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MaS. "l 'i'Jj'llj'U1'
glational gtpiiMiaiu,
w.j. muutwhi moi'iiiKTon
rilUIWDA u !-:. -J r " i-HFrTLM HI nsr ia77
WTTO!L TnrATlt, 7V lXtniehrff$n
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The New York l.cjtiii.licnn com en t ion
nbkh mot nt Kodiesler yentenli.y nttructecl
ft great deal of put. lie Attention from the
fact that it has been f.eucnilly ex
twcteel that !( nation would eletern.liio the
future relation, of Mr. Coxkuao to
the A dm In 1st rat ton It ninatbc Admitted
that the npeech of the temporary chalnnnn,
Hr. rLATT, was not at all reassuring The
Btjle in which hepoke of chH wrvicc re
form U that of thorn vr ho Are at heart op
poned to any change In the old ajhtem of
poll. It in very ewty to any that none hut
MMtrat, capable and filthful ofiicers hIiouUI
be appointed Why did not Air l'Uir go
ono step further nnd say fwmeth.nir. ulmut
ma ring good officers pemiAncncy in the
tenure of their placed He did not do it
becauw lie knew that It would 1 admit
ting principle which would he fatul to
the aystem of apoils to which he i to de
otfly Attadhrd.
Mr. Platt'h treatment of the question of
dvil service reform wan who'ly wanting In
faimem and logic It was a low appeal,
which could only be au It Ably addntwed to
men whow highest apirnlions ore for office,
and who look upon polities as a trade His
obnenntious oil the Southern question were
In keeping with the rest of hU speech He
totally ignored the grand work of recon
ciliation which President llAYrahas ac
complished He preached the doctrine of
sectional hate At a time when the sVy is
more terene and clear than it has been for
years, be has the nhamelexs audacity to
peak of black nnd threatening clomlt as
obscuring the horiron, and to say that the
frieuds of freedom now hate ciiiefore.e
rpondency In lew of the conliil recep
tion which the Southern pcoplo hive, just
given I'rcBidcnt Haikh and the loval
sentiments which have been tinlvemilly
avowed in th t sett ion of the Union
Mr. Vlattr utterances were but little
short of treasonable. W 1mteer Mr.
Platt And narrow-mind wl pnrtitutis
like him miy think aixwt the nutter, wc
ore conrldcnt thit the great nn-a of the
people throughout the North are willing to
trust the Hamptons, the Hit ln and the
Lamara, They believe that thewe Mates
men are now loyal citizens of a common
country, and that they desire to promote its
(lory and prosperity as objects of the tint
importance Mr. 1'I.ATt'h speech isninin-
nude Attempt to keep alive that spirit of
sectional iwue wmtn has already protiucru
bo mauy evil results in this ltt public He
deserves to Ire rebuked by every patriotic
dtfren for his ill omenetl words of hate
We arc very far lroui believing tint Mr
rLATT spoke the sentiments of an ecniil
erahle portion of tho KvpnblUans of Ww
York. Tlc lact that lie vt wheel some up-
ftlaune in the convention isa matttr of but
ittle moment, for it is very doubtful
whether that body was in any proper miphs
of the term a representative one It is
comparatively an easy matter for a skillful
politician to so manage party machinery as
to create a convention which will subservi
ently register the decrees of its masters. It
ia quite another matter for such bod to
get Its action approved by the people, es
pecially in these times when party lenltj Is
to little reganlexl
Tlie action of the convention in making
Mr 11 ATT permanent ehninn in of the con
vention niter lie had made sueh a spm.h
Amounts, of course, too virtual Indorsement
by the convention of all he said It is not
surprising, therefore, that the committee on
resolutions appointed by such a hodj should
report a plitform which arraigns the Presi
dent's civil service ordnr The proiHmitiou
that the President has no more right to ex
clude his employees from partidjution In
political aQuirs than an ordinary business
man has to forbid his from so doing is cun
ningly w onled to evade the real point at
Issue It is well understood that the Presi
dent's order does not eiej rive any m in of his
privileges as a citizen, but was aimed attlmt
odious rt) Klein under which OIov eminent
officials hud usurped the act ic mauigcmcnt
of party affairs, and virtually excluded or
dinary citizens from any share therein The
public are not ignorant ot the lact that the
custom hoiiH gangs huve for years con
trolled the Kcpublicun conventions of the
State of New York. The people will re
joice to lie relieved from that tyrannical
And hateful oligarchy which has so long in
solently domineered over them
The platform makes nn issue in pliln
terms as to whether or not a re it and per
manent refoim shall be effected in the
civil service There is no mystery rs to
What inch a reform demand One of the
most crying evils of the old flMtin was the
Interference' of Federal officials In polltiul
Affairs. At State conventions they invaded
hotels and public lulls vvorto than the
frogs which pligucd the Fgyptlans They
did not stem to think ttiHt common uti
tens had any rights which they were IhumhI
to respect, and, ionic fluently, their Inso
lence and corruption brought the Kl publi
can party to the ver1 ofdeHtriictiou
In this matter the President stands upon
the natioinl pi it form of his mrty. He cm
take no step backward 11 the pledges
which I hi til pnrties made to the people in
the enmpaign of lfcCH nrr not kept it will
not he becuiiM: Mr If kh will nut make a
vigorous and earnest effort to carry out the
treat reform to the uttermost upon his
No surprl-e should be frit at the fact that
the Government has underbid the h ink
pot e companies in the bids lor printing the
Government issues It is ptiin tint the
It u rum of 1 ugiaing nod Printing can do
this work chtapcr than any outside jurty,
for Ihe reason that while it can get ma
chinery nnd labor nmlnap wthevcan.it
has the advantage of .having no icnts, taxes
or insurance to pay, to say nothing l the
fact that the hunk-note companies include
In the bids a margin for profits on the cup
Ital invested It is very obvious that the
time liaa come for stopping tne Nvtttem ol
having priutfng for the (ioviinment done
by contract ror example, tne r'ost i?intc
JJcpartmcut now has the postage stamps
engraved nnd printed in New York under a
contract which pas the company 1 irge
pronu alter paving taxes, rents and lnsur
Ance ThouKAudK ol dollars could be saved
to that Deputtimnt anmully by h iving the
postage stamps enjraven aut printed in
waMiinirton 'iheie Is enouch of this busi
ness to justify tho Government in eicting
special butldlug lor tne use or the Itureuu
Of JjigTaving and Printing
Architecture In its highest an 1 lest forms
Is lastly e teemed one of the m iett of the
Jae arts. Jn no way are the feelings of r
sons of cultivated taste so often outraged as
by the hideous buildings nud monuments
trlilcli Aoouna even in me most civiuzcu
Aouutries. The Imnortaiiiv. therefore, of tul
tirating the science of the beautiful cannot
be eingRernted. It Is so especially import
ut that tlio testhetic facnlties of the in
isbiUnts of this city should beproporly de
ojoped In order that they may be prepared
to properly embellish the Cop! t si, not only
with tasteful private dwellings, but pre
vent by ad enlightened public sentiment
the construction of public buildings and
monuments discreditable to the art of the
nation According to the Amnion -4msi-tftt
the soldiers monument lecently en-ctcd
in lloston is quite a common place affair.
It sh(vs
No architecture en nifcmlt to npisl illTlnlons In
lielRht vtiiliout ttcumliiK iu Inntcal, and Ihe
four llnekattielmeor the ulitfl render nece
Mr a bold vnrtstinn from iht urns! Ue or Hif
enlnmii Inthlannler hut llie Tsrlstton ttfntM
In the ur orthc nltio Nw MnsuWeictit snd ttmlil
The f mr rlfnirrs 1ntitel on the niiffle tmltreon of
the plinth are very unhappily ilrued Trom every
SiilduiiAl point nf Klclit ttio to'mmncnt rnwli nt
lUbAMc It la neither compact nor pjmniMsl In
effect It Is. perhups. In the placing or the tunics
that this enmpoaltlnn teema rowt tn lieel Ihe Mihly
or the arrhltect Thcve flgnrei aro too kooiI In m d
ctliiff to I no fiiartlUral1y dt-poxt-d Thrv aro
flmj ly Mcrlftccd Itls aim) smaitrrof rnrret thtt
the original Intention ofthedcuijm wo ullcrrdln
reiiect to thomttcriKl of the ptittuc Thew sre of
bronro snd the two rnsterlsln, I rone Mid granite
eannnt be combined with tiicees They re e"
sentlally antacnnlntle In color and an effect of
unity cannot bo ol mined with any mch combina
tion unlet one or tho nlher material U touch more
subordinated than In Hits coin oi-lt Ion
Fo ninnj savings banks have filled with
in the hut few months that the lain) ring
people of the country nro left almost help
W Thcr distrust the few institution
which still remain solvent, not knowing
hovT soon they mnv follow those which
have gone before The new simpers through
out the eon n try have, with remirkible
unanimity, spoken out In tavorof estali
llshing postal savings binks. In view of
the urgent necessity which exists for pro
viding prompt relief to the people, we hope
that Congress wlll,nt a very early day,
take up the consideration of this matter.
