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The National Republican
VOL. XXn.-NO. 40.
Ircailng lllm Willi (Irnerat (Irani ml Kx-Scnator
Coiikllng as Arrtssorlra In Hie Assassins-
tlou oftlis Lalit Prrshlnil Garfield
In " Inspirational" CoiiiimI.
The unexpected turn which Mr.seovllle gavo
yesterday to tlio aultcnu cno In tils argument be
fore tho Jury created i great deal of tnlk. Tha
nmllcnco wns unusually largo mid comprised
many distinguished men, nnil the charges mndo
by the spenker against the prominent Republicans
wcroagcnulno surprl'o. Ills Intention to ilo llil
lie kept to himself, and not even lilt associate, Mr.
Heed, wai aware Hint ho would make such ntnto
acnlf, mid nt tho closo of Ihc speech Mr. Iteed ex
pressed his disapprobation of the course pursued
by Mr. Scotltle. Tho charges made by Mr. Pen
vlllo placing upon tha l'rctldeiit, Ccuernl Grant,
mid Mr. Coiikllng tho rcstxinslblllly for tho net
of tho prlroncr ara considered evidence ofa
mind as cranky ns that of tha prisoner. A promi
nent lawyer rnld last evening: "That speech will
liaugOultcati Itthcio was any doubt In the minds
of tho Jury before."
Thero were many persons prominent In political
nd social llfonmong tho nmllciice that packed
Hie court house J cslcnluy morning. " Be seated, la
dled Sit down, Kchllemenr' shouted try tha crier,
announced, at ten o'clock, tho nearapproiicli of tho
opening of thoda)'s proceedings.
villi a quick, confident step, rululcd his friends In
raising, and ns soon ns lie bad taken his scat
limed to Judgo Cox and said :
"I presume Your Honor will allow mo to address
tho Jury hen Mr. Seovlllo gels through."
Judgo Cox Wo will consider that when Mr.
Ecovllla Kits through."
Mr. Seovlllo. In reply to Inquiries, stated that he
v i ccieu in coiiciuuu ins spci en j csicrtiay,
At ten minutes past leu o'clock Mr. Seovlllo re
imcd his sticccn. lakltiff tin mid dlsr.iisHlii.rthn
statistics of the Insane criminals, which hud been
Introduced In evidence by tho prosecution. This
rtldence, Sir. Scnvllle sald.Wns of the greatest
benefit to tha defense, mid offered Instances of de
lusion and chronic mania precisely such ns ho
claimed bad affected the prisoner. An exactly
similar oaso In all 1 13 phases, ho thouiiht, had
never existed. Ho did not think thi world had
ever seen orctcrwouicisccasecouu uultcuu. In
sauo people were as peculiar and as erratic ns the
unicorn each having an orbit peculiar to Itself.
Ho had noticed that the tables prod uicd hereby
Dr. Gray Imitated some essential features of Ills
Colonel Corkhlll Dr. Gray did not prepare any
tables csicclally for this trial.
Mr. Seovlllo Dr. Gray was hired lo coma hero
Ho was 0110 of tho co-consplrators In tho con
spiracy of which tho District Attorney was tho
chief, but fortunately lie lias loll his foot-prints
here, and before 1 net through I can contradict
him out of his own mouth.
Mr. Scot Ilia resumed mid ana1zed tho defini
tions civon byDr.Gruy of delusions, luuno delu
sions, and mania, ami endeavored to make appli
cations to the case of tho prisoner and to point out
in tho conduct orGultcau parallels to tho lllnstia
tlons given by Dr. Oray. Agnlnst tho assertion of
some of the experts that Uultcuu has been plating
n part, or felgnlnglnsniilly, Slr.Scot lllocnnlcndi.il
that tho prisoner had punned tho very opposite
course. He had said and done much to
pnludlco tho theory of Insanity. If ho
liad been snuo mid pin) In? Insanity ho
would not have dona this. "When anything
strikes him as wrong," snldMr. Scotille, "ho suia
so at once, nnd thero Is the secret of his lust de
nunclatlotisof the District Attorney tho man who
Introduced spies Into his cell to obtain bin secrets,
and. If possible, to hnng him. Hut, thank God, they
never olitnlncd one word orono Item of evidencu
which would operate against him. You jour
sclvcs, gentlemen ol tho Jury, hntc seen how this
honorable District Attorney has wickedly sup
pressed and destroidel(lenco that would huvo
aided tho prisoner."
Uniterm That lust Is meant for sarcasm.
Mr. Seovlllo then adverted to thocross-examlna-tlou
of the prisoner by Juduc I'orlcr nud his won
derful quick no. s In reply, his meniory.nnd his In
tellectual acumen us remarked by ctery one at
the time.
Mr. Seovlllo said, was duo to his quick percep
tions, "ltstoiisrlghlthcre'hesnld. "Heciinuot
' take twocunsccndtoslcps in reuwiulinr, that Is
I tho Inability that hns prevented him from doing
n) thing In Hie successfully." Discussing the hor
rors of crime as often shown In tho acts of Insano
criminals, Mr. Scot Ilia suld : " There Is nothing in
this actio compnro with some oftheso Insane acts
of insane criminals, nnd, gentlemen of tho Jury, In
my opinion If there w em not reasons, ami mui rfni
ones, back of this prosecution, this prisoner net cr
would hat 0 been brought to trial, llntl tell jou,
gentlemen of the Jury, back of this prosecution Is
nil influence which I haro felt, and which you
, .in, 111-1, Kvmiiiui-u, uciuru huh iriai is ontlcu.
There arc politicians who seek to hide their own
shame behind tho dl-grnco of this poor prisoner,
fid make him the scopo goat for their crime. I
did not Intend, geutlcuion of tho Jury, to tnko up
this feature of tho case, but when I find tho power
used against inc In dent Ing mo the small plttanro
Hint I have asked, a fair and Impartial trial, nud
the small facilities needed for a proper defense, I
do not propose to keep quiet. I say that such
men ns Grunt, nnd Conkling, nnd Arthur aro
morally and Intellectually responsible for this
crime. Mr. Colliding shall not escape, shall not
shirk the responsibility of tho state of tilings that
led tothlsnct; ho shall not eseapo the condemna
tion of tho American people. If I can help it, for Ills
shuro In tho disgraceful scramble for ulllco that
led to a coiilllct with the chosen ruler ol
this great Nadon.iund led this oor, Insane man
to compass what they would have hailed
with satisfaction, nnd ns would probably
hundreds of other politicians K It could occur
other than through assassination tho removal of
Garfield, who stood In thu way of their unrlght
epusniid disgraceful stiugglo for odlco. Nolthcr
shall Grant escape that condemnation to which ho
Is so Justly subjected when coining from Mexico,
ndcomingttith undue haste, ho threw his own
name Into tho petty quarrel about a sinnll oineo In
U10 Republican party and sought to foment tho
iltflerciiccs that had sprung up. I am not going to
eo tho
visited upon the head of this Insano man If I can
help It. 'I bin clamor for his blood Is not forthu
purposo of avenging Garllcld or of satisri ing Jus
tice, but their theory Is this; If It can bo shown
that this was the uet of a sano man, then those
politicians In high places will say, "Of course wa
ore not responsitilo lor tha act of u sane man. To
be surawo had soma dlilcreuccs, but then It could
never hat u led a suua man todo such an net;" but,
on the contrary, gi nileuieii of tliejury, what Is the
ilTect or your verdict' If oil acquit him as an In
sane man, why, the pcoido will say souio 0110
la at fault, they say wo will llx tho blnmoupou tho
heudsand hearts of thoso men whowngcdwnr
upon our poor, dead President until It drovo this
poorlusnno man from rending dully In tho papors
whatGmnt sues, what Conkling says, nnd iiom
constantly thinking upon It to nlslmanu net or
killing tho President. And theso men In high
places, tho really culpable ones, will go down to
posterity with a stlgnm upon their names nnd tha
detestation of their countrinicu fastened upon
their memories."
The recess hourwnscnllvciicd by several heated
discussions lu the corridors nnd upon tho outside,
on tho general quebtlon of moral nnd Intellectual
responsibility as set forth by Mr, Seovlllo.
During recess Mr. fccovllio received tho follow
ing telegram:
MB. KmviLt.K. Attorney for oSy0""' Jan- '
1 he New York Court or Appeal hav e lust decided
that the prosecution, wlieni souiu evidence, of In
sanity li produced for tho defense, must make out a
ruse of wuilly lie) ond u reasonable doubt.
Counted lor the defense will call attention to this
latest decision, and ask Judgo Cox to charge thu
Jury to that ellect.
Just ns Mr. beovllle was about to resume his ar
gument Gulteau broko out, with considerable
Ychcmeiirc, and shonted, " Something has been
laid hereabout politics, ond I wautto talk allltlu
bout politics, too. There nru two or threo crank
newspapers in this country to wit, ltcld's New
York Hioune; to wit, MeclUl's Chicago Jriltne;
to wit, Hnlstead's Cincinnati Chinmcrelal ; to wit,
Georgo William Curtis, the man mllluer or New
York, 'I ha weather has been getting cool lately,
lid thoso fellows hail better lie oil" under tho
trocs and cool off a little. Tho only cranks In the
country are thoso fellows. They hud better Join
nd get Into good company nnd become good lie
publicans." A few minutes later the prisoner, who had been
looking over the New York papers, ealled out: "I
sco tho New York Court 01 Appeals bos Just de
cided In fat or or our theory of tho Insanity ques
tion. I thank sou, Messrs. Judges."
Mr, Scovilluellscussid the conduct and actions
ofGultcauatthu tlmo and Immediately alter tho
rshootlng, and contended that they were in keep
ing with thu theory or Inutility ; that his coolness,
ills quietly going to bed and peacefully sleeping
tha night niter the murder were characteristic in
cidents oftho crime such as would bo expected
from Insane men and only luiuuo men,
Uultcuu culled out:
"I liaio never had any conception of his re
moval as a murder. My mlud Is n perfect blank
on that question."
Mr.btovlllo read from the evidence of General
llcynulds what Gulteau had said to him (Key
Molds) Injall "Uiatwheu his reasons worokuown
to tho people they would acquit lilui without a
trial, and that ho should then go to Kurono for a
year or two."
Qultcau All I have got to layabout that Is I
never said It.
Mr. Seovlllo, continuing, said : "This Is not ovl
dencu manufactured by tho defense. This evi
dence was oUercd by tho prosecution. What tho
prisoner said to General Reynolds was said under
the belief that he was talking to a friend. Ho had
110 reason to matiufuetuiuevldeueo then. "
Gulteau It was not manufactured, it wren not er
Mr, seovlllo coutlnued: "And this, gentlemen,
Is evidence offered you by the prosecution. I want
you to take Into consideration thu monstrous ab
surdity of sneb a proportion coining from a sifno
man. as they would have jou believe ho Is that
ho could kill the I're.ldeut of lint fulled States,
nd thcu, by (Imply gltjn.' his reasons, could go
free without trial." Mr. Beovllle alluded to Out
tcati's remark when told by General lte nolds that
Arthur nnd Conkllngniidtho other Stalwarts de
tested him nud abhorred his cilmc.
Gulteau Interrupted hysaylng: "I dirt not say
any such thing when ho spoko of Conkllug nnd
Arthur on theltli or July. Thoso men nro my
friends to-day,
ami don't you ronor.T it."
