and that tiny ought not to be counted aa such.
Hone at Wftimnetou the day ud ytar lira, ahoy
tHi.1) Ft. T, MlLLES,
ft. I. MOHTOK,
tltED K. rjlKMNUiruYlEX,
jAMLft A.UAHtliaD,
JuLT. ut-o. r.llcuii,
T The rrUlPg offlctT then asked II there
Boo our Hi face.
.... e .--.J
Trie Haml of David Dadlcy Field Dentov
erotic tchemcT t Work Dtennln
tlon of tho BvpaMleane.
tlVcin . JPft Tor Timtt of Tutirdtiy,
WitmixaTOXi Feb. 10. The Democrat
,dit dlioloied weakitit la lh Blecteral Oom
nlulon law which waireltrred to bit not Tery
clearly pointed out, he fere tht hill waa Toted on.
It vai then only itated In teneral termi
that tho proTlilom wero not laetlfle
ajalait delay in the count, and that It woold bo
Jeaitblefortne eanraii to bo carried oyer to tbo
lb of Manh wltbont reaeblnr ft eonelmlon. Tbo
framcrtef the bill taw that too Eleitoral Oom
miBiion nmt bo lercral dari engaged in eiamln
lnirtho questlona laid before it, andtoprerent
delay In tbe busmen of Congefi, it vaa
pTorlded that tbo two fa on.es might take
a receii from day to day. and go on with their
ordinary teglelatlTe work, being alwayi ready
to aaaemhle in Joint meeting whebeTcr an an.
nonneement ihonld come rtoia tho Oommlislonof
a deoiilon baring been reached on any matter
ncndlnr bfora It. Adrantaxi ca.ii bo
taken of thii protliton by tbe majority In tbe
Home to adjourn from day to day, wltn
tbo I Florida deelilon la tho altutlon
where it If, tbe , rote remaining an
counted, and fa thli manner tbo ooantlng
oftbOTOtecanhe delayed till after the etb of
March, and an election bo prerented. It It only
nictiiary for Kendall to make a vartlsan, thoogn
rather plantible rollng, and for tho Uemoerati to
vote together for a receis every day. The aote
qneitlon II whether, ai ft party, tbey will delib
erately determine to make tbe law ft anility
for which all but 18 of their member!
voted. There li another plan laid to be nnder
lerloos dlicuiiloa. and the anthoriblpof It is
attributed to DaWd Dudley Field. 11 li that
all tbe Democrat! on the Uommtiilon 1m
mediately ;reilgn, and the fllibniterlng
on filling tbe vacanolei . would eonaame
the remainder of the time till tbo 4th of March.
The reaion antgned for the realgnatlon woald,
of course, be the partlsaniblp of tbe Commltu
lion, and thebeelaof tbe charge woold bo that
none of tbe Kepnbllcani on It woald vote for
TUden, Tho Democrat! do not, of coarse, vote
aipartlsani, though tbey hare toted constantly
together on erery qnestlon, large or small,
wblebbai been presented. It Is probable that
sober second thought will prerent the adoption of
any of these wild schemes, though I tbey are i&ld
to be adrissd from New York, and the advice li
accompanied with promises of two Cabinet ofll.
ces to tho South if that section will stand lolldly
by the Northern leaden.
It is claimed by many Democrat! that tbo oh
Jeet of taking a recess till Monday was very sim
ple and sincere. The reasons of tbe Commission
wblcb are presented witb tbe llorlda deelilon
had not reached the counsel of tbe Dem
ocrats till tbil morning, and tbe terms ef
the decision made necessary ft complete change In
tho pregramme relative to IsoaUtaaa. Tbore was
not time to prepare objection! to preient to-day
niicu iu rviuTiiB iruui ijjuiiisas ueuiu m
opened, which would be lutUclenUy Ingenious to
meet tbo altered conditions, and therefore It was
d eemsd necessary to seek by n recess to secure far
ther time for making tbe Louisiana case presm
able. This was the argument on which
the party was held together on tho vote to-day.
it is raid dt many Democrats mat the count
will be allowed to ttroceed on Mondav wltbont
further delay. Itut this not tbe sentiment of ft
large portion of tbo party, and there aro many
conferences and prlrato caucuses to leo what
measures of the character of those noted above
can be sustained by a majority vote.
Tbe action ot the lloneo on Monday will be
witched with the greatest anxiety. If It develops
ft determination to prevent tho ooniumatlon of
the electoral count under tho law, inch indigna.
lion will be aroused and find expression as nerer
wai wltnciied In tbe land against any
act of public dishonor. Suth action will
meet with retaliation on tbe part or the Kepnbll
oaas, who will not, nnder suob circumstances, re
fuse to sustain tbo President of tbe .Senate, when
tbe thlrdof March comes round, In completing the
count and declaring Hayes elected. It may turn
out. however, that the Democrats will not refase
to stand by tbe measure wblcb they almost nnanl
mouily supported.
The flnt cumber of tho SUNDAY NA
TIONAL REPUBLICAN will be issued next
Sunday mornl ng.
