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NO. 82
veapite the mjjeria Erronr or
A raw lOX-iJiML'O LUX.ITTC9.
Who ltavei jlavfiiutlon on the strain Unite
lUdlfwfh VtM ofAll the BUles Counted
Had Recorded Down to Vrtnont-.Prnbn-
artUty that Mr. Hayee Wilt bo Declared
Selected Frreldent To-Day Ignominious
Defe-atof tlierilltrastere.'
Tcsterday wu a lively and important day at
the Capitol., Tlit Senate construing the lair,
strictly In relation to the electoral count, refused
to transact any business, and doing nothing
until It wit tbe pleasure of tha Home to fnV1tr
them to a Joint convention to continue thfeouny1
of the tlectornl rote. After they had retdnw-l tt):
thtlr chamber to consider the objection? In the
South Carolina case, they debated the qutstioav
for the two hour i allowed, nearly all the senators
going over the tamo grounl that theyhaj trat.
criea id tne otner eases, ror in we discussion or
any particular case neither lenaton nor tnemberi
ate confined to the subject Immediately under
The lively teeneaof the day occurred In the
Hoise of Representatives. At soon ai that body
wee called to order 1 10 o'clock, the Republicans
expressed desire to coon with the discussion
or the South Carolina ease, hut they were met
wfth a determination on the part of the fllllbus
teri to cause as much delay at possible. The
fl 1 barters tare been reduced toji mere haaJful
so far M members are conoernad, but they are as
aggressive and determined as ever.
Under a strict construction of the Electoral law
no business can be transacted pending the con
iteration of a question arising out of a count,
lint it has been repeatedly ruled that anything
can be done by unanimous consent. Hence, la or
der to conciliate all differences yesterday, and to
prevent a waste of time by AUbustorlng, It wai
agreed that the Sundry Clrll Appropriation Hill
should be considered, and that the Joint conven
tlon should be called to meet at 10 minutes past
12. o'clock.
They assembled at that hour, but It did not
take long to read thedecliton In the South Oar
olini case, and to file the objections when there
was another separation.
And then the filibusters commenced their oper
allow, but they were defeated at all points. The
backbone of fllibusterlsm was broken for the
time being. Bntuvaiit, of Illinois, who reads
more parliamentary law, and ean praottoally ap
ply less, than any man in the House, opened the
ball by moving a recess until 10 o'clock this morn
ing. This was defeated, the flllbnsterl only mus.
taring 02 rotes. Then Mr. Sheaklit and Mr.
O'Briek almost simultaneously moved a reoess
until TJQ o'clock In the evening, but Speaker
Sau ruled that ont of order, because It was in the
nature of a dilatory motion. The filibusters,
however, took an appeal, and, on a call of the
yeas and nays, thsy round their numbers reduced
te el. Finding that they could not get the yeas
and nays any more on motions for recess, they
played their trump card for delay, which was to
have read the testimony taken by the South
Carolina committee. This would hare oc
cupied two or three days. The Branca
submitted the question to the House, and
again the filibusters were defeated i but noth
log daunted, they determined to get at lent
twenty minutes more dolay, and so called the
yeas and nayi on a motion to reconsider, when
they were defeated again by a reduced majority.
Having exhausted all the dilatory motions they
were entitled to, there was nothing lea for the
House but to procsed with the debate.
After the two hours' discussion the question
was stated te be on a motion made by Mr. Ooch.
juke, that the objection to the decision be sua.
talned, and that the rote be not counted. During
the discussion the leadSrs of the filibusters had
been hobnobbing together, and they cooked up a
fne arrangement for a waste or time, and which,
while it was obviously Intended for dilatory ef
fect, was In such strict parliamentary form that
It had to be reeognttod. Mr. Walmho offered as
an amendment a few formal words, and Mr
Jokes, of Kentucky, followed this up by offering
a substitute for the entire proposition. In this
way ,thry laid ths foundation for a train of
roll-calls which would hare kept the
House together nearly all ntght If the 'plan had
been carried out. Hut alter the first rell call had
been concluded, It became plain that there was
o use kicking against the pricks, and so a com.
promise was offered to the effect that all the
motions should be withdrawn, except the one to
reject the rote of South Carolina; that that
should be adoptod, that the oount should then
proceed In joint convention, and that as soon as
the objection was made to Vermont the Hous
sbealdteko a recess until to day at 10 o'clock.
After some discussion this agreement was car
ried Into effect Mr. Uocnn ami's resolution was
adopted, and the Seoate, which had been waiting
for several hours, was notified accordingly.
r The Senate entered the hall or the Urmia
shortly after 0 o'clock. Owing to the lateness of
tnenoura numner nad gone to their dinners, so
that the seats assigned for the use of that body
were not all filled. Ibis fact was sought to bo
taken advantage or by the filibusters, and Mr
Jotrs,of Kentucky, rose, and, addressing the
presiding officer, demanded to know If there was
a quorum of the benate present. He said the law
required that the votes should ba onanait an
counted In the presence of the two Houses, and If
iutiv w oqi quorum presenter eaon House the
proceedings were Illegal.
Mr. Bisks, of Man., said the question could
not bo raised then. It was one for the Senate to
decide for Itself and the Uonse to deelde ror
Vice-President terry, not heeding either re
mark directed the reading or the resolutions of
the two houses to proceed.
Mr. Josru protestel that the proceedings
should not go on but obtalnod no satisfaction
beyond the Information that he was out of order.
With a demand that his protest be entered on
the second he took his seat, an 1 tho proceedings
went on without further Interruption until the
rote of South Carolina had been counted for
Hayes and the rotes orTennessee and Texas bal
been odimted lor Tilde d. it had bsen rumored
dortngthedty thattherewas somotblhg In the
wind In relation to the vote oi Vermont, but the
matter was kept very quiet and halt an hour
before the two Houses met the leading fl 111 has
ten gar out that they were in doubt
as to whether they should raise
an objection to the certificate of that State
When tho package was opened Mr. Poppletox
exiled for the reading or the papers, and that eon
eluded, bo asked If no other papers had been re
ceired by the President of the Senate, and Mr.
krrt replied thore had no others been receive J.
This seemed to stem the ultra men, and Mr. Pop
ptfcTOK could only reply that ho had bsen led to
believe that returns or papers purporting to be
returns had boon sent to tho President of the
Mr. Hen ITT, (N. Y.,) hero rose, and holding
up a sealed package, said that early In Decern
berbebad recolved by eipress Mr. IUwitt
did not trusf tho malls, you knowj a package
purporting to be the electoral rote or the State
of Vermont, and with It a letter stating that a
similar package bad been sent by mall to
the President or the Senate. He had, during
yesterday been to that officer and had been In.
formed by hlta that such a paakago lud nover
been received. Ho had tendered the package
which had been In hts possession since last He.
comber, and It had been rejected on the ground
that the president of the Senate had no authority
to receive It, and (with a heroloalr,) he now ten.
deredlt. Is is a little singular that, as the
tralneror Caoxiir, Mr. IIiwiit, after having
studied upon the points and been at VW ox
peasa to bring blni to Washington as the bearer
or his own certificate, should bo so forgetful as to
forget the certificate or which, ho was male the
bearer, and lall to deposit U until so long after
the time for opening and counting the totes. But
great minds cannot go Into detail, one could not
to uapectod toscrutinlio the amount of gum on
Ms envelopes and think or depositing tho elcc
tpralyoioofasotcrctgnStato at the tamo time.
