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OFXitis witohsAi trial,
Appearance of m New Defendant Captured
In Maine Hon, Jere Wilson Opens for
the Defense Two Judges Testifying as to
h legality of the Timber Claim.
The second week of the trial of Julius J,
Wltowskl, charted with conspiracy to defraud tht
Oorernnient, hy means of a false claim, for logs
MpplM to the defences ei Nashville, Tennessee, In
August, 1862. was begun In the Criminal Court bo
fort Justice Mac Arthur yesterday morning Them
were present D lit riot Attorney Wells and his an
lIutantH n Wells, Jr, representing the flflvem.
Stent, and Hon Mstt Carpenter, Jera Wilson and
CblouenMUIam A Cook, counsel for the defend
ant, General Negler m also lu attendance, hud
remained during the aesalon of the court,occupylng
a teat between the accused and hU attorneys At
times he prompted the counsel with tltueljr suggos
Uoas, which aided them materially lu the exami
nation of their witnesses,
Phurtly alW the court opened, and before any
progress had been made In lit mu AtUmt
joofcrrig map, with blonde hair, and somewhat
histr-ln his drcas was fcroilirht In and nlr.t In
tfcedock lis proved to be James T Elliott oneof
wivpajTircinmsiei iur me conspiracy instils
trlci Attorney has hcen on his trail fur some time
pt, and Ian Friday he was raptured by Deputy
I'nlted Elites Marshal Kent, at liltlc Falls Mo
who started with hlei Immediately for this city,
The cause of vi Itowskl proceeding. Hon Jere
mlah, Wilson made the opening argument fur the
defeuse. He said that there wre two material
Evermcut In the indictment w hlch mutt be proven
efore ft verdict could be riven agalust the accused
One was conspiring together to collect ft fraudulent
ctaim again- tne uoverttrasnt.
The evidence to siutalu this charge roust satisfy
them that the ttartlf cam tocetlicr for thst rmr
pose, tlicn, second the Government must prove that
the claim was a fraudulent oue. They pr ioscd to
pssent considerable testimony on Iho latter point
for the Jury attention. The defense claim that
upoo the Governments own testimony there was
am fumcisni eThienoc to warrant tne jury in una
lug a verdict of fraud In ad lltlon, they would
trove that the olatra was valid and should have
been settled long Ufore It was.
and was one growing out of the war One of the
principal actors In the matter was dead and others
Lad tassed away, and the Jury would appreciate
tww unui-uii it nu iu oriug uciorcuiem at ints
late dsy the proofs of this transaction.
harlv In August, lidcn. Uuell came North
through Nashville, on the way to Louisville on his
famous raid After be had been out of Nashville a
abort time he sent back nr On Thomas and his
command, nd he followed When den Thomas
left, it was than determined b the authorities at
Washington to abandon Nashville to the Confeder
ates. Andrew Johnson was Military Oovernorat
that time and protest d sgatnst the evacuation he
Vclng deurralucd to hold the plate at all hazard
Gen. lScglcy was lea with ft small command hi the
city and he commenced to fortify It, that he
might be able to resist all assaults
It w as under these t Ircunutanrce that Oen Mor
ten, engineer In chief, at ihsy would show, com
mencid to u-call the appliances he Could avail
hlraselfeflo complete the fortifications He made
a contract with Uliowstt for lugs for the fortifica
tion" and wood for the camps to protect the men
from the Itirfometirv of th u rather Th umiM
show thst there wore eighteen to twenty thou-aiid of
incve nue iinimn cm ann piu into uiese lorttnca
pons It was a notorious ract at that time, known
by cverybodj.that
TheywniiU prevent the tetlmonr of men who
t new an im nv transactions, naa cppnrttiniiy
i limw ii nd that the nntract was aWlutely
Made, and became the kulJevtof conversation be
tween the pint! They would show that bankers
from limn Wiinwkl was tr Ins U get money to
carry on this iuidirlAkliiir refuett to lian him
funds until satisfied Uiat thej wnul 1 get It back
Thwy mato Inquiries were liown the ontrn-t and
aMirel that the negotiation mm tsfo and then
they did advance tht, money to Wltowikl to carry
put h.s contract.
They would show thst fl itow kl employed a larcc
miml-er of men lu cutting tbeie loj and ald
thom for their strrlre. They would produce cer
ttfleakw tnel bv (kn Morton for 4 14'llogs fur
riU)iel by Witowokl, wlitrh papers Vieredcpiicd
With the bankers as collateral for loans If this
was true, then the case was settled teyond all
further cuntmreny. and showed that the claim
WM honest, and should bat e been paid
If they prmed these faeu It would be a strange
eeuctUHlon that the Jury should say that Mortons
signature w as a frmid eoneocted to cheat the Uov
ani me nt of the L'nltMl States
He then jrocceded to glre a detailed account of
tne riaim UMrmtm'suons thronfh the respec
UveOox eminent offices and Hnal scltlemMit, and
conclndt-d by promising to show lis genuineness
and validity In every respect,
The defense opened tlisii tstlmonvbypreent
tng the depoaltlon of Mr Lman HrlV of Oil-
3g", 111. He Is a contractor for the construction
railroads He was connected with Capt. Mor
tou In Tennessee, as assliitant engineer hi Feptem
ber 1M3. He waa afterward detailed to the pioneer
brigade of Uen Thomas command and served
voder Capt. Morton until Jul) , lftt. His first ctn
net-tlon with Cart Morton was at Nashville In
September IMC His duties at that place were to
awWitheenirlneertn the construction oftheforti
ncatfnns He bad beard Wltowskl and Morton
conversing about a contract letvreen them, and
thought he bal seen tbe original contract, ana Ills
(m preplan wu that he paw It slgnetl and da
Hvered to Morton's clerk fr lafto Vwplnr
Ue heard Morton sieftk to A Itowskl about the
delivery of logs and timber, and glTen orders
to blm about them He was prtsciit and heard
wUowikl ask for permits to lut logs on platiu
tions near Nashville fir pacs for men and the
ttaoof tcanit and saw Cajt. Morton awilst hlin all
be could. He urgvd Wltowkl to obtain logs and
Sure saw mills, and In some ImtAiices to pull
awn lulldlntfi to secure material with which to
inake defenses The contract wai between Morton
ftnd M(j)Wkl A t n Thn Intlnrrnnlriirta tnaiin
ptj logs to build firttfUatlotisand block house fr
aefeuH and furnish fuvl to the cami about
fcahTlllf The lorn wnra to le nirnliheJ .t .
eacli. Itowikl appeared to work hard to
The di position of James R. V illett was nest rrad.
He Is an architect and re-Ides In Chicago, lie was
In Nuhvl)IlHl8(-6iwlth his regiment of which
he was adjutant In mi he was In the engineer
ucuimvut i nMOTuie ana engngei in ine erec
tion of fortifications aroun 1 that place. Fort Neg
ley was the Urpcet of the foru and requtrol the
Soat timber in Its construction Kurt Morton was
m extensive and took a large number of logs
e knew that Wftowikt bad a contract In 1WJ-63
with Ch plain Morton to furnlih wood to the army
around Nwhvtlle All the timber was cut from
lands within ten miles of the city. He did not
know personally whether Itowskt had a contract
to furnish loin or not The log that were fur
BWied In and around Nashville numbered over
17 WO
The Inrt wltne-s examined was Judge E. II Fast
of Nashvlllfi. Ite hal llvol In NashTltle all hit
UIo and resided on (lie Vbbey fsrm two mil out
ottown There halbeeii nu tlmter on the farm
fct twantvyrars part. Ho wai SecreUry of Male
under Military (Juvernor Andrew Johnson In Hie
latter part of August. IWiGen Uuell returned
from l'litoburg Landing oaed through the
place and left (icd Thomas In commard but after
wards ordered him forward Gun Neley re
lalned tn command Thev theu tiegan itreogth
eulng the fortini atlons, ana continued
After the annv left tlia tiIspa wa In falanf
ktxv and n malnM that way until the ad sure of
wn Mcioog iii me mi lowing ottouer in De
cember the advauce towards Murfreubom' was
macie incorotr relieving oen weeiey rroin com
biand wns datod Doct-mtter 10 He went to the
fltld and wasfucceed'dby (ten Kottert Mitchell
The Ifgltlinate popu'adon of Nashville at that
tlmewa nNmt twent) Ave thousand but at the
time of the siege there wai between reienty five
ftud one hun Ired Ihnupan 1 nersons hemmeil in the
ly The army undnrlieii Neg ley supported Itself
f'j lursKiiiK auu wie ovinnmni in I'll way was
imtflUDg food for the pMple conflnM In theclly
In knew ritowskl at that time He was In the
wood business of some, kind Tbe wIIiicm wrote
the nabers fir a settlement brtween Mr lln1m.
