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VOL. XVII-NO. 262.
ty OaUt to tht AtxMt& rrtiu
LOKDOlf, Sept. 14.
A Russian official bulletin, dated roredln,
September 13, sats' Yesterday (Wednesday)
wo made no further attack, but bombarded
the TutkUh fortification and the town of
Jlevna at abort ran go, Towards A p. in. the
town began to bum. and two exulostons were
observed Vlthln the fortifications. The Talks
nada little reply to oar lire, and directed all
their effort against our left wing, which
threatened their rear. At this polut General
Skabclaff repulsed fire furtons attack, but was
compelled in tho evening, after the sixth at
Uck, to evacuate the fortifications which ho
raptured on Tuesday.
During Wednesday night our troop en
trenched themselves In their positions. From
the beginning of the battlo up to 1 o'clock
Wednesday afternoon six thousand wounded
fcave been brought to the field hospital.
frere has been no collision at other points of
the theatre of war. The Ruitchult column
Is concentrated hi fresh positions half a day's
March behind thoTCaralom.
An official telegram, from Baleiman Fosba
says i We opened a Tlolent cauuonado upon
the Russian position Jin the Bhlpka Paw,
en Thursday night, which dismounted several
of their guus and killed a great number of
artillerymen, principally by exploding their
ammunition wagons. lu the afternoon their
artillery was silenced. Telegrams from ricvn
confirm the report that the Turks have re
captured two redoubts on the LovIU.
A dispatch to the Ectitinj Standard, dated
Bucharest, Friday noon, says since the cap
tore of the Gruriea redoubt before Plevna
there has been a continued bombardment of
the Lorn and other positions of Turks. Prepa
rations are making for another assault. There
ban Immense number of wounded and but
few surgeons,
London, Sent, 14 The following Turkish
official dispatch has been received from Shamla
Taker IViha advancing northwest from
Gjrina-Soudht, yesterday, encouutered four
battalions of Infantry, supported by cavalry,
near Kantghatcb. Aided by a Circassian de
tachment, Dakcr Fasha attacked the enemy
who, being reinforced by five Infantry battal
ions, rcpul&ed the Tuiks. Later In the day
the Turks received cavalry and Infantry rein
forcements and compelled the enemy to retreat
to Yodttxkawlth heavy loss."
The Vienna Political CorrttpoiuUncc't Bucha
rest special contains the followlug The Cearo
witch's army has withdrawn completely behind
the lino of tho Zantro. Unfavorable rumors
are enrrent concerning tho Russian position In
the Bhlpka Foss. The new bridge at Nitopo
11s was still unfinished on Wednesday, owing
to a scarcity of boats.
the battle field to vWt his soldiers
Unlofs this position of affairs Is shortly
changed by a decided Russian success, the
event oi tuc campaign win turn on me movo
incuts of Mel i cm et All and Suleiman Pasha
rather than on the fate of Plevna, but Infor
mation concerning theso is of the most meagre
description," A telegram from Shumla, dated
Bcptembcrll, shows that Mohemct All's central
column Is still at Kazclevo Mchemet AH him
self had none towards Eskl Jutua and may
be working westward to compel the Russians
io aoauuon nrnova ana trie uaiKaus.
inoceicoraieu isariuoiuj louniam ituiw
remembered by all visitors to the Centennial
A OATA day IN FJIK.MOST-MANY WELL. 1 Exhibition as a handsome work of art situated
KNOWN AND DtMTINUUlsilKD PF1W0N8 I between the Main Building and Machinery
London, Sept. 15,
The TWt Bucharest correspondent says the
Roumanians report their loss before Plevna at
10 officers and 00 men killed and 30 officers
and 1,000 men wounded.
Tho Timet correspondent at Vienna sends
the following: baleiman Tusha has received
reinforcements, which amply compensate his
losses in the bhlpka Pass,
The 16th Is now mentioned as the date
when the Servian proclamation of war will
be Issued and Prince Milan will leave for the
At Constantinople on Thursday the war
ofiVe Ivmcd a telegram from Suleiman Pasha,
dttod September 10, reporting that on tho pre
vlous day a rcconnoltcring party from the
Yiuago oi onniKa pustiea tnrougu ma iuuua
to tho rear of tho Russian position, and cap
tured a village-held by a small Russian force,
ten miles fmnt Gabrova.
On tho other hand, a special dispatch to the
Daily JWrjnij), dated bhlpka, September 12,
says that all was quiet there and nothing
wiruevcr was doing, wnac portion oi bu
loimati Pasha's armr remains at Bhlpka we do
not know, but tho Turkish wax odlco bullet I ti
above mentioned would Indicate that his own
headquarters were still thore. A Router tele
gram from Constantinople, dated yesterday,
nays reassuring dispatches have been received
irora usman rusho.
Constant!!, opul SrnL It. Mukhtar
Pasha tolegraphs that the Russians bao
evacuated Ardahan and retired to Fort
By UM to AuoclaUd Prta.
London, Sept. It. The race for the Don-
easier cup at the Don cuter September meeting
Brought out a field or four nones. Hampton won
wlta Chesterton second and Thorn third.
By Oihte to Auoctated Brtu,
Paris, Sept 14 Legal proceedings have
been commenced again! le Elm FUbtqu and Is
OautoU for reporting Oeranetta s trial.
Bv OibU to Auorlnted Frtm.
Lisbon, Sept. 14 Tha Portuguese historian
uercuiano de Carvaiho H flcaa
By Attoetattd rrtu.
New Yobk. Sept. 14.
The bankers' convention resumed its session
thto morning, and was but poorly attended.
many of the members having left for their
homes last night. It Is expected that the con
vention will come to n close this afternoon,
A resolution nledclnc the banking interest to
aid tho Government in its efforts to restore
specie basis was referred to tho executive com
mittee, as was also another giving it as tho
onlnlon of the convention that it was advisa
ble for tho Federal Government to exercise
surveillance oversavings Banks and Loan and
Trust Companies and Fire and Marine and
LI fa Insurance Companies.
Chaunccy P. Williams, of Albany, read a
lengthy paper on "Taxation of Banks," giving
a Historical review or pants ana tueir lorma
tlon from the; fifteenth century down to the
E resent time. State taxation of banks was, in
is opinion, entirely Illegal, and the tax was
collected without any authority of law.
Mr. Williams then read numerous quota
tion from Uw books rclath e to bonk taxation.
Ho said that tho whole law required to be
changed, and that there should bo more
nnanlmltr imoue the banks.
lion. it. w. inurman, oi lioy, i, i., rcaa a
By Auoclaled Frit.
Fremont, B6t. 14.
