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Rational Republican.
A. M. C1JLTV i t t i t
1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 KniTon.
The National Republican
Is published dally (except fcundayii) by the
lUptibUcsn rrinllnc Publishing Company,
at tbt oulhwest corner of rentiSTiTenla Avenue end
Ttfrieentb ttrtet el H fr uinum Id iwtvtunsor M
mpu per month, delivered by currier
4 MKPunr.irAH,
wwhiiiKioB, i a
Mr, X. H. ri'O ITT UAffrnt for the receipt
of Advertisements suitl Hit hwrlpt Ions Tor this
rper, as wall Hi for Hie Collection of Ac
count!, Mr. D. II MrCLKLLANDliaUo authorised
to solicit Advertisements.
All eoimuunleatlont dertgned for publication
thouUt be brLf, ytamly wltlen arut only vpon one $bt
qf the pajxr. Communication vnacctrmpanitd by thr
tfim V U author art not noHeitnl, and will neither be
rtad nor rtturned. Rented manmrript will not be re
turned nor preferred The rrotwlflrf tUtlcofonr aJ'
vmni during the temion qf Omgreuvtill pitrhule the
insertion of long article.
RATUHDAY I 1 1 1 I I . 1 1 i t NOVEMPER 17. If77
BFEAK1NO of obelisks. They arc beam
ing JWilormble. EnsLiml has one, and New
York, of coarse, must not be outdone bj
England. She is to bars one. Now for one
for the national capital. There fo one at
Hellopolis, sixty -eight feet high, which wm
Jbnr ccntnrte old when Mows wrta born.
It uoiv stand erect. While this one is
three feet shorter than that of New York,
to ftg will compensate for Its length.
Thk Hon. . C. IIukably, the ucwly
elected Delegate from the proposed Terri
tory of Lincoln, whkh includes the Mack
Hill country, is in town, urging its early
organization upon tho attention of Con
gress. Tho proposed territory corapria
upward of one hundred miles square, and
now has a population of nearly thirty thou
sand, principally voter. Sir. Bricarly has
host of friends in this District.
Repeal or tho Itefiuiiiiitlon Acf.
We bare not partlsaulzed this measure on
either side for tho reason that it Is our de
sire that the wisest and best course toward
the business Interests of the country shall
be pursued. It is desirable that the ucs
tlon of resumption shall be scttleel at the
earliest possible moment with safety to our
national credit. The business interest of
the people are held in tearful stupm-v by
this question. The doubt as to whether it
ball come Ht the time named by Uw, or
earlier, or later, has n depressing cflet ujKm
trade, commerce, and manufacture, tor
nterpriw has not the courage to
fftartout on more extended paths until the
rlsls is passed. The hoaidlngof more than
one hundred millions of coiu in the Treasury
vault, to meet this exigency when it shall
come, withdraws and withholds to that ex
tent this important ekment to bu'diir
This money would be let loo-o if reunii
tion should come, and we are Arm in the
conviction that we tould safely enter upon
rosuinptiou on the ilrst day of January next,
If the time was not defined at n period
something over a year hence and held at
that point by the arbitrary precisions of
The Government of the United Htateahas
to-day, unless we are mistaken, a larger per
eentage of coin in relation to its p.iper than
tho Bank of England has had for years.
This coin i now shut out from use, und Is
of no more value to the buiiueis Interests
of the tountry than so many pounds of pig
iron. It Is Important, therefore, that this
Urge amount of money slrould go forth to
useful now, instead of remaining hidden iu
the vaults of the Treasury; and we enter
tain the conviction that tho passage of the
liver bill would place the country In pos
mion of ioiu,or the representative thereof,
to fortify the Government agnitut any do
mand for redemption that would arise, If
resumption should lie attempted imme
diately after the coinage of silver was torn
me need and became a factor In our par cir
culation. With the small margin existing
between gold and piper to-day, the experi
ment of resumption is not hazardous, and
the sooner it is attempted the sooner the
dread of iU consequences will be over. The
shock that Is so much apprehended will not
be perceptible, and confidence and hope will
be restored to the marts of business and
trade quite speedily. It is the fear of con
sequences that now disturbs the avenues of
enterprise and circumscribes its limits.
The South ou Nenator Morion.
The public life of a public man Is a proper
subject foreriticlsm. ThUlsall tliattheftnitu
has don in the cane of Morton. It was a
right and a duty. It violated none of the pro
prieties of human conduit. If the South had
rejoiced that a Larerr ic full of injury mud Iu-
tustice tuber had ccasel, who would have
lamed her? But she did not. Hit journals
simply criticised his public career and left his
jirirate characterwitbout comment. This was
the bin host charity, and fully as much as could
have been expected from a people whom he
pushed lila lire In defamltg. 'Augutta (in.)
Vhrumcle mrf entintl.
The above Is guttered in defense of the
bitter, und In some instances le.istly, as
saults made by the Southern press upon the
memory of Si nator Mortov since his de
cease. It justifies thise nftsaulta under the
charge, hi substance, that the life of the
great war Governor of ludlana, and latet
Benator, was a career full of injury and in
justice to the South, litis is the indict
ment; now as to the proofs. Senator
Moufux was Gouruor of tho State of In
tlbtm during the war against rebellion.
9(u was faithful to his trust. He not only
rcsihUd sedition in his own State during
that period, but sent to the Held under the
bid flag more than one hundred tbous.jd
men Was this the injury ami injusthe to
the South nf which the Chronicle complains,
now that the noble pat not and defender of
the Union has gono to liU final nst? If aof
then the entire North wns guilty of injury
mid injustice to the Couftdernte States
whin it saved tho Union and preserved
the Hepublio from overthrow If that
Is wiong and unjust Intheeyts of the South
to-day, reconstruction is of no aiount
the spirit of rebellion ha not 1m en pl.ua ted,
PaclAcution la a sham, and leiomillation is
impossible. The situation under this Indi
cation has not and will uot ho, fro long as
the present generation lasts, uccepted in
good, benefit, and lojnl hi arts.
