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NO. 66.
vol. xvn.
No Trouble Over Illinois, m Generally An
tlcipated Everything Ran o Smoothly
Until Louisiana wu Beaehed, When
Bevy ef OmUsbi Were Interposed, en
Referred t the Electoral CotnmU
,Wnfc.r Adjudication-. The Work of Pre!-dent-Making
Ooea Bravely On.
The Senate nek at 10 o'clock and remained
In a stale of suspended Animation until 3.30
when they proceeded In a body to the Home
of Representatives to proceed with the count
of the electoral Tote. The President of the.
Senate hid rnled thai bo business whatsoever
ceuld botransotted, and that even a motion
lor a receia wu not In order. So they had
nothing to do bat to wall the pleasure of .the
Alter returoloc from the Joint convention,
Mr. Witch ill offered a resolution to brinf Con
rad N Dawson, Cashier of the Third National
Bank' of New York to tha bar of the 8enate to
answer for centempt for refusing to appear be
(, fore the Committee on Privileges and Elec
tions, and bring with him the bankaccounts of
Samuel J. Tllden, W, T. Pelton and Abram B.
Hewitt. Ai Mr. Baulsbury objected, the con
Iteration of the resolution was postponed
until to-day. Of course the Democrat of the
i Senate will resist the motion, but as the
Democrats ofthe Homo pryed lato the private
affairs of citizens much deeper thai the Re
publicans ever attempted to do, there Is no
reason why an exception should be made In
relation to the private accounts of citizens
'Tn.Dnr.Fii.Tnv, and IUwitt, especially m
there Is the best reason to believe that some
thins: Interesting will be developed. The
Senate then took a recess until 10 o'clock this
morning, but It is understood that until other,
wise ordered no legislative business Is to be
transacted oetween tnat nour ana i
DMutof JUpreeentatlv,
The Tlouse alio met at 10 o'clock. There
were not more than a dozen members present
when the ravel fell. Mr.McCnABT, however,
wu to open the debate In the decision of the
Tribunal; he did so because he was not willing
to see o much valuable time wasted, but Mr.
City in was suddenly taken with a
spasm of consideration. lie wanted Mr. M"o-
' Cbakt to baVett- larger audience, andeo he
asked for some delay. It wu very kind of
Mr. Cltmxb to be thus considerate, but nu
motlTt vu, entirely too transparent; he
wanted delay , and Hwu a good opportunity
to get a few moments. As Mr. McCainr,
who was most Interested, wu willing to ad
dress a altm house', Mr, Clthbb'b Interposi
tion swine d altogether gratuitous. It wu
agreed after awhile that the two bouses de
bate should commeceo at half-past ten o'clock.
By that time a large number of Membera
had come In, and tha galleries were filled with
a large crowd of Interested spectators. Mr.
David Dudlbt Fiiltj opened the proceedings
by offering an order the effect of which wu to
declare In farorof the TUden electors Ifrom
' Florida. Mr. JIalb followed this up with aa
amendment providing; for the counting of tha
Hates electors u recommended by the Tribu
nal. ,, ThenpKocTOR Knott came to the lore
with a substitute for both the resolutions.
The substitute was made up of a long string
of whereases, and a resolution referring the
decision back to the Tribunal, and asking them
to give the House their reasons In detail for
the conclusion they bad arrived at In the
Florida cue. Mr. Halb very properly char
acterized the substitute u a measure of de
lay. It meant delay In every line and sen
tence. Mr. Knott was one of the gentle
nen who wu In consnltatlon with Speaker
liABiuix and others on Friday night, and he
helped to fix up the dilatory plan of opera
tions. We observe that the Democrats are
f:ettlsg denials of this purpose sent out. But
t won't do, gentlemen. You did agree to de
lay tbo proceedings If possible. The action
you took on Saturday was proof that the plan
was agreed upou. If the leaders among
you have In part abandoned the plan
it is for one of two reasons. You have
either loaned that the people won't stand
4 aiy such nonsense (for even a Bourbon Demo
crat docs learn something sometimes) or else
?ou realize the fact which wu stated In the
tzruuLiCANYtterday, that you cannot con
- trol a large element among; the Democrats In
this Iniquitous scheme. Mr. Wood gave
uiurance yesterday that his side of the House
desired no delav. But then what Is Mr.
Wood's usuranae good fort Who takes
stock In any assurance that Fernando gives
of anything But Mr. Knott did not succeed
In his little game. He was ruled out on a
point of order that It wu not competent for
the House to refer a subject to an outside
commission. speaker kandall ruiea mm
out reluctantly, and Proctor Kkott was so
chsgrlned that he did not turn up again In
the House until the vote wu about to be
taken. Fkoctoh don't like to be bluffed off
by the Speaker.
The discussion then proceeded under the
ten minute rule. Mr.McCRUAr opened,andtn
one of his brief, logical arguments gave con
vincing reasons why the decision or the Tribu
nal wis- correct. Randolph Tocxeh fol
lowed, but told us nothing new. Itwu only
Ala speech heretofore made before the Trtbu-
nal boiled down and comprefsed. Gen, Bakes
dwelt entirely on the ineligibility questloo,
and showed very clearly that tbe will or the
people could not be defeated, even if they had
Inadvertently voted for an Ineligible candidate.
Then up rose the Hon. Wiu.uk M., whose
other name Is SrkiNGKit. This ynang man
Imsglnes that he wtll live lu history u the
greatest of Constitutional expounders. But
It Is well that he so Imagines, for no one else
ever would. Well, 8 mm a lit scolded at the
Tribunal. His patriotic soul swelled with In
dignation at the thought that the Com
mission had decided by a vote of 8 to 7.
"The ci pec Ut loos ox thoie who framed
the electoral bill have been disappointed'
whined SrnixoER In a tone of Injured lnuo
rnn. That is. tha expectation was a decls-
ston for the Democracy. If It had been so by
8 to 7, there would have been no complaint.
Mr. FnTB,of Maine, put In some heavy
blows on the head of tbe Democracy. He
showed the absurdity of tbe charge of fraud
made so frequently against the Republican
perty, and Invited the closest Investigation.
Hon. Frank Hcru made, as he always
does, a strong argument for his side of the
question. Ho was on tbe wrong side, but he
made the most ofthe material he bad at
hand, more, In fact than any 'others of the
Democratic speakers, and he put tbe cue bet
ter than any of tbe others.
Tbencsme Mr.CasR, of Indiana, and he
created quite a decided. sensation Mr. Cabr
only came Into Congress at this session, having
been elected to succeed the late Breaker
Kerr, but he has already made his
mark ss a debater. He Tvat one of
tbe roost earnest opponents of the elec
toral bill. He was fair and manly enough to
tppose It on political grounds, for he predicted
at tbe lime that the msjorltyof the tribunal
wouM be Republicans. And jesterday be
bcUl the Democrats responsible for this re
mit. We, of Coarse, as Be puMIeans. are
satlifledwlth tbe verdict of ttbe tribunal, but
It was, nevertheless, gratifying as well aa
amusing yesterday to see the Democrats un
mercifully belabored by oneol their own num.
ter. He read tbo majority of the Home out
of the Democratic party; Intimated that they
had no political prluclplcs, and told them that
their betrayed constituents would husp cou
ilemnatlonon tbetr trfsrheroui beads. His
remsrltscxiltcd the arauerment and laughter
oftbe Republicans, white tbe Democrats sat
with annoyed look. Tbo ouly one who &li
liideri tolW Apmli, howtver, was Governor
WLri,'! V'riM'ij t!.tf!iil 1 woulJ re
quire more than Caxr and those who acted
with him. to read the majority ontof the
Democratic party.
Mr. Thompson, of Hui,, denounced the
decision u a falsehood, and not lu accordance
with the facts. Mr. lmnsiLL, of Minnesota,
who was a member of the special committee
on Florida affairs, gave a little of the Inside
history of that committee, and showed that
the majority bad suppressed Investigation.