Since the reception that was tendered Presi
dent Ilayes after his election, the people of
Fremont have enjoyed no such gala day as the
celebration of his reception by the 33d regi
ment, which Is being held hero to-day. From
19,000 to 20,000 people are already In attend
ance from the country around Fremont, while
excursion trains will bring many more for the
afternoon exercises. The demonstration Is In
no wlso political, but Is participated In by all,
Irrespective of party. The formal celebration
bccanthls morning at sunrise with the firing
of a national volute from the site of old Fort
For this purpose the one piece of artillery
used by Col. Croghan In his defeat of the
Eugllsh at this place In 1813 was used. At 10
o'clock the ceremony of laying the corner
stone of the new city hall, In Fort Stephenson
park, was performed by the Mason tc ft aterntty,
at which C A. Woodward, grand master of
Ohio, presided. The Prcsldeut Was present,
but took no part In the exercise. At 11
o'clock au Informal meeting of the 23d regi
ment was held at BIrchard hall. This was
one of tho most pleasant occurrences of the day.
About 300 veterans wero present, Including Gen.
Hayes, Gen.' Rosccranz, and Oen. Scaninon"
Senator Stanley Matthews, Secretary MoCrary,
General Phil Bheridan, General J. D. .Cox,
and Judge Force, of Cincinnati, were also present.
President Hayes, as president of the society,
and stated that they would proteed to elect
officers for the coming year, when ho was ini
modtitely placed In nomination, and, notwith
standing his objecting, saying, "I am a one-
term man jou know," which elicited hearty
applause, was re-elected, as were also all tho old
officers. After the election General Rostcrant
oddrcised a few words to those present.
Captain Ellen then iu a few fitting words
presented tho escutcheon of tho nation to
President Hayes.
Negotiations with Montenegro have been re
newed on the basis of the agreement made last
year, but with more precise stipulations about
the co-opcratlou of tho two armies. It Is now
reported that the plan first mentioned, namely,
that the Servian forces should take the offen
sive in three directions, has been relinquished,
and that tho whole actlvo army Is to operate
against NIsh, while on all other points of the
frontier the defensive will be maintained. In
consequence of the draw on Turkish resources
to confront Russia the Servians may expect to
Jiae numerical superiority In whatever direc
tion they operate.
The BtandanVt Vienna correspondent reports
that the mobilization of all the Roumanian
reserves has been ordered.
A correspondent of the Standard before
7levna telegraphs as follows: At the taking of
the Ghiva redoudts the Turks neither ran
away nor asked quarter. The first Russians
who entered thought the redoubt was aban
doned, but the garrison had only rttlred to the
casemates and tho galleries, vt hero they stood
at bay. The fighting was all with the bayo
net. The Turks Immediately tried to retake
the redoubt, and poured a larger number of
men Into the adj tccnt entrenchments. The
Russians bombarded them, but suffered
severely from rifle fire at ouly two hundred
yards distance.
This attempt to retake the redoubt and
another desperate one on Wednesday were re
pulsed. This correspondent, who is apparently
unaware of the recapture of the other re
doubts from General bkabclolT, estimates that
the Russians up to Thutsday lost 7,000 lu
kilted aud Vtouudcd, and the Roumanians
The Daily AYri Vienna correspondent
telegraphs u dispatch from feUtou which says
It has been ascei tallied that Plc ua Is t Ictuallcd
for two mouths. It Is said borvla has post
pouod declaring war for another week, pend
ing result of the operations at Ple no.
London, Sept, 14 It is a significant fact
that two experienced military correspondents
of the Timet and Daily Ktu-i, after nltueislug
theattuck on Tuesday, anUid at tho same
conclusion that Plcua must bo taken by grad
ual approaches. The Daily AVuV correspond
ent, writing from the Russian headiuartcrs
under date of Wednesday moiulng, appears to
have been still unaware of any decided Rus
sian successes, for ho says i '"1 ho Empcior aud
the Grand Duke Nicholas were on the baUIo
field until 0 last night. Ihe Emperor returned
to headquarter hero (Poredlu) Into last night.
Tho battle-field of the last five days U silent
this morning. There Is talk or submitting
the Turkish position to a regular siege and
sapping up the redoubts, while a cloie block
ade Is Instituted with Intent to starve Osmau
Pasha's forces. Tho villages enclosed by
Osman Pasha's Hoes are full of supplies for
the slmplo wants of Turkish soldiers, and
the fields groan with heavy crops of xaalxo.
The loucs this niorulug are ejoktnofhere
as about 5.000 to (1.S00. but there are no details.
narwr nn hank taxation.
The next paper was read by Mr. Randall, of
flA paper was prepared by E. M. Lowis, of the
aimers' Bank, Philadelphia, entitled "Bank
Taxation in Pennsylvania." no (rave tho
hUtory of various laws and enactments passed
in that state tor uovernment d&qks nau ukhk-
in Intrrrxt. BJid showed that vrtor to 1656
6tate tax on bank shares was only three mills
on the dollar, but that in isou a law was
nfusod bv the Legislature taxlnjr bank stock 1
percent. The contents of the paper showed
mat rniiaaeipma was unauy opposcu io oiia
Tho executive council then reported on
resolutions oi diessrs. utiiurai inu &scuifjr,
referred to them vestcrday. They offered
resolutions setting forth that the business of
tho country demanded that the banks of the
United Btates bo relieved from all taxation by
the Government except the annual tax on
circulation, to cover tho expenses of the cur
renrr bureau, and that the taxation of bank
shares by the fotato be levied In the some
manuor as other personal proporty. The
resolution was adopted.
Thn executive council also reported a reso
lution covering several other resolutions re
ft rred to them, which was also adopted, de
claring that in their opinion silver money as a
subsidiary currency was desired by the people,
and that its froa but not enforced use would
greatly aid In restoring the value of our paper
Mr. Hayes, of Detroit, read the 20th rerse of
the Dth chapter of Sd Chronicles, which was
received v lth laughter, and Mr. Hayes mado
observation that some men wero wlso and some
otherwise. James Buell then rood paper on
"Municipal Bonds."
After a brief discussion on the paper, the
following members were added to the execu
tive committee t Wm. G, Duschlcr, president
National Exchange Bank, Culumbus, O; E. B.