Alter Senator Mom ON entered the Senate
of the United States, he invariably iusieted
that the South should respect and observe the
terms and law u of reconstruction. He never
demanded more at tho hands of the South
ern people, uor would be consent to accept
less. He denounced, as every humane per
son everywhere has done, tho brutalities
and outrages practiced at the South to se
cure political control of the late Insurgent
Atntcs in the bands of the Democratic,
which is numerically the minority, part(v in
that sect ton. He opponcd these oflVnvs
upon patriotic and philanthropic premises,
and though bis utterances may have
rung tnharmoniously in the ears of
the unreconciled, thry helped to swell tho
great national anthem of equal rights to all
citizens iwfore the law. These were his
offenses while in the Senate, and If they
are now to le flung in the faces of the
UnloQycoplc of Ibis nation In Justification
ofhltterund scandalous assaults upon his
memory as n Union statcstu in, the milk of
pac location curdles under the bitter animos
ities that now rankle in the hearts of those
who are only playing the hvpwrlte when
they pretend to n icpect fur the Union mid
Constitution which they failed to destroy by
an appeal to arms. This hypocrisy is dally
cxnsed in the tone and temper of the
South by their assaults upon the noble men
who stood firmly by the mine of the Union
during the war, and who have cluce de
manded tint the terms of the peace that en
sued shall be obsened bj those who viclded
to it ostensibly in good faith.
We ran say to the Chroniitf, or any other
journal or citizen of the South, that the
peopleof the North have no tUMrc for nnj
other than relations of amity with those of
the South; but they will uot remain rllcnt
when every important principle that hlngts
upon this peace is violated by the action of
the Southern people. All that Is required
Is that the terms of the settlement of our
past difliuiltles shall be olwrvcd. The
rights of eerycitiren in the South, Irre
spective of birth, color, or distinction
iu life, must bo respected, to doe the
mouth of criticism and protest nt
tho North. When that end Is reached,
there will be no sectional lines, no cause of
difference or unfriendliness of feeling Hut
every infraction of the principle of right
nnd justice on the part of tho South will be
met with such terms nud In stub spirit ns
the oflciw demands. If we are to live to
gether iu n national brotherhood, it Is well
that wc should mutually accommodate our
selves iu all sections of the country to the
terms nud requirement of the adjustment
of our nnpleaiuntncw at the clone of the
A Heriteil Compliment.
Our renders will rememltcr that ou the
Zd of I'ebruary lat the l'reneh bark
l'cabod was stranded on Ship Island, in
Mississippi Sound, and that the vessel and
crew, compoMcel of tlxteen person, were?
saved by tho skill and intrepidity of the
officers and men of the United States
revenue steamer Dix, commanded by Lieut.
I) F TeiziEH.
As a recognition of the services so oppor
tunely rendered, Trusident MacMahov, in
July last, awarded Ment. ToIKR a gold
medal, which he cannot receive without the
permission of Congress.
The attention of Col Hook i.n, Congress
man for the sea-coast district In Mississippi,
was recently called to the matter by Gen.
Hunt, the efficient and popular collector of
customs, under whose observation the gal
lant act wm performed, and be at once in
troduced ft joint resolution authorizing
Lieut. Toikk to reeeive the medal. Ou
thesamo day Itepresentatlve Dahrfli., of
Louisiana, proposed a joint resolution ten
dering to the officers and men of tho
steamer Dix the thanks of Congress for
their praiseworthy conduct on thU occasion.
Doth resolutions are meritorious, unel will
be passeel without delay auel without oppo
sition Who would have stipposod that little
Sweden owned one of the Antilles? It ap
oars that she has held the inland of St.
Ikirtholemew against all comers for the past
seventy-five ears. Recently she has sold tho
island to France for 21,000 francs. This Is
certainly a cheup purchase, for France gains
on excellent port In the Weht ladles, and no
one rises to object.
Tevxeskee Is new agitating tho qnestlon,
not of repudiation exactly, but how
much of its &taW debt it can get rid of
paying under a oompromisu with
its creditors. An offer of settlement at
sixty per cent, has been madoby the creditors,
and the people are now chaffing over It.wlth a
vlow of having the percentage cut down to a
lower figure; but the Knoxvltlo Tnbnnt advises
the people that tke quebtion Is at sixty per
ccut. or nothing. We have no doubt the tax
payers would prefer nothing as the basis of ad
We have received from the Commissioner of
the Railways and Roads Department of the Vic
torian Government of Australia, Air. John
Woods, a copy of his report of the working of
that Department for the half year ending
December 31, 1870. From t hi J report It ap
pears that Victoria has 702 miles of railway
In operation, and 2j9 miles more In progress
With the exception of two of the lines, (nil of
nblchare comparatively short,) all pay good
dividends on tho cost of construction. The
report Is a model one, going into all the details
of the operation of the railway,
rnoviOLNeE In its mercy Lath seen fit to
scourge tho people of India with famine.
From time to time thu press of this country
hft4 given full actouuU of the sufferings of
thebe people with this terrible InSictiou. It Is
now fortunately drawing to a close. Rains
have fallen abundantly in inauyof thefaminc
stricketi districts. Hrltinh India, where most
of the fa nil no districts exist, has large rivers,
and tho amount of waterwhlch aunuslly ruus
away und Is lost in the buy ot tho Indian
Oetau Ufeufllilent to Insure a good crop in all
thomi thirsty and famlne-Htriikui district,
enuldlthe (onduHd to and distrituted over
them. If thu Url.tUh govirnnicnt turns its
attention to iirtiGuiftl Irrigation, It will
doubtless find it a cheujT method of feeding
the people of India than to tuise money at
home for the purchase of food. t In the mean
time heaven should be thanked that starvation
hath ceased in that unhappy country.
CuiCiciu still rotuins its title of the wlek
edeat city. One of Its leading journals--tho
7 iw-publishes a list of fifteen banks-and
cigliteen Insurance companies which, It says,
"havo burst in Chicago within a few yeirs,
and which were proved by an examination of
their remains to have been little littler than
swindles." Amoug the banks It mentions the
Franklin, which could not pay ten per cent ,
the Bank of Chicago, with liabilities about one
third of a million aud assets nothing; the
Btate-streot Savings Bauk, with liabilities
$10,000 aud aiwets $), and so ou through the
list. The insurance conpanies make no better
skew, the highest dividend uaeutloned being ,
sixteen per cent., the lowest nothing. The
Ttmrt is certainly Justified in calling this a
"shameful record." The worst feature of It is
that no one has been held responsible for the
frauds unquestionably committed In connec
tion with tliese corporations.