' Mr. IUwitt was perhaps enlightened by being
t tdwf'nt cttry rlrrr number know, that tho
i'rcjJdut of tho Scnato vis forbidden by law
from receiving any returnt'alter the first Thurf.
dayjilebrunry. It may be that In the rehear
'saierflhe performance this little oversight wai
premeditated, In order to give greater scope to
tho talent or the other per form or. He that as It
may, the parliamentary BrnmaiR took his cue
front Mr. Hxwiirr, and offered a resolution,
which he should bar and probably did know was
Indirect violation of the electoral act, The Chair
prom it 1 ruled It outer order, butMr. SriunaKR,
in violation of all order, persisted In demanding
Its reading until the Ciut was compelled to re
buke him sharply. And Juit here came the un
kUnlcstcutofall. Mr. Fajut ealdiJ "The Chair
Trill be required to compel the member
frim," and here he looked Inquiringly away for
t$ae one to tell him from what part or the oonn
!try the noisy and unruly Member eatne from, and
H9 iuiu iiiinvi, nu tutu tuuviuuiuK mi
sentence "from Illinois to take his seat." Great
Hearem! tho Vice Presidentpf iheTJnlted States
nottoknowSmiKOKR, SrnisoR,the great ex
po under of Constitutional and parllamenlory law.
Was such Ignorance erer known T
lint Srsisidin was not to be squelched so. He
loudly proclaimed that he had rlghta that the
Presiding Officer could not take from him, proba
bly referring to the right to makeanassof him
seir, of which nobody can deprive him. Dot he
finally came down from his high house, and with
the assistance of Representative A. H. Hamil
.to, of Indiana, and Senator Msrrimosi trans
formed his resolution Into an objection aitfi
CsAin had suggested at the outset.
The force oi his objectton was baiei on a tele
I ram to the Speaker from tho Clerk or the U.S.
District Court or Vermont, certifying that a oopy
of the bogus certificate had been deposited In his
office, Instead orthePost-offlee, deposited there
probably because, like Mr. IUwitt, Mr.
AtDmcir, the bogus Kleaior, was afraid to trust
the malls.
Mr. PorrtuTow then presented his objections,
which were based on the Inellglbllty of one or tho
Electors, Mr, Sollace, because he wis apjiU
master on the day of election.
After calling for further objections, and heari
lag none, Mr Pbrrt, said the Senate would now
retire. He handed the gavel and had left the
stand, when Mr. SrnmoEn, rousing from his
perusal or Barclay digest, aald he
made the pointer order that this question must
bo considered by the Commission and not by the
twoUIouies. Uls "point" wae received with
bursts of laughter, la whloh his own friends and
the retired Senators heartily Joined. SfRtirnKS
In a fury, shouted, you may laugh now, but wo
hare got you for to-morrow, and eubaldedlato
his seat.
Motions for a recess were made by several
members, but tho SmAxa-R declined to reoog
nlse any of themi declared the recess by virtue of
the former unanimous agreements, and at 7J p.
m. the moat exciting day' session since the com.
meneetnent or the count, terminated.
joat cosrrynoy or iiotji novsm.
first Meeting.
At 12 13 tho Senate entered the hall, and
the Joint Convention was called to order by Mr.
Perry, who presented the deoielon In the South
Carolina case, which was read, as rollows:
WASniJCOTON. D. 0., tCU. 17, J877. f
Totht tTttdml oftkt ftnate Aei
The XWloral Commlulon Rieatlonod Id uIJ act.
naTlng rrrrlrcd certain ubpcroai and pipere
(.nrportlng tobecertlrtcatef, and piperi ceampo
iirlDjrilte nmc of the electoral votea from Lba
bUiaortJoath Caroline, and the ohjecttona thereto
ubnlttedtoltunderuldaet, now report, that It
) duly considered the same pariaantto esld act,
and baa by a majority of rotes decided, and
doca liert-uy dtcido that the votea of U, O.
llowcn, J. Wlnimltli, Tbomaa B. John
on, Tlmollir Hurley, W. 11. XasU, WlUoa
look and Wj r. Meren, named In the certificate of
1. H. Ihamlwrlila, Governor or said tttate, which
vottflareurtlfled hyld peraoniaaappiarebr the
crqlflratfsenbiDltl4d totiielXmmlFon a afore
tao.and vtirked "No. l.N.C.v tirtUdconmUtre,
nad herewith rcturaed an-the voles provided for
itytheConatUutlonoftbellalted Mata,and that
tlietsnieareUwrally to becountcdai herein cit
tlBed. namelrt eevt n CT1 votea for Itutbrrrord SI,
Usytf, or toe tltate or Ob to, for rrcrirttnt, and
WS" ('i,or yVUllam A. Wheeler, the ijlitt
cfNew York, for Vice President.
The commission liu by a majority of ToO-i 'u
derided and docs ht re by decide ml report, that the
nt'ven persons Just aKto named were Uulr .
pointed elcctoia Inaudbythe Utatcofbouth t'aro-
The brief f round of Uils dcclilon Is, that It ap
pears. nponautJi evldenee as r the eonstltutloit
and law iiaimd la aald act or Oon jrtn ta coiaiMLeDt
audiwrtlLfiilto the conlderalun of toe subject,
tliattna before mentioned electors anpcsr to have
17W'W"' appointed authclcttoreofrrealdrnt
fnvJc:lr.,llf.n.lorLlh United sutei for the
term beginning March e,A.l. isn. ofthe Ptete
oftiontU Carolina, snJ that ther voted as sttch
the lime and In llir manner providrd for by the cont
sututleuof ibUnludtatrand the law M"VWIli
And the oro minion, as ntrther crounds for their
decision, are of opinion that the film re of il.e le.iv.
latureto provldva sysWin lor the irclstntlon i of
persons entitled to lole, do-snot render naastory
II elections brld under said lar, oihcrwlM sum
cient, though It may be the duty or the le Ulsture to
vnaet such Uw. ffltwero otnenrls.all Uorcrn.
incntln thatfetitaUa aiarpatlout Usomcers with
out authority, and the social compact In that Btate
That this CommLisIon hunt uka notice that there
laUoernmeiitln ttoulhLamllua, KepubUcsn In
f rnu since lis conatltntlon provides for such a Uoi
rrnment, and u Is. and wneontbedayofapiiolotliic
rlcriora. so reioiriiUej by the executive, and by
ltolbbranrheaorttiptcr tlatlva dtpprtmentior the
Uever&mtntoriho ITnftedBtatcs."" "l lu
lliatio fuastiie Cpmmliipu can take notice of
iheptesenroor thesoldlerior the United fames In
the ute i of tjouui Carol Uia during the election, it
or the Untudt)Utestoionpres Insurrection, at the
request of the proper authorities of tho btate
But we are sli of the opinion that under the
pspers beroreuslt appears that Hie Oovimor and
Secretary of ntate h log rertlBed und r nal ofthe
btate that the fUciors whu votes wo hare decided
to be lawful electoral i otes ef the Btate weru duly
appointed elector, whlcn cmitcates, bitli by
presumi.llou of law and by the reriuicate or the
rival claimants of tbeekrtoral ottlcu was baaed
upon the action oi the Btaie canvastera, there
eiUte no power in this Commission, as there exists
ltooe in tae two jloii.aof Oonyress. iacounllne;
Ihe clectoraM on , to Inquire into UieclrcuHuiauVea
under wbleh the primary rote for electors was
i Tna'powerpf iheContressof the Ualled Btate.,
lnltsleKl latlve rapacity, to Inquire Into the inaU
UrsalleLed, and toaetapootbe mrormatlbnso oh
taimd liartty fi.tTutntonerrou lu powrln the
jristuroreountloKtbotlcctoral rotos. The voUs
lobe eoented are ; those prest nted by tne States, and
whBaerlaluedandprtMTiitad by' the proper an
UiorliUs of Ihu biatia, they uu-t becouatei.
llieLounnlisIoiihaiauodeildrd, by aomjorltrof
roua, and does hereby olmrt aud report that, ui a
came ofthe torcjroinjr, and unon thegroundsabove
"" A ihe PBJ r PrPnrtinr to t Uio ilicloral oU
j i ran Id State ofBoulh t arolfua, alined by Theodore
lf.,ialeior '." Wed for bvthflioastuutlou
priho Ud ted Htatet, and llist they ought not to
bn counted as such. ' "y lw
Done at Wasnlngton, D. C, the day and year
aboe written, ' '
.,l'xn;dl--ftmnelK. Miller, V. Strong, Joseph
IMlradlcy, George V. tdmunds, 0. 1. Morton,
l-rederlck T. trellnghuysen, James A. Oarllsld
ueorge i. Hoar.
i.?.k ? havlnr been read, BIr. Phillip?,
(MiHourl) presented the following objections-
The undersigned,Senators and Representatives,
do hereby object to counting the votes cast by c.
a llowcn. a Wlnsmith, T.ll. Johnston, Tlraothr
ijorley, W. IL.Naib, Wilson Cooke, and Y.Y.