Mr. Scot Mo continued with n review oftho
evidence, nnd culled attention lo various Inci
dents In (lulteati's life, arguing his Insanity in
e Idenccd by the undoubted lack or something In
his menial composition possessed by other men.
Gulteau called nut sarcastically, "Glvothcm that
dox story. It cost Corkhlll 8-fJU to get It here."
Mr. Scoelllo continued to speak until thrco
n clock, when Hie court adjourned until to-day.
Ho will probably occupy tho creator part of an
other liar. Tho counsel for tho tlcfe'iiso will, If
permitted by tha court, nrguo tho question of per
mitting Gulteau t(inddrcsi,tlicjiiry,
A Ti-lnl Incident
Miss Ocncvlovo Ward was an Interested specta
tor at tho Gulteau trial yesterday, accompanied by
n part of her "rorgct-inc-nnt" company, all or
whom, being Kngllsli, wcro not n llttlo surprised at
tho manner or conducting murder trials In this
country, viewing this ns n specimen. Miss Ward
expressed the opinion that tho prisoner wns not
Insane, but was acting n part. Sha suggested that
hanging wns too good 11 death ror sikIi n wretch,
and thought somo more lingering punishment was
required by tho hiwnorpocllcjusllco. Iftycshnd
hi en deadly weapons, tho criminal would cer
tainly bate been n dead man cro lhK All tho
ladles oftho company agreed that he w as a horrid,
hang.ilog looking villain, n proper bid releh, but
not n bit crary looking. An nniulng Incident oc
curred when the crier ripened court. Miss WanI
had In her clonk her pet dog " Tcck," w hlch, not
having tha fear of tho court before lis ccs, fol
lowed tho "Hats otT; order in court" of thu crier,
by a SAVngo llltle bark, which quite startled the
officer nml-sct tho crowd to wondering where It
camo from.
Atiotlirr An nil Tinccily In Tlinl Mlnlc
llorrllil Ili-mlla,
Lancasti r,Ky Jan. IS. This tow n was shocked
this morning by tho reception or tha news of thu
most horrlhlo tragedy Hint has ever laken plncoln
Garrard county, or Indeed In tha Btataof Ken
tucky, About soeen o'clock, n negro came to
town brliiglngthe Information that James It. Wll
mot, n farmer, Ih lug nbout two miles and a half
from Liuiea,tcr, near the Danvlllo ldkc, hnd niur
(tercel his wife, mother, nnd two
duughttrs, and then hung himself.
Squire It, Doyle, acting as coro
ner, immediately went to tho rccno of tho
tragedy, accompanied liynlargenumlierof people.
On his arrh al ho found still untouched tho lllclcM
bodyof James Wllmothiinglng In his bum. The
dead bodies or Kllza belli, his mother, aged eighty
nine, and Mnltlo nnd Mary W llmot, his daughters,
aged nbout lilnelecn nnd fifteen, I) Ing In their
beds, with ono nwful cut across tho neck nud
brenst ofench, mndo by blows from n sharp, new
nxe, found lvlng on tho floor of the room,
mid also the body or llllrabclh llmot,
his wife, l)ltiff mi her fncu on tho floor,
with thrco or four horrible gushes In
her head and bock mado by tho same inc. A
Jury was Immediately empaneled by bqulro
llci 1c. A witness, Miss Alice Cnlvln, who had
been doing somo work for Wllmot, and wns sleep
ing In n, room upstnlrs during thu commission of
tho deed, testified ns to tho main facts or tho
bloody tragedy. Wllmot It Is believed wus cniry.
Day bcforojcslcrday ho talked rather strangely to
his family, sa)lnir his stock was going
to dlo and himself and family also
of stnrvntlon. Two or three times In
tho last few elnjs ho expressed u fear
of death from slnnatlon. Ho wns ubout sixty
years old and n farmer by occupation. Ho w ns an
honest, close, economical man, and had owned a
farm of about MO acres, on which ho lived. Hu
was In pond clrcuinstunces, being wortli nbout
SS.OOO or 810,000. Ho wns kind ancrnflcctloiialu to
his family, and to his old mother ho was thomctt
devoted or sons. It Is singular that his
littles boy escaped his lusnno purpose, but It Is
supposed ho did sowhllo his father wns engaged
In his aw fill work. 'Ihobodlesorthofourtlellms,
with that ortha niurdeicr.wlll bo burled to-morrow
lu the family burying ground, 11 few Iiuudred
yards from the house whero tho awful tragedy
took place.
InroniU or llie I.onlhsmiio t)lens
Tlirotialiutit iiio Country.
Tho National Hoard of Health has received re
ports of smallpox ns folloivsj During the week
ending January 7 therowcro'idcalhs InSnu Fran
cisco, Cnl.j during tho week ending January li
there wcro (1 deaths In Klehmond, Va , 1 new easo
lu Milwaukee, and 1 death lu Milwaukee, Wis.: 1
death In HoHoke, Mass.: 91 new cncs and SI
deaths lu l'illsburg, l'a.; 15 uew cases nnd 5 deaths
fu St. Louis, Mo.
lttciiMONP, Va Jan. 18. The report of tho board
of health or Itlchmond gives the number or deaths
from smallpox last week ns 0 white and -1 colored :
13 new cases, 7 colored nud 0 white, aro reported
for three dna this week. Tho number of deaths
from thu dlseaso Is on thodccrcasc,whllo tho num
ber of new cases occurring dally Is about tho same.
The excitement In the legislature seems to bo
subsiding. Tho resolution adopted lu tho houso
j csterday looking to seeking accommodations for
that body lu somo other city did not come up In
tho senuto to-day. Tho presldlusofllccrsol tho
city council hat 0 been rcqucstcil to call a meeting
to make some iirrangement by which any member
of tho General Assembly who may bo stricken
with the disenso shall bo properly cared for.
Hoboken, N. J Jan. 18. FIo new cases of
smallpox aro reported to-day. At 111 Fourth
street Mrs. Dunning wns stricken with the dls
easo and subsequently gavo prcmaturo birth to n,
child. Doth wcro sent to tho hospital at Snako
Clciicrnl (Jritllt Aeicr (Jot I.en.
New YotiK.Jan. la Tho Associated I'lonccrsof
iiioierniurmi uaysoi caiitorniii alo tnelr scecntli
annual dinner lu.nlght nC Mnrtitiello's, General
John C. Fremont presiding. Among thoso present
were Generals U. H. Oraut, II. (I. Gibson, C. K.Ora-
iiuiut ivuius iitguns, iiiomns iv. ttwecny. Charles
It. Thompson, Mcssn, John Gault. amis H.
Welsh, Stephen C. Miissclt, James J. McClosky,
and others. When called upon General Grant
suld: "I do not think that It Is a pail of
tho programmo or this evening that 1
should bo called upon, but 1 want to
say to my Mends hero that I havo ranch
pleasure In being with them, and 1 nra sorry that
011 former occasions when I was lmjted to meet
this society I wus imablo to bo present. Kvcn on
this occasion I expected to have been in Wash
ington to assist thu President In lllllng some nf tho
post-onices.niul sowlth that expectation I sent my
letter declining tho invitation, but I afterward
fuutid that I could do that work by letter. I went to
Cal I fornla at a later date thun 011 pioneers. 1 1 w ns
In 1802 that I arrived there, nud I was astonished
lo hear 5 our president thlsovcnlng talk about how
hard It wns to get anything to eat. I round no
dlilleiiltv In getting what you wanted to eat. Tho
only difficulty was to gel something to pay for It.
but wo worried along, my friend General Ingulls
andmesclf.Hiid wu never went to bed falling to
get something from tho commissary at any rate.
Horn rr DIbiiIsIciI Suliltri-s.l
The board or managers ol tho National Homo for
Disabled Soldiers held their nuiiuul session nt
...".. l..wvl,0, . '"'", ci. jj. jiewieiiau, anil .M,
T. McMahon. and Colonel L. A. Huirls. lleforu
the mcctlugtho board waited upon tha President
and Secretary Lincoln to pay their respects and
Invite them to attend the session of tho board.
Yesterday's session was dovoted entirely to the
consideration or tho nppioprlntlon Tor tho ensuing
jcarand other roulino mailers. Iho board will
coutlnuo Its session to-morrow.
Tito Vlrelulit Lcslsliiliiie.
IttcilMONii, Jan. 1. An attempt was inado to
day in tho General Assembly to Incorporate In Iho
continuing Joint order, which had lor Us object
the election ofccrlalu officers, &.C., tho election of
auditor of public accounts, railroad commissioner,
and setcrul circuit Judges. A resolution to that
elhctwas passed In tho house, but when It came
to the seualu thuwholo point or order wns re
scinded, and Mr. Ken terry Miuscy, Itcndjmter,
moved to defer the election ol auditor and others
until next Tuesday, A spirited ricbulo ensued, In
dicating for tho first time during Iho present ses
sion n split among tho senators of the dominant
parly, 'iho resolution to dcior tho election until
Tuesday was finally adopted by a vote of S3 to II,
nine ltcadjuslers votlngwllh tho Demounts. Tho
house subsequently concurred In the resolution,
Died from Clilorororm.
PKTKiisiinnn, Va,. Jan. 18. Mrs. D. M. Nicholson,
a highly respected lady of Chesterfield County,
died jestcrday from Inhaling chloroform while
seeking relief Irom neuralgia.
-CI force Magee, cx-eherlff of Philadelphia, Is dead.
Helen, llonnle, and Pride won the races at Savan
nah csterday,
Uev, Seymour L. Phillips, oftho Wcsl"j nil Meth
odist Church, was killed bya'ndlliig trcout l.llen
burg, Clinton County, New York, Wednesday,
Haitian has arrived at Putney, Ha will begin
training on the Thames for his match with Doyd on
theTyno championship course next April, and will
finish ou theTyne.
The funeral or Oliver . Keeley, tho Philadel
phia vliclm of the Spuylen Duytll disaster, look
ptuoo from his late residence, In Spring City, Chester
County, 1'enns) Ivutilu, yesterday.
A dispatch from Paris reports that a sanguinary
collision haa occurred between Vrenrh and Italian
workmen eiuplo) ed 011 the Drives and Moutucu Hall
way. 1 wenty of the rioters w ere w ounded.
The annual meeting of the Auicrlcuu Society of
Civil lluglnccrs met In New York j csterday. Ashbel
Welsh, of Lambertvllle, N. J was elected president.
Colonel Thomas UCftsey,ol Wraahluglon, wus chosen
among the directors, 'the treasurer's report show ed
that during Uie fiscal year the receipts Were sis,.
811.00, and the expense (1430,11.
The Supreme Court of Pennsylvania granted a
writ ofhuUa,s corpus on the keeper of the Philadel
phia County prison to have Marlon I.. Dow, female
broker, In that court on Saturday morning next at
eleven o'clock to have rs hearing for d tschurgu from tho
commitment on capias at the suit of hnilly J, lhncr
sou. This Is b proceeding rarely resorted to lu tho
Hupreme Court, quo court below, No. !, refused to
dtACnorge Mrs. Dow.
Adiocstcs of the Itlglit ef Suffrtgo In Itlulr An
nual Conventlen Dlstlngulslitil hpeakers
nd Leaders In the Moicianit Pres
ent Serncs anil Incident.
