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Ifofaal Republican.
A, m. cum' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ii 1 1 nmrron.
Tho National Republican
Is pubJUhed dally (except Bund?) by tbe
JtepnutlrRit rrlntlnffJtc TubUahtfts Company
at 11i emit h wet t comar or Pennsylvania lnnu ana
thirteenth Btrrrt it W -cr mnum In advance, or 60
jlH-HmUCAN, ,
Washington, I). G.
Mr. N. II. 1 1'OITT 1 Ag-ent for the receipt
f Ail vert Uemenla kimI ftabaerlpUona for this
1'nper, R well for the Collection of Ac
eo tint.
Mr.D. II MeCLKLLAND Is ftlso authorised
to lollclt Advertisement.
All communlcntlont dewigned for publication
ttumld be bri(f, jitntnly written and only upon one tide
tfltiljytpfr, tVpswrnfontfoiw unaccompanied by IV
name of the author art not toKctitxt, ami uiV neither be
tend nor returned. Rejected wanwertyt trill not be re
turned nor preferred. The croieded ttateofour col
mn dVtit the temion of CongrtM toO preclude Vu
iVurrfton of Lng articles.
WKDNrSDAT I I 1 1 1 1 . 1 1 I DECniSKIt f 177.
Holiday Frliitlng.
This office has an extensive Job Printlnc
IXAblWiment, nt whicli all kinds of boll
67 Jb rrintin2 CAn & "cnted In the
tcrj best styles, on short notice, ami on the
most ftuorahle term). Give U a trial
Walk into my parlor, said the spider to
the fly. The Cincinnati Enquirer advises
president Hayes to throw himself Into the
arms of tho Democratic party for protection.
Tim boys In tho Government Printing
Oflloe have aroused the business end of the
hornet of the Post, It is a thousand to ono
thaf somebody gets the worst of this little
The ReT.Mr.FBOTiiiKaiiAM, a Unitarian
clergyman of Buffalo, recently made the
silver question tho subject of a discourse,
la which be indulged a bitter tirade against
the measure now pending in Congress as a
bill of abominations. This divine has un
doubtedly mistaken his subject. Instead
of dlsoming the silver question, of which
be soema to be profoundly Ignorant, ho
should turn his attention to the golden
street of the new Jerusalem.
. I 1ma bIImIIIm .MMrr1l (AHIh
VCUIUIJ Ul UWlUTfi IJn !lHlfc IUUUB" .dw.-
Tlro ft few jrenot8cllji7.?. Jut t tllll mo
ment me pnsonor In tli, wniTO jiotuq w m ns
ratyoct for racue m uothlnft elM. We lo
llcra he Is en honest man, end ttoqM like to
cehl-Tiifd. Out he must be either the
ono thiur the other.
There Is n modicum 0 eommen kctso In
these BUEireetlon. The President ehould
, either throw overboard the dogmas thnt
tliuiui has injected into hlsndminutrauon
and nut himself in line with the liepub-
ff Hcnn partyi or give heed to the sjren song
It is now intimated by certain preewn,
which, like Macavvbeii, live in the hope
that something may yet tnrn up to their
advantage, and which seek every possible
occasion to manifest their devotion to men
irrespective of principle, are now charging
upon Senator Coxklimi a coalition with
Democrat because n few Democrats voted
with htm to reject two of the New York
custom-hou nominations where the terms
of the incumbent had not terminated.
This is a broad stretch of prejudice to get
In a blow upon the New York Senator, but
it Is made available ami the blow i struck.
The papers that strike at Senator Conk-
uno under these circumstances aro of a
class who have become the peculiar chativ
plons of President Uayeh in all that marks
bis administration with inconsistency re
garding the principles and usages of the
patty which made him President. They
forget their dnty to their party and enter
upon a system of man-worship that excludes
very other feeling except that of sheer
sycophancy. '"While it Is desirable and Wat
to sustain the President in all thnt is honest
and strictly Republican In principle and
policy, thero is great question about the
propriety of accepting all the dogmas of the
hour a orthodox Itepuhllcnnlsm.
Now, if it is a coalition on the part of
Senator Coxrliko with the Democrats to
have a few Democrats voting with him on
a peculiar question in the Senate, how much
greater must that coalition be on the part of
the President, who has put a rebel General
Democrat iu his Cabinet, and w ho has since
given more important official positions to
the Democrat than there were Democrats
found In the Scnute votiug with Senator
Conk UNO on a question of confirmation to
office. We commend to our friends who
are thus throwing stones n little mora dis
cretion, for there may be glass to be broken
on the side of Executive power.
Wooing n XiK'itmare.
The ront seems to be constantly haunted
by the spectre of an ex-Public Printer. It
has Informed the public tlktt The kefitii
X.IOAN is edited by an ex-Public Printer, as
if that question had become an important
tutor hi the matter of discussing tho
merits or demerits of iounuUsm. It has
announced that tho lreideut removed thy
editor of Thf ItU'vnucAN fiom the posi
tion of rubHc Printer when that pleas
ure was denied him all of which occurred
months before tho proprietors of
tho iW conceived the bright
idea of illuminating Washington with
their delight! ul pichcuce, and hud long
eensid to be news when the JW began to
play tipou tho tircutmt.ime as upon n harp
with n thoiiMind strings. Know ruthlessly
attempts to tear our good nature into in
numerable shreds b) mixing the exPublIc
Trlnter up in mine way with Judas Is
CAiuuT. The oflke of Public Printer bnt
been regarded of sufllcieut consequence
lu the governmental ncale to bo con
stituted by law: and the ex-1'ultlic
rrintcr who haunts the Jost so In
eeMuittly was tm unfortunate as to hold
the podliuu for eight long ears and mnri,
"mid the jius and taunts ol his opitolieuU,"
and in bpito ot rcieated attacks and cflbrts
tu'lKiiiiKO bim," If wo uero guilty of
wrung, whiih wo contend we were not, and
which our icrbccutots failed to establish by
tho most rigorous application of the tl rug-net
system during nuM of the timo that tho
MohlGoemment Piiuter" held the position,
why, now that our nccounUaie all litthtmtd
at the Trensuiv in a manner
entlifcly sutixfactory and hoaorahla
to ull concerned, ate Me to
bo hunted by these brilliant and enter
terpiUing young meu who have so mently
Invaded Uie city with unbounded enter
priso? Perhaps we ought not to object, uud
if llatToi-ds them enjoyment we will not,
for w ai always gratified when we Lnow
that we hats added to the measure of hu
man happiness, floon, young men, take
your comfort and be happy, and the "old
Government Printer" will not exclaim with
King Lkau:
1 t
Make sport of the salsfornns of being a
ljubllc Printer; but? have a car that you
keep clettr of" tho unclean drippings of the
public printing, including The Owrfssteno
Record. Bo virtuous, young men, and you
will continue to bo harpy.
