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VOL. XVII. NO. 85.
A I J. A Jin. I .Vrt KJIRXTS VO V t'L K TT. U
Governor It aye to bebiromln To-daylte-
ceptlonnt Senator Sherman' Yesterday
State Dinner At the White Home The
Slrangersriocfclug to the City to Witness
The Ceremonle.
UovernoruidMri. Hayes remained darbg the
day yesterday attheresldenco or Senator Shor
man. Vli'tors kept calling constantly all day
long, but the President-elect was unable to seo
hair of these who called. Onlyperronal friends
and prominent officials were admlttel. About
noon President Grant and U.S. Grant, Jr., the
rreildcDl'i private iccrotary, called upan Qov
ernorltayca and remained a ahort time. Among
the callers were many ladles, who paid their
respects to Mrs. Hayes. Vice-President-elect
Wheeler, and tho members of the Cabtnot, called
d orlop; the day.
The Dinner At the White I tonne
The President and Mrs. Grant lost evenlnj
sraTe astatedloner In honor ol PrcslJeat-elcoi
Hayes. This was the last state dinner to be
given by President Orant, and It was an unusu
ally brilliant aflalr. The gnosis were President
elect Hayes and Mrs. Hayes, Mrs. Secretary
Morrill, the Secretary of War and Miss Cam
crcn, his sister, the Secretary ol tho Nary and
M rs. Robeson, t he Secretary of the In
ttrlor and Hire. Chandler, the Post
master-Ucneral and Mrs. Tyner, the
Attorney General and Mrs. Taftj Hon. Wm. A.
Wheeler, Vice-President-elect! Senator and Mrs.
herman Senator and Mrs. lloutirelli Smator
Shajcnj Senator Booth; Mr. and Mrs. Creswelli
the Chief Justice and Mrs. Wallet Colonel and
Mrs Fred. Orant. Ur. U.S. Grant. Jrt and Mr.
Webb C. Hayes, ton of the Presidentelect.
The dinner was held In the Stale banquet hall.
President Orant conducted Mrs. Hayes to the
table, and President-elect Hayes, escorted Mrs.
Orant. The dinning hall presented a magntfl
cent appearance. In the centre of the plateau, In
the middle of the table, was placed large sllrcr
boat with sails let. The figure or an Indian
chief sat In Ihe stern, with a paddle in his hanl
The Oath to be Administered To Day.
The oath of office will be administered to Uor.
Hayes at noon to-day, at the Kxecutlre Mansion,
by Chter-Jistice Walte. This will be In strict
accordance with the requirements of the Oonstl
tntlon, which makes no prorlslon for Sunday.
This coarse was deemed advisable, as It will pre
Tent any lateregnuo. In the Presidency. When
Oor. Hayes Tlslted the Capitol on Friday, the
matter of taking the oath on tbe Sabbath was
talked ov er.be t we en; the Presidentelect nnd Vice.
President Ferry. The conclusion reached oy the
conference was that the oath would not be un
Talldated by being taken on Sunday.
Publlo Ceremonies,
of Inauguration wUttake place to-morrow, In ao
cordatce with the programme published In yes.
terdaj'i Hefualican.
It was In doubt, up to no late day, who was to
he Inaugurated, or whether there would be any
Inauguration at all, that many organisations To.
tbe country, which bare been accustomed to take
part In the Inaugural ceremonies, will not bo able
to be here. Still, the procession wilt be a large
one, and, conilaerlog tbe baste In which the ar
rangements hare been made, tbe prospects are
that the efforts towards a display will be emi
nently successful.
The following are tbe organisations, military
and clrlc, whloh will, It Is definitely jkaown, par
tlclpate In tbe procession, and the order la which
they will bo arranged t Wght Mattery1, and band,
Captain Ramsey commanding; 13 companies ol
artil'ery acting as Infantry, and band 8 compa
rJis of rear la et Washington Light Infantry
corrij state Fcncibles of Philadelphia Weccacoe
Legion; Washington Light Quardii Washington
Artillery) Colore Ltattalion.tbree com panic j;Co
Iambus Cadets: President; caralcado of one hun
dred cltixens; Young Men's Republican Club, of
I). C.t Hartranft Club, or Philadelphia; Ornad
Army or tho Republic; National Veteran Union,
of D. O., and tho State associations.
Arrival of Military Organization.
Light Uattery A, Second Artillery U. S. A.,
arrived yesterday morning from Fort McIIenry,
and proceeded Immediately to the quarters pre.
pared for them at the Arsenal. There aro about
70 men In the Uattery, and they bring four field
pieces with caissons. Un Monday, the Light
Uattery wilt have tho right or the line of regular
troops. Oeneral W. H. French will be in com
mand of the entire force or regulars.
The Columbus (Ohio) Cadets arrived at ten
o'clock yesterday morning, orer the Baltimore
and Potomac road, and were escorted by a detail
or the Washington Light In ran try, to tbe quar
ters fitted up ror them In Wlllard's Hall. The
Cadets are forty In number, and are a fine looking
body of joung men, hardly any of whom
have yet attained their majority. They are ac
companied by a band of twenty pieces. Their
fine appearance when marching up from Penn
sylvania avenue attracted general attention.
(leneral U. U. Walcult, of Columbus, accompa.
Dies them In citizen's dress, and Is In chargs of
the party. Tho otltcers In charge are Major Con.
vers. Captain Ucmuder, Lleuts. Hardy, Ewlng
and Com stock, andN. M. Andcmn, adjutant.
Their uniforms are dark blue, trimmed with bluo
of a lighter shade, light blue epaulettes, whlto
cross and waist belts, blue soldier caps with
white and blue plumes, and white gloves. The
cadets are e imping In Wlllard's Hal), which has
been fitted up with cots, and they tako their
meals In tbe hotel.
Ihe State Fenciblei or Philadelphia, Captain
R js n, aro expected here this afternoon, and will
to'met by Company A., W, L. I., and escorted
to the Imperial.
Tbe Weccacoe Legion, of Philadelphia, Is alio
expected to arrive this afternoon. They wilt be
tbe guests of tbe Washington Light Guard.
Stranger Flocking to the City.
All the trains arriving In the clly yesterday
were crowded, and the hotels are rapidly Ailing
up. Tbe crowd will not bo so great as It has been
on previous occasloas of a similar character, for
the same reason that has prevented enony organ.
Isatlonsfrom coming to participate in the cere
modes that is, the lateness or tbe day. The
Increased population wai noticeable last evening
on the Avenue, which was thronged with sight
seers. Decorating Uullillngs.
The work of decorating houses along tho a ve
nue was commenced yesterday, under the direc
tion or Mr. Phil. A, Jutllen. In several places
Sags were stretched across the street. The head
quarters of the decorating committee aro In tbe
basement of the Pension Office Building, and alt
house-owners on tbe avenue deslrlog te decorate,
can irocure plenty or banting from the committee.
Workmen were engaged yeiterday In erecting
a platrorm In front or the main entrance, on tho
east front or the Capitol
Philadelphia Pyrolcohnlis.
The Hartranft Clnb or Philadelphia, two hun
dred strong, and accompanied by Mayor Stokoty,
and other prominent Phlladelpblans, are ex
picted to arrive this afternoon, and will be quar
tered at the ftlgg's Htuie.
To-morrow night, between o and 10 o'clock,
there will boa pjrotecbnlo exhibition In front ot
the Klggs House. Prof, Jackson, or Pblladel.
phla, who accompanies the club to this city, will
have charge of the dliplay,
Monday night, with a torchlight procession,
fireworks, and forty calclam lights on tbe avenue
will be an exceedingly brilliant event.
