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NO. 81
Sonic Democrats Becoming Suspicious or the
" lYily David Dndley ri eld -South, Carolina
anil Louisiana la the Home.
The Conference Committee on the Post
Office appropriation bill was announced, anil now
a majority or tlii mora important money btlli of
tht session are in conference. These are the Post
Office, tbe Legislature, Eiecatlve and Judicial,
tbe Naval and the Deficiency. Upon all of them
there have been mado Important amendment! by
the Senate, and the conlcrence will, we appre
hend, hare lotne dlfBenlty In reconsidering many
efthedttlere&ces. The Sundry Olvll bill Is still
trending In tbe House, while tho Army bill bag
been reported, bathos not jet been taken up for
action. U rave doubts are expretsid whether the
bills can be cot through, ind If they fall there
I rwil( have to boon eitia session, of Concrete.
juBou win aepenu. However, upon ino progrcs oi
tht electoral eoaot, end If that Is completed to
morrow (as It can be If the lloaie does not AH
butter) the neoeisary bills to keep the financial
wheolioriheQovernmont In motion can yet bo
ThejSenete'tookup the Resolution passed by
tbe House In the beginning of tbe ssssion la re
laDen to the death of Speaker Kctn, and after
eulogies had, been pronounced the legislative
basic-ess wasreiatned, and a rait amount of a
miscellaneous character wai transacted.
Ameng other things, Mr. Hows reported a b 11
to provide additional accommodation i for the
Library of Congress, which provides Ut tbe ex
tension of the present centre of tbe Capitol
building easterly.
Mr. MonaiLL oppos ed It on the ground that It
woold destroy tho architectural beauty of tbe
building, and that It would prorlda but a tempo
rary relief to the library, and after some further
dlsetitslon the bill was laid aside. . j
The Paoifle Railroad bill, which hasoeouplcd
much of tbe Mmo or the Senate, wai poetpooed
until the first Monday in December, when, .as
there Will be a number or new Senators, tbe
subject will be again elaborately diiouned,
f Refers the recess wsi taken the credential! of
David Davis, as Senator from Illinois, and of
Jouh T. Mooan. at Senator from Alabama,
wm presented and filed.
nous of Representatives.
As soon as the Mouse was called to order at ten
o'clock It went into Committee of tho wttolo on
tbe Sundry CItII appropriation bill and continued
Us consideration until half past one o'clock, when
the bill as amended was reported to the Uoaee.
Other business intervened and cut off farther
action until four o'clock, when It was again taken
up. The bill might hare been passed yesterday
very easily but for tbe obstructions placed In Its
way by Mr. IIolxam's antagonism to items of
appropriation which he knew as well as any
oae In the House that he could not dslsit.
Throughout the entire consideration of this bill
Mr. Holm a ?r has tried to enforce his picayune
economy. But a large Dumber of tbe Democrats
hare rebelled against him, and, acting with tbe
more liberal Republican side of the House, hare
secured for their several districts appropriations
which were absolutely neeesary,hui which Hol
waw would hare withheld If he coild possibly
hare done so.
David Pudlbv Field, from the Committee on
Powers and Prlrlleges of the House, reported back
the bill agreod upon by the last Democratic caucus
declaring who should exerclso the oraoe of PresI-
dent of tbe United States incase of the failure of
tht two Houses to declare the,result of an election.
Tht bill was passed by a rote of 133 toioo, the
following Democrats voting With the Republicans
against It, Tli.t Messrs. Ooodik, of Kansas
lUxt-orx, of Texas j Xjrorr, or Kentacky t Nbal
and Savage, of Ohio I Stkvissos, of Illinois t
Tarbox, of Massachusetts: Thomas, of Mary
land; Wauriit, or Maassachusettt: White.
house, of Hew York and William, of Deta.
aWhen Mr. Field first reported the bill bo In
tended to put It through under the operation oft
the previous question, and without any debate,
tut at tbe request ofMr. Kamoi ho permitted a
discussion or half an hour. Messrs. Kassos
La truss ca, and IUeks, who opposed It on tbe
Republican side, did so solely on acoountortht
clause which mad the President or tbe Senate
tht temporary cEecutlve or the Nation In ease or
the failure of the House to declare tbe result.
They regarded that as opening a wide door to
what might bring evil to tho country, because it
offered a premium to tbe Senate to defeat the
count ofa rote, so that one of their own number
might become President.
Mr. Keal, of Ohio, a Democrat, opposed it for
another reason, lie was erldently suspicious or
It because It was reported by Mr. Field. Ho
does not seem to have much cjofUeoceln Mr.
Field's sincerity as a Demosratlo leader. In
fact, be alluded to him as tho distinguished Re
publican flom New York wbo bad recently comt
Into the Homo. Now the truth Is, that Mr.
Neal only attend what a very large number or
Democrats feel, that Mr. Held has made him.
self-obnoxious by tbe indelicacy with which he, a
"renegade Republican, pushed himself to tho
frontal a Democratic leader. As usual In cues
or such political treason as Mr. Tield was guilty
oi, the very party to whose arms he rushed, ai.
mired tht treason while they loathed and des
plsed the traitor, and when he put on such airs as
only a full-fledged Democratic rooster was entitled
to assume, they net only bseamt disgusted, but
were rather Inclined to suspect him. Mr. Neal
certainly reflected the sentiments of a large
number of Ms party, when he Intimated, that In.
stead of being a ben eft, Mr. Field bad got the
Democracy into difficulty.
But Mr. Neal had another fear, ant that was
that Senator Mortos would perhaps become an
id inltrin President U tbo bill should become
a law.
After disposing of Mr. Fields' bill the Dean
crate thought they had struck a big leal when
they oflered resolutions reeognlslngthe Hampton
government In South Carolina and tbo Nichols
government la Louisiana. They wanted to put
tho Republicans on tbe record. Well, they suc
ceeded In doing io and what or It? When tho
proper time comes, and la tbe propsr way, the
Republicans t the House will act on the South
Carolina and Louisiana questions; but they wilt
cot have resolutions or any kind crammed down
their throats under suspension ofthe rules,
There) Is a rumor afloat that tbe ill U busters of
ibe House will to-day make a desperate effort to
wards delaying the further count of tht Electo
ral vote, for the reason. It Is alleged, or the fall,
ure in tht House or the resolution recognising
Nichols and Hampton as the respective Uorern
ors of Louisiana and South Carolina. Bat this
tannot to considered as at all probable, Tbe
Democrats are uaiir in receipt or telegrams irom
all parts or the country, urging submission In all
wUers pertaining to tbo decision or tbe Com.
mission, aid notwithstanding tho fact that ns In.
tllvlduals, they may sometimes becomo locensod
over tbe pangs or disappointment, yet at a body,
as representatives in Congress of tho psoplo or
tbe Union, they cannot but act, ai statesmen, and
us men of honor should.
Tho Commlsilon having decided to declare tie
electoral vole of South Carolina lor Haves
and Wheeler, notification of such decision will
to-day bo eened upon tbo two branches or Con
gress, and as soon as tbe House or Rcpresentv
lives is ready,theJolnt convention will bo resumed.
Tho decisions will be announced to tbe conveu
Hon, and upon objection to Its adoption the
Houses will separate and discuss the same. After
12 o'clock, (that being tht beginning of another
legislative day,) the filibustering element of tbe
House will attempt to get a reoess until to inor
rjwatlOs.m, iMt will rail. The dlssusslon
ofthe objections will then iroceed until about 2
n'clcck, when the two Houses will again msot la
Joint convention, and tht rote of South Carolina
will be counted fur Hares. The count will then
proceed unlnterruptedlyuntll Vermont is reached,
when, on account of tbe dual returns from that
State, tbt lame wilt be referred to tbe Com.