What Is there In tho nature of the scientists
that luako them, as a rule, so cold to all that
portion of the human race outside of their
own charmed and enllghtenedclrtleT It does
seem as if they took delight Iu giving lnfor
nation that ever sends a cold thrill through
the less enlightened. Tho Astrouomer
Rojal of the ltojal OWrvstory of Scotland
has gone and mapped out a ery cold whiter
for Great Britain, and preMimaMy for Ibis
country. It Is aiserted that he (the A. It.)
has studied waves of heat and cold for a
period of over thtrty-nlne isrs, and finds
that tlio next cold wavo Is due at the end of
the present jiar, when ery frigid nialher
ina Ik? looked for. Our eaperlciue has lccn
that frigid went her generally comes along
aliemt the time Indicated; but then this wave
thnt Is spoken of, and all that sort of thing,
may be tumuthlng new. In some shuddering
remarks on this subject the lWton W awerts
that tlie average ((ranger will put more faith
hi the mmkrat I him in the combined astrono
mical faculty of Grtat Britain.
rrxshmratomplalu bitterly of the fre
qmnt BiKpeiiphni of their quarterly lurmcuts,
nt the Instance of somo misrhief-msker or
member of the special service, who supectii
something wrong or pretends to have good
grounds for sik h suspicion. These pretende d
supicions are often filed by oftlclals for the
purpoitnof niprewilng the minds of their su
periors with their great vlglhnee, in tho hopo
ttiat promotion may grow out of It, or that
they may be sent ofT on a trip to hive-sttgate
the matter. Acomumnkatlou now before us
m.vsi "The action of the I'emlou-Ofilco In
withholding on frlvolou pretexts the pensions
of hundreds of poor helpless men who are dc
lcndentfor tbeirdsily bread on their little al
hmauec Is most reprchensil le." Tho writer
Intimates that these siipcnslons are made at
the instigation of selfish parties, fur their ovtu
benefit, and concludes that "It Is to 1w hoped
th it the Gov eminent w ill not, for the sake of
giving employment to clerks, starve the poor
soldiers." Officials who will wantonly Inflict
the ouxlety, expense, sorrow, and privation in
volved In a coutctt upon a poor iensioncr,
without Jut cause, should be relegated to pri
vate 11 fo at once.
Tfhrk Haute now has two United States
Senators. ""
Mr. lHnwiv is to reclve the degree of
Doctor of I.aws from Cambridge.
In these days of literary piracy it's a wle
pun tliat knows Its own father.
9n Jpvvett, tho actress, is also a poet;
also a prim eonversatlouist.
Sti rt Ronsov says all our leading actors
havo worked at the printer's caso.
Nmvtov Booth never marries! because he
does nut Klieve hi whipping children.
I.tZ7lKl'ot F., of Fort hud, aged seven, has
be-in fatally poisoned by a painted slate pencil.
A MF.MDFR of an lltlnols jury that cou
vlctcdamau of a capital otfense has become
Sittin'U Bi'tr. and Chief Joseph read with
pleasure the action of the House on reducing
the army.
W L. Huvify. of Indiana, has been ap
pointed ton first-class clerkship In the Post-
utnee uepartment.
A oru Kuclisbmin. a son of the minter
William Gale, has been murdered near Jeru-1
snlem by native.
Gov. Ci'itovi's thanksgiving proclamation
carries oft the palm. It calls plainly for tur
key, and plenty of it.
Thf. Clnclunatl fbrtisfreiasays that Impu
tations uio i Gen Howard's personal courage
aro simply Infamous.
MisHein I'dttfr Introduces snugs and
character-acting into her lecturo course, and
has made a decided hit thereby.
Mrs. MeNuiA". of Chatham, Ont , aged
eI(ihtvfour, committed suicide yesterday by
Jumping from a thlrd-ntwry window. Insane.
HFVnv F. TAiTon,the expert who was en
gaged to examine the at counts of the Tweed
ring, testifies that he was paid 103,000 for his
R. W. ALrXAVDFB, of Indiana, has been ap
pointed special Hgent of the Post-Ofllce, and de
tailed for duty as assistant superintendent of
rallna) mail service.
Gov. Cvrroil. of Maryland, has signed the
death warrant of Henry Norfolk, convicted
of the murder of his w Ife. Ho Is to be hauged
on Friday, the 21 st of Dee ember noxt.
Mr U Minor. 8. Bikor. late superintendent
of jtostal railway service, Is lying very 111 in
this city. Mrs. Baugs, who was in Chicago,
was telegrapht-d for on Thursday night.
In Refute street. Allcjrhany City. Pa . three
children or air. f-na wcro severely burned by
mo explosion cii acoai ou can. uneoi inem
has died, and another Is In a critical condition.
Willi e sutfe rins under delirium, from fever.
John Waguer, of No. 1020 Lawrence street,
Philadelphia, leaped from the attic window of
his residence-,
l. anil
1 sustained injuries which re-
suited In death.
Mrh. Brooks, tho artist in butter, has been
moulding to the mnslo of a big organ at a
Western exposition a companion-piece to her
"Dreaming lolanthe" a man's head, called
"The (Joining Man."
Mr. 1. R. Anthony, of the Leavenworth
(Kansas) Ttmet, writes to a friend In this city,
aiking him toeipose the fraud of one A. Leib
seheltz, who attempts to pau himself off as a
representative of that paper.
Cait. John Belciiur, who was a famous
turfman aud owner of the Fairfield (Va ) race
course, died Saturday, in the eighty-first year
of his age. "Red Rye" was one of the many
famous horses he formerly owned.
Slippery Dick Coxxoly, the ring Comp
troller of New York, eajs that under the laws
of Switzerland neither u transcript of Judg
ment nor a requisition can reach idm, und he
proposes tollvoanddie at his chateau, near
V'ev ay.
Jamks Qruio died at Wheeling on Tuesday,
aged seventy years. He was a contractor on
the Washington branch of the Baltimore and
Ohio Railroad In tho years 14-10, 137, and
IHSi. hiueu lrtTil he has been a respected citi
zen of Whetting.
KKNixni Rossi is not coming to America.
Affording to the Italian papers he will remain
iu Italy until the end of the carnival seiuon;
then he goes it Vienna. Biiibaiost, and Klew;
and iu tin spring of ItCH ho Is ei pec ted iu bt.