In lug and Allowtkt'for lfmln.r cut on the land of
joe lonoer nmouniing to oei ween two ana three
uudred acrrs of woortland He knew tbat the
umber in ken rroni tnea lamu went Into the con
Itrucrlon of tlie f irtlfleatlons, and was the subject
mat tor of the st-tdeaiait.
Judr Utbert II (Whran, of Wheeling West Va
testified that In the fall of tSU.' be relded st N'sh
vllle and was there us a Judjfe adim ale The cltv
ft that Hue hkU asuieofslege He knew fait
tottfk abn Witowikl He knew that the 'alter
fcndhlsbrmh r were In the timher bulne from
a proceeding! broiiyht against them In which th
wilnw aclod as ludce lvocato It was i charge
galntt Wltowski fr treapashhig nit the tan I of
Irving ThUwRk a carau'lt of clt'c?us 1A (leu
Nogiey aiiililiulomtirrecmd It lo theu lines
for ciamlnatlon ne nmde a report to neneral
Neirlcy In wrlilng NCoomiHnied h ahindcse
ented ky Wltowkl and brother lo sicure the
United Mates from lodeinnitv Ihemsticrwns
obcuenily rc'errt-l to Ovu ketrn and I lie
papers and bond with It
ThedtJeiiw hat etaiodtlistltbc'nff evident thet
papers had pSMCil nut of tbclr cllenrs cnnirr 1 ai t
wero lost by a general of the army they then askid
o prove Ihdr Content by psrulo evident e
TheOiurt declintd at the present lagc uf tic
com to admit the tctlmonr
Wilnos resuming Oeu NeirVT wosln con'mand
nd L.mk an active inlen! In U-e ktrengtlnulDg of
III ronincniiona
At thU point the evidence of ibis witness clovl
and the ceilrl ftdjonrned until tbli morning at 10
0 flock.
IRopEUT O (Intra it real Cytale ani io F
(reel porthwwt. has some well located furnished
eusea to rent tartrate i families onj
Oooii Tamt to order Ar $3 and frt, at
XAUaMTgKf,ii 310 TCnth street
TltS CITY 11. ILL,
Cnsea In General Term A DUUagTiUlied
Kallroad Employee Asks ftr Dainnges--MairlAsr
IJensee Issued Record of Ileal
Fstate Transfer.
Before Chief Jurtlce Partter and Justices Wylle,
Olln and lliiraphrcya.
In the cacs of Tompkins s Mnmlel ami
Tompkins rs Itlumenberg, a rule waa luuel on
the District CommUsloners requiring them to show
cane why they have not complied with the decree
of the court or Ft binary 7 lat by placing In the
custody of the court certain Auditor's certificates
mounting to about 811 o
James Aikell, of fanajoharle, New York, w
Commissioner of ralents fbr mandamus The
plaintiff applied to the tommlMloner of Patent
tor Improv fment In t apcr bags, which conslttcd of
a serrated mouth and ft thumb notch In one of the
Hpa to facilitate I he opening of tho bag The fm
mfsslnnerdeeldcd against him and he appealed to
the court. Mr J N Mclntlre and ileneral m
Henkle appeared for appellant and Mr. Pelrie for
the Oommla-ioncr of I atcnts The case wasar
gued an 1 submltte 1
Jonathan G Dlgelow ra the Connecticut (leneral
Life Insurauco Company et al. This Is a suit
hr iuht to nullify a deed made to the defendant
Fmma K. Hnke, by tratee under ft deed of trut
the validity of which H questioned and the delt
secured thereby admitted and In payment
avtimelhy the plaintiff The nullification of the
deed Is asked for on the plaintiff's alienation That
the trustees In Belling the propertv did not conf inn
to the terms of sale prescribed In the deed of tru-t,
that hat Ing thus made the sale to Virgil C (Jilmnii
he. Oilman, did not make the cash payment, and
give the secured notes prescribed by the terms of
sale In the trust deed under which thesalo wm
ma le, that said Oilman assigned his purchase to
the defendant. Emma C. Flkc. that the said trus
tee took the notes of the said rmmaE. Flske In
payment nf the purchase money The answer de
nies thethne first allegations and further shows
thst the defendant, r nima K. Flske In strict accord
ftnee with the prescribed terms afsale, paid the
trustees In cash down the amnuut unpaid of the
indebtedness secured by the deed of tnit nnder
which the sale was made with the expenses nf the
sale Just as said deed required that after all the
trusts of said deed had been rationed ftbalance was
left of73I7, and that the said Kmma K. Y like, be
Ing the holder of the plalutlfl a then overdue nolo
for $lno, secured by the plaintiffa second deed of
tnit on the same premises ho still admitting the
obligation of said note, and the validity of the deed
of trust securing it the trustee Warner Indorsed
said balance on said note
Tbe caie waa argued by Mr Btgelow for self and
he will be followed by Mr O D. ltarrett for the ftp
pelee to-day.
On motion of Gen 8 fi flcnkle, Mr. Albert D
Robinson, of New 'i ork. was admitted to tbe bar of
the District
equity court jrrricic ouv,
Hartman vs Fish; trmtce appointed Lancaster
vs F 8, AT Co. andllor a report confirmed Par
kcr vs. Mcintosh, appearance of Moultnti ordered
Ooltmanvs Moore order on tniHee to loan M F
Smith Mfinn. paly vs Paly; sales by tmt noti
fied Pmllh ts. King order on Mcintosh A I'ren
tlss to pay miner. Hall vs. IJelermann; sale con
tract fur notlflcntlon. Drury vs, W indwr; decree.
This court was engaged yesterday with tbe 1
towskl trial.
Entity (fc C, H I lebcrmann ts. 11 J. Frost et
al , to suUtltute truntce
7nii Ndf flhetler, llnckwater APo vs Hiram
Richie, on note, Jno McPonncll vs Charlotte Mor
ton firanacconnt. ThompklnsAKuckel vs It R
Mile, for an account "usned Lnrch A Co vs
Isaac Alexander, fr account. Metroiotls having
I tank vs A 1' Cannon et al , on note, Jno J
Pesinoud vs mitt more ftnd l'otoinac Railroad
Company, for dainngc
Court Calendar for TodHj.
Noa. 33 Hllcr vs. Iterglltig- 34 Maxwell ts His
trht of Columbia IHvolI vs Jonau, 37 Me
1'lierton vs Ackof-!W Wm her vs Itouchcn 31
talkcr vs tVttnmao Fctry Comoauy 7 Wood vs
Wood 24,Cr1iIIIvs. f)Mrit or Columbia, 40, Bhca
vs Dultn, 41, Sjuthcy vs Hume
United Slates vs. Julius itowskl, for conspiracy
JohnI Desmond has entered suit through his
attorneys, Messrs Oarnett and Miller, again t the
iUUlmore and Potomic Railroad Compauv, and
claims lamngestolhe extent of flOOoo, In his
declaration he states that he Is a railroad engineer
and was in the employ of tho tlaltlmore and Poto
moo Railroad Company and falthAilly performing
htsdutr but on October 21 1S"8, they dlcJiargil
him without cause and refused to glre hlin any
reason for so doing thereby Inlurlng his rtputa
Hon and his business and wholly hindered him
from obtaining employment elsewhere He lays
the damages received at the amount stated,
Theclorkof the court yesterday Issued marriage
licenses to the Pillowing applicants; W.J Royce
andKiuleA Moekabee, J. II v right and Ioula A.
(arroll, Tatrlck Rarry and Johanna nilsh, I R
Imbrle of Beaver, I'a , and a lift E. Whitney, of this
city, James Kremmit and Lucy Jackson, John
Auth and May Iozner.
TRivsrnwor real eictate.
The following paper relative to real estate trans
kctlons hare been fllod with the recorder of deeds
Iianlel Hrtlth to A L. WorihlnrtonforWOni. lot M
Tod Is subdivision of square 274 E. I Farnham
toC N Tnrnon for SI, lot kcllys subdlvUlonof
square W A R. PhekelltoK. A Hhekell for 5.
parcel of ground known as 'The Slip' In Reatly
A HawkinVadd tlon to Georgetown E. Whittle
seytoC C. lu Ber, trustee for UfiW low 25 and 26
In Kelly's subdivision of square K9X C. C ruffer
to E. MhlUlej-cy forfUVTO lot 12, block 18, Ruber A
Co. a subdivision Lo lrolt I'ark.
The Sufficiency of Ood.