Mr. HoFXMf , of Pa., made a weak attempt
to dispute DoNNXiA'a charge by a statement
of the number of witnesses the Republicans
ana Democrats nasi summoned rtepectiveiyt
Oar old friend, X X Bobbins, of North Car
olina, had a word to say. We must hope that
Bobbins has repented elace he took that
twenty-dollar bill for a vote in the North Car
olina legislature, for did he not say yesterday
that be would rather have his party right
than to have It elect a President by fraud I
Mr. KABsoN,of Iowa, made some strong
points In favor of the decision, and then Mr.
Dat to Dudlit Fuld rose to close the debate .
In this, as In his speech.on the Electoral BUI,
he disappointed the expectations of those
who hoped for creat things of htm In the
halls of legislation. He declared the de
cision unworthy of respect and had great ap
prehensions that there would be a President
wno was eiectea Dyireua. str niLD neea
not be disturbed. The Republican party and
Governor Hates will take care that the Presi
dency Is not disgraced.
After Mr. Field had concluded, tbe vote
was taken. Mr Halb s amend men t wu re
jected by avote of 07 to 107, and Mr. Fikld's
order wss adopted by a vote of 108 to 103,
both of which were partlian.
The Senate was notified of the action of the
House, and at 255 the Senators appeared lu
the Hall, and took their accustomed places.
Attics Vice President Firkt rapped to or
der; the tellers took their place. It did not
take long to announce the action ol the two
Houses on the decision, and u they bad not
agreed to set aside the report, It stood, and
four more electoral votes were recorded for
Governor Hayes and William A. Wheeler.
The certificates of Georgia were next pre
sented, and eleven votes more were scored for
Tllden and Hendricks.
Illinois came next, and ss the presiding offi
cer esked for objections, every person to tbe
galleries trained their necks, and exposed
their ears to hear the eloquent voice of Spiro kb
object, on account of the alleged Ineligibility
of Mr. durrxx, one of the electors. Mr.
DFBiNaBR did not object. He had sent a
messenger to Ullnols to bunt up evidence In
CBAirrxE'fl cue, and the messenger had not
returned, and he could not get two Senators
to join with him In the objections on a weak
cue. So the 21 votes of Illinois were pot
down for Hsves and Wheeler. Then followed
Indiana, with 15 for Tllden; Iowa, with 11 for
Haves: Kansas, with 5 for Haves, and Ken-
lucky, with 12 for Tllden. The reading of
tne certificates in mese cues Decame
very monotonous and tiresome, because no
one expected an objection to either of them.
When Louisiana was reached tbe interest wu
rt newed. Tbe reading of the three certificates
i two from Kelloes! and one from McEoenrl
did not excite special Interest. The people
were waiting for the objections. But the au
dience wu treated to a eomedy which U had
not expected. Mr. Fbrbt presented a fourth
paper, whlsh be said he bad received by mall,
and which purported to be tbe proceedings of
the electoral college of Louisiana. Mr. Fbb-
bt, of course, had no knowledge of the con
tents of tbe enclosure.
He banded the paper to Mr. Stone, one of
the Democratic tellers, to be read. This gen
tleman glanced over the paper, and quickly
turned to the Vice-President, indicating there
wu something wrong about the paper. He,
however, soon proceeded to read tbe same.
There wu a good deal of Indignation man
ifested by membors of both parlies at the In
sult which bad been offered to tbe National
Legislature, and President Fbrbt directed
the official reporters to omit any mention of
the paper In tbe record.
After this burlesque had been read the ob
jections were called for and presented, after
wblcb the Senatois retired from tbe Hall, and,
as In tbe Florida case, all the papers were re
ferred at once to the Tribunal, who will take
up tbe case at 11 o'clock to-day.
Jnst before taking a recess the House
adopted a resolution so amending the rules aa
to permit of legislative business In regular
order after 12 o'clock each day, the same as
though the legislative day bad commenced.
This will enable the House to go on with the
call of committees and other regular business.
There are several appropriation bills yet to
be disposed of, but there Is a deposition
amongsome Democrats not to psss any moro
Of them until tbe Presidency Is settled.
Tbe House will meet this morning at 10
o'clock, but It Is expected that a recess will
be Immediately taken until 13 o'clock.
The) Meeting of llotb Honaca Yesterday In
Joint Convention.
Mr. FErtRY called the joint convention to
order, and the action ofthe two Douses was
reed, when the presiding officers declared that
aa tbe two Houses had failed to agree, tbe
Judgment of the Tribunal would stand. The
four votes of Florida were then recorded for
Uayes and Wheeler.
The certificates of the following States were
then read, and tbe result was announced with
out objection, vli i Georgia, 11 votes for Tllden
and Uendrlcks; Illinois, 31 for 'Uayes and
Wheeler: Indiana, 15 for Tllden and Ilen
drlcks; Iowa, 11 for naves and Wheeler;
Kansas, 5 for Itavea and Wheeler, and Ken
tucky, 13 for Tllden and Hendricks.
The Next Halt,
The State of Lcultlaoa was next reached and
the presiding officer presented three certifi
cates, two of which were signed by Kellogg
and certified to the election of the naves
electors, and the other was signed by Mc fin
ery and certified to the election of tbe Tll
den electors.
After these had been read the presiding offi
cer said he had received a further certificate
which he would hand to the tellers. MrBtone,
ooe of tbe tellers, proceeded to read when It
was perceived tbat the whole thing waa a bur
lesque. It certified that John Smith, No's. 1,
3, 3, 4 and 5, and John Smith, letter
A, B and C, had been elected electors of
the Slate or Louisiana, and had met when
John Smith No. 1 wss elected president,
and John Smith, letter A, was elected
secretary. Tbat having duly organised, on
motion of John Smith, 'o. 3, they had pro
ceeded to vote for Tresldent and Vlca-Preel-dent,
when the eight votes of Louisiana were
cast for Peter Cooper for President, and Sam'l
F. Cary, of Ohio, for Vice-President, and
that John Smith, letter rip, be appointed to
aood the electoral vote to Washlngtan,
Tbe paper further certifies that the mem
bers were sworn on tbe Holy Blue Moses.
Tbe reading excited a good deal of laughter,
and several efforts were made to suppress the
resdtcg. ,
The Presiding Officer said that he had no
option, aa tbe envelope bore tbe endorsement
tbat It wu the certificate of the electoral vote,
lis, however, asked unanimous consent to
stop tbe reading.
Mr. MILLS, Texas, objected. As this was
all a burlesque, he thought we might as well
have Uits read as anvtblog else.
The Presiding Officer subsequently gave di
rections to have tbe paper expunged from the
record of the proceedings.
All tbe certificates having been read, the
CiTJjtt sited for object lone, when Senator
McDonald, for hlinsslf,AndSenatorsSaULB
ni'RT, Boar and STivgNsoiraud Kepreeen
tatlvca Field, Jinks, GinsoN,TtcKCB,LEvr,
Ellis nod Morrison objected to the voUsjof
tie Hayes electors.
Mr. U1USON, on behalf of hlmiclf and Sena.
tors SivLsnuur, McDonald and Kehnan,
and Kepresentatlves Jsnks, Tuckkh, Field,
lms and Levt, presented a further obJuc
tlou to tbo same certificates, and Senators
STKVENtON aud WmTR, aud Representatives
Wood, (N.V,) Writ, Mo) EongMT,
Bland, Ilooknit and Soi'Tiukd, presented
still another,
FeiiitorllOWr.nnteliair of hlmaalf ant
S.it!' (O tr j' r.ii'N nl WcT,aud t
RepresentattTft Hublbubt, Jotci, Cairo,
Halm and Lawrbncb, objected to the count
or the Tllden electors.
