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NO. 83
held nYAMr.ntc.tx coxoeess.
Itosywratlosi of the) Filibuster Tammany
IUwdjIim In th House AH tlio States
Collated but TFlsconstn An All-Night Vci
sloa Spent la Aertmotdoua Debate and
Dilatory Motions. '
from our Special Correspondent.
Yesterday was th stormiest day witnessed at
Ae Capitol this session, and Is on likely to live
one in the annals or American history, uariag
the day there must bare teen no less than ten
noxsand people el tnecapitoi.and many or those
tiavlng tickets were unable to get even i landing
OOan in the galleries.
The question before tot Home in tbe morn
ing was I be objections to the Vermont
fsertlflcate, and accordtngtolaw should bare been
urpoica or alter two hours discussion, this
Dowtver. at will b seen by reference to our Con-
reilcnal Itorlew was clearly agalnit tbe pro
UjectscftheHlibustcrsof the Home. The whole
lay was spent In dllitery motions lead roll calls,
iHbt yiai and nayi being ordered no leu than
jrlghtua tlmn during tbe day. The object la
rthus delaying the count, was for no purpose what
erer, lire to km time, none or me
(revolutionists entertained the faintest Bbtlon
that these dilatory proceedings would meet
with luecesifttt results. That Mr. Hayes would
beltaaguratcd President of the United States
iniiucail vvunumi uj aim u uivat iiviiuk
VoUUeal opponents, and yet Smixora, Vaucb,
JPorrLxroa and La yi were Ignobly making their
names notorious by the absurdist and silliest of
points and motions.
After a day of wearisome delay, the original
proposition to reject the certificate or on ef tht
Electors was reached and passed, greatly to the
diieomflture of to revolutionists. The two
Houses then met In Joint contention and pro
eeeded with th count as far as Wisconsin, th
list But snth roll, when objections being In
tierpesedby Mr. Iyxdx( th two Uouscs sepa
riled for diseuislon.
The Siiat disposed of the question In fifteen
miles, i nd toted to count Wisconsin for uayb
nd wnuxn, notwlth standing th objections
aut, ana immediately conned tne House or its
etion. The House, upon a yea and nay rote,
iTni ceeweanoi to ugsnsfss,proceeaea to
insMCT u gjsu , au m mm ib niosjr-
rtMndti mm) r wcTkMt wVekd
Ikfattfi regular trderVtalejfVitltVO, hours
j mm, was oniy in orar. xnisooasamancea
t are minutes to 1 'clock a. no. and expired at
nve minutes to i a. m.
Irem oar Bguiar Congressional Ktporter,
(.Whea th House met at 10 o'clock yesterday
looming there was an intensely ferer'sh excite.
meat among both, th Kcpajteans and Demo
data. Both parties realised ha tact that there
was but a short Urn rem alaiegvia which to flu.
Hh up th Eleettrl, Count.' The, Kepuhlicans
backed ud dt the bait men of thetDemoaratla
party, were a llttleaileu3, for fheyknew that
they had a wlley eniasy to deal with In the fill-
ousters, th latter wer anxious Because they
were not sure how far they could carry their
coirplraey, notwithstanding Mr, Sr Bison's
threat on Wednesday night that th Democrats
i bad a scheme back whieh would be la their
rarer. That scheme was subsequently shown
to. rb-.aa effort te7 nasi a resolution
repairing th Resident of tbe Senate to open the
Pica-age waica purported to contain aa electoral
vote of Vermont , ,r
As soon as the Uous was called to order Mr.
O'Cxiex opened the effort for delay by Inslstlnr
.bat there was sot a quorum ere sent. Th
srxxxxw -eontMi-tb--uos-. and
reported that there were 193 members
present. Ordinarily th word of th SrEAxaa
wouia neve Men accepted aannai, out tn object
f tbe filibusters was delay, for they demanded a
cm di mv Qaf ana inowu ion up vj m
j motion to reconsider, and thus the time was
iwasted with two roll calls. Speaker IUvdaxl
frn'gbt hare preTented this by exercising a little
--. . .l. .. .. i... im... i
courage ana aiscreuon ana ruung tue
me Hon out as being- dilatory. While It
must to confessed that as a general thing
yesterday isaxdall ruled pretty well
in tht Interest of peac and good order, hut at
times h tried, as before, to rid two horses. He
was unsuccessful, as usual. Rahdall might
jiafe maae a pig reputation it nenaataxen one
side or the Question and stuek to it. but his mor-
flng from one side to the ether brought down upon
'Mm the censure and displeasure of both.
I After the presence of a quorum bad been del-
nltely ascertained, Messrs. O'Briiit, Caul
Ir i up, rorrtxTO, wALUva and others,
worried tbe Bpkakkr, and wearied th
House with a multitude of points of order, and
just before U o'clock Mr. Pornrro put lathe
resolution prepared by Oavltiixd for a count
of the certificate said to hare been la tbe pack.
luge tendered by Mr, Hewitt, but which the
Before th resolution could be considered th
hour of 1. o'clock arrlred, and th House was
called to order as of Thursday's session.
j And the filibusters tried to resort to atrlek
iwnloh proTed rery efliettre la tbe hands of
Speaker Rakdall during the flllbusterlugea the
force bltlja the Ferty.Tbird Congress. That was
to read the Journal in txttnto. Tbe journal of
the House Is made up la a skeleton form. But If
iany member demands It, alt the papers presented
must be read, area tnoludlig tbe calls of the roll.
Thit was attempted tciay, but tee speaker
Hated mat ino journal naa not been made
dp snd could hot be read. As there was a dlspo
Iritlon to demand the reading anyhow, Mr. Wood
settled the question by dispensing wita the read
ing or tne journal under a suspension or the rules.
And then UACLriBU' resolutions were ruled t
be In order, and all the amendments allowable
baling been made, the Speaker ruled that the
debate must commence, but tbe flllbostiriwere
aot willing to go ahead without a strurgle.
c-nd then ensued one of the most exciting
uoeneeina. naeoTer taaeu piaco oa tne neoroi
the nous, ana it appeared at one time as though
there was to be a general icilmmsge. Among
large number who wer trying to catch the ere
Lf the SrKAKxn, and to be heard, was Mr,
UtEM (H, v.i, one or tne most eioitabie mea on
tbeflocr. Caclviild had appealed from ado
cUIonof the CnAin,andthe Chaib declined to
entertain lb appeal, when Usana made
setting speech, and intimated bad
Tilth on the ;part of th Stxakxr for
not entertaining the appeal. He was called to
crderi tne srxAKxa rappea lustily witn nis
Kire), but Ubibb would not dry up. Finding
that he coma not no neara iromnii seat, no
icsed upon tbe desk of a member and roeirer
Vted loudly for recognition. This bold stroke
was greeted loudly with applause from the Hem.
locrsts, but the galleries generally thought that
tne new yok memoir nau maae an ass or sum
Lelf, and so they hissed blm loudly,
J Auild the confusion some of the members de.
minded that tue lobbies in the rear of tbe seats
snd tbe galleries be cleared, because they had
participated la the applause. The first sugges
Hon was carried out. Tbe crowd on tbe floor
took refuge la tbe cloak; rooms, whence they
were drlren out by the officers or the House. Tbe
jillerks were not disturbed, la fact It would
hsre caused mueh confusion to hare carried out
that order, they were so much crowded.