Chief Justice Church rrononncea tbe Eleo
teral Commission Seliemo aa Uie Ureateat
FWrce of Modem Tltnea" DemocT'atle
Judges In the ISmpIre State do not Agree
TTIth Nathan Clifford and Stephen. X
The New Tork Timet of Saturday has a let
ter from Albany which E'Tfis the views of the
Democratic Judges of the New York Court of
Appeals upon tbe questions cow pending be
foro the High Tribunal, as follows t
The preient Court of Appeals of the State of
New York is universally admitted by the bar of
the State Charles U'Uonor and Samuel J. TU
den alone excepted to be the ablest and best Ap
pellate Court tbe Commonwealth ever had. It
would not suffer by comparison with the United
States Supreme Court eftber In tbe legal lore or
the personal character of Its members. Al at
present constituted Ave of Its seren lodges are
Democrats, and were nominated ana elected as
such by a popular vote. lam Informed, on good
authority, that there is no dltlerence of opinion
among these seven judges on tbe constitutional
right of Congress, or oT the "commission" that
has usurped its powers, to go behind the elector
al vote of a State properly authenticated and for
warded to the FreMdint ot tbe Senate. Tbey all
bold that neither Congress nor tbe commission
can have any such right. In expressing their In
dividual opinions, they all sustain the decision of
tbe majority of tbe commission In tbe Florida
ease, and take substantially tbe lame ground
maintained by tbe Hepublfean counsel wbo ar
gued that ease. Happening to bo present tbo
other evening when Chief justice Church was
drawn Into a discussion of tbe subjeot witb two
Democratlo Senators, it has occurred to me tbat
a brief statement of tho vlewi of the highest of.
nciai functionary or inn mate, jumseir a me-iong
Democrat, might be interesting to the public at
thti time.
In the first place, Chief Justice Chireh regards
the whole scheme of ft "Commission" to decide
the Presidency as unconstitutional, and, to use
bis own words, "tho greatest farce of modern
times." The Constitution, he thinks, glrei in
the clearest tenor, either to Congress or to the
President of tbe Senate, (be did not express an
opinion which,) the right to count tho electoral
votes and declare the result; hut It does not give
Congress the right to delegate this power to any
outside party or parties whatever, and any
attempt to do soli. In bis opinion, a direct viola
tion ot tbe Constitution, or an unauthorised
evasion of a duty expressly 1m posed by it. As to
m power ui uuiiKrvBv, vr vi tuo uumuiiiiiiua cre
ated by It, to go behind the properly authenticated
Eicotoraivoioor a state, he is eouaiir noiitire
andempbatlo In bis opinion that It has no such.
tWWOI) U BttUUlBg iw lUBSUIB UI ftVWniiaUl,
io took this position. The Constitution gives to
everv State exolnilra control over the manner of
electing or appointor Presidential Electors. U
Itoulslana has seen fit to create a Returning
lioard invested witb authority to declare who li
elected to oiace In that State, and lueb lie turning
Dosrdbai acted in pursuance of law. there lino
power in Congress or in any other body outside
Louisiana to aro behind iti aotlon. "It makei no
difference whether in your opinion or mine' said
bo, "tbe board has done right or wrong, Congress
cannot go behind Itwltbontt ennullLoga right
pressly guaranteed to the State by tbo Con
llutlon. and nracttcallv nuttlns: an end to
all elections." In illustrating this to bis Dent-
oeratlo listeners, tho Chief Justice said. "Sup-
Eoso that in the Presidential elections of 18Sa
I overaor Seymour bad got enough Electoral
votes, In addition to those of bis own State, to
make him President. Tbe Republican party of
this State charged tbe grossest frauds against
the Democrats in that election. They eren
claimed, and still claim, tbat te frauds were of
f ufflctent magnitude to turn the scale In favor of
the Democrats In this State. Their party controll
ed both bouses of Congress, and with New York for
Seymourtie would be elected; without It Oen.
Orant would be. Now suppose under these cir
cumstances tke Republicans had prevailed upon
Congress to go behind tbe electoral vote, as eer
lined and transmitted from this State, and to
Investigate tbe alleged frauds in the election
here, bupposo that To this laves 1 1 (ration they be
came convinced tbat Orant actually carried tbe
Stato by a majority of legal votes, and, acting on
thli conviction, bad given the electoral voto to
(Irant Instead or Seymour. Whet would tbe
Democratlo party hare donet Why It would
bare been an end of Presidential elections In the
fatateof Now York,
Holler Kxplotion la a Newspaper Office.
I By Telegraph to tbe National Republican,
Chicago, Feb. 11. Saturday night tbe
boiler of the-Piifp AVtcs eiUblUbtaeal exploded,
dtflnolUhloff the two-story extentloaof tbebulld
lac In wblcb it wm altualed, rulalag a folder and
Injuring four cylinder presses toaoweexteal. 'lee
loiii is not verv heavy, Two or time iwldets weru
scalded and bruised.
Look out for the SUNDAY NATIONAL
REPUBLICAN, which will bo published next
Sunday morning. It will he a newspaper la
every sense.
They Examine pMtmses)toCtenevlTyneKe
gstrdlng Watte' Belgoatloo Governor
Stearns (Agala on tho, Stand Also aHlah
lev Molfaertn.a Bplritoallet.
The Committee on toe rowers, Privileges
and Duties of tbe llouie. ibis morning examined
rosTMABTn aituUL Tvirnn
relative to the resignation of postmaster! Watt,
of Oregon, and Den. Herder, of Michigan, both
of whom were appointed electors In their re
spective states. The Postmaster Ocueral pro
duced, ai from the fllei of tbe Department, all
papers bearing upon the resignation or Watts,
which shew tbat the latter resigned bis position
of postmaster by telegraph! on November is, and
that ft telegraphic acceptance was sent by the
Postmaster General on November li. Watts
written resignation to special agent Underwood
was not received at the Department until De
cember 9. The records oi tbe Department ibow
tbat Henry W. Hill was appointed Watts' ino
eeisor November 33, that II Ill's bond was for
warded to him on December 11 and wai returned
approved on January e, 1B7T, on which day his
commission was sent him. It also is shown that
the special agent took charge of tbe poitofflce
atlaarayette on November if, receipted for all
Government property and removed the offlee to
another bulldlnr.
In the ease ol Dea Herder the records oftbeDe.
