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national gcpnMiran.
A m. ciAip 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Kiirrnn.
TUmilAY i imiiittt in OCTOBm iw
Tiiie Htrttcs of Ohio and Iowa have their
Btatc election to-day. The voters decide
who shall le their Oocniors, and whnt
party eliaH control their respective JiCfcisla
turns. Iowa will of course go Kepublienn.
The contest lies in Ohio, but there- is ociy
Imliiutlon thnt the .lepnni.rati party will
elect Wert (Inventor, and Imo control of
the Legislature 011 Joint ballot by a smalt
The returns will be announced thin even
ing Irom the office of TitK IlcrVBUCAK on
they may be rxceh cd by Associated Itch
or from special sources.
To-morrow's taue of The HKrurtLlcAN
will contain a full nnd authentic tabulated
statement of the mult In ith States.
We publish in another column lilwntl ex
tracts from Houthern Democratic journal.
It U evident that tlio Southern Demncrats
are not n happy family at present. While
the Prtniiluit is doing all in his power to
placate the South, nnd bring frnternity,
peace and good fellowship lwtwcen the
section of the country bnt a few yean ago
at open war with each other, the Demo
crats tii Mlsrtlvttppl are indulging in law
lmstiPM to An extent that calls down the
maledictions of their own pre, and are by
the ears ia Texas over their domestic af
fair. This effervescence miy arlso from the
leaven of pacification which the President
has Introduced into the Southern loaf, and
leudtogood. At all events we propone to let
the readers of the National KErunLiCAV
nee what Issaldanddone'thronghtheSonth,
eo far as we can, that they may Judge for
themselves of the progress that is being
mide on the rood to future national unity.
We greatly desire to see thi end aimed at
by the President fully realized, but we pro
pose to furnish the probabilities and Indica
tions relative thereto as they transpire in the
current history of the times. The press U
the political signal service bnreau of the age,
and it should on noun to every Indication
and prolubihty relating to the gnat absorb I Trust Graipanv had felled. Hie Ohio banks had
. , - . , ... . , failed others f 4 lowed and the next day there wai
lng qnestlOD Of the day Without conceal- . r dsWof bank filhircsall over the eountrv
ment or partiality. We propose to bear our wj wipr-a-M Iw'la Jd Ut" withdrawn and we
,l , - , i -, . r . , I hud Irredeemable hank lper pon vrhlch there
pjn id tae service iikMiitiiur una leurietwiy. . ws a discount In ihelte In which Kwuiwunl
- j i,t ( wnn ii uirrr w mi niiMiinmm uim-iiiiiiv
EEUT St AM THAT Ih A VO LITICI AN II wherever It traveled beyond thf tarder of the
, .. ' "late In which It hal N-cti I-sucd and In the end,
A tii i Kr. atmctf nu tho discount would anvmnt lo more than
Tht,T,lthan Seethe which we omit. 'WwXrV . ...,n,p.cl rc,mp.l,m r
is w hat a friend of ours heard n decent 1 ' specie p input but w hit w a the condition !
, , , ti...... i.j .. .,. 1-'rwaMl ainl caudal unemplojM A Ioui of
dressed man say on Tenn-yhania nsnuie a j fnoimi wM.midc m the enn'l tion that ml I
day or two since. Our friend, who is him- ihM be paid out a en.m as rHrH and net
,,,, . ii! .ah1pK.il ahnutd Another llko ban was under
self n politician, turned around and nottil taken, hut the undertaking broke down Thei
4h nniifinnn- rl th mi nLi-r Hf nt n eamo the err hWe miiM hare other than Md
tne appearance ti me jake-r iiewns a mn)i(iy crlh4,.nIrtnU mA (Wo military re.
mnn attout twcnty-fle years of ugc, and ipubllca-s'abl tied on ltrulns" Uef.uindawsy
mnA Co In. either ft wnrLln-rirmn mil far -x I " "1" nV?T. ". .?"?" M""-sim paper
cases of dishonesty nming tho same num
bcr of politicians. Kien the pulpit will
present more rosea that need a Jury to set
tle than can be found among the politicians,
while of pa Ings hunks presidents the remark
which induced this nrtide might fe consid
ered accurately descriptor.
Considering the number of men engaged
in politics, and tho temptations to which
they ore subject, it is fair to say that there
tsnocl.t&sof people in any ngc or country
who are more honest. Iwk at tho aoen
thousand newspapers of this country; four-
fifths of them arc political, nnd their editors
and managers ore politicians. Yet few of
them make money honestly or otherwise;
in fact, very few men ever made money in
politics. Generally it Is a losing business
Wo hope the man who mode the remark,
nnd others who think like htm, will reflect
on whut wo have Raid and ceaso to stigma
tize so unthinkingly tho HWng and the
The question which now deeply agitates
the country is how Its business Interests arc
to be rescued from the paralysis that has
settled upon them. Statesmen and finan
ciers are alike absorbed in the work of de
fining causes ami seeking remedies. Tito
Hon. W. D. KEM.KYtof Pennsylrania, has
recently been lecturing in llontou on "Hard
Times; Cause and Cure," and treated the
subject cT pleasantly and cogently. e
extract from his treatment of tho causes of
hard times:
There la no natural blewhijj with which nature
can endow a ix-ople that la not oum: and yet to
day masM-s of our peonl walk In hunger and
despair Money will yield no Interctt In manufac
tnrea In thla atrlckcn land of ours, and tho people.
rather than engaire In any enterprise, are
do vtaied the. country within the lat two or three
lend their money to the Government at four per
cent. Why Is It? Has war, pcatllcrjcfl or famine
vean No. mr friends. Since lm mo have had
no Mar Our hroad country haa leen peculiarly
free from pestilence, and we hae lecti blcatil
wlih the larKeHt rrop of cereals and libera tho
American reoe'ehavaever produced. Thequoa
tlon la too hroad to be dlnrusvd In detail IaI
me Invite your attention to one. or more Instances.
In 1W there eled a drrado of unparalleled
nimoerltr. Ditrinir that time tha ml I of Tall
frnU had been dlacoTercd antf the mine
ylrldeil as they have, nercr ylcldel alnre During
that time ajrrlcultnre waa bleared, and tha potato
roi in ireiana. ine iiruin ives ani ineconiineni
created an unwonted demand for our cereals Im
migration rati up to STiOnin people We were then
b'ewed lth jfol 1 bni nmney. Fvery clrrulatliitc
note promised lo pay cold or allTerin demand,
and one night In 1K7, at tha doe of that decade
of prosperity, we w ent to led w Ith our bank notes
In our pieketa, eonfllentthst wa were on a (TiId
lala and we awoVethenext lnornln and brrak
rasto i in mat tx-ner urn ro'ore our dinner tne umo
seemed to be either a worklngii
holiday, with his Sunday clothe on, or a
street-corner loafer, who had succeeded in
beating" some store for a suit of clothes.
When the remark was related to us It
caused us to reflect 'for a time and think,
4What is a politician, that be nliould
be thns spoken ofy" Tliought tratebi
iwter than een the lightning flies or Ariu.
"avelod round the earth, and politicians of
1 the past centuries flitted liefore ns hs the
jhonls Tisitcd King IflclIAItD the flight be-
ore Bos worth's fatal field. Unlike these
-;hovt", they "struck no terror" to our soul,
m rtther were pleasant and acreeablc.
om the dim and distant age came the
ommanding figure of Most?, the Jtwich
TW-iver, who was one of the nblewt politi
cians; following him came Lin not s, Al.-
cllilAiiKH, Arimtidkh and a whole liatof
GrecUa worthies, whilo near them came
ClcKRO, tATO. SlAKtl k Al'ltfcl WH und oth
ers whone ability miule Koine famous
Fleeting shadow s whose faces could not Ite
recognied carried volumes of the Zrmfairta
to identify them, and the flowing rolw
of a mandarin showed CoNrrrii'H wns in
the throng. Iatcr we saw tho figures of
CiiahlkhV and Ijovoi.a, with Hexti's V f
Home, the Porlns of tJetioa, and some of the
"comment" from llyzautinu, mingling with
The Muscovite cup told when Pkter the
Doers of Venice nnd theMhniciof Kloreuee
Greut iaHcd, and near him was "the grcut
trimmer," whom SlACAt'lLV immortalized,
with the Prince of Orange, ritrnEitlC'K of
Prussia, Voltaire, NAroi.nox and other
modern statesmen. The scene chimged,nnd
we recognized Frankiix, Tom Pa-e,
JtFrtRKiv, Adams, Jhnww, Ha.ncihk,
Hamilton' and scores of others who founded
this lfepublic, while viewing them were
Bcjs, IiCXKR, III UK f, Pitt und Siihiti
tmn. Then came Jackmis, Caliuh'x,
IlAYNF, IHxrov and a host of;
Amentjus of other il s, followed by Lin-
tov, and those whohae pasw d away in
our time. Then the wmlths of the lhing
flitted hv, und lHKALLl, HhHAIhk,
31 FTTtRN I H, Til I KItH, (1 A MIiFTTA, CA-
MH'r, (Jiaiiktone, llnujiiT, with Time-
nnd hundieds of others whose faces
We care It all theattrtbutea of money e pro
l M-Wl f.ir Its redemption.