Tbo Police,
Cne hundred men have been appointed as spe
cial policemen tor duty on Inauguration Day.
Major Illchards last evening Issued orders to the
police for their guidance In the preservation of
I cace and good order during the inaugural cere
At 0 CO o'clock a. ui , the running or street cars
will bo cut off from Pennsylvania a y enue at First
street east, and at Twenty fourth street wesr.
Cars which may bo within those points at the
above named hour will be permitted to pais east
end west beyond tbe limits named.
Peonsrlrsnla arenuq will be cleared or all ve
hides at 10 o'clock, Thtywlll leave tbe Avenue
bylLccr isstrsoif hoah t to them respectively
a Ut b(BJ salted,
No vehicles will 1o permitted to cross the Ave
nue eteept under the escort or police officers a -ter
It shall hafo been cleared, and under no clr
rntsalsnccs will vehicles be allowed to pass
through tlefrocesilon.
Cars may follow In tbo rear of tho procession
as It advances toward the Capitol, but will not
bo permitted to adranco along cither Hank. Tho
a ven no wig bo kept cleared of altvehlcles, except
street cars until the procession shall have re.
turned to the Executive Mansion and been dls.
The open spaco Included between H street
northeast, 11 street southeast, and First cast, In
cludlngsll drlvei and approaches to the Capitol,
will be occupied by the military and for tho firing
oftho salute, and will be kept entirely clcsr or
T h Icier, except such as may be In the line of tbo
procession or admitted by tickets Issued by proper
Deception lo President I In yen.
Notwithstanding tho failure to make con
nection fortbeuiual inauguration ball, tho cltl
ens or Washington and the strangers In tho city
will be pleased to know that arrangements hare
been made by which tho occasion will not be
passe over without some festivity or a similar
kind. The Columbus Cadets, who made such a
fine dirt lay on the avenuo yesterday morning,
have determined that tbclr favorite townsman
sbajlhave a publle reception worthy or the post
tlon which Oovernor Hayes Is about to take.
Governor, or President Hayes has signified his
willingness to accept such an entertainment, and
the Cadets hare accordingly sccared Wlllard's
Hall for Monday evening. The opportunity to
make the acquaintance or the new President will
be an excellent one. In other respects It Is also
very attractive, as the best muslo has been oh
talnel for tho ball which follows tbe reception.
There will alio be a collation prepared for those
who desire It. Tickets will be Issued and can be
procund at Wlllard's Hotel.
Order of the Procession To-morrow,
The Grand Marshal, General Whipple, under
Instructions or tbe Parade Committee on Inaug
uration Ceremonies, has arranged the procession
for to morrow as follows
Grand Marshal.
Adjutants General and Aids to the Grand
BrcvelMaJorOeneralW.il, French commanding.
Hand of tbo 2d U. S. Artillery.
Battalionor U. S. Artillery, (1st, 21 and 3d
llrevet Lieutenant Colonel Charles Hey wood
Ualtallon of U. S. Marines.
Colonel llobert I. Fleming commanding.
Waihlogton Light Infantry Corps.
State Fenclbles.
Duquesoe Grays.
14th Pennsylvania Regiment.
Weccacoe Legion.
Washington L'ghtGuards.
Washington Artillery.
lit Hattallon District of Columbia.
Columbus Cadet.
President and ex-President.
The Vice President Elect and Suite.
Commissioners or the District or Columbia.
Colonel Timothy Labey, Deputy a rand Marshal.
Aids F. A. Starring, S. s. Hunoley,
H. J. Itamsdell, James It. Young,
Thomos M. Shepherd, William P.
Copeland,J. R. Thompson, A. K.MIchler, W.
S-Roose, James E. Waugb, J, JJ. Tanner, J, F.
Hurray, II. D. Oushlng.
Ex-President and Vice Presidents or the United
Supreme Conrt of tho United States.
Court ol Claims or the United States and Its
Supreme Court or the District ol Columbia ;and
Its Officers.
Senators, Senators elect, aid ctScnators.
Members of the House or Representatives, Mem.
bers elect, and ex Members.
Foreign Ministers.
Diplomats Corps.
Hayes and heeler Electors.
Hoard of Commissioners Metropolitan Police.
Governors of States and Territories.
Headsof llureausof the Eiecutlre Departments.
Officers of the Army, Navy, and Marino Corps.
Marshal: Arthur Shepherd.
Atdai E. 11. Townseml, Charles Pel ham, lrwln
Mulllcan, Clarence M. Harbor, George W. Evans,
C.W. Cunningham, W.S. Cowan, Wm. II. Hor
fenand, J. II. Dunning, Wm. El wood Rowan,
John McCully.
Young Men's Republican Club or the District of
Hartranft Club of Philadelphia,
National Veteran Club.
a rand Army of the Republic
German Republican Club, D. C.
Faiuonkey Republican Club of Maryland.
Republican Organisations or the District or Co
Capt. P. II. Eaton, Marshal.
Aids : Harry A. Cobaugh, J. c, Ilurnett, C. c.
Ellis, H. S. Pike, J. S. Patterson, F. D. Stephen
son, M. E. N. Howell, George S. Fisher.
New York State Association.
Ohio State Association.
Pennsylvania State Association.
Iowa State Association.
Michigan State Association.
Central Association or States.
Mar Pioneer Club or Washington, I). C.
Martin Ukonin, Marshal.
Fire Department of the District or Columbia,
The foregoing comprise all organisations that
have notified the Parade Committee that they wilt
attend. Any other bodies that may with to take
part In the procession will bo assigned to posi
tions on reporting to the Ora d Marshal, at his
headquarters, at the Washington Club, 1I..0 New
York avenue.
Tbe first fourdlvlilons (excepting tbo mounted
battery, which will be In column) will form along
the north side of Pennsylvania awnuo, facing
southward, under tbe direction of tholr rcspeo
tve commanding officers or marshals, as follows:
First Division 1 he right resting on Washing,
ton Circle, the left, retired, ir necessary, on
Twenty first street.
Second Division. The right resting on Twenty
first atreet, tho left, retired, ir nccessnry, on
Twentieth street, marching to Its position via
Thirteenth, I, and Twentieth streets.
Third Division The right resting on Twen
tieth street, and left retired on Nineteenth street
marchleg to Its position via Fourteenth and I
Fourth Division. The 'right resting on Nine
teenth street, and left retlted on Eighteenth
street, marching to Its position via Pennsylvania
Fifth Division The right resting on
Eighteenth, and Hit retired on Seventeenth
street, marching to Its position via Fifteenth and
II sterets.
Organizations arriving late will form on Lou.
Islana avenue, the right resting on Seventh
street, when position will be assigned them.
Tbe procession will move towards the Capitol
at lOJi o'clock precisely, at which time Pennsyl
vanla avenue will bo cleared from Washington
Circle eastward to the Capitol.
tub cmc rnocEsaiON.
The Marshals and Aids or the civic procession
will all report to tbe Deputy Grand Marshal at
the headquarters Young Men's Republican Club,
1231 Pennsylvania avenue on Monday morning at
Bo'cloik iharp.
Orler of March,
The order or march fur the troops from the
Clrclo to tbe Capitol will he In columns of com.
