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We btg Itare to ltt that we decilns to retura
rejected Comtntnlcatlons; and to this rttto ws
caa msk, no eiccptlon.
AoifeMI 10 sotilAral trln'ls, storlMary or
VoArr lnjriiiiire, falling follotretl by tUtaj
taromrrr, cloudy vtalhir vtlf rnw or mow,
anf pot ifyriwt"g n at Smtlurn Italians.
HAHJKIAml lillllllllimMAUUU . H77.
Iff m allure my countrymen of the South'
em Hotel that, If I lA.lt be tharaed with the
duty of organizing on Admlnlttratlon, It will be
one vhtch will reyard and rherlttl their Inlereitt,
the irterettl ofthewhtteoniofthe colored people,
both ond equally, and trhtch will put forth ill
belt ejfo ll In behalf of a elril policy which Bill
nlpe out forever the dlttlnctton between Xorlh
and South (n ourcommon country. (It. lMlijroi'
litter of aece; tlnce.
Tiinix Georplm and one Texas Democratic
Congressmen called to pay their reapectt to
TreiMent elect Hath jesterday. Welcome
Southerner!. Come one, come all.
Wk hear no more of Mr. TildeVs letter of
acceptance, while that of Goyernor IIatis re
malna one of the moit vigorous and senten
tious political document! oyer published.
Tun Pennijlvan la prri! are putting for
ward the Jllusttlons name of Oalusiii A.
Oaow for a Cabinet poaltlon. Thll same oc
cuplea one of the hlgheit tnchea In our nr
tlon'a history.
Daka continuea to call him Fraudulent
President and lteturnlng Board IUtks. We
feel sorry for Daxa. It la the aecond time ha
haa allpped up on tha New York collector
ahlp. Yoono Cormil Vavdebmlt la afraid to
go to aleep In the dark. He hai created euch
dlilurhance over the will of the old Commo
dore that he feara hli spirit will come biolc to
earth and vlalthlm la Its wrath.
Dudley Field the man who roted for Prec
dent IlAtta and afterwarda became a turn
coat for gain, la the only member from N'ew
York who directly participated In the filibus
tering attempt to defeat the law.
Oiviko to the fact that we neither belleye
Mr.TiLDEN a knaTe nor Mr. Hewitt a fool,
we enter a eolemn protest against the cruel
accusation! of the Democratic press Just now
bclnc made against these gentlemen.
Conobissman Stintov, of Pennsylvania,
btllevee In the Democracy's dying plucky, If
It must die, and accordingly work assidu
ously to cover every point In the interest of
the little old gentleman of Oramercy Park.
With RuTUEuroRD 11. IUtes aa Chief
Magistrate, and gold at $1.01, peace and
prosperity, specto payment! and good.wlll to
alt men will be the principle feature! In the
life of the Republic for the next four years.
It will be pleasant for the American peo
ple to know that their next President and
Vice President are !n the vigor of their man
hood, and aa robust and hearty aa a oomforta
Lie amount of good health will allow.
Wb anticipate that Governor Hates' policy
will rally the whole people to hla support, ex
cept,, perhaps, that faction In the Democracy
which haa aubslsted solely upon the pap of
the opposition to any measure offered by the
Rapubllcan party for twenty years.
Hancock, of Texai, and Wllshlre of Ar
kansas, did yeoman work In defeating the
schemes of the filibusters. Such men deserve
the confidence of the American people for
having brought about a peaceful settlement
of the Presidential question.
Pooit little Lane, of Oregon Is In ahadway,
He loslsts upon It that he saw serpents en
twining about him, after be had retired from
the acene of filibustering early this noon.
Alls! uubappy youth. Bourbonlsm must
assuredly be the moving iplrtt of his dream.
A mv fleiged member from New York,
who proposes to mske a speech denunciatory
of the Tribunal, submitted to Judge Di'R
ium yesterday, and requested his opinion of It.
"Well," eald the Judge, "iryou want to make
an ass of yourself, I would advise you to
deliver It." .
The Northern Democracy looks mournfully
upen the past, when victory seemed perched
upon their banners, and cry out In their
agony, 'Indeed It Is a most lying thing, that
some Past Tense; so beautifully flad, almost
elyslan-sacred In the moonlight of memory, It
eeems and seems only."
A Brooklyn school boy placed a lead pen
cil perpendicularly, so that his school-nute
would sit down on It. lie succeeded, and
now his little friend is lyln; at the point of
death from tho Injuries recolved. Such prac
tical JoLea are without tbelr laughs, even as a
bent pin wall set on li without merriment
or especial Joy.
Hecint reports from the Black Hills have
awaken great Interest In tbatreglon, and thou
sands are preparing to go there aa aoon aa the
Spring opens. Reports from Deadwood olty
say that hundreds are anlvlng there every
week. If these reports are true, the Govern
ment and Congress should take measures at
once to give that people a Territorial form of
Tub filibustering faction of the Democracy
haa run Its race, and passed into history as
the most Imbeclled element that has ever ap.
peered In American politics. To be weak Is not
so mherable, but to be weaker than one's task
Is lamentable. They have been too week for
their task, and now the fact can be recorded
that the filibustering dog Is dead, having died
from the want of common eease and common
The President haa lisued a proclamation
calling for au extra session of the Senate.
Now the question if, will Senator-elect
OnO'EH, orOregon, who participated In the
attempt to ateal a Republican elector, be
allowed to take his seat! The T.lectoral Com
mission put Its seal of condemnation on this
act, and now It remains for the Senate to
cither pass csnsure on fraud or recognize It aa
a moral and legitimate element In politics.
Wa have been convinced that an error oc
curred In onr Issue or yestsrday In referent
to Senator Alcobx's aspirations to a Cabinet
position. We have satisfactory assurance not
alone that no delegation waited on Governor
Hates at Columbus, In his Interest, but that
Senator Alcorn has not aou;ht the place,
The but clsss of ltepubllcani In ths State
of Mississippi, men occupying the highest
places la the party, are now urging his ap
pointment to a Cabinet position, feeling, as
tbey do, that this action oa the part of Presi
dent Hates will resuscitate tha Republican
party lu Mississippi again, and do much
toward the pacification of the South.
Tho greatest civil contest In modern
tltnci la oyer, Bnd every political Sell
In tho country bears trace! of the con
flict. Since tho earliest record) of govern
ment among men, the struggle for power
hii bcon the destroyer of 1U creations: and
necessarily so, since the extstence of
society li founded upon organization, the
reprcicntatlTe of power, which li erer
menaced by opposing faction! within or
hostile forces without. The strongest of
governments cannot escape tho evil conrc
quences of Inherent defects common to all
bumin devices, and must, sooner or later,
yield to tho assaults of enemies. Bat gov
ernments of the people are less liable to
suffer from such causes than thoso of sole
agencies; for with such peoples, accus
tomed to the ererclso of power, when un
usual action Is required for their protec
tion, there Is less likelihood of excess In
Us exertion. Riot and disorder are the
peculiar weaknesses of monarchies, having
their source in a conviction of arbitrary
Injustice suffered, and their support In the
tbulU ttens of men unused to obedience to
Hence It is that, although wrought up to
the highest strain of excitement, by real or
imaginary wrongs, our people have passed
through the crisis of their fato without any
outbuists of violence which matk the con
tests with power in monarchic! countries.