Myers, Illegal electors or thebtateofSouth Carol
llria In conformity to the decision or the Electoral
Commission, and as reasons therefore asslgd the
i i;.11"0 xxX election wash. Id In Month
Carolina on IovrmberT, isti, for I'reihb nllalKU c
).i! ??1,nP", yllh ttiMlonJ. Article of th
iHviVilS'i!'.'."'.?.' f-1'Iriag the regUt ration of
all JCUctors ofthe Btate as a qusllncatlon to ote.
:liB1ir"MM,lB5f,!l7l,n''naudB prattled In
4atlotiortloneiorslnssid ttata b the VeJera
Oojermnent, prior to and during the aald electloi",
itai lon'nirlii various nans of sild Btate near the
rlH?rl 'c.m detaehmvitts Of tha United Hiate
armyrbcftillandmeexerLUoortlie rlghl of auf"
?"fmr.7wTe?eVtta1nCad.CqUCUt,0t wt,teh tU"U
iti.n.u'.,,!,Tlolu.WBJ' th Cemlltntlon ofthe
Snl if1 h t',V aullrorltlesnl the several
PilU1" l,',,1,n "W L 8".tt ' "Id Jay of l
tl in, sMtloiisd ay r 1,C deputy Unite I Utatea Mar
shals, ho far their aiilawfTil and ahltsry"cHo"s
ih;Lf.VB0.,,,Bu.n,,,l!,l0rUe Insiruetlos rroni
r..fi'W',m nt. iw2lS f ln'rrsrd with the
niUanUriti.xrrilMof tho riant of auftrafre ofthe
!eT? i.'V1 ?M Mtll aleeilon "uhlnit
jitq. ' "othtU InaidtaivoiovimhvrT,
i'.S,il-iworV.V ,bir . IKTU, ws iiot
State. rOII,U OTcrnorof said
. ilrraueulfae said Llectoral CommlloT, eon
iiscttoltsuu y and the iithorlty visiedln U by
lav. mglrt ltd an reruaed l Inqulrd lutn thg fcts
and alitgatloiis aforesaid, and hlr Said dec Utoii
la contrary l the law and h truth.
e. UtcauKept thettmeofihe pmendM apoolnt
sntniufialdeketore, the btstuof Hojtli Caiofiita
jannder.iiress fr,nu the porter ofW 7u itd
... uiii.nniiijciuiuiuinn it. sua ,iv! ir
cicond Hi urm:at-.' Jo not sm thK s m
elector voted by ballot, aereinlred by the Oo3I
te11onofthUnltdHUtes, ,. i .
Third, The certtdcata upon the eovtlipelb
which said certificate, nso, it an4 aceompaorfag
pspera were rleelws no! the ecrt)neVerS,
qalrcdbytheUwn r.rthUnltMiKttis. ' - '
tNiarnedi T. Mj Norwood. Ue,i) J, K. Kelly,
fureaoniUlsrrer Cooner. (Tenn tlS. li. Maxer.
(rsisi;)W, Aj Wallace, (Pa.i) Heater Dinner,
Pan FraalUB TVellf. f Mo i Ai T. Wall In ir.
j;.i. -... .:..' .". .i .. i.t . ...."'
iwmoii a, rti maaiii, n.uij jnnn n,
tJO John It. ttden.
(in irrnemaa
I Jones, (Ky.t) J, R. Tucker.
(Vav.) Kepresentatlres.
Mr. Southard presented ob'etlons to the deci
sion of the Commission signed by Senators MerrU
uon,DsnnIs,McDenald, Wall&cet and Jones, and
Aepresentatlves Field, (77. Y,;) 8ontharl,(0hlo;)
Mutehlcr, (ra.) Tator, (N. 0,t) Caldwell, (Ala.t)
DeBolt, (Mo, t and J- H. Olara, Jr ,(Ko ,) because
said electoral rotes, as welt as the rotes of tho
people of said State at the Presidential election
In November 7, 1870, were given under duress
caused by the unlawful exorelseof federal power
After the objection bad been read, the Senators
again at 1188 withdrew to their chamber to con
elder the same.
Second Meeting.
The Senate entered the hall at twenty mtnutes
past six, and the President of the Joint meeting
directed the resolutions of tho two Houses to bo
Jir. GonnAM, Secretary of the Senate, then
road the resolution of the Senate sustaining the
decision of the Commission.
JKr. JONES, (Ky.), inquired If a quorum of
(ne Senate was present. The law aald the re
turns should be opened and read In the presence
of the two Houses, and If there was not a quorum
of eseh House present, the- law was hot being,
conjunct WHD.
Air. HANKS made the point or order thai tho
Inquiry waa not In order. It was for the Senate
and the House respectively to see to their having'
a quorum.
The GHAIB, without responding to either gen
tlemen, directed the resolution of the House to
be read.
Mr. JONES. 1 protest that these proceedings,
should not go on.
The CHAIR. Debato Is not In order.
The House resolution dissenting from the deci
sion ofthe Commission waa then read by Mr.
Adams, the Clerk of the House, and the Chair
announced that too two Houses not having con
curred In rejecting thedeclsfon of tbeCommtisIon
the rote ofthe State or South Carolina would be
counted, and It was announced and recorded by
the tellers.
Tennessee and Texas were then opened and the
result announced and recorded,
When the certificates from Vermont were
opened, Mr. 10 riL ETON (Ohlo).demandod the
reading or the papers at length, whloh was done
by Mr. Iboallo, one of tha Senato tellers.
At ltl conclusion Mr. POPPLETON said ho
desired to Inquire or the President or the Senate
whither there were any other returns than those
laid before tho two Homes received from the
State of Vermont, or papers purporting to be re
turns T
The presiding officer, Mr. FERRY, said there
were none.
Mr. POPPLETON said he had prepared ob.
' Jectlois to the certificates presented, having boea
Informed by mall and by telegraph that other re.
I turns had been sent.
Mr. A. L. HEWETT said he held In his hand
a package which purported to bo the returns or
the Btate ot Vermont. Thepaekage bad come to
him by express early In December, with a letter
stating that a similar package had been sent to
th President of the Senate by mall. He had
called on that officer tc-day, and had been In
formed by him that ho such package had been re.
jcelved. He bad declined to receive thepaekage
(on the ground that he had ne authority to re
ceive tbess. He bow tendered It ai the electoral
jrote of the State of Vermont.
T" CHAIR stated that the law forbid hts re
ceiving any certificates after the first Thursday
tln February, which was the first dayof February.
Mr. SPRlNOEn, (111.,) said he desired to offer
a resolution. ,
Objections were made from the Republican
Mr. SPRINOER Insisted that the resolution
should be read, and was called to order by tho
Mr. SPRINGER Insisted that his resolution
was In the nature of a question which could bo
referred to the Commission, and could therefore
be received by the Chaix.
The CHAIR. If it Is an obligation the Oiiaik
Mr. SPRINGER. When It is read It will be
seen what It Is. It Is a question arising under
the Electoral act, and must be read by the terms
of that act.
The CUAIK. irtbe member staler that it Is an
objection, the Chair will entertain It.