On Sunday morning last Kev. A. F, Mason,
pastor of the Calvary DaplUt church, preached
from the text Corinthians 115 "Not that we are
sufficient of oursolres to think an) thing as of our
aehes, but our sufficiency Is of Ood" Tbe discourse
was replete with thought and eloquent In expres
sion The theme was the sufficiency of Ood In (he
material, ph)slcal and intellectual world and the
argument was arranged to show that omnipotent
r iver is not only evuntial but su flic tent to per fee
Ion and harmony In creation and the mental and
miral development of man IV Ing blinded bv sin
the spirit of (tod alone la Hufflclent lo open bis
moral vision, that be may discover his own un
cleanness and lead him to a life of repentance and
e repeat one of his potnta In substance as fl
lows Headers listening to truth, but uninfluenced
by the Holy Spirit, may bo compared to a man
standing In front of the cott monument lu the
grounds of the Hotdlers1 Home The man com
mands the prospect of an extenslre landscape
which bu been declared by world travelers to be
one of the finest on earth
The varied UauUes of field ftnd dell are bcfro
him nature Is clad in her rlchert livery, there is
every variety calculated to Interest and Inspire
The statue of the old soldier frowns as if It were
keeping sentinel over the city below. Around
earth yields her Increase of flower and shrub and
grain In the distance the Potomac glides slug
glshlv along dotted with sail and steamer lin
nresslons of the beautiful are vUlble everywhere
There ts Just one drawback lu the picture, and
that drawback is that the man who suluda on tho
brow of the hill ts as blind as the statue behind
him. Ho In regard to the truth thero Is lu tho little
The truth Is here In all its grandeur, but iincon
verted men have not eves to co il Only M the
spirit come and shred the scales away remove the
spiritual opthalmla, and he sees the landscape
Mrttchlng before him In all Its lines of beauty and
his soul I clevaied.and he enters Into all the
rar ture of the si ene.
Police Court,
John Dnycr forfeited $5 for trespassing on
the parking near Twenty second street. John
Laws, Washington Harris, Anthony Howard and
William Mason swelled tho exchequer of the Dis
trict by paying & kopec kt each for loud and bolster
on language Fmma hmlih cursed V wurth
Wm Henwn and Samuel oung will work on a
farm for ihe next sixty days fur being vagrants
I rldget Welsh engaged a scat In the van on the
same charge Michael MUlann, a navy yard
soldier paid 1(0 for 'getting on a lark" James
(ilemn. Htnr) and Mary Day and Washington
Francisco for being lout and boisterous dUcjy
eredlhst It cost them t-1 eaih Wm elin was
arrested on a charge of larttii), but as it was nut
proven the Court look his personal recognizance
not to be 'naiuhly' for the next six months
Ualah Ktddln Albort Alwcll and James RHlriild
handed tho marshal a eaih for using cus word
Frank Calvert stole $o from llen Sot hern, whhh
he Invested In a ar of pants and n couple of tan
Jardpruduits but Ihe Judge did f0t relish this
Indor blx 'and Frank shelled out an X luiah
Red tin commltte I an iwwtult on Amelia Rork and
w as mulcted f W I'son Orlftln strut k Tim O Con
nor an I pal I ' fir bis fun.
In tbe case of Annie Jackson and Wm Newton,
charged with forging a dtclof tiusl ball wasHxctl
ai U.(kiO and trial w li postpone t until to morrow
Margaret Kecd and Llti u found that It cost $3 lo
bo loud Hud tmlnttrous
1 I I- niM-l was rVnot 12 for obstructing the side
walk Alfred Hawkins plead guili) totlicchargc
of stealing a hacc Mil bat and was sent to the Uv
form m Jio.il during his minority
It coi-'J ni t le rovvd that Frank J'ticMstolwtwo
i-UKiiii ofswHt tiatoes and he waa dUthnrgcd
fnintuktody W r Kys , and(J M Linton engage I
In a llstlt. iiioouutor aim Uouulcd 80 each for Ihvir
Ptrh k I oley mauled Bridget Welch and fi und
h m-lf f i nut of pocket for so doing Robert Rjv
lit. tUeiiiel Mlh ftuiuing money under fahe
inetenkcs (oso coutlntiud until today CharUst
Hurdlne did uot a-uiftull Margaret Rradivy ftud was
James Price aiiaulted Tom W Itllams, and will
warm hlnvelf at Opve rnment expenss for the win
tcr The cae of A M eprague, charged with an
oault on Adellna Morris, was continued until
trlday next.
Tho nenry III ike mentioned In tho rollce Court
report of yesierdar was not Harry Iltnke, the
watchmukcv do'i business on N nth rrect.
ntcponr or tiik spkotal itoAnn or
"How Great ft Matter a Uttle Fire Hin
di el h A ffmall Spark the Canse of the
Great Conflairrfttlon,
The special commission appointed by Secre
tary Hchun to Inquire Into the origin of the fire at
t tie ratent Office have concluded their labors, and
yesterday submitted the follow big
Hon for fichvri, .Srcrrfaryq the Drpartmrnl uf the
8tm Theiinderslimed twird of lannlrv. annotnt
edbyyourorderof Ihe 2lli ultimo, or the purpose
of examining Into the cause of the fire in the Inte
rior ItcpertrucQt building on the 24th ultimo hare
the honor to report that we have performed that
duly by examining a targe number of witnesses,
whoe testimony covering several hundred pages,
Is herewith submitted
In urdi r that tin fact or circumstance pointing to
the rtrobahtc nrtein of the fire mltrht cwsna our at
tent'on, we hare examine I all oft he employees of
ww iepuriraeni ann Diners wnwo names vvc coma
otbvtn bvdilltrent liinnlrv hrt wpto opnualntnl
with the construction of the burned portions of the
building or w ho w ere upon the roof on the morn
Ing of the 24Lh ulL, either before or after the fire
Wehavealsoexamlncdtheday and night watch
men who were on duty in the building nn the dav
preceding the Are (Punday.sepb-mbcr 23) and find
that no person entered the building who was not
authorised to do so by a Itcpartmcnt pa The
annexed schedule, marked exhibit No t, shows
the tiamesof the watrhmenon duty and the seve
ralpnts to which they wero assigned Exhibit
No i Miows the nemos of cUrks and emplovccs
who entered tho building on the Pundsy before
the fire, and also those who entered the building
on the morning of the fire before n dice hours
As many theories as to tho probable origin of
this fire have been advanced, we think It prnpt r to
oneiiT nouce some oi ine most piaustDie oi mem in
this report.
At the outset we deem It ndvlwhle to direct your
attention to tle materials out of which the Ninth
street w1 tr of the Ititldlng was constructed as
this was the part of the building where tho fire
The roof was what (s commonly known as ft
"mm roof," and the tie rods, rafters, braces and
struts were Iron
The curl In . trusses, shesthlng and celling were
constructed of pine wood, the pine sheathing of
merooi a".cnierr ut sitrn copper aiann me
fortkth of an inch In thickness The topi of the
chlmnejs were of Iron, ret upon the brick wall
vtr the flues about twelve Inches below tho roof
and extended above the roof about two and a half
le I. Over Hie gutters running around tho entire
w Ing was p1a ed ft pine wood grating to keep them
from clogging up with snow and Ice In Ihe winter
season, and tu nrotectthein from the heat of the
sun in tbe summer This grating was made of
mm imrtras lanencq wgcincr oy cro. pieces oi -in
Inch material and was commuted In sections of
about in feet In length by four feet In w Idth.
i nc drawings ncrcnnio auncneu ana marnea ex
hlbitNo. t are true copies of the original plana of
inerooioi inia s nioi ine uuiinmir un inesomn
the roof of this
end of the roof of this wing a conservatory or hot
house, about CSil, wrji located for the purpose of
preserving t lanls In the winter time. The walls of
this room wire made of itttli tioaMs, tongue!
an J grooved the fhxir was madoof plunks resting
on the elling of the mo1el room and was core red
with sine, and the roof of the room was glass
Wooden shelves wire arranged for tho accomnda
tlan of the plants, and there w as a small tank from
w hh I) ncecry water was obtained The only door
leading Into thocourenatorv was on the east site
of the roof North of this conservatory and 1m
mediate)) under the roof extending up to (J street
was situated what was know u as the rcjci ted model
room ofthe latent omce.
The testimony shows that three rows of shclrcs
of rough Isuiids were erected on each fide of the
(cntrcof ihts room for thv entire bntth theroof,
and many thousand modi Is ofallclascs nnd de
scrlptli tis were stored thereon, tic-sides large
nuialier vvhlih were noton thoshclres. but rllcd
tip linH.cr'in1tiaUly lmmcdiatclr under the roof of
me i un ug.