We will not retort by reference to an ex-
legislator nnd the Hannibal and fit. Jo, Rail
road, or any such matters that have paiwea
into history. Ily no means. iHOtmucu.
Our Nick aian.
Mexico is the sick man of America, and
It deohes upon Ihe United States to pre
scribe tho remedy. For years past the bor
der line which separates the two countries
has been the coutluuous scene of disorders
such as would not be tolerated anywhere
else. Wo aro far lVora saying that the Mex
icans aro entirely responsible for this condi
tion of anvirs. The American population
of that border is composed of the roughest
and worst class of our pooplo, and though
most of those ho participated In the Texas
revolution or in the Mexican war have
passed away -"died with their boots on"
their successors have Inherited all the bates
and prejudices engendered by theeo occa
sions, and tho word "Greaser" is to them tho
synonym of all that Is hateful or contempt
ible. In the Mexican border States ore to be
found even a worse class. Chronic revolu
tion has destroyed every species of indus
try. The owners of land allow it to lie
Idle; the owners of money conceal or
send It out of the country, and tho ownors
of the mines cease "Operations. The peon,
naturally peaccfnl and laborious, has been
transformed Into n robber, who follows tho
banner of some predatory chieftain, and
lives by pillage nnd murder, the preference
being gixei, when opportunity offers or can
bo made, to the hated "Grinjo." There
could be but one result from the proximity
of such men, and that result wo have had
for thirty years In continual raids from
both sides of the river, with the continued
accompaniment of robbery and murder.
None of the short-lived governments or
Mexico have been able, if they were will
ing, to alter this condition. Tbe"prc-cnt one
may be ever so willing to do so, but the
attempt would result inlts immediate over
throw. TheMexicanshave all the pride and
vanity of their Spanish ancestors, aud all tho
vices seemingly Inherent to mixsd racesand
any effort on the port of Diaz to hold in
check "the border ruffians" who inhabit the
Northern States would occasion "a pronun-
clamento'' upon their part and the downfall
of his government. So that it may bo con
ceded that Mexico cannot, no matter what
treaty obligation it undertakes, give peace
and security, either to its own citUens in the
border btates or to ours who live near them.
No stronger or more binding articles of
agreement could be entered into than those
which already exist, and they are but ropes
of snnd as a remedy for the evils com
plained of.
Nothing Is left but for the Government of
the United States to determine for itself
and of itself what Is the proper remedy, nnd
then to apply it, regardlewi of tho wishes of
Mexico or any on else. It Is a momentous
question, and should be carefully considered
before being finally determined. America
wants no Poland or Ireland, held in subjec
tion by mere brute lorco; neither can it
have its borders ravaged as were the Low
lands In the davs when the Highland clans
sn ept them with Are and svv ord. Cool, die
pamionate statesmanship must supply the
final remedy ; bnt In the meantime the
quick, strong hand of power must protect
our citizens on the border. To-day the ter
ritory of one of our States is Invaded, and
its citizens aro fighting for their homos and
firesides. Thero should be no hesitation or
weakness in the application of the proper
remedy. Tho fact that it is on our most
distaut border does not change the situa
Tho case should be treated exactly as If a
band of robbers had crossed from the Can
ada side and were beseiging the city of
Buffalo. We oil know that if this were so
a flame of indignation would light up the
land, and the robbers would be driven from
our borders and pursued, if necessary for
their capture, into tho fortresses of Quebec
and Montreal, without any inquiry being
made or thought given as to what England
would any lu the matter.
If what we hear lrom San Hizario be
true the same course should be pursued.
Such action would probably hasten a solu
tion of the problem nnd glvo us the remedy
for uour sick man."
of the enemy, and throw himself into the
arms of hh present wooers. It is duo to all
concerned that he should evince this amount
of decision of character and relieve tho coun
try of all doubts relating to his status. It
must bo one thing or the other. There is no
half-wny house, no neutral ground between
the two parties for him or his administration
to occupy. This is clearly seen and under
stood by both parties, and it is time that
he put off his hybrid character and became
one thing or the other ft Republican or
Imoernt -nlthont hesitation or reserva
tion. Common honesty and common jus
tlco demands this much at this time.
MY BOOKS. Consh tint of "My Primer." "Mr 1
nook," nV'My Own liooV." Mf Uncib II
Ttr. J. 11 TJnnfnrott A Co.. rhllldetohlt. 1
pals toy & V. whliaker, Wl rcnn-jrlranla
v.. ni Ma.rtwM.tf Mi.lt htm null hcLatesnlol
Ktt would apen the rck ofLhi rough world
loh htm out longer."
Go ahead, and bo happy while you can.
Nong of the Nyrcn. '
ine jyyi was csiaiuinncu, no cioudi, ior
some- purpose, bnt for what peculiarly, the
unfolding of Itself up to tho present luuir
has not clearly developed. It maybe to
make money ; but viiiIcnk Its ventures and
efforts lu future shall exceed those of the
fow past days It his lived in this troublous
wornl, it will puss Into history and take up
its position in tho tomb anion,; Its lllustri
out predecesson, iw impecunion ns it en
tered upon its brief career. Hut this it not
what we started to dlscuw. We are pleased
to notice that our enterprising cotemporary
his taken tho President In hand and Is ad
mlnUtcriiig to him all sorts of advice as to
what is wisest and best rcgaidlug the con
duet of his administration. It says, for In
stance :
Just now he U In tho position of a deserter
lialf way I t ween tho two llm,aud under Are
rinin Hit i. JO bikiui wnf rr no u mruni if r-
Ulu destruction. To go WW to the camp ho
bus Just Iclt means punishment. To push on
and get into our 'lines mentis protection at
Thi is, no doubt, very disinterested ad
vice. The President holds in his possession
the ammunition chebt and tho com
missary stores of power, oud with
these his capture would t bo
very Important to tho Democratic party.
