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Ihl Grinning Oatltan md 111 Boll of Itaaaifrlpt
Dltirtmt of the TrUentr't Ilea The
Attisttn It SpuV He ITanti
Tn Ilffon t Uonl.
Mt Rcovlllo concluded hi argument yesterday.
Hit Inst words to the Jnry were brief, and hojln
dutgedlnnonoof tbosJIllecoi rhetoric which U
usual upon euch occasion. Gultcau hud but III
tlo to say, but as Judge Cox has decided to allow
him to speak to-dy he will occupy nbout two
houni In reading the speech which has been pub
lished. Thcro nv n crowded court room, as
usual, nnd tho lns-l day of tho trUt teeined to
attract tho public more than the opening days.
At ten minutes past ten, without any prelimi
nary Incidents or demonstration on tho part of tho
prisoner, Mr. Scovllle resumed his Argument.
with him n roll of manuscript, said to bo an elab
orate preface to his rpeceh. which has already
been published. Mr. Scovllle called attontlon to
tho testimony of Dr. Hamilton. "onoof the Govern
ment conspirators," as be terms him.
Tho District Attorney was tho cole representa
tive of tho prosecution In attendance when Mr.
Scovllle began his speech, and, with character
istic alTablllly, atonco assumed tho task of guard
Jng tho understanding and judgment of the jury
from being perverted by any Improper influences
on the part of Mr. Scovllle. Tho latter produced
n diagram showing a Motion of tho prisoner's
head. "That's not In evidence," said Colonol
Corkhlll "It it," replied Mr. Scovllle, "ouoiact
fac-slmllc of the diagram )Oii put In, (Reach
lng across tho table to tho District Attorney.) You
cnu take It and sco that It Is no."
Colonel Corlthlll (shaking his head contemptu
ously) Impose it on tho Jury If you wish i Jjdon'l
put it on me.
Mr. Hcovllle (earnestly) I will take a rale and
rnako tho mouurcmenta right hero before tho
Colonel Corkhlll Ob, don't'
Tour testimony will bo wonrc.
Mr. Pcovllle (hall apologetically) Well, Colonel
Corkhlll, I am doing tho twit I can, and lam
honestly endeavoring to get the trnlh beforo this
Mr. Seovillo continued, with frequent Interrup
tions on tho cart of tho District Attorney. Taking
up the diagram oftluttcau's head ottered in evi
dence by Dr. Hamilton, Mr. Srov lllc said : " 1 pro
pose to show by thrso cnlartccd diagrams (holding
up aomo of his own procuring) if not permitted in
this way, then by measurements of this cast
(tho plaster cast made by Clark Mills); nud if
this is not satisfactory, then I will
have the prisoner bruugbt up before you and I will
havo accurate measurements taken of his head.
In short, gentlemen of tho Jury, I am going to khow
j on that Dr. Kcmpstcr lied when ho told you that
thts-dlagrnm was a correct representation of Qui
teau'a head."
Colonel Corkhlll risked to bo permitted to exam
ine tho diagrams which Mr. Scuvlllo held In his
band, nud after looking at them a moment said
wltlinancor: "This has.thelook of Dr. Spltxka's
Mr. Scovllle No, Mr. Corkhlll, that is not Dr.
Splltkn's work ; that name seems to w urry you a
good (ltnl. Ouo would think you were haunted
by tho rccollectlou of Dr. Spltrko. Lauiihtcr.il
Mr.Scovlllc continued to discuss tho subect of
the hcud diagrams, and tho proceedings wen: be
coming somewhat tedious, when they were en
livened by tho prisoner. Ills first utterance was
from some cntiso postponed until half-iast eleven
o'clock. Ho had been busily engaged In reading
tha papers, uud the possibility of his remaining
quiet until recess was fast merging into a proba
bility, when he suddenly took advantage of a
pause, and called out .
of monty. lie can't pay these fellows till ho can
get an extra appropriation from Congrtvis. Laugh
ing They had better slnld in New York, They
will go home with less money than they expected.
Serves them right." Mr. Scovllle read from Dr.
Hamilton's cvldcnco relallvo to tho configuration
of heads,
A little "spat" ensued between counsel, when
Mr. Scovllle, with a slight show of Impatience,
retorted. "I don't object to giving everything
bearing upon this case, and when tho District
Attorney asks for anything in tho name of
fairness I am only too happy to
accede, I havosccu the rtcord this niorning,Hnd
have learned tho reason forthn District Attorney's
animus against tho witness Mos. It seems that
Moss had to suo Corkhlll in a magistrate's court
run a Tiiiir.K-noi.tMi w'tsiMiiu,
which tho District Attorney owed Mci' wife, ami
the record says the District Attorney paid It and
9)1.0) rcntt."