Ttartnent ihow that tie haa held na amifitntment
under tbe Post Office Deportment for the past
tenyiars. The committee uext examined
MR. J. M. M'fBBW,
Sixth Auditor, who stated that pay was allowed
'Watts ai postmaster to, ftndlnolndiBg,November
The examination ol Ooverior Stearns, or Pier
Ida, was then resumed. Tbo question whether
the Governor knew or not. at the time of appoint
ing Pierce an elector for the State of Florida,
that the said Pierce wasia convicted felon,
brought forth an objection J from Judge Iviw
rence, which, being overruled ;bv tbe chairman.
Governor Wells answcredi That, whllo Mr.
Pierce was convicted of oBcrlnra bribe, he bad
been thoroughly rehabl nutated by thetpardonirnr
aet of tbe executive. The Governor denied all
testimony beretotoreotlered reflecting upon bis
official and private Integrity.
Tbo committea met at 1 o'clock and took ft
recess until 3 30 o'clock.
The committee re assembled at 3 o'clock, and
ol Now Orleans, who testlDcd that he was cleric
of the Returning Hoord from November 17, toDe
cerabctSithorsZth. The witoesi proceeded further tb state that
"Judge" Little iield had made certain changes In
tbe consolidated returnr, so ni to defeat Todd.
Witness described the modus operandi ef the al.
leged Job, and oven acknowledged that be too
, bad been in tbe business of changing parish re
turns. To show about how tUsrlTlv do ii ra.
i pec ted by tbe committee, tbe following li tub
mltted: Q. Have you not becu drinking to-day? A
Early ihlsmornlncr.
Q. Aruyounotlntoileatednew? A. No air,
Q. here did) on drink If A, Down at the Na
t'rnal Hotel.
O. 'With whom? A. I donl know their names.
O. Did j oti take a dilnk laitr tban Utair A.
Atout Z o'clock ldld,
O. Nothing alace then? A. No sir.
Q. hat did you drink at S o'clock r A, A glass
or water,
Wliat did you drink this mora lee? A, A rUta
of a, a eUai of elder, a toddy and a cocktail
and I alio took a couple of clean. Loud Laugh
ter.j V. With whom have you conversed retarding
what yon knew, since you have been here? A. tth
no onei I baTe been aiked by threoorfour what I
was going to teatlfr, butdl t not Mil tbem.
Q. Woo asked your A. WllllataJI. Orccn, afor.
tner clerk of tbo Hoard, t
O. Have yon covtriod with JudfeCavanaoasto
your testimony? A, JJoMr. when 1 nnt went
upon the aund, 1 patted htm n-per with two
qiirillons 1 wanted asked of mc '
6. Were tbey asked? A. No, Hlr.
Q. ibat were ibex? A, 1 ctunol ro member
V. Why?
Tbo Witness. Mr. Chairman, b this a proper
qmitlon to ask of me?
The Chairman, it is. .
Mr, larh, lfyou timunbcr,aVswcr the nues
tlon, -
Ur, Lawrence. Well, wli you answer? A, I
ean'trtmember. J
g. UHiynaovdrtnkany1ntoxi7tlng drinks at
3 o clock? A Vou have ajttd me that iiueitlon be
fore, U.I know. Did you? A. Yes.
Q batdllyodrluk? A. a toddy.
u. Wlih whm? a. Mr. Ucnlaxclo and others.
g Did you drink more than once with blu? A,
Tlrr. .
g. DM yon knew that he was here as a witness?
Rvhlr. llsl
Ttairr and ami
uyjdr. rieia. naiwere tne contents or the ara
aavite wblth yOii eay were made op by theclerka ?
A. Tbey purptrted to give a OJunta of violence
and Intimidation at the polls.
Tbe witness stated that the alteration! wero
made In tbe Supervisor's returns, and from tbsse
changed statements tbe final compilation! wero
Tbe committee, at 8 M o'clock p. m., adjourned
until 9 o'clock on Monday morning.
Tho Oregon CasOi
On Saturday last, 0. B. Bellinger was dis
charged as a witness before tbe Senate sub-corn-mlttee
Investigating the electoral vote In Ore
gon. All tbo witnesses. In thli case are now
Coasula Recognized.
The Fresldent has recognized Mr. Da Coar
thall ai consul of France at ;New Orleans; Lull
M. Arendano, consul ai inttrin of Moxloo at
New Orleans find iti dependencies, and James
Hunter, vice consul ol Portugal at Darien, tleor-
Department of the Potomac
Tbe following officers were elected at the Ninth
Annual Kntanipinent or the Department of the Po
loiusie. U. A.R.i A. II. O. Klcbardaon, Uep't.
Ccmmaudert O. E, Corson, 8, V. Dipt. Comman
der: 11. Dinman, J. V, iiept Commandert W, T.
anDoren, Medical Direst or t ltev. Ueorge Taylor,
Cliaplalo, louncll of Admlnl tiatlon TUnOahy
Lubey, W II, Kuhns, James Cross, Qeorgo U.
Webb and J. W, Winner, Delegate to National
Encampment, A, J. Uunnlng; Alternate Wm.
The following officers have been appointed on the
etaffef tbe Department command n O. W Tay
lor, Asilataal Adjutant General A. J, tinnalnjr,
Au't guar term a iter Uenejalt John Lynde, ln
spectorL. A, K. llavard, Judge Advocate; 0, C,
au.su.1 avaiBva mu,kiiu( vrtusi;i, a, i, icfiju,
Kaval tirders
Captain h. A, Klmbcrly to command the Oma
ha, at Panama, per stermer 28th Instant from
New York. Captain Wm. P. McCann to;com
snandthe Laekawana, Paelflo station, at the
nary yard, Mare Island, 1st March next. Ideu
tenant L.O. Xogan, to duty at the Naval Ob
servatory, Was bin gton, D. U, Lieutenant
Thomas O.Qoode, to the nary yard, Peaiacola,
FIa, .Lieutenant Marcus V, Huford to tbe train
ing ship Moncngahela, at Ualtlmore, Md. Lieu
tenant Albert O. Herry to the Franklin, at New
York. Ulster Charles D Galloway to tempo
rary duty at tbe Naval Academy. Detached
Captain Edward Simpson, from tbe command or
tbe Omaha, on the reporting of his relief and or
dered to return homo and report arrival. Cap
tain James A. Greer, from tbo command of tbe
Lackawano, 1st March next, and ordered to pro
ceed home and wait orders. .Lieutenant Com
mander Charles K, Clark, from tbe Moaoeaey.