Without them tho Picidrut would b as
valueltM to that side as the veriest tramp In
the land. It is plunder they want. They
are UmMilng for the spoils, and if the Presi
dent will only enter the Democratic camp
with his iMgtrnge he would be despoiled oi
it in a d iy, and stand before the country as
poor and asoflVnaiveasLAZAttts Already
they afwune to intimate terms to him
relating to fils desertion of the party
which elected him. t proposes Us follow
ing couumlrums for his consideration during
tliu present recess of Congress
I),m it not burin to strike Mr. Hayes
filully that tlitre has bcou too uuch BciiVUi
and too little American comuiou sense in Mi
adula.ntnit.on Urns far? His It not feebly
These thre books aro designed a com
panion?, and are Just the thing for holiday
presents to a family of little chili re n. They
charmingly combine beauty of illustrations,
with utility of letter-press In the most attrac
tive inaunor for children from ftur to ten
years old.
Putnam's Pons. New York, lor isle by Bolo
mons & Chapman.
Just at the present moment everything
which affords rleiabl information on the ques
tion of sliver. Its uses and production, Is of
almost paramount Interest. The work before
us appears to be a faithful account of the His
tory of the mines of New Spain, from their
first discovery to the year 1876. The slatlstles
of thoIr production dorlng tho same periods
are compactly stated. A map accompanies the
book showing the mineral lodes as determined
by surveys and prospects. A chapter is also
dtvotcd to the agricultural resources of this
gold and silver country, showing that It Is as
rich In Its productions of the fruits and grains
as It Is In minerals. Every yonng man now
soeklnga place for settloment In life, aLoold
examine this book.
tralod. J R UpptncouiCralUdelphla. For
sale by W UUain BtUautrne.
This Is a beautiful compilation of travels in
Paraguay, Iudla, of a visit to tho Dolomites, of
a Tourist's Paradise, of the Valleys of Poru, of
Glimpses at Constantinople, of Montenegro, of
the Tartar and his Home, of Lapland, and lat,
though not lea4, of the Great Desert Sahara.
Ono might almost as well say that It comprises
sketches of the wonders and beauties of the
world, inasmuch as It takes in the four quar
ters of the globe. Tho descriptions are so clear
and racy and entertaining and the illustra
tions so Hfe-ltko thit one feels as though he
had Jopt made tho tour described In person
when ho arise from their perusal. It Is a book
that should be read by all; by those who ex
pect to make tho visits named, that they may
not plungo Into scenes entirely new aud
strange without some slight preparation, and
by those who do not anticipate the pleasures
and fatigues of such journeys, beeaus such
reading of the explorations of others Is the
nearest and next best thing to making them
oncsself. BcIdcs, there Is contained In this
volume a vast amount of information of great
practical valun, and which appears also to be
sufficiently reliable to Justify careful consideration.
writers, with over 2(0 IllaKrAtloiis, J 11 Llppl
eott 4 Co., Philadelphia Tor sale byWUlli
nautniTne, no a r-CTrnin nrtci.
Person. Places, and Things " Is an excel
lent companion to "Travels In Pour Con
tinents," noticed above, and Is prepared,
printed, and bound lu the same elegant style.
In It wo wander with Virgil; walk and visit
In Wordsworth's country; spend six mouths
withCannihals; euloy an udvonture In Japan;
suffer from having our floor on fire; visltan
African Falrhavou: admire picture from
Spain ; look at Trianon palaces ; pay a visit to
Joaephtne at Malmaiftou; pick up crumbs from
the Khlueland ; make balloon voyages ; take a
few glimpses of Polynesia; escape- from tho
wilds of Siberia; view Australian scenes aud
adventures: spend two weeks in the Carlist
country ,have a look at a quaint craft; and
examine tho golden eagle aud his eyrie. The
sketches aro all highly entertaining as well as
TiiiMiK mil nrrmrfi ou the loo ok the
AH CUIUS A VY ka. .mabli. l oteucparu,
lloaton. Tor wda by William Ballantjue, No. 428
rJTToin i re vi,
A nautical tale has an indescribable Intercut
for boys, aud "There She Wows" Is full of
thosu adventures at sea that are so common
among whalers, but of which we have little
conception in city or oouutry life. Indeed, wo
Itavo no doubt that it Is much pleosnnter and
mora ,iti factory to read of those thrilling ad
ventures nnd hair-breadth escape by a cosy fire
and uudcr a bright gwiliffht, than it is. to ex
prionce them out on the wild seas.
HliiKV liv a. VWilver toui in J 11 LlDiiincultA
(V). For oaleby vWlllani lUllautjnu, ISo, iAA
brciiOi street.
A narrative of the school-days of almost any
lad from the ages of thirteen to seventeen
would fill a volume, and this one, divided
Into twcnty-nlnecbaptcr all very charmingly
written lu tho choice Idiom of the joung
Kuglish student, will abundantly repay per
usal. It describes the pleasures aud paiun, tho
Jokes and the crimes of tho school bojs, as
well us luclr penalties to uie very mo. auu
with all tho rest Dimes woven In the "puppy
lov e," aud tho envks and Jealouak of the lads
mid lassoi, which, read by old folks, causes
them to llvo their school days over again, aud
become young once more.
dandancy. For Instance, those who have put
all their funds Into real estate at the present
shrunken values are ready for such an advance
In prices as will enable them to unload at a
handsome profit.
Tins Is what the Herald P. I. man calls a
pun t " Tho President is half right and Stan-
lky Matthews Is struck with airtight," Oc,
Stanley, on.
Chicago telegrams announco, upn tho au
thority of recent letters received in that city
from Carl Sciiurz, that tho latter expect to
resign and leave the Cabinet within a very
short time. Now let Newspaper Bow name
his successor. It will give tho 'boys" em
ployment during the recess.
Ttie Warren (Ohio) Tribune pays tho follow
ing handsome compliment to the National
Republican t M To our rcaden who would like
to take a first-class paper from Washington we
heartily commend the National Republican.
Tho dally costs only fifty cent a month. It is
thoroushlr Republican, ana full of vigor, sua
would do our eaiMo immense good If H were
circulated largely throughout tho country."
Bt a telegram elsewhere It will be seen that
Ciiahles Howard, the claimant of the Salt
fcprings,' ami two of his companions have been
taken out and shot by a mob after having sur
rendered. If It was a Texas mob we suppose
the verdict will be, "Served thorn right f but
If It shatl prove to have been a mob of Mexi
cans or "Greasers," In the polite Texan Idiom,
why then
"All hen shall stir for this."
Will Carl Schurs realgar
Who will b next Secretary of the Interior t
Ma buying a widow Is a sure way of de
stroying weeds.