- million. The Houies will then scparato
niidiroeccd to 1'iMsHtlvo bulne. The Cow.
mission will cuimder the question and will prb.t
bly decide by 3 or 3 o'clock to morrow afternoon,
ol which decision tbe two Houses will be Immedi
ately notified. Then It is highly probable that
tbe Joint convention will sga'n convene, and
after tht formal separation for approval or dls
approval ot the decision by ihe two Houses, the
convention will be resumed, tbe State counted
for Hayes, and tbe count eonllnueduntll Wiscon
sin is reached, when objection will be made to
tht two alleged Ineligible electors, and tht
Houses will again separate to consider the objes.
Ills not Improbable that the House may then
take a recess until 10 o'clock Friday morning,
and will decide negathely upon tht objection.
Tht count wilt thereafter proceed, and by Friday
evening tht Kltctoral vote or tht Union will bt
declared Tot Rutherford B. Hayes, as President.
In tht event of no recess Thursday evening, tht
result of tbe count will, or course, be made known
lstt that night.
ThePnclflc Coast Wants it Cabinet Officer,
The AUa California devotes a leading edito
rial to the subject of a Cabinet oftlcer to bo se
lected from ono ot tho Pacific States or Terri
tories, and arcs the claims of the people of
that coast at follows;
It Is now about twenty-seven years lines Call
fornla reached, puberty and gracelully "cams out'
as an applicant for recognition as a sovereign
State of tbe Union, She came Into tht Union
like Mlntna frcm tbo bai In of Jove, not In swad
dling clothes, but In full armor, her helmet
plumed with wheat, and her feet In golden san
dals. It II not necessary to stop to ascertain ex
actly bow many years hare passed since our
northern sister State, Oregon, put aside tbe
youthful tunlo and assumed tbe tog ttrllut. But
she came In with patriotic Impulse and all tht
rigor of a young life. And later, tho land boyond
the Sierras, when tbe Government most needed
friends, asked admission, with ber head aimed to
the clouds and ber feet glittering with silver.
These three States have provod true. Tbe Iom of
any one of them at the late election to the Re
publican party, would have defeated that party.
Their opponents calculated upon carrying all of
tbem. Resides these three States, there treat
least five, If not more, Territories
which geogrsphlcally belong to our
Paclfiebund, Our Interests are somewhat pecu.
liar. Our Pacific territory extends from Lower
California to the Arctic, excepting only the in
terceptlngorDrltlshCoIumbla. And from New
Mexico If not from Texas Itself, and from Salt
Lake and the eastern lint or Idaho, to the Paelfio
ocean, we have one vast extent or country bound
by naturt to one sectional use and destiny. Wt
art anatlon to ourselves, yet bound to our coon
try and countrymen by bonds or bead and heart
and national obligations, memories and hopes,
Wt have no future separate from tht wholt
country's prosperity, while wt bare Inttrosts
which need encouragement and protection
Immediately our own, but generally, although
not so Immediately those or the whole natton.
Yet during these twenty-seven years Califor
nia bat bad no representative in tht Cabinet,
however much her interests and those of her
sister Pacific States and Territories may have
needed one. Oregon for a short time had tht
bonor of furnishing a member of the Cabinet, but
California never, Nevada never. Now, In con
sideration of these facts, and la consideration
lurtber that these Paciflo States at the recent
National election proved true to tbe party whose
candidate Is to bt inaugurated President of the
United States In March; and considering the
net that the loss of either of these three States
to tht Republican candidate would hare defeated
him and bis party, Is it at all presumptuous in us
to say that we are entitled to consideration by
the Incoming Administration, as having claims
to furnishing one member of the Cabinet Here
is a territory strstebing from tht Oulf or Cali
fornia to the Polar Circle, from the lines of
Texas, ir not from tht Oulf of Mexico, to the
Paclflo Ocean, having diversified and peculiar
interests, capacities and possibilities, which re
quire peculiar fitness, experlenet and knowledge
ofthelr wants, gained by contact with the coun
try, the people, their interests, their purposes,
desires and capabilities, In at least one of tbe
Cabinet adrlsen or the incoming rresmenf. it
mey be.sald la all truth aod fairness, without
any purpose to reflect upon any members of tbe
Cabinets heretofore, that the man fittest to rep
resent the people orthls Coast In tbt Cabinet is
tbe man who, all other things being equal, has
seen the most or this' section of our common
country, and who has been brought Into most In
timate connection with Its business, its character
and its capabilities. Shall not inch a man repre
sent us In tbe Cabinet T
rm:$itu;T j;li:ct j.i );.
He Declines a.n Invitation to SnJoarn at the
Arlington, Preferring tho Private Resi
dence Among Friends
In response to an Invitation extended to
Governor Haiu by the proprietor of "The Ar
lington' Hotel, the following wai received which
explains ItseUi
Cincinnati, Tcb.al. isn.
ittim. T. JtofttU A Suits, IVaiMngton, It, V,
(ixxTtaviMi 1 rominitnlcated t Uovernor
Hay! year polite Imitation, aud have Juit re
cited word from blm that rraogcmeuia lure
tirrn made for bit entertainment t a private
lion if, withone oMil. nirudi. Ibis was tliougtit
Inst. Jlad he itonptO tuy hotel, he woul l hava
ffvallfdbluiuirof jourklMdaud polite Invitation,
In lils Bime, thinking jou.fur your potlt(inea,
aiu, lour, truly, UUWAUU , otx.
It Is not now positively known at what friend's
house the distinguished visitor will rsslde,
though It Is surmised that Justice Swayne Is
likely to be tht much honored host,
riiv vitrstnEXT-vhvcT,
Mr. Ha) toPnaa Through this City on bis
Way to tho Capital.
Ily Trlcgrspli to the National RemiUlcin.J
New Your, Feb. ST. It Is rumored that
Governor Hayes will arrive lu this city to-morrow
on bis way to Washington, it does not seem
probable that there will be any marked demon.
stratlons attending his arrival, as tht coming
President Is averse rather than inelinod to parade
cr show. It Is likely, however, that his sojourn
here, however brier, will be made tbe occasion of
cordial manifestations on the part of tbe promt-
Dent men of the Republican party resident in this
tiu; uosniiui ix ii:r.i:i'jioxi;.
Music Tiayedlu Milwaukee Is Heard lit Chi
cago, By Telegraph to the Natlojal Ilepubllcan.
Ciiicaqo, February S7, Professor Kllsha
Gray lectured this evening at McOormtcVs Hall
to a large and Interested audience 'on tbe tele.
pLost, giving illustrations ofthe Instrument's
capabilities. Judge Caton and Dootb, Hon.
Henry Qrencbaum, Colonel J, J.S, Wilson, C,
H. Summers and other eminently scientific-men
were on the platform. Music played In Mllwaukeo
was transmitted ocr the wires and reproduced
In the hall In clear sweet tones. Many popular
airs called for bv tbe audience were promptly
giien and heartily applauded.
Prof. Is vllle, In Milwaukee, played tht tele
phone waits, bcreral different musical notes
were started simultaneously In Milwaukee and
dlstlaclly beard by tbe audience. Tbt lecture
and Illustrations were entertaining throusbout.
I'rof. (Irsy gare due credit to Prof. Hell, of Ilos.
ton, for his remarkable development of the speak
ing telegraph, which the lecturer described.
Aud Still Tlicy Come More Appeals to tho
(By TclisrapH to Hit) Natlooat Republican. J
rniLAitEU'iiM, r'eb.37. At a meeting of
tho board of managers or the Commercial Ex
change, held this mornleg, S. . Malone, Esj.,
president, In tbe chair, the following resolutions
were unanimously adopted 1
ttttolced. That tho Commercial Exchange of
the city ot Philadelphia, representing somo so
busli es 1 frms, would rerpceirully rl went to the
Congreseof the United Mates that tbe buslnoss
Interests of tbe whole country are hindered and
disturbed by the delay In completing tbe count
of the tlectcral rote, and In the failure to pais
the necessary appropriation bills ft carrying on
tho (loeromeni, and that without distinction of
party miscnuwi-er proweis against these rail
urrs.tiM iirat that lhrio)t wslfiirt and pros.