Habits nf economy cannot be too much en
couraged among the people, nnd this end
ran lest lc accomplished hv prov idlng them
with the most ample facilities for Invest
ing their savings so that they will be nbso
lutely safe and bear n reasonable rate of in
terest. SUKiRnrr, In "The DanlcherTs," is the Boss
TwLinof Russia,
TiiF new Yale nine are not the faculty.
The latter are all hailed headed, however
And riiK times are hard and there Is only
seven huudrcd and fifty millions of dollars in
the New Fnglaud saving banks!
"Iln-F's IUmw" have given rWe to a
great dVnl of biby literature mtty prolueed
nr thrw who were ucver rroltrh, tn any other
Tur Syracuse, M V, JirnI has reliable In
formation that miliums have tapped the
spirit of Brioh w ol. mi Hut whether it f
that which ho left behlud or took with him is
not stated
H. H WniTNKV, of yracnc, V YM com
mltteil snirlile In i-nuscrpteiue of having suf
fered heavy Iom bv fire 4i cording to Ortho
dox faith, his exit vas but fiom one fire
trniiblK tu another. Still, be took the fire rink
In the latter
Tilt buoyant temperament of the editor of
the Helena (Montana) Herald aue him t
My that "notulthxtandinff the universal oni
tliiint of hard times tht fn t remains that the
"nttnl Matt is run now more prcMperoiH
thau any twople or nation on tarth "
Sixty six months I the sentence of n
nauzhtv little 1kv who stole $1 tn New Hump
shire Those ilNpnsed to steal millions of dol
lats will now, of tniiue, avoid that partol tho
Union, or ele their punishment in this world
will not ceae before tint In the other commences
Tup Talent OlTlce. fire exnowa to foreign na
tions In a very hnmlllutinK manner the
flimsy character or our goornmcntal archi
tecture. Tho collection of nmlcla contalneel
In that ofllt o afforded an exhibition of the in
ventive genius of our eltiens which gave
straiigcra a high opinion of our achievements
in that direction. Foreigners will harn with
astonishment that that wonderful and in-
valnahla collection was stared in a tinder lox
ailntlrablr ndipted for consuming thciu with
great ranidltv by Ere.
Wicahkolad to olervethat the new con
stitution of Oeorirla eontains a verr saint nrr
pmvlsh n In relation todlvoni The leslMn
lion of many of the States upon this subject Is
an loose that It Is nallv a source of gnvtlfun
tlon to tlnd one Mate which Is still under the
Influence of conservative Ideas in regard to
this imnortaut matter A section In the ii"w
constitution provide tl at ft divorce a rtnnilo
ptufrtmoiiii shall not oe grautid except uuiu
the concurrent venlht of two different juries
rendered at twodlfli rent terms of the Superior
Court Under this law after the fln.t verdict
there will bean interval of six months before
the seeoiid c-in le ohtalncel This law, If uni
versally adopted, would oMratfl as a wholewnno
i heek Uion the shainrful facility with which
divorce are now obtained
Excti tionh have heen taken In aome quar
ters to the rule adopted hv Mr HelitlRZ that
clerks In U Department mav cohomotnente,
hut that during their absence t heir my shall w
stopixtl Wo think Mr Jiiukz U rlittit In
regard to this matter, looking at It from the
standpoint of civil service reform If the
principles of that svstem aro to prevail, then
the clerks In the several Department of the
Government will as a K iierwl rule become, per
manent citizens of this District Although
thev ntnv eul'iv the couktructhe rifrht of vot
ing In the tetes from wherever tliev were
appointed, the expeillencv of their exi reng
that rljrht Is doubtful There eun ceilaiulv
le no propriety In alluwiuic tlielr juiy to con
tinue whtlo thtv arc ahtcut fioiu the eltv on
such buinesa We do not see why a difierent
rule should lc applied to the civil servant of
the Government from that which has long
prevailed as to army oflhers The faet that
the latter seldom If ever vote glvea them a
very desirable position of Impartiality, whUh
Increase the rwpect In which they aro held
hv atl e lasses of people We hold, therefore,
that oflhers permanently employed In the His
trirt of Columbia should not mingle In the
political contests in th States, Thev are here
a the common servants of person of all par
ties, and the civil service wotitd be much more
acceptable to tho people If the oflher should
hetakin enthelv out of politics Moreover.
there Is no reason why men who aro virtually
permanent rcsiaeiiTS oi tins citv anouni inter
fere with elections In Ohio or New York.
Tn oritsiil jatlon of Teias Klste troops for service
on the Rio (IrsnJe looks UVe buslneas
Thf New Jerrer Rcpul Hi ans did well In noml
iiatliiH ex t.ov Niwm. He will give Gen Mc
Ciril an trouble to beat him
TnEenthiislflsm which th laantton of th name
of Cen (iant excited lu th ?ew ork Kepubll
csti convention jutcn liciiltleatit when Ulrn In
enniieition with the tlk there la In some quarters
about nominal Ina Mm for a third itrra
PrATOt Oaim ksq of Rsleljh N C nephew of
the late Josrrn (lui snd W Heatos of a
banal IuMttpraerr fsine U a promli ent candidate
fir the omce of Door kertfr of the IlotiHuof Jtepre
scntalh es and expect to bo supported by the mem
ben from that rei Hon
Iris proposed that Mrs Van Cott hhould hold
a preachlns; match with llrrritra 8he ts said to
hare a wonderfully klasable mouth fyracute (A
There are treat many men out of employ
ment here
" Will you permit me to descend my
frtends7 said Vore Antony Hooters Hjturrloy
nlht. Just then he stepped Inadrrnently on the
frail can taj oorered frsme work repreatntlng the
marble platform at the head of th Heps and
down eamo tbowhole concern, Jarc Antony and
The amnsltir part of lb affair was that Jullu
fVsnr who had been dead wrersl haurs and was
laid out stiff snd cold 011 a bier at the foot of the
stops threw up an arm In mortal terror when tho
platform cracked and kl ked around vry llrely
as the stuff came tumblUif about his ears
If you hare tears ' continued Marc Antony.
'prepare to sited them now ' and they wsro sheet
lioerally by the audience In Ike couvuUlre At of
lauzhter that followed Chicago InttrOetan, 54M
PicTrx Coorra Is eighty six.
Victor ltvno has a new novel under way !
Moody Inaugurates his autumn meetings
In HirlfirJ
Krv. HrxRT Hnwnr, aged eighty one, has
hum; hlinvlf st lllnglmm Mans
Mrs R. H.STonouinlisatd to writs the
bcft I Uiii 1c vere. i rod need In America.
Ynt Maki Cmin, ono of the original
abolition IrUi, U In her m;v ontv felxth year
TiioM n MitU a murderer, nentonced to be
hftiipriJ has blow n tils braliH out In Ohio,
(lv. (UnriKiD and Ororgo H. Pendleton
hold a Joint rtlscimlon at Pprlngficll Ohio, to
da "I.iTTir MAc" accepts, and already his
friends rale the cry of On to Washington!
Hir Hkxry HALTORD,of the British rlflo
tfsin, Intcinls making an extensive tour lr the
JviiKsFisar, father of Col PJsk Is peddling
lightning rod iu the northern part of ew llamp
shire Dom rnRowore out fivo private secreta
ries and left them behind when he s&llod for
Tnr rmperoror Rrazll was due at Rio de
landm yertcrday, after an absence of nearly clgh
teen months
Vv Vicp rRrirFXT Scurvtrn Colpax Is
anitrunred tolrrture In Cliillleolhe, Ohio on the
evening of O to her 13.
Cufh Cisniso and some of his neighbor
In Ncwhtirjport went flilnff and csnjtht two
thountid mackerel and two hundred cod In twelve
Thl rumor that Col Thomas A.Peott In
tends to retire from the prrsl lency nf the Te
I'nrllln Ilnat Is authoritatively denied by the
I'lillftilelphla Irw
CI racf (1 Ri v v oon remarks that tho story
of hrrserktttffan t elta'nlnga divorce from her
hu'hsnd haltejanddcfiresthe tocsins to let her
private affairs alone
Urbun Ifvm Jivsrpit LrvFRRirs, whose
dtath ula'p Hsntioiiooel as haTlna occurred
lartHindat wm one. of the great astrouomeni ofl
the nineteenth century
SlMKLvdiaTtKniipann ttnyrA in Oxygrn
ih.u..Mhi i.l- Itwxm W nn. nnin i
that she would next appear In a vacuum tnwliMi 1
an ither replies that she has done so already In air
aone so aircauy in air
.... ....
A hon of the late John
i Mown, of Mr -
Binia isservmiras arartain in ine rrrnrn bhiit
i" I iZ.V
sl&n usr reet U tin. fnini liuls Nauolooti the deco-
ratioiinf tin lvhnof Hon r
JohmP (YANKfAnMt, fortv six yenni '
aBWAirpm1iientreiin.1iihtnn dramallc efrth's
.! tnntv mm imrr tlineliiiinnf P-l.tiiein
port reaiprtreil In thnt eliv on Mouldy r hrht
..... 1
... . . .