ILiw-h, Htirbairs, envelopes and postage stamps,
together with textile fabrh s and all sorts of Inflam
rmthlo materials were stored In this room near
where the Are originated, but It docs not appiar
that any thtmtcaUi were lucluded In this lulscel
lanenus collection
We will now examine. In the light of thetcstl
monyltcforo us. some of tho theories as to the
manner in which tbls fire originated
1 Did the flro originate from the spontaneous
combustion of chemicals stored under the roof In
the ixfccted modtl rucrnif
With rclcrcnce to this theory wq think It only
nocoarv to state that all chemical and other sub
slant es likely tn Ignite without the presence of tire
w ere remov wd from this rwom majiy months U fore
the tire octurrel
2. Did the Arc originate from the carelessness of
rx rfons engaged In repairing the rooff
W ith refereuce to this theory the testimony shows
conclusively that no repairs had been made on the
roof for ft week prior to the Are.
a. Did the fire originate from the heating appa
ratus lu the conser i atory on the rooff
This theory Is as readily exploded as thetcstb
mony shows that ihls apparatus had not been
heated since last s r ng
Having briefly reverted to the only theories ad
vanccd as to the probable origin of the Are, w hlch.
In our opinion, are at all deserv Ing of attention, we
now come to what we consider the truo cauno
thereof, via We find from the testimony that
about irlu o' cIik k, on tho morning of theSllhult,
a Are was built In room No 17 In the bascraont oi
the Mnth street wing of the building by Henry F.
Krandcbury, a laborer In the 1'atent Omce, at the
request of ihe lady inpylsts, employed lu said
room for the purpose of removing the dampness
therefrom Tbls Are was built of pine hoard and
a blower was p'aced over the grate and It Is shown
by the testim my that the roaring of the Are ex
cfled the attention of the persons employed In the
Mom and was the subject of comment by tho n at
that time. The smoke from the flro passed up
through tho third flue from K street on the Muth
street w Ing
Tho testimony of Messrs Sibley. Tipton Smith.
Pailey, llanrey ChurthlU. Hopkins and Iong
who were upon the roof some time before tlm
alarm of Are w as turned In. shows that a section of
the vvnoileii grating covering the gutter on the
roof and Ivlug immediately against the flue from
whkhsald sin ke Issued was found on Are and
was thrown off the roof Into the yard on Ninth
street by Sihltj and othirs We think there can
henodmblbutthat thltdrv pine grating was sit
on Arc from sparks or burning cinders which came
up through UiU flue
The amount of this grating which had been
buruelat thetlmothe wltnevca discovered It it
varloudv estimated by them but we conrludj that
not less than thirty square feet of boards had been
destruved The witnesses sute that they fottn I
largo quantity of live coals 1) Ing en tho roof and
In thn gutter, and that Ihe copper was so intensity
hot that It ha 1 changed color, and m som places
jnk down as though there wosa hole underneath
lh's interne Are on tho roof of tho building was
separated from the dry pine wood sins thine
underneath by the copper rooflng, which as
be fire stated was only about one fortkth of an
Inch In thickness, and was lapped and soldered
together along the gutter with lommon solder
1 he boards under the roof did not AtsuflkleiilH
close together to exclude the free circulation of
air and we are of opinion that owing to the
amountof Are on theroof and the thinmwsof tho
copper rooflng tho toard sheathing underneath
took Are and communicating to tho paper and
vicinity of this grating In the rejected model room
had galntd uncontrollable heudwsy before any
one In the building was aware of the danver and
some lima before the atarm of Are w as turned in,
Several ladles who were einiloycd In the west
wing of the model room testify to smelling smoke
between 9 and 1 o'clock on the morning of the
Are. tut as (he windows were open an I the wind
was blowing from the southwest, we conclude that
Iho smike came from the chimneys of other build
logs In the vicinity beveral persona testify to
seeing smoke Issuing from various parts of thu roof
long prior to the alarm of Are but as there were
four Ares built on the Mnth street ride on that
morning they undoubtedly saw tho sniukc trom
one of the chimneys.
After the most careful and searching tnvcMlga
tlon we And nothing to warrant the be lef that the
Arc was Incendiary, but on the contrary all the
facts and clrcumMancca show thst It was act 1
dental, and had Its origin lit tho manner aimvo
Before closing this rrnnrt we consider It our dm
to call jour attention to the condition of heterulof
ine cnuuuejr duci unoer toe rooi oi me eveiiin antt
F street wings of the building which appear from
pt rsonal lniettlou toluvebuon defective and un
safe for a long lime, and which if not speedily re
I iilrt d may be the cause of further disaster
W it submit herewith four photographlu views of
the burned portions of the building from various
stnndiH lnts. which are marked resncuhelv ex
hlbttt V It and 7 We aluo submit a diagram of
low nKJi ui mv iMiruv i uuuuiog snowing me
burned portions thereof, the position of ihe con
serv atory and tho chimneys from which themoke
of thckcvirul ArcN ii-iut'l. the location of there
Jittcd inolcjroom the position ofthe burning
gratln Ac which Is market nxhlb't Ni 8
WouavotUohonortobc very respeetfullr
Aviu4 IIadi
Uourd uf 1 1
Cullsllienlo Ixerctes
Tho commenteiULiit exorcise last ctcnlnj
at the Wuvhlngton 0)mnaMumof w mllMheiiic
cUwt were well at ended dtspllr lie lm lenient
wcAther Under tlie letdcnhlp of Irof Calvor
the rlass uentthrouffh the eolutl insaccoinntnle !
by thu iiitpiring iitiisiu tlial I'ruf Rc!m brought
forth from llieiiiano J lining in the Invigorating
and henlth giving exert se ir-it many promluiit
young mn or tins city Iho ciniswiii nrobaUr
l ciowdcd throughout thewlnkr aud iboMwaaf-
'Otiug nijit of this city The class will nrobaWi
Ing to Join should profit by the opiurtUQltr,
Attub rkopeniso ofthe Owen House VWnJ
and lunch rooms this evening, Hr Jtbn Mm it,
Ihegeiiileinanly uipcrintndntof Millwi l
bill far I talace. will play an exhlbltlwii gawa wlOt
Mr Hi kin ovir genial and polite friend of taj os-
periai Hotel uame to oobiuuiiico at 7 oXwa,
The National,
It was a fearful nlglit to eawiy the preacntft
tlon of a new play to a Washington audience, and
Uie wonder vtfti that a baker's doseti should have
the boldness to brave the storm and venture out
We were surprised to And so many at tho theatre
Theplay of "Lady Jane Grey" Is Terr grand,
and ail that tort of thing, but It Is entirely too
heavy Mr, 0man should know by this time that
an American audience will not sit con
tentedl y for three and a half hours with
out enjoying a laugh, at least one good laugh, and as
many more as you please This must have been the
cose with our luiRlkh forefathers, for ehaksreare
never forgot to incise a character or two In his
tragedies that broketn on their grandeur and gravity
and added test to their effect The play Is entirely too
long It rs all very well lo hav e It In Ave acts, as
the situations suit tho fall ofthe curtain but we do
protest against so much dialogue Ptrlke out the
superfluous talk The situations and the effect are
w hat our people like, Mr Osman. The subjeet Is a
good one, ana tho truisms, passions and sentiments
are well placed, excellent and original
Miss on Htarawlts In her Impersonation of
Mary Ttdnr was simply sublime. 8he was suffering
with a sore throat, )ct her enunciation was dit
Unci. No ono likes to talk when tbey have ft sore
throat, ard all bnt the mnst heartless will sympa
l huso with an artist who ha to speak the lines of
the part assigned them under such difficulties
MUsHtamwilxs Miry Tudor Is an actonPollfhcd
wonder It Is superb fhc looks, walks, talks ftnd
Is the Queen of England In her case the ac
ccntcd language lends an intense Interest to her
lines, and the Infatuated audience that ts, the
male portion seemed as if they were ever on the
verge of leaping umit the stage and carrying off
this Queen of Ream.
The lost scene of the third act gave her the
chance to exhibit her superior powers, and well
did she merit the applause she received The
make-upof MlmMamwlti ts superior to anything
In the way of ft wardrobe wo have ever seen on an
American etage. The dresses and Jewels are
genuine. This, of course, docs not make an ac
ircnt,btitnlrcthe genius is, the tasteful toilettes
ad 1 to the M tract Ions
If Ins UzxleMahon was ft sweet and pretty 'Lady
Jane Orcy." hhe was not up In ber lines as she
should hare been, but we are Hire she w 111 do l-et
tertn-nlcht. Hpcuk out. Miss Mahon, look at the
audience; think of your linos and repeat them
ott have talent, and take the success of Miss
Htamw itx as an example
James Fnydcr, McManus and. In fact, all the
rest of the cast were tacking In their cues and for
Krtfulof their lines. In this plarlhe company
are ft good chance to show their histrionic
Powers. In all conscience thev hare enoinrh tn
say. but Ihls fact should not excuse them In the
omlrMmt of oue word
' Ijdy Jane Orcy ' will bo repeated this cveulng
and Ihe .National should bo crowded to see and
hear the wonderful and enchanting You Stam
wltt as Jary Tudor.
