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The National Republican.
VOL.. XXII. NO. 48.
Action of Various Committees and Subcommittees
Oicir Hllde. Kcndi In Hid Card-Appointments
Matters of Intercut Col
lected by Oar Reporter,
wOmmttstonor MaoFarland, of tho General Land
Office, has submitted n lengthy report to Secretary
Klrkwoodou the subject of tbo Northern Faclfio
Hallway lands.
Tho pronunciation of tho namo of Mr. Doustor,
of Wisconsin, bothers tho clerks of tbo House
The Heading Clerk, In calling the roll the other
flay said "Mr. Booster." It Is pronounced "Dy
iter." Mr. Bingham, of Pennsylvania, chairman of tho
Homo Post-Ofllco Comrnlltec, has Introduced a
bill to Increase tho compensation of postmasters
at Dostou, Chicago, Philadelphia, and St. Louis to
17,000 per aunum, and those at Ban Francisco,
Cincinnati, and Baltimore to (0,000 per annum.
The Joint resolution of the Houso providing for
a commercial treaty with the Republic of Mexico
has been referred 16 n subcommittee of tho Com
mittee on Foreign Affairs, of which RoprescnlA
tlve Uunncll Is chairman, and that gentleman has
called upon tho Secretary of State for any sug
gestions ho may dcslro to submit on tho subject.
There Is one American who Is not a snob. This
geutlcmau Is Speaker Kclfer. 'Mr. Oscar Wilde,
tho tcslhctle buffoon, yesterday cent In his card to
tho Speaker, evidently expecting tbo House to
take a recess In order to bo introduced to him by
tho Speaker. Mr. Kclfer very properly declined to
notice the crank further than to remark that ho
would sco him nt his (Mr. Keller's) hotel last
The House Commlttco on tho Judiciary heard
Colonel Richard A. Leathers, of New York, lu be
half of tho Interests of the Insurance companies
in tho distribution of tho Clcncva award bill. Tho
bill for the retirement of Justice Hunt was Infor
mally discussed by tho members of tho commit
tee, but as It has not )ct como formally beforo
the commlttco no action was taken. Enough was
developed, however, to show that tho mcasuro
would rccelvo almost tho unanimous support of
tho committee.
Tho House Commllteo on Post-Offices and Tost
Itohds has agreed to report as follows: Unfavor
ably on Mr. Murch's bill providing that all news
pavers and periodicals sent to any member of tho
Life-Saving Servlco shall bo transmitted through
tho United States mails free; favorably on Mr.
Itoblnson'a bill to fix tho compensation of post
masters of tho fourth-class, and favorably on Mr.
Money's bill providing that tho r aloof postago on
second-class mall matter at letter-carrier offices
Shall bo two cents per pound.
Tho Houso Committee on Commerce heard ar
guments by Mr.John Roach, of NcwYorkj William
Rogers, of Maine j ex-Governor Bullock, of Geor
gia, and several others, in bchalt of tho enactment
of certain amendments to tho navigation laws.
Tho speakers gave specific Illustrations to prove
tho necessity which exists for new legislation, and
stoutly maintained that tho laws in their present
lhapo wcro decidedly adverse to American ship
building, both of Iron and wood. Tlicy urged tho
members of tho commllteo to gtvo tho subject their
early consideration. The entire session was de
voted to tho hearing of these, gentlemen.
Tho IIouso Committee on Banklngand Currency
heard Representative Bucliner lu opposition to
Mr. Dlngley's resolution advocating the contln
tianco of the national banking system, after which
a vote upon tho resolution was demanded,
resulting in Its adoption by nlno against
two. Tho ncgatlvo votes wcro ctst by
Ncsirs. Bruratn nnd Buckncr. On motion
of Representative Hardcnbergh,of New Jersey,
tho Crapo bill to enable national banking associa
tions to cxteud their corporate existence was re
ferred to a tubcoinmlttc, consisting ot Messrs.
Crapo, Dlngloy, and Hardcnbcrgh. Tbo voto taken
I . uy UIW uuuiumii'u jcaiciunj timnutca mu senn
it' jnontoftlio members, and thcro can be no doubt
of favorable action on tho bill by the full commit
tee Tho House Commlttco on Foreign Affairs con
sidered tho bills rclstlvo to tho Japanese Indem
nity fund, and Mr. Williams, the chairman, an
nounced that tho subcomml'tee In charge of mat
ters pertaining to that subject expected to report
to the full commllteo at tho next meeting. Tho
following references to subcommittees w ero mido :
On tho adjudication of cases concerning legal
tonnage duties, to Messrs. Lord, Rice, and Wilson ;
tho resolution in regard to the expediency of
terminating tho provisions of tho treaty of Wash
ington, to Mr. Rico; Mr. Gibson's resolution pro
viding for the termination of tho Hawaiian treaty
was referred to Messrs. Knsson, Duunill, aud
Blount. Mr, Belmont was authorized to icport to
the House, with afavorablo recommendation, his
resolution calling for tho diplomatic correspond
cuco lu regard to Chill and l'cru. Several other
matters ot a minor character wcro considered
without action.
Tho Senate Commllteo on Privileges and Elec
tions took up for consideration what Is known as
. tho Edmuuds bill to rcgulato the counting of the
electoral votes for President and Vice-President,
nnd provide for tho decision rf questions arising
thcrcou. 1 he bill In substanco provides that each
State (beforo the tlmo fixed for tbo mooting of the
electoral colleges) may determine by a tribunal
of Its own creation all controversies concerning tho
appointment of Its own electors ; that tho Govern
or's list of the electors shall bo mado Jn accord
ance with such determination; that no clcctcral
vote from any Slato from which but one return
has been received shall be rejected, except by
tho Aftlrmutlvo votes of both Houses of
Congress i and that In caso two or moro
returns uro received fromnny one Stato thoso
votes and those only shall bo counted which both
Houses of Congress (acting separately) shall con
currently decide uro supported by tho Stato
tribunal. Tho cnmmltteo discussed tho bill at
considerable length, but adjourned without reach
ing tho point of notion.
Senator Conger, as n subcommittee of tho Renalo
Committee on Commerce, to whom was referred
tbo question of reorganizing tho Life-Bating
Service, has reported a bill for that purpose,
which has been ordered to bo printed,
and recommitted for consideration by tho
lull committee. Tho bill was framed by Mr,
Conger after consultation with the supci intendcut
of the Llfo Saving Sen ice. It provides for an In
crease of tho number of life-saving stations to
twenty-eight, and also Ave or six moro housos for
icruge for suipwrecked pnssengers. It Increases
the salaries (if superintendents of stations accord
ing to tho extent ot tbclr rcspcctlvo districts
and authorizes tho Secretary of tho Trcas
my to flr tho compensations of tho
station-keepers nt such rates as ho may deem
propor up to a maximum salary of KflO per year.
The bill also provides that surfrocn who aro in
jured or dlsablod lu tho sqrvlco shall bo continued
on tho poy-roll one ear and not to oxeced two
years, nuil pensions for two years to tho families
ofsurfmen who lose their lives.
Tho Houo Committee on Invalid Petitions jes
terday heard addresses from a delegation consist
ing of members or tho Board of Monagors of tho
National Soldiers' Homes, composed of Oeneral
Martin J, MoMahon, Colonels; F. T. Brown and L.
A. Harris. An effort w 111 be mado by tho commit
tee tobavo moro string cut legislation enacted 'Inre
gard to soldiers who remain at tho National Homes
only a poillon of tho tlino and who draw pou
Ions, and also legislation which will give tho
malingers of homes rooro latitude lu regard to
who the; shall admit. Colonel Dudley, Commis
sioner of Pensions, also made a brief avid reus be
fore the committee. He sold if he had four hun
dred men lo place lu tho field as special agents
ha could eliminate all pension frauds
wlibln three, jears time. He thought special
agents should reoeivo about one thousaud four
hundred dollars aud expenses, Messrs. Browne,
Jojcc, Pcttlbone, Matson, and MoMllllu'.were ap
pointed members of a subcommittee to consider
tbo recommendations iniulo by the board of mana
gers of the National Soldiers' Homes) also that of
Colonel Dudloy lu regard to now laws and amend
ments. Uunliir.. miturcs.
New York, Jan. 20. It, a, Dim iOo.'s mercan
tile agency and their ninety branches report tho
buslne failures of tho seven days as 177, Tho
Western States, 61 1 tho Eastern had 13; Southern,
B7; Middle, 8.1 1 FacMo coast, J, and New York
city, 8. The only Important falluro lu New York
It that of Wright & Reed," importers,
who owa cJO.OW and havo nominal
assets of ?7,0O0, The failures In tho country, par
ticularly South and West, aro Among a more lui
portuut class of Hades than muni and tudlcato
that tue unseasonable weather which has pre-vallr-dao
t of tho winter Is bcslnu ns to tell lolb
ou tolcit and collections.