The following are the several objections to
counting the electoral vote of Louisiana pre
sented. Thattoffered by Senator McDonald'
la as follows i
The viAfrilffoed Senators sad tnenibm of tbs
HoaMOf JftprmtBUUvtsof tM United BUiee o
Jeet to ib ltw of bioipi of tb elretor nftde nl
crrtlflcdhTni. 1. KcUK cUtmloi to be, bo I
mb nottheUwral Governor of lht Btve of
IolMtaft,RB(ltlb vlcttorml vow ofttdHUt
UdvS by W. V. Kfllvts. J. H. Buefa, 1'iw
JuMpb, . A. "beldon, Mori Mark!, A. II. L
Tliur. O. II. Itrewairr. iicr Joffnoa. being the
two MTcrat rcrtiScatvt, the flnt and third nretnlrd
bv tha President of the Senate to the two 1 loo of
ConyrtM la Joint convention, for the following
rtMoni t
Btctnie on tbeTth day of November, 1978, there
irae do lew, join t ft wlntloo. or an j ether eel of the
Leilaleture of the euu of Loolaleoe Id foree directing-
the meatier In whlcu electors tor taid nute
anonia oe BDirainieu.
Became lr any law tinted In tb "Ute of Lonlal
enaoD ihaTth daj of November. IB7S. dlrcctlnc the
manner oiwe eppou
nt fh .latkiur
ahotild be appointed nr tbe people or the Htete In
their primary eaperlty et en election to be held on a
day certain, et particular itlaeee end In e eeiUIn
mil biiu uir pvuiii vi tug cww i. ".vvi'i.ii'
the leflatatlve direction exerrlacd the power
Teated in Urm at en election held In aald rJtote No
vember 7,187ft, Inpunneoceof aeldBtadof he
Jawaof tbe Unltdtuta, end appoint- John He
Enerv. K. O, Wtckllffe. 1... ft. Martin, f. P. l'ocb,
A. De Illene. W. A. Brer. B. O. Cobb, end A. K.
Croat to be elcctora bye majority ferenr-h of alx
boawndand upwerdeof ell tue vote real by uel
fled voter lor eUetor et ealil election, and aald
elector! received eetrtlBeetewf ihrlrrine appoint
ment eaeuch lectorifrom .loba Mcr nery, who u
then tb rightful end lawful Uoernur of.eld Hate,
tinder the a. el thereof, ed therenpon th etld ate
Vnerr, witkllffe, ht. Martin, Tvcbe. De lllane.
tteay, Cobb, ead Crow, rTme end wrr vetted
with the exclotlve authority of lect"s Tor the !t
tif LonltUn, end nootber raouor senone bed
within the legal pwiror eny tete or rrterei
offlcrorany other pereon to revoke Hie power be
towrdonth.etdHcKnery. Wlekllffe, Ht, MariU,
l'oche, Ue Blanc, tiey, Cobb, and . ro.i, or 'o no
point otber eleetore in their .Uad, or to Impair
ihvir tlile to tbe office to which Uie peple bad ap
pointed thani,
Brcaiuc Ibe seld Kellog g.Bnrch, Joeepb. Uheldon,
Mrkat i.evlaev, Itrewaivr and Joflrlun were not,
nor wm eltbar nf them, dnly appointed an .cctor
by tbolltateof LtiolUana. lu ttio manner dlrvotd
by tha Con tilt avion and iewaofaeld ntate and of
tlie Unltrd Btatei, and the lltla of nan ea of rlec
tora mads and e nlned by tbe aMd Ullltam 1'. Kl
Iffte. elalnlng tube, but not twlng, Uovernor of
with full
uwlfrk attba lime that tha aldKrllor'. Bnreh.
Jotteph, Ikeldon. Alarke, Lcvliaee, BrrwaU-r end
Joffrlon were not duly appoint d elector! by the
qnallflrdvourt of aald nutv.and whhoutanyez
amloatlonoi tbvreturnaef ine votee caat for elce
tori, ee required by the lawa of tbe state.
Becanae ihe pre teed ed eanvaae of the return a of
aeld election lor cl'ctora or lrealdnt and Vice
Vrealdentby J. Madlaoti Well. 1, C. Anderaun,
C. Caaaaave, end Louie Keunt-r, aa returning offl
cere of aald clteilon. wta wltbont JorUdlctlon end
T014, for theae rruonti
lim. irv lutni a i livd.mvb, unnrr wdicb
gave ibaat no Jerlariletlon to make the retnrna, or to
canvaM or eonplle tbe taUmente of votei caat for
electoraof I'rcaldentanu Vle-'realden
eteoedly. Bald atamtea. If controed ae confer
ring each jartadtcUon, give tbe returning irOoere
power to appoint tne lee tort, end are toldae In
conflict with the Commotion, wbnh reqnlrve that
eleciore ahall be appolatcd by tie SUte.
Thirdly. tUld aUUtee,ln eo far at tbey attempt
to confer Jadlclal poer and an give to the retern
leg officer authority lu tbetr dlacreUnnMczelude
tbe etatementa of votra and to peulab Innocent per
aonswuboat trial by deprirlog tnetnor thtlr legal
right of auffrate, are In eonfltut wiuttbe conatttn
tlon of the Bleu or Loutlana, and are anU-republl-ean
and In ronBict with ute onaMtutlon of to
United HUtea. In eo far aa Uy refer It to the dltere
tlonnf tbe returning officers to determine who are
held valid, they conferred no lorladleUonon sold
frlla. Anderson. Caaanave. and Kenner. ea e
board oftctnrnlng officcra, to make t" ntnrna ef
aaia eiecuoo or m nnici ana vuuipua uw ikik
mentsofvote made by the eoamtaaloneraof aeld
election, for the reaeon teat theyeoeaUteted knt
four ef the Ave peraona to whom tbe law eonflded
tbotedatleat that tbey were ail of the tame political
partyt and that there waa a vacancy In aald board
of returning officer wblcb tbe aeld Welta, Andt-r-on,
Uaaaaave. andXenner faUcd and refuted te Oil
an, uiwsiiri u
ia required bylaw,
rifita. Bald board of retorting officcra bad no a-
rladletlon toexecelae Judieial fuaetleneend reject
i, r. .linwail wta not don to anrh an .itnt u la
etiaage the remit of tbo clecUon aa ahown on tbe
face of the returni. , .......
Ixth. Bald reierelng offlcera, with a full knowl
edge tbat a true and correct compilation of tbe offi
cial atatcrnenU of votee legally eat November 7,
l76,for 1'rvaldeatlai electwralu Uieblateof Loule
lana, abowed tbe following, to wit I
John MeKnery Kt,733
It. C. tVlcallffe W,M
1., M. Martui n SS9
jr. P. I'ocbe M74
A, Ie lllane "M
W. A. aeay U,8I2
K. U, Cobb Uttot
K, A. Cro. , ss.au
w, r. Kellogg
It A. cbctdon
A, H.Lvvliiee ,
1). 11. Ifrewatcr
Ildiar Jnffrliin .......
...., til
Ana inai aaid amcuncrr. viraiinr, oi. amsriio,
Poelie, lfeUlanc, tteay, Cobb and Cruea were ouly
and lawfully elected elector. Illegally and fraud u.
Irntly changed, altered, and rejected the tateuicatd
of voWamedeby thevouimltBloaeraof tltcllon and
tbereturnaofaupervlaora of reglilratlun, and ac
elarcd tbe following to be Ue state ef tbe poll, to
Joba McVnery .To,tm
B. U. Wickllffi 70,500
i.. ei. nartin
'. l'otli
A. 1'eJtliDC
W. A. reay
h. t. Cobb t
K. a. I'roaa
...70, MS
, 7u,3
7(1, iw
..,, 1X
, 74, 17
.... 74 014
, 74,017
VY. '. Kellogg
J. ll.Ilunh '
Peier Jowph
h. A, hhelflon
A, 11. i,cvtae
U. II, Virtwaier
1 Ii an lil rrturnln afflrrra lhereunon falls I V and
fraudolently etrtlDed tbat aald Keliorg, Rurcb,
Joaepb, ttbvldoit. Martli, Levi eve, Hntwater, nd
Joffi ion were dnlyelecttd electoral when tbe fact
waa that. oraHtllng tbe atwtctnmte of votea tlle
gallv withheld by auprvltor, tiioe before tbe re
torntng vnlcere wbleh It was tbelr duty to. but
wbleh they did not, eauraaa and compile ahowed
niajorltiee rr Mctnery, Wlekllffe, Si. Martin,
l'oche, Do lilanc, ccay, Cobb, and Crow, ranging
s. That aa'd r elurnlng ofltecre before making any
declaration of W voto fur elector offered lor a
money consideration t-t ccrtlf' and declare the due
tnLidinil ra
ilnl anil nrorw rt vltpti il.
