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VOL. XVII-NO. 282.
Tusrianri.yo AasEKSJiYAJfAUER
xcax officer.
Uovergfntsanil CounUr Momntlof th
Two Forces Daacrlptioo of the Foslllona
Contested for.
Tie ftHowloff I an abstract of a military
djipateh received from Lieut f. V. Qfoen, ralllury
tttacAaof the United States Legation In Row!,
latod at the headquarter of the Grand Duke
jyfctolaa, commanding tho Amy of Iho Danube,
Gornl Btudeu, Bulgaria, Auguit 27, 1877. lie says
that lino th date of hi 1m( dispatch tho Ilnmlani
have mode naoflenalve movements. The Pceond
division (llfiQO men, 48 rum and 200 wagons) i asscd
hcreoq theftJlhof September, end was reviewed
bytheKmperor ftiul Grind Duke and thttr it a mi
They took the road to BeWI, relieving there por
tion! of the Fourth corps, whtoh were needed a
few days afterwards at 8hlpko. On the same date
news wee received by telegraph from Gen Daro
Jlnsky. f nmmandlng at the Bhtpka Pes, with 3 but
laJtonanf Infantry, ftbattallona of Bulgarian and
aoruuijntll about A n men, that the army of
fiulelman TaahaUO battalions, counting probahlr
80,000 msn) was In hi front, advancing from Ka'
Mnlik, One regiment (three battal'ona) was imnio
dlately ordered by telegraph tohLi lupport from
v xt tar DaroJIntky telegranhcd that ho
bad been attacked In force, and (Icneral Kadetskr
toromandlngthe eighth enrpaat Tlmovo, wan or'
dercd to proceed to the field with fine of hla dlvla
tons, (the 14th Oen.Dragonarow.tho same division
which made the passage of the Danube.) the brig
ade of Tirailloun, General Zcvlshktnsky, which
had pre? loualy pawed the Balkans with General
Gonrko, and a regiment of Cossacka The morning
Ifter the receipt of thlt tocond telegram Major Von
Jegniti, German attache, and Lieutenant Green,
left Gornl 8tuden forshlpka para m miles distant
and remained there during tho conflict.
In describing tho position he saysi Prom the
Tillage of Bhlnkajn the valley of the Zundla to
pie valley of the Juntra, la about nine mile by the
high road, which, keeping a general north and
south direction, winds over the top of the moun-
SlHm at an altitude 4 7o fret tho valley on thetwo
daa being respectively 1800 and 2.3O0 feet In alti
tude The rond follows a long ridge, and parallel
to It are two other ridges about 1 x to Ifion yards
from the road and separated from It by precipitous
raTUirseoverwlmlthf.tfcsts. Tho three ridges ore
Joined by saddles at the crest of the mountains.
The Russian position was on the very top of the
Mountain, from the hill St, Mehotas to some small
hULs en the northern slope The St Nicholas hills
commanded the whole vicinity, but the rest of the
Russian position was commanded by other hills
On PL Nicholas and the fire hills nearest Hon tho
road were some small redoubts nroYinm.iv An
ilnictcd by the Turks, but otherwise there were no
ivium-Buuu. vi tuu nB'mv)'ini i j phi. ureen
ravs On themomtnrof the lftih i.in Tiaiiint
saw the Turkish army deploy in tho plain In front
of him, and he counted their forco very plainly
Tho next day they advanced against hlra, audio
retreated and took tip his position on the f-t.
Nicholas bill, but fatted to occupy tho hills on the
juici uuKvn, I'ummuiT vj now hi tii nw maji torce
The morning of iho 21st he n furinuaiv i .!-i
from the southern side of the frt. Nicholas hill but
the stnpe was almrat precipitous and the. ground
open, and he maintained his position w hlle Inflict
ing great Iosmk on the Turks. The latter made ten
or twelve afsault In the Sace of about f ur hours.
to ln rluie,' "' " 10neign
At 12 o'clock the Rnutan regiment from RIM
arrived and took position In the redoubts on tho
Mils nearest Fort Pt. Nicholas on the road Durtiur.
the night the Turks moved around Into tho wood
vtiiiv rMi,ajiu mo uut uy ne M) rCCClVCd
the attack arrow the saddle imt thv wm Mi
repulsed During the same dayand the nextnlirht
ine Turxa moiwi a portion of their force around
tnto the woods on the ridges to the west, and on the
8d they advanced through the head of the ravine
and massing their forces at tho bottom, where they
were out of sight, they made repeated aiwiults
against the ridire Here they were also repulsed
Tf brigade otlratllcur' a-rfri d about 4JS0 p. m.of
this day. In time touko port In reneitlnc this at
tack. Gen, Itadetsky arrived and took command
At ftp to,
TheRnaatant had had little or nothing to eat
during the three davs they had been fighting, and
hardly any water Before thellghtacn.narojiniiky
had kept the greater part of hla force on the south
ern slope atthe vlllasoof Rhfpka, on account of
tM difficulty ofgetUng provisions and water an
the mounUfn After he took up his position on
the mountain It became necessary to establish his
kitchens hospitals, Ac , about a mile to the rear on
the northern slope Every b'tof water hnd to he
brought up the road from springs, fully two mllea
to the rear, and 1 WO feet down the mountain
slope A portion of tho road, about three hundred
yards lony, was completely open and exposed to
Uiflflrenr the Turks at ISOOyarda distaocc. at
which distance the lYabody rifles of the Turks
shoot with deadly effort
The moment any one showed himself on this
placo a shower or bullets covered It and as we
passelamanwaswoundM within a few steps of
us although we were nfr the road and partly con
cealed by buhea. Not only were many men
wounded In carrying wstor provisions ammuni
tion Ac, but eien several of tho wounded on
siwtchftra wore killed In posting this r lace The
Turks n fast occupied commanding hills snr
ronndlng the Kuulati position and the only portion
of the latter absolutely sheltered was the st ace of
two hundred rarda on the rei ne sloi-c. whero the
road U about forty feet below the crest.
Darkness ret In stOut ciclock and with It
ceacd th flrn which had been carried on so vltrr
ously The fnll moon, however, roc in a few
minutes and llshted the nholc place Genera
Uadeuky took to tttal ois of the tlrsllKuri.
and advanced with them to tl e hllL but tl e Turks
saw the column Tery pla'nly, and opened a vli-or-Mia
fire as they pacd around tho point of the
hill. These tw battalions were placed In poslt'on
abontSp m The next Bay. Auut2l.we were
awskenedat4S0a.ni. bva tremendous fiwlllndo,
which continued for about an hour and then
flackened tnbercnewel against the open part or
he trad wh rrrcr any one showed himself
throughout the diy
At ft . m. Gen Dragonarow arrived with the
first regiment of ire dhlslon and fltrcl Hon a
UtUepTateaittoret after climbing tho mminta'ni
At7a.m iheOeneral sent one batullonof this
regiment to crow the deep ravine and try to drte
the Turks out ofthelr posltinn The ralne U pre
Clpltous fully 800 or lJm feet deep and covered
with a dense forest This battalion did not make
hi appearance on the other slopo until S o'clock in
the i afternoon After taking a littlo breakfast, tho
flnt they had had to eat for clRhieen hours. Gen.
Dragonarow moved the other two battal'ona of Uits
regiment alone the road At we parsed the open
Kart of the road a shower of bullets pawed over our
eata and the men crouched under tho shelter of
the roaWde, but a few words from their officers re
assured thcra at once, and thev passed through the
flro rapidly, but without fllnchlnv
The Are battalions were placed In reserve under
Iheltoc of the road, and remained there General
praronarowand itaffrode tip and m.t General
Darojlnsky. who wWiedU explain the position to
him On arriving at the polntOeneral Drspinarrw
5 as Immediately wounded in the side end Captain
ahlrow.ofbiestsfr. m the thigh severely We
remainedon the hill slope until 4 n m All day
long the Turks kept up an lnccJant fusillade from
their posiUons on both si lea. Their ammunition
eemed to be Ipexheuatable. The Russians re
maincd on their Hoe sheltered by ruck or piles of
Uenkei but scarcely auRwcrad tho fire as there
nothing to aim at In the woods NevertheieKa
the Turk wounded 600 men In this way, About
lt m the second regiment of Drsgonorow a di
vision and a battery of eight runs, bronie breech
loaders arrhod
About hairan hour after their arrhal. the Turks
planted four shells on the road closo to them (ap
barently without damaire) from a littlo redout t
that wo had noticed The Infantry ' took arms "
and crowing the road ensconced tbennelvrs under
1m shelter oo the reverse slope The artillery
moved forward and took a position on the hill to
support the battalion moving acrou the ravine
Nothing mere transpired dining the day, except
the lnoeani fusillade of the Turks from the road
General DartJInshy was killed at ft a m , Autimt
SMJhofrfro24bi,ad1?' DrsgonsrowsdlvUion
(8 000 men) arrived on he ground at 7 am, and
was Immediately erdcred to cross the ra Ine U the
right and with the bataUou previously sent thew.
to drive the Tuts from tholr ptwltbn they
climbed up on to tho tfdff about 4 p m, and at
Urked the Turkish left
They MiefetMlpd 1010177101- three positions but
on reaching the intrenctimcni Ihet were repul4
and drhcii back again into the ravine with a loss
of WofnrersandwVraen (moktof whom Trorathe
nature of the trotind must have been left In the
ing e;teMay, Augusts tlcltiwisiu remained on
l!,i..".ft'!!,,T " to Turks kepi tin a llely
fusillade from 11 to J u eloik, but the roJt of the day
they wi re silent fieri to pick f n the paw. ni by ou
the road Thehtsebf the Riuslans. Intliidlng the
"ck nt "! f ih. miyt not be los ihn 3 uoo men
Ihosoef the 1)ulis ran only becftlmatcd They
hjfctvtry heavily a their first opon attacks, hut
hncothen ihcjr have lost Its than the HuuHans,
being hid In the ravines', whore tholr positions au
nIT V? diKOLrrwl. b the smoke of their flro.