In tho ccnlro of the carpeted singe of Lincoln
Hall at linir-pnst ten o'clock j csterday mornllM
thero was n small rcadlngstanddrapcd In graccfit
festoons of bright smllm, nud upon tha top was a
handsomo bouquet of cut flowers. Intharcaroftho
slngo wcro two or thrco rows or cauo-bottoincd
chairs, nud at ono side was a let nf upholstered
furniture. Nestled In one comer of tho sofa wcro
Mrs. Klltabcth Carty Stanton and Mrs. Ileltn Lk
wood, engaged lu an earnest conversation. Tho
front scats In tho hall wcro occupied by nn
nudtenco of nbout 0110 Iiuudred women, and
timidly crouching In tho outskirts wero two or
thrcu men, whoso nppenranca reminded ono
forcibly ofn lost dog. Iho chill of the early morn
ing hnd hardly gotten outol tho hall, and tho
empty tinge, In splto of tho red carpet nnd warm
maroon curtains falling on each side, had a cheer
less nppcaraucc, nnd so
waiting for tho opening of tho fourteenth annual
Washington convention of the National Woman
Suffrage Association. Prircntly Miss Susan 11.
Anthony came on the stage, nud, allying herself
with tha whispering duet ou tho sofa, Imparted
considerable animation to tho scono on tha stage.
Additions w cro belturniadc cnnstnutlv In Ihanudi-
cnce.nnd several men, with n hardihood rare to
the sex on such occasions, walked boldly down
nnd took front scats. Tho audience wns composed
largely of middle-aged women, well diessed, nud
with Intelligent, rellneil faces. 'I here wcro a lew
jouug ladies, anil tlielrfashlnnablornMumcs wcro
very noticeable. Altogether It was us good 1111
audience ns bus ever assembled oil such nn oc
casion. Here nnd thero of course h woman could
ha seen with frowzy hair nnd the wnlsts of their
sucqiics uiiucr iiieir cars, nnti snow njftouicr indi
cations uf a stroiic disregard lo iiersoual neatness.
Dut they wcro tho exceptions, 'ilia majority wcro
who, perhaps, wield moro power than nn equal
number of iiiciislmilnrlyguthcrcd, Quito n num
ber of delegates had llled on the stage nnd taken
their scats, nnd they were tha objects of the curi
ous clnnccs of thu ladles lu thaaudleuca. "Why."
exclaimed one lady, they don't wearovcrsklrts,
dothev7" tamo did not. but thero weie fushlou-
nbly-elicsscd women on tho stage, 'lhcru was
.Mr, auicucu.oi riuinucipuiu, who worou iiituii
Foinu tilitih nukc-boiiuet or iienrl crav and n seal
skin sucquc. Thcu thero was Mrs. Kllznbetll
Ueccher Hooker lu a long, elosely-flttlng circu
lar of bluo sutlu, w lib a comely Ultlu bonnet or tho
samu color. 1 ho handsomo face of Mrs. shatLick,
01 notion, una nor lasiyurcts wcrciiisouoticcauic.
Altiigether the croup ou thostngo wasn tcry ut
tractivo one, and
Mrs. i:. Cady Stanton, Miss Susnn it. Anthony,
Ciuollno Ollk-y Hogers. of New York; F.II011 II.
Sheldon (secreiarj ), Lllllo l)c ereiuix lllakc, Helen
M. Lodcr, or i'ouglikcepslci AlexlatmS. Maxwell,
orindlatinpolls; Jane II Spollord, Clara II Colby,
of Nebraska; Fuiiiia F. Cluiy, Mary Itlchmond
Drown, of lloston ; May Wright Sew all. I.aura Kit
gello, Helen M. Gougcr, of Indiana; Matilda Jos
ln Gage, or Now York; Isabella tlccehcr Hooker,
of Connecticut; ItaclicHI. Foster, FmmaC Khndes,
Mrs. .McClelland Drown, or I'ennstlvanla: F. A.
Hluckling and Mrs. Durgcss, of Ithodo Island;
l'drebo Cousins, of Missouri; Sophronln C. Snow,
of Maine; Luclnda H. Chandler, of Illinois; Mrs.
1;. 1,. axon, 01 lxmisiuua; iiarnci re. leoDinsoii,
Harriet It. Slinttuck, I .aura li llrooks, Mary It,
ilrown,of Massuchusctts; Mary I!. While, ol No-
kM.lr. IIh li.I.n IT C..A,ln..1 I'lln.t IT Cl.nl. In..
UlUBtki., ...1. tfl,W tl, Ut'UIIUIlll J.llbll lit UllVdl.MI,
Julia A. Dickson, Dr. 1'arollno II. Wlnslow, Miss
Murllla Dicker, i:ilcu M. O'Connor, Kllza Titus
Waid, Mrs. II. L. Sheppcrd, Maltha Johnson, and
Mlssli L. Wilson, of tho District, and Mrs. li I..
Campbell, of Colorado. Mr. Frederick Douglass
wus seated with Iho Indies on thostago fora por
tion of tho day. About eleven o'clock tho vener
able figure of Mrs. Stanton, whose hair Is, II pos
sible, moro lovely than ever, enmu to tho front,
nsked Mrs. Uelvn Lockwood lo lead in pcnicr.
Ibis wns dono with brevity nud terseness, 'limn
Mrs. Stanton made an address, congratulating tha
delegates upon tho progress mnde during the past
fourteen jenrs. Sha referred to tho opposition
made lu Iho Senate bv Messrs. Vest. Deck, and
others, and said that It was only another proof of
now men 01 sense sometimes iuik use 1001s. 1110
secretary, Mrs. Kllen II. Sheldon, of this city, read
tho report as to thu contentious held during tho
j car. Mrs. Lllllo Dctcrcaux Dlake, n handsomo
woman, wearing n stylish myrtle-green dress,
trimmed with black plush, nud n pair of light
colored Ilernhardt gloves, mado a report as to tho
progress of Iho work In New York State. Sho Is n
bright, cncrgctla speaker, and said that women
had not only toted ror school trustees, but In
somo cases hnd been elected. Miss Anthony then
mado nuu or her characlcrlstlo speeches, nud said
(hut tho reason she wasn Democrat was because
tho Itcpubllcnns had rcuscd to do anything ror
tho cause. Mrx. Stanton rend a number of letters
from ladles regretlng their Inability to bo present,
and after giving 11 number of notices, tho conven
tion adjourned until Ihouflcrnoou.
At tho opening of tho afternoon cession Miss
Anthony spoko utsomo length lundtoeney oftho
merits, of the bonk 011 tho history of tho sulTrnge
mot enient. edited by herself nnd Mrs, btantou
nud Mrs.Gngo. hhendtlscd etcrjbody to buy It,
and salt! that thev wanted to nrescut etcrv mem
ber ol tho Setiato with u copy, lor thero wus no
subject about which thero wus so much Ignorance
in iiio congressional miuu .miss .tniuuuy con
cluded with the remark that women roll as 1m1c.l1
degraded by tho present denial uf their rights ns
Frederick Douelus. w hoso l.ruv head shusuw In
the rear or the hall, was by tho boudago of
siatcry. men .nrs. diamine josmi uuge, 01 acw
York, caino lo tho iront, nud, placing a pile or
uiuiiusenpt euciusuei 111 tiuiucit-icuuicr cover upon
ine sinuu, rcuu 11 speccu uuoui
Mrs. Gage Is n woman or medium height, dressed
In u hniulsomo black teltct. wllh 11 kuutofrcd
ribbon nt her throat, nnd her gray hair pushed lu
Pompadour Hjlo bad; Hum her ioichcad. Shu
said that benator Hoar's resolution wus tho hrsl
gun of tha (nmpulgn against the Forty-set cnth
Congress. She nlso paid her respects to Sctintors
Vest. llcck.Morcnn. and lliitnid.ulid said that In
spite of their opposition the moral forco of their
cuuso earricu ina rcsoiuiiou. At 1110 conclusion
Mrs. Stnuton said thutshu was glad lo ba ublo to
Introduce a man to the audience, nud that, too, 11
iouuginnn. bhosald that the cnuso would need
ull tlio helpers they could get for tho next lit o
tears at lcuM bhotncii Introduced llev. 1'iedcrlck
lllneklcy, of Ithodo Island. A ministerial-looking
man came funvard, dressed lu clerical black and 11
white nccktlc, u man about lorty team of ugc.
uiueic niur, uuu u ucitty uass toice jiu)uaecei
hlsmanutcrlpton tho desk nnd begun tnpieuch it
ofl as If ha was lu his own pulpit. Ho begun with
tha axiom "that nil men nro born equal," und
went smoothly over the stock argument of the
came. Tha contention then adjourned until the
'lhcru wasn fair ntlciidauco at tho evening ses
sion nud addresses wero delivered by KlUacjcth
Lisle baxon and Lllllo Dot eretix llluke.
Ailolpll A. 'illlll' Nllleldc
San Fiiancisco, Jan. 18. Adolpll A. Cohn, re
cently agent of tho Alaska Commercial Company
al Portland, Oicgnii.sbol himself dead In a closet
on tlio premises of the company In thlsclly to-day.
Howasshort lu Ills accounts with tho comtiuuy
and had given 11 note to buluuco tho discrepancy.
Ho hud sought to bu reinstated by the company,
but his request had been declined. '1 ho siileldo Is
attributed to despondency nt his business pros
pects. 'Iho deceased was well known In iho busi
ness circles or Portland nnd tstls city.
An Oiioiu-Umihfi Humeri.
Mankato.Minn., Jan. 18, Tho Opern-IIouso In
this city wus dlseotered lobe on lira nt tweltu
o'clock night before last. All alarm wus gltcn,
and et cry effort w usmudo lo save It, but tho llanues
had gained such n strong headway that ull cllorls
proved futile, the building and Its contents being
consumed. Thcio was an lusiiranco of 1112,000 011
tho building und $1,300 on tho contents, which is
far from covering thu loss,
- --
A lEItf Fire lii lriiiiaylsiiiilii.
jEAMAYlur, Pa., Jan. 18, One of tho largest
brcakcisln Luzeruo County, eniploj Ing between
three nud four hundred men nud bojs, owned and
operated by J, C. Hajdeu A Co,, at this place, was
totally destroyed by tire lust night, together with
about two hundred tons of coal lu Ihoseliiites.
Iss, S.'OO.OOO; partly covered bylusurnuec. Tho
lira Is Bupio:ed to hat 0 been iho w ork of an Incen
diary. "llrlln of" lli Nlnuis."
rmuriKLi'iiu, Jan, 18. Kulo Muuton, a girl
fourteen tears of age, known as "Hello of tho
blums," died suddenly yesterday lu St. Mary street
In one or tho foulest dens In the city, under cir
cumstances thut Indicated palsutilng. 'Iho au
topsy, however, shows that death was due to
maiila-a.potu. tho child hating absorbed largo
quantities of liquor or lata.
ItUlns: oftliv Writes.