Falling to A iid a pur-
cnaacr, ut jaistiy, rorrupiij-. inuuiii'n;
certified end dtrUred tliM minority candidates
dieted, and after having flrat apilUdfor a reward
fortoOn'nt WhererurethouiKie signed object to
tbe certificate or deetarallon of the t levt Ion of clec
tura nude by aald boartl of n turning offlcera ae
utterly void by rcaiun of Um fraud and corruption
of aaid board ofrUurnlng officers la taut cor
ruptly oflerlng aald errtiocatra for title.
let- underililffnedfi apeclalM obleet in the count,
lug the vote rest by the aald A. U. L-evlatee fur tbo
re a ton thai the Mate or LouUlana waa forbidden
by the Conatitntlon of tbe Uelt'dbtatca to appoint
luaeatn a, 11, LcvUm-o an elector, bfoaue ue waa
at tbe Hue of tne appolntintut of tlto ilectort In
aald HUte. to wit, on Uc 7th day or November,
171, and for a number or daya nrevloiia and subac
nuent thereto, holding an office of tniit or profit
undtrthUnltdbUta, towli, tbe offlce of coin
mlaaloaur of the Unltoa etatee circuit eourt for the
dltirlct of LoulMana, and bis aubaciiucnt appoint
ment by the other electara waa notony wUiioot
authority of law, and void, hot It waa ancrwlngly
aiidrrandcntlymadeforan Illegal and frandulrut
The undersigned eapcclallv object to counting tbe
voteraatbytbeaaldO.il. Drewtter forbe reaaon
that trw Mate of Louisiana waa forbidden br the
Conatitntlon of the United btatea to appoint the
aald firewater an elector became he waa at the
Mints n r T.nnlalanB. avtid iu autiMniut a il Joint-
ment ofthe aaid llrewtter aa an elector by the ether
elcctora waa not only without warrant of law and
veld, but waa mae kiowlngly and franduluntly'
tor an llleaal and fraudulent puronw.
Tor wblcb rt-aoii the lUt of name of the said,
Jitllogg, uurcu. jowpn, onei inn, aiara. i,eviaane,
B re water, and JofTrlon as rleetora, ad the voia:
cattby them ar utterly void i In aunpori ot wbleh
reatona tbenndrralirned rtftr to the omtltutlon
and lawa of the United tUatoa and of the HUte of
Lonltlana, and amuog other to the evHennt taken
at tbe prevent aaMlon of l'ntree by Uim ( omnlt.
te antleab-eoinuutteea on rrlvtlKee and Eiertlona
of tbeWeuattt the eelrct committee and the aub.
committee or the Uouteof lfcpriiLntulvet on the
ucint rliitlou lu tliMtate of Loulilann, and tho
ciiicinltteo of the Home of UepreatniaUvo'on tho
powt ra, prhllegct, aud Outlet of tbe Uouao of Uep
reienUillvva lu counting the electoral vote, to
gether with papers aecoinpanjlne tald evidence.
J, F, alcDuNALD,
L.. V. Bihjy,
Iavid DrnLKY Field
(I. A, JKtKS,
It. 1., OlllHIlt,
JitllN M, Tl'tKRK,
W. M. Law,
Wll. U, lltiltltthON,
The objection presented by Mr. Ol0tou,of
Lonlt-lsra, lu sa Inllnwe;
Stcl nrtlil'e,
iVoinlunUonS, 5
The President sent tbe followlac nnrAlua
tloas to the Senate yesterday t HNtaerd A.
Watts, U. B. Atternsy, Woataf wtUxj
John a Kesfcr. Paymaster In U. S. Avur and
the following Foitmastirst llearr UBtU, An
bnrne, Mil Jtebert F. Mlllnetv rfewaan, Oa.
Marshal A. llfeeden, Pante re, N. Ja. j
Kaval Order.
Lieut. Emory II. Taunt, to thentvyyard,
PorUuoath, V. If., SOIh last, Ensign Qaorge JL
Hulter te the Ranger. DaUehed-Uo(. Oeorge
O. Qrar from the receiving ship Oetorado, and
ordered to the nary verd. New Yorki TWtnt. n.
C Uarmodr from tbe navy yard, Hew Yerk,
and ordered to tbe reeelvleg sblp Colorado t
Cbsptatn Geo. A. Crawford Troot lbs rtoetrlng
ibip Wabash, and erdared to tbe navy Jatd, Dee-ton,
Minority llcport on Lolaln
Hepresentsttves Hurlbut, W. Town send,
Dsnford, Crapo and Joyce havs made their ntli
norlty report In the Lonlslaoa lnrestlgatloa, eoo
eladlBg with a resolution, that tha election hslef
for preoldentlsl electors In the State of Louisiana,
on the Tinder o! November. IMS. wss examined
.. :. .i i i . ...r u. -hl .k. .. . .
irB vi biiu id luniviaiiii wim ttm wua
lUtntlen of the United States.'
The Baprcmo Coart.
The Chief Justice save that the arduous
labors Impoied upon the Ave aiioclatejuitleeser
tbe Supreme Con it who are members ofthe Else-
toral Cotnmlnlon ire web. that if tbe Corneals
slon ends Its werk by the 19th inittant, te which
time ihe Court adjonrned. It will be neeeiaary
for theSnircmeUfaurt toailjoaruto a later day.
ay to March, to itlve Aleaarl. Ullflord, Miller,
Vleld snd Uradley time to recuperate.
0.2O llonds Called In.
The Secretary of the Treasury has Issued
the thlrtv.nlntb call for the redemption of t-ao
bonds May and November the Interest on
woicn win ceaee on nou aiicr nay la, iair.
The following are the bunds called In i Uonpou
Bonds Mi, No, 8I.MI1 to No, 8v,B00, bolhlDeln
slve. 11,000 No. 70, Ml to TV.OOO, po(i inclastve.
Total couif n, T,000,uoo. Registered ItOnda-eftflL
No ATI to No. 40u, both Inclnatve, $100-N4n,aol
to e,V6", both Inclusive, s&oo No. a,eor-tqa,M,
both tnclDflvt, tl.ooo No. ia,s.M to No. it.Soo,
both Inrloslve. &,O0 No S.101 to No. s.S-'W, both
ine Inrlva. 10,ttKi No. 0,301 to Ho, fl,7M, both In.
clorivt. Total registered, S,000,cou. Aggregate.
10,000,000. ?
The Electoral Commleelen.
The Electoral Committee reassembled Tester,
day, shortly after tbo two Houses had separate,
having; taken a recess from 3 o'clock. All the
members present but Senator Tbnrman, who
was abiealtbroogh India posLUoa suffering very
much with nearalgla.
, In reference to anlnqnlry by Judge Clifford,
Mr. Pavtd Dadley rield stated thai Senator
Mebonsld and Kepresentatlve Jenki, of Pa,,
would ipeak tor the objectors to certificates No.
1 andS,end llr. tvarte annoeaeed tbatSeaator
Howe and ItcnreseauUve Unrlbnt. of III., would
ao'dreia the Com million on certificate No. X',
' The Commission, after orderlna tbe printing
of tha papers transmitted, adjsuraed aaill 11
o'clock to-day.
The Jnvalia BUteamen. a
BOir. AUiinis n. enrnaaa.