Asiatic station, and ordered to return home and
report arrival. Lieutenant Thomas Da Itlols,
from tbe navy yard, Pensaeola, Ha,, and placed
on waiting orders. Ensign William N. Slack
from the Franklin, lath instant, and ordered to
tbe naval observatory on tbe autn Instant.
Death of Hear Admiral Theodoras Bailey,
Hear Admiral Theodoras Ballsy, died at
bis residence, No. Itoo K, itrcct, Saturday morn
log, In the leventy-seeond year of his age. He
was a native or New York, born In IBM, and
January 1, HIS, he entered the service as mid
shipman March 9, 162T, be was promoted t3
Lieutenant. He rerved at various stations
between tbat date and 1849, when be commanded
the store-ship, Lexington, during the Mexican
war, rendering valuable aid to tho FaclAs
Squadron by his enterprise and gallantry Innu.
meroui expeditions against the enemy. March
C, 184U, he wai commissioned as Commander, and
he was promoted to Oaptaln, December U, ll5o.
In 1IQ1.C3 be commanded the Irlgate Colorado,
of tbe western Golf blockading iu.uadroen. In
tbe battle ef New Orlcani be was Farragut'i
lecend in command, and led tbe attack and pas.
age or tbe forts. After thli aetion be wai oin
dally commended by Admiral Farragut for
bravery and ability, and honored by being sent to
Washington as tbe hearer of dispatehei announc
ing the victory, July 12, lloz, he reeelred
bis commission as Commodore, and though
hii health wai seriously impair J, he
asked to be assigned to active duty, and,
In the fall or 1862, was ordered to tho com
mind of the eastern Oulf blookadlng squadron,
where he displayed great energy and persever
ance In bis successful attempts to break up
hlotkade runniotf on the Florida coast. I torn
lltJ8 to 1867 he was commanding officer of tbe
Portsmouth Navy Yard, and was last on special
duty In this city. July M, 18CS, be was promoted
Kear-Adnilral.ind placed on the retired list Ucio-ttrw.HTfl.
CONSFTXLD. Co nd acting the Premier of England to Tile
Boat In the lloneo of Lords Th Geremow
itlee of Invest! twr
Dy Cable to tbe National Republican vU the
New York isrofdoffloe.
Lovpoir, Feb. 10, 1ST?, Tbe ceremony by
which Mr. Disraeli was formally created a peer
cfttbe.reelm, was somewbatnoro simple than
tbat gone through with in former tlmei upon
occasions of like dignity. Still, many rem
nantS ef fcddal splendor were retained. Tbe
Lord Ohancellorlresamed his seat on tbe wool
tick athalf pest four o'clock. Tbe audience grew
inpatient (br the seremony of installation. The
precession soon after formM inaa outside ball,
which was to eondnot tbe Premie r of England to
a seat In tho House of Lords At a quarter ti
fire It emerged late the great rotunda. This gor
geoui ball, standing midway between the two
Houses or Parliament, served as a sort or halting
place prior to the march ef triumph to the her or
the Lords.
In the procession were tbe leading men In the
nation's affairs. But there were only eyes for
one personage him ofBeoeonsOeld. Ills lord
ship made his appearance still tn tbe coarlct,
fur trimmed robes of an earl. He hold a
man of medium height and rather slight
build, whose shoulders are bowed with
ysari, hut whose step Is firm and steady. His
face li cleanly ibaven, with tbe exception of an
almost Imperceptible Imperial under hlitooutb,
Ills armi aro folded. Ills eyes are cast forward,
neither upward or downward. He li a man
who never looked down, and who can now afford
to look up. The mighty power and majesty or
genlui icemi gathered together within him. The
signal li given, be puti hli right foot forward and
enters tbe velvet lined doors of the Iiouse or
Lord?, leaving the world or commoners behind.
This is tbe picture, as It was seen at tbat su
preme moment.
The procession moved slowly up the aisle. Tho
Usher or tbo Black Hod and Oarter, King-at-Arrar,
walked In front t then came the
Duke or Norfolk, as Earl Marshal Cham
bcrlalnl then Disraeli, having Earl Der
by on his right and Earl Bradford on
hli left. The House or Lord! were dim under
the coming or the early English twilight, a loom
adds solemnity to the occasion. Amid Intense,
almost breathless interest, tbe procession slowly
advanced to tbe woolsack. The hour was eight
minutes to fire. Lord Derby presented Disraeli,
The Lord Chancellor handed forth tbe writ and
summons. The procession stepped back a few
pacei while the Clerk of the House or Lords read
the writ granting, In the name of tho Queen, "to
our trusty, well-beloved cou noil lor, Benjamin
Disraeli, tbe Earldom of Beaeonsfleld an! Vis
county orHughenden,"
Advancing Disraeli took the oath and signed bis
name on tbe Illustrious roll of tbe peerage. Tbo
'procession then marched to tho Earls' bench
where Disraeli and his sponsors sat down. Dis
raeli, raising his hat thrice, bowed to the Lord
Chancellor In a slow and dignified manner
That official returned tbe lalutatlon. Then
the newly created Earl roie, and,
Joining tbe procession, wai conducted to tho
Viscount'! bench, where the lame ceremony of
eating himself, raising bis hat and bowing to
the Lord Chancellor, was repeated. Finally, Dis
raeli, advancing to tho woolsack, cheek hands
with Lord Chancellor, who cordially welcomed
him to the peerage. The procession then depart
cd,: leaving their former colleagues behind them.
