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fgntirmaS gqroMfara
W, J MUUTAUII Proprietor
Nilbarrlptlon II. I.E.
lHUrtlii.ffe.) OTe.rrler., 8. eents per month.
Tinll,iH)liM.IrirjfriM,for .If monlh;,
ad M for thrre roonlbB. Tens! Invariably la w
AavrUalns; nates.
DnrSS cnu a line for ordinary adTertlttnr.
On editorial paae, 11 per Une, rip. I pane, U.M
W beg leaT, to state tkat we deellne to reura
rejected Commvoleatlooit and to tlitl rulo wa
caa make no eiceptton.
Soulluatt to loutftirul rimji, MllO'iiri or
hlgtir Umferature, loner fttivrn, tlouiy and
111111X1 till iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiMABCIH. ICT.
Let e allure trvm of le South.
era Stetei Hot, ' " 'e cAereed Vila lie
duty of organixtnf an -adflifnfifraffen, it ulll be
one irAfrA tll rroarj and cAerflA Mill fnerelfl,
fie in rfrliatk'All and oIAe colored people,
both and eoually, and ifMfA If HI put forth (re
tell effort! In eal a a (fell policy wAIcA will
eelpe oul oreter lAe dlillnrllon between 'or!A
and Seals, in oar common r.unfrjr. in-li-Hayes'
letter or aeoeptanee.
VnmiT waa at Urge In the House yes
terday. YockoLane, of Oregon, should take the
temperance pleds. aa aoon aa possible.
Blue olasb wtll trow hair on the baldest
of heads and make It part In the middle.
Tina pool business has tone xqutte far
eioajti. "Let no (tuIUt man escape."
Mi. David Dudley Field, way not present
a bill to Corjcreee creating the brevet title of
President for Mr. Tilths.
Tee Democratic flllbustera hare dlieorered
at last that the cannot thwart the Inevitable
with gtfs and mad cestures.
Niari.t eyiry third Member of the ITouse
baa a cold, and therefore, It la about time the
Doctors were making; a raid on the nattonal
Ma. BArexixo on being asked yesterday why
the Western Democrats are delaying the
count, replied t "they believe In processions
irmlng slow at fun'rals."
Mn. Tiltjeh sent Mr. Fuld to Congress to
convince the American people that he (Sam
uel) ought to be PresMent,anJ yet the Demo
cratic caucus snubs h'm and the House laughs
at his antlca.
The prayer In the House of ltepresentatlves
vesterdsy waa one of unusual length, and
some ungodly miscreant auggestedthat the
ptrson was probably filibustering to consume
rnisiDEXT (trlANT can congratulate him
elfon being able to leave the White Huse
aoon without feeling that he must hurry bick
to receive a delegation, enlorsa a paper, or
consider some grave question of na'.ton il Im
portance. Tue daya or lha pretty aplulozs are num
bered. In Maaeaehusetta the Legislature
are taking measures to exterminate him, and
In Connecticut orders have been Issued by the
authorttlfeto have all the spin dogs In the
State killed without delay.
Tnx Democracy are eorely trouble! and
bowed down with grief aa they see the South
gradually withdrawing from their corrupting
embrace. Should the South leave the De
mocracy, the latter will hare to rent some
body'a brains to keep their organisation run
nlnrr. Col. Bobebt Imoebsoll la mentioned by
the Iillnola press for a Cabinet poaltlon. While
bla legal learning and remarkable aound Judg
ment would add lustre to the Administration,
bla peranatlre tongue and well known piety
would have a moat desirable effect upon those
who are lost In tbe sIds of the Democracy.
MB.WAU.isa Is a filibuster, and although
we condemn bis conrae, still be used an ex
pression yesterday which waa so unique that
we give It space. On being accused of (II-
busterlng, be hurled the accusation back with
clenched list and the remark that "When
fraud Is law filibustering Is patriotism." Had
be grounds upon which to base the remark it
would have bad a greater effect.
It is surprising how qnlet Governor lUt
DBiCEa has kept during tbe entire embrosllo.
He baa not been connected with any of the
mlacbtevous schemes in which Colonel PxLTOX
has Imp tested Mr. Tildex. While Oov. Hex
nticxa cornea out of the fight without any
ataln on his character, Mr. Tildes has been
robbed of his good name by the knavea and
achemera who have surrounded him.
"Settle the Presidency first and the ap
propriation Ulls after," Is what some of tbe
solons of Congress say. True, but why not
settle both I The appropriation bills are far
bihlnd, and t will be by the greatest legisla
tive miracle on record, If one half are passed
before tbe present Congress closes, thus neces
sitating an extra aesslon. Tbe responsibility
roust reet somewhere, and the country will
not be slow to place It right.
Sib Robebt I'eel lived long enough to
cheer Disraeli, and we, too, have lived to
take off our bata to Fan man no Wood, and
amlle approvingly upon bla patrlotlo and n)
ble conduct during the exciting debates of the
past two days. Now, Febxando, If you will
return Volume 33, of Mlscellsneous Tamph
lata that you took from the Congressional Li
brary sometime ago, we stall give you full
absolution for all your plccadlllles, and throw
tbe mantle of charity over the unpleasant
memorlea of tbe past.
We print the following as a curloilty, slm
p'y to show the ratio of liberal thought aa
against bigotry and partisanship:
Owe or tux Auditor or TnaTRniBcnv,)
Fob tub Voav-Orrici: I'vpabtvbnt,
Aqkbt or Itsri'BLiiAK: As tbeltaruaLiCAM
seems to hare broken from Its moorlOKS, and to
be drifting on dangerous shoals, I think It wlseit
to leave It till 1 know where it land. 1 lnoloio
the amooDt doe up to this time, and request you
to discontinue It. Yours, Ave.,
Jo.efh Wabskr.
319 A Street Northeast,
This is the first notice to quit which we have
received In four weeks. Within the past ten
dsys our subscription list shows an Increase of
orliper eenlum.
Hotels, news companies and carriers are
multiplying their ordere, and from distant
cities come many postal orders to swell our
Indeed, the clrculstlon of tbe National
KErunLicArt Is larger now than It hss been at
any time since Its birth. We are not addicted
to the practice of trumpeting our busioess af
fairs Into the ears of the public. We ques
tion the good taste of doing so. We try,
however, to publish a good newspsper, and
epare no efforts to make tbe National Re
rcnLlcAN acceptable to lis readers.
AnoTinn day and David Dudlet Field's
work In Congress will be ended. He can then
retire to New York and attend to the pressing
duties which devolve upon him as the adviser
and counsellor of his Ludlow Street Jail
Aa a principle or morals It U gross error
to obstruct well doing; and bonce when we
would encourage progress la & good cause
we have at heart, to aid la the advance
ment of which we observe a disposition on
the rtart of others, wo cannot be too care
ful bow we undertake to expedite, the
movement least our over zeal thill provj
and Impediment la the way of ila accom
plishment. And particularly Is this the
case where the desire U to promote a
elietlshcd otject which has previously
been regarded by many with doubt and
distrust. In such cases prectpltatloa Is
dangerous, and often disastrous. Com
munlllea and peoples proceed elowly In
the solution of moral and political
problems; and la all Instances
of attempted reform thero Is great best
tency In the Initiatory stages. Men are
not Instantaneously traisformed la scatl
menl, and the early Inculcations frequent
ly fail ofpermanent effect, and leave the
work lo be recommenced by succeeding
philanthropists anil patriots. Bo In respect
of political creeds; where all the circum
stances have tended to create a certain
principle of action, which Is mide tho
criterion of all Judgment, It It found ex
ceedingly difficult to turn the mtndi of the
mines away Irom the contral conviction
which animates a party, and more them in
a new and apparently opposite direction.