Mr. SPIUNOEK. I will read It myseir. He
then commenced to read, but hlsrolcewas com.
ptetely drowned by erles of order, order, fcc
The CHAIR said he would be eompellad te re
quire the member from (a pause, and several
Voices ''Illinois.') Illinois to bo seated, (daugh
ter.) Air, SPRINGER (vociferously,) 1 have rights
here which you cannot take from mo.
Mr. SPRINGER insisted that the paper majt
be read, and said a paper similar to the one ten.
dered has been sent to the President of the Sen
ate, and be had not presented it. (Cries or order
order on both sides ofthe House).
The CHAIR said he could not entertain the
Mr. SPRINGER. This paper mutt now be
The CHAIR would again say that It would only
be receh ed as an objection.
Mr. SPRINGER. Well, then I will submit It
as an objection.
Several rofces. Let It be Issued and presented
In, paper form.
While Mr. Sfrinoxii was prepalrlng his
paper In Its new form. Mr. PorrtiToir addressed
the SrEAKxn and desired to present an objection.
The CHAIR, One paper at a time. TbeCifAin
Win rnle on one paper first, Sometime was
spent byMr. SrniNQLn In putting his paper la
form, be vera! of the Members and Senators, In
cluding Mr. Hbwitt gathering around and ad Vis
Jog with him.
The objection was reai, and waa based on tha
ground that paper purporting to bo a second
certificate or the role ol the State of Vermont
had been said to hare been sent to the President
ofthe Senate, and he had only laid one return
before the two Houses, and had stated that only
puo had been received, and that a duplicate copy
or suoh return bad been tendered. Theobjeotlon
was signed by Senator Meruimox and Messrs,
rRinainand Haniltox, (Ind,) and appended
to It was the following telegram
r. j ,, BmUMiTpv. VT Feb S7. U7
B J Randall, S) taker of tin ittut o Jtipri$ti
CerttDeate Of Amos AllrlcV ofllrfal actl ae
Ihrcior wa olid In this ofttcol'io. 13, 1878,
It. H.rtMAtLFY
Clerk of tho U. a. District Court.
Senator LDUUNDS, That Is not the post omee.
(Loud laughter
Mr. POPPLETON then submitted bJi objofl.
(ions, which were that Henry M. Sollaoo was
Postmaster at the tlmo of his election, on the Tth
ol November. That the law of Vermont does not
authorise the appointment of Sollace to fill tho
racaecy. That there waa no evidence that bo
was not Postmaster at the date or his appoint
ment by the Electoral College, which matters
should be Inquired Into, and that U was a proper
subject of Inquiry whether Amos Aldrlch, who
received the next highest number of rotes, was
hot entitled to a rote In the Electoral College.
This was signed, by Senator Habnuot, Messrs.
PorrilTOx, Vascx, MoaUiiov, Hlud, and
Wallo (Ohio), TunrcM (Pa.), .Dibrell
(Tenn.), and TaHttr(Va.)
Mr, SPRINGER then asked tha,t thsdupllcate
return be opened and read,
The CHAIR. Doos the member refer to tho
duplicate ofthe one whloh ha been read, and
which came br mall
Mr.bpJtlNUMt. I mean Ihe one tendered by
Jhe member from New York.
ThecHAlK. So tho CnAiu understood, and
ruled lroutofArdtr.
Mr. VADDELU We asked If It conldnoibe
Wived alanodtt TuLter,!
The CIIAIIt. TJioUhaih will not,at this date.
reccuo returns from any btate Arothorooth.
rr object Ions to the certlileata from the btate or
jermontj if there era no further objections to
bonfferrd Uo Senate wlllnow ratire.
Thja;iidi4 ma UayV f-Utlnv of the JoUt
Convent for.
Citizen of AH Political Creed Crowd to do
JUm Honor Drora lie tate for tha Cap)
(Ity Telegraph to the National Republican,)
Coltjmbv;, Ohio,, Feb. 53. The rctcptlon
given to President-Elect Hayes this evening by
theeiUiens ol Columbus, without distinction, is
now In progress at tho Capital, and Is an eathuit.
astlo oration. The halls or the Senate and Home
of Representatives ware filled ae soon as the doors
were opened at a o'clock. Those who were a few
moments late had to be contented with the cor
rldors.or go away, althouzh hundreds Is ft una
ble eren to reach the step! of the bull ting.
There are many rromlnsnt oltlsens. Democrats
aid Republicans, f.om ail parts of the State, pre.
sent for the purpose of paying their respects lo
the Governor, (The congratulations and wishes
for hts prosperous administration ofthe nation.
The dlrpnted States having been decided tn his
favor at Washington, no one sow questions a
peaceful Insguratlon.
Tho Governor, with Mrs. Hayes leaning on his
arm, and accompanied by the committee, entere 1
the Senate Chamber at S o'clock, and tmmetfl
ately thereafter those having tickets were ad,
Mrs, Hayes was plainly but richly drsised In
heavy black silk, her only ornaments being
The following Is Governor Hayes'speecfc at the
reception to-ntghti
Mr. Pr m ide it, ass LiDixa AnD,abri.x
mx: I shall make no attempt to describe what
1 hare felt during the progress or this reception
nor what I feel now that It Is drawing to a close.
1 wish, In the simplest way and, with the fewest
words, to thank, the cltlsens of Columbus and the
members of the General Assembly, tbeState on
cers and the people of Ohio, who have taken part
In It, for their very great Kindness to ma and my
family on this and on many other occasions, The
olty of Columbus and Its people hare many and
gieat claims to our affection and gratitude. It Is
more than forty years since I became acquainted,
In boyhood, with Columbus, and from that day to
this many of my most esteemed friends hare
been among its cltlsens. Many are gone. Hook
in rain among those we hare met here thti eren
log for some who Veto once numbered with my
most familiar acquaintances. A few are here
whose acquaintance X made during that first
well remembered year of tho cholera the
year 1833. Among those are the Chair
man of your Executlre Committee, Mr.
William Deshler, and I then saw for the first
time his older brother. Hut Tory many of my
early friends of Columbus are gone, 'Among
those I knew and remember for their friendliness
to me as a boy , and who are no looger living, are
such well known cltlsens of earlier days )n this
city as Joseph Rldgeway, Sr., JosaphRldgeway,
Jr., Samuel Medary, Alfred Kelly, Uustavus
Swan, Dr. J. O. Jones, John Noble, M. J.
Gilbert and many who were my own
age, such as Thomas Sparrow, Fitch
James Matthews, Albert D. Butler, and Dr.
Douglass Case, with whom I was on terms or In
timate friendship. We are reminded by the ab
sence of these friends of the changes we must ex
pect In the yean before us. As for myself and
family, we ge, perhaps to return In a few days to
occupy our accustomed place In this community;
possibly we go to other scenes and duties not to
meet again. In that event 1 wish to say, as Mr.
Lincoln said on parting with his friends
at Springfield sixteen yean ago, that
"I trust you will pray that I may have that
divine asslstanoe and guidance without which I
cannot succeed and with which I cannot fall.'
Thomas Leonard, Chief Clerk of the House, on
behalf or his associate, presented Mrs. Hayes
.wlthanelegantcryatal and broase rase, filled
.with choice flowers. The audience then dispersed
'and Got. and Mrs. Hayes were escorted to their
'residence. The entire ceremonies of the day
,were a perfect oration to Mr. and Mrs.Uayes,
and the gathering was one of the largest erer
held In this city.
Columbus, Ohio, March l00Ti Hayes
and party will Isare for Washington to-day noon,
jHe will not resitrn his position as Gorernorat
His Trial In the Court of Ueneral Sessions
By Telegraph to the. National Republican. 1
Niw York, February 38. The usual crowd
cf rough men and women thronged Centre and
Chambers streets this morning to see "Joe Co
burn on his way from the Tombs to the Conrt or
General Sessions. At about 11 o'clock he was
put on a Fourth avenue car In cbargo or a num
ber of offlcors. The crowd followed the car to the
Court Houee, whero It was dispersed by a force
of police.