A nlre U hy dun't the Oovemment honor It""
Mr KeMey, The (hnernment did honor It nnd
It never Mink one half per rent liclnwRoM No
dollar of that tfndn'nievcr paid n dl-e-onnt It
reeohM lhat Wnonomin In piyment of all dues and
laies, ano wnanamore u proruie! ur in eon
venWi Into an lntetet bearinv ixmd. Mt that w h-
irer baa . or thai money eouirt ro to tneTrwiMirr
and ttct an Interest 1m atlii lmnd. and m htm ir hnd
ruatouia dutvto iar etiiil I earrr It to IhecnMnm-
hnuanand par II DMn I the itoemnient Imiur
It? I know that the the ry of the iirwatiapera and
tha bullion !t Is thai Ihnre ha tcrn noevtt Irae
t! .ii (.enileinen. are tin rtHl omt int ire than f 1
0ilirif Ifao thrre ha Imn norontrnethm If
let there b iTi'n enntract'on rpial lo the entire
difference hetneen th(e mmi of tnonej-
Now they tnlk attout Imuk notea and crnftil acks
as tf the) ere the Mine lientlemeu n laiik note
In nt munty It la a prrm1e torarmnne Ills
anan iw ni monev irrmppfra h in en-fnoarn
We Invoked n rmner hitherto iinknoun. We
pro red that our inuntry mlht tic areI nnd a
e MM wan Knt to in lo nae It There lay the craJu
U mil our arm) and our narv There oiling at
our wlnirte". were the ititliito mki nmiw
There, on the lnkii were the mmOi lo Iratihitoit
the eorn Here were Idle men who could hae
been rl ihed and armed Then with the aid of
iitiriiiiiurto unknown power with tlio giau cry.
oeare ronnnp rainer oranam ;rim more
we Wtnt well elolhfl well armed, welt Ktocle-d,
wlthirociilcaalr) honei',aiid with ample artillery
Whence dl 1 these aupplii rome? Wh I hey 1 ad
Utn aliuwered upon in by that nun unit thlld,
the ltaii Ilaby Here aomeouo on the platform
male a n mark about the Itau Huh) a father
whereupon Mr Kellev rejoined I hope jrmvrlll
not rm L hhu ao harnhly In l hi old ( radVuf Uh
ertv. for here ho la amiood to ulecp anl 1 would
not have hlindMurlMHi Yea neiitUtncii.tlieblesaetl
1Uk11uI. til. 1 it lie went to tho ihlp owner the
fdrintrx the menhanta and alt ' Oieii the ehan
nela of IndiiMrr," and ther did it. Now If I wa
on the other udeof iK.litUi I alinuld u- iaih
laiiffiiace to-tilnltt but I am wlih MeConnlikaud
Shetmau In Miinnort of tha 1'reslJent' ei II aen Ire
Pulley and hUSmthern polley; but I am oppofd
ihliAnaneUl view" And I M) la il more of a
ln for m toopp4o hlmon one ground than It la
jorjou io oniMnte niiTi on iwoEToumiir nui
tlrtnen.Iam tionet in my routhllona and
are not I am mnklnir a loiut wlndeil rueerli.
my object la not to waken thehub,bitt l he people
iv liable to recehe twhen It iriVw
and rlMa ajrain, for von w 111 nets) it u reteue you
ae, and liefore the let of January, 1S79, you will
need It a badly a we needed It In 1841 I am
tmlrijr Into ft In detail but It will atraln be jour
wivlof In the hemrof rouraironr if that resump
tion act he not repe aled Take a Hiwe and nour
that water out of it and )nu red are It toltorlxi
tial wcIkIi! Ni tlm tiovernment Iiim been Miurti
tn the American orilj a a Kpoiiife until It haa
ikvii nil ii iv l uiui'i out wi iiivti 'nij.iij
TIkso utterances Inyir the characteristic
of earnestness nnd Intelligence, and point
directly to the remedy which nlone can
remit the financial maladies of the day.
The iiwue of greenlucki which aie redeem
able in coin, and which 1m ar the Impress of
tho plighted faith of tho nation and are
made payable- for all dues to the Govern
ment ami tho people, offer the hope of early
relief while it cannot he disco creel so tlU
tinttlyin nuy other direction. Let this
policy enxuo nnd there will he no trouble
are familiar to us, pawed on The pino-' about resumption. It will adjuat itself. A
rama of the dead and living "politician-'! little stimulus lulminUtcred tn the buiinriw
ceased, nnd we reflecteil awhile. The inlerotm of the country in the way of silur
thought came to us, all throe men were or , mom tization and tho i4uo of apcr money
are jtoHtitiaii!; why ia It that they are thus tint we urea public confidence will very
c!uiricteri7cd as thieesY They aie (,r soon find paper an I coin on such an equality
writ, statesmen ; is there any tliileremo in that the former will he in e fen eel to the
the two word, stuteman and peditieian '' 1 liter Then, as lu lf01, greenlmcks will
None, when the lnttcr is used in lis jivd I proe the savior of national and iudMduuI
Hciise. Then, if this Bjwakejron the Am tine prosperity.
reprtnentnthc feeling and thouyht of the
honrat miners haatred tho truthless Cuarlks
to a neighboring tree, and there he remstus
yet, In all probability. What a lesson for this
more Christian section of tho country!
Tun Philadelphia Aym says thit the lAbor
Oreenbaek coatltlou In Pennsylvania Is rap
idly asfliiailng unexpected proportions, but be
lieves that Its membership Is so cqusllrdntwn
from both tha greit parties that tho renult of
tho HUte election will not be materially af
fected. There Is no choice for Governor or
legislature this yetr In Pennsylvania, and
how the eholco of a Judge or Attorney General
can aflVct the question of !alor In any respect
we are at a loss to know. Next year will bo
the time to make the effort, if Imleed this
third party has any real strength.
WltHf Arkanaaawaa placated some years
ago the Democrats had the sagacity, umlcr the
Instigation of Judge Wilshibk and Governor
(Iabukd, to drop the prosecution In tho State
courts of alt the political and qiati political of
fenses lor which indictments were pending.
Both parties agreed to cca-M) that kind of warfare,
and they have had no trouble there since. It
was supposed that Wadk Hampton and his
confreres In South Carolina and (tovernor
Niciiotrs and his coadjutors in Txnlsiana
would have exerciMnl rftnatly sound discretion
and sagacious Judgment upon assuming the
control of affairs lu thoao States, but this sup
position appears to have been unwarranted.
An important document has been pre
pared hy Journal Clerk Smith, of tho House,
for tho Committee on Rules. Tho work has
been dono pursuant to a resolution of the
Houso passed at the last session. It is a com
pteto digest of all the proceedings from the
foundation of the Oovemment In connection
with tho choice of officers of tho Honso of
Representatives. This digest contains all the
rulings of Sneakers and Clerks on questions
arising In councctlon with the organisation of
the House, extracts containing all resolutions,
and giving a history of all contests which hav e
ever taken place In the election of olBcers.
This w III bo of great alue to members, esno
ctally to those who enter Congress for the
first time.
Complaint was loudly made throughout
the length and breadth of the land that the
cyclono did not come at the appointed time.
It came, it saw, it conquered and destroyed.
