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The National Republican
VOL. XXE.-NO. 47.
k -
rhe Insolent Intrrraptloin of the Assassin Irstcr
dsy Scoillle's Kffort 10 Prove a " (lonrn
nunt Conspiracy" The Prison
er's llcqnctt (o He Heard. ,
Tlio number of pcoplo Hint could not cot Into Iho
court-room ycstctday was greater than llioso that
mu. The pressure ror odnllttancowas enormous,
an J lbo scntatlon of tlio day beforo seemed to In
creoso the publlo anxiety to get In to tbo trial.
Tho proceedings were not characterized by any
thing of nmoro startling niituro than tho usual
Interchange of courtesies between counsel and tho
frequent " put Ins " of tho prisoner.
Marshal Henry mado his usual speech, and, as
ho taid,"BccaMO I sco mam-hero tn.davwhn
liavo not been hero before," added, "I trust that
It will bo necessary for tho crlcr to call order but a
few times," leaving It an open question with tlio
audlcnco how often they might necessitate It. As
he delivered hlm-elf of Iho following speech, with
ft PomDOUS effort at nritfnrfrnl rffir-l. "Thn .In.
clslon or tho New York Court of Appeals comes
with so much force nt tlio present moment than
dcslro to call attention to It. It comes with great
emeu iruuiuieiLnipiro Plate, irom mai grami out
tale of the Itcpubllc tho State that scuds forth
tlio brains, Iho money, and the enmmcrco of tho
Nation. It Is a great step forward in tho law of In
sanity. Illthtrtn thn l.W hnilirMi llml Omhnrfn..
of proofrns on tlio defendant, but tho Court of
yM'iuiun, wiui granti mngnanimtiy.tays mat tho
burden of proof Is on Iho prosecution to prove that
tho man not only committed tlio act, but alto that
ho was sane at tho llmo be committed it. In tho
name of Justice, and In the name of tho American
woplc, and In tho name of tlio American judi
ciary, I deslro to thank those gentlemen of tho
Court of Appeals of Iho Stnto of New York."
Jlr, Scovllle Immediately resumed his argument,
leading from Iho evidence of several witnesses
who wcro at tlio depot and taw tho shooting and
subsequent arrest of Gulteau, his object being to
how that the prisoner was perfectly calm and
fool, and In a condition of nerves and intellect at
under such circumstances. Ho complained that
tho prosecution had failed to call lirtccttvo McKl
lrcsh to tlio stand, and Iho natural inference was
because his cvldcnco would havo becu of scrvlco
to tho prisoner.
Colonel Corklilll Wo called a man who was
with him. You say you wanted to provo by Mc
Elfresh what tlio. prisoner taldon tho way to the
Jail. Now, wo had upon thu stand an oflleer who
jode Willi McEHrcsli and the prisoner to tlio Jail.
Why dldn t yon get all you wanted riom him?
Mr. Scovlllo In reply read from tho cvldcnco of
tbcwltncss mentioned by Colonel C'orkhlll: "I
did not speak with hlm.but McKlfresh inltt,i with
him all tho way to tho Jail," and added : "This Is
ufllclcnt answer, I think, to your last remark, and
sufficient reason why wo should complain that
-- - ..-..... ,.'. litis IVII IIIIUL'IIHI UV1-
PIIPI. tvlllnl. tl-n.t,4 Itnnn !........ .. .. ,-..... ...
-...,..HiV,i num ..in u Buutin iircui-eiy mo
language and. tho mental condition so far as It
can bo Judged by iho conversation of tho prisoner
fit lilt. V.irv I ninnrilintl.nnll..-ll r
Mr. Davidgc Then why didn't you summon
tlicso wltncfcscs yourself?
Mr. Bcovlllo turned quickly and replying with
eomo vehemence or manner was interrupted by
Colonel Corklilll (with a mock deprecation), "Oh.
please don't scare him."
Mr. Scovlllc-1'm not attempting to tcaro any
one. At this stage of tho trial f don't imaglno any
one i will bo easily scared on either side.
Mr.Scovillo lead from tho various letters and
documents written by Gulteau at tho tlnio of the
alioptiiig, and in which ho alluded to and ex
plained tho act, and argued that It was r.n utter
impossibility for a sane man with u niotivo for so
bloodllilrsly a deed to liavo written and talked as
the prisoner did in relation to It. Mr. Bcovlllo
again called tho attention to what ho had beforo
charged that tho prosecution
bearing upon tho first two weeks artcr tho shoot
ing. 1 hey had destroyed tho notes of their Inter
views with tho prisoner, and had Introduced as
evidence- Just what they thought would aid the
prosecution and help to hang tho prisoner, but ac
cidentally Gulteau i (Interrupting) Andprovldenllally Put.
tho word "providentially" In. please.
Mr; 8 continued: "lint accidentally and
providentially, I might add. wo have Iho testi
mony of Dr. uung, and 1 will say hero that if tho
KS.Wllin '".J11?1; fllml argument should at
tempt to show that it was on uller-thought with
tho prisoner lo claim inspiration for his act you
n t!vo a.r'el" l0 ,alte a" thcso things into con-
Gulteau Thoy camo to my cell and tried to
draw mo out. I talked with them a little, and
.u.u uinii nuoui iho Aicity nnu my inspiration,
and now they suppn-ss all that cvldcnco. That
"lJ,a ,lie 'n'nuityof this prosecution, and God
Almighty will curse every oiicon this prosecution,
?a&.sv. .nln."' (A.U0 n 6llort P""s 'ho prisoner
added:) That reminds me to say that Judgo Por-
bono tho lord" will tako him down below quick,
anil then um ft.r rv,.L.i,ili v.i, 'iuiv.
As Jlr. bcovlllo proceeded Colonel Corklilll
h?.i J?"?1!.1 nnd na th0 speaker evidently
lns"rritatclf comments, until Anally, becom-
and denounced In Scathing terms his unfair con
duct, and Instanced his production as evidence In
this case- of a letter written by tho prisoner, and
which he Coikh 111) had Intercepted an mm
lated by cutting oil the signature and such por
IniiK.'.'.W U1URW hcnelUlho prisoner.
"A thing," said Mr. Scovllle," which was never
beforo permitted In a court or Justice-uot oven
upon thu trial of a civil suit." "uiuien
mirely, Mr. fccovllle. It amounts to nothing as a
Mr.Scovillo Well, let it be my opinion. I pre
umc 1 1 am ent tied toone.aud solsihej iry.
"ltc,ni11 ;vlihencrgy)-U wasn frlondly oflusion
Srt whel rtl,"r """ ho cut 0l" 1U0 "";.
Ah Mr. Scovllle continued counsel for tho prose
cution irequcntly nteniipted him, and a luiinlng
Pro was ku,t up between counsel for some time.
JJpon one occasion Culouel Corklilll explained. " I
Interrupted you becauso you wcro not staling iho
Mr. Dayldgo (rather contemptuously) Oh. he's
Just maklmr a llttlo capital beforo the Jury.
m l' nliH.?!,1 ""' mali"'B a little capital.
Mr. Davldgo Well, pleato make It quick.
rir,K0V"' UI,V".1C1 i ' am making a llttlo
capital hero and a llttlo there, and lain doing It
as fat as I can proncrly net over tho ground."
'iho speaker disclaimed his main motlvo us the
desire to shield this liiiin for Iho honor of tho Gul
teau family, ir, hottovor.hu could by .nlsclUnts
stay this mob Influence, which would iiishtu tho
scaffold this nsalio man this mob spirit which
Mr. Bavldgo had so laudtd-lf ho could stay "his
lullucnco unt 1 reason and Judgment relumed to
tho consideration of this case, Ihcn would hu ae
compllsli what was of still moro account savo tho
American Nation and tho American Judiciary
from the dlsgnicoof '
numtY4Nq to the oiiinirr an insane sian.
Tho hour of recess having arrived, Mr. Scovlllo
conferred for a moment with Judgo Coxa to how
long a recess should bo oidcred. Iho iiudlenco
began to rise, and Gulteau Impatiently called uut:
" Wir Honor, wo'ro waiting on you s alji't you go
lug to announce tho recess?" At this Iho crier
rahed alaugh by calllugouti "Well, come along:
we'll have a recess."
.ift?ir r.c?f?. ilr' 6c.ovlllo dlscusinl tho assump
tloi Hat Gulteau might havo been actuated by -a
Ucs ro lor revenge, and argued tho ImiHisslblllty of
such an assuniptlon from tho laet that II any
ground for lll-wlll exljtedou Gulteau'. Urt t nil
against Secretary Illalue, and, aecordl ig to tho
iuexorahlo laws of tho mind, It would liuvo been
executed against hlin. "There- cannot possibly
bo shown." said Mr. Bcovlllo, "any Ill-will on his
part toward President Oiirllcld."
kincdldmCOrkl'"l YU etcm t0 forBt that ho
W thout "noticing tbo comment Mr. Scovlllo pro-
"that he killed the rnnsinENT
as ad sanpoliited oincc-seoker Is inoro than lm
pmslble," said Mr. Scovlllo: "for had ho brooded
over some wrong of this kind something ol his dis
appointment would have cropped out.'7
Gulteau Oil, that's all bosh abmt my being a
disappointed olllco-seoker. Alter tho lt or Juno
my whole mind was on tno political situation, and
1 would not havo taken a Cabinet position If It
had been offered to me.
Looking up rrom his paper n few minutes later.
Culteau called out with (a satisfied air: " Porter Is
sick. I gues tho Lord Is attending to him."
Mr.Scovillo criticised severely Iho course of Dr.
Wooster.and classed bun with tho "Government
Tho court, at a quarter past three, adjourned.
It Is understood that Iho defeiuo will, at the con
elusion of Mr. Bcovlllo's speech, renew tho motion
to allow Iho prisoner to address the Jury, and will
ask to be heard In support of tlio motion. Tlio
effect of tbls, If permitted by tho Court, will bo to
consume another day. Allow lug two days for
Judgo Porter, and It Is more than probablo that ho
will renuliethico, tho caso will hardly get to tbo
Jury beloro Wednesday next.
Arreat nt the Coucrr.alimtil Library.
Mr. John 11. Hlckox. un assistant librarian In
tbo Library of Congress w as arrested cslerday by
W.T. Henderson, special agent ol tho Post-Olllco
Department, on tlio charge of purloining money
from the letters addressed lutbo Librarian. Hu
v.as taken beforo United Stales Commissioner
Ullkand, waiving an examination, gavo ball lu
.0O0 for his iippearance at Iho Cilniluiil Court.