Gultcau (oziiltlnglyj If they should undertake
to sue Corkhlll for all ho owes It would take tho
tlmo of all the courts to attend to the business.
Mr. .Scovllle 1 very much dlillko to tiring ont
audi things in a court-room, but when the Dis
trict Attorney persists in his incun Utile person
Hlltlcs ho compels mo to retaliate.
Shortly afterward Colonel Corkhlll again inter
rupted, when Mr. Davidge, who had come in, pro
tested with mock gravity, "Ob, don't interrupt
him; in Heaven's name, don't interrupt htm; ho
might slop altogether I" (General laughter, in
which Mr. Pcovlllo Jolned.l
Gullcau found opportunity .to call out: "The
papers say I spent thrco weeks iu preparing my
apeech. As n matter of fact I only spent thrco or
four days, nights and mornings. I want thu
record straight on this matter."
After recess Mr. Pcovlllo said : " I might detain
you gentlemen for a week longer with just such
observations as I havo been making upon tho evi
dence introduced by the prosecution, but I shall
not dwell longer uiion tho facts. I will cluso with
a few general observations. You are awuro that
nil tho laws framed for tho protection of society
and tho punishment of crimo are directed against
home people, not ouo Is framed for tho
Insane. Another thing lowhlch I would cull you
Attention is that all laws lire mado lo rover gen
eral chweso reaves, and It Is not po&slblo tomako
laws that will cover each panlcnlar case accord
ing to Us attendant circumstances. Now, when
you come to consider this rn'c now on trial they
will tell you becauso
UK knkw nn act was wkuno
tho some punishment should be meted out to him
as in the coso of the hardened criminal who has
devoted all his llfo to Iho pursuit of evil plans and
evil purposes. Hut I told jou thin Is not right;
and when u man has overstepped the bound
ary lino of canity And had committed a
crlmo ho should not bo punished as a sauo
inau. In conclusion he said- "It lias often
been said that our Jury trials are n farce
And 1 havo In my practice frequently hcaird it
said that the Jury system ought to bo abolished
because Jurors maLo a mistake because they aro
influenced by Iho advocates; because limy nro In
fluenced, not by Justlco, not by Iho evidence, but
by tho last address. Hut, gentlemen, I thank Clod
that thcro was a time when my Rogllsh an
cestry stood up against wrong and in
justice nud wrested from a dexiilc king
the right of trial by Jury, ami
I havo never jet seen tho time when I would wish
to sec that right abolished. I feel moro iccure and
more wife in this modo of administering Juvtlco
thau In any other so long asjurlrwaro bonivt; it
does uot require that you should havo read Kent
or Bluckslouo. It requires that you should
have honest hearts and clear heads, and,
abovo all, that you should bo fearless to Uud
for the right regardless of what mny come, rcgard
ldu of w hcthcr your iellow-nicu may approvo it or
not. This Is what I shall .expect of you, gentle
men, and I believe that you will do it.
guitlcmcn, thanking jou for your kind attontloii
Bourn applause followed Iho conilutlon of Mr.
ficovlllo's sicch, which was promptly checked by
thu Court. Colonel Corkhlll stated that nn behalf
of tho prosecution be would withdraw all objec
tion to Oultcau'6 addressing the Jury. That this
trial hail becu long and expensive, and he
did not desire lo givo any opportunity
fur un objection upon which to Sound
a demand for a now trial. Colonel Heed
with some vehemence maintained tbut the Dis
trict Attorney had no right to attempt to influtneo
the juribysuch an Imputation as he had Just
made. It was einipl) equivalent to tho ncsuuip
tlon that they would ot uiume convict this r.iou.
He did uot h'esltutc to assume on the contrary that
they would
hot ujNvwr as UMiQUirrEU i uiutic
if the defense asked thut he bo allowed to ipeuk
Jt as because he had an undoubted right to bo
Colonel Corkhlll objected to tho criticism nl
the counsel. Ho had no right to make them. Ilo
(Corkhlll) had cast no reflections upon tho gentle
man, lie bad courteously withdrawn Iho objec
tions or tlio Uovermuent.
Oullenu I apprecUlo this unexpected courtesy
of Corkhlll'a. aud I du't wholly agree with Itecd,
Your Honor.