Judson, president First National Bank, Syra
rn. N. Y Hon ham Merrill, president Citi
zens' National Bank, Des Moines; M. Kap-
Cprel. president National Bank, Galvcateu;
harln Parsons, president Mats Savings
Bank, St. Louis Mo t it. it. wimp, casnier
First National tank, Miluaakce, Wisconsin;
Mr. Christ emeu, cnshlerof the Bank of Ne
vada, of Ban Francisco, O. L. Baldwin, cashier
Mechanics' National Bank of Newark, N. J ;
L. C, Murray, Louisville, Ky ; John C. New,
president First National Bank Indianapolis,
J.B MtMUlcr, cashier Mobile SaIngaBauk,
Mobile, AI , and II. D Moss, First National
Bank bandusky, Ohio
After a vote of thanks to President lull for
the ahlo manner in which he conducted the
proceedings, tho contention adjourned,
San Fbancisco, Sept. 14
Surveyor General Rollins states, with refer
nin tn th rtrm hi id for his removal bv Sena
tor Sargent, that he can Bhow a clean balance
mhcet and clear himself of all chances that may
he made against blm, lie otinms triac ne uas
not deposited moneys Immediately upon their
receipt, as there is no rule of the service re
qulilug him to du so, and In omitting it he has
merely followed tho custom.
The United Btates grand Jury has found
fnnr Indictments turftlnst Gooree M. Finney
and Rufus C. Bpauldlng, late naal pay inspec
tor, on charges of couspiracy and fraud la issu-
TiiErnrsiDrNT. AtxrrriNa, said:
1 shall t rlze this token of your regard as one of
me rno"i prec ious moment ui 1117 uay. 10 pvnuu
ofrov life wa'to dear m the four rears we spent
tocetner In the or for the (. nlon The one fejm t
-the one faiIiics on an occasion like thl Is Hint
Air mtn nf ttintn uhrt dltl inoKt tn irlvfl his rpcl
rocnt that io. name mo prise, that so many of
mo caunoi do wun un wuay, uuiwe win uuiu
their names and memories forever sacred. I thank
you. I thank you Cheers.)
The members of the regiment then pro
ceeded to Opera hall, where they partook of an
el? rant dinner nrovlded far the ladles of Fre
mont. At 1 p. m. the Twenty-third regiment
was conducted to the cltypark by tne eommlt
te of arrangements. The mayor and city
council and over fifteen thousand people were
present. It is seldom tnat so many men, wuose
names are familiar to the people, are gathered
upou one platform as were to be seen on the
speakers' stand at Fremont to-day.
President and Mrs. Hayes. Secretary Mc
Crary and wife, Chief Justice Waite, Generals
Phil Sheridan, A. 8. Rosecranx, J. D. Cox, T.
a Carroll, J. II. Duval, F. II. Duval, Scammon,
Barnett, Kennedy, Auckland, Col. Gibson,
Senator Matthews and Major McKlnley.
The vast audience was called to order by
Gen. BuckJand, chairman of the committee of
arrangements, and an earnest prayer was of
fered by Chaplain Collier.
Hon. Homer Everett was then Introduced,
who delivered the reception speech, which con
sisted chiefly of a brief mention of some of the
not jd battles fought by the r-gtment and offers
of a hearty welcome ou behalf of the dtlxens
of Fremont.
The President, as chairman, then Introduced
Gen Robt. G. Kennedy, of Bellefoutaine, who
replied to the address of welcome In an earn
east and eloquent manner. Speaking of their
old commander, President Hayes, ho said It
was his fortune to know him when ho could
know him well both his good and bad quali
ties and he desired to bear testimony to the
tinrit- or his everr mirnose. ana tnat a crave r
or Dctter soiuier never wcu w u&iuc. ja
was ever readr to divide his last blanket ana
last piece of hard tack with the soldiers.
me fresiacm men reaa a leucr iron, uru.
Cmnk. who was absent, and who stated that It
had been his intention to be present, but that
he had been ordered to go alter josepn.
was introduced, who preceded In a most happy
mauuer to give a history of the regiment from
the time It entered service in June, 1801, until
it was mustered out at the close of the war.
The success of the regiment was largely due to Its
fortunatetelectionoftlthlomcers. tlen Rosecrans.
den. Ueammon, benatur Matthews, and President
Hayes were In order colonels of the regiment.
Then there were tolly and Hastings, Thompson
n.i Uniiratli TliM Turvntv third ahto had nine
private soldiers. (Laughter) Just fifteen years
aim to-day the battle of BoutU Mountain was
foutht a battle with few parallels In hlntory. Two
hundred of their number then lost their lives.
The speaker closed by a hearty indorsement
nMh Ih-ratdent's Southern nollcr.
The President then introduced the hero of
Cedar creek, Ueueral Philip 11. bheridan. Lire
mendous applause.
1 think the Twenty third Ohio ought to have a
bfttuiliou drill and I think I could alt e It a good
battalion drill, but I cannot make apocch. I wUh
Fnt my giatlfleatlon at being present here to-day.
can bear testimony to Uie merits and sail an try of
thd Twenty Uuru UlilO auuw ui tmu uitmi i
struektn the great conflict I know the individ
uals m ho came from it, and since the war 1 have
discovered ihe merits of these men as civilians. In
tho hearty enthusiasm you express at the latest civil
appointment of one of your number, that of Ruth
erford U Hajes as President. 1 wUh U to be under
ftood that your old commander at Cedar creek and
nruuMin l.ilna tn arlilv In that eiithuiioim SJld tn
spect which jou have shown him to-day, Pro-
lousou cneers.i
Speeches were also made by Secretary Mc
Crary, Gen. Rosccranx, Gen. Scammon, Gen
Carroll, Judge Force, Beuator Matthews, Col.
Gibson and others.
in the course of his remarks said :
in T havlh1atnaV. ttlOUffh I SST it mTSfilf.
who perhaps ought uot to say It, that 1 perhaps
rendered as great a service to the W Ohio regi
ment by lea ing It as any of you did by staying in
1. Ri. t.u m Hrio 1 vnvn vnu l.olnnnl llavca.
( Laughter 1 Indeed I don t know but what I have
Hall. It was valued at $13,000. but rather
than so to the troublo of exporting It, Bar-
tholdl consented to sen it to the unirca Htates
Govenuncne for $fl,000, and Congress appro
priated that amount for tho purchase at the
lastsoMlon. It was also determined tore
move it to the Botanical grounds In this city,
tol, was deputised to take charge of Its re
moval and erection.
This has all been done and the fountain
now stands In an unfinished state In the 1 twn
Just north cf the main conservatory. Tho
basin has all been torcimrcd aud tho fountain
placed In position. But the appropriation has
been exhausted, and tho work has been sus
pended. The unsightly scaffolding remains
about the centre, and as there are no pro
visions whatct er for the water and gas service,
It Is probable it will remain in this unsatis
factory condition until ancr tne meeting 01
Congress. That this cannot bo remedied Is a
matter of sincere regret. Though, tho general
appearance of the fountain Is probably familiar
to raoit of our reader, a btlef description of It
may not prove untnteresttng. .
