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' took out for th. SDNDAT NATI05AL
REPUBLICAN, which will b pubtlihed Bait
Bond. mornliif . It will b. a newipsper la
Terr sens..
We yesterday eitod i tad pag. of hU
tory, showing the experience of the Roman
republic when deprlred of execatlra au
thority by the failure to qualify aaccee
or to the consulship, which, Tlewed as an
zample of the fnlu of anarchy, thonld
point moral to any In oar own country,
now dlapoeed to aow 1U seeds. A taoanll
uoua and corrupt election reanlted in a
contest which waa not determined at the
expiration of the current term, and the
function! or the office being impended In
consequence, the leaden of faction became
so Tlolent that, through fear of anarchy,
the aoundett atateamen were constrained to
uaent to an arbitrary choice of coniul by
the senate, without reference to the popu
lar wllL And thla waa a atep In accord
ance with the purpoaea of crafty tUtorganla
en, who had atrtren to forment discord and
promote confusion, ai a meana of bring
ing about the exertion of Irregular and
questionable power by the representa
tives of the eorernment; for It la the uni
form practice of ambitious men seeking
supremacy In all countries, to Impede and
Interrupt the regular morements of consti
tuted goTernment by Inciting opposition
and spreading erll beyond the reach of
sanctioned means to control It None
know better than they the weighty truth
which baa become the aettled maxim of
historians, that it Is but one atep from an
archy to absolute power. Solsthlacasethe
exercise by the Senate of the unusual and
unwarranted power to which It was driven,
to protect the people against anarchy
was aelied upon by the friends and par
tlzant of those who had stood for the con
sulship at the election as an excuse for dis
orderly acts In contempt of the authority
thus set up; and upon the plea that the
republic was already otei thrown, mill
tary chleftaina overcame the State, and
Ce An assumed the throne, In respect of all
its essential prerogatives. Thus through
the obstructions thrown In the way of con
stitutional authority by those aiming at
unlimited power, the aenatewu compelled
to do that which placed It In s false atti
tude toward the laws, and afforded the
very opportunity sought by the revolu
tionists to repudiate the government and
erect a monarchy.
Now, we do not charge the Democracy
with any present intention to produce
anarchy for the purpose of establishing a
different form of government; bat we do
affirm that they are, nevertheless, doing
their utmost to Inaugurate that condition,
unwittingly perhaps, but none the leu ef
fectively, and that when once existing,
they will be aa powerless to control Its de
ments as they have been unable to restrain
their own excesses; and that, therefore, If
introduced, the only legitimate end to be
predicted, aa suggested by the lessons of
the past, la revolution, resulting sooner or
later In the extinction of liberty by the flat
of absolutism. This Is the natural course,
as shown by the experience of other
natlonaaswlse, aa moderate and as virtu
ous ss our own, and we cannot expect to
be more fortunate than they when we are
not more deterring. Ilence the danger 1',
no, alight. If the Democracy shall deter
mine to await the decision of the Commis
sion in the Louisiana case, end if that be
against them, te prevent final action until
after the 4th of March, and the contingency
arises, and they shall be able to accom
plish that result, then we shall have en
tered upon the first stage of anarchy, which
will be advanced to the aeooad stage by the
necessary Irregular action of the Seaats.by
its President, in declaring Hates elected
at the proper time. Whether the third and
Jutstage shall be reached will depend upon
theactlon of the people at this Juncture.
If they ehall think that, under the circum
stances, the Senate ahonld be sustained In
its action, although contrary to the pre
scribed (onus, and proceed amicably to
provide against the recurrence of auch an
emergency, we shall be saved aa by faltv.
But if otherwise, and the conteat now rag
ing In the forum Is transferred to the field,
and the question ot right Is given over to
be determined by the predominance of
might, we shall straightway have our
C.vjfAn, and the doctrines of the Constitu
tion will pass out of mlndwlth the asemory
of electoral counts. If the Democracy, or
euch of them as advocated the course lndl
cited, can find comfort in the prospect, i r
consolation In the reflection that If It comes
to this, It will be the consequence of their
struggle to maintain the right, they will
have more complacency than conscience.
The Florida case worried the Demo
cracy of the House yesterday. It waa a
political pellet prepared by a creature or
their own origination, which they were
either to swallow or break faltk with the
patriotism of the American people. They
pondered for forty hours over the matter,
and then decided to break the nun.
It was an act which must forever
' stigmatize them as a body utterly un
worthy the confidence of tho Amer
lean people. When the plan of the
mixed Tribunal was under consideration,
the business men of the country flooded
Congress with petitions urging them to
adopt some compromise policy which
would lead to a peaceful solution of the
political contest. The Democracy held
these petitions .'aloft, and with saactl
monious countenances cried: "Behold the
will of the solid element of the nation.
They want a peaceful settlement Give
us tho mixed Tribunal, and by Its decision
we will abide."
The Tribunal was given them. It has
Tendered a decision, and now the Demo-
cracy, with k display of supreme Indlgaa-,
lion, pronounces It Infamous, and will not
acceptthefitsali. The debate yesterday
In the House demonstrated why they
refuse the decision of their own Tri
bunal, created by their expressed de
sire, and worked by their peculiar legis
lative machinery. It was simply be
cause It was against them. When tkey
demanded tho compromise, It waa because
they had failed to elect Mr. TiLDKir by
the people, and decided to try again by a
new device This privilege waa accorded
them unwisely as we have always main
tained, because unconstitutionally but
being defeated again, they turn upon the
creature of. their own Invention and assail
It with all the rancor and acrimony known
to partisan hate and party meanness.
"Compromise I" "Compromlao I" they
whined, and forthwith our leaden saw fit
to humor their whim. Now, In the rata
of rankling disappointment, they cry
"Hang your compromise. It Is a delusion,
a snare and a folly."
The only true way for tho Republican
party to deal with this Insatiable foe,
It to at and firm and yield
nothing not one scintilla of their
triumphs. Whenever they do It they
sacrifice their own hard-earned victory,
and alwaya fall to benefit the country.
There waa a disposition ahown yester
day among aomo of the more conscientious
Democrats to submit to the decision ol the
Tribunal as final and conclusive. These
men will have the respect and gratitude of
the entire country. Dut to those who are
attempting to stir up strife and contention
over the action of the Commission will
come rebukea and contempt from all parte
of the nation and from the better elements
In both parties.