,Judgo Cox staled that ho had decided lo allow
tho prisoner to speak.
Mr. Davldgv, who had lust coino in, Inquired
Is tho prisoner tospeuk, Your Honor? if so, I
would like lo inquire about how much tlmo ho
Will occupy T"
Gulteau I shall deliver to the Jury my tpeccb.
which has been publlhcd In all thoncKHpripon.
Mr. Davldgc I have not wen II.
Gultenu Well, then, 1 would advlso you to get
It nt onto and read It.
t kiiam, want Aiirr two norna.
Your Honor, I speak rapidly.
After aome consultation between tho Court and
counsel, as Oulteau was not prepared to spenk 1
day, tho court was adjourned till to-morrow.
Mr, Davldgo stafod that Judge Porter Is In qulto
fccblo health, and will proliably bo unablo to
speak before Monday. It Is probable, therefore,
that the court will adjourn at neon to-morrow
until monday.
(lultcan has often threatened In the court-room
to slap his guards in Iho face, aud yesterday ho
attempted to carry out bis threat. The proceedings,
however, wcro not disgraced with such Heretic.
When ho waa being taken out at recess ho stopped
to speak to Mr. Renville, when llalltlTTall, wishing
to get lilmoutof the crowd, attempted toshovo
him along, when tho prisoner turned savagely
and struck at Iho officer with his manacled hands.
Ho was at onco seised and hurried out of Iho
court-room to his room upstairs,
The Weekly National Republican,
A JDoiiblo Sheet of Ulght 1'njjos, I-'Jfty-sIx Columns.
Mnlli Aiiiiiml Dinner orilir Vnlr .Vtnmnl
Aaftorlntlon nt Uir ArlliiBtnn,
About forty guests w era seated In tho dining
hall of the Johnson annox to tho Arlington Hotel
last evening to parllclpato In tho ninth annual
dinner of tho Yalo Alumni Association of this
city. Among those present nearly all tho clo&scs
of tho grand old Institution of learning for
half n century were represented, Hon. I'eter
I'urker representing tho class of 'HI, whlto
Messrs. E. M. Bcntley and 1'. A. Ran
dolph wcro of class '80. Tho cards
of Invitation were ornamented In tho centra by a
faithful sketch of tho old brick row and the fence
enclosing the old college grounds, while around
Iho burdcr suggestive representations of tho vari
ous stages of collrgo life wero grouped, Thoaeat
of honor was accorded to President Noah Porter,
of Yalo College, while to tho left of tho presiding
gentleman. Captain Button, sat Hon. Hugeno
Feliuylcri 1'roftwor Freeman, of Oxford, England,
Fenator J. It. ltmvlcy, of Connecticut, Hon, W. V,
Crapo, and other distinguished guests.
the otiikr rABTicirAKTs wr.nr.
Colonel a. II Clark, of tho.class of'.Y,; Messrs. C.
f. Aldrich, or the class of'7; Win, A. Meloy.of
tho daw of "M ; C. W. Uy, of tho clow of ft2; II. C.
Hallowell, of the class of 'W; V. W. Crapo, of the
clamof'fia; U. W. Katon.of tbocloxsof '70; r.O.
flusx11,of the class of '76; K Whittlesey, of the
doss of '12; 0. 1. 'Whitllesoy. of the class of '78;
Samuel Porter, of tho class of.'7; Kit. Tylor, of
Uieclawf of 'M j Simon Newcomb,of Mioclaasof '75;
11, M. Ucntley, classoftO; lion. L. Tlcacli.chunof
'U; Ocneral U. I. Gibson, class of 'W; George P.
Sccly, class of 'W; Walter Allen, class of 'C.1; J. C.
Hornblowcr.clnssof CM Hon. II. I. Dawes, class
of '39; C. K. Dultou, class of '60; l'raiicls
lllller, class of 'K; K. E. 1'ratt, claas
of '58; T. 1). Merwlu, class or '77;
Proftssor I.. I'recmau, of Oxford, England ; Fena
tor Joseph K. I law ley; I'eter Parker, clam of
Mil Colonel (larrlok Mallcry, class of 'CO; F. S.
Williams, class of '69; lion. Fxluards l'lcrrepont;
F.J. Woodman, class of '7ii; II. K. Wlllard, class of
'70; Benjamin Uglln, class of '(3; 11. A. Itnudolpb,
class of 'SO; Hon, Kugcno Schuyler, class of
RD; W. 8. I'ltkln, class of 'J8, and "Dr. lltiynlon.