The higher and more Intelligent classes
may Inaugurate a movement that prom
ises good results, but ther ctnnot hurry
tbclr followers In the novel way. To In
duce a change of feeling and general cm
currence, commonly requires much time.
And this Is the invariable experlenco in
cases where extreme situations have
engendered ultra views and
tbe obduracy of preludlce; for any change
suggested imbues the mind with suspicion,
lest the Btep shall bo construed Into an im
peachment of the former principle and
practice, an apprehension which It too
often controlling and fatal to the cause.
From this It may be readily seen how Im
probable the prospect of committing a large
party to Immediate chaoge, by resolution,
proposed by those who have always held
to the theory put forward for endorsement,
The effect will generally be to destroy
every cbanco of success, by summoning the
ever prompt spirit of resentment which
scorns an implication of error or imputed
inconsistency. Now to apply our moral
Rome who profess to have the good of
the country uppermost la their thoughts,
wilh full knowledge that there was a spirit
ofreformatworkla the ranks of the Re
publican party, which, if left to itself, was
certain to produce the happiest results, but
unwisely or maliciously actuated, recently
Introduced resolutions in the House ol lie
presentatlves, having for their purpose, the
recognition of the Nlcholls ar.d Hampton
Governments as the lawful governments of
the States they eesay to control. Now,
while it is more thaa probable that la view
of all tho unhappy events which hare at
tended the continued conflict of elements
in those States, thero is at this moment a
majority of too Republican party la favor
ofguaranteelng to the Southern States en
tire Independence of the Federal power la
respect of their internal affairs while
there is a prospect that very early all the
better portion of the party will subscribe to
the policy, there was a solid voto against
the proposition. And it was all for no
other reason than that It Is not in the na
ture of man to vote censure upon his own
conduct all because there was Imprudent
haste, if there was pure motive la the
mover, or devilish Intent, if it was prompted
by a spirit of mischief. But while we
hope it will aot have any listing effects for
evil, we are sure it has retarded the general
Tbe Republican party fully realises the
necessity for a change of policy In the
South, but it declines to be hurried forward
lb its course to suit the caprices of the Op
position. In Its own good time it will take
up the needed reforms and con
summate them. And when they are thus
accomplished, tbe country will be one la
interest, one la sentiment, aad one in
Russia hss furnished to the world a most
wonderful example of a rude aad barbar
ous people, ca rrled forward through the
earnest force o( an energetic aad far-seeing
ruler, into a position of recognized equality
In tbe great family of nations.
The histories of Turkey and Russia are
as unlike as it is possible for histories to be.
Years ago when the Cossacks were a bar
birousasd lostgnlflcent people, the Ma
hommedans were to the full tide of their
power and opulence, and presented to the
world a practical realization of aa Arabian
Night's tale la which unquestioning faith,
unreasoning Intolerance, and a religious
enthusiasm at once fanatical and fierce,
constituted the animating machinery
through which the most wonderous achlvt
stents were accomplished, and the most
atrocious cruelties were perpertrated.
There was a tlmo when the whole of con
tinental Europe trembled at the power of
the Mussulman; at that period the Russ,
cold La clime aad cold la blood, was Ignor
ant and superstitious, filthy and degraded.
Bat when the Cossacks begaa to understand
the real virtues of clvlllzttlon he wooed
them vt lth aa eocrgy as fierce as that
with which the lion woos his bride.
Thus while the power of the Turk was
undermined aud began to decline from the
evil Influences of its religious fanaticism
and unrelenting hate of tbe Christian race,
the Russians began to advance la civiliza
tion and gradually rose to be aa almost
controlling power in the aualrs or conti
nental Europe.
Since the Turkish forces were defeated
at Zenta by frlnce Eugene of Savoy, la
tho latter part of the seventeenth century,
tbe crescent has gradually waned while
the strength of Russia has become more
and more pronounced until now we see
the very existence of Mustulmen rule la
Europe threatened with Irretrievable de
struction at the hands of the sturdy and
ever progressive Coisackt. Russia has but
one great mission, and that Is to crush out
forever every vestige of Mahammedan
power north of the Golden Horn. To this
end she is now exerting all her powers,
and tbe course of events will not pints ia
this direction until the prophecy hu been
fulfilled that "the Turk entered Europe by
ttsswoidaad will Icav: Uhy the Jirorl"
The active preparations being mideby
our cltlrcns lo secure a grol Indura
tion demorstrstloa should meet with great
succcit. Give us a floe demonstration.
The country, and especially the people or
Wsshlngton, never had greater occasion
for rrjciclng than now. We arc standing
upoo the threshold of a bright and pros
perous era in our national life. The bonds
of a deeper and more csrnctt friendship
- . . . , j
uevwicu ino aviuriu hqu mu ojutu ". i
been sltrned within the post month by tho
people or both section. Tao BoutUcra
leader, by their bravo ant caurajeou
course In aiding to bitila the talquUoui
con i piracy of the flllbuiterj, lure glroa
unmistakable evidence that such bond
ciUt, and the popular icatlmcnt atmn j
the Republican party everywhere show
undoubtedly that the tlmo has come fr
sectional hate to disappear and tho spirit
of peace and good will to hold stvay among
our whole people who hereafter shall
know no Eut, West. North or South, bat
all shall be merged In one common Union
whose government shall be of the people,
for tho people, and by the people, so long
as the Republic stand.
It Is a sad condition of affairs In a nation
when the crime of theft should be made
tbe ground work for a dangerous political
uprising. Such, however, Is the case In
South Carolina to-day. According to our
dispatches this morning, a thousand white
and black men will meet at a place near
Green Fond, called the Dlue Store, for the
purpose of arrcstlnga colored thief, who has
resisted the authorities on the grouud that
a warrant Issued by tho Hamftok govern
ment tvu invalid, becauso & Judgo of the
State has pronounced Bouth Carolina
without a de facto government This stato
of affairs cannot exist long In a State with
out the most serious and blighting conss
quences. A dual form of government,
with two political factions, the one arrayed
against the other, cannot fall to brlng an
archy to the commonwealth where the
duality is allowed to exist by the National
Government We hope that South Carolina
will soon know who la to be the ruler of
Its people, that they may ascertain what
laws to obey and what mandates to respect
Centennial VommUvhinert
The ci tire til of Fblladelphta have presented
Mr. John Wilch, the sum of fifty thousand
dollari, with which to found a professorship
tn Mi name In the University of Pennsylvania.
As Chairman of the Centennial Board of
Finance, Mr. Welch: did much to Insure the
success of the Centennial Exhibition, and It is
well that hta aervlces hare been thus hand
somely recognUed. But no one seems to have
considered the services of the United States
Centennial CommUtloneri. Commlutoned
from each State and Territory by the Presi
dent under act of Congress, they were hard
at work for a year, before the Board of Finance
was organized, and are still attending to their
officii, duties.
Berilng without compensation, and many of
them at great personal inconvenience, tbey
have performed an amount of labor such as
hu never before fallen to the lot of a body of
volunteer workers in this country, and they
have brought great honor to the Nation by
their patriotism, Integrity and good manage
ment. The Exhibition U universally admitted
to have been the finest aver held It would
be a graceful act for Congress to give a vote of
thanks to tbe Commluleners.
Trie excitement Is Increasing In regard to
the gold regions of the Black mils.
Actlre preparations are being made
by parties In New York, St. Louis,
Chicago and other cities to migrate
to that charmed bourne early tn the spring.
