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tsKtsivJirx jiwvt tiik ctrrnr the
iti:rvitLic.ixH ni.vonrv.ns.
News ron Hacxmes. Tho District Com
m it r loners yesterday tuned an order abolishing
the l.ack.standi on Vermont avenue, between II
and I streets, and on the west side of Fifteen and
a-fcalf street, between Pennsylvania avenue and
)t street, heretofore established, and designating
a hack-stand so tnnch of the center of Vermont
nvenue toward the southwest, from the Inside lino
of the foot walk upon the sooth ride ofl street as
may be necessary for s'x carriages and no more,
arranged In two cloi lines.
Goixo To IlocSEKEirtKO, Marriage 11
censci tare been lined to the fallowing parlies i
Samael Iledmcres or this elty, and Mar? Shoe
maker, of Ilowle, Mil., Samuel Willie ml and
lHarah Ann Howard, Horace Shetton and Rose
I'll bam, John Hall and Ellsa Heunett, Tavl
Jackeon and Facnla Saunders, John Henry Pye
and Mary Paxton, John W. Johnson and Annie
A Vfxn or IUces. -The ground floor of
the Capitol, Immediately In front of the House
rests unit wai the scene of a lively eneoanter
between a somber of whlU and euloreJ men, yes
terday afternoon. It appears that they got Into a
dispute orer the electoral Tote, which ltd to high
werdi followed by blows, and ending In a general
tow. The Capitol Police Interfered, arrested th
beligerentl and locked them op In tbo "crypt"
where they had an opportunity to allow their
pafftoss toeoolod.
Fusefulof tiie Late Chilian Charge
xMrrAtnxe. The rcmalos of the late Senor Don
Ygnacto Zenteno Gana, for many years past,
Charge dAflalres of OhI 11, were burledyosterday,
at Ml, OIlTet Cemetery. Rellglooi services were
lTformed at St. Matthew's Church. Secretary
Flb represented the American Government, and
nearly all of the members or the diplomatic corps
were present, many of them being accompanied
by the ladles of their families. The remains were
hermetically sealed In a black walnut, cloth cov
ered casket unadorned, except by a ptato bear
Its; the name of the deceased, and will ultimately
be removed to Chill.
A New School-House. Bids for the erec
lion of anew school building on the site of the
Jvbn 1. Cook school-home, recently destroyed
by fire, en O, between fourth and Fifth streets,
were opctcd yesterday. The following were re
ceived; Thomas Williams, 41(,UTj enclosure,
tT.tOO; 11. 0. Hepburn, 17,o0.t enclosure, 110,500;
R. I. Fleming, 17,100; J. a. Naylor, 119,534; V.
H.HorrmanfcCo.,23,0O0; Joseph Molntosh, In.
itrmal.C. M. Murdoch, tl,U0; Hammond k Qet
t.rgtr, eis.Mtf. No awards were made.
Tne MLTRorotiTAX Ciivrch Kxtetitain
mfnTS. The series of entertainments given by
the ladles of the Metropolitan Church for the
lenentoft.be church was closed lait evening by
a grand entertainment at Lincoln Hall. The
programme compoed tableaux, recitations. In.
Mrumental and rocal music, Impersonations, and
representations of different characters. The an.
ilknce was large, and many distinguished per.
rens were present.
The lull Marine band furnished fine mnilo.
Many ladles and gentlemen, wall-known for their
talent, contributed to the brilliant entertain.
meat. Seldom has such an array of amateurs
been called together on one stage. The evening
was concluded with a grand tableaux, repre
eating tbe (loddess cf Liberty, the Muses and
1 he Army and Nary. The tabloan was arranged
lor the highest artutlo efioet, and It was very
Tnt Waitiixgton Monument. The regu
lar meeting of the Washington Monument Soci
ety was held yesterday In the office of the society
at the City Hall. The annual election, which
wis deferred at the regular annual meeting on
Febraary CM, as time was not a quorum present
that day, was held. The old officers were re.
elected. W. W. Corcoran, Esq was elected first
vice-president, BooertO, Wlnthrop, feoond vice
president, J. II. H. Smith, treasurer, and Dr.
John B. Blake, secretary. The President or the
Vnlted States Is ex ojfltt president of the society.
The accounts of the soolety for the year were re.
f erred to the proper auditing committee. The
wont at the monument wae dlscunsd. A diver
is at present engaged In the wells at the base of
the monument. It Is expected that tne monu.
meet commission will make a report very soon,
and that they will report that the monument
rould with safety be completed.
Last Days or Tnn Kino or Oisx. The
great ox that was on exhibition at the Centennial,
under the name ot Qen. Phil, Kearney, was yes
relay paraded through Pennsylvania avenue In
charge of his owner, Mr. Wn. Vonek, and at.
tracted great attention. The ox weighs one thons
and pounds more than the celebrated "Oen.
Grant,' which was here at President Grant's
first Inauguration. When his attendants returned
with him from his promenade, it was with the
greatest difficulty that they could house him.
After getting him within the doors of the stable
t he trouble was to get him to enter the large box
stall provided for bis accommodation. The an!,
mil wescoased and everything waidoneto get
him Into the stall, but without avail. Then the
whip was applied, and the boast showed bellige
rent signs, and bis owner and keepers thinking
discretion the better part of valor, concluded to
If ad him to a stall In the rear portion of the
building, where ho wus housed for the night and
until to-inurrow afternoon. He will then be driven
to the slaughter house, comer of Twelfth and M
streets, where he will end his earthly career, and
all that remains or this monster beef will be
placed on exhibition lathe Centra market on
Monday morning.
The Night Lodoixo Uol-e. A year ajfo
yesterday, the Night LvJglnjr House was estab.
Ilibed, Its first year has been a very successful
one. For two months, August and September,
the lodging house was alossd, so that It has been
In actlre operation only ten months. During
tboie ten months 7,770 lodgers have been accom
modated, making an areragoof 777 per month.
During the year 13,640 Tree moats hare been
served, which Is an average of 28 per night. Dur
leg March, 1178, the tint, month, 787 lodgers were
accommodated, A prll.lU; May, 088;Jaoe,5t7 July,
M?i October, 675; November, V December, 0.-3.
January, lltr, i,Qjor February, 917, Mr. Howard,
the superintendent, has submitted his report
for the month of February, Jnit closed, to Mr, A,
holomons, the chairman of the committee; vit
lodgers wsro accommodated during the month,
averaging 33 a night, or these lodgers 870 were
Americans, 317 foreigners, 21 women and
children, mil white, itt ooloreJ, 41
married, SM single, mj able to read
and write, and sixty-eight who were unable
to read and write. These lodges represented
rlsty-stx Ulirerent trades, professions an! 00c li
gations. Good workmen or all eliitet, thrown
out of employment by the general lack or work,
are constsutly stopping at the Night Lodging
House, and persons desiring help or any kind ean
always he furnished with rellsbletnen by making
known their wants to the superintendent, Mr.
Tin Police Boakd The regular weekly
meeting or the Hoard or Police, was held yester.
ley. All the Commissioners were present. The
charges against offlcers Hess, Uargen, Marr,
Noskes and Roderick, were severally dismissed.
The charges against officer Kjderlck were pre.
lerred by Senator Patterson, and were for the
ricn-pavutnt of debts (rent dne). The effioer
disputed the Indebtedness. The cass was dls.
mined, and a rule adopted that the Hard would
not consider charges tor non-payment or debts
gainst offlcers. unlets they were accompanied
by judgments obtained according tJ law, which
would be legal evidence or the Indebtedness.
A communication was received from the clerk of
the House Dlatrlct Committee, asklnx for statu.
tleal Information In regard to the force. A 00m.