Tho banquet itself was a very elegant affair,
such as Mossrs. Itocsslo A Co. aro deservedly
noted for. lion. Noah Porter offered grace, and
tho discnsslnn of tho delcctablo viands was Inter-
hs pcnied with Jolly collego songs Messrs. T. J.
YV oodman and V. K W llllams leading on.
were offered and appropriately rcsondcd to, the
remarks of President Porter, Senator Ilawley,
Hon. Kdwards Pierrepont, Hon. W, W. Crapo, and
Professor Freeman being especially happy
in tho many humorous and well-appreciated
sparkllngsof wit and pleasantries indulged In:
'Alma Mater: Florcat; responded to by
Hon. Noah l"orter. " Tho Corporation of Yalo
Collego: Dum sumus in ills inclnsi compaglbus
coporls, muncro quolam necessitatis ct gravi opcro
pcrlunglniur ;" res-ponded to by Senator J. It. Haw
ley. "Tho Academic Department: Scrlt arborcs
quaonltorlsaeculoproslnt;" Hon, If. Pierrcpolnt.
" The rnlvcriltlcsof England aud America ;" Pro
fessor Frocman. "Tho I mw School: Prohldcum,
popularlum omnium, omnium adolcscentlum,
Clamo, poitulo, obeecro, oro, ploro, ntque lmploro
Iklem;" Hon. W. W. Crapo. "Tho Divinity
School: Video to alio spectare;" General Whittlesey,
"Tho Sheffield Helcntltlc School: Doccam omnia
subject esso naturno caquo ab ca pulchcrrimo
gerl ; " Proijjiisor Simon Nowcomb, " Tho Schoot of
Philosophy and tho Arts: Qunm qulsquo norlt
ortcm.lnhacrocxcreeiit;" Hon, Fugeiiu Schuyler.
" Tho Wooden Spoon : Conlemnamuslglturomnes
Ineptus;" Mr. Waller Allen. "Tho llurlal of
Kuclld: Nocturno adltu occulta coluntur Sylvcs
Irlbu saepibu' densa;" Colonel Mallcry. "Tho
Monlton, : Nam tl curont, bcuo bonis alt, malo
malls: quod nunc abest;" Mr. l'rnncli Miller,
" Tho Dlcnnlals : Which Coino Onco a Y'car; " Mr.
William A. Mallory. "Tho Collego Fence;
Millions for Defense;" Mr. 1. M. Ilentley.
Other toasts wcro offered aud tho " w co sma hours"
airlvcdcre tho fond sons of glorious oldYaltrc
luetanly parted company. The oillcers of Yalo
Alumni Afsoclatlon who wero elected last Novem
ber, aro: President, Clurenco E. Dutton; vicc
prrsldenU, FrauclsMillcrand Kllphulct Whlttlesyj
secrotary, William A. Mcloy; trcaiurer, Francko
h. Williams, historian, 1. 1-kinnrJsClarko; execu
tive committee, tiarrlck Mallcry, F. A. Scely, li A.
Pratt, Profcwior Simon New comb (honorary), aud
II. K. Wlllard.
T Is derotwl to Nown, INillUctt nnil Goncrnl Infornuilion. It llto Bent NowBpnnor
nniiiuin.il ni thi aixihnf flovnrnmmil. mid in nil miittora nprtliilnr; to (spvcrnuiciitnl.
'ifil Poliiical and Soclrtl ofTiilrs nt tlio Nnlloiml Cnpital, is Bti)erior to lcndiug papora ot
nltim i-ltUf nltlnil nf tlin lTniiin.
Duriur tho Rtmlotis of CoiiRrwm It will luwiisji a Bfitiflfnctory report ot tho jtroccctl
,. and will nl all tlmoit irlvo uomploto titid rolinblo information of tlio ofllcinl doings In
tlio varioii Kxocutivo Dopnrtmonts. . , ,, , , ,
A fitltliftil rooord will bo civou ot till iipnointtuonts, promotions, dismissals, ttssiBn-
iuont, nud other mattont ot Inlorest conneetcd with tho Army nnd Navy.