Ilrlghtty broke the morning after the howling
wind and deluge had pamed. Every one con
gratulated his neighbor on the very beautiful
weather that we w ero hav hig, and tho prophets
awrted that October would indeed be grand,
capectaltv aa his eycloneahlp had pawed
When, lo! and behold! A "storm centro" Is
announced in Ohio and Indiana. Yesterday
and last night ourtoo-confldlng locality caught
It In all Its fury. It blew, rained and poured.
Many were the curaci, loud and deep, against
Ohio's "form rrafrr." In Heaven's name, let
them keep their storms and their election
aqnabblcs at home. We want no more of them.
Tiik hotfiji are rapidly fitllng up, and by
next Saturday, tho dav fixed for the Demo
crvtic caucua, all the "unterrtfied" will doubt-
lev be on band. The fighting has commenced
in earnest, and hy tho time Sayler gets here
to-morrow the battle will be In the
helghth of its ferocity. That the caucus will
ultimately agree upon all tho names, from
the Speaker down to the Postmaster, there
seems to bo no doubt, and it may, therefore, be
taken for grautcd that at noon on Monday
next the Forty-fifth Congress will bo duly or
ganlrcd. The country looks to Its tl el itera
tion and conclusion! at this time with more
anxiety than ever before. It his all the
pow er In Its hands to turn the tideof affairs into
tho chainlet of prosperity, and If It neglects
or fails In the fuicrcd dutv Intrusted the recre
ant members will certainly hear, lu unmUtak.
able language of disapprobation, from their
fifty millions of disgusted and disappointed
It is now afsi'mfd that the South Is paci
fied because we receive no more telegrams of
outrages and munlers liclng commit ted there
for political opln ton's sake. There is a simple
way of accounting for this. Those Republi
cans of intelligence who formerly gave these
accounts to their friends tn this city and other
cllles at the North have, most of them, either
been murdered or driven out, or so Intimi
dated that they dare no more open their
in mi lbs. Having no longer any Representa
tives In Cougrcas belonging tothelrown politi
cal purtv, through whom to make kno)n
their suffering, the white Republicans con
cludo to suffer In silence until they can sell
out and emigrate. The correspondents of the
Associated Press In the South are generally
editors or reporters of the Democratic press of
the cities in which they arc located. Of
course, they will not report auy news that
would prove detrimental to the Democrttlc
Interests These interests aro now presumed
to le Identical with pacification, and these
correspondents are under instructions to send
nothing North but evidence of the utmost
quiet and good feeling between tho races.
We have received but little hy telegraph ex
ceptlug the Ciiisolm tragedy and the at
tempted assassination of Marshal Pi'RNfll, of
Texas, since the policy" was declared,
to indicate that the Southern people
of all parties, races and colors were not
entirely and wholly pacified. Hut now that
Southern Republicans begin to appear hero to
attend to their business before Congress the
coming session, we learn the bottom facts with
regard to the manner of the purification of the
colored Republicans la certain sections. We
have been Informed of a number of murders
th.it have Wen committed In tho name of pad
fieation of which no mention has been madoln
tho Democratic Southern press. It Is scarcely
necessary to say that there ia no Southern Re
publican press left. These facts at count for
tho entirely "utmuimous" pacification in the
perusded It was his dotr ro forego these comforts
for tha perplex ltlea,etrea mud retpomlbllUle of an
offlca in Washington. Ilut he reluctantlr yielded.
iihtv iiu niini m mr, iiATTi a mora wueni,
honest, contentions, thorough -colng, straight
forward, upright and downright pnbllo officer
noTcr tilled hUpotttlmi. He haa a keen acenl tbr
rlnjta and Jul, and never waa known to show any
quarter to sharks.
wnw mi wua out nil annwieoKe, anu u ina
risk of hli displeasure, for he Is moro ambitious to
than to see his name In print.
do his work t
WAsnmoTO', Oet. , 1877.
A Rtateinent Corrected.
WAaniNOTO1, October 8, 1877. J
Editor National RtrvaucAN: Wilt you
permit me space to correct a statement In tbo
Oiptoilot Sunday that (leu. George Pherldan. of
Now Orleans, while holding an appointment as
special agent of the Pert Olnee Department, is
a'nmplng Ohio tor the Kepublican party? Ucn
Kherldaii la no more a special agent of
the r. O. I. than I am. t bellevs It
haa been pretty conclusively establUhcd In the
mind of the public by an unbiased press that I am
not one. He was appointed to perform a specific
duty In Louisiana, upon the conclusion of which,
antf after making hi report, he resigned, and went
to KIce Lake, Canada, for the summer. Oen hberl
dan's popularity with the people, and his eloquent
ft'lroeacy of the Republican party are not yet ob
scored er ihackhM by the President a civil serf lee
order. An unusually brilliant orator has not yet
been turned Into an Indifferent official.
Thanklnir you for nermlttlnff me lo make tills
correction In liehalf of a gentleman who Is absent.
1 am your obedient scrrsnt,
Gta II. Bctlf.r.
Mr.H?YnFR,nf Kew York, arrived yesterday
to look after his election as Pusuuastcr of tho llouie
Of Keprcsentallrea.
Mr. John Daly, candidate for Doorkeeper
nrtnc uoiioor neprosenumeft, is ininocuy, wun
headquarters at H iltard a hotel.
XL flBKW. tii a new Qenubllcan leader in
France, has always adrocated a single Chamber
and no President as the form of government best
uiicuior r ranee,
Mr. James J. Chrhtik, Deputy Sergeant
at Arms of the Penate. arrived at the imperial yes
terday as fat and happy as ever, and fully prepared
for a successful winter s campaign.
General McMillan, who several years
Bffo presented credential from Niulsiana as t'nlted
Htatca Senator, but wrsnot admitted, will succeed
laabel aa I "mis ton Agent at New Orleans,
Et-Oovernor jKwriL, of Connecticut,
relehrnted his golden wedding last Saturday, and
on the same day hU daughter, Florence, was mar
ried to W II. Flrong. a Detroit merchant
Mr, J. W. RixLKR, a clerk in tho General
Ind Oftlee, has tendered his resignation of Uie
nftlee having bctn elected prosecuting attorney of
the Thirty firth Judicial dhtrlct of Indiana.
A Dfmocrtic politician who sued the
HprlngfleM.dlM.uxrft'iZ for IVum damages for
t ailing him an Intolerable nulanre, has been given
hr it ftrmreeUKri, Inrr a verdiet for ona rent.
Kreu this tho paper refuses to pay, and it threatens
io appeal me iom:.
Maitrk ALI)N, Garabetta's counsel, U the
leauing lawier or r ranee, itwaine, Dy me way,
who pleaded the up-hill case, which lie gained e
tiibtlfthlnar the lenltlmaey of Prince Napoleon,
against Ik'rrrer.counsul for the sou of Mme. rat
teraou Uunaparto.
As a mark of recoimltton for services ren-
dere.1 the Ruislan exhibitors at tho Centennial
Exhibition the t'-iar of Ku1a has forwardfrl to
tha Hon A T nhorn Ihmuith M ShUkln. Itu-
slan Minister a brevet creating Mr (loshoni totho
knlKhtliocMl of the second claw with the ktar of tho
uracr oi M. Ptanisiau.
Hotel Arrlrnts.
JJftrnivtittin Hon W. M Cameron, retershurr,
a linn V II. Thotnraoti Mil J M. lllark.
burn, Jrweph Iliaczlnirn ,Jr KvtH M. n irk Vlcka.
burr A It. Ilanrir, Ml-s.: Mrs. M K MrMurrar.
Naub-s. Ml--! IV. K. thinner, lwta Har, ItnJtlmnrai
A. A. MrCullomiti.Va.! JL lnpiy.N. Y.ilMItf
glns, lhMton. Wui. VWeniaii, 1 ,
XtUUnat lion. T, M Cltinter Hon Jordan K
Cratpiis, Ark i (len IL ToomtM, linn Aletimter II.
Hleplie-tia, Us.! A IL Hlnrlfton and wife, Canton,
orl, MdiJnlin A Hienhenq, 4ta.t Jsmm P. Butt,
V. Va- I) II, Hmltli.N. Yt J MeCwIlnm, luletcti.
N. C,I V. Co llnifFon and sister, N V I Krml A. Mould
ing Cbkajroi U. Fsillte, . Y.: J. Heiract Kant,
N. It.
St Jim-J. It. Krenelt. Air J. Th-Ircs. H. T
(IreenetMtnm, 1'hlla : It. Hi 1 r,or. Itnlto.; C. Aditma,
A.Mn01. OilTfiRn: N. Dcrhrewark.N JnM,Uivla,
. Y.I J h Ouleatt. New York! A K. JUncruil Ena
lumt. II T Imka nnd wife, plil in John W. HarrM.