1 r v 1 ue i ni
n itiestuiiti'ff.
xj:s,tn. iti.nu: Ixn ntf.hn ahtuv
That Well-worn Story or Intimidation In
South Carolina The Vote of South Caro
lina Olvcn to Hares and ITheelcr.
Tbe Commission met at 10 o'clock a. m,
and tbe journal of yesterday was read.
Mr. HcnD stated that no counsel would appear
In bebalf or ohjv certificate No. 1.
Mr. Hint), a lor, then proceeded to
submit tbe res bo thought the Commis
sion should rej fleata No.l. lit said ha
would not go ortr f ground that hai been
contested, or atvjtlirnfyhat bad been decided by
tbe Commtsstcd." Howould confine himself to
what he eonlllrred f,tw points. He woul J, In
support cf the first objection, that the government
ofthe State was not Republican Inform, not go
back to the reconstruction acts, or tbe events
which followed, but confine himself to the few
months that preceded the elect Ion.
He went into an Inquiry as to what constituted a
Republican form of rovrrnment, and the relative
duties or the Federal and State government!, and
holding that It only could be Republican that
garethepeople a free and fair opportunity to
eipress tbelr will In the selection of their rulers.
Whatever prevented a free expression of the will
ofthe people, to the extont that it operated so
fardestroyeutbo Republican character ofthe
yovernment. lflegaidlsabllltleS vert Imptsed
r If Intimidation was preached, tbt republic was
iiAt tnalnlftlnMl.
Mr.Ucnnheld that as the constitution or tht
statt required a registration or electors, and that
requirement was atterly Ignored, the election was
He next went to tbe objection that the presence
or the Untied Slates troops In tbe state overruled
tbe people and prevented a free expression or tht
will or tbt people. He read tho proclamation of
the President or Octobor I7.18T8, declaring that
Insurrection existed In the State, and contended
that the claueof the Constitution authorising
the Interference of tbe Federal Government con
templated an insurrection against, or.resiitanoe
to slate authority, and not between Individual
clttsens ofthe State.
Mr.CocnnAsa stated that Judge Black and Mr.
Blair would appear at counsel for the objectors
to certificate No. 1. They had beea uncertain
whether they could attend, but were now here.
Mr. Cochrari then submitted certain prof
fers of proof which be proposed to make gooilf
admitted by the Commission, as follows:
1, That there had been a failure or registration
at provided by article a, section three, or the
State constitution, and that through such a fail
ure over three thousand fraudulent rotes for
Hayes bad been east,
3, That in August, 1874, a large number of sol
diers bad been sent Into the Stale under Gen.
Roger. That on the lflth of October Geo. Roger
baT telegraphed that all was quiet, and
that no more troops wero needed, and tbat
If mere were needed he would call for them i
that notwithstanding this, on tht next
day, October Uth, tbe President Issued
bis proclamation, and a large number or addi
tional trors were sent Into the State i tbat dur
ing tbe year 1P9 there was no time when tbe
State anthorltlcs could not preserve the peace.
aa, iniiDuwjn ircre leoi ibio me mate
without the request ot tbe Legislature, which
could readily hare been convened,
4th. That the troops were sent, not to quell
Indirection, and preserve tho peace, but to over
awe tbe rotert, and InQnence the election, and
thattbey were present at the polls, and did in
timidate and Influence voters.
eth, Tbat the presence of tbe troops embold
ened the more desperate of the negroes, and
that In Uu fori and Charleston they inaugurated
a system of riot and violence in which they were
protected by the Statt officers.
Mr. JjACRihcb commenced tbt argument
for tho Hayes objaotors, at five minutes past
eleven, with an effort to show that tht want of a
registration act did not affect the election, lit
contended tbat tht Constitution of the United
States gare the power to tbe legislature or tht
State, and that tht constitution ofthe State
could put no resolutions upon tbls constitutional
irrant. to tbe legislature ofthe Stato. Uewent
Into a brief argument to show that (the form of
government in south Carolina was Republican.
The third objection tbat troops bad been sta
tioned in tbe State witteut authority of law, was
antruo In fact, and If not, so It must be presumed
tbat tbe officers of tbe Qorernment understood
and executed tbe laws.
In relation to the presence or United States
marshals at tbe polls, be said the Constitution
ftare to Congress the power to enforce Its prorle
ons. and If the evidence was to be admitted there
would bo abundance of proof to show tbo pres
ence oi iucis men were mcciiarj-, it man ut
presumed, la tbe absence of proof to the contrary,
tbat tbe officers had done their duty. In reply
to tbo fifth objection, that there bad been no re-
1ubllean form of government from January 1,
67S, to December 10,1874, be cited authorities to
show that tbe history of tbe state must be ac
cepted as evidence of an established republican
form of government.
Mr. L pr xaca closed at 11 43, and Senator
CamtTiacr waived his right to be heard as an
Mr. liLiiR said they would offer to prove that
cwing to violence and Intimidation, and tbe pres
ence or tho United States troops on tbe day or
election, there was no lull and fair election br
tbe people. The first point oa which he pro-
rosod to lay stress was the absence of any repa
ration of tbe voters. The Constitution of the
btatewas Imperative, and said there "shall" be
provisions mado ror a reglitratlon of qualified
voters over twenty-one years of age. He con
tended tbat there was nothing In the Constitu
tion of tbe United Slates tbat made the Legisla
ture ofa State paramount to the O institution
or the State. It was true tbat the Lvlilature or
a State was an agent or the United States, but
It could not exercise its power in violation of the
authority that created the Legislature.
He charged that tbls was an open, palpable
violation of the Constitution, notoriously done to
perpetrate lraud. It was a historical fact to
which the Commission could not shut Its eyes.
Should this Tribunal, now that It has tbe pjwer
to crash It, lot fraud triumph?
Mr. 1!lam occupied ioriy.flvt minutes lcar
log an hour and a quarter fcr Judge Ulack.
Mr. LAWitaxra said counsel on tht other
slit In view of the brevity or tbe time bad con
cluded to submit the case without argument.
Mr.IUtaiiD said tbeodersof prouf had not
been presented and moed that they be printed
for the convenience of the Commlrsiont he under.
stood they could be printed In an hour, and tbe
order was mode.
Mr. Hlack said he had no time to consider
ibe causei the court knew as much about It as be
did. It was Ms idea thai a counsel should only
speak to assist the court In coming to a conclusion
and when he could not do that he should tako his
seat. .
With much reeling be uld be felt tbat he hid
lost much ot tbe dlKnlty of an American citlicn,
nndtbattbls great nation had got Its fwt in a
crack from which It cauld nut be extricated. If
a forlorn bopo could go out to prevent tbls great
calamity lie woold gladly lead It. He did not
kduw now uu wuuin icei u caiioa upon 10 iaj
down his lire, but IT he cauld, with bis life redeem
tbo nation from the Infamy with which U was
cohered he ought to give his life as freely as he
would go to his bed. Ohjecttons had bun pre
sented here which to hloi appeared insuperable
but It might be that h, la com nun with
millions ol others, had Deen wrouibt up to
ibid oi icaiiDg mat uiaua 1113 wston
Jets clear, and things appear to them different
than they did to calmer per on 1. He went Into
u vAauiiuaiiuii vt (ua cicuuou in ouum uarrfiiiia,
branching of at Intervals Into slmular strains of
rrmplalntagatfisttbeaetlonor the Commission.
He argued that tbe certificate of tbe Llectors
was not, as by amlsuseoflanguagelt had exme
tobedltiuted a return, but a mere certificate
which could bo Inquired Into 1 hey refused to go
back of the certificate and In fact did not go
back toft. If they would go back to it they
would find that the certificates were not what was
icqulred. HesiIdthatJsis than a year ago one of
tho Senators now on this Tribunal had
attacked Mr. Jcflenun oeciuse or an
alleged (though untiuc) informality In
tbe Llecti ra f voto or Oeorgla, and
he atked if the name of Thomas Jefferson is to go
down to posterity with Infamy, what would be
done with those who count tbls return which has
no formality about it, which leatei out all that
ought to be certified.