Conscious that any injury done them,
by tho enforcement of error, if, in truth,
such was sustained, proceeded alone from
themselves, and was within their owl
power to correct, by regularly constituted
methods, they have not given way to evil
inclinations and extreme counsels, but in
the lace of sore temptation, resisted every
tendency toward a disturbance of the peaoo.
And now, when the climax of discomfiture
comesupon the defeated party.thcre Is notan
instance of disorderly behavior among those
who conducted the losing ciuse. All sub
mit to the authorized decree against them,
and leave to the future the questions of re
dress. It is safe to afllrni there Is not an
other government on the earth which
could have survived the throes of revolu
tion such a posture of affairs would have
produced; and at this moment, as tho in
habitants of other countries comment upoo
the news of the result, they will admit the
We arc saved from the consequences of
sedition and revolution by the sober wis
dom of the people. Politicians there were
who required only slight encouragement to
have precipitated the worst, but they were
restrained by the voices of their constitu
ents. And one of the prospects of the sit
uation is that all such holding official posi
tions will be relegated to private life with
the close of their terms. Another is that
there is to be a considerable re-organizatlon
of parties in the adjustments to follow the
upheavals of the convulsion we have ex
perienced. Either this is to be the case,
or we are to stand still on the shores of
Time, letting the world advance, while we
sink supinely in Its sands. If present Issues
are to survive during another four years
still severing the country Into sectional par
ties as now, embittering the animosities of
the people and inciting them to Increased
antagonism, then, indeed, do we not only
stand still, but retrogtde.promlsing nothing
but early dissolution. Erer since the close
of the war, though, albeit, more than a
thud of a generation, some of the States of
the Union have been so dead aa political
bodies, that fungus growths have covered
their original victor out of sight,
and parasites have consumed their
substance; and four years more of such
prostration would place them beyond the
power of remedy. Nor are those States
alone affected by the condition disclosed.
So certain as no physical body can be
healthy and strong while some of Its mem
bers are suffering decay, Just so sure Is It
true of the United States that they are not
In a sound and healthy state while some of
them wither of the blight of alien domina
tion. All must live and prosper together, or
together decline and dlssppear. The blood
of the body will not flow in its diseased
parts, and the circulation being arrested,
enervation supervenes, and atrophy results.
So with the State; where the vital streams
of commerce do not reach and renovate all
its parts, there Is degeneration and disinte
gration. And so has the natural action of
the life currents In some of the States been
obstructed by the abnormal condition of
their governments, for these long years,
that the effect is becoming plainly visible
upon the face of the whole Union. This
state of things will not admit of delay.
Some relief must be realized at once or its
fair proportions will dwindle and diminish
like the form of the leper.
The people hope and believe the succor
Is at hand. That the Administration aboit
to commence will develops the knowledge
of political economy and moral cause ne
cessary to the eradication of the disease
preying upon the vitals of the country,
through the incapacity of its members the
States. We have heretofore pointed out
the only means revealed to us which ap
pears adequate to the cure; and as it seems
so Just and proper, so right and reasonable,
and therefore so Important to be considered,
we presume to suggest it to those about to
assume the trust of treatment. It consists
in removing the fungus from the surface
of the diseased part, and stimulating the
body sufficiently to throw off its effects.
And we submit that there Is nothing In the
way of this course, but that morbid fear of
the knife which afflicts all patients wbo re
quire ill application. We are aware that
the consequences which would follow are
considerable and serious; that many will
oppose it, and, If enforced against their
wishes, will withdraw from consultation.
But we are equally confident that when
tho operatlan Is performed, and its good re
suits begin to be seen, they will acknowl
edge their error and return to the counsels
which advised it.
The Electoral Commluloa has dragged
lU ilow length along to completion and
bow a Berloui question arlMi as to whelker
then li time left for pasting tha appioprl
ations necessarr for tho government ex
penditure! during tho present year. Thus
far bat a few of the appropriation bills have
been completed and thoso which hare do
not nwel with the approyal of the Repub
lican a. The army bill contains some es
pecially objectionable fe&tures. It stlpu
lates that there shall bo no troops stationed
In certain portions of the South, and also
alms at snnnjuit reduction of our already
skeleton-like army. Theso points will be
warmly contested by tho He public ins and
as but to day remains for tho passage of
of the several bills it looks very much as
though another session of Congress will
be absolutely necessary for this purpose.
The Democratic press and leaders will
undoubtedly commence, the coming polltl
lltlcal year, with a series of lusty growls
about tho expense of an extra session. But
they should remember that the filibuster
ing element u thtlr party is to blame and
no one else. The Republicans haro sought
by all possible means to expedite the legis
lative work of the Forty Fourth Congrws,
but the dilatory schemes of the filibusters
have clogged the wheels of progress and
have made an extra session of Congress a
probable necessity. Whether an extra
session will bo called, however,
depends altoetlcr upon the work
of the Houso to day. The dilatory
faction bss It In their power to de
lay legislation and Impedothe necessary
work. Everything depends upon them,
and the course Speaker Randall may
choose to pursue. If the litter does as
manly as he did during the exciting
scenes of Thursday night and yesterday
morning, tho work of legislation may be
accomplished to such a degree as to obviate
the necessity of an extra session. Speaker
Hamdall has It within his power to do a
gocd work now. Will he do It?
President elect Hayes does not come
among us as a stranger. We are not with
out knowledge of him. Hero are his own
promises, made to us months ago, and they
are made by a man whose p&st life gu&ran
tees the pledee .
1. To hold the high office at a trust for the ben
eQtof all the people.
L To consider honesty, capacity and fidelity as
the only real qualifications lor omoe.
3. To oppose by his acts tho Idea that official
positions are to be rewards lor party services or
rewards for services to party leaders.
4. To see that all publio offices shall give thslr
whole eon Ice to the Oovernment and to the pee
b. To secure to all public servants their tenuro
aa long as tbelr personal characters remain un
tarnlsbed, and the pe rrormanoe or tbeirduties is
e. To redeem every financial pledge given by
the United States, and to relieve the business
community from that great obstacle to a revival
of confidence and business, viz.t an irredeemable
paper currency.
T. To aid In placing the public schools beyond
all danger of sectarian control or interference.
9. To secure peaoe at the Hoatb, by orrenixtng
an administration wbioh will regard the interests
of the white and of the colored people both and
equally; and finally, to quote his own words:
''Believing that the restoration of the civil ser
vice to the system established by Washington,
and followed by the early Presidents, can bo best
i Executive who launder no
temptation to use the rtatronare of hla offlae to
promote his own re election, I desire to perform
what I regard asadntv In stating now my Index.
Ible purpose, ir elected, hot to u a candidate
It Is a great triumph for justice and hu
man rights, and therefore we should cele
brate the victory In a befitting manner.
Kvery American citizen, who loves bis
country and Is amicus for its future well
being, will Join heartily In tho inaugural
demonstration to be made on Monday. Let
the display be worthy of the day, and the
I welcome to our new Chief Magistrate be
an mat a paitiuuu pcupic ciu m&Ke 11, iur
tho inaugural procession will be laden with
a now era of good will and prosperity ua
der an administration of peace.
Hopes mid Prospects.