Librarian BpoDord was not at tho Library when
tho arrest was made. Ho allerwaid mid that ho
had perfect conlldcuce lu Mr. Ilickox's lutegiiiy.
None of tho employees of IhoLlbrary bcllovolh't
tlicrelsamtlilngwinnjMvltli Mr. Hlckox. Alar,'u
iiumberoll Iter conialnlugmon-y have ricoi.ty
bevu mis cd, and Mr, lib kix,alougwltli Mr, bnoi
ord, John Uavary, Mr. Murrls, and otiicre, has been
trying to llud out who tho guilty parly Is.
" .
Dentil nrt'olunel J. J. Nlewarl.
JlAlTiMOitv:, Jan. 19. Joseph J. Etewart, a Well
known lawyer and urbltriuor tor ilia United Btates
on ihe tpunltli claims commissi, n, dhd at his
homo lu tula city to-day of heurt disease, aged
liny-two years.
-S- t.-s.i... s rf.ii
How the Peat la Npremllnc-IU Incrcnso
In Vlrelnln mid I'.l.nvlicrc.
Tho National Hoard of Health has received re
ports show lug that during tho wcok ending Janu
ary H there wcro six cases or smallpox In llrook
lyu.N.Y.; one death In the District of Columbia)
twenty-five new cases within ten miles of Knox
Vlllo, Tcnn., and ono caso In Omaha, Neb.
. IllCHMOND, VA Jan. 19. Tho town authorities ol
Ilecdsvllle, N, C, having nolired tho mayor of
lllchmond that a quaraiillua ordlnanco hacl been
adopted against this city on account of tho
prevalcuco of smallpox, tlio latter has responded
lu a letter In which lie says the extent or tho (111
caso In lllchmond Is not such as to Justify alarm.
There are only fllteeu cases In the illy, about ouo
to each flvo thousand Inhabitants, out! soventy
ono cases lu tho ho-nltal out of tho city, most
or which aro convalescent. Tho mayor says
from his knowledge of tho general cxistcuco
of tho dlscaso lu various sections and from
tho precautious and preventives taken here, ho
considers that tho dlscaso oxlsts In a milder form
In lllchmond, audio a less extent than 111 other
clilos ; that tho city Is tarn to visit or reside lu, and
that tho people nru In fluo health and spirits. Tho
report recently published that ninety new cases
of smallpox wcro reported In ono day last week lu
lllchmond Ivwholly untrue. Tho truth Is that,
as stated in Mayor Carrlngton's letter, and as re
ported by tho board of health, thcro aro only
eighty-six cases all told In tho city and hosplial,
and the largest number of new cases reported In
ono day Is six.
ClilCA00,lLL.,Jan.l9. Dr. DoWnlf, health com
mhsloncr or this city, says that unless tho people
protect themselves by vaccination miallpox will
bo rampant hero, and not a man. woman, orchlld
will bo safe. Chicago has enough cases of Its own,
but tho neighboring towns and Btates aro doing
their best to Increase them. Yesterday seven
tramps, broken out and covered with tlio filthy
disease, camo from other cities mid walked Into
tho health olll co. Last night JoopliAckcrmon, who
arrived hereby way of New York from Germany
by a steamer, walked Into tho health odlcu with a
very bad caso or tho disease. Ho was sent to tho
Chicago, Jan. 19. Smallpox casca have becomo
so numerous during the week as to give cause for
general alarm. Tho health ofllccrs dcclarothat
not ono twentieth oftho cases aro reported as vet.
Both pest-hmncj aru filled to overflowing. Hvo
deaths and flvo new cases aro reported to-day.
Pirrsia'na, Pa Jan. 19. Twenty new cases of
smallpox wcro reported to tho board of health lu
this city to-day.
Dobiilo ih ftinto Debt.
niciiMOND. Va., Jan. 19. Tho aenato to-day
passed the bill to ratllyaud confirm tho consolida
tion of tho Itlchmond and Southwestern Itallway
Cpnipany with Iho Virginia. Kentucky and Ohio
Narrow ' linage ltallroad Company, undertliu name
ortho lllchmond and Louisville ltallroad Com
pany. This is the bill which was vetoed a few
days slncu by the Governor, the objectlonablo Tea
Hires seth forth lu tho veto mesvago having been
eliminated, Tho bill having previously rasped
tno houso now goes back to iho
Governor for his approval. In tho setmlo
also Iho veto by which tho Kiddle
borger debt bill was on Tuesday ordered
to engrossment, was rccomldcrrd for the purpose
of further amending it. An amendment from tho
Iionrboii side, looking to tho protection of Iho ob
ligations of tho Btatu nud Interest thereon now
held by schools, colleges, academic, and other
literary Institutions, brought on a lengthy discus
sion. Tho debate, which took In tho debt iiuei
tlon In IIS Widest ranee, u-im rnntlniip.l iitiltr n.l.
Journmcnt without action on tho proposed amend-
Tho Sliiimo orvirglnln.
PETEnsBrnci, Va., Jan. 19, Gregory Stcrnonl, an
Italian merchant of this city, was convicted In
the Hustings Court to-day for receiving and sell
ing manufactured tobacco, knowing tho samo to
havo been stolon. The Jury found Iho accused
guilty, and the couit sentenced him to rccclvo
twenty stripes at tho publlo whipping-post. Ho
was ably defended.
Tlii-re Jlen Ilmigod by n aiiib.
Seattle. W. T Jan. 19. James Sullivan and
1111am Howard wero arrested hero yesterday for
the murder olGcorgo It. Reynolds, a young man,
whom they waylaid and shot Tuesday night. Tho
prisoners wcro taken beforo a magistrate yester
day tor a preliminary examination. Thoevldenco
of their guilt was mtst concluslvo and Intense feel
lug was displayed against them. Atthoclosooflhe
examination tlio comniittco or safety forced their
way into tlio court-room, and, overpowering tho
officers, look Sullivan and Ilowardashortdisianco
from tho court-houso and hanged them. Their
bodies wcro left suspended, and the crowd, num
bering four hundred portons, proceeded to tho
county Joll, and, overcoming tho guards, they
broko down tho door or the cell In which licnja
mln Payno was confined for the murder of Polico
Officer fccars. Payno was taken to the place where
the bodies of Suluvanand Howard were suspended
and thcro hung. After hanging fortomo tfruo tho
bodies wcro cut down nud given to the coroner.
The commlttcoofsafety havo issued a. notlco that
person guilty of highway robbery In this clty.ir
ai rested, will suffer tho penalty ol death In a sum
mary manner.
l'lvo l'cmoiim llnrnrit to Ilrnlli.
St. Loi'ii, Jan. 19. A special from Clinton, Mo.,
says: "Tho house of Georgo C. Smith, at Lewis
five miles north of here, was burned at three
p clock this morning, and ilvo of tho inmates per
ished viz., Elizabeth Smith, aged seventeen:
Itachcl. aged thirteen; lUIa.aged six: Theodore,
aged sixteen, and tho mother, aged forty-three.
The fire is supposed to havo started from clothing
hanging by tho kitchen stove, or from a coal oil
explosion. Mrs. Smith wns tho first to awaken,
when sho aroused her husband, who madu his escape-
Willi tho llltlo glrlcf ano'ghbor.who was
staying thcro fur Iho night, i.mi ono of his own
daughters, aged about eight. Smlthnnd his daugh
ter wcro seriously burned. Tho houso was a story
and a half structure, and tho larally wcro all
sleeping lu tho sccondHory. Mr. White, who was
a suitor or Lllzabeth Smith, was at tho house nftcr
one o'clock, and thinks tlio flro caught In the
kitchen. Miss Ernlth was to havo been married
In n few weeks. An Inquest was held and a ver
dict rendered In acenrdaneo with the abovo fact.".
Mr. Smith was employed by thoOsago Coal aud
Mining Companv."
A IlrenllitcisHllciirc In Court.
Catlkttsiiiiro, Ky Jan. 19,-Sterllng Clbonra,
brother or the murdered children, and an ex
tremely bright boy or eleven yean, was called to
the stand to-day in tho trial oftho mutdcrers. Ho
recognized the blood-stained axo o tho ono he
bad found, and said that when he left home on
the night or Iho murders tho axo was left In tho
Place where Ullis wild It had been picked up by
tho rnurdercrs. Ho recognized tho crowbar alo.
During tho examination or tho boy a breathless
.iimi.uivii ujti.ii vuu uuuieuce. j no prosecution
rested its caso nt three o'clock, and tho court ad
journed until Hint) o'clock In tho morning to givo
the defenso llmo for further consultation. Nenl's
counsel thought tliutby consultation ho would bo
enabled to discharge two-thirds or his witnesses
nnd expedite matters thereby.
IllYCfltlciltlllg- lllO Cllllkc.
Nw York, Jan. 19. Coroner Merklo and the
Jury empaneled to hold tlio Inquest on tho bodies
oftho vlcllmsiifiho late uillroad disaster at Bpuv
ten UiiyvU to-day boaidcd a train tit tlio Grand
Centra! denot and nroreedM in thn iwnnnr n...
accident, w here they made n careful inspection or
i J "i: ""!," uijive.niiu were given a clear
Idea or tho position or tho cars and other matters
which will aid them n their duties.
Cniitiirliiir n I.lriilriiniil.
Denver, Cou, Jan. 19. A special dispatch rrom
Fanta lo says: " Lastwcck Lieutenant McDonald,
who has been scouting along tho southern bonier
with twenty scouts for tho trail of Nana and hU
Apaches, eios-cd tho border Into Chihuahua, and
was arrested by tho Mexican authorities and taken
to ChlhnauhaClly for trial ror the Invasion. Tlio
facts havo been reported to tho War Department."
AMIIIInry It I lie Mill rli.
New York, Jan. 19. Tho secretary or tho
National Utile Association, U. B. A., has received
tioin II. Bt. John llalford. chafrmaii of thn suh.
roniinlttco or tho Notional ltlflo Association or
ureui uniniii, me proposed lorras lor a military
match between the National Guard, U.S. A., and
the volunteers or Great Ilrllalii, the match to tako
place lu Wimbledon in July, IMi
-Chicago Is about to Issuo tmoooin tmnliwir
bonds, tho rato or Interest lo be i or t per cent.