The general design represents throe maidens
upholding a dripping bowl, find as a whole,
has a most pleasing and artistic effect, A mar
ble vase restron a triangular foundation of
masonry, and Is ornamented St regmar inter
vals with marine shells and figures of largo
sprawling, piping dolphlu. This supports
three colossal female figures in easy, Honing,
clinging drapery, representing the Three
Graces or some other mythological character,
which In turn support a lane fluted bowl, from
the centre of which spring three Teutons in a
crouch I uf attitude, blowing a blast on couch-
sheila. Ihey uphold a smaller bowl, and thti
in turn issurmountca dv a ciwc crown, wttn
machicolation, representing the ramparts of a
lonressor the wans 01 a city.
The entire altitude is about tldrty feet
There will be no vortical Jets of water, hut tho
water will full In graceful sheets from tho tno
bowR The fountain Is placed iu a circular
basin ninety feet In diameter, tho rim of which
is ot wmto mar Lie, witu moiueu suriace. it is
intended to have tho foundation surron tided
wlthroek work, both fur the shelter of fish
aud for the protection of aquatic plants to be
placed there. Lamps will xs plaee-d around
tho basin, and their reflections dancing on the
flowing water will make a beautiful, pictur
esque, prismatic effect,
While the fountain Is composed of iron en
tirely, tho Imitation Is so pcrfoet, that an Im
pression that it win bronze has gained general,
currency. A moment's reflection would con
vince auy arnsihlo pcrsou tliat a bronze foun
tain of its dimensions could not ha obtained
for $0,000. The crude- material would cost
more than that.
The Botanical aronnds are so low that they
are frequently lunndatcd by tho bursting of
the main sewer in tne vicinity, aim in view
of the necessity for filling and raising the
grounds the fountain has been set at what
amears an unseemly height Just now. but this
is a matter easy of solution. Asa defense of
the unsightly lence wnicn encloses tne
grounds, It Is claimed that it is necetsaryto
snieia tne plants irom tne neavy winus ana
protect them from tne nana ot vsuaais. it
Tuesday next being tho day for the opening
Uif the Louisville Exposition, upon ntikh occasion
it Is the Intention of the rreMcnt and the mem
ber! of his Cabinet to be preient, arrangements
have Lecn made for a general rendetrous of the
rretldenttal party at Cincinnati on hunday even
ing The I resident, together with 8crctary He
Crary and a number of ot her dlstlnulhrd pcrsuiu,
was at rremont TcMerrist. Secretary Thomion,
w ho has been visiting Indiana, will Join tho party
on the route to Lou svllle
The other member nf the rahinet who are in this
city will leave to-day for tho West, A apeclAi ear
has been tendered rostmsster General Key by the
iiAiumoro ana unio ratiroaa for tns uk oi ine
party, bnt as hecretary Hrhuri, true to hli cbarac
UrUllo theory of tnlnea lornre Etlpaur. has de
cided not to leave before to night. lWiuorterGen-
crni nvj Wilt wait ami arrtiiiijmny iniii uii mu fvp
ularN extern train, and has plieod Ute special er
at the dliposal of Secretary Marts and his two
daughters, who are partlrnisrly anxious to go by
dayj o as to view the msgnlflcetitrencry fjr which
ine ifsiumore ana uniorona 11 noiea. mercury
Lvsrts and his daughters will remain tt Grafton
until Sunday morning hen ihey mil be joined by
ifwunRMer itentrai Key ana hecrciary mnurz.
consols, tGfii'i'fy, misecllancous, tllO, total,
I7,15l,lixi. iMlance on hand at eh e of da?
work U. 8 note, HSrtlCfr N C notts
f-lrMHr f urier cent utxA 11' 1 7t. tjir-
aiio nun inr itm ctriiri ii?.rr mueetiuc
out, iA nlxxr, to'il, 1 C.IM.S.O.
TL00H veteran political w ar-horie, Hon.
Zsch. Chandler, Is In tonn fjr a fi.w days,
roomlnt at hli houv, on fourteenth street, and
tskmililsineili atWormley's A r'presenta'lre
f Ink UertnLieAM called upon him lat crcniuz,
wlili the ht-Qhf oltainlnar.w exprevlm of
liili'sii inifillTa icgaruiitKinu preti 1 I'liimi
tlt inttcti In general for tie benefit cfoir daily
renders but tt e author of ti 019 cmphatie and
iniiinnrab'ti word, 'an Am lhl votM. an I t
p't i't positively declined (.jxakltig one wcrJ po
litl'ft'ly Ilessjsthst he intends living onutdv of
pol tks for awlitlo and Is itepareil to talk stout
noihtn4 except social maturf. stork raiding hor
brocding, ouricullural puriiiiu, O.C., and that If
anyiji) publishes a political exiroMon ott in
Ion tn b attrltuted to htm It will bo nianufai tated
nut of whole cloth and fata In tvtrr iartieular.
Mr Chondlvr Is looking eieenC with clear,
healthy comp exlon, and says ir-at I a nttcr fs t
better In his lite It hm signlticnntly succened
tni evening nowrvcr, oy a iritna 01 mi, v nni, nvr,
that th vrtt-raii tmlitiruii I a DTtiifl so far In hli
support of tho pjcreut AdmlnUtrauon as 1 1 Join the
jars n f tu urmjicraiito rwieij iimb mil w
pMxl news to Ms frleniW, and evidence of one step
l iea 111 inc uirccuou ui a now ets.
They wilt all then pntteed to Cincinnati, Joining
1 tin jin)riB in I'arij luvie,
him on his trip to fitjulsrllle
President 1 la) ei a id party there, and will accom-
111 j dim uu nia vrip iu ijuiBTiiie
Ancr the' hlg time' si Louiille Is over, the
Aiivruir iiik unio ni uiuiRtnio in uvvr. tuv
rreldcntlal irty will dibtrlbutc themselves abuut
as follows:
Tiir I armrxT accompanletl by, a numiwr of the
t any, will proceed to Chatanooga Nahrllleand
Kiioxvllle, and return to Wanhliigton pcrliaps via
Hichmond on the 2.tlt lnitant.
Sr'nKTARV KART8wllLof course. accompany the
ITcsIdenllal parly.
Brihktarv Hours wllllmmedlat'-lvrtturntohls
post of duty, arriving here on N eliiesday mom-
By Atmxttitft Pnu
CncKDMOon ItAifOE, Bept. 14.
At lO&Welock Gen. Uakln and the Ameri
can team left their tent and proceedfNfto the
range. They seemed, as on yesterday, cool
and confident of victory. Two thousaud
people were present. The American team
began firing at 1110 a. tn , Dkla opening
by a score of 4 The BritUh team began
firing at 11.30 with a score of 5.