Aa the Democracy look back over the
peat they eee many things to regret. They
regret not having secured some other plan
of counting the electoral vote. It Is no
shallow regret oow.mlnd you. It Is deep
seated, broad and massive. They do not
like the way thlnge are going on. And
why ahould tbeyt Things are going
against them, and when things go against
the Democratic party It carries sadness Into
their camp, and walling is heard among the
disciples of CALnoim and the apostate from
the cause of American national unity. They
are weeping like Rachel They mourn the
loss of their fondling. Judge Davis, their
great expectation, failed them, and they
feel Jlike gnawing a file, and fleeing to the
mountain of llepsldam, where the lion
roarethand the whang-doodle mourneth
for Its offspring. In their agony they pon
der over the plan of counting the electoral
vote which was presented to them In a
speech delivered by Hon. W. VT. Wim
sninn of Alabama, aome time beforethey
proposed to dng the Supreme Court
into politics. In that speech Mr. Wilt
shire told the Democracy of a plan which
would now, were it in force, comfort them
exceedingly. He said:
The trm. object of both Houses shnuM b, and I
fe.M will ... In tho .terete, of their .oQitltu.
tlonal pow.rs, to aoewtaln waieh,if .tther, or th.
caodld.t.eforl'r.eldeutaad Vlee-Frestdeotwer.
.leeted by th. .off! of th. ftoplt, fairly polled.
fcoetitlT and fairly co.ntd aod returned, and
nooesujr aad lezeur hotiiim aoa oerun.4.
To acnplita tali .ad, shoald th. bill ra-
KrUd by th. Joint oomnUtee fall to
Mm. law, It would Mi that It
would b. right tod Jail that a rule ifeoald
b. Mtablliboa requiring- th. two Hoomi la
Joint session t. settle all laea questions, aod upon
the question of waollr rejeetlnf the voles of a
State, or of substituting other votes for those
prima fan entitled to do eeuatod, tbo rejection
or substitution should not bo adjudaed by . mere
mejerlty or th. members of the two Houses In
jol.t seesloa. but by a ret. f at least three-nflbs
of the members or th. two Houses present and
voting. This requirement would, It seems to me,
free the mode of adjudication of Its partisan ob
jections, aad seoure a more Just and satisfactory
settlement of such questions.
An Unjust SeatMie..
The scales of Justice are out of gear. Pre
judice, and partisanship, and Influence and
wealth move tbem at their bidding. We tee
evidences of gross injustice which has been
loflUted upon American freemen In tho high
est and lowest courts in the land. A few days
ago Governor Wells waa dragged Into th.
foul dang.on In the Capitol and held In close
eoaflaement without caase or excaas. Yes
terday Judge Huxrnnias, of the Criminal
Court of the District, refused a new trial
to a colored man named FiTznuou, and sent
him to the penitentiary for four years. This
man was charged with .au assault, with In
tent to kill. The Jury brought In a verdict
based on th. testimony of one man, who swore
at on. stage of the trial that ha siw FuznraH
In the neighborhood of tea assault, and at
another time swore that he did not see
him at all. In the defense of this man
an alibi was proven, such as ought to
bars aatlsfled a careful Jury, and yet they
brought in a verdict of "guilty" against thla
Innocent man. But after the verdict was giv
en, the Judge had th. power to undo the great
wrong perpetrated by tb. verdict, lis had the
power of granting a new trial to the prisoner.
An earnest appeal for a new trial was made In
behalf of Fiizuvau, by his counsel,Mr.OAH.
Cabrikoto. IX. pressated ample addi
tional evidence for a new hearing, lie urged
upon the court the Innc-ceoee oftaeman, and the
outrage onhnman liberty which would accrns
by sending him to the penitentiary. But all this
was of no avail. Judge IlUMrnaias, Influ
enced by a spirit which we cannot under
stand, refused a new bearing, aad rendered
the unreasonable aod outrageous sentence of
four years In tbe penitentiary.
Something must be rottn in Denmark
when tb. rights of personal liberty are sacri
ficed with sush IndllTerence and carelessness
as has been exhibited In this lastance. No
man who heard tbe evidence In this ease can
b convinced that tbe prisoner Is guilty
eC the crime for which he has
been sentenced to drsg out four years la peni
tentiary cnlnement. Bnt tbe verdict was
rendered, the sentenced has followed, and
now unless tbe President pardons this Inno
cent man, he must spend four years la prison
for a crime which has not been established
against him.
Justice Is begelag In these days, because per
sonal liberty Is constantly being saerlflced
through Indifference or carelessnes. One of
the highest ;privlleges of a Judge
Is to protect the Innocent from wrong through
the misapplication of the law. It la a sacred
power If It Is properly and carefully used ; It
Is a dangerous power when abused or care
lessly ezerclsed. Justice, tbo evidence In this
case , and all tbe clrcumstsnces surrounding It,
cry out against the sentence which hss been
pronounced against this man.
Too Mrcn commendation cannot be be
stowsd upon the South Carolina Republicans
for .letting Hon. D. T. Coiibix to the United
States Senate. Ills election msy be regardtd
aa aa esrnett of better days Inthat State, as It
wss secured by tbe best elements, of the party,
who, seeing their error in not always heeding
bis counsels, made amends therefor by giving
him tbe highest position In their gift.
The ant number of'thafsUNDAT NA.
TIOKAL ItEPUBLICAH will be Issued nert
Sunday morvtng,
TIoW about the rebel 'claims t Will the
Judiciary Committee Inform an anxlons pub
lic! Fivtt thousand Meoonltes are coming to
this eountry In the spring. They will settle
BarOK-u p08t-ofl.ee seekers will oerer foretre
the CommUilon for to peremptorllj thattlng
the door of good prospect to their faces.
TiiiYoU of low.. watobJeettoBsbleto the
Democracy jesterday.bat the failed to object
to IUbl eg counted.
Tni Democrat now flDd,that It la ft compro
mise for 105 cents on a dollar la faror of the
Republican party aad hard money.
Look out for the SUNDAY NATIONAL
REPUBLICAN, which will be published next
Sunday morning. It will be a newspaper In
every sense.
Tnc Iowi riEss snttT a far off the smoke of
a Senatorial battle between Kis-os and Allt -sow.
When Greek meet Greek then comes
the tog of war.
It is now said that the Confederate rot em
inent ordered the burning of Richmond at
tha close of the rebellion In order to destroy
tbe public documents, so that the acts of
the public o iTldsls could not bo Investigated.
Wi wora.D not advise the Republican lead
ers to attempt another compromise with the
Democracy, and especially one where the
forms of the Constitution are over-ridden and
trampled under foot. It Is a most dangerous
,teP .
Look out for the SUNDAY NATIONAL
REPUBLICAN, which wtU be published next
Sunday morning. It will be a newspaper In
every sense.
Tbb Dsmockact are now willing to compro
mise on ITitis and Woibleb, and two-thirds
of the post o Dices. It Is a pity that tbey can
not be accomodated.
GexEniL CoMLT.oftha OMo StaU Journal,
Is now being enthusiastically mentioned as
the candidate for Governor of that State. The
people of the Buckeye could not do better
were they to chose from the whole country.
General Comlt Is a polished scholar and a
high-minded statesman.
Oir Satis niT, Springs, fired up at the
Florida decision, and said that he would raise
heaven and earth to defeat It. He wanted to
find out whether there Is a God In Israel, or
not. Yesterday he looked like a wilted rose.
Ills search was In the Democratic Israel, and
therefore fruitless.