They oiler us now, he said, everything but one,
there Is one thing tney will not speik about,
there Is somolhlng tbey will not promise us.
They wilt not promise not to cheat ns hereafter,
iftbey would do that wecou'd leel pretty well
satisfied. JuJge UlacK said he never expected
10 see Brother election. He csreJ not to ask bow
the people bud expressed their will at the pills.
Ho only wanted to know what kind or rasaals
tbey bad got for returning boards.
At l.io P.M. tbe Commission went Into secret
session, but at vnce took a recess until 1 & l M,
Tho Llecttral Commission, after u recess of
three quarters ofan hour, went Into consultation
on the south Carolina case at a quarter to two
11 clock. The session lasted nver hve blurs, the
Democratic ineubers occupying most or tbe time
In the discussion.
At a quarter past fire Mr. Enu trxns moved
that tbe Commission proceed toioteat 0 o'clock,
which wosasrotd toby a vote ofa to 7.
Mr. KrntAK then spoke until a quarter or sir,
snd 31 r. Mohtoh closul the discussion, onJ, at 9
o'clock, submitted the loltowlng:
liemtrtft, 3 hat it U not couipilent for th two
Houses, tMinliled to count the voto fjr I'reilJeut
end Vlce-t'iTHldinl, to lu inlrabyrvldenn wlnthir
abtau-, rtyiilstly rtirt uu l lit the two II01111 or
urir, aiuuroiuKi'd m a Main of th LTntu 1
pipits uy inn tuir iirptiinit-uisni in i imminent,
lin a f,wiiiiit ii ti null Itin lii I'ir.o
Iir r 1 I ! h'i 1. ..ue of nubile .IU.
11 it if c mi fiifi 'j ' ij-v itt 0 uch au xl.i..
as to make U lmpnMtblo for ihf Kuf to exrrclM IU
rrrfiMcm, vim to tsprrli Its Will In ttint wtulf, tt
snfllelent catsc ror rfJeellDjr ny Electoral vote j
fmirrilTijr lu be tbo vote of Vcetor appoints!
Ktlidii tlatc In the Con(tft4 nf the United
KUttp, snuWneogiiUclfteaButeMtheollit-r le-
6irimU4f trie ilfi,rrumntr asd hatarovarn
itiHKrrntblteitl form, aod dett appoint Jtlect-
ore in ie tnanarr pmcnocti or ae tgi'iai
tturver. f-vkfe-ncc cavnot H reMlvfcd by the '
ttoiiira tt tookreti aufrnMI tx oottnt tbo vi
e tftirlilatero
for FrvtldrM and Vko l'rert ltnl.l aforesaid, to
now ma uiiiirniicrBeAiKu i m unc 01 ciro
llou, whli ft may have Interfere I toV greater or Itm
extent wltli tlm freedom of clectlobattbo polls In
sid i(p , . I 1
tttioltt't'Thii It Is not competent for tbe two
llfrtittinr Coiim, warn aftmlilcd to fount the
rotn ror Irri.idiit ad Ice Vrtm lnt, by uklnjc
rvH nee to Inquire Into the rrjrtitarltr of Ilia artlon
of tberrctkitator tbe Uoiuu eiawvii rndint
mtlliry fore Into any ftatc far lite prater ratlin
of order or the uppreutuo of lnnirreetlou and do
uictiie Moirnee, in rr.nr "7 iura prooi in ijt a
ground for njcilng the Klrelrit tom ofiaM Stitr,
deacc offered lonhow ihatlS tJtateof iotli Oaro-
liu. atthelaterlectlon. dldnotluuefc Rtonlill-an
forroofuovernmfntf end the evidence offered on
tiieiatijictordiaordtr and violence, and tin urcn-
cu.-cortrooilnMUIBUte,diiHgealUlcciloti. Is
uotcomprteni, buiuat, ootwitui anoinc tba ofltT
oraitehevMener. the Electoral vettaoftlionuta or
room Carolina chicui 10 wj rccrnei aau counted,
If not oliJctlmabh on other rronnd
Rftnltrtt, lhat the other objeitla to certlllckte
No.) Phow no valid cauw tut rejecting Uioaamt.
Adopted. Yess, Si nays, 7. y
Mr. YlhhV offered tht following substitute:
Rtmtttd, ThatevIdencelsadrotaiiUi'etoahowUiat
pilor to or dnrlog tbe election ei tne 7tliday of
ovamber. 1871, lu the Bute of Bonth Carol faa.
then were aoUwruIly stationed lavarlonapart of
thcBtmSviai vr near tne polllnic placea, detach
men leof troop of the army 01 tlis United t)utc,
by vbois prnMRiid Influence onallflid vour
ofthe auto were derrlred ofthv rlihtoriuffrjap,
and a free chofci by llie people of uetldentlu eleo
tort wai prevenud.
And tbe following!
ktMrtrd. Tht evllencata admlaibt In ihn
ithatalthe eieetlounn the tti day November, isre.
j renin carcmn, lorre were ataiioneti t mo ict
1 rai TxiuiDr places in ti suit, aonaty mrnats or
U11 finltel btaief, excxedlng one tooajtaod tn num
ber, by wlioto unlawful action at4 laterfcrnce.
ituurr vutv iivni ,itv I'Di. intent u, iuviicc-
ejaallllrd voter ortlio HUt wuredeprlredor the
rlftotorinaraaand a free choice b r tbe people of
1 residential i tectoJe was prevents
rruucDiiai w irriaja was pnTrBiiii.
The substitutes were rejected. .Yeas Mei
Abbott, Batahd, Cli rr okd, Ikld, Iluardv,
Nays Messrs. Ubadlct, EDkcaoa, Friliito
nuiSE!, UARrixLD, Hoar, Miltxb, Moaroa
and Stoso S.
Tbt question recurring on the adoptlen'of Mr.
Morton's resoluUsn, they were Adopted. Yeas,
si nays, 7i tbe above vole being reversed j
Mr.FitEUNUHUYSKN oflered tht fellow-
. Jltt
,Mtinfftt, Tbat Theodore R. Raker, 8. HcGowan,
JolinW, Harrlngtoa. John Isaac JJngeham, WH-
Ham Wallace, Jubn B. Erlaln, Hotwi AM rich, tho
prrani Manea a eirctora 111 crriianair, jiox. wart
not tbe lawful electors for tbo State of South Caro
lina, auainai lueir votes art naiiD voir pro
vided for brthe coutt I tailor or ibe Onlted Hutet
and abould not be counted. Adopted unamliuously,
Mr. MORTON offered the toltwrlng :
Rttolced, Tbat C. I. Doweui4. Wlnfmltb,
Tcjbms B. Johnston. TiuioUiy Ifnrley, W. B.
Xlasb. Wilson Cook andW.V. Meyers, the persons
named as electors In certificate Mo.1. were Uia law
frl electors for the MUte of Boalb Carolina, and that
tlielr votes er tbe voles provided for by ibe consti
tution of th United Htatea and sbpnld bo eooated
ror 1'iisldeut and Vlct-fresldant of the UuIUd
Adopted, yeast, nays T, the fame as the vote
on Mr. MobtoVb previous resolutions, a report
10 be presented to tbe two Houses, giving the
grounds on which the Commission reacbed its
decision, Mr Mobtox oflered the following:
Rttoltl, That tbe thanks of the Commission are
due to Commissioner CLtrroaDi for the ability.
Adopted unanimously, I
A resolution offered by Mr. Stboso, was adop
ted, authorising the members of the Commission
to hie tht remarks made by them during tbt con
sultations of the Commission, and hare the same
published with tht proceedings of the Commis
sion. 1
A resolution removing tht injunction 0f secrecy,
was adopted.