1T lhi !inTe ,m w we. if not more
The dead nf both aldea remain on the ground
TJt,JtuS',ul 7"ncd aro carried on strttt hei to
the field hospital, nearly a mile In tho rear whero
their wounds are dressed and then they are sent
down the mountain and back to Gabrova, ton
mllea, in fimr horse ambulances
After drhlng bark the brigade sent against
their left (west) flank, the Tarks established a bat
tery still further In adranre mrth, on iherhlee
that took In referee the only shHtered part of the
Busstan line The bulk of the Turkish force then
took noanlan on th Rnatin rfrtitfrimtl flnnV frmn
Which point tkaro u 1 tiU road leading to
ft.brov fcl
!!. mIIA. fLi.ITf " 'K-K.-X"T' V-
iw Jrjr ilojf tin Bhlpka red fit utanc. of lie
TurkUh Doitilon on Hit mounUliu.
aiiAJtrs j:loqvknck
Kfftht Thousand Persons In Procession to
nrei mm at Newcastle He Delivers Two
Eg-Prcaldent Qrant'a Tlalt to Newcastle was
atrcatlocalevtnt. The Newcastle (Eng) Chrml
ek or September 24 prints twenty two column of
reading matter descriptive of Gen Grant's reap
M0"!0'1 "itSTtalnrocnt In that city on Saturday,
tholMnll. The(roi.-aya that "not since the
treat demonstration of 1S73 has tho erass of the
twn moor been covered with so vbji a gathering
arounn a piaimrm as mat RssemMed to witness the
presentation to the General and ex President. It
la estimated that no less than Mono people were
around the platform Never wlthlti the living
memory has there Uen a gathering cmhrae1ns:n
catholic a crowd It showed to our m'nds how
deeply lmhurd In us Is the sentiment of frrcdom,
for that was the sentiment which brought out the
thoussndsof Tynuldemto do honor on Saturday
to ono who had been the Instrument of enlarging
the liberty of tho human rare, and who was, be
sides, the representative of a (treat nation Juntly
famed for the liberal lawa under which Its poople
live The cheers whit h har rmln1 iln. (Irani
on TynesMe. and which tonlsy on the banks of
anouicrnrcr wiiis;rceinim again, are evidence
of onr resnect end admiration or an rmlnrnt tnArr
and an honeM mtn, bu they am aim evidences or
our jenoa leciing iowaru a srcai country "
mi mr niicniijn mi nuiirnw 1 mm inn "worx
men or the north' woapresonted by Mr, Burt. If
I. In reply, Gen. Grant, who was received with
Immense cheers, said I
"Mr Uiht aud naKiKOMrt: Through you I
will return thanks to the worklngmcn of Tyncslde
for the very accro table welcome adlress which
you have Jind read. 1 accept from that class of
inpie incrcccriion wnicn mey nave accorded
me as among the mot honorable I can receive
We all know that but for labor we would have very
little that Is worth fighting for, and when wars do
come they fall upon the many, the producing doss.
Who am the nfTLrni Thow nntm.lf hat a t-t fti.
nlxh the means largely, but they (iao, by their
labor and Industry, to produce the means for those
mn unntm engrKeiin aestroyiiig ami not in
producing Iwaaalwara a man of pes re, and I
have advocated peace, although educated a soldier
I never willingly, although I have gone through
tno wars, of mv own aeennl kdrnrtail nf
lnud cheers I advocated what I believed to bo
right, and I have fnusht for It to the butof my
ability In order that auhonorahle iace might he
secured ou have been pleaded ti alludo to the
friendly rc'stlons exlHlna between the two great
unuiiTn uu ine i wo mtini ni me All amir, incvare
now most friendly, and the frlcnUhln has been
Iticrinslnir Our lulerents arnso M.'ntlflc.l uwnrn
so much related to cch other, that It Is my rlnccro
hope and has been the slmero hope of mj llfo, and
especially of my official life. t malrtaiii that
frlen Whin I entertain vIpui nf lh nn trr tn hn
made In the future by the union and fr!endMpnf
that It will result In the son ad of our language,
our clvlllallon and our industry and be for tho
benefit of mankind amorally ( beers I do not
know, Mr Burt that 11icreiati)thlrur more for me
to ay. CTCent that I would like to mminitiilcatn ti
thorcole whom I sco umnh'iil hofi)re mo hero
inisuny nowgTcatiy 1 teei tne Honor which, tney
IIBIV lirmtlll-U UUU Mil! I V II IT IT I
AiunnocK in me evening n grnit'l imnqnct was
given tit the Assembly rooms The manr of the
city proposed the health of Gen Grant. Three
cheers were Riven for Mrs, Grant, after which the
General said
Ma. Mjuor avd CoitroRATinv of Nrvcsstlc
Asn iMiTKOtliMT. 1 searttly know how to re
spond to what has been said by the mayor 1 have
aieryvMd recollcitlon thnt linmedtatcly upon
my arrival upon these shores the mayor Invited me
udIico. and we have boon earrvln on a enrm.
stiondcnce directly and Indirectly ever since aibi
the time when I should hn hrit Hut lt mv mi v.
Inn anything after I gft here, such a tiling never
occurred tome, taughtcr Hut I will say that
the entertainment by your worthy ma or has ex
ceeded my expectations. I have, had no better
reception in any niace. nor no 1 miuK it poiulble to
hare a better, ft heera 1 All 1 hare seen since I
have been on tho Tyue ha been to me most grati
fying as an individual, and I think whoi I go back
to mv own country I will find that It haatxen very
gratifying to them to hear of It The only matter of
doubt that may arise isthlsj that when they have
read what I hae sild the question is whether they
will 11 ere that I did say It. Laughter They
will think thnt the correspondents of your press
have made It all up (Renewed laughter They will
further think If a very good Yankee corrofpondent
had tcen here that he would have done It a great
deal better (Roan of laughter.! More 1 erhiusly
sneaking I wilt say that my reception In ourgnod
city has been most gratlhlng It has beeugrntlf
Ing all along the Tyne to Tyncmouth It has been
retiring ever since my landing on Fuglloh soil
t has been gratifying UcauKO 1 hao seen that
which Is ex tromoly pleasant, name), the good rcla
tlons exUtlng that should always exht bituecn
the Fngll-h speaking people (Applause I 1 think
that that la a matter of the vastest Importance be-
caso I believe mat we have the Messing of Uv dila
tion to extend I do not want to detract from other
civilizations, but I believe that we nosftru the blah.
est civilization There Is tho rtrnngest loiid of
union UtMcenthe rngllxh speaking people and
that bond should and will strvn Li exloiultin
greakvt go(d to the greatest number 1 hat will
niwnjs oe m oeiignt 1 nm sorry mat I tlld not
think ol what I was going in say before I got up
I assure you 1 did not know one w ord I tho'ild say
until I did get up. and I hope no penion Is going to
reportuhatl hae said, Ijiuilitfr and cheers
After a brief pauo the General said 'HavIii leii
entertained as I hao been In Newcastle, before al
low!.- another toast to lo drsnk, I proiMwe. ancl
hopoou will honor It. Tho In a!lh of your worthy
mayor, sheriff corporation and tho executive 'und
I acconiptuy ulth that toast the major of Neutai
tie " I Cheers 1
The major in responding said he had never felt
more proud In his lifetime than he ft It that n'ght
Gen Falrchlld. I'nlted Htstea consul at Art.
pool made an eloquent speech, as did Major
Jones, (.onsul at Newcastle,
rplltlcal Matters at the Capital Honora Tre-
parlng to Secede Illsllke of minister
By Associated Press.
Havana, Oct. 8. The atcamcr City of
Mcnda armed from Mexico yesterday. She brings
the following intelligence :
City op Mexico. StDt 30 Itoth lTonaaoffVin
greaa are in wwfon Congress Is dltlded Into two
cliques headed respectively by yamaeona and
Junto Denies Both claim to be friends or Diax,
but. nevertheless, they are creating an inconvenient
opposition to earn other It Is officially autil
that the contraband bui-lness on the Rio Grande la
increasing to a fearful extent Gen Variscal has
Uen retognlxtd aadoveruorofSouora. The Iezis
severance of that Flute from the Union whenever
me ucnerai uovernuient attempts to interfere with
the sovereignty of the State Iho National (limr.1
of Sonera has been organised Congm haaau
thnrUedtheGoxcrument to expend $J000 in the
construction of a factory for the breech loading
Tho Government has contracted for ymooo
worth of Remington arms. The Goveminmt has
ordered the collector of cuxtoms at VtratYnxto
rrmii mnnuiiy 10 111c unueu ciaiee rjousienac
count of Dittiient of tha American rit-Lt Thu nr
porUtlun of toffee haa considerably Increased,
The reporter the treasury for Auguitihowa abal
ance 011 hand ofSU'i 000 Bitluewi la Imnrovlnc
Ihe Mt'xicaus aro out 01 humor with I'nlttd
Rtstes Miulkter poster They believe that Mr
hosier could greatly Influeuco an early ictilcmenl
ui 111c i7ll(liiigquiioua
Ocean Stoamera.