Thus ended the solemn formalities.
lie Is Imprisoned Because n will Not Dis
grace) His. Son.
By Telegraph to the National Republican.
llEWpnifl, Feb. 11. Judge Logwood, of the
Criminal Court, Saturday morning fined ex.
Mayor John Loague &0 and sentenced him to Jail
until he will answer, for refusing to testify
against his son Robert, charged with forging
his father'! name to an order ror a small amount
on BorhuiiV May. Mr. Loague refused on the
ground that hli testimony would disgrace hii
The Abbott Conoert.
The Abbott concert to-morrow venlne;wlll
be tbe greatest muilaal event or the Washington
lesion. Miss Emma Abbott, tbe young, but al
ready famous American prima donna, will be
assisted by several celebrated artists. Tbe cob
cert li under the management or the greatD.de
Vivos which laet Is aumclent to ensure a success
ful performance. The following programme has
been arranged for tbe concert r Past 1-irt L
Violin Solo, bonate, A major, O. F. Handel) Mr.
1 mil Seller t, 2. Aria Oenerentola, Itossini) Sig
nor Fcrranti. 9. Bomanta, "Martha," Flewtow;
Sign or Brlgnell. At Piano Solo, MAliegrode Don
cert." Welif; Mr. Wm. U. Can. s. Orand Aria,
"Robert tu ohe adoro," Meyerbergt Miss Emma
Abbott. Intermission ot ten minutes. Part
Hicobd l. Violin Solo, a, Arlr on string, Baeh
Wilhelmyi b. Hungarian Dance, Brahms Foa
eblmi Mr. PmllSelTcrt. 9. Orand Aria,3om.
nam bula," Bellini; Miss Fmma Abbot. 8. Piano
Solo, "Scnerio et Chorale," (new) Dubois: Mr.
Wm. B.Caie. 4. Ballad, ltLa Morra,", uUnoj
composed ex pressly lor and sung bySlgnor Far
rantl. 6. "Love (nice Agaio1 Sulllraai Hignor
Brignoll. S. "LaFigUle del iBeggtmeoto," Miss
Emma Abbott and STgnor Ferrantl.
The complimentary Inaugural entertainment
of tbelballanOlub Saturday evening, was a most
triumphant success. Ford's Opera House was
crowded from pit to dome with one or tho finest
audiences that has ever Assembled within its
walls. In the first play, "Plot and Passion,
founded on Incidents in the life ot Fouche, Na
poleon'! famous Minister of Police, Miss Annie
w. Story, who hai attained so enviable a reputa
tion as an elocutionist, made her diouf before
tbepublio as a theatrical asUur, la the char
acter or MMiamt 4 honttiigtt. Fouche'i lecrct
agent and spy. Ureat expectation! bad been
formed by those who knew ner powers, and It is
sufficient to say that tbey were not disappointed.
In appearance, voice, and action, she showed her
self a born actress, and her rendering of some
iccnei wai wonderfully powerful and elicited
tbe heartiest applause, particularly her delivery
or tbe epilogue. Mr. M. V. Keen, as Foucht, T.
K. Sailer, as Demareti, 11. F, Taylor, as iltnti
dt htwvillt, the lover, and It Jefferson, as the
Marquitii Ctrenntt. All did most admirably.
Miss Katie Fryo filled the somewhat subordinate
volt of Cecfe, Mme. de F's aald, very gracefully,
while Mr. 0. U. Story created much emu so
ment by tbe naturalness with which he assumed
the character of OriiSonUtt. the stupid servant.
The concluding laree of ''The Two Bonnycas.
ties" was capitally rendered by Messrs. J, R.
Olsburne (who, as the genuiae Bnnycttlt. wai
Irresistibly comic, as meal,) O, Warren, 11. E.
James, Mrs. W. L. Dram hell, and Misses Minnie
rye and Nina Devllllers. MUiFrye.es Utltn,
wai very natural and attractive, and Miss Do
vllllcrr.wbo made her d5vl in the subordinate
roisof Pattital, rendered It with an esse which
Iromlsei much for tbe future. Tbe music by
'rof. Plstorlo's orchestra was very good, and tbe
costumes, obtained from Philadelphia, romarke.
bly rich and appropriate. Much credit far the
smoothness with which everything went off wai
dna to the indefatigable etlerta or Mr. T. K
Sailer, ai itige manager. Tbe only drawback
was tbe very late hour to wbloh the performance
extended, and we trust tbo clab will remedy tbl
In future by beginning a little earlier If possible.
It Is understood that this club Intends to give
another entertainment shortly, and if such is tbe
fact we would suggest that sterling drama of
"Lucre t la Borgia with Mlsi Annie w. Story aa
the murderess, Durness of Ftrrars, In which she
would undoubtedly make a hit.
The Tottery SLrlke,
Fifteen Hundred Laborers Boeoiue Candi
date! for tbo Poorhouao.
(By Telegraph to the National Itepubllcan.