Tbe conrt.room presented a rather quiet appear
ancc, as the two officers were stationed at the
foot of tbe stairs leading to the room and pre
vented persons entering who had no buslnsss
there. When Jndge Sutherland attempted to go
nn.stslrs ho was stopped by one of these zealous
otneers who would not allow hfm topassuotlla
court officer Identified him.
About fifteen mtnutes past eleven o'clock Jodge
Sutherland took his seat on the bench, and the
prisoner, who was in tho rear ofthe court room,
was called to the bar. The clerk called tbe
names ofthe jurymen who had ben Impanelled
yesterday, and Assistant District Attorney Roi,
llos opened tbe case for the prosecution by briefly
narrating the circumstances of Cobarn's murder
ous assault on Ufheers Tobias and Jeffries on
the morning of February 18th while they were In
tho neighborhood of Thirty-third street and
, At the end ot Mr Rollins openln Officer To
bias was called to the stand. Theofficer'a right
hand was In a sling. He took the stand and
testified as follows i
My name Is William E. Toblasf I am an officer
of the Twenty-ninth preclnott on the early morn.
Ing of February 10th 1 was on duty on it road war
from Twenty ninth to Thirty fourth street; I
know tbe prlioneri his plaoe of business Ji at
No. 1283 Hroadwayt I saw htm (Coburn) about
1 o'clock of tbe morning of February 19) ho was
standing In his saloon Just outside the
ban be was talklna to some friends: I
Inquired If tbe driver of a cab standing in front
of tne door was In. The driver waa situnjr In tbe
back part or tho saloon and Jumped up when I In.
quired for him. 2 told him it wae about time to
takecaroof his cab Coburn then came out and
began to abnre me; two of Coburn's friends, I
think their names are Lynch and MoUonouKh,
toak hold of blm and Induced hlui logo Into tho
Scon After I saw Coburn come oit or his saloon
alone: he cam deliberately toward me, and,
gran lag me by the left arm and throat, said, l
will ulvo It to you, anyhow ' Officer Jellrlos
took ho'd of Coburn and removed bis bund from
my throat i Coburn Jumped bock and drew a
pistol from his pocket: be held tbe pistol about
three feet from me and 11 red i tbe ball atruek my
right arm: a bullet also struck toy bruit i this is
the hole (pointing to hisooat) ft went through
ror overcoat, my Inside ordTetrtoat and rest) the
ball was found when my clothes were taken oU;
I heard four shots altogether; I did not discharge
mr pistol at htm that night.
The Couit then took a recess or half an hour.
untbereconrenlngofthecourt Policemen John
Jeffries was placed upon tbe it nnd and suhsun
tlatcd the statements mado by Tobias. 1 ha wit
tiers alro testified that before Coburn wounded him
he succeeded In knocking him down with his club.
Tho witness still wears the, covers that were but
over his wounds, and recited bis 8torylnaery
straight forward manner. He swore positively
Hat be saw Coburn fire five shots, that he
and Coburn foil to tho sldowslk together,
when Coburn was struck by him, and that
alter they had regained their feet be
knocked Coburn down again. The ball that
hit him In the side, tho witness said, he found In
his trcuscr's pc.ket when he, was baring his
wounds attended to by the surgeon at tho police
ffatirn. The witness also produced a pair of
blocdr glares, but said that he would not swear
whether it was his own or Coburn'a blooi that
soiled them
During tho cross examination bf this witness
Lobum's oves moved to and (rota him, and shone
with a brilliancy that seemed to bode tbe witness
no good if he were not under restraint.
Jerfiea swore poesltlvcly that be aaw Coburn
take out his revolver within five fret
distance pr him, olm. and flro It,
Ihe witness also ewore positively on the ctosi
examination that when he crossed Sixth
arenue to where the llfflcaltyT was "(Joburn
bad Tobias by the collar, -nixf flint he (the
witness) ndranced on Coburn as the latter5 was
firing and, did not vtrkei htm until afur he
bad fired live shots, and also that when
Coburn fired these ehois ho was retraittmr
fri.w the corner oi Thirty tain I street an I Uroad
W nw rda bla anloon.i ijerflaa tastlflee thai he
ilid all the clubbing that Uuburn-reooivo-J, ami
that It.oontlatod of four blows,' two or whtah
Mocked huinlown. The ourf. tlue niiimrnet
uiit l to morrow-. The trial 'will trobably las)
njf.fr the 1'Eon.E Tiinovaitovx
the co i xtji r Titiy Kor the jr.
Reasons why tho Counting of the Vol aitonM
Proceed The Damaging LfPeet of Delay
Cpon Jluslnesi,
(By Telegraph to the National He publican, )
Tolh Itonortbti, Ikt Senatt end Jouic of Rep
rfieafalfrii utmbltit
Nbw York, Feb. SdThe undersigned ban
kers, merchants, nnd others ofthe city of New
York, feelltg a profound lnteest In the welfare
1 of our common country, and In the permanence
or Its political Institutions, respectfully, but
earnestly, roquest the Immediate completion of
the count of the Electoral rote for President
and Vice Prcsldentof the United States
They feel that good faith and honor require
those who so patriotically united In the plan pro
Tiding a Commission for the settlement of doubt
ful questions arising In the countlog of tho Elec
toral vote, now promptly and ebeerfUl acqulaace
in such settlement and the consummation of that
We bell ere farther that should efforts for delar
succeed In defeating the count, the consequences
will be most disastrous to thepolltleal future of
the nation, the Republican Government every
where nd Immediately destructive lo tho business
interests of the whole eountry.
(Siuned.) Robert Lenox Kennedy, president
r-f tho Hank of Commerce; Anthony
Jane osshier Fourth National Haalq
Uco, Opdyke fi Co W. A. Camp, 4presf
dent Clearing Honiet Drexel Morgan ft Co .
Dcnlamtn U. Sherman, President Meeba&lea
National Unntt E. W. Cox.carhier Mechanics
National Hankt John 1. Henry, Currea
H Co. Ambrose Snow, W. H.
Webb. Edward Fitch. II. N. Reerr
J. L. Worth, president National Park Dank
trancls A. I'alnier. president National U road way
Hank i 8 it ran el White, president Grocers' limit t
II. D Clafitn li. Co.t llenry C. Howen, editor
New York Indtpendtnt i J, 8 Kennedy h. Co.,
bankers I Henry P. Vail, Oco Cabot War. Snow
tt. Burgess, Gutar Schwab, Wallace P. Oroom,
secretary New York Hoard ol Trade i A. I. Sao
rill St C,Pomeroy k. Plammer, O. 11. On teal f,
riihlap Nw York Nation I Ltahuiri llnlrt
lilts h Austin, II. K. K F. U. Thurber fc Co , and
Cleveland, O., Feb. 35. The following
action was taken by tho Cleveland Hoard of Trade
to-day i
HeictctJ. That this Hoard of Trade lolly con
cur with the sentiments expressed by other stmt,
lar organisations throughout our eountry, and
that we believe Itettential that a speedy adjust
ment of these difficulties be settled promptly by
a oount of the rote within tha proper time, as in.
tended under the law appointing the said Elec
toral Commission.
Rtiolvtd. That we do hereby condemn any at
tempt at filibustering on the part of Congress to
Impede tbe action of the Commission, and we call
upon our Senators and Kepresentatlres in Con
gress to do all they ean to farther the completion
of tbe Presidential count within tbe time specified
by law.
IlAHTroRD, Cox., Feb. S3 The House
of Kepresentatlres to-day passed a resolution de
claring that both branches of Congress baring
endorsed the Electoral Commission, and tbe
Commliilon havlnr made decisions whloh
win result in the election of Hayes and
Wheeler, It Is the dutr or Congress to
make declarations or tbe result before
March 4th as prescribed by the Constitution.
Any attempt to defeat the operation ol the Con
stitution and laws by dlllatorr motions. Is de
clared a dishonorable repudiation of tbo agree
ment to submit all quettlona to the Electoral
Tribunal, and desemng ofthe reprobation of all
good cltlsens.