TliearEAKMoore too disorder ana confusion
with the bestol temper for a long time, but he at
last began to lose patience, and said that he
would preserro order In such a determined man
ner, that he was greeted with arplause from the
jltiuDiican siue.
After awhile order was restored sufficiently
rcr the debate to proceed.
A question had arista as to what had become
Jif the sealed package which Mr. Hbwitt had
pre-cntcd to tho House, and It was
Plated that It had been carried ofl by the Secre
tary of the Senate. Hut a letter was read from
Mr. Uorham, stating that be had lea the paper
kn tho Clerk's desk. Subsequently, And while
Mr Tabrt, or Virginia, was speaking, Mr.
Hewitt Interrupted htm to say that tbe paper
a vl just been Handed to Dim by a messenger.and
Lit bo had refused to receive It, It seems that
a pag from th Senate bad tendered tho paper
to Hkmitt, He was standing by with th
document In his band. The SrsAnn suggested
tlat he would reeelT tho paper If there was no
objection, but there was objections from both
sidescfth Houses.
Tbe nest notable speech made during the af.
ternooB, was that of Mr. Litt, of Louisiana, who
while deploring the result oftbe Eleotorat Tri
bunal had th manliness to say that he would
acqulesc in th result
After tne discussion, the filibusters re
sorted to OTery expedient to defeat tho
manifest will of tbe majority of tho House, by
laying a long train of motions upon which they
could oil the roll. This they did by calling tho
yeas and nays on all the propositions presented,
and UenbymoTlngtoreoons'der, to lay on th
table, ;fcc la this way they secured ten or
twelTC roll calls, which occupied the time of tho
House until nearly eloren o'clock. Th filibust
ers had In th meantime flzedup an elegant
arrangement, (If It cculd bar been
carried out), which was to secure
anoth.r large number of roll-calls by offering
amendments to a resolution, if offered, to notify
the Senate t tat the House was ready to go Into
Joint Conrentlon again to continue the count.
Speaker Kahdail blocked that garaebyglT
log a decision as soon as tho final result was dt
clared, that as tho House had had erery opportu
nity to consider and reconsider Its notion, ho
would not entertain any rarthcr motions
for delay, Ho regaded the law as
mandatory that as soon as a resaltwas reached
the Senate should be notified, and that the Joint
Conrentlon should be again called to order.
That oourse was pormed and at fir minutes of
eleren o'clock the JolntOonventlon re-assembled.
Therote of Vermont was announced for Hayes
and Wheeler, Virginia and West Virginia were
passed la that objection. It was latended
to make a formal objection to the Tote
of Virginia, but tbe conspirators for dilay
Wire unable to get a Senator who was willing to
engaitelatbefarceby affixing, his signature to
, th objection.
Wisconsin was then reached, aa objection was
made, and the Joint Conrentlon again dissolved,
and the Senators retired to their chamber.
As soon as order had been restored. Mr. Mills
(Texas), as a privileged question, offered resolu
tions declaring that tbe time had arrived when
tho House should elect a President of the
United Statu.
The Speaker ruled that tho resolution could
be offered as an amendment toa resolution whleh
Mr. Ltxde had previously offered, that the vote
of the elector objected to la Wisconsin should not
be counted. Amotion was then made for a re
cess until 10 o'clock Friday, but was rejected. As
tho Speaker was putting tbe motion, a message
was received from the Senate, announcing; that
they had decided to count th rot or Wisconsin.
The announcement ot 4 smb. prompt ac
tion was received with loud applause
en the floor and In the galleries. The Democrats
were very much annoyed at th applause, and a
motion was renewed to clear the galleries, but It
was not carried Into effect.
The debate then proceeded, and at a quarter
of three o'clock the questions was .called oo tbe
several propositions presented.
At this hour tho galleries were still well filled,
a largo number of ladles remaining to see th
final result.
Arrangement for tho Coremon lea Torch
Light rroccMlon for Monday Mght Mill
lar and Iolltcl Orgaalaatloaa that ar
Expected to Arrive
'llv hall lh th Hlar ... n.
" hi. vu uv v, sum ft vi lUiugui.liVH ,
as Is the custom, and It Is probable that there
will be no ball. The committees appointed at
the meeting atTallaadge.Hall last Tuesday
evening, hare decided not to giro a ball, ' It was
proposed to held a grand levee or reception la
place of th ball, but this proposition was also
roted down, Ueaeral Whipple was appointed
Chief Marshal, but declined la Uror of his senior
Officer (Joneral French,
Q en. Trench politely declined, whereupon den.
Whlppl accepted tho appointment. It was pre
posed to hare a grand torchlight demonstration
to-morrow evening, but this has been postponed
until Monday evening, whea It will be made th
evening demonstration of Inauguration Day. The
buildings en the avenue, and In other parts erth
city along th route of the procession, will be 11
laminated, and calcium lights will b freely
used, so as to bathe the struts with light. KHorts
are being mad to make this demonstration th
griadest one oftbe kind ever seen la th Dis
trict. Quit a number ol military and political organ
Isatlons hate signified their intention of partlcl
patlng In tbe ceremonies next Monday,
of Philadelphia, Opt. J. W. Ryan, will arrive at
the Ilaltimore and rotomao Depot at 0 o'clock p,
m. They will b. met by the Washington Lit fit
Infantry Corps, Col. W.Q. Moore, and escorted
to th Imperial Hotel, where they will be quar
tered. The I'endbles will bring one hundred men
and band.
TiiBDvquKsax onars,
or ritteburg, (Col. Guthrie) will arm at th
Ualtlmor and Potomac depot at 9 o'clock Sunday
morning. They will also be met by the Light In
lantry corps and escorted to their (the Infantry's)
army, where they will b provided with sleeping
quarters. They will take their meals at the
Washington House.
Pennsylvania mllltta, (Col. J. II. Qraylwlll ar
rive from Pittsburg Saturday night or Sunday,
ana will be escorted to their quarters In JJiake
Hall by tbe Infantry. This regiment will come
lire hundred strong, and bring with them the
tlreat Western band. Kaeh man will be provided
with three dan rations. Iha afflein will k
I quartered at the National. They will be aecoin.