Htaiinton Ya t A. It. llrooks, N. J.; Joseph JJuiliaiu,
should be settled by arbitration. They c-pporesil
cbua leglalatlon.
THR Democratic officeholders In Baltimore
receiving II 000 a year or over have recetrod orders
Iamt two ne.rcant.of their aalarlatt m tha Demo
Vralie city campaign fund, and thoe recelTlng less
than tl On to pay one per cent. These officers are
also causa upon to mako voiunury ' oontribu
ttona to the cause, and are, moreover, asscaaed a
certain percentago for the State campaign fund.
And all the tune the loaders are shrieking reform,
Tine Khan of Dokhara threatens war against
AomK of the fixed stars emit a lustrous
illrer blaze,
.Ippiter's four moons may bo seen with even
a good spy glass,
Kvolirii Journals agree that tho war has
gone far enouih.
The IUnk of France will resume specie pay
ments January t
Salem has a dally the Ecntng ATirs. It is
a neat little sheet.
A GrOROiAH pawned hli shot-gun to obtain
a marriage license.
The potato rot has appeared In several sec
tions of Nora Hcott a.
TitE shrinkage In stovepipes Is an appalling
myitcry. Jfc Ar3fr iVrsocroK
Baltimore, it Is estimated, realized $G00,
ooo by the peach trade this season.
Joiitf Morrissey says Boss Tweed couldn't
lick a postage stamp Jittehrrter Erprm.
The place to get "spots knocked ont of
inings" u a uyo nouso iMrfo irnHScni.
Lebanon county To., manufactured COO,
050 cigars during Atiguit, md sold -flS,(XiO.
Lancaster cocnty Ia,, raises more tobacco
man any other county in the C tilted btatea.
Kennebec (Me,) Ice dealers are shipping
mure ivv now uisn at any lime ioie auiomer.
Some of the Western theatres don't burn
mucn gas now, the houses are so light without It,
It IS Ttronoaed to remove tho wetl-knnnn
Westiulnater school from London Into the country.
tnssirs maintains that rannou wcro In
vented In ChluA lu the reign of KItey, In tho ear
A New llAVrsHIRE vouth has boen fined
110 and costs for cruelly bcatlug ducks. What a
FfVK thousand rcnnsvlvanla miners struck
a vein of common sense and went to work, says
tthe New York Erpreu.
IIecent reports show that agriculture makes
no progress In tha French colonies of MarUnqus,
CJiiadaloupe and Cayenne,
The Sacred Council of the Vatican refuse to
make a saint of Columbus. But Columbus, Ohio,
wit' f'J fcinticrnuc, ujiigw.
The whisky bell-punch has proved so suc
cessful In Virginia that Louisiana and Arkansas
are thinking of adopting It
A MrMrnis negro bought a coat for five
dollars on credit, and sold it for fifteen cents lu
cash, so aa to go to a circus.
Those complaining Newfoundland fisher
men are sending up thalr annual wall about the
toiai taiiure oi mi coti iisncry,
The new hog disease in Georgia goes
through a pen like an April sunbeam, leaving lis
path strewn with grunts and bristles,
Tiik Bank of England, lost week, had its
stock of specie reduce-1 by withdrawals of 1 1,000,000,
Tit FY hare had a snow storm In the Shlnka
Pass and neither army had a single snow shovel at
nanq romc one oas luunaerea again,
fur. Boser Williams monument. In Boeer
Williams Park. Providence, Is to toiieiilcatodon
luesoay, ibtn uituni. lite procession will be en
tirely Masonic.
Four HUNnitro men are worklnir on full
time In the railroad hhop al Renov o. Ten locomo
tives damaged at Tituburg during tho riot fire are
uviuk repnircii
The Brooklvn Eanie looks with alarm unon
the "brilliant weiMlnga" of the country as a sign
that we are drifting Into aristocracy and the Idocic
of ihe Old world
A rnoutBiTlONisT estimates that about
1100,000 OnO moro Is expended ) early In this country
for rum than the total gross earnings of all our
railroads amount to.
Good advice from the Petersburg Itiral
if Pis siiix.rilHIi floeOra fMvasjW; do Wo
fjh7.n rlaieo nm!ly tS.W . , , t
eat poothem aetlra. firmer and h1fhrj Waek-
dn.amler,1JtnNIAVi Weernsteamerll it
k. t winter rd, spot, II . Oriober. ft MI
, fl.llbtd dd Ho. 1 winter red, ft ".
ulhern eivlrtand tUsdyi Western flrmw
Cltr MUU
ftrn!fnnnfl hlvhPf- Hnulfiern red KOOl in mum-.
SI ! 4a-dn.amler.l1JtnMIJk,k Weernsteamerll. W
v,i j u. nn
IViPJtniithan nulilanii Maaiiv, Wi
andhlffben Honrtiern while, a-riasri do vjllnw, ?ej
lTinirn miira, npoi mm ucioocr, iw'41.1 iu,riun,
MknhM steamer, S7te. ... ,
sm fSlrlr artlT and firm: rVmthern.niJTTej Weal
am whtte. iMtlSe 1iTnued,Wim
lira ileaily at OAftffloa
liaydulli Maryland and Pennaylvanls prime vvf
rrorWona nnUt Pork. 1V Ttulk Mewta SthMfMra,
TV rtear Mb aids. S'r packed, Sfas'e, Bacon
rUiouldera, SSn clmer rib allien, O'.Wtf'.C, lUniS,
HSWH'.e Lrd-Henned. 14 10 V. Ihitter Ami
ftir fh(oe aradm; other kinds du 1 and Domical,
choW Werifn, JirS33a
lVtrolenm hlhen irtide, Sn- raflned, IWAlVo
Coffe dull. lilo cargoes, HVtfloXei lebtitag, !
Whlskr dull and nominal al U IX
Pnpar aetlr and atmnc at 1v ".
Itecelnlii-Flnnr. Bm wl esL lfM.OOOc eorn. 41.000!
oals,Srva Hhipmenis Wheat, ! e-um, iu.Ouo,
WrulUnoton hat bmm wo largt thai ptn&ti
ont wivwmii
nt It buLittrllna
nlUrmnatn Tim nxruRLtcat. An wlveribrmml
qvlrkln and to a pntMl tenants I
rrnl a Aomm
Inrnitna on o
o strckt NonTinvrar. tho
bed rrpm; evary conrentonce. of.
PR nnxT-A nwirtAnLB rxnuoR and
rhamlarln a delightful loratltn oinrnlent Ui
ears; Billable for member or Baatorj lt Msmaehu
atu avenue. oeMw
T7m rknt-a tii mn n)OR op tiiukr
1? iinftirnlshdrootntstorrjomabateonriwats
rnrio(M-ln hniua with a nrlvals
imrr nnylYanlaaYsmienorlhweat.
wit '.l
JJ furnished rKimion first flor. wtaMa for rrem-
Orleans, 1lS,e. Hnlea, TM balM CorMolldsted nri
rrrripm. .,. m, r.xponsjreai Jirnein, void; vuiim-
Hour IMtSSe better fbr low rradM Minnesota sod
Pitent, iwrf export snd homttrndt demand: Ne. t
SllV!' auperflna Western and Rtate, tVTV(tS.St
common to jocvt evira Waaiern and Htata, t-VPVASt
Koodtorholredo. Sft.ovs.in romraon tnehotrewbtlo
wheat WeMrraettra s4V7 toj laner do , 7 1Vss.in;
common togodettra Ohlo,M7S(t7.7T( eommon to
eholeneslra Rt. IjOiiIs tlsin nint Minnesota
eatraroodtnprtma.t7 5nf(ta.av eholeetodonnleettra,
Stsik4iaM, market eloalna firm. Honthern nour a
sliMla strong r common to (Wr extra, srt.GO; good to
rlintiw ,ln . VUaa
IlreflmtrsteBdratlkimfbrsuDernns Bute; 170
frntneal slea
1 1. MfllU t.-.J .1-. - A
Wheat Srte higher, eloalnata little tamet fl.M for
new lora no. 2 aprtni: iinwai iur nwn
nrlnr II mf.ir Tin. ir,tt ttn nrf N'o.1 Milwaukee!