IMcrtdiurg, where he made a great success last
Gov. Vaxc. iua it tent address at a fair in
North Caiollna, spoke of the large number of
fairs that usitl to be held m the Mate, as com
mm id with the iirtMiit. and nave his unluiun
ery decidedly that hurso-racing, three-card
inoute, and prizf-candy were the three things
that have killed tliem.
Tin: will of Henry Metggs,tho South Aineri
euurailrowl king, has boon nude public. He
directs that all hit cou tracts shall be curried
on b a directory, composed of two of his sons,
awm-iu-law aud throe others, and the profits
arUlug therefrom shall be divided among his
heirs. The- funeral services of Mr. Muiggs
were very Imposing,
Mb. Jami,sT, DuBois, formerly an associate
editor of the National Rkpuiilican, and re
cently connected with the Aflfiontif Vnion in
the same eapaclty, has resigned his position on
tiie Utter Journal to accept a consular apwint
meat at Aix la Chappelle, Germany. Mr. Du
Bois Is a gentlemsu of good attainments, high
character, and will reflect credit upon the pro
fession of Journalism, the country and himself
in any capacity ho may be called to fill either
at home or abroad. He will sail for his des
tination on the 15th proximo, and take with
him the best wishes of his fellow Journalists
and hosts ot friend.
An Vprlfht J u dee III Idea of "Controlled
ClIARLXSTOir, 9. O., Nov. 10.
On Monday last the November term of the
Circuit Court for Charleston County was opened
with a charge to the grand Jury by judge
Thompson II. Cooke. After tho usual general
instructions upon their duty, the Judge called
the attention of the grand Jury to the fact that
there were many idlo negroes In tho county,
and urged tho application of the old ante-bet
turn vagrant law, which hf said was still upon
the statute-books. In slavery times It was do
signed for free negroes and wandering Yankees
it csn no used for the same purpose again.
The rulers of South dtrollni have deter
mined to "control labor." The negro who will
not work must be made to work, and work for
us at our own price. For years there has been
tt outdo In the rice fields. Strikes have inter
ft red with profits and at last almost suspend
ed the lutturo of that staple en this coast.
cntier leaineni miesucn lusurmruinsiion oi ia
tmrers was difficult to dcil with; but now that
we have "home rule" there is hope for a return
of prosperity to rice planters. Tho planters'
combination can ho revived, and tho coast can
share w Ith Ilgcfield and Parens in the
Taking advantage of the present large sup
ply of labor, the rice-planters haveVlnmud for
next year's operations. That which failed un
der Chnmltemtu will he sureisflfutlv wrried
out under Hampton. All labor mut be by
contract for a 3 ear; no land is to is- sold or
rented; no rations to be lnicd; wagtsto be
fixed at forty cents per day for tho full hnnd
for four daj s In the week, the other two days
to co for rent of c-ahlu : nav me nt to be made
on tickets, redeemable, In &) In inomy, but
In goods st the planter's ntore at sight: n vio
lation of contract by the latarcr to be made a
misdemeanor, subjecting him to a sumnwy
proccodins iwiore a trial Justice, the penally
on conviction as a vagrant Wing thirty or
more da) s' hard labor, under the alignment of
(he justice; no agricultural pmhnts to Ihi
purrhascd from nrgriM-s, and no negro to bo
implored without a cert I fit ate of good charac
ter from his former employer. Any negro un
willing to submit to them) conditions, found
upon the land of another, or upon the public
highway, to be Judged to be a vagrant and
punUlicd as above.
it is such asystim oi
which Judge Cooke Is now determined to en
force Under it Charleston land-owners fondly
and confidently look fur a return ot that pros
perity wnicii Uiey once enjoyed as the result
of the system of shivery.
Alter exhausting this subject. Judge 1 homp-
son H. Cooko proceeded to call the attention
ot the era mi jury to the fait that lu Klchlaud
County the grand Jury had found Indictments
Against nearly every leader of the party which
lately ruled the State, and urged them not to
lag behind In the good work. Hu concluded
hi tho following terms, whleh have never, it
Is safe to say. Is en equal lid lu shamelessncss
by any Judge since Jitlre.vs:
To pursue and bring to punlxbment the Repub
lican pulilolft who limy be sillily of crime mir be
U nominated base tmrrimiude on the part of
iouthcrn Lcmocrati b ihin accustomed to "wave
the bloody ihlrt" Hut It l horrible to even enter
tain the thought thst the President of the Fulled
State, who now occupier- tho oesl one e graced and
adorned by Vah1iiUon Adams, Jellemon. aud a
host of other great spirits lu the tl ij s of the repub
He's Infancy, shuiiM ad rot to the condoning of
murder at Ilamburfr or al Kllcnton. If the Dcmr
cratlc party should fall lu i ni ute the thieves
mho uireeucRRiM in rouiiiiig jour fiaie miring
the laot eight ) ears Murder and ukskI nation to
bo rnnd)ncd for tho trluie of the-ft? shocking!
Oh. horrible thought t I would In i hnrlty fain be
lieve thUbtatement untrue But, vrhoiher true or
not, )our duly Is plain and nntutstakRble; and, al
though the howl of persecution may l usned te
jour ears on eviry brrere that weeps from the
North jouwlll fearlessly aud faithfully discharge
your duty.
exhorts the jury to pursue Republican patri
ots, aud coarsely sneers at the President be
cause he has been credited with wishing for a
mutual agreement to avoid political prosecu
tions. This Judge, at Ortntrcburc. a few weeks
ago, stimulated tho indictment of several Ro-1
publican county oniciai; hut the petit Jury In
torn pnuia hrnn ait In br.tli.ta nf "nAl millln."
whereupon the Judgo anurily dismissed the
Juries from further attendance upon that
terra, anu uirecicn tne jfistrict Attorney to
prepare new indictments, to be ready for tho
next term, when more subservient Juries can
probably be secured.
And jet our new United States District At
torney, Northrop, appointed by President
Hayes as a Republican, on the recoramenda
ttou of Hampton, has selected this Judge
Thorn pw)n II. Cooke as his assistant. Well,
Cooko is just us much a Ropubtlcau as Is
Northrop, and they are fair samples of the
kind of Southern Rcpubllcaus who are accept
ublo to Southern Democrats; but It is quite
easy to see that when the President appoints
one of them It docs not seem to tho rank aud
file of the Republicbns of tbo South that they
had gained anything.
to President Hajes for such gifts.