On motion orMr. Oarfibld, at 64 p. m , tht
Commission adjourned until 11 a.m.ou t'rlday,
msrcuai, uniess sooner canea logetner vj its
presiding officer.
A Threatened Attach on tMcTifnitrgent Capi
talCrime Rampant In the City of Havana
Reinforcements for the Insurgents Safely
I SptcUl Cott tiponit n c of thXaltHl Btpub
fkea.J Havana, Feb, 27-Asecon4 attack, accord
ing to underground railroad reports tn town this
morning, has been directed by Oen. Martlnea
Campos, with as large a lores of all arms as be
could spare, against Uuaymaro, on the lTth, com
manded by blmseir and staff. Egregious failure
seemed to hare attended bis bate effort, and tbe
coveted capital or the rebellion remains undis
turbed, Tbo slaughters or tht Spanish troops Is repre
sented as appalling, losing heavily in material,
etc. Qcn Maximo tromex was in command or the
defending Cuban forces, and gare tbe over con
fident Martlnes Campos something to brood over.
Tht Inaccessibility and Impregnability or
tbe locality Issomethlng Indescribable. Imagine a
territory over which, llkoIeriegorlnla, there
seems to have dropped a rainfall or hills and
rocks; through long defiles only footpaths exist
for a distance or over fifteen or twenty miles,
overhung by ranges of lofty hills and broken
country, where a hand full of determined
men can arrest the progress and Inflict sad
haroe on an advancing foe below, and your
readers will hare formed a pretty accurate Idea
of tbe lato folly of Oen. Martinet Campos,
which has cost blm already over 3 women and
much material besides the disheartening effects
upon tbe meras of his sickly starred, unpaid
and dissatisfied hosts, who keep on deserting in
large numbers.
The official bullletlns are crammed every day
with imagicary successes egelnst tho Cubans,
whom they represent as eager to return to Span
ish allegiance, and carry tbe efiroatcry softras
to report hundreds of men, women and children
coming Inte tbelr lines, as If It were possible tbat
lonla would give themselves up to be shot In
ciId blood. Not very likely
Astounding crimes are being perpetrated In
dlilerent parts of the elty. The other day
there were taken out from a well in Coji
msr, near Ouadabicoa, the corpses of a
woman of forty and of a boy of thirteen
years or age, murdered by a man named
Naranjo, through Jealousy. A man was
assassinated InMarlanaoa few days ago, perpe
trators unknown. Night bofore lastaieed mer
chant, benor Saulalo, was murdered at tbe cornor
of Manrlque and San Kafael streets ate o'clock
C, m. The perpetrator is stilt at large and un
nown. aid ron TUB ISrBVBIEMTB.
The reported landing of two expeditions for
the patriots have bsen confirmed.
Negroes, Chinamen, Cubans and soldiers run
away and desert In large numbers to the Cuban
lines I'laatatlons are burnt ntty day, and
troops are iiowcrleis to prevent It.
l'iimBj increases, nnu aiarm is to 119 tracer in
every countenance. Gold Is up at 'iri per cent.,
sod steadily rblng. People won't pay contribu
tions any longer, and Martlnes Campos' Illusory
cablegram lately published in New York will
never berealixcd.
Movement of the Russian Crand Dukes.
New Yoiik, Teb. 27. The Orana Dukes
Alexis and Constantino and their suite will not
leave for Norfolk, Vs., until to-morrow. It was
their Intention to haro started to-day but tbey
fostpoccd their departure. This mornlag
bey all left tbe hotel at U o'clook anl
went in aiiierent directions. The Uran 1
Duke Alexis went up Hroadway, Constantino
went down Hroadway, and the Haron Schilling
Jutoied on a downtown i-oartb. atcnue car..
Mopeiuent of au Episcopal Minister With
u Voiing Lady
New port, Vt., Feb. 27. Efforts are beloj
made here to arrest Iter. Charles Thorpe, an
L'plr copal minister of Berry, Prorlnco or Quebec,
who bad eloped last Saturday with a young lady
of resectable family, leaving his wife and three
children. As Thorpe could nut be held be left for
Utlca, If. Y.,the girl going to Lowell and re
using to return home.
The PMladelpbla International Kxhlbltlou
Com p Ay,
PuiLADELrnu, Feb. 27. At a meeting this
afternoon of Ibe stockholders ot tho International
hxhlb.tlou Company, in Iho building known as
Jadfcllall,ou tbo around of tbo late Centennial
KsbllillloD. J, K. Klni-.ley prrsldln, It was ue
il.lid to liu rtaio th lanital at 01k or a ,1.1 rnmninv
to'4C.tU". i lsrpiilcd that tho cxhlblilun whl
(eupentd lib Iiiiiks1uk cercmunlcs ou thcMof
Ms) next.
A Canadlnii Defaulter Abscoiuls.
Montrpil, Feb. 2?, Thomas MacDutTy,
rrpicscntallTvIn tuadaufil llntUli linnbsr Arm
cf ttllman H to , Iijsu so ntVd, 1 u li lu
dc r-U U U.fU-rf ttVUrt'Ws
riannya otxit thk jt.irt.no to
The Will to be Contested The Various In-
Irrcsta lleprcwnted Tli Case Adjourned
till the Dili or March.
tDy 1 elrgraph to tbe National Republican.
Naw Ton, Feb. 27. This morning the Surro
gate's Court was densely crowded on tho occasion
of tht offering for probate or the will or tbe late
Commodore Vanderbllt. Among tht relatives of
tht deceased In court were W, II. Vanderbllt and
bis two sons, Mr. Cornelius Vanderbllt, oneor the
contestsnts. and several others. The legal fra
ternity was largely represented.
As soon as court was opened Surrogate Calvin
said that several appearances aod notices had
lin flloil In th Fits ol tha tirobita of Mr. Van-
1 ,1-thlIt'i lll
,"..: . .t . -w . 1. .
Mr. Clinton, for the proponent, then asked to
1 t allowed to see the notices. and, they were
' v!V.T-v. '- vt-,-i ' '
1 ne loiiowmg 11 a copy 01 mem:
Surrogate's Court, county or New York. In the
I natter of the papers writing, 'propounded the
utt will nod teitament, etc., of Cornelias Veudix
tilt, deceased 1
'lane noucft tuai 1 am reiaioo 1 oy ami appear iwr
rxastd, tod draiiLhd tbat alt notlc and jvtpcr
i.ereln be served ou me at my onioe. Mo. 1W broad-
"ffiw X Yor. F.. . .O.tn ALH , v
Proctor for Cornelias 4. V aod. t but.
To Hon. Ski axoC, (HLYlit
KTHAN A I, t. Eft, SorcouuKl.
The following are the forms of tne other ap
pearneef,dlvnedof ibe verbiage at the open
ing, whleh In each cast was similar In language!
SoUcelt beriby(lventh&tCaiellndV. Allen a
daiiftbtsr and on of thonettof kin of th 11M
CorueJlMS Vanderbllt, decesMnl, apprars la Hits
matter In relation tt the said paper writing, pro
nonaded forprvliate a tha last will and totainenl
and tliecwllcll thereto of iho said Cornelius Van
derbllt. deceased. t 1
U'Ki " Y'""" "Sl&MATTHlWS.
Proetor for Etbellnda T. Alien.
PAVID 1)1 PLVY riicLD, of Canel.
Tak nolle that Btary a, I, Man, one of Ue
danihurf, and next orhla ofthe said Cornelius
aDderbllt, deceased, apnrars herein, and that 1
am rttalned as ber proctor, and demand tiatal!
pipi r WJ "cr.' uviiiui'iiiNif vmc at iw, n urvnn-
lnlhMlvr Nw Vnrlt
latedMW Youk rch, 27, 1ST7.
Frocioref aald Uary A. La llaa.