Tho Loathsome nl.en.es Ntlll on She III
crenae. Tho National Board of Health has received re
ports showing that during tho week ending Janu
ary 7 thcro wcro three deaths from smallpox In
Newark, N,J.,andstx newcascsand two deaths
In Keokuk, Iowa; and that during tho week end
ing January 14 thcro wcro fourteen deaths In Hud
son County.Ncw Jersey, and three deaths In New
ark, N.J.
NonxoLK, Va., Jan. 10. About 33 cases of small
pox aro reported lu Portsmouth nnd suburb.
Thus far tho dlseaso Is confined to the colored
population. A colored seaman died from tho dls
easo ton days ago, aud tho colored penpte, not
knowing It was tho smallpox, gavo him a largo
funeral and so spread tho contagion. Stringent
measures for vaccination are being taken.
SrniNoriEM), III., Jan. 20. Three cases of small
pox are reported near Rcddlck, Kankakco County;
one case at F.Ik Grove, Cook County, nnd one death
and thrco cases at Colchester, McDonough County,
all from Keokuk Medical Coltcgo students. Two
moro ases aro reported at Richfield, Adams
County, from tho same source. Ouccnscat Wauko
gan, LokcCounty.has been reported by tho mayor.
Tho Stato board of health Is holding Its annual
meeting here, but tho regular order of business
has been susponded for tho present on account of
the smallpox epidemic and matters pertaining
thereto. Tho board passed a numberof resolutions
making It Imperative for all school children to bo
vaccinated beforo January 25. Hereafter all steam
boat men must bo vaccinated or show evidences
of recent vaccination beforo they can bo employed.
New YortK, Jan. CO. Five cases of smallpox
wcro reported to tho authorities to-day, Ono caso
was that of a man who traveled all tho way from
Iowa suffering from the disease without knowing
It. He was taken to tho hospital. Tho vaccination
bureau Is dolly crowded with applicants desiring
to be vaccinated.
In llio Vlrchilu T.rsUlndirr.
Richmond, Va., Jau. 20. In tho Senalo to
day n bill was passed authorizing the consolidation
of tho Richmond and Allegheny Railroad Com
pany vvlth the Ohio Central ar.d tbo Atlantic and
Northwestern Railroad Companies.
Tho amendment to tho RIddlcbcrgor debt bill,
which gavo rise to a gcucrat debato cstcrday, was
lo-day withdrawn. All understanding having
been arrived at by which tho Interests of schools,
colleges, and other literary Institutions holding
ODiigauons or tno state, will be piotectcelln a
separate bill. Tho debt hill was then ordered to
engrossment and was mado a special order for to
morrow at one o'clock, when it will como up on
its passage.
In tho sennto the bill to ratify tho ealo of the
Stato's interest in the Atlantic, Mississippi and
Ohio Railroad to tho Norfolk and Western Rail
road Company for t JOO.OOO was passed.
Tho house to-day passed the senate Joint reso
lution Instructing and requesting Virginia's Sena
tors and Representatives in Congress to glvo
earnest support to tho bill Introduced in tho
United States Senate by Senator Blair providing
for tho establishment and temporary support of
common schools In the several States and Terri
Tbo committees on tho courts of Justico of tho
senate nnd bouse of delegates held a Joint scssldn
to-night to consider tho question of devising moro
effective legislation for tbo suppression of dueling
and to hear argumouts in that connection. Tho
subject was debated at considerable length
by members of tho commlttco and a numberof
prominent ministers, lawyers, and other citizens.
Tho discussion covered the merits and demerits of
tbo subject In nil its phases, and was exceedingly
Interesting. It showed tho general sentiment to
bo strongly In favorof tho most stringent measures
for the prevention of tho practice.
Melville nnd the JeniiueKo'ii Crctv.
The Secretary of the Nnvy has Just received tho
followlug lolcgram frcm Engineer Melville, of tho
lost Arctic exploring steamer Jcannettc :
InKuraK, January 19, ita.
To the Secretary of tho Navy Department, Washing
ton, D. C United Stales of America I
Sun Melville, Diiienhower, and eleven men all
well. Melville returned to A rctlo Ocean nnd found
log-books, Instruments, nnd four records left by Do
Long. Ko I Ullngi were found of the sooond
cutter. Search continued during tho winter
by Cossack commandant of Itcluii and Jakutslc
nnder directions of General Tschernlpft. Word from
Kolyma Illver that no boat had arrived to date, No
vember It). I am acquainted w ttli (ho country u hern
De Long and party nro, and request orders to remain
with two men to renew the search In March.
Dancnhowor and nine men to return to the United
States. Duueuhowcr'a sight partially recovered
A nUSIAN MP.nCltANT'S orFf.R. a
St. rKTKiisnuno, Jan. 20, M. SIrbnJnkoiT, tho
merchant who owns tho steamer Lena, which
nldedln Professor Nordcnskjold's expedition, and
which Is now stationed on tho River Lena, has
placed that vessel At tho disposal of tho searchers
for Lieutenant Do Long. Tho steamer will be util
ized by correspondent In the spring, If thodltllcul
ties of Journeying beyond Jnkutsk by blelgh dur
ing tho w tutor prove Insuperable.
Clni-hnon I-otfn- I,vlnff.
AIBANY, Jan. 20. Hon. Clarkson N. Potter, who
was supposed to havo been stricken wljh nervous
piostratlon while arguing n caso beforo the Court
of Aupcni., Is now learned to havo been suffering
from Brlght's dlseaso of the kidneys. Although
attended by several eminent physicians, includ
ing ono from New York, ho has been In
aseml-unconsclotis stato slnco Tuesday, and to-
uuy rcuiuves ticicrroiiieu to removo mm to Ills
homo and procured special quarters on tt Bleeping
car to convey him there. Accordingly ho was
quickly placed on board tho sW5 train this nftor
no in nnd taken to his home. Frcm statements
gathered hero It Is thought his Illness is very
serious, to say tho least,
T.roiutrtf Ifuyrh'M Trnulilra.
Npw Yokk, Jan. 20. Leonard Hiiyck, who was
ou trial lu tho Court of General Sessions to-day
for conspiracy to defraud a South American
named Martinez out of Jew dry, was discharged ou
motion of his attorney. Ha was then rearrested
on the complaint of M. C. Artcr, who charged him
Willi obtaining a Hair Interest in a printing estab
lishment ou Fourteenth street, valued nt $1,000, by
means of false pretenses.
Xrrls-Tlo I-nrtlc.
John Wagoner, tho murderer of Dr. Biggs, nt
Irontou, Ohio, was taken out of Jail mid lynched by
n mob Thursday night.
Anderson Jones, colored, was hung nt Augusta,
Ga Friday for the murder of John G. Haralson
on Dcccrnbcns, 1B70.
. i
Another Xllir llolibrrj.
San Fhancisco, Jan, 20. Colonel riuucgan,
United Slates detective, this cvcillug arrested John
T. Best, dale of tho llght-houso board, twelfth
district, for forging signatures to Government
vouchers and imbcrzllng funds to the amount of
A Ctiltllso hf He. Howe.
It has been the practice In tho Post-Ofllco De
partment for many years to chungo the vlgnetto
upon postal warrants upon the accession
to pfflco of every new Postmaster-General
by substituting a portrait of tho new
oOlelal. Postuiastor General Howe has
instituted a reform in this practice by ordering a
vlgnetto of Benjamin Fianklin to bo placed upon
tho warrants. This change Is regarded as appro
priate, Inasmuch us Franklin was tho father of tno
postal service.
A Noscl Profession.
At ono o'clock to-day O.car Wlldo and Dr. Mary
Walker, accompanied by Judge Belvn Lockwood
on a tricycle, will pass down Pennsylvania avenue
toward tho tea More, where Oscar will draw a
wutch. Seats can be secured on tho roof of Tn k
RiJ't'OUCAN ofllco. Tickets, admitting (esthetes,
fifty cents. Children in arms free, Whou the pro
cession teaches Ninth street Dr. Mary will sing,
" I'm Just as Happy as a Big Eunflowsr."
-Sv eu buildings w ero burned at Belle Plain, Iowa.
Loss, 120,00
W.K.BIrd, dry-goods merchant, of Dca Moines,
low a, boa fallM.