.eunleitlon irepared by the President of tho
Hoard, to be sent to Senator Wlndom, chairman
oftheSenata Appropriation Cmirolttee, was ap
proved. ThecQinuunloattoncallol attention to
the Inadequacy or the appropriations orOongress,
to support a pollse force, sutfkleut to most all
tbo needs of so largs a erritory as
the District. It askel Tor an Increased
aiproprlatioo, and that the Itiiiriot be
required to rornlsh station-houses, fuel and light,
according lo the provisions of law, outside or their
portion 01 the appropriation for the support or the
loIlce force. The monthly report or E'eiuenant
Charles K. Vernon, In commAnd or the detective
corps, was submitted, showing that during the
past month the lteUlvei made M arrests; 61 rob.
Icrles were retried, Involving1 property to the
amount of 3,mw, Cf Which 1,7W. wasrecov
The pleasant day, teatenleyrem a Unre
ratberlni; or visitors toMt. Vernon, and the little
"Arrow" presented iulte an anolmits.1 Slprar
tce mevlna up sci down tlir rJr.
,t jihooDt.i:as BEysATiox j
A Michigan FArmsf, WMowor ami Disap
pointed Ixtver, Attempt to Shoot Widow
In tnTrry Department ft nil to PoUon
Himself lttlehil to IUv 111 IWxly Sent
to ft College For Examination.
It has been a loo; time elnce them has been
anything like a sensation among the clerks In a
tlovernmsnt Department, so the attempted
shooting or a lady clerk, by her granger lover, In
the Tressnry Department yesterday, was talked
about by a thousand willing tonguss. It occurred
abont noon, when most otthe Treasury employes
were laying down their pens and poking Into
their pockets for little packages containing
lunch, Mrs. Mary E. Storer,
Is employed In the redemption bureau In the
basement f the treasury building. A man en
terea the building by the northwestern entrance
on Fifteenth street, about tbe time mentioned,
and ascending the stairs to the second floor, near
the Treasurer's office, sent a card bearing the
'jonn D1LTS.
Mrs. Storer. It is customary lor the em.
ployeesoftbe Redemption Bureau to see their
friends, or any person calling upon tbem, on the
second floor. Mrs. Storer ascended the stairway,
where she wae met by Dllts. Unly a few words
paised between them, and he seised her. She
struggled and screamed, and finally broke from
bis grasp, and ran towards the northern end of
the corridor. Dllts followed her up, and produc
ing a pistol fired.
had no eflcct, except toetartle an artnyef clerks.
While In the act or firing the second shot Dilts
was seised by Air. W.W. Wilton, ChlsfoUbc
Ioan Division. Tbe ball sunk In the casing of
the door of tbe Treasurer's office. Treasurer
Wyman, who was attracted te the spot by the
report of the pistol, was standing In the door
way, and the ball struck tbe casing directly over
his head. Mrs. Storer, tbe lady whom Dllts was
trying to km, hurried back to her place In the
basement, stated ton lady elerk that the man
who had called to see her had tried to shoot
somebody, get a leave of absence, and left for her
The firing attracted a very large crowd ot ex
cited spectators to tbe spot, and the corridor In
the vicinity ef tho Treasurer's office, was soon
thronged, and the wildest stories were set afloat
about tbe shooting and tbe extent of tbe damage
done. A watchman and messenger attempted to
secure Dllts but he
BTRfaatiD ncflrxnATBLT,
and It was with great difficulty that he was held
fast. Mr. Cobaugh, the captain of the watch,
turned him over to Officer O'Hare of tbe
Metropolitan police, and Dilts was taken to the
Fifth 1'reclnct station. Here he tare a name
wblch wis understood to be Jobn little. He
would ssy nothing about the shootlnr, and ap
peared to be Insane. He talked to hlmsslfa great
deal, and In an Incoherent way.
Aboutanhourafterhe was taken to the sta
tion be became sick, and showed a disposition to
vomit. There was a glare In bis eyes wblch made
the offlcers In charge believe that he was under
thelnfluenceof some drug or poison. Dr. Wal
ter was called lo, and rendered what medical at
tcntlon he could, but Dilts resisted any attempt
to force an emetic, Into his mouth. Occasionally
be would talk In sn Irrational way. When the
Doctor Informed hU that tbe lady was not hit he
exclaimed, "Is It possible I"
A eard was round In bis pocket, on one side of
which wastbe name, "Jobn Dllts;' on the other
wss written, "John Dllts, Ovid, Michigan. Send
corps to Michigan University for examination
This was convincing evidence that be had at
tempted to destroy his own life by some narcotic
potion. His condition Improvea, however, and he
went to sleep. Whenvtiltedln his cell last even
lug all be said, or would say, was, ''Clod is Just,
wblch he repeated over to hlmsetr several times.
was. STonxn
Is a lady between thirty-fire and forty years or
age, and otvery attractive appearance. She has
been employed in berrreienl poalltlon about ten
rears, and came from New York State. She has
wo daughters, one of whom Is married, and re
sides on Maryland avenue, between Tenth and
Eleventh streets.
Is exactly what he looks like, a well-to do farmer,
and bas quite an extensive tract of land In Miobt
gan. He la about forty years ol age, nnd a
widower with family, lie has a tawny, hayseed
beard, sandy balr, and dressss very plainly.
Several months age be
MiTTuacuiaMiirti sirs, storxr,
and Immediately succumbing to her attractions,
lell violently In love with her. She repulsed his
suit, but this only made him the more ardent. He
must have become crated la his passion for the
wklow.untll be resolved upon ending both her lite
and his own. Tbe pistol which was taken from
htm was a handsome five-barreled Smith J. Wes
son revolver, from which two shots bad been
tired. Mrs. Storer, after going te her home, was
confined to her bed by nervous prostration. She
was unable to see any one last night, er to give
any account of the arlalr.
Auuiuil StMlon of the Department of snpr
The Department of Superintendence of the
National .Educational Association, commenced
Its annual session last evening, at 7:30 o'clock, In
tbe parlors or the Young Men's Christian Associ
ation Building, and was called to order by the
President, Hon. Charlea S. Smart, State Com
mlsslonsr or Common Schools or Ohio; with Mr,
II. S. Jones, or Urie, Fennsylranla, as Secretary.
lhe Tresldent In his circular presented the Tol
lowing subjects for consideration: I, The or
ganltatlon or an edncatlonal museum and the
provision or plans and means Tor Us operation; 2.
The further consideration of tho plans for publl.
cations connected with and growing out of the
Centennial; 3. The promotion of popular edusa
tlon In the South; 4. A consideration of the pro.
posed reduction of salaries paid teachers, and the
relation or secondary Instruction or the high
school to the public school.
The subject ol forms for city and State report 1
was taken up and discussed by Hon. J. 1. Wicker
shan, ot I'a.i Hon. II. G. Northrop, Conn.) supt
Luckey, Pittsburg! Siipt. Itlckoff, of Cleveland,
and Sunt. Jones, 01 Lrlo, l'a.
The Chair appointed tbe fullowlugcommlttees:
On City Forms Supts, Luc key, Kiekofl and
On Slate Forms Supts. Wlekershan, Smart
and Dickinson.
On Lducationnt Museum Hon. Mr. Hioknell,
Northrop and Wltner.
It was resolved that tho special order for to.
day ahould be the consideration or " Preparation
or School Material tor tbe French Imposition."
lhe Association then adjourned until 0 o'clock
this morning.
Aw LvEsixa with Posrrs axd Acthom.