The following ocean steamers arrived yesterday 1
From AL
Belli c
Can In la
Brltanla ....
Nankin ....
..lions; Kong Ran t Francisco
Mcdltarranian New ork
. Liverpool Nrwiork,
.New ark hlcl K
..Newerk Hrl.ti.l
. Hennuda New York
New lork riavro,
. Ndw York OiiceusUiwn
,BrtUl New ork
luuton ew t-rk.
,.Sft IuOlci New ork.
Claims For Damages From, III oi era.
IDy Assm luted Prrsi.1
riMLADELriiiA, Oct. 8. At a rorctitig of
rocrcnanta wnoBunxrea losses by the uto riots at
Pltbburg, imai resolved this morning that oa co
operation among partita h ing lIaIiu to pnccute
will hot attain that end a tommtttou of three
aliould beappolntel, with power toemiloy conn
kvl. to ranrrneitt all nanlixi liaidur In m l'liiu
burg theexpenea Incurred to bodlihlcdamoDi
Ilia emiuiui ti in 4u miuuu hi hid niiiuuiiiJi ui
Vdhid, The committee was appointed accord
Counterfeiter Committed,
I By Asaectated Prrsi 1
nLTIMOBt, Oct. 8 Joseph Gordon, the
rhlla hlphla raloon Leeiwr, who u as acquitted c u
1 h mdnv liU In tho LTnlled hthtea court of tho
chargeof passing counterfeit flity dollar notes i.f
the I entral National I ank nf New Yotx, and rear
rented on acusrgeot naving conmriaii nous in
his possession when arrealed In Philadelphia hed
a hearing to-day Ixjfttre I'nlted States Commit
slouor Rowers, waive! au exaiulnallou and was
coiamltted for the action of the United HUtes Dis
trict Uiuct for the Eutiru dlitrtct of l'eunjU ania.
Amendments to the Constitution and the
Roles -Reports of Committee ChclaUan
Charity for Fernandlna,
By Associated Press.
Bostow, Oct, 8, In to-davV oeoslon of tho
Fplscopal General Convention the question or
amending tho rule or order, so (hat the limit or de
bate should be fifteen minutes, woa thoroughly
discussed, ard Anally adopted.
A motion to make the resolution foractjirstltu
tlonal amendment relative to tho missionary Juris
diction the order of the day at 12 m , Instead of the
ipcclsl order for to morrow, was withdrawn, after
the explanathn (hat members wero absent who
ncsirtd to discuss it
Mr. Blrrle. or Florida, offered a resolution that a
snhHTtptliin paper I opened for tho relief of the
suOtrers rrom jellow fever In Fernandlna.
A resolution was adopted and arrangements were
made for the reception uf a vWting delegation from
the Canadian Synod onUednasday next. Tho
delegation will 1 received In the Ibmso of Bishops
first, and afterward In the House of Deputies
Jml Thompson presented papers relative to the
boundaries of tha new din- nf uHt ir.H,.i.
and Judge Sheffey indented a protect upon the
.. -.... -ign. iiviuiLu hi ui cumuiiiKe un new
1 he committee on canona reported that It was not
expedient to change the term of probation from
thn e J cars t six months.
The following resolution wm offered and tabled
KcMtfrttf. That tho roNolulmn msllmr i'n t.m.
posed amendment to article fle of Ihcconrt'tiilioii
,tw,ny' iuMjmyiur i uwiij ot rescinueti ana
Uteamendmentbericomrolttcdto the roinrnlttcp
On constitutional amendment, Mr. Judd of 111),
nols,pre.cutcdanorlcr which was adopted refer-
rlngtho qncMloii of what changes sro ncediM In
le giKiatimi concernlnr the re tstabllhment of poo-
plo Into the Church to the committee nt canons.
Tlie committee on canona rcportet thnt It was
... .mmm, w ivuiiu uiu ruie iruiiauig iora
lco pres'dent, and that the repeal of the rule
would be expedient. AruHoIuilou to that e fleet
was alnptcd
The committee on canona reported aalnM .hf.rt
cnlng tho morning and evening prs ers and ft ml
norlty reiwiit was made in faor of the change.
1 he unfinished business was nest taken up
The subject of tho diss jlutlon nf pastoral connec
tion was referred to tho committee ou canon.
The canon on divorce was referred to tha rame
1 ho resolutions accompanying the report In re-
latlon in shorten n rt.V A,J.r T , ,1 '11 "i:Z'J?J "",???"? !?T T Jl TrcprcMfmi
mtrnwrn i m.. t i C PX: .VZV"?
V iriUCky' I,rewntol tne minority report, which
""."'L ..
nsJ oP ,." c. .on . "rmw
.?rl?ii i Vi .-?W,,i? to '' 01,mmf,'l wo oc-
cup'e.lii dKuts'up the pnct tmi duett,
lavormv ino tnr nrn 117 or iiu hmrniiKr dn 1 dimi
Kiroflmndm nJ rpcalc.a uircopjasel ,
.-. .
Fniseoi.nl Mls.lim. ,
Boston Oct. 8 -The K .hconat B m 1 of MIm'ous
K' 1 1 efrrelgn cnminlttte nils Hal showltu
an IndcbtedncM hi this department of tM M
The annual Kpnrt of the ntnmW..,i of I, re
iml. r 1 C. . . 1 .I1" nl"ir tliopftt.
dltloiiof tho mlm. onarlcs In thittllfo mi t. m. ..
r,t :.:. i ir.. v. ------ - ---. ... ,,,,,-,
arihe rountrr TlufliMnrralm. Iii nunaV 1
SiiAxi lwi Vff ' v.7..' . . "'",,, "?,,,'. ,
iftff 1 1n(ia hi lllalinn taw ah. I ..il . . i-
board adjourncl till Ucttncday,
A cott:ntAs flrosr.
lien Dellisr Appears nt a Ronncw nnd Ccm -
.. ...... ....- .. .. . .
,.."'. " ,IU'' ,OIy
i.i ic ui innnpini ijinu.
The f7:obe-i)cocra( a.ivt: "Qreat men nlin
.Heihdw. r to h.,.. . (,,
Ing the icenea Uiroujh which they movel while (n
the flekh, and or Ihli prediction there have been '
several notable Illustration In Pt Inls within the ,
put few months. Bare old Ben Do Bar was Itvdly
llld away In his grave before two or three mediums
announced tltat his spirit was still mot Ing in our .
midland that it his pleasure to cme and
commune with ram Uy and fr'end-. Thc-e are
three or four stories current about Mr De
Bir'l visit but there la one tint lias particular '
Imcrest, and la well authenticated by a number rf
., ,tin, ,v 'v.IV.p ..
persons. About three weeks ago Mr Fred t Her-
ring gas fitter, doing bulncsa at 318 North S xth
street was walking along the street, when he felt
something; tugging at tho left lappcl of his cuat. ,
The pulling agency was InvMblc. and Mr Her '
ring, befog a splrttuallit. felt awured that n spirit
was hovering ami dIrcd to cnminunliatu si me
thing to him. This belief was confirmed w hen
setersl limes. This occurroil lit 1 road daylight
Mr llcrrli gs effort to find out what it w ami re
futile, and ne wentlosreamrd'iim fir t if.irn.n
Hon on the subject. Tho medium Informed htm
that it wsa the spirit of hlif Id fr'end Ben Tw i cftntttl t Texi Ienocrscy ineananpnolt'on to
Bar who wished him to rail on Mrs I fin- anil , tnilft. t lnn' ti internal Iniprrncmcnts" and
rcqiust her to visit the slate writing medium fivers Kit rh, lit ItHnrrfrrmetan-wtihlef' It
Dr Huntoon, tlicn In Iheclty on which occaIon lb arn'ltnb'e al ne to Pcdeml nnd stole r llt'cs,
ho would come and make a written eommunlca I an I b in ikwHi l'tvcnn it be hglt nistc y im
tlautoher Mr Herring tls'tet two t ther ne I n'nu I In crt it'ru mn I'cliwl g mrrnvnts When
dfum and bKh told him the same stry Mr Deoiorni) col real i mihhigie hi then t i tlon
Mn DelUr and after tell nir her what Iml he n
rctealcilto him, accompanied her to tho rest
denceof Mr f Jen M Jackson tho Dwell hod
snrlnir insnufacturer 11(4 Im iut strett. where
ii 1 1 nij uk him in it nil in mn riiT iP'irn oi
iiuiiioou wss noiuing heinirs an l iuiiii
(r. l)c Bar eatnl hcntlf st the table with the
inetllnm, and at hla request hell the slile under
beteb'o. On tl mimwr ftirfnonnf (ho il-iin una
plse I a minute piece or pencil for Ihe fplr't to
write with In a few moments writing wai In ard,
which continued about two minutes Whin Mrs
Do IUr whi in the act of drawing the Mte from
under the table, under the direction of the me
violently, and precdso hard as to give her con
si Icrable pain hen the slsto was r-lnrcd on tho
table it was discovered that both sides wire eom
nle'ely cocred with writing with the signature of
Ben DnBaraltarhcd Tlie Fitting was prltot- nnd
tho nature of tho communication mo ik t nude
known but Mrs Do Bar stated that tt related to
her business affairs, and Ini lurteil adlce from tho
spirit or her husband conccrnh g tho management
of certain properties She stated further that she
recognlxed bevond doubt the handwriting and the
slgnatiira of her huband nnd that tho was well
pieaacd with tho result or tha sitting
At three trances that occurred subsequently st
Mr. Jackson s his spirit came and spoke audibly,
answering a number of questions propounded to
htm hy persons present
' Aro ou happy, Benf asked fr Hcrrlna-
Oh very happy rrnllnd the S Irlt, ' life over
here is perfectly delightful I o teen lr)Iiis;to
find that hell we heard of so mu-h ner there, but
I can t find It There s no such placo "
And then the spirit or the Jolly Ben laughed au 1
IMv and hcartttv
Tdswcnrtnthnt laugh,1 said Mr Herrlnir "no
body ever laughed that way except Ben Do Bur "
of his appearance Mr Do Bar was Jolly nnd good
humored ei ha was In life, and so many of his
well known peculiarities were so frequently muni
feted that no doubt was left In the mind or thoho
In tho circle that tho spirit of the tliaJ comedian
was actually present One night the sp'rltof Mr
( harles Uary came with that of Mr Do Bur and
both com med with prsons prcrcnt, a trumpet
being used as a medium for speaking
Another Hank Failure.