"Bund Tom," at home, is Thomas Greene
Fkakk Mayo, with "Davy Crockett," hi it
Boston, Mass.
Miss Uackhr Mitciicll appears this week
in Louisville, Ky.
Tun Kelly A Leon Minstrel troupe are In
San Francisco. Cat
Lawuexce Countt, T., boasts of a turkey
weighing nny ponnas.
Miss Von Staiiwitz, the tragedlcnue, is
playing In Philadelphia, Pa. ,
Con. Meorue. sr , of this city, Is stopping at
th Gibson House, Cincinnati, Ohio.
O'Leasy, the pedestrian,. Is showing the
Louisville, Ky people how to walk.
New Jeosey shows evidence of advancing
civilisation. She has a savings-bank failure.
Have you an enemy you would destroy?
Get a modern P. I. man to gazette him in his
John Mobbissey has Informed his friends
in Gotham that he will eat Christmas dinner
In that city.
Tou Thumb and Minnie Warren are show
ing the Boflklo folks how to play "Tho Mis
chievous Monkey."
President Broadwell. of the Clatrmont
Savings Biiok, was arretted and Jailed In Jer
sey City Friday night.
The Jaunty English girls have stolen the
Cushion obscTYod by gentlemen of raising thoir
hats in acknowledging a bow.
Tins is the last week of Miss Mary Ander
son's engagement In New York City, which
ha been ono scries of successes.
Is it the fair thing to say that Alice has been
sowing wild oaten? No) Bu only farmed
them out at low rent, (Laurent.)
Madame JanauucJuei; is playlnc th'e third
and la&t wesk of an engagement at tho Walnut-
), Phllaaclpuu. la.
dnwued upon him that the system of party or
J mi ola -e Ictb Muiuirtl Dm ton For tale by
Ulium HM Ian iy ne, No. 44 ttowuth street.
A New England uovel is usually considered
a very common humdrum sort of a narrutivo
of vulgar everyday life, baldly worth tho
leading, because "no one wuuta to live so now
a-day.' But we Imagine this work v 111 provo
ouu ofthuuxeeptlous to this rulo. It Is a ro
mance of everyday llfo In the "land of steady
habit," aud of these latter dajn, too, stuce
rallnuis aud telegraphs aud "uncle Toms
Cabins" have been Introduced, which abounds
iu adventure and Interest fron beginning to
eud It Is one of those books which ouce bo
guu is haul to Uy down.
street Theatre,
The wlfo of ex-Gov. Mvron H. Clark, a
lady of great excellence of character, died at
Canandahzua on Wednesday morning.
Ret. Da. SamuflSpbino, one of the oldest
Congregational clurgymeu la Connecticut,
dlod at Hartford Wednesday morning.
Five dollars per week, until olbcrwlae or-
eiercu, is vwiaiu.o councilor uovington, jy.
pays to a mother that gives birth to triplets.
A HABD-HEABTED creditor lu Baltimore has
seized a monkey for debt. Now, If he will
capture a hand-organ his stock In trade will be
A DAUOUTEBof Major-Gen. Richard Butler.
one of WanhtnKtou's mout trusted commauders
m the rev oluttonary war, is living at union
town, ra.
Fob two years past Miss Susan B, Anthony
has proved tho best drawing card at tho Mil
waukee Acoaemy oi .uusic, ino accounting
for tastes.
A Watebbuby (Conn.) baby is said to be
blessed with six grandmothers. This may be
all riuht; but, prey, how many were it mother
and father?
PALSTArrlies In Ludlow-strcet jail; Iago
has gone to Europe, and Connelly, tho property
man, beholds from his chalet the sunset gleam
upon the Alps.
'U would not live always "Is an old song,
but nowadays, remarks the Whitehall 2in,
there are a great many persons who are trying
all wuvs to live.
Dom Peobo is tho most successful drummer
of modern times. He drummed ud enouzh
trade by ms trip totms country lout year to
louuti a new empire.
Mas Samuel May, of Boston, the niece of
the late .Nathaniel Ooddard, was ninety years
old ou Saturday , and has withal a clear mind
and charming spirits.
A liberated French soldier, who said Mac
Mahoa no not wuuuded at Sudan, but paid a
doctor to say ho was, has been sentenced to six
months' Imprlsoumcut.
A mam In Louisiana has had four wives go
off and lrave him. The fifth he swaprwd for
an old shot-gnu, and now ho has got souiethlug
that wont go oft. Exchange,
The deuth of Abraham Buckwalter, near
Kimbertou, Pa , In hli eighty-first year, now
leaves six or tuo raiuiiy, win.) age ura re
spectively W, 81, H2, 7l, 11, 75. .
IIaronkss de BblsiUere. daughter of Ben
jamin llullAday.the California millionaire, died
in New York from pneumonia. She was
about twenty-five viarsofago.
The Mutter Girl is tho uarueof a paper to bo
published shortly. Hud name I The proverbial
politeness or mo average ncivHooy win nopcr
in It him to sell even a waiter girL
Opium catluir iircvails in a terrible desree
at Atlanta. Ha. say ourexchanges. Wo think
It Is a radiial slander. Southern beauties
would not countciuauce bucn nauits.
TJiEoldefit man Iu Minnesota is said to bo
Joseph Perron, agud 111 years, who resides lu
YtriKiil Uiumy. iio ui uuiutm iwu r't;u,
and is tho father of eighteen children.
Ex-SrvATOR James K. Kelly is talked of
fur tliu Uemoeratlc candidate for tho ttuvcruor
of Orison. The election will ba held ituxt
June, uud Junius will, at that time bo about w
near elected as now.
Mh Joiik JtifKts does not wholly agree
with Mrs. General bherman on the subject of
dancing. He has fouud out aud sajsso In
tote that music and "precke dancing" are
safeguard of morality.
In Wheeling. W. Va, last week, a wlflowof
thirtv-nu wanted to marry u stripling boy of
twenty, Just to uuu care oi mm; out, ueiug
without the rouulxlto llwtuo, the ceremony
could not bo pcrl(rined.
The San IrancUco police huvejust broken
to go the other way. Ite noyer approaches an
Audience without feeling n shaking of the
knees and a dryness of the lips. i
Thk capital stock of the new Cleveland nev
oid Company Is $200,000, and the incorporators
are Richard C. Parsons, W.' P. Fogg, E. V.
Hmailey, Kilos Fimms, and U J. Thyng. TIio
three English dally newspapers of Cleveland
are now published by joint stock.coinpantcs.