It Is estimated that fifty thousand persona
will visit that country during tbe present
eesson. This number added to those already
there will swell the population of the
Hills to ilxty or seventy thousand.
As a general thing this popu
lation will be made up of adventurers and a
rough class, who will need the restraining In
flnencesof rigidly enforced laws to keep that
country from a state of anarchy and confu
ston. At present a portion of tbat section Is
not definitely understood to be under the con
trol of any of the courts of Wyoming, Mod"
tana or Dakota. There Is consequently a con-
fllct of authority, and when two authorities
are up neither are supreme. For this reason
It is ;belleved that the wisest thing Con
gress can do Is to make a separate Terri
tory of the Black IIUls region, and thus
settle the perplexing question, and give to the
large number of people there, and those now
on their way, besides the thousands who will
soon follow, a cool government and protect
tlog laws. This will have to bo done sooner
or later, and If dons during the present sea
alonof Congress, It will save that region from
a dangerous state of anarchy during the com
ln season.
Congressman Gun Eit Is trying to make
himself odious tn the House by contemplating
a foolish resolution looking to the expulsion of
General Garviild. If this Is really his In
tention, he Is attempting that which will not
only react upon him, but will reflect upon tbe
character and respectability of tho committee,
of which he Is chairman. The testimony
upon which Gloveu proposes to base his reso
lution, Is simply a re-hash of tho Di Goltir
testimony taken about three years ago, In
which It was proven that Mr, Gabfiild re
ceived 13,000 as legitimate attorney's fees,
and nothing else. Now, Mr. Glovxr In a
spirit of party malice proposes to present a
resolution of expulsion, based upon these
facts. He might as well attempt to push the
suns from their course
Tnx New Tork Tribunt of yesterday said i
Wetake the liberty of printing the following
private dispatch to the editor of the Tribunt. Il
was, of course, never meant for publication, bnt
iu nopeiui newa it cobirihi win jiruie o ri.
come a roller to thousands of anxious eltliens,
tbat wo must plead this as our excuse for sharing
It with tbem i
WASHiKQTOir, Feb. ss, 1B77. Nothing can
postpone the regular declaration of Hayes beyond
to-morrow, I think Appropriation bills will also
pass. Wfef. M. Evabtb.
We wish tbat the prophesy of the great
lawyer had been fulfilled, but the Vermont
trick which the filibusters thrust upon the
House yesterday, destroyed the prediction,
sent alarm broad cast throughout the coun
try, and haa added another Inexcusable out
rage to the long list which the scheming fili
busters hare perpetuated upon the nation,
and all the material Interest ot Its citizens.
Mn, DaiDE, of New York, made a lamenta
ble display of himself yesterday. There should
be a rule ador,tel Immediately by tho House,
looking I o the summary removal of every mem
ber who loses his mind In the excitement of
debate. Mr. Bxbbb lost his yesterday, and It
wts a long time before he tound It. From the
record which he made tn the debate It could
not have been a great loss, nor a very deslra
ble "find." Mr. BEena'a constituent swill not
te proud cf the record he made yesterday In
lift Home
asscoxn session.
Tb rtctu hirloc eiplr), tho Seat r
urned Ul lei.ion, at 10ft. m, with MMri. Mm
rimok, CmutTUKcr, Akthoht ftn4 Morrill
prttent. Up tot hU hoar, 2 30, no bailaeiihti
been trtniftctod od no notice bu been roetlred
rrouttiollouit NU willlrgntjM to ric-elre th
Btntto in joint con fen lion to roiu ot tbe want.
, nit usiuiiica vi sun tu i, ui, sua vyiwrav wi mg
jiuiap,)BrcuiD mt ntv cntmoir tina in
nonnctd thattlie Ileus has paisstta reaolntlon
thM t!.voteof Hrnry M. SollMa, of rmont.
bo mt counted. There wis no announcement
that tlit llouie wis in ren'taeii to rteairc lha
Htnate, but the UH A I R anoouneeJ thtt tn 8n
ste wouKl now proceed to tho hull of tte lions,
to continue tbe count, and thoSeaittlraoisiiAtO'
j rtpslrvd to th House, bar Inn beta la wilting
twtHt hours and flrtT minnies.
1Iit htnate returned to Its chamber at 112.
ad the CiiAta announced thitthe Senate having
inetthlloue in Joint conrenttoo, to continue
the count of the elector 1 vote, and objection
haTlngbeen made to counting tho voto of the
State of WliconBln, the 8entte had withdrawn,
and the objection would now be laid before tho
Mr. UAMEKON, (Wis), submitted a resoltt
tlon that tho vote of Daniel If. Downs, or Wis
Otmaln, be counted with the Other nine VitteS of
A laeonsln, notwithstanding the objections.
The question was put vh a voce, and tho resolu.
tlon wee adopted, and on motion of Mr. Oaup.
now the Secretary was ordered to notify tbo
House of the action of the Senate, and that the
fctenate was ready to meet the House In Joint ca i
ventlon and continue the count.
No eiptauatlon was called and no speech was
made, and by thirty-two minutes past eleven tbe
work had been done, and too Heoate was egalu
In waiting for tbe action of tbe Uouie.
The House met at 10 o'clock, and rometatscclla
neous business was transacted by unanimous con
sent. A large number of Senate bills for removat
or political aiaabitltlci were taken up and passed.
At 10 'M the regular order (which was tbo com Id.
erstlon or tbe objections to the Vermont vote) was
Mr. O'URIEN, one of the filibusters, at once
ratted tbetiucpilon whether thero was a quorum.
Tho BPKAKtK counted the House and an.
nounced tbe presence of 16J members.
Mr. wool ( N. Y.I, rose to offer a resolution.
Mr. WALLlNu (Oblo), moved a call or the
House, and Insisted that he was entitled to have
tbe count of tbo Speaker verified.
Mr. tJONOLR, (Mich.), Inquired If this motion
wee not In the nature ot delay, and the SrainKR
bad ruled yeaterday.tbat bo would not entertain
dilatory motions
Tbe SPEAKER said that tho effect or the mo
tlon was doubtless delay, but he would submit
tbo motion to the Home to determine.
Tbe question was first taken by tellers, aad re.
suited, yeas, S3 1 nays, Uv.
Mr. WALIaINO demanded tbe yeas and nays,
and thero were BS veaa and iftu nirt.ia th nail
of tbe House was not ordered.
Mr. WAIJ.1NQ moved to reconsider tho last
vote. lie claimed that as aprlrllcged motion.
ui-i. niwu, vai. ,,mavij mo jioidi i oraor
that the motion was clearly or a dilatory char,
acter. Tbe Brians had ruled yesterday that
under tho electoral law ho would not entertain
motions ror delay, and It was not competent to
offer tbem. This motion was of no practical
effect. It was only Intended to consume tlmo.
The SPEAK Eh said be had never held that a
motion to reconsider was not In order, and there
fore bo would entertain tho motion.
Mr. HALE moved to lay tho motion to recon
elder on tbe table, and the latter motion was
agreed to yeas IT, najs 65.
Mr. WOOD (N.Y.) then eike J consideration
of the resolution he had pent up.
Mr. roi'l'LETON (Ohio) and Mr. CAUL.
FIELD (111.) both claimed the flooron what they
stated to to questions ot the highest privilege.
Mr. CAULVlLLU said that nil resolution was
of the highest privilege, and bore directly upon
tbe question under consideration, tbe Vermont
Tbe SPEAKER could not judge or degrees ot
privilege. Tbe question of proceeding with the
count was of the highest privilege. He Tell
bound to recognise the gentleman from Ohio (Mr.