Canton, Miss., Jan. 18. There Is now tho highest
water ever known in the Dig Dlack Valley. Iho
railroad track Is submerged near West Station
eight to fifteen Inches, and tho water Is rising. It
Is still ruining there, 'ihcro was 110 rain soulh of
that on the Inth and 17lh, aud wo cannot learn tho
condition ot tho water to-day,
A fold H'nvs,
St. Johns, N, Jl , Jan. 18 A cold was. 0 struck this
province last night, nnd this morning tho ther
mometer ranged from 80tu2S below xero. Dy
noon Iho weather had moderated, und ut ono 11.
m. the thermometer registered Ug above sero In
thltclly. Snow has been falling all tho afternoon,
t'rucp. llrtwtten Hull 1 In nnd C'lilll.
Bl'KNos Ayii w.Jan. 17. A Valparaiso dispatch
announces tho conclusion of n treaty of peace be
tween Dollvlu and Chill, Tho conditions nru re
run led to be that Ilollvla shall suircudcr her terri
tory uIoiib tho coast and break oil relations ttltlt
A Nlnliic In Ilo Kirrlnl to Dnnlct AVclisler
-llrrlluir nt tVlllur.l Hull.
Thfilillblln mrrlloff at Wllllnnl tlnll last even.
Ing 111 furtherance oftho movement tn commem
orate tho centennial anniversary of tha birth ol
Iho great commoner by Iho erection of his
statue In this city wns largely attended. Ihcro
was grout ui-npiHUUimcui nccauso cx-ree-rcinry
lllnlno was not present. Ilcprcscntntlvo Waldo
ltuichtns called tho meeting toorder.nndpropnscd
Hon. George ll.Lorlnc,lhoCommKIonirof Agricul
ture, fnrchiilrmnn. Mr. lirlng,tn taking thcchnlr,
protecded In well-chosen tvuids to ihnruUcrlJO
Websler ns tho stntoman, tho patriot, and the cltl
Fen, Uiii the conelus'ou of Ids rcinnrks, on mo
tion of Mr.Mltan Hulchlns, Mr. William Dickson
w ns chosen secretary. The chairman lilt lied ex
Speaker ltamlnll, senator Hlair, General Cling
man, of North Carolina, and Iteprcscutnllto Itat,
of New Hatni shire, Intake seals upon Hie plat,
fotm. Mr lltilchlus then rend n letter from Mr.
Illalno ctpresslng his regret at not being nblo to
bo prccut ou account of Ill-health, Do also rend
tho following
letter from mrxtPntT Ar.TMt'ni
WeulllKn-rnv. Jan. IS. !.
My Dkah Slit! Iregrtt that other diitli-i will pret rut
m fioin Bcceittlug jour kind imltat ton tontlcnd tlio
niretliig nt tlllard Unit lo-tdglit to eilcbrntn the
rriiteiinlnl nnutteraar)- or thu btrilidav of Daiilel
Wrlisterand tu procure a statue of him furiinr city;
nn 1 sunn inup iirini pleasure 111 eiiierwiso pro.
mot I1111 tlio mirnnsnnr tour mr-rltiitf. It slmt tnrdv
Justlco that nuw nnd hir whrni WVbslrr'a eterniil
lame was won. vtoshould speedily erect his cnuiiier
Imrt 111 rndilrlnir hrniise. fhot llioso vvlm follow' us
should know the man nnwn suvvliliu. And It Is ca-
priiuiiy impropriate iivHiiOsiiotiiu no iiius iionoicsi
hi this city, bt-aiulful bet ond nil ethers, by moult
mcutslothesawho devolol their lit ta to prc-iorto
" I.lhertt-aud iinioti now nnd forotcr, one nnd in
separable." I remain very falltirully j ours,
CIIIXIKIf A. AltritUlt.
Mr. Hulchlns read letters from a number ex
Ilo said It v as not Iho Intention tonsk contributions
lor Iho statue, ns nearly tho cnilic ninnunthad al
ready hocii pledged by it number of tironilncnt men
llirougliniit Iho counlry, who had been eotempo
rarlcs of Mr. Webster. Tha chairman was np
thorlzcd tonppolntaeommlllccofscten, nrwhlch
tho chairman shunhl bu one, lo select a
model for tho proposed statue. llrlcf
addresses wcro then mndo by cx-Spenkcr
Itiiudnll, Senator illalr, Waldo Hulchlns,
nnd others. 'I ha grvMcxpntindcr was horn January
18, 1T8J. John C. Cnlhoini, his great anlagoiil-t In
political theories, enmo Into tho world n few weeks
Inter March 18, 1TSJ. Thomas II. Ilcutoii was
born Just four ehijs bchiro Calhoun. Of the
three, llciiton lived the longest until 1S5H. Cal
houn died llpd 1850. Webstcrdled In lS'.2,slx
monlhs utter Henry Clay, who was five tears his
senior. Of the lour eminent men named nbmu
only one Webster sllcd nt his homo; tha other
threo died lu this city.
AT W I ICSTLll'll niiiTiiri.Ai B.
NKtv York, Jan. 18. 'Iiio ono hundredth anni
versary of tho birthday or Daniel Webster was
celebrated to-day at Salisbury, N, II., his Birth
place, nnd nbn nt Concord, llxcter, nud Ports
mouth, N, II, j ChUngn, New York. nud elscwhcro
thioiighoiit tho country, bpi ci lies, receptions, und
other uppropilatu pioeecdlugs weio tlio order of
llosTON, Jan, 18 To-night at thu Parker Houso,
In this city, iho Marshlli Id Club held their annual
meeting, with special cxcrcl'cs In commemoration
or tho ono hiindrcdlli aiinltersnry of tho birth
of Daniel WtbMir, cx-Ma j or Prince, president
or the club, nccupj lug tho chair. 'Iho moro
prominent speakers wcro Goternor Long, Itobert
0. Wlnihrnn, Mnvor Oiccne, nf lloston; Governor
llcH, ol New llampshlio; Judgn Helens, Hon,
Franklin Hat cu, Hon. Mnishull I'. Wilder, Hon.
llyron Dradbury, Charles Let I Woodbury, John
Quluey Adams, Jr., I.everel t biiltotistnll, and United
States Senator Junes, of Floildu, About 100 sat
down to an elaborate bamiuct.
ltefiiseis n I'niiliiii.
rAiLHivrn, Mash., Jan. is Word has been re
ceived from Washington that President Arthur
has decided not to grant tlio petition prating for
the pardon of Joseph W. Mlluo, tho defaulting tel
ler of thu l'ocassct Dank,
Dosu JoiiNsn v, of Pittsburg, Is a guest at Welckcr's.
Mr. JL H.HHAW.of Tnrboro'.N. C, is'at tho St.
Williau I', ORELNounii, of Boston, Is at thelllggs
Comnfl r. II. CoNor.n, or wa, Is registered nt
the National.
3. D. IiAtviis vcivof Las Vegas, N. M., Is registered
nt the St. Mure.
Ma hat IIamiud, oftho Cluelanatl Ciimmcrelal, Is
nl the Arlington.
SI11. Geoiiok 1'. Andi iwov.of Jackson, Mich., Isnt
the National Hotel.
Mil. T. J. I'Mxn.n well known lawycrof Kansas,
Is at tho ltlggs House.
Toiiav Is a holiday In somo parti or Tne' Koulli.lt
being General .co'h birthday,
Hon. T. I'AruioNH, of Detroit, Mich,, a prominent
capitalist, Is al Iho Arlington.
A. G. Daiicock, aw oil kuovt n Itlchiuond merchant,
Is a guest at the Metropolitan.
Jamijs M. Hoi t, or (io.hen, N. Y., and Dr. O. W,
Bcrp, of Heading; Puaraat the St, James.
GkNEHAi. W. H, Hancock Is In the city nnd paid
htsiespectntu theSoeretury of War csterday,
II. Tun nil, T, A. Gallagher, nnd W. H. Allen,
prominent cltbcns or New York, nro lit the ht. Mure.
Of.nieiiai, LoMisriiKnr has arrived In the city nnd
tuken rooms at Mrs. O'Drlen's, &03 II street northwest.
GuviniNou McmiAY, or Utah, culled upon tha See
relnry uf tho Interior to-day nnd secured uu extension
of ten das of Ids leat 0 of absence.
Km roll IUtmhi.i.i, of the Davenport (Iowa) (7u
zrtlr, nnd wife arrived hi Tho city Inst night, and mo
stopping ut thu l.lihltt.
Huv. John M. Fiiam'ih, editor und proprietor of
1110 eroy tr. .) 7111 limci, uiu luocltyon the way
to Florida fur the beuelii or liUhealth.
Jiicoi.Fiii.ncii Is now performing the Ihrecfold
duties of Seen tnry of the '1 nustuy und uf l'lrst und
and isceoud Assistant Stcieluries uf the 'treasury.
HoN.GuiiionM. D011K.SON, of New Jersey, enter
tained tha members or the Appropriations Commit
tee of tho Houio ut his residence, 011 K street, lust
TiiKrccclptsfrumlntcriial revenue jestcrday wero
lti.XH.IJ; liom customs, S7.U,81il.(!i. 'Iiio niitloual
buulc notes tevelved for redemption amounted tu
1 1 1.1,000.
A ninriATioNof MI1111I Indians from the Indian
Territory Is now In lids ctlyetideuvorlng lo sccuro
legislation looking to nil ullotllteul of their lauds lu
Hint Territory.
I'.rrlujiKNrATlvnJ. II. Ill mmn, of Colorado, has
written home that ha Is not a candidate for ilia Sen
ate, und Hint hu vvlll support Mr, 'lellir lor reelec
tion to dial body.
A iiai'oiiti it of ex Senator Narnonl has published
In tho cum nt number of the LiUtui ilm a story
which, hi plot and In hljluof willing, rcsemblea the
ihler llnwlhoriie.
Till. W'uslilugtou correspondent of tho Minneapolis
TrUtunr writes to his piper Hut "the Treasury gills
uroiiKeUof Iheni overlorty jeara orage." There's
trutiblc ahead lor tluit party.
Tub Cincinnati J.'nqutrtr satsi "If Mr. Oscar
Wilde vvlll leave 1st Idles and dalTodlls unit come
West tnchichiiiatl tva will undertake to show hhu
hovvlodeprltuthlrly hoiiof their Intestines In one
Tiik President forwarded to Congress Wednesday
tho riHToniincndatloii of the secretary of War for an
appropriation of smo.ou fur n silo and flrc-proof
uuiioiiig luriuoreeorus, nurury, ana iiiiiseiuu ortlie
SurECOii-Ueiiriid'a Olllce-
Mn. I- (I. Mmitiuu, special ngcntnf Iho Treasury
In purtmeiit for the district of DaHhuorc, bus been ap
pointed supervising special njent, tleo Mr. A. K.
Thiale, who Is relieved Irom duly In cliurga or Hie
special agents nnd pine sl-on waiting orders.
A mom! the prominent persons riglslend nt Wll
lard's are J.G, Hhlpiuun, of llelvldeie, N. J., William
McClure, or New York1Caplal11J.il lluls, of Ht,
Louis, Julius J. llstcy, ofllralllilioro, VI 1 Mr. Frank
Goodrldge, of New York) Hon, Lclttnd fcluulord.of
San Frnni Iseo; 1'. Peters, of New York, and James T.
liisey.ofOUawa.Ont. ,
ANofUclal letter bus been addressed lo Itepresenla
tlvo Caswell by l'ostmaster-Geue-rat Howe requesting
hhu to suggest tho name of somo p-rson other than
Mr. Kurs, the liicuinbeiit, fur postmaster at Madi
son, Wis , as Mr. Kuiji continues to hold tlmtonicu
and tn act as n luembernf thu Htnto Legislature In
violation of tho postal regulations.