Niagara Palls. Out.. Is makliiE an oflbrt to semira
the proposed World's Fair, lo be held In Canada In
-Bharrenberg-a Hotel, at Mount Clair, near thn
Greenwood Lake (N. J.) railway statloa, was burned
to the ground Thursday,
William Bnilth was fatally shot bv hli lf ni
Mount Joy, N. J., asmall vlllago Delow rilegelsvlllf,
on tlio Now Jersey side of Ihu Delawaro Itlvcr. Tho
woman was of unsound mind.
W. Plummer.a flour merchant of Mlnneanolla.
Minn., committed sulcldo at Ihe Dauvcrs Insane
asylum, Massachusetts. Tlio body will be sent to
Manchester, N, H for Interment,
Dr. George II. Lainsou has been committed for
trial In the Central Criminal Court, London, on the
charge of willful murder In causlux the death or Percy
.i, woun, nia uruiuer-in-iaw, oy poison.
-Ex-Governor II. K. Scott, or South Carolina, al
Napoleon, Ohio, has, by the payment of 1500. coninro-
mined a suit for IIO.OOO dunnages brought by the
mother o! Warren J, Drury, ibe boy whom Governor
Scott killed.
Tho strugglo between the Patllson and Ludlow
ructions. In Philadelphia, for delegate to tho Demo
crats Elate Convention to nominate a candidate for
Governor has been very bitter to-day, the Pattlson
people, however, capturing nearly alt the regularcro
dentlals oftho senatorial delegates.
Tho action brought by Dr. Edward Small, of
Brooklyn, to recover 113,000 from Mr. llullenkamp, a
grocer In Montaguo street, for the estranging of his
wife from her homo and children, wiutrled Thursday
In the King's County Supreme Couit, and resulted lu
n verdict for (fl.'OO Tor the plalntlfl.
Mr. T. It. Crittenden, a prominent banker and
broker of Oridgeiiort, Conn., shot himself, at his resi
dence In that oily. Trie ball entered his mouth and
passed upward Into Ills brain. He lived but a short
lime. Tin deceased was about forty-nine years or
age, well connected, and possessed ef considerable
nifriiii'ii tl SLuL i-
A riflare or Mormon I.tml, Wlitro Ihe night to
Vole Is Aerorilcil Womtn Procredlags of
the Suffrage Conitnllon A Field
- Dsy at Lincoln Hall,
Tho suffrago convention at Lincoln Halt yester
day morning was called to order by Mrs. Stanlon
promptlyoii the hour. Thcro was a very largoat
tendance, and many were seated In the aisles. Miss
Anthony read a letter rrom Cnrollno A. lllggs, the
editor of tho ll'omen'i Magazine, of Kngland, In
which sho gavo a cheering account of Iho work
In that country.
Miss Anthony remarked that thcro was an Idea
that It was only tho coarse, vulgar women who
wanted tho right of suffrage, but this was not so.
In England, tho best ladles In tho land voted.
Woman suflrngo wns not an experiment, new as
seen by this letter, and In this country they bad
the suffrage In twelvo States on tho school ques
tion, and In Kansas on tho llccnso quetlnu. It
was said wo havo too much suffrage. Sho agreed
that wo had too much manhood suffrage. Mary
Wright Bewail leported that
and that thcro was pending an amendment to Iho
diminution of tho Statu lu tlio Interest of woman
The report of tho cxceullvo committee was pre
sented by Mrs. Matilda Jnslyn Gage, of Now York.
One ortho resolutions or tho report was adopted,
That lbo Immediate duty or the Forty-seventh Con
gress Is to submit a prnpnsUlnn Tor a sixteenth amend
ment to the National constitution, which ahall pro
hibit the several mates from disfranchising Untied
Btates citizens on the ground of sex.
Mrs. Isabella Hooker Ileechcrrcad tho following
question, which she said had been handed to her:
"Can a woman bo a devout follower of tho Apo'llo
Potil and espouse tho cause of woman suflrngot"
Sho very emphatically said, " Yes."
Relative lo Utah Miss Couzlns said: "Now for
Utah, Tho task nfdcallng fairly nnd Justly Willi
this territorial complication should never bo com
muted to tho blundering legislation of man nlonc.
lllssucccss as a leglslalorand executive for woman
In tho past docs not inspire a conlldeiico that lu
this mot serious problem ho will bo any Iho less
on unbiased Judgo and law-giver. This Govern
ment of men permitted tho establishment or n re
ligious colony, so-culled, whoso basis of f.illb was
thu complete humiliation or woman! recog
nized the system by appointing lis chief,
llrlgham Noting, us the Governor of tho Territory,
under whoso fostering euro polygamy grew to lis
present proportions. Tlint woman has not throw n
oil Iho yoke or religious despotism can boieadlly
appreciated when wo recognize) that man, Irom
time Immemorial, has played upon woman's re
llgluui fallh to exult his own attributes and de
gradu hers: that through Ihls teaching her abid
ing belieriu his superior capacity tu Interpret
Scriptural truths tor her has been lbs means or
SAcmnciNn iikr rori:ns
pfmliid.licrtcinlornd'tctlou, her dellcnto scnsl-bllltlc,oilheullarorhlsbascsclllhucssiliMiugli-out
the ages. Orthodoxy recognizes nu Inspirit
Hon' for woman tn.day. She Is not 'culled'
save to servo man. Under Its leaching her thought
has been padlocked In the name of the divinity
aud her liberty of expression scaled In saerllegl-.us
authority of Heaven: nnd nothing so clearly be
speaks tho degenerating Influences of tho nges of
perverted moscullno teaching as the- a. soluto
faith manifested by tho women of Utah lu this
ipiedlilt of man's religious doctrine. Their email
clpntloti must necessarily bo slow. The paternal
Government allowed pol) gamy to bo planted, lake
root, nnd grow In a wilderness where the attrition
or nobler minds and freer thoughts wns Hotkiiowii.
Theycamu from the personal despotisms or (ho
Old World to bo 6luicklcd In a land or freedom
with tho sllll darker despotism of soul, and under
the ten Is ol tho American flagthcy have borne chil
dren as a religious duty they owed to God nnd
man j and surely It cannot bo expected, even with
that grand educator from king nud prlcstcralt rule,
Iho ballot, that nt onco they will voto themselves
outcasts aud their children illegitimate. It took
one hundred years to rccognlzo tho evils of that
twin rcllo of bnibarlsm, slavery, which they is
tablishcd, aud this solution must como through
liberty for woman, higher education for tho chll
drcii.nndtholncomliigtldoofGciitllolnimlgrnllon. Tho titling act or Justieo Is not dlsfranchlsimcut
ol women, as Senator Morgan propounds, and tho
re-enactment of. that uld Adamite cry: 'Tho
wotuoii whom thou Igavest,' but tlio disfranchise
ment of man, who Is the only polygamist (no
woman, so bir as heard from, having a plurality
of husbands), and tho stepping down nud out
oriliowx. as nlegulator, under whose fostering
enre this evil wns grown, ltctlro to your sylvan
grovesaud academic shades, gentlemen, ns Mrs.
Stanton suggests, and let tho Deborahs, tho llui
dahs, and lbo Vashtis como to tho front, nud let
us sco what wo cau do toward tho solution of your
wretched legislation. Uut sullrngu for women In
Utah has accomplished great good. I spent ono
week thcro In cluso observation. Outside or their
religious convictions, lbo women nro emphatic In
condemnation otwrong. Their votes
I saw no drunkenness anywhere; the poison of
tobacco smoko is not allowed to vittalo thonlrof
heaven, cither on the streets or In public assem
blies. Their court-room wns a model or neatness
uud good order. Plants wero In tho windows and
handsomo carpets graced tho lloor, unstained by
tobacco Juleo or unniarred by tlio bushel-basket
spittoon. During my stay tho datighlcr of a Mor
mon, the then udvocato-gcncral of tho Terrlloiy,
was admitted to tho bar by Chief Jusllco McKeuii,
or the United Btntcs Court, vthn,!u fitting and
bcuutlml language, welcomed her to tho profes
sion as a woman whoso knowkdgo or tbo law
during tho three years Intercourse ol" himself wlih
her father's official duties lilted her to bo tho peer
of any man In his court. Sho told mo that she de
tested polygamy, but felt that sho could render
are atertervlco to tho emancipation Qf.liur six In
side of Utah thnn out. At midnight I wandered,
with one or my own sex, about (he strcoU lo t.-it
the assertion that It w uj an imc- fur woman then as
at mid-day.
rent the air ; no man was seeu reellngjn mandllu
Imbecility to his home or lu brulal frenzy aiming
a pistol cr kulfe at his brother. No guardians
putlu&n rpe'anec save the stars above our
heads , r.u cour.d awoka the stillness but tho purl
ing of Ciu .-.nuutaln brooks, which washed Ihu
sheets In cleanliness and hcjiittv. What .itimiwm..
on mis continent can present such a showing?
With murder for mun and lupluuuud un-ulety lor
woninu continually exhibited where mun idoiio
Is iiiuker and guurdlun of tho luusln munlel
pulltlus outside or Utah, it behooves him
tu pause cro ho launches luvenilvi-unt iintm,..
result of woman's votes while tho multiplicity or
Iiiiiii'm t1imiD Lisili iililjl. .... .. a ... a . . .