P nice for tbe foot Artillery and Infantry of ser.
tloisfortLe mounted Artillery, and of platoon
for the Cavalry, all at full distance. If any oh
itiuctltn renders a reduction of Tront necessary,
Eu;h;;vUc;!c&wlUb; mtt P. triCB Vfift jr
rr ore sets of Tours to the rear, to bo brought back
in 1 3 line as scon as such obstruction Is pasted.
On approach log tbe cast front or the Capitol,
when about hair way up the acclivity, columns
of companies will be changed by each Infantry,
foot Artillery, and Cavalry organisation to
columns of lours, and tho mounted Artillery will
change from column of soctlons to column of
The Infantry, root Artillery, and Cavalry will
fllo Into the open srace before the eastrronlor
tho Capitol, and will be arranged by tho Aids to
tho Grand Marshal In parallel lines or battalion
In line of battle, tho lines massed upon each
Light Dattcry "A," 2d Artillery, will come
Into battery on tho open space north or the Cipl.
tot, where the battery will await tbe orders of the
Grand Marshal for firing a national salute ol
thirty eight guns.
Tbe civic portion or tho procession will be
uoiicdhy tho Deputy 0 rand Marshal In rear of
1 be troops.
On the conclusion of the Inaugarat ceremonies
at the Capitol, (which will be Indicated by tbo
firing or tho national salute), the procession will
be put In march tta the north or tbe Capitol and
Pennsylvania avenue, to escort the President
tack to the Executive Mansion In tho same order
In which Itroarchcd to the Capitol.
After tbe several columns shall have arrived at
Llghlccnth street and Pennsylvania avenuo they
will bo considered as dismissed, and each organi
sation will be marched to Its quarters by Its own
Tho posts or nil Marshals, when the procession
Is In march, will be at the heads or their divis
ions, and or all Aids two paces In rear of their
Chiefs In one rank If numbering ten or less, in
two ranks If numbering more than ten,
Ihe Grand Marshal will wear his uniform of
Major General, with sash as General Officer of
the Day, with rosette or red, white and blue on
the left breast
The Deputy Grand Marshal will wear roictte
or red, white and blue on the lertbreait, with
yellow sash.
The Marshals or Divisions wilt wear white
rosettes on left breast, with tho uniform f their
grace, uomccii; ifcltltens, plalBsjsjsjjpVsjia.rith
enicnatand blue sash. x,"
Aids to tbe Grand Marshal will
rosette on their left breast, with unllorm
rank If officers; ucivillans, plain black suit, aflk
hat and white tash.
Aids to the Deputy Grand Marshal will wear a
rosette of red, white and blue on lea broast, with
red sasb.
Aids to Marshals of Divisions will wear light
blue rosette on ten breast, with the uniform or
their rank, If officers; If civilians, plain black suit,
illk hat and blue sasb.
Tbe following named gentlemen are appointed
on the stair of tbe Orand Marshal:
Adjutants General. llrevet Hrhradler General
Thomas M.Vincent, Drevet Urlgadler General
L.H. Peloute.
Aids. llrevet Colonel J, c. Conrad, z Inran
try t Colonel Amos Webster, Major J. S. Tobias,
A. D.O.f Lieutenant Colonel F. D. Orant, A. D.
C, U. S. A.; Lieutenant II. O. O. Colby, U, 8.
N. Drevet Major J. O. Drecklnrldge, V. S. A.;
Major A. LowdenSnowden, 2d Lieutenant Wil
liam F. Zellln, U. S. M. U.j Matthew Trimble,
1st Lieutenant H. H. C. Dunwoody, 4th U. S.
Artillery; Drevet Captain J. O.. Adams, 1st Car.
airy; Major M.Emmet Urell, Major O. II. But
ler, Lieutenant E. II. Totten. 1st Artlllorr. L. S.
Emery, Vt.f Colonel A. II. Glrard, B.C.; Colonel
E. C.Ford, Ohio; Major Shaw. Pa,; A H. Shat
tueg, Maas.t Col. James R. O'lielrne.
President Grant and Preildcnt-electltayes will
ride from the Etccutlve Mansion to the Capitol
In the some carriage, as Uuchanan rode with Lin-
coin on tho occasion or bis first Inauguration.
The Vice-President-Elect.
Hon. William A. Wheeler, Vlce-Presl-dcnt.elcct
appeared at tbe Capitol yes"
terday, and was congratulated by many Sena"
tors and Representatives. In tbe evening he
was a guest at the State banquet at the White
Hon so, it Is expected that the Vice-President
wilt take the oath to-day, and enter formally
upon his office at the same time with President
At the Wlille House.
President Grant and his family will prjbiM
leaie the Executive mansion Monday, and go to
tbe residence of Secretary Fish, whose guests
they will be. Many persons called at the White
House yesterday, to pay their parting respects to
tbe President and Mrs. Grant. A groat portion
or tbe personal effects or the President and bis
family have already been removed from the
White House, and by Monday It will bo In road I.
ness to bo surrendered, together with tho Pretl.
dency, to Governor Hayes.
Citizens Houuted Encort
An adjourned meeting or this organization was
held last evening, when a number of names were
added to the roll, and the list now numbers oter
one hundred.
Ihe following additional Marshals were ap
pointed: Col. Levi P. Wright and A. A. Shlssler,
Colonel Hamlll, on behalfoftho Committee on
Horses, reported that a suitable number could
be procured from various sources.
The Committee on Hadges submitted their re
port In the shape or a blue ribbon, with the words
In gilt letters ''Inauguration, 1977."
The cavalcade will ariemlde at tbe Scott
statue, Sixteenth street, Monday morning, at a
o'clock sharp, when all persons wishing to Join
will please report to tho Marshal, J. P. Pearson.
Roll call of members at 9.10 sharp.
it ill Titviii: in; tuo riu:sim:sis?
A Report that TIM en' will take the Oath or
Office In New York To-tlny.
The following telegram was sent to Mr. Tltdcn
yesterday, and it Is reported that he has sent a
reply stating that he will take the oath of office
In New York to-morrow :
"Mr. Knott's resolution declaring that Samuel
J. TllJen and Thomas A. Hendricks had received
tho rotes or a majority or all the electors legally
appointed, and were thereby duly elected Presi
dent and Vice President for tbe term or four j ears
commencing March 4, 1877, passed tbe Itouio by
year, I3fl; rays, 88
Signed David Dudley Field, Early F. Popple,
ton, John L. Vance, Wm. M. Springer, E. R.
Meade, J. D. Tucker, J. C. S. Blackburn, A.M.
Waddcll, Lafayette LAne, R. Q. Mills, S. S. Cox,
A. F, Walling, J. M. Deebe, Cbas, E. Hooker, J.
Proctor Knott, A. N. Rice, J, G. Abbott, Frank,
lln Landers, M. I. Southard, F.H. Hurd, U. G.
Caulfleld.H. I). Money, A II. Hamilton, W. A.
J. Sparks, A.M. JIUss. CO. H. Walker, W. B.
Slemmer, ana W S. Haymond.
II I LI. 1.1 AM JJ. TtU:L'l).
His Days In Jail Numbered.
UyTelca-ripli to the National Republican.
New York, March 3. There U no longer
any doubt but what Wm. M. Tweed will be
released from Ludlow Street Jail In a few dujs.
The condition of his dlacbargo Is bated
upon the consummation or an arrange
went with Charles 0Conner and the
other Inwyers representing the people, by the
terms or which Mr. Tweed I to rotian acimstd.
crable amount of p to erty to Ihe city. It may,
therefore, be put down as certain that Mr, Tweed
will not lenintn In prison much longer. It Is also
said that similar negotiations have been entered
Into with Peter U. Sweeney and Richard H. Con.