TnzNTOK. N, J., Feb, 11, The pottery
strike li still as formidable as ever. There are
about 1,500 men who refuse to work at the re
duced wages. Meeting! are bold erery afternoon,
at which speeches are made. About forty men
are at work at the new rates end strong eltortl
are being made to compel lhem to quit work
Look out for the SUNDAY NATIONAL
RErU&LICAN, which will be published next
Sunday morning, It will he s newspaper In
sytry sense, --
Dy the New Orleaae White Leaguere no
rmal of the TJsUtedl States Troop to Par
ticipate In the "Mardi Grave" Pasreant, In
Consequence of the Indignity Offer! to th
President os the TJnltetl Statee and Ills
Cabinet by the Knights of Homus
The Following Deipatch wu Received by Mar
shal ritklas Late List Eventa,?,
Nbw Oblbijis, Feb. 11, HIT.
17. S. Jtfersfte! Pitkin, WtUfton, D. Ctt
I have tbe honor to report that as succinctly
stated the dts agreement between the armyont
rcrs stationed here and the managers ef the
Mardi Orai festivities Is al follows t The Knights
of Mem us postponed their customary parade
from tbo twelfth night to the Thursday precedtag
Mardi Oral, for which Bex by proclamation
thanked bis cousin Momns, and stated that it
would be considered part ol the contlnueui carnl
val, endlt- only with tbo beginning of Lent.
The parade ef Momua proved to be a gross trav
esty of tbe President, hli Cabinet and ether
prominent Republican national otSoers. The
uenocratlc press ef Friday morning praised the
display of the Knights and lauded their Insult of
tbe government. Previously Bex had solicited
and obtained the consent or tbe army officers to
participate In the reception of tke King
on Monday, the twelfth, and tbe grand parade
of Tuesday, a thousand soldiers from various regi
ments had been detailed for the escort of his
Majesty. The Vila Insult to tbe Commander-ln
Chief and his family, and to the superior officers
of tbe civil government, so outraged the sensibili
ties of the army officers that they promptly noti
fied the Bex their determination to withhold
from participating in any way In the
recognising the folly perpetrated. A committee
was appointed to wait upon tbe officers or the
army, and ask tbem to rescind their resolution.
The army officers suggested that a proper prepa
ratory step to negotiating would be tbe publica
tion of a proclamation, avowing no connection
between Rex nud Moniui, and condemning such
unseemly shews as the latter had rotten un. Tbe
officers claimed that while they might be satisfied
individually of the entire separation of tbe two
organlxailuns, their brothers of tbe armv at other
stations and the country at large regarded all
tbe displays as part of tbe one oirnlral festival
and a pubUcdlsclelmer by Rex woold be necessary
to Justify tbem In taking part at any stage or the
proceeding. Upon this the com mine e withdrew
end reported, and
In White League ranks followed. The more tn
tenre announced satisfaction at being rid of the
Yankees, the Democratlo leaders reared the po
litical e fleet of tbo dispute, the more conserve tire
lamented tbe curtailment of the display, but the
former carried the day. and the only publication
made was an obscure allusion In a general order
requesting that polltlcsbe omitted la Monday's
and Tuesday'! parade.
It Is not probable tbat this will satisfy tho
army, ai the real sentiment of approval of the
Momus outrage li not concealed, by merely de
nouncing It Is un politic. No loyal man would
consider it humiliating to disavow sympathy with
a gross and deliberate Insult to bis Government,
ondtbtsis tbe only ground of rciusaladranood
by the Democracy. J. B. Stock tow,
Chief Deputy Marshal.
Arrival of the Hawaiian Minister en route
for Washington.
I IBy Telegraph to the National Republican.
Ban Fnjtxcuco, Cal., Feb. 11 Arrived
itefitncr City of Sidney, from Sydney via Hono
lulu. Among her passengers was Elisha H. Al
ice, late Ohsneell&r of Hawaii, who, It Is under
stood, has accepted the appointment of Hawaiian
Minister resident at Washington,
News from Australia li unimportant. Small
ix li prevailing at Sydney. A number of vessels
bere arrived fnm Chill and China with the die-
taaa on Doara .
Victoria gold statistics for tbe year show a fall.
tng-off of about a hundred thousand ounces. Bus.
lness in New Zealand is reviving, sir Donald
McLean, Minister of Defence, died January &th.
Tito Ancient Order of Hibernians Hereafter
to bo Denied the Sacrament.
BrTeiecrapbtotbe National UDab.ican.l
Sciianton, Fa., Feb. 11. A pastoral
letter from Bishop O'llara, 'excommunicating
"Tbe Ancient Of of Hibernians," and direct
ting the clergy to deny tbe members of that order
tltesaeramcnta, wai read In all the Cat hollo
Churches of Scrantondloceso to-day. The de
nunciation was unexpected, and bas produced a
sensation among the members of the order, who,
lor tbe past tbree years, have been in favor with
thecburch within this jurisdiction. The Anelont
Order has a large membership In this diocese,
A Brothers' Quarrel Enda In Crime
(ByTelrgrapbtotho National Republican.)
riiTecrnon, PA.,rcb.ll. Dnrtng a qusr
re I yclrday afternoon between Charles and
Ucorgefeiirirl, brothers. In Etna Borough, near
tbls city, (leorge drew a revolver and shot and
killed Charles, Tbe tnnrderer then surrendered
hlnue)f to the authorities. He claims to have doao
liin ttir-dcfmce.
Jack Allen, a negro, for whose arrest a reward
of WO was offered by tbe Charleston, S. O , au
thorities some time ego, be having mardered a
man there, was arrested In New York, Saturday,
on a charge ot larecbj.
At Hudson, N.Y., Saturday, la the trial of John
V. Kllreand bis wife Lleanora. for the murder
of Charles H. Hermance. last December, Mrs.
Kllve testified tbat he fired tbe fatal shot. Tbe
case wai given to tbe jury which was locked op
lor the night.
Specimen emocratlo Tvrekery.