(By Associated Presa.1
Pan rRANciRco, Oct. 8. J C. Duncan, man
ager of the Pioneer Jjind and Loan Bank, an
nounces th!a morning that heavy pit) ments re
quired to-dnj , and the wilhlml ling nf aid depend
ed upon fortes the bank Into llqnldat'on 1 lie
asitiU coulxlit!R: of real oMaioat cost price are
Hated to Im IliMODO and the llal.illtlis Jl 211000
The manager states that eenihiug MalbIe has
been done 1 1 iimtalii the bank Including the sacri
fice of hh own means to the lat dollar. He rec
ommends tho appointment of a recclxcr.
Counterfeiters Arrested,
(By Associated Pre.
rmt.ADKtru u, Oct. H United States secret
service offii crs it day arrested, at tUS Darlcn street,
Thos Van Foster alias roster, and Thos.U wis, two
nctoriiiuscniiiiltrfelters A uumtwr of planter of
parls mcl Ii au I n larco quantity of countttfelt
quarters hulics and trade dollars, and Inplcmenta
ud In their manufacture, wero capiiirt-d Ihe
priMiiicrs wero tominlttM by the rnlted States
Coinmlfploncrin default of i"J,(XW ball each
Knights Templar to Malt Pari,
Illy Awociatsd press. 1
Pun adi i riitA, Oct. 8 rhlladelphla Com
mundcry Nu 2, KnUhU Tomplur.whlch Is making
arraiigeinonla to attend the Paris Exosltion of
in 7 ,is in rciettfr a letter from r. Yt Peward,
siting becretnry nf Htate, nhlih anawcrs the qucs
lion whether the Commandery would be icr
mitted to wear their side arms hi France, Ihe
acilng (ocreUry lnftrmi the Commandery that the
French tlovurnment will accord them purmUnion
to wear their Insignia In the meetings of their
various corporations while In France, but that they
lould aUUla from wearing them la public.
The TJeekt Cleared for To-t lay's Action.
tHpedal Dispatch to the Natlowl Hepubllcan.
CtHCTYifATf. Ohio. Oct- 8 Tho Ito.
publlcam closod the campaign to
night In good spirits. Their organisation is
morougnaua canvassing has been active. Tho
Matthews and Fwlng and Garfield and Pendtcttn
Joint discussions have beep well attended. BMes
these General Phertdan, Jute Hoanoker and Col
f wrier, of Louisiana, have made an active canvass
In defense of the President's Houtfacrn policy, which
haa proved serviceable M thA party Different
ward organ I cat lout assembled lo-ntght, speeches
were moile by Judges Taft and Woanaker, Senator
Matthews, Governor Young and others At the
Republican headquarters the arrangements are
complete for the reception and announcement of
telegraphic election returns tonnrrow night. The
State committee predict tho election of Iho Repub
lican Ptste ticket and a majority of the legislature,
although it concede! the worklngmcn a parly has
consiacrame strength.
ctm i.
An American Vo( Relied.
By Atnndaled rwyn,
N'fw Yomk, Oct. 8 Tho shfimcr a cop at rn,
from the Yct Indies, brought to thli pirt Captain
Myers and crow of the bark HcrfJ 1, from Montcri
Bay forNework, uhhhwss wreckel on Rocky
l"olnt. Jamaica. bentcmlr 21 dirluia hurricane
TtlA IthmaI a mm A t.Jfil trmm 1.d 1.b..Ab tvf...
iim r,.tlnwtn i.it. lit., haa. nt ,. rAnn.tA.1 c
icmN r SI bv two of the crew of (lie I ark Idaho 1 f
"New mm, 11 tno aniitorities at vtenr icg, tuba.
thatshe had contrataud gootUoo lizard six h es
puns and amunltlon. Komcmartiiea from aSpan-
wh man-of war were put on liranl to remain while
she dlfxhargtM her cargo an I ths, twonienlnf rm-
Ing of the same were held un board tho mann f war
smtU after her cargo was d'rclnrrvd, an I then an
Intent githn will hi' held The tnitaln denies
naving ajxyiuing contranniia onboard.
Democratic MeV1
Tho following extracts aro from Southern
Dcmremt'c soun es and ha e 1 n nirtiMiM bv a
gciit'eman of Intelligence and rrh1iy. We give
tnent as n reiicx or pumic se illtvcnt in the t-otill
From Ihe Aullt)(Teias)t'at(sman
ino wurtttMi
m ..i.V. 7.M J IF" "A " I . 2f " :,nl "
Til s e-rt'on mnv M trn. 11 gth hut not son'h
of the Oi'n Bribe addition nf thn worl ' I
niCTBCv" n lim i'nm"of thepnrt In the So ith
, ,rtwwt 1 1 . Ka 1 ( nUm (he Ilr- k'n ridge Iie-n-v.-nt
uen mud? iheextwiMi an.n.-R.'cn.of H 1 itheni
n... .... . .l .. j. .. .. :
truth of -natty In New .irk Usptiik f.i' ty of
14,-1 iniin"Mun h itch ru 1 nun ie iKienwr
In t"ieW.Hh . m.-ft - n-lll ir lv and fl ww 1io
5V.f 1 i 1 , ?. t WJi-i.'S !i lle'l! 7'7s
n-n'istnndn t f.rlliol 11! n chit wVnclci tl 1 ts
rur hi 1 tin .n':nf rfl c l -u In Mkht the
. : f-o " i"l ler.i tin I ,Uh'rn , rV ninanf tT
airtvfrM,MrntpUrt,l,iit ftn fundi mtstvthc
I 1. r .1. .i.. .n. .. .. . . .
-,--- ii r nit- 111 1 run iii-viiiii nii--i'ii 1
Mm ii'ohii I i t.itliui.,inmiiintf
'"" ' """ " lH-' rart)
From tint Kime 1
Pciiiicrac uml toslLulfj ilex ot Ion to ctnte
rights h ftil ly t InUtrat InpMnnc iti by tlie
' ' ""n aidtv MTfiv txtcnnn Then
one w.i.sr of It t'k in l.nek nrdw ait nl
1"U1 l ad.-fu thcsivsrloiiMn rltiiigp-l
ittiuir Ttiotttie wlngor tin- m HlhtriitL'
" D mg'a. madrt war. whh the HcpiDiIlcm-
D ig'fts and o'd Whir itcnvnt of Pouthrni no',
It'f'" att t the New Yrk Horftf.dlpplrm Into the
rr"Vr:ur"- ,,u,,1,,,?.l1tIU th W Rpnllltaii Bol-
P, mlh r th. mVlicVh f..n"t end lakVYack V'U
nf craw t ha i Inu thtir pflltlcal graves In whh h
tltor Uin) cntomUsl In WA Unwecr
I"wi M J'?f"a n "lV'aU!,"
MmnotluMta el lai(itaanaltlie decree or
theliiynnct,fnidtho ItbiM Is ntiju-t They ton
fv "their nn'dni but WI the country that the
'II,",,IP,,J '," ," "'""c swinernr istir
atidthciiosni'litsatftlarcrirrbd Thcrcfpondeiit
anaisirs that HmgU- and Ihll ro wlsewhtn
the allpi.e.1 In ansuir to th's ihst IT posterity
W'owh fceilen 1 slup'd enougb ti "precipitate'
l,ie " "H'e t p'irity and not tho lUIncof rur
l m' hould indureihe miseries Into which we
were 1 1 iiiwl nd thu iIkm onnlitnf word and
iPHvounig irtH-i u nun win e me ci is tor grctn
haikiiiiid th'- !t orgildaiid part'oi a-cdlwlv
it a and w bile luui i e miis nnd Maine Is silent
win n the Prol lent "ptllcyl dcuMil ct" now
who i ell party lines are confute I an I thv
"un'h nsiMcnitiii ap roves the iiotlcy of a IU pub
lican I'r''ili 1 1 Men now It is p-i )Hred In i rvsu
iz 111 t)i rm r-HH I i mnturo r.fTli r tn llii llliln
iiim prime in ii nv i itiikrin mien rniit'ii in tnuti
Inir the tt' rocnimint? 1 t u hae ua-il
mutiny IT nenl tie mid if auliod choise to
ei'llhem Uim rutlc Itmoy d no harm but un
Iim cur Itcnl abUrtneii pr om to slope the
pour ni in Miiernuicm ni nsninginn pcupie
wi'M fe lirnriiialmt Iheoi without reference to
Dcmocracj or Republicanism
(K-on the Brook baTn (Mlsa.)Oinic J
Tlltillfll DtZPUS OP AMITE.