GiorgtW, Wipat,oCunL
Take notice that Hat la Louisa Clark and Cath
rineLa Vltt, daufhtrrsandnextof kin or th said
Cornelius VaudvrbUt, deceaeed, appear In this case.
and tbat I am retained a proetor for seu of said
dascbters, and demand thai all pspere be serves no
me at my office, Urand Central uepot. New lora
' hit AITMnKY 11. lllPtUi'
rroctor for said if aria Loulaa Clark and Catherine
Mr. Dudley Field said that be was associated
with Mr. Matthews, and appeared for Mrs. Alien,
danihter ofthe deceased.
Mr. Chauncey Deptw then announced that he
appeared for Mrs. Maria Louisa Clark, w.' of
tbt late Horace F.Clark, and daughter of the
Mr. 1L K Clinton These are, there tore, all
the appearand s entered. It Is proper to state
with reference to Mrs. Torreneo and Mrs. Thorn,
both daughters of tht deceased, taat no objection
will be mado on ber part to tbe probate of the
will. He would, however, suggest that the con
sideration or the casebe postponed only to Thurs
day of next wetk, as Judge Kapello,who was
a .witness to tbe will and codicil, would
have to leave the city on Friday, and
bo would like to hare him examined before leav
ing. Mr. Dudley Field then rose and said that In
consequence of tbe absence of David Dudley
Field, the senior counsel of Mrs. Allen, at Wash
ington, be moved tbat tbe ease be adjourned for
a fortnight, when they would state tbelr objec
tions and proceed, unless unforseen complications
should arise bywhlcti David Dudley Field would
be delayed at Washington.
Ethan Allen l hart to repeat what Mr. Field
has Just said as to an adjournment, excepting a
change of name. I appear for Cornelius J. Van
derbllt, one of the heirs to contest this will, and
1 hava asicctated with iaa Mr(SoJi.trjnI. now
engaged in Congress, and Mr. Jeremiah Black; "
Mr. W. H. btarr said he represented Mr. Scott
Mr. Clinton then said under this state er facts
be had no objection to a postponement for ten
Mr. Field and Mr, Allen said the adjournment
was not long enough.
Mr. Clinton Dot understand eouosel appear
here for tbe purpose of contesting the will.
Iloth Counsel Certainly no doubt about that.
Lurrogate Calvin then saggested, If all the
counsel were agreeable, that the case should be
postponed until Tuesday, March 13, and that
copies or objections should be served on Mr. Clin
ton by March 0, so as to be fairly considered.
Tbe counsel baring assented, the Surrogate set
down tbe time at eleven o'clock en the morning
ofMarch la, and added that ho should set apart
for It tbe whole of the nay, so tbat It might
proceed without Interruption from anyotbor
came. Counstl left tht court room, which
soon alter presented its usual dull aspecl.
TifJS COk7.VT.fA COHl'LLTri).
The following table ghee the result of the
official count by Congress of the Electoral votes
tildxv A UBtnnirxs,
1 lHHK9,
( Iorado..
Arkansas .....
Kansas 6
1 oulilaoa a
Maine 7
Massachusetts IS
Michigan II
Minnesota , 6
Nebraska S
NetaJa S
Ni w Hampshire 5
Ohio n
Oregon 3
Pennsylvania S3
Ilbodslalaud 4
flUIIlUU ,,...
Missouri .,
Mew Jersey
AortU Carolina.
Tel si ,
MtXOItCAl'lTAL rones.
Secretary Morrill
Dr. rope, tbo physic! in of Secretary Morrill,
n ports tbal the Becretar) 's recovery Is an atsured
thing, aud he will be up and eboot as usual In a
week or two."
Expected Arrival of Governor Hayes.
Governor Hayes Is expected to arrive here
next Friday nit bt, and. it Is understood, bo will bo
the sunt or A s.l taut Justice bwayac, of the Bit-
premo Court,
Mr. C.C. Adams, who was appolot&l clerk
oftiioTreasury, under Becri-tary Brlitow'e admin
litratloii, and subsequently held a prominent posi
tion In the Special Asriuts Bureau, has becu dis
missed. Approved by the President.
The President to-day appro red tbe act of
Coufrresstoperficttko revision ofthe statutes of
the United btstos, aud ofthe statutes relating to tho
District orcolumbla.
Two Years lu the Penitentiary
Information has been recelyed at tbe At
toimy Ueucrsl's ofiice that Mare A.Shsffinburjr,
V. 8. Marshal for the lerrllorvof Colorado, nho
wss Indlrted for cmbexiUment of a-OTF-ntncMit
ftimUla his c lis rye, was last Ualurdiysent to tun
pctiltiiitUr) fortwojeays.
Naval Order.
Commander Wm. A. Ktrkland, detached
from the command of the Trolle, bouili AUintle
station, on tbe reporting of bis rtllif, and ordered
to return to the United States aud report arrival.
Lieutenant James It, Bclfrldge, from the training
ship Mononfrahcla, and n retired tt duty for In
struction lu 01 Jnanco at tbe navy ) rJ, Washing
tou. American Vessel Lost
Information has been received at tho ?.-ms-
ury, through the Department ofBtatP, or tho lots or
the American schooner, 'Costa Sacrciucnto,'of
San Frsuclico, 31 tons burden. In making the Na
vska Passage In the iiortbeisleru portion ofa groap
ofthe rejevltl's, she becain a perfect witck the
taittalu and crew arrlvidat LcrakaUvolau on the
ITiiinit,, having loss ercryiblng excipt wn&'iuey
Coinmllfeo Meetings,
The Senate Commltteo on Appropriations
considered th Sundry I Ivll Appropriation hill it
tbilr mctllug ycsUrdsy morning, lmta.lJournid)
without completing their work, nntll last ulRht,
TbeStiiauiConiuiltteeoii Fnrtlin AlTalrs wernoo
rnplrd ictterUy mornlug In con.ldcr ug (.rrtala
minor clslnia. No hmlnraa nf ImporUnii-HllI lis
ral lilfiil l (lit 1 iiiiiinlltri I'nrlii I' i- m
1 dfcO.U., ..!;.-
.1 ir-ir Mr.KTixa.
Urn who Frotel" Because the Tribunal
1'onaldera that Hayes ! Elected Appeal'
In from Con green to the reople "11111 bus
tera Transferred from the House to Tall
madge Hall-Til den, or (Iter lad I
"A general mss meeting for the purpose
of protesting; against the consummation of tbe
Sadleal conspiracy, to place a defeated candi;
date In tht Presidential chair,1 was called at
Tallmadge Hall last evening. There was a mot
ley crowd in attendance, a number of respectable
eltliensor the District, wbo were persuaded to
take part in the meeting, afterwards expressed
themselves as disgusted with tbe pro
eeedlngs, and ashamed or themselves ror
aavlcg participated In tbem.
Over tbtstsgt tbt Bag or the Union hung In
graceful folds above men, many of whom would
have gladly torn It down.
Before tbe proceedings begsn a brass bin 1 In
attendance played the "Sweet Ilye anl Dye,"
but this did not seem to take with th unterr.flcd,
It being apparently too suggestive.
Dr. Mary Walker, accompanied by Mrs. Til lot
son, entered the ball In their semi male costume
snd were received with applause.
Dr. O, F. Culver called the meeting to order,
and Mr. William H.Claggett was elected chair,
man. Mr.Claggett male tbe usual remarks on
takln j the ebalr.