At the Havanoah rares ou Friday the wlnuers
were La Gloria, Duke of Kent, and Bonnie Castlr.
The conspiracy at Nepaul, which resulted In the
executlou of twenty-one military ollleers, was urahist
the Prime Minister.
Seventecu new cases ofsmallpox lu Pltlnburg and
thirteen hi Allegheny City wrru reported to tbo Pitts
burg board of health yesterday.
benor De Leon y Castello, Minister of tho Spanish
Colonic, has Instructed tho Cuban ruithoriiles lo
abolish corporal puulihment of negroes.
Ico In eight Inches thick at Pouirhkcepslc, N. Y,
Ilarrebtlug commences to-day. One million one
hundred and forty-six thcuuuid tons aro lo bo housed,
George 11, Hawkins, a night clerk lu the IkiUu
faUlntl otlleo, at Indianapolis, Ind., was uotldeulally
hot and killed Friday by one of the uevt sparer curriers.
They Drop In to See Oar National Sanfloncrs at the
Capitol, Sip Tea, Smoke Cigarettes, and
Talk .Esthetics Together How
Oscar Locrk's'and Dresses.
A RrrunLtrAN reporter had to sco a lady friend
off on ono of tho catly trains yesterday morning,
and consequently found himself up At an ab
normally early hour. Ancr having shed n silent
tear nt tho Baltimore and Ohio depot lie walkc'd
up the Avenue, and when near Fourteenth street
liodcscrlcda tall figure In a gray ulster wending
his way toward Fifteenth street. Ranging Along
side of tho stranger tho reporter discovered that
he was standing in tho presence of tho great
expounder of tho English renaissance Oscar
Wilde. Tho long-limbed tcsthcto was attired in A
tlght-fltttug gray ulster, which blew open occa
sionally and disclosed underneath npalr of velvet
knee pants. Tho upper garment could not bo
seen. A pair of black silk stockings and patent
leather low shoes, with largo black silk bows, wcro
seen beucath the skirts of tho ulster. Round his
neck was n w Ide II) ronlo collar and n blue, bow of
tho most dellcalo and ethereal shade, with long,
streaming ends "bornoon thosoftrcphrsof tho
morning brecc."
a vehv handsome mtMONO rm
was worn In tho centra of tho bow. On the poet's
noddlo reposed A "harmony" In the shapo of n
polo cap of a peculiar blackish-brownish hue,
bound with pink. A pair of seml-gaunllctcd,
flesh-colored kid gloves and a light, fancy cane
completed tho garb. "How do you do, Mr.
Wilde?" said the reporter. In a languid, slightly
drawling voice, like a sick calf, ho Acknowledged
the salutation, and said ho wasglawd to meet Jour
nalists, especially since his arrival tn this coun
try. "Tho newspapers," said Mr. Wilde, "havo.
boon passing sorao rather hard crltlcltms About
mo, yo knnw, but they won't do it when they
know mo better," this with a silly laugh. " Yes,"
replied tho reporter, "tho press rather likes to
havo something to ' guy,' but they don't mean any
barm by It." Tlio tlmo was passed In light con
versa until tho Arlington was reached, where Mr.
Wlldo entered and told tho icportcr ho would
bo "glawd" to meet him nt breakfast At
half-pavvst ten. Shortly after noon Mr. Wlldo
went to tho Capitol and wanted to sco Speaker
Kclfer. Ho called nt tho north door nnd asked If
ho could bo admitted to tho floor. Tho pollto mes
senger told him ho must first send In hH card.
"Card," said tho Bathetic Oscar, "I never send a
card to Parliament when I wapt to go In." " Can't
help that, jouwlll havo lo send ono hero," re
plied tho Buckcjo doorkeeper." "Ah, ha!"
ejaculated tho believer In sunflowers.
"Indeed, I don't know," wfts tho answer. Oscar
approached Mr. J. F, Brlstow, who keeps n stand
for writing cards, and told him that ho wanted
some cards. The fucllo knight of the pen took up
his tools nnd asked what name. " Oscar Wilde, of
England." "You astonish mol Is your uamo
really Oscar Wilde, tho eeithete?" said Brlstow.
"Yes, that's my name." Tho Capitol card-writer
flourished his namo over a card nnd
handed It Ito tho rcthctla gentleman,
who transferred it to the north door, and soon tho
card was In tho hands of tho Speaker, who read It,
aud said Inieply; "Wlllsco tho geutlcmau at the
hotel to-night." Mr, Wilde then passed the tlmo
In critically examining tbo Capitol nnd tho pic
tures and ttatucs that aro contained in that noblo
pile. In tho evening Mr. Wlldo was again called
upon nt tho Arlington, nnd found ut room
151 on tho ground floor. In answer to tho knock
tho door was opened from tho Inside, and tho lion
of the hour was discovered half lounging, half re
clining on a sofa covered with a largo rug, facing
tho door. On seeing tlio V tsltor Mr. Wlldo T0S3 to
his feet, and extending a large, soft hand, whis
pered a few words of welcomo nnd then
A colored man advanced and took tho guest's um
brella aud hat and noiselessly retired. The room
was In rather classic disorder, the tablo being
Uttered with paper, letters, and materials for writ
ing. The loom was heavily ladcucd with tho odor
of Turkish tobacco smoke, and tho poet was puf
fing a cigarette through ah amber mouthpiece.
On n chair near tho sofa was a largo cup contain
ing ten, fromwhlchthotcsthetcdrank nt intervals.
Mr. Wlldo wore a short, close-fitting dresslngjackct
ofbluacashmcro, with collar and deep cuffi of cai
dlnal satin. Tho knee-breeches nnd silk stock
lugs wero the samo as worn In tho morning, with
alow-cut vest, dlsplajlng a magnificent expanse
of shirt-front, lu tho centra of tho shirt was an
Immcnso stud of clustered diamonds, In plnco of
tho morning's bluo bow Mr. Wlldo wore a whlto
bllktto. In nppcaranco ho Is About flvo feet
eleven Inches tall, broad shoulders, slightly
rounded, with long brown hair falling
to tho shoulders, parted in thb centre.
Ills features nro heavy aud prominent, his fore
head bread, and n pair of bluo c)cs complete tho
font's inicmilc. Tho conversation nt first drifted
Into English channels, Then Mr. Wlldo was
asked his Impressions on this country, and
said ho was charmed by tho mcu and women ho
had met. Tho cities ho did not caro i-o much
about. He is' a delightfully easy colloquial tailor,
aud it is n pleasuro to listen to him.
Talking lu slow nnd measured nccents, with a
slight drawl and nil tho English accent of n high
bred gentleman, he speaks lu n mmlciil mono
tone, nnd his voice rises nnd falls In Almost
rhythmical cadence. When asked about what ho
thought tho Influence cf his visit would have ou
the artistic world lu this country
an. wiLuri fifcame entiiwiastio,
nnd, with comldorablo warmth, said bo thought
that slnglo Individuals could work great things
If only they had the right ambition. " Ambition ;
yes, ambition j if a young, healthy man only lias
that hu can do anything and bo anything," said
tho poet. Then tho conversation waudcrcd on
through tho realms of art, painting, nnd archi
tecture. Mr. Wlldo suddenly roso to his
feel ana fa id: "1 wonlci llfco to i-ay
something personal hefjio jou leave.
"You saw that stupid thing lu the Baltluioro
papers about Mr. Forbes and mjself? Well, now,
I havo Just received a letter from him, In whlc h ho
gives n denial to tlit) assertions raado by tho Balti
more papers About certain remarks supposed lo
havo been mado by him relative to inu, Ho ex
presses great icgrct that any bucIi stories should
havo been starlcd, and Is as sorry about the mat
ter aa I urn. Now, thcro Is another
matter. You caw that equally Billy
thing about tho Wednesday Club In
Baltimore, and my only attending their rcccMlon
on receiving 8300, I don't think anypciiYcMan
(emphaslred) would make such a proposition, nnd
I certainly did not do anything so foolish. In fa t,
I have not rocclved any Invitation from thu club,"
Mr. Wlldo then shook hands with tho ro. orter,
who retired.
Crliiiliusl (Jurcli-asiir...