Iiaoira vj mcir neiu ana sua omcers, eignt in
number, who will appear In the line or profession
or Philadelphia, will arrive by the Ualtlmor and
Ohio Itallroaa at 0 o'clock a. m. Sunday. They
will be met by the Washington Light OuarJ,
Captiln McCatbran, and escorted to their quart
ers. Odd Fellows Hall. Nary Yard. The Light
Guard boys have requested the merchants en
thellne of march to decorate tbelr places of bust.
ness, which in a majority or Instances will be
complied with. This is the corps that so hand,
somely entertained the Light Ouird whin they
were in Philadelphia during the Centeantal.
They will bring eighty men and a band.
of Pittsburg, Captain Breck, flrty men, will ar.
rive on the same train with the I ourteeutu Ileal,
ment. Itlseipcctedthat
Pennsylvania Volanteers, Colonel Howard, will
take part In the ceremonies, but they hare not as
yet decided as to whether they will visit the cap.
Hat or not.
of Philadelphia, will act as the escort or Gover
nor llartranft and Mayor btokely, They will
arrive Sunday Evening and put up at the Ittggs
House, and will bo aceempanled by their band.
Club, of Philadelphia, will irrlre Sunder, ac
rfmpnnledbyaband,and will stop at the Owen
of Philadelphia will reach Washington Sundsy
cienlnscand quarter at tbe Metropolitan, A
club is being furmed In the District to aot as a
mounted cseort to the PreidenteIeot. They
will be dressed In black cloth-, beaver bats and
white gloves, with white saddle clothes trimmed
with blue.
In the line or procession Gen. French will com
mind tbe regular troopsand Gea. lisrtlett the
No I'.lecUou ot a Now President or the Senate
No action will be taken upon Senator 8ar
gnt resolution to elect a President of the Senate
unless further ileUopn:euti endauger the prei
ptxtiof Uovcrnor Harts' inauguration, Undirtlie
rules of the (iiitvan-ulatlouof this sort, Mob
jecicdlo, must lie orer one day, and Bauator Bar
n ut with his thoiii btfuluesa Introduced It on Mon
day so as to goard agalutt any delay should
a contingency arise la n Mill the Veuate would haro
to cbooia a new prrsldlag offices to hold over until
the tUt orilarch. If the ceuutlug of tho votes got
on all rlflit-aa no doubt H wUl-Tlce-l'rcsIdent
M heeler will call tuo Hrnate to order oa the 4th or
Mrcli, and then, a Is cutoiEarj, a lreldent pro
ton. will bo chosen toactlitcasoorhlsihseace. It
It probable that Vr. rcrrr will bo roelrctcl.
Au extra session or Conjri.it Is Inevitable, as ilie
approptlillou bills auuot be duUbcd tli'a atsalop,
for It la probable Dial oil? a part of Vrldar wd
Pitturdar will be left aittr tb count li tliiftJird.
I'raildcntlUyea will not call the cairn aeiilnu ua
til afltr ththw )rninpditreeiicll9n,'and It H sup-'
poied tiiaitiietirttMoudarlokUvwlIt be the ibne
5 A.M.
At 0 a. m.'the Senate of th United states'
was announced, and about 4s Senators, headed
byactlBgVIce-PresldentFxnar, entered the ball.
As tho Senators catered It had heretofore been
the custom of tho members to rise. Out upon
this occasion It was a noticeable faot that but
few rose. Among those who maintained
aa Indifferent sitting attitude being
the Hon. Febvaxpo Wood. Just befot
announcing th final result of th Electoral
count, the president of the convention earnestly
enjoined those present on tbe floor
and In tbe galleries to abstain from
any marks of approval or disapproval,
saying that It was but becoming that
the harmony which had so Invaria
bly marked th proceedings of this
great struggle 0Tr th Electoral count should
not bo disturbed atlt conclusion. It was a grand
triumph of the Bepublio over the on that
gave It th respect and admiration of thecltlllsod
world. The tote of the State of Wisconsin was
tben announced for Hayes and Wheeler, Then,
la a clear and almost tragio rolce,
President Franr ordered that the result of tho
electoral count he' declared, whereupon en bun.
dred and elghty.flv rotes wer announced for
Hayes and Wheeler, and 114 rotes for Tildeu and
Hendricks. The formal declaration In due form,
according to law, was then mad la favor of
BuTButroKD D, Hates, for President, and Wil.
ltam A. WnraLiu for Vic President.
This announcement was received without llttl
demonstration, th assembly evldentty rem em
boring the Injunctions of th two presld
lag officers. On man hissed and on
clapped his bands. Above this there was
nothing, and the great crowd surged forth
Ilk a moving funeral train peaceable, aadwltb.
out the least confusion. Thus ended the great
est and most threatening t- struggle
for th Presidency that has taken place la tho
history of the nation. May we never know such
At 3X9 o'clock the Senate entered the hall.
Nearly .all, the Democrats rotlredbshntjthe
seats before the arrlrarof thBnators'Tarid'
When they were announced, yolccs la the Demo
cratic crowd outside the bar called out, "Dome
eratf , leave your seats 1"
The President of the Soaate on taking tho
Chair directed the resolutions of the two Houses
to be read, which having been done, he said tho
two Houses not having coaenrred la sustaining
the objection the vote of the State or Wisconsin
would now be counted. The tellers would an
nounce the result.
Mr, ALLISON announced ten rotes for Ruther
ford B. Hayes, of the State of Ohio, for President
ofthe United States, and ten rotes for William
A, Wheeler, ofthe State of New York, for yice
President ef the United States.
TbeCHAia said that this concluded the counting
of the rotes or the thirty-eight (states of tho
Unloa for President and Vice-President, tbe
tellers would now sum up and announce tbe final
Mr. ALLISON reported the total number of
rotes to be 369, or which Rutherford H. Hayes
bad received 115 and Samuel J, Tlldeu had re
ceiredlSl rotes for President, and William A.
Wheeler had received 1W rotes, and
Thomas J. Hendricks 111 rotes for Vlce-Presl.
The CHAIR, la advance or the final announce
ment, cautioned persons on the floor and In the
galleries against all demonstration whatever,
and to do nothing to matthedlgnlty and deoorum
which had In the main characterised these pro
ceedings, and made them worthy of the Amerl
can people and challenged tho admiration of the
He then announced the result as given by the
tellers, and saldi Wherefore I do announce that
Rutherford a Hayes, orthe State or Ohio, baring
recelrcd a maJorityV all the rotes cast for Presl
dent, Isduly elected President of the United States
for the term of fouryoars, commencing March 4th
1ST7, and Willi ax A. Whsklkk, having received
a majority ofall tbe rotes cast for Vice-President
or the United States, Is duly eleoted Vlce-Pres-ldent
or the United States. This announcement,
together with the list of rotes will be
spread on the journal of tho two Houses
He then declared tbe Joint meeting of tbe two
hooser, for the purpose or counting the
electoral rote for President and
VlccPresldentofthe United Slates dissolved,
and said the Senate would retire to Its chamber.
When the Senate had retired, tbe House, on
motion of Mr, Treat (Va.), at 4.10 A, M,, ad
journed to UM., end the flag was furled for the
first time since February 1.