ForrLKTO.f). who had objected to tbe vote of
Mi.t'OPPLETONsald he would yield to Mr.
Oai LrtrLD.
Tbe SPEAKER said that eould not be done.
The gentleman was assigned the door for a spa
cine purpose, and ho must either occupy It or
yleldlt aWolutely. "
Mr.OAULllELDhere handed his resolution
to Mr. PorrLKToir, and tbe latter sont tt up to
tbe Ulerk's desk to have It considered.
Mr. W OOD said that nothing was In order but
to offer a resolution bearinir unon the Vermont
vote. It was understood that tho gentleman
nvuiu villi luaj uiuil rcauiULlUIl BDU Cll lllO DrO
Vlous question.
The SPEAKER said that when Mr. Wood or
fercd a resolution In relation to tbe Vermont voto
this morning, he called his attention to the fact
that propriety demanded that bo should recog.
nlie Mr. fBrrirroir, who had made tbo objec
tions. Subsequently Mr. Wid andMr.lOFrLi
tow came to the SPEAKER'S deist, and, as he
understood, an agreement was made that the res.
olutlon should be offered In relation to the rote,
and that the previous question should be de.
Mr..POPPLETON said when bo ctme Into the
ball tbls morning, ho found tbat tbe gentleman
fr.m New York iMr. Wood), bad arrogated to
himself tbe authority to control the floor on this
question. He bad the right to tho floor, and to
secure It bo called at the Sfbakkh's desk. He
only Insisted upon his rights, and bo Intended at
tbe time to offer the very resolution he bad now
sent up.
Tbo SPEAKER Inquired bow be eould hare
Intended to offer It when It was In the possession
of the gentleman frutn Illinois t
Mr. POPPLETON said It was not In his posses.
slon physically, but be was aware ot its existence
and was present at Its preparation, and intended
to oiler it. Ho did aot assent to any arrange,
ment, but all be wanted to do was to protest
ItTto control this question.
toauBtiHiinvvvt iivu.Li. tVUIuri'lMtJ taUt-Dgr.
'be resolution offered waa than fbui.
Tho resolutions recite that oa FAbruarv V4th.
1I7T, while tbe two Houses were In Joint conven
tion, a sealed package addressed to the President
ot the Senate, and purporting to bo an electoral
certificate ot the State of Vermont, was pre
sented by Mr. A. S. Hkwitt, of New York, who
stated that a duplicate bad been sent to the
President of the Senate, and that
It appeared by a telegram at tao bed
to an objection ofMr. SFaiMom, tbataduplicate
of tbe certificate was deposited In tbe District
Couttof Vermont;tbattba refusal ofthe Presi.
dent of the Senate toontin lha itl insUit n Aba era
In the presence ofthe two Houses, was a violation of
iu iiwi iu uiu cawcu pacsare uaa Dten re
moved from tbo House by tho Secretary of the
Senate, and that until suoh package waa opened
and read, tbe count should not proceed, and
luriDoraircciingmecierKto inrorm the Senate,
that it will not proceed to the count until tbe
paper referred to is returned and tbe package is
opened according to law.
Without action the hoar of 12 o'clock arrived,
and the Speaker directed yesterdar's lournal to
be read. Tbe practice has been to read a mere
outline of tbo Journal, but this morning In order
to wsste time the reading in txttnto was de
manded, when tbe Smut said It had aot been
lully prepared.
Mr. SPRINGER made point or order aTer
point, tbat the full journal must bo read, and the
question was settled by suspending tho rules and
dispensing with the reading of tbo journal
Mr. WOOD then made a point of order that the
paper offered by Mr. PorrLiTOs was not In
Mr.'OAULFIELD. (Ill ), said there was an ob
stacle in tbe way of the count, and tbat wis that
apaperparportfng to be a certificate had not
been opened. When tbe President of the Senate
received that package it was bis doty to open It.
When that duly was performed tbe count would
Jo on, for It appcaredoya telegram presented
bat a duplicate was deposited with the clerk of
the District eourt at Montteller.
Alter a good deal or heated discussion as to
whether the resolution should be entertained the
Hmakeh said that he thought groat wrong hat
been done yesterday by tbe refusal ofthe presi
dent ofthe Joint convention to open tho certificate
presented, and wbloh bora all tbe marks of a
legal certificate. That was a grievous wrong.but
he did not think that the action of tbe convec
tion could be reviewed here. Uut It was alleged
tbat a paper bad boon taken away, and the
House bada right, he thought, to demand tho
return of that reaper. It tho resolution was
aaopieu, it wouiu no in order.
Mr. OAULFIELD then modified his resolu
tion so as to request tbe return of tbe sealed
package from tho Senate, that Itbeopened In
the presence ol the two Houses, and tbat nntll
that was done tbe count should not proceed.
Mr. WOOD moved as a substltue a resolution,
tbat the vote of H. M. Solace, as one of the
oji.vivi va vh, ui.n ui i ai uauui, arts uut vuaukSUi
Another resolution, relating to the return of
tbo sealed package waa then ottered, when a large
number of points of order were Interposed against
Mr. Wood' substitute, but the Steaks ruled
It In order.
Mr. EDEN, (111.) enquired whether the debate
should not now coumenoe, as the resolutions
were offered.
Ihe SPEAKEIt ruled tbat all the amenl
meats that could be offered were now In. and tbat
the debate must proceed under tbe electoral aot.
Several members rose to points of order.
Mr. OAULMELD. Do I understand tbe
SrBAKin to rule tbat tbe two boars' debate mast
now evmmenfeT
The SPEAKEIt, The gentleman understands
tbo ruling nerlectly.
Demands were made for the regular order.
M r. CAULt IELD was heard above the din and
confusion to appeal from tbe decision of the
TheSPEAKEBtecllned to entertain the ap
peal. (Jippiaaiooniaenoerana in me gauec
Mr O'llEiair, Mr. Srnraix, Mr. ForrtxTOw,
Mr. Dekbe, od olhr gentlemen, made etTirts to
be beard, and the reatest exoltement prevailed
va iu iiwr, nt. 111 uimiui exalting ipftgu.
In which be IntlmMed bad faith on the part of
tbe ttFKAKRi. and Insisted upon fell recognising
tbe epp al that was taken by Mr. Oauxtibld.
Ibe Itcputllctns flailed him to order, tbe
Ursuia rapps jiin kli gavel, tut Pass a
would f"t sl'ft speaking. The SrcAKKn refused
toiecognliehlm, wt en be mounted up m a desk
etdltudty demanded the recognition of the op
I'.nt. Hewasgreetel with hisses from tbe fl-wr
sod the crowded galleries,
Tho SrrAicm continued to rap with his gavel,
the Kepulllo'ns calledto order, tho Demo-rats
applauded, I ! cs came from different parts of
tbe floor and the galleries, and above all rose Iht
voice of Mr. Hrrbk demanding that thcSnuatn
slate the reasons Tor hot entertaining tho appeal.
Mr. llia'l was ordered to take hlssear, and A
nslly got down from the desk on which lie was
stan dl eg, nd went Mcktn his own seat, where,
however, ho continued to demand recognition.
Soineoftbemombers demanded that the galls.
rles be cleared, others that the crow I standing In
the lobby In tbe rear of tbe members seats, be
dnvtu irom the Hall, and thoeonfunlon andev
rltcmtni was more Interne than anything that
ba yet been witnessed on the floor.