Wnsx Mil. Cars laid to the Democratic
Ilouse yesterday: "The commission Is your
offspring and your creation, and you cannot
escape tbe condemnation which your betrayed
constituents will heap upon your treacherous
heads1 Mr. Yibld felt of his bald spot,
smiled restlessly, and tore up bits of paper.
What an Impressive specimen of judicial
greatness I Nathan CurrouD delivering an
opinion that Hum rn kits, having been United
States Shipping Commissioner, 'eould not re
sign the office In vacation of the Circuit
Court and therefore Tildex must be Presi
dent! What legal acumen I What a learned
judgment 1 Cliffobd should be Tiidin'b
Chief Justice when be gets In I
Look out for the SUNDAY NATIONAL
REPUBLICAN, which will be published next
Sunday morning. It will be a newspaper In
every sense.
Tub speech of Mr Fbtb yesterday, de
nouncing the Demoeratlo cry of Republican
fraud, was short but quite long enough to
blanch the faces of the opposition. lie
showed the puerility of this continuous whine
of "fraud," "fraud," and pointed to many
heroic examples of the political infamies
which shroud the Democracy In perpetual
Look out for tbe SUNDAY NATIONAL
REPUBLICAN, which will be published next
Sunday morning. It will be a newspaper t
every sense.
The burlesque return which was read yes
terday In the presence of the House and Sen
ate, was an outrageous Insult to both. This
document came up from New Orleans. It was
prepared br a member of the Niciiollb gov
ernment. Whether It was sent aa an Insult
or not, It demonstrates how little that most
Tlolent faction respect the law-making power
of the land.
Mr. Dcxxim,, of Minnesota, yesterday
fired ten minutes of hoi; shot prape and canis
ter into the Democratic side of the House. It
was a fervid speech, denunciatory of tbe
outrageous breach of faith perpetrated by
the Democracy in the Florida decision. It
was lively while It lasted and sent a ripple of
uneasiness over the Democracy, that was
quite perceptible from the gallery.
Srocli tbe Electoral Commission, as
doubtless it will, decide that the vote of Lou
isiana roust be counted for Hatts, the Demo
crats have another resource to fall back upon.
Tbey are prepared to show, at least to tbe
satisfaction of the supporters of Tjldbn and
IlENDHicK,by a process peculiarly their
own, that 14 M a greater number thtn 1B5
and that, therefore, Tildex and Henduicks
are honestly elected.
Mr. Care, of Indiana, successor of Speaker
KiUK, lashed the Democracy with remarkable
vigor yesterday, not so much for having op-
posed tbe Florida decision, as for having ac
cepted the compromise at alt. He told them
that they had sacrificed the rights of their
constituency and would be held to a strlet ac
countability for their perfidy in due tlmr
nis speech waa abort, sweet and full of blue
lightning, and made the Democracy squirm in
their seats.
It was not Lanagan's ball, nor Mulligan's
ball, nor bl mat'jtn, but It was a real, rollick
log, robustious Senegamblan ball of the quad
roon grade, which has made two Democratic
Nestors notorious. Alas for Trumbull an
Falmkk t Why have tbey forsaken the nar
row path, and with one foil jump thrown
themselves upon tbe broad thoroughfare which
leads by the way of tbe dance-house down to
perdition's grave' I
The dbuatb In tbe House yesterday on tbe
decision of tbe Electoral Commission In tbe
Florida case was not as acrlmoalous as was
anticipated. The Demoeratlo members sternly
opposed tbe decision. Tbis was to be expect
ed after the Litter feeling exhibited by them
on Saturday. They have enough to disturb
their eqululmity. They are defeated bonostly
and fairly. They have been caught In the
very trap which they set for tho Republican
Prty ,
Tbe first; number of the SUNDAY NA
TIONAL REPUBLICAN will be Issued nexi
Sunday morning.
MoKDatr, Feb. 12, llTT.
The Senat assembled at teo o'clock with
nms Senators present.
Mr. DAVIS Infjairtxl if It was the rullnjr. ef the
CHAIR on Saturday that no holiness whatever
eould be transacted this mora to ft.
The CHAIR replied that It was.
Mr. DAVIS said he had some petitions to Oder,
If tfas ruling bad bssn otherwise.
Mr. 8I1KUMAN. I suppose It Is not la order
even to take a reeeis.
Tbe UUAIR. It Is act. Tbe Senate availed Itself
of Its Only privilege to do that on Saturday whan
It took a recess tilt this mornlns:. The only bail
noes la order li to go into Joint convention far
eonntlag the votes.
The Senate sat watting, from ten o'eleoktlll
after two. wlthoat traniMtlng any bmlBHS.
About one o'clock Mr. UAMKROK.orIatr1dt
all up a bill for actio, bnt was Informed by the
Oaf a m that It was not in order.
Mr.OAMKRON. I don't see how that U.
TheOHAllt. ItlinoTertneleil to.
Mr. CAMERON. Well. 1 will call that bill nt
as soen as there li a enance, wbea it Is In order.
TfaoOllAtK. The On atr wilt beverygladto
hear from tbe Senator any time.
At2.iuthe Ulerk of tho lloan appeared and
annoaaeed that the litii wae ready w taet the
Senate In Joint eonTentlen tooontlnaotieooait,
and the Senate Immediately proeeeded la a body
te the ball of the Hoase.
At iM tbe Senau re-appeared at the door of
the Senate Ubamber, preceded by tbo de
Ull of police gnarJlngCapt.Uaifett) wltb the ma
hogany box containing tbo returns.
Mr. CAMBRUIf, or Pa., moved that the Senate
proceed to execntlre bnilneii, bat yielded te Mr.
MiTnitt to Introdnee aresolatlon setttng forth
that Carroll If. Iiawion. eaeblerof the Third na
tional Bank, of Hew York, bad been dily sum
aioned to appear before tho Committee on Privi
leges and Elections and bring wltb htm tbe bans:
aeoonata of Hamnel J, Tlldea. VT. T. i'elton and
Abrara S. Hewitt, and tbeeald Dawson having
failed to appear, therefore that the Sergeant-at-Anni
arrest tbo laid Dawion and bring aim be
fore tbe bar of tho Senate for contempt.
Mr. BAULSUUKY objected te present eonild.
oration, aad the resolution wentover.
Mr. WEST moved that It should be under
stood that no bvitnean will bo traniaeted between
the boars of 10 and 13 each morning while tb
Uommiiilon Is deliberating, or until farther order
of the Senate, and inch further order. If made,
sball be made in session after 1 '2 o'clock.
Tbe motion was adopted, and tbe motion of Mr.
CAMiiotfwae agreed to, and at 4.42 tho Senate
west Into Execntlre Senloa, and at 4.60 took a
roceis till 10 A. M. to-morrow,
The House was called to order at 10 o'clock, and
after waiting about ten ninnies for a motion.
Mr. McOltAKY, ol Iowa, roso and said that he
bettered tho regular order was the dlieuiiloa of
the Tribunal In the Florida caie, aad that he rose
Mr. CLYMEK. or Pa-, said It was manliest
there waa no quorum In the hall, therefore It
wuuiu ms usj wen iv ku qu, m nuniDer oi per
sons now absent wanted to participate In the de
bate. Mr. MeCRARY would bo glad to address a
fuller llouie, but there was no time te bo wasted,
and bo would therefore consent to go on now.