We have Jut learned here that we aro
likely to have still another such Hampton Re-
fiubllcan apjKlntment, and that of a far more
mpo-tnnt character. Judge Bryau, of the
United Mates DUtrict Court, ft is said, will
soon retire upon the full pay for life guaran
teed to Federal Judges passlngthelrseventleth
year upon the bench. Hampton has selected
Judge T. J. Maikoy to fill this life position
aiso as a lu-puuncau. ine election or tills
mountebank to a judneshlD bv the Renub-
ueaus wua scarcely less oi an outrage man the
elect t"n of Moses. It was done at the same
time and was part of tho same reckless and cor
rupt combination. Mackcy strongly advocated
the election of Wbipper and Moses, and did
as much to corrupt and mislead the colored
Republican of the State as any man in it.
He was also the tint to desert them in time
of need. He joined tho cohorts of Hampton
early In the last canijMifgn, aud urged thorn
by word nud deed to acts of violence and ter
ror. He has since persecuted Republicans
with all ths zeal of a new convert. He bracts
that every Republican official has been
No man Is so much detested by the colored
people of the State, and they would. if consult
ed, Iraploro tho Proshlent to give them an
upright aud learned Democrat, lather than
sueh a runcgudo.
ins appointment, however, is regarded as
certaiu here. It would be auother commen
tary on civil-service reform. Northrop, before
ho could qualify as District Attorney, was
obliged to 'iavo a member of the bar move for
his admission to practice. After which little
formality he spread his commission as legal
represcutatiroof the United States upon the
records nf tho court. Mackoy, If anything,
exceeded this. lie was admitted to the bar
after he had U on elected to the bench.
A-f ice thing on ice a pretty girl slcatlng.
Lap-t year Tngland Imported over $10,300,-
ow worth olegu.
A ri-nw manufactory Is to be established at
Uiuitauoogu, leou.
Two thousand bushels of chestnuts have
been shipped from Johnstown, Pa.
KlXTt thomaud pounds of dried fruit have
1m. eu thlppctl this suison from Whitesburg,
Titttl'ahlfornla wheat exporst in October
einnracru uiuen cargoes, oi oer,tcr centals,
valued at $1,417,143.
Ttifc bullion product of the principal mines
of the l'aclllu coatt during the nine months
ending HtPtcmber 30, lb77, was $Jd,03J(700
nearly nan oi it goia.
s Rreslau, Prussia, a Buoccssful attempt has
breu made to erect a paper chimney about
Mity leet uign. up a cnemicai pieparaiion mi
paper is rendered impervious to fire or water,
A oeand exhibition of butter, cbeeee and
eggs will be held at Chicago, December 18 and
M. Premiums to the ameunt of $J,000 are of
fered, nud competition Is open to tho dairy
men of the world.
Tub Mobllo (Ala,) Remitter says that what
the South wants now is a population of farm
ers, and says that to commence as a farmer In
that section demands but a very small outfit
and only cUUl eneogh to support life ome
rear at nosf
The National.
The Itess English Opera Company will give
the tost performances of an altogether too brief
season this afternoon and evening.
That sparkling work, 'Tho Chimes of Nor
mandy," will bo given for the matinee, and at
night Auber's always welcome oera "Fra
Dlarolo." Both announcements will no doubt
be highly ncceptablo to the public.
It Is a matter of regret that this fine com
pany could not remain another week. Tho
attcndance.whlch commenced only moderately,
In consequence of a degree of uncertainty on
the part of the public as to the strength of the
new company and the attractions offered In
the new repertoire, has steadily Increased, until
?;ood scats havo become scarce unless applied
or at an early hour.
Ro good an impression as Mr, Hess has made
here during his brief visit has rarely been
equalled, and, as a natural consequence, the
oarly return of his brilliant and finely organized
company willboanxlously looked for, "Chimes
of Normandy" at the matinee, and "Fra
Dlavolo " to night.
MIm Fmma Tlttirsby.
Tills wonderful songstress and charming
young lady, who Is now tho sensation In
musical circles, has been engaged by Mr. C. 1.
Hess for a concert tour, and will appear at
Lincoln Hall In tlds city ou the evenings of
Monday and Tuesday, November CO and 37.
The last concert was originally announced for
Wednesday, but Mr. Hess has, for prudential
reasons, concluded to give them both on con
secutive nights. Thcso entertainments will be
tho most enjoyable to the cultured musical
class of anything wo are likely to havo this
seoion, for, beside the opportunity afforded to
listen to this most wonderful )oung eunta
trice, the public w 111 enjoy the prlv I
lege of bearing the exquisite v oiccs
of Mass end Carle ton, and of witnessing the
performances of the great pianist, Mr, H. G.
Watt, who has recently edcctrlfied New York
AthlsChickcrlng Ilsll recitals. The contralto
of tho troupe Is Mi Anna Beeve.a young New
York lady, whoso singing Is highly commend
ed. Tho company will apiear in Now York,
Brooklyn, aud Baltimore next week. Mr, Wvm
has shown excellent judgment In offering the
strongestattracttonsat moderateprlces. Every
iHhly can aQord to go and hoar the great
Tltratre Comlque.
There will be a matinee this afternoon, and
a grand performance to-night, closing a very
successful week fur the management, as well
as the numerous novelty artists engaged at
this very topular place of resort. There will
lie a full bill of attractions next week, and we
are sure that contiuued success will follow the
endeavors of the management to please the
numerous patrons of the Comlque.
More Policy Nytnptoms.
FREDRRKkSBURO, A., NoV.ll. 1877.
The splendid policy of our excellent Presi
dent was a grand aud magnificent failure to
far as tlds county was concerned. The regu
lar conservative ticket, bolstered by Hon. Elli
ott M, Braxton, who received His Excellency
on tho occasion of his passage through here on
his way to Richmond, is defeated by about l.V)
majoilty; this, too, In A county which lias
given as much as (00 majority. Braxton and
lesser lights made their dying effort the night
before election, and although he told the people
that night what an admirer of Mr. llsyes he
was, they did not forget the outrageous speech
he had made here a few months ago, when ho
denounced the Government and all in au
thority as bloody usurpers who had trampled
upou the rights of tho South. Mr. Hayes may
learn from the result of thetltctloti here how
his policy Is regarded, and In what esteem the
gentleman is held who willingly accepted the
honor of welcoming him, who but a short time
ago was so hoartlly despised by Mr. B. and his
to i lowers.