The I. la rtv UrmH has I n fiithful tolho duties
of a publlu jnitnallst and U1dl denounced the
lnwUf. iMtfiirta'u bull dozers who lune lately
iMxiniuii in Mime hum rii.e (Dunnes incMim
mlt Timet N al c ntlthil to credit t r Its tlmcli ex
noMireau 1 ftn Uinnatlon Both harclKin threat
ened lit the outlaw but thev don t ucui to lc
ve ry nuien illma til The mit in, ue or the rtiltt
contains inesui j mieu reply tooneoruieeinrcats
"71 hthlurnf th Herald
"An thersuili artlcklenr III fact any article In
the llmt'it as of last week and your hole darned
Inxtltiiilon will be like Ihe I'nlon D i t at Pitts
burg Pa JiM ojun jour mcuth saa'u you old
Kouuurci auu juu wmn nit n ai nonin .i inns.
Beware. Oia iou Havk t-LANurnEu. '
Th's Urcceliedt) the Msgnolla mall was pw-t-marked
at uniinlt. ad lrotd Ic NuiVrn Herald
Kiiinmlt ?-Mi the ward 'flu in mlt" crossed out and
Ilherli wrltltu In ncnell and was Included In an
enviiopi or tne esteni t'n'on leicgrspiiLoui
iiauv Ihis wns n terrlhle frlclit to t If w tmtk
llh anjttilng inure In ihe Ilrratd about lull doslns;
our crtab Miment goes up like the I nloii IKpot
an I ue., ' the old skoundrel " can t sleep at home
Mnite" We neched this, as before stated en
Fri tav ei cnlng ef Ion week fie Jfrrahl of that
week had been printed ard distributed This Is
the next lisiie and If wo conl 1 only find out
-wnoin we nave siaimcreu we wouia maso nun
surli amnle ano1Kt as he mitrht on Iturotlffatlnn
bolntltlud t-t. If he Is not a bull dortr In tliest.ue
In which wt nurd it In the 'urtickle' rcfrrrcl to
If he h not guilt) of the crimes and outrages therein
denounced we dldn t shut ler him If ho is a
null noicr it no is guiu l inocnmrs nnd out
rami refirnil to and dpununctil tl en wo illd
mean hint but we tol I the truth and tho truth Is
no slander And now at the risk of the 'hole
darned institution going up like tho I'nlon Pop t."
and of not sleeping ' at home 3 nltts " wc hare this
mm): 6 nere aim now repeal wnai we sau in
ihe article rcfirred to Wo again sav that such
bandi arc a disgrace ticlilliiation. That Ihe acts
committed In manv liihtantis areso dlaholUal as
lui lace weir pcrx tnitors ujond tlie pale of the
law. That tlii v hate hnuicht a Ktrmn ami .lit.
graioupon the unineofour whole Piste and es-
pe-iiui.y ni nil ni-c u ui uni mm niiurr nai gnue
a long uiiiiotlud nnd undenounced bi the cltl
sens that away from lunno they are regarded as
l-cing In faor of and eountenaneing turh acts
It was high time f r the people to apeak out 1 he
7cmf spoke tint and Iho note has bee n rcpentd
all ak n the line Many exihames have repro
duceillt Man) t-nic enmnuuded It. Ibc tlurlon
ai nroves Its t ne but Intimates we have eaggera
t n.,.. I. ... .. ,1... II n...l..lll. H..im i
it is not mi aim me c umon niigiit to know it.
S:n.V.V. .V. .' , ".. ."r.''.:' r".'".
"-- ..'"ii -"; """ "."" i
wo mli-take iii charging rape, murder, etc . as being
.i uB l rf
I. i Uu i
am j in uiikiiimiu lounir neia cirrecr,
nnlantntimllnrhimi fn Wlll.lna.tn t
eioslna- h i as i ct adt auc esl no flirt her than ' u hln-
p't gan Inoiltjlngin leave" Tho Huinmit Tines
stau lit tuiiinre 1 1 M front, (It too is threatened
wltli tho ratecf tliel iiUui Itepnt) and the people
eierywhcroarc li.-'niilug town that ihelr silence
and lion action are L-e ng rnUcnnK trued, eiery
wh' reoii the stntt. it mg tho road at the
churchcs.ln tliecntrt iioumi we hear thtto law
less acts deninincut, a ni the butt doicrs defied
1 hey have 1 t Ihst terror w bich sec rocy and mys
len cave to the name I'ubllo meetiiurs ara behiv
held in which united action Is taken to reinnc4
tins one blot rrjm our couutrya otherwise 'lair es
And now we would say to our correspondent an I
his companions in crime, you complain that wo
liaieilaudcrcl )0ii we haio slandered no one in
thU matter, but ue now warn you The law abld
log people are at tan aroused they mean no
child a i lay Vm.lheleodera audmanr mombeii
ot these bauds, aro known, not with sufficient cer
talnty.lt may be, to secure your conviction before
a court of law, but well enough known te Justify
good men who mean business to acton that kuowl
edge for their wlf prelecUoo, and to uUt tha devil
with Or a.
TitAXMFEn or the ivrnnxAt. Jicrr
xvi: htamj noitK.
"0 imsed New PosUl Regulation Offlelal
Iteporta from Oen. Xlllva Kale of Desert
Lnda The New York Appointments.
TheFngllsIt Mission.
It Is understood that the first Important
bulncss to como before the Cabinet will bo the
selection of the new customs officers for the port cf
New York Then the matter of foreign appoint
mentswlll l carefully discussed with a view of
sending tho names of the persons selected ti the
Kenate soon after the lMh Intant There Is con
siderable speculation as to who will ancrccd Mr.
Ilerrepolnt In the Kngllsh mlwlon, ft t-Ing un
denttnod that he Is to 1 recalled In November or
December The name of George lltlam flirtls Is
frequently mentioned In connection with this Im
portant appointment, and It is believed by many
that It has been at his command and definitely de
R.W. ftoughton, the eminent lawyer, has his
wsrmsupnnrtcrs and Gov Harlranft. of I enmvl
anla Is favorably mentioned) hut It Is ecncrnlly
conceded thatthe selection will lie marie from New
Vrk and I-evlP Morton the distinguished banker,
o well known in New York and Imdnn, is the
flrstcholco oratarrc and lnfluent'al clasa. Mr.
Morton is In the prime or life, and has l"en a con
sMent Republ'can. K'nce the das of Abtmtt Iw
rence the Ene-lhh mission hss not bet n given tn a
merchant or tanker, and it is the opinion of many
that It should now t filled by one
Judging from the success which marked Mr,
Lawrences ser Ice, there can lj no danger in
intrustlnr the honor of our flag to an educated, ex
txrlmccdaiid eminently sucecfnl bunine-aman.
itch na Mr Murtfii haa proicu himself to be
Moreocr ho has tho fortune requisite to maintain
iho mission in a manner altogether creditable to
Tho Important missions to Berlin and Pf
Pctcrsbiir arc alw to bo filled earlv In Iho coming
sennm, but na jet It Is ni t known onu-ido of Cabi
net ('rdeswhat nromliicnt names, are mentioned
in connection with thco minions Besides theso
tmprtnt mlslons there are a numtper of minor
tin mrtanco In which com pic to changes will be
Transfer of Itevenne Stamp Work.