The total of the two teams at 600 yards Is U
Jewell 7JS niydenburgh 73; Allen 7 We'cr.74;
nruce,7i, Jaekson,7u; lukln, 70; Hde, 7i tout,
IfalfiiM. n- Oil Fntoii. ?tt Hiimnhrsr. tA.
Rlgby, 72; Mllner, Vr, rergusou, 70; Krana, 72,
UoaL Feu tun. O-lolsl, 659.
The Brlllth team finished firing at the 800
yard range an hour later than the American
In the 000 yard range the Americans In 14
shots show G4, and the British in 7 shots 31.
Tho British team tn tho WO yard range made
tho bust store ever mado by them. Tho
Americans beat them by 10 poioti In the range.
Subsequent to tho closing shot tired at the 000
yard range both teams retired fur lunch.
At 2oelock there wai a single gun to com
mcncethoDOO yards Dak in led off for the
Americans with a bull's-eye. followed by Hal-
ford, of the British team, with alike score.
snr the
President, and remain awavnslona as snr body
elte. In view of the fact that tht ltopurtm-r t of
jiuucd irvini i inma iifiiimir n nai. irr iu no.
PnRETARt MctKAnY will auo aeeomjauy the
iTisi'uut ni piny, unienis mriiicr u-uiie irom
his pit of iluty should be rendcre-l Inexcusable
by an Indian war emergency, which Is liable at
auv time tn occur.
HnhFTAit Tnuyrw w ill loiter on the way with
me 1 reiucm
raTMArEit(Jrsrnjit Krvwlll do likewlxo fnm
tho f irreof exam) le.aiid beeauelt would be In
bad tamo for him to lirao the I resident on hli
vis u t .vtumern cities, he being tu repreuma
tiieuf Hie Smith
Mcan hlle bceretary F her nun will remain at his
Dtpnrtmcnt nn lhol 1 the fort for the Admttilatra
Hon for which good ftrtuuo the nation will un
dniibtedly bo duly gratifuL socaury fchermau
no doi 1 1 saw tho proprUty of at wxs one mcmUr
oniieCablilct remaining at avhlngton, and Lclng
uushlo to ret his C'b'eetTunti going iiKtHhe worn
out theory of a 'prtnsof public biiNlnehS " coueeh cd
the harpy Idea flint It wou.d bu ImiKieolble for him
toabM.nthIiOM.lf from homo at present, as the car
penters and painters arc In po-eik)ii of his houe
In thl city making repairs, and It would be injudi
cious fur him to km e them with ml some nijurlU'
lendetice This was tho reason be assigned ) etcr
day afU.nn'xin for ml going Wett, although It Mas
originally his intention to join the Presidential
jiorty at Cincinnati
Tteret'itfrom Internal rvtnne amounted
to t7J 401 17, and flora cuKoms KJ4rW3 21.
lutinAlpr dencral Kev aceoronanletl some
Tcnncseo friends to the Treasury Department
Jen Benjamin F JTVIr.nf West Virginia, has
arceftodll ear 101111111011 or KUierinlciidvului Hot
spr.nss, Arkomua
Second Aialnunt Fottm aster Qeneral Bradr yes
terday reeehed a telegram suting that senator
morion u Eut-n ly unprot nig
Judge h learns, Lultcd Rtatcs cou'til atcien
Fucsas arrived In tho eltv Thundar nliht. and Is
stopping at the ELbltt IIoum?
.A V. Ilarrlntrlon. cm . ctifT ricfk er tn
Tnlted Ftates TreMurcrs office has resumed Ins About 6,000 people were present, and tho
official business after a brief offiv.al TUlt kv- KrMtct gc humor prevailed. The member
Tho Commissioner of Internal Revenue has
written to Collector rreclonl of Brooklyn, direet-
nig nim 10 (ii'm'isiHpuucs ivxine, iruMiaie, rai-
rrnH os HPFaAL wonic in new onic.
Messrs E. It. Clmpmau, of tho Internal Itev-
tenon and U Do until bciaueof ImpreKr aetlun
In otrUln OMCMnculiof tobacco manufacturers
and dcalorr.
Hon Wm II Lyons, of the Board of Indian
(,omuilMIouers, wlio was requite I by tfctreury
Helturx to make an luvttlgatliiiiof tho condition
of aflulrsat tlwWhlw iirth reKnntlon Mtnne
s (a lid" toiujltttd his labin ant submitted a
report thereon to the Interl ir Department.
K tart of tho rrefc'dtiit a rceepthn ceremonies
at hamville will be exteedlnK y lacl'-d.iu At the
eniniui iw 1 nunc Bcnnn ciiuorcn w 111 uccut oho
gallery and sing a national air at him aud tho
tiift-ntiof tho colored colleges and schools will
chant from another culler) for his delectation.
The Norfolk Lainimart, which apparently
rpcakK by authority, tays in relit on to the retort
that ltcprcwntatlrc ttoNle hm wit'! trawu from the
contt fortheHpenkcnhlpor the Hone tiint .ir
(oodus position from llr.tUlit hasbeiii that of a
rooxl eltizen who refuses to seek oltlec, but will not
decline It when odUed In the proper manner '
Hon 11 n IUnnlng.fif Ohio, who tuccetnullv
ran sen hint Hinnler Mnthows for CoiisrcM la f dl.
beating that dtMlnjruiHhed gentleman by alinut (Ivo
Gttmlv. hasartned In this city, accoim anlM
by hN fumlJy, allof whom are regluered at the
niKS" noiLv 11 iiiitn. luoiiiinga iiiieiuiuu nis
Mrs llannlngand the children comfortablj fixed,
and after putting his twot)s at school tit this
city, he III return to Ohio to watch tho progress ef
tho cauitiolgii in that SUte
Is to be honed, however, now that this attrao I Uno otiiec. Lharlcs Si.aia. of the UocUter's office.
tlve work of art has been placed here, that the Uud K U II HI i, of the Secretary's office, are ap-
trecs and shrnbbery will be so arranged that
glimpses can be obtained of It without taking
rounuaDoui wait to get insiae.
The Present barricade. In the shape of a
brick wall, surmounted by a high Iron fence,
should be taken away, and If any protection
to the plants is ueeiea a a wan coping wan,
two or three feet high, and suitably capped,
might be substituted. The Botautcal grouuds,
with their old fogy iuclosurve, reminds one
disagreeably of an old-fashioned cemetery.