1-nrl. nult lr li.i.iir.rfil temprr bii.1 wh.n fhf
!,. I ivlirh .1.0 .I,-, cull, .ml one.. .I.c
.i.m.lio. I. i..-r-,litprr .!. I .1 work unra. I
Tl.n . 11.0 lll.n nf .ranll l.) I. Kl)i Tcm,t
Fimi"Hrr cn whr-n Hiwo'ZM Ohio
miiiutru.nliviil'llriM.nnMln ullli
b 1 or jio men ll r. I .... 1 1 tile In. ml.l llnl 1.
nonl.l .,.. .ln tr ml.,.!...! Intc Cl,Jllnr.,r. I y
Ihnt lu .1.. .. foi.Tht U4ll,a,l.l urcrof thotsMitu
Jk " T""
GrnRiir H tint iltlTON l.n flnl.r.1 lil p!r-1
mn . r wimi..i tl. t-i r. rti.c tv.rr. mn Art
i H'letj nfMhl li Ii. wr(t Hint etrr . , wli
)i"'-.n IIfmi Hint tt In more rftrrUHl.ini lliu.i
n.ill.,.1, l... .1 i,r n.i.lilMi nil il r. ni, li h. I
Uiii a i t i .ml Hi iigl, mllfllciilt rittiirctoniHii
. -umlav MfnsUt Tillrn Kv . p..c,l
lit nli( irhik iIiai hi v silohirntunilliig
n re, n n im rn.L inni in i itriiii.ii.i inr
tin r, u !.. ul.I i n Hie rent lo tl.r lriB..-v
?'." Viil'i' J'.'.! lo" J.T .!!.''ir.. '" iV'.'
linsss .iMuWiSiHirs
.,,, o ir rifr-rr llu. nrllt U ..1111
nilir.l7.1ii'ul..ii.Wliir.lctrli.r liiil.inf
ll.p I ft i.l 1 .....Won Slip h Bt nrcenl In
Aliti snd next neck m I t" New Wk fltT
.v. i ii." . ...I .in ..in... ph.-i. .. .'. j i rt
nml itinke a ki te h of ( harlcs tl Com r i-n Ik th
utile nun tell unit) u ( romlmnt tVsee In the
lulntliiff h eh iemles to In atme litnre
Tirxivn of the hnlian, an Fncllsh corrr
spn di nt As tu h net rp' I hup biqua'i te-l
nun a 1 11 e ikh k winnni inc m in tie
Uri titer rV rn tn AUcrll 1 neee-th t .rhttntec
him hi Ihe Tih hut IW win net rr I re tti
Sultsn Al-lnl lbmll ile wo-ii iindanxlnw snel
lioweet ilouti in lerthe netrbt of M umrt s r he- I
Fm to niyv.li lh l I the riretlur Horn to Adrer
silyt "
ouh cY)MMruni
(JlMllAI ATH VNhrtmr-CiNTIll MAIN.
In rrieini! tothe truele ftniilar ui-e title
tninsmlttid from tie ! vrtimnt of State tn
oiirconsular iftlniK, nn Interrstlnp rtrrt on
Ihe nmsrcelA for an eitendon ot tnitrlcm
tn.de In r.isti rn, dotitln rn and ( cntnel (ier
miiiv has lnt ti recelei-ei from the ln i tlst '
ifttiMil li-m ml at rrinltfiirt n ttx Mint Af
tt r lullv revievvtiiif tlie nine 1 h In thin 11
creie, sudi a the attacliment of the (ieruiin
leo o to lltiel ciisti tusnnel Hit ir cIMiulni
tlon to ntceit intiovntn 11s vlneli I 1 ptv n
chinto of liiihlti and the nuuincr of iloln;
ttilnj, wllcli have cone do'rn from i ncrn
tion to Piitcrttif n tie in imiI rpnrrut fitli n
kh rid that nil kih b nlhJnrlfS I11 nnd IK x Ii 1.1
tnthetrreat hvr nf pn.f.t ami iecitnian fntu
ettt which pnverns commerce, and that the
Jin-sent time Is iciullirlr favorable for the in
trodm Hon nml s.ile ofAtmriean irrflnctit ns
In that Jiert of (iciimuiv the existing plcthont
nf coin, the lanttnlsMns atato of skilled pro
duct ton nnd the tow rutM of duty prevailing
spetiallv Invite our p-oelucers and inanufACtii
rem to iiiki n nmranio niaricri there
The best and sunst wtv to command this
tstetiiloiifif trade. In tho opln.on of tl e con-
anlKineral, would W bt the esiblishmeiit of
a etntral d.iit at 1 rankmrt mi the Main
when- nierlenn kvk1s aid niaimrl.e tuira
would ItMoiiidniitlv in eililbltinn, this per-
mane nt d. pot or ihlldtlon to I eanpplementnl
M repfllslllc nirints, linn of strict Intejrrftv
uhh it 11 tut 1.1 1 1 1-jKMiBiiiii 11 t, in run 1111 amen
ami iirrv out au me rnie neeestbiry to tne
milauiteM of ant active. lejtltioiite enter-
prise A romplinieevviththe rules nnd an
uieommoi'itinjrrplrit townnl the peciili-irltlca
of the tKHipIe an 1 their reiiuiiinienta cnnnt
nut lean to a itrpe nnu proniaoio lucre t-n
in Ainericun trade with that important tart of
the (lirniHii fin pi re comprised within the
eonsulato jrenenil of Frankfort-on the Main
Tho ev friendly ft-eliiijr which pnvnlls
amonp the peiiple toward the United States
will (rreatl) fjieilltate all commerrtil relations
between the two nations
ti r-ririm rtv Till. iTituiiuin m.inv
Panama, Set t 18
A letter from Punta A.rcuaa, in refe,reneo to
the diplomatic ellfhcnlty which oeurrixl In the
Mcarafiian capital lait June, recitejitheetforUi
of the (lemuu linporial charge to obtain until
faction fir tho asMinlt on risentuek, the (Ier
man consul, and saya the Government of the
United fit a tea, hearing of so disagreeable a
question, Interposed Its tood offices with u
view of penuAtliiiK Uit doveroment of Nica
ragua to uecexU tothe claim of the Imperial
The representatives of both Governments
proceeded to Managua, and on their arrival
there informed the minister, Mr Ritas,
of the object of their mission Mr. lUvas vras
occupied with the preparations of a hull
In honor of the President, and could not, or
did not, wlsli to reply to the note of the minis
tera, or grant them the Interview loonier to
arrive at a aultabte arrangement
Minister Ktvas named a day and hour to re
ceive the euvoys and had the discourtesy not
to be prevent at the time appointed ror this
reason the Minister believed that It was tho
Intention of the President, aa a tool of the
former, to burlesque all mediation, depre
dating the good intention of the United
Htatea, and arranged accordingly to retire
from the city of Managua
There Is nothing of siecial Interest from
Pern The health of Mr Henrr Melgga is re
ported aa somewhat improved, though the
change Is very slight
The Callao Ti net says : We learn that
slocks of earthquake are continuously felt lu
some of the southern porta "
Gen Ceook and the entire Indian delega
tlon Including the French and half breed Inter
nrelers DId a vUlt to Brad s national portrait
tilery where picture In groups were ttktu of
I OC party IUI tiMn nee wurn pitmrru mill
the operation lend will carry back to their tribes
some good specimens of the photographic art
The TjltAurM will be added to Mr Rrad v s national
gallery which now contains likenesses tf ilmetl
eTCrjvuuj mi iiuw nix uu ihiwu nwiuMiaivu
during the past twenty Are years
Peeretarr Pherman'a ipeech at Mansfteld Is
thus editorially mentioned by ths Tttegrap a, a
Imdon dally haying a circulation of a quarter
of a million copies
Mr &hermn,tho Searetaryof the United iate
Trevnry made a highly tinHtrtanttpeeTh at Mrtns
IklU Ohio A week or tao back which has scarcely
I It dealt with A wide ranc of t.iplelbe 1 retidt nt s
noltev. thn irrMi labor rtntl lein ihecT
icted resin
umptlonofppecle payments, a lmlnittra-
tlTeteonomr thotlorrrnmrnt loans, with srsclftl
rerurenceUtthMlsiit of A ner eenL bonds and the
drawl acks to the Industrial rtnjrrcMOf the CO miry,
uanvitiwing inTPraoio ieninr in ine inwiv.i
The speech Is eminently able and well rewoned
MMwlujrunton1r a thoronj:h grap of thetub.cct
but an indeeudcnee and nrmnesxa nf tone w filch
arc of hatoy augury for Uo smoeth rawaitvof
American flnanec and trade throuch Ihe transition
jieTlod involved In the anrc-aehlnff iciurn to
specie psymenta The Fccrctsry Is nt nly de
ride 1 In his vtens. Isit fcarlo In exposing the fal
laclea of 1 opponent.