Ihe SPEAKER, who had borne the numerous
pointsofordrr and other annoyances of tho day
wilh equable temper, at last began to lose
patience, and after lie had restored comparative
order, he said ho was determined not to permit
tbe disorder any longer. He would insist that
gentlemen must take their seats.
Tho determined manner In which he spoke
elicited applause from tho Republican side and
In tbe galleries, while the Democrats renewed
the disorder and demanded to b beard.
The SPEAKER hoped tbat gentlemen would
remember that they were members of the Ameri
can Congress.
Mr. SPARKS (111) said excitedly that they
d d icmember tbat, but tbo presiding officer must
remember tbat he is only tho Speaker of the
House, while those on the floor represented the
Tne SPEAKER directed tbe floor to be
cleared of all who were not privileged, and the
crowd took refuge In tbo cloak room, but tbe
racers were directed to drive them thence also.
Order was comparatively restored when Mr.
OAULFIELD again rose and Insisted upon bis
appeal from the decision of the Uit air. and asked
the UHAiRto allow him to speak to his point of
Mr. PAOF. wanted to know If tho gentleman
wanted to talk all day.
Mr. OAULFIELD would talk as long as It was
necessary to defend tbe rights or the American
The SPEAKER said thero were other people
here who could defend tbelr rights. (Applause )
He wanted to callattenUon to the feet that tho
faper was not In the possession ot the House, but
hat It was taken br anoffleer of the Senate, and
when Mr. Hewitt demanded It tbat officer
refused to give It up.
Mr. HEWITT, (N. Y.), said there was a slight
mistake In that statement. Ho had never de
n ended tossesslon of tho paper after he had de
livered It at the desk. He went up, however, to
look at It and the Secretary of the Senate said tt
was tho private property oi Mr. Fannr, and that,
as his friend, be would take charge of It.
Mr. KASSON, (Iowa.), said he was authorised
to say tbat neither Mr. Fibrt nor Mr. Oorkav
took tbe package with them. They let It lay on
tbe clerk's desk.
Mr. STONE said that be saw Mr. Oonnm
pnt tho paper in his pocket.
The SPEAKER then tefused to entertain any
further motions for delay or appeals, but said
that the dehato must now proceed.
BIT. E.If.111, I a.l, Walt. liriV rfJOUgUlstnu, UU.
was interrupted by Mr. Hrwitt, (M. Y.), who
said that be wanted to call attention t9 the fact
tbat a messenger had just handed hlra the sealed
package and he had declined to receive It.
A member asked who handed It to blm.
Mr. HEWITT pointed to a page from tho Sen.
ate who was standing near by with a package
in his band.
The8PEAKERsaldirthere was no objection
be would secure the package.
Objections were made by both Republicans and
Tbe debate then progressed, but most of the
speakers reiterated tbo arguments that bare
been so often made.
Mr. JOYUE.(Vt.), thought It very strange
tbat tbe gentleman from New York should
bave held the package spoken of since tbe 16th of
December, and that no one knew of It until withla
a. day or two.
Mr, HOOKER (Mass.) reiterated what he said
yesterday, tbat the House was not bound to take
cognlianeo of tbe decisions of tbe Commission be
cause it bad violated law.
Mr. LEVY regretted tbe result, but adrocated
acquleecenee. lie said, In conclusion: "I believe
t rut hlti 1 assurances from prominent members of
the Republican party, high tn tbe confidence of
Mr. Hayes, that in the event of bla election to tbe
Presidency bo will be guided by a policy of
conciliation toward tbe Southern States; that bo
will not urt the t ederal authority or the army to
toroo on tloso States governments not of their
cholcei tut In the ease of these States will
leave their own people to settle the matter peace-
aoiy ror tneraseivee "
Mr. tlABFlELD said that If the President of
the Joint Convention could be compelled to re
ceive and open this package, bo could be com
pel led to receive any package that any individual
might make as a certlfieate, provided no could get
any Senator or member to present It in Joint
mi c tlog. He sent to tbe Clerk's desk and bad
read a letter from Mr. (lorham. Secretary of the
Senate, stating that when the package was sent
up yesterday, he did place the paper in his pocket,
but, upon the suggestion ot Mr. Ferry, that bis
act might bo construed Into an acceptance of It,
be took it from bis pocket and put It on the desk,
InfullTlcwof tho tellers, and left it there when
the Senate retired.
Mr. O'BRIEN called attention to tbe fact that
tbe package was now In tbe House, in the custody
ola page of the Sena.e, who refused to tell from
whom he received it.
Mr.OAltFIDLD (sneerlngly). "When AJax
and the other chiefs of the Democracy settle tbelr
difficulties 1 will goon."
He then proceeded to ergoo tbat a vote for the
resolution requiring tbe President ofthe Senate
to open tbe package was a voto In the Interest or
delay, and Its tendency to cast tbo country Into
Mr. SLONE, (Mo.), ssld In reference to tbo
package, he desired to repeat that Mr. Qofiham
had put It In his jrockat, as a teller at tbe desk he
had seen the movement. lie eould not say
whether be took it out again or not.
Mr. FIELD, (N. Y.), regretted that this whole
day should have been oocuplod In an attempt to
rectify a grerlous mistake made by the President
or tli a Hei-iite. That mistake waa ona which lha
ine jtouse ougnt to recti ry, ue Knew noining or
the contents of the package. He did not know
whether it contained a proper certificate or not.
Be only knew tbat the President ofthe Senate
had decided for himself, and of bis own motion,
a quest lcit which should hare been decided by the
two Houses. Thero was no law, be said, at what
time the certificates sbcnld bo transmitted to tbo
President or tbe Senate.
Mr. HOAB said the law of 170J fixed the time.
Mr. F1LLD said tbe law did not, and you
Judges on the Commission declared that you
could not go behind a State law to ascertain facts.
Iniolnt of fact the certificate was presented In
rrtiper form, anu in the presence of the two
louses. The House should put its heet down on
the doctrine tbat the President of tbe Senate
could dtclde the question.
The debate being closed, a vote was then taken
on Mr. Kkott'b substitute that the House re
quest toe return or toe pacnage tendered ny jar.
Hewitt, and tbat It should be opened by the
President of tbe Senate in the presence of the two
Houses, and If It was found to be a proper ecrUfi
cate, that H sbobld be submitted to tbo Electoral
Com mil slon for Its decision, and that tho Senato
make an order for the return of the paokage.and
that tbe count do not proceed nntll tbe package
la opened In the presence of the two Houses,
This resolution was rejected by a vote of 119
yeas to 148 nays.
Mr. HOPKINS then offered a resolution em
bracing tbe text of tbe above, except that so
much was stricken out as declined, tbe count
should not proceed nntll the package was opened.
This was afro rejected. Yeasiie, nays lis.
Mr. LANEmtved to reconsider the vote by
wbloh tbe resolution wasrejeoted. The Uuaiii
ruled It in order, end Mr. Hall moved to lay the
motion to reconsider on tbe table. The latter
motion was carried. Yeas 111, nays SO.
Mr. WOODS' resolution, that the vote of Mr.
Bollacj: be not counted, tbencamo tip as la
Mr. WALL1NO moved to lay It on the table.
Mr. WILSON, (Iowa,) protested against these
dilatory motions and tbo filllbusterlag on the
O.ner sine oi ina jlouiv.
Mr. WALL1NU I deny that this sldeof tho
House Is filibustering, we are actuated by the
highest motives of patriotism. (Laughter.) The
motion was rejected. Yeas 167, nays IDA.
Mr. POPPLETON moved to reconsider the
voto by which tho House refused to lay Mr.
Woods' resolution on tho table.