SrciibTAiivFiiKiiMiiiuYshN has received a tele
graplda dlsputeh by cable from thu United Slates
Mlnlstr-r at Paris In which ho states that the under
secretary of state thinks that Iho bill Introduced In
thu French rliumbcrs Saturday vvlll result practically
hi Iholriouliulsslon or American salted meats. He
had hopes that It would pass both houses nt an curly
Thu bill before Congress toglvotho Census Ohlco
dcrkstwdity per cent, additional pay ought to pass,
1 bu hard services oftheclerl.s.nnd tlio fact that they
did not receive as large a sala'yns clerks In other
Departments, and thin had to wait forthelr money
aoveral monlhs or dispose of their pay at a sucrlme,
cntllla them to much consideration ut Iho hands of
CaitainW. HAHoorER.of Salt LokeCTty, long
tho delegate or Utah In Congress, Is ut tha Metropoli
tan Hotel with his daughters. Hu Is 11 natlvo or the
Hastcni Bhoro of Mar land, which lie proposes to re
visit for tho first lime slnca he left It forly-flvo years
ago, Ho emigrated from Daltlinareto Illinois In
Ih-lJ and become 11 famous Mississippi Itlver captain,
nnd remained In Congresi as tho sola representative
of Uuh fer fourteen yours. He Is the chief banker of
Salt Lake City,
HkrUEHKNTATIVK rtitvitii, nf New York, gavo
another select dinner purlyluft night ut WormlcySr,
1507l8trooi northwest, Among those prcuentwt-io
jteprmcututlyes Singleton uad Hunker of Missis
sippi, Converse, Geddes, nnd MoKlnloy of Ohio;
Seovllloanl Hewitt of New York, Mursoof Mussiv
chusells.Wliltthorno of Ttitnekseo, Mills of Texas,
Dlanchard of Louisiana, Smirks of IIII110U, Deuster of
Wisconsin, Willis of Kentucky, Thonibutg of Ten
nessee. Armneld of North Carolina. Jiluud of MU
I sonrl, aud DWout of tltorsln.
Brilliant ltcrrpllons at Marlnt's Hall and Masonic
Temple-Wlio Were Present Some of Iho
Toilet 1111 of the Knights or
M. Patrick at Aimer's.
"Iiio National Itlflcs can get up a rnlu-storm
ctcry tlmotheynlteinptn reception," said one of
tho tcarlct-coatcd heroes at Marlnl's Hall Inst
night, ns ho took Iho arm or n Itircnit
cvn nltncha lo 1 licit him through thu
mass of liumnnlly that was wallrlng on
the wcll-wnxcd floor to Iho voluptuous strains
of Donald McLcnd's tvnllr, which linanuii forlhu
gallant corps. " Yes," returned tho man with tha
ulomallo pencil, "but that docs'i'l pretcnl our
nlwii) shut Ing ncrnvt ded ntlclidnuee." llolh state
ments weio true. Al every otio or tho receptions
gltcn by tho Itllles this sea-on (ho rnlu has ixiurcrt
lu torrents. Uist night was no cxecptluu, lor thu
drlv lug rain was suili as lo keep pedestrians, oil'
tho street, and only tho iiltracilou or n lllilc hop
could hat a Induced tha Inrgcnllendnnccthat filled
the hull so that In the early part of Iho cvcnlni;
dniicllic wns rendered nn rtlnrt. Ilin lints had
anticipated a pleasant night nnd hnd mado 11101 u
than usual exertions In decorating the hall.
PLANTS Of- THE ntlll.ST HIX-nllTI'sN
wcro scattered about! tall lalnisttlth their pin
nated Icatcs standing as sentinels nt odd points,
tvllllo nt tha south cud or Iho hall, which wqs
mndu tho entrance, was 11 perfect bower, rnru
exotica and hanging baskets being mingled lu Iho
mosttntterul manner wllh thu tatted plants'. So
iironise wcro Iho flora! decoration that It seemed
(hut John Small's eonerviitory mint huvo been
ransacked for uterj thing dial was ruro and beau
tiful, lings and bunting were also lastclully ar
ranged, their bright colors adding to tha ileeurull v 0
fleet. Tho cue-is weio recelted by Mrs, Green II.
lluum. Miss Mnml Uauni, nnd Miss Clark, Iho pre
sentations being made by Colonel J. O, 1. llum
sldc. Mrs. Ilntim was clcguntlt attired lu 11 blick
broendu latin, nnd her quiet gnuo and getitlu
milliner won tho ltnrts ol all nt their very en
trance. Mlssltutim Is a brilliant brunette, with
sparkling cjc-i und laughing llps.nud thu woru it
tvhllo broeudo satin, elrboralely trimmed with
rnro old laco nud pearls. Miss Clark ulso worn
tvhllo satin, 1 ho reception lusted ftom nine until
ten o'clock, during which Iho billowing
i:ci 1 1 rvr l'ltovus-Aiir. 1 ikkiiiaumi-.
was rendered by the Marine-Duiielt Overture
' l'oct and l'cnsnitl," Suppo , faiitudii, " Fu ulnr
0011K-, iiiuiiniiii Eiivuuc, -'sccrci iive, itescn;
cornetsolo,"i:xcclslor," Nlcholsnii (perlnrmcd by
Win. Jaeger); selection, "'iho Mascotle, "Audrau;
'1 lie programmo of dances Includedtwelto num
bers, which wero heartily enj..jed, thu only Inter
ruption being 11 luittsu niter tho sixth number to
discuss 1111 excellent suppci, ruriilshul by Fd. Ab
ner. ThocomniltleeH, lo whoso adorn diu success
of the entcrinlumeiit wns due, wero as rollovvs:
Floor director, Georgo W. Ilvans; Hour committee,
Willis 11. Magruder, Georgo II, DoU'on. W. 11. 11.
Kittson, and Frank K, Johnson; committee uf
niriiiigcniciiis, i.ieiucnani James F. Oyster,
chalriiinn; Jnmcs A. Sample, Clarence 11.
Story, Charles II Fonda, und F. Ji Camp.
Thero were numerous representatives from tha
Washington Light Infantry and thu Veteran Corps
pieM.nl. It wus a ninlter or general remark that
tho toilets ortha ladles were moro elaborate than
usual, silks, hiIIik, nnd laces, singly or In combi
nation, prcdomlnallng. while diamonds glistened
like dew-drops upon tho lobe 01 map) 11 fair ear
or rota und fell upon many a happy bieast.
lion. J. C. S. Hliickburn, Hon. J. u. Cannon,
Judgo and Mrs. V, D. stockbrldgo aim
Miss Slockbrldge, Hon Charles Iteed, or Chi
cago; Mr. and Mrs. Thomas li I!o-ers,
MlaLva Mills, ex-Senator Poiuerov, Miss Molllu
Ojstcr, General and Mrs. Green Jl. lluum, Miss
Maud Itauiii, Miss Mary Clark, Mr. and Mrs. J. C.
iMcuinii, .ir. nun jirs. inner, o,t liiiacn, N Y.
Xlw m v r-v Sll.u 1,.. (....11 t ' ....,.'
Jiccker, i.uiina coinies, Jtotllu Datls, McGownn
Fdmonston. Helen Goddnrd. Gnilmm. Hello i!i.
cnburg, Mamlo Chapmuii, Klttlo Cole,
Manila Cromwell, Ida Hicks, Miss Iltnlt,
ol Idiidou, England ; Mrs. CD. Ferguson, Jlrs, II.
II. Fuller, Mrs. I). It. MacLeod, Dr. S. s. Hund.Mr.
F.Z. Mngulre, Mr.andMr. J.C. Forsjili.Mr. II.
J. Clarke, nnd Mr. aud Mrs.llobcrt Lcllch, with
Miss Campbell, or Pennsylvania; Mrs. bciiiuuii,
Mr. nnd Mrs. W.A. West.Cushmaii, Floreneo Mas
scy Wllllanis, Judgo nnd Mrs. A, A. Freemnu,
Misses Whiting, Je 1111I0 l.usk, ICiitluSiiiull.lIuldu
Able, of lkiltluiure; Mfss Adclo Grut, Dr. und Mrs.
Ik-icon, Mr. Sweet, Mr. Edmoustou, Mr. and Mrs.
Dullon, Mr. and Mr3. J. H. Vermllta, .Mr. and
Mrs. A. C. I'lojd, Misses Iola Williams,
Cnrrlo Gilliam, Addlo Prospcrl, Cora Adams
Florence. Chesley, Suflell, ijmim lOilser,
Kato Williams, Miss Drllluln, Miss banell
Mr. V, F, Gibron. Mr. John lllaiicliurd of adengo,
fi.r;,J' I3.' Colc J,r Jpseuli II, Parsons, Mr. Thiiiuas
IIIIls. Mr. nnil Mrs.J.Slicckcls.Mr.'lhomas Cogan,
Mr. nud Mrs. Harry I'crirson. Mr. nud Mrs. James
li Dungs, How ard Clugelt, Mr. nud Mrs. John O,
1'iiRli, Mr and Mrs. Singleton, Mr. and Mrs. Corbet,
Charles Parker, Green If. lluum, Jr, James Hangs,
Mr. Chcslev, Scott Utile, Chnrlus Hide, Charles
H.endlev, Mis, Marslon, Misses Halllo 'iowiisley,
Lllllo MeChesiiey. Kutu Ijirkln, of Phllauclphlii,
Miss Redd, Marion Hundley, Hojt l.ltlngstou
Hello Hlanchurd, nud Klttlo Lord, ol
Chicago, Lily Fmersoii, l.uelc Murphy, Mr. and Sirs.
Arthur Hlniey, Mrs. Flsk, Miss llimutt, of Concord,
Mass, Miss Odessa Fleieu, Mr. and Mrs. A. C.
Floyd, Mr. A. T. Whllliij und Ml Whlllng, Mrs.
J. w. Giceii, -Miss Vale, m. und Mrs. Frank 'lib
hilts, Mr. and Mrs. J. F uggaiiiaii,Mr. Lniuiet
Morris, Mr. und Mrs. Juiiics c. Clear.
Mr. nnd Mrs. W. II. ltupp. Mr. li J. Whipple, Mrs!
Allcu Iigau of llbsiuu, .ilnjor and Mrs. I: N, II,
Cuiiin, Mrs. Murslon, Major Hates niuldniigliler,
Dr. 0. N. French, Mr and Mrs Hubert Davidson,
Mr. nnd Mrs. Wurner Kerderdln, tho Mlucs Ljllo
of Phllndelphhi, 'Cuptnlii J. II 'lunticr, Mr. and
Mrs. Allison Nallnr, Mrs Julius Iniguid of Nuw
York, Mr. and Mrs. linker of 'lionlon, N. J
Mi. and Mrs W. D. Wyvlll, Miss Snlllu Johnson
Mr. W. S. Thompson, Sir. and Mrs. Itobert llovd,
Mr. nud Mrs. Woolcr, Judgo Dellord, MUs Llzla
Long, Mr. and Mrs. II. O. Ket worth, Hon. II. C.