Cnmlctcilor Murder In the lint Degree.
UvTeharnplito the National Kepublkan.)
Oswcao, N. Y., March 3. Tho trial of Na
th n Orland Greenfield, for murdering Ida wife,
on October -T, 1675, In the town of Orwell.Oswego
ounty, was concluded to-day, Tho Jury brought
Inn verdi'tor guiltt' or murder In tho first iU
uro. Tl'Odlftrlct attorney moved for sentence,
but counsel fir the prisoner succeeded in gettlnic
a stay of proceeding! until March v.
The LebHtuiii,uitl,llank Failure.
I.rDiNov, Ohio, Mnrth H The failure of
Im liank of ttiiakit limit U Mid 1 1 bn erv l
Tin: DrrAtmirNTs.- -There wnj lltilo
wotkdmic In the aeitrul dipartQPiitl jeiterlty.
Although no rotlllvc order u given, the rWki
all wrut home atoi.t noon and generally nyarled
It a a holiday,
Kan or the PrtKSKNT Coxohrm Tho
Fotly-totmli (onsrrai eiplrrtat noon tHr.
Pfarr Kandall hold I hut tne seaiton mut oil
then, and cannot be proloitxel to 12 o'clock mid
Old AnaiiYd. Yesterday tho original
Iticlaratlon of Indttfnd'nrr. tcarihcr with tho
crTfitnlitlnn of O'ntral Otorpe )!nrlon an t v
rtvaothertiTatl'Hwthf(ir.tneoiint'l'a. wrc all
Irsraftrrtd from tho cm tody of tliv In ttrlor H.
pvrlmctittollic Depart mi. at of 'Elite, where Lltey
a 111 litrtaftir remain.
Nominations iiy Trfitf fjicsiDENT.
The lmMcnl dent tbe followhj,! nominations to the
ytnate yeatrrdayi V, H, Cnntnruiri, tutt Post
matttf at C'rcaton, lowat fCfcrcnc W, lUcuti,
l'ottmaiter at Ntw Lebanon,. N. Y.i Alexia It.
Pavton to bu Hirond Metitenaiit Flnt lufintrjt
anriltev, Jihn Walker Jackaoa, ot PciiiitrhanU,
A Democratic Caucui op I,mt Eves-
im.. The Dtmociatlc members nf (lie llonwhcM
a carciia Immediately after the rrceai jeater lay af
ternoon, nndanaddrraawaa preiuttcd and adop
ted. It w proposed to takeaomenctlon looking
to unit j of action upon the Army bill, and tho Hauio
In the Leatilalirc bill rcdoclng the stlary or the
Prraldtnt, but the caucna broke up In disorder be
fore any conclusion wai riachc, alUr aacislon of
aboatnn rour.
Bcuatr, In lxecutlre gtailon.yciUnUy conDrmed
tlicfollowlny nominmlonu Ll Knaglm, Kccelnr
of Pnbllc UoncTs at Florence, Arlcoitat Henry Ei
ptrion, to be gnrvcvUtncra! of Dakota i II W,
Ttnnry, United MUtca Attorney Pr the Eaitern
Dlairct or New Yorkt Harvard WhltrJ Indian
Agent at the Wlonebao vcncy. l'ostmii'en:
llrnjamln Martin, at Warren, It. Hit. U l'cttl
bone. Ugdrntbirgh, N. Y.t 0. W, Bacon, at Niw
Lebanon, N. Y,
Natal OitDEna Commander Cbarlra
I. HuntlDftton. todutr In equipment department,
navy yad. New York! Pay I m pec tor Caspar
tchenck,aa Inspector ofprovMona and clothlog,
nav)1rard. Mare Island. Detached Cap r, Jamea
H Ultlls, from equipment duty at the navy yard,
Mew York, and placed on waiting ordtra. Pay Di
rector E. C. Dorao, froradutras Inspector of pro
vlaionr, Ac, at the navy yard, Itare latanC, and
ordertdai purchasing paymaster at Ban Francisco.
Par Director John b. C'intdugham, from duty as
purcbeilDjr paymaster at Ban Vruiclsco, Cat., and
ordered to return home and settle accounts,
TnE Pugilistic Glotbil Yeatenlty
afternoon Ulover stealthily approached the re
porter of tbo Baltimore Oatettt, who was sitting on
aatoollnttoofllre of thoHergeant-at-Armaof tbe
House, and dealt him five or six blows with his
clenched fists, eerlooaly damaging his optica and
knocking htm oat of time. The plucky young man
rallied and kicked him In the stomach, when (Ho
.er, In not a very graceful aliunde, re'lred, and
ban alnce complained bitterly of a violent colic.
Tblala a Dunocratte flgbt. HnlldotlugthoiiKh It
may be. It la far hclter than the blackening ofthar
actera of resectable Republicans.
lUsioNATiOy. Dr. J, W. Porter, ap
polntjnent clerk of the Treasury Department, has
realised bta office, to lake effect to-dar. to takes ha
ter poaltlon. There will be no appointment of bta
successor until the secretaryship or the Treasury
hat been determined upouj and la the mean time
Mr. UcorgtN. Lamphere,' the assistant, will eon
tlnnetoact. Sir. Lamphere Ua wounded soldier
and a thoroughly experienced clerk. He baa served
five years In lha appointment room, aereral ttmca
acting at ehltt Itkw ttabderiUMI that ihe pre-cot
Treasury officials are In favor of his promotion to
ihe vacancy. And as this woold be In aeeplng with
tbe theory or the civil service reform. It la generally
believed that he will be appointed.
Release op the Louisiana ketuiix.
imi IlOAHO Yesterday morning Chief Justice
( artier received a note from 8er-cant-at-Arma
Thompson, on whom the Marshal yesterday served
writs for iho prod notion or the bodies or the recal
cltrant members of the Louisiana Betornlng Board,
asking that the time to make return be extended,
Mr. Thompson aaya In Ida note that he expects that
the House will discharge them from rustodr during
tl e day. At lliM o'clock Sergeant
at Arms Thompson appeared In Court
and filed Iho ccitlikd copy of the
resolution adopted b the House of Uepreseutatlrcs
this morning as a return to the writ, and the pro
ceedings under the habeas corpus were thereupon
ended. The resolution Is reported in the Houe
proceed I Vs elsewhere. On tbo back or the certi
fied copy wai endorsed tbo following)
"In obedience to the wllhln order oTlho lloue, I
bare discharged from custody J. Madison Welts,
Thomas C Anderson, U, Casanave and LewUM.
Kiruan, at It o'clock a. m March 3d, 1877.
"John U. Thomi'ox,
"Scrgeant-at-Amis, ILK."
BEnnNADE to Hon. O. P. MonTox. .
One of the 01 lo rrglments now In the rlty, with
other iltWcna of that tftaU, proceeded to tho KbMtt
House about eight o'clock last evening, and ten
dered a serenade to Ihe Hon, U. P. Morton. After
tlicmunlcof the band had ceaed, agenilcminmade
an address on the por.lco of the hotel to Mr, Mor
ton, on behalf of the Ohloum, In which lie spoke or
Mr M. as In lug mainly Instrumental In bringing
tbe Ittpuliiicait campaign to a successful Mue.
fee na tor Morion, In rtpir. thanked Hi cllUenaof
Ohio pre ent fr tbe compllmt nr, aajlug toat he al
most A It blmsttr a i ItUen of That htatc, having been
educated there, resided there aomeycar', and often
addressed Its ltcpubllcan meetings. Ho thin re
fern d to his (utimrtlon with the Electoral Com
mission, saying that he felt a conscUiitlousuessof
hating acted right In all the part be bad taken In It.