Capture of a City by at Portion of DUi'i
Army Preparations Uelng Mado for m lg
oroua Campaign.
ByTelre:reph to the National Itepnbllcau.
Ban Fjunctsco, Feb. 23. Thq Faclflfimall
steamer Colimo, which arrlrod here this morn-'
lng Irom Panama and Mexican ports, brings In
telligence that, on the 15th Instant, Gen. Vieente
Jiminet, with two thousand six hundred men or
the I)Ias army, entered Acapuloo,and took pos
session of that post In the name of President
Dies. Then was no opposition. It Is reported
the sentiments or these people, which were In
faror er Igleslas, had changed. Gen. Alberts,
who remains true to Igleslas, has a small army
In the interior of Slnaloa,estlmatedfrom fire thou
sand to ten thousand strong. This force confines
Its efforts to lianas log the forces of Dlai and
that State. A portion of the command occupy
an entrenched position In tbe mountains about
thirty miles from the coast, whence they occa
sionally make a raid on tbe coast towns. Dial's
army Is making preparations for a rigorous cam
paixne against them. All the states on the pa
ella now acknowledge Dial.
Tbe commandant of tbe Acapuleo, ColoneVLepI
tlque, upon the adrent of Uias's army boarded
tbe Cobma with a few servants and came to this
Eren If Mr'Thomas C. Piatt wore a proper
person for a position In Presidont Hayes
Cabinet and he Is not the petition which la
circulating In this State, atktng for his ap
pointment as Postmaster General, would be a
piece or Impertinence. A President should
nerer appoint cabinet officers solely to' please
certain localities or certain special inter.
ests. His Cabinet officers are his most Intl.
mate adrlscrs, and on the character uf their ad
rice often depends tho success of hts adratnlstra
t'on. It Is therefore not only his dnty but his privi
lege to choose them with a view soley to their fltaers
er the positions asrlgned to them, without refer
,enoe to "claims, "interests,'? or Jealousies or any
kind. Ho should, or course, vie every endtaror
to select the best mm obtainable. but,i while
(listening to all proper recommendations, he
(should not bo approached with anything like a
At Is always the case at such a tlmo, the newr
papers are filled Just now with Cabinet "'slites,"
and every man hts somo Information, en. the sub
ject to give to his neighbor, Headers should
understand, however, that much that Is printed
on the subject Is for effect only. Thore are
hundreds of men Jn the country
who would like Cabinet positions,
and each of these thtnk that his chances may
be Increased the more prominently his name is
kept before the public. He no tbe friends of
each eagerly embrace erery opportunity to
discuss bis chances. It docs not follow, how
orer, that one In ten or these candidates
has erer received any consideration from
.Mr. Hayes. Ha has, doubtless, decided on most
ofthe men whom he will Invite to be his o facial
advisers. In view or his letter or acceptance,
which he has again and again asserted that
he will live up to, the oountry confidently
expects that those advisers will he men whose
names give aiiur-ince of a high toned, states
fcnanllkeand efficient administration. He may
pe disappointed In some of his Selections, 'and
may have to make changes; but we bavo, no
fear that his Cabinet will not Indicate his honesty
t purpose, V, r. Evening Pott, Tr . ill.
Mcetlogof tho Executive Committee of the
Centennial Commission,
(Special Telegram to the .National Itepub'trau. 1
PuiLADELriitA, Feb, 23, Tho oxocutlro
committee of tho United States Ccntcnnla
"pom mission met this after noon. Hon. D.
?. Morrell, presiding, and a full attendance
of members. Tho session was spent In
perfecting and closing up the affairs of the
Commission, The Sewing Machine award re
rerredlo heretofore was before the committee, but
Innbsence of complete Information no actfouwas
taken. The meeting waa private, HIrcctor Gen
eral Gciborn stated that no bust
nets of any public Importance or
Interest had been transacted at tho soaalour
Tho Hoard or Finance has published tho cut
tomary legal notice, inviting alt persons hanng
claims against tho board to present tbem at once,
and tboee indebted to the board temake payment
priur to the final winding up or Its affairs,
Dnnkruptcy in Clnclnuntl,
Cincinnati, Feb. 23 )JU Walker &
i'o., whoIcsalerrhUkrdcalers. filed a petition In
b'n-ritptcrto-lar, Thtlr liabilities foxeetJ X0,
It afcal8l30,tt0. Outside 'peculation Is said to
I avccauul the failure
A Mau bhools hie omu Child.
Clevblanp, Feb. 2. At TIlHn, Ohio, thta
bventnr, Jacob Wetxell, m lukeri shot hit lithe ft-l.
tun jeers old, llr-iiRh Hit heart, canning ftntsnt
-.'tail. nCnlt'mplod to si 1 hUwirej hwHlaMier
lit Hit 1, fit renwn 1 pun'ftr 'tri"ff Tlic-
Bnmlry Civil Hill ''..
The Sundry CfvII appropriation Ml! uucV
the Homm? of lle rcscnttUvef yesterday.
Slow Mualc.
Daring prayer la the House ot ttcprcsrDt
tires yesterday, a fractious 'ilttle eiie'Mn tWl
tilca gallery set up a moat discordant crv, an I ha, 1
the i (Tret of srTloittly disturbing what seemed to bo
an HMuiua'iy aeleaio ecculor.
Death of Poretgn Minister.
We relic to a&noMnce the death, In title clt?
leit evening, of, enor Don tgnaclo ZmUuo Oaua,
ehartcd'aftalreflort-nlfl The funeral Krvleeswfll
take pUoe at St. slaimcw'i church, to-iaorrutr el
io o'clock a, in. T
Internal Itetenne '
Tbo receipts from Inlc'rna'l rerende for ho
month of, ehraary, IV. were ti,ns,;i) xi, an-Wor
tbe month ending yrs.erJar, f,y9,zn,7l, thai
showing in laereasoof tzntUiN msklnaf thus fir
atouilncreaieor i.2M,3n.22, for the tisoel jear,
over tha same period ofio.
Hf-cretary Morrill.
The health of Secretary Morrill continue to
Improve dally, and it will not be at all .Improbable
lfthetetlal Senator is a witness of the inaugura
tion of President lt)f. This will be wejotfra
news, no do it tit, cipti Ully as some of tho Joutn J
litaero trylnKto m.klt epptar that the sick , waa
lshcjond hoi'vofteionry.
,t The CajctjOnco Fund. V
The Secretary ol the Treasury ta In receipt
of Uiefc-llowinjr, post-marked hi. itDt-, Met
DaAubtm I tniloM JWe dollars, wUWh came
Into iny bands to-day. and belongs to Unci 3smi.
Place It where ttbelonn. loars, ,,
Ost WHO UK! mi IN ItlO'lT.
Alto another pcnlttnt cpWIe from a conscience
strJckeaderrandcr, tnc'Oilog t2wliLli he e-.vi
belongs to C, 8,
i i.t.-l -
JNlcbolle Issue 1'xoc Initiation.
Nlw Origan, Feb. M. Ntoholls ba la
sued a proclamation convening an extra session er
the heiMa lure, as facaaya. lu view of thAsoniiUlon
Of public affairs, and for the pnrpeseofln llspcnu
We legislation, speclfjlna-Cheatloa, appropria
tions, revenue, levees, rle Un rtftMrstiuii elty
and parochial affairs, and the eloctlou of Hen si era lo
the Unlttd states denatc.
Tlia Ulaok 11111.
Dr. Merer and Howard C. Walker, Uo
bare been representing' the. people of tko ifiack
Hills here, In their effort i ta sec ore A Territorial
Uovernineut, fecit confident that V"K will
comply with the Just demands Of that people, aad
sTlv tiiemtheprotcetlen whleUa tcrrlturUl uot
ensmeatwlll uctri TheWII tepvrled rarnrtibiy
rrom tb.UeateC,omuilttioii Hoiidaywlll proba
bly be considered to-day i tho llou.c.