The series of Metropolitan Church entertain
ments culminated last evening at Llneeln Hall,
In a grand musical and literary olta podrida. The
curtain rose on a stage full of cbaraotera In 00s.
tumes, representing Shakspeare, with Welsey,
Hamlet, Koroeo, Juliet, Desdemona, Fats t an",
tc. . Pickwick, Fagln, Sam and Tony Waller,
Mrs. Dardell, Darssaby Iludge, Dolly Varden,
Mr. Dlok, Fat Hoy, eto.1 Handel, Oounod, Pow.
eri, Jobn and Charles Wesley, and others. On
tbe frost of the platform wss a fins marble bast
er President Grant.
Tbe first exercise was a recitation In fine style,
by Mlis Haute J, McUosnell Juliet), niter which
Dr. Perabeau(niffO played a masterly plane
solo; then came a scone from S ha kip ear, with
tableaux or the Seven Ages or Man. Othsr
apltal features wsre a recitation In flharutar
, by Miss Annie D. Ware) a quartette, Illustrating
I primitive Methodism In authorship and song, and
.Hu.vivua i(uiul iu i uviici. view, oy Li,
1). Hay, who acted as master or ceremonies, and
he Valentine iceoe from Pickwick. Little An
nlel.awlsgave some pretty Imitations of statu
ary, and with little Era Hanson several excell.
tnt recitations, eliciting great applause. Miss
Kale Goedall sang Gounod's "Sing, Smile, Slum
be r" most admirably. Mr. Jobn Twsedtole re
cited Poe'i "Hells" very eUectlvely, The enter
lalnment concluded with tbe beautiful grand tab.
lesu or "The Goddess of Liberty," (Miss Emery),
with (he muses, army and navy, Ae. The Marine
band furnished iweet musie at Intervals daring
the evening.
llulld'ng permits have been Issued to George
T. Harbin, rcpafrarrauedwelllng,No.MKJffnlb
street southeast 1 4&no. James W, Lynn, reuaira
two-story brick dwelling between South Capitol
and Half street southwest; tjVftj. Mrs. Gardiner.
reialratwo-atrry and baasment brick dwelhnr.
No. 1110 Ninth : meet northwest ( aw), u. J.
Cudy, repair a Irame tor. corner Fifth and O
street northeast! 1180. F.K.Ward, a t wo-1 lory
brick dwelling, Third street, between I) and
streets) &,uv.
Tberewlllbeamffttlncrof the HepuWIcane
JrViV.',1,1 lulrd WftrJ ftt Third Uaptlit Church,
,V..D.k.Uu Vet raorrow evening, for the pur.
JbuturatUjB vl President Hayes.
Dr. Hartley cures catarrh 733 Tenth street
Stoves for rent, at Cutler's, corner Fifth and K
streets northwest.
Ask for the Hebe de la Heine cigarettes; they
are the best of all.
Congressional Hotel on Capitol Hill for rent.
See advertisement.
Interest paid on deposits by J. II. Squler k Co.,
bankers, 1418 Pennsylvania avenue.
At Ice, 815 Seventh street, opposite the Patent
Office, is selling coal at U and up,
lrt-offclothlne;, watches, pistols, eta., bought
at Heriog's, 01ft D street. Orders attended to.
All kinks of trunks made to order, repaired and
covered at Murray's, SOS Pensytvania avenue.
Market Space.
It. II. Warner at Co., offer for rent windows com
mending excellent view of Pennsylvania avenue
on Inauguration Day,
Mrs. J N. Hymes has removed her IannJry
from 1,004 Gstreetnorthwest to 403 Eleventh street
northwest, and will be glad to ice all her old cue
Great reduction In tbe prices of Fine Boots
and Shoes. In order to make room for spring
goods, at 11. S. Stranabcrger, 80S and 308 Seventh
Myriads or people sacrifice themselves through
areleftantfi. Thar era KttMked with cold, nor
lectanddte, Instead of taking Dr. Dili's Cough
Syrup and llvlna- on usefully.
Latest and best from Splrer's batter store,
southwest corner Ninth and E streets. Choice
batter, eggs, cheese, apples, Ac, at greatly re
duced prices. Large stock from wbloh to select.
Quantl tie 1 to suit. Hottom figures. Fair deal
ing "cirrjTEMa.
Thousands of the worst cases ofAthma have
been relieved by using Jonas Whitcoxb's
ItxHEtir, In no case or purely asthmatic char
acter has It failed to give relief.
Dcll Doecd 1 1
VA.A It.... a, AB b flA.1 ClatAl. BAl 4 ft A.
Round steak, l&c, or two pounds for sftc; best
butter Uc, or three pounds for 1.00. Dray .
Co., ML Vernim Place Market, corner Ninth
and K streets IV. W.
Qciiik'b Irish Txa.
This popular remedy for dyspepsia, billions
nets, rick headache, roar rtomsrn, vertigo, 000
stlpatlon and all dlscasee arising from disordered
stomach or liver, Is sold by all drugsjlrts. 3.
cents per packege making quart of medicine.
cannot be restored. Young people remember
thlsl Use dully Thurston's Ivory Pearl Tooth
Powder. It will preserve your teeth from decay,
and keep them sound, clean and white through
lire, ift and W cents per bottle. Sold by all drug
Wall PArxna Plaiw aud Decokativb.
To make room for spr'nir stock, I wlllsell at coat
for the next no day?. Parties refitting can have
one of the finest and largest assortments to sele-t
from, and Kve CO per cent., by buying ol Tub
roan, 411 Ninth street, nortnweiu next door to
Lincoln Hall.
Ctkrt Pxasons Hair
needs occasionally some oleagenous application
to prevent Its becoming dry and harsh. Thomp
son's Pomade Optimo la SDCdally suitable; It
keeps the balr son and glossy, and Imparts to tt
strength and vitality. 24 and to cents per bottle.
Sold by all druggists.
Jrniciora Ecosowt
Is now absolutely necessary. Throw not aside
Jour soiled stoics, but renovate tbem with
ouren's Inodorous Kid Glove Cleaner. It will
cleanse tbem thoroughly, easily and quickly.
Hold at drug and lancy stores. Uceutsper
Tricxrtiks asd Scientific Mxx
Aro completely nonplussed by the mvsterlous
manifestations in tbe preaence of Mrs. Hardy, or
lloitnn. To-night this remarkable lady gives, at
1018 1 street northwest, tbe wonderfnl "Paxafnne
Mould" seanee. with other unmistakable evi
dences Indicating tbe genuineness of spirit power.
ArcriOK Sale.
The attendance at the sale of oil paintings yes
terday evening at Thomas Dewlings aaotlon
rooms was largely attended, but tho paintings
sold at rldlcutoualy low figures. Many of the
most valuable still remain, and will be sold this
evenlnR. As tbe owner does not tntend to repack
them, bargains may be es petted.
Tns Latest Hotel IIeductiov.
Leland's Sturterant House, Twenty-eighth and
Twenty-ninth streets. New York, 100 rooms re
duced to 83 per day, ia rooms reduced to saw
)rday, with board, Room without board 81
per day and upward. Elevator and all modern
Improvements. Convenient to all places or In
terest to the visitor. Street ears pan the Sturte
rant for Central Park, depots, and allpartsofthe
The historical portraits or distinguished repre
sentative men, lately on exhibition at tbe Cen
tennlal Exhibition at Phi lade I tibia, are now
ready for the inspection of the public at "lirady'e
National Gallery." tn Pennsylvania avenna.
This collection embraces the eminent men of
America. In addition to the medals received In
New York for many years, and In London In 1&&7,
Is awarded (As AfoAeii award medal at the Cen
tennial Exposition In Philadelphia, 1S78.
WunoR'a CourocsTD or Ptjlx Cod Liter Oil
amd Lime.