II for No. 1 Mliin"ota. l 4S forbanl n I aprinc.
i morniisraiieii w nierriai untimiiirtif" 1 mm.
nmi(eeandMu1v; 7awabfhr No. 1 HtmltX TJO for
lurlxr more active and steady, without, bowerer,
anr decide 1 rbana.
ltarley malt qulat and steady; choice Canala Weal,
burn Se better and rather qnVt; Vfi"sV fr New
Ynrk No. eleslna at nnrt Wc for ungraded Western
mUM. floe for yellow Western.
Otts a shada stronavr anri quiet.
Hay BtMdj at Sfttrvfloo fbr shlnplnt;.
ltnia dull and unsettled, 4ft7e fbr rearlhigra: hfMa
fbr new Kastcrn and Wentetn, Ml3o lor new New
Oi ne Rio ipilet and unehangwl.
RiiKsr sleartr and In modrr do demand, S'rttSe fir
fair w rofjd Mflnlns seio ftr prim; MoooTadn,
SStfSMSe. llannedln fair reouent. lASe Ibr atandard
At l'Se tor granulated; l0c(br powdered; 10'ifilo
for rriisbed
MotawM firm and In fair denrand; waWmrPnto
rtiro SitUo for Kufllah lalanda; SSSJc. for Kaw
Hire nutet and unchanged
lvirolfsim dull and nominal; crude, BS8cj re
fined nv,e
Tallow steady at T',(3S,C, Utter tor chokw.
tvniin unrnansmi.
nartor In rrlrata raaMsnoa. handomalr fur
alshtU) location iinsiirpsavedt all modarn ronve
nitnora, nllrthouM (Inoludlng ba b room) hatrd4
wif r iwr. no, nn jw iinii ooruiwm,
A-' ROOM1. on first and second floors, with er
without boardj nulUhU for members of C'njror
others. No. S31 ' atreat, half square from Patent and
PostOnVea. oeS-lt
11-ef quiet, lleef hams dull and unchanged. Tierce
f niilt Put tnili-t Mttrrn nnll.
Ird a shai iowvr, closing dull at S9 130.ntf lor
nHniit kteani; elonln at SI IV
Bitter hevy at invito for Western) tyrfsoo fbr
Ctiee unrhanird.
1 1noend lincbatised
Wbhky steady at l IS'.
Freights to Liverpool firmer fbr grain! cotton, per
sail, tl. er steam, ft-lfld. wheat, per steam, 9d.
it n. On 8nlei
Alexandria Va,lrJtr. Patber Il.O. Kana, !
ni'rrr.or vsiiHgton. 11.
DECKs.H,ofNew York city.
HUFFY BECK IL-On Benlerober 5. 1877, In
laiandrla Va.lirlUv. Vat her Il.O. Kana. MirnAkt.
Imrrr.of Wstibgton. D. C, aud Mrs. Mabv F.
yrvenatr: lhe tobacco planters will hare to stir
aroumi pmiy iiveir una 1
cotton and ianut farmers "
nmkr and wlih lhllai1l.
phln. i. V. Itort, tWnanrld, Mass. John Ithlnd
nnd wife Hem Und. u II. ivniidd an J win?, AUianr,
XV PtonKliton and maid New York; Walker Fearn,
New Orleans. a
hlmt fiwue. James? A. Miller, Chlrago; J. H. rtn-
neit, new inrit' .tira, it. aianry an 1 son, ntyi
v k r rini.n11 ..., uiu i1.11.. ftfi.k.,, i.lJ
pin r. 4u., Jim i"-ii ,,i, inn ..iiiii, i.t4 iir,t, nriii
Mrulnia. Jt II. Laws and mother, Dr.lt Nelnon,
wire ani OKiiTincr, r. M.itunnrti ann j. iu i.inrilia
riilUdetiihla, Jlenn TUIdwin, West IMillatlfilphla, E.
It. I.on, riilladi I phi a, J. O. Paris. Iloston,
FM UI -1 J Carney. 11 )Mon: John V. Ooddard, X.
Y.! Il HatfleM.N. Y.:C. I Honk Ins andaon.tf. H
N j Mrs. 1 n Ilea IVook; O. V l'erry, lloaton: W,
II Itiiriihsiii.Ht. Umls. Io,t Hiepbau lUnrl.Jr , tl.H.
. I ll'Ml 111 iiauiiuM, iiih. aii'TU, in 1 lion J A,
Picnmiir, iiiiii iir", n , n, vui auu J (I.
I'liilerwnod, thPtnu. K. P. Hmllh. Toledo Ohio; Hon.
J. F- llaller, Ttnti 1 R I. I aw and wlfe.Terre lUute,
HM11H.K ttrniHiire an 1 wiie, meaiTiue i"a.l J.J
Walton, N, Y , anl F. lyitiKneeker, U. H, N.
irrimr Hr Bnt, Hobl Mt In tire, N Y.: B n.
Itsnon, J'iscv Cltv F. Oibh, Me; Mn, II I
(jramlemdihd 1 Hnii Franctson F. It. Quick, Is Y.;
K'lwm Ilutibln M Iils lion J H Clark. Mo;
W.J Jon, Md II II Parker ClmHnnatl. Mr. ami
Mm Martin aii1 three daiiBlitrs J CV Hullttl, Ja
11 1 jui, r e. nn-fPiiwHi, j. il warier, rnnaum
Itailta, N t Wm. A P. (krmaii. Md, Itkhard
rnnt'-r, ldou ni(laiid J ltea-le; 11 mi ion P
It. P. Keinmefi, Ia: O flrueslaitk and datiRliter. N. Y,
fHii (..I.-K F. Hli P.R Troy and O 11 OllMon,
Mmtm-rv, A lit 1 Mr. P4ikr. rhlld atd mine,
Ilmhin. IC IjtintMrt. rai rnn-tpw,, W. P.iicrtarl,
i.eira'1 J W. Hmiih, New o-k;b. Waklne a ni
wife, North Carolina, W Pndlg and wne, iln'ln
na'l. J W . AnrteiBm aid It Erwlu, Harannub (la.;
H.H Prlttlard. ilontro iiitt. A'a J p. 'lovti,
F mltHiriC Itev.J X ilav r. Clliilnnstt P. C E al
lium a il iwnr'a miller. I a nl Pbaanum nllnn.
K Ji.i.nFIs ami John C.IUuii, N Orletim, M,
Hirtl'iirs. New erk srnater ChrU lency, ab and
Nil, jntcuiBii, J J iii 11 ur, ihuiiiiiwi.
Tiik sudden appearance of a solltarr skunk
In tho Fall Hirer Aradcmy of Musde tho other
night stampeded a lame audience In the midst of
Chanfrau's cs citing bowie knlfo figbt.
llRARtNO was suddenly acquired Vit John
Tlurt, of Crow Point, N Y by an cTptolon In a
mine. He had boendeaf and dumb since hU
birth. He Is now slowly learning to talk.
The ho crop of Iowi ntll, It is estimated,
mount to o cr 1 GOO.fflW ibis ear. Henry corn and
ah eat crops and the rertaJitty of plcntrof pork
MUghttorusranteeus sgalit very hard limes In
oho near future.
A pieck of window rIsmIiim been taken out
of a man In Vermont, Pane In hli stomach, prob
ably (trophle Or probably a glass too mui h
Ilmitm fbsf. Wnntel more lleht perhaps .tdtrr
tUing Gutite, Chumpannu, w'lnout doubt.