The dye is cast, the flags of the long con
trover j have been furleJ; the decision
haa been rendered; eight beata aovoa,
and one hundred and eighty Ave beats one hun
dred and eighty-four, and during the last
hours of the old Ad ra Id 1st rat Ion the smote of
the fierce political contest rolls may and evi
dences of a brighter future greet the incoming
of the new. Our next President has come
Into onr mtdst bringing with him an unsullied
record of years of public life, and the cluster
log hopes of a peaceful and prosperous future.
Never before elnce the hot shot of armed re
bellion hissed across the prowol the "Star of
the West," has the country been trembling
wiu so mucn doubt and rear, as has charac
terized the past lew days of national exis
tence. These doubts and fears have now van
ished and confidence once more makes light
the heart of commercial life and a reassuring
spirit of peace tends its benign Influence
over the land and sea. Gold drops down to
101'i, and the hopes of the nation leap above
par In this the morning twilight of our second
oentcnnlal. Who shall dare tell us after the
desperate fight and the bloodless victory that
the foundations of the Government are weak,
or that the American Republic Is without the
elements of longevity
From the conflict which has resulted so satis
fastorlally to the American people will come
an abundant harvest by and by. It will be
rich with the fruits of peace and laatlng re
conciliation between the North and South, for
the way Is now clear by which the aectlonal
hate and bitterness which has distracted the
country for ten jears can be destroyed and
the waste places or the south built up and
made to blossom as the rose. And that these
bright hopes and prospects will be realized we
need only to refer to ths following, written by
a man who never has broken his promise, and
who will soon preside over the destinies ot the
nation :
Let mo assure my countrymen of the southern
States that if I shall be charged with the duty ol
organising an Admlnlstratlon.lt will bo one which
will regard and cherish their Interests, the inter
ests of the white and ef tho colored people, both
and equally, and whloh will put forth its bests
tSortaln behalf ef aelvll policy which will wipe
out forever tho .distinction between Norm and
South in our common country.
The DoiourAcca of the North sarcasti
cally remark that the Republicans ere show
ing unusual sympathy and admiration for
Southern men. Tea, we have sympathy and
admiration for Southern men. We avrapa
thlze with them for the misfortune they have
of being allied with the stay-at-home dough
faces, who stabbed our soldiers In the back,
sod we have admiration for them because
tbey have shown a noble spirit In hsflllug the
filibusters in their attempt to deluge the
country with anarchy.
Wahhiitotow, Marcha,lBTT
The Benito mat at 13 o'clock, and was
called to order by ProilJant prettm I'erry. Tte
Oh i plain limply repeated tho Lord's prayer aa
l)o open! off Inrocilton.
Oa motion or Blr. U AM i:iU (Pa), th read
lQ( Of the Journal wi tlldptnied with
Ths OHAIR laid before tho Sonato a communt
cation from the War Department, traQimlttlog
a letter from Oeneral Sherman recommending
tha eonitructlon of military wagon, road in
Colorado. Printed and laid on tho table.
Also, a menage from the President, with a reto
of the relief of Edward A. Iceland, on a "count of
aa Informality In the bill, pointed out by the
Commlfilooer of P(ente.
Alio, a communication (rota the Secretary of
State, transmuting tho treaty tnado with th)
Pom Id lean OOTernmeDt.ln compliance with n reso
latloa of the Senate, hald on the tablo and
ordered to be printed.
Mr. OAMLRON presented petition! for tho
re moral of war taxes on banks; also against any
change In the tariff laws at the present session of
Congress: alno urging the aJontion ofOjpt. How.
gaie'f polar colony scheme, all of which weroap.
protirlattly rererred.
Mr. MeOHEbllY presented a petition for the
remornl of tho political disabilities of tlen, A.
Kuford. Itefcrred to Committee on Jullclary.
Mr. AM HON V, from Oommittee on Printing
reported favorably on the resolution to prlot
3,600 copies ot l'rof. It. W. Raymond's "Report
on Mines and Mlnlag" for the year 1ST); also fur
printing 6,ooo copies of the report of the Commit
lee on rrlrllegea and Elections on the Oregon
ease, whlehwasplacedontho oalendar.
Mr. MORRILL reported adversely on ths bill
to erect a publio building at Rocbeitor, IS, Y.
Indefinitely postponed.
lie also reported adrersely from Oommitteo
on I Ids nee toe House bill In relation to the pro
duetlon of fruit brandy, an 1 submitted the Sen
ate bill on the same as a substitute therefjr.
Placed on the oalendar.
The Mil was subsequently called up and
Mr.WRlOUT reportel adrerrely on the bills
for the relief of Oeo. U. Kosserllckand Piora A.
Darling-, find they were Indetlnltoly postponed.
mr. Kr.imAn niieu un mo dhi lor lie rt
of Virginia . White, ot Virginia, and It
It authorises the repayment ol 4l,2V), on ac
count of excels of Internal revenue tazos.
Mr. COOrLIt called up the bill for the relief
of Herman IMlman. l'assed.
Mr. UK All IN reported adversely from the
Oommittee on Naval Affairs, the bill lor tho relief
or.T. R.Kmith. Indefinitely iKtitponeJ.
Mr. KEI.IjY pros ante J tho certificate of elec
tion of Is, t Uiun an, as Senator eteot from Ore.
gon, for alt years, from March 4th, 1S77. Read
and placed on file
Mr. McORCKHY called up tho bill for there
111 of I- rank I a. Woodford. I'asso I.
Mr. HOW K,(frooi Sub-Oommittee on rrlvl'egei
and Klectlons, submitted a partial report on ine
Louisiana election. Ordered to be printed.
Mr. SADLSIIURY said ho would hereafter
submit a mlnlroty report.
jnr.HAiiuhftf aubmittei the report or the
which was read and adontsj.
Mr. MORRILL submitted a resolution that a
cemm ttee or three Senators be appointed to
make arrangements for the Inauguration of the
i iciiucaiiKit ion resolution wksauupivu, init
theOnaiit appointed Meirs. Mokkill. Howl
Mr.STKVLNSON called up tho bill fur the
r-rnovoT lot the disabilities of D. J. (luattle
baaai(aa.,) Passed.
iur. WibbT reported from the Oommittee on
Conference, on the l'oit-offloe Appropriation bill,
that the Oommittee had boon unable to agree.
aud moving that the Senate insist, and
ak for a now Oommittee of Oonfereneo.
Agreed tn. Tho;poinuof difference are as fl
liws TtieSenato adheres tolls amendment to
lacrosse the sum for mall transportation from
six millions to 9.9,900,01 It also adheres to Its
amendment to appropriate SWW.ooo for transport
ing the mall from the I'acine Coast to China and
Japan, and appropriating 'KK),WH for transport
ing the malls Irom New Drleins toltlo Janerlav.
Mr. WLSTaald the Senate Oommittee woold
asient to reducing the above from 1500,04 J to
1300,00c, tut they were not met with a c res
ponding fee Una: un the part of the House Oom
tuitiee, and the Committee would therefore
Tho OHAIR announced the expiration or tho
morning hour, and lakl before tho Senate, aa tho
usnnlshed business, tho bill fur restoring Julius
H. llohrer, to the rolls of the navy with the
rank ot uiseter. The bill was read, amended
and pafsed.
Mr. COOKHELL called op the Dill granting
to tha btato ufMlsnourl alilands therein selected
as swamp and overflowed lauds, l'assod.