The gentleman elected to the Legislature
from this county Is a Conservative of lilieral
views, and has voted In tiroes past for Repub
licans. We could havo as cosily elected a Re
publican as the gentleman who was chosen;
but, impressed with tho Idea that tho Presi
dent's policy In tho South Is to make no fight
against the opposition, we concluded to gHo It
a fair trial and hold aloof from making any
regular fight. Out of a voting strength of
100.000 In Virginia the vote of tho Republican
party will not be, iu my judgment, equal to
85,000 tho result of the present pollcv. For
tho future It will be less unless "inv policy" un
dergoes a change REPUBLICAN.
As a funeral cortege was making its way
along ttmcrowded streets the other day, a
boot black called to a companion:
"Hey, Jack, what big gun is dead nowt"
"Taln't no rich folks," replied Jack as ho
looked down thu street.
" 'Taln't, eh I Well, Just look at them twenty-eight
backs I"
" That's what I was looking at that's how
I know It's some common man. Rith folks
don't koer what folks say, but poor folks box
big funeral processions to deceive tho public".
Free Pret.
PX)VI DUKFV.-At Baltimore, Heptember 2ft,
mi, by the. lUv, K. II. -uUmi, Mr ltottuaTk.
Uoyoiu MkM Uahy k- Durrv,alluf lUUuty.
lieiWAUIl-LtlTZ. OdTumIiv. Nuvn.w 11 l
Leeaburv. LrtliflKvV.lt. H. Keunedy, CcmrNT II.
JIowaho, ui VVanMnuton, D, C., to Auoik M
umitiiei u, i.n. uuu, unj , vi imuuuuii vuuitirl
, nu iwun. II-
MIDnLKTON-WlIlTVrXI..-Oii Nnvnihorni.
ir7, atlhe AKceiiHlon C'h rch.by He v. John J.llloit,
11.1 r.i.iui Hinui.i,iun iu niii anna tVixiD.
daiif liter oi J. C Whit well, AU of this elty, 2t
wood-bfai.u-bv tn Rev. Henry Nice, at the
of November, 1877. Cuablu Wood and (Jathahimk
HOWELI-On Thurada, November IHauukl
n How nu
ltelallvi and friend nf tiis rmllv ara lnvlljwl Li
ailfiid itlafuiieraToiiHaturday, 17Ui lindane, at Utrve
otiotK p ui.frum iiLilHiereiidciicr, aa ejay, corntr
eireen sirm-t, tleurKetowa.
P.AI.INa3.-n theevenlnsof the nth of No.
TnnnT.hi. 12.1 p.m, afur allnirerlnir lllnenc.
wiiitii tut uor wito true unriBllau nilili, r liaukth
T. onlvdituxhter ot J own a i. and Martha r.lUu
liD(4, ued iwttnlv four yeiira.
lu-Uthettand friends ol the family are reMpe-ctfully
Invlul toHltn I her funeral, iruut Urn resulfiuttof
htrpureuu Twentiitli atreet norlhwettt, on Hun
dny afternoon, the Ibtli liiKUnl.at InooeJuek. iu
neral wrvict-a silh Weatern lteiibyterlan C1niri.li,
II Btrtt-t, between Nlnetesnih and Iwenileth sireetn,
at itV p, rn
1UCKMi,-Buddcinlv,atTroy,N Y.. Vr Maitricr
TircKks, formerly oi WmUlutftou, 1), C , In the fort)
ninth j ear oi hm tw.o.
an old reaiutoiof VVbaliliiaiuti, buloed aUter of
Henrietta Short and W Ulutm J Wilson.
Her funeral will taktt fCM from ARbnry CTiareh,
Sunday, Isnembar IMh at elnveu a tn frrleiidi
and relatlreN are rcreci fully Invtleri to uitend
WILLIM-O i rldy, November IS, 1877, iu thretta.
m , c'laha Willim, iormtrly Heck, In tiitrlhlrty
nlaih yer of her age.
1-uneral will laktt place at her lute reMdi nr. 1 i2S
Kvmih Mrwt tnirihtM, on Hundity,ai2 Oo'ilmk.
ltelulivtsaiuimeuds are reapeclfully liivlud lout
Und. MAfJOMB. In lleorsetown, on Wednesday, No
Tembvr H. la7. at llirea oclixk. Riciiaku A. Ma
com h. In tht thirty flltu yvut vr Urn ne,
Jlflailreaand itlfiidaof the aully urs respectfully
Invitndlu attend hla ruiuml, fnnii Iua J.t rt-nldenee,
lu VVublRgion atrettt, ou Munday, at thiee o'tlork
lut (lnworH idwavi on hand VIOI.KTM ItnsK,
BUlttt Ac. a iM-clalty, Moral DilnJiof hU klmln
iui w t'liifi nt miuh tium.it, III11J-III1
iia inn reoniveaan aaaonmentoi L,"AKl7lo ironi
Hie follow Inc relebrated manufiulurfrtt htlfiiKS
Ua Ninth str Mi, W. W. J oejO-Sm
other i
it .
747 riAMOtb itrssl oeiLhwsa-t
AS-MtrXlllKf-SlVK PriltlTllAf MJCIKTY.
Bholdon s Awtmbly Hnnm on Kstrret, has hern eif
g(l for Urn urn oft hi wall If. OunfWstiOt meeting
on HUM DAY. NorimUr IS. si elTf m. in. and
sevnp.m. lltixlnsi nirettng at 12. "B a, m. All the
membtiri of the sswtitlve borl and all the subscrib
ing nndntlier meiniNirt of th o ltr ar rnrriestiy
norlS-St I'ri-oclpnl
enrner Nrw York avenue and HfWnlb strsttt,
oppwlt thu Treasury I'tpnrtnirnt, Hr ann burg
lar proof Mft. I ajr and nlht watchmen. Itent or
mxra inmi . 10 pt r annum, mivpi piw inn
wux t mo1 rats rates
Prfl1antt (UOIttlk X
Itr.BNYDKn, ecnUrv.
m RANnrnRim rrunte win riTinmr
Pierce's (lnldn tJlwnTerr. and all bla other msdt
etnni for sals al CtoughUn Temple lrag Hlore. HS
CI IKS and lornrw for throat and lung dlfUniltlpt
old st Ontigldln lmg Wore. Mivonlc 1 pnipl. wall
nnoiutr nnxTvi ror maw' mm in in ciij ai ewifii
llu sTemole Drug Hlor. .