The cxtrcmo danireT of amateur steam entri-
neerlnff Mas exempllned at Ptudnrtown, Ohio,
where three men put anew purUblo steam saw
mill toireihrr. onl m a It rrltdo liend of ateam anil
were within a few houri blown 1ctween WW and
people, nil lliow tllustrious men wem tlilcvc
Can thin be so t Do the juvlilic flunk tlnu,
orvtUH the exprewlon nicidy the niinlesn
thought of u fjol tlutlied 111 1 indulge? We
feuir that it vma text trulv a rclli'x oft lie 11 n
thinling public. It Iuih lMtunc ioo com
mon to denounce men who enter into poll
tics iw rascals nnd thieves. That there rt.ie
been and pre now sucli Rcekltigeir lioldiujj
ofllcv nnd pretcndlnK to tench the public U
true, but wlut Imsluewi or proftiin is fat
from tlieni ? In proportion to numbers
there axe more fraudulent bankruptcies
ond deliberate awindleis ntnoiig merth.mt
tb an there are rogue in politic. There arc
TF Root people of Frederick, Maryland,
are tniiUnn gigantic prepiratlons to nrele
the I'risident and tho members of tho Cabinet
who umy ociuiiipany him on Thursday next,
on the nriAion of his Wit to tho asrhulturnl
fir to ho opened thoro on that dty. This
shows tlio proper spirit on the piert of our
Murjl.ind nciuhb'irs, and Is one more lesson
iv hied to the many since )a1 larch, that go
to prote the imcitlou n fad that the era of
good feeliujrhas imleed returned.
Oh ! what A imtr Bwsits thft average Ton-
ttrcHsman or a stupid special torrespondcnt if
they ahoitld hat tho temerity to venttirs In
I tho Utintty of th old fit Ids of Piikota.
I "Lyimi CiiARr.FY" was tho name of a foolUh
fellow thut had tho autUcity to Induce a party
short weluhUi given dv more iarmon4,iH.Kus. .ant . .m .. . nro-llM... ftt the
preeorlptions of bread pills by more niipk iniu anig0 in ui, of gold in tho
phjaiciflas, fee taken ou both uilm by I Ba Horn country When they arrive! at the
more lawyers, overcharge for work not pUu be desinotM noldna-i to b found,
done by wore mechanics, showing the ras- and Lying Charley acknowledged that ho
Calf 1 ihooe businesfteA, than can bo found had preftricated, to nae a mild term These
A pa iu on a pit appeared In yesterday's Rr
ruatiCAN condemning the ftar-ehamWr mode
of in estimation pursued in the Interior Do
pwrtinent, without iudorsint; any of tho alle
gations. We Raid, in suluttancc, that certain
statements were made) and obtained eredenco
through the uniopulurity of tho manner In
nhhh the iucstlgation was conducted, nnd
that tho public would demand tho cvldtme
und ou it base Us final judgment. PublUIty
In the imcfetigutlnn was urged a One alike to
tho parties under Inodlgfitlon and thohe af-1
fee ted hy these rumors. So attack tas mado
or Intended to he made upon any one, but it
wn-e lute nded to hold the system of impiUItinn
up for repiohatlon, and to ft vu ahell probably
hae oecaslon to refer again.
A frleud of tha present Com inMoner of In
dian rUlns, nn'aliiat whom v. 0 h u e nothing to
say, sends us the following, for nhlih wo
cheerfully make room
I'niTDB NsiieiNAf. HrriBticiv A a frtud of
Ir K A IIat reienily appofnted Loiumislntiev
of Indian Affairs from S'tw InrW I nmt eitijihatl
call) proteot aaliiit tho unLlud and unjust icfur
enee to hi in In this morning 1 aper
I do in propow U oitler ut-ni any vindication
,.r l. Hi fr m . I. a. . I. Th . . u l.la la l.r.i...
terous rime will soon tell of ihat sniri he is
made and amply J unify the isdmn ut JiU appulut
metiL To my pcrHonsl Wliowlcdfce he consented to ac
cept the place only after the most indent persua
sion of hia friends A cenlleinau of iHre wealth,
who has bet 11 atieomslul in buslne-s living In lux
uryupon bis farm onthclludion.liflnasiiot eaally
The Jackson riwwinow claims to be tha
only llepubllcan paper In slUslulppt.
The Nebraska IteDubllcans are to hold a
State convention in Lincoln to-iaorrow
Two Xkw York district conventions have
nominated btate Senators who ad hero to Uoscoo
Conkllng a faction,
Dvnifl W. DciLlsthe Republican candi
date for thcrltr in Faetto count), Pa, and he Is
making a lively cam ass.
Tiik Democrats of Talliot conntv, Md , have
nominated ex (lor. Philip l-ank Thumas for the
btate Home of ilekgss
Dfitifo Ids camtaign against the Guber
natorial rhairof New Jersey lien. McClellan will
make his headquarter on a gunboat In the Shrews
bury river.
Hov. Auxanpfr Wimiov has Wen named
bv the 8tAte coinmlttee as the IteDUbllean eamll.
dato fir Attorney tie neral of WUcouMn, In place of
n latirii'i, ui'vuuita.
Not a Democratic newspaper in New Yoik
remsea to prale the Tarn m an r-i 'anal coalition
tiesei ine wuuiun 1 reiitsenii wie aeui Him
self h ere at the head of It,
ONKof tho most striklni exhibitions of tron-
entity lit modern polities Is the Administration's
liuiOHeiingoi nu n-uoiiMuuity ior rnancea m -cw
lorn mncts upou inesnomucrsoi iir. mans jv.
., Tubune
TiiKChiirleston, R. i, Newaal tho fitli Inst,
sas "If we Mi our children lo lielleie ai we be
lle, n, lo know as we know, that the Hiuth fought
for prlmijlc and rfxhl and not forexpeillency
and cnlii, wo miiht ue bouthcrn Ijook In our
school '
Tur Mlhsourl Oreenbickers aro greedy
Tbeyhae rt""hetl tint II li Ineiiinbent upon the
(uwriiuuut togiind out gretnbaeks inimitably
and bond them out to eerlody who wants some
funds at thice kT e-nt. Interest no security.
That l a wry ragwe I platform
VouY W. M JInuirHY, the Domocratlo
csiidiilide for (rwriior of Irglnla, declines to
take the hluinp be- auv there U im tii ki t lu opniil
ttoiiUhim, and it would. In hli opinion, In cmct
Ito'a cutiMio" In his own name, and destroy tho
hamioii) of the party organization "
Tiik general tone of Bouthcrn Democrats Is
welt khnu 11 Iii nn article In Iho New Orluinn Demo
cml which aj tltnt thu pmth whldi have fa
orcd a eontitutiiinal eouvtntlou In Itubiiaua
diinand tlmtLVcrv tai er 'Muill now tako un
this ojiefttlon, dlttiiMi li and pronounce for or
Tins Is a glorious jdetnre tvhich the Colum.
nui t uwitrn pmnis Mr uoorgian coiiiempiatloti
MVlth lin T'Hunlw asthii nett ttovernur of the
Stale On, iionlm u his own su're-ior In ihe
'lilted Hativi-i'iis'i nndlhs rupltal again al Mil
lelieIIIc, whiiM It nlfenWand bHyniieu removed
it, liforifians otiaiil n be mitumea aim napi y
AwitlTrRon the Couttr-JoHrnal Usvmna.
thcllrallv euItii Mo has heard lhat sumebl)
niin-eTHH'dnr bilng n Mar and he nayn 'III
painful loseeugeut'tmaiiof Mr Tueetl 1 venerable
n rhargi-d even with prevarication hut whit u
tee Mm thu1 openlr nccued of downright I) lng It
DteaiuuiuMMi 10 nmtto inmuiu-orB. iience muse
mill toireihcr, got up a terrible liend of steam and
were witnin a rcw noun uiown 1
l.ono feet and torn to bloody slireils.
Tn Inn flmf foiitn iliri nt RnntAmlw-
IVtOPOiirlnks were reo-l-tered In Itlrhmmid Vm
This Is at the rale of 1VXX) a d jy In a population of
iHtwt- iiniiii a mini 01 aiiriiiaMi b wrwn, ur one
drink to threa oersous. Tola will never do. Pa-
irioiism requires i icuei unc utuia a uaj, 11 tue
ciaie iitid ia 10 ie paia.