Th Iost Koat 1S1II
The Conference ComrpUteo on the Post oflLe
Post Route bill held a meet lug yestenlay morning,
but were unable to agree. It is nndcrstool that flie
Uoase members of the commit tee positively refused
to subscribe lo the Paclde Mall Miamshlp oiitaldy,
and aver that If It ) Insisted upon by the rJenate, tbe
bill will hae to go under. Should that be the eis.
the preseet mall sitem will not be at aU emhsr
rasel, as Iho Voat Kout hill only provldiM fur ut w
ittHll route, and wUI rwict most severely upou the
ineiahcrsotlKlnatliit: them.
Tlie Postal Appropriation IHU.
The Conference Committee on the part of
the Beasts and House on the Post-oatea Appropria
tion bill held a meeting yesterday, but failed,! ar
rive et any condition, Mr,- llolman says that the1
ntprtsfntatlvee ofthe Hcuata are flrui In favor of
the amendment ofthe Beuatoln regard to the Pa
cite Hall and other steamship subsidies, aqd that
the repreMBtattvesof th House arc emislly deter
n.lncd to resltt their pHsage, and will allow tne bill
to fall lather than agrte lo them.
Visitors to the President.
A very large number of rlaltora were at the
KieciitlveJUeui.QnTeeiirdar.Ker foran lutcr
. lew with the rrculdcut. Pew of them had the op
portunity of laying their cases Ijeforo the Prcsl
dint, ttereral members of the Cabinet were In can
tnltailon wltlt him during theday. Among others
whowere accordeil, Interviews was frv-loreriior
llellorr. of Lonlsluna. Secretaries Chandler and
Caoaeroa wevuatthe White House during the fore
noon, ant8eei(.tary rlsh was lit comulu'lou with
thel'sesldentfera lour lime. Hetit'.r'C6irkirng
Disasters at Sea.,
Tlie Signal ecnlce Obserrer at Capo May
reports to tbe Ihlef Birnal Offlctr ae followst The
Capuin and crew of tho steam tug Corlnae, of New
York, from Norfolk to New York, landed at station
No. ay, one mile north of Cap afar, at 5a. m. ys
ttrday. The tug, st2 af ni.vatrnck a sunken, wreck
with Hereford light bearing northwest six alios
dlktaut, and suuk I nutted lately, t
AIo, that the schooner Hannle estbrook, re
M.rtei aaliorc north of llcreiordlnlitsLhrnaryjut,
hssbtlgetl, hienstrlpiloriitr sull tnd rlgxlng,
and will bo sold at public auction.
Heportorial lreteinler.
During the excitement of the count, of tbe
Electoral votes, when the demand for scats Is very
great, the orrespondtnts and reporters are put ('
a great dral of announce by mate and female clerks
In tbe Departments, wbo crowd Into the reporters'
gaUery on Ihe pretcucttof bUhxcorrcbpondcnU for
some paper with the editor of which they happen to
besemisluted. lr these persons are roresnondenu
thty should not nek to draw ihclrsalarlC from t lie
MovLrniJitiitiaiidlf lUrks, they should btjat their,
desks pcrforinliix lliedutles fwr which they tiro 1ml I,
andnutanuoy regular correipon tents with thtlr
it bowing. Thlsrfass Is usually lliu mont axaeilar
as to what thty are pleast-d to LtvM thtlr rlgnu, when
In fact tbey bare none, and am lu the galliri
through ralMi pritrnics. '
An Appeaf from the Mew York Ioartl or,
(Dy Telegraph a the National Republican,
Kuw Vonici Feb. OS-Thn Boanl of TtaJc
to-day unanimously adopted the Mlowjna; -
VltEMKAa. Tlie nr-u nl itiinnf Id in.iitln -
ganlto tha, ProalltntUl qui. tlon Is exrwdlaglr;
prrjndlclal to the commercial and In I iiflil Iniir-
rnui me cuumrj, 1.00 in- acuoQ WHICH leilUS SO
prvventanlmiiieJlateaiUusttntutof this fU.iIon.
which isof paramount luinorunec, will nuat iW
ousiy endanger tho ierptlnltr of our Ittpnbllciu
form of (lovernment, i hereTore he it
JltMulvtd. ThattheNew York llo-trdof rrade re
spectrully, but tnoatiariiettly nnest ongress u
protee'LtothaluimeIUw oumiltiI;iior the conut
of the It lector I Vote.
rui; ttj'AMsJi ju.siiu.ms or Afir
They Threaten International Complication..
(Dy Telegraph to the National ItepuiUcan. J
New Tome, Feb. 89, Flying or the Cuban
flag on City Hall, and tyng-In state In the Ojy.
ernor's room or the late (Jen. Agntlera, Vice
President or tbe Cuban Itepublle, hivo caused
much excitement and denunciation amonir tho
Spaniards. The J3janlh newspaper published
here 1 6-day hat a strong; article declaring (be
tflylnn-of the flair ffom the City Hall an Insult to
I the bpaqlih government, and threatening Inter
national complications In consequence.
Mayor Ely denies having anything to do with
the mailer, The Commissioner of Publie Works.
I Campbell, gave permission to fly the Cuhin flax.
1 Tho President ol tbe Hoard of Aldermen gave his
consent for tberemalnsio lie In state, and said
thatlf called npdh hewbuld answer forhlsnctlon
' West Virginia Obstructionists.
Wuinivo, W.'Va.,Feb,23, A Democrit
lc caucus of the Leglslatot-o of tills, aute, held Inst
night, pasted roauluUous, anjl telegraphed Hum,
inttracilng their vtrtstori sot Utpriseuttt tcs In
aiblsgiontouscmllcuustltullotral meaus tonrt..
rent tho counting uf tlm EUvtorat voteuudirtlio
.The Great deal gneitlou lu Nova Heotin.
jqTJinA, Feb, a?. A telegram from Mr.
!(J6r shorn', sas medals for Canadian exhibitors
wBl be forwarded about March 2.lh. Thu gnat
fual ouotloa In Nora OLilla, Is not btlleved herein
Involve any lijral dKUculty, although possibly,
tbererosybaveheeiisom'tlrrrgQlarllrlit contlitu.
Bgihuooftboidai.aUonger than the lwu.
If mi fates.
s. apture of a Mall Hobber
ppsTON, Fb. OS, A apecial agent this morn
ling arrtsted Laiyctte Audt-ri,ou, tUlrerof a United
femes null wsgon, tfhQ has bctii practicing sis
Iteniatlc robber) uftlu'nialisferiuootli. Apwkae
lof upcnttl Utter su l.lip lealo kci. te U-Ul bags
war ivuud on his iHr.cn. he to.s not ticnyhli
iTlie PrrrettM off tfiavvery In fnbn,
(IlAyA.NA, &. 2-OmpUl flgurea enow
tltAl lu ilia icir of IsTQiliire miuln thulslaail at
Chbh1 M3,TVft liaVc-f( lu' iJ,u and U Mi
I'M J it t aU rarnbH-erif Macks oi (he lAah'l
lu f-xl. was Jirui loJv', ffta i VklB7Xt7o.i Ba
lIme4!u.VJ.W liiVai lu'I-JurfJiitl-lltn
er.w,.: i v 4 i. ,A c u,UUJ
1 v,.,v.
. er
I'KACEITI. lff TYAT10.8 t 0TlXUE
to PttriAih ixnvsviA,
Pattl'atIfr oTDeulalae to tho Elope me a
fltory The Approaching1 lfarrlaga of Klug
Alfonso, of Bpaln.
Dr.HMN, Veb.iS. ItU bclIcveX liere Ibat
the Ito.utan army will shortly be demobilised.