....... -B.,. ,..... iiiiintuuBuuii), eain; i wem
Into the Temple and looked upon tho laces ol Ihe
women gathered thereto worship that Creator
wliosopurpos.es for her has been so foully mlslu
lerprelcd tliroughoutthogencrntlons. A dlvluo pity
tilled my soul, lor hero I saw, as nuver before, the
resultant cllcct or generations or untutored minds
nnd-nncultlvatcd thoughts upon
Looking hack through tho vista of years and
down tbo generations of n Christian era, I saw no
colleges for her, no universities or lenriilng.uo
wells of knowledge lu Iho past Irom whence to draw
tho Inspiration lortholuture, no Joyous luvltnllou
inpartaka of Iho rich frulwof wisdom, but tho
paraljzlug dogmas that veiled the mind uud
crushed tho thought, and oven In richly dimeud
New England bar the doors or Harvard, Yule,
Columbia, with 'Drains all pro-empted by thu
Adamites and the right of way foreclosed.' And
licio, In thcso far-away mountain fastnesses,
my sisters had come, dowered wllh tho
wrongs or Iho ages In tho Old World,
lu brcntho the air or Irecdoin In the new, uud lor
this bread orilfo man had again Imposed a stone,
nnd Justice, with her scute and tlio snoul, sui ie
venued lu tho men's and women's faces. Hut,
with It all. women has made that desert to bios
bom as the rose; while dwelling within Iho
shadow or Intellectual darkness sho hath yet
shown the caiuibilltlesofhcrsoul. Shall wo.thcn,
that feebly glimmers In her baud aud cast her
back Into tho darkness of man's guidancor Nsyl
Itnlhcr let us say lo her that liberty shall bring Jin
lice, Justlcu shall bring tho light.l light shall
pierce tlio cloud.!, and all thu liillulto diversities
of beauty and pure religion shall spring Into be
ing rrom out Ihe llfe-glvlug radlancu ol true free
dom, 'it Is not for an abstraction that men have
lolled aud died, that in every age tbo witnesses or
liberty have stood forth aud ihu martyrs or liberty
have suffered.'
not for wealth or fame or honors have tho pioneers
of my own sex endured tho Hro and sn ord nud
scalping. knlfo of publlo oplisjon lu the desert or
preludlce and opprobrium lor forty years, but (hat
tho feeblest ol their Llud may bo lifted up and
strengthened and grow lnto'.tho staturo of a nobla
womanhood, with all that Is 'serene, oracular,
and beautliul lu her soul.' Enact the law that
shall stop all further encroachment, but perpetrate
no wrong against tbo sex so grievously betrayed,
lest the divine retribution (ball como to you and
your children which punishes with a deeper
agony lhau any earthly tribunal."
During the session In Iho nllcruoon, which was
sllmly attended, Mrs. Btaulon, Mrs. Helen M, Gun.
gar, editor of a sufl'rago paper fu Indianapolis;
Mh. Deffy.of Vlucland; N. J.j Mrs. Dr. Wlnsliiiv!
Mrs. Isabella needier Hooker. Miss Susan P.. An
thony, and others addressed the convention,
thcro wasa very largo audience and the hall was
crowded, Mrs, Harriet It. Bhattuek, or Massa
chusetts, madu an address on " Thu Golden Utile,"
and Miss Helen M. Gougar, of Indiana, spoko of
"Tho Womeu of the Nation vs. Licensed
Vices," and made a very interesting
address. Representative Ortb, of Indiana,
was received wllh applauso and said that ho hail
voted tor women sullrago In Congress sixteen
years ago. llo vmpllincntcd Mrs. Gougar and
said that tho .uFtanco or his Ideas on nils sub
ject could bo condensed as follows: "I have no
respect for a man who will claim aright which
he denies lo his mother; wife, or daughter." lie
ferrlugto tho prom ess of tho movement In In
dians, he said It was extending to ench and every
section of tbo Stale, and Indiana will not
tako a bnck step, Out or tho two
hundred paper published la that Slate
thero wcro only twcnlyft which now
opposed suffrage ror women. The others warmly
and at all times advocated It. Tho movement had
grown to such strength that no.respeetablo poli
tician or cither or tho parlies nw dared stand up
and deny tho rights or womiri. He concluded
Willi the prediction that in less than two years In
diana would havo given theballot lo women.
Mrs. Maxwell, or Indiana, thcurollowcd In an In
lere-tlng address. Tliocohventioii then adjourned
"hill In-day. At tbo morning session Mrs. Harriet
Hi Itobluson.or Massachusetts; Twill deliver an ad
dress, and tho resolution will bo discussed by
Mdsdamea Anthony, LockwoAd, Clay, Bewail,
lirqoks, and others. At tho afternoon session Mrs.
Wright and Mrs. Hooker will speak.
Action ortlm District Cominltlrrn.
The Seuato District Commlttco met yesterday,
Tho rollowlng additional mticommltteesiwcrc ap
pointed; On steam railways, .Messrs. luealls, Gor
man, and McDIlll on street railways, Messrs. llol
lln, Vance, nnl McMillan; on (arcs and damages,
..ivssin Aiuiirn. jiiiKur, nuti .Mrimi. jiuis were
acted on as follows: Senate bill svsa.to empower
ihu ,i.-sirjr ui .iscriisinii i.niircn lis sell ccrinill
property, was reported inversely, further legisla
tion being, in tho opinion of tho committee, un
necessary; Senate bill b27, to eifsbla the Commis
sioners to sell certain property) Including police sta
ilons.was reported favorably. Hills wcro referred as
follows: Senate bill b3. ror tbf compilation and
itnuiiuiuKui inc statutes now in lorce, tojuc
lugniis, linrri'.aim vnuco; HI, ror relief of cer
tain members and cx-membcrs or the police lorco,
toScnnlnr llutler; 819, ror tho extension or tbo
Capitol, Nnith o nnd South Washington Hallway,
to siibconimllteo on street railways; 890,
concerning tho land record and a pelltlon rclat
lug thereto, tu Senator McMillan. The same rcf
crcneo was mado or Scnnto blll.8M, to amend tho
Incorporation net of tho National Bare Deposit
Company. .y
The Homo District ComnilrAjti" met In regular
meeting yesterday, and took up tho bill ror the
reclamation of tho PotomaoFlstt. Aftcrsomodls
cusslon tho bill was rccommllM U Iho subcom
mittee on tho Judiciary, coi.Tposod of Messrs.
Urncr, Pierce, and Garrison, to Investigate and re
port on Its legal aspects, Including tho Kldwcll
patents and other claims to property lu be dlnclly
affected by the operation of tho bill. On motion
of Mr. Casldy, Iho Hon. i:ppa Hiintou,
General A. (1. Kiddle, and General Wrncy
wero Invllcd to nppcar bcroro said sub
committee on Tuesday, tho Sllh Instant, and
discuss Iho legal questions, growing out of tho pro
visions or tho reclamation bill. District Commis
sioner Dent lu person submitted n communlcnllnu
concerning the extension of the Washington and
Georgetown Street Uiillivnv. wlili.li u-nu liilrau mi.
der advisement for further consideration. Tho
tuiuiuiniieuuoii mvnrcu mo. proposou extension.
Dinner by Hie Necrelhr.T rNliitr.
The M)bflmicl of Wnshllletnll h.is hcri'lnfam 1,.in
" 1 ho City ir Magnificent Distance," but It might
nowbomnro flltlngly termed "Tho City of Mag.
nlflcent Kiitcrtninmcnts." As evening succeeds
usciiing, nance nnu iiinncr unlaw each other III
rapid succession, each host trying to outvie tho
other In tho splendor of his display. Secretary
Frellnghuyscn g.ivo a very elaborate dinner last
night to a select few. Tho table looked beautiful,
with Its sparkling ware and choice unworn, lu thu
fcnlro being an claboralo speclinon or Small's art.
ltesldes tho host, tils cliormlng wife, nnd their
daughter, Miss l.tiev, theio were present Secre
taries Lincoln and Hunt, cx-SccrclaryHvarts, As
slsiant Secretary or Mate Ifcii crort Davis and wife,
Mr. George Unicrofl, Senator and Mrs. Pendleton,
MI'S Turnliiill, Pnstinasivr-Gcnornl Howe. At
tiiriicy.Geiicrnl llicwslcr and wire, Senator HI.
munds nnd wife, Hon. John A. Kasson, Mrs. Stew
art, Mrs. Wadsworlh, mill Miss Howe.
I'ntxnlti Arllmr'H Unlet Dinner.
Captain Arthur nnd wife, or tho Hrltish Lega
tion, gavo a vcrv charming dinner pnity last night
nt. W ormley . Those iircsent besides tho host and
his lovely wife wero General nnd Mrs. MoKcovcr,
Commodore nnd Mm. Temple, Mr. and Mrs. Irving,
Mr. and Mrs. Adams, Captain Dewey, nnd Lord O.
l:eiireiitiitlvo(riIiriis' Dinner l-nilj-.
Hon. A. II. Stephens, of Gcorglu, gaven dinner
ton party nf friends, consisting of liuu. I- Spenr
and wife, Mls-Spear, T. K. (btlcbv.nl Georcln;
Mr. and Jlrn. Johnsnn, orSnviuinali; Mr. and Mis.
Uittlcr. of Washington, and Mr. Y. Martin, last
evening at tho National HcUd.
Tlim-sitny'a Cniillrninllnna.
Tho Scnnto on Thursday confirmed Seidell Con
nor, to bo pension agent at Augusta, Mc; Third
Lieutenant Georgo lielan, or New York, to bo
second lieutenant In tho ltcvcntin Marino Service;
and tho following postmasters; II. V: Simmons, nt
Johnstown, N, Y.: W. ll.Oaller.nt lt'iidtord, Pu.:
P. J. Durrows, at Willlamsport, Pa.; H. P. Walton,
nt Stroudslmrg, P.i.; Georgo Mlddnur, atWuvncs
burg. Pa.; 0. II. Itobcrtsnii, ntsandwlcb, III.; W. A.
Jordan, nt Morris, III.; I). Hnrtnn.at Penlonvllle.
Jllrh.; g. S. Clny. nt Purls, Ky.; and C. V, Wood
cock, at Morgan City, La,
Itnr-iliic or n ClrriK-TrrrlbUs Nlghl.
Pestii, Jan. 19. Newa has been received hero of
tho destruction by Hro of tfio".1rcus Krcmsler, at
lliieharcst. Tho ilamcs spread so rapidly that It
was with the utmost difficulty that any who wcro
In tho establishment when the lire broko out
could escape, uud when It wns under control
tho discovery was mado that many men nnd
horses had been burned. Intenso excitement
prevailed during the conflagration, tho horrors of
which were added to by Hie tearful struggling and
howling of the beasts In tho menagerie opposite to
Ihoclicusluelosiires. Many or the beasts were ter
ribly scorched by the heat, and mndodcspeintoby
their efforts to escape from their cages. Tho loss
of properly Is very heavy.
Dn. J. A. Oaukll, or Richmond, Va,, bat tholtlggs
Hon. ItieiiAim S. Hr.y, of New York, Is at tho Ar
Uugton. Hon. TlnwAniisI'iuniiEi'o.NT, of New York, is nt
mo Arlington.
IlX-fiKNAToit I'owEr.i. Clavton, of Arkansas, Is nt
uiu mas- liunse.