In polities, it will ho Stalwart Kcpiiblioun nnd an
Earnest Champion of Liberalism Against Bourbon Democracy,
nnd will mlvorato in n fcarlrjw and Intlcpondont raiinuor what shall appear to bo for tho
host "pRCo'l'Co'.fo votc.1 especially to tho ABricultural and Producing Intcrcsta
of 0,nT;1,,JJ?nUj rocord of th0 inUirMtinn social ovontsof tho day, making Its So
ciety Department a featttro. The location of Tin: JtKPtmi.iCAN gives , it superior facilitlcn
f or prcsMtiriK to il readers faithful reporter all that occurs ot tho nntioual ccntro ot
I-itoratnro, Sciftuoc and Art, whilo ita inCorconrso with ptthllo iucu enables it to mako ft
hp ('rial fwlturo of tho Social nnd Political Events and Gossip peculiar to tho National
Capital. In Tclographio Communications with all parta of tho world reached by tho
win, it will contain n full record of tho latest occurrences ot homo and itbroad. Its
Bpocinl eorrespondeneo from all parts ot tho world will bo an interesting fcatnro. In its
eilltorialB and iU Foreign and Domostio News, tho management intond to maintuih tho
lilghest standard, and mako such improvements at mny from tinto to timo b suggested
by the rcquiruraents of a rirat-clasa newspaper. Sample Copies sent Ircc.
TfiiltMS, wltli roHtnjrc Prepaid j
Ono Year, $1.0; Ton Copies or moro to ono address, each, $1.00.
Is one of tho best Nowspnpora published in the country. It contains nil U'O.NowLocal,
General and Political. It is sent by mail, postage oald, at tho low prie o of WOO per year,
or Um tlmo ut CO cents por month, Invariably in advance.
HALLET KILBOUnri, Mamao WaBlHilBton, . C.
i a a a
Unitku Status Housr. op IlHi'niauNTATivw,
Washinoton, D. C, January , 1883.
To the Anlt-Mmtrbon Voters of the Southern State ;
Tho undersigned, Members of Congress from Southern States, desirous of promoting
tho union and cordial co-operation of all tho untt-Bouibon elements hi our section, in tho
good work of breaking up what lias been a solid Bourbon South, heartily recommend that
our constituents and friends do all in their powor to extend tho circulation of Iho II eekly
National ItertiibUcan.
Its pulil
his advocacy
Sotitlioui States.
our constituents and friends do all in their powor I
political Editor, Gkoiioi: C. GoniiAM, has shown such power and judgment in
ency of liberalism in Virginln, that wo want tho benellt of his work in otlicr
Ho has too trno tiioa ot tlio political aiiunuou ui uic ouuiu, mm m
I1U OUUbU, Ullll ITU um
... . .. ., ,., t ,,i i- . .. l. ...1 1 ....li..!,, ,a nml nn,liii.if nmllniia
ran nent toat ms ltoorat counsels win uo cran kouh m iiiuuuutim "" i ui.uu.i
rn people, nnu ineniis in too Auniintsiruin
iiervveou ino auruivru nnu otiuiuuni jiv:upii-, uuu .,.iiio ... ..." "y " " - . ,
Wo hopo to seo 2e National llepubtlean widely circulated throughout tho entire
' 0U '' L. 0. 1IOIJK, Second District, 'Hmnmee.
A. II. PETTIBONE, First District. Tennessee.
' WM, 11. MOOUE, Tenth District, Tennessee.
.10I1N PAUL, Seventh District, Virginia.
. T. Van I1011N, Eighth District, Missouri.
0. IIIIBBS, Second District, North Carolina.
NICHOLAS FOUD. Ninth District, Missouri.
JOHN F. DEZENDOBF, Second District, Va.
JOSI'MMI .10KGKNSEN, Fourth District, Va.
M. G. UltNl'Jt, Sirih District, Maryland.
PiiTiiusuurtuii, Va., January 4, 1883.
DiiAit Mn. Kii.nounKJ
It glvos mo plcasttro to commond The National Republican so well and ably edited
to tho earnest friendship of those who would uphold tho Constitution and tho laws, dis
courage Bectional lines nnd class legislation, foster publio education, and respect tho rights
and care for tho propor inloiosts of all tho people of a common country.
7'Ao Wcelily National Jtcpublican is just what is needed in, the South. Independent
Democrats who rofuso to act witlt tho Bourbon organization will find it, as the Irginia
IJendjustcrs havo, a fearless, outspoken, and judicious promoter of harmony and co-operation
of all tho nntl-Bouibon elements nt tho South. I wish it micccsB.
II. II, lUDDljhllhltUbK.
SledllntlntittrpnnTliliiEKNrrnniid Viiaecu
n( llin Anirrlenn Cntillnl.