Mr. WOOD said tbe SriAKin must los tbat this
was a dilatory motion, Intended to prolong the
Mr. WALL1NQ, and others, How do you know
tbatt ....
1 ne motion to reconsmer was rejecioa, oy year,
ofMr. Wood, thai the vote of Henry M. Sollace
be not counted.
Mr. OAULFIELD made tbe point or order
tbat tbe House had not been discussing tbat
auostlon, but had been discussing tbe que stlon of
ual retums, and therefore tbat there should ,be
discussion on this resolution.
Tbe UHAlIt overruled tbat point of order, and
Mr, Woon'a substitute was adopted.
Mr. O'UniEN then moved to re-cons Id er the
vote by wbloh tbe resolution was adopted, and
Mr. OAnriiLDmoved to lay tbat motion on tbo
tablet and the latter motion was agreed to. Yeas,
171t nays, be.
Tbe question then recurred upon adopting tbo
original proposition as amended by Mr. Wood,
whenMr.VANUE (Ohio), moved to lay tbe sub
stttnte en tbe table. Rejected Yeas, Oj nays
Mr. MONEY (Miss), moved to reoonsider tbo
vote by which the above motion was lost, and
tblswas followed by a motion to lay it on tbe
The resolution was laid on tbe table.
TheSPEAKEIt said that the question now was
on the original moUen of Mr. Wood, ai amstded
by the House.
Mr.WALLlNQ asked te be exenied from vot
ing. Mr.OLAHKE (Mo), moved tbat the request be
The SPEAKER related to entertain tbe mo
tion. Mr. WAIbLINO appealed from the decision of
The SPEAKER lefuiedtQ entertain tbe ap
peal. The vote wil then taken on the resolution, aal
It was adop'M yeas, 305 nays, 2d.
Mr.OLAItB:,bfo,),st wis o'clock moved to
XKonjider tee rote, and Mi. UALE neved tt 17
that revolution on tbe laMe, and the latter mo
tion wits aRteod to yeas, 1TT nays, W
The result having oeen announced the dilatory
motions of tbe minority wore eihanstel. The
Spkakkh slated that he had given an opportu
nlly lor amendment! that he bad permitted mo
tions to be made to lay on the tablet an I now the
House had expressed Its flntl judgment, and ho
would en'ertaln no farther motion, but under the
law It was mandatory on him to notify the Sea
ate, and he would now di so.
1 1 e announcement was received with npptauie.
Mr. O'linntf, Mr. S rut noun and others m.le
efforts to be heard to offer resiluttons, but the
SriAKtnt declined to recognise them.
Teh Senate entered the hall la a body at 10 65
p. to., and the PnestDKST of tbe Senate took his
place at the Shaker's desk, and announced tbe
Joint meeting of Eleo oral houses resumed JHe di
rected tho Secretary or the Senate to read the
resolution erthe Senate, anl the Clerk of the
House that of the House, which was done.
The PRE3IDINO OFFICER said the two
houses, not having concurred in sustaining the
objection, tbe vote of Vermont would be counted.
Tbe tellers would announce tbe vote, which was
done. Five votes for Rutherford D. Hayes, and
Ave votes for Win. A. Wheeler.
Thecarttflcates from Virginia were then opened,
Mr. WOOD, (N. Y.), suggested that the real.
Ing of the certificate bo omitted and the res alt
announced, ai had been done on previous oe:a
slons during tbe count.
Messrs. Lake, (Oregon), andSirtAKLir, (Pa.),
objected, and tbo papers were read.
Alter asking for objections and hearing none
tbe Cbair directed the vote to be counted, anl
eleven votes ror Tllden and Hendricks were
entered on tbe teller's tally list. West Virginia's
certificate was opened and read, and In the
absence of objections Are votes were scored for
Tllden and Hendricks.
Abuse ran around the Hill as the certificate
of Wisconsin, the last State, was opened and
handed to the tellers. Senator Attisov read the
papers, and at tbe conclusion the Caa tit asked
If there were any objections to tbe csuatlngoftbe
voto of the State or Wisconsin.
Tbe certificate of Wisconsin having been read
Mr, Ltboe, (Wis.) presented objections, signed
by Senators llanaru, McDoicald, Killt,
CoorRK and Johraon. and Representatives
Ll XDC (WIS ), IlCBCniBD ( WIS.), PflkLFS (Mo.),
Tccxta (Va.), Ammo in (III.), Rica (Oblo).
Vahci (Oblo), Yocvo) (Tenn.), and Mo iky
(Mass.), to counting the rote of Daniel W.
Downs, one of the Electors for the State
of Wisconsin, because he held tbe office
of Pension Surgeon and Examining Surgeon for
the Pension Ofl.ce prior to and on Nor, T, 1113,
tbe day of tbe Presidential election, and on Deo.
0, 187S, on which day he assumed to cast bis rote
as an elector) that said otnee was an oinaoof
profit and trust, and that said Downs could not,
tberefore,bo constitutionally appointed an elector
for the State of Wisconsin, or rote as such under
the Constitution or tbe United States; that ssld
Downs was not, therefore, dnlr oppolntcd an
eleetor for said State, and that his vote csnnot
bo constitutionally counted.
Ibe testimony taken by the Committee on the
tbe Powers, Privileges and Duties o( tbo House
In relation to this elector was attached to the ob
jection, bnt was not read.
After tbe reading or the objection the Senate
retired at 11 4 o'clock.
Mr. MILLS (Tex.), presented a series of
whereases, reciting that on tho Ttn of November,
is;e, an election was held lor electors of President
and lee-President of tbe United States, at which
election a majority of said electors were duly and
ronatitut tonally elected by tbe voters or tbe
WjitnxAS, la Louisiana, riortdt, aud BoHitli
Carolina the olHct raw hove duty It waa to count tbe
Toictana aarr, gate mo rosuii nan wuimiy, cor
ruptly, and fraudulently eupprritcd sMl runlts,
and fraudulently ccrtlSrd the election of persons
who had bt en deflated at thcballot-bix) and
iiehka, pa ia luaiiir uau oeen reierrtsiro a
Cominluluti which had rtfiiMd lo Inquire luto the
qurdlonwho waadnljr tlectedi and
WiiEitXA, It eppvare Uiat Iit tho action ofthe
twollouse. that in coa sequence of asut fraud i,
Vainuel J, Tllden, who nclicda majority or the
votes, bad not a majority In the two lloui, ail I
iiikbTAA kuilirrford ! Hayeswbo did not recti te
Mm m bad a inajorltr la the count as tuada by the two
House'. . .. .
the ealdHouM-istocecrt Immediately turhoiea Pre-
Jluotrta cyme uouse tu rrprvKDiaiiTei. inn
i Uu
sldentorthe United mates from ilie three can dl-
tlatia having the blabftt numueret votua ai pro-
i idea bv Urn constitution.
Ihe CIIAIB ruled tbat tbe resolution could only
be ottered as an amendment to the resolution to
be offered by the gentleman who bad filed the
ot tectlon.
Mr. LYNDE moved a recess tilt 10 a. m. Its.
jected by a deelded tint rocs voto.
Mr. WALLlNOsaid one-balf tbe noes eamo
from persons not members.
Tbe HPEAKEB directed tbe lobby, which bad
again filled up, to be cleared. At this time. 1140
p. m., tbe Secretary of the Senate appeared and
annouLced that tho Senate had adopted ares.
olntlon tbat the disputed vote should be counted,
applause on t be flour and In tbe galleries.
and others demanded tbat tbe galleries should be
The CHAIll said be did not think tbe galleries
bad mlsbebaved there were many ladles there
but he repeated tho order to olear the galleries.