Hon. Lyman K. llsiw, late of lluffalo, N. Y., and
now ni L-oiorauo, is nt tno Ailtngton.
r GovKnNoii 11. M. Mattiihwh, of West Virginia, Is
n-iriMiereii tu iu 4iu,-gs jiouse.
OsCAn, tho Wilde man of Kngland, Is nt Ihe Arling
ton on exhibition, Slnglo ndmlsslon, fifty cents.
CoMisfi:t.HirAri-i:ii.orutah, arrived nt Wlllard'a
last nlirht from New York, and will remain until Sal-
Hon. John W. Canpixu. ol MassschusetLs. i-n.
tortanedtho members of tho Hoard of Tradonthls
risiucnco last night.
Tun Hon. Hen. If. Hill has sold his residence hi
Alliens, (la., which cost him 30,ouo, lu 1'roleswor
ppeer, or inotsiaie university.
Kx-novKitxiui II.(IMii.'nimicK,or Arizona, has
Decoma ino owner oi i'i, on neres in Mexico, whereon
ua proposes to culllvnto colue.
Tun diamonds nnd other Jawelry worn by Madanio
uuNiuiHL-neii us .'in ftrimrr. in ciiuier a great bis
torlcal p'ny, me valued at fnyjoo.
Mn. U P. JIoitTON has contrlhuted l',000 to Iho
uiniiioriuo proposru uarllclil Memorial Hospital.
The UnprcMAURiiila or Germany has given S'M).
TiiHrecelplafionilnleriial revenue Thursday wcro
9-mi,.r.!.,u; iiout customs, 3tuiis).ia, Tho national
bank noteii received for redemption amounted to
John Wimviui baa been nppolnted Internal rev
enue sloro-keeper for tho Hlxth district of Kenlucky
and W. V. Hlott Iguuger for tho fourth dlslrlct of
Hon. John M. Piiancis, the well-known editor and
proprietor or Ihe Troy (New York) Tlmri, left here
Thursday morning with Mrs. Prnncls Ibr home, alter
n wcck'B visit.
Haumon f.KhaiNO, district nllornoy of Tom Greeno
County, Toxas, Is In Washington, wheru his wire and
r.imlly havo been residing ror tho past four months.
Theyaru slopping nt No. 1-ra I street northwest.
TiiHCeiisuaOniro clerks yesterday forwarded to
Geiiend Walker, their latCHiiiciliitendcnt.n splendid
gold watch, chain, nnd seal as a I appreciation or
their kind reeling toward him. Tho beautiful priscut
cost nearly (100.
IION.MATIAa-ltour.no leaves thorny or Mexico
for tho United States Sunday. Notwithstanding ho
declined to bo minister to Washluctoii It Is generally
supposed ho will havo nspeclal mission regarding the
Guatemala questions.
Onk Iowa man In Washington Is so cnlhuslasllo
over Wilson's election to the United Btates Henato
that he predicts Senator Wilson will runko such a
record during 1.1 term Hint will make him a for
midable Presidential candidate lu I Si!.
Hon. OiMHLKa N.L imsoN.of Ohio, ci.lleprcscnla
live lu Congress; Hon. J. M. Isahelle, collector of
customs nt Pennacola, 1'la.i fhcodorn Hill, Williams
port, Pa., and Colonel Mark D. Flower, supervising
Inspector of steamers, arc at Wlllard'a,
Colonel iNOKiwoLL'arecepllon Sunday evenings
have become one of the fe.-vtures of Washington so
ciety. Here ono meets oillclals and representatives
oral! classes grouped at Washington. II Isannnunced
that hereafter the regular reception night at Colonel
IiigeisoU'e house will bo Saturday Instead orBuiiday
Kx-TiiKAsuiii:u 1'nEDKiiicic V- Ui-innkh has writ
ten to a bank cashier lu Caiinjoharle, ono or tbo
"dear old boys" In the Treasury Department, that
be w 111 bo an octogenarian Saturday, January 31. Ho
Is In Jacksonville, Pin., eating oranges nnd llshlug
for alligators. It is asserted that he bus greatly lui
proved bis penmanship. '
Cominiu, 1). C. Kelleii, Hon. Cyrus. T, Fox, and
Captain Dallas Lelntmcb, of Heading, Pa,, aro so.
Journlng nt the L'bbllt. Colonel Keller commanded
a regiment lu Ihe flunous Hlxth Corps, and was se
verely wounded seven times. He Is u stalwart He
publican, and Is one of Iho county commissioners of
Jlerks County, Pennsylvania, having been elected to
that position by cue el Ihelartut majorities ever
given to a Itcpubllcnu lu that Democratic stronghold,
Mr, Pox Is one of Ihe leading lawyers of Heading, and
has for many years taken euro of Ihe Interests of the
Itepubllcan party lu bis county as chairman of the
county committee, Captain Lclnbach Is an old vet
eran soldier and an active member of tho same com
mittee, They will remain for a few days, and will
be shown the slchts by their friends, assisted by
Congressman Krmautrout,ltcpreacntallve from Ihelr
Ills Arrival at the Capital of the Greatest Coontry
en Ksrth, With Mllf., Wax.Caadles.Knre.
Breeches, Pamps, and Fur-
fotlj Long llalr.
Mr. Oscar Wilde, the exponent of teslhotlclsm,
arrived In Washington yesterday afternoon and
took rooms nt the Arlington. When It becamo
dark ho declined to uso tho gas, hut ordered wax
candles, aud then ho appeared contented, as ho
sat smoking a clgarctto lu a short embroidered
Jacket, with ruby silk cuffs and facings, and
wcnrlng kneo breeches and black silk stock
ings, with low. cut patent leather shoes, lied
by wide silk ribbons. His lower Jaws aro
strongly developed, but ho has n flue, broad
brow. Tho eyes are blue, and, like all his fea
tures, are large. His long brown hair Is carelessly
parted In tho centra of tho forehead, and allowed
to fall lu disorder over his lennlno neck and
Hyronlc shirt-collar. This collar Is cut low, and
brought together by n wldo white sntln lie. Ho Is
over six reel hlgli.nnd well proportioned. An ob
server, Judging by his npiicarnnce, would tnko
him tn bo ubiuit thirty years old. Ills manner Is
quiet, nud he has tho habit or leaning his head
upnn his arm, nnd or placing one nrm nklmbo,
wllh his hand at tho side, which Is ono or tho
positions In tho opera or "Patience." Hoal'n, In
a seemingly natural manner, crooks his right knee
when standing, which Is one or Iho "Pallcnco"
"the ritiLosoriiY or xsmmcivt,"
said Mr. Wilde, In conversation, "Is that tlio so
rrel oronjoyment In llfo Is lo be able to under
stand nnd apprcclato tho beautiful. Peopla crosi
continents lo sco a lake or a mountain or a water
fall, whllo tho simple creatures who llvo about
thcso scenes aro nolo to discern only earth and
water. Tho four great poets or tho early part or
this century Wordsworth, Shelley, Kcat, and
llyron wcro grossly misunderstood In their lire
time by tha Hrltish pnbllc, sn much sn Hint ono
was driven to the Cumberland wlldsnnd the others
to foreign graves. Kven to-day tho masses ol Uio
people, owing to their groveling und unbcautllul
surroundings, nro not able to apprcclato
tho poets. 1 would llko to sco every one
nblo to apprcclato Iho artistic quality or the
simplest thing around them and thus learn or
higher things limn inoney-gettlng, Mygrcntot
object In visiting this country Is to sco what effect
thcso Ideas will have upon an unprejudiced pcoplo
who arc not wedded to old conventionalism. I de
slro particularly to urge the Importance or lending
children to estlmalo tho beautiful, and teaching
them to uso their eyes aud cars nnd bauds. I
would have Americans mnkofor themselves Iho
linmtlftil objects they bring from tho older world.
The key-note of I his ago 1 discontent. People arc
not salf-flcd becauso they do not enjoy lire, nnd lo
enjoy lire they must bo nblo to undcrstuiid thu
licniilirul In tho simplest things. The ladlcaaro
taking the right step lu tho dccoralloii or their
homes and In Ihu draperies or Ihelr persons; but
the men will bo slow In receiving Impressions. I
do not believe lu making society n fancy ball ; but
I see no reason why men should not wear brown
or black clct Instead of cloth, nor do I sco why
knee-breeches nru not more becoming and dig
nified than tho ridiculous trousers which men ad
hero to."
CHIPS FHOIW the'capitol.
Action of lb Nfti-rnl ConiinllleeN nnil
Tickets fiir admission tn Iho reporter's gallery
or tho Senate aro now ready ror distribution lo
newspaper correspondents,
In tho Scnato Commlttco on Commerce, tho
Hilda Bhlp-rnllvvny bill was referred ton subcom
mittee, consisting or Mcs-rs. Vest, Conger, Miller or
New York, Jones nf Nevada, and Hansom.
Tho Houso Commlttco on Printing tins referred
tbo mnltcr of paying employees or tho Govern
ment Printing (jflico ror llmo tl.ev were Idle
during the obsequies' of Ihe Into President Garflcld
lo Representative McClurc for consideration, with
Instructions lo report thereon as soon as practica
ble. Tho IIau.se Commlttco on Elections has decided
to hear argument in thcMabsoii-Oatcsciuitcstcd-clccllon
rno AT tho Third District or Alabama
on next Thursday. Tho testimony In the Camp-bcll-Ciinnon
caso of Utah has been printed, it
covers serenty-llvo pages. Tho caso hits not yet
been arranged.
Judgo Lnphain, chairman of the Senate Select
Cominllleo nn lthrhts or Women, has called a
meeting for this morning to glvo n hearing ton
delegation from tho Woman's Sullrago Associa
tion, now In session In Washington. Mls.s I'lucbu
Couzlns will deliver nil address, and remarks aro
expected irom several other leaders ol tho move
ment. Chairman Yonng, oriho House Committee on
Patents, will announce tho following subcommit
tees nt thu next meeting of that committee: On
extent-ions, Messrs. Vance, Scovllle, Illtchlc, Jones
of New Jcrscy.ahi'llcy, nndSpooner: on revision
of Iho pateninnHS, Messrs. Illtchlc, Caswell, and
Young; on claims against tho Government,
Messrs, Pnrwell of Iowa, Skinner, nnd Turner.