The transfer of tho stimyw, dlc, paper ami
picTvlhlng connected with the printing of the In
ternal rcicnucfemp from the custo I v of the bank
in b'ciumvliK and rt itltig cimnan'ei in New
Virkti tin TrpHu-v Ik'psrt notit hm tneri com
p'rte-1 ad tlie w hill- iiamphernalla is now safely
within Hie Wilt n of tut bu I lino- "nnie wti ks
''tie rom-uli"! ni cin-I'tlng f Mer F U
fhamnnn of iho Tuternsl ttcvemw Burnu (lia
Neilo of tin' ltejlfcrs fflee and K. Mills of
t e mtirrs i rice iind.r dlrmilon from the
j(.ittnn of th Tr"nii"v prociii 1 to New York
1 tin firccofihl'lv tal on titer fliecl ksaud
1 x mo i ii jn- nnd I ib ire to mi cr'ntc ml the re
iit"i ii i ii i nriT'pn
The rTl-ttirln illvUlnn fumlnlii'l thcmulihn
enmr itfinii i i ir of r'l the mai lilnerv n.-cis'rj
fir Iho n- du t'on .f the ntuno thAt Mr rnnil O
ii ttiiir'tn nt aid n "tHtimiil of the etact
numl.n-1 r.i ritnf taririliit h id I veil b mil to
to thelni V. in t"c miiM'inud bad tint thenar
ei intel for an 1 thei wc -v lunicl I tnseothit
fi ithlnji ll'iil f rbv it e sibi Iii'i w i n tunio.1,
llet ninth" fthtinn' ix uiIih1 t it dnjs the
nitre- uuu'iTr Ih-Ih W ir !, and their fire
i alne fin psia.pi j Th nnrty bad tl Ir hind
uin1(r at the Mit-mollta i hctil In w otr
and exiirew tlic'r th nk lor many art of courlcsr
Uth m while the e The s'flm' were munte I
and dnc up In mrknirenf urn shcetnnch after
'ih'ihlhe w on 1mic I strar peel and n-nlel Four
lnmd land fl ti two loe's an rsjliif In welgnt
fn m iiOlMlfltn iimNcach wtre req ilriil
Uh uthew rk was comVctcl ami all found
co-rut the bovi we-o truufcrro I from tlie.liank
note enmnan'e"- to tlie sl nmrr J ihn C It won of the
Ner rrk Rlld Wil h iiTton line n'tlthi msmSsn
of the cninmlnflon nee mounted ihmbi Washing
ton nm he steamer theotliert of the party being
suit Mrk on lhcam
cm tne arrival r the sirainer atherwharfln
e rictowutbcli xf were Lrnnsf. rrr ! In kinm
exprc a I m eui clcik a"conii-anvtng each I ad
inmi iiiu niiiinier u 1110 ifunrtincni ine wnoic
wura bus Ih-uu IK'rfiriiicl In iho mml f rivlltnti'n
si dnilfntirviranncr, and without the loss of
n mnrn n Pirun wninp
Artnui'niniil will tn main fir tho riivittrtn nf
b w rV b re lifter but the large quantltv of
nrnjr- riiiifii nun itii nnii'i, n snnwn annrr win
cbil" f'thf f(w t f,r any hoHtu in getting the
machinery In operation,
Itrgtaf ration of Neeond Class Mall Matter.
Ttio cpiistion as to what niaj be legitimntcly
rliwtil rs second olf f mail rnat'erliaa lcn asub-
jectirmudi art (Bneetoihe Iwt Office Depart
rocnt rt d hrnucht f nt ma'v Intricate pints Ad
inntagehialHtn taken or the low rate", intended
tocher mv spat r and urtediral" and almost
all tlaisof matter that could be Ms been at
ItniMcd to Ih; sent Ihronrh the malls A large
numNrnf qiiitt'otiat V puhlicatlona hove liecn
sent b tiiinslcrs to the Department for it" nil
lug III" i the in sml f ndi tins had to lx t onstrlerM
Indepci dentli r ud a d rWm made tn onch crwr a
mii(iiimi"ii'iiuvioiunmiii under tlie !nimd
rstes I p to the irceM t'me tht" elitt) hns de
M Ired upon Mr ' If Birscll of the law I ranch
of the Iviartmint wlii has glien a Isree amount
rpcrm tin) stteiuii n Ui tho snljcct The numcr
in- ip arlsl v nnd I kc'i tonrlpe and the fact
inniMie nin'iim nn?ire icsritimate rnm the t lie
rHm ite Ubut a noint bnielcdihit officer to oil
drcs a n nimun e ntlnu tn the ttitmli r n.nn ml
rt-eonitiiMidlng ihnt a bu-eau bo etntllthed for the
ustsmst ccxnmiiint'dnor all puMIt ntlntta claim
In to 1 e cut I 1 1 to Ik rnteil nt krennd i liui mil
ter sin h rutl'criliet a to 1 submittal In sanmlp
qimrtcrh nn I m l tic pnrrmnt of a rezlslrntlrn fee
nf 91 tncrsentuted to TA"nt the pound rale are
tote rea Ci ilirlentc to that erect, which will be
RcutdctopoMmi tcrs In the matter Poslmastrr
eiei eri kv nas nnproicn or tne suggestion nnd
ni innni- n npuufi i mr re 'uiuincnuaiion to von
grcsa In his annual report.
Tho Texas Tt lot crt.
The dUnntchcft from the Itfo Grande re-
celled here Punclay night were laid before tho
President jcstenlay morning It seems that the
salt lake" In Fl laocrunt about which tha re.
cet dlfllt iillles orcurrcil bnie liecn a source of
trouble Tor many) ran between different classes of
nurrnain nmm coiinii ana cuirens or New
Mexico and In srmo instancta Inhabitants from
ther Mi I lea ll sldonf Ihe I.InflrAnda. nil nnaeemmt
of rlrnl claimant fi r the privilege of getting salt
firm the lakes Pome i ears since Samuel Magoffin
of Kentucky, claimed the lakes but the citizens of
.New Mexico, not conceal hk jus title to be good,
csino down with a wngon train, loaded un with
Fait and stiricd f r home On the Ir war back thev
wero met bv Mngr ffin and a na rtv of fr' en da all
armcl and hat Intone niece of nrtlllerv wltlnhom
Tho wagon train was promptly sitae keil and cap
lured, cue of the drivers Wing killed and tho ret
with the escort fled Jlseoffin confiscated the
wagrni.snlt Ac This l bel'eied to Iwtho lt
irtmuic oi nu consequence on inia question until
thONC renonM reteri(ar. snd thenn lien Orrt tma
biken nrompt measurta to suppress, so far as he
no uuuiumy eu iiiivrivre,
Treasnry Secret Service Division.
The committee appolntod hy the Socrotary
ot tne treasury, consisting or Asssf.unt secretary
McCormick. Coiiimtsloncr Hnum and ftollcltor
Baner to Investigate the eee rot Service Dhlslon
nl the Treasury lUqartmeut were cngagnl ytMer
dav In tho examination of the books and records
ol lh( fflie cnmti rfclt m ncy Ac The tnvrstl
gallon is about concluded and the report of the
committee will bo submitted to the Secretary atan
earli date. The division ha Imu fmind tn 1 a tn
cxielhnt comlltlon under the able management
uffhlef Brooks ami AsKlstant Chief Benson The
rciorm" suggcMeu ny ino iiiicstigatinu will be
somesllirht ihamrealn the ttrmnnnrl of the ilivlalnn
and other chan-rcs of minor Importance In the
rnHKiugsui liic iureu.
Tlie New Counterfeit Dl.OOO Orrenbock.
Ecccnt newspaper publications ktate that
new counter ft it greenback of the denomination of
it ftlA laalin nf tEtf haa lu nil rm. Tl.la fa an
' '"""i " !
error. Nornu(crfe tor lh,llMTrea.urjr.not.
or isiu naa iieen maiie ihi nni ima imn
of 1W0 has liecn maje This note hns Imprinted
.on tttportnltof newllt tllnton and a vignette of
I f-olumbus. Iheplatii waamadobv the Bureau of
Fncravlngnnd Printing of the Treasury Dei art-
The counterfeit alludcel to is ou the tl 000 grctn-
bai L tlie nlute fhr whli 1) w m mniU l.v ihn A marl.
can Bsuk Nt.te (mpany In Iuhj. fills note bears
the Imprint of a imrlralt of Hubert Morris and has
novlgirtte Ihe portrait will enable parties to
vauu uiriiiiiiiaii uti n mi lunu trauva
Postage tn the ArgentlneHeiiubllc,
Prom Information received by tho Tost
Office Department from ihe British Office, it Is
Karnect mat let en lor tiio Argeutine Itcpubllo may
Im forwarded i in rtrllUh in&ll hraftr nl flftwn
Oents r ludf ounce, Instead of twenty icion ecau,
The Ruprenie Court,
The Supreme Court met ycatenlay, all the
judgQi being pre en t but Mr Juxtlue Hunt, and
alter tne admission of a tew attorneys adjourned
to vlalt tha Praaldeut af tha UntUd Utates tn ae
oordance with the usual custosa. The coll
of m aocKM wui comaienoo to-day, ta
of tha reeords of the emu hi.m
he Court bail sniHlrloiilt ii1rininl Iwtr.ra
the suenlon of work upon thpm to avoid
uj juirrupuun ui ine Dullness en me court.
The New Tnrk Appointments.
It U umlerstoocl that the Now York custom-
house appointments will bo constdrpil at I e C-al I-
net meeting today, but they n ay not receive final
action until Frldar It Is nrelt thorniit.t artp.
talncil tbst the col1octorh1p Ilea tictwecn Mr
r-riivit . v urn tiiij jir i ncviore iMxTen ii
hconcadcil in all sides that (len Verrttl. vthn im
hacked ty ire President tt heeler, ran hate either
the pcMtlonof surveyer or naval officer The
foreign Ufn to be teneleroltn Hen Arthur has
been decided upon, and will probably I an
nounced at the tamo time as the ttau.es oi the uew
Naval 31 Iters.