Blx inootha ago nolawjtrof any slaudlng woold
harcdtcididanyof theUeatIons submitted differ
t nlly from what a majority or Ibe Commission had
done, and he had no itarof thvjudjtincntofposter
II yen thelracttou, Itcrerilug to President Ha)ca,
bueald that while his ioilcy toward tho Bonlh
w ould undoubtedly be a kind and conciliatory one.
It roust be bast d on the execution of the thirteenth,
fourlicnlh, and fifteenth amendment to tho Con
stitution, and there could ha no permanent peace
tin r unlll turr man, without nicnrd lo color or
polities. as protected In hi life, bliMotri). aid
his cl II rljihli. 1 bo speech was Iinpn salrely dellv
cied, and lnnMlly nppluuded by the larjre crowd la
allindaDce. A ftr mote music, the military moved
on and ihccrowu diapered.
ai.'onaiA. nv&mrAVKEns.
The Kilting of Lieutenant Mclntyre Uy
lilt It IstI11er-Men, Women, and Chil
dren Kngageel 111 the Plght
Uy Telegraph to the National Republican.!
'AuufBTA, Ga., March :). Persoin living
near Prog fountain. In the neighborhood or
which tbe fight In which Lieutenant Mclntyre
was killed, occurred, ray that the bushwhackers
and Illicit distillers engaged In the fight num
bered seventy rour men, one boy, and two women.
It Is also stated that the distillers have laid In a
supply or arms and ammunition, and boast that a
thousand soldiers cannot dislodge them Irom tbclr
mountain fastness. It Is, moreover, predicted by
parties who ought to know, that If another raid
Is made It will bo a bloody atlalr.
Ihe Holt's, father and three sons, who were re
contly arrested In Nashville, ami brought bick
to Atlanta on a suspicion or 1 multeity In tne Mc
lntyre murder, have been released on their recog
nisances, and are now on their way to Texas.
Worse than the PI II bust em A Scurvy Trick
That w as Done by a few Ohio Democrats.
t By Telegraph to the National Republican,
CoLiMiti'5, Ohio. March 3, Owing to the
absence or Itepubllcans to attend the inaugura
tion the Democrats have had a majority in the
Ohio House yesterday, and a resolution was
adopted declaring that Hayes had reooiredlSI
votes by fraud, perjury, etc., and that we are
aorrj for It bnause it deatroyaour faith In the
mercy. Justice, and bcneflclent goodneasof the
Almighty God, whom we have heen taught to
bellotewas ihf defender and protector of right,
inthla that ho baa allowed villainy and moral
perjury to triumph orer truth, honesty, and
Allelgn er juletneM Kxlats In the City of
New Orleans.
New OiiLLAa, March 3.- The city remains
quia. Ills unamlood lha. the inllitarr au'horl
ilea hero hate aaked for further InsLriiotlous to
make thtlr diit'tit ottar undtr ihe rrrtiit urder,
roiered by the telegram from the Priallnu to
M'irek or a Ethooner, and Lobh of All on
New York, March a. The schooner Mag
gie and Lucy went athora last nlaht, rear Life nv-Ina-tattn
No, 1J, north side of Han.et inM,
nnl wtntm pUte. Ml umU w ro 1 si
llli hii In tn l t liflM.hiMMurlurg r t
;ossif as to una will .i.vii mill
xo t it j: Jt ixs v Ti:its or MT A TV,
Delegation anil Petition) In Abundance
The Ireldent-i:iect Interflowed nnd Kn
t rented by .Tlilrty.Klght States for Seven
Uf pcrmost In the rntnde of the people, anj
to the exclusion of all things save the Inaugural
ceremonies, Is tho now cabinet or President
Hayes. Speculation la rife, and tbo cabinet
makers are as plentiful as tho leaves In Vallam
crosa. Of the thirty-eight States In tho Union,
there Is nono without its special claims to repre
sentation In tbe new ministry, and nearly all
hare sent delegations, petitions and
iklrmlshcri to Washington to look
after their respective candidates. The
President eleot Is perfectly agreeable to any
suggestions that may come, and listens with an
extraordinary degree of Interest to the pleas or
Ihe various States. He Is dlsioscdto satisfy alt
nnd rnako his administration ono or the whole
people, and to appoint so Tow ministers or state
from such legions ol fitting candidates. Is, there
fore.hls first and, perhaps, most perplexing duty.
Of course there Is no direct Information Trora
the appointing power, yet there is such general
know led are as to render the following an exceed
ingly accurate report or the ''rumors or the Cabl
net,1' and a true slate or the probable future
Presidential counselors t
The Secretary or this Department, Is among
tho moat settled of tho list. Sir. Win. M. Krarts
has been constantly named, and with a single ex
ceptlon. that or Mr. Carl Schurs.be has had no
rival candidate. The report that Sen itor Conk.
ling Is opposed to Mr. L'varla Is unfounded, and it
can now be generally accepted that the appoint
ment Is certain, and one which will meet tho en.
tire approbation of tho people. Mr. Schurt's di
plomatic ability Is not dtspoted.yetbls foreign
birth Is considered a very good reason why (ho
should not be placed at the head or oir Interna
tlonal relations.
Of all the snrmlies and rumors or cabinet ap
pointments there Is at least one that has
never considered at all doubtful, and
that one Is tbe selection or Senator John Sher.
man as Secretary or the Treasury. This appoint
ment Is one that would be endorsed by every
thinking man, not alone because Mr. Sherman Is
a personal and Intimate friend of the incoming
President, nor became be la from Uhlo, poaaeaalog
the unlimited confidence of ha people, bu be
cauae he la a man ol great financial tact, whor
line of policy haa been Invariable, and la thor
oughly underatood and appreciated by
the whole country. Some people assert
that Mr. Morrill should be retained
tecanso of the great satlaiactlon which his Onan
clal policy has given th mooted men of tbe com
Diunlty. Tbe same parties also Insist that Mr.
Sherman, from bis sixteen yeara' experience In
the Senate, and the bead ol tbe Finance Com
mlttee, would be or more aid to Mr. Hayea Id the
Senate than anywhere else. Cut be this as It
may, the Treasury Is understood to have already
been ottered to Mr, Sherman, and he has signi
fied his willingness to accept.
Tbe contest over the portfolio of this Depart
ment bids lair to be the liveliest of all. The
preaent Incumbent, Mr. Cameron, is reported to
be desirous or holding over, and It Is said that the
Pennsylvania delegation are assiduously work,
lag towards that end. While on the other hand
a strong delegation from Illinois, consisting or
the delegation In Congress and numerous State
offlelals.Tiavo called upon President-elect Hayes,
urging Hon. John Logan for tbe position or War
Secretary. Considering the fact of the peculiar
Vtanlte from Mr, axgan's withdrawal from the
recent Senatorial contest In Illinois, it la not un
likely that he may be reoognlied in his desires
for the position, llesides these two formidable
aspirants it Is reported that tbe name of Oeneral
Uradley T. Johnston, or Virginia, Is favorably
mentioned as the Southern member for the poal
tlon. r
tub KAvr.
Thus far there have been few names mentfocod
for this Department. In fact Mr. Eugene Hale,
of Maine, seems to hare almost tbe exclusive
chances, but whether Ihe appointment la one de
sired by blm Is extremely doubtful.