New Yoiik, Jan. 20. The Inquest In the matter
of tho Spujtcu Duyvll disaster was continued to
day, Henry D. Welsh, a bar-tender nt Kllcullen'a
Hotel, testified that ho saw the express staudlugoii
tho truck aud the brakeman standing near tho rear
of tho train. When the Tarrytovvn train was heard
heiAWthobrakema n run back about 180 feet signal
lugas he went. If ho brakeman hud started w hen
tho witness first saw him ho could havo got to
the cut bcfoie thoTarrytown tralucroerged. When
witness saw the brukeman first ho he was not
moro than three feet from his car, aud looked as
though ho were ready lo Jump off at any
moment. Tho brakeman had been stand
lug for llvo minutes beside his car
beforo running back. A. II. Catllu, who has
charge of the alr-hrako department of tho Hud
son River Railroad, Bald hu examined tho brakes
of the Albany train when It came In and found
them all right, and that the train must have been
stopped by soniu person pulling the valvo-ropc.
(Jniubrtlii Ntlll l'lrni.
Pahis, Jan. 20. M. Gambctta has has been urged
by somo of his friends to tender his resignation
immediately. It Is slated ho declared, In reply,
that he awaited tho final Issuo with confidence,
Tho Ministerial Journals dcclaro that the elec
tion of tho committee on tho rovloiou bill yester
day has completely altered Iho aspect of the ques
tion at issue, The raalu question now, thetay, Is
whether tho revision of tho constitution Is to bo
limited or Integral, M, Gambctta Is pledged to a
limited revision. The Cabinet and the commllteo
aro equally desirous of a prompt solution.
niMiUUInellou nl niulue'a Conr.c
Lisbon, Jan. 20, Advices by mall from Buenos
Ayrcs to December 20 havo been lecclYCd. Itvvns
reported that n i evolution had broken out tn Bo
livia, mid that ex-Prcsvlaut Plcrola, of Peru, had
Billed for F.uropo, Tho altlludo of tho United
Stales with rcfcrcuco lo tho afl'ulrs of Chill and
Peru was viewed with dUsatlsfuction by all the
South American republics,
Another rhllndrlptiln Lawyer Nent For
The l'nrc Continued.
A telegram from Philadelphia last night says!
W. W. Kor.whn was an nut.tjititdtfctrlctAttorncv
of this city under Mr. linger!, nnd In thatcnpnclty
acquired a high reputation as Afraincrofcrlinlnal
Indictments, tins been sent for by Attorney-General
Brewster, to go to Washington as soon u pos
sible to assist In preparing tho hills of Indictment
in mo Biar-rome canes, air. Ivor presented n
telegram to this effect to Assistant District At
torney Warwick this morning In tho old court
house, nnd said that on account of this nercmntorv
summons ho would nek the court to coutlnuo hts
esses. Assistant District Attorney VtarwlcK re
plied, soi tun- that tlio Commonwealth was clod to
contlnuu Mr. Ker's cases for such n caso as that.
no honed lie would not como back until no nnd
brnuaht crcrv roueuo within I ho Indictments.
Judgo Pierce concurred In this nnd asked Mr. Kcr
to notify Iho DMrlct Attorney when ho expected
to return. Mr. Kcr will start for Washington this
. !-- . I.. t1'--1.l I... .. .1....
.u. jvi-r i. in itasmugum tu-uny,
How long Is this fsrea to continue, nnd how much
moro Is tho I'nlltd States Treasury to bo depleted
by tho cmploymcutufaddlllonal counsel tn proso-
cuto only through tho newspapers For ten
months tho press has been filled vvlth wonderful
talcs or what Is soon to liappt.li in tho courts lu
relation to alleged star-route frauds! yet lu the
nicantlmo tho Attorneys-General, Postmasters-
General, nnd several grand Juries havo
como and gono nnd no court pro
ceedings havo been maintained. Attorney-General
Brewster, at tho head of tho
Department of Justlce.haspruclalined through tho
press that he would attend to tho trial (7) lu
penon. Tho Department of Juillco has em
ployed thrco special assistant Attorneys
General to wit: At M, Gibson, Gcorgo Bliss,
nnd W. A. Cook, who, llko tho Attorney
General, have dono much tolkcc-talkco In the
nouspapers, but hnvo gained no foothold In tho
courts. Then thcro is Colonel CorMilll, tho United
Slates attorney for tho Dlstilct nl Columbia,
within whoso Jurisdiction tho much-talked-of
proceedings were to bo Instituted.
Then In Addition thcro nro J. J. Hinds,
P. II. Woodward, Tldball, Sbnllcrosi, and A small
army of special Aicnta and detectives employed
AndpaldoutofthoTrcosury fat fees and salaries,
Now, with nil this combined talent, and tho De
partment of Justico nnd Post-Ofllco Deportment At
their cominnnd, they have lo send lo Philadel
phia and employ another special assistant Attorney-General
(.Mr. Kcr) to nld Ihcni to prepare
sonio form of documents for tho newspapers,
probably. How long. O I Department ot Justice, is
this farce tocontlnuof
Work or (ho fiinimlMro uT (ho Wliolo
Tho Houso on Friday went into Commlttco of
tho Wholo on tho private calendar (Mr. Camp In
tho chair).
Tho first bill on tho calendar was ono to rcllovo
from the charge of desertion two soldiers who had
been unjustly tried on thatchargo during the war,
convicted, nnd Imprisoned, nnd to rcstoro their
right to bounty, but not to pay.
A motion w as mado by Mr. Holman to recommit
the bill, with Instructions to report it general law
covering nil similar cuscs, but It was ruled out of
Mr. Randall expressed tho hopo that tho Com
mittee on MIlltaryAflulrswould maturo And re
port A bill giving to tho War Department somo
power to grant such clemency, and thus relievo
Congress of that largo class of cases.
ATler an hour's discussion tho bill was laid aside
to bo reported to tho House.
Ihcro-wcreln nil six private bills considered tn
commlttco and ordered to bo reported to Iho House.
'Then (at half-put three) the commlttco rusoand
tho Speaker resumed tlio chair.
Mr. Kclley moved lo adjourn over until Mon
day, and on that motion tho jens and nnjs wero
Iho motion was rejected 90 to lit. Tho motion
was subsequently renewed and ugrced to.
Tho hills reported from tho Commlttco of Iho
Whole were then passed, Including ono for tho re
lief of Ihcoplillusll.Chaiidler, formerly Assistant
Treasurer of the United Slates at Boston.
Mr.Caudler, from tho Committer ou Accounts,
mado a rctiritt dndsuntlmr tho committees which
shall bo entitled I" clerks, 'iho 'additional ones,
being tno commllteo on vue raymout ot ronsions,
Bounty, and Back Pu, on Enrolled Bill., and on
Manufactures. No action was taken.
Tho fortification Appropriation bill (npproprlat
ingSTO.OOO) was reported by Mr. Forney, who
gavo notice that he would call It upnext Tuesday.
Tho IIouso then (at 4.15) adjourned 1111 Monday.
Ilntiotn to lltn I'ronS.
Thclargo delegation from Dakota now In tho
city, including tho thirty nnlvuls last evening, as
sembled nt the Hon. R F. Pettlgrcw's rooms on V
Btreet, opposite Kbbllt House, jesterdny morning,
nnd, after Iho compliments ot tho season. Imme
diately proceeded to business In trua Western
stjle. Judgo A. II. Barnes, of Fargo, was chosen
chairman and Mr. William B. MtCoiiuell tccre
tnry. Tho object of the meeting Is to take defi
nite and united action lu reference tothonduils
slou and division of the Territory. A committee
ofoue from each county was appointed to prcpnro
a statement of tl.o resources, population, ,tcAiid
other matters o Interest. Among tho delegation
are the Hon. Gcoigc II. Walsh, chairman Terri
torial Republican Committee : Major A. C. Kd
w rds, editor l'argo Argnt; Mr. W. II, Brown,
mayor of Grand Folks; Colonel C, A. Lowntberry,
edltur Bismarck 'Mbnne; Hon. Juil.on La Mour,
of Pembina, nnd Mr. Johnson Drlghnm, managing
editor Fargo Dally IltpMtcau. Tho delegation
w ill cill upon tho President to pay their respects
next week.
Aihh-IiiI'1 ('hlll-llli-a.
A number of gentlemen llv ing lit the neighbor
hood met on Thuisday evening nt tho houso of
Charles K. Foster, etc;., Khodo Island 'avenue,
near Ninth street, to form n local branch of
tho Associated Charities of Iho District. A
secretary pio lanpoic was appointed,
and It was rgrccd to call n publlo meet
ing on TucMlny evening next, nt Lincoln
MliH!oo,corner of K and Eleventh streets, lit soven
o'clock, to foi in n permanent orgiiulUim, This
local b'rnneh proposes to operate in tho district
bounded by Seventh and Nineteenth uud P and
Boundary streets. All citizens residing within
these limits Interested In cfllclcutcharilablowork
nro Invited to attend on Tuesday ovculng
next, It is understood that tho ob
ject of this association Is to furnish thu
central olllce n complete registry of the deserving
poor, both w bite nud colored, and of tho assistant e
given; also so far us posilbloto supplement rind
co-ordinate tho work of existing organizations,
which aro not to bo In any way Interfered with.