Artcanprqduco nolhlngmore heautlful, cither
in form or color, than thalwhlch It most beautiful
In nature. Art, therefore, must ever Jio Imitative
rather than creative. It may, however, display
ingenuity In combining and arranging forms and
colOrallmt nature htu made, thm producing tho
aomblance of a now creation. Dut lit the cxerclae
of tlilt liberty great caution must bo observed, elao
tho work vr 111 appear unnatural, and Iborcroro de
fective. Many auch combinations that are much
prnleed nroalmply inonnlrosltief. Ancient artltts
delighted In produclnj them. Tho absurdity was
pointed out by Horace in his dlscouno "UeArto
l'octlcn." Centaurs aud merraaldi are broad ox
amplos, yet scarcely moro so than many allegorical
piccos by modern artists in oil or marble Bupposo
ouo should wish to
rjtranHTALADV vnirrtD
vtIUi some small object, which should bo charm
ing to her becauao ol Its surpassing beauty, what
would ho select t He would havo toro to nature
for tho cl 0, would henotf I'ornhat has man
over mads Uiat is to beautiful as a pearl, an ame
th)st, a diamond, or n roeot Docs Homo ono say
that art can make a rceo or a lily at beautiful oa
tha natural flower? I admit It; but tho artificial
flower Is beautiful because it it like the natural
one. It is not an original creation. Qeuit of natu
ral beauty aro always small. The preelout stones
ara small! bo are tho most beautiful Sowers, birds,
and aiilmala. Genu of art are likewise small, for
111. their likeness to natural gems that makes
them germ of art. Hawthorne could not suffi
ciently admlro a certain ,
odd rr or acvLTTPJii
by his friend Power. It wan a baby a hand done
in inarblu with wonderful exactness. Raro goms
of beauty exist In tha bird kingdom. Some va
rieties of the Booth American humming bird, for
Instance, aro of exquisite form and color. la
brilliancy aud purity tlielrhucs comport with tho
loveliest stones and Ihecholoot flower. A few
specimens of thet f rax Ilo gems of bird life may
be teen at the Smithsonian. I hava novtr found
in any Jewelry store an article of beauty superior
to one of tbMe delicate creatures. AselTlllnUon
advances art is porfeoisd. .is a rule, lb latter
keeps pace with the former. " Why, then," It may
be asked, " are wo, whoso civilisation is tha best
In the world, so crude and unoriginal In our no
tions of arlT" I answer, became wears In snob
haste. Wealth Is tho product of industry and en
terprise. Art is the ohlld of wealth nnd leisure.
Tho bouso must be built ksfbro
Our ftnt task hat been to overrun the continent
andsnbduolr. Our forefathers cut down forests,
slew wild beasts and Iudlans. and built log-cabins.
How could art flourish in their day We of later
generations nro stimulated by our opportunities to
accumulate weath. Wo purchase nomo recreation
becauso wo need It, many luxuries because vre can
afford thorn and because wo are vain; but wo
havo not jet tho leisure whloh la essential to tho
enjoyment of art and to Its vigorous growth. For
tho present, therefore, wo pay tribute to the Im
porters. Wo accept tho dicta of older nations as
authority lu art matters, and if wo linvo money to
spend decorate otir bouse3 wlui the iatot trans
atlantic erase, or with Imitations of tho tame In
plaster or chromo. I suppose that If Mr. I'mug had
llvod in Germany, or Bclghim, or England even,
he would hava been a great artist Instead of a
great manufacturer becoming rich at the expense
urr xnx abt act.
in our history is aparoachtug. It will flourish
here as everything elto that is true and good
flourishes hero as in iu proper soil. The tlmo
will cpmo when American sculptors need not
reside iu Homo or Florenco In order to obtain
prcstlgu in New York and Washington. Nor will
our painters think it nececsarj- to imitate this or
that oontlnentol school of art. The pair of mag
nificent Yellowstone landscapes by klonin in the
Senate wing of tho Capitol and the beautiful
" View of lit. Corcoran " la the Corcoran Art Gal
lery aro specimens of what may bo achieved by
men who believe that nature in her various
aspects furnishes art with its truest models. I
have been roueh interested lu studying tbo rude
specimens or ccramlo art at tho National Museum,
which are valuable becauso of their historical
significance. They will form the subject-matter
of my next meditation. h.