Along list of yiee.i'reiidcnts ami secretaries
were chosen.
or Indiana, was tht first speaker. He said that
as he bad never had experience In preaching at
funerals, and be did not know whose funeral it
war. be wished the leaders In Congress had
spoken out and said that Til Jen and Hendricks
should be Inaugurated peaceably If possible, but
otherwise It ibey must. Their fortune was In
tbelr own hands, and if they met the issue now as
bravely as they ought to meet It, their redemp
tion was secure.
nOHt4.it. BRIGHT1.
of Tennesse, the next speaker, claimed that Lut
slana had cast her constitutional Tote ror TIM en
a'od Hendricks. It had been done by Constllu.
tlon and law, and he defied the right of anytrl
bual to take them from tbe box to which they
had been constitutionally cast. Ue then spoke of
tbe Electoral Commission as a side Keiurnlog
Hoard to which tbe testimony was referred, and
ssid Itwasthousht they could have a fair solu
tion of the question, and tbat they would renter
a fair and Joint verdict in tbe matter, but tbey
bad found no solace, nothing but wounds and
He thought some members of tbe Tribunal
would be classed witn juoas 1 scar lot ana liene.
diet Arnold. Congress was earironed, and tbe
remedy was In the bands or tbe people, and as
such Congress and every one must look to tbem
ror vindication. He appealed to tbe nation to
strike tbesemen with its scorn ofoutraged liberty.
Let tbelr Indignant rebuke rise as thunder tones
ir Hayes was Inaugurated tbe people would
never have an opportunity or putting another
man an tbe same place.
now. w. w, SCOTT,
or Femsylvaata, who was the next speaker.
Ol 1 cirnPjlTania, uo wmm iu bmi iinniii.
thcugbt tbey might hare peace temporarily, but
Ithin tbo nest sixty dare the people would find
liiruaja tun irwviv nuuiu unu
thev harfnoTieara. To sum tholnaurnratlc
to stop tne inauguration or a
S rvtiucat not iciu v; ip jfwvjfiw, tb iuiu
doty to do everything within tbe law that It was
Fusible to do. The speaker advocated David
ndley Field's bill.
He would say to tbe Senate tbat he would go
on no further with the count, and if you want
revolution, yon wilt inaugurate It yourselves.
There was one solution of this question, and that
was toio no further with tbls eount.and put the
bill on the table of the Senate, and If thsy re
fused to accept lt,tet them go ton with the Inaug
uration ofthelr man and lnaagurat revolution.
Csptaln Wm. P. Fleming, or tbe District, of
fered the follow lag resolutions which were unanl
mously adopted:
Htftml, That we. the eltlscne aad temporary
rtitdeutaortlielHitrictof Columbia, la mass meet
ing ssirabltd. deaoanco, as wltboatpreredeet In
th history of civilisation, the shamela breach of
iruat ab lha nart of lb malotilvof the Klcctoral
Cotnmlsnlon, by which the peila of three sovereign
Suits have been rubbed of tho elective franchise.
aaa tony duuioui si irrwuirn rjiravcitvt iucu
choir for President and Vlce-Prrsldent.
Sttohtd, That, loastnncn as fraud visits every
contract, therefore uoobllgatloa now exists to bind
members of ronarcsstoa further support ofwhat,
Irsteadof a Tribunal, basdeceacratedluto amon
strons political Juetctrnaat, beneath whleh wllllbo
croslMdtn llberucs, nsnts ana saaauoou or tue
Aerlran people.
Hemlrid, That In this hour of dire extremity wt
demand tbat the rtprescntatlres In Conaress pro
vent, by allmraasat their command, tbo consutn
tnatlan of tbcSnal villainy contemplated In the lu-au-rnratton
ot a Chief Cxecutlvu defeated bya poi
ula r majority of more than a quarter of a million of
Hon. It. M. Hunter, of Va., believed It was their
duty to stop the count. Anything but Hayes.
P. M.H. Young, of Oa, wished to Iod he was
a member. When they heard from the people it
would be In thunder tones.
The following dispatch was read:
t. a. coskuso rurrxus to stat at komr.
Nxw York, February 2f, HIT.
Duncan S. IFfr;
I prefer to denounce tbe perjured vllllans wbo
have destroyed the Government bequeathed to
us by tbe heroes and sages of tbe Involution hero
at borne, where tbe Metropolitan press may re
peat tbe echoes. F. A. Cob-klino.
Mr. Jones, or Kentucky, and Major McDowell
Carrlngton, were the last speakers, and the meet
ing adjourne
The Territory af Lincoln.
Dr. Meyer, of Deadwood City, the Black
Hills delegate to the Dakota Legislature, was be
fore tbe Senate Coramltteo ycsltrdayto plead tbe
claim of bts constituents, his object bet ig to secure
the ens, t men t of such laws as shall beat devUop and
protect the Interests and property of tho residents
ofthe Black Hills. The InhabUints of ibis famous
country arc anxious to secure a territorial form or
government that wU pro cat tbelr Interests, and
Dr. Meyer t, as tftelr special representative, so folly
and clearly demonstrattd tbo necessity of legislation
In this direction that tbe Senate Committee yester
day unanimously rrporled a bill for a territory to tie
known as the Tcrrl ory of Lincoln. Thcgeograpkt
ratHmllsoftklsnew territory, as reported, are to
be as follows! Beginning st apolntwhcro thelOZd
meridian Internets the northern boundary of No
braska; thence running due west along said boun
dary Hue and the protraction thereof to tho 107th
meridian; tbenco north along hald I07.b merldUn to
Its Intersection with tbe channel or tho YUlowatone
river; thence cast war Jly alongihe channel or tbe
rhtr to lis intersection with the 47th ptrailclt
thence ea.t tothe 104th meridian 1 tbenre south to
theenibpsrlltlt thencocasl tolbe lozd meridian 1
tbeuce south to the plce f eounuenpeiiHiit, This
embraces aimtit figlity thousand squar mtU', an I
incstof thcllnessr nuinral bouidarlci. The b II
wlllpiobably pass Ibu tfnate to-day.
Killed by a lloston rolleeman.
Bostok, Feb. 27. Policeman K. W. Free
man shot asd mortally wounded EdwarJ Hlce at
a kouse on Walker avenue, Charlcstown, this
bewassctupouby thoccutanls ofthe room, tlht
tn number, and finally compiled tonebls rcvol
vtr. Pattl Denies the Elopement Story.
FAiti", Feb. 27. A letter from Adellna Tattl
Is published, declaring tbat the statements In
the rtasro about her eloping with the tenor
Nltfollnl, are wholly Inaccurate,
Another Appeal,
Indhnatolis, iDd., Feb. 20. The Board
ofTradt unanimously pas 11 d resolntious deprecat
legauy efforts towards delay of counting the totsa
fur President, and t'l'grsphe I the same lo Itrpre
anitatlvcsaudScnaUrsat Watbingtou.
The Shawinut Insurance Company,
Bostoh, Feb. 27. The report that tho
ebawmut Insurance Company, of Poston, U going
Into liquidation Is erroneous. Tbo company Is
doing aprosperous builncss and has no intention or
A Wholesale Surrender of Indlaus ami
CniCAao, Frb. 37. A dispatch from the
commanding onlecr at tbo t hcyviino agency,
received at llcneral Sheridan's beuduarters this
morning, say that 229 Sioux Indians arrived there
ycMerday from the hostile camp on ,hu Tongue
river, surrendering thilr arms aul three hundred
Commencement of the Trial ol Joe Coburn.
New York, Feb. 37, Tho trial of Joe Co
bum fir assault, with Intent to UU two police offl
a sltort time ago ou UroadwaT. was commenced to
day, lu Court or Ucneral Session, before Jugde
butlurland; there was a large rrowd of roughs and
sporting intu lu attendsuce. Tbo whole day proba
bly Mill be otcupitil lu obtaining a Jury,
New xorfc State Centennial Celebration.
HorNPorT, N. T., Frb 27. Active steps
l.sTnititu tatiu toproiMirly o Udratu the Cm tn-
u I - ., ... r 'yt
nr.sntA xorso jr.Hiitova yon rr.ii
ah sin: 11 ah JIKES.