OLn N0,i O" KX1I1B1TION fKsw No.
Tth t ) at (RiUn. w,
HI A It K It I T K n H
Frw Art Ualleryasd store, No. CM street north-
Choice OU Paintings, Kngmvlnmi, Chromos Ac.
oon i
m. PISimt.
lUnn,Nalt4 Ao..1nthi
. Nalt Ac In the Dktrlcl.
If ojw rtmeniiwr name and numbtr.
t Dnti
srajritTirt patkmt fftTKEM bole and
Itkt'L FltOTECTOlW mnk jour shoes tant twice s
long, aiid proTsnt ynu fretn slippliig. For saltln ail
ihe luwRlorea, sad by the lim'oior, 1 1 hlwt
nortnwaHL )nir
T !
ui:li;khs notic'i:w,
I.AUDlIAt I, onHttNItAY.stlls.m.lythflpMter,
Kcv. (lay Mrl'dulfy. H4-otlrrt tl.e public eotdiuliy
mviiru. nuniMTHMJivoi, jr mii
Opeu dAlly, except Htm iy. from a. m. to 10 p. m
Upon on BiuMly from s to? p.m.
Noonday meeting fmmiJlV iolkV; erenlog meet
Ing rroni t to 7 o'clot k.
min da ymT nv irra.
OoRpel idn ting In Llnrnln If all at tl) p. m t snort ad
dmnmhyyouigmrn. Hundny esnlngsnlce
Irom 0 lo7oclock. I-venlnw1y loli I, orO
. nlisrl, nithliiaxiunra of Hi tourtrenth mrtt
and FntreHean.snd of Wormltr s, Vpktr nan I
the Arlington. nol- fliAIWl
pet month, with im of Hie frunl pttrlor, and
hoard lor two Inoluded. No, 2111 reaiiHylratila ave
nue. null 6t
tTTlU inlonl rooin, eommiinlrallngi tab st
tirhMl. i n npcniid fliMir i ran pnnM I nii rntirprin
nfRhtorliood. Alio, room and board for sing la gn.
iiMnnni prirnteiami y. noijii
vi-vii nwr utfL ivvituviciiLii tt t tT rt
Ai.ri iir.il-iiuiui iiiiiiciiiii i iiimmi,
1- hw room, and drrwlrg room, with hot an I cold
watrri Dity wimiowt romtniriH in r.uniii iioiinvt
Kinall. qult-t fUndlyj K) per month. No. ?ft) 1 lilr
hvnthatrwtN. W, nol2-lm
hvrn nt eonsrr and Nimnxrr ran olitstn
nifnt. itndtxtnvpnltiit to hotel. ilrpMkrntt rnrnlhl el
trdMilrrd. llandttonimt section nf lh my. r mrt
can pans the door both way. No, au rwtentevitla
treel K. W he-twefii II and I strwcw. nos-lin
Otll plr-aant south front rooms, wllh buard,
lthr uaumlwil or permanent, alio, table-board.
904.906 D908-KrS5RS
ifandaomitty fiirnlohed room vrilh flrl-rliv Uh
board. No. Soj 0S and SOS FOUR1XKNTH nt. op-
wiiv w iMitiiwt.iii iNiinr, onm ui iu iiiimi
ei giuie iiuauouif, in ait renpucu, looerounu in tnt
cily. mylMf
ATKfiimltv. with or without Hoard, tit an 1
uirt lionkA. HiirrouudMl bv hMtuttnil rtmniljt. Ar. In
oneof tba inottl dtslrabl and healthy parU of
wuriT, myiini
I1M FMrort norlhwHMt. Itirita rnonu iii atilt.
bemiUfully rurniahsd u amwnd ttnor. tlnt-c ast
hnuitaMltb mtMlrrn Improreineiits, with board and
lodguit Itath rpomw ttc. oci2 tr
HO HID, corner of New York avrntif and Flf
In perfect ordnr. newly pidnted aud paprriHl
with all modern eontenlent-i-M, loiillon Ni soa )
ctreet norlhwrnt. near ibr Tot and THlent Oiflw.
I-orterratapply at7I3 Market Simra. WJJXIAM II.
HI1.KV. nolSi
m. Ulzn M. Kosher, mi Pint street, bciwean
II Uh nnd lotouiac (leorji town. Ii. C', The i act I
ullenilinior an) ontt seeking a fl rtL-claa rra demw I
dtrrtUil tothU fop rtv. The huuan contains llftnn
large rooms, wlna-cellur. oool vaulu, bet and cold
waivr.yoaand all th tiulern Improremems, In iter
fWe order. A Inrge rarden aurronndfl the I onne, nllnl
Mitlinhalefind frulHrw. Tbnaltuatloii ofthepnm
1"mi Is considered among the most at-lert of Ueoraa
town, mukhiR Ii one ot the moat delightful nwldenove
ui uitt viiWKtvi ujiumuia. rur iitiih ivy'J' "
noUSt Bt9MarktHpnc.
Iwy windows i nil mo lern lnprvemBti; Hire
blorki from Ctiiltul llroundn. tA aud Sal per month
to right kind of tenant. Iaiulra of
J. B.AhCnFR,
noO-tf Rooms 13 A Federal KulldlMgw, 7th AFiU,
as "JiuiBiue- in uiuoutown. a inort whik from tha
ear route, JIoiin ixutalna eight rooraa. wj plaiui
trout, Ith barn, carrlttfthouie, wood Iioum, ban
hoiiM, Ac, and two acre of jtroim 1, with chocs
fruit, IiitjulreatSlS Fstrafi nor uwm. orthlf
llnUttaed reslteiiee. containing twelve rooma,
Inquire of WM H riLKNl.Y. National Having! Uauk
corner of Fifteenth titreet and New York av ocl i I
LXIJ- ' 11 UI
&JJf tktiranu In the city, on Pennsylvania av
cnup, dnlngngotMl hunluenii with a larss houae If de
aired nullum tor a boarding houne Licence granted
aui (iieiip rem. inuuire or w. i. juiismjs,
H4ivuih Btrei l north wmU
a-' eicvi-n room nru k noime, wo JJJ u BtrtHit norm
west, A pi ly on premise, or of
4 It AULIll' 11.
nofl-lf Fedwral Iliilldlngn Tib and h m N W.
near the t apliol, on soniti line of treat ears, for
whleh a good pries will Iw twld AdilreM.
no!7-3l Itoiiw ofHrnreiteniatUc! I. O.
tliy pri perlva nluitlile bumnem projieiiylua
lluurluhlng town hi Illtnola, Inquire of
nol-ftf 634 Penniylvmilaavtnua.
llurenuor lnroimallon, tr-7 F itrctl, dwlrlng
rooms f irnlMlMtl tin furnished board, Ac Also lu
buy or ft II guodMofauydrnT t tlou In ft rmatlnntrfe
jiomy JAUlJi U lllll J'.tetx
All. WHO VUUK rilFlKHCill 10 KNOV?