With reference to this Department there
has been but very Utile said. Some say
that If Mr! Chandler la deaitous or remain
ing, he will And no difficulty la receiving
a reappointment Irom Mr. Hayes. Others as.
pert there will be a wholesale change In tho Cab
inet, but at any rato, Mr. Chandler having bscn
so Intimately Identified with tbe political man
agement of tbe Republican party.lt would be
hasardous to the proposed conservative policy of
the Prealdent to retain him In the Cabinet,
It Is not generally known even among tho Cab-
Department. Mr. Tyner, the present In
cum bent, Is regarded as ao extremely pop
ular aa to render bla retention desirable
" n" jut -mat, win co uontin mis
by all parties. Hut If the theory or an
entire change la acted upon, and Mr. Tyner
rwv,ib i lou mil Dvuaiur morion win nave
he naming or tbe appointee, who, In that case,
would be an Indiana man. This, however. Is
doubted by many,who believe thatthe "Southern
man,"whoever he may be, will accede to this
posltlon'and In that connection are mentioned
the names of Hon. Joshua Hill, i:x-Oor, Parsons,
of Alabama, Mr. Keagan and Mr. Hancock, of
Texas. The rumors on this point aro Quite con
flicting, and cannot be more definitely presented.
department or juotick.
For the position or Attorney Oeneral, all agree
that Mr. McCresry, of Iowa, is the coming man.
If it were not lor Mr. Sherman's appointment to
the Treasury. Mr. Stanley Mathews, of Ohio,
would undoubtedly be a formidable candidate.
Hut to give any State more than one represents
tlon In the Cabinet would be decidedly unpoiltlo
The question or appointing a Southern Demo
tremeat element of that parly, and la exciting
crat to tbe cabinet, la moat disturbing to tbe ex
serious comment and criticism in the ranks or
the Itepublican party. The Democrats claim
that It will simply be an elevation to ora je of the
Individual without gaining for the administra
tion the aympathy or the people, and threaten to
repudiate any one of their number who would ao
ctpt such an appointment, some Itepubllcans
claim that there are enough conservative
cat ire Itepublican men South, pos
sessing brains and force or character, who
would do moat towards advancing tbe party In.
tcrest. The Conservatives, however, or both
parties, Insist that Mr. Hayes has a golden op
portunltyor showing a spirit or conciliation to.
warda the South, and say that a true born South,
erner, thoroughly and reijwctably Democrat to,
and capable or rising above party prejudices,
ought to be appointed either to the interior or
the PoM-ottlce. At present the four Southerners
who are regarded as the foremost In the
lino of cabinet probabilities, are Messrs.
Itea gau and Hancock, or Texas, Demo
crataj nnd Mesars. 1'arsons or Alabama,
and Joshua Hill, or Georgia, native Hcpublioaos
of their respective States. A Aitbla alsobolnir
Sut forward in the person of Senator Alcorn, of
IIssisilppI, as the representative ol the carpet
bag element. In this connection, It may be well
to state a fow rumors concerning some of those
who will not bo Cabinet officers.
Mr. Stanley Mathews may be appointed to fill
the vacancy of Justice Davis on the Supreme
Court liench. In which case Ohio would come near
having Us lull quota of national ofticlali.
Mr. Con kiln g, If be Is disposed to recuperate
abroad can sail tor tbo Court of St. James.
Mr. SEach. Chandler, If be goes out or the Inte.
rlor can take a mlaslonto ut. Petersburg or any.
wberoelse he pleases.
Mr. Tyner, If he leaves thePoeMtneo may tako
tLo Naval portfolio, provided Mr. Hale declines,
or else he run go to ienna, or perhaps Spain.
Mr. W. H. Chandler la being pushed to the front
as a candidate fur somethlog, und It is said has
his rye on the Nary.
Veusailleb, March 3. M. SImoa, Presi
dent or the Council, speaking before the Cham
ber of Deputies committee upon the Oovern
in en fa request for authorisation to prosecute M.
De;Cassognac, editor of I Pays, said Cassag.
nac would he charged with Inciting Insurrection
and civil war. M. Simon added that he would
everywhere vigorously prosecute Honapartlsm.
Kentucky Itu-ltlux Pardoned,
Uy Telegraph to the National Republican, j
Louisville, Kr., March 3. Pre! J cot
Grunt bus pardoned lllll Biuoot, Cluxlon, Ne.w,
M algal yes, Celtic aid Hall, the celebrated Unci
county Ku-Klux, sentenced part lu Mar, and part
laoaoinr, 1674.
Wliolesalo Delivery of tuuilcts In Kunsas,
Four I.EAENoimr, Kav., March H. A
wholesale d. livery or oonvhts from tho Lned
States military prUon wasmude jtsicrday, abju.
lirty.iur- of th linna'M Ih-Iiik liberal I, two
bmilur. i mind n at i o?!itiil y, were
f-li.l- W Ui . M,s4J4avdt)i
Tin: sr.XATi; axu nov.si: it tun at
An Tamest Endeavour to Prevent an Kttra
Section Lively Time at the Cn pi tot An
other pugilistic Congreaninnn ItiMtlle Ku
counter Del ween Two Newspaper Fcrlbee.
The Hit hours of a ici'lon of Congress, espec
ially In tho House of Representatives are hours
of excitement, disorder and confusion, and thero
Is always a great deal of legislation which could
not possibly be got through under more ordinary
circumstances and In cooler moments. It is at
these time that tbodls graceful oba are engrafted
upon the etatuto hooks. Hut for many reatoai
tbe last day of a session Is the most Interesting
to be witnessed In tho hall oftho House. The
floor Is always crowded, because besides the
members, a large number of the members elect
to the succeeding Congress flock to Wash
ington on such an occasion. The bun
of conversation! tho walking to aod fro
the frantic efforts or members to catch the'eyo or
tho Steakfr In order that they mny get In sonio
pet measure which must necessarily fall unless
they can succeed In being recognised: the gath
ering of members In the Immediate vicinity or
tbeSPEAKMi's desk, all tend to create a scenoor
confusion which almost beggars description.
The cle s ng day of the Forty Fourth Congress Is
not an exception to tbo general rule. In fact,
the excitement Is much greater than It has been
In times pait, because legislative business
haa been so lnuclt Interrupted by
the count or the Electoral vote th it
tl ere are an unusual number or bills and reiorts
undisposed of. Anl every man thinks that ho
ought to be entitled to liumodlate recognition as
soon as he yells "Mr. Si-eakui!"
When the House met alio o'clock yesterday
morning there were not more than thirty mem
bers present. As the gavel fell they werogroued
about the SrEA Kin's deak and each man called
luatlly for recognition. TAnnox, (Maaa.), secured
thecye of theSrKAKKR first and got through a
resolution to pay an assistant doorkeeper from
his district In tbe Hsy State.
Sailer, (Ohio), by loud cries made himself
heard and got In a resolution about a
harbor of reruge at Cincinnati, Wilsox,
(Iowa), by a persistence which Is characteristic of
the man, would not be beaten off, and got a hear
Ing for a private bill. Admiral Wiiittiiorve, of
the Tenneaaee Navy, sccuredpay mr a nival o'li
rcr. Hexdehson (III.), ordinarily a quiet man.
Sailed till he was hoarse, and finally forced the
raaKRR to recognise him to put In a proposition
in relation to some water power at Moifne, HI.