This funereal appearance might have dono at
the time tueyvtcro esiaoiisneu, mu in mis
progressive age when the linproemenU to the
contuglous Capitol grounds are so near com
pletion this inclosure ought to be harmonious
in some manuor while having ais'incuve
pu'nted by EecreUry bherman a commission to
taka charge of a mice or counters, clerks, meuen-
gers and laooren, eunslstlngof thirty ladles, three
male clerks, three meMcngers and four laborers,
proceed to New ork and count up tho Internal
revenue tiampa anti paper" in noicsnion 01 ins
Natloual. ContlncnUl and Amcriraii Bank Note
Companies the eontrset for j riming revenue
stamps Im lag been withdrawn, to take effect on
the 3lt of October Tho entire party left here ye
tcrda) at IV p. m. In a special car on the llaltl-
Piuru biiu luiuiuuu (nitruBvi aiitt nut iuiK(in
Metropolitan hotel in New 'i ork This commission,
on their arrival lu New York, wilt take ihargeof
all tho plate dies and prlutlug materials lu the
je n of tliee companies will sea that they
are projierly canceled and turned uerto the bee
retaryof IheTreasurjr, The commission expect to
complete thar work sumo time in October,
lug forged certificates for money against the
fJocrumcnt Tluncy has forestalled his ar.
. i, t tn 1 iiitctiMaicsauinoriiicauy mturii-
lug to Jail, ouoof hli bondsmen ouludlctments
found by tho couuty craud Jury halng given
t.in. .,n irn tn a Ute hour thti evening aruuild-
lug has not been arrtstcd, although a watraut
is out lor nim.
Boston, Sept 14. Rov, Ben. Schneider,
for forty two years tnlirionary of tho Ancikau
board lu Turkey, d'ed ottho City liotpiul hue
found out a secret of my uwfulnew in that you
know tnat 11 amaviauua w iiiv tiu ui mo uiu
that remains by subtracting a minus quautltly and
have noticed that e cry fellow In the country
hat wauls iobut la afraid to abuse tnoiTemaent,
tukes It out ou me. LLaugbtcrj If he can
suud it, 1 can 1
At tho close or the exercises ino km regi
ment went to the resideuco of tho President,
where they wero provided with a supper by
Mrs lUjes.
Alter supper me evcuiug was ppem. uj iu
rresldent iusulng good bye to hli old com
rades and mauy friends who visited him for
that purpose. Tho Presidential party will
start for Cincinnati to monow at 11 o'clock.
Pu At riflfid I'ttu.
Aioibta, Ga , Sept. 14. A dispatch wai re
eth&l hero this morning fromNew Yoik, announc
ing fie ludden death oMra rote Hull, ef this
city. IU Hull wai one 01 idc omen muraun
1 romlucnt lawjeri 1 1 Uecrg ft. It U thought herb
citKiaiiTONH oruixrr to delanm h
Tito Crclghton rode up to the Eagle grounds
yesterday afternoon for tho purpose of ptayhtg
their second game with the'iempiar, and on
their arrh al found that the latter Intended to
put Dolaney, of the Astoria, In the pitcher's
position, to which Manager l'axtou, of tho
Crelghton, objected, aud as the Templar
refused to play without Billy no other course
was open to their opponents but the one they
pursued, (. e , not to play at all, and in case the
"reds" claimed the game to send It to the
ehamDlonshln committee for Its decision.
Much solicitude Is expressed for the where
abouts of the Astortas, some claiming that they
have gone up, and others that they are still in
in the field. If the latter Is the owe, the ac
tions of several of their players yesterday ore
not calculated to odance the interests of base
ball hereabouts, as Delaney Utttnleit to play
on the Templars, ana Jtcagan anu jicraierma
play on the Eagles in their game with Our
Bo)s. If they have really disbanded, let tho
faterntty be notified, In order that no more
disputes may arise on the ball field, as they
are detrimental In eiery way to the game.
The'Trldeof Capitol 11111" scalped the "Ze
bras" yesterday on the grounds corner of Ninth
and H streets northwestjas they only allowed the
trlpod-hoscd jouths to score 1 run, while they
ran their figures up to n The game was a one
sided affair, and is hardly worthy of detailed
mention, as the Easle nounded Haddock, the
curvu plteher, (T) all over the field, while with
the uur lwys it was one, iwo, mroo uounce 111
a majority of the innings. Haddock's curves
have no terrors for the Washington boys now,
as In the last two games ho has been walloped
unmerciful It.
To-day three (fames are promised, the most
Important of which is the one between the
Eagle and National, at 4 30 o'clock, on the
uiympiogrounas,aouM me iagie umouicij
improved their nine, the Nationals will hae
a hard fight to gather In a sheepskin.
The Patriot nlav their aecoud game with
the Our Boys on the corner of Ninth and 8
afreet northwest, and the Tcmnlar and As
torla play their return game on tho Eagle
grounds, corner of Fifteenth and E streets
The secretary of the league, Mr. HIgglns,
has moved bis headquarters to Hcnla's drug
store, corner of East Capitol and Third streets,
where the managers of the different nlnei can
procure tho regulation balls.
A meeting of the league was held last even
ing at Buckley's, and after the reading of a
letter from the president stating that "all
clubs petitioning the president for a special
meeting must forward tbelr petillon st least
ten days before said meeting Is desired," as
there appeared to be no business of Import
ance It adjourned.
At nttiburg Indianapolis. 3. Allegheny, 1.
At Hew voik Jiariioiui, o, nucago, .
anANDrETEsiirLDiviroNonop iikubens
The I'lilted States Consul at Antwerp has trans
mitted to the State Department an account of the
fetes held In that city lu honor of the three Iiuiv
dredth annh crsary of the birth of tho Master Art tt
Hcubcns, The fetes commenced August 17, and
continued for ten day The city council appro
priated auuisio frnucaforthe celebration and a du
Iu it tit M ujo franri will have to bu nrovlded for
11 is tttummeu wni niuouuo irnuca eru vxpeuueu
In Illuminating and decorating the city. In addl
lion tothecltlseusof Antwerp, who turned out tn
mow, thousands flocked from the surrounding
country, all wearing Heubens badges, drewed lu
holiday ooHturae, and Inspired with tho utmot en
thtuiatm An original cantata was ix.r farmed be
fore the statue of Kcubcus, on one of tho principal
square by 1 JU voices and iuntruineutt. txpt
lions of 1 aiming and engraving", a historical cor
With of ureal mien dor. rvimtiaa races balloon aseen-
ions Ac , tllle-d up the ten da) a, rendering the
ivies me uuni uieuiuruuic iriuuwj vicr puiu vt nn.
By Auoeiattd Jr.
isiw York, Sept. 14.