Iluiihard, Mr. iiiidMrs. Hum Adams, Dr. Cairull
Muigau, and Captain S. A. Johnson.
The I'lnlt- 1i Inf ciV Hull,
Filled wllh gay dnncers, prettily-dressed and
haudsouio ladles, floods of light, swat strains or
music, mid arllsllciilly-nrraugcd bunting. Masonic
Hall picscnled n grand sight last night, Tho plalo
prlntersof the lliiicauof Fiigraviiigaud Prlnllug,
who teem to display food tnilo not only lu their
work, but also lu mailers nf so
cial enjoyment, gavo their tenth an
nual ball there, and tho disagreeable
rnln-slorm proved no detriment to tha attraction
of tlicoi'coMon If ono may Judgo fiom Ilia very
largo attendance, l'istorlus hand excelled Itself
In discoursing Pleasing strains or music, mid W.
W. Wonii, or 72I SIMh street northwest, took good
and abundant euro of the Inner num. 'Iho com
mittees desert cgrcnt commendation lor llielr sue
cess In Ibis aflulr. They wero arranged us follow ki
Master of ceremonies (whllu suilu wllh gold),
Janus It. Fuellsli! floor mnunuer fnold star nm
tassels), Fdvv ard W, Mooro; nsslsluiiis (slltcrstar
and tassels), Itobert Dullon, Charles II. Long, W III
lam Logruft, Oscar Ford, Calhoun Murr, Simuel
It Pole, lfcutzliig P. Krotise, J. S. Couwuy, Jnscpli
D, Hums, Charles II. ltaudall, William l'.mun,
Hnrvet-W'. P. Hunt, aud Wlllininl. M,.U-inV,.e
commllleo of arrangements (bluo jlbbonj, Will,
him li Llllle, chlariniiii. Georgo II. .Sultiuor, sec
retary; Nicholas N- Hllc), treasurer; 'Iliomns
Smith, John W. Gray, P. J. llnlljau, i:d'nr Huki r,
Frnuklln behoyer, Wlllhiiu Kearney, John limit
iniiyer, James lluiilor, John Hawkins, Peter Mc
tllrr, I'dwuril C. Moore, and Cornelius J. Fulton;
reeepllon eoinmiilco (while ribbon), William
Mocuin, l'.ntcno ltcttcs. Georgo F Oinerly, Daniel
J, Lngitu, aud John Murray. Tho milters nro:
President, Jnmcs It. lhigllsh: vlco-prisldent, Will
lam ll.bkerrett; scorcturj, lCugcno llcltcs; treas
urer, Actaur Hinall.
Mrs, Dcsslo Itllcy, thu Misses Mamlo nnd Joslo
lllley, Joy, Kalu Collins, Flla Tunp. Magglo Kelly,
Mary Faglu, Mnltlo Mucc, Delsundorller, Mrs, J.
W, Lftwcrall and daughter nnd Mrs. Mead, Mr. and
Mrs. J. McGiiwan, Mr and Mrs, A. Scale), Mr. aud
Mrs. J. Strnpn. Mr. and Mrs, N. Itllcy, Mr. und Mrs.
J. D. Hums, Mr. nud Mrs. Julian lapp, Mr. mid
ami Mrs. Julian lanp, Mr. mid
lev. Mrs. Salllo K. llattlc-an. Mr.
Mrs. r. 11. iirouicy, Jirs. samo k. Haillgan, Mr.
and Mrs. O'l'ray and Miss Nelllu O I'rav. Mrs.Tav-
lor, Mrs, and Miss lllacklock, Mr. nnd
Mrs. Charles Fox, Mr. and Mrs. Haw ner,
Miss Kiln Vondelhler, Miss Stella Smith, Miss Mag
glo Smith, Miss Floreneo Sinllh, Miss M. MiC'or
mlck, Miss JeiiuIoFrmikllu,, Miss W aide, MltsNcl
Ho Dcncennf New York, Miss l'lorencoCox, Mlses
Kiln aud Mllllo Skcrrclt, Miss Ward. Miss Mead,
Mr. and Sirs, 'Ihomas ltogers and Miss Georgia
Hogc'is, Mr. and Mrs. John Hodges und Miss
Hodges, Mr. and Mrs. Peter McCUrr, Mr. and Mrs.
Wlliram II, Slociun. Mr, and Mrs. William Lncriitt,
Mr, and Mrs. Charles Long, Mr. and Mrs, Alexan
der taiur, Mr. nnd Mrs. Dunlil Conner, Mr. and
Mrs. It. Dulton, Wr. William Dulton and diiughlcr,
Mr. nnd Mrs. CI. II. Ballmer, Mr. mid Mrs. William
Waddliigton, Mr. mid Mrs. John Ould, Mr. and
Mrs. James Curr, Mr Jllchnrd Sommcrs aud Miss
Lovvrle, Mr. ami Mrs. J. U. White, Mr. nud Mn. O.
Cuburu, aud Mr. and Mrs, F. lsham.
Tlio Klllallls ntM. I'lldletiS Hull,
Tho eleventh nniiual ball or tho Knights or Ft,
Patrick look place last night atAbuer's Muslo
Hall, and as usual tho friends of this optilar or
ganization turned out and Idled tho spacious hull.
Dancing begun at 11I110 o'clock and was kept up
until n Into hour, and a few of tho Irish organiza
tions of Haltlmore werorcpicbcntcd, Thosucciss
ol tha ball was duo to tho ellorts of tho following
committees: Master of ceremonies, John F. Kelly,
commander 1 bullet master, First Deputy M, It.
Welsh) assistants, Itobert McDonuld anil M G,
Walsh, Floor committee, Itlchard Curtiii, Daniel
Connor, John Curtlu, William J. Walsh. Thomas
Coakley, J. T Clark, P. V. Kigali, V. F. McAullllu.
llecoptiou committee. Third Deputy Thomas
Foley, James C, Itcagau, Florrenco Shannluin,
Patrick Moore, Hugh Murphy, Kdward Corcoran,
Itlchard Llstou, I' II. O Council, John Mauulx.nnd
Jamcsltivii. Committee on door, Second licimsy
Sllchacl llnrrlgau. Morris Fitzgerald, Dennis Me
Kncrtiey, Michael Shtigarue, John 1), Johnson,
'1 bonus Dcguey, John Morgan, F.ugeuo Svvcoiiy,
Thomus Caruhur, John Fitzgerald, and W. J, Ii,
Iann'siIsTrw ftcimlorn.
DraMoiNU, Iowa. Jan 18, Tha Joint session nf
tha Legislature to-duy formally declared thu elec
tion to tho United States Seuuta of James F, W llsou
for thu lung term and J, W, McOlll for tho short
ltrmiloii of Iiio (Irniltmlrsi nnil fflmlenlA
isl ttu lliiltllllou llnnsr.
Tha seventh annual reunion nnd dinner of the
Dartmouth Collrgo Association lu tho lllslrlrtof
Columbia took placo at tho Hamilton House, a
modest and quiet lllllo hotel, which Is acquiring
an envlnbla reputation fur Its excellent cuisine.
Tho reunion was set for January IB, ns a commem
oration ofthfl centennial birthday of Daniel Web
ster, una 01 iiarimouins incise noiioicii sons, inu
association met shortly nf.cr six o'clock,
nnd after exchanging friendly grecllucs,
re-elected tho nfllcirs of Ilia past jenr, linen
new nrrls.nl from distant plncci brought
scores of Inquiries nfler absent lilend-. Shorlly
bcfuiu eight o'clock Ihccompnuv vvnslnvlud lulu
tlio elegant dinning hall 01 the Hamilton, and
seated around the festive board, Over Iho head or
the labia was suspeiidid nsplendld picture or
IMlilel Websler, lu which frequent refeienco was
inndu In thu speeches that followed thu Uniting
bill of hire, which wns ns choke nnd select meter
graced a colleaa banquet Fvery dcllcnev that
could tunpt the pnlnto wns presented, while Iho
cheer of the best or wines wns not wanting. After
the elegant repast had been sulllclcntly discussed,
TOtT1 WERE ANNOlwrn as liil.lows:
" The occasion w lib h tv 0 ecle brute, tho centennial
of iho birth of Wi Inter, mining so closely upon
Hint of our Nation's birth, n minds us with pe
culiar force nl howiniieh he did to preserve iho
Union: to deepen mid broaden tho channels of
our national life, In secure pcncuaiidptnspcrily at
home, and to catisu tho ' gurgcoiis ensign of thu
Ilepubllc' tuba know 11 ami honored throughout
the earth." Desponded tu by thu Hon. Osslau
li Kay, member of Congress from New
llmnpslilrc, lu nn cxlicmcly happy telu. "'As Web
ster said of Washington wo mny well say of him,
You do well to cull (o memory his services, to re
vivo Injour own bosoms his lot oof liberty and
order, and tn draw lu palilotlo Inspirations from
his prim Ipla mid example.'" lies pause by Colonel
(Icorco Kent, who read 11 inein that wns listened
to with great Mention, "it Is, sir, ns Ihntosald,
a small college, and yet thero nru those who lota
II. Sir, Ikuuw nut how others may led, bill ror
m self, tv hen I sea my alma mufcr surrounded Ilka
Cusar in tho Scuala house by those w ho aro reiter
ating slab upon stab, I would not for this right
hnud liata Iter turn tn 1110 and say,
'IX la qvoque, Mrri (And thou, too, lay
mi I)'" llci-poncicd to by Hon, Nelson
Dluglcy, Jr., member of Congress Irom Maine.
"Tho I'hvslelan: lu the height uf his raving
Ihuphtslchiii who was present said tn others that
he could II nd nothing thu matter with thu man,"
(from Webster's speech III defense of Novvstun).
Dr. Godding rcspniuUd to this. "Thotiiichcrutid
thu common- school: Ou the diffusion of cdiirullon
iiiuong iho pcopla rests the preservation and per
petuation nt our frca Institutions." Responded tu
by J. Onuoud Wilson, of the class of 'W. "OujoU,
toting men of tho Ite public, thu hopes of
tho Independence, thu Union, tha honor
or tha country cntltely depend". De
sponded lo by Fdward N. Pearson, class of '81
"The Ladles: It Is in the Inculcation of high
nnd pure morals Hint In n tree Republic woman
performs her sacicd duty mid fullllls her destiny."
General Mussey, ( f the elnss 'M, mndo thu responso
tu this In 11 witty nud eloquent address. Thu an
nouncement that Webster s monument lu Wash
ington was mi ussursd fact whs received with ap
many who hold high positions lu this city both
us profcs-lonul men und iilhcers or iho (lotcrn
incut. '1 ho rollou Ing members ol thu assoe I11II011
participated In Iho oplparnns feast: Colonel
Georgo Kent, 'It: Ilcv. Ilotal Parkinson, '-li: Olio
C. Wight, '42, Colonel J. W. Drcw.'il; J.SuIlltan
llrown.MS, Amermni Hodges, MO; N. S. Uncolii,
M. It, 'fill, llev. David llreinner, 'fid; J. Orniond
Wllsun,'fjO;J. II. Poison. 'M; General Charles li
G. II. llrooks, 'Oil N. P. Guile. 'G: llr. lit: Mnr.
rluniCI; Henry A. Ilaren, '71; li H. Fowler, '78;
A. F. Andrews, 78; L. A. bmltli, '711. A. S. Ilrovvn,
'1;F. lt.Lnne, '8l,i:d N. 1 1 arson, '71: Walter it.