Jotcr (Vt.), got a slice out of the contingent fund
for some friend who bad been serving bis country
In some capacity or other about the House or
And so they were going on getting all man
ner or bills and resolutions through,
until Holmah appeared upon tbe scene. Tne
laces that had been wreathed with smiles of
hope a'Conce took on tbe frown of deipatr, for
there stood the great objector, who would not
hare been himself if he bad not objected on
general principles, whether he understood what
Ls was objecting to or nor.
For Insmnce, at the time Holmaw came In Mr.
Cutter (New Jersey), was trying to get a reso
lution through to print 15,0-0 copies or
tbe last report or the Commission or Edu
cation. Mr, Holm am ; caught the words
15,ooo. That waa enough, lie objected to
the number. "What number would tbe
gentleman indicate?" aaked the Speaker,
I don't know anything about It," replies Hol
maw, "but I would like to have somo ex plana
tlon." Time waa taken to explain, and then the
resolution went through.
Uy this time the number or members had In.
creased, and they were all hustled about the
SrEAEan'a dak holding aloft bills and resolu
tlon a, and yelling at tbeSrEAKRtu It wasaier
feet babel. No one understood what was going
on nntll an order was enforced that the member a
should retire to their seats. Hat they did not
remalntbeie for any length of time. The needle
is not attracted by the pole more surely than
members are attracted towards the srEAKEn'a
desk when tbey want to be recognised, and so
there Is a sort of a mob around It at Intervals.
And so It went on all day long. No one could
tell exactly what bllla were paased. Heports of
committees ol conference and messages from the
Senate, being privileged communications, now
and then Interrupted the contused demands for
recognition. Dut, about every fire or ten minutes,
some one would complain that nothing or what
was going on could be heard. Then the Speaker
would rap lustily with his gavelt Insist upon
the members taking their seats, and
would threaten to hare the lobbies
cleared unlers better order was ob
served.aml itho Interlopers censed conversa.
tlon. This threat would have Its effect for about
thirty seconds, and then tbe bun of conversation
and the disorder would brenk out afresh. At
half past eleven o'clock Mr. Holm am suggested
that the House adjourn until 12, and tbe sugges
tion was accepted.
Defore that, however, Mr. TrcKenhad offered
a resolution, which waa adopted, authorixing the
release of V ells and tbe other members of the
Inlilana Heturnlng Hoard. These gentlemen
might hare been kept in tbe dungeon until to
day at li o'clock, but the habtat corpus Issued by
JuitlceCartter seems to hare scared the Houio.
As sen n as the House waa callc 1 to order again,
at 14 1 'clock, tbo members were so Impatient for
recognition that tbey could scarcely restrain
themselves until iheChaplaln bad o lie red prayer.
Then Mr. HooEEn (Miss.), was recugulied. to
offer a bill to pay what haa como to be Known aa
tho big Choctaw steal. He wanted to saipend
the rales, but Instead of two-thirds he ooulif not
muster even a majority Tor his proposition. .
Mr. HriLMAif taeoaubmltled the flrat con Ter
ence report onttelsglalatlvo appropriation bill.
The only point or d.a rencewasas to the Presl
dent's salary,theSenatelnslstlogupon re .aloing it
at aM.OjO as at present, while tbe House wants
to reduce It again to tbe beggarly rum of ao-to,
that la beggarly for such a nation as tbe United
States to lay. The Democrats were given to
understand that tbey risked an extra session ot
Congresslf they Insisted upon tbe reduction, for
the resident, they were told, would certainly
veto the bill.
Hut the most senseless proceedings of the day
were the attempts or Piioctor KsuTTnnd David
Dudley Pielh, acting under tbe Instructions or
the Committee on Powers and Privileges, to
make a record declaring that Samuel J,
Tllden had rerreivcd a majority or the
electoral votes for Preildent. The Democrats are
welcome to all the capital they cm make out of
Bach stuff a a tbat. The two ltouaes or Congress
In Joint Convention lutve solemnly declareddlf.
ferently, and the fact has been officially an.
nounced that 'llAEa bus 1k5 votes, and is elec
ted," and all tbe buncombe resolutions of the
Democracy cannot alter that fact.
Shortly beforearecess was taken In tbe after
noon, there was an excitement, not of a legisla
tive character. It was a drama. In whloh nits
and feet were leading characters. Tbe actors In
the drama were a gentleman named Allex O.
Mi ers, a newspaper correspondent, a man
named Ulovlii, who, by some means or other
managed to get Into Congress from a Missouri
district, and a fellow named Mack all, a sort ol
hanger-on about certain Committees of the
House, who has made himself generally obnox
ious by bis blackguard manners and assumption
of authority. Qlotkr Is chairman ol tbe Com
mittee on Ileal Estate Pool, and as such has done
meaner and more contemptible things than tbe
chairman or nnv other committed in tha llnuu
and the good Lord knows tbat some or them have
done the meanest sort or things. Mack all la his
man I rlday. Mr. M erb waa eccuaed of making a
fubllcatlon reflecting on the said Ulovmi.
lo did not write tbe article, but
Mackall and Uloer supjwsed he ha J.
bile Mr. Mi err was slttlngtn the Sergeant-at
arme' room Mackall required or him to publish
a card In denial of tho urtlcle. MvEita said he
did not write it. Mackall then went out and
iciortedtohla chief, when Ulover entered the
rotm and aaaaulted Mum. whose eyes were
1 ut In beautiful nioui nlng. Hut he save aa good
mZ was sent, a fact which wasshown by the man
ner In which U i over hobbled about the House
during the remainder of the session. Coming out
or tbe bergeant-at arms' room Myers met
Mackali, and planting his fist squarely Into
Mackall b face, sent him whirling through the
screen into the hall of the House.
Ibere vtas a ruin or members
while the people In the galleries crane 1 their
necks to seo what was going on. No business
was attempted for the moment, but the combat
ants were separated and order again reigned In
Warsaw! The sympathy of all fair minded men
ia ttbMr.MiKHs. It would do both (Ilovxr and
M at kall good to get a good thrashing.
Atoo'clockareocss was taken until 9 This
was very necessary, for tho cltrks were nearly
worn out. The regular reading clerks, Messrs.
Drown an Pcttltt, were hoarse with calling tbe
roll acd reading bills, although they were at
times reinforced by Mr. Towles, tbe printing
lerk, and Mr. Harry Smith, tbo journal cleric
When tbo House met again at 0 o'clock there
waa an Immeme crowd In the galleries, and there
was at once unother struggle for the floor again.
A few proiwBitlona were submitted, and then the
miscellaneous Lusineas was Interrupted by an.
other repcrt of a disagreement on the President's
sutary, and a new conference was ordered.
An incident of the evening was the report of an
amendment to the rules so as to give the Cleric
tho same authority for the enforcement of the
rules of order, when he is organizing a new
Home, as the hritAKxn possesses. There Is
liilicliicf imant ly the uCopl'onof this rule, and
It It HpvmM te lcui'nmta p iiivinir in
j v , ! Uli vJfcUj.vtt vi Use
f next House. If thin was not Intended the Damo-
Icralawculd not have been so anxious to amend
the rules. The KepoMicans tried to defeat It by
the Indirect proccsB of withholding their votes.
. 1 he SPkAKXtt announced the result of 137 yeas to
9 nays, which was Juita quorum. Mr. Co torn
1 disputed tbe count end (named that only 111
V m Am tin. tilt rt n. mA tin, IA .,.. b. - I .
.luiuvtB ..ui. IVItu, urn IUI VstlAMl rBIHWl 13
order another recapitulation of the roll call.