Doings tn the House) of Common Th Fort
llae an L'ndcratandlng "With fservla The
Anatrlan Hank Trouble Drawing to an
I .on tox, February 27. In the House of
Commons this afternoon R obtrt Hour be, Under
Foreign Secretary, In reply to a.uitloo,saJdtbe
Government bad received Bt confirmation of Ue
statement published In the second edition of tht
Tlmti to-day, tbat 11 was decided at the extraor
dinary council of ministers at St. Petersburg yes
terday to demolish tbo Bat lan army when peaet
Is signed between tbe Forte and Berrta, and
Montenegro. Lord Derby visited Count Schowva
leff, the Russian Ambassador at London, Srht
likewise had no Information on tbe subject. JCr.
Meld en, liberal, gave notice that he would en.tho
37th or March call attention to the correspond coco
bctweon Orsat llrltaln and the United states ea
the extradition treaty, and tbat he would aire
move a resolution tbat It Is desirable to dad somo
means to reconcile tbe previsions of the extradi
tion treaty with the act eflKO. -
St. rsTgKsncna, Feb. 27. Nothing it
known here of tbe news reported lathe second
editions of Uie London Ttmtt to-day, that aa ex.
traonllnary council of Ministers had beea held,
snd that It was decided that the Basslaa army
s build be demobilised when peace was slgaed be
tween Turkey and 8ervra,nd Montenegro.
TheOefosssys the conclusion of peace between
Senia and Turkey would bring the Eastern ques
tion back to tbe same position as at tbt time ef
the Iterlln memorandnm Whoa naa la
eluded tbe moment wilt, therefore, bare aniVe4
when the question of the amelioration or the
condition or the Christians sauat again be raised.
St. 1'ETrnMiCBo, Feb. 27. An extraordi
nary council or ministers was held here yester
day, at which the Czar presided. Qsnersl Igaa
tiefr was present, I learn oe the best authotlty
that It was decided to demobilise the Russian
army when peace Is signed between tbt Porta tad
Sirvla and Montenegro.
BccucnKST, t ebruary 37 In tbe senate to-day
tbt president of tbo council, la reply U aa inter
polation, refused to iroduce tho docasaeats rela
tive to Itoumanta's neutrality In tbe creator war
between Turkey and Hun la.
St. PiTrnsBt'no, Feb. 27 AnnftuocemenU
ol Immediately pending military action an pra
ms tore. Thtrels however In aay cue a proapeet
that energetic steps will botakea. The Oeeisiem
depends on the replies of the powers to Use &
sian circular. Tbe answer of Kaglaad Is repeated
as tbe end of the present wetkj
Tbe Russian authorities have ordered the ar
rest ofa Turkith cavalry reneral named Kdnd
uch, who is charged with teeretly travanaa;
through the Cauessus aad collecting money for
the Turkish wounded.
TVIlKKrr j
CoNSTAMiNorf.c, Feb. 37. An under
standing was finally established to-day belween,
tbe Porte and Berrla. Tbe protocol will eertainly
be signed to-morrow. The Turks will evacuate
Servian territory within twelve days after the
signing ef the protocol. The Servian delegates
will subsequently band the Porte a note giving
guaratees for tbe future. The note will treat of
fourpoiats, vlx: The erection of new fortifica
tions In Servla. The hoisting of the Ottoman
flag side by aide with that orScrrU'en existing
forts. Recognition of equal richts or Jews and
Christians, and the prevention of armed bands
crossing tht frontier. Tbt questioas of the ap
pointment or an Ottoman agent In Belgrade, aad
tbe futurs ownership of Little Sewomikare set
aside for tht present.
A correspondent at Constantinople for
warded recently a story Illustrating the present
administration of Bulgaria. On Christmas day
a rnrklsb gendarme, enraged with the ChtltUan
Msyor or tht vlllsge of Brankortst, after a serer
beating he saddled and brldeled blm, aad com
pelled tbe poor wretch to carry him np and down
the street, anally driving blm to tbe village Inn,
where he threw the reins to the hostler, ordering
blm to wslk his horse up and down. The land
lord remonstrated, whereupon tbe ruffian knocked
him down and ordered his victim te be fed with
hay, which was actually done, the Mayor prsC
lending to swallow It and being finally tethered
up outside tbe door. He was at last released! on
tht Intercession ofan Albanian, but there Is no
redress, all Turks considering the outrage an ex
cellent Joke. That Is the kind of treatment which
goes on In many tillages, yet the ministry ques
tion the Christians' right ef insurrection.
iaxifA, Feb. 23. The general declara
tions made by Turkey of her willingness to give
guarantees if she docs not succeed in Introducing
reform after a certain Interval of grace, have aow
come up again In a more precise form, vlx:
That tbe period of three years be glrsa the
Porte to carry turougb,by means or the Consti
tution, the reforms demanded by the Powers. If
tbe Porte does not succeed It will pledge ItseU to
accept the guarantees proposed by the Confer
ence. The news of this disposition on tbe part of
tbe Porte comes from various sides, so It may be
supposed tbat there is a wish that. It should
be known. It may be meant only as a feeler and
as a counter project to a suggestion which Is at
tributed to Kussla that tho powers should grant
a certala Interval, but pledge themselves to use
coercion If tbe reforms are not effected at Its expi
ration. It, however, deserves attention as tho
first step taken by Turkey smooth conference.
Indicating a desire to aprriach tbe views or
the powers. There seems to be common ground
between tht Turkish and lEuerlen suggestions,
on which an understanding may not be altogether
Impossible, IT what now comes merely as a report
from various quarters really represents the views
and Intentions of the Porte. In fa or the
Busslaa telegraphic ageney's authoritative con
tradiction or an Impending movement er the
Russian army across the Pruth, there Is again
news tost tne uoumanian railway companies
have received an Intimation from the Russian
headquirters to prepare everything ror tbe trans
port at ion or troops. It is said tbat the Russians
also sent detailed Instructions for tho regulaUom
or tbe whole transportation business. There can
be little doubt tbat all preparations are being
gradually made for action. For all that, Russia
may not hare yet fixed a time, and may thus,
with good conscience, contradict tho reports about
Immediate action.
A Belgrade dispatch says It Is rumored
that thy deputies, at tbo opening or thtSkupu
schine to-day, will formally ask tht government
whether Russia or Russians advised Ihem to
commence the late war.and will requestadcBnlto
statement of the exact relations now existlmg;
between Russia aad Servla. It Is also
Intimated tbat tbe Skupschlna will ask
tbe ministers to delay the floal signing or the
treaty ofpeace, until the course of Russia it fi
nally decided. The groat Tear of tbo Servians is
tbat tbey might lose all chance of partlotpattng
In a Russian success, by concluding a premature
treaty with tht Porte.
1 be Berlin correspondent of the Tresis repeats
tbe assertion tbat far from desiring war, the
Russian Oorernmcnt at this moment displays a
marked Inclination to content Itself with some
few concessions.
VensAiLLES, Feb. 37. la the Senate) to-day
M. DufuardUavardle, ofthe Right, Introduced a
motion ror the dismissal or U Simon, by Pre!,
dent MacMabon.on account of the Minister's
former connection with the Jaisraaloaaf. Tbe
Senate refused to allowM.de Oavardieto pro
ceed with his motion. The Senate rejected, for
the second time, the bill concerning tbe organi
sation or trade councils. This is likely to cause
stong feeling against the Senate among tbe ma
jority of the Deputies. The previous rejeeUoa or
the same bill by tbe benatr, alter it had passed
the Deputies, was Instanced by the Republican
Iressasaslgnof the Senate's determination to
mposelts will on the Lower nouse.
1'Aris. Feb. ST. a grana nan won piac i
tbe new opera bouse to-night. Tor the roller or
tbe silk operatives or Lyons. Tbt receipts
amounted to tw,QW.
Berlin, Feb. 27. Two Danish deputies from
Scbleswlg, Holstein, have refused intbaLand.
taa-totskethooathloobferve the Prusslaa eon.
riiiutlcn. Thrv have consequently been de
I Vrre'l IrVin iurHr 1 srtklpetfci In the preed

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