The- Z-.illlo on (lie llotiri.
l'.ir.I?, Jan. 20, Tho aulo on thu Bourso cau-cs
A greater nidation than tho so-called minis
terial cilsis, The Fittlcmeut ou February 1 is an
ticipated with anxiety.
W. J. Poi-B, of Chicago, Is nt WlllardV.
Hon, Claiii: 11km , of New York, Is a guest at Iho
8T.Gr.owin n. rmui'oii, ofVlrglnln, Is at tbo
Wh. M. Siniifiily and W, J, Pollock, of Philadel
phia, are nt WlllaM'ii.
Hon, Maiiic II, Iii'NNku. has vvlth hint at Iho Na
tional Hotel his w I fe and his daughter Fanny,
(Vi,osi;i, "Hlu,"HllAiTKM,r Illinois, Utah, Col
orado, nnd New York Is at Wlllard's, but will leave
to-night for Ntw York city.
Ik Mr, Oscar Wilde li really and truly tcslhotlo he
sleeps In nutiiTo'Hciwn curb and bathea oneenjear,
as did tho ancestors w hose drew lie apes.
Jurax 1IU1.VA A, LocKwoon.on bring naked yes
terdsy morning If sho was going for Senator Vest,
replied that she only attacked men of her size
Tin: receipts from Internal revenue Friday vvero
II1V0I.M and Iroin customs, f ljH.trj3.ai. Tho national
bank notes received for redemption uinountcd to
Mu.Kuwaiiu P. UnoOKH, tho well-known Journal
ist, who Is now United Htalcx consul at Coik, Ireland,
Is now In New York city, but I expelled hero during
tho coming week.
Tub Cabinet meeting on Friday was attended by
all the uiemler oieept Secretary Folgcr. The only
questlouu cou.lderc-d related to details of routliio
business, now lieloro the different Departments.
MitH, W. It. Shock-, wife of Covntuodoro Shock,
Chief or Bureau or Htenui F.nglncoriug, U, H. N., Is ho
fur convalescent from her long aud painful Ulncs
that she Ih Able to sit up, but Is stilt uuablo to leave
her room,
Tug Treasury Department bus disbursed for Inter
est during tho current month Slo,tm,ooo and 9-2,1,000
In redemption of boucb. There aro TO.KWJOo standard
silver dollars In the Treasury and j'C,0M,OM silver
certificates outsuudlng,
Till. American Society of Civil Thiyliiocre, at their
Annual meeting In New York, Inst Wednesday,
elected Mr. James B. VmU vlco-prerfdent of ihn so
ciety, The British Awor-'atlon for tlio Advaaii ement
of Science elected Mr Lad n corresponding membrr
of Iho association lost month.
An Krentng's Roond of rieasnrc Arrlrals of In
terest MoTcraents of Distinguished Peo
ple Pleasant Kntcrlalnmenta
Among Ofllelsls.
Tho banner evening of Iho season for dinner
patties was doubtless Inst Thursday, when seven
promlnont entertainments of tho kind wcro given.
Bcsido tho dinner nt Mr, Blaine's, already men
tioned In TiiF.ItH-unucAN, tho Secretary o( Stato
and Mrs. Frclliighujscn dined seventeen guests In
honor of ex-Secretary F.varts, (ho remainder of
whom wcro tho Secretaries of War and of tho
Navy, tho Attorney-General and Mrs. Brews
ter, tho Postinasler-Gcncrnl, tho First
Assistant Secretary of Slate nnd Mrs. Davis, Hon.
Gcorgo Bancroft, Senator and Mrs. Kdmunds, Sen
ator and Mrs. Pendleton, Representative Knsson,
Mrs. Slewarl, Mrs. Wadsworth, MIssTuriibull, and
Miss Howe. Mrs. Watinough gavo n liandsomo
dinner party of young pcoplo to Mr. and Mrs. Sar
lorls; RcprcscntntlvcStcphcns,ofGeorgIn,n din
ner nt tho National Hotel to Mr. and Mrs John
son, or his Slate; Captain Arthur, of tho
British legation, a farewell dinner to A
few special friends at Wormlcy's; Repre
sentative Candler, of Massachusetts, hand
somely entertained Iho Board of Trado;
and Senator Hawlcy, nt tho Arlington, gavo n
small but elegant dinner In houorofMr. Freeman,
of F.rjRlnd,authorof"Tho Growth of tho Rug
lUm Constitution" and other valuablo works, nt
which Pcnutom Hoar nnd Butler, Representative
Crapo, Mr. lhigcno Schuyler, and others to tho
nuuibcrofclevcit were guests. Several gentlemen
iccelvcd Invitations to two or moro ot theso din
Tlio senatorial ladles' rccopltons on Thursday
wcro rendered moro than usually pleasant by Iho
mild beauty of tho day, nud wcro attended by
crowds of visitors. Among tho very pleasant re
ceptions of the ntlernoon were that of Mrs. Miller.
ofCallloinla, assisted by Miss Dora Miller, at 1218
Connecticut avenue; by Mrs. Farley, of tho same
Slate, at tho Portland, assisted by Miss Julia
Dwight, of New York; Mrs, Mnhono nnd Mrs.
Jonas, at tho lama hotel; Mrs. Sawyer, of
Wisconsin, with her daughter, Mrs. Whlto, and
n Now York friend, Miss Strong, whoso toilet was
particularly rich nnd effective; Mrs. Hnwley, of
Connecticut, with whom were Mrs. Buck, or her
Slate, aud Miss Slack, of Washington; Mrs. Plait,
orCouncctlcut, assisted by her mothor, Mrs. Bull,
who will spend tho remainder of the wlutorwlth
her; nnd Mrs. Aldrlch, of Rhodo Island,
who, at her elegant homo. Lilt Nine
teenth street, tho spacious new houso
built by Commander Mauley, had many
calls. It was Mrs. Aldrlch's first reception day us
a Senator's wife, and she worn her new honors
with modesty nnd grace. Hcrreccptton dress was
ouo of the handsomest worn during tho day. Tho
wlvoi of Associate-Justices Miller unci Harlan,
MlssAHco Blaine, ex-Governor nnd Mrs. I.elaud
Stanford, whohavo Justrcturnedfroin Rutope.nnd
Miss Low, daughter of the Governor of California,
wcro n few among the hundreds of callers. Many
Senators wives wcro calling on Friday, Several
of these called on tho wives of other Senators, bo
Ing uuablo to leave their ow u receptions on Thurs
day to do so.
An evening pnrtyto joung people, nt which
wero charades and dancing, was given Thursday
evening by Mrs. Mcl'hcrson. One charming
daughter of n Senator, nflcr asfWIiir her mother
nt a reception numbering hundreds, attended af
terward tho dinner given to Mrs. Surtorls, and
later the party at Mrs. McPherson's.
Tho President, w hen ndlnncrguost, sit ulwajs At
tho immcdlato right of his host, no mutter who
may bo the guest In whoso honor Iho dinner Is
specially made. Tlio latter sits at thu President's
Mrs. Chaco, wife of Representative Chace, or
Rhodo Island, Is visiting tho city for n few days,
nnd Is At 1213 N street. Mr. ChAcc, a devout
member ofthe Society or Friends, "alunncd" in
stead or taking tho customary oath ou his Initia
tion Into Congress. Mrs. Chaco within her plain
black bonnet has ouo of tho loveliest or faces, both
In featuro and expression. Her two daughters arc
poising the winter In Philadelphia, tho jouugest
In attendance at n Friends' school there.