The Senate returned to Hi chamber at twelve
minutes past 4, and the CHAIR aonouaood that
the business of the Joint Conrentlon baring been
eoneludd,the Senate had returned to Its chamber,
and the result ol the labors or tbe conrentlon
would be entsrsd upon tbejournal, and the Sen
ate would resume Its legislative business,
Mr, MORRILL reported adrorsly oa tbe
resolution to grant the use of the ro
tunda of the Capitol for an inauguration
ball, end It was Indefinitely postponed.
Mr. MITCHELL submitted a resolution to
print 6,000 extra copies of the Oregon Inreillga.
tlon by the Committee on Privileges and Elec
tions. Helcned to Committee on Trlntlng.
Several amendments to the Sundry Civil Ap
propriation bill were submitted and ordered to be
printed without being rsad.
Mr. COCKRELL called up tbe bill for tho rs
llsf of William L. Hickman, and it was passed.
The CHAIR laid tefbre the Senate sundry
House bills, with amendments, which were agreed
Oa motion or MrCONKLING.thi Sonale,at
4 II, went Into uscutlre session, and shortly
thoreafter adjourned to meet at U o'clock, and
the flag, which, bad floated over the Senate for
twenty nin dgri awl, Alxteen houywsA.JujJed.
and the longest legislative day since the forma
ion of the Government was at an end.
And Refutes th Many Blander Agalnit film
Ills Explanation Respecting that $0,000
Hon. James A. Oar1 el J was before th Real
Fstate Pool Committee to-day. for the purpose of
explaining his connection with the5,000 allege J
to have been paid him to secure his Influence as
chairman of tbe Committee on Appropriations.
General Garfield said that a day or two before
th 42d Coagreas adjourned, Mr. Richard Par
sons, an old friend and brother lawyer, at that
time Marshsl of tbe United States supreme
Court, came to himandtoldbira that heh4 been
retained a counsel in a certain matter before th
Heard of Public Works; that he had to make a
brlet relative to th merits of certain pavements,
but that he had to go away, and would lose his
lee If he did not prepare the brief. He reonested
witness to write the brief, agreeing to divide
any fees he might rocetv. General Oarfleld
agreed to do as Mr. Parsons requested, and
the latter thereupon brought U wit
nets' residence all the papers and tnedeolnthe
ease, from which witness prepared th brier.
This was 111 witness did In the matter. IBs never
asked for a contract or the prlee of anjUJog, and
It never occurred to fclm that la 'dolagSfhathe
did he was Interfering with any rugger any
ssheme, or any set of persons, any mote than
that he was Interfering with tbe rights of any
cltlsen. k
He never saw George R. Chittenden until the
examination In 18T4; never saw DeO operand
McLetlaa la his life, nor Nlekerson until this
morning, and lf there was any scheme wllh refer.
enee to securing witness' Influence In any Im
proper manner, It was never mentlonod'lo him.
When be read, during the examination JalSH,
that his name was mentioned la connection
with th -procurement or certain contracts
he Immediately asked th chairman, Sen
ator Allison, to let blm know If fan ex.
planatlon was needed, and Hon. J. M. Wil
son, a member of the committee, cam to plm and
told him that there was nothing wrong eoncern
log blm. Shortly after that his campaign In Ohio
began, and the New York Sun published thirteen
columns, covering erery possible public and pri
vate assault Upon blm. Wftness wrote to Hon.
J. M. Wilson and received in reply a letter com
vletelr exoneratlnsr witnets from .anTtklnar tm-
roper la th matter of District "aflalre, which
etier wis extejistveiytircutated la witness' Con
restlonal district:- f ' I
1 -If aaybodj In
hat I'wasaplroa
its commutes that
If any man says tt
1 In m w aetlom mie
In connection with these matters, la any Improper
way, It Is due to me and this commutes that that
man should b summoned. If any man says that it
ninii (DBt iwii innasDosa id aouon a a mem'
bsr of Coo gross and chairman ofthe Commutes oa
Appropriations by any Improper const r litis.
liks to confront him. I am frank to eoasss that
lflbiddrsamed for a moment that there was
anythleglathepreparatiea or a brief? at the
soliKatTa of a brother lawyer, which ecruld have
exposed m to even the s Ugliest saspisloa of
eutsttsaabl action, I should not have undertaken
Mr. Oarfleld sutod, la reply toa question by
Chairman Glover, thit after his return horns Mr.
Parson deposited to his credit , as compensa
tion for preparing the brier.
Resolutions Adopted bj tbeKLesrUlaturo
What tho Ball'Dozora ThroaUna to do lf
th Troop at KamoTod- - '
Nbw Orliaxs. March 1. The Republican
Legislature to-day adopted a series of resolutions,
condemning tbe action or the Republicans Ia
Washington who are circulating false reports
that the Packard State Gorerameat has net the
confidence aid support ofthe aeopieaed is not
capable of sustaining Itself unaided by Federal
power, and aOrm that the Packard! Oorerament
has the confidence and esteem of eretnmen who
Tpted the Republican ticket la LoufaHaaat the
last election, that' the" neeesstCy fvY Federal
tnterfereaci at this time, grows oat or
the fact that unlawful combination of
men who overture tbe State Oereramoat
la 184T ar still la existence, and hare seised upon
the State arsenel and Us contents, Supreme
Court and records, and that declarations ar
freely made that lf tbe Federal troops are with
drawn they will take forcible possession of the
State-House and destroy erery vestige or the Re
publican State government. They declare that
Packard received more rotes than the Republl
can electors! that ir GorernorUayes is entitled
to the electoral rots or Louisiana Governor Pack
ard is lawful executive thereof, and is entitled to
the recognition and support of the General Qor-
The Employees Want Their Wages for
December and January Great Sairsrlng
Caused Through Won Payment.
Easton, Fa,, March 2. --Committees ofthe
Fireman's and Hrakemaa's Union have called oa
Mr. Lathrop, receiver orthe Central Railroad or
New Jersey, for the purpose of learning some
thing definite as to when they Jwould
receive their wages for December and January,
II r, Lathrop received them kindly, and In
formed them that tho State of New Jersey gave
the bondholders preference, but that a bill would
be Introduced Into the Legislature to enable him
to pay the employes first. Oa being told that
great en Bering exists aracng some of the em
ployes of the Lehigh and Susquehanna division,
la consequence of store-keepers refus.
log them further credit, he said he
was willing to advance oae thousand
dollars out or his private finds for their roller,
with regard to the employees In Pennsylvania, he
said that he was not acquainted with tne laws of
this Strte. It la fexred that unless seme definite
arrangement la arrived at the asoa oa the Lehigh
and Susquehanna division will strike to-morrew
or next day.
Confession of On of tho Ganglie Admits
Ills Guilt More Confessions Kxpectod.
(PjrTelcgraph to tbe National Republican.