lVlial I lining llnno liiMrnr Vp I lid It.i
urd urNonic of tlm l!nii!oyi-r
A IlwunucAN reporter, In his rounds yesterday,
ran on a member of tho Soldiers' and Ballon
1 .ensue and inquired:
" What l thoHoldloiV nnd Pallors' taaguodotnt!
on the subject ol ' nepotism in thtfl)cpartmciilsr "
" Well, wo nro looking after tho matter with cam
nnd expect to givo tho ' nepota' a ' lively turn ' in
the course of a short tlmo. We are now looking
over tho reports of Iho Departments furnished tho
Ecnato tinder tho Kcllogg.Plumb resolution of
" Wluit do you find In Ihcm V
"Wo find them very Imperfcd nnd designed to
deceive. Flrat Ihorank.corapany.nnd regiment
of soldiers arc not given, thus giving no data in
support of tho claim made, Pccond To say
army,' or ' navy,' or 'volunteeror 'regular' nor
tiollherls'jcj'or'no is no evidence ofservlco
In tho United Htalcs army or tho United State
navy during tha war, A man who served lu tho
army or navy ought to bo abloto give his rank,
company, and regiment in which hescrved. Third
Wo want to know llietruth about this matter, nnd
shall ask Congress togct it if it takes 'all summer."
As now stated, a man may luwe been In the army
or navy or volunteer tervlco of tho confcdcracy,or
liisomo foreign army, Ueawean to nothing, ha
certifies to nothing, aud therefore whereself-lnter-cttls
at stake ho may'fabrlcatc. Men sometimes
swear falsely to advance self-interest. Tho Oot
ornment requires a good deal of sworn testimony
lo establish a email claim vrhcro Iho motlvo Is no
ttrouger than lu this cue. When vre learn the
rank, company, nud regiment of tho employee we
shall then bo equipped to verify or discredit his
statement. We bad during the war what Is known
at the 'Interior Department Ittglmcut' nndother
Department regiments, which were mado up as
temporary guards Cur the Departments, but who
were not aoldlers lu fact. They worked for the
Government ns clerks, Ac, and not as soldiers.
These gentlemen vcro not soldiers and cannot
claim It. Wo drslro these facts brought out and
fair dealing show n all around. No soldier ask for
more than Jmttct. We see that tho reports da not
give the congressional district to which each II
credited. This is very Important. The legal resi
dence should be given, slating town, county, and
State. It would be a great asllslaotlon to know
whore these peoplohall from. Ninety-nine hun
dredths of the people would like to know. Let us
havo it. Mfth Anotbcrlmportant question should
be looked into. How many unnaturalized for
eigners are holding luoretlvo positions under
" Uncle Bam t" Wo havo heard it said that fully
two hundred are now In Government service in
Washington. These gentlemen should be sworn
on litis subject."
"It It tho Intention to publish the names ot the
"Yes, sir; every mother's son, as toon as the
matter Is submlUed to Congress. There aro uot
eral hundreds wo have not yet caught up with,
bnt a Utile Umo will tel I more."
" Will Congress take an interest In this matterr
"Yes, sir. How arc Congressmen treated In the
Departments? They ere charted with overvlhlnz.
and matiy of them haven't Influence enough to
procure a char-woman a place. I tell you, many
Senators and Congrastmen are ''on their car' and
want things changed,"
Washington, D. C, January 4, 1883.
I rccoRnlzo in tho Tccent viowfl and spirited touo of Tho National JlcpnbUean, in ita
tieatmentof Southern politics, obioad, comprehensive, nnd patriotic i statesmanship, and
I beliovo that its circulation in Tcsiw would materially aid liberal and progressive torces.
G. W. JONES, M. C, m
Fifth District, Texas.
Tbt IiIrM OSM'ru CoEitpiMis.
Another crowded liuue greeted the "Ideal"
Company ut 1'ord's last utgut, "Tho Cxar
and Carpenter," an ojicra but little known
In this city, iv irs presented, It is u bright liltlo
work, full of pretty concerted music. Mr. Whit
ney, ns tho Bvt gomaf Irr, stood piominent
among tho soloists, nnd dlsplaved his
eplcndld bass volco lo excellent advantage. Miss
Mario Stono did the coquettish niece very prettily
aud received several encores to her bolos. Mr.