A BBoriiEB and sister, each of whom sup
posed the other dead, met by accident In Char
lotte, N. C, a few days ago, after a separation
of thirty-seven years. In tho meantime he
had frequently been In Charlotte, where sho
lived, and at notlmedldhe reside very far off.
Mas. D. P. Bowers has a play called "The
Woman in Red." and the other ntsht she
couldn't make out why the house was so ex
traordinarily large until sue lounu mat in
the advertisement "Red" read "Bed." She
hasn't made up her mind as to what the peo
ple expect to aoo.
Osman Pasha, who was made out a suicide
by Dame Rumor for a little while, has been de
scribed as an athletic man, in tho forties, with
a superb head aud regular, earnest features.
Ho was tact I turn, pious, and self-reliant, and
a man that could not endure the sight of a
newspaper correspondent.
Wendell PntLLirs. In his lecture on " Tern-
... t !.-. ..i itr.. . II .1.. .,..,
that the remedy for the threatening evils of
the great hosts ruled by intemperance and by
the inlnst.ee of capital is to be found in giving
the ballot to women. He says he does not de
mand the ballot for woman, but he claims It
of her.
Mrs, Burton, wife of the famous traveler.
Is the Bcrgh of Trieste, where her husband Is
consul, and seems to have sneceoded In awftk
enlng the Trlesttan mind to the fact that the
brute creation Is not devoid of feeling. She
lately distributed prises for humanity In the
presence of tho Governor-General and other
Miss Rose BRrooEfl, of Montlosllo, Me, was
bitten last summer by a small dog, which be
fore or since showed no signs of madness. Two
weeks ago she was taken violently ill, raving
and frothing at the mouth and barking like a
dog. The spasms were Intermittent, but re
cently she has become better, and is likely to
Gen. Lord Henry Percy, of the British
army, brother of the Duke of Northumber
land, was found dead In his bed In London on
tho morning of December 3. He hod been a
great sufferer from neuralgia for a long time,
but his death was caused by angina pectoris.
In tho Crimean war Lord Henry distinguished
himself at the battle of Inkcrman.
In the office of Henderson , tho swindling
Philadelphia banker, who is now in orison,
was found the manuscript prospectus of the
Great American Meat Supply Company, Shares
were to be sold for $5 each, and an annual
dividend of twenty per cent, wss to be guaran
tee besides the privilege of being supplied
with meat at ridlcuously low rates.
It Is somewhat stranso to read that his
Excellency Kuo Ta-Jcp, the Chlncso Ambas
sador In England, visited Oxford with his
suite, the other day, to hear Prof. Legge's lec
ture on Chinese, the subject being "Jmporial
Confucianism ; or tho Sixteen Maxims of the
K'angtsl Sacred Edict." Truthful James,
civilization la not a failure and the Caucasian
is not piayeu out."
The Rev. Mr. Collins, one of the wealthiest J
ana most innueniiai macisiraies in uornwan,
Encland, was drowned in his own fish-pond
the other day. He was looking into tho pond
from a high bink when, being seized with
giddiness, ho fell against a treo, which stunned
mm. and turncc into ueen water. ir. (JoJiins'
eye-glasses were found In his open hand.
In a recent address on Erasmus to Glaseow
students, tho eminent principal, Cavld, alluded
to the nmnsug literary industry ot mat cele
brated scholar, but drew attention to the cir
cumstance that "he Doascssed some advant
ages which all students and scholars do not
poracM. jio was unmarrtou ana was tnereiora
free from the distracting obligations of domes
tic life." '
John Bright wrote lately a note In which
occurred this nassacei "If children at school
can bo made to nnderstaud how it Is Just and
noble to be humane even to what wo term In
ferior animals, It will do much to jrtve them a
higher character and tono through life. There
Is nothing moaner than harbArons and cruel
treatment of the dumb creatures, wuo cannot
answer us or resent tho misery which Is so
oiten nceaiessiy inuiccea upon mem."
Aoassie's family have Presented to the Mas
sachusetts Historical Society the branch of
palm borne by the student at the funeral of
Humboldt, and given to Agassis by Mr. Win-
tnrept.wiio brougtu It t this country. Mr.
Wlusor, at tho lost meeting of tho society, bore
testimony to the great labor bestowed by Mr.
Agassis on me preparation oi nia address on
Humboldt. Ho spent many days at the public
library In rcidiug the numerous works of that
distinguished savant, in all the languages In
wmen tuey appear.
Gov. Blub Jeans Williams, of Indiana,
Is not distinguished for financial llborallty.
Not long ago several ladle, engaged in help
ing tho poor of Indianapolis, called upon the
Governor fur contributions. "Why don't you
stop building churches," he asked, "and leave
off dressing In such fine clothesT Then you'd
havo more money to help the poor, and
wonldn't need to come begging of other peo
ple?" And he gave them nothing.
WEBsTEn's opinion of Byron, conveyed In a
private letter, ha lately been made public
property for the .first time. It was no gentle
opinion. Tho brilliant American says of the
great poet t "1 have tried hard to find some
thinKln him to like besides his genius ant
wit. but there is no other llkeablo quality
about him. He was an Incarnation of tie mon
ism. If Mlltou.was allvo to recast certain
prominent characters In his great epic, he
could establish tnriu witn new traits witnout
violating probability."
Tni averneo Democrat leadsamost unhappy
life. Just now ho Is In an agony of apprehen
sion lest there bo no serious and protracted
rupture between the President and his party,
after all nor Is Uie fear wholly imaginary;
uj uuy nioanv.
Senator Gordon's eighty Independents In
the Georgia Legislature may be all anti-Bourbons,
but no one would be more surprised than
Mr, Gordon if ono of them should vote for a
Republican candidate for Senator. It will be
entirely safo to wager a large amount that he
will sot be thus surprised.
Georgia seems to have acquired more fun
damental hvw than she knows what to do with
In her new constitution. Now that It ha been
adopted no two inon In the State seem to be
able to aareo noon Its meanlnjr In certain Im
portant cases. One J udgo of a local court says
of the instrument that "there never wa
made, by any State or government, a constitu
tion that wo so full of law-suit as this one.
There Is litigation on almost every page of It.
It Is full of loose and unnecessary lan.rua.re."
This Is a striking tribute to the master genius
of the late convention, Gen, Toombs. The
great man apparently maae a constitution in
the same way a he evolved a spaoch.
The rermdlatora seem to be ovsrwhelmlnely
In the majority In the Virginia Legislature.