Tho SPEAKER said he understood Mr.OLT
uer to make the point or order that there was
no quorum .
Mr. llAJ.E. of Me enquired how thatednld
be determined when a gentleman wsi on the
floor, and no rot bad been taken?
Tbe SPEAKER said Mr. McCkart had rile a
and addressed the Chair, bat when tbe dlicunion
befen ho would feel bonnd toreoognlietbogoa
tleman from New York, (Mr. Fibld,) wbobad
UlSkUV llirj TUinilUU SO liT) (VDHti
Mr. CLYM ER said be had not made the point
In the Intereit of delay.
Tbe SPEAKER said be knew of no purpose to
delay this discussion, but when a point was made
that there waa do quorum, the On air muitre
oogalie It.
A call of tho llouie was suggested, bat It was
finally (rrsed that debate should begin at 10.30,
and taatla tbe meantime no business should be
At 10.30 the SPEAKER recognised
Mr. DAVID DUDLEY FIELD, who oflered
an order that tbe count of the electoral vote or
tho State or Florida sball not proceed, in con
formity with the declaion ef the Electoral Tri
bunal, that tbe votes of Wilkinson Call and
others, (tbe TUden electors,) shall be eountod as
tbo true Totrs of the State of Florida.
Mr.UALK.of Me., olTered an amendment to
strike out tbe word "not," and tbe latter portion
of the line, so as tojiroTlde for counting tbe
votes as recommendodly tbe Tribunal.
Mr. KNOTT. Ky., offered aa a ftitltele a long
preamble end reiolntion, rMltlng that itwaipre-
nted In the electoral lawtliat the CoRsnlMloa
theft br coaiUuifd, ehonld. In reft-renee to any
TVers yiiKiisni iui suvii sjuiistu vrasiOD. asjciue
wkaWrotM wer euch rotee ae vera required br t&e
CoimliuMtsnoftne United htitM, that to aeeertaln
tblethe Comnalttlnn rould take lurl) evidence and
aepneUioni aa would be competent and peril neat
under lite CoDsUtt.tloa and eiltttng lewi, and that
Uie declaion ertlie Uoinmlisloa eboeld be tnadetn
w ratlin and tUncd by the membere of the Tribunal
agreeing thereto; that when said Commtielon had
under cenelderailon the UUte of Florida. 11 waa
eoapeteut to anew that Humnhrev'e et al,
(the ItepuMlran elector!,) bad not bean ap
pointed la accordance with lawt that aald Coin
taUelvn had deeded aad determined that
ne erldcace eould be rtrclred which .was net
prrwntedbr the President of tho Senate prealdlag
orerihejclntconrenliom that cerUtictU number
one, which waapresented to the eald JommlMloa
contains no evidence, aud make no altuilou to erl
drnon to show that tbe flectori named loeald rer-
btatel UiatrertlnJcato No, 1 does contain evidence
speflAcallrsbowina' the fact thata rorrevt count
had been made, and that Wilkinson, Call etal. bad
becu appointed nleclori in tbe maimer directed be
Vie Leglilatare of the Mate of Florid j
that tbe said paper. No. I, contained
the only evidence befant the said t'omanjeelon that
the votes of rtorlda bad ever boon canvassed at all:
that under tbe rule adopted br asld OoamUeloa no
erldoicc eould be taken to show that there was any
determination by tbe people ai to the election; tbat
the said C'unmlMlon, in autloi tbe c rpandsof their
decision, declare that Hamperrrseiui. were rega-
ifasMri! snd.
thersere resolving, that lit order that said Com
mits Inn may have au opportunity to oorrect the
manifest Inconsistencies uf tbelr decision, and to
cxnlalntn detail In what inannr tbey arrived at
the said comlutlou, that ttio dealslon ef the said
Couitntsiiouead the trreumlt thereof, be re-cew-milled
to tbe said OoniBili'dou. and that said Com
nlMlen prwseul in detail the reasons for their de
cision, that tltls Hoikm mar be eullrhUned as 10 Its
course, and that In themeaatliue the votes of llnni
pbreyseud otkers, as electors from Florida shall
uel beouiits"d.
Mr. HALE, of Me., made the
that the proposed substitute of Mr. Kitott was
vlolatlvocf tbe law. All that the House eould
do under that act was to act upon tbe declaion
amrmatlvoly or negatively.
Mr.WILSOX, of la., made tbe farther point
of order, that it was not competent foe tho Home
to ro-rommlt to a committee or oom minion wblck
wai not a committee or oommliilen of this House.
Mr. WOOD, of N. Y., said he did not think tbe
point ol order well taken, became tbe Heme had
a right to cxprcsi tit opinions, and It eould do so
In the form ef a resolution as well as otherwise.
Mr. HALE said that this resolution would
cause delay, while the law required that tbe vote
should be promiitly counted.
Mr. WOOD said be wanted no unnecessary
delay, and be was sure that hli side ef the
House wasted none, bat they demanded tho right
for a lull oxprcnion ol opinion.
Mr. HALE did not charge that the gentleman
from Mew York meant delay, bnt Mr. atcfOTT'e
proronuou involves ueia;,
It means daisy In
every nn sum icuivdcc,
Mr. KNOTT contended that It was la order te
aik tbe Commission for the grounds d. tbelr de
cision. After the debate en the point ef order had pro.
greised rer some time Mr. auBtvra, or Man,, ea.
quired If the time now eoaiumod came out el tbe
two hours consist aed for debate.
The Ml'EAKEIl said it wanld not.
Mr. KASaOaf, 04 la., laid it had been ruled
elsewhere (referrlar to tbe Senate) that all tbis
dlieuiiton eamo eatof the two boors.
Tho StKAKKU said he bad nothing to de with
what bad been decided el lew here.
Mr. HANKS, rNii,, setdthatMr. Kkott's
motion was clearly out er order became It was
leading the Home away irom tbe main Isiuc. The
embers bad a right to aa affirmative reteoa
the decision and should not be led away by side
. Alter seme further dlisusslon tbe HraAKaa
overruled Mr. HAt.n'a point of order, bat sai.
talned that ef Mr. Wilson or Iowa.
Speech 'of Mr Mrt'rary.