Mr. HOWL called up the resolution to print
5,0" oof the acts and resohes or the Continental
Congreu. Passed,
r. jicojIjx canea up tne mil to ajjust the
claims ortbe owners of lands within the limits of
the Klamath Indian ttf ervatlon, In the State of
Oregon. Alter iomedebate on the bill. It was,
on motion or Mr. lUnuocK, postponed till the
first Monday In December next.
Mr.OORliONoiIIedupthe bill to authorize
the Secretary ol War, to adjust and settle tho
claims of the Stato of Ooorgla, against the Gov
eminent, on account of the western and Atlan
tic railroad. The bill was dlscuond and passed.
Ms.OKAQIN called up the bill for relief or
Win. Wheeler Hub bell, and to make Just com
pensation for the past making, or use, or vending
his patent explosive shell, funes and perouslou
exploders by the United State. Passed.
Sir. OHHlSTIANOY called up the bill for Ihe
relief of Chancy I. Poore, late a private In llau
tery 0. 1st New York Light Artillery. Passed.
Mr. Sl'LNOKK called up tho bill for the relief
ol Thos. E. Maley. Pasted.
Also the bill to allow the President, If he
chooses to do so, to appoint Ueorge A. Armes as
Captain In tho 10th Cavalry. Passed.
Mr. ROUY called up the bill to pay Roaetta
Hert, Charles O. lienoist, Lmily Uenoiat and
Logan Fanfan, four half breod Indians, tho sum
ol Z04 each Amended and aised.
The OHAIR announced thtt tho Sin tor trnr
Indiana (Mr. McDoxald) was unable to servo on
the committee to prepare the inauguration tier-
anon tier
'. MoOrsb-
r fkTi.
Mr. ROBERTSONprescnted the credentials of
M C. Him m as Senator elect from the Stato of
nouin uaronna, tor six years rrora march 4, 1977.
1 he credentials, which wore read, were slgnod by
Wade Hampton, at Oorernor.and were plaocd on
file. r
Mr. JONPH (Fla ), allied up tho bill for tho
relief or Warren Mltohell, authorising the Secre
tary! the Treasury to pny him out of the pro.
re ds of t he sale or captured property, the sum or
tm.co-j 22, being tho proceeds of cotton taken from
aid Mitchell at Savannah, Oa, which proceeds
have neen nald into the United States Treasury,
Pending the discussion of the bill, Mr. Jours
(Nov.). submitted the report of the joint Silver
ommlfslor. Mr. Rout well submitted a minor
ity report Irom tho same Committee, both of
which were ordered printed.
The consideration of the bill was resumed, and
was advocated by Messrs. Jojces (Fla, and
HTBVifeox (Ky.), and opposed by Messrs
WnioHTand Oaukbot (Wis ), whotield that
Imjortant evidence, affecting tho loyalty of Mr,
MiTtRKLL, had come latotbo possession of the
Committee since the bill had been roported to
the Senate. Mr. Wat out moved that the whole
claim be recommitted to tho Oommittee on
Olatma. The motion was adopted, yeas 3.',
noysOT. '
Mr. OQLELSUY called up tho bill respecting
the llmltsof reservations fur town sites upon the
public dtmalns. Passed.
Mr. WINDOM said that tho Committee on Ap-
Cropriatlona would be ready with the Sundry
Ivll Appropriation bill to-night, and he asked
that a recess be taken from & o'clock to S o'clock,
and that the Senate then remain here till tho con.
1 (deration orthe bill was finished. Agreed to.
Mr, PADDOCK called up the concurrent reso
lution to print zoo.ooo copies of the Agricultural
Mr. A
ANTHONY opposed It, and said this gave
every Senatoiud Member ol Oongress 7j0 copies
or this report,
Mr. PA DOCK said IX It was 1,750 it would not
meet the demand of the tteODlo for tha reiort.
Mr, ANTHONY said It would cost a trifle over
40 cents per copy, or about e 1JU ooo.
Alter some further debate the resolution Wit
Mr. CONKLINO reported from the Oommitteo
on Commerce favorably on the bins to change
the name of tho s loon "Matt I o Parker" to that
or "Addle," and to change the namo of the
yaebt "Hiram Leo" to tliat or "Aoola," and they
were passed.
Mr. SARUENT reported the disagreement of
the eonlerenee committee on tho Naval A
brla tion bill, and moved that tho Sanata inn
1 Appi
lie amendments, and art & flirt her enn rernnnr.
Agreed to, and Messrs Saroint, BonwaLL and
Withirs wero appointed as members on the part
Mr. ALLISON presented the report ofthe
Conference Committee n the Military Academy
b.H, which was adoptei.
Mr.WlNUOM reported tho Sundry civil Ap.
proprtstlonblll, with amendments, and f aid he
would move to take it up after the recess at 8
Mr. HARVEY lubmitted a resolution to print
7,oicoplei of thespeeiallreport or thoUuroauof
Statistics Rclerred to the Committee on Print
ing. Mr. COCKRF.LL called up tho bill to Marshall
P. 1 bateber, lor loss of a horse la battle. Passed.
Mr. WADLF.mil called np the bill for ths
roller of Henry Yoelter. Passed.
On motion of Mr. WEST the Senate proceeded
to the consideration of executive business, snd at
& o'clock took a recess till s o'clock p. in
The recess having expired, the senate ro ai.
sembled at s o'clock, wito Mr. Mituhkll in the
Mr.CAMEHON.(Pa), reported Irom th Com
mittee on Foreign Relations a hill topayroroe.
rupancyof the Hay of Samana, In St. I mm I a go,
the sum of 71,401 ou. Placed on tho calendar.
Mr WAHLtHIH called up the Mil to auien I
the statutes In relation to damaaes for Infrlngu
mont of patents, and lor olbor purposes,
Mr. CONKLINCJ asld the bill was ettogathor
tootmportant tobe acted on with so slim an at
tendance In the Senate, and he asked that It bo
laid aside until some other time.
After further debate, on motion of Mr, CAME
RON, (Pa J tho bill was postponed to the Drst
Mono ar in December next.
Mr. CAM r RON called up the bill for the roller
Of Edwin Morgan Passed.
The following bills wero called up from ths
calendar and passed.
HyMr.sPENOLK-A bill for the relief of
Catherine Harris.
IlyMr.OHRISTIANOY-A bill for theellef
Of Conrad Hawkins
Dy Mr. CUUKRFJ.L A bill to pay MaJ. W
W. Van Antwerp SUO, for loss of ahorse.
Hy Mr. OLAYTON, a bill for relief of company
A, Second United States Cavalry for loss or
clothing by destruction of barracks, July 14,
ily Mr. MCMILLAN, a bill authorizing tho
President to Invite th International Statiotleal
Congress to hot I Its Tenth session In tho United
Stales, and to appoint delegates to tho ninth
session thereof.
Ily Mr. CLAYTON, a bill for the roller of
Francis Hegncr and John C Collins, of the
Seventh United States Cavalry.
Mr. WEST reported from the Oommittee of
Confcrcnco on the postofnea appropriation bill,
and said the Oommittee had been abletoagreo
only upon most of the smaller details of the bill,
but were still unablo to agres upon the general
provisions of the same He moved that the Sen
ete Insist upon its amendments and ask another
conference. Agreed to, and the OffAtn appointed
Messrs Wkht. Hoaaar and Hoar.
Mr. WITHERS called up the bill to pay the
Female Institute of Richmond, Va., for occupancy
of its butldiDgs by the United States army
during tho war. Passed.