Thoir organs claim 114 of the 102 members, or
92 Conservatives and S3 Independents, leaving
to defend tbe credit of the State only 43 Con
servatives. The latter are maklne a desperate
effort to unite tho Conservative party in favor
of the only honest course that ot run pay
ment of all debts but the chances are very
badly against them. Caucuses have been held,
which havo dono a great deal toward breaking
up the party and nothing toward saving the
credit of the State. The wrangle is as dis
graceful as it could powtbly be. The State
o (fleers agree that the debt can be paid, but
tho Legislature Is determined It shal not be.
i.yen sir. jrosr win una it aiiucuu to cnargo
this flagrant financial dishonesty to a lack of
"reconciliation." It Is simply '.pure cussed
new." and of a kind which Infest tbe entire
srpT" t ii Tk vouco nAN JtA j?lf hTor" a "ivii
n wilt lie open -on TIIUHhUAY KVI-NINO,
lLECK&fnFH2n,itridoncTprr TJIUIWDA 1.VI-M-jaU
thareaner from ilxlit to ten o clock. Almlton
ITavlnff wttnMMd -fr! itwrtllMta on hm
"lormwi dt jrr. u i. Jionne, veinnrr iwn
tma prt'ro
rntoflmrfiM4oavr.il tlwaiMtlveaof his vMlto Wh
New York,! lake sjrtMt plpmiiir In Mylng to
mhln&toti wibllc Dial ha is thoroiithlT ninnl(r
f htonpoc1fdly,vUrlnirr dntttry, I ad vim aTl o
jntton by hurt nit thrir tionw-V montlM examined, m X
MNiav mim iniuij 11
wniisrh-H-e of ft
lxTlv sunt man lioruM -.aOV-r from distant and lr-
VMtnnary rurgYon.t4uartrmasr uepanmrni.
Pan ba foilod at AllUon Nallor s tables. declt-St
ikx or Columbia vrtis anniversary mllnf
will b Mil Thumlav evenlr f Dscsnibor SO, at I
A. y. r,
T.U BMIllf.M.D,
A.F.A. KIMl.M.n,
Oomm Iter-.
srTsy- establish rn ins.
vul lcnnNrlvaDU.artnuft,cnrnfr of Ninth ttractN.W.
just rn.niTni lur um iiuiiusja a tin nucompiFva
silonof mich, Fngllnb.and American Moods,
Including TotlrtHeM Flower Va-a Mirrors, Dnfln
Cn. Ivntv ind IMIulold Hair ItranhML Tnrtnlwk.
btll Combs, Lubln . ALklnaon a, and Imbor! Fx
imu, uiiiun uiu nnui ooapa, mo fMCTtNjui.
In tinaurtuuud tri.l. A fresh ilivk i) tINk
DlttUH and CHUJ1CA1A
pounaa at an noun.
IJfe In riney Woods. -s
A corresnondent describes the Inhabitants of
the Piney Woods, in Eastern Mississippi I The
man lean, lank, lonnecked, long-haired, and
dark.the woman tal),fiaxenhalred,and innocent
of crinoline, panter, stays, false hair, and other
adornments. The young couples bes;in life in
a log cabin, witn one ocu, a lew cnicaens, an
axe, a rifle, and an acre of ground. Ills cattle
feed upon the upland growth In sum
mer and upon the green cane in winter. Ills
rifle furnishes meat. Visit him ten years af
terward, and six or seven tow-headed children
play about the door. The acre of land has ex
jiandod Into ten. Ills half dozen hogs have
become fifty, and an addition has been built
on the cabin, xue neigiit or i-iney wooua
prosperity bos been reached. Ho drifts on
contented, hannr. honest. hosniUble. His
religious views are summed up iu this sentence:
"I reckon them as mad me knows how to
take care of me."
Why Not?
Tbe Chicago TYMnias says that some of the
fl-oldUe class assert that the Government never
contcmpiatw paying irs Donas iu silver, now
uo nicy know, inntr uia me uuKruwrm
foreknow in 1973 that silver would always bo
dearer than cold? Tho Government only In-
tended to pay In gold so long as that was tho
cheaper metal ; H Hiuy inienaou w pay in, in
er tho moment sold became dearer than sil
ver. The bond-holder knew this very well.
He knew the Government had the option, and
would exercise It whenever Its Interest would
be promoted thereby. The Government has
slwuvs exercised the rtcht to nav In tho cheap
er of the two metals, and that optional right
muse do reciaimeu.
The Kfv. Cyrus F. Knight has become
rcrtor of KL James' Church. Lancaster, sue-
ceeding the Kev, Dr. Watson. Dr. Knight, who
was at one time connected with St. Luke's
Church. German town, has boon fur some years
past rector of a church at Hartford, aud one
of tho most prominent Episcopal clergymen In
Connecticut, having represented tliat dloccso
In the general convenalon.
Mb. FixrciirB W. HABPER.of th firm of
Harper A Brothers, told a newspaper reporter
at Bt. IauIs that the name of American
authors of real merit could bo counted on the
fingers of one hand.
Do kot throw a ay your bard-earned money lor
every not eousti syrup advertised, when you can
Erncur that standard remedy for coughs Dr,
ullsCoush Syrup. Price, 25 cents a bottle.
$Tiardlana Uia Beowsury Innjrmallop.
tract. onpnSltTlPMsry rtsnarnnint. Flrt and burg-
bom from 9to pfr annnm, BilTr plataand
othrraxlklta of value relvd Intmnkn or othor-
wibo at rooocrai rule. W1LI1AM HTlUKCTKY,
3T RANronns cunic ron CATAnnn.
SCx If rrcs'a Ooldm llnooTry. sod aU fah ottacr
culUw sold a OomhllH'
dty at Ootigblln'aTampla Hnif Bioro.
pla a Irin Htorn, F and Wlnth strwU.
Iirt7 ITKKI PROTsXIXJIttt maka your sho last
XkffpenhaDdtbabsatlmnorUd OOWKTH to anil
all flcurea l comfort and ptrftct (It Iniornd Id all casne,
AXJflU K'UVMVItllKY, Arnt,
Ladles and Ueatlaman'a A'arnUUliig Mtort, 403
Trnth iltftl, nortbnral. nuvM-1
At very reasonable nrWe
dfp-St No. ai Ninth sueat porthwswy
CofTeo. Tea and Chocolate,
' AT '
MILBCHN8, 13 Ppousilvanla aTtnua,
draulitdurliif the lnlr. delO-ltn
him tlna rf th torkhnMrs or thf VVAH1IINO
TOVANnALKXANMUATUItNPIKErOMPANV wllltw hi Id at lb ofllo of ruu.iU bnilih, q,
cururr Wolfe and HU Aanph Mranl, Alviandrta, Va
nn MONDAY, January 7. 1877, at io clock a. m.