Mr. SAYAaE,(Oblo), (pointing to the north
gallery, where thero were mostly gentlemen)
this House,
hret times to-day that gallery bad insaltod
tie ucmanueu mat mo gaiicfta vv
ci e area.
Mr. OAULFIELD said he saw It blraislf.
In rcanonaa to reneated demands, the HrxAXKft
said he would submit tbe question to tbe House.
Tbe motion was put and defeated by an over
whelming vote.
Mr. LYNDE then submitted a resolution tbat
the vote or David W.Dowite, one of tbe electors
ot tbe State of Wisconsin, should not be counted
because be held an oitioe of profit and trust at
the time of bis election, and was, therefore, not
constitutionally appointed.
M LYNDE then moved ft recess until 10 a.tn.,
whlcnwasrelectedi yeas, 92, naye, H.
Mr. WOOD, (N. V.) asked to submit a propo
sition for unanimous consent that It be under
stood the previous question bo ordered on tho res
olutlon cTMr. Ltsdi end the resolution of Mr.
Mil! s, If Itoouldbemadeln order, as an amend
ment, and tbat tbe final vote be taken atone
o'clock p. m.
Mr. MILLS said be bad tbe assurance of the
SriAKin that bis proposition should be voted
upon, and be desired no such leftbandel sug
gtstlons from tbe leader ot the Republican party.
Mr. WOOD said ir his proposition waa not ac
cepted he would not leave the ball till the count
was completed.
Mr.OUUlEN. Ifthe gentleman Is tho high
priest of tbe ltepublican party let blm go on.
Mr. MAUOON ottered a snbititute for tbe
original resolution, declaring tbat the vote of
Downs should be counted, tho objection to tbe
contrary notwithstanding.
1 bis tbo Spxaker said made up the resolution,
the amendment andtbe sansiiiuto, which In par
llamentary usage made the main question and
no more amendments were In order. He recog
nised Mr. Lykdm as entitled to tho floor, and that
gentlemen demanded tho reading of tue objec
tion and tbe testimony attached, which was then
The two hours debite then began, and at 1
o'clock a. m., Messrs. Maqoow, Oath (Wis),
Mill (Tex), OAewiLLf, Wis), Huroeard (III),
and JIlackbcbn (Ky), addressed tbe House.
Tbe latter gentlemau made a bitter speech,
charging thai the country hid been chisslled and
cheated out of tbe honest expression of its
.k.la. tnm Dalitan lis ' SI.. -,.. V,-rl . t.
VilVltf IV! M. ivp.usm. srstau tu sua. uau wuauv,
and yet there was a fitness la tbe hour that
itKUld not pass unheeded. It Is Friday, the day
on which the Savior saflcred cruclfislon between
two thieves, and to-day free government was
eruclficd amid a number vf thieves. On that day
the nominating convention was held, and on that
day tbe miscreants or the Electoral Commission
promulgated thelrwork. (Applause.)
The OH AlB (temporarily nlleo, by Mr.OocH.
rah) said if the applause in tho galleries was
repeated be wouldorderthemclearei. (Derisive
laughter on tbe Uepubllcan side )
Mr. V 1LLIAM3 said there might hare been
some disorder la tbe South, bathe asked South.
ern men to contrast Democrat! o rules In 1190 with
tbe results of Uepubllcan Government now, as
shown by tbo thousands of school houses all over
the ststes. He extended tho band or true broth
erbood to tbe South.
nr.iiuiiiLn toiicweainan argument ot mo
emiDiican dbiit.
In fha late alaetlon
Mr. LA.WKh.NUE contended tbat Donwi was
no more an officer of tbe government than a
lawyer employed la a easo, or a contractor, skilled
mechanic r Juror paid by tbe government,
and ir be has his act as an elector
d ftctt could not be questioned.
He wanted to avoid establishing a precedent that
might come back upon tbem should tho Demo
crats oorae late power sixteen or tweatryers
bence. He bad voted against Sollace In tbe Ver
mont case, and now he wanted to bring solace to
those wbo voted against blm. He had only voted
so because be desired to reach a cooclutlon, as the
Senate bad already settled tbe question.
Mr. LYNDE contended that there was no way
to enforce the constitutional provision except to
reject tbe vote. If an agent perlormedan aot
not authorised by his prlnolpal the deed was void.
Mr.LTHOxcrltlclsed the action of tbe Commis
sion, and said be failed to see how It bad reached
Its conclusion. He maintained tbat It wat only
by investigation tbat It oould be ascertained who
truly represented theState.
Mr. WALLIM) bad read a letter from certain
persons In New York endorsing bis coarse, and
urging blm to thwart tbe thieves at all basards.
Ho also bad read tbe telegrams of President
Ohamt, sentat the time of the eleollon.la re
lation to tbe use of troops to secure a fair election
In Liuirlana and South Carolina, and argued
tbat Havkb could not recognise tbe NitsiOLa
urd 'HAHrTOK Qorernixenti, ror to In dm it
that NicnoM was elected was to admit that
Ti DXNwai eleetel.
flltrt our rtpart en4i. Tht t a 'a 'ice will It
nun n sitroi(icT''J
DouaM McKay, of Ilostou, lsattlie ImpcrUI.
Hon, It. W. Mackey arrlrcd at U'ard'e ycater
dar. II. Bhussler, of San frsncWco, Is stopping at Wil
ts rd's,
B. Urcutt, of New UrUsns, Is stopping at tlio Im
perial, 1t. Itobert l.alrd Collier h a guest or Mr. H A.
E. II. Bernard, of Maine, Is registered at the
Vlee.rrer-.deut Wheeler wilt arrive here tliU
Ucorge Miller, of Kllrabetb, N. !., Isagueetat
Willi rd's.
Hon, J. S. It u tan, or Pennsylvania, registered at
Wlllaid's yeslerdsr
Mrs. C. L.mgclow, and Misses 8, J. and SI, J.
Plgelow, or New York, arrived at WUUrd's yst
terday, Wackeeu Miller has wlrttcna poem on the Inau
guration, We hope It will prove hettdr than ttioie
liUttofora attributed to him,
The Prekldnit and Mrs, Urant will give a fire
well dinner to the members of the Cabinet and their
ram Ilk i to-morrow evening
Kxaorcruor and Sir. Ucorge V. Cole hiving re
turned from their bridal tour, give a reception tn
their many friends to-day at tbo National Hotel.
The reception hours will b from I to 7 o'clock, au t
It Is expected tbat It will be an eleicaat affair.
Hotel Arrival.
Cliarlea Bnrnbam. Daily's VI fit. avenneOo.t W. I
11. Lrnst. New nrki M. DnrrlnorlAti K.. I
br. kaj"L. f.miefleUI, Uostont Heo, W. Mevensoa I
aaiiu nil c, ivunijissiuiEt, v. oa. a' sit it), trust II . art--
llnatL. pealer aud wife, PhtladalnhUi Vf, a.
llryilou. Maryland) A. M. Reynold. Hobltet Geo.
Itilhpi and wlft Chlcaeot It, A. Durrarn, J. L. 0.
Atmcraon, Indlina, John Anns, Jersey Clin
rtaliiertd at tbe Imperial yesterday.
M,T!. Ba)lon, New York E.ll. Moraleau, nTew
i'i ia i n. atiUBiB.) , r, new mia (
irk. 1s).t II. It. Jnnrsq. 1'innsil
famfrott, Jr., 1'ennsyfranli W T. Blauabtoi
rconsiiranint jaiuee l.. Menuer and wire. New
lor It t Mlta Ella lv. Chapman, New
York Mra, Dcntler. New ork t L.