I. Milton Dolyn, esq., a prominent Itcadjuslcr or
Loudoun County, nml who has lustbccu appointed
postmaster nt I'mcoll vllte, has been ill Ihu cllv t ir
sevcinl days looking after the Interests of his
rrlcuds. Mr, llolyn says, In tho most emphatic
trimmer, Unit tho llourbous havu scored their Inst
vlctnry lu Loudoun County, nnd that tho progrt st
ive people nro moio than ever opposed to Hour
boiihm. Tho Houso Commlttco on Naval Affairs has de
cided to devote tlio sessions during ouo week to
hearing members nfllio naval advisory board and
such other pel-sons connected with the Nnvy De
partment nud such shlp-bulldcrs and manufac
turers of steel nud Iron In tho I'nltcd States ns tho
chairman may deep proper to call up n the sub
jects of the best models and matctlal ro the con
struction ol new nnd armored veso!s nfwar. The
time fr Iho hearing will buditcrmlucdupouhcre
afioi'. Tho following subcommittees wore nn
iiuiinecd byClinlrinaiillarrls! On bill, p tltlous,
and memorials relating to tho retired list, Me-srs,
Harmer, Davliliou.niiil Dezendorf; on bills, Ac., re
lating luiin motion nnd restoration ofpayiifiinvnl
officers, Messrs. Thuiiiin, Morse, and Talbot ; on
matters) relating to the United Slates Marino Corns,
Mcs-ra, ltobcsou, Kelchnm, nud HurrK 'ihu
members or thu commlttco will visit Admiral Por
ter In n body snino llmo next week for Ihu purpose
of Inspecting the Krlcssou torpedo models.
Lest tho ltipubllcaii Hopicscutnllvcs should not
know who Georgo M. Huron, tor whore benefit
tin y will bo called on to prnvldu pay fur lu n new
anil useless office, Tin: JtEri.'uuc.iN publl-hcs
herewith a few fuels lu rcgnrd tu him, llolin
Democrat. lie held tha office of as
sistant superintendent or tho Houso docu
ment room whllo his party controlled tho
House. During Iho second session or thu Pony
llllh Congress charges or corruption litolllco wero
made against his superior, John W. Polk, then
Doorkeeper. The chiirguawcroaustalncd nnu Polk
was dismissed. Onu of tho charges against Polk
wns lu permitting Jlr. li.iocin to retain his position
by. .tho payment of $J00 to another liiuu
oi moro Influence. Is this tho kind (ifinnuiliu
Itcpublicatisnf thu Hou-o want to go out nf iho
wnytoservo by giving him Si.iXK) a year for no
services! Mr. llacoii'a own testimony, wherein
ho admits ills offense, will bo loiiud in the pub
lished testimony in tho Pulk luvcsllgnilou
nn page 177 of tho Houso miscellaneous
document number SO, of tlio seunnd ses
sion or Iho l'orly-flfth Congress. Ho agreed or
his accord to pay SlO.tW it iikuiiIi, or S3J0 u year tu
retain his place. The Republicans or Ihu Houso
cannot nlfurd to squander S-'.OOO a yinr on a
Democrat simply to please hlni.no mailer how
good n lellow ho may be: and especially thoy can
not afford to squander that sum on u innn who
has Ucn guilty or paying money to hold an
olllco whllo his own parly was lu power. How
will ltlook luthocounlrvf, r them tn m-hoit mi-
particular Democrat for special favor when
innlmed soldiers nro denied positions nt their
Tlillrnilny'a C'oiiflriuulloiie.
The Seuato confirmed, on Thursday, Third Lieu
tenant George Dclap, of New York, lu lo second
lieuteiiniitltevciiuc Marino Servlce,mid the follow
ing postmasteis; II, T. Mutinous, Johu-iowii, N.
i.i w. r. uoner, uranium, i-u.j i- j, jiurrnws,
Cruelly lu AnluinU.
William Piper, a driver of Johnson llrolhcrs,
yeitorday afternoon knocked his horso down In
tho stable with a club, and suhscqueiulv .Major
King, ngent of Ihe Society, Ac., arrested li'lm, itiul
ho will appear In the Police Court Ibis morning,
III tho caso of John Wills, who put out tho eye nt n
l.n.. i Until. 1.-1 .... 1. ii i, .D'.uil .1... .... It.. . . .
ii'hsdi w.jwi 'sins; una um.-iu-n iuu puiieuii ruwarn
of Si for his urro-t, Should he not bo apprehended
in two days Major King will publicly offer ft re
ward by.advertlscmcnt lu tbo newspapers.
. - i
A Nlioiillni; C'nar.
Officers Curtis and Mellnnalil. nf llinli-ntn-tl, T.a
cluct, report mat u while man named Charles
ireyuauseiierwassnuiinBi iiigui about six ocloct
by nu unknown colored boy apparently about fir
teen yean old. The shot took ellict near ilm l,-u
eye, but Is not serious. The shooting happened on
M street, between Klghtccuth nud Nineteenth
streets, nnd no reason can ho assigned for It. The
uuy succccucu ut iiiaaiug ins escape.
Tno Nrgroen t'lglu n Duel.
Cincinnati, Jan, 19. A special dtsp-itch lo the
lastlilght Harold Itobluson and Malcolm liable,
both colored, fought a dud with pistols lo tctllo a
quarrel about a suecllicitrt, Two shol.s were Arid.
Jlnlilu escaped untouched, but Itobluson wnulruck
twice and latully wounded,
A llnlieinliin'a Ileveugr.
vibnriA. vhii. in, juimiiu .iuu, 11 native oi no
hemla.whti wasa volunteer lu lbo Itiisshin urmv
during tbo war with Turkey, hurled a largo stono
mruiiKii ma wiuuuw ui inu t'lirriagu ui 41, ii au
brll. the Itustlau uuibabsador, Ihls nfleriioon,
whllo M. d'Aubrll and his prlvnto secretary
wero returning from Die Qreek O" urolt,
Nilther of the occh pants of tho carrlugo was hint,
Zloli wns arrested, Tbo nutrago was prcmplcdby
rovt IDC. becauso tho lltitlan embassy h.nl m.
Jicted u petition piebonted by Zlch, Zkli was
woiuiiieu in piupiiii ra-s. no narrowly escopca
Lclug lynched alter tho outrage,
iiiiiiumsiinri, rn.l . r. viaiinn, tironusuurir, Pii.;
Georgo Wlddows, Wuyncsborough, Pn.; O. II,
llnticrtiou, Sandwich, III,; W, A. Jordan, Moiris,
111,; 1). llorlou, Pcntiinvllle, Mich,; 8. 8. Clny
Paris. Ky. 0. P. Woodcock, Morgan City. La.;
and Sclden Connor, pension agent at Augiiita, Mc,
' .
Tlio Itcsull of n Itmnnlillo C'oiirlatilp A
.Clerlrnnrtn llrnullml Illnmle,
It Is n trlto hut nevertheless true observation
that the course of true lovo never runs smooth. A
llttlo ceremony that took placo In this city yester
day has again shown how lovo laughs at lock
smiths and stern parent). John P. Rmartlsnelcik
In tho Medical Division of tho Pension Office, and
Is as true and sterling a young fellow as can la)
found In n loiiir dav'a march, tin Is handsome.
ha, very prepossessing manner, and is a great
inToriio wiiu ins nosts oi menus, nuts iua.si.
Kicks, tho second party to the llttlo
drama, Is too well known In Washington society to
need any deserlnttnu here. Hhn I n hoAtilifiil
blondo or gr refill and Imposing carriage, nud baa
rauscd more than ono heart to bleed ihe writer
knows whereof he writes. Smart has ror some
llmo been a devoted admtror or Miss Hicks, but
the lattcr'a mother has been bitterly opposed tn tho
malch and would not sanction It, and fnrbado
Smart lo visit Iho houso. Hut as forbidden fruit Is
always sweetest, so tho lyoung lovers found that
mi-ijMNg eacu utucr "nyciianco ai uio umes
soirees and cither places In a measure
CXtrKN8ATED ron maternal cruelty.
Mrs. lllcks (her husband Is dead) could find no
objection against Smart, but simply said that sho
would nover consent to his becoming her sou. In
law, and did her best to bring about n match Be
tween her daughter and a certain young gcullo
man In tho Post-Olllco Department. Wednesday
night the young pcoplo wero at tho ball gtvcii by
thu National Hltlcs, and It was whispered among a
rclccl few that something Important would trans,
plro next day. Yesterday morning an Intlmato
Irlend of Mr. Minarl aimlleil to thu clerk fur a mar.
rlngo license Tor John P. Smart and Ida M. lllcks.
At eleven o'clock thn tmrlUs mentioned nhm-n.
Mr. and .Mrs. Joso Carmen, MNs McCuIlouch, of
TlllSiimtfttmi Tit llnucM Unnili.l lfnd. L'.nt.S-
Smsrl.Johii A. lies vcr, and Clarence Story wero
at the resident-a of Ihe Her. Dr. AddIMn, pastor of
Trinity Church, 219 c street northwest. Thc.com
pany weru.invltcd by special request lo be prccnt
ai inu iinur iinmcti, one nau no Miowicugo wnai
they were required Ion Miss lllcks appeared calm
and uucxcltcd, nud
In a handsome garnet-colored silk traveling cos
tume. The ceremony was soon perrormed. nnd In
a row mlnulcs tbo two hentu wcio made one.
Artcr receiving the congratulations oftbclr nlotids
the bridal couplo took the 12:10 train on Iho Haiti
more and Ohio road, and will mako an extended
hnsteru lour. This announcement will probably
surprise many of tho readers ur Tun ita-unMCAtr,
but they will doubtless Join In wishing tho ro
mnnllo young couplo bun voyaoe through life and
congratulate both parties on their very happy
A luclloii Arise n Ilm I.mi fnlne of
tlir lllll.
A question has arisen as to tho adequacy of tlio
census deficiency bill, now bcroro tho President
ror his approval, to servo lbo purposo ror which It
was enacted. It appears that tho Interior Depart
ment had expended the cnllro appropriation In
connection with tha Inst census bolnrn thnwnrk
wns completed, whereupon Iho Superlntcndcnt.of
tho Census, with the consent or tho Secretary or
inu inii-iim, uiiuueu iiiuciuiuoyecs oi nun uraiieu
or tho scrvlco lu this city to continue work,
with tho distinct understanding that they
would n.ssurao nil risks or n dellclency
appropriation. Certificates or the service ren
dered by each employee wcro issued by tho su
perintendent, nnd Mr. Cooke and other bankersor
this city advanced money on tho certificates and
took an assignment of Ihe claim of each upon the
Government. Ouo of tlio tlrst nets or Congress
upon assembling nficr Iho holiday recess was to
puss a bill appropriating 8310,000 for the pnjment
of ihcse employee, nnd tho bill now oidv awaits
the signature of tha President to become a law.