The following la the report of Mr. Steaaaus'
prlvaM Secretary, Mr. O. P. Onlver, In regard te
the condition of Mr. Stephens at 10 o'sloek last
night x
"Mr. StCDbcns condition has not materiallv
changed since veaterday. lie had a severe spaacs
ofeonghlngthls morning, wbleh exhausted fbia
strength for a few hoars, bat recovering, be has
parted tbe remainder ef the day quietly, aad to
night is resting quite as well as at any time far
the past weekY'
encaaxaBT Moaaiu.
Dr. Pope's report In regard to Secretary Mer
rill p to a lato boor last night was as fellows:
Mr Morrill still continues to lmprovsitae pal.
monary symptoms are nraeh relieved, and tbe
fever almost wholly abated) be rem quietly and
natnrallyi tales nourishment freely, and all ladU
catloas point to a steady amendment of the dis
ease." Many prominent gentlemeu sail at tha hotel
dally to Inquire after tbe Secretary, bat his cea
dltion as yet will not allow him to receive anyone
In his room.
Echoes of the Content.
It leaks out tbat TUdeu offered the Secrets
ryenipof State totleorge Bancroft, tbe bletcrtea,
wben he thong bt be waa dec ted rrealdedt.
Ex-Senators Carpenter and Trumbull will
argue tbe Louisiana case before the Commission.
Notwithstanding all the fuss about Chaffee,
tbe llllnola elector, who la aald to be a United
tatre Commlfaloner. bit Davie doea not appear aa
tech In tbe official reg-ater of the Department of
Jnatlce nor In tbe blue llook for 1S73,
Senate Report Drawing tho Una of Disci
pline on the lloya.
Senator Serpent, from tbe Committee on
Kaval Affairs, to whom was referred tbe petition
of Joseph Ileal, Jr., to be restored to the Naval
Academy, from which be was dlstnlited by sen
tence of court-martial, made a full report to the
Hcnate npon tbe subject, that the petitioner was
a member ol tbe Naval School, was tried byeoort
martial and daly convicted of the ofleneeof has.
log. and In accordance with the law was sentenced
to be expelled. Tbe report remarks at some
length npon the necessity fur the law, and eon
clad lug, says: "To grant tbo relief prayed for
would be, in the opinion of tbe committee, lojnrl.
one to tbe discipline of the Navel cehool. Tbe
act might as well be repealed as for Uongreis to
favorably entertain requests of this kind. Oood
conduct, Indnitrlons habits, continued applica
tion to study area few of the roqoliltes tbat
make a valuable nan and amslent omoar; and It
1 boped tbat these qualities will never be under
valued by Congressional action or lnOoeace on
tbe management of the Naval Academy, or the
education of thote whose good fortune It may be
to have their names on tbe ltatortudeBti at that
honored lnitltutlon. The committee ask te be
discharged from tbs further consideration of this
The Gaines In roll Mnat-Inactlvliy oftbe
SInee Chief of Police Itlehards and his three
favorite detectives have been restored to duty
tbe gsmblers have, as a matter of coarse, been
emboldened to reopen their thieving hells.
Gambling Is agala the ruling nightly sin In
Washington. Every gambling houie In the city
has been reopened and tbe games were In opera
tion last night.
Tbe gamblers own Richards snd the three dis
graced dctcctlvei, and tbey fear nothing while
thoie officers are In power, for they know that If
the Chief of Tollce li forced for tbe sake of ap.
pearancet to make a raid on the gambling hells
he would give them ample notice of It to that tbey
could close.
Tbe lUrcDLiria'scolomns have lately been
so crowded with other matters tbat there baa
been little room for anything In relation to tbe
gamblers, and thoie gentlemen were beginning
to think tnat;tne war was over, ana tne long
expected let-op had come. Tbe ItaruBLicaaT
wlll never letup while thieves are allowed te rob
their victims In public, and receive aid and
xxcouiaoEMaar ruttu thb public
The games were all skin' games, designed te
fietceibe players of every cent they have, and
their proprietors are woristhsu thieves, with
wkom a man has some ohanee. The Police Hoard
mutt take some steps to shut up the gambling
houtcp, since the Chief of police Is incompetent
for the task. It would be well to charge Mr.
Clarvne. tbe chief ef tbe detective corns, or some
other honeat officer, with the duty of see Inn tbat
the gambling iiclls are closed until
nichards' lueeeaior Is appointed, (let ths
Board to give orders to have a police officer na
tion ed by tbe door of each of tbe gambllug hells ,
to note ereyy per ton w bo enters and broaas Into
the place when be bas reason to believe
tbat there Is gambling In the house. Some
active meaaare of this sort Is nee.
eaiary, II tbo Police . Hoard expect to
acoompllsb amthlng towards tbe suppreislonof
gambling, llepreientatlves of tbe ItaruBLiCAN
are coDiiaotly watching the gambling buum,
and a list baa been prepared, ontaloiug more,
tbBA two hundred ramee, of peraousni emne die.
tlncllon, Including Congrenlontl and Government
official!, wbo frvquent tbe hells This will be
prlntwl as an eUeetual way of keeping victims
away from tbetc homes, If the Polloe Hoard do
not make sume move very Boon.
VaUier and Hou nit Trial fur forgery.
Naw York, Feb. 13. Iviwls O. Ijonhehn, of
(lreatlteml. l'a., father of reiing Ltnlnliu. attra
entln lbe,rouawettliiirtrlltinit'cha'j(i of oi
yen, waaplaCLd at tho baruf tho ( ourt of Ucu rnl
tMiii'iirttlii!arit'nnn, on a timll-tr rhurg , The
rial of ih i a HUiadjoiiriitd an thu p'l 04 r ru
attUuHifltlugb 11 lu til), ij,
Bis HnthntAaaMe RMepuon by the Bar Ae
aoetaUoa of UvtClty.
Br Telegraph to tbe NatlonalBepobllesn.
Cincinnati, February 13. Governor R. D.
Hayes, at tbe lawyera' banquet Saturday
night at the Grand note), was warmly
received by men of both parties. Aa he
arose he was received with the most
uproarious aiplsuse. The guests received
him standing to a man and shonted them
sehrs aJmoet hoarse for severs! minutes while
fcsnd kerchiefs fluttered above the heads of all.
Colonel Otero Dood, when the tumult In a
degree subsided, proposed three cheers, which
were given with a tiger.
Governor Have a, as soon as quiet was re
stored, made the following speech I
Mr Fbi no OFTniOiaciJfWATi BAn Asso-
ciatio:,I am very glad to meet again with the
a embers ol this association, and make raypro-
their kindness for Inviting ms to be
Ihl Vlnrin tnr Invttlnv me to tM
presefif this evening. Daring the twelve
yesrs that I was a member of this bar,
tbe recollections tbel I now have of that period
wbleh are the pleases test are eonneeted
with what we called In 1174 the new Superior
Coart The judges elected that year were Judge
O, Ilolion, Jodge Spencer, and JoJge Stcrer,
None of them are here to-night What a Cosrt
that wss! If It Is proper here to give a sentiment,
allow me to give the memory of these Judges O.
Ifotion, ppencer, and Storsr.
The hanqe'ers all rose to their feet and the
President said i
aiXlttt Is to the memory of Judge G. Unison,
flpencer, andStorer, and, let ma add, Judge
walker also.
The tosst was drunk In silence.
Mr. John Follett called the attention ofthe
gentlemen present to the fast that three
members ofthe Bar Association, and among
the most distinguished of their profession,
were absent attending a lawsuit which waa
attracting tha attention ofthe whole world.
Cincinnati was proud that she waa eo well
represented by her lawyers In the great elvU
suit now being tried In Washington City.
Canvassing; far Oomnlltce Uhatrmanihtp.
The canvassing regarding; the formation ef the
committees In the next Senate is already active.