Mr. MORRILIa, from tho Committee on Public
Hulldlngs ond u rounds, reported the bill to
Curchaso and provide a suitable site esst or the
apitol grounds for the Oongressional Library
Mr. MORRILL explained the bill, and said
tberowere nearly CO,ao books piled up In tho
Library, and In course of ttme tho whole Capitol
wonldnot be largo enough lor the books that will
accumulate. He said that this was a favorable
time to obtain tho ground which must Inevitably,
assure as fato come Into tho possession of tho
U overt) m en t.
After further debate Mr. MORRILL withdrew
the bill for the present.
Mr. WINHOM said the committee had been
walling for the 1 riming or the Sundry Olvlt bill.
and as it bad now reached the Senate he asked
Its consideration, which was agreed to.
Mr. WltlOHT reported the House bill for ap.
proprlatlng the amount to ay claims reported by
the Oommittee on Claims. XtrTed to Commit
tee on Olalma.
ThecontMeratlonorthe Sundry Civil Hill was
then commenced, and the various amendments
were read and adopted. Pending Its considera
tion. Mr. HLA INE reported the Army Ulll,
which was ordered printed.
There was but tittle opposition to tho various
amendments, the most debate arising upon the
amendment striking out the sum ol 3.6,000 to
fiay mail contractors tor mall service perlormed
n the States in rebellion, previous to the rebel
lion. The amendment was disagreed to. After the
bill bad liccn acted upon tho Oommittee added
an amendment to pay I1,40J tor the occupancy
of Samana Hay, and on this the yeas ana nays
were demanded, and tho amendment was adop
ted, yeas 31, naya 7.
Set eral other amendments were propose J, and
the Mil was reported to tho Senate, and the
amendments were agreed to and the bill was
passed, and at eight minutes before 1 o'clock tho
ttcnato adjourned till 11 o'clock to morrow.
"The House mat at 12 o'clock noon, and was once
more rcgutarly opened with prayer.
A disposition to Utibustcr and to delay pro
ceedings was manifested by Mr. Walliko. Mr.
SrninuER, and the same parties who filibustered
on the Presidential count. Their first move was
to order a call orthe House, when 204 membors
answered to their names.
Fifty cr sixty members who could not get the
floor during the count, asked and obtained leave
to print remarks to the Htcoid on the Presiden
tial contest.
t'D a qneatton of paying; two or three pages, the
obstruction party tried to foreo the yeas and nays,
but tbey could not get enough to demand them.
Mr. WADDLLL (N. O.), moved to suspend the
rules and pass the following :
WinntMS .l.Mauiioii Wtli, L. If. Keitner, O.
Cnsanaf atidT. C. Anderson, now held In tlieni--tcdjrof
ttiot'irKtixit-at-Arniaoi the Home for con
timpt for refufliU to produce certain books and
papers, are. In tha Jiiilt unit ot IbW Houm. tlie
)h trior tlionuilorltyof the JLIutoral ComniUoloii,
wIiol.nveomilirttd the work of the said WIK
ht unrr, I ntauat e aud Anderson with greater con
tunptfor undildUncaor thli iloun ami the nuliUo
opinion of tin country, tbau was by them i xUiblted;
UliEBius. JuMtlce demands that ctkIi of said Rr
luniliir lioarda s-hould ocLUprtlie same position;
ntirt this House baa uu power tu con a at- Ibu mi.
Jmlty of the hieetoraH ouimlion, there fore
ifetolW, That aid Well.lKfnmr, asanare and
AndtTfton U) forthwith illwharned undid it llbsrlv
In ordrr lOKHtUt tt msjorltv of aitd CommUsloa
In iD&UKiiralliiK lliepernon lm iher have Jointly
counted in to Die I'roldiut of thi United otatea.
oti r ile votca ot a large majuril) oflbo legal voters
of llieioitutry.
Mr. CONOL'R, (Mich.), asked If It was In order
to show such spite-work.
1 he SPEAKER said debate was not In order.
Tho motion was rejected, there being only IS
yens and 112 nays.
Mr. WALHRON.IMIcb.), presented the report
of the Conference Committee on the HeQcleney
Appropriation bill, and It was read and agreed to
Mr. CLYMLR, (Pa,), presented the conference
report on the West Point Academy Appropria
tion bill, and It was also agreed to.
Mr. AT KINS (Term.), called up the Annv
Appropriation bill. He said there was not time
now to consider the bill In detail. In view of the
lateness of the session and of the fact that the
appropriation bills wero so far behind he would
move to suspend the rules and pass the bill after
a brief explanation. He wanted to call attention
to the fact that the committee had lumped tho
appropriation for the Quartermaster's Depart
ment, and this was done at the oirnest request
ofthe Quartermaster Oeneral. The number of
enlisted men was reduced to 17,000, and It was
frovlded that no part of this force should be used
o sustain any State Government. It bad panic
ular reference to tho Packard and Chamberlain
Governments, but applied generally to all tho
States With these exceptions the bill dW not
diner from the usual Appropriation bills for tho
He would ask the reading ofthe bill and would
then move to suspend the rules and pass it.
The bill having been read, Mr. FOSTER
(Ohio), said that he was opposed to the reduction
of the array to!7,OC0. He had agreed In commit,
tie to a reduction to 20,0uu. He also protested
against the clauso which so explicitly refers to
tho use of troops In South Carolina and Louisi
ana. Ho believed it was bad legislation to put
on an appropriation bill. At this late day of the
session, however, he saw nothing to bo done but
to pass this bill under a suspension ofthe rules,
Han extra session of Congress would be avoided.
He wanted the bill sent to the Senate, where they
would take action and alt differences could bo
best settled In a Oommittee ofConicrence.
Mr. PAUE(Cal ), asked Mr. Fihiter If ho be.
tieved the Senate would agroe to tho clauso in ro.
latlon tithe employment of troops in tho South
ern Stalls.
Mr. FOSTER did not know, but he did not
think they would.
Mr. CONOLH (Mich), protested against the
passage ol the bill with the clauso relating to
the use of troops In Louisiana and South Caro.
Una. Under that clauso ir tho President of the
United States sent troops there In response to the
call of the Governor, he was liable to Indictment
and punishment, lhat clauio of the bill was
calculated to produce anarchy and bloodshed.
Tho rules were suspended, and the bill passed
by a viva voce vote, tho Houso refusing to order
the yeas and naya on It.
Mr. REAOAN. (Texas), reported back tho
I111CIS.UU JIDIUVI lj, V,i latiuu VIII, UK uiutcu
to suspend the rules and pais It. (The bill appro
prlates the sum ori.MJ,3O0, and continued In
force and makes mall note the sums appropriated
in the River and Harbor Appropriation bill oflast
Mr. DOUGLASS, Mr. HOLMAN, and other
gentlemen hopcu the motion to suspend would
not prevail. They wanted the bill to be recom
mitted, so that more exact Justice could be done
to dltiercnt sections of the country.
The yeas and nays were demanded and ordered,
and the House, by a vote of in to 112. refused to
sutpend the rules, two-t birds not voting in tho
Mr. HUHD, (Ohio), cflered the followtnf
UliEKEAk. lllia bt en decided that a Inldent
of i he United Valeauiay be Inaujrnratid upon the
fraudiiltnt act of the Keturnlujj Hoard of Louis
iana, aud
Mut-nrAH, Hen who have ao contributed to the
election on list likfilaaUlrate or the Unlou, ought
no lonser to bo luronnuenunt, therefore
JtetbletJ, thai J, M. Wells, L, M. Kenner, U.