The iHiliit nr difficulty arises rrom the bid that
section 3177 or Iho itovlsed Statutes pro
tides " Hint all transfers nud nsslgtl
mcnls mado of any claim tigalnsi the
United Stales shall bo absolutely
null mid void unless, mado artcr tho nllownnco of
such claim, the ascertainment of tho amount due,
nud lliels-sueofa warrant rurtho payment thereof,"
These census claims were assigned bclure they
wero allowed by the Department and beforo the
l-suo of any warrant, uud It Is held by First
Comptroller Lawrence that, under tho section
quoted, they cannot bo paid under tho present bill.
Tho appropriation was lo pay the clerks, whereas
tho Comptroller holds that thu appropriation
should havu been mndo for tho pnjiucui or Uio
assignees. Ho says tho bill in Its present form
does not meet thu stntutonud will havu tuba modi
fied or another bill enacted tu meet the emergency.
Cull Upon Hip Irrtilent Nulicoiumllti-e
lis lti-prcst-nt lliu,stililiiB Inter!.
Tho coiuraltteo oftho tariff convention met yes
terday ut the ltlggs House, pursuant lo adjourn
ment. Ill tha morning they lindaiinudlcucuwllli
tlio Ways nnd Means Committee uttlid House, and
laid beloro that body the resolution! ndopted by the
tariff coim-nllnn concerning tho revision and mod
ification oMho tariff; tfmni thero Ihey wentbernro
the Senate Committee on Finance, when Messrs.
Wellington Smith, John Jnnctts, aud Jo-eph llor
lon laid their views bcroro Ihu comnillle, and pre
sented accompanying resolutions, lu thu utlcr
nooii iho commllteu culled upon tho President, who
received them lu his usual courtly nnd ntliiblo
milliner. Governor llullock mado thu presenta
tion, nud thu President shook hnnds wllh every
gentleman and raid u R-w kind words tu caeh.
Alter u short tlmo spent lu social converse thu
committee retired much pleased with their visit.
Tho committee mis culled tn order nt six p. m.
In tho absence or Mr. Welllnglou Smith Governor
llullock pieslded. Tlio evening sesdon wns de
Voted to apportioning work lor to-day, In appoint
ing a aubcommllteu to represent lbo shipping in
lircsts, nud lo general dlsettsslon. Tho iollonlng
gentlemen wero npfmuucil tho subcommittee:
Del. Tho liicctlnir trlcn adjourned tu meet alien
o'clock to-day In tho coninilitee-room or Iho Com
mlttco on Commerce, and niter being heard by
thai comniittco will Interview tho Committee on
Post-Offices nud Post-Itonds. They will then ad
journ sine tile,
TIiiiiiIih lii Vnoilicos mill Ing-nllst.
At n meeting of Ihe Soldiers' nnd Hnllorh' National
League last evening the followlug resolution was
Whereas the soldiers and sailor of tho Into war
sacrificed home, heallh. lire, lm-Uloii, and Irlenilslu
serve Iho country, and In so doing Ihey maintained
Iho union ortho Watts, the luti-grliy and honor of Ihu
country, uud thu lliianclal credit ortho name: There
Ion1, lie Itmolval, That the Sohllem' nud Biilhira' Na
tional Lcnguo, ludeleiisoor Ihelr comrades througli
oiii tbo touulry, hereby i-ximas tlulr coiulemiu
llon of Uio rreeni ius.iuli nf certain Journals
relnllvo lu iho arrears il peusluns aei, iti-iii.ui.l-lug
lis repeal mid charging It a fraud mi
Iho people. The gient mail ol unr comrades served
I lireuyt-ura lu urtlvo service lur tho mere plttaiicuul
(Ut per mouth, wllh a tllscuiiui ui' nearly liny
tents on tha dollar. The homlholdor has bleu niii
n tleeiiily cured fur by tho Government, hut thu sol
diers mid sailors cannot say as much, llunigh Ihelr
services deprived iiiiiuy of them ol Ihelr blood,
heallh, and happiness. Upon Ihelr valor uud pa
triotism rcsled ihu aolveney or the puhllo debt, und
then hire tho bonulioliler uml iiinnupnllsi should not
griiiubiii at tha small sum e.ieh soldier ri-ci Ivisr. i
ti-ndir to Kiiiutor I). W. Vouihera, in' Indluiii, our
slneero lliauka Tor his patriotic utlcrauees nnd tit
leusonr Uio soldiers and H.dlurs.uiid luscnntiir .1, .1.
IiikuIIs.oI Kiinsns, w u ollur Ihu aiime lor bin isolu
ttou agiiliist the repeal of tho nrrcuri or pension suet.
Tin- IJuoi'urliMva Aiiiiilrnr Oi-elustlrii.
A hlghly-apprcelitllvu aiidlencii ii-semblcd Inst
evening nt Curtis Hull, Georgetown, lo listen to the
tlrst grand concert of ihu Georgetown Amateur
Orchestra, under tho leadership uf I'n.fossor It. I',
lleruajs, Tho progr.tniiiio compilscd six uholco
sckcllous Iruiii cerebralcd c iiipnserx, Haydn's
Symphony No. a was rendered lu a maimer that
elicited tho apphiu-o of Iho audience. Mr. II.
ititkemnu was cncoicd in hla leiidlilmi nf u vinlin
solo, nu exquhllo uoetunio by Kreuzieldt, An
Noon, and Night in
Vienna." hv Hiinni.
Thu other numbers
was louiiiy encored,
m M l'ini.i-.i-' Sl.i. , li n
by ltcsgh; "Turko-ltiisslau Miuch," by Nel
big, anil "Slrencs," n waltz by Waldlcnl'el,
wero well rcndeicd. Thu vuuinr eenllemnn i-om.
posing Ihls organization liuvo reason to bo
proud of Ihelr llrst public nppeariuico, and
Uio citizens nrihu ancient burg ot Georgetown aro
to be cinigrnluliiled upon having so much mm!cul
tnleiit in their midst, The liberal applauso was
Justly bestowed, and thu I'uttiro concerts or this
promising orchestra will ba eagerly looked ror.
. .
lllNiilileil Vnlniili'vr.
The board or managers or tbo National Homes
mr Disabled Volunteers icstuucd tlielruuuual ses
sion nt Wlllard'a Hotel yesterday. General Frank
lin presided, Tho estimates ol appropriations lor
tho ensuing fiscal year were taken up, discussed,
and agrccdupou. Acnminltlcoconslstliigof Gen
eral 1 raukllu, Goncral McMnhoti, and Colonel
Harris wus appointed tu wait upon ihe Houso
Committee nu Appropriations tn-dny andconlcr
wllh them In relation tu tlio subject, aii Invito
Hon was extended to Commissioner Dudley to meet
thu boaid to participate in u discussion In regard
ton bill atlcctlug thu pensions ot inmates ot tho
dlll'creut homes. All ol the members of thu board
were present except General McClcllaii, who left
for New ork yesterday morning, The board ad
journed fn die nt thu conclusion of Iho evening
session, The conference has been held with closed
About Ut'iieritl I'ii r I'd Arrest.
The report telegraphed hcio lecenlly from tho
Vcst lo the eflect iliat General Curr.of tho Sixth
Cuvulry, lias been put under arrest by order or Iho
President, Is said uy General Carr's mends to be
Incorrect. Ho was arrested by order ul General
Wilcox, his department commander, for alliged
disrespect andillsobedleuceofoideril. lllslileuds
here uuduistaud that thu nrrest Is an outcotnoof
personal feeling between General Cnrraud Gon
eial Wilcox, growing out of criticisms lu tho Ari
zona papers or tho hitler's management nf iho
Apache campaign, General Curr telegraphs hu
irleiids that ho desires the lullest Investigation.
soul Dorr, n dclegutlou irom North Dakota, aro at
IhoArllngtiii. ,'l'liey aiohctoln releienco tutho
proposed illvltli n of that Territory uud tho ad
raisiion oftho iotttti half as ablate.
.mini noaeu. rsuw liirK: u lanes uranin. I'lilluilnl.
phla; Hon. William lingers, Muliio: CuptaluSnl
ccr.NewYork; Hon. II. C. Calkins, New Yorlt;T.
W. Nlekcrson. Huston: T. P. Causii Wlitiiiiifi,.ii
A Iluliolit llrlegiillmi. Qg
A. ii. names, a. M. Ty cr, w. P. Bteele. T. M.
Piigli, W. P. Hall, N.N.Vyier.C. A. Loii.bcrrv
Wltllam D. JlcConiicll. M.J. lldecrly, A. Kl ins. 6
W. Hny a, U l. Austin, U. II. Kllsburv, A. J. llur
wood. C, A, Roberts, (), II, Walsh, 0, A. Carpenter.
11 A, Henley, P. H. Adams, William M. Thompson
II. D. lliiriuis, W. II, Jlrown, F, Thompson, 0. G
1 artwel I. C. A. Wehstcr. N. K-. llol.l.nr.i ;,,i icni
1 IHmsrksblo roller Which He Wrote Ie the KJII
of the Clnrlnnstl "(Issttte " PeBtlng Gen
rsl (lirflsld's .Nomlnatloa, and
Tlitn Tried to Suppress It,
Mr. Murat Halslend, editor of the Cincinnati
Cbmmrcfaf, tho defamor of Garfield when It
seemed that his career waslo end In shnmcnnd hu
miliation, and his eulogist when all the world held
him In high regard, has been brought lo bay nnd
forced to explain his unmanly course. Ho neither
denies nor explains his defamations; he make
no Attempt to defend his calumnies. Ills only ex
planation Is this:
I did exnegcrato tho Impression that attack!
upon Garfield a record could make upon the coun
try. Ho had dono so much good work that tha
pcoplo grow weary of hearing of his small mis
takes. Ills character and publlo services proved
an overwhelming answer to the errors committed
through business Incxpericuco and sensitiveness;
to poverty.