The committees are not appointed by the pre
sidios; offl ear, as It the case in the Ilouie, bat are
arranged by eancutes, the majority having the
ehalrmaa ships, with the exception of three
eemmitteos whlsh have been by eastern
awarded to tbe minority. The retirement ot so
many ef the Senaters leave a number of lmpor.
tant cbalrmanialps vacant. It Is uiaalty oas.
tomary when one ehalrmaa retires te appoint
asrhls soeeessor the member ef the eom.
olttee next In order who shall net have
a chairmanship elsewhere. In this way It
te vary, my to 4etersaaBsa locking- over
the lists of eommUteee whlsh or Ue members
are entitled to eh airmanships; of course Senators
of the longest service have the preference. It so
happens that twelve Senators retire on the 8d or
March who now hold ehatrssansblps, and there
are thirteen Bepublleans new latthe Senate who
denothave committees. These wllloeeapy all
tbe Taeaacles, and tha new Senators will have to
wait an til they go out. In UTB, before they eaa bo-
eome heads of committees, urtneseu vacancies
oneoceorsona committee, Bevolntlonary Pensions
which bos uinally been given to the Democrats,
saving hat eleven vacancies te be filled by 13 Be.
publicans. A place on the Commute on Appro
p litlons has generally beeo considered as good
as one ofthe minor eh airmanships, and that Mr.
ltlalnenowhes. Mr. Teller, of Colorado, being
tbe only one oftbe others entirely wlthoat legls
latlv experience, ha will alio probably be left
out. The remaining chairmanships, according to
goutp, will be filled as follows:
JJanc7ri liootn, or caiuornia, vise nea
ertton, of booth Carolina, term expired.
mtitary JjTalrt peaoer, or Alabama, vice
Logan, term expired.
AaeeJ Ajrairi Sargent, ef California, vlee
Ore gin, of New tlempthfre, term expired.
Caimi McMHIan.'or Minnesota, vlee Wright,
of Iowa, term expired.
DOfrtct ColumMa Doney, ot Arkansas, vlee
Spencer, transferred to Military Affairs.
TsrHiorfcs Charles, of Colorado, vice llltch
cock, term expired.
Aailroedi Dawes, ef Massachusetts, vise West,
term expired,
Minet and Mining Sharon, of Nevada, vice
Sargent, transferred to Nsral Affair.
Jfct-tifon cf Latrs Chrlstlaney, vice Dontwell,
term expired.
Cleft Strtict and Betrtnckwunt Burniide,vic
Clayton, term expired.
Ltvtti of itiuiitippl Rivtr Bruce, of Missis
sippi, in placeof Alcorn, term expired.
Araactes Ctvll Sirvlc Cameron, of Wlsoen
sla. vice Harvey, term expired.
Jjrriculturi i'oddock, of Nebraska, vice Fre.
llnghnjsen, term expired.
AnVnaopbiatleatod Detnocrat Offeva to Dvlbo
SCTLax7 Chandlert and is Indicted Ttaerw-
for by tbe urana Jury or cauiorma.
By Telegraph to the national Republican,
Saw Fhancisco, Feb. 12. United States
Deputy Marshal Flnnegsss brought to this city
from Maysvllle last nfgbt Taesey Stswatt, a far
mer In the vielntty ef Wheatland, Yuba county,
as a prisoner, on the charge, of attempting to
bribe Secretary of the Interior Chandler to
render a decision In hlsfsvor taa contest over
the title tea quarter section of United SUtes
land. He wrote te Secretary Chandler In Octo
ber last and again In November, offering htm
1300 for a prompt and favorable decision. Mr.
Chandler referred the letters to the Attorney
Uenera), who transmitted them to Dlstrlot At
torney Coghlan, with Instructions to bring Blew.
art to Justice. Stewart, wben arrested. Intimated
that he thought tbe outgoing administration
would be ready to take advantage of an opportu
nity to make money. The Grand Jury of the
Vnljed States Court found an Indictment against
Stewart on Friday last.
The Results Thereof Dodley Field, Procter
Knott and Mr. Blackburn ftoppreaaed for
tho Nonce.
It seems that tbe result of tbe eancus at Mr.
Hewitt's house tbe other evening was a sup
pression of th revolutionary clement of the
Democrats, beaded by David Dudley Field,
Proctor Knott, Blackburn, and others,
wbo desired to filibuster and prevent, by earning
at delay, lbs rullOltment of tbe object of
th Com romlicblll. Field bas Introduced his
Tammany system ol practice, but It is not popu-
lar, with tne conservative msmoers or nu party.
There are three elements of opposition to Fi,
as follows t
1. The representatives of tbe greet business
Interests or tbe country, who ebjaet to delay.
2. Tbo conservative representatives from tb
South wbo have confidence In Hayes, and wn
are not enthusiastic for Tllden on account of his
opposed oiittfitlon to the Texas Pacific Kali
road bill hum of these men ar Lamar, Bur
ham, or Kentuekyj Ben 11111. Forney, ef Ala
bama Ellis, of Loutsisust Casey Young, or
TennetFe. and Hancock, ef Te vus.
8. Tb lawyers of the House who are Jealous
ol Field, seeing no reason wby Tllden should
send an Intruder hero wben they are perfectly
competent to manag tils Interest. The so are
Morrison ana Caulfleld, of Illinois. MoMahon, of
Ohio, Jcnks, of Pennsylvania; Lord, of New
York, and Abbott and Thompson, of Massachu
setts. ,
Ibts Influences were too strong for Field, at
was ibowu ye iter day morning by th treatment.
Proctor Knott rtocivcd when, according to Field's
plan, be presented a motion to commit th
whole case to tbo commission for the law and
facts on which tbe Florida decision was
based, Itis Mfeto lay there will be no farth
er delay except what can b rcsnnably
o plained, although the deposition Is still verr
Mr cdk ainootftonio of th Democrat! to throw all
tumble obtl&cles lu the way of baste. The tent
per of tbe spevehea In tho House yesterday morn.
i uir was very bad, and If It was tbe Intentlun to
Intlucine JustUe Bradley It was a great mistake,
'or hoiiitirrcwhat mulish In bis UlsiKultlonund
viu tU Unuu.
Brilliant Assemblage at tho Tlmo Honored
Motet ITandso me Toilets GegneU Col
lation, Ae.
Last svenlog the last of the series of pleas
ant hops given by the proprf stars Sf the National
Hotel took plaes, and It was far the most brilliant
or the season. The dancing did aot commence
Mtll late as, a large number of the guests at-
tended the large reception or tne evening, adoii
midnight, Mr. Penny lavlted the company to
partake ef a handsome eol'atloa, which was
highly enjoyed. Upon this occasion tne ladies
looked their handsomest, and their toilets were
almost beyond description, but knowing It would
beef lntereit to our lady friends, our reporter
noted down a few, as follows;
Mrs. Cbamberlalne A rich lavender silk
frafar, with point Isoe over-dress and bodice,
gat o lined with garlands ef marguerites.
Mrs. Falkner Delicate tint of peirl colored
silk, with costly valenelennes ovsr-drcss, looped
with esrdlnal roses, white plume In batr.
Mrs. rieree,ef New York, exhibited the nest
elaborate toilet of ths evening. It being one of
"Worth's maiterplcces. Tbe train ef heavy gres
grain was profusely trimmed with laee and ar
dlcal satin, the tabller trimmed diagonally with
bands ef India embroidery. Hor ornaments
were superb Jewels.
Mrs. Gibbon i Lavender silk, trimmed with
velvet, and entirely covered with costly black
Mrs. Patterson t Oreen silk, elaborately
trimmed with laee flower a in hair,
Mrs. French-Black silk trimmed with velvet and
rellned with laee at tbo throat t diamond orna
ments. Mlis Belle Vedder wore a lovely ParlsUn toilet
ef pearl colored satin, trimmed with delicate
fringes, tbe tabller was arranged In broad dlao
nal folds garnished with elegant flois em broidery
ths train was long and close sbeped, her only
ornaments were pearls.
Mrs. Wrlght-ucavy gros grain silk trimmed
with folds ofthe lame gold Jewelry,
Mlis Crittenden -Black gros grain, cardinal
trimmings, Bomanjewelry.