The Ccngrtntoaat Accord ror Saturday, wbloh
consists of no less than 209 pages, was not issued
until late in tbe forenoon. It is mainly taken up
by tbercportefMrMorrlson's Louisiana Com
mittee. As was generally expeeted, it is a highly-colored
partisan document, which speaks of
murders end outrages with the evident Intention
of trying to conceal them, and attempts to prove
tbat the vote of the State was cast,
and should be counted for TUden and
tbe Democratic State officers. George M. Beebe,
of New York, Is among the signers of tbe report.
Tbe document Is printed In the Record bo cause
the appropriation for printing It In tbe usual
form and manner Is exhausted. By the trick of
ending It to tbe Rtcord, the Democrat! placed
their tx vMrte testimony before the Electoral
Commission, while tbe minority report, made by
the Republican members of the committee, is
suppressed and not allowed to appear.
What Mr. TUden Thinks About It.
New Yohk, Feb. 10. There Is a rumor
bcroiiiataovecnorTildentsald Thnnday cTenleg
to a personal frlenu, nliom beliedteiueited to ao
to Waslilnston "Say to our frlenda that they hart
no reaorn to be depresaed If the t'ommlislou decide
against tbe Peuiorracylullie Florida ease, 1 ex.
picttbodecUlon will v advene, tint do not en
courage deipondener- The loss of Vlorldawlll not
pnrprlfteme, bet there are other points npon wblcb
1 am coiiOdent the lrniotracy.wl'i: succeed. 1 am
a fatalist in ao ar a I believe, ei tbo renn tentative
eflbi Democrats, tbat the final dcelsloa will be la
our favor.'
A Connectteut Bank In Tronhie.
IUuTrORD, Ct., Feb. 10 Tho examination
ef Bank-Examiner Hygatt Into the affairs or the
ranncrs'and Mechanics National Dank In tblteltr,
has caused development! which led, this afternoon,
fbtbcarrest'by the United States Marthal of the
President, John (J. Tracy, and tho Cashier, J, I,.
Chapman, the rormcr for mladt meauor lu faUirylng
accoeuta so tbat Ur,re defleney from overdrafts a n J
poor loaaa without tho know led re of the director!
were covered up, and tbe Oeshcr for cmecule
mint, lasana Aetc of a Lunatic
Now Yona, Feb. 10. At Sorrel Hill, Craw.
ford county. Pa,, on Thursday, Harrison Turner,
aiedSx, alunatie, sbotand killed at It ten Aader
soaaged40, and the allied blmaclf. 'lamer baJ
beta suiiojlnr Aadersjoii'idaujthter with prnir
ions ofiote, sad Anderson bad to eject him from
Lis house.
The Mountain Meadow Murderer
Balt Lakb Citt, Utah, Feb. 10. The ex
ceptions taken to the rolliifi of tbe court la lUe
trial of John V, Lee, il.Alltred Mountain Uee1ow
mnrrierrr, and to bis stuteuce, new o Terra ted by
tbo Hnprene Court of tlielerrltory to-day, aidtbe
bicond DlttrlctGourt was ordered to flx another day
for Lee's cxeiutton.
Another Mexican lYceideut In the United
Kiw York, Feb. 10. Amour the passea
vers onboard the steamer Colon, wliteh arrived
here to-day from Aiplnwall, are ex-rre.Ldent
I erdo, of Uuilco. tltmrl Kucobeto, Manual
ltmco Bublo, and o'bera of Mexican fame
The first number of the SUNDAY NA
TIONAL KKPUBLICAN will be Issued next
Sunday morning,
Will Itonsnanla Ally nemelf With Itnaela?
The Guarantee of the) Treatment of Jews
Not to bo InelsUd I'pon.
Londok, February 11. A despatch from
Brfndlsl announces that Mid bat Fash has ar
rlrcd there, and informed an English deputation
that bis banishment was doe to Jlusslan In
trigues. Cbersa Fasba, the leader tn the Bulgarian
atrocities, has been arrested at Constantinople.
l'rlvate advices from KHiff represent that Bus
sla bas ordered all the railway companies to pro
cure ambulance carriages, and prepare to convey
00,000 men to KlJhenetl.
AtelegTamfrom KIseneff gives factidlvprovlee;
the current reports of discontent and sickness la
the Bussian army. On the other band, tbe dis
patch confirms the report tbat tho passage of the
army through Itoumanie would occupy probably -
a month, aa alterations of gauge In the JEoumanla
railways are necessary.
Tbe correspondent addi i I cannot learn that
thli measure has commenced; It naturally will
not be until war Is finally resolved open. .Not
withstanding an official denial, tbe recent crista
In the Boumanlan Ministry was caused by tho
question whether Ron mania shout 1 form an
aillanoe with Bussie, or merely permit tbe
Bussian army to pass nnder protest. It li un
derstood tbat the new Government Is favorable
to Russia.
The Relations Between Turkey and the In
aurgent Irieoner-
Loxdox, Feb. 12. It Is probable that tho
Porte will not press Us condition regarding the
treatment oflhe JewslnServlat an understanding
Is being broubt about upon one point after anoth
er. The 1'rlnce of Montenegro seems to demand
an adjustment ol tbe frontier according totbo
line of demarcation laid down by tbe Military
Commission during tbe armistice.
He also insists upon four points, which Include
free navigation of Lake Scutari, access to Frcsea
and various facilities for mow direct diplomatic
Intercourse wlih tbe superior authorities of Tor
key. None of these points will prevent a settle
ment, provided the main question of a cession oC
territory li solved.
Settling the Difficulties With tbo Basque)
Loudon, Feb 11. A Realer telegram
from Madrid says i It li reported on good author
ity tbat the Basque deputation bare proposed and
tbo Oovernmcnt have aeooptcdn eonvcnlofor a
settlement, watch will remove tbe present diffi
culties with tbo Basquo provinces by a compro-)
raise. Instead of furnishing soldiers by conscrip
tion, eaeh province is to maintain a battalion of
volunteers, which Is to be placed under he orders
ef tbe government In case of war, and economical
and administrative autonomy is reserved to the
Basque provinces. The Basque Juntas are will
ing to accept thli eontento, tend the Oovern
mcnt will submit it to the Uvrtcs.