According to Sir. Halstcnd Garfield's rccnnl
was as bad as he represented It to be when ho pub
lished that ho (Garfield) "was marked all over
with the Credit Mobllicr smallpox." Mr. mi
slead reaffirms tho scandals about the dead Presi
dent and attributes, them to " eemllixtnt'i (a por
crfy." What that means Is too plain to need In
terpretation. It Is so plain that ho who runs may
Hut to another liutanco of Mr. Hatstcad's defa
mation of Ihe dead:
When, at Chicago, the talk and feeling began lo
turn toward Garflcld as tlio best man to ccutrd
upon, Mr. Ilti1ntcn.il wroto (o tho Hon. Itlchnrd
Smith, editor of tho Cincinnati nmel'e, as follows:
What does this senseless chatter about Garflcld
mean? In addition tn his Credit Mul.illcr and
paving-Job scandal I have Just learned from an
Ohio member of Congress Hint he wni up tn Iho
neck In Donn Piatt's ninth-extcrmluntlug swindle.
To unmlnnto him with such n record would ha
suicide. Keep Ohio In lino ror Sherman. Show
this to the delegation.
This letter was mailed to tho Hon. lllchard
Smith at tho Grand Paclflo Hotel, at Chicago. To
enforce the object ol his letter the stopping oftho
"chatter" rbout Garfield's nomination Mr. Hal
stcnd Iho next day telegraphed to Mr. Smith at
"Sco letter mailed yon last night."
llcforo Mr. Smith-received Iho letter tho " chat
ter "about Garflcld was changed to tho acclama
tions which greeted his nomination. Mr. HaUtcnd
then telegraphed lo Mr. Smith to not show tho let
ter. Tho above letter and telegrams, now first pub
lished, afford Mr. Murat Halstcad an opportunity
lo again rise and explain. Tho columns ol Tub
ItEri'iiucAN aro open to him for that purpose
Nnllnnnl lliiiiliriiplc.v At-IIIrroiiuiiriiileil
Alms is Jlliilslr.- nf I'oiiinierrc.
Tho National llraird of Trade met again yester
day noon nt Wlllard'a Hotel, after hnvlug paid Us
respects to President Arthur, upon whom then,
snciallnu called In u body nt twelvo o'clock.
President Fraley occupied the chair and Mr. II, A.
lllll thu sccretnry'a desk.
A resolution commendatory of tho Llfe-SavIng
Scrvlco wns read, and after somo discussion
Tho special committee to whom wcro roferrcd
Iho various recommendations on behalf or tha
luissage or n uniform bankruptcy law submitted
a report recommending the speedy enactment orn
nnllounl bankrupt law. Tho committee devoted
much attention lo n consideration nf tha dltlcrcui
propositions occupying thentleiillounf tho com
nieiclal bodies of tho coiinlry, and which aronoiy
beforo Congress, nnd inrncstlj- rccominciided Ilia
adoption of Iho bill approved by thn national con
vention nf boards nf Irndo and other rnmiiiercial
organizations hold In this city January 19 and sol
1KS1, aud known ns thu Lowell bill, subject b the
several umcudiucnls approved by the snld con
vention. They also recommended tho passage oi
n resolution, which was unanimously passed
nt n recent convention of mcrcnnlllo associa
tions or tho cllyuf New York, ot the Filth Ao
lino Hotel, condemning In tho lollowlug words
the scbemu known ns the equity plan: "In nut
belief, any system which compels the settlement
or bankrupt estates lu courts or equity according
tn Ihelr established procedure will involvo undue
delay, confusion, nud expense, nud Is certain to
full of uniform or successful operation, and to ba
neither permanent nor satisfactory to any Interest
Tho following resolution was mianlnuitiriv
nrmlwtl. That this board hereby reaffirms Us con.
vletlun that therosliuuld l.un inlulslrv uf rninnipri'ii
as u branch of tho executive guveriiiiionl, to whlt-li
should bo Intrusted iho HtiiervIslou of (lie various
commercial Iniertsts iifthe couiitry, Including trans
portation liy laud and water.
A snlrlled debate, intersnersed wllh many pond.
humored remarks, wns caused by Iho report upon
Ihe proposition of Iho New York Hoard or Trada
and Transportation In favor ofu postal telegraph)
and a resolution Indorsing It wns finally adopted
ui'iiu a voto uy outiiea representeii, uy lony
nffirmntlve votes against eight lu tho negative.
He-solutions also proposed by tho same body in
reference to the establishment of n permanent
railroad commission weru then presented, nud
gavo rho to considerable discussion, Mr. W.
Wvnthcrlll, of Philadelphia, speaking nt lcnglU
upon the subject. The debate upon these resolu
tions will bo continued to-day.
llefore ndjourulug tho mccllng adopted resolu
tions at regret nt tho death of ono of tho oldest
members of iho organization, Mr. Georgo N. Allen)
of tbo Philadelphia Poind of Trade, nllcrcd by Mr;
W'llllnm Wetbcrlll, of that city, who.o culoglstlo
remarks ucio followed by other tributes to tha
memory nf tho deceased by the president, Mr,
Priilcy, nud others
Tn llo Itonil l.v (lit Anllini' nt Lincoln.
Hull Noxl Wt-t-li.
Mr. James llarrou Hope, of Norfolk, Va., wosad
dressed under date of December ill as follows :
Uv.ah Hin : Tho iiiiderslguid.souie ofwhoin had
the pleasure of hearing yutt dellvi-r ynur eiotiuctti
Ceiilennlal poem at Vurktuwn on llicl' ihnf October
last, are ilesli nils thai you should rep-nt It heroin
Wrashltiitou, and lespictflilly request that jouwlll
fix mi oinisloii ror Hint poriiosoai vmirronveulence.
Iiuvld Hash John W. .luhnsloii, M.C. Iliuler.-losepli
II, Ilrown, Janus V. Mc 1)111, . II. Vance, Warner
Miller, I-;. II. Ijiph.iui, lli-n HnrrNoii. J. It. Huwlev,
II. W, lllnlr, I'hllotmhiiwyer, J. It. MeMIIInn, J. vVj
'honiHon,T. r. llay.iiil, .I.H, I'mrli, Wilkinson Cull,
N..I, llaiiunond, J. H. 'luckir, II. it. Hluijli-lon, J.H.
Ilnrhiiiir, J. II, (J. 'Atkins, n. M. Hcales, t'harles 11.
Hooker, J. PinclorKiHilt. II. H. (lllison, It, M. Me
Lane, I'erry lleimoul.J. F, liezeudorr, 0. s. (Illmaii,
On Iho llth Instant Mr. Hopu scut tho rollowlng
(HiNTi.v.MS'.Ni I liavo the honor to ncknowlcdgo
your litvitiitlon to recltp my " 'orklowii Centennial
piH'in'Mii WiishlUKtiiit, and, with iny tlutiiksfnr your
eiiiisldeiatlon, 1 heg leavn lu uauio Ihe.lth Insintib
(Tlliwhiy evening) us (hotliunaud I.llKsilll Hall as
the place, when, at a o'clock, I will bo proud and
happy to appear beforo ynu lor tho purpusu Indl'-ati-iU
The Svw 'iiiirri-loiiril f.lhrnr-.
Mr. II. L. Woodward, n civil engineer, of Tcxa,
has solved Iho question of a proper placo for tha
Library of Congress. Hu proposes to extend the)
east front or thu Capitol to coirespond with Ilia
west hour, and then tu ndd n story or forty-eight
reel In tho old Capitol, raising thu doiuo the samo
number nf leet. Tins would provide thirty-four
largo cominllleo rooms lu the cast and west ex
trusions nud would glvu n library room Sli
feet north nud south aud 'M) feet cast and
west, less thu dome nut of the centto; tlio room
would bo a Greek cros, lighted Irom twelve froma
outside and Irom the ilniue. A wldo gallery would
extend round tho entire mom, and seven tiers of
shelving would glvo sixty miles of shelf-room and
provide accommodations lor over twenty million
volumes, with seventy rooms lu Iho main one for
engravings, maps, Ac.
and four passenger elevators, two at the Benata
and two at the House end, would glvu access to tlio
grandest library room In tho world. Mr. Wood
ward al" proposes tu remove the Senators anil
members! out of thu Iron sweat-boxeaihc) are now
compelled to sit lu byslinply removing tho lobbies
aiidexteiidlngcach chamber to tho outer wall,
placing tho presiding officers' chnlis on thu
inner side of each chamber. He says Ilia wholo
work can hudouelmidcofthrucyuaia uud the old
Capitol building raced with Ihu same marble tho
wlugaaro built or tor iVUU.uuO, nnd that during
that llmu thu business of Congress will not bo In
terfered wllh, The majcstlu proportions of tha
building, would or conrso require a larger area of
surrounding grounds on the north, south, nud cast
than there Is ul present.
Aniiis lllckliisuii na Itniulrl.
Ito'.lU.STtR, N. Y Jan. 111. Anna Dickinson's)
debut as llamlrl was made before a largo and ap
preciative audlcnco nt lbo Grand Opera-House to
night, Thu local criticisms nru fiieiidly and In
miiuu cases euiliiislastle, Tlio Vcmccrat uml (.V.roal
de will say or iho performance: iler voice,
her manner, tbo very llfo she gave to
thu part was ctlcmltiulc, and not once could ono
lose consciousness ol tbo fact that It wus a lemdlo
Interpretation of tho ehaiacler; but hcrrcudltu!
was made marvclously Impressive ut times, and,
without extluvagaiice, It may be said that the
niculul Interpretation wasa rovclatlon, She was
ut her best In the soliloquies, and her dramatic)
action wassurprlslngly good."
KlllliiB Two .Urn.
Chicago, Jnn, 19. Two bricklayers, names un
known, whllo going tu wurk at Iruudale, tun miles
south of this city, at half-past seven o'clock this
morning, wcio struck by a switch engine and su
irlghtrmly mangled as to bo unrecogulzablcl
Their bodies wcro drugged souie distance.
The I-iinlo In I'l-iiiiet'.
London, Jau. '.s). A dispatch from rrls iay
"The panic has not been equaled slneo the lath,
of August, 1677. The last straw came from 1 son,
when Iho ralluro of the Hank or Lyons el Lolro
was announced, Thu pnnlu affected every movU
and shard lu tho market,"

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