The Opera Home,
"Tlio Tale of Enchantment" waa Introduced
last night. It Is a grand spectacular drama, and Is
rar superior to tho "Alack Crook " Tho marches.
tableaux, transformations and mfvenscrnrs were
magnificent. The outrageous wt ather prevented ft
full attendance but all toe front seats wereocctt
pied by buhl headed and delighted old men We
venture tbcasscitlon that at Nlblos (Jardcn there
never was presented more haiidnoino or teller be
haved "A ma son soldiers 'than marrhed and fought
hi The. Knchsntmenl' lost night The drama Is
ft success.
The Itnad to the IAItto Falls.
An application has been filed with tlio-Dis
trict Commissioners by numlcr of the residents on
Iho Virgin' side of the Cham 1 tidec asking that
the road leading thereto In the District, be put In
rrpa'r i ney nutc mat irom tnc urae urn mini was
tunhssed for IH-tritt purposes by iiAtinial fund-,
in IftLI 1 1 nlll If 71 or until the etiiiNolldillonnf tbe
old corporation of Washington, (leorjrctnwn and
iiicnnnio ininnnc pmerniiicn., woryi town sept
that road In toternble condition and ks t v tlm eon
solldatlon tho prctnt DHlrltt government ac
qtiirctt an tne rtglit tncy arotnerrr ro rcvjiomltic
for all the duties of the nhsnhed corporation of
Oeorgitown Thev ask If tho District tVmmls
slot lira fall to keep the road In repair tn whom arc
tho people to rosoil? No other corporation. Htate,
county or township has any rights that extend over
the road "
nrcriMNo and openino dim
Tlie engineer of the DUtrlctof Columbia yester
day received and or cned bUls fur the following
named work Ikying about IV) ysMs of brick
fyitwalkunCongrei street, bntween the canal and
Water street Oeorgetotrn I" Maloner Wl If
llnrrnv i'iH W 1 Ttivtinta tKK Vh O O I Turn ff&
J lVsmnnd tr3.2.1 Also for putting Iron rods In
the I ark posts on First street t at tetween It and C
streets s.)uth P, Maloncy rt0 20; J Revnold.
tWttO OHare fOO And also f"i la king up
alsitit Wi feet of 12 Inch sewer and Kuttltutlng an
IH-lnch pipe sen er on tho south side of R street, be
tween Tenth and Eleventh streets northwest H
Maloner UI J Reynolds, 13190; O OHare.fJJ,
and J. Desmond, tJl An
Rase TU1I.
Owing to tho rain yesterday the Crclghtons
and 1'atrioU were unable to r lay the second game of
their scries.
This afternoon, If the weather Is favorable the
Tatrtots nlav their la?t rami w Ith the Nationals in
the Olympic gronndi at 3.30. o clock, sure The
rainois iniena vowin tnisgamau pomutiic, and
will put out their strongest nine which Is as fol
lows iiicner, p u linen, c joe joy, j n , iinuer,
2b: Ray,Tb;Rmwn s s; Major, 1 t, Paige c f,
andJours, rf The champtnu will present their
usual nine and as this will doubtVsa lie a iximl
game every one Interested should witness It There
win ik ho ueinv in railing piny, as mc ci to failing
to put In an appearance at the appointed time will
forfeit Ihe game
Tho Creightnn wlU pay a visit to the "Pride of
Capitol Hill' this afternoon The coach for the
nlarers will leave Iho club room ttlwnnVIvk
sharp. TheU't game remitted In a draw, and as
mm nine sre in prima couaition a ciose contest
Is looked for
A vcrr lntercung nnd excitlnir tame of tsse
lall waplavc I fiilurday between the Junior R.s
ton an I Our Ihiys resulting In a victory frthe
jnrinrr pt tfire in iumm i wrvnorn bimi (ycrs
dlsnlnred some Ane nstn an 1 KltiersM t-i
celled all in ihe batting department
Ov ERrtU TS from to $ft at
Katxkns-tkis's, SIO Ferenth street.
Goose Creek It ridge on the Washington and
Ohio rUII way.
During the storm of lost ThuraJay the
bridge of tho Washington and Ohio railroad over
Ooose creek, near leebuifr, Va . was swept away
so that no trains could pass Tho company has
seen At to withdraw its passenger trains from the
rood until the damage could bo repaired very
much to tte annovancc of a large number of com
muters belwten this city and points nn the road
this side of Ijeburg, who are compcllod to seek
some other mode of travel or remain at home
The same course was taken by the railroad com-p-vu)
last winter when no patenger trains were
run fir several days. The commuters were com
pelledlopsv full rates notwlthstand'ng and tho
wnn inn on tne tminmuieni uc kits in ine prcrent
Instance Is not lobe allowed In any way Kurrlr
Ihlsharoad to be proud of Ret. (ten ts of several
towns Along ihe road think that it would bo a
btetslnglf tho president of the Washington and
Ohio ra'lroaJ vvruld constjentlrelv lurunpassenger
trains over the road, as there would then be an
Incentlv e to establish some other lint of com m tin I
cm Ion w hlch could not posslbty be any worse thnn
this road nndtr Its present management Deiiiiu
editions arc not few and there has been some refer
ence ton united action on the part of the comma
tors agaltin the company for non fulfillment of
contracts nnd consequent damages.
Niiprcme Court of the United Ntates.
Furraaut to adjournment, the court met yesterday
atl2n'ciork rroscnt.Mr Chief Justice W alto Mr.
Justice Clifford Mr Juttlca Swayne, Mr Juvtlce
line, Mr MM ice rlclJ, Mr Justice Strong and
Mr Jukllcoiliadley
On ni jtlon of Mr R T Merrick Flllmnt-A Tfoatl
eq of Washington, D O.was admlttei to prac-
hit mnu iiiiunipv iinn rinineior t'i i mi court
On motion of Mr SMorncv (Inneritl Ilpvnna kAil,
J Iboinas eq of R ton Mass , wm admitted to
pmi ii( nt nn mioniiM aim cuuiiKfior oi iiiisioitri
On motion of Mr Chauncer hafl" r. lAanr A
Turnll eq of New ork citv was almittetlto
prttrtire an aiinrnev atio couuwioror tins court
On motion of Mr f U Ooolri(h Frtdirlk E
Bryant esq of Roston, Mas was almlitedto
practice as an attorney and (oun-clor f Ihis court
O ilii of Mr x T Rl( II A lkrlrt and
D V Trov esq of M'ltiUroinerv Ala vrt re ad
mlttel to biaitiLe as attnrnevs and i nuntoli-.n i,f
Onmwtlonnf Mr P Ph'HIr-s A II Handv eso
of Jarksw Ml was admitted lo practice as au
nurii- Him run onto or ki idih court
Mr Cllif liiddro Walte Hiinounced lo the 1 ar
thst thecmrt would comment o the call of the
dotketu Itv under the 2Tth rulo
Adjiurnt I until to day atl2o'tlocV.
Outlook ofthe Reformed Tplseopnl Church.
lilshop rauows, having Invited those in
terette I In the fori nn thn a Reformed T lcoat
Church here to rem t u after ihcsi rvico at the Con
gngatlonal stiuicb on Ruudav evtnlng, tnado
soiee stateraertM as t the growth and prospects of
the Churclj. Ut sm that altlioin;h It had been in
existence lets than fvurvinrs II already num
bared slaty ohtyebes larufsimimry and Ihe Rrllish
rrViint, bM' several In Kngtan I recently
organised Aptiilcsllous hate Iieru rocelv I from
over TH) clergymen wb arc ready 1 1 Join as won
a timmiu uun (e proviiivt tor uieui. a wvaituy
ftmtleman ef Cfctcagn, not ft church memhur, has
nv&tiv driui ISO si ran at lind iiAMfliicum tcr
trjyeh he had refWd $J00,(Vrt to found a tlietloRJ
feeasernlnary.andtBetQor.cj to erect tho buildings
jwud, douMiosa soon l contrtbu'jtd. He referred
to the extreme lersi'ty of the Churoh. raying
they onlr ronulred unlormllv with raiard inth
with raiard to the
tanlty. but sllnr1
nreal caidlual truths of airJiUanlty, tut allnwsd
J teat ilUrty as to minor doetrtnil potnK Rv
arrlNg to the suftjeotof aputtor tor tea Cturch
of the nedecraer, just formed here, ho said he
knew of a man of talent and experience ptKng
llsh birth, who, he thought, woull be willing to
come, and It waa decided to hold a meeting this
evening, at 7) o'clock at the church corner nf
Eighth and K streets, (Kindergarten hall.) with
reference to calling a pastor, to which all Interested
are Invited,
TTorklngmen Organlilng.