Lieutenant Commander James O, Oreene
has been ordered to the navy yanl at Norfolk. En
sign tttu Winder, to tho receiving ship Colorado,
at New York, Assistant Fnglncer John A Tobin.to
examination for promotion. Master J E. Roller,
detached from the receding ship Colorado and
ft-dercd tolheOiwipee- Fnslgn Howard H Maring,
from the Hartford and placeel on waiting orders
The N'aiy Iienartrocnt las receired Information
to the effect that the Piiited States steamer rex
arrival at Fundi al, Madcrla.nn the ltth of Hep.
tembcr, after a run of twenty four daya from
iianipun koocis.
I.lfoSavIng Nervlce.
The Secretary of tho Tnasarrhaa author-
Ized the employment of crews at Ihe several life-
saving stations on the Atlantic coist for the ap-
proacning inclement stasnn and in hla letter to
the superintendents directs special attention to tho
Importance of the great anil humane work wltn
which these crews are chsrmvl unit renolm lhftt
the utmost care be exercised In their setec tlon and
admonishes them that thentsehes, together with
the keepers and crews will lie held to a strict ac
countability for the faithful performance ofthelr
Oen. Mile Portion.
The War Office haa received official dls-
pstches confirming the press reports or fcn Mites
fight with the Net Perccs The fight Icok r lace on
Pnake creek, about seicn mllec from Its nvuth
The epui try where the Ii dlsus hate taken refuge
i- wh in oc rquai i line mmouM iaa iens where
th; Moelocs foilaH ItlnnM lHlleinl hirnlliat
den Miles has .uftlc lent fine tt keep the Indiana
nnc-rc nicy are until reinior emeiiia tan reacn
him Butcun irhehaM it 1-tl ouih tic Indiana
I ftn de'e id the'r txlfirll mill n lit ivraltmr ffirraa
the troops to seek their winter canto nrnci t".
hjle nf Ilenrrt Icndn HiiMpended,
Owlnj to many allegations nf f nnd In tho
en'r) of lamia as desert land-' under Iho act of
Man h ff Ii7, t pro I le fur the sale of dei rt lamia
In reiiiiln Slate ami Tirri(i r t-a tlm f'Amtnla.L.nn.
of ini.t-i end IrtnilOinee htui iBn-rt i rcjlstcrs
nnd ree-prs In ih rules and Territories where
dcM. t lauNnrc sllu tliil to sune i I all funhor
eiitriesof laud under tlie at t and t nrtlfy nil
" i"n iim.ii-ii-i in (iiiiir uirvHl) iniiii't in Hi
teinu ny as to tho rbnruc ter of th laud will Ik
taken, an I n-qtitrlng tliesedflieir tnforwaM to the
iioicral l4CidOfliiueoplesorsiieh tctlmony, with
their views thereon
Hed rietiiel nnd Coiiipnny nt fpmnhn.
The following dlmttch wai reeehtil at tho
Indian Bureau )ctcrda)
Omwia October
7b th nmntfrfnnrr rf twUnn iittiir Wnhl ,i,t
ludfnn'arrliitl here this innnilugall right They
are t-nrtlculurl) nnxleiu ulmul copies of their
ttnOilugton sfmeclie" Please have them sent to
KcKloudaseiie) with nil posMile dispatch
iir'iiiun e mn uriiciiMir iienerai
Thn sneeehe u 111 tm nirSfjn mil frnm ih .hAri.
hand notes of the reporters and forwarded aa rc-
Arrest of Counterfeiters.
In formal Ion wa-TCciUcd, hy Chief Broolts.
of the secret service, yestcrd ly that ono Foster and
Tom Douty alias Lewis were arrested in Phlladd
phln by an agent of the iccret service A lsnre
amount of counterfeit silver, consisting of trade
"ii ijnaiiciriiHi iinnrH wiw iniinei in ineir
ndssesslnn Imrelher wlih innl.la ualiim hmiAImu
baltcr'e metal, ic, fur the manufacture of coun-
ictic'u coin
aHmYATon M'novAr.D'i fair.
Ilia Interview mih HU In at Id Colleague.
I ny Associated I'rem. I
IvniAVAroLi. Isd. Oct, fl Senator Mc-
Dmald will publish an a ldnss to-morrow giitng
hW reao is fur i lit'ng Senator Morton and offer
Ine tOThllrnff u'ltlhlm Inlhecnrntne'sesalnn nf tt j.
Pwiate. He sai s -U Is wi II known to the people or
II. I. U.I. ,t.. I r .!. rt L J .
ni". rimu iitxi ii-iu iiivj tunc itovcrnor iiort' n
iinlteil with the ItepibllraTi pirty we haie stoo.1
iwlirlcal1y 1 1 ted ihe same tlmeour pecoial
rvinimim naie iiin aiwaj rrlcnnly I bale.
thercfi re no nimloe-t m ilTirf.Fi iiitimr him in ki.
sickness It whi au net 1 1 kin Inc-e which lowed
tomyserlftn n rfurtit In a brief Int nhwnf lms
tl-annie mli litis aMihclitcl It Thomrvon,
rVcretar) of tlie Naiy t McKcau, of Terre
Haute ami Dr Ihompwm of this ciiv wero pres
et t the pr it ah lilies o' bin (doy Morton's) re
turn tn Wa-hlinrtnn uh iI'tiikjuM
' llm .iprifunl ahopenf lielngablotodosoat tho
regular ktsImi b it sa'd he ha 1 gliiu up exptcta
H nior being there at the ex trn session I remarked
In tubMnnc e that he euuht to Uke all care of him
self soas tul'cat'lotip't-i Mnshlngton and if he
itiumi aui'iiuiinie nil uiecis'iy HCKSIOIIS or tlie He II
ate loo fHt'guleg he should ret himself ly r airing
off with me This ! all there was In tt, and while
I siMskeof the nmt'er bi wa) of encouragement I
meantjust what I said if contltuencyshould arise,
and in so exptewlng mrselfldld no more than
propoiethe unsl courteu'es that have lnen prar
tleed In the f-enae from the fuindatlon or tho
Roitnimcut. an 1 which hod been extended time
and HgnlnbyOnv Morton al the late extra scaslon
of theFenstc. when I was called home by sickness
of my elaughtor"
He cone hides as follows "Tomjr political friends
whomav feel solicitous as to my future course. 1
w III say thnt I hai c entered Into no obligation and
taken no pledge that In the h ast degree Interferes
with the full and faithful dl-tchargeof my duties as
a Democratic Senator "
Eminent Catholics Doing; Honor to Hie He-
By Associated Prcn.1
Baltimore, Oct. 8 Notwithstanding tho
inclemency of tho forenoon, followed by rain In
the afternoon, which Increa-M to a driving ttsrin
towards night a lnrxc number of persons cstlma-
idi at irom seven ii ten inouwna iis'tea tne arch
enlueiiiit rnv'denee tn iluv nnrt i Inuiut thn nmiin.
of the late Archbishop Bavlev Prepsrstlons for
iitv lunrini t'eiuuiruw iimuiirrii iniipicieci Many
dttilngulsheil prelates and rrlests from aellntaucc
haie already arrived to take part In the solemn
mrrttcts Among tlieso are Cunllnal JDdntkcy,
Archbishops ttnod. of Phlldchlphia, and tt llllams
of Boston, Btstions De Uouhrland, of Burlington,
Corrlgsn of Newark, Me-Uuaid, nf Itocheter
(iroHs of Savannah and tnlov ofthtcago Wry
Rev P F lydon V O. Boston and M A Ualih,
Philadelphia and many prices from I hlladelphln,
New Jersey, Boston and els. where,
Its Progress nt Fernandlna.
By Associated Press.
Jacksonville, Fla., Oct. 8. There were
nine new cases of yellow feer re p rlcd at Fer
nandlna ou Saturday, and three dentin on Sunday.
To-day there wero ttvo new cases and one death
reported Dr T P ttelford, one of the rhylclana
w bo went lo Fernandlna from this city when mcdl
cat aid was asked for, Is among the sick, and was
reported dying to day.
AlouSTA, Oa ,Oct ft There haiebeen two new
cases and one death from ellow feicr at 1 ort
Boyal since Saturday. There hai e Uen fony tw o
cases Id all
A No, el Hanking Hj stein.
(B) Assoc ated rrews.)
San Francisco, Oct. H The failure of the
Pioneer Land and Ixmui bank hsi no slEuitlcauee
oa regards the status ef other savings and Inan
banks of this city Tha business of the tank wni
conducted on abasia ( eculiar In itself Ibea-setc,
lnktesd oi being loaned out on Ihe usual seeurllles
wore In the main directly Invested In real cvtate
and rents an Increase In value of whlehwas
looked to for ther roHts of the liiM'tutlnn It Is
rumored on ihe street that the pre-cut complica
tions arise in part from the bunk backing up par
t'ssengsged in iborting stocks tho recent rife In
the market exercUIng a dliaMrous effect on that
The Disturbance at Plttaton.