1'ottsville, Mareh 1. Edward Kelly, a
young Motile Magulre, who, with Michael Doyle,
murdered, oa tbe third of September, 1878, Joha
P. Jones, a superintendent of the Lehigh and
Wllkesbarro Coal Compeny, at Lansford, Carbon
County, and who since that date has bsea con.
fined in Maucb Chunk jail, yesterday made a full
confession of bis crime. He corroborates in
every partloular the testimony or Mc Parian, the
detective, and Kerrigan the accomplice, andsajs
that ho would havo confessed long ago had he
known how. He also says that he did not want
to commit the murder, but was afraid to baok out
oa account ofthe consequences, and of baring
cowardice attributed to him by his brother mem
bora of tbe Ancient Order or Hibernians. Tbe
con less ion has caused the greatest excitement
throughout the coal region, and it is thought is
but the forerunner of others.
California Crop Prospect
(By Telegraph to the National Republican)
Ban Frakcisco, March 1. Crop reports
from the interior are to the effect that through
out Sacramento ralley, tbe northern portion of
tbe State, and also la Napa and Soaora valleys,
tbe prospects are very flattering for an abundant
harvest with the usual spring rains, and fair crops
seem assured even with a slight rainfall fur the
remainder ofthe season. In the tower portion of
tbe San Joaquin valley tbe grain Is la a good con
dltlon, except in the highlands, where It has suf
fered from the lack ol moisture. In tbe Santa
Clara and Salinas valleys the crops are In good
condition, but rain Is needed. The same Is true
la a greater degree of the country around Los
Angelosandln the upper portion or the San Joa
quia vjlley, lathe Southern coast counties the
prospects are rather better than In the Interior,
la inanr places where grala Is at present
languishing, a good rain would put an entirety
dlderent face on attain. The weather througu
out nearly the entire State to-day is threatening
Wade Hampton.
Columbia, 8. C, March 1. It ! authorlta
tlrely stated to night, that the associated Justice
Wright (colored), ofthe Sopremo Court, on th
STth ult. signed an order, conjointly with Justice
WUltard.dlsoharglDfrlilda Norrls, tbe eonvlct
nardoned br Governor Hamnton. from the eua
tody ofthe Superintendent of the penitentiary,
thus recognising Hatnptoaas Ooveraor, since
then the colored Jastieo. has bseu prevailed
upon to recant', bis decision, and to-day, under
dertblav pressure, he filed a dissenting opinion
with in explanatory note,wh!oh stated that ar.
ter naturn deliberation he had changed his mind,
1 he courr meets to-motrbw.Vhea Wil I lard will
announce the order of the STth, signed by himself
and AN right, as the decision or the court.
And Will Arrive lit Washington This Morn
ing Telegraphic Accounts of tuo Trip.
PsHiDENT'iLicT Hates and family, con
sisting of bis wife and three children sfcootn
panled by a few personal friends, left Colum
bus yesterday at one o'clock tn routt for the
national capital. Tils departure was made the
occasion of an enthusiastic popular demonstra
tion, In which nearly the entire populace of
Columbus participated- Mr. Hates met with
no lest enthusiastic evidence of public regard
at the other stations at which hla train
stopped. According to schedule time he will
be dne at the Baltimore and Potomac depot at
nine o'clock this morning. No preparations
of a public character hare been made for Ms
reception. Apartments hare been prepared
for him at the residence of Associatb Jcsticb
Swatnx, of the United States Supreme Court,
1,303 K street, where he will rtmaln until
Monday, when he wilt remove to the White
Departure) From Columbus.
By Telegraph to the National Republican.
CoLVUBue, Ohio, March 1. Governor Hajea
snd party left for Washington this afternoon at
one o'clock by way of Pittsburgh and Harris
burg. His departure was made tbe occasion of a
clvlornd military ovation. Tho streets leading
from the Governor's residence to the depot was
gaily decorated with Bags, and crowds lined the
sidewalk. A detachment of United States troops
from tbe Columbus barracks, tho Columbus
cadets, and the cadets from the Chlo Agricultu
ral College formed tbe escort, and numerous
bands furnished music. Tbe arrival of the party
was greeted by a great crowd of oltlsess, whsF
rent th air with cheers as th Governor and his
family transferred themselves from the carriages
to tbe special cars provided for them. In response
to the demands of the maltltude Governor Hayes
appeared on the rear platlorm of his car and do
llvendtb following l
MTriLLOWClTUEKSj-l appear to say a rw
worda la bidding good-bye to joutl understand
very wll the uncertainty of pabllo affairs at Wash
lagton,l understand very will that possibly next
week I way be with you again to resume my place
lath Governor's office, and as your fcllewcltl
sea bat I alto understand that It Is my daty to bo
at Washington, prepared to amirae another posi
tion, bltiierandsaore responsible, and with more
difficult duilei. 1 have thought, as I looked upon
thli great audience, and as to-day 1 gated on Hie
people who threiigod our route lo this depot, of a
almlUroccurrencoslxteenjearaago. A little lets
than alxteen years ago 1 marched down High street
with a thoisaad men, to paaa to the Xatt, and to tbo
South, todowhatweeouldtorcetora the Union of
the Bute, and reeitilUh the autueriir or the.
Conciliation, (Cheers.)
In that work we wereemlnentfy successful, so far.
as It was noffhlble to be successful, br force of arms.
I am not Bereto aaya word tn disparagement of
what waa accomplished by tbe brave men who weat
out with me from alfiUent parte of th coaauy, of
mr comrades oae third and over never ritaraed to
their boniest they perished la us discharge of tbelr
datlrs that the KepubU snlakt live, fiat thero was
something force could not do. We would hare our
Union to be a union of heart, aad we would have
our CoiaUtuMoa obeyed, net merely beeauae of force
that compels obedience, bnt obeyed because the peo
ple lore tbe principles of the Constitution, Long
contlnaed applause,
And to-day If I am called to the work to which
Abraham Llocola waa called sixteen years ago, it
lsnudertbe brighter skies and more favorable aus-
litcreapplauseIdohope. Id fervently believe
that by the all of dcvlne providence, we may do
sonretuingiBtnifldByerpeaeeroy woraeor peace,
towards re-establlsbing la tbe hearts of our country
men a real and a hearty attachment to tbe Conelltu
tlon as It la, and to tbe Union as It lo I Lour con
tinned applause, which was only stepped by tbe ap
proach ralocvmotlve, watch moved slowly down
to take the car away.
Of course a resumption of the remarks was In
possible, and as th trala moved away the air was
rent with tho shouts, which the Governor ac
know led ged. by bowing. As tho trala emerged
from the depot a number of locomotives on the
sidetracks drowned th voices or the multitude
In resounding toots, certainly a good by suffici
ently hearty.