A Taris patier gives the following particu
lars on trade in books In ancient times The
book trhde waa highly esteemed The shop of a
librarian In Athens w as a plaee of meeting f r the
Idle and for wits. Thero tho author of the latest
publication gate a public reading of It, literary,
artlotlo and eten political matters were dlcuued
without the slightest mob station on the nnrt of the
wllca. hence the taste for and the price of books
went up Prlh agora' Treatises w ere sold fnr H.14T
iraucs ror single copies. 11 waa ine material upon
which books were written that made them then so
dear The prices fell w hen the secret of parchment
was iiMiini wiu. s no mo ine nooK-iorei were aem
In perfect order and with a certain elegance, like
our ow n. Inscriptions and notices covered the ex
terior or thaHiopM, liisidelhe volumes were care
fully clas-lm.dotihhclrcn, tailed nidi"
AnDWyr.-Atie-Tnp m. HnmUy, Ortober 7.W7T,
Mamv WeTKtta.youiiRMt daiihler of W atklns and
Mancarsl V. Addlaun, aged six months and eighteen
1 lorw rnx -On tVtoher s, 1877. at 4. o'clock a. m ,
at lh" rmMsnr ofhlii HUD-Kin. Ileurse K. C onion ewi
IIHTslreM nonhwr-il. Jaciii IlunnnoN, formerlr of
ijeiwnnn, MeoRia artenij nve ears 111110 moniu
and four day.
PAHMEX'O On fVtnher S. 1V77. at VI a. m . M.nv
A. I'aSMKMo naal twntny-fOur Viitrsiuid toir months,
dsTicbter of Rev6xn an J the Ut Win. Custard
'"iincral will lah nlara thta afternoon, at In'rlnrk.
from her lata reside noe, No, 17 second atrvet,Oeorge
town.O V
HUlitFMnn Ortoher T. 177. Mtnv RiriMna.
wife of (leornt K. H errrt, agrd forty-four years, fire
monms ana lumieen unra.
fimeral wiliuka plaee thla afternoon, at S o'clock,
from rMldemv, .uiftersiitli treat sou'lteast.
VEUM1LLION On October 7,177, at 10 o'clock
n. m., llAaat.ronntieftiaonor Clinton and Annie K.
enuluiou,agod four years ten months and aeven
Pi lends of the family are respect hilly Invited to at
tend the funeral, from the realdctira of Ida crotnt
biothvr, Mrs. Maiy K. Haord. No. 619 IbJrUcnth
atrret atmlheust, on luetday, IKWUf 9, 1S7T.
HATCH KR. Saturday afternoon, Orlober S. ir7.
mkaviih, mow ui iuf) iaia rrancis lnucn-r,
Funeral from thu AsburT Chanel, cornsr Elerpnth
and K at reets l en Tusaday afleruoon, at I o'clock.
rrletidiorirefamlly are Invited to attend.
VFIIMIL1ION.-On O-toVr S, tin, at 2 o'clock
p. m., Mattik, young-at daughtor or Clinton ami
Annla 1-. Vermillion, aged six yean ten months and
six day.
JMatlreaandfrlondHOf lha family are re-pert fully
tovltfHl tontlend the funeral, Tutwday. Oolo'wrO. at 3
ocloik p. m , Iroiu ihoresl lenca of her grandmother,
Mn Wary Ii Sword, Ko. filO Tblrteenih aireet south
A ui I la nt TIItiKW nnniia n .i.l ttnm
handnomelr furnished, bath room and closets at
tained within two squsrea ol thalmpurlal Klibl-s
and Wlllanl a. Hnliab( for a Henator or Itepre-enta-tlre.
Itenl mnderata, Also, two well furnhh-4
Itooms on third floor for real. oceme
nriJ l-nnr and a-hslf and Mil at-l, Haud-
oiw weubktw or tvjNanEai.
X19 J suth street rorihw-g. Very larg eommu-
n o iiing pr or or rcni, wen rurntnhta, ai a in evr-H-leiit
01 dj r. oca-si
sired northMt,onettnnr soolb from Welcker s
ta.lWnillltMnf 11 IIFFlLfttlftfl HnAma BIlltaKlal l.p tlhaknrh.
bers ofCon rrraw, or otliara. 0fS-5f
u 'w0 RKNT Elegant double parlors, newlv fur
nished, (ona m a bed room I nppoalia tba Mstrv
pol Un hotel Bultable for memtwrs of Uoag rasa,
iJJi-M rooms and bath room etelnslTe. Two or
three members can flud no better arartmenta In the
city. Hales always warm. Kanrnoa, I'otmfltea
Clentral Kay and Commodore Jeffriea. oco-4e
a-- ror a 1
Rent low.
OUT AN, National and PL Jama hot!
Lnrga rnrnlshad parlor and bed-room un first fl
rooms on srennd and third floors, bath,
and all modern Improvement.
A.' oretipled the last three Ma)oaa fcv Sanatoi
Logan 11H O itxaeu oc4t
LkJyJ $ liinilk.DROOMH-rartoi' ajMlehamber,
AJo,alnglrooav-. oc4-f
ryqr: ninth street northwest. fob
I SJtJ RRNTTwo new1y-fnrnlBhedparlors,sulteft
with batii rnnm ttlauh!l Trrma mirmt
NPK. oclso
A? BRICK HOtSF,by windows, rooms, bath,
hot and cold watar, raaga, Latrabe, and all modsrj
eonvanlenoHS. Itant low 10 good tenant Vannt 1Mb
01 O-iobar. Apply toll. IX UARR, W2Y streaL
! HOMKLV-furnUhed IIUUHK. of thlrlaan rnnm a
or suites of furnished Rooiuaon ftrat.aocondand third
TJ W. BA n K K n ,
CAIlIStrT MAKF.n AND undertaker,
jraDodle. Fmblmed .al prrp.rl for IrkiHport.-
tlon .1 Hi. iihorlwit notli).. mya
r. II A It V E Y,
The sub-treasury balances In New York yesterday
were Oold.t(W,ll1,a3 li currency, Ll,X,Btt,li. The
Bub-Treasurrr puld out on account of Interest 10,000;
and for bonds, 2Sfi noo. Cnsioms rereipla, SH.UM.
In New York yesterday money waa arttre; onred
at 4. Kxchange quirt at UI. Oold dull at 1ft;1,',
Kates for carrying rang! from 1 to ft.
Government bonds steady at the following quota
IMl's, coupons ...
iwi a, new ... .
lSB7's ...
! New fives . . U-.W
ten ronlea.......... 107V
Btate bonds qulat.
TermewtMO'B.uld-. ..... 4'INorth Carolina a tax 2'f
do, new . 41 rUinthC'itrol'na.old no
do. aerlea 4. Uouth Carolina new, so
Vlrglnlasliea . do ApdiCK-t. 10
do, new 3A LoolnianaS's M
do. miutol. "i I do. new , M
da deferred S rveS M
OeorgUr. . OhV I-eveeSS. ,. U
de T'a . MR Alabama Ss 41
da irnhi bnndi -in I do As u U
North Carolina, old. 17' i Arkansas H a. ,.w... .. 20
do new, 7
Blocks strong and ei riled.
ThAllowtn ars Ihaonftntnt andetfMlnrratra for
the active atorks ns telpgraphnd tn II. 1) C!uukt,r., A
Co.. from the New ork block lZxctuuige:
Sutm Oprnhuj CUtolnl
XV snltasof roons hands m-lr fmni-4hel.BiOUihl
for meinbrr srnl iKhers. Aiu, a1ni roe.ois llniiiw
nas sou in tTonr, mi icoiem lincroieuiMiita, ami m
half a Miliar nf lun Ittunt nt rirv anrl tittup trlrib
ptlltan nnd National Hotels: fine K-tieet norihwrsLI
w e
No. lunevantb street northsaat.Sronms, frame. 11 t
No. Ill S street north weal, 7 rooms, frame. . IS OS
No. 102 Herenteeath aireel, 7 rooms, mod. Imp IS OS
No. riOHevtntenthairttt,7rooma,mod lmp. IS OS
for. Oraan and Urldge sta., (leo t n, 5 r , WMck- SO OS
.10. i i-nin air-ji n w . rwnia, utick, 10. i w w
No. IZE2 O street southwant. 13 rooms, mod. Imp. an OS
No, 11SC streat nortbnuit, t room-, brteR,m.l. 40 08
fio. Rll Tenth street n. w 9 rooms, brick, m. L. SI 00
No, 110 C street n, e 16 rooms, in, L, furidabedU. Ul 00
No, 9X O street northwest, mod. Imp,,
TO IOAN-tnO, fSOO, tljtuo and 11,800.
IIAW1M1 ElOtn?