JJectlon for FreaMent and Dlrwtora aaniedayand
claclO 17 UJtSt ALIlt RT HEWpOV, Clerk.
WOLTE.-Ont!irthor Dectmbar. 1R77, at twelve
m.Mr HicMri.Wor.rr,anoil aovnlrta
Thefuueral wUl taka place WednaMlay, Iweember
19. froiu hit ltt rmldiide,S10 Hecond atrfot aoutb
wwt between K and F, at tno p m. Tbe frleadaof
tbe family are respectfully tnrlted to attend.
FLI IOTT-On Tuesday morninff, lwcemoer w,
U77, Mr. Ank Elliott, In her rT hty-aecond year.
Funeral wUl take plaot on welneartay, Ierember
19. at ) u m , from the residence of her daughter,
Mia. M. K. Jjenman, ! Sixteenth streeL
lias it received an aanortnieul or CAHKH71 B from
the fbllowuic ctlKfTaled manoflirtureni Htlena
4ltruian-aUverrHnimlHUd1iiK-ulaMUukftflt Hiultti A
Winston Cloth amr VelteWoMTrd Cimbliiat'on
n.L.t, riinniniFliim A. Knm1 Ctiiiirti HlllcValVft
Gmered.Batln-nytdaiid I'annlCiiil.eta. Mmi afull
aasortruent oflloMWOiMl. Walnut and Imitation Won-
woon ejonins, m iiiw m auu f i"". w-i
nn a if uin of bov burclars. who wer load by
girl of oulv twtfvo yeurs. Thcil burglaries
vverd committed at night, and most of their
plunder consUtcd of los ami pistms.
Loud DbRDY, while out driving on Satur
dav. at Tuubrldse WelU. mado a narrow cs-
captitrom death. His horses ran away from
frhtht, and his coachman was killed, but lor
tuuauir ueruy auu uiscoiupituiuu vacapuu.
A MANln Kansas City, while feeding a steam
corritiheller. curelesfdy slinid into the machlu-
ery, aud was tout to pieces. The local paper
depluic the loa to his family, but says they
gouiiatlon, which ha been good suough for a 1 they-need who would be benefited by this ro-
It Is unquestionably for the Interest of men
wli.i hold lama nronertlea that are only par-
tlally paid for to enouurao such a redundancy w,, u cousoled by kaowlug that he died
l.u.n r lHii1alInn KM will enhailCA ' J.t.. .la itnlu
price. Hut we must remember thnt it is only i John IUOouuii states that In thirty 'Ate
. . . II . I. it . Ik.r. ' ...., L. I,... .I.ll(uill T I .m innliMi llllf ll
tUO lew WHO UOIU OU epccuiauu-i iuuiv mim.j(wiituoi-it f,w ,,.-.-,.-
I never lucod uuaudluuco yet witLout wiahlug
Rum Did IU
A ftw dan azo a drunken ruftlan. who was
permitted by a jwisenper railnsy conductorto
ride in his car, deliberately shot a fellow-pas-icuRer,
a son of Hon. William D. Kelley, On
Triduy he pleaded guilty to thechareo of as
saultand battery with intent to kill, but his
sentence was postponca ou the motion or his
conusel. In order that In mitigation he might
provo that his client was grossly Intoilcatod
nt the tlmn the crime was committed. A mora
absurd, or, for the matter of that, a moro vi
cious proposition than that coutd not bo sub
mitted to tho courts; yet itls often submitted,
cten lu canital cases, aud never, wo believe.
without benefit to the prisoner. In fact, it
has come to bo understood that a prisoner, no
mttter how heinous his oQcuse, need but
plead "gulltv, but drunk," to secure a light
sentence. Why is one of those Inexplicable
mj uterirs of which law proceedings are so full,
A ruftiin deliberately noes olf to brutalize
himself by the unrestrained uso of rum.belng so
bratalized ho puts a bultot or a knife Into tho
the body of some rccctuble citiren, and bo
causo he commits a double ouvnse, Instead of a
slnglo one, ho practically escapes punishment.
To tho mlud of the ordinary hyiuan, who does
not got urn tK, ana wuo nas a reasonable- rigiic
to demand tho protection ,pf his life against
dmnl.en scoundrels who carry pistols and uao
them, tho practices of just loo in this business
apiiear llko tiitllng with a serious subject. The
evident of th tavern -keeper was given that
tho pr I -winer was drunk when he sold him tho
last drink, and as thero Is a law that punlshus
Ucrukecpurs for belting liu uor to minors aud
drunken persons, tho Judge wlaely directed
tno nrresi oi uie wuntwi so mere v in io iwo
prisoners instead of one Philadelphia Inquirer,
l'lvo Meu w llli Uity-eloven Children.
A gentleman of this city, a thoroughly roll
nhtaand ranxcienttoiis nun. who vlaitM Salis
bury either during or immediately after tho
tiirptltir of conference, vouches for the follow
ing t At the houso of a well know citizen of
HilUlmrv itonncd durlnir the mectlne of con
fertucofour ministers and one layman from
d liferent sections of tho Htato. At thetabto
they compared notes as to their respective
families, when the startling ftct was revealed
that tho five men had lu all sixty -seven child
ren, and not a aiLalo ono of them (tbe futhms)
had been married more than one time, bhould
the truth of this statement b doubted Its
author stands lirenared to nrove It byidving
tho localities, aud, If nocensury, tho "names of
these wonderful personsges.
Thofctory Is a hard one to in allow, bulla
partially rubbed of Its phenomenal fiat una
when the occupation of four of them is taken
iutu consideration sCAsrtoJjs Obterur,
w. :R. s3?:e.a.:b,:e),
040 F atrect uortliwest.
(Formerly wllh H. V. Itarvey,! dee 1y
xrosr X) s o?. k: e k, .