The advantage or this compound otct tbe plain
Oil la that the nauseating1 taste or tbe Oil Is en
tirely removed, and tbe whole rendered entirely
palatable. Tbe ollentlve taste or the Oil has
lona; acted as a prominent objection to Its use; but
In this rorm tbe trouble is entirely obviated. A
host of certificates might be given here to testify
to the excellence and success of IKUecr's Cod
Liter Oil end Line," Hut the fact that It is
resularly prescribed by the medical faculty 11
sufficient. For sale by a. U. Wlltwr, Chemist,
Doston, and by all druggists.
False Iuprkssiov.
It Isgcneratlv supposed by a. certain class or
citlsens, who are not practical or experienced,
thatUvtiopsa cannot invariably be curedDut
we are pleased to say that Green's August
cure Flower haa net er, to our know ledge, failed to
dyspepsia and liver complaint in all Its forms, such
as sour stomach, eostlreneas, sick headache, pal
pi, atlon of the heart, low spirits, Ac., c Oat of
iw.iou doten bottles sold last year, not a single
failure was reported, but thousands of compli
mentary lettera received from druggists of won
derful cores. Three do-es will relieve any caw.
Try It, Sample bottles 10 cents. Kegular site 7a
cents Forcato by C. Stott A, Co., wholesale
Mr mmiCK-THOUPSON.-.U Philadelphia,
on WedtirMar. OclohtrlSUi. 187, by tho Iter, k.ll,
Hiniir, John I. Mccormick, or riiiindaipiiia,
r,, in Doha 11. Tnonrox. or Butler, Pa.
1 ;.
(.OltllUN rbrmryZ7. 1977, .13 o'clock P.M.,
Illa K,,youncet dauittitcrof (eorice and Eliza
A VUfl.'VU,
unm 1 n lunrrai. rrum o. 11.
sue, Frldtv. toYlock 1. at.
FOLEY. -On Thuraday, March lit. of pnauato
l. Florence, cniy diufbter or John P. ut
ennlo P. Fwley. agt'd year and two tuoatha.
Tp funeral will take place t a o'clock oa bainr
atr, figiu tlteretldtueeof her aunt, Mn, Ueorrr tf,
Brlpbt, Si 4 t Ira. strttt northwott. inf-tt
DUBANT.-Oa Tliuriday.afarcli ULaflar a aHart
liiuea. or pueuiutuia, kliz tukTU, wir or uara
Diefiuifrr.' will lm
PAHKF.lt. -n Hip" cv(nln ofF-bniary 38,177.
antra few hour Hlncit, Ann o. PAUEEU,xed C2
lll lat asloiifaa trn Oilcloth or five BruiMi
Carpt t. Alio, bontfri for Knp Hoatl itimu for
lKok.orlcilxiiM. J. W. llUUUUTON, 111$ Market
atntt. 1'hUnlel phla. ml
1 -
1117 Penn. are, and 407 Twelfth street,
And dealers In
Plumbers' and Oai Fitters' Materials, Mantles
Chandeliers, statuary, lUnges,
Furnaces, Heaters, kc
raiw Jowxr ,
(Formerly or Chicago,)
" IVtt-lT
Q T . U O W E.N ,
tU Louisiana avenue, bet. Sixth and Bsveaih su.
Jobbing prowpUvattenJcd to. ang-tf
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Rraerved SraU bale at AUls A C.a Mae
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aader ifc apW of tbcT. M. C. A.
CoarreraUvaal Mariar. ! by Oamcl.
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Rrautlfal Tratwraare Caauitvta S araaci, ealltfed
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directed or Mr. Mr. TOU DaJaL raniaailiai
Vnea of Tcmperaacc, Fle4 of litaapouct,
Little Barefowt. Waters ympba. etc.
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OLD No. 1 ON EXU1 III Tl ON (ArvAa
7TX ST. 1 AT i TTWSt.
T re A rt U aUery asd store, N . G I E avert atortb
LbolceOU Palatlsrt, EacTaTlmarx. Oraa
Alao, lareett atark of PaprrtLamctara. W11
hade. Pictures, rrajnea, Pirtare Oarda aJU
One of tbe tt etmlee of Raphael's Moma &
haa fiito." Itiii braaufal pirtcre, Ub but
outer from nat rollectka, ul wrtl rrpaTa vutx,
rail atork anlTed for tbe HoUUayi. vtaturr.
riowrra. MotioevTiatTtuvrSe.A. Wiwli n
frame attached for Cablat aS carte e VUtaa
PbotofTapba. F or Cbrlstsuj or WeMlaxTrnata
what caa be tnoro beaatlfal tbaa a IlUac
Water-Color lrawla-, Eartanai or JTe rbaaa
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of ibelarrritU Aaacrtra, lord, Ulrew NailcAcw
for rinnre baagla r. Plctarca parted aavJ ifctaaea.
Frame or all ktada a&adc to order. Paiauam
cJeascdaDdTaralabtd. eves
A N D a L l"E R SI
Largest variety of new tUtraa u tho crty, at
Heat trod need tonal to Steas.
The Newest, Best and Cheapert aerated Orea
.. And all Tin sad Cerper Work.
All Rest Varieties cf Ranees and Ftrplare)
SMITH, bTrO E k CO.,
No, 10U Pamsylraxla arcana,
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EAR'llSETliEAB! 1 ! -"
The ITorid's ralr PruTFalleck,
Will be alavxhlered rxiDAY. March S. 1C7. aJ
beef of uni ofcrtd for tale at my tUlla.
Roe. 11 aad 1-CENTER U ARKET.
(SrvraUi btrect Vlacl,
MONDAY. March .1.177.
It Ibe larceat. beatceaditleaed aaf baafjaaafat ba
hci errr rroaa ta iae won, soa vtucat
kearty 4.000 poaadr, aad at m itees thaa aia
Uewaa raited by Ocorce vTalda, Stoa.. of Merita
toacovaty, R.x. aad was arrded arte prcmlam
. PrealCeat OEANT, rraal4ea-rlct U E3S.W11
laid'a Hotel. Saw War4'rnaoaof EaAcareal.
aad other dUtlacalabed raiere, bare aectlatbtir
tT1! rC! ROTOS MAEKET.-ferawny
M LLAEOa," or at me auila.
PJ-kt. (Star ai wJI. TOXCE.
A- for Army ac
1 am pn pared to feralfcb for army aw. Testa,
ItaeoD-cortra. Paellaa.de.. V.V. ArmyiMaaaard.
to any amooat, at the abonet aottrr. aad oa tb
Bioat n aMtuaUe tt-rma, aad m rlvc aay awosiat f
at-cunly Um way r r-q aired for tbe lalUkfst falaU
satutof any contract awardeJ totae.
18 North DUaa-are areaoe.
M7-lm I'hiUAWpala.
One aqoare north of I'taetrlraaU areaoe. t-r
Barc aoalli of Uj Patat aad PwttOtLc tKaort
BiiUt, American and Earopeea I'lia.
DelUktfGl armser noon. Terw.a til t en pes
wetk. hpccUl rates made fortamlilee Vy txmoaLa
Address WM. H. 4MJKMAN OO rrva..
Or, DB.U. M. ri&kCAttD.
, ,C77 Pcsaaylvaxla are., Wa.Van. D.O.
aortbwest. rirat-claaa aeeMabtfatMaa. YabCe
eoara a apecia,ir Abttajtr ULKJLKIX,
last opeax! 1U eJcht tab:rbeUaA
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IT AaarrswTw. Ol CL. March t, l7T.