Volume III of tho "War of tho Rebellion," n
compilation or tho olllchil records of tho Union
and coufederalo armies, prepared under tho dlrcc
llou of tho Secretary of War and published by
cnlcrnfCjugrciw,iust Issued, This volume con
tains chapter 10, "Operations lu Missouri, Arkan
sas, Kansas, and tho Indian Ten llory, from May
10 to November 10, 1MI." Among tho Important
events noted arc tho battle of Oak HUM, Spring
field, or Wilson's Creek, Mo, August 10, lull, lu
whltli tholainentod General Nutliunlcl Ljnnwus
killed, nnd tho battle or Belmont, Mo., on Nov em
ber 7, 1601, Tho comparison of Union nnd confed
erate accounts forms a bosls upon which n fair
Judgment may bo obtained, and the volumes aflhc
first scries of this work hnvo thus far been or great
value and Intciost. They aro especially prlerl by
et-sohllcrs of the war w ho eliiuico lo iccclvo them
through tho tlioiightfuliiess of their Representa
tives lu Congress. Tho hope Is expressed that. no
Congressman lll allow his allotted iinmber of
copies lo remain undistributed or will distribute
them lu haste or thoughtlessness to persons other
than those who ran appreciate them best. )
Mr. II. M.Youinnus, editor mid iironrlctorofonc
of Wisconsin! flourishing papers, The flcrm.in, of
vvaukesna, is making his first visit to tho Capital.
nnd Is quite engrossed with tho multiplicity of
interesting sighis. jia Is n guest of tho Rhbltt
House, and will remain till Monday.
Mrs. Fltrgcrnld, n daughter of Governor Doty,
one or the early tc rrllorlal Gov crunrs of Wisconsin,
Is lu Washington with a daughter and n compan
ion, Miss Ollroy. Tho patty nro stopping at tho
Kbbltt Houe, vvhero Miss Fltz;oruld'H striking
beauty nltracts much respectful ndinliatlon.
Mrs. Fitzgerald is an Invalid uud
does not leavo her parlors. Other
prominent guests at tho Kbbltt aro Hon. George A.
Hnlscy.ex-Coiurossinnu from New .Icrtoy, with his
wife and daughter; Mr, Charles T. Howard, of
NcivOrlonni, with Mies Annio Hotvuul nud Miss
Helen Beitllle, two charming joung Indlcn;
Captain Frank Bennett, with wllo nnd cluugh
tor, or St. Louis, whcio tho former Is ono of
tho owners of tho I.ludell House; also General
B. S. Grungcr. U. 8. A., nnd vv Ifo ; Mrs. L. Williams,
with two Lliltdrs.it, and Mr. O. L. Wright nud w Ifo,
tho ladles bclnj daughters ol Iho Into George Uvt.
Tlio ladles aro lu mourning forlhclrdlstlngulshed
father, Mrs. I.ucySemplo Ames, Willi Miss Ida
Ames, her daughter, nro omung tho fnvoilte
guests, Mrs, Ames Is u daughter of thu lato Sou
ntor Scmplo, of Illinois.
Mrs. Frank Hiitton, wlfoof tho Fiist As.lstaul
Postmastcr-Gcnurul, has been ill for several da) r,
the result of a violent cold.
The evening imislo lu tho autu-room nt tho Rh
bltt House, under thochargo of Mr. Rbuer and his
assl-.tuuts, nud consisting of piuuo, "violin, nnd
cornet concerts, has been resumed for tho season,
much to tbo gratification of tho ladles resident
F.x- Altornoy-Gciioral and Mrx. Tuft left for their
home, In Cincinnati, Wednesday evening. Mrs.
Tuft, accompanied nyu son, hud been vlslllug
friends In New Rugland and In Troy, N. Y., beforo
reaching Washington.
Mr. aud Mrs. John M. Francis, of Troy, pasted n
pleasant hour at tho Rxccullvo Mansion. Tuesday
evening In a social call upon the President, who
has known Mr. Francis for many ) cars.
The many friends who met Mrs. Joiicji, of Ne
vada, paying calls Wednesday accept tho fact os n
welcome Intimation that she Is not to be secluded
from society for tho season by tho Into bereave
ment In her husband's family,
Miss Hannah Wnkclleld,a charming joung lady
of Richmond, Ind., Is visiting Colonel W. W. Dim
ley, Commissioner of Pensions.
One ofourswcclorst singers, Miss Florence Hop
kins, has been cuptuicd by apirsuaslvo joung
man, and gono lo gruco a Western home, It was a
quiet homo vveddlug, only a few of thu old-tlmo
friends of tho family bclug present, uud tho happy
pair left immediately for tho West on tno thrco
o'clock p, in, train. Mr. Uacou is in the grain busi
ness In Missouri,
Tlit' Nprnuno '.aiMlr.
I'ltoviDEKCK, R. I., Jan. 20. Creditors of tho A,
and W. Hpruguo estate, representing neaily 33,000,
C01 of Indebtedness, havu tetegraphcdthclr dcslro
tobecomo members of Iho proposed organization
ofurcdlturstotuketho property at u sum notice
tlimiSAO'W.OOO. The tlmo closed to-night for loin
lug tho scheme, which It Is now thought may oiler
a successful Incani of settling tho estate.
"I.ooli Nut oil (hi- Wine," its',
PitovitiKNfS, R. I., Jau. 20, Deacon Rills, of Iho
Ruuiford C'oiigicgallonal Chinch, whllo opening a
bottloof communion wlno on Ihc 1st Instant, cut
his hand with glas... Ho has been KUednlth
.lockjaw, and his life itdupaltvd of.
An Unjoynhto llsenlntr nml n Y.ni-goiMnth-rrlnir.
Another plenant hop was held nt Wlllard's Ho
tel last night, participated In by the guests of the
houso mid their friends. Tho attendance was
qulto largo nnd tho music cxcollcnt. Tho enjoy
ment was complete, nnd when tho hour for sepa
ration arrived all departed with tbo plcasantost
recollections of nn evening most happily
spent. Among tho many persons present wcro
W. Baker nnd wife, C. W. Thomas nnd wife, Sam
uel C. DavIs, Mrs. And Miss Baldwin, Henry Shu
feldt, Dr. Rush, Misses Shufeldt, Hon. J. K. Mo
Donald, H. A. Jones nud wife, F. S. Baker, Colonel
Gcorgo B. Corkhllt nnd wife, Hon. John O, Davis
and wife, W. P. McLaren, J. R. Goodrich, Hon. L.
Stanford And wife, Charles Roth, 1). B. Henderson,
II. Mcltrlde, W. Pain, Hon. A. G.
Cochrane, Hon. James Mosgrovo nnd wife, General
J. S, Clark, J, P.ltobinson, Jr., Hon. J, O, Thomp
son, Hon. W, P. Kellogg and wife, LawrcnctfUAr
rctl and wife, W. F. Shaffer, II, D. Windsor, Gen
erals McMahon, Klclburu, Knox, and W. D.
rianVllu, lion. R. W. Townshend and wife, Hon,
Ben Lo Fevrc, Colonel Tom Ochiltree, II, C. Nash,
Hon, T. M. Bnyno and wife, Hon. W. It. Mor
rison nnd wife, Miss Magglo McAdam, Mr,
Frank W.' Millar, Mr. J. B. Rutherford, L. D.
Thomas, Hon. J. II. Camp nnd wife, Hon.CC.Jad
win, Miss J. Carlcton, A, W. Colgate, O. W. Carlo
ton and wife, Hon. J. M. Tntble, James It, Davie,
Hon. F. R, Bcltzboovcr and wife, Colonel I A.
Harris, J. K. Rickey, MlssOtt, Hon. J. II. Brewer
nnd wife, Miss Grove, J. B. Merrill and wlfo, Hon.
E. C. Phlstcr, William L. Porter, Hon. II. A. Hall,
General C. W. Roberts, John W. Starr nnd wife,
General N, L. Jeffries, Mr. and Drs. W. L. Brown,
Colonel r. F. Brown, William A. Olllcn nnd wife,
W. W. Raplcy nnd wife, Miss Jennie Bceber, Miss
Florcnco Raplcy, Hon. Gcorgo II. Williams, Jeff
Chandler midwife, Mrs. Oilman, V, 8. McCoy,
llon.lt. s, Harris nud wife, Hon. J. B. Clark, Jr.,
Miss Gusalo Clark, General J. A, J. Crcswcllaml
wife, Mrs. Georgo It. Grant, Mrs. Fer
nando Jones, Hon. J. B. Groomo nnd wife,
J. D. Martin, W. I). Rutchlns, Btllsou Hutchlus,
Miss Sucad nnd Mrs. Sncnd, Colonel Gcorgo W.
Honker nnd wire, D'r, R, B. Bradford, Miss Sallle
D.Millar. Mrs. William II, Baker, of Winchester,
Va.; Mr. II. B. Millar, Mr. A. Smith McCoy, Miss
'l'nnnlo R, Hough, Mr. nnd Mrs. J. T. Hough, Rufus
S. Andrews, Mark D. Flower, Mr. and Mrs. Daniel
Carrlgnu, Miss Hultlo Cnrrlgan, Mr. and Mrs. J. II.
A llonril of Arm Ilnnilis-rrft Ontercit (n
IWliiilliiu I(. SUotldlllon.