(Uy Associated Presa.
riTwrov, 1'a , Oct. fi. Tho rennyhanla
Coal Company haie plocvd armed guards to night
over all their property exposed to tucendlarlkin
There has beea ue requUittou jetmaJe upou the
Government for prwUctlon,
the coun
I'nrlher lte1nforcentitit Ileaeli rievna In
sufficient 1 llor bade i-t the lltaek ha-An
earthquake at (.enevav French Ncwspav
pers Seised.
Another Husslan Itepnlse.
LoTxiOct . A Kcuier dispatch from
Constantinople rays V telegram from On hanle
states that It Is repotted then fhw iaey fom
TurkUb imttalloim, eaeirtiiig a convoy to Plevna,
hare defeated a Huts an detachment sent to op
poms them
ItMdgea Impassable,
A Reuter dispatch from Bucharest states that tht
frost and storm have rendercl the Hlrtora an
N'lcopolia bridges Impracticable for vehicles the
lost two daya
The IltocksuU or tha Black Rea
Vmu, Oct. 9 The reMhrr Uoytl aUtei
under res crt o hat the Prince of Reuss (rerman
am1fsad r lo tlie Porte, has been instructed to de
rlare the Turkish blockodeof the Mu Ka porta
Insufficient, and therefore vHd.
Kervla's Policy,
....,i-i.i B iiiviivh i T-if;raui apwiai
'" ."'.''uatwun wiaiii rviiia, ana i.'irpia are
not concludc-d Pervia rcipilres a guarantee of In-
iirrMiirni-ainii a proraiwoi an exiension or tec
rlUrv In the direction of Bosnia The Bn-slaii en
voy awaits further Instnictlons." 1 he ierna w
.Ai Vorrrpi-mdenct allegwt that negotlaUoiia
have been concluded
I rirrr me real ext is nation of these contradic
tory reports probably Ii that Kervla la waiting until
she liable to Interfere with the It-ut danger and
the most profit
The Tstet Vienna special says. "According to
advices received from Constantinople. Achmet
Jeroub Fa-ha w ill take command of the Turkish
forces on the Servian frontier."
Arming; nn the Tranco-Itallan Frontier.
LoNiov,Oct. B A special diimatch from
Frankfort says "According to trustworthy intelll
gencerecelied here the fortresses on the Francn
Itallan frontier aretwlng hurrietlly put In a state
pf defense lemstrvllo, Fxllles and ttlnadlsaro
being armed with new steel and bronsoguns,"
Nn Alllnneffltetween Italy and Hernia ny,
nnmitf.Oet H TheAon)cfscterfq7''i
ZeUmif confirms the statement that no alllanco has
been concluded between Italy and Oermany, I
sas 'Any negotiations which may be pending
would lime nn aggres1rc significance but would
tend to secure the cohesion of dcrmany and Italy,
should they find thcinrehcji after thy rretie h elcjo
tions ron fn utoil by a clerical and concquenUy
aggresslvo Franco."
An 1 ngllsh lew of the R tun Hon.
Londov, Oct 0 Sir Rtafford N'orthcotc,
Chancellor c ftlie Fxe)ieiiier, In a seech at Fxoter
yesterday anld I cannot help thlnklngmyself, that
there may ln a surprise which may dlsapiotnt the
pntheslesor those who haie been declaring that
the war cannot terminate till after an tber and
more h cbdie campaign One thing Is cenaln that
la.th sides have displayed such gallantry that if an
opportunity fir a settlement should arrive they
mluhl accent without any toss of preMige
The .Vet luUnt t F hum la spee lal ssys that ule I man
I asha took command of the army of the Lorn at
Thcrmovada ou Saturday
French Newspaper Proscription.
Paris, Oct. 0 The Jocrnmcnt ou Monday
detained all packages of Englbh and Belgian
newspapers arriving at tho Paris railway station.
Jharthquakn In Nwllxrrlanit.
IiONDov, Oct. 0 A special dispatch to th
Viify Acicflfromriencrasa)s "A severe earthquake
shock was experienced hereon Monday morning
Some buildings were crac ked, but the damage wu
A Marriage Compromise.
London, Oct. 8 ' Tho Tarla correspondent
ofthe Tfrnes aaya ho has prli ale Information that
the difficulty which hai hitherto pmented the
marriage ofthe Duke do Mintnenlers daughter
Mercedes tn King Alfmno, of Ppnln namely thq
unopularlty of the bride s father will tw arranged
by the Duke de Montpcnsler undertaking to quit
Hpaln immediately after the marriage.
From China ami Japan.
(By As-oilated Prew
RriANOHAi, Sept. 11. Tho cholera i de
creasing lu the coat towns, but la still prevalent Ii
the Interior
There Is great distress everywhere from famine,
canned by short ere pa and the ravages of locusts
Heavy floods are announced In Ihe feouihcn
Tnlied Plates Consul Bailey, of Hong Kong, will
go home on leave of absence
The Chinese envoys have started for Japan.
Yokohama Sept 20 Tlie Asiatic chnlora haj
appeaml lu nkcihama and Naguakl rorelgnen
so far are exomnt from the disease, nnd among tin
Jspanrs It Is under good control Ample prec autloet
haiebeen taken.and no spread of tho disease U
anticipated Tho foreign ships of war have all left
the harbors to to avoid the dUeae
Affairs at Ragohira are unchanged, A small
ukiki ui itun aim iiiiiu m
Tlie of Congressman finialla.
By Awocriote t Press.
CoiumriA, S. C, Oct. H Congrcwmn
Smalls to day had a orcllminary examination ti
the charges against him Woodruff testified thai
he paid Small S ono as a bribe to vote for a muuH
before the Legislature In H73. Pmalls was held u
ball u answer the Indictment In the Circuit Conn
which meets on the fourth Monday In Octobrs
Maxwell, Senator from Marlboro' county In do
fault or bail, was lmprtonod on a similar charge
Tho charges of bribery are connee tod with Ihe
printing swindles or ihe Republican Printing Vom
panv, of which Woodruff was head centre Hit
testimony Is tasM upon a memorandum book hi
kept In short-hand
Tboy.N Y.Oct ft, The street-car works or J W
Jones A. ( o , of tt est Troy were destroyed by flr"
to-night to the extent of rm.ono Insurance tlOiQ
Fair. Pa, Oct. a-Btcrrttt'i livery itable wa
burneei to-day, together with thirteen horses. BuJ
little eif the t omenta or tho building was saved
Lota unknown.
Olfm Cue, L. I , Oct a Tlie fire in the Pavtltlnri
hotel destroye-1 tho whole building, excett tbi
south wlug No damage was elone to adjoining
buildings. Loss rrom $15000 to SiO 000,
HARRisRcnn Pa, Oct R A large Urn U longing
tottm. M Watts near Mtchauleaburg, Pa . was
burned lost night together with Its con tenia Iti
eluding feOBie live stock Lus tizooo; fully In
wired The Are is suppo,d to have been of Incen
diary origin.
PniLAnrirjiiA Oct 8 Thle morning a fire broltj
out In a large four slor) brick bulfllng Vo Mi
Dllwyn street, occupied by Aichenback A Miller ai
a laboratory. Before the flames were extinguished
tlie Interior of the building and the stock were
badly damaged by fire and water The loss en tbl
stock U estimated at ti 000.
lillltT TELFfJX I V8.
Nrw York Oct ft The total amount realtted to
night by the sale of stats fir the Ldwln Addini
benefit wait JIM
(llHmiE. N Y Oet . The rniillon hotel
caught tire In the dining room aluutl.'lOp.m ,aito
wtiseiillrul) eotiaumed
Iimkin Oet 8 The learner tVnwall Captain
ttilliams Irom Vw ork fr Brfmol, U ashore in
the Wuu near Urbtol Ills hoped she will fltsl
high water
Utios Ort 9 Tho bark Francesco Ctirro Cap
tain Me utesil.fri m lhlluelctphlu for QiutiiaUiwn
has Ntn sunk b) a tulllsion The crew hare Lceu
landed at ejuccnlown
PiiiiADELrniA Oct. ft, Mr. Fdntn Adams ihe
distlngu ted actor baa, for the puht three or font
cUis letn 1) Ing dangerously ill wlthionsumption
nttho rtsldcncoof Mr D t.ardmr, In this city,
PiltlAnt:urillA,Oct.ft. Tda tho stockholders
ofthe Leb'gh and iJtcla lanna Rnllronl (.ouipnny
met In thfielty and rrsolied to extend the road tc
tt iml dap, a distance of ten mites from lu present
IkwToi Oct 8 There Is nothlngtiewconcernini
Col 11 B 8lbIi'Bfwrgirlcn except that aaattrvs
c nt asccrtaiiirtl t bey w III amount to W 2ufi allhougl
Sibley fays that t 00 w ould pay all claim! ou no
count of the forjed paper
NoitniLK Ya. Oct. 8. The schooner Wllllant
Fiatcr, Irom Baltimore for Wilmington put Inn
this port today, having been run Into by an un
known lark oil Cupo Henn ntheclh liuttant and
had her itarhe ant quarter loie
Boston Oct 8 Warren C Wheeler, for thlrtj
) ears a well kjiown resident of West Box bury and
a church member In good standing lias fle-ij tak
tiU with him from IIOKM to 1 13,000 raised ou bogus
uioiiiuKus ti lev. etc which bo negutlated with
bank) and It d vlduals

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