Mrs. Crendorf wore a lovely white satla, with
point laee oversklrt, looped with crushed roiss,
brilliant diamond ornaments, coiffure In French
rolls, and decorated with natural fl ewers.-J " i
Mts. Bald r su tiros grain silk, with velvet bod-
lee and trimmings.
Miss Bohrcr looked very pretty In while silk,
covered with illusion and lace, caught with Ivy
leaves. A single camel la nestled at her throat,
and her powdered coiffure was decorated with
111 lies cf. the valley.
Miss Mary Brown wore a haadsoms gros grain
silk, trimmed with velvets white swlss walit and
over-dresr; natural flowers la hair. Msr orna
ments were diamonds la abundance.
MfS.Btcvsnsen wore a combination of cream
colored satin and lavender silk, trimmed with
fringe j diamond jewelry.
Mrs. Oolaman Ulack silk, trimmed with the
same; feather head-dreis.
Miss Austin, or Philadelphia Stone-colored
silk, trimmed with laee; handsome diamond orna
ment. f Mrs. Cannon henry gros grain trimmed with
Telvet. large buttons trimmed wita blue, dia
mond ornaments.
Miss Prlndlsblsck silk, Swiss lie waters
Jacket trimmed with blue, coral Jewelry.
Miss Loll Mygatt nary blue silk, white laee
Insertion, Jacket, natural flowers.
Miss Coleman white iwlss ever green silk,
natural flewers.
Kiss FloreneoCongsr elel blue silk ea trains
trimmed with the aassa and rsusred with earulaai
Mrs. a X. Barney-black sUk trimmed with
fslds ef tbe same. ,
Mrs. John Boss, rtry heavy fret grain silk
trimmed with velvet, diamond ornaments.
Miss Cre siacr, black silk with laoe and velvet
Insertion Jacket with light blue trimmings.
Mrs. Med berry, white swlss over pale pink silk;
eoircuffdeeorated with erushed roiss.
Quite a number of gentlemeu were present,
prominent among whom were Messrs. Falkner,
of Virginia, Conger, of Michigan, Orounse, Wei
dron. Cannon, Stevens, Douns, Mallett, Oibbon,
Tlce-Prcildent Ferry. Williams and others.
The Trains on the Doaton amd Maine 1111
romd Deaortod, and Tltousande of Pjuaea
sjera Left In the Larch.
By Telegraph to the National Republican.
Bostoit, February 12. The anticipated
strike of the locomotive engineers of the Boston
and Maine railroad took place at 4 P. M. to-day,
when the engineers along the scad drew fires and
abandoned their locomotives. The company had
engaged several engineers, net members of the
Brotherhood, and as far as poiilblo trains were
run as usual out of tbls eity. They were not
sufficient, however, and at T P. M. about 2,oce
people were at tho depot waiting transportation.
The Portland train, which lea nere at 12.30 P.
M., Is laid up near Kennebunk, Maine, as is alto
the Bosten train, which left Portland at 8 P. M.
Tbo frelgbt trains are laid up on sidings along
tbe route. No Injury was done to tbe locomotives,
or other property. Large crowds assembled at
tbe points wbere the engines were abandoned.
Sen e rally sympathising with the strikers, and
is engineers taking tbelr places were greeted
with jeers and hlssea, but no violence Is yet re
ported. au BuuiukCDutn auDauucti iu inruugu
trains will be run to morrow. Local ttalns will
bo consolidated and frlegbt for tbe present sus
pended. Tbe strike was cauiedbr the final re
late) ofthe road to accede to the demand of tbo
posed by tb engineers being 3 60 for engineers
of two yesrs or more service, for a run of 100
miles, pro rata additional for extra mile a, with
graduated seals to $3.76 per day for lowest class.
Tho MLracnlooa Ueacue of Forty-one SosUa
from a Watery Grave.
By Telegraph to ths National Republlcaa. J
Fort Royal, 8. C, Feb. 12. The steamer
Bavaria, wbleh sailed from New Orleans Fsbruary
1st last, was destroyed by fir at sea. In let. 3L14,
long. 11.42, on tb Oth instant. Fortunately for
th crew of the Ill-fated vestel, tb bark Doro
thea Thompson, from Oporto, for Helena, S. U.,
mlraculooeiy happened to bo In tb vicinity of
iao acciucni, anu, du(iidiiduidk tne icariui
gal tbat prevailed, took aboard the passengers
and crew, numbering In all about forty-one. Th
cargo of the Bavaria consisted of 4.3W bales of
cotton, 1,000 barrels of rosin, snd 2,uoo Mexican
dollars. Tb oUiocrs, passengers aud crew left
tbo ship with nothing but what tbey stood In.
All tbelr eflccts are lost. The passengers and
crew are well.
Motion to lMsmlea Complaint In tbe United
State Court.
By Telegraph to thaMaileaal BepublleaaO
Kbw Yobk, Feb, 12. Counsel for the de
fence In tbe Emma mine suit to-day made a mo
tion in ths United States courts to dismiss tho
complaint, cr lor the eourt to Instruct the jury to
find a verdict for the defendants, on the ground
tbat tb plaint) lis had produced evidence tosbow
tbat aay lals representations In connection with
tbe sale ef tbe mine In England or to Impeach
tb truth oftbe statements or Professor Sllllmaa,
In regard to tbe richness of the mine. Deoulen on
this motion was reserved.
Aad Faae Reaolotlon Denonnclex tho
Course of House of Kepreeen la Uvea.
HAKRiSBrnoH, Pa,, Feb. 12 Th House to.
nlglri by avele of 93 Bepublleans to IT Demo
crats patted a resolution denouncing th course
of ibe National House of Hepresentullres In con
fining Ex-Uovernor Wells fer contempt.
Mr. Tllden Seta lllmeclf Might.
New York, Feb. 12. The statement male
In one of tit" New York morning pjtpcraon Batnr
,:ay, lliat Mr. Tllden had undertaken to forecaat
wbai ihvt-Uctotal colfcgowould io, la absolutely
unruunaad, ,
Killed by Hogs.
CixcKfXATi, Feb. 14. Mrs, Gottlieb Vo
gek, U)earsQfssc, was horrlMy mangled bydoga
wh g te her home star New Park, Ky ,
Ba lght. blivUuuttxpcctud tollve.
finlcltle of an tx-Metiihcr of Congreaa.
EvAKSMtrjc, Inn, Fsbrosry li Hon. Ja
L. Johniou, Jonuerly a member of Congress, troia
Owcntboro, Ky., eown-tlttfd aulrlde ihl mnrning,
UntiU UtprvIn, uccimlDiud by Hi belli", wu
111 crmt.
tf-rt AwTvoetoall the Twrfctah Cowdrttowe
and fcM Appointed Bavoy to Treat Pra ,
Lokdox. Feb. 13. The Ttn$ despatch
from Belgrade reports that M, Chrltief, who hag
been appointed Knvsy te Constantinople snd le
empowered to sign ,a treaty of peace Is expected
te start for that eny taday, Herri a having so far
accepted alt tho Turkish oondltleae except thai
relative to Jews, and baring appoint 1 a Turkish
Commissary t reside at Belgrade.
Tb appointment of M. Otrtitles irowlit erd
parity be very reassuring, as he is one of tho most
Eromlncat advocates of peace, but extraneous la
aooces complicate tho sitnaUoa. the Servi
an Government are embarraried. became the
Rassisa Oovernment has not answered t tbelr
appeal for ad vlee New eaases may bo started at
any moment should l favorable opportunity -cur
of i ecu ring asaistanea again it tho Parte.'
The district officials hav i received ordrra to pre.
par fni (elections for the Oreat tetaei),
whlsh ts ouly convened on extraetdlnary sen
siabt. As it comprises a larger numuerw loem
bers ibsatkoordfosry Hkuptsebin;tht etoev
ral formalities are cumbrous, aad it wilt betea-
Sottible to complete them befote the lt of
lorcb. Therefore ir tbo treaty Is Ube-nwv
ated for ratification by tb great Skeopaehlaa, a
Iro Ion gallon of tha armistice will bo necessary.
tie stated in Belgrade on very aood authority
tbat Montenegro has not accepted, Turkey's pro
posals fsrpeece. "
PWJH31A. .