Mr. McOlEARV.of Iowa, then roie to open
tbe two hours debate, and argued that tho dtf
eialcn or tbe Commliilon not to go behind the re
turns was In strict accordance not only with
later law, but also wltb tbe prorlilona or tbe
prowled Isw of 1800, which wai to orga&lie a
(trend committee for tbe same purpose. In view
of the law and tbefaeti, tbe Com mini on eould
net decide otherwise than they did.
npeech of Mr. Tucker
Mr. TUCKKR, of Va., would not criticise the
members of tbo Tribunal for tbelr action, but
tbelr judgment was a legltlmato subject of criti
dim. He would refer tint to tbe decision of tbe
caie of Humphreys, and he denied tbo r In tit of
tbo CommUilon to say that tbe vote ef an Ineli
gible elector should be counted. If he was Inell
fcflble bis vote could not be counted by declilon of
tbe Coramlnlon. As to the main lsiue, be argued
tbat tbe State appoints the electors, and regu
lates tbe manner ol appointment, and authorised
the Hoard of Canvassers. Hut thst Hoard acted
under the law, and not above the law, and their
action was subject to tbo revision or the courts,
and tbe highest Judicial tribunal or Florida had
.ni.i.H t).ar iii llftvns electors ware null and
void, and that tbey were mere ueurpers, and the
cplnion of the Supreme Court ot the State of
Florida was. In bis opinion, conclmlve upon tbe
Comml'slon. , , ,
Mr. HANKS, of Mass., moved not to sustain
tno decision ol tho tribunal. With regard to the
Ineligibility of Mr. Iluarwsarra.'tho CommUilon .
Had decided that there was no ineligibility. Dot
erenir be were, be denied that the will or the
people eould be defeated became they had roted
lor an officer who wae ineligible. That bad been
deckled many times. , The office of elector was a
mere temporary omeej the elector is a ministerial
oncer, and after be has eaii that vote It Is not la
tbe power of any courier oomtnliiten to reverie
It. After an officer bas affixed his official signa
ture to a result It has been held that he cannot
withdraw It himself even.
8pewih of Mr. Bprfnger.
Mr. 8 Pit INO El I, of III., opposed the decision
because It was carrying out a fraud, and because
the Com million bad excluded evidence which
would bave shown that the Herea electors were
not elected. It Is a decision that there Is no,
power any where to correct a fraud, lie re
gretted tbe decision, because It came here by the
significant vote or eight to seven. Tbe expecta
tions Of thoie who framed the Electoral Hill
hare been disappointed, and wbo expected that
the decisions would be made In a spirit of patriot
lira, and net of partisanship. In his speech tbe
other day, Mr. TloAit enquired IT there were not
ten men who eould bo relied upon to act In this
freat que lion without reference to party, and In
he light or tbe decision he should say then, auch
eonld not be found.
Bpewcli f Mr. Vrye.
Mr. FUYE. ef Me., said that whlsh surprlied
him moit la this whole dlsoaeilea were tho reiter
ated ebargesef glarantle fraud made against the
Republican party of this country (Derlslre
laughter on tbe Democratic sue.) Tho gentle
man who bad Jut sal down charged fraud. la
the eight objections to tho deeletoaofthe Trlbu.
nal I rand was charged la no lees than four ef
them, and It was asserted that II waa tbo purpose
to steal tho veto of Florida. In the dUoasstons
before tbe Tribunal he found gentlemen rolling
the word fraud aider their tongues as a sweet
morsel. And In this Heaie It is charged that tbe
Ilepublleaa party places the law between fraud
and its Investigation, lie dealed It. There was
not a Kepubltoan hero who did act court laveatl-,
gatlon.net only In tbe alleged frauds laLeuls.
lane and Florida, but also Tb tho State of New
York la New Haven and Hertford, where.
by the rote ef Connecticut was stolen
tor Tlldea and Hendricks, and In Indiana,
where they had no'rcglatry law. aad where) vo
ters were imported from tbe great State of Ken.
tuckr. In one Democratic oeunty there alone
there were more votes for Tllden thanweremales
over twenty.one years of age In tbe county. The
Republican party feared ae tnreiUgatton into
fraud. Wnatlstbe evidence that tho Republi
cans have stolen tbe vote of Florida? Where do
reaUndlt? From a report recently submitted
o the Senate yon will lad where tbe report
comes In. Mr. Fan, then referred to
tbe action of Attorney Ueneral Cocke,
a member of the Boturnlng Doerd, Uoeke
he Said had agreed to throw out tho vote of Mon.
roe county, and after that hb was seen by a num
ber ol Mew York politicians, among whom were
Manton Marble. Thaw took Mm up Into a high
mountain ai It were, and Cook was converted,
and tie than wanted to reverie his action, lie
was converted, and wanted tbem to do works
meet tor repentance In the TUden interest,
SpveeJi of Mr. Hard.
Mr.HDBD. Ohio, protected against the an.
omalous, novel and dangerous doctrine upon
wblob till decision rests. When the President of
the Benate presented certificate No. I to the Joint
Convention, objection waa made on the ground
that it was obtained by fraud and ooniplracy.
x.Tiueoc was ounreu as tu mi irauu una conspir
acy, and the Commission refused to entertain ll.
Ho i therefore protested agalnit the decision.
Fraud vitiates everything. It reverses tho Judg.
menu of courts repeals all contracts. The
judgment or tbe algbeit judicial tribunal In tbe
land cast be set aside on account or fraud. What
special sanotltr, then, bangs around tbis Return
log rjeard;of -Florida, that tho question of fraud
cannot be InveiUgated, and that Its decision!
cannot be reversed for fraud ? The highest court
of Florida bas decided that the action of the Can.
vesting Hoard was entirely mlnlsterlal.aad yet tbe
Tribunal has decided that It eennot lareitlgate
Into tbe question of fraud. Hero was a great
qaestlen which involved the happlaen of forty
sniiiiUDS vi pvupic, nn uupe Kan ivtirs w ure
sidef.of free lmtltntlons,are resting on tho deci
sion of this question. Fraud vitiates and cor
rupts everything, and the highest tribunal or
E .VriUas !! UVOIUVU IM to satjaiun VI last) IfOsiru
was a fraud and a usurpation. The people vote;
the Canraiainr Hoard counts tbe tou
nes, as 1
iudlolary decide disputed queitioi
lave decided agalnit this return.
disputed one it ion 1
.a-einit this return. 1
uohappy State indeed. It by fraud her people can
be deprived of their vote and there Is ne power to
reverie tbo fraudulent decision. Thle decision
will not satisfy tbo American people. Tbey had
hopes of the Commleiton because tbey expected
tbat the frauds would be Inquired Into. He who
attempts to exercise the functioas of the Presl
dential olbce obtained by fraud, will be regarded
as an aaurper by tbe great majority of tho Ame
rican people. (Applause on the Democratic side.)
Speech of Mr Carr.
Mr. CARR, Ind., said that the Demoeratlo ma
jority on tbis floor had not the least tight to
complain of tbe decision ortho Tribunal, while
he maintained that the decision was wrong, he
held that tbe wrong rested en tbo shoulders or
those whe had established the Trlbuaal, knowing
that a majority or the bdy would be Kepubltoan,
It yielded all lis powers over the question. Tho
Democratic majority created a political Tribunal
with rolitleal powers and attributes, and la act
ing upon political views tn making the decision,
tbe members or the Tribunal were true to their
Political convictions. The Democrats, therefore,
avo ao legal nor moral right to complain. When
tbey did this they abandoned tbelr political
principles, If they had any. (laughter.)