Ilia Arrival at Coshocton,
Pawvisoir, O., March X. At Coshocton a large
crowd of ladles and gentlemen bad assembled,
and there was the same show of enthusiasm as at
other points, although the train stopped but a
minute. The hand-shiklng was carried on rig
orously. Numerous dispatches are recelrcd at
erery station showing tbe progress ol erentsat
Washington, and tho news quickly passes from
one end of the train to the other. At Newark
there was another Immense crowd of cltlsensto
get a sight or the President-elect, and give him a
hearty greeting. The Governor was escorted to
be rear platform, and was kept busy for some
moments In shaking hand, as the people pressed
forward with great eagerness for recognition. The
enthusiasm was unbounded, and wishes for suc
cess ol tbe new Administration were showered
upon the Governor. Calls were made for a speech,
but the Governor bowed In aeknow lodgment, and
la a moment the train was gone. Alter the train
had passed a halt length, a colored man made a
break for the rear, clambered up, and got a
shake of bis hand for his pains. The colored peo
ple are outln full force to-day.
Arrival at and Departure from Pittsburg
Pittsburgh, Pa., March 1. The train carry
ng Governor Hayes and friends arrlred hereon
time and with erery one delighted with the trip.
The train was Immediately transferred to
tbe Pennsylvania Central, and left promptly on
time. Tbe reception at all points has been
cntousiastio to a degree never aerore accorded to
any public man la Ohio. Resides the places
already mentioned In these dispatches, large
crowds wer In waiting at De unison
and Steubenrille, and demanded not only to see
byt to hear the President-elect. There was no
speaking, but plenty of hand-shaking and ex
pressions of good will. At the latter place there
was a brass band that discoursed patriot! airs,
and helped to dlrld the honors with the citiiens.
The Presidential party Stop at Altooua for
Supper aud Proceed on Their Journey,
IlAnmsBuno, Pa., March 2. Governor
Hayes and party arrived at Altooua at l.:M this
morning. He stopped twenty minutes for supper
at the Logan Houje, and at 1 10 left Tor Washing.
ton viallarrlsburg.
Two Hundred Men Start lu Search or the
Rioters They Meet aud Have a Uloodlesi
Hal lie.
special Telegram to the National Republican.
Charlmtox, 8. C, March 1, Some ex
citement was caused yesterday near the scene ol
the Combaspee riots of last fall, a few miles be
low Charleston, by the news that a mob of one
hundred negroes had fired on a sheriff's posse
sent to arrest a negro who had
refused to submit to arrest ou
a warrant Issued by a trial justice appointed by
Ooveraor Hampton, and that tbe posse had been
lorced to retreat to-day. A posse of twoliundred
men, black snd white, were sent to disperse tbe
rioters and arrest tbe rlngteaders. Tho rioters
were found la force at Calf pea
on the Savannah and Charleston
Railroad, but wbea charged by the posse fled
without firing a shot, About twenty ol them
were captured with muskets la their hands, and
were sent to let 1. No one was hurt on either !
The sheriff Is still la pursuit ofthe rest orthe
From TlseoasIa to;th Filibusters.
ByTelegrsphtotbeNatlonal Republican )
MiLWAi'Kii. Marsh 1. The Assembly to
day adopted by a unanlmtuavot a resolution In
troduced by a IKmocUttc member, lu-trucUng our
Bepresentailveslu Congress to oppose all motlous
destined to delay declaration of result of the Pies
Idcntlal election.
The Sal of a "Western Railroad,
ST Louie, March 1, The Lexington anj
bt. Loots railroad waa sold beie atauatlon to-day,
1 0 saiury a drrd of trust, being the Rrst mbrt rate on
the road for iro,ooo. Theroad was knocked down
to Jotetm tfflljrinan, or rw York, trustees for
boud liOl.Urs for IU,U dollars.
Seckctart Mon kill Secretary Morrill
was able lo alt up and dress yesterday moralag, aad
of the tneu sara tUa oftbe new President,
Tbe Southern RsrcnLiCAX Amociatiow,
This body mteu to-night at Clarke's Hall to make
arrangement! for taking part lu tbe Inaigural
ci remoales.
Under the crdera of the Secretary of the Interior
Department, Mr, Aloaso Bell, Chief Clerk, haa
gone to Philadelphia to receive aadretarato this
city the orlftlnalcopyor tbe Declaration of Inde
pendence, which was placed la ladcpandence Hall
at the opening of the Centennial Exhibition. It Is
understood that the tuts Department, Instead of
the InUrlbr Department, will hereafter have the
cettody of this ancient document.
Resigned. Oar well known and highly
esteemed feUow-clUxcn, Samuel Htln,Xi., preated
by advancing years and fall tag health, baa found It
advisable toresign his positional disbursing aa;eat
of the Coast Barrey, after a period of fortytbree
yean of publlo service. In his retirement be ear
rlca with blm tho friend-hip and c:co. ofall those
who have beea associated with blm. In his offloial
dutlca he win lie uceecdrd by Dr. J, W. Porter,
for some time pait appolnimeat elerk lu the
Treasury Department.
understood that President Draft w.;'H to-morrow
afternoon, We a farewell banquet to tbe member
ef his Cabinet and tliclr ladies, Tbe affair
promises to bo one of aolemn Interest, If tbe
Presldent-electarrtvesloUue be will alto be Invited
and will no doabl attend. It Is hardly etpected
that President Grant and his family will teat th
White Home before Monday neat.
Natal Orders. Commander A, II. Mc
cormick, to report for special orweance duty t Pay
Director Joha 8, Uallck, to th Kital AijWro,
Philadelphia, 101b Marcbt Chief Engineer X. 8. De
Luce, todmy In charge of engineers stores at tho
navy yard, Mew York. 1st Mareh. Deuched-Pey
Inspector George L. Davis, froo th Naval Asy
lum, Philadelphia 10th March, and ordered to duty
at tbe navy yard, Ma 1st and.Cal., lit April t Pay
Iatpeclor Caspar Bchenck, from the navy yard,
Marelslaad, 1st April next, and ordered to settle
accounts t Chief Engineer E. Laws, from tbeuavy
yard. New York, 1st March, an 1 ordered to th
Redemption or &20 Bonos or 1S&5. Toe
Secretary of the Trcasary give notice that tbe prin
cipal and accrued Interest of tbe bonds herein be
low deilgnaud, known as S-W boads of the act of
March Z, WW, dated November!, , will b paid
at the Treasury on and alter the 2Uh day of May,
1877, aad that the Interest euaald binds will cease
on that day. Coupon Bouds-JCO-No. 3M01 to No.