Decrease of the Work of 11m Belter Among
the Starving Onees.
London, Feb. 13. The Timt$ dispatch from
Caleutta, lays la tbe week ending February 2d
tbo numbers of persons engaged on tbe relief
works decreased 34,00 in Bombay and 39 303 In
Madras, as com pacei with tbe numbers employed
tbe previous week. Tblsdeerease was attributable
to tbe redaction over wages, and the exclusion of
persons not really destitute . But there has been
no rain, and no Improvement In tbo condition of
theeropi. Tbe health of tbe populations In both
presidencies li bad. There aro many easel of
cholera in the distressed districts of Madras.
Cable Dots.
A special dispatch to the Stanford from
Alexandria announces tbat tbe Egyptian troop
have again been defeated near Massowab.
Sir William Ferguson. Fresldent of tho
Royal College of Surgeons, and Sergeant Sur
geon to tbe Queen, died Saturday,
A notorious character, named English,
stabbed and killed Frod Hatfield on Broadway,
Wltllamsburgb, N. Y., Saturday night. No
causeli assigned for the deed. Tbe murderer
and two companions escaped.
Kerorts cf tcrlous difficulties between tho
Spanish minister st Pekln and thelsungKl Ya
man, growing out of tbe question of the employ
ment of coolies In Cuba are current. Tbe Chi
nese tovcrnment absolutely refuses to sanction
the further cmployment.of Chinese laborers In
tbe Spanish colonics.
The annual Icduitrtal exposition will open
at Kioto March 15, snd continue three months
J. P. Wesson, an American attache or tbe For
mosa ; expedition, hss received tbo fourth-class
decoration of the Japanese order or xetrlt for
services lu that enterprise. Postal ageuclci have
Deen csiaDiisnea ny japan in eu me nonncrn
portions of China.
rardonlng proclamation of the Captain
By Telegraph toftho National Republican.
Havana, Feb. 11 A decree has been leiued
by Captaln-Qeneral Jorcllar In wblcb, alter let
ting forth In a preamble that tbe war against the
Insurgents is at present resulting very advan
tageously to the Spaniards, he pardons all polit
ical prisoners confined on the Isle of Pines who
are natives or rosidents of that portion of tbe Is
land or Cuba lying west of tUs Trocha, providing;
said prisoners are only confined by order ot tho
authorities, and not by senteueei of any court.
Taxea In New York Kecaped by Fraua.
C By Telegraph to tbe National Republican.
New York, February 10. At a session of
the municipal conference this afternoon. Mayor
Ely read a letter from ex-Senator Crvamer, which
slated that there la at present (1, Ho, ooo of personal
property In thecltywlilch escaped taxaMon either
uy rraua or raiae awtnun at iq i,k oracc.
,i niinj pr
ItUtlllfM l!
Id fikvlnsv
(.tits. S4Q0.Mti.UM Of dllldcnd IialTlDsT cOnMJT&tO
property In tbU ctly that caiapes taxation,
Ohlee Cengratulatlons.
Niw York. Feb. 10. A Columbus, Ohio,
dlipatchsaysi Tbe Republicans are Jubilant over
the action of the Joint Commission on tbe vote of
florid. Teltframsof congratulation have been
expresslag confidence la tbe result of tbe contest
Fire on the Ocean
TORT Rotal, 8, C, Feb. 10. The steamer
Bavaila, Ntw Orleans to Liverpool, hnmca at sea
February at 6 0 n. m. Fblp on Art fore and aft.
f'rew and pasungem all aaved la ahlp'a boat.
They loit everything but what they stood In, and
were picked up by the btrque Dorothy Thoiupton
la a northeast rile ulueieen hoars efur, and landed
at Beaufort, B, 0
The New York Wife Murderer,
New York, Feb. 10. The coroner's Jury la
the case of JAmee Flood, who killed his wife last
Fnnday morning, jetterdev foond that Flood was
the principal andJoiepb Morrlaou an accessory In
the crime, Both were cesamltted.
Death of an Editor
fly Telegraph to tbe National Republican. J
Middletouv, N. Y. Feb. 11. Charles
Edward Benton, one of the editors and proprle
tnrs of tbe Fred on la Adverttar and Oanktrfc
Union, died hero tills moraine aged M. Ml body
will be seut to Frcdonla to-night.
Death of the Oldest Eplseopal Minister.
BAtTiuORK, Md., February ll.-Hv, John
Wiley, aged 71, for thirty years minister 0
Trotrttant Fplcr-Tal rhutrhea In Cecil and
( Urlce ton ntles, died In this city lo-dy, of licart-dl-eaie.
He la said to have been lheoMit ordained
inlnUter of the rrotenant Episcopal Church.
A Widow Recompense
Nsrw Iiavxv, Ct,, s'cb.ll.-Tbe Lake Shore and
Mich I ran Railroad Company hare settled with the
tdow of T, o. craln of this eltv. whete husband
was killed at Ashtabula, for the sum of A1
A Compliment to an American Seaman,
OTTAWi, Canada. Feb. 1L The departmntof
marine and Ilkticrlcs have procured a valuable gold
natch rorpreoentatlon to Captain Otboror. of the
Atxerleanuarkri. F. t'ayoe for r scuinglbecrevr
of the wiecked Bililih .Sip BctldUKU),
Another Labor Combination
roBTLAVD,Ms., Feb. li. The engtne driven
eu tbe Boston and Maine Railroad state that thy

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