-Urd Derby's suRgaitloa that year's time bo
granttdthelorteto prore, the slncrlty of lis
promlfcscf ttferm ncets with locrcailog faror',
Tbe general arpect of afTaf n Is decidedly peace
able. Ihostatrtn ntthat Hussfa li pressing for
an answer lu Price UorlscliakoU'g ciroular.ls
wHboutfouiklat h The Powers appear, on tho
contrary, to Uvl portponod tbelr replies wlta
herapproiaf. Iho Csar't Rovernuient Is brf
Pivcd tobcoftnfc oidnlon that aner the Isioeo'
th5 circular rtn unfavorable reply from any of
the Powers would seem to compel it to a course o
action which mlfjht now be prudent, anl ft Is sahl
to be desirous of coming to a resolution unfet
tercd by such considerations.
LorUX)M, Frl). 2J. The ThntSti a I dilute
article says; "We do not (htok tbsro l muett
prospect of an agreement of tho Powers to give
Turkey time to eiUct tho to forms proposed by
the Conference.' The article copcludei at fol
lewK'Wa need not inquire whit probability
there Is that Husala will disbAnd her, armies be
cause the Porte Is, willing, three years heuce, to
resume the Coherence and td review Its decisiod
on the subject of guarantees "
Lvxnos. Mhfclt 1,A tlfspaich from Bel
grade says the reading of tbe Prlns:s decree
.i..Lt.l.ik..li........i t J ....,.
sfhsallon among the Deputies, but the com
mand was obeyed. Tbe dlfmtisal ot the me mi
hers without giving them an opportunity to ail
embarrassing questions it a decide I success for
the Ministry, sorcral agitators hare boen shot In
th Interior or the country. Thia decided It on
tbo i art of the Uorernment and may prevent
farther agitation,
continues opposod tolinmeJIate hostilities. War,
will therefore, in all probability be deferred until
Jurkes flnaniial and military dociine Is ojra
plete. There Is howeror, a chance that Tarkey
may request JlasiU to demobilize har forces.
x.dnera 1 asha's language aeeins la indicate soma
such intention.
lxMrjox,Msrch I, The rtrit correspondent
reiterates his previous assertion concerning the
preralcnce of peaceful Inclinations at St. Peters
burg. Prince (loTtschakoff, whose retirement
was probable, has consented to continue In otHeej
It mar therefore ha taken for granted that be)
has abandoned uuoli of bit old programme. If
the powers will strongly Impress upon the Porto
their desire for and expectation of an Improved
administration, and If the Porte wltt declare it
readiness to push the reforms, the world may
look for a peaceful solution.
London, March 4. A Parle corrotponlent
rsrlews the reports of tho Intends! marriage of
King Alfonso and the Duke or Hontpensios
daughter and eats the marriage Is snnjuncod for
the end of April.
.Coido, March 1, A dispatch from Pcsth re
ports that the sitting of tbe Skuptsehlna lasted
three hours. There was great tenement In tho
Chamber. Pilnce Milan made a speech which
occupied an hour In tbe delivery. He re capita
lated the causes or the war, and announced that
his alliance with Montenegro still existed. Rus
sia had given Sarvja permission to conelndo
peace. Turkey had refused to prolong the armis
tice If pence wat not concluded Immediately.
Austria will concentrate an army corps on the)
Servian frontier, which will effectually guaran
tee tbe neutrality of Scrvla.
Tbe Standirft Vienna special says tbeSUPe
tersburg Vtdomttli has been threatened with
Suspension If It continues to agitate In favor of
Adellna Pattl mites a letter of KxpUnaw
tlon She Protests Against lhePauUctHii
of Sramlula. .
Fai, February 28. The following la tbo
text of the letter of Adeline Pattl to the editor
ef the Fiaarit j
Pams, February Si.
Sin I began on tbe 13th ofthlsprcssnt month
suit for a judicial separation against tho Marquis
ol Caux. The matter being before the courts, I
bail make no further obserratlons upon a tub!
Ject on which the legal authorities will bare to
F roc ounce. I was shown thts morning- certain
articles published In your piper en the 31H and
aad of thle month, and I take the earliest oppor
tunity in my power to protest against a alary
which Is absolutely Incotrcet. I arrived atbt
Petersburg on tb 1st of December last.
My husband and myseir took onr
residence In a suite of apartments In the1
Holei;de Mouth, which I then oocuplod, for the
ninth time. I remained there until the SU of
this montb, passing my Ufa lo tha sight ofall, en
joying tbe consideration that has always been
given me, lorroundrtt, even to the last hour or,
my stay, by numerous and, honorable friends, an I,
escorted by them to tbe very carriage which
brought me straight to Paris, accompanied by
my maid, my theatrical agent, and two rer rants
l-r'ived in Par's yesterday, for tbo purpose of
attendlng4o my suit, and In order that X might,
a pear to morrow before the President ofthe Trh
bunal. i requesf you. to publHh tblt In your ear
liest number.
(Signed) apilika Path.
Pari, March I. The Marquis of Caux and
wife appeared yesterday before tbe President of
tho Clrll Tribunal In order that theuiaal at
tempt at reconciliation might bo made. The at
tempt felled, and judicial proceedings tot separ
ation will accordingly be cQmpionceJ, and aro
likely to last sumo time, Tbe lady lelt for Vien
na last night lo lulflll a professional engage
ment. .Cable Hots.
Tho opinion In tbo highest political circles la
Berlin Is that wgr Is Inet (tabic.
It Is announced that tho conditions of peice,
with Scrrla will be signed at noon on Thurs
day. 0 en em 1 Ianatletl will soon leave for VIena,
llerlfn, anl Paris. Milttarj operations during
the present season are Improbable
The opinion that Russia will content herself
with n united demonstration or Eunpean fleets In
the Ilosphorur, Is by no means in harmony with
tbe proitremme ofthe Rntslan Government.
Humors or the assembling bf a council In St.
pfttersburtc to decide fur peace or war are premt-i
tore No decision Is probable before replies ta Uo
the Russian circular are received.
A despatch from Itel grade states thit after tho'
SkeCDtachlna had odonted tha basis of neara. thn
, session was closed. Its mission hating been ac
1 (Vmtillh.l w r '
The Poif aotouncoj that the Federal Uounelf
has Ue elded that the new Imporialcmixtiof. nist
ttce, which Is to ho established under lite, julloa-,
lure laws, shall sit In Lelpalo.
It Is nuihentlc Information that Km pore r WII-
Ham recently expreiaed to the trench AmbatsM
dor at Berlin his sincere satisfaction at tho com
plete accird between tne Irennli and O errant
representatives at tbe Constantinople cenrerenoe
The Sonfli Cii-ollun Habeas Corpue Case
CuLiwrti, S, V, Feb, 23 T,bn Supromo
Court mt tilth lnornlux, but wlthont aniiounJng
any tlechlou In tie habtas corpus Cae Of TIfdi
NoriK trerontlct pardoned by llsiaptaa-lnvo'v-i
leg the niiestlon as to nlicthcr h is 4oteruori
adjourned MfMiml) irlUy. at 2 p, t., wliQM
ilicisionliconnJtntly captctcd.
m i ..,.
Centhrroiu 'pjurlrs lUrelttu) t thophlla-j
ilelplilit lire,
rpiLAOBrnn, Icb, 23. Fa. Xewma,nH
tbemcmlHrof the tiiepT)iroi liowai,dirlng Urn.
rirtetltogt'T'f carrlngi ficiorj. t h Ssturday nlltt,
tmrledln abtiapof lulrils, died this niorulng from
Hilled bv an I leiutor. .
Vthxii- v r i Ai 3 r. Mh. Aru'
..levator at Mealr h bakerybroke this mom I or,1
, and the rlsM tor dropped tlliehasf inat, Intlantlyl
killing u bo asimdt amiehl who ws upvu It.
' To bo Hanged,
I WoormToct t , Feb BSM-Uenr tf.
Itlravtlhi, I f the frlqrlcrior llerbTtO.I
fwiid w . ' bt. h" 1 i-t thij
I wtttMU a i-j iuMaivu, itiv.

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