CaisanavtaiidT.U. AaCtreon now lu tint custody of
tho Bergeant.at.arius or hla ofllcm, bo and they ro
lureby din bsrytd,
Mr.OGNUER roso to debate tho resolution,
which would have thrown it over one day, where
upon Mr. Wallimi moved to suspend the rules
and pass It.
The motion was rejected. Yeas to, nays 87,
two-thirds not voting in the affirmative,
Mr. OLOYER (Mo.), moved to suspend tho
rules snd pass tho senate bill to restore George
A. Armes to his rank in tho army. Negatived
two-thirds not voting lu the atflrmatlve.
Mr. EDEN (III ), moved to suspend the rules
and pass the bill to pay tho awards of tho South
ern Claims Commission. Passed.
Ihe House then at 012 took a reccis until 8
o'clock this evening
iviMiNo axeatox.
1 bo House re-assembled at 8 o'clock.
Mr. ULGVLR, (Mo.), moved to suspend the
rules to have printed the teatlmeny taken by the
Committee on Heal Lstato Pool.
Mr, WILSON. (Iowa), inquired Hit IncludsJ
the testimony In the case of Mr. Uarfisld.
Mr. GLOVER replied that he had nonsuited
Mr. GAitriiLD, and the latter bad no objection to
the printing.
Mr OARFII.LDcomlnglnto tho Hall at the
moment said that there was one amdavltrto which
be bad no objection, but he understood that a
mass of other testimony had been taken, and he
did object to that until he had had an opportunity
to examine It.
Mr. WILSON said he must then object to tho
Mr. 1IARRIS, (Va.) enquired If Mr, flxn.
Firm had had notice of thla testimony.
Mr. OLt) i:it aald ho waa not in ad of It veitar.
day morning1 and thatbooould have examined
ii ciHwuay ami 10 uay. ilu buuqu mat u was
informed that all of theso witnesses had teen &
Oaiimeld's house beforo sunrise, and ho knew
what they would testify to.
Mr. OARFIELl) said thatlMiewas to bo as
sailed In this manner, It might as well come now
as at any other time,
A vote was taken, and no quorum appeared,
when Mr. Oi.o aa withdrew his motion tu print.
After a strusgle for the floor between Mr. Cow
ounandMr. ikld, the latter was recognised,
andofleredablllfromtbe Committee on Powers
and Privileges ofthe House, to provide an eiroct.
ual remedy for a wrongful intrusion into the omce
of President or Vioa-President of tho United
States. It simply provides for proceedings by
f if 0 warranto,
Mr. FIELD explained the provisions of tho
Mr.mntOHARU (111), siid this was a Mil
which wssofao much Importance that It should
etrefullr be considered day byday by the Judlcla y
Ccmmlttee, and yet It was proposed topuitiit
through here under a debate ol thirty minutes.
Mr. LAWRENCE (Ohio), and Mr. TOWN
SEND (N. V.), argued that this was an entirely
new proposition, nnd they opposod It heotuso Its
tendency was to keep up the agitation which had
been settled by tho declaration or the result or
the Presidential count,
Ihe vote was then taken, and tho bill was do
fentcd by a rote of W naya to es yeas.
Mr. HOLM AN, from the Conference Commit.
tee on the Post-ofllce Appropriation bill, reported
that the Committee had agrcod upon all tho
Items, except those relating to steamship and
railway mall service. Upon the latter a new con
ference was ordered, and Messrs. HoLVRir, Olt
urn and Foktir were appointed.
Mr. CONOER, (Mich.), offered a resolution
authorising the release of Wells and his col
leagues, of tho Louisiana Returning Hoard, from
custody. Rejected yeas. 79; nays, 7U, two thirds
not voting in the slflrmatlve.
Mr. HLOUNTdla,), reported a disagreement
on the Naval Appropriation bill: a new confe
rence was ordered, and Messrs. Hlovlvt, Harris,
(a.), and Hale (Me.) were appointed tho eon
Mr. LAMAR moved to suspend the rules and
take up for consideration the bill to extend tho
time fur the construction of tho Northern Paeifle
Railroad. Negatived, yeas 01, nays 72, two-thirds
not voting in the aftirtuntlre.
Mr. NEAL, (Ohio), submitted the conference
report on the Tax bill of the District otOolumbla,
and tho report was agreed to.
Mr. COX moved to suspend the rules and pass
a bill removing the poliiioa disabilities from all
persona who are under disability by reason of
fartlclpatton In rebellion. Passed br a two.
birds vtts.
Tho House went to business on tho SrRAKxn'A
table, and a number of bills, principally or a
private nature, were taken up, and tho senate
amendments were concurred In.
A number ol Senate bills were also taken up
and passed.
At 12 jo an effort was made to adjourn, but Mr.
HOLMAN appealed to members to remain until
tho conference report In tho Legislative bill
could b received.
At 1 U a motion was mado for a recess nntll 10
o'clock to-morrow, several members wanted to
bo recognised, and threatened to raise tho point
that tnere was no quorum, but that was not in.
elsted upon, and at l:io the Houso took the recess
until 10.
ton trjiiTor it a nt; ah coitrry.
ajlilef Justice Cartter, Itecognlrlng tit Rights
ofnn American Cltlren to Freedom, Issues
It The Fargent-M-Arnii AmtlU the Actlou
of the House of lteprcsentittlve.
Yesterday, about noon, wlillo Chief
Justice Cartter was engaged In listening to tho
argument In the suit or Hamilton ol at., vs. Jones
etal., retarding the right of possession to cer
tain property! he was unexpectedly Interrupted
and requested to give Immediate attention to a
matter that concerned the liberty of four men.
At the time, there was only a meagre audience
In attendance, and very lew of the number were
ocgnliant ofthe nature or tho proceedings about
to be Introduced.
Messrs. Shellabarger and Wilson, armed with
a heavy and voluminous package of papers, pre
sented themselves as counssl for J. Madison
Wells, Thomas C.Anderson, Uodano Casanave
and Lewis M. Kenner.
who have been In durance vile at tho Capitol for
some time past, and anked a respectful hearing to
their statement.
Unfolding the package the contents proved to
bo four separate and distinct written courses of
complaint, preferred by the persons now in eus.
tody, and setting forth all tho acts and doings
committed by thorn from the hour of their being
subpcenled before the Congressional Committee,
In New Orleans, down to the tlmeontssubmls
s on to tho Court.
Jn their lengthy petitions to the Chief Justice
Is also embraced the action of tho House of Rep
resentatives In their respective cases. The ro
lators setforlh that they, each and all, are citl
sens ofthe United States, and that
In tho basement or the Capltot building In
this city, under the preteuded authority
oj the Home of Representatives of
tho Congress of tho United Btatos.
That on the 12th of December, 1870, they received
from the bands ol one S.K.Donavan.AsslstantSer-gcent-et-Armsof
the House or Representatives,
a certain paper writing, purporting to bo signed
by Samuel J. Randall, Speaker; attest, Geo. M.