The verdict of the coroner's jury in tho cose
of the victims of the late disastrous fire In
Hale's piano factory, on Tulrty-fifth street, was
rendered this afternoon. The Jury found that
Otto Rcsftcnneckcr and others came to their
deaths by reason of the burulng of Hale s piano
factory in mis city, on the oa uay 01 Septem
ber, 1h77. We feci it to be our duty to censure
tho owner of the premises, J. P. Hale, on ac
count of his neglect to provide adequate means
lor extinguishing nros, ana wouia recoiumena
that the proper authorleics compel owners of
such buildings to rnn Ide a tank or tanka filled
with water, placed at tho top of the building
and standlug pipes from tho same with hose at
tached ou each floor, and that all drying rooms
onght to bo built strictly fire-proof. And
further that tho commiiwlom rs of public works
should cause to ho provided larger mains, in
parts of tho tit) , where Mich 1 Ipes as in Thirty
fifth street are lu nse,
of each team received equal commendation.
Of the British team filr Henry II id ford ap
peared to ne tne lavorite Jte mane inn re
mark! "Well, if wo aie beaten, we are not
ashamed to ho beaten by such a magnificent
set of men as compose the American team."
Tho be til hit now changed from betting on
tho rtault to wagirs on the number cf points
that the Americans will lead their oppoucuts.
As tho time drew neaf for the Biitish team
to complete their scores at VO0 j arils rauge
they became very cautious Mllner, who
made such a magniilei tit score on tho occasion
of the Centennial mitcti, mi le a miss, which
appeared to came him consilernblo chajria.
Sir Henry Hal ford remained resolute to the
end, coupling firmness aul resolution with
great caution. Ho scored (J out of a ponslhle
75 The firing was finally cnmludrd with a
score of 530 points for tho British, and Ml for
the Americans.
When this announcement was made, the
cheering became deafening, both teams being
cneercu in turn.
The Individual scores of tho
at 000 vards are as follows :
pakln. C7 Js. kv .!. i Jd. . Allen 7 W ebtr.
71 jiru,vz, Uljdeiiturgh, 7J, Jewell, 65 Totil,
The total of the
at 900 yards Is 36, as follow s t
Rlgby, 69 Mllner, M Pergtikon, C7, Crans, C7,
Halford. f-9; Llent Pcutoti, C4, Col Fen ton, M,
Uumphrcr, CH, Total, Wo.
The American team now leads by 60 points
over all. At 1,000 yards the AmcrUmns scored
H, In 18 shots, and the British 33 in 9 shots.
At i,wu yarns utainieu wuij a centre, ana
followed with 3 bull's eyes. Blydenburgh
made 5 consecutive bull s eyes, and Allen and
Bruce A The first fheshotsof tho Americans
scored 167, out of a possible 200 Bljdenburgh
has scorea s consecutive nuns eves. U'fDT
and Mllner, of the British team, failed to hi
tho target at ft 30 p.m. The tmst.caa tssfti
scored 5-jO at 1,000 yards
The inuivmuui scores 01 tno
at 1,000 yards, Is as follow a :
Jewell 71 Patio 01, Hyde.CS Bruce 7 Jack
sou 67, Jllydcnburg,71, Weber. 70; Allen, 70. lo
tal. 5gOL
The individual scores of the
at 1,000 yards, is as follows:
Hal Ton) m Jlrtitensnt ronton, 70; Humphrey,
C3, Ulouel en ton, Ot , Ferguson, 63, Mllner, 62,
&tBiia,ii. jtiiijr, (x. iinai, oif
The following have been appointed cadet
engineers at the United Slates Naval Academy,
theyhaUng been the twenty five who acquitted
theinsclrcsiaott creditably at the recent competl
the examination A. B. bheltenbargcr. Pa., W,
II Gartley.Pa., W.B Day.Ohto, W. T vteb-tcr.N.
,1H' tiampwu, III , A Morlu, N. ; J B. Par
sous, UchlgaiitUusUv KHemmerllng Ind , R J,
lfcath, N A.le.Uiuh. Mot. U H I'tral.u,
tun,H It. MctTeary, Md,L.F. Milttle, a., M
A Anuvrton, i., r, ji nown. Hue, n, w.
White, Pa.; J M Miltham III D D (lladrton, N
J.W H timlih, N. Y , D W C. Redgrave, Md. A.
McAlllRtcr. N .It Htewart Jr. Michigan. Ken
netb McAlnlne, k., I Bankson, la; F. P.
rreatear, ass.
By CuW fo the Auncinted Frru
H IVAXA, Sept. 14.
The French mall steamer has arrived
here from St. Thomas briuglug dates
to tho 8th. The treaty of Berne has
been In force since September 1. The British
postal agency lias been withdraws), and all
mall matter now goes through tho Danish
tiost office. Advices from tit Domingo ure to
September 2 An uneasy feeling prevailed
throughout tneitepumic. a proclamation was
Issued by President Baez suspending constitu
tional guarantees. Some prominent merchants
had bceu imprisoned on suspicion, Baez him
self was accused of outraous mismanage
ment of the financial department. No salaries
hod been paid to Government employees, al
though the custom house yielded a large rev
enue. Revolutionary outbreaks wero mo
mentarily expected.
In llavtl everything at lost accounts was
quiet. President Canal's health was entirely
Secretary Sehura has written a letter to
Commissioner W llllams, of the I and O n:e, saying
that ou account of tho fraudulent entries of demrt
lands In the Isalla Laud DMrlct In California ha
directs him (the ComniUsloncr) to sinipeud all these
entries aud cauo an Imeailgnilou to bo mado be
foro the local oftlc cm as to th character or each of
the tracts entered It appears from a report made
on this tubjert to Secretary Schuri by bpeclal
Ageni reweomii 01 uiv fepaiimviit vi 4 uaiie'e, inai
nearly all the lands entered In the district in ques
tion were made by persons other than the real
By AtmxialeA ISam.
PlIILADELPntA, Sept. 14.
The St. George Cricket Club, of New York,
played the Young America today, and wero
again defeated by a score of 72 to &9 Both
clubs were short banded, the St. George being
without the services of Banco and Richardson,
while the Young America felt the loss of their
valuable wicket keeper, Van Reusaollcr, and
one of their heaviest bitsmen. John Large,
The elevens, howeer, were very strong, and
a model fielding display was exhibited. An
unusual thing happened In tho contest, not an
' extra" being scored. This, fa Itself, points to
the prominence of the fielding.
tan, u" , jt'K"J t'iai, uin.
The following are the total American lndi
vldual scores at tho three ranges.
Brace 219- Rl)dcnburgh, 2ln, Weber 2IV Allen,
213, Jiwcll 21": 11) de, Akt, Jackson, J03, Bakln,
M. Total, If)
The follow lug are tho total British IndU Id
ual score at the three riugc
Ilk I ford, 207. rvans, 2'i- IleuL Fentan 208,
Ribr, JU Od r ti Hun 2ri I'erwiisou, Sftij Mllner,
US Humphrey, 1J6. Total. 1 tvX.