Patterson, 'W, Itlchard llotey, ' ofi; Hon, Osslau
llay.M. 0 Irom New Hampshire; J. It. Dodge,
Georgo II. Chandler, V), ut Haltlmore, ami N, C.
Hruckctl, 'CI. The oitleers elected wero General
John Futon, president; Iter, ltoal Parkinson and
N. S. Lincoln, M. II., tlce-proideuls; S. It. Hand,
secretary und treasurer, und Ueneral It. D, Suis
se, historian.
or ft l'nlllleiil Xalurr, IV11111 Iho Cnpllol
nnil IIImch tiers.
Mr. UpdegralT, chairman nf tho Commllleo on
l-dlicatlou and Labor, says that tho commltteo
will probably agrco on a reportj-elatlva to Chlnesu
Immigration nt Iho next meeting.
I. L. Ward, or New York, nppenred boruro the
Houso Comtnlllec on tho Judlelury )cslcplay,aud
was heard on behalf of thu iii'Uianco coiniiauics
for the distribution of tho Geneva award,
The subcommittee or tho Houso Commltteo on
Appropriations SIcssrs. t'orncy, Ke'.clinm, and
It) an In charge or tho lortlllcntloiiH upproprla
lion bill, reported tho bill to to tho full commltteo
jestcrday morning.
General Tom M. Ilrownc, of Indiana, has Intro
duced n bill In tho Houso to appropriate tho sum
or tkr0,QUQ lo build post-oflli 0 ut thu city or Itlch
mond, Iml. General Ilrownc thinks tho bill will
undoubtedly become a law.
At tho meeting of tho Houso Commltteo ou
Claims lteproeiiiutlto Turner was directed to
favorably report Iho bill to refund in thu State or
Georgia certain moneys expended by that btato
during tho Revolutionary War,
Surgeon-General Harnes appeared before Sena
tors Sowcll, Harrison, mid Hampton, tho subcom
mittee of tlio .Military Affairs Committee, to lutes
tlgiitotho iilhiirs of tho So tilers' Home, nud ex
plained Iho past man-cement ofthat Institution,
Sir. Willis' bill In erect a monument over tho
grntoof Zuehory Tut lor, near taulsvllle. nnnru-
prlatesllvo thousand dollats"Ior tho erection ofa
suitable monument." 'I hat sum Is not cuuiigh to
erect a suluiblo monument over tho grata or thu
grand old hero.
Sir. Miller, orSllchlgan, a veteran rallwnynnd
canal piojcetor, appeared before (he llousu Coin
lnltttonu Itallwiijsaud ('minis on Wednesday ami
tiigcil thu construction ofa canal rrumsuugatiick,
011 Ijiku Sllchlguii, In Detroit, to bu known us
"Tho Sllchlgan Ciiiud."
Sir. Ncal, of Ohio, offered n resolution for tho
printing ol thrco tliou-aiid copies or thu report or
tho Gulteau trial lor tliuiisooriho Houso of Hep
rescnlatltes. Also culllngon tho Attorney-General
for Information as to suits lu tho Court of
Claims ngalnutlielilslrlet of Columbia. Referred.
Set end heads of divisions of Ihu General Laud
Olllcu nppenred before the proncrMibcoinmliteu or
thohenaloComnillleu on Public Lauds nud urged
the ncid ot 11 lire-proof deposit for tho rccordsor
dint olllce, und also rcpreseulul Iho fact that tho
Interior building Is not lurgu enough for tho vari
ous bureaus now located therein,
'Iho Houso Commllleo 011 Public Htilldlugs mid
Grounds ut Its meeting Wednesday uppuluiid Iho
following tubconiiiiillei'H! On matters pertaining
In tho Lasleni aud Middle Stiles, Messrs, Lewis,
Smith, and biiiglelon ; the Western Slates, Slessrs.
Demotlo, Cults, nnd Hubert, und .Southern States,
Mcsoi's, beiiiulou, I'ord, mid lleach,
Senator Ferryyestcrdavinlrodnccd ablll relatlta
to tho lonipen-nllon nf lellor-earrlers. 'Ihls bill
provides that nilarlcsof llrst-class curriers, who
hat u been III Iho sen Ice 0110 telll, shall bu S !,(),
nnd thoso nl second ( loss carriers tiuu per annum.
In ull cities of less than 75,00) population thero
shall be but ono class or carriers, al salaries of
850 peryenr. Provision Is made foru third grudo
uf curriers, lo hu known as auxiliaries, at salaries
of Scot) per annum lor Iho Ihu yiarnfsertlco, and
S'tio die rentier. It Is ulso provided that on tlio ap
plication of the postmaster of any ilty, one or
mora stibslltutu letter-carriers shrill be appointed,
whoso compensation shall bu tl per year and a
pro rata of ihu compeiis.ilioii or tho curriers In
vvhoie places they may serve.
'1 ho rules or tho House Commltteoon War Claims
In rigard lo tha keeping und Inspection or the
Journal und papers hava been misapprehended by
some, at least ol llioso having business beforu It,
they understanding that tlio rules ruibado any
ono save memliers or thu committee ftom Inspect.
Ing the Journal and examining thu n cords of the
commllliv. Sir. Honk, ctalrinnn of Iho commit
tec, advised a Kii'liii ican rcpresciitatltu yester
day that this t lew of tho rules was wrung, though
lite wording of una nf thu rules might seem lo hava
this ellect. Sir. Ilouk suits that nuy proper person
can huvo tha pilt lligu of examining and uiuklng
copies of nny of Iho records or thu committee by
applying to lilm. 'Iho vvordlngof Hie rule In ques
tion vvlll bachanged to express tho meaning oflhe
commltteo at Its next mcedng.
(Supervisor ofNIciiiu Vrsscls.
Tho annual meeting or thu hoard of supervis
ing Inspectors of steam vessels took place at noon
v csterday lit Iho Corcoran building, all the mem
bers being present vxcept Captain Georgo Norton,
or tho New Orleans district, who Is detained at
homo by Illness, anil General Flower, or tho St,
Paul district, who will ba hero to-day or to-morrow.
Tho super v lug Inspector-general, Sir. James
A, Duniont, who by law Is (vr-ojHeo president or
Iho board, was III Ilia chair, and Captain llyron ().
Curr, or Iho Luulsvillu district, was re-clccicd sec
rclnrynf tha board, Tho following regular commit,
lees wcro announced 1 On annual reports .Messrs.
Tower, Shopurd, and Curr; on rules and regula
tions Slcms. Conk, Cauaud, and Tower: on
boilers and machinery Messrs. Fiireubalcli, Men
thai, and Shepard; on lira apparatus Slessrs.
Mcushau, Tower, mid Demlss; on life-saving ap
paratus Slessrs. Shepard, ilemlss, and Iluruett;
011 discipline of nflleers Slessrs. Curr, llurnctt,
aud Flower; on pilot rules on lakes und seaboard
.Messrs. Ilemlss, Couk, nndSIeiislinii, on pilot rules
011 We.tctu rlvcis Messrs. llurnctt, Flower, and
Furenbati h 1 on blanks Messrs Flower, Catr,
and Tower, The first business In order was thu
presentation of ihu annual reports of tha inspect
ors, several of which were read lu full, ami tho
session adjourned at halt-past two, lo meet to-day
at noon,
WiMlneadiiy' Nuiuliiutloim.
Tho President tent thu following nominations to
thu benulu Wednesday Nathan Webb, or Muluo,
to ba district Judgo for thu district nf Maine.
Po.tmnsters Ilradford T. blmmoiis, ut Joints)
town.N, Y. FriiukJ llurrows, Wlllhuusport, Va. ,
Wilbur F. DcGollur, ilradford, Pa,; Gilbert II.
Knbensaii, Sandwich, lit; William A. Jordan,
Morris, HI,; G, D, Jueiitiess, Helena, Ark.
Mlsitllaiieeuu Iiuiilel T. lloyiuon, petition
agent at Kuoxvlllo.Te titi.t Frank 11 .Merrill, tog.
ister of land (illlco, Busanvlllc, Cat; Gurdon W,
Slctlort, re-celvurof publlo moneys, bujuiitllle',
Cat; Mclvlllo.l Salter, nglster of land olllce, In
dopeude'iice, Kan.: Henry SI. Watery receiver uf
public moucjs, lndepeudeuu', Kuu.
iioicy, in; tv. vt. conning, ji, 11, &;; General
Jiihn liton, 'il: General It. D. Mussey, '31; Hon.
N Dlngley, Jr., 'M; It S. lloiid. Wi; W. U Peabody.
'rjl. (If.i.r,., A Ltrtii VJi. f -... t ii.. , 11 l.lui... ,-.u.
Who Were Hie Hosleist ami 11 ho Were His Cslltrs-
X Stormy Time Prominent fiursts In Iho
City Other lnlrmllng Molts
-Mouinrnls In Society.
Tho receptions of yeslcrday werequllflBenenil
among thivu tvlima day Is Wednesday, and, had
they not been cut short by tho rain, would Iiavo
been hirgclyatlcudrd. Judging from the number
who vv ere out during tho hour nnd a half Preceding
tho storm. At the l.iibltl llousu Sirs. Kclfcr wai
assisted by tho lollawlng ladle, In addition In liar
niece. Sllss White: Sirs, Tart mid Mrs. and Miss
Moullon, of Clnelniintl, Sirs, N. 0 Dccrlng, of
Iowa; Sirs. , I. W Dtvlghtand daughters, and Mrs.
Itlchnrd Crowley, of New York, and Sirs. U;kIo
grnir.of Ohio Mrs, FrcllnghujAcu nud her daugh
ters, Sirs, John Davis and Miss Frellng
huysen, had a plea-nut reception and an elegant
relreshmeut table, tho most elaborately-supplied
ofany oflhe llirre places whero refreshments wcro
served, though Sirs. Lincoln nnd Sirs. Hrcwster
each provided a handsome collation. Miss Fnlgcr
recelted ror Iho first llmeas daughter of the Si a
relnry or tho Treasury. Iter manner denoted dcll
cntu health, but visitors found themselves agree
ably welcomed mid entertained, Sirs, Lincoln.
whoss receptions dlnVr from thoso of other Cabinet
ladles In being from tho hours or thrco HU six.
Instead or from two till five, In order to favor
many army officers who would otherwise ba
tumble to reach her parlors lu tlmo to pay re
spects, was assisted jestcrday by Sll-s Kiln Slurgls,
daughter of tha gotcninrof tho Soldiers' Home.
Sirs. Hrcwster nnd her ennghter received hand
somely nl Wnrmlcj's. Sirs. Hunt, assisted by her
daughter and daughter-in-law, held her first re
ception ror many weeks, sho hat Ing nf lata been
In bereavement for her father. Thu new Post-master-General
Is as jet unrepresented by any
lady of his famllvon reception day, as Sirs lotion,
Ids daughter. Is In deep mourning for her mother.