87300, both Inclusive, It.oco-Xo. ran to . soooo,
de. Total coupon, 17,000,009. Registered Bonds
M-Xo.ttlto 4, both Inclusive! floo-No. 1031 to
No, cuo, both IndutlTOsn-No. U9i to No, suo,
both Inclusive; i,ooo-No. iiui to No. liKfl. both
lncluiltfl; j,ou-No.t33l 10N0.K.!, both Inelu
live! Sl0,U00-No. 7U to JOOM, uvt lucluslve. To
tal registered, IT, 000 000; aggregate, f 10, 000,000,
President sut tbe folio win nomtaatloae to
tbe Senate yesterday. Silas Jl. Dntcher, appraiser
Of merchandise. New Yorkclty. AtbertC.Judion,
penalon agent at Albany N.Y. John Tyler, col
lector of easterns for district of Buffalo Creek, N,
Y B. u. Petubone, poataaaster atUgdenabarg, N,
Y, Jonea ErauUlo, postmaster at U a verb 111, Mass.
Nathan r. Dixon. Jr., V, 4. attorney for Bbode
island, incmtyoreing, pension ageut at Lex
ington, Ky. Uenrr Espirjen, of Wlscontla, surveyor-general
for Dakota, PaliucrO. Wood, to be
second lieutenant, Uth Infantry,
IuroiiTART An Mr Ordibs By direction
of the (secretary of War, tbe following changes In
the slatlous and dtitlea of offieera of tbe corps of
engineers, U take esTsct March su, :S77, are uadet
LlcuteuaatColoneUr. L. Casey, la addition to his
present duties, win relieve Major O. X, Babcock of
an nis uui'cs laiae uistriot or I'oiamma, unaer tne
Immediate direction of tbe Becretaryof War: and
the Chief of Eogieeers, Major U. E. Babcoek, la, ar
nisown requeit. reuerea rrorauiv present auues
and will report to the Hon. Secretary ef the Treat
uryror duty as engineer or the una light hoaae dis
trict, relieving Major Erankliu Uarirood. Major
Uarwood, on being relieved by Major Bab
cock, win take station at Detroit, Mich., and re
lieve Major Godfrey Weltzet of the charge or the
St Clair flats canal, and of 19 Improvement of th
Baglnaw river and Lheyboygaa harbor. By direc
tion ofthe Secretary of War, Major James K. Mas
son, paymaster, uow la this city, will report la per
son to the Paymaster Uenerai for temporary duty la
hie office. Br direction of th Secretary of War,
Celoael Daniel McClure, assistant paymaster gen
eral, chief paymaster, department of the Houib, Is,
at his own request, relieved from duty la that de
partment, and Major W, B, Rochester Is assigned
as his sneccaaor.
A Cabinet Aspirant
Senator Alcorn Is employing every means la
bis power to obtain a position In President Hayes
Cabinet ,and several large delegations went recently
to Coluinbue In hie Interest. He Isnot favored by the
bettwclassofBenubllcaaa?irc,wbod(.lre President
Hayes. Itli intends to appoint any Southern man,
to select ono whoso political career la tho past has
been coniUttDt and whose political futire cannot
bo doubted. Alcorn waa a Confederate, bat eame
ovrr to the republicans In order to get office. Since
be has been a KepuMlcau be baa been vibrating be
tween two extreme wings of the party, aomcilmee
aa In iSTa-belntr fouad at tbe bead of tbe ex -Con fed
erate mobs In Yazoo County, Miss., shooting ne
groes, TroelUpnbllcana would rather aeu lu the
Cabinet a maa like Hancock or Ben IIUI, who bare
been rather more consistent than Alcorn.
A Petition to Coogreae From tho Shipping
Merchants of New York
(By Telegraph lo the National Republican.
Naw York, March 1. The following peti
tion was circulated to-day among tbe sh'p mer
chants at the Martlme Exchange:
To tht Ifonoroblt, tht Fmct nmt House nf Rtp
rtttitat(vi 0 lAs Vntttd htaUl in Cuugrtti
Tbe aaderslrned shipping luerhtnts aad other,
oftbe eltyorNew York, many ulwhoiu urged In
good faith the pat:e ofthe Electoral Commmloa
bill from a desire forth spuaay tuueiuent of the
Presidential Question, believing thit the delay in
the eetilctncatoftbls question ha seriously an ec ted
the welfare of tbe whole country, end that the
failure to lmmedtatrlr complete the eount ofthe.
electoral vote for Prestlcntand Vice-President of
the United 8 utca, will be moat destructive to the
buslarsit Interests of tbe country, wherefore we
respectfully nrgethe lmmealate completion of the
count orthe electoral rotes.
HTrnirN W. C ibiy,
R. V,, Jtorcs,
it, r. UT( ALI
And many others, Irrtapectlrcof parly.
Uoternor Packard Issue w Proclamation,
New Orleans, March 1. Governor Pack
ard, this morning, Issued a proclamation convening
tn Legislature In extra session vr twenty days,
commencing from tbe expiration of tbe regular ses
sion to-day, and ipectfylag tbe passage or a general
appropriation bill, and the election of a United
States Senator for the abort term, aa special objects
to take precedence of all other business.
A Fatal Mistake.
Middletown, N. Y., March 1. At Mont
xomcrr. In a drag store last night, Ueorge Vou
Arsdel and Michael Murphy, thinking to flavor
whisky, mistook aconite for Jamaica gldger, aad
drank the poison. Both died In a few boors. They
were unmarried, aad aged twcutyflre and thirty
five. How the Haiti more Authorities Treat t h
U amblers
Baltiuobe, Md., March 1 lu tbe Criminal
Court to-day, George nuntlngtou, John Young,
Jr., Joshua Kvans aud James Uamble, ludlcted
for keeping gambling bousee were fined M0 each
and costst Francis Pardlne fSCO an 1 cost, and B. J
b later was ssuunced to live months imprisonment.
AH the parties plead gnaUy.
" lteeumptlon r Y7ork In the Coal Mines
New ToiK, March 1. A UkPsharre dis
patch says a telrgrsm was received yesterday alter
nooii from tbe managers of the Lehigh and Wilkes
barre Coal Company, to their agents here, ordering
aft the Idle mine in this vicinity to resume woi k at
once. This will put Into immediate operatlun tn
ihtsvlcinltyelghtcolllerlcs which have hucn quiet
foi some lliue past.
Fir la Ulnore.
Baltiuore, March 2. Pariah Brothers
spUe mills. No. 13 and II llolllnrsvrortb street,
wcreharnedto-nlxM, and several adjoining build
lass damaged. Total loss about tto.owt party lu-
Execution of tlio.Mnrdereror "Wild Hill,"
Yankton, March 1. John McOall was
executed to-day for the murder of Jno. U. Hleaok
(Wild BlIDJatheBlackUlHslait August
exolaxd niTunriAHs nr.n ves
sels rilOM WltKlBH WATERS,
lite Opening of a New Railway In Japan-
The Cur of Russia Desire to Meet the Em
perorsef Asutriaand Prusala Tbe Objee
of 1 gnat! efTs Journey
iktroRTAMT MOTiMrNTOPTns: MrniTrnuAxraw
aqtADnux-ii i uiililkkj) to uiKoatvoux r
London, March 1. Tbe British Admiralty
bare ordered the Immediate concentration of tho
entire English Mediterranean aqasdrou at Alalia,
This mOTO Is Important. Tbe withdrawal oflreat
Brltalu from both Oreek and TurkUli waters Is re
girded 11 In furtherance of aa undertaking with tbe
other powers.