Thursday morning n general order was Issued
announcing thut tho Winder Building, at tho cor
ner ot Seventeenth nnd F streets, is unsafe', and
ordering n board of engineer officers of the nrmylo
cxamlno tho building nud report what means
should ho taken to prevent Iho walls from fulling
and to mnko nn estimate of the probable expense of
tho work required. In accordance with this order,
Colonel Thomas Lincoln Casey, Major Gcorgo II.
l'.UIott, and Captain Henry M. Adams, Corps of
I'.nglnoers, U. S. A., wcro detailed as the hoard of
ofnecrs. required, and the board convened at onco
(eleven n, in.) and legan tho examination. It has
been known for n long tlmo to those cmplojed lu
Ihc building that thcro was danger of the falling
of tho north null of the west or F street wins, and
this danger was greatly Increased n year ngolast
fall, when thonld roof was removed and replaced by
n heavy ono of Iron, placed on n now structure of
bricks and cement, so as to provide additional pro
tection fiom fire. This Immcnso addition of weight
w cakened tho wall mentioned so greatly that large
cracks woro mado lu tho walls' a.s fur down ns tho
first or ground floor and created much alarm
among tho cmplojc.es, Tho building Is occupied
in tho basement nud on tho ground floor by
tho ofllco of Chief of Engineers or tho army;
on tho second floor by tho Judgo-Advocato-General
uud Chief of Ordnance of Iho array;
whllo Iho upper six stories mo occupied by Ihc
Second Auditor of tho Treasury. Tho building
coutoltis hundreds of clerks, nnd In all tho various
offices, nnd especially In Ihc Auditor's ofllco, nro
hundreds nud hundreds of tons of docifmcnts and
record', in tho iniantlmc, tho rcportortho board
or engineer oillccta Is looked Tor with grciU anx
iety by tho many cmploj cc.
Paymaster Jumci Hoy, U.S. N Is llv Ing at 1523
K street.
Captain S. Livingstone Brccse, U.8.N., Is living
at -tor. It sircct.
Chief Rnglnecr George R. Johnson Is at Wil
mington, Del.
General Qiilneey A. Glhnoro arrived nt Iho Rh
bltt Friday morning.
Mujor Thonins II. Norton, captain retired, U.S.
A., Is at tho r.bbllt House.
Mis, Eugene A. Carr, wlfo of General Curr, col
onel Sixth Cavalry, Is In St. Louis.
Passed Assistant Surgeon Charles A. Siegfried, U.
S. N., Is v lsltlug at the Nnv nl Hospital here.
Lieutenant Henry 11. Robinson, Fourth Infill
try, Is granted one mouth's extension of leave.
Assistant Surgeon Phillip Loach, U. S. N., arrived
at Iho National Hotel Thursday from Norfolk.
General Joseph Conrad, caplaln Klrvcnth In
fantry, arrived nl the I'.hbltt Homo Wednesday.
Lieutenant Commander Charles W. Tracy, re
tiled, U. S. N., arrived at the Itlggs Homo Thurs
day. Matter Chailes II. I.jelli, U. S. N arrived at tho
National Hotel last Wednesday. Hu Is on waiting
Ruslgn Francis M, 111 am by, who Is ordcied
to the Jumistuun, registered ut Wlllard's Hotel
Lieutenant Georgo It. Burnett, Ninth Cavuliy,
who has been at Iho Rhbllt House ou leave, left
heio ,e.terrtny.
Lieutenant Wilbur R. Wilder, Fourth Cavalry,
who has been here iicuily leu weeks, will leavo
theclly to-day.
Lieutenant William l Buck, 'thirteenth In
fantry, Is grunted one mouth extension of leave
from Colorado,
(jcneral John J. Reynolds nnd family hnvo taken
quarters ut No, 018 Fotiitccuth street, opposllo
Franklin Square
l.lriilpunnt rtcnrfrn rtlller llnrnolt. TClut li fnv.
rnlry js tmnsfurred fiom Captain Bennett's to Cap
tain Loud' troop.
General Charles II. Tompkins, General Shcrl
dan's chief quartermaster, nrrlvcd hero Wednes
day, and Is nt No. l'JOs G stiect.
I'aj master Rdwnrd Bellows, I'. S. N., whoso
tenure of position lit so peculiar, Is nt No. 27 H
stieet, Hu Is ou uniting order.
Major Henry II. Iltt-rc, pu) inaster, U.S. A., Is
grunted two month? extension of sick leave. Ho
Is n hinthcr-lii'htw of General bliermiin.
Lieutenant Gcnrgn B. Livingstone, U.S. N who
Is nn walling order, arrived ut the F.bbltt House
Thursduycv cuing from his home lu Now York.
Colonel Albeit Burnltr, captain, retired, of tho
gallant old Seventh Cavalry, passed through tho
city this week for St. Augustine, Flu., for his health,
Lieutenant Raymond Perry ltoilgcrs. U. S. N
w hn Is attached lo tho Niival Academy, Is visiting
his father, Hear-Admiral 0, It. P. Rodgcrs, at 17J1
I sircct.
Captain Thomas V, I.ml, lieutenant Twentieth
Infantry, who is on sltk leave, itturnod to tho
city this wiek, uud Is qiturh'rcd at Klotz's Hotel,
No, ITOOCHlrcet.
Master John 0. Nicholson, who Is under or
derstn tho Jamestown, uttha Muro Island Navy
Yard, Is visiting his rumlly, At No. 2207 Penusylvn
nhi avenue, for it fow days.
Chaplain Gcorgo 0. Mulllus, Twciity-flfth In
fmitry, who Is In chargo of tho post schools In tho
army, arrived at Iho Kbbltt Houso Wednesday
from his station nt St. Louis.
Colonel John II, Donovan, caplaln retired, Is now
living ut No. 109 Pennsylvania avenue, but will
rcruoto to tho Congressional Hotel, on Capitol
Hlll,ou the 1st of next month.
Lieutenant Alexander ltodgers, Fourth Cavalry,
who is ou leavo visiting his father, Rear-Admiral
C. It, P. ltodgers, nt No. T!l I street, will leiualn
until tho 1st of April. Ho Is n relutlt e of his colo
nel, General MacKenzlo.
Lieutenant Daniel W. Davis, U. S. N., who was
tried by court-mattlal last summer at the New
York Navy-Yurd.wns sentenced to suspension for
one ycur on 75 per cent, of leavo pay. The sou
leneo Is approved, aud takes e licet from January
First Lieutenant William Allen, Twelfth Infan
try, died ut Fort Mojave, Arizona, Sunday morn
ing, January tWIiilltiuiiuutlou of tho bowels, Ho
wasw unllvo of Ptiinsylvunln, nnd received lilt
commission In tho regular urmy from Iho ranks,
Ho served a) car during Iho war In a voluutcor
PcuiisjIvaulA regiment, and inllstcd nfiorwurd lit
the l'uuiteculh Infantry as koou as discharged In
1806. Ilo bccuiuo n commlssury !er'eniil In June,
I67H, and was promoted to second lieutenant,
T Iftli Infantry, October I, island to first lieu
J tenant December 16, HSio,
Proceedings of the Convention at Lincoln IIll-
lira. Lockwood and Hooker's Itrmsrks A
Delegation of Pretty Women lie
fore aScnste Cora rnlttee.
The Attendance At the morning session or tho
suffrage convention was tho largest of any morn
ing since Iho meeting, Tho tndy delegates wcro
slow In making their appearance. After a whllo
somo of thorn appeared, nnd Mrs, Stanton said
(hat the order would be to hear reports from tho
Slates. A favorablo report of tho progress of tho
causo In Rhodo Island was mado by Rev. Dr.
Hinckley. He said that thcro wcro
home nxvuAniTtrs or BurntAnn
In that Stato which they had' to overcome. Ho
said that an Intelligent German who had been a
voter In New York, not owning properly In Rhodo
Island, could not vote there, nnd yet his son, bom
In New York, could. Thcro was also a feeling in
that Slato that the constitution should not bo
amended, Thcro was a growing Infidelity In poli
tics A sentiment that only Iho Intelligent should
vote. Thoy should opposo this sentiment nnd, In
fact, combat anything opposed to n democratic)
form of government. Mrs. Gago remarked that
she had a letter calling attention to n mlsreprc
sanation by tho press, but alio would not read It,
for she had been n member of that body herself,
nnd knew something of Its responsibilities. Tho
press had given them fair reports, nud In Us
crowded condition tbey could not expect tho
lengthy reports they might olhcrwlso have. Mrs.