Eftral WUI li eCeek M. ef Wednoeday. tko Ub
day JArrtLrr, ijr raraJekAac Varud Btbtee
aNesaJ-Oarda r aarf danaar a period of hot
yean, twrnrnxmaa ta U lit day ex 3Cay, mTT,
Tl eavdewfUW threw y Are) aaal e-elalx.h
bKbruH(lav)laCmrB9ieaa, al saart wetxtt
rarda.etctmtYTef twsrfj aad wranpwrs: bad tho
foswr been waieb tary ar aaatirtpw aawrt b
calsaran, s xkat tbe card wui rary tlwseMk
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aire es ctcms. bad fre CTm STka, wall emleav
Arm aad Lattbed - betk abteai. swftahlo lor
wtbtia aad WTttkt fax tak er iwsU, aad to,al ta
ejwauty m ha all ecbrr rrrpecu to the samples
forbhibsd by tbe Deyortaw!. Tb Drpartaaent
aaarnWv tbe lare aad back erUMrarla to bo
f differ Uatr asd tbo rikt H reerrcdl to
caotarotarffaA any tlaa. askl as eftea u
rsaxTtyo. ytxa, sactxd, fiates, tc, etc,
TbeeardevO be) swrtacw-Mtatod eaeaosMe
rmly. tnan aarewMd eteel plate aaado trean a dto
U BTtieny ef tk Otwnaat Tbe pUtee bow
hibM wttlowtmrnd vTtotk aww atracter
cai arbcrtbo) let day ef Stay. Tnweealateear
Ma,ted retvfT far U preae. eea two brau
fatty cards eocb. aarf SEbeed acemraxety te cnt tbe
fraewT eta as" taw card. Tk twatxmcte eaay b
ree,edred terrtcsre, at hie own expense, rnb-
ni vmm ann, aan an ffium 11m
rrwiatwre, addarbnal plates, the new tm u
wwi wmtwMj mvtxm vm la tk.
Tbe CHWdractrr win b fartber mwfnd to keep)
ha reralr aU tt, ran aad blase Creea whVb
vcetal cards aaar e armted. aalta rravtw ta
tarn wbrawvetr t,vrid; aad ahemld new derffu
t rrsblr4 ax aay time to take tb ata ef th
ITfaA tarda, ewaer de eaiwatbwaeef tarda atei
aew ta as, tk east that b raralebed aad
retrravrd. eat fed ta tk apprvral e lb Poet
wcajeer-(eBTiX wpeei bat reewaat, witAra a
reaiwaaMa tba: an vkbrh saan be doa aad
txerteiatbeecoxKye 97 taa coauractar, aaa
ax kls m exTcaww. AU die. reHa aad plate
saae-aed asaarytts aatUTjaar tkecoatract
skall bKaaediatery traaitlt abealmt BTefMrty
at tb VaatAd State, aad aaaU b dellrrrfl. ta
ted wrkberdrr. tota Peatataxtrr-OeiMral
er ESS aataetlsed acrax, wbmerrr dcaaaaded.
ntTAMv. txacw r MAiTTACTrax, Ar Ac
Tk cards win to repaired to to aaanafbetarad
ta a Era-treel bertafwe tajte t lb appraTal
of tk Prpaif nat, aad ta erparat apart meats
dAtsarx rrwa tbao la wkbcA aay edaet wtk le
deae. aad ebu tabbed man to blacod tit nor.
ac ta a tx aad bare- froac apartaaeat, er
raaiutatovpecXaXly prvXd fcr tb barposa,
Tb ceattracuc aaay aia to reatrad U raraUb.
caiarz Moaaw m pvvperiy raraieacu
T ax of tk pees-eCc la rewUtrrmx aad
re m acal tarda x b ajrvardad
XXTtwybtbemaaa. Tb aaartmewAa, vaatt- aad
mn Mr !. m. nmag. aati iWKiaxeT
tt cards sball to tmaaerffrirerj oaaactTwlik
racb etber by caamaaaacatiaa; deeaa, aad xar
saaUtoctnctcdaadEtXedati ttosaxtrlacv
Ueai aad wstkj Itoavtwral ot tb Drpartmcat
siuivaMa tb maaafibctvr. atorac. aad
tamfAtajdx.aa4toBhatt at aU time fear
fl aarf ere acceaatatb apartmaati aad TaalU
aUretbocarfaaramaaefactarad aad stored, far
tk rswe off laefritiaa; tb aam. Ta coo.
tracter saaU rarawk boa aad hi cterki aoitabt
tmwtw fiamtaaI (
ai aceary, wiu
ad am-b romaaihaii
aUito imeaedfcuciy rumacted wtxh tb apart
Tb liexmawai Oeaerai ibali ale bar tk
ticbt at aay ttaaw t caaa aa laspectloei tab
ade.yaayaraxrttmu wtoae heaaay- ap
csaUy aeetCTate ser tk parpowc, ef tk rooeaa.
aaartmeata, aad raatu ased IW ta auaalbctar
aad ssaracw e( tarda, aad ef tb cards ta coana
ef anaratactare er aa atecJk. U than alaoaara
tb stabx U raaai aa haapectbia U to and, wheat
aad ta racb ataaawr aa to may deafr It, of ta
peace ef aaaaafactattag tk aaawr ta all its .
rrora: 03 blssbl
TE raatractar skaU at an time, after oa
soemth bwaa tb rammravimaat of tk eaalract
lvautoiialiadskarfea haasd. eabiect to tb
cemtsalaf XtolwartmaLBaHUtAAaASjoo.ag
bcbaad every roqalsttlM
j to pramptly ailed as
Tb lrtautaacaA a-ta3 Tut tk rtfktfrenalre
eraxaaTL3Barfeaa; ta exiswaec. u raraiabaa
extra a,ajatstT-ef tarda awt excwedJar a sapplr
Swtk3(i)aetEl. rvj
Tk cards mast to toatded ha aareeD ef twtaty
tre. rti.) aad pack ha axreajj aastatoard er
straw box, saaxaty toaad am tb edrae aad
catwraat-Atwtsa erSrawacaetM wtaed ea; each
toxtacaatata ac leas thaa Era ktaadrad (WO)
card; tk tone ta to wiajiad aad sacareiy ma
ttmrd ta acxa maalla paper, aad aaaled
mj as to aaStiy bear txaaspoitaUoa by
Basil far 1ititt ta patmaaten. When
tv ttoauaad csjoe) er mare tarda ar ronaired
to til tb order ef a postmaster, tk paataooard
ear straw bests cuatara'Wa; that earn mast to
sacked la stream; waiera casa. well atraptwd
wr.h tocp-rroa. isaidcaaaeaadpacAarsataallb
addrreeed by tk caatracter waacr tk dlrectfcm
eCaaacralof ta Departmrat. Weodea caaee
taatal-urs; tk tariM, ta to transported by water
rcate. saast to prrud wit's taitabi water
It !a expect ed that tb aoaxractar wOl to readp
liMaaimllii'ill f li lm tuit
dayaf Xay.wtealaaeeatractterm betioa; aad
Osercan tkey mast to jmmptlr faraUftod aad
ceurvrva. tampert aa au rsspeata
UXbee ae aaay to swntrad
f tatxaajers, Tiwtar.
1 1 all tb dallr ordara
tarda may to reqa&ad to to
dtlrrcred aa arparat parEanajaJ above ptwrbtod
l.axsawamaCTcaXtJptaewbeTa taaaaae
arc maam!aerredjar at xtoaearcst adjareat larra
remattrwtAaderwata fanttlae aw m-.!-,-aaaatacmctto
tarda, ta tk Uscretia f tb
EwsrarasersKecaerAl; ar ta sac asoaUtiae at
ttolxiJ&caDtfJtJaax.ax Wajaiaxtoa, D.
la t.'r'ea. tb caearacsar wtu a retxFrd to
faraieb Utota. aac direct ta aua air acmpaa
a, ta aexmrdaat wttb la dairy lists tarsuahed
ata ax-rat ef ta Deaatmcat- tocetber with
ettor Idaaks nnlrai l to taclaaed with th
carer also all biaakx Ur daOy. wwekry. aaoatkly
aad sjaanrrty recsxu rthuiaz t tb aoabex ef
cards rxTmtod.