In the Parliamentary election at Oldham to-diy,
Mr. Joha T.HIbbert, the Liberal candidate, was
anccessru), Tbe vote stood as follows; lllbbcrt.
Liberal, 9.M2; Lets, Conservative, ,8lt. This Is a
Liberal gain.
A naATKAXIMCAH CAr-TAix rassixiBD WlTlf
Loxdon. March 1 The Board of Trade
has awarded a gold watch to Captain Xano
oftbe American aehoouer T. E. MacDoaald, for
rescuing the two aurvhon from the wreck oftbe
bark ataxia, Captain Ureystoae, th remainder of
whose crew died of ataratloajind exposure eabe
fori reported.
London. March M. The Senate of th
Uniter.ltyof London hare decided bya vote ofll
to to a Itnlt w tine a to medical decrees.
the onirc t or laxATitrr' locaaxr-ut Nia-
MoxorrERTii rowLaiAX xxccia ron ia
latimq tii xi a nxrtus.
Paris, March,2.I-naUefr Journey la not
In search of htalth. The Cenoral la charged with
glYlngterbatexplanatlonsof the futuro policy of
Bussla, ef course, with the view of obtaining
tbe adheslea or tbe powers to that policy. Ills
success may be considered donhtful, but bll mis
sion offers the Powers an excuse, at wbleb BdssU
cannot take offeus for delaying thelrreplles to the
Circular. From tbe standpoint UcmUaloumlgbtse
wiu.!siis or tub roam to coxclcdk a
Con 8TANT1 sort z, March 1. Tht Porte la
willing to conclude a treat with Montenegro with
all the usual formalities, thereby recogaUIag tn
Prince aa a sovcrtisn.
iUocsi, March 1. The MeridtteshaTC tak
en arms against Turkey, and are besieging Pake, a
fortress on the road to Prlrcndl, Uerrlscb PashA
has sent troops from Scutari to relieve the place,
and afterwards mar.h against tbe Merldlies.
CoNiTANTiHorLi. March 2. The Porte
Intends tIuvltEalaad to consent to th imme
diate retura of her ambassador. Lord Sallsbary, to
Constantinople, and thus tet aa eiample to th
ther Powers la this respect.
CoxtTANTixorLX, March 1. Peace with
Scrvla has been formally signed. Elections for
members of the Ottoman Parliament were hOdln
Constantinople to-day.
Ban Francisco, Mareh 1. In Japan, the
ceremony of openlnga railway betweea Osaka and
Kioto waa performed February Itn, la the presence
oialargc assemblage 01 japan- oigniuinci aeu
most oftbe foreign diplomatists, which latiertrav
eled from Toklo to Klato by apeclal Invitation, a
guests ofthe government.
Berlin, March I It la believed here that
the Porte, on Informing the Powers of the conclu
sion of peace with Be via, will rati tbe attention
or Europe to tbo fact that It bsi already begun the
reforms required by the Power?, adding that It will
bo difficult. If not ttDDOislblr, to make tbe reform a
really eflrctlve while a lluislan army Isuiaescdou
the frontier.
Lonpon, March 1. The following is an
extract irom a private letter from Col. Uordon,
dated Cairo, February 17 tht 'Hls Hlghneaa (tbo
Khedive) has glvca me, over the Boudan, la addi
tion to th provlncea of tbe Equator and tbe Bed
Bea coast, absolute authority. It will be my fault
If slavery does not cease, and 11 these vast coun
tries are aot open lo th world. The whole secret
of the matter la lo the government of the Boudan,
ana U the man who holds that Is against slavery It
Beklin, March 2. Count Arnlm has asked
for a safe conduct so Lclpilc, la order that he may
appear md defend himself before tbe Imperial
Court of Discipline, In which proceedings against
him will be opi ned on March 4,
Cable Dotf .
The Spanish Minister at Peking has broken off
relations with the Chinese government. Th
dispute grows out of Cuba audthe Coolie ques
tion. The famine In Corea continues, and appeal
have been made lo Japan for assistance.
Tbe Russians have made no movement recently
Indicating an intention of Immediately crossing
tbe Prut h.
It Is understood that Prussia la endeavoring
to obtain concessions in Constantinople in return
for pecuniary setlstancs.
Tbe dispatch stating that at an extraordinary
council of the ministers held on Monday, it was
decided to demobilise tbe Russiaa army when
peace is signed between the Porte and Hervla,
aad Montenegro, is absolutely untrue. Mo inch,
council was held.
The Port has telegraphed to Its reprsienta
tlres abroad dispatches confirming th state
ment that tbe armistice with Montenegro bat
been prolonged until the xlst Inst.
Hllla Passed by the New Jersey Legislature
Tubnton, March 1. In the Senate to day,
the bill to redne the legal rate of Interest to six
percent, was reported lo the committee with, aa
amendment allowing seven per cent, on special
contracts. The amendment was agreed to by a
vou of twelve to six. The bill authorising, tbe
tiecreuryorstateto examine and have enjoined
Insurance couipanlea where there la a probability
of failure or transfer of assets, was passed.
Larg Auction Sale of Prints In New York.
By Telegraph to the National Republican.)
New York, March I. An auction firm
aold to-uay, at their aalo-rooms, 11,000 cases of
Jtlchmond prints. There was elarjre attendance,
and bidding was very spirited, goods bringing
what ware said to bo very good pdces. Print were
disposed of at prices ranging from V to TS per
XHatli of th Captain of th PJitldlpTuIa
Inauranve Patrol
PniLADELruia, Pa., March 1. Terrene)
tlcCusker, captain of the insurants patrol, who has
beeu Id with typhoid feverfor a month past, died
In this city this morning. He haa been for saany
years connected with th ar depaumeat. Ono
time served as CkiefyKnglaccr.
Au SS1.80O Peuslou Fraud.
Utica, N, Y., March 1. Doloa M. Powers,
a lawyer of Norwich, has been bell by tho United
HtateaComralssloaer upon the charge of obtaining
abont 11,800 pension money. Ostensibly fgr minor
rblldrra living lu Plymouth, Chenango ceiaty,
upou fradulent representation.
Suspension of Another Savin ge Dank,
Niw York, March 1, The German! a Say.
logs Bank of MorrUlana has closed Us doors and a
receiver baa been atkedfor. According to tbe re
port for January, 1870, tbe acta ef tbe bang were
1X3,11 M. an 1 Us liabilities 37I,E9.3.
Iglealas Returns to Mexico ae a 2'rlvaU
8am FnANCisco, March 1. IgUelas Jeaua
here Kuaday nextfoi New Orleans, and thence to
era Cms. He acctwtt tbo aliuatloa and return
to Ucxlco as a prhate cltUeu

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