A few among tho ladles who were observed mak
ing calls wcro tho wives or Senators Logan,
Junes of Kcvndn.nnd Cockrcll. Sirs. Jones being
accompanied by her friend, Sllss Sterling; thu
wives of Representatives SlcCltire. Pajf, Ilarcltnn,
Cannon, Puchcco, with Sllss Sfabcl Pachcco; Sirs,
Dcrcudnrf, accompanied by her llttlo daughter,
Susie, and Sllss Ncllln Thomas, sister of Hepro
sc nlatttc 1 hoinns, of Illinois; also tho daughter of
ltcprcseiilntlta Oscar Turner, who tvoro n hand
somo and artistic blue silk palmed by hand In,
clusters of flowers; Sirs Gashed, Sllss StnclJiinlcI,
and Sllss Allen, daughtcroftho Hawaiian Minister,
accompanied by her friend, Sllss Carter, of
Tim .Vitcluunn-Clnrk Wrilillnir.
A fashionable wedding In Jewish circles occurred
lastcvenlngnt the lllghih Street Synagogue. Tlio
contracting parties were Slits Hamuli N oilman,
Iho nlciuotSIr. I. L. 11 on', and Sir. Shnls Chirk,
thu popular young merchant. Iho numerous
friends nftho bridal couple tilled Iho church to
overflowing. Thu strains of tha wed
ding march, under thu skillful fltutcn
or tho organist. Sir. L. II. llavden, ushered do
bridal party Into tho church. Thu brldo was
dressed lory becomingly lu a handsomo trhlto
satin dress, trimmed tilth satin, beads mid white
beaded fringe nud Incc. The ornaments wero
diamonds, 'iho bridesmaid was Sllss Kraus, and
the groomsman Sir. Clark, tlio brother of the bilda
groom, Thu ushers tvera as follows. Stcsrs,
Flshiiiaii, Nachmnu, Strusburgcr, Ham
burger, Now meter, Ilcimnn, and Kalr
ensielu During tha con ninny, which
wns performed by llev. L. Slcln, tho bridal conplo
stood under n largo llnral ttcddlng-bcll. Ilia
docorntlousof the church wero piof.no and ele
gant. At the close or tho coicinony In tho
church it handsome reception was given to tha
happy eouplo by Sir. and Sirs, lllout nt Odd
Fellows' Hull, thero wns a large nud brilliant
gathering, and 1111 elegant collation was sorted,
Attosu most: rltUkNT whu:
L. Nuclimiin, A, Herman nnd wife, SI. I. oner, of
Haltlmore, Sid: Charles Kaufman mid wife, D.
Gusilorfnnd vvllc, P. Wnllaeli and wife. II. Frano
nud wife, I,. Rosenberg and wire, S. P. Drown and
wire, of Daldmnrc, Slit; It llerlincr andwlfe.of
lloston. Mum; Max We) 1 and wife, It Kaufman,
SI I lofln nnd wife, C. Auerbnch and wile, S,
Sauistng and wile, N. lloscuberg and tvlfo,
Sir. and Sirs. It. Cold-chnilt.H Goodman and wlf.
Dr. llehrcnil midwife, William I.auer and wife', of
Hildiuiirc, Sid ; I. Saks and wife. Sir. and Sirs'.
Kaufman, of Alexandria, Vu ; A. l'rlnco nnd wife,
'.. blrusbiirgerand vtlfu, I lllch and vvllc, S. Her
man and wile, O. hherly nnd wife, II.
King, Jr., and ttuV, 1). Strauss and wire,
l. U Kngel mid wile, 11. Hauls and wtfu, P.
Salomon nud wife, It. J. Major and wie,
SIlssis Aunlo How mini and 7.lp llaxler, or Itlch
mond, Va.; MlssSIattlo lllout; Sllss SlnltloClnrk,
of Now York; Sllss Julia Nnchmau, sister or thu
bride; Sllsscs SII1111I0 and Slnrtha Knullnan and
Kmiiin Helmiis; ltenbcn und Decker Clark, broth
ers or tho groom, from New Urltaln, Conn ;
Sllss Hannah Clark and Sirs. Kriiuss, sisters
of tho groom, or New Urltaln, Conn;
Cordelia ond l.mma Levy, 11. Watson, Aimlla
and Halllo lllnlr, 11. Salomons or llnlllmore, .Mil :
Kniina und Slary II -uslngcr, 1 aunlo Oberdorfer. nf
Norfolk, Va.; Sirs. Simon Wolf. Amelia Wolfe,
Lena Holla, Paulino Ssmstag, llmiim Siimstag,
Heuiilo Minster, Clara I'rclrlcL, .loso und llunnnli
Michael Is, Carrio Uinsburgh, Molllo Schreluer,
Carrie und Salllu Ilosenlhul, of Alexandria, Va.:
Siatllu lllout, Amelia and llennlo Wolf, Gusslo
mid Heckle llchreiid, Herlha Strusburger, I'annlo
Goodinau, Ida Gusdorf, Slessrs, II. and SI Jacobs,
C. Addison, Slier blrasbitrger, (I. SI Horsey, SI.
Starx, Julius I,iiiisburgh,A, Hohrend.IoiiTobliier,
I, L. lllout mid wile-, Philip Nuchman, Wllllmii
Kinory. II. L. Hlout, II. Aider; A. Aider mid wife,
11 Italland wile, i.Gans, A. llechclmcr and wlfo
of New York, S W'oir, ( Lansburgh and wife, II.
Kaufman and wife, L. llicliuld and wile. It Nord
linger and wile, ll btrasburger und wife, II L.
sirusuurguc ana ttue, nnu 11, hitig,sr,nnii wne.
An I. leg-nut llnfeilnliimeiit.
All cutcrliilniiienttvns gltcn lastcvcnlng by Mr.
John W 'I hompson ut Ids residence, 011 1 street, to
tho members of Iho District Comtnlllces or tho
Houso and Sotiule, tlio special committee or Iho
Somite 011 tho Improvement or Iho Potomac Hals,
nnd 11 number ol prominent eitlxens. 'Ilia houso
was very handsumcly decorated with flowers, ami
nn elegant supner wus served. Iho evening,
owing to tho genial hospitality or tho host, was a
very enjoj ablu one, und thu opportunity nllbrdcil
to so manv of tho clllrciis of thu District lu meet
ill 11 social way the members of Iho District Com
mittees was highly appreciated, llesldes iho
members or thu committees above mentioned
there wns pre'cnt Senator Sherman, Admiral
Warden, M.G. Finery, Lewis J. Davis, n, C, For,
A. Ii llalemiiu, John A. J. Caswell, General Dhk
Wlntcrsmlth, John A. linker, II D. Cooke, General
bliotmnu, Georgo Il.lt While, li SI. tlullaudu i
aud others. .
I.nlorliiliimeiit isl Iho lts-llli.li I.runilon.
'Ilia Hrltish Minister gavuavcry picas ml dinner
en fiimllle at tho legation lust night. 'Ihu dinner
woii marked by that quiet nnd rehired tasto whla 1
charaelcrlzesiill thu entertainments given by tint
representatives of Her .Majesty's government, anil
was thoroughly enjoyed by nil those present. Slbs
West charmed everj nody by her giacu uf manner
and sparkling coin en-ulloii. Tlio follow log eucsis
w eionullccd at tlio board : M.aud MadamcOuliey,
Count mill Countess Lewenluiiipl, Sir. nud Mrs,
Snrtorls, Llculeiiaiit nnd Sirs, liuory, Sir. und Sirs.
Adam, Sir, and Sirs. Davis, 1'role-ssor Janus, uf
Loudon; lnl Georgo Montngue, Hon. Slr.Cado.
gun, Sir. Howard, nnd Sir. and Sirs, Story. After
tho menu had been discussed tho company ad
journed to tlio "bluo drawing room" nud spent a
pleasant hour In social convene
Mce-llntr or llie ('oniniMIrr nl tlio Itljra-a
Araecflngof tho commllleo npnolnlcd by tho
Inrllt convention or New York (held Inst Novom
lier) to lay die proceedings ot Hint convention be.
foru Congress was held tcstcrduy at tho Klggs
House, Mr, Wellington Smith, of Slussachuselts,
C resided. It tv as decided that presentations should
0 mado to the various committees of tho Houso
and Senate tu-day. A hearing bcloro the Ways
nud Means Cummltteu will be had to
day at hnlf-pa.il ten, ntnl at ' ono o'clock;
they will go before ilia Scnato Commlllca
on I'lttfincc. Iho Committees 011 Com
nerec, Piut-Olllcesaud Post-Itoadf,undolhers will
also ha visited, probably to morrow. Soma lima
during Hie day ihu commltteo will pay their
respects lu the president, and will bo presented la
him h) Senator Dawes. 'Iheionvcntloii favor tho
appointment of a tariff commlsslim to Investigate,
tho vvliolo question of tlio larlll, nud also tha
'Ircasuiy Department decisions. They lavor tha
reduction ol certain Internal revenue clinics, and
hcllevo lu protecting homo Industries against tha
cheap Inbor of Kuropc.
WollliiEton Smith, of Musiaehiiselts; Josepli
Wharton, ol Pennsylvania, John Itooiii, of Nuvr
York, J. It Grinned, ot Iowa; II W, Thompson,
of Indiana, It It Ilulloek, or Georgia; C II.
Cramp, or Philadelphia, Charles Ithlgely, of Illi
nois, Thomas II. Wells, of Ohio, Harris Lewis, uf
New Yatk; J. Ik Stevens, of Oulo, A. II Jones, of
Philadelphia; F J Kingsbury, of Connecticut:
J. J. Hirgertuun, or Wisconsin , James Park, Jr., of
Pennsylvania, Wlllard Warner, of Alabama (Gov
ernor A. J. I.lltlclleid, Ithodu Island. Dzrn Hush,
of Sllchlgan; Columbus Delano, or Ohio; W. li
Gnllally, or Now York. J. F Henry, of Nuw Jer
sey; John Jamil, ol Peiuistlvniila, and William,
ltogers, of Maine. Tho coniuiltteo will bo In ses
sion to-day. and will probably adjourn to-morrow,
A IlKiitnuiiiff Clim-cc
Among other Items gleaned b) our reporter al
tbo Posl-Oftleo yeslt relay was one rurerrlnz Ina
very daiiiaglug,wuy to Poslinastor McMIUan.ot
New Orleans. A paper bus been filed with Ihu
Postmaster-General alleging that corrupt mid
baneful practices nro pursued In that uluce. It
appears that publlo positions aro held as u matter
of barter mid trade. A certain official tu Ihu post
olllcu In order to sccuro his position bad to nnd
did pay a certain sum or money every mouth,
auurcgulliig In amount to S.HW, and still larger
sum being demanded ho refused, wus summoned,
to tbo presence of Postmaster McMillan, who In
formed hlni Hint ho hail better raako arrange
ments with ths creditor or his otllelal head would
bo In Jeopardy. An uxuiultiailau Into thu matter
Is tu bu made.
The Nlrittt Iluml C'lisrs.
Tho straw bond cases wcru resumed for n brief
period csterday, Iho tlniobeiug consumed by ar
Kiiiiieiilsurcouuseiastothe admissibility ol cer
tain bldiollered III etldeuca unit tlio Idi'iilllli i
Uuu ul thu same. Ilia court iidjouruid at U",
without uiuklug any substantial progress.

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