Gago then proceeded to answer tho objection that
as nil governments rest on forco, nnd as
sho should remain subject. Sho showed what
women had done, nnd said that Miss Carroll had
planned the campaign which brought General
Grant Into notice, nnd that Rnglnnd had been a
sccoud-tato nation until Rllzabcth ascended tho
Mrs. Lockwood claimed that man was not re
sponsible for nil tho wrongs, for when sho loft
hero yesterday sho was walled upon Dy A ruau,
with tears In his eyes, who entd:
of doors. What shall I do?" (Laughter. Sboro
piled; "You nro Iho hend of tho family. Go In
again." But remembering, she asked who ronted
tho house, and llndlngjllmt tho wife did, she ad
vised the man to rent a room and fix up again, And
he said ho believed ho would. She was not fight
ing for women, but for men and women. Sho
then look u ii tho question: "Suppose n woman
with n joung baby was drawn on a Jury. What
would sho do?" Mrs. Lockwood told: "Why,
Just the sama as tho old man If ho had n young
baby. Laughter. vv hen men nro drawn on tho
Jury and cannot serve they arc excused. It should
bo remembered that there were, perhaps, 100,000
women in tins country
who NKvin hap a nAny
and never will have one, and Jurors could be ob
tained from them. And It should bo remembered
that there wcro ninny women whoso children aro
out of tho way."
Mrs, ItobcKson, or Massachusetts, made tho re
port for that State, and then tho convention ad
At tho afternoon session thcro was a full at
tendance, In ppito of the ten cents admission
charged nt tho door. Dr. Susnii lMson and Mrs.
Scovlllc occupied scats on the platform. Mrs, Har
riet II. Robinson thin addressed Ihu convention,
lu which shetald that If Iho Vitssur girls did not
need tho ballot
Tiir nvuoT MiuHi litis vasmii oint.i.
A thoughtful address on "Womnn's Function In
Ihc Slato" was inndo by the well-known speaker,
Mrs. Mary Wright Scwnll, Upon tho close of her
address, which was received with marked atten
tion, Mrs, Isabella Hooker Becchcr gave ono of her
characteristic nnd delightful talks. Sho said that
she had Intended to prcpnro nn clnbornto speech
on citizenship, but hud been obliged to rock Iho
criidhi of her grandchild nnd had no tlmo to
study and write, Sho theroforo would only
glvo n baby talk, nud If tho men In tho
nudlciicodld not llko It they should not sny that
the placo for women Is nt home. Sho said thntsho
was discouraged about suflrugo In Connecticut,
aud hoped that soon thoquc-sllnu could hu brought
before the Supremo Court. In speaklngof law sho
said that Jurisprudence had dono moro lo ndvanco
civilization than Christianity, which had only
accompanied It as n secondary factor. Sho spoko
at somo length, and her remarks not only elicited
the attention or the nudlonce, but their frequent
applause, Tho convention then took n recess.
thero was A very largo audience, Arid nearly
every seat lu the largo hull was oicnpled. Mrs.
Martha MtClcllau llrow it spoko ou "Tho Power
of Veto," and wns followed by Senator Saunders,
who told how progressive Nebraska was on the
question of woman siillrugo. Mr. Clurn Derrick
Colby inndo an claboialo address on " I'voluilon,"
nud Miss Phivbo Couzlns mado tho doling ad
dress, nud tho sixteenth nniiunl convention wns
brought to a close.
llio Senate select Cummllteo on tho Rights of
Women gavo a hearing to a largo delegation or tho
members of the National Woman's Suflrugn Con
vention, Speeches wcro mndo by Mis. Robinson
rud Mrs. Sbnlluck, of Me'inilniselt ; Mrv. Fenrla
and Mrs. Gouger, of Indiana; Mr. Knxnii, urLnulil
ana; Mrs. Colby, nf Nebraska, m.d Mhn Susan B.
Anthony, of New York. Tholnetnnmcdladyiald
she had bright, new recruits ns speakers, lu older
to disprove Iho allegation that "It uns aluajs tho
sumo edd set." llio speeches weio decidedly
pointed and liitcrcslug. Tlio committee listened
lo them with inidlt Med attention throughout, nnd
nt Iho conclusion nf tho hearing tho following res
olution, ultcred by Senator George, ol Mlsslsslpnl,
wine adopted unanimously :
lUtuhtil, Thut tho (oininllli'onrn under obliga
tions to tho liiircsinlnllves nf tho uomlii
of the fulled Hates lor their r.ltcnd.-.i.cct
this morning, and for thu nblo and In
structive addresses which have been inndo, nud
thut tlio committee asMiro them thut Ihcj will
glvo io Ihc subject of woman iiifliago that careful
and Impartial consideration which Its gtavolm
I ortnuco demands,
Tho committee wilt meet ugiln to-day to hear
Mrs. Wanton and Miss I'hieho e.'oiuliu.
Another Cxiiliiiintlnii Which S'otrra Klnl
wllh .ISoi'i' ISKurite's'.
Mr. Murst llnlslead cstcrday -furnished an
evening paper lu this city with tho following reply
to an article which appealed lu Tiik Hi i iiiimcvH
or jcstirda) morning, and did not nppeir lu tin)
Cincinnati (7aaf(easilalineil by cither Mr. mi
slead or thu suld evening nper:
Perhaps Mr lllchaid Smith has n souse nf relief.
Ho La-s been In pain from the ictciiiloii of iho
letter he has Jun given lu the public, llieio wusn
member nf Congress from Ohio who represented.
when llaitlelil was ucunilldate lot lheSeuntc,thst
cvhluieo existed hu hud been ii inrtuer with
Douii Piatt In the moth t-Meiinlnntor con
tract, Mr. llulsteud declined to make any publi
cation on tho subject, us no pieuit was prtsentedi
but when thu Gnrlleld movement at Chicago ws
developing, ho had nn apprehension tlintas presi
dential candidate the moth contrnctcharyo would
bo Injiiilmi", ami wioto lu Mr Smith on I lie sub
ject, nud subsequently scut hint Itlegrnnis giving
Iho uamo of tho Cuiigreiuiiiuii who made tlio ac
cusation, Willi his alleged authority, suggesting
that he had perhaps, In his hurried litter, oci
I'sllmnteil tho possible iiiilnciico of Iho matter,
that It might not be iiflminrluiii'i, uud rcum si lint
thut Iho letter be withheld. All this wus hefoio
the clay on which Gnrlleld was nominated, uud
thu telegraphing was dutio before Smith got tho
There is no Information In the statement that
Mr. Hulsted itiiliigoiilzed Gnrlleld uud wns bitterly
opposed to nuuiliig him as a candidate at Chicago
Hu thought thu Introduction thcro or a second
Ohio mini opposed lo the third term would
lutiso eohlmlnii and iiomluuto Grunt. This
seems to hav o been a mlstuUu, and It may bo wotl
to make tlio uuut ol It, us It wus never denied
Mr. Ilulslcud did not originate churues agslu.t
Garfield or consider that his acknowledged error
wcro criminal, and often mid with absolute crn
dortliat ha bolleud (laillclel, nbsorbid lu publiu
nllalrs uud Inexperienced lu tho methods or busi
ness men, had been lu Uuscd by somo or his friend-,
hut thut ho was essentially sound , tint the boyish
Integrity or his character had not been affected.
It wns thoroughly cinnlsleiit with this for Mr.
llnlslead lo supiurt llurucld us the Republican
leader against (ha solid Southern parly, and lu
support his administration nealust Iho sovereign
Statu pretentious ol (senator Couklliig. to hold his
publlo sen leu lu thu hlghist estimation and In
recognize thu Irrrpaiublu loss the country rus
lalucd lu his most untimely nud melancholy eh u'
Aud -Mr. Hal. lead saja he would rather havo
Iho responsibility of writing such a letter as that
In Smith lu iho exciting time ofn great and c Id
eal polittculcouvcntlou, without personal molUo
or fecllnjto prevent what he thought ut tho mo
ment might be a disastrous blunder, than to pit'
llsh It with calculating uuiliiu in male a I'ltto
Mr. Smith has had n foolish notion that this
letter would b very tic Iruttivu to Ha lend, nud
ho hits In i n Al lug b wit It ft nseir (lO'lailug
that he had it tits eifileua ill" t bin li t.iosilgl,!
fxptivli iishn itl d nv ie r, nn h h iu.
b. i' w I'-ol .' ly be i .itm thu cmy sc-uuilj.
wouu sd man,
.tJit,l'h3hMeiu ..
JA.. .LMii a...!! Jjri.-V..- A-

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