An ocnrrfitrnwTvt itun-tft tn MU department tth
tfly prnprr method 0 rjtHty tenting your rnnmM.mhd
inrrroyp rrvmi
tJnmrd. thu t
innytiwA into two Unrt.cotttrg tucnti rrnli for aacA
yprttper HHutsnMUkn your orturrfla-atPial
hevan room brhk houm" tn mol rpi r, 01 poJte
Ojlbks grow ry sure Kay at No Hu aire! -.u'h-
emiu Ki nt A p t nu ntU. oel 4t
u it ii 1 n ji t, ii ihj u n r. n .
aa- fine HOL'HrH. del atitrullr located.
and furnlkbeil excellent si) le, for Mil for UieawiMloa
aiiii lurniMieii I -ncriirni mj
nt IV)uifrra n'n bv ihc vrar
ilOO USU) peir mouth, (u prlvaii
t prwex ranging from
No, lVto reiinsylvanta avenue.
Ral Katate Acent,
oo,mn jfliMH7iTiiia aTrniir,
octJ-lm Arlington Insurance Company lioUJlug.
Per month . ... ... f IS 00
I'er month, If paid In n4vo............. . 1ft Oil
Per waek .. .. ,. , ... ...m........ 4 Oil
llreakfaat or dlnuer .. M .. .......,....- 1
21 meal'tlckru 7VV.'.T.!""!1J.TT 8 W
41 do do - . . . 10 ou
MOHION HuyHKwMlhennit one In tbecltyto
lower the prices for hoard, and thus save the tmople
from ti to & tr oioat I
kiT IU1A
Lg(s, Hominy aud 6a4 Uual (or breakfast everyday
(or breal
unrtTiiN lintrtti
Tftl &n( D?J V i(rtMl. unrlhwHit,
N. R. No beer, liquors or tobnuco of any kind sold.
ses-ly . i
- uu- r iiuunr. issn any place in ine eity, lj.ii
and get our aatonlsbliig low prices ibr cool, airy room
and ooJ noted ImiuM. ine-AHf
. Mi
Wealrn t'mnii
Chicago and orthwe-iern
1111. prri'Trrti
Rock Inland
Halm Paul
do. nrenrrel
e e ano i.e. ......... ,
Frie .
iiannihitiami hu Josepn ., tmi
lakeHlmrK . ... . 3iO
New York Central .. - S701
Ohtn and MlMtsslppL.. . U Gno
Wabash 1I,M0
t'nion Pan tie ...., . SiM
Mtrhiasn IVntral lib)
IVIawsrflBnil Hudson . Sl0
Jt-j vtVntral , XO
iviswaro. iJiik and Wrstern W,7u0
Hold in carry .... w, . . .-. ,
Money .. .. . ,
Gold ' ... '
. in Ires,
' 1
Tiik Worklnjinini's party of Virginia tiato
oral educattou, and Insists 011 the school mud
had a grand ma meeting audi ou rent Ion at Rich
mond llieir piaimru lavora a decrease or lag
atlou; favors all kind, of reform declares for jten
Iwlng held aacred from all ether encroachment.
Also, that the conflicts between labor aud capital
If. ftU-e S, roglaturM
FlretwtiHiiw J and l.tiA
FleelweiilW. J an j J , I4T
1-lve twenties, J and J,!W
leu fortlaa. , . w
New five per cents
tlirreney slica .
Coiitfrens gnaranleMl M
4i( pvrmil 1' n iMiudi
4 er out. V fl twnJn. reg
Korolan FtchaiigM.
Tfin-diiv bills
ltITIUnr-CWL B 1'nl Inn Dim mlilriMna lILn
Flour a -tlreatM Hrm, IlowarlKirHt ami WpHiern
mvyr t-kiwaa im un atin. aM.i un. lainiiv SaHUtS tfo.
OVU pleasaut south Irout rooius with board,
euurr iraiutirni or prrouuieni. aiso, laoie-ooara.
Mr I J PlittmtrH 1ti uu Vlmt-laM board wttli
room, from 1 to 10 er week' transient IIM iei
ihv 1.14-tr
-i-V OieKAoltt, single or en suite. mi 1?
tXO bandsoinHy-nirnlatied rooms, en suite o..
Biiisi-iaii moxisrn eonveniencsa, southern expoMiri:;
one of the bwt loiidulealu tha clty wa-lw
a. ivorinwMi. l-jegani suite or rAittirus ang
slnxle Itoorus, furulbt er unfurnished, wlih bmi V-
LOR)4 anil.
inn nrewi
Moor; comninulcatlng hall bath room, bot and
and mid water t also, other nicely furnished rooinna.
11'WrtlXTHHireetnorihw-at, aelA-laa
- ROOMS on tlrst sad aetoiid doors, alno, i ih
front room on third llonr. All modern Improve
merit, convenient to Kttbltl houaa. HmaU quitf
fkmll. No. Tst Tblrieenib street northwest.
o n btrVkt nortii mt
or hlngla, southern eeponura. tJigant house, wills
eh-arful grounds, within mdoaure. twlereoce givfit
and reijuired. Hoard Ud-alr-d.
-eli-iei J. D OOnH
table beard at Mrs. Frank Arnl-us, lm' If
O-fO 8ITE Arllncton hotel, very
bandomely furnlshwl aultea and Miigle rooms rrn
! A UKHl' Mil I.
h "I aina nriHinl. k iit.u
ml 1 niir Ttali)lon For pait'tularii, a-v ly nu
Ihe premises. o-frli Alb
rpoi 8 LE
7 ocrae flickering Hum w
h do. KuiiIm1 1' ano 1 0
flj So Kimhotciiafhle riino I
0 d Clikkering I'liuio .. 111
1 or sole t n in eM term- M
v. o iimEroiT acxh.
Htleani ttofilelnvM'ai-el mi el I'Unan
unit Mason it ll.njt n t'at Uft Uitf-UV
New7Wstsvi P unusin-inri'O uwitrds.
Tb. meat ratonobl. In prtc la illy, J Kl r,DD
ylT.nl. .t.nu
U W. WAIL'S 0MB ul
h bnurri. Ijocntlon tb.llnMt In lb. ell,
u. aiii ir
ki:i l
nt 1 mn and nrL
iHJ-, UVJU iJJO im i.nrlliw,.!.
iiBiiii-Miiiirix lurnmiiru rituiiin nun iinmun iB'tiB
board. Nim. M. MS and Km FOURTKlOt Til st. ep.
paslta 1-ltANKLIN HUUAItK, one of the uion
eligible situations, In all respec-u, to be found In the
ilty. i):4-tf
V VATK family, with or without Board, In niiola-
gant houso, surrounded brbeautlnjl grouada, Ac, la
one of 1 he most cool desirable and healthy parts of
me an
the city. Address
j li iij
"P, O. ilOX w,
Attli 111 ma mn
ablehouMAln aplia-ant locality, .'rice ant to
exceed St wi iith, ihouih Wanlilmnoa ptarred.
Ad'trwi JiillN H MILTON, ihls omca.glTlug roll
I n"ti ii'ars as to sliuatlon and styls of house.
a aieaaisr ARROW. Caraaln Frank Holllnra.
bead. Is lha only boatallowed to Isnd pasneagvrs al
Uouiit Vt-riiou Wharf, passengers laklna tkla
steamer (whiib la coum-ated wivh Ibt Iullm Meuai
Vernon Asstalailoo) avoid rUlug lu ambulancae
three mllt-s, ns by othrr Itnea.
Round trip, l, Including admuulon to Mansion a4
O rounds.
Htair leaves Havtnth-etreet wharf DAILY, (Hiisv
liT enptd) al IV a. ui aad return abmil a m.
Hupt LndiHn' Mount Vernou Asaoclatlnn.
FRANK HOLUNO-4I1EAD. sir. Arrow. )v.lf
His asw, anr and commodious steamer MARY
WAHIIINOroN binow carrying piwMiicrs lo ML
Vernon and turnlshmf carriages U transport thf m
to the Mansion, Ry this mule peranni gvoid a hoi
walk up a long hill The distance Is oae and a halt
milan nottbraa, Lavmtlevanth-atraai wharf evnrv
day (Hunday icepte1 bi ICtoo a. m , aad retunia about
4,wpKL. Fare 1 Includlim admlsalon mui carriage
ride to a-1- ' Uanslem. JcC-tf

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