Ills dimcuUlosaT whom he hits hsrdett the
paper money ihoorlrtl of tho srhm 1 once Identified
here with riirmliitthatn Imtnbun Inn Iv represented
in the I lilted Ptntc or the dlsei ntei trd operntlves
who lay the Lis mo of eierrthirg wnnir to the
cliarjte of thcttuvernimiitt f the dnv Willi re
rinct to theflnt point vir fhcrinan Mandsoino
ceremony whatever Tlcret irrays -alrtrpo
iinssni peopiv nno ivliere irtor nner enn i aim
oiilM to be miulo Into ntinrT without anv on raise '
or hope f re.lemptIon that a note huM 1 i
lrlntvel. This Is adollar' and W mado a Uiial
tender. I regnnlthlsasa mild f. rmof lunary.and
ditlge In such iMuIon ' Tlienf.ll wsamaferly I
slateincnt or tho present ism th n of the Un'ted
Mutt In tho tnnff rrf thi w ! i ir UImI Mnrn tn
sielorAiiteni.uliIrhItmHV I remembered la
RxclfortholstnfJnntiarr iri
Itlssnfllplriittosflronlhhenl that Mr Fher-
mniUifiiir.iM.fAfiU.inih irtKn th mi., in
! ii...t. ii.. . ..-..,-.. !.!. . ...i
ons dla urbance of isluesor dhUatlon of bust
ni"w eotitnuu. and tiiainnrh as shno hepnke
is. and tiiaMnueh as shno hetpnke M?1 e,xl? V"Lrt 'i"?.' ' .
tiiufthepareriurreneyhaMcadly iMlr.8 ,?u,8'.,i,ft
thnt Pit Is now at k prcmlimr.r'p"'! V ," " ? 'holre
hreoTs-rmit eemparrd Willi fire per l7,'T"loi' rl lnj lull Kiuilrt
h ap.1 tliepmtuitiytathaitiil n i.l pre flour Imerf M4 V':TD11
proKrecd so th
onlr about three
Mfttcs vrlll slldo Into sit do ivnciM vvlthnul feel
Ing anyho. k whstever On tho pcenml point wo I
havenamol Mr Pherman vrosrery efllrtlve tl 1
has itii Mttei er with tl e stuihIi ini wlin I f 1 1 the .
'Government retponsllle fir hanl time -When
tiadoli lungulfh ng n 1 vtams have fi'lcn It Is
"iww ihiikhwink mh "i" hh- iumi, "
lontrn cnmi.w... f .1..i...mi.. Ininr T.itnniil
iiin LimtnLiKtUH . ..i h i ....i ii ..in t-i
tloiH - H1 imnranenNan nnlr'llt for flM. ... I
clAtmstheilatn sneaklnj
'..' - ' -' ...i ,'."" ".i . . "!J.i ' - " Vi! i
W. i rli. .k- .I...7.V.1;. ". ',."
m-nt 'tIicm- arc amernrd ly l pVrlaw nnd
tlir ollirlnl put ints r. r tht t mi It i 'ennns Mule ,
trntro tbio us tllw i nn i bet L. I'ie ft tv It if '
tv It er l
t tery
wheel it Is trtntly to i t'e-slretl thnt
I...., n t - w.. ,..i- ..r I...I . , 1 !!
llHl.mi II, .1-1 .. n.il.1 I j. ....,.(, ..!.. II, .1. Il
.1' ,i nfrSS.? ililSf, " , nnM . mTri 1 iip
1. imi ,u .h? f' ,v "ill m ". 1 . ....
f "V.....V-?. ..S ."'.'!. ,f, '.". "v... .1 .... ?..'. '"J T
,'M . ,, l ;"J t ; MMryuwi ,i f
wprnll..H. li iniirlm .inUi,i.l
Trr. nn I trnnii P.i.inllp j.l l uml ft I x
.i,.i.r.il .1. 1..l ., ,,-lmu . nlr lu imitr rt ll.i
tam-ii...-. i.r lli.lr r.tK.I.M intllc men en tin
e l.oniii: I rr l.n. of the lmu
HOAV MtTlt ir conrsv
to rrAT a hnnii ot tn p-ri"! ei'ati
MllltT WITH I ol'nlls.
rri,t . .. i . -.. tifl. .ntn....b..
Thrro Liv be romo irrntllM'Hin In Mrikmi.
a p..)Uenin mi.l Interfering Mitli I.lm in nmk
'fiicanarn - atvlrittUlsrnAtlroerltfinncislliv
JheuHh c.,a,.1,,,eW M . w.1U1,w
the I'olii-e ( imrt rcstcrdiv denrxe Milein.
ri.r -o leo oiirt tiikihit i.f.jnre iiiitn.
, xM, I. iieli lnoMiift rnMunir v.ub nrruli noil
' clmrm-of l.ni.l mil lurniKii.'nl
Tr Miircln 111 tl.r Jtohw r.f l.ii. .1 itr A
"""tnnlon, rliomv 'Sulkce In nunr n
'"'i m"IHi 'n'l' niii.lnil.r uml t.lli.r
urnt.il ilpl nrnnrp, HM nUo ll.ntKi.l wll I nn
xaui. .. i.im. rr iim. i it c. ....-' in.n...
cre-v out of tlm Mine tranauttiun. Lut nero
r(.i ...
lri'Tt iruri
It apsiiin from the officer's testi
mony that llclz-nn was at tins in a vt n ilivor
ilrrlv m in t r nt the coin rnf Seventh ai 1 K
street, TuomI iv nt?lil, and nnn lie elllrer
remomtnlltij velth Mi.) he nbtisnl Mm vllelv
nnH utrlliitir 1 1 111 il bran I lnnr In 1bi fi.i it
knmkcel litimlovvn 'When I find Mke to
him" lontltuied th effirer Itrtunutlon me
anrrth hii1 t-a'il, '1 know yui, ,IJm Mc!citt,
(.odd 11 m n nti'l with that lie lei exkul cue
down (The etrher dwn Icirn striking re
a-mllanie tn tie Kion metitionrel, but is
Koiiicvrhaf Urper tend I env ier )
The v then Uincruel aivl vrres'lerl on tl c
pnveiuent for five nut-iite Mclxuiii bit a
ptereoi mnniuoi tin r.ne-r h ier Mi Atl'
W"Hi f'r cr f.vi of Mdnti s friends eaiiic to
''is aMMiime. ami one if Hum Wallace,
kfikid Hie ofTcer In Hil fare while he vna
IhMiuje MiUun clunn H 0 1 Oicer leas in
theattif Motrin tr Ills wl islle1. and Wallaces
kfik Mn the whiftle and n tooth nut nf his
mouth Tl e 1 fiiccr nasi If d itr ami without
hist itnn ami teas flnallv civericitvertel bv
11111' t r It would have fined w rionsh with
Mei I ni) ietp not arrived in the fersoiiN if
olher 11 tin rn who nipt 11 red Me 1 in nnd a
I tut lu iitild not ret an 1 f tl 0 itln 1
JM-eiiv Kcimiiiltlctl to lull f ir the action'
of til
win id tui v in detmili 1 1 $;"d0 tu t i.
1pvvi finul W and tlnrtv dava in the
"intv till and 111 default of the fne, thirty
eiajs aeinmoiiai
ftcphen 1InU e o'etn el, wns charred In tLe
t'nUi ti ( mirr i-iti nl'iv ntth tin niniiU .m
W.lbMiNidl T I o ennn l.i.i.nt t itt. w , .,.
r the (npitol ik.I.cc trstifliit that ho was tak
ns m Null Uh re his lieuienant for i1m1 nir
the ruled when I e rt!sted and stu.ek him in
tleshoild-r Tl.u witnem was cross exan.'ncel
bv the J rUont r's c-iij lotir
" ,af w js the e.flene 1 oinmit Ud I v Hi lit
. "(luidliiKalimt thn I iiihiin'
J t lilt n"Ull)S the lUW v
"1 have Inttruc
act ft' undntiil th ( am tul for menet
, , t Molh miidlnRHKine e loreel uii e
' wj,n 1 time on nil excursion lrotn Klehincnd
1 1 lcl eve he v
"llnllr vta Ulittvinj! himself, wan he notV
1 u, .-.ni-u,n f i.. thA i..i.if e -wt
colnreil t-oetttle Hretlev?"