Tn response to ft call from Columbia Typo
graphies! Union, ft number of delegates frona vari
ous trade organisations met at Rater's hall last
night, fbr the purpose of Initiating a movement
row ards founding ft National Tradea Cnlon. There
were aoout twenty present, representing printers,
sallmakera, rets man, painters, machinist, wood
engravers and Jewelers
M r, m R, McLean, of Columbia Typographical
union, called the meeting lo order
Tito appeal for organisation. Issued by rnlnmblft
Typograi hlcal Union, No 101 which fonnctltheeall
for the meeting, waa read by the secretary, Mr J.
H Ralston
The president stated that In responelo iho ap
peal, maiiv of the trades had been heard from, but
doubtless owing tn the Inclement weather, many of
Ihe delegates had teen prevented from attending
He suggested that a temporary organ'sation lie
perfected, and that the meeting then adjourn until
some evening next week.
Upon motion, Mr Wm R Mcl-wvn was elected
temporary chairman, and Mr, J. II Rabton.tcm
porary secretary.
There waa some discussion as to the time of ad
Journnicnt It was Anally agreed to adjourn until
next Monday evening at the same hall.
Mr Mclxan Mated that the principal object In
view was the mutual protection of labor. Tbey
ha I too long been forced to submit In their dis
organised state to tho tyrannies of capital.
The objects in brief, were First, the mntual pro
tection of labor; secoud. direct representation of
the working classes in municipal and t-tatoliegls-laturesftnd
Omgrev, third, the repeal of all op
preWre laws against labor, fourth the enactment
of just laws for tho protection of labor
Mr John J. Mcnny. painter, favored making tho
next meeting a public meeting, so that mechanics
who are not organized could attend
Mr. Renin counseled a speed r organisation.
Mr. W'm fipler. Jeweler, stated that he represented
no particular trade, but w ss about to start a Herman
organization tn this city. He was In favor of or
ganizing before calling n nubile meeting hecano
they must know just what they wanted before going
before the public
After further discussion the meeting adjourned.
A Preacher a Itoota,
Ycatcnlay afternoon Sergeant TalnUr while
passing up Seventh street, between M and N, no
rlced a colored girl who acted rather suspiciously
and concluded to Interview her. Rhe had ft bun
die under hrr apron, and when tho officer asked
what It was she said "lea " but as It was too large a
packago for that, he escorted her to tho station and
discovered that Instead of -old maid s friend ' she
hadaAne pair of boots, worth about IS which sho
had ticrn trying to dispose of at the very low price
offl. They turned out to tie the property of Rev.
J M. Drown, with whom she was tiring M a ser
vant and according to her story ho had failed to
my her was-cft. so that she seised on the boots for
the debt, Whether Judge Pnell views the matter
In tho same light that she doee will bo known this
Arrested for Assaulting sv Iupll.
A warrant waa Ismicd yesterday for Mlea
IMmIo Strombcrger, teacher In tho McOormlrk
school bnildlng. for awaultlng Wiltlnm Wttherow,
oneof her ptip'K Wllherow exhibited his track
In the ofllco of Attorney Miller at the Pollct Court
yesterday and showed a number of marks and
welts ncroM the shoulders which, It i claimed,
were administered by Miss Ptromberger Tlie war
rant was served and tho case continued until Sat
urday, CiTY XOT123.
The fires havo been lighted la the Treas
ury The nbltt liouao la being repainted, It
begin to show a new color already
t tho corner of Vermont avenue nnd I
street two nice bay-windowed bricks are being
put tip,
Tho winter uniforms for the police were
Issued ycMerday
Another wash out at the Fatcnt Office
took placo last night.
A fine row of new buildings Is In conrre
ofconstructlon on the corner of Q and Thirteenth
WrdneadaT evening exercises In declama
tion at the I'ranklln Male Oram mar school arc
uren to the pnbllc,
Mr. Marlon Lewis hod her pocket picked
off7 enmerof heventh and H streets about ten
0 clock ycMerday morning
Quite a number of the Catholics of this
city w.ll attend the funeral of the late Archbishop
Ray ley to-day in kaltlmore.
Autumn leave arc falling fast, ftnd It
keeps the w ntchman of the Franklin square pretty
busy to gather tbcm In plies
Tho number of guests at the Morton
House F street, Utween Ninth and Tenth, Increase
everv day, and the house Is steadily gaining In
public favor.
Brad Adams' old hook depot on Pennsyl
vania avenue, bttween Fourteenth and Fiftvtnlh
streets has just been enlarged and repaired, to bo
ued as a restaurant
. dead child was found In a frame shanty
on Marvland avenue, between Third and Four
and a half street soul hvvcrt. yesterday afternoon,
and as the Inmates of the house had no burial cer
tificate the matter will be Investigated to-day
About 2 30 o'clock voterday afternoon ah
Thomas Hendricks, rlcrk In Cnrlstlanra dnig
lore was mixing some drupi Ihelngrodlents ex
plcdod, making const terable noise and much
smoke W hen the smoke rote It was found that no
damage was done.
The f 'Mowing directors have been elected
ly the Citizens' building Company J C McKrl
din T. UTtillvk R V Rhrelow.C R I'osrhon.R.
Iluvd.C C Dumui.wm I. II utcvcuM K M Oreen,
Kamiicl Fjncry V V tuller. W 1) Morgan, L.U,
Davis and W II. Reurlou
The Hil'tnau House, on North Capitol,
street, only m qua re from the Capitol building,
having made estntre ImprnvemcnU and com
nletely rcfurnl-hed, isonoof the motd desirable
hottls for trail tent or permanent guests during the
coming edon of Congress.
The Tllden ftnd TTcndrlrfcs Club have
made arrauccmenU for receiving Ihe general preM
election dlspauhee and a large number of rrlv a to
dhpaiehCH front all trts of Ohio this evening
1 hey will lie read from the balcony of the Metro
politan Hotel as fast as received
YcbWrday while Sadie Hotick nnd John
Norrla were lonnglny In the Smithsonian grounds,
the latter, with beeaBitntr cood nature, wimchnw
managed to rick a tight with one ' Ilottlcs," Ihe
consequence ulng an ugly gash above the right
tptic Tor "Mr. Routes' and no arrest for either
About half-past eleven o'clock yoetertUy
morning a lady named Miss Marlon Read wax at
tacked with a spasm In Dr Majors drug store,
corner or beventh and 11 streets northwest After
rcceiv lug medical attendance Odltcr Qnlulan pro
cured a hack and took her to her home on Glen
wood road in the county
Messrs Jordan & Oordon, proprietors of
the Owen house have lust finished refitting that
rasy ealablKhment, anil the event will be celo
bralcit tonight by an owning The prccnl i ro
prictors hare left nothing undone to make a Ant
clias rcstauront and holt I Tho lunch bar of the
citaulMimcnt is a great feature, and Is becoming
quite celebrated
Yesterday a party of sir young men were
spending the day In Kslorama uo-d, and while
they were engaged In running races down Ihe hill,
came near meeting with an accident which must
Inevitably havo proved fatal. iSar Ihe foot ofthe
hill Is a stone quarry, making a preclplre of about
a hundred feet Hy some w amlng from Providence
one of Ihe r arty ascertaf tied the imminent dam r
ot the situation Just In time to stop the onward
course of his companions near the verge of tbe
Miss Cora B. Chaae, 1125 Eleventh street
northwest has Just tieen the reclplentof lier trunk,
or what Is left of It that was altoard tho train
w reeked some days ago at Mltford. K J Tho bag
gage tar uttatbtd to the triln flouted out to the
mid Hoof the Delaware river, and there was split
In (wain the contents being deposited In the water
Ihe trunk floated over Avemlles down the river,
where it was pit Led up twelve hours after these.
cfdenl. 1 lied imago done mounts to about fU3
Twenty one dollars' worth of music was lost.