Adams, Clerk, to which psper was attached the
scsl of the said House or Representatives, whloh
1 ii per was addressed by tho petitioners, and com
manded them to appear In person beforo the se
lect Committee of the House of Representatives,
of which Hon. Wm. R. Morrison is Chairman, in
their chamber at New Orleans, to testify what
tbey might know In regard to the matters to bo
Inquired of by said oommitteo. The petitioners
wore commanded to search for. examine, and in.
quire after, and take with thou, and produco at
the time and place, certain returns of elections
of elections, all statements of votes and tally
sheets for each po 1 Hog-place at the late election
lor electors lor President and Vice-President ol
the United States, together with all affidavits,
depositions, protests and other written proof In
tbelr possession or under their control, touching
the said elections to the certain parishes in the
btateot Louisiana.
The petitioners appeared and gave testimony,
and stated that all ol tho papers wero filed In the
office of the secretary of the- State, and out of
their possession or control. Then follows tho ac
tion ol bringing them to this city aud before tho
bar of the House, Judging them to bo In con.
tempt, tbelr being placed In the custody ofthe
bergeant-at'Arms, and con line men t In the black
holo oi the Capitol.
Tho relators pray that tho Court will order
that a writ of kabeat tor put be issued, directed
to tho said John Q, Thompson, commanding him
to bring them before his Honor, and that upon a
proper and satisfactory hearing of the facts, and
a verification set lorth, the petitioners may bo
discharged from Imprisonment.
The Chief Justice took ths papers, and later In
the day ordered the following writ to be Issued t
Dittrict e Cttunbi. to witt
Tint PniaiDortT os- Tim U in ted States:
To John O. TAomfiOM, Gittting, Strgctnt-at-
Arm oj m imvuii oj ntprittniaiuft or I fit
Vtngrtu Jtht Inittd Siatti of America:
You are hereby commanded to have the bodies
of J Madieon wells, Thomas C. Anderson, Lewis
M. Kenner and Oadann Jasanave, detained under
your custody, as ills. I said, together with tho
day, and cause of their being taken and detained,
by whatever namo they may be called In tho same,
before one of tho Justices or the Supreme Court
ofthe said District, sitting as a Circuit Court, at
City Hall, Washington, 1. C.,Mareh3, lSIT, at
ten o'clock a. m., Immediately after the receipt of
this writ, to do and receive whatever shall then
and there be considered of in thla behalf, and have
then there this writ.
(Witness) u. K. OAKTTEK,
This second day of March, 1877. Chief Justice.
B.J.MKIGS, Clerk, '
By L. P. Williams, Assistant Clerk.
The proper and necessary papers were prepared
and In readiness about I 3o o'ctock p. m, aud
f laced in tho bands of Marshal AleiandtrSharp
o be served, 'lhat officer proceeded directly to
the Capitol, accompanied by his deputy, "Mr.
James Sharp, and at it e'olock bad served the
rapera on Sergeant at-Arms 'Ibompson, of the
louse of Representatives. Ho came baofc to the
Olty Hall and made the following return of ser
vice to the court.
i nereis y certify mat l aervcii tho within writ on
JohnU. llioinpaon, HergantatArinsofihe House
of Urprestntatnis, by dt.lliartu.r tohlra theorlgl
oaloriho same. In ptisoif, and In reply be atated
that be would submit ihe matter totht) Bpcakcrof
the House, and await bin ai Unn.
1 his ends the authority ofthe Court until a
response is made, and it remains to be seen
whether the House of Representatives wlllfol
low tho precedent established In the Halls t Ell.
born case, and deliver the parties to the Court,
or hold them In defiance of Its order. Many of
them are In such a boiling passion over the defeat
of their Presidential project, that Its highly prob
able they will bo blind to law, common sense and
justice, and hold these menas long as their power
lasts, which will bo until noon to-morrow.
Mr Oloter's Latter to tit People Ha Hays
He did not try to Hula Mr, EldrMge.
J. M. Glover, chairman of ths Select Com
mittee on tho Real Estato Pool, has written a
letter to the publio, In which ho sontradlots tho
report that has been In circulation lor tho last
few days, charging him with entering Into a oon.
splracy to ruin Mr. Charles A. Eldrldge. He
also denies that Mr. Pratt, a member or tho
committee, publicly gat e him tho lie on his deny.
log a statement to that effect.
The I'ennaylvanla Republican Association
will meet this evening In tho lecture room or tho
Y. M.C. A., for the purpose of making arrangq.
merit I tot;ake part lathe inaugural proqenioa.
flraud Army Hull, cor. tth nnd 4th at.-(, u, No. I
3. llieaevernl pnfits will inert at thrao liradiuar!
take imrt In tin ln.iif arHiiirfrsfnriila. in .
tlnRcmnrndeasrelii rllid to participate with the I
.. , .A, W. O. UtChABDSON,
O. W. TAYLOR. A,iiU. mz-lt Dent, Ton.
adjourned meuinnofthli AssoclaHon will iMhfij I
atItoomni.e Droit lliilldlnr. V strtff, betwria I
t.i.i.,t B..,i Minis. tH.ni.futu tu-..-21J:irSZ B
i VV ;.".-.'.", H "I"" . nr"yi H.TK-
ninui i" u fiwr iiniii. 111 ninci arras!
and WteVlVrV " '" '"" BWI ""
r. r. hehiumi. vi&t1!Loru nccm?tf;
icrlillon. A unerUl meeting will b h! I at f.re.l
tiireUonmor , M, C. A., on THIS ISsUurdlTi I
KVB.MNO, Mat-rhS-l. IS77. at7:30 o'elotk. ' I
. I. . PAUL HKR3H. Present.
JO. M. W1LSOK, nerrcury. ; mi.it
4st- (1AIAAI1Y HAI'TIST lltllMtinr'f'iM'trl
tier of Elihth and 11 turrets northwest. Proachtnz I
to-morrow A. SI. and rvrning by the I'm tor, ItV. I
A. IT. Slaftou. bubjcctlnthomornlnc, I N toiler. I
lUptUm after tha n rmon. in the evening will Im I
r.ii n iur BK'Ci'iia u, atrsii'ti ui sunn imconrN
lioClirHti Armor. Bubleet 'ThKHrdle '
1IIK AHM1S1 AWT MAltSllAl iTit'l
the TarchHclit rrocetilon will metat the ofneo or I
IhfLliW Marilsttl, General WlUUutxiu, Com ml- I
hwuii viuiiaiusuvvuvti ass, i u ciuvba wnnrp, IftlaJ I
flat Rlcctor rrumOreron, will Breach at Hamiinti
U, K. hurrh, northwest corner Ninth and P I
etreitf, Tu-MURItUW (Sandav) UVKN1NO, at 7 I
o'rlof W. Tfir pwbHf. nre InvltrS, mVII I
Mi- lK. J. L. PHILLIPS. 1I.N TKAitt
Medlr-fllJMItitoiiAry la Itrltub India, will deliver I
via h'imsi . asav,a i-aivn , VI BA I ftUtSW m suit)
coin Hall, at7i3n p. M.. Bandar, the 4th iatt. Her
tral Hindoo Idola wl.l bti nrrsrnlrrf.
Thp llatehlnson ramllrwm be present and sing I
BMU.KV. . - 'l'"-'- wvornw iiiiia tqaj liar.
.1... IhiiiisinuViiti --v.