Yon abandoned all your political oppo
nents. (Renewed laughter.) In common
decency you cannot now criticise tbe action of tho
Commission. It Is year offspring and your crea
tion, and yon cannot escape the condemnation
which your betrayed constituency will heap upon
your treacherous heads. (Laughter on tbe Ite-
fubltean side.) It nay serve your purpose now
0 denounce tho Tribunal, but the people will
put the responsibility In the proper place. While
a few of the Democrats, amid tbe Jeers of their
associates, voted agalnit the bill, tbe majority,
either through Ignorance or something worse,
ereated this Tribunal. In tbe name ol the De
mocracy of the whole country, ho denounced tbe
majority of this Home as faithless to tbe great
trusts reposed In them, and he absolved the Com
mlislon as having committed only an neneit mis
take. BpaecJi f Mr Thoanftaon.
Mr. THOMPSON, of Mass., denounced the de
cision because It was raise and not In accordance
with the fasti. The Coram in ion has declared a
falsehood. The committee of this Heme bad
ascertained tbat the vote of Florida had been
cast for Samuel J. Tllden, and yet we present to
the world tbe spectacle of being able to do any.
thing of a governmental nature except to reverse
internal iraua. 1 ne uommnsion errea in net ex
amining Into the question or fraud.
Speech of Mr. Dunaell.
Mr. DUNNKLI of Minn., contended that the
majority on this floor bad no right to allege
fraud, lie was a member of the seeotal com.
mlttee to Investigate Florida affairs, and he aa.
serted tbat tbe majority of that committee re.
fused to Investigate the acts relating to the lie
turning lioard, although tbe minority wanted
tr.cm to do so. He asserted further that tbe
Democrats refused to summon witnesses as re
quested by the minority, and that tho secretary
of tbe committee bad letters which tbe minority
were not allowed to see.
Speech of Mr. "Walker,
Mr. WALK Kit. of Va., said he was ooe of the
Democrats wbo had sapjiorted tho electoral bill
in good faith, and be would say to tho gentleman
from Indiana (Mr. Oar', tbat It wuold take
more than the small minority wbo voted with him
agalnit the bill to read tbe majority here out of tho
Democratic party. The Demoeratlo majority
voUd for that bill In good faith, and fh doing so
tbey gave an asiuraaee ef their faltb la tbe Con
city of humanity. An effort was made to atleast
settle this question peacefully. He did not agree
with the decision of tho Tribunal, and he did not
believe tkat tbe people would endorse It. Tbe
Itepubiieans claim that they have been charged
with fraud. Tbey pretend to be anxious lor tho
moit complete Investigation, and yet tbey skulk
behind tbe technicalities or the law. It tbey are
anxious te bave all the facts ascertained, why do
they not ecreo toan investigation T If this de.
eislun of tbe tribunal stands the country will con
demn the party tbat supports It.
Speech of Mr. RebbUs.
Mr. KOHHINS, or North Carolina, said be had
voted tor tbe electoral bill because he believed
tbat tbe decision would be made upon tho broad
principles of equity and right. He was proud
ol tbo record of his party on this queitlon. A dis
tinguished man once said that be would rather be
right than be Preildent, and he would rather
bave his party to be right than to hare Ut can
didate declarid President by fraud,
Speech of Mr. HepaUns.
Mr. HOPKINS, Pennsylvania, as a contradic
tion of the statement of Mr. Duvrbix as to tbo
lummonhsgof wltacnei In tbo special Invcstlga.
tlon In Florida, sent up and had read a stale.
meat showing that the committee bad examined
riOinere wltnenes tbat were summoned at tbe
Instance of tbe minutes than were aammousd by
tbe majority.
Speech of Mr Kswos.
Mr. KASSON, oUowa, denied tbat the eosstl.
iBtt.m orthe United States conferred anv nower
to reverie tbe action of a State, and therefore If
the House or uongress attempt loueicgaio mat
nower Lo anv ether tribunal It ll aulltv of a uiur.
ration. If tho CommUilon had gone into tbe In
veitlgatlonas proposed tbey eould not bare got
at the exact truth on account of the conflict and
tbo contradictory nature of the tcitlmony of wit
Speech r Mr. Vleld.
Mr. FIELD, of New York, said when, after tbe
late election, tbo President sent committees to
Jjoulilane and other States to see a fair count, he
did so became ho held that no President of tho
United Statci could a fiord to be Inaugurated by
fraud. When tblasesilonof Consress began, tho
majority of tbe House acted In the same spirit,
and sent committees throughout the Southern
States to get at tbe exaet truth. And now wo
are to be told by sustaining this decision tbat tbe
gentlemen all went South on a fool s errand. And
now will the Uepubllcan party attempt t .m-tal
a falsehood In tbe Presidential chair I The deci
sion of the Tribunal la against all precedent, and
all rule. Tho decision or the Tribunal means
that tbe certificate of tbe Governor of a State upon
tbe action or a Canvassing Hoard Is
to govern In the case, unless tho
Slate had through Its oourie reversed tbe action.
before the vote of the "electors was actually cast.
Wow we all know that tbe canvass of-the vote
whs not concluded i until three o'clock r la the
morning. Tbe electors met and east Ahelr rotes
at twelve o'clock of the aaine dayi and In the nine
hours between three and twelve o'clock the State
of Florida waa expected to take action.' The
rotei or; these men werenosmoro legal, than If
the Mmmaiidinjr officer of the troops la Florida
had sent four orhls soldiers to ooTupy tbe State
boose, and had cast the vote of the State for
Uavesend Wheeler, and yet we are told that
there Is no power to reverse that action. An of
fer was made tv the Commission to produoe evi
dence of fraud, but was not allowed. Now see
tbe effects of this refusal. Heboid In his hand
tbe records of tbe eourte of Florida, showlag that
Pearce, one of tho electors, was a eonrlsted felon.
They were not allowed to offer proof or that (act.
lfthevoteofFlorldaelects at all, the vote of
this convicted felen will eleot Hayes to the'
Presidential office. The declaion of tbe Tribunal
waa unworthy of respect. The rreialency has
never yet! beea won by fraud, and Ifltlasowon,
now it will be ruinous to. the man and .the party
perpetuating the fraud.
"Tbe time for debate having expired, the ques
tion waa taken oa Mr. Hals', amendment to en
dorse tbe action of the Tribunal, and It was re
Jected. Yeas, OTi nays. 1ST.
'Mr. FIELD'S resolution not to proceed to
count la accordance with the decision waa then
adopted by yeas, les, nays, 103. la both oases tbe
votes wore partitas.
Tbo Clerk was tben directed to notify the Sen
ate of tho action taken, and that the Ilouao was
prepared to receive tbe Senate and go on with
the count.
At 2-26 tbe Senators, preceded by their omoers,
entered the ball and took tbe seats assigned
tbem. The tellers also took their placet.
Krheproeeedtegior the Joint convention are
llibed oa the first pate.
After tbe Senate retired from the Hall, the
reirular butineee of the Home was resumed.