(Icorge roster and (Icorgo Miles aro very
f ntd ofc'ivwhij- tobacco, but bUngoulof funds
thry hit upon a plan for procuring this dclltlous
vegetable, which was to buy when the owners
huik was turned an I fur I hat purpose Ihey en
tered Daniel Drlhtolii store vesterdny a Her noon
picked iMtaUixofroiiyh andnsdy and Hiirttd.
on" Willi It lail) o lMwile who ltne-ed the
ait. gave the a'linn aud afltra long rhae, In
which some of the lobncto was hl the rascals
were mtrliaiilcd ami taken lo the station homo
fhey vvbl v Mt c stlu Kiminct this a ni
Minor District Notes
- Draw bin Lsnreavked fur on lots 12.1 and 120, in
Rcall and Addhon's ad llllon to Ouorj,ctovm
A j licntli h h imi'lo for trees 1 1 e Ian ted on
H tietiteiii Iweuty ccolld and Twenty third
streets norihwiht
Mr Alltrtl' Pox tails attention to the defer
llroeuc azu cu MutU street aud Rhode Mand
avenuo n itliwct
Ihe projH t ty holders on A street southcart
rami lain that the strict ini been neglected, and
ak lhat It be Improved al once
Oeorife lltthit coinrlalns that the culvert near
blsircmlMS on Ihe Wadctisburgroal. Is net suffi
cient to carr oil the water and aiks relief
--Mr M C Ittrdrll has 1 sou relieved of nnrr as
assistart Inrpcctorrf buildings and aulgued lo
duty with tlie suporlntendwtit ef streets and
; Their spector of butldlrrshu Issued the fol
lowing penniu To balld-lloWt Rorrldge, three-
story bricX Seventh, between h and M itr ft;
4WVj. Bona A Oi , two-story brick, II, between
Eighteenth and Nineteenth streets, ruo Arthur
St. C. Denver, two-story brick, Rhode island
arewue hotween Seventeenth and Eighteenth
streets, tfLtm j T, Hewitt, one story brick, I
ftreeL into. RenalrsW. liarnes frame back
bnlidlnt. Miih. between A and B streets V9
Mrs Field, frame pantry, tWO M. K Diiry, bath
rom, 1100. r. A, lljrns, store front; ttW),
The Kast River II rid go.
On all parts of the great supenslon bridge, on It e
approaches, In the cable-living ai din Ihe I repa
ration ofthe detailed plana for thcdlfTcrcnt arts f
tho superstructure Iho work is proceeding rapidly,
On the approaches ihe men are getting ttcd to the
work:, and, while tho excavations for the founda
tions of one pier are In prnvrrM) the work ten nn
filling In concrete on the pier Just before It, and
masons are at work on Ihe third, so that there is n
regular rotation f work 1 he stone work on the
second pier of the Rrooklyn approach was com
menced on Krldar, The excavation Tor the third
plcrii half finished On the hew York side the
lavlngnf concrete for the foundations of the second
pier Is still going on
Tho fourth pair of upstream strands were fin
ished n Friday afternoon, and the wrapping
buggies Immediately sent out on their Joitrueys
cterday morning; the laying of iho Afth pair of
downstream strands waa commenced at 7 o clock,
butwasstoppedaboutlto'clock In the forenoon
on account or the high wind and was uot re
fumed during the day Eighteen wires had been
laldononestrandandslxteenonthe other. This
stoppage wss necesssry, as the separate wires can
not Improperly regulated with reference to the
guide wire when they are so strongly acted on by
the brveso. During (he afternoon the lower
strands were secured by ropes to tsch other and to
the regulating cradles to dlmlnMi the swaying,
which, more especially In tlie middle span, wss
quite considerable. The final regulation of tno
fourth pair of dewnrtream strands wss finished on
Friday afternoon Te understand the accuracy
with which this regulating Is done It need only be
state 1 that of all the strands so far lowered and
regulated not one Is as much as one eighth of an
Inch out of the way of the calculated lengths from
anchorage to anchorage
Quite ft number ofthe contractors who propose
putting In bids for the granite to be used for the
approaches were In the engineer s office In Brook
lyn yesterday making the last estimates from the
detailed clans of the stonework of the approaches
prior to handing In their bids on Monday, the lost
Jay for receiving them AVw lor JcrcM, Oc
tober 1.
Crrmo as an cgample the effect of rcYersing
the screw of a steamship under way upon tho steer
Ing, tho cases of collision of the Vllle du Havre and
thclch Earn, which were due to the steamships
having turned In a direction opposite to that In
tended, Prof Reynolds has called attention to a
subject of which sailors appear to be Ignorant A
steamship docs not answer her helm In the same
way when her helm is reverted, even if she still
continues to go ahead but usoally the helm la
tnrnedaslf she did, and disasters quite avoidable
thus result. A few trials would serve ft much
needed experience In this matter.
SW tht Mdtlte AtttinUc state, imrm eot(Mrosfrrj
trrrf nq la cootrr vcda-ly wiwU, rain arm. foOovftS fcy
rVnrfiitf vcnMcr, and altintf, followed ly rUtng
FaixSitt forfS and flO at
Katieistein s, 810 Beventh street.
OkitIiU to Dr Hartley tnmrei Instant relief for
catarrh No exorbitant fees In advance Resi
dence remov cd to Wt New i ork av enue.
IiClt-oflT clothing, watches, pistols &c, bought at
Hersog's, 105 I) street Orders attended to.
All kinds of trunk made to order, repaired and
covered at Murray s, Wi Pennsylvania avenue
Market Ppacc
TrisfineU New York buttet. In tho city: also,
choice irginta, IYiinsvlvanla. and Western but
Ut, at twicers but Itr store southwest corner of
Mnth and F streets Flno checfc at less than Bal
timore pricea No Impossibilities advertised, but
prlcos as low as the lowci-t Call and be con
vinced. CITV ITEMS,
UnLft Original MAniiKuPrinij STRrxmuj.--
ino Plasters.
The oldest and the best All wh have used
them attest their merit fold by druggists Tw enly,
twenty Ave and thirty cents, according to size.
YorKn people, pay attention to your eeth Clean
them daily with Thurston s Ivory Pearl Tooth Pow
der. the best dentifrice known. It will preserve
their whlteucM through life, prevent decay and
toothache Much pain and trouble Is caused by
early neglect therefore take heed In lime. Price,
23 and M) cents per bottle
Thompson's Pouapf OrTWg.
An oleaginous compound of singular merit for
dressing tho hair Its ue eoon renders harsh, dry
hair soft and pliable. strengthens It when weak,
and gives It that rich gloss which Is the charm of
early youth. Irtce, 23 and V) cent per bottle
Ct r ame the s; stem aud purify the blood remov
Ingtlynpepfela sick beadar-he.rotiHipallon, and all
riireav railed by disordered stomach or liver.
Quirk's Irish Tea will do It Hold by all druggists
Price, 25 cents per package,
Rcuov atea soiled glove thoroughly and quickly
Price, 35 cents per bottle
Lnws JouNbov'A'niTnANkbitH coknfr
Tenth sireM and I'tniiisyhaDla avt nuc, Wash
ington, D C, dealers In United hlt,s oond). Invest
nifnls,soeurttles and foretgn exchange otUMin
tlltlee HI street northwest, brtwttn Hixth and Ber
enllisJreeiaWafchlngUin, 1) C. ocl9-lr
tclng Metliral Meclrtrfan. n Ninth street
nortltwrat. rlwlrielty, as a lherputlo atent.tii in
valuable, ami la etclitltv odap ed for nervous dia
ea- an i il se ises of w omen urtl-ly
rpilB FIRM OF H F RltFt'NlVOHl A. (t) IMS
a. Ieen dnsolTed Mr II F IlHM'NISril n bsv
IngpunhMftcd the liilr--it ofJAStKSM IIIOUT
iuliitryl imied at Ihe corner of Fourth stne , Maa
aathiiftHavsnne and II street where lie will con
flu t ihibiiHliiew srd lm tiless il lo a-rveallll elr old
filenrVtwItriUILK, RL'TTKll.iaillH.AcL.atllielow
esJjahjuJc QilKlf
tO I. AND VOOnHAVl(l iPsurnTiti?
V- o'deeaMished O al aud Wood Yaid cornet of
elvth mi I Ustre-lsnorihvi(tMnilr-Mlocke1thetatir,
Inaddli on Inour prnsei theitlon No. Ill Htlh unit
mrtliwest wewlif knafull stock of Ilia b-iqi nit
lienor WOOD ANHCOUwhlcuwewllitl a' th-.
lowert marks, lales fiwei aad HAit Wood ant
Hot Oial tnlrr cover.
oce-lm q t v OOD A oa
Thick. ftct ChllbiiUus UWrs Hul Corns!
I Ither are Indicative of snccltlc dlwaie Dr St hulls
tins wmglit wenrlerful cure-W3 Peniia-avc ooMm
will be sold at much
Stf 4lt and ill Tenth street.
Are prepared to furnish
fnKMII RrAClANI.-labls Dhole din
m-r, 75 cents, from Ho J o clot It A fararfsulldar. st
very motlrrKte prices Uiwt rlilckens Croquette, fioo
rer dozen, I hkkf n tUIad Boa Orders for dinner lmr
les halls, receptions, tic. Mulct atlentlnn to small
riltrs. a B HOC I IK,
wfllm Freurli Cook, I'ronrltiior
We dclra lo I u form our frlfiuls aod the piibllcicn
errJIy Uiat wn niny le fixind at oursialls,
No 47 AND 4 NPR KM TIIWh't (t)nNkn
wlmutniw In Ihe week.alsn Stunlay evenings,
whrreMesUll lie p eoad to supply tbcm with New
York t r mnt-ry I rliit, (wl I h we claim Is s-x-oud to
untiling In the mark, t I New t ork La'ry, IVnnsyl-vailauiilitliirrl-uliegiatlaot
Uutlsr. AlaO Eegs
and New erk l-rmni rtieese, "
JltThlgn oi Ue (iuldrii I axle,
o nrihsim t, a cunrm a son.