Tho following are tho totil American Indi
vidual scores for the twod.iyV shootlugi
Rlj dentiurgh. 42) Iiru(e,4:j, nobber.ui, ausq,
4U Jewell, 7lV Hyde, ill, Jauksoii, 4u7, Bakln,
) Tout, 3,H
Tlie following are the total British individ
ual scores for the two days' tdioottug t
Fiani, 412; Halfonl, 412 Rlxb). 4U TUutensnt
Fcnton 407, Ferguson 4M tot V en ton, 400, MU
ner,8yt(, Humphrey, aw. rotal,3 2li.
The Americans win bj Ji points.
Bv AfotittUd I'ttu,
BoHTOV, Sept. 14 Summary of races st
Beacon Park to-day ; For the 2 2i chui, puns tl ,000,
dMdul BlikSwhillcr, 1,1, 1, Honett Harry, 2
2 2- Turn KVIer, 3,4,3; Alley, 4, 8, 4 Time, 2 23
rorihM i ta class purse tl dO dlvldcdt Schuy
lr I 1.1 Kllt. i 1. 1. I Iitlti f 1111. 3. 2. 3. Morris
aud Bio distanced f ime, 1 28, .' ."i, 2 b)i
flu Auttetatetl IVfit.
Jacksonwlu, FLA , ly'pt, li. tiveueams
at Feruandlna ilics Utl rpc"t fieuttl new
eases Dr. Morar.snl tfizx firantith. isjs the
disease 11 urrciMSBSOiy vtrgw urn, auu win
shortly become epidemic. It It a'mot ImpoMibe
totet at the irueeordltlon of ara'n Ifcero The
Board or Hs1ih Is now wU organ d,acdho
pit als at soon to becitabUihad
ByAuwtatid Jr
8racus, N.YSept. 14-0orl J.W,
Blsncbsrl of Albaay.d tl luddta'ylu tna rttyl?
ir He wairorrnirlycaptalaof us uuigtii corps,
audbrlfialr itnsral, oommahlloi at ittwOrUad
eaiLDla itbsiiica,
AcconUug to a report, fomaided by the
United State com ilar clerk at Heme to the De
partment ,of Slate, t'ie number of emigrants who
1R Italy during the year U7CwaslJ,7U Of this
number, 10,75'.) u ere milei and 4 W3 females over the
azo of It audi W7 male and list lemales under
H 14 ( lviruviy ou 11 tt fluiriini , tu i-iaiivv,
and sj4caroo to the United dtatei lu allium to
theforcglng.eJiU4 perw is left Italy durlig the
uui Jiwfi wluiUee'ar tbelr Interllons to return
II1IIUU til inviiv lu'juitia. w iuii nuuiwi ot aj-t
. ... L ..nI art I ! I tn 1 i,i I r Id fi1ft luhi.i.
land 4 71 to Souk Auwtca.aud CW came to the
Uiutea Dine 1,
RER, tt l7T.
Delivered this day to OomptrolleroftbeCur
rency-rnittd States com WOOOO; N C. notes,
1482,600, ietary of th Iraiuiy-four percsnt
By Atxlit4 JVtM.
New York, Kept. 14 Henry Brady,
Secaucus, N J, while paving the small shooting
ran go at the 600-yard point at Crecdmoor, was accl
dentlyshotby some person who was ulng the
shooting gallery. The bull entered his back in
niciiUKctcru wounq eurvrou jiwu'mtr, 01 ine
Fifth regiment, who Mason thoranue, rmbel tlio
wound, but failed to remove the ball Mr, Urady
was taken to his home
By Attociated Vnu,
Baltimore, Sept. 11 During a discussion
this afternoon between a number of ward politi
cians, lucldeut to t'ie IX mocratlc primary elections
yesterday aflghtcmucl In with h Andrew Ward
ner, an active local p illik UnnfOieHeveiith ward,
received blous frni flitch ho died aluiont lu-
..!.... i, umb tmlnir I .not litf.lttn TtiAnma
Frlete iiss bti aireit I, crsrged nlih Inflicting
the fatal ll:w Whliky was the cauio of the
By Antftnttd Brut.
By AuoeUUetl Itru
Eiuimoxd, Inp, Sept. li Senator Morton
was somewhat futlgued to-day, but nothing un
An official dlmatch sas there Is no lellow
fever at UrunsM Ick, Ua,
K receher hasheen appointed ror the Long
Island a Ihk bank 1 11 suit of a depositor.
A boy ajCd thirteen, nameil Lrucst Doughty,
wnt run over and Lll.cd Ly tlio cars at OlKillka.
Mrs. Itegiui and her itep son, John Itogan,
haiebven fouu 1 guilty of poUmlug Johu Began,
a larmerof I uitin couuty, tint.
Hills of luulctmeut fir riot and oitstructlng
railway train have been found ncilmt John an
IIKCM.11, iiauercnne Aioanj,r 1 .tiriaers
4 later estimate t luces the lou 1 f tho burning
of tho Hoiton and Albany railroad sho(M at
HilufMd, Mutsachusetts, at from l-W.OOO to
JcfseJohnwn of King's county, N. Y, ho
ivns tneuty llAesof Ailanilaand Paclllo tele-
graphhtok.noscoinmeiued suit to rwklraln lha
two Ulejjraph coinpniile from carrying Into cflcct
tho 1 ropoH-d kh)1 sriaiifienu tits
ir justice cwaine or tne uuuei finieipu-
Kreroe Court, holding chambers at Long llroneh,
as granted ail order aiallng tho dec ree directing
thesileof lho( hUSkoand T-nVo Hurou railroad,
Mlileh asset down forthoJUtli Instant
At a inert I UK of Ihe Anglican synod at won-
tnsl)eterday amotion empowering the clergy
U'o at their un 11 diKUllon certain prayora taki
from tie piayer lnik of the American church
nnaditcuuedaliome length, and flu ally voted
Mayor Fanen cf Rurllniton. Iowa, has re
llautd aud left th illy Ho had charge of the
l it linnl fund 11 11 hli l" neavur luncieuu nan aura
FRILtDELrillsFflt.ll. Andrew J. Kuaw chaiged with lUfaultlna the McrchanbT KaUonal
was nominated by Its JUpuoPcans for coroner to- iH" iu tu t aicnt vi ti"(vw. vuw uui;v.- .
0y, tejHd.
ThO Emjeror this morning has pone bade to
today, ueMuauauxeoircuujvivaniu.
VialbedledoJ aPJWx-

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