What tho rower Intend Doing with Usarw!
to the Camr Clrcalar. . a
I.ONDOH, Feb. 12. A dispatch from Vrsn
narays t "It Is stated here that the, powers will
probably not answer tb Haitian circular at alL
If an identical answer were given, th five pow
ers would tacitly acknowledge Rnsala's claim for
herself lor freedom to withdraw from common
action whenever she pleated, while separate an
swers would destroy tne eUeot oa tbe Cssr's reso
1 aliens, wblsh an enunciation of all tb powers
might hav. Tb circular Heelfdldnot ask r
require an answer t It simply Instrneied tb Rus
sian representatives to ascertain tb views of the
cabinets to which tbey ar accredited. Curloaaiy
enough liussla does not seem very anxious to
know tbe views ef tbe eeblneci, for th Kuaslan
repreenssuvejevwsjiyi taaoa njstspa
lewards asctysaatlrlf Vhcw?' e,r
Inorcaeo la.Meunnerot Arrest7 at Hoeeew-
Threat of tbo Caar to Ilia SobJocU.
Lowdox, Feb. J3. A. Vienna despatch to
th Standard says Hessian advise eoafarm tb
reports tbat tb number of arrests mM of com
mvnin and nihilist contplrators la Mueoowand
neighborhood Is Incre-aalng dally, Tb Haitians
are distributing notlvs Tn Poland threatened
wit J ever paalsbment all persons who join the
Turkish army.
Tbo Condition In the famine Afflicted Dis
trict Unchanged v
LOHDOJT, Feb. 11. The India offlce pub
lishes a telegraph dltpatcb from tb Vleroy(
Lord Lyttoa, dated February 11, stating that th
ondlllon of the dlatreitod districts Is practically
nnohanged. Th numbers receiving relief have
ferttordecvd0,o:o ha Madras, aad 11,000 to
Bombay. Sir Biebard Tempi tlgrph that
tbreagaoui th entire presidency f Madrsus
survatlon Is prevented, Som deaths from want,
however, ar reported in districts star Madras.
Cable Dot.
It Is reperted as probable that the Duke D
Oass will reiign the Ministry f Foreign Affairs
and b tent as Ambassador to St. Petertborg.
The report that M. Malone, the Betglaii
Minister ef Franc, had resigned on account of
tb eppoiitlon ol tbo .electoral Ull, is officially
Th Spanish government bsa decided that all
foreigners living In tSpalo, Including Englishmen,
ar liable t residence taxr unless specially k
empt by trssty.
A despatch from Bom reports that the Pope
a much displeased at tbe reply of tb Cardinals
concerning: th resumption of the YaUaLaa
A now insurrection has broksu out In the dls
trlotsof Tai) and Vagal ag, in Bosnia. Tho
Vienna eorrtsjtoudcBt ef tb Dalg TtltgramX
says tb Fort has dropped ltf demand about th
A Madrid despatch to th Daily Vftet says Cap
tain rjeneral Uaropas telegraphs that tb Cuban
Insurrection will b almost entirely supprensod
by May, when be will, consequcatly, b abl to
return to Spain.
A special dispatch from Per a, says Ufa reooted
there Ihatlt Is probable that Hlr Edward Thorn
ten, bow British minister to tb United SUtes.
will be ppolnted tnallsh nmbMdor to th
Port. Tb report creates a favorable Impression,
The 2W asserts that the Liberal leaden,
after consideration, have determined to nhmlt a
motion declaring that It Is the duty or England,
in concert who me curopean powers, or uiiing
la tbls, with itussla alone, to enforce upon Tur
key tbe adoption of necwary prov ttoos for th
security of Christians In the dlslnrbed provinces.
Application has I en made In London for
amendments to eompel the direct United States
eable company's board of directors to recognise
the votes which tb chairman of th late mealing
ofsbarehold rs decided Invalid, and declare th
resolutions of Mr. Pender, (wno represents tb
atsalgametlonltis) adopted. It la bolleved that
a decision will be obtained within a fortnight. l
A Forfeiture of Gave Works.
St. Loctb. Feb. 12. Juda GotUehalk, of the
rireult Court, this w ornlsg Leeucd a 6el deeri la
tbeaultof iheeltyaialnat tliBt, LonUga com
pany, giving the city all thaworka a J property of
tbeoempanvand 40.wn tneaah. Thl dlffre from
the former decree, only no ar a it eclfM tbe
amount of money awarded loth city from fttT,Quo
10 110.000.
A Dangcroo Aerial Ascension.
MsafrniM, Tenn.
renn . Feb. 12 Considerable appra
for th Mfety "f Prefeaaor Klar of
wfcn anode a balloun aarnlon bar
aeetieniarcltror t
Phi ulalnhla. wan
this enermoon. When latt aten the ballot wae
Coing in tne aireetion nr Liuie hock, ever tne ar
anaaa bottOBta. ana b will tM forerd tn Uv up all
night, ae th night la dark and th wind Mgb,
The Xe Gorge.
PoBTDaroeiT.MD, Feb. 12. Tbe lee gorge
here has waited away to much that tbe river is now
clear eftce oppoalteKotkrunandaa farup ae th
eyeem re'Cb. Mtiow there la n chanie, except
that the channel are rt owing wldre ( ia la
weaker. The river continue vry low bcic and
a riac ia repot w iuvtc,
Failure of Whlakey Ftrma.
LotriSTiita, Ky., Feb. 12. P. Walston and
af eaara. W. fl. Walker A Co . large whlakry arms,
have anapeaded. Tb llabllltlte f "WalitOB are
K.W.O. and tb aaacta 70 iwr. Walker'a ar aot
own. TbMtrnubli f (ho laat named arm waa
brooght about bv tbe fallnra of WaUton and otbers,
Th Death Penalty.
By Telegraph to th National Republican. J
PiTTBBCo,Feb, 12. Wllllsm Green, con
victed of e murder of his half-brother, Samuel
Marshall, wss bung in this cltretnron to-day.
Tb murder was cmmltted at Mansfield, en the
evening or September 14, Wft.
AMaaalnatlon of a Deputy Marshal.
Nw York, Feb. 12. Deputy Marshal A.
A, Hufhcewaa ahet trd killed Hetu'dey evening
elxmllea caat of InfrpcBdenae, v., by two men
named Orccn and Miller, whom b waa attcmpUag
to arrest,
Waylaid and Killed.
ArocsTi, Ga Feb. 12 Saturday night
B. J. Boiler, a merchant of Sparta, waa waylaid
while aelnr home from hla Hore, it rock with a
alengahot and robbed ofloO and a watcu. He has
Panle Among- the Miner.
WiLKBSBABBg, Pa., Feb. 13.-Tb anaeuie
ncut ben at headtiuartira that the Lcblih aad
W efoal Company bad t-dar applIM for
as canted no rwnlrky Feeling ayt.ll
tn tiulntt will bo worked aa utual,
A Young lHghwwyuian. -.
CixciMNATif Ohio, Feb. 12. Sam'l Smith,
afarmcr, waawe)Ialdaud robbed near Franklin,
lad vratrday, by ayoungnun uatneitJohu Ooek
fane! cmlth'kkullwaa broken, an'il"; willpiw
taUy Sie. A tcoutlng party li after Cochrane,
Death of a Mayor.
WjLkrcBAmiE, Feb. 12. Mike am f t,
Mavor of WUkisliarre, diet of pueuntonl tut
nifbu , rr
Healco Kx-Preeldent. C
Kaw ToRK.iVh, 12.Tr-n MexVian x Ffft
hl nt I irdnbaitakeu up bt nuarteri at an p-tO,lHti,-I

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