... ,".....' n.v ..--. ... ..... ..nv.w v. t..,,iuf,
no air nicy will Aiikwer tl t lr
tlon. hut will not B.,Wc Ihrm anvwdoc '
ahnut the bulldinc" rim tvitnoHH emfurlhei
quHtloninjr stated tlat two Hcnato incest
- .1. . . .11 . .
were me univ l ikodi uiovveu in act lis Rum
for moncv This is otnlaMv 1 euiura thev
have lesa lieee of it than tlie poo t-eople who
trv to turn an honeat iiuiv lyaetluic in that
.!, - -
-r . .
tho ( o irt stated that while he held that
,mrw i.r., i.,i n ...1,1 (.. 11,. ij !,. t,,.MJ
.... .,, ....-...., ... .,..., ........
ing during nfice hcurK,mi lone as thev W
haved theriihclves he Intel no elihciction in de
cidina the eiteslion or gu ilea The usxituU
had licen proven and ho would Impcwo a flue
Inriueer llnlo oi-tMied bldi veiterdav for the
couiructluu of a ftMit L ridge otcr thecaLalal
Fott uiae t-iet deoritetowii Tie fotlttwIuK pro
pot-nN were made KliurAIniiir f 10 A Ieliuui
mond SJ-jfjt 0 Ollarc Al N M Mavnarrt 1.41
J I Murrft) A Ui.te8W o award 1 am yttLcen
The followInR ore the elUnjr rste fcr Oeirrn
ment seeuntleti 1 H flUe llo llvelwcniits
J AJ 1 l'U Mve-twintUst J .t J lM7ll.JB,
HvetwentiiM J ,ti f IM uVj Tr 11 tut Irs
1W( .New hc Ier (itiU lt'"'t 1 iimut fs
OntgreM llusrstitttd SL 7tH (eld llCl1, 4- per
iriii ei n itumin hk ii'ii'irn rxiiiniiKV il
three da) tills 4Ao' ulilyeU) b Iia, 4KI 4
Tha f. itlnwlliu ,ia 111 A fili-utliw llilM f .r lls..llin
stoekp telecrsptedlo II II ( ( kt Jr Ato tn m
the New Knrk uhl KxcIiaucc laeille hlsll
a "SfP Lk.wu 'J1 1". rVnt
li ii , i j
iteilt Ihli.iirl
lOlfi halnt I'hui wy eiti trtlcrreu 7.'.v ( I nnd
I 0, (,. Frle 10' Msntlltwil and Ft J serh 2
ieseennie i"t ew tone eenirni luit ewioami
MlulMlfpf 7 Watsuh 1J' I'niui HilHe (7
Atlchlfisn (ntral tH Wla ware and Hiidfcon
Jemey (entral, 17 lelawnie lAkutvam a attel
Western iVX Gold to earn nione), 3, cold
dewed at tfi.
Nr Yoan.Sept M Money loAiied at S'y ei
chaiifeejnlet at 4s9 gold dull and brary at 1081-
rsiesfor earrylua not quoted revrnimenu dull
1M1 s coupetu 110'( new 1U lK17a 107
18eJTi 1MU new fives 1(T'
w j leu iony v iiih'II'
TeniiesKce Hi 41 new
ins riAio oonai wens
40 Vlralnla tm tk new fit- cont lielntt-it "'
deferred 6-1 Iulslsia tr h new 3 levee bs
-t. an s itx AiAPama ri (in
(Jeorgla as 9W do 7s locu, North
I nn 1Iiiiib
i w
11 li.w n .imUI tow 1 U.inll. i n1T.ia Jl
new, 31 Stocks durlnr Ihe aftcrmu declined
i in, i.vn, r - .it.ii ma uvumi mt vim wtm 1,
lotlth UnhiiM st,
yWf ni... rBiitBi ivLbitii .iir Bi'ia vviiiim
100V, Frle, Wi Use rthere V 'Ilthmts Cen
tral W4 ntUburp.sjiichksgosudNorthwestcrn
7)ft preferred, U4 Rock Island 101V Kub
TTfasuret'a haUnces-YOld, $IW4J1W0; eurrency.
143 798,074 RnNTrenMirer paid out on acitmnt of
lnterot, 47,000; for bonds, WJhjo, Customs reccllU,
KrwYoaK.Pept M The Vrfi (1 nan els t ssyi:
Oold opened at 103JJ and all the Mies since have
lieen at lioj,, On trold loans the rates have
been 'flst' and UtnS f if lis ltretsn xthaiifra
lseak the pouted rates of the leading drawers of
sterling having been reduced at Ihe opening m SKI
ificu- rr"peciivriy in me inoury inarm mo
quoUtlon for call loan thus farhasleen 6fl per
.cant Ctorrnincnt bomls are oulec the dnlr
chance In prices since yertcrday King an advance
of '(in 67s
lULtntnaa. PoL 2ft n-itton firm: mldntna'
lt'.fttllVc rlntir Hull anil nnchnilffiM
w heatyouthem dull and 8iro lower Western
quiet and firm, Muthern re 1, good to prime It 11
Atts-V, do, amber flXfl Western steamer,
t jn- do. No. 2 winter red. snoi. IUlWl-12;
tclttr It 40 Novemlfr, J1.37V Cetm
honthernstes lyandflrm We'tern dull and lower
Konthcm white f!H7iir do yellow nor western
mixed. pot and September, Mvp, Oetoiicr,&7Vjc.
NovemUr f?ie , tcamcr. nomlnallv oCc Oais
flrmrr and higher Southern &23c, Western
white tVcfUV, do mixed, 3.V av Kjo quiet and
firm st f7n70e ITar firm and nnehnntFrd lYnvls
Ions firm and hlsher Pork 114 M. Iliilkimts
lmsf hoii1ler,;tc clear rtb sides ac tsicked.
alduL OV
vc and Ann at
X21i lYtmleum hlcher-f rndc ! i' to . retlnel
IV Usreo steady nx 1 nnelianml Whisky stead
JM Heoeli Is-flour, 4 i- wheat 44sr com,
'J"J Vilft hlj loeiits W htal. wnij corn,
.rw.nP Pt SB -fWlon step Vr-rplandsllVe,
i'""1" " ,a,w '- .","7 "" "wrceeiiij.
2i"h evpim tl Un'at Itrltaln, M31 tour dull
" easr, liiwin. lower decllno milnly e n me-
'ni andlotterpradj's NikAIUC4 CMipernne,
Wctern and Mate . eomnjrn t giiodev
tm W extern and Mate Ji.Vrff cixxl to choice do
llouxi A4 mmmon to eholee vthlle wheat Wot torn
slr l"?,T7 fIVr ,U- J" common U
f Vh. -Vi' ' ."" to. choU-o
extra St vus,ajafa, ittciit Minnesota, extra
lo doullc evtra
Siiiihcrn floor unehaucril
MUfrnnc Wntr 3 7J
r,,r Wotern irnmcal dull Wheat Arm It
Kf J,",1 ''"E"- -N'' r.,JprI,,.e: llr.IlK!2I
N 3 w" ' o J 2,M'h),'1'1' $
N -rb " 2 vt Inhr nil SI 4iM twi'AMeamcr
te SI U Si r tttV a 1 wlnfprrrd 1 Vt New
n rV;.i r ,,i n- nti (
1 1 J 1 Jift. M ll'IO MICll C(UI
rn v 3 no si i sin.! unpriHicu wnncr mi
l white Mute
Ki f lu 11 Nn 2 W cMcn iiV StMi'. iSC. trfli k
ltarle dull fmrrovedMntcfclV Hurley malt dull
hmo inui ami rw
wiied firm nud rlwf henrr nt warf'w
ibil itTii mlxtd i .rfl.e w irlt
Ni W fr hlth irtlxeJ five tur N. w V.irk No 1
(iiiissiradv filrimleiat IIS'tTr mlxileMeniaml
VAV."lV r -l1'!?.!!!!. " !rIlc"iV!sc,. I'iTi
. '."i r eai!Iiig . ''"ic-ltl i qnlet an J
""' ' ""(", ei".nr huh an i net
fn ttr tot d rei n iiL-s i u r r
N"' ntiKt u inisli rnttde v
(n" "nl A ',i.ilC f r eran
1 iv lenl l'"V fr . ru
"" ' annii ii.ariiuii nn i neavr ain.
rime lSirl i ltlei
nan 1 9 jmKX for
Kranulnied, 10c. f r
I II lift I M'.lLl
riifiicu ii i'fisw
liUibcruil In n,.lorrii .Iniiamrn ST..3N f.p
""l Hlni .linnp I bin i mil linn .rule
! i.lm.1 h Toll, .v.lra.lr mil ml .. In.li.
nnl.t. 1 trn .1 i Mlr.lntd InrnMiu. nnin nt
;"V l;'rll ti nii.i u Jl'fcS
'' f" " ' ' nrrjllmrln tin iinrh.ii.iT,l
Imlncr llrrn l.h.KW mile- llu.li. ml Mn
nui.W 1 till mll.li nn.l lnarj . Klir 'i't
,f." ,'"iJrni.n at n nim. n m .;'.."
, ....-... ......
imtit 1 Teret .h-TtHV nuliiti lambs
Vn 1c iitinahe,1 llMYh Tlxah IIoIb I rk
pile! ami firm new nut fll lUef ij tie t Ikef
hnni ignet and uulmMKiil Tcrie lieef firm
t nn nt-VfUrn tiiit tuhMles Marie Hmnjr
Western liiutf e .ar h c e tl d Ijird les
the Hni li'ni il M-ddiilland Inter prlnu
i not - inmr titles I'l.'ii v extern
1 -"' M'le I hoi .. niicl.aiie 1 J'jdt.U e.ni.