"r?rDY 10H ITSINt!.'
Mi.v.Jiihl opened iiul.odlditock of th, ct,
brutiHl Iljf.DHikv IM.Ko, nd III. world rd.wn.d
r.-Ter unit.r., wii
aai F Tnk iw..l
Pennsylvania aytm
6heihei(l Biufdtog, and No. II K Charloa strtst,
?hihei(l BUI
laltlmore l&
Vor sbt k ipedaUTi Hll'lm
9. tot There will reasneial mertlngof Columhll
"rfraphlralnn'nx he'd atNt. Josrph a I a'l Hani
F th streets, THIS TiiflKy) rVtNINO, al )
iKk. AH mmiicrsrerequctt-'t5h presnt.st
bn tl 114 of Imports - win n"' ' i4
o I F. A. RUQtiHI CK.Hectftary.
0& Tlir, PRIWIUFNT OF nOWARl) t!3tlV HI
Bty,Hev,vm W Pittott.p T).w II d.llvtr his l
tiiTuralatld en Tills VIflNO ft etlnck m
ihe Const e.aiinra'rhnrcii Allpr ens'nitiettwl n
the cause of rd toatton a-e Invited cf
l the Palace Market, corner Fourier-nth street art
New York avenue. Price, M cents Prppn"o wirtl
l lit markeU FRANK J. TllinFTB.
lomyfrisndaaiHllhepiibHe frr their (literal patron
tge, I lieg to slats tbst my slock rn-wgoinl.,Wlnb
Ing ladloa and ivnllomena rurolshlngs and fancf
(ihxU.Is comnUle, and composed largnly of goods Jusl
imled. and ntr customsn shall have every d vantngs
ufthaawllnstn both roods anA gild
I have al-etler stock thtvn ever of ladles onner
clothing Imported French Oerman and Fngllsh
hosiery and corsets, to which I Invite special atten
tion. Kvery style of corset and ladles' and children's un
derclothing made lo order at the lowest prices,
4.10 Tenth strret northwest.
N It. French, Oerman and Hpantah spoken,
The annual election or nine trustees of Ihe Jfeirop
11s ftevlon Rank of tbe lUtrk-t of Coin in bf a will (m
held at tht hank, on the corner of (Seventh street aod
IfuteUnaj avena. Id avasldngton cltv, b U, On
MONlA Y, November a, j-7, Wiween the hours of It
o clot k a. m and S p. m.
. LM'? rrPrl ?r "LI cpmmlttee en the transactions of
Ihe tank mr the third yew will he read Xnt 1 o clock
It. OQ th, aame 6jf a Jgjp-c?
oeo n. TUOMiSoriT Bt
W tl. ClAOb'TT.
iOIlK II. (iOhIA1tD,
Ocft-FAMlOt Trustees.
with tbe District goverpusnt. I taka thla method oj
In running my friends and Ut pstrons ihAt I havj
resumed The practioe of ARUIti KCTURK, and will
furnish plans and sped fl cat Ions, draw ooutracts and
attend to the BUILDING BUttlNisa gensrallyU
tbe city aud county.
Will make measurements prepare estimates for
all kinds of construction, furnish cost or contract
for all kinds of materials rslatlng to buildings
secure contracts, adjust lomes by lira andaibliraU
aa tiujust uiiiereoiw
Architect, 030 B street
and school tor children from three toslsteearaart
of age, ofTerlng svery advaotag of a thorough Mnoa
tlon. Pupils sdmIMM si anv tune Terms moderate
Principals, StlMtes poLlX)CK and NOKRR, Tlif Thlr
leenlti street narthwmt. Normal clans rbr ladle,
For particulars. Inquire as above, or at 7 K street
northwest. seS-lm
Swing to tha great demand for money, we offer to
within ality days a large eollectloo of
Every article fully warranted at
n. uui Lniicin a (AJ.T--I
Pierces Uoldsn Dlscnvsry, aad all his other medt
ctnew rbr f tin at CVjughlln s Teoiple Dnig Rtore sali
CJIKiand Lorensen for throat and lung dlOlculilcfl
sohlatt'ongliHiie UrugMtore, Masoolc Temple, sell
and other an idea ft. r ladles use In tbe city at Oongtv
HnarjLtiiile Drug btore. tti
Orrita,No. U IlMnHTagarr,
OKOH6kTUWf(, D C, Aug 2A, 1ST.
The Washington Agency of tbls Company was
chunfcdon the lut Instant.
Tha pressnt euatoiners of tha Company, aod all
ethers wishing to Insure with ns.wlll plsase cull on
Mr II K. oi- M K V, at his hanking house, corner ot
Fifteenth and F streets northwest.
augT7-ir J. W, DEEBLg,eCTstary.
Free Art nailery and store, No. tat B street north
west. Choice Oil Paintings, Engravings Chromes, Ac.
Alra, lsrg-n stock of fatierhanglngs. Wlndsw
Hiadca, r.ctireN, Frames Picture Coroa aad TasMls.
IMnOjalls Ac. lu tbe District.
Plrwsa rememhor namf and nomhsr. Js2B-llm
tract, ltumeopathle Medicines, sold at Temple Drag
Wore. F and Ninth streets. seps-tr
HrELPIlOTECTOR make your shot lost twice u
long, and pnvent you frcqi si ppio. For aale In aU
lbs hoe stores, aod by tbe Inventor, SIS D aireel
northwsst. a-tf
( ororr of Mnth and D otretti.
Open dally, except Hun Uy. front a. m. to 10 p.m.
Opvn unHundsy froinl lo7 p.m.
Noonday meellncs from 12 IV m124.i1 evening meet
lug from a lo 7 o'c oc
Owpel m-f ting in IJncoln Hall at s-jn p. m 1 short ad
dremes bv yon ig men. Mumlav avenlng service
irom G 10 7 orclot k. l-verbody InvfieJ. ocfl
IFerttalel-vsrrwbwtf Price 10 eta JoJJ tf
The Youthful Tragedienne,
Who will make rer tit but on the EngMsb-Hpcaklng
Htsge presenting foriht ttrsttim 00 any stage tni
entirely new pay.wrlttea hrT. E. Lsuuaa, ttra , en
October 15-RIONOLp'nTnENrtY' V. ocl If
uuh Tit inn v
Introduces theOrand H, Kirtar Drams enllued
A 1ALK lit" CM IT A Ml itT
Rivaling In magniilcf n the far lorn -d
JutanaiidflMwa ULAtK CROOK ESlMwsola
Orand Tahleau. I Oorgeoua Transform uttonr.
Amufn (irand Msrcb Glorious Mltsen Hot ne.
Cataract of th H1I1 r Lake w.lh r sal water, (trand
Ascension of the Triumphal Car
Old Vricrn revived Reserved Orchestra, (limited,)
75 cents, Ortl.ttLra0 cents; Dress ClrcU.tl ceuls,
O-tllwrv, I3ci
uorner inili ana l) streets northwest,
4)rwvrrinini inn uassi
imping Finn Clanfc
V VKMtv) I rnprletora.
1? VjJU X a EAUY FKKT DLPEND ami thou
sands visit DR Will I Ell Lstubluinruent, opposite
WlUarda Hot I. ft r relief fiom and avoidance ot
( nrns, Run ons Dlscawd Nails, Chllhlalns. cular
Escrosnces, Aa E(otlUliud lu V tislilngton lu I ul.
J) . ' J
I rMiMcllVilly .anovitc. t. tb. pabllo Ui.t I .m pr
parod lo Mhlbll tb, IwgMt HHortmeut of
use PAPeniiAKaiNa
of ,nr MlKblUhmnt In lb, dlf Tb, ,ood,r. In
AUo Itrn uortm, oi of OKILT, HATIN nl
nt ANK9.bicb 1 will ,! Much lower tb.n Ibo
lu.rk.l piKM. Tfrlu, c.h,
j4iw alkxahdkil
,tf Wo ai K.n, iylT.nl. ...nu. q
. ... ( or lo Jobn T Mltrtitll.)
Paris NovEfiiia in rnFAi GOODS.
l.brnlM "llwll U
inrre. cloaks, jaukkts
LXD1&.1 tijrpv nwRAp,
All cnnrlilrf tb. bet irtook la tM. nt.rbL
UNE rAiLKUHLY. ;ct-lw

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