Tto reoaactor win to repaired t report week
ly, wader aaib, tb anther of cards iiir
tared tf.aJtbed, aalatsba.1 aad spoiled ).tb aana
bcr tfd daxtma: tk week, aad ta aomber
arallaK br bume; ail spoiled cards U to do
strtyed by ta arax ef tk Dcpartmcat ta Ike
aamftaexrasrer his rirtaecataUrt,
re4berlMLiitt;ajtk PoeiauntrUta
craj may dJrect.
Tto tamtoref cards tsaatd danas; the last as
calycar vaa UaXljtUa, aad U ta expected that
tk matt itr tto raxreax tscat year will to about
lecsutjL Tb aamaer nMaired dazlax th
MXtcaarract term win vracmbty rtKbooebitl
tea (ieusceueri at leaat; tox tk coatraetor mast
raraib all tkat may to rerarad. wtttoat refer
etc ta tA- tflsasa:.
Awita-rxorceuxa-aarEZ3tx3T aoso.
BUdrra saast sixte La tirir propotaLi tk vnc
pcrtbMjaad tarda, (aaatiasr box eo prsra.) ta
tladtas; erxrUiax lee.alxW t to don or far.
bltaad as set Urtb U tb adTcrUseatat; aad t be
ctatract wtn to awarded as a whole to the lowest
Eata neteal mrxt to alxae-1 be the lallrUu 1
er txtarff makmis-aad when mad by a
ytaenha. tto nam ef eaea partner thereof
awt to due .sear; aad tt mast to acwanaaaed
by a twarxxXTidwed by at least twx respueulbte
raaraascrr, that ta haedtr skall, wixkia tea days
after ttns; caLadapaa tad a, execute a con
trast, ta rarnJaa nrauxfciy, aad la tuaatlttae as or
dried, tk art ee arcetcat to rurnlsaad by
attoicajoaaeaLtyaad saggteney ef tb afag
en ta rata gaaraaiy t to eertlaed ta by tk
ftsx.s ntr or Cased Statu Attorney where the
tooacT seas' is: and la sack euoxraet ta tvatraa
Ur and kls aartt.es aball eaeaaaax aad agra that
la caa tk axxi caaxracter akaU tall u aa er ner
fnrm aU er aae of tk coesaaaxa, stl?ItlmA, and
axjrteTBteatiesaAlrigT'rxcteata part ofth said
eatractar te to prlrmed,aj tkrtia Msforta,
tto anal catrctr aad kit) aareti akail ftjcfeit
aad pay U tto laitsd asate ef America th turn
of bandied tbiamaildallara. tar wkocb sal
ferMhtar tto said cuaxraeter aad kin saretias
aaaU to yeuxly aad aeveralry liabU, ax LauidA
tei damage, u to axed nrra tk nam f U
Caiad SiatcSL
U tto batdcr tawtoas tk Lit award may to
aade atoatd fan t eatar rata a entrant, a 1
btrta bSAa. Iba tb lend B na ll-vl
aad tl contract let Uttonext tsrtat respnati-
.-. u bb wnoaw aua mj mm rrooi-
BvaaurltaeraL and aa ea satit th rfiuirad
cvaxract la cxecutot: aad sack next bent bolder
slay to r4crd t fnliu Try etfpalatMa tm
Wacad torva as if to wr tto anxiaal pArtyu
wtoaa tto contract was awarded.
Tto caatractwill als preebt that If at aay
UiadnxatutwattuninctAwearttles shall dxe,
ar erenna trrpenai. tk PMtmjatsr-Uenerat
akall Ear tbergXt to requir addltseaxl aad
aamcieat streUra. wkkk tto coatratura shall
raratsk to tto arret- ef ta Peetsuster4n
era! wnkia tea day after aoueet aat tn default
ttoreef, tk ceatxatt may to auaUL,
TPttmtUT-anlTiMrri the right U
re.ectaxjaa all beds, u; ba bis jadgmat.tk
mitTeet ef U 0Ttrajaeat reaxlree u;alsotk
ngkx t aaaal ta eoatract, it ta als ptaloa.
iber aaaU to faOar at aay tlm to nerbrrn
raakfalrr aay of au rOgaUtJsnj. er ta rajra
wiUTulatumsd to taa wpoa tk DeparHmeat
cards txrrr t ttose rcivjrtd fry tk do t net.
Pnymrxts Ur cards artaatly Issued and da.
Urtred will be mate quarterly, after proper ex
amrasinn aal amjtmat ef aeeoaats.
cxarraarraoT AtenxBaxtE.
ncatractcaaancbaaay ea,b Uefxlly
traxafcrred er soaf,rnjcd.
Stoald tto aatereet ef tto Oeeeremeat require.
tLenatractatay to exteaded toyead the tune
txiwJ, t-u caxttd-Ef tkxttnoatas, by otdtr ef
tto Pestmaeter General, aad the contract prices
aad all eotdlttons herein set forth shall govern
ta sack exttaded coaeraet.
Blaak Ibnns for bids, with specimen attached,
SkowlBarqaallty ef the paper, will to farnlshed
wpaa appbeattoa: aad all proposals most to made
area thee blaak forms, seearely enveloped and
sealed, marked ea tb envelope Proposals for
festal Cards, aad addressed to the Third Alslf
taat Paitmaster Oenerat. Washtneton. D. C.
JA8.lt. TYNE1L
axs.2awtw Postmaster OoneraL
PoeTOrrirB DrpAR-nssnrr, I
Jannary 2177. (
Sealed prepotale are lamed from Steel-plate
EarraTers aad Plate Printers, aad will be received
at tale Department anUl It o'clock m, on Wednes
day, th th day ef Febraary, ISTT. for farnlsbbis;
all tto poetaea sumpt which this Department
raay require for pabll and offlclalnte d aria a; a
pertod of (ear years, commenclor on the 1st day of
E Ptampeftrthen of the public
x. Offldal stamps for tie we or the Executive
S. Newspaper and periodical stamps.
Th stamps avt b famished, subject to tb
approval ef the Department, mm steel plates,
tacraved la the hlcbert style of th art of steel
tarravmc. and pvtated tn sack colors ae may from
time to m to selected by the Department, la th
best and most approved manner, ipon paper of the
best qaallty snltable tt th purpose, and satis
factory to the Department, thoroarbly summed
with the best qoauty of adhesive pom, perforated
bxsaeh manner that each separate stamp "an be
readily detached and nsed, the sheets te be well
pressed, aad packed so aa to prevent tbem from
adhertnajtotacaotheri the same to be furnished
with all reasonable dispatch. In snch quantities
as may tn rack case be ordered by the Department
daily te All reqiit Itions from postmasters and from
tn Exccativ Departments. The stamps most
to printed ea hand roller presses.
Th dies, rolls; and plates from which pof tare
tamos ar no nrrnteiL beiar thobronerivof lb
Called States, will to placed In th keeptnn; and
custody ef tto eon tractor on or before tb first day
ef May, in, th same to to held subject to the
order and control of th Department, as herein
after provided: and tho contractor will to re
quired, from said dies, rolls, aad plates, and from
such rolls and plates as may to necessary to to
reproduced from th original dies, to bavo on
hand, ready for Issw oa tb day th contract
term commences, a sufficient stock of stamps, of
th several dtaomrnalionx and kinds required, to
nil tk rarrtat daily requisitions from the Depart
ment, without hindrance or delar.