Sri- ALL MkMHLRS OF T1IK Ili.Iniiw
BcpubllranAaiocaatlon are reinoclfollr rrqaeaiol
oweet, THIS EVEN 1N, at 7 o'clock. '
mi-ii iirimant aoeiatlfti
Aorlat1ou. A BMtclil mm tin Af thla iniaiiA.
will be held THIS (Baturdar) EVENINO at C
'clock, at 47 Pennsylvania avenue, o make flail
arrangements for participating In the inaugural
ceremonlea on the th Inei., and Hie torrb-litbt
procoBlon In tbeevenlnjr or that day. Full and
mt-lf CHAS. felNli, prtaldent.
ert Laird t oilier. I. I., of nottou, Maiiteha
setts, will preach In the Unitarian C'harcb. aorar
ofHtxili and I streets uorthwcal, Huudir. at tl
o'clock A. H., and eveulng at 7t30 o'clock, bun I
Tue members or tho New Hampahlro Republican
Association aro earnestly requested to attend a
meeting at No 1,001 V street, on SATURDAY
biciiinu, at a i via an, 101, ii u aioci iiftrp, KID-
Inent speakcra from New Hampshire have been la-
vitwl. Ily order or President.
m2-lt Ueo. A. IlAllTLlTT, Sforetirf.
HEEL PKCTEOTUIta make your ahooa last
tunes sunjj, mti jirciciit iuu iron 111 polar,
For sale everywhere, and by ths Inve&tor.sts Is
," st a. ,,rri,iiiv,lb
Mi" MEMULRH OP T11K v"k 11 'W ii nT-
State Republican Aasactatlon arc renitaitod to meat
atLollrolt Building, MONDAY, March ft. H77, at
II A. M abarp. Vcrmontersand their friends la
iiivviiy rj iiiTitru iu join m, iiinmurrs) tji n &
OC anon, anii iaa pun in in inaaKUrai 1 aridO
Ry order of the Prudent, '
3-gt C, E. PEHaONa.Beeretarr. i
M- in AtinitRiLimYvrn uvnn t3TT '
Judge Mrnttr, or tha bnpreme Court, pMildlar, at
Memorial Cliiireli, Koarteentb street. Circle, Haa
dayrsnlugat7iSJ. At 11 A. af.. dUcoursa by the
fasiwr, , it, uuurr.upon umneiy unoseu kui era,
'fwaof the church all free, ml"
elation. The members or tne Boot hern Republican
Association are ri netted to atteud a meettnaal
Clark's Hall, 479 Pennylvanla avntue, on Bator
day evrntna at 7 o'ctock, to mule the necesiary ar
raugum nit for taklDg part In the Inauguration eer
eincnlca and the lordilfrht proceaalon. The officer
and members nr the- MlMlasippI, UeomU, tfovtti
i arollna, andKtntncky Association are Invited to
at turn and co-operate with us. All Republicans
irom the Bouttiern States, now In the city, are cor
lliillr Invlteil to be present, K, N. HILL,
2t PreMdeut Southern republican Association.
ofthe brief apace or time before the Inauguration,
which takes pi ice on Monday next, and the large
amount of monej which will bo necessary to defray
Hi eipenaes of Ihe demonstration proposed, we
would solicit prompt contributions from all persons
fet Hug an lutcret-t in this matter. We request I hit
money or checks be forwarded to el tier uf us at our
placea of Itiutneas dnring Friday and Saturday, and
all such will m acknowledged fcy letter. Collectors
will also ite aint throiiftbotit the city to wait upoa
thoftwliomiy forget or iteglert toal tend to this no
sice. a, u,Airiii.uAii,
Chairman Finance Co wro litre,
Wr. R, ltltn. Treasurer.
Communications may tte addressed to Roomiof
Young Ucus' Rapubllcan Club, 1231 L'cuusrlvauU
tcettlBK of the ln Itepublleau Association wiil.ba
held at Lyceum Hall. wo. UC1 E streai northwest,
litis (rrlday) hVEMNU.at 7 o'clock, sharp, to
determine what part tha Association will takclu the
Ins. aim rat Ion eierrlsesnn Mninlar. A full atiMsul.
nice of the members la desired, and all rtlisena of
Iowa Ulliecitr are cordially lntltd to be prestut.
1. II. OAI, LATIN, d.T.
tha stork of Messrs. II. Uolilnson A to..U(J lr
eylvanlaatentie, next to H. Wllllan's. They have
rei olntlonlicd hlah prices. Introduced entirely new
atvica, pleased the popular laate, met the wsuts of
the ttmef, and son the distinction of being the
leaders or boys' clothing In Ihe District.
On Draught all the ear.
ocZQ-tr H29 Pa. avenue, near Wtllard'S Hotel,
remedy ever known for tho Immediate care of
NeuraUU, Hradacbe, Ac Bold at C'oagbltn'a
Temple Drug btore. oct
Rack. Ac. Instantly dlsappearwhea Fluid I.l tu
ning la applied. Bold at CougbUn's Drug Btore,
Mswwle Temple. wil
CoughUa'a Temple Dtug Btore, If and Ninth
streets, at moderate prlcea. eepS-tr
Article for ladles toilet use at Cougnlln'sTennle
Drug Btore. scpS-lf
Extraet, Homeopathic Medicines, sold at Tcmnte
Drnr Store, F and Ninth atreeta. aenVtr
A. N. C. Wtlaenborn, Dentist, No. 403 Fourteenth
street northwest! also, Uold Fillings done at ressou
able prices and satlifactlon Riven. )atMf
Mr. UorrniK has fine Btrallnarlus. Uutrnerltit.
Btftlner Mullns, Montamiaua Moist an I SourUa
Kow: for lalo to private parties; to7 Mlmmrl
avenue. ftt-Jt
hv Dr. A. Pratt, graduate of (thin College of Den
UI Burgery. and or the Rush Medical Colics e, Chi
cao, 401 Bo en tli street, east side, corner of D,
Katr acting children's teclh. 25 centa. Jell-tf
I hereby forbid all persoos from harboring or
trusllnu HT wife. LenaUeliwsrlx. mi rav aceiiiint.
as I will puy no debt contracted by her, she having
irn mi iiwi
in hi -31
for Dlrsi o.eorilie National Life ImursuceConf
puny ofifo imlted Btstcaof Amerlra for the en.
suing ear 111 be held at the omce of the Company,
orutr nrMiuu and I streets northwest, In the
CIM or Washington, l. C, on Tuesday, ltarch 13,
1ST7, at llo'cliKk A. M.
ml lit .IUHN M. IIUTHR. Heerelary.
Y M C . A .
AT 3410 O'CLOCK,
Music by Y. SI. O. A. quartette,
si us lug, Ud by cornet and organ.
Northeast Corner of Tenth and D streets.
Northeast Corner or Tenth and D streets.
Northeast Corner of Tenth and l streets.
Northeast Corner or Tenth and D streets.
Liberal Advances made on Personal Property
to any amount and for any time desired on very
reasonable terms.
Also, Goods sold on Commission.
A large stock of Goods on hand, (new and see
ond-hand,) sold very low for cash. aa-tf
T all who are Biifltrlnjr from the errors
mi iiiuiscretions or youth, nervou wew; j
iiei-s, carl, decay, loss of manhood, Ae.. If J
will send n rieliic iiiat win .I... itiikic H
Ur (.RAHUL. This rre remedy was discovered
b) a ml it ton iry In Boutlt America. Kend aselfad
dreasid tuvelope to the Itev. JosErit T. Ikhak,
laPisVUrtflwenivrjicurt fcin

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