Mr. COX, N. Y., from Committee on Roles, re
ported beck a resolution to so amend tho rules
as to provide, that during the count of tbe elec
toral vote, and when not In Joint semen, tbe
Hone sball, upon assembling each calendar day,
proceed wltb its regular business after IS o'clock,
asthouBh tbe legislative day bad commenced,
but this was not at any time to Interfere with the
business of tbe Joint convention. Adopted.
The House then at ten minutes to five took a
recess until to-morrow at 10 o'clock.
Jeff. Sellgman, of New York, Is stopping at
tbe Arlington.
Mr. and Mrs. John T Raymond 'are guests
at the Arlington.
Lieut. L. O. IsOgan, U. 8. N., arrived at the
Arlington yesterday.
Dr. James A. Draper, of Delaware, arrived
at VTIIIard's yesterday.
C. A. Board mac, of Boston, arrived at WI1
lard's yesterday,
Hon. 8. M. Pomeroy, of Auburn, N. T.,
Is rrglstered at tbe Arlington.
Hon. D. T. Corbln, Benator-clect from South.
Carotins, has parlors at the National.
Rev. J. KInber, D. D., and A. 8. Trlony, P.
I)., or New York, were among tbe arrivals at
vYIllard'i yesterday.
J. C. Grubb, of Delaware, and R. W. Mas
terd, of Philadelphia, arrived at tTUlard'i yes
terday. Messrs. Pepper and Salt, aad the rest,
are expected to arrive before Inauguration Day.
L.n.Tonnr. Amsterdam, N. T.; George
Kellogg. Amsterdam, N. Y.i V, W Donnell,
Amsterdam, N. Y. J. S. Meere. N. Y.i J. 1L
Camp, N. Y. Jae. W. Uorntng, Palmyra. N. Y.t
Henry OlTerman, N.Y.; John OffsrmaaTi N. Y.
George I.uheaan, N. T.t A. Moses, N. Y.fWm.
A. Hall, N. Y. JaredSanferd N. Y.i J, H. Ray
mond, '.Ohlcagot D. Henry Kaowlton, If. Y.i Jno.
Luiby Drown, and wife, N. Y.i K. Watts, Fhlla,,
V. O, Norvsll, N, Y.; J amee A. 'Webb and rami I r
N. Y. Mrs. SI. H. S. Campbell Phil a.; Mrs'
Markoe and SenrI'hHa, Mason Campbell, Phtle.t
Mr. aad Mrs. N. I. Uaw, N. Y.i N. P. Italler, It.
Y.tJatM. Hallev. N. Y.f Mr. and Mrs. TV a.
Harbour, Conn.t P. Poullala, BalM Mr. and Mrs,
A. A. Crosby, Boundout, N. Y., and Joseph Q.
Walton N. V., are among tbe arrivals at the Ar
lington. Chai. M. Martin. New York: J. T. Welgand,
Philadelphia; J. K. Bod well, Maine; liaao
Taylor, ltostom fleo. Gray, Del.; Richard U.
Cooper, Del.i H. H. Hayes, Hoitoni F. sears,
Doitoni J, P. Simpson, Pa., 8. M. Small and
wife. Pa.; Chas. Wei is. I'a,t Alfred L. Albert,
N. Y.t Jno. Adams. Ohio; C. H. Vandorrort and
wife, Florida; E. iV Sendy. Florida; Mrs. J. S.
Hlsbam. Florida; David J. Drown, Florida, Miss
Annie E. Hangs, Via.; Miss Annie Drown, Fin,;
J. M, Zimmerman. Pa, John Mnnalsker, Pa.t
Mrs. H. Hall, and Master Hall, Halto., W, B.
Hmten. Providence; J. s. G Ninth, N. S. H.; Mrs.
Ksit on, N. Y.t Chas. U. Houghton N. Y.i F. B.
Williams, N. Y.t S.J. Mayer, Pa-t M. Bannon,
Hello.; T. W. KI my and wife, Pitts., Mrs O. W.
Knowels, Phi la. 1 C. U Smith Pbila.; At H. Hall,
N. Y.i W. H. Hoyneman. Cala.i Wm. T.Marphy,
Brooklyn, registered at Wlllard's yssterday.
Th Abbott Consort.
The Abbott concert to be given to-eight,
promises to be a great success. As to-morrow Is
the beglnlngof Jnt, amusement ssekers wltl
bo out in full force this evening, and there Is
little doubt that Miss Abbott's fame will attract
a large audlenee at Lincoln Halt Miss Abbott
will be assisted by Slgnor Drlgnoll aud other re
nowned nrtlits. Reserved seats are being sold
very rapidly at Metservtt's music store. Mils
Abbott appears la New York In opera, on tbo
23d Instant.
Col. BeUere and his Millions.
Mr. John T, Raymond, began his engagement
at tbe National last evening, In Marie Twain's
well known play or "Cot. Sellers,' a character
w 'havmond has made peculiarly his
own. A fair audience was present end tho per
formance wasupon tho whole smooth and unique
By Hob Buckeye, Ksqulre,
The Judge, In New Orleans, as you all well
Tended a yaller gal's ball, and Jumped Jim
Crow 1
Be turned about, wheeled about and did Just so.
And every time ho wheeled about Jumped Jim
He is a mighty nice man, as yon all well know,
And 'tended a yaller gars ball aad Jumped Jim
Crow :
He turned about, wheeled about and did Just so,
Andevory time he wheeled about Jumped Jim
When at that ball, as you all well know,
A jailer gal kissed him, as he Jamped Jim Crowj
He turned about, he wheeled about, and did just
And every time he wheeled about, Jumped Jim
He Is now In the city, as yon alt well know,
To 'tend TlUen's case, bnt when It won't go,
Ucwlll turn about, and wheel about and do Jnst
And every time be wheels about, Jump Jim Crow,
Handsome Men.
OurcorTespondonts who are engaged In the
land able ellbrt to And the handsomest man
must bear certain facts In mind. What Is
beautiful Is a question of taste. It would be
hard to ind a dozen men who would agree as
to which was the handsomest man of tbelr
acquaintance, for tastes differ. Besides, some
times a men will be regarded as handsome by
women, and yet men will say he Is an empty,
pated fellow, a sort of walking tailor's adver
tisement, lacking those qualities which most
entitle a man to be called handsome.
Tet, after all, it ahould be women's privi
lege to pick oat the handsome men. They
are naturally fond of beauty, and bave a
more delicate eye than most men. Some
times tbey may make a (mistake in their se
lection, but at a rule they are pretty accu
rate In their Judgment! In this respect.