Ta contractor will toturtner reaalred to keen
ta repair all dies, rolls, and plates from which
stamps may to printed, and to renew tb same
whenever required; and should aew designs to
required at any time to take tho place of the pres
ent series of stamps for the we of the public, or
ef any ef them, er lor denominations of stamps not
aew la as, tb earn ahall to furnished and en
arraved, subject ta tbe approval of th Postmaster
lleaerai. upon his request, within a reasonable
time; all which shall to don aad executed In the
tost style of steel cngravtns; by the contractor,
aad at his own xpeas. No chanr will to mad
ba tto present designs ef official postage stamps,
or of newspaper and periodical stamps; but the
contractor will to required to keep In repair, and
renew when required, th dies, rolls, and plates
for thee stamp, tb same as for th stamps for
the us of tb public All dies, rolls, and platea
mad or used at any time In filling the contract
shall Immediately become tbe absolute property of
th United States; and shall to dellvered,ln good
working order, to th Postmaster Oeneral or his
aataorised agent whenever demanded.
The stamps will to required to be manufactured
In a nro-proof building, and la separate apart
menu, distinct from those In whkh aay other work
la doa by th coatraetor th whole to be subject
to th approval or th Department and when
finished must to placed in a lire and burglar
'proof safe T Tault,to be specially provided for
that purpose, and constructed to the satisfaction
ef th DepartmenL Tb contractor, his tn.
ployeee and agents, shall conform to such regula.
tions at the Department may from tlm to time
aoop sot to accanta 01 tn uoTsmmcni.
A resident agent ofth Department will have
saperrisioa ol th manufactnre, storage and Issue
or th stamp, who shall at all Umcs have full
aad fre access tntheapartmentt, safes and vealtx
where th stamp ar manufactured and stored
for th purpose of Inspecting the fame t nod the
coatraetor shall furnish blm and his elerks suiU
abt offic nnd desk-room for tbe transaction of
tnDuan 01 ms agency witnoui coat to to
Oovernment. The Poet maiter Oeneral shall also
aava tk right at any tlm to cause an Inspection
to to mad, by aay agent or agents whom be ma'
sveeiallr desiraate for th tmrDooe. or th near!
menta, earcx and vaults used for tha manu factor
and storagu or stamp, and of the stampe In coarse
ef aaanutactur r in stock.
Tk contractor skall at all times keep on hand
stock ofth several denominations and kinds
or stamp, subject to tb control of th Post
Offlc Department, Its regularly authorised
agent, er such other agents as may to specially
nattorhred by tto Postmaster Oeneral, tn aU
stages or nunuiataT,snfflcltnt to meet all or
ders ef th Department, and to provide against
aay and all cenUnrencJes that may be likely to
occur daring tto existence of the contract, so that
each and every order of the Department may to
frumptiy filled; and tb Department shall have
to tight t require th contractor, at any tlm
daring th existence of th contract, to furnish
an extra quantity of stamps not exceeding a sup
ply for three months.
Stamps to to transmitted by sea routes mast
to securely packed la hermetically sealed tin
case, wrapped ta strong tnantila paper; all oth
ers mart either to packed In strong binders,
hoard boxes, bound on the edges and corners with
muslin, and enveloped la two thicknesses of
strong manUla paper, or inclosed in strong ma
nllla envelopes, as the quantity to to transmitted
may require; all packages to to ao Inclosed as to
caabl tk agent ef the Department to offldal ly
The stamps may to required to be delivered by
th eon tractor In separate packages, as above pro
tided for at th poet office in the place where the
same are manufactured, or at inch nthee tvur.
offlc la the Immediate vicinity of the place of
manufacture aa th Postmaster Ueneral raay di
rect; or tn such quantities at th Post Offlc De
partment. Washington, D.(X,(ee:h denomination
in a.inu miet um
Ueneral may direct.
r kept separate,) as the Postmaster
In addition, tke contractor will to required to
furnish labels, and direct the aamc, fur each pack.
age. In accordance with the dally Hals furnished
by th agent of tb Department, together with all
other blanks required to b Inclosed with the
sumps; also aU blanks for daily, weekly, monthly
nnd quarterly returns relating to the number and
denominations of stamps furnished.
The contractor will be required to report
weekly, under oath the number, denomination
and kind of stampe manufactured, (finished, on
finished and spoiled,) th nnmber Usaed during
tk week and th number available tor Issae; all
spoiled stamp to to destroyed by the agent of
the Department In the presence of the contractor
er his representative or otherwise disposed of, as
th Postmaster Ueneral max direct.
The contract wlllb awarded on tha basil of
tb aumber ol tb several kinds ol stampe Issued
during the fiscal year ending Jane 3U.1ST0, as
L Number ef sumps tor use of the
public 699,779,000
3. Number el efflelal stamps for use of
the Executive Departments lT,flK,W5
3. Nambcrorncwspapcrandpcrlodtcal
stamps LSDOJ
DMi must to made fur each kind or stamps sep
arately, the bidders stating ta their proposals the
prlc per thousand stamps. Including everything
required to be done er fuxnlshodsset forth In this
advertisement; and th contract wilt be awarded
as a whol to th lowest responsible bidder In the
aggregate, th amount of aud to to ascertained
by extending tb above issues at th prices bid
respectively, and then aggregating the amounts
o(u thru several Items, It must to under
stood, however, that proposals made under thla
advertisement shall include all th stamps
needed by the Department daring the contract
term, without rtlerenc to the above Issues.
Should th as ef any of the above kinds of stampe
to discontinued dnrinsr th eonlrnnt terra, tha
I contractor will not t entitled to damages onao-
Each proposal noil to signed by the Individual
er partnership making It. and when made by
partnership, tn nameor each partner thereof
must to disc toted; and It mast be accompanied by
a guaranty, signed by at least two responsible
guarantors, that th bidder shall, within ten
days after being called upon to do so, execute a
contract to furnish promptly, and In quantities ax
ordered, the article or articles to to famished by
him, th responslbUity and safficleney of the
signers to such guaranty to to certified to by th
poetmasttror Lnited tftatei attorney where the
bidder resides; and in such contract th eon
tractor and his sureties shall covenant and agree
that tn ease the Ba.' d contractor shall fall to do or
perform all er aayi t the covenants, stipulations
aad agreements oft ltd contract on the part of
the said contractor tx be performed, as therein
set forth, th said contractor and his sureties
ehall forfeit and pay t ithe United States or
America the sum ol (we bandred thousand dot
tars, for which said forfeiture the said 'contractor
and his sureties shall u jointly and severally
hatle,as liquidated damages, to bo sued for In
the name of the United States.
Ittkcblddertowbomtholnrst award may ba
made should fall to enter Into a contract, as here
in provided, then the. award may to annulled,
and th contract let to th next lowest respon'
sible bidder, Ifnotdttmed too high by tho Port
master Oeneral. and so on until the required eon.
tract Is executed; and such next lowest bidder
shall U required to fulfill every stipulation em
braced herein, as ir bewtretbe origical party to
Tbe contract will alro provide that If at any tlm
during its continuance the sureties shall die, or
wn)in irrcnpvnaiuiv, iue a ua inamrtr irenerai
shall hare the right to require additional and
sufficient sureties, which the contractor shall
furnish tothe acceptance of tb Postmaster Oen
eral within ten days afternotlcet anil In default
thereof, the contract may be annulled.
The FostmasterQencralreaerres the right to
reieet any and all bids it. tn his lodgment, th
Interest or the Oovernment requires tt also the)
right to annul tbe contract If, Inn's opinion,
there shall to a failure at anytime to perform
faithfully any of Its stipulations, or In case of a
willful attempt to Impose upon the Department
stamps Inferior to those required by the con
Payments for stamps actually Issued and de
livered will be mate quarterly, after proper ex
animation and adjustment of accounts.