T. W. Acton, N, .j Hurry Lndretg, N. T.t
lirrnre Potter, N. Y.t Mlia Bmitli, Lancaster,
I'a t Wis) Lainpartrr, Lauraiter, pa.t Sirs. J, M
Heir, . Y., Mite M. L. Keif, N. Y It lit A. V.
Wilton, N.Y. J. A. llrowne and wife, II. l.iHIu
Urownr. K. I.t Vt . It. Hlewart and wife. N.V.I
try. Bottom j. W. MrKrchau. 1'l.lladrlphla, l(7i
;.T'- &
J.l H. H. Isrvl-on, N. Y. O. R.BteTtna. N, V.t
L, Danker, New lorkt Harry lavlor. Ohio, Bo-
brrt Duran, New Totki Charles Duran. Maw
lorituiw. jiaiinrn, micago, jonn iiienianu,
renntjlfanlaj W. W. Jackson and wife, Pcnntrl-f-anlai
W .U. Bancroft and wire, ttuffato, A aula
H.Urow. Indlanm 11. H. Kneltles and wife, Athent
J, II. HurtandwHV, Parle. Kentucky! Mre.S.M
tin nndt, PentnylranlatUeorge M, Darts and wile,
Wiloi J. N. trans and wlff. Ohio, J, P. Clay.
hroesh, Indiana: riiarlca It. Osboru, Illinois!
HudoMinBample nd wife. New York) J. It. Look
wood and wire, PJiUadiil.daW! an J, M. Currier.
Itottou, were amoag tbe arrivals at Wizard's Tt
neuters of tbe Maryland Kcnubllcan Association
are laraeMiy riei'led to attend a meeting at
Clark's Half No, -TS PennsjlranU arnne, on
FKiliAi KAAi.u,Nrouz,iwr, at ? o'cioct,
aharn. Holiness of Importance.
n.2 TilUf . D. BOND, President.
i Third mt arn art
tut Church, ou (fra
trratsi nnrthwaL- 1
o'clock, sharp, for the purple of making prcptvra
tlrus for iliclnanguraiion of Pre! Icnt-efrct Qayea.
By order tt. CM Third Ward.
netting of the Iowa Kepalillean Association will te
liolii mt l.i..iim Hall, ft a. lion at atraal north treat.
Till" rtrrlriaxtri 1. V fe.NI N I, at V i.'0fiek. aharn. tn
determine wliat part Hie Association wilt take in the 1 1
InBiiarntailnn aatralaa nn Monday. A id 11 aila.ua-
auca of the members Is desired, aud all eltlsens of i
Iowa In the city arc conllally Inrltcd to ha present. 1
Br order of ExeeitreCoramltter, 1
m D.U. GALLATIN, dco. I
elation, The members or tnenouiiiern jepauuean
Aiaoclatlon are nnuestcdto attend a meeting at
Clark's Hall, ;e PennaylranU avrnue, on 8aiur-
day evenlogat 7 o'clock, lo make the nacctsary ar
rangnm-nta fnrtaklngnart in the Inauguration eer
piTinnlitaantl tha torehilsThtnrof fusion. Thealtleeri
and tnimbera of the MltiUilppl, Ueorgla, Bouth
(. arollua, and Kentucky Association are lurlted ti
ateni and co-operate with us. All ltepuul loins
irom in noutnern stater, uow in inu rur, ar cor
dUllr lurlted to 1m preaent. JC. N. HILL,
Xt rretldtut Southern republican Association.
ofttiebrltf space of time before the Inauguration
which take nlaoe on Monger next, and tbe large
amount of money wblclt will no necessary to defray
the expense or llio demonstration proposed, w,
woulg solicit prompt contributions from all person
fWHnrau Interotlii thla matter. We request tbat
money or cherts 1m forwarded to either or us at our
placesof luluesa during Friday and Saturday, aad
all such will be acknowledged by letter. Collectors
wltl also be sent throughout tbe tlty to wait upon
those who may forget or neglect to attend to tali no
tice, a, u.Arpr.r.MAK.
Chairman Finance Committee,
WM. B. Bxrp. Treasurer,
Coniwun (cations may be addrrited to Rao mi of
Young Metis ltapubllcau Club, 1231 PrnntvlTaala
Mia question wbere to buy Bora and Children
Cloth lug, cannot be had without an Insncttoa or
the stock or Messrs H. Itoblntun & 'o ,103 Penn
arlvanla atenue, next to M rvtlllaa's, flier liarn
reiolntlnnlsod high prices. Introduced utlrely new
laaiWa of bors clothing in the District.
m- IKY M 1 L 111! U N
I10T80UA W ATX It,
with Tiiawii Pirnun
1(28 Pa. avenue, near
remedy ever known ror tbo 1 in media to earn of I
neuralgia, ncauacue, so com as (joagnua-a
Temple i rug Store. el4
Back, Ac, Instantly disappear when Kluld Light
ning la applied, bold at Coughlla'e Drug iMore,
Maw-ale Temple. mu
CoughUn's Temple Drug Store, T an NlaU
streets, at moderate prices. ecpa-tr
ftruGleefor ladies' toilet use at UougbUn's Tennis
rug Btore. sepa-tr
Extract. Homeopathic Medicines, sold at Trmol
amrowni. w mu phw inmi. wmwfw
A, N. C. Welsenborn, Dentist, No. ens Fourteenth
street norm wet. i aiso, uni a uungs aone at rratoa
able prices and aatlsfactlon given, JaO-tf
Mr, Uorruia has fine Blradlnarlus, Oitarnerlm.
Htaluvr Violins, Mootaguana Violas and four US
How i for tale to prlrate parties, W7 Mluourl ,
avenue. filS-lt
ti lir. A. I'ralt. vraduataof Ohio noilH of in.
tat Burgery, and of tbe Bush Medical College, CbU
Extr acting children's teeth. 23 centa. Jclt-tf
I hereby forbid all persona from bar boring or
trusting my wife, Lena fcliwarti. on my account,
aa i win p7 no uci ia cuiiiraci
left my bouse and board wltb
pay no det ts contracted by her. she baring
liouae and board wllhont lutt rim.
nihtll JOHN HCI1WART7,
for Dlreo tore of tbe National J.lfo Insurauee Com
panyoftbe Dnltid eiatesof America ror the eu
aulng j t ar 111 be held at the office of the Company,
rortar of Ninth and D alreata northwest, la tiia
( liy or A autliigton, n. I on Tuesday, Marcu is,
lsrr.ai it o clock A. M.
AT 8 30 O'CLOCK,
Music by T. M. C. A. quartette,
sloping, lid by cornet aud organ,
Northesit Corner of Tenth and D streets.
Northeast Corner of Tenth and D streets.
Northeast Corner of Tenth and D streets.
Northeast Corner of Tenth and D streets.
Liberal Advances mada on Pinnml Prnnrlr
to any amount and for any time desired on very
Also. Goods sold on Commission.
A large stock of Qoods on band, (new and sea- I
ond.hand,) sold very low for cash. aa-tf
To all , who are augcrlug from the errors
and ludltcretlone of youili, nervous weak
n?ha, early decay, lots of manhood, , I
?.Lll.,..ll,l.,tlf,lJ.. that will cure you, yttKK
Ot CIIAKOE. This gret remedy wnsdlscorere i
by emlulonarylnttoutli America. Hrnd esHr-a '
Kuuou D, Uibfe Ltoue New lork city, hit lu
c:ab.iT' -vvn-Sxzs

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