They like strength In a man, but good man.
nere go a great ways with them, and, to their
sorrow, tbey now ana men nna mat, mouga
the shell may be smooth and gJ0"T, the
kernel le'very poor and bitter. We advise
young women who think of marrying, to pay
little attention t? tbe mere vbyslcal beauty
of tfaelr suitors, and not to be too quick to 4
turn off a reiiovr Because ne is raw ana aw
ward. Sometimes a young man wbo looks
far from handsome when he Is courtlor a
girl, grows to be a very fine-looking fellow
alonir about fortv or so. and the smooth.
faced youth may develop Into a weak and
namby-pamby man of little worth as a hus
band. We are not so surprised that there Is bo
wide an Interest In tbis question. Who Is the
handsomest asanl It Is very Important that
the physical beauty and symmetry of the
race should be maintained and Improved, and
that eould not be done If men didn't ad
mire and seek to win handsome women, and
women to attract handsome mtn,Ezthng.
" Intuits," says a modern philosopher,
'are like counterfeit tnoner. We cannot hinder
their being offered, but we are not compelled to take
Look out for the BUN DAT NATIONAL
REPUBLICAN, which will be published next
Sunday morning. It will be a newspaper tn
every eetue.
WAsntwaTOK, d. u. re, is, iot,
InRewTork to-day money was doll at
fficbenre quiet at t . Uold duU at lot.
Ratca for carrying, . . . ,
Tbe sub-Treasury balances at Kew Tort to-dar
werei Ueld, 11, 01, MS. eurrenef, a,7DS,4U, Ttie
sab-Treasury paid eel on account of later,
ivowi for bends, tlJ.ooO, Casteou receiau.
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. The following are the baring aud selling rates
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Becarttlet. Daring. Belling.
U, H.BUes, 1M1, rralitcred ' USK '
rtve-TwiUr,lM Id S IM
Five-Twenties, J. A lJSnA.,.. loov lit
Fivp-Tweutles, J, A J 1W.... Ut
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Ten-Forties 11H UH
New Jive Per Cents Uu HOX
Currency Hlzee , IMS itsn
Congress Uaarantced s-ca's..,., Tt TSk
Uold. ,. 104 3
4f percent. U. B. Bonds 107H WH
Foreign Exchangee.
Three day bill 1M
bUtT day bills...... AUj
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7t Vlrslnla consolidated, art de,, second ae- .
ties. S7j; North Carolina sixes, eld. Slide., new,
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Cotmneroe. j
MtW Toaa. Feb. 12,-CetUa dallt sales erst
bales at 130 ISc. Consolidated act receipts, ,m
oalesi JCaporuUreat Britain, 4S,wr DalesiFraace,
6,70 bale.. Continent, a,r bales: Chsaael,
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the West Indlast other wt- ttell. and prices without
decided obange, the market ciesla,
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SUB In store. Hfedall al 8Jdofer Weteru( fttv
Wo for Jersey, Htate.and Caaada, Barter tt
lower and more delngt c(Sl OS for uagraded Can
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bond. Cernaew. Ie lower, with moderate export
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state. Cliaeae Iras at 7(140 Tor common to
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and very Orrat cotton, per sail, ijhtt&t per .
team.Xdt wheat. eriteaeA SH'W.
BALTiMoaa, Feb. 13. Cotton firm and quiet;
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halt1 of febraarr MVet March. BTe: April, Sact
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prime, del Weetera while. SitJtSc. lire steadr
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prime, lsVftne. Provlsleai quUt aad steady Pork. ,
flTfsaJSISMi. llalk mcataloose ahoalders, feiVtfic:
clear rib sides, ! packed, T0oH. llaeon sttoeld
ers. THftTHc: clear rib sides lOMci hams, l4U.
Iara-fataied, llUMc. nutter dull ana stoadrt
Western good to prime, V2la do., extra due. SI
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Ulo, oargoes. H.'sOUHe; Jobbing, HHOat. VThU
kerdaiiatsice. lleaelptai Floor, two; wheat. S.OOO; oom. H.ooo;
Oaueuwi rye, SOU. Hhlntneutii Wheat, l,TUQ; corn.
WAsniHOTOir, February f, l'TT, J
The Secretary of the Navy makes to tbe Naval -service
tbe sad announcement or the death ot
Hear Admiral James Aldon who died at Saa
Francisco, California, on tbe Oth of February,
The lire or this distinguished officer was de- a
voted, from his youth, to tbe service ol hlsooua- '
try. As a young man, he took part In the United
Htatcs eiplorlng expedition, under the late Hear
Admiral Wilkes, and subsequently had oharge
or most important sclentiflo duty In tbe surrey
of our 1'aciflo coast. His later services wore
those of the Cbloter the Uurean of Navigation,
and the command or our fleet on the Europera
In every sphere ot duty he exhibited the high.
est qualities of a naval oncer, and was, during
tbe late civil war, specially oomplonous for gal- -lantry
and capacity on almost every oocaaloa
which contributed to the glory of the naval ser
vice. Cn the day after the receipt of this order, the
Saga or the Nary Tarda and Naval (Stations, and
or all ships In commisiloa will be displayed at
half-mast from aunrlio until sunset, and thirteen
minute guns will be flrod at noon from each Navy
Yard and Station, flag-ship and vessel acting
Omoers of the Navy and or the Marine Corps
will wear the usual badge or mourning thirl
days. Oao. M. HoBEuoif,
Secretary of the Nary.
arxoiAi. obdbb.
Nayt Hbpabtmbht, I
Wabbihotoh, February 8, 1STT. ,
The Secretary of tbe Navy announces the
death or Hear Admiral Charles Wllkos, who ds
parted this Hie at his residence tn Waiting ton
this day.
The sclentiflo and literary attainments or thU
distinguished officer, and his acknowledged teal
and patriot! i tn have been long known and appre
ciated by his countrymen. Ull death wilt be
lamented by the service and by the people of tbe -United
Stales. '
On tho dav after the raoetnt of thla order the
flags of the Navy Yards and Naval Statloaa, and
oi an snips in commission, win do aiipisrea at
balf.mait from aunrlio to sunset, ana thirteen
mlnutelguss will be fired at noon from each Navy
Yard and Station, flag-ship and vessel aotlng
All officers or the Navy and er the Marine
Corps will wear tbe uiual badge or mourning for
thirty days. Gro. M. IlouaMoir,
Secretary of the Navy.
mm; heal estate loan and trust
Ho. sos Seventh it., (under Becoad National Bin.
Capital ....tlM,CfQ
Money to loan In sums to suit oa first-class real
esute located tu tbe putrid of Columbia! Titles
and values maranLeed bv the eomnanv. Parson
n i
having money to loan or invest will And flrst-olasa
applications for loans and real estate notes foe sale
br applying at the company's offlts.
Ir. U. D. Hhradce, ofllee SIS I'ennirtvaala ave
nue northwest, positively and permanently tnttm
Piles and Fistula In their worst forms by means of
an entirely new aod srleuttne method or treatiaeot
wltsioutuslng the k nil's, ligature or cam site, and
without palu, loss of time or Inconvenience, te the
patient, and no money required front iapooslbt
persons until a Uiorosghcare Is effected, ffrao
llce limited to dlsceace of the Bcetum aod Aaas.l
Uffir hours, ID a, m. to Ip. m bonds yi eaoepUd.
Advice tree.
- - y-M
-v.. iu.ta-iiiJi
BM ailk wst-f -

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