911 Ninth street, N W.
slkiis, at short notice. J. II. It I-Ull Jr vo
uuviMiu 70T nneenm aireei norian
a-1 aay.rompriaiijfr at arneaoi ice
Kalma AluiLiini ot Aualuinv. N
rati and cure ur Premature fjecllne, showing Indis
putably how lot health inarterf(alned,afrirdlna' a
clear nynoiwla of tbe Impedimenta to marriage and
the treatment of nervou and iibyalcal drbllll, bfllnc
the reault or twentyeara' einerlence. Prlne.n oental
ANAH)UY,iMit tirottuwar, ftew hoik noia-am
eminent. ocH7 Iy
od-tr 411 and 4U Tenth street.
dent's and Children's Last ofl VCaarlnaaa
parsl, lloot Hhea, Ac . at extraordinary hljb cms
' - - -t HllluTU'Ll tA Bl.ni M Ka alll'Il alrul
: nine months, a convenient brick houM In Uie
tU neighborhood In UroilEetowni twenty mlnnlee
lrom Afllnslon Hotel comfortably and coruutetcly
flipnlahauli all m ultrn lmtiniTmintit lafaa vard.
- "' ".. - - - v-j -"- :-:' . J- .-
aSnuna nr.At u'liiim.
ftlDHeventh strtx.1, Wwtliliuwu, ,Uclt-Tt
ronaervalory, Act prk-a
wry teiinakj juuuiiywi
rcaldence coiitaluln? twelve rooms with every
conrrnlfiire. No 1 mi Vermont avenue. Inquire
erWH.HriUKNKY.NMlODMBaTlim Ilanlc, corner
of FLltfenlh atreet and Wew V orK eve orltl
SI h 1 1 1 - j 'Li HI) -u ui'i -" n.ii ii in i f.
hurt, rrooltcd horim, turning- Inwiml. IPvrul
from hnrtMrlng or Inwlln my son FIIANK If
LL1M1IAC1I. nI WUl not rev nv 1lUi contracted
byhlni SiAlTllKW X.UUUAC1L
lie. 4tlAl-3t
I ortitrr of Mnth and U atrw-U
Open datlr. except Hun luy, from u a. m. lu wp.ro
Open on buuday from S lo 7 p-io.
Noonday meetlrii n-om IMS tolil tvcnlajiacft
liif from lo T o'olock.
nil4lll, KilTirR TO TIIH JtlTFIJrLD D1L
D llOUKinwf N t an be t-oiwulted every Wc-dneaday
and haturdny at his olTlc tr.l li atrent iiorthweat, be
tween Mluili arid lenlh, from itollp m. 1-rom lon
exptrlmc e In hpita1 nnd irl atn prnrt Ire ha auurniH
leeBawrinanent cure In all di-ejitaofllio Urinary
Or. nm and or tbe Nervous HThtf in, vla.1 tlrffunlo and
heiulual VWaIciicm XnipolencyloMora.xiial Iwer )
ili... -iwi.iiiib ..! l romlilliiir I'ulnltallnii iiflla
llcart. llniniut or ltbt or OlddlnPSH, l'alns In the
lliu.lt and rjwturnal JjnliwioiiP'.Ao , all reaultlns from
almaMi injouih or exveanta In manhcoil. DLviuws
recently roniraoted enred In live t ten days, and tbe
HilHutl eiuiraiT rrwiucHiiHi innii inn iinriu, uw, w
Kill aU'l UU1I U 1 11.1 mrn lUIVklT (.iitvi. ' luinwuinm
by the letidli k nliyMetaim of 11 Utliuort, hla nntlve
clty.vUlta WBHrilnztou Wedneiulajs aud But unlay i,
All coumltutluu strlaiy romliWnUal oC.'J Iy
UOO.MS roit hi;.t.
AX VO aleiantly rnruhbed, alugle and comwuul.
eating, with Hoard. W emigre of Coiire and others
not located fur the winter can be accommodated.
noil tr .
V.'AfcIIINflT(lNfllPVIM. ttJAIl'ANVj
1ccU liu 14 Hevtmh wrett norllmesU
1 f houm, or tcrnuiu lo k now tl at It v be lo llitlr
adtaiiioi-etocallatouruliice, .,,,
iiiitiiriiiniii luni t
city 1 ropertv a valuable buMiie- proierty In a
u. inquire in
Q.W rcnnBylvitiilameiniw.
1 T lhircau or iniurinaiion, 11.1 airrii ueeirinc
jy oraui
room i furnished unniiiiinhiii. bunra.JLe. AiMitu
buy orblUoodofanydeirtitljnIjiiirH,ilun tree.
tbebstonedolltirtlLAhMj4, av:
ocuralely an lied to the eye at II. 11.. SdTT TJy
llt.UVLtll,OpUctan, IA3 IVim "- -
aenuN. VV..cor, J-our-andaliatf alrecU ncCS-ly
! -l . . 1
ron tiii: ia8ii:m.
T Xl'iith' tUlAKHlsi LENWDCiCALll Y, tOU
J J 117.IU. lid and lis.
MDwr Clonk lu all alxes. . - . . .
Megant quality iJrL-hMi and lloultvurd Pkfrts ror
ladlea, la gam variety, copied Irou JVrluiau Pt
a ilvi& ami kiirafilva. Una nt Kavaltlui. aelectld
fur the holldaji. ImluUliiK tuaa) uxful and orna-
i ArlhiKtun Hotel. Meuttwre or CXtiigreM
wlnu r or tianalenlly III find eh sant rooms, with tut
rl neat Table Hoard, at Mrs. 1 USl". Ilouie l flrat
elaaa In all reaped, and twrnui reasonable, noll-ir
rhaaant aouih fronl rooms, with .board.
tllber traualeut or permanent, alao, Uble-board.
NUK. wWm
foii haij:.
ij lur. of li.initl. noatn, cl O itrt northneau
iiaiVJi saFour-iMi4-tiifiHtiMtUiwtit
Fasliionablo Dross-Mnkinp:,
Sji,adlM ran bavt DrvMt Cut and Ihuled, and a per
IM.I Ul Unuimiii
007 J'XAiVSJ-fliA Jkri.JkVlZf
dec I im ftlver WllUnii'a.)
Ur Alonopole uinl tJonlct V Cov
And sold at New York arenta1 prlcea, by
lmi S3 E street, near (ho Imperial Hotel,
Wavv DrpAKTiirjct,! kfl
. . . December is, 1-C7. IM
Twenty boys between the atreaol sixteen and Mvrn- "
teen will be enllaied In tlie WahWon NaTV-Yard. M
to serve until reaching twentyone years or age, If X
1JHIIMIJ yi.iuuivu.
fbe recruuing of tbeae boys will commence on

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