,mn ," J,rlm." J ''J",1.1 '.", fl,.J,,p,1,,1 Al,i.'k
J yST I,l,lkt,to"
tiifurfihrft 1 t-lmrteH1v and firm heat
. . .,j, w,
in.-rlll.-l un .., ..lly t lkKr .i J (l.ienjm
jir"" l""'14 '"' J" 1 len.lr 111. V
nhl.licr l.l in k tril.il i ibIi furn.1 l,r
ll'.frnl r.io.te.14' ll.t. dilll.nl Imer
nUV.iibal,. lo-;lwjw .'ll,i.iv Tor
11 tur itltvtiHi m He 1 rosier nt MUe
t I rni r i.l Ctt hli 11 p f r tit ti In r 1 . 1 U
....... ....... k
X il-! ...,!. i?'ti .jJAjw I
',MlTiOerim 11.frvt31 1.4
..:.":' ."',w; :i7
Oct! Iier li.RJU
nil the vmr lril femlr ai d li-m st )
i-usl M. "it 0f t thieilcr 9."H7-$aIl llevcar Hulk
uri vMnmter loi ler IV hert r h 6t .tJiorl
elnr KV bll I xe-l irs'i MiUl In fa r elc
niki il 1 mitiAi Jl ie I rtlht t eru tolinnhlo
ji rhur iitsfl 11 h hiat i'Hn)
b ih corn ilC'rar t at ltOMt- ro aiinx bsrley
"Ml Ht Miict 1 Hour. liMXtibbls-wheiit ITS
si luvhes- lorii.H.jmr, Mtr, ;s ijOu, rjc, lr0;
bar'e r, Hi mv
t in(ivn vn Pert -1" Hour dull onJ drooping
Wheat weaker red ' sn t ji Horn dull aH7e.
Oats dull at ieit? 1 tr in pnl demend att
1 ic liarlcy einh t ni d unrhaui.rd 1'ork eiiler at
313-1. Lardluf.'trf'd lemautl ourient iake hr ,
ketth I'aild lll'k uuiti firm nml hi lair Tie
II ami tin liters to hrrt th ami ihrrt clear
III hit I Ic STKVFe'h. Itai-oii In rooil demnnd Vi
ihL aiielc I truliimllrrs sh irt rland h irt
near muniics wuiMiy in kchki eiimami atii 07
llu ter euelj HiiLiir e eler rtf ne-el craiiulati'el
Il'eall' a lov ! ml ant enihel 11 A
whli lo' rflitVje ye li w rctli cl AVh ew
Orlinns pinniniv II p ent r eoinmon Wftir
ii iui t. i.- ikixine j.'.irfi 11 tiutchen,
. U. Jioeliti" JT'io- -tmeliU,t i
Ijivrov fept -h, Tlie limr In Its financial artl
ele trr Hii"iiirii letnidnb lu a ti r ilnll And In.
ni Ihe. Mate (.ciunllj N IIiIiir but t-omj InJuts
are ttrjr !" ant c 11 till Mdesef Imnmviibli stnirna
1 1 11 1 11 the s a k exel unere niee th rriiml IIhr
Is (.enerully 1 te niil I le ilmn Ir rtlier del art
niitscf butlne-aw In bnil times Mftllers imnll
I nijjli dei'i'L wllh 11 pkhI inan wlno tneansare
' 1 '
n fm-(f
111111011 or H-a ine Kamo in an iieisiri
tmde At the let nnlvaniilct businras
lie Inir Dure 1m uiifortuiiatelv inlrloo tmud
tcwM 11 to U line that the nrt mi as awholHke
one liidltldual nuul prrref r a further ktrucle
if inoro tr It-wt liicninnulu lrum a 1 Dtnniere Tul
I-cilutcf view ttferc we rraln the Nnooth 1 ath of
U M"N t-c;t Jl 4 p m New ork (entral
lfu'f, irtnola tihtral tuv,Cw Jersey Central
1 aris he t -A 4 p in live per cent Rentes
lto fr tur tliohccom t
ASTWFar Kpt Ji. Ictroleum 3oJfr for fine
la c American
KotTHAtirTe f-ur t , rtiv1 fcteamer Oder,
fn nt New erk
Nmv okk hctt, Jl Arrived, steamer John
lUxen from lU n.
Hi pme nit A. Arrived, steamer IlalUmore
frt m Ita time re
1!kitt 1, Hen jtf rrlt eel steamer RhcoU. from
Ar, r(, C.-rrlrcd steamer Conaett.
fn m etr i rk
lUVALPcit Ts Arrived kttaincr Riyal Mm.
utrel tn 111 tw I1TV
In t'nlni (own
September Jl 1ST.
rri"".1 . " .7'. ."' "i?r. rf '""
ni uiit. ri iuiii v iteni mri i j
te it ruru.
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aii s Utilontown
W.l V.SrT.'-.VZu'lZ?, Z'A ZWSX5i
ik titer er J iLrnlM A 1'ene
V't -IntiiirBetotti Hi-ptet ilwr 2V.tr7, Mrs.
.1-1 trAhKTM 1 1 I K'n bawl n-hli Uvo wan
1 rfi trtemh J the lamtiv V l iv irllu ile.m th
, fm rl frt 1 1 btr 1 in-rt:ifni 1 tnnnh i.ihhuM.
' kr "''1 H"lr1ck streets 1I1W Anerncou At mo
I ..?..... .. .
iiinin r- imiHny luorninz Aiaoeioea,iiAAL
11 lusiihitbii niiiru'sriiviviHi oy o.iiu: inrown
tnniwjm iwfni nrty tiree
. II h fii erul will take nlnit m nt liM 1st res rlei ee
Mii,Niitlielie.nier ofrlahlh slert mid Itbode
Liumi Ateoue en Ihun-I&y alien oun nt etelock
1 riendw of the family Are ln Uwl lo sttenil
T W HA H K K It ,
wo eii rr evkntii -strfit x
W Bodies hmbAlmeil ai l prepArsd, lor trAnsporta
lion at Ite kLorteat noike mya
r II A R r ,
I-Hk In tl
V- (lf-ITll Ml 1111(1 rllM 1. till ft I vllU 111 I I
I ''?1Jlf u!','Ti1,riJl'irUw'1'i-. dk.iuH' in lasia
Aitrtkinfll una velll dlsorelrr I Im lumilMit sluinacb,
amI i till lheiiiAcki usHtleilruir Huutsrtuu s (lift Is
",,rl7 "tniiuir iirvumi iv nT ami itm aiWATS
i i-eirinrruin tesute l.niretuys. like tliw iwtly known
peiivlyseketAbte I leasiuil tu fske snel will slwire
mwlietretlwi eui I edvpeiiiled on tlerety avoiding
' eii e irwatel trcutlr MaJe inrki fi femula i
w n. i-NTWian.
sejlv VVAHltlNlUtlN D c
ailii'l'lLL'SJl" "-T
OrheMAndeniipllnrieompiele.At HAMItTON"B Y
AI 1 A H lllilinr nrHU ..Ift.LUfu.
i i - ii
I 1
I &
' atl notad HochIs now rAdr
AUOkR New York-
a p r-TiiF JnrMiihRi ortMON
IrfsiipsJSo If, I O r.rhproy notliliylto mret
sttMlWIIown Ksil (KHVVidfen riltUHVi
th2 llitnslsnt.nt 15 JOi rlnrlcn.m sh irp. ! nttittal
lli ninrrnlol llrntlier Isse II Hurdle. Jtunfccrs
oisinicr icniki-i itrearnmur mv t
J.ltAIiTIV llrPnLNP.
Jleeonllnit HecrrUry.
Arenry for Nw Jeref, V nryln 1 I snare Bnd
DKtrlaof Columbta hns been KKMOVFI) fromlli
WrlKlit lltillllnt Hclit nnd (I stretls, to tit law
niynttif M-euBd Auitfiml Hink, on tTtriith, betwven
.sid ,vpos talheloMtonife peimrimeut
. ser-elt It C VOX l'mlnhAgrnl
rpm; i'mphiunui hak this hay
In the sslil IWMtM, nnilcr the mime of KAlHIil- IIH A
HTAtMAN or WMhlnxtmi I U, lir 11i pimliese.
sslesivt mitliitfor I Iiimk, l inmns and other Mmteil
lirfitniments.at HU 1 ennsylxsiiU avenue corner ot
TwelRh sirewi liorihwrni, from th 1st layef Hep
teinlwr.tisiAnt utileimt tUjrirf Msy nit. 1IAUHY
HAMiHtHiuutJACXIIlA KTA U ANarslhuienvral
rtneri).and rlthl UOIIN O HVtITII m a llmltel
juirtiier.hss romr1'iitt"t I1v ihoussnit elullsra M hts
port t-rilie captlal stexk of ihenirtnfnhlit.
F. It tMHll
WAHMifiTO, I C , Pent. a. IS71 kK-e-ThfTTiHw
or th eonrenleiieeot cropertr-osniTS anl tax
ryfm Mutt, mlAhllshpd iui OKfKh M.Va. Ztl
rtnr-iiu-ifiiHii'Sire-ei,DefWfliiiii Col u ram jdiiio
InrsisH slntt.