Tbe centrist cannot, In any case, be lawfully
transferred er airia-ned.
Should the Interest of the Oovernment require,
the contract may be extended beyond the lima
named, not decoding three months, by order of
tbe Poitmaiter-Oeneral, and the contract prices
and all conditions herein set forth shall govern la
such extended contract.
All proposals tnntt be made on tbe blank form
furnished by the Department, securely enveloped
and sealed. Indorsed on the back "Proposals for
Posts geHtatnps," and addressed to tbe Third As
sistant Fostmaster-Ueneral, Washington, l. O.
jsSVTuFiw Postmasteroeneral.
KIT, )
D RtrAtB.
f.S7, UT7. S
February 31
The Narv Denartment will otter tar lala at vini.
Ileaneuon tbe lot low. ng named ressc'lsi
At the United Htatea Navy Yard, Portsmouth.
N. 1L. en Tuesday, the 37th of March, 1177. at 1 J
o'clock M., the U. S. skip "Sabine, or 1.ITS tins
At the United States Navy Yard, New York,
on Thursday, the aoth or Id arch, 187T, at U o'clock
Mthe U. 8. steamer "Susquehanna," of 2,213
tons measurement.
At the Vnlted states Navy Yard, Learnt Isl
and, on Saturday, the Slatol March. 1877, at li
o'clock M., tho U.S. ship "Potomac' of 3,4)7
tons measurement.
The vessels will be offered as they lie n tha
day ol sale. They may be examined at any tlmn
pitTloustotheday or saloon application to tho
cemmendants or the yards where they are, re
spectively, who will exhibit to persons desiring to
bid an Inventory of such articles as may to sold
with them.
Thirty (SO) per centnra of tho purchase money
mustbcdeposlted at the time of sale, and tbe bal
ance paid in cash when the aale Is confirmed by
the Departmenti the vessels to be removed with
in ten days from tbe dato of such oonnrmatlon.
The Oovernment reserves the right to with
draw the vessels, or either of tbem. from sale, tn
confirm the sale, and to reject any bid or offer
wblch may be considered Inadequate. marl
Ry authority or the Commissioners of the Dls.
r.ct of Colombia,
Disteictof OoLrwBiA, )
Board or Uealtit, J-
WAsniaoTOir. Feb.ii,m7.
Sealed proposals will be received at this office
nntil 12 M-. March 8, 187T. for the collection and
removal of all garruge ana relate animal ana
vegetable matter from dwelling houses, market
and otber places In t be cities of Washington and
Oecrtetown, and their Immediate and mora
densely populated suburti In tbe District or Co
lumbia, for tne period or one year, commendnr
Proposals wilt b Indorsed "Proposals for the
Collection and Removal of Uarbage," and will b
addressed to the undersigned, and no bid will ba
entertained exceptupontheblankfbrm prescribed
by the Hoard of lleaith, containing full Informa
tion ax to the requirements of the service, wblclx
will to furnished on application to this office.
Tbe Hoard reserves the right to reject any and
all bids presented not deemed for the best Later
cats or the District, and all bids not approved by
the Commissioners of tbe District of Colombia.
ir check is presented with proposal same mast
to certified, and made payable to Chris, C. Cox,
Ry crder of the Board or Health.
fe-iieodst CHRIS, c COX. Secretary.
K ATI. NO BTAktra.
PosT-Omcs Dei-abtiiewt,
Waskikqtot, Iwbruary 17,1877.
Sealed Proposals will be received at this De
partment until the l"th day of March next, at u
o'clock noon, for furnishing for tbe vseof tha
post-offices in tbe United States for on year,
from the 1st of April next, Marking end Ratios;
Stamps or the following descriptions, namely;
Circular Marking stamps of Steel, with cancel
combined, tbe sump to to about one inch, and
tbe cancel one. naif Inch In diameter, with th
name or the offic and State, with type for month
and days In blocks or like material, with lafflcl
ent thumbscrew for the same, and with handle '
of mahogany, walnut, or otber heavy wood.
In proposals for this class or stamps, the bidder
will state tbe charge when fitted for and accom
panied by 21 hour blocks, as 1a.m., 4 p.m.,ete.i
also the charge for separate figures and months.
Also, Octagon Marking Stamps, without tha
cancel, but similar In all otber respects to th
circular stamp above described, and with type for
year, months, and days of the same material, Irx
Circular Marking stamps ot Steel, without tha
cancel, but similar In all other respects to No. 1
Circular sumps, and with type for months In
blocks and single figures for days, all of the tuna
cnxiu as mi ucei ijpe, una 01 iyi
Also. Ratine and other mlscelli
of steel or Iron, contain log auort words as Adver-
tlsed,' MIssent,' "Returned for better direc
tions, or any otber word, sentence, or figures not
exceeding In length tbe sentence, "Returned for
better directions," when several of the some axo
Also, lor inch stampe as names of persons when
bat one or a kind is require" l.
Also, Cancels or Hard Wood, half-Inch dlanx
eter, eonuinlog four or more parallel lines. Also
Cancels suiUble for cancelling stamps on pack I
Stamps will be ordered for the different classes
of offices, according to present or future regula
tions and necessities of the Department, or tho
Postmaster Oeneral may at anytime cease to
order aay of them In his discretion.
Models of stamps complete. 01 tbe bidders own
manufacture, must accompany the proposals.
Each proposal mint to accompanied by tha
fuaranteeor twosoffirlent guarantors, that tha
Idderwlll enter Into contract within ten days
after his bid Is accepted, to furnish the articled
specified In bis accepted bid, and a certlfieata
from a postmaster that such guarantors are re
liable persons.
Tne accepted bidder will be required, within
ten days after his bid Is accepted, to enter Into)
contract, with sureties to to approved by tha
Postmaster Oeneral, to supply the articles tha
froposal for which Is accepted. In which contract.
t shall to provided that in ease of failure to sup
ply tbe articles, or any of them, according to tha
contract, tha contractor and hie sureties shall be
liable for tbe forfeiture specified in such contract
as liquidated damages, to be sued for In tbo namo
orthe United States.
The stamps must be delivered at tbe Blank
Agency or the Post-office Department, at the ex
pense of the contractor.
Proposals should be Indorsed on the outside of
the cnrelopei "Proposals for Office Marking;
sumps," aud addressed to the First Antitank
Postmaster Ueneral. Washington, D. C.
Feb. 17 Postmaster General.
Six nest Dress Shirt a to order for flS.BO.
fit warranted perfect. Material warranted. Rich
a rd son's lint Linen and WamautU Mills Muslin,
or aay If uslln 0alrrl.
Six ready-made Phlrta forts; Mx unfinished tJblrta
for ft mi. lioxi' Kbit is C and 7lenu
alKN'a FINE s'UilNIalilNUS.
TfT M . B . L V lAj
Warranted sore core Tor smoky chimneys. Cheap,
curable ana ornamental. No chtmnev should bo
without them, alanurartare-l and tor sale by tha
lans-faa 401 Mew erscy avenue.
rniAit en 11 at
Headquarters for Wholesale and Retail,
'NKb-i VOUL HElia of prrious summoned to
tf.tlfy bcfnrt the hcnale or tbe Uouiu of lleprcseu
tatlvre. 111 antlrlpata the pay of Conttrrssinen or
fcenatora for onr, twu, or three months, or longer
at reasonable rates. Apply 10
,. Wuiivo, ArrLEMW,
ftS-Tl Ufilce ll3f; l'jac,t bit, lllb and lSla
w iri",wr,sra-irrjx; ts wKUcsroo.

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