Thero was not so large an attendanceof visitors
In Ihe galleries of the Senate. The proceedings
then were conducted In an orderly manner, and
the crowd wanted to be where theexe tsmentand
ronfusion held high earn Ira I. There was some
time waited after the meeting before a quorum
could be obtained. Vnderthe rnleaof the Senate
tbebuslnessof thelait day or the ee'stoawa
conducted almost the aame as on other days, and
there did not appear to be any unusual excite
ment. Tbe Army Appropriation bill excited more In
terest than any other proposition. Mr.
DLAinr, who had charge of it, Irnored
Ihe Hmieo bill with Us ubnoxlout
features almost entirety, and reported a substi
tute which waa practically the Army bill ot Ian
session. Tho Democrats, of courae, advocated all
of the obnoxious restores of the Houae bill. Tbey
would like t have every! bluo coat with
drawn from the South, so that tuelr friends there
can carry elections by the bullet when they rail
by tbo ballot. The substitute was, however,
adopted by a crv decisive vote, and was subse
quently repertcu to the House, when It was sent
lo a Committee rf conference.
The Sliver Kesnmi tlon bill was dlitcnased tor
some time, and was iinally postponed until next
A larae amount of mlscellaneons bolne?i was
transacted, but In a more quiet way than in the
Hon re.
lint the great Interest centered In tbe appro-
firlatlon bills, for upon their naasage depends the
act whether there shall be an extra session or
OcnKTcaiorriot. In both Houses all other bust
neia gave way as soon as a conference report waa
pre rented.
At U o'clock the appropriation bills had all
been agreed to, except the Sundry Civil, which
was In the first conference! the uucstlon or tho
President's salary, lo the legislativo bill, which
is In tbe third conference, and the Army lllll,
which Is In the first conference, but upon whlcb.
It is said, there Is no hope of an agreement.
12.io-PAOl(Cal.). basonerei a resolution
to condemn (lovernor tirover Tor .living the elee.
toraleertlneatetoCronlo. The Democrats were
a good deal annoyed at being compelled to ao
upon the record on thoqueaiion, but there was no
help for It aa the roll call was insisted upon.
12 45 The members have hocked about tbe
Speak an'a desk again to tbe number or at least
thirty, and several lldliaions propositions hay
boen offered to keep the House In good humor.
1 o'clock a. m 1 be Senate has again diaagreM
to the Heme amendment to the Legislative bill,
and bas also reported a disagreement on tbo
Army bill.
1 3u a. m. The House has recedrd from Its posi
tion on the President's salary, and It will remain
at 10 ooo during Preildent Hayes' term, at least.
A conference haa been ordered on tho Army bill.
2.10 a m Mr.HoLMAH wanted to take a recess
until a o'clock In the rooming:, but ao many mem
bers were struggling lor a hearing that tbe mo
tion was rejected.
vjcTvnrs or the ixAracnATiox.
Brady, who for a quarter of a century haa
omitted no occasion to record in the Imperishable
lines or his art great events occurring at the Na.
tlonal Capital, has made arrangements to em
body In groups the satlcnt teatures or the inaug
uration to-morrow, and tbe great personages
taking part therein.
or course the finest features of the expected
brilliant ceremonial of to-morrw will be pre.
sented In these pictures, which will be Invaluable
In their historical accuracy, and, moreover, Inter
estlng as souvenirs to all who participate In or
witness the scenes which they depict.
One or tbe pictures wilt delineate the scene
when, In taking the oath the new President lays
his hand on tbe Uopk, or upraises his hand, II ho
elect to take tbe oath In tbat fashion. This
group will embrace the chler personages or tho
repablic, civil and military. Judges, senators,
generals, admirals, fcc, to.
Tinxas IX EUltOiW.
Shtmla, March 3 Tbe garrison or Hhumla
consists of only fourteen battalions of Infantry,
sis squadrons of horse and rour Held batteries.
Itlssald that all the chler positions In the Bal
kans aro occupied by troops, which, amounting to
40,oi)0, are Intended in tbe event ol war to be con
centrated hire. Tbo Balkan Passes are occupied
by infantry and mountain artillery. The arms
are good, consisting chiefly of (heavy breech
loaders. The health of tho troops is more un
favorable. The medical arrangements are bod.
The commander of the army or the Dan
ube, Achmet Eyoub Paiba, whose Incapacity
was sufficiently established In the last war, Is
little trusted by the generals under him or tho
It Is believed In military circles that there will
be war, although It is not desired,
CotSTASTiJ-opLK, March 3, Tbo Orsnd VI
iler to-day received a letter from Prince Milan,
ratifying the conditions or ieace. Diplomatic re
lations between Servla aod the Porte are thus re
stored. The Montenegrin delegates have visited
the Grand Vklcr and the Foreign Minister.
To-day's conference between the Montenegro
delegates and tbo Turkish foreign minister were
only preliminary. Virtual negotiations begin on
l.Eireic, March 3. Count Von Arnica's
case was before tbe Disciplinary Court to-day.
Ihe judgment already paased diapossesslng htm
from public service was confirmed,
The Ureek Journals are dissatisfied because of
tbe live non-Muitelaun Deputies elected at Con
stantlncple for the Ottoman Parlia ment only one
Is Ureek, whereas thrco are Armenians and one a
Jew, The rhartdu ITosjiAorsadUaes the solitary
Ureek Deputy to resign.
r ltnsala.
Berlin, March 3. The replies of tho
powers to the Russian circular will be presented
next week. Tbe powers bare agreed to acknow
ledge tbe meritorious zeal of Russia on behalf of
the Christians In Turkey. Tbe replies will bo
carefully worded to make Russia's retreat from
her threatening position easy. It Is understood
the powers also propose tbat the Porte be granted
a term for the execution or ic forms, it is believed
here that Russia will accept the suggestions or
the powers, though probably endeavoring to
fasten on them some responsibility for the future,
and will speedily demobilise her army.
Troublesome "Joe" Cobiirn lie Is Convicted
of Assault With Intent to Kill.
Nr.w York, March 3. Joe Coburn, the
pugilist, wliosi. trial for shooting two police o fleer
baa occupied the Court of Oeneral Hcsklona for tho
Iatt week, was this afternoon ionUel of ataault
with lutini to kill, and runended for eestence.
Professor letting t Iveave llaitiuouth for
IIano er, X, II., March 3. It Is announced
tkai Professor lounjr. of Dartmouth, has con
i ludid to aciepi lha professorship tendered hlin by
lli trustees of 1'rlnet.iou College,
The Xi'Aiuerlque.
I.oxo Branch, March 3, The steamer
lAmerlqiie la still on ihcUach. Hhe moved last
night about lncntr-ne feet eastward and thirty
Death of a A Veil known Philadelphia Mer
chant. Philadelphia, March 3. William J. Mor
ris, awell-kiiuwn merchant of tUlsrlljr, and a nem
Ur of tho fruit Importing urm of Isaac Jiaua Jk Co.,
died early this morning.
A tlreat PetleMrlun feat by Lady In Boston.
HoaTOX,Feb. U. Bertha Von Ilillcrn this
cvrulnrauciuded In iKratttitiptio walk 1(0 lullee
In ttnl).lht loustcntlieboura, without bleep,
at Music Halt, In ihla city, flnUblitgthe feat at
lo.n o'clock
The eriiiont Mnrtleress.
St John iuiu., Vt., March 3. On apre-
lliiiliir iMMiilnailrtnlcrn Mra. Wirg Waa fem-rolf-H.
l ; r V itifd'.rf It

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