Siwistsilentlim flen to Ihe nf ADJUhTMPNT
OKI Ml KO I Ml TAHMJSMNHlUlll I lie col
lreil n of iliOrm for dnmMpni lo rnl tmlute, oil
insterlal rs-iwel ami Kuril tlon by lot-owners under
lMlliOVhMtVT TAX1H ld at a largt rtl
connl . , . .
I lift rnmtlon rcUtlve to thonral, special ami
perMiTint tax lanschee-rfuliy mnif freely 1ven
2erl ll WILI IAtIILKWlX.
llullillnn Awlfttlon-rhlnl snniiul meettiif will be
held next UIlllMIJAY KKllir, 171 n inaism, in
ll.tN Hull Nn. IAS Havoi.lh ilnwl. kl utlnrk
Ttilnt aniiiisl reiort will 1m auitmltied antt onlerri ror
ine rnsiiinw jmi rireetni
sfCft-a JI1HNK. TllOMrBrV,fecTtary
In Hienleliiawlslilnirlo avail Ihenwrtven of theeoin
I entire vxamlnstlon for lh po-ttl in of ' Jlnun 1'hy
i!hntion to the t reildeiit.fpr CI Irlir lleumrtonn,
li c Jonnrl-'inTw HATuniiY. Keptemher Ji.snl
ttemltailtIIni.rUI on MUNHAA, Oetoerl,atS
IV m., fur eism n it ton
(iMAMt)N TYI Hi, M. D., TresMent
A F A KiN(,M H.Htireisrjr seHt
1'hrrco's do den litMMvery, anil all his other niedV
cltiesfersalen ( uxhltn s 1 em pie PruaHt ire tell
( illMnitd lesenxes for Ihrost snl Innx dtrnailtle)
noltliu CVuiflil ii a liniKKtwre MttMMihi TVmpla. sliV
nnliltier arllt le.ftrliulHra use In the C ty at Ctnuh
UnsTimile DriiffHiir.H se
Orruiso, m lIiuiiHTnerT,
tllcniiNfTowy. J C, Autf J Un.
Tlie Washtngton Axeiu of this Coiupany wus
changed 1 n the lt tnMnnt
1ln reM-tit rtitnmers of the Company AOtt alt
otters xrlhhlitirto liisiire with iH.mil 1 Ifuso i-ntl on
Mr II K t'l-'FI r At his httnklng hmiM, eormrol
rirtm th and Uwti northwent.
uri? if J. w. DhEUi u wtxeiary
Oi n No,".
at IE tu n. w
Ttii itJ
ri a n k n 1 i r.K n.
Free Art Oallwr and store. No. CM K street north
ciiou-e uu I'tunnnn, mrravn r unretnoA, c
Aln. tarteat utix-k nf 1 niirrliMJialiin. U Indow
Ktmites, t Kie.res brsrue's, 1'klurtOmU mad TaawIa,
jiiiii" -nit nr in inu infirm.
llense nmvmber mine an I numhfr ..JrS '-?1
j-nt Mpinttrs ftPi!ciKira. rons ex
trart Itemciniutitc Heitliines, sold at Temple Prug
Hlorr- f nii'l Nlntli streets, seS-ir
lIKFLrmrTltTOHs mnke your slieaUt twice mm
lei x. sn 1 1 mi nt ion frt m si mime. Fur smloln alt
lie Ine Murei, 1 oil by Ihe Inventor, CIV U street
IH -tllttHL Jjs-tr
KI ATI R lo ro to Norfolk, V11 April) to
Lkbor Fiilisnir f2A I ah a aiih eterue HepJAHlt
Ann IimIIi n liiui tN-fii midi Le ueratius with ht at
it-tjii iii'-ii 1 invtia. ' wiiuwn.
Hoicw I eM-n, Tnllors,
11 ni rnmra. aiiuiTivra.
Cwj'jWS FlAlllxtS,
eiiti neinten, CtnembrnnaMs,
l re-'mskera, vriuneri eml Clesners,
(Mien s re-e. LUrpet Hwrrs.
A 1 1 k-unu rtrlstr oren lo rnipluter frent 10 a
m.tolpm 1nyrrnnor hy teller 10 Mrs. UUOWX,
lu rliarut ir unmti e Deiwrtmeiit
I utile- wktitnir lo employ apply to Vt oinsn s Do
imrtmenlj jji'xir f chit mo, r ( "trert. nepSiHH
nirndnl, aa fellows.
FlAle Printers,
H pmrnBt nt,
loltoiiR luuers,
Copj IMS
He I ool leachers,
n ai kni1th
tn IxitikdAiiA avenue
l'AHLOItH neurtleArllt tlon or Vrtiltt house
Adln-i l)s (.DAt(NrrTMI LI, flenlW,
se-J. II HQ3 f I si reel nori hwewt.
lutorpArtof lot In Oak Mill Omrterr In
qutre At im New ork avwiuh m iji-3t
end rooms In a ititcitv 1 rtvste fttmtlv. where
II re Are no other bewnlrr. lU-illes ntunt eneto II
loculKintf ronma prk of bofltd per month snd bIao
ma iu Ibe flu that there are none but members i f Hie
Uniliy lithiH in l lie nouse1 oiherwlHe no AitentHin
wlUltfj-uldtocommuniCAlUiua. JOHN MM1TH.
m in-ii ikh o. iniaonica.
Ier month
P. r inontlt, If pui 1 In MdVAiiL-e
!erwe-k . .......
nreuktlistordln.ier -
lis on
14 00
:i HieAl tlekHA
MllltlON HOI ,wa, tlie nmt one In tteiltyto
It wer the prices frNwrd and time save Ibe lrople
fruru HloU per niA tth
Ftg", Hmnlny mid DietAIeMl Air l reukrtit et err day
at MtmitiN iintjtrj,
KZmndiriil itrevl nurtlivei-el
N ft. No beer, IVjuoni or lobncco of sny kind sohL
than any place lathe city CaII
OvCI le-Axnnt soeith front room, with boArd,
ell her trsiisleint or iiermAiieiil. aJo, thle-bord,
-tf '
UtX UOAHUflAnilAa ter wek, Rccortlliia to lo
est Ion of room. Iriuurieut l per day. lAtiletxmiil
ers nYT.mmolKtcd
XiJ Hliihireet IvnoL-nna-rliun boarl with
of Any ettabllnhment in the city Tlie good ere In
the iirfxliru st jle or ornanieuiAl on. from new tend
or If Intel det'en. Ainons ttiein are mAny novelties lu
marbct nrlrM. irmoaMb
se7 No iai I ennayltAtilMievenue
1-orSAtc aflrst elMsrvvfdriiee e i iKMtlte Judiciary
tiimie (iriueit) II n rt-sldviie-e of Hon tUbtrt J.
Wwker Ibis pn ierly Is now ofrVred mr tale on
ver rJouAb!f li-rma riel ti trout Ii4 feet on
tin bam I and an SO feet deep. Iteute tl ree-tory
Annlweeineiil.coiiiiiliitnK eighteen rooms, And built
lutbe moM sulieiani Ai iiisiineT, wllli all the modern
tmiiovimetts a parlor il by Ji fret a flrst-dase
lublioiioneeiftheloiA. TliM iropertyts Vmiy ellAjV
lily rituaiiHl.fronilnic on iduoi lb Bneet s(euersin
tbecliy snd In ah In prothiff (Art of Ibectty Htreel
cura iiiAn the dis r. Th Mtlenilonof mrmberi of
tVii itreM aa t oil ere dIr1iiAallrtt-cisMi preierty U
Invited For firll.er tAitlu'ant Inquire on Hie
prcmtii-A No AM or to J ( WONAlO No. Ml
V sliest nunhweit. IKARLMt MALLARD
el Hit
U ntlrlw tiaurf I In 1(1
mixlern Improvements dmlrshl loesllon Terms
essy Will (reileuiie or Imo Ikiuma, Iirantreof J H.
All(.HIJLi1lrdrAt Uallding, cwrner Aeteuih And
FatrertA. Ami if
new An I pro 111 sble buslnesa For interview
ddKMJ U H.ll3rtnuah aula avenue, sp374t
14SOU HUB tilt ltVT.-THP TIUltlSTOnY
. IinUKHOlMl- snl lir, Cn. MS Ninth street,
toilneeii nn I PnorlbwsM, vrrv snltetle fornHleeii
loerilonitve'iilininetllaiely. Apply en the item
II .aft liiMnii A 11 Lmmi frt luro Ihttt MiMinhnntA
noiri-nl', tin I firrc hhttvt!ifrrt imgfortnt nAoiiM
fnH(j nmf f4 tl pnnd tmnrti thnt II In Intrrltna on aA-ivitim-iuittin
iMK lleiHUtAN An n ttrrilrmrni
1 iimjti tff eiMilneft m hr fiot fn'Q four Iltw4 ieA(fA will
iW forty eiti foe fM flnt oiut nA tubttjrnt OMrr
N"1 ,.... .