Uiebtxit onwditllarOLAMMlA rfvv-r
actitiatflyfltilieliotheye at H It. PE9 HtTv
HhMI'Ll II H, eiptlclMii, JU I'eiimi. ,i '
avenue N. VV'., cur lour-asd a-halfatrtfL ocM-ly
r'j i1-11 'jg
X tirnofanlltlMH llltOWN HRKAtiTKI) RKU
-J RlKpi'tC'o datetl November IP, UT7. drawn by
AitliiglDit Hr InMuranca Company, In favor oft lie
enliile of Jod Bryaii. 'Ihe public in hereby i
aaliMt rC(Jviug th aamii, payment bating
puuuo n uert-uT rmti
Rlop)Hl ntr
laud la bMiiilrully loudad, adjoining Unooln
rmk.luwiuarwiws.Wii.wO, lOli lull, toll, 10M 1JJS,
10.KJ, IJJ7, loss 10 M, and lutl, will be aold In sqoarM or
loLion otuy u-rmit. dfrrnd uayiuenu lecurMlat 7
Ljt-r -jL The lJnooln Park AMoeUUon conleni-
rma -i iir -Jt the iati or nun nmeri wiumiu
on maj ivii ui n' v '' ia t-iii
root hy 1UOMvh M. 1'LuWMAN, AreMiecl. at hli
DloAjZ) KatreV-t liorihweet, where all luloriuatlo
can be oblalutd. uu4-ly
Ladles' Sealskin Sacques,
10 to M Incbm dorp ) bwt iMtiion tlrrsvd Bklnw.
Muffs anJ Boas,
In Rrftl.Mlnk. Qll.r. I rni, A-
CAitRiAOR noiira hijn, noii anij uvv-
II. II. HTINUMKr, 11.11. r .nd Furrl.r,
1337 F.nii.ylTMnli. v.nu.,
nort If N.trtoortorirn.rTlilrlinlh t.
I ' '' '
Ccrn.r ronn. ..nti. ftnd TM.tfth ttrocW
ruRK Dnno1.
eoAre, l'KnruMFiiY.A.
niYBiciANs' rmwcimTinss caiikhjI.i.i
(.XJJIi-Ol'NUED nwliin
HIS lenniylranU avenue, Three Hoots Rael
of United Hlates Tension Orrlee.
Moderate prlp. nnrt-Jm
i ' ' '- i ii. ii
933 Pennsylvania avenue,
DlrMtlb. .ttnllon oftfaclr (Vl.nda tnd tt). pubU.
to th.tr Lr .nd complrt, ,Uck of
Ranging lu Trice from 83 to .
Ranging In Xrlees from 91.80 to 99.
Fpnotal silent ton In also lnrllod to our LAROf
STOCK of all kinds of
For Lad I , Hie a, and Children.
We sell an elegsnt line of
Ladies' Kid Gloves
In 9 Button for -
In a Ilutton for -
73 rents.
And our stock ef
Is Iteplete with all the IIANDSOMK and NEW
SHADES. nol-ThSTotl
1001 Pent a, Ave. 1001 Peona Ave.
a. p. Mcelroy,
Portrait aod Picture Frames, Gold and Walnut Oar
Dice's. Old Frames repaired and re-glUL Mirrors
aud plcmres r moedand rf-bunn Carpeu made
aud laid lniltrwiulni) and Wlii1fw81imiM toordr.
ISil PJ-NfcsYl.VANIA AVE., e-or. Tenth nU
Orders by mail promptly attf ndetl to, novS-Sm
Furniture and Drapory
Nevvost and Most Elegant Styles,
Parlor Nulls.
Clmniltrr ShUh,
Luce Curfnln,
313 Eighth Street Northwest,
L. F. Clark & Sons,
-Ls week Tuble board
lriet nort b p"C
fie per moein. no. tm u
titfmru or move beat. ocU-y
922 and 924 F Streot Northwest.
rnicEH ron hoard.
Per rnnntb
fit 0
Per moutb. If paid la advance. ....
Per wrK .. ., .. ........ ,., ..,.....
Break (ait or dinner ,
lunch .,. .
a uoal llckt u ,.. m. ,..,
do de
MOltPON HOUhB was the Hut one In the city to
lowei the prices for board, and tkui save lb people
I rum f to (J per uiwiiin.
Best Board in tho City.
Fggs, Hominy and Oaa Meal for break nut every day
at MUJtTUN 1 1 Otis ft,
913 and KM F street norlhweat.
N. IV No beer, llquora or tt-bacco ol any klud sold.
sos ly
1 ii , jm ,L L tjLjjuias
U lbs moKt Cfiuiiilcle MUldihlimt-nt In the city ocH t
1217 renunylvmil. mvenu& llr,nrh atom, 1421 .nd
isuo reiii.Hxlv.uw .rfiiufc wAMnt
Ui KEEN'S 414
Morohant Tailoring Parlors,
Merchant Tailoring Goodj
ever before olTerefl totheWAhtugton pnhllp, KFFV
i ne aeei ixu
bbiVa riAn. I.nt
Tll lll-XTt UTTl-Hh, and with aexupvof Hkll I.1B
niiitrtiHL.il riigtuni to iiirn vuma umui i
DgtuHt to turn out) riOt)!) 11,
aval in
CUT mi hiiv Fmt-elaM Tailoring IJdabllahMti
MMIKM Wf.L.1, MA1IK and tut AllimTIClA
Ihe United Ntalft
Umleiren will find It to their material utmii
to leave their orders tor suits at
OClthlm KEKWa.

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