1KI KMrATK ie !1T1N OK
X JOIINr-limAN,Na3,HT CtArD ttltt DIMO.
No. t"M starrlaiwl arenne 10 rooms, frame 410 DO
No KnMiillislreitnimhM'l rooms brtrk . 10 no
JSo.lUK(nihstrert northetwr IromiK frame 13 00
?o. HTKnlrrel torllmcst 7 rooms, frsm m 100
NaI Rfernleentlisireet,7nxm nnsL Imp. IB W
No riOHerenleenllisireet T rtsims-mod Imp- IS W
CW eireenaml llrl lxe.t (teo t n ir.hrlck--, TO On
NfelAttTitnthsireetn w, a rooms, brick, m I . 2ff on
No. I Oit) hi reel ftomliwwni llrwunA, nmO Imp. M W
No. lit C street nortliemet.O rooms, lirlck, m t 00
No, an a street northwent, mod. Imp,.,
LilANrtt S- JWO A Nil S-LVU SlOe 1TIO ttftN KIIU4T.
1 n i-i-i rnurnn i i.jhii
PfclilKNI IMfKIlrT.
iukm pHoi'knTV.wrrii dhawinii uuiit
tivinii 'irtn iniriunrni, VI'vnu
MAAonte remrJe.
PtOTS No. 1014 Tth street north west WMrMWM III
Nn, 1X40 erwont Avenue. IS rooms m. L-. KM
No. :iH,nl.n w , hr I story, 19 rs., aat, wieter Jflii
No. IUI llthsireet northnenl, HroomA,ll in LM M
No fll st n w,tirkk,4Morr,lVroonn tm.L 79
No. 3 (ooke Tl nee utn trick 1 story Urm. A.m.1. n
SiKtta F mrect Durtbw-st, store enef dwell In r-
N0.IIMN Avenue frsme Sslorr. 10 rooms m L 50
Na. is I street n w.l rtrk, 1 story, V rooms, All m,t, W
No,cavijt ctepltolsireet new. 10roomailm.L. A0
No. Itat Ci tlol U new bnck, 3 storr all m U
No. 7V ill atrm-l n w over store 0 rooms, All tn. L. SS
Vo.-iMC'nt Aontliwpstihrtck SMory 10 r., All m.L 10
No. Iiaiihst smithenst hrlk 2siory,flrs.,nt.L.M SO
Vu.lJSHst noribwei,tirlek,lstorr,7 rs, nt-t.
No.lxi.VTsl northwext tirlck.istory.j rooens, z&
No. Uitmhst. unrlhwMt, brttK.antnrv, laroums, J
ho.ir"Fnt niirthwnt,ii9W brick, Srooni.mn.M IS
No. 4"0 IlsUsotitheAAl iVsme J rooiiM, 111 I -,11
No. 1 T st. northwest brick. 3 story. 7 rs. lmtliM Jl
HtorenmldwttllnxSth and IL I nve. n wtln.mJa,
Nn, 1 no Hut nolhu est, frsme, Sstorr InviniB ...... Ill
rutmilut Aoullienst. frsme Crs. rsaaikI wntef. IS
No. 4 IV rreen st , brick, a siorv t rooms, in !..., IS
No.M ivnreessl .hrkk.e rooms ni I -. li
No 1SI1N J an northwest brick lsliiry Irs.M U
No,C71lthst AnnlhenAt frwne,! story rooms- IS
No. TO M street ft-sme story, 7 rootuuMnMn.M l
No. A Out until) went frame t twnniiMHHHH ,, 10
No. lsl Itmnidsry, rrame A rooms ..HHHW.HnnM
Htore No. 171S loth st northwet-. M
o. II Faletnera alley, hrkk tsinry, 4roomt.M
t)lt ni-NT Also, a lArcenn nberef other house,
m iiiii line 111 wnirii rmn uv w m our onuvi.
FUH HA I K. e Are oiTprliijr luinierenis hsrj alna la
nommua tots, isrce aihi nniAii nu mouiiiiw iiinwrq
lOHee pertlm deslnng homes or looking for lnrewt-
menu. selO-ff
1I10U RKNT HOrfiE 612 101 RTFENTlt
A.' HTnFFT. IntormAtlnoln-lnMlyiFatreeL
Aepl71f W. N. WIUDatOtnt.
IlniiMe re r rent Apply lo layniKater C f,
THOMFaON, ayyrtepAnmrpt seS)V
New 'l ork Avenue earner Tenlb street rah,
wieter, uutli, eellar, yArd summer kltcben rtcj In
good order cam pes the door To a prompt srd re
liaiile leitAnt, rent reducert in tu. Key IT, u street
northwest. Also, brick slAble, rear I3t tl slreet
northwest. ,2,'h5.
A- MAgnlKcent residence, tn a most Amhlonshle
Krt or Hire lly, with ererr eon entence Including
nlrk-t televTAub Ac. For tnrtber irfirilculAri,
teruia. Ac. Addrera, W. tl , Rr-rc hi ican oft Le.
vuiia KviHiiiM iinrtheerMil najrarntr Fiiiiinl
hAirslreet A B. DUVALL, corner Four-d o-hulf
sir ct and fwiUlanA Atenne Astf
An fHlwttrrmmt tnttrttd in thU Afpartuvnt Uth
ml prr)r mthoitof iitUit rtiUirtp your rnn aa, unit
tAerW'V tntvnUima th ttrjactntf of your Aouaa trt'A n
pinexird By prvprr tmutnuattan yvuf n IrerfturrfN',
Majv be tro imo two line, eotti a tunl ornl for ri
butrrilnn ,
ern exiMMiirm wllli uIaiio Aiao double room.
wrfhorwllbout boArd. At No 1A7JU street notlh
weaL serC-3t"
i furnished ROOMS, rn tille or single
IA)lt with oneor twftclmmrni jiiliiH-urbtli
room. lltst-clAAS private Uble bOArd Apple 104
JlatreeU se-Jfl-St
jl- -iiwiitwral tJeHM suite or 1'AlUJHUC, Atiri
single Itoetma furnuilied or uururnlshed, with hrrnk-
AltlAlItM. sort
furnished l'arlora for rent All niodtani
eontenleiiti-i in e prtvnt tumlly. sejj."
furntthetl larlcr and lied room commeinlcstliifc,
bilhroom hot and e-uld water Would suit anient
Iter orceinKrews ajiI wife; line cuter, r in the nelRli
bnrlioo I cars puten ihe corner drs rl 1 loei tlon, (rl
VAie raiully A dlnliiK room can also be bail tm same
floor, If deslr aL All on serond floor. 1 eruis reAson
Able. . seliHt
XkJXJ t NIXllrD JtOOMH-larlorAnd chamber,
Abo,slinle rouuia. sw;4-flt
pertor suites of parlors superbly flirnlahed, con
atrtttiiif of parlor a lid bed room, ioclt on first four are
flrst-iluMlii etery re.'sixvt well M.USeJ Air recep
tion. Also other rooms, at til I street northwtMU
aep.t- i
lloor, curumnulcatliitfbMll bathroom hot and
endeotd vrntrrt also, oiler nk-ely furnUhed rooms el
lloaHlXTUmieet portbetejit. eeiarlm.
. 1UXMH on flrt and im-ond Onors, alu, one
front room on third floor. All modern Improve
niembq convenient to Kbbllt house Point I quiet
family No. mi Ihlrteemh street norlliweat,
or sliilr, soul hern etiMpmre f-l.riAnt houiee, wKh
clieeinil fruunda, within tneliMiire, Hr-lerenix-s giTea
and reuulred. lkuird If deilird,
selfrlli J, D CORSR,
j-i i
Arnlms, lJusIF
aunara. lliiOma Airnlnlnil anil iiiinif.
nlAhed with labia board. seVim
ato oto aiTfc ArHiigton hotel vary
hABdaomely ruraUbtit siltes and Alnrle rooms, now
for rent, wlib board. IamuIIou the finest In the city,
and atvowMble lo both llnifA of slreet mi a. anil tf
004, 0OG Axn968 iisyssKa
lfAndsoihely fiirnthed rooms with IIm-hInm Uhi
tMMenl Nes. I-0A And AW FUUltrF.fc.N 1 1( st. op.
lKialie KHAN K UN WJIIAHH, iwe of the Itml
el c ble slluatleus In all re-ieetB, to be found In Ihe
ell) . my24- r
VArK family with or wHhont Hoard, In anele
fhiitbuuse aurrtHindMl bybMHUtlral srooiHiie, Aa, in
one of Ihe m.wl eoul denlrahle ajh) healthy part o
youn. .v...tllil will n..l 1 111. too. . im...l. n..t
.... .I1....1 .1 th. nlutd U K ll.unl. 11 fini
i..,t.tTp.iii,a...l .lan.llwho Br.wlllli.clo M
1,1 In lb. .luirn. .1 7 p m JI..I..I ..rvk. t
P-rn it-st
AT IV trUOTtf.
"the ropu piumviBAriiirx"
Iror B. ikT.rywb.rw rrlcMucui. Jet3-t.
. ffltiiSkV

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