Tom Karl, although etlll sullerlng from his India
poiltinn, sung his pnrt with good effect, nnd was
enthusiastically encored In hU " Lovo Song" in
tho ncond net. Mr. rcssenden ns r(T hanho$,
nud Mr. MoPonald us Jtttr the Our bnng
and nctcil their rrepcctlvo pans with cood
Judgment, 'iho gem of tho concerted music
vrus thu malo nexlcltc In tho second act,
eung without accompaniment. As a whole, tho
production vvns n graud success, and now that this
work has been fairly Introduced to tho publio its
leprescntntlon will always bo lecclved with favor,
This excellent lompnuy clo?i its engagement
with "llratos of runxnnto" this nftrrnoon and
"The Mascoltc" lo-nlghl.
Dlnlrlrt .Ainilr..
Building permits wero Issued yesterday U Miss
Maria Uallcy, SOS I'HIh rtrcet northwest, to mako
repairs, cct S-fli S. Dovviu, Virginia avenue, be
tween i'.lghth and Nlnlh streets southeast, to mako
rcnnlra, cost JIM.
Tho resignation of Mr. 11, s. Illllutt ns Inspector
of food has been ncccptcd by tho Commissioners of
tho District of Columbia.
lias been tinusfrrrcd to duly as food IiiHpector, vice
Klllott, nnd Mr. William J, Cook appointed Inspec
tor, vicn Mackall, transferred.
Tho commission losnake uu examination of the
tln-alrcs, churchei, A.C, with reference to their
wfety lucasoof panlo by Arcs or otherwise have
ouucluded tho examination of the publio school
buildings-ami will mako a report next week. Tho
uhuroheswlll be Inspected next.
llullding Inspector ltetvvlsle yesterday notified
School Trukleu W C. Podgo that lh school build
ing at Mount Pleasant It now finished nnd asks
that he sat n time when he can mako nn examina
tion of the tamo for ucceplauco.
Ncrlul a'erftjrluni.eA of Jtisliii ClirnB'.
Tho l.umenco llarrctt Dramatic Club gave a
special representation of "Julius Ctosar" at thu
National Thealro yesterday afternoon, It will bo
rimcmLorcd that this organisation mado lis
bow to tho public last spring, Mheu tho
same tragedy was presented wilh nu excellence
thut bad never before been scon in amateur per
formauceo, Tho presentation yesterday was to
show the cmineut tragedian for whom the club Is
named what piojrcus they bad made. Iu tbo loner
left-haud stage-box were Mr. iJiwronce Darrelt,
Gcntml W. T Sherman, Judge MaoArthnr, Mlsa
hchrelner, the elocutionist under whoso Inttrist
tlon tho club attained their high omtorlcal pro
ficiency; Mcrtrs. n. 0. Lovejoy, W. N. Itaplry,
and Major A II. S. Davis, while Kattered
over tho auditorium wore several frloudi of
Iho incmben. Mr. llarrctt cxpres-ed himself as
highly pleased with the efforts of the young gen
tlemen, making ctpcctal refcroncotn iUaiatnrot
Mr. Mahoney, the ChMtujof Mr. Huufnrd and tho
.tn'imvof Mr. Havld U. Jiang.
, .
"The Wtsrlsl."
The gital realistic nnd uttlaculur play, "Iho
"World," whloh it now the dramallo sousatlon of
tho day, will be produced nu next Monday even
ing nt the National Theatre with nil the wonderful
afltcuilual havo mado It famous In two hemi
spheres Among tho noted features are "Tho in
fernal Machine," " The Had In Mid-Ocean, "Tho
l,axl Drop of Water," aud '"Hie Lunatic Asylum,"
A tJrsii," '
Wait It lit Why, It It a wart on the man's nose.
The man's noso looks Ilka a beitf Yon, tho uuii is
a beat. He Is a Washington lieat. He Is alto a
"cudjre." Tho wart looks Uko a precious stono t
Yes, It li a seta and cost the man much money,
To tho rVlllOr Of TlIK JtKPUULICAN! '
Hearing that tho contested caso of Lanier vs.
King, of the Fifth District of Louisiana, would
probably romo up next week, and that Mr. King
would charge among othor things that Major
l.nnlcr was a desperado, nnd had killed a Federal
offiocr after tho war, and was driven from North
Carolina for murdering ! man, ic, 1 beg, ns a
North Carolinian, lo make a statement In connec
tion with theso charges which will, I think, satisfy
overy one of their absurdity. When tho war broko
out Lnnler vv as a lad of but flrtecu years and had
but recently entered the Unlvcndty of Norlh Caro
lina, nt Chapel Hill. In commou with almost tho
entire school ho left his books uud enlisted in tho
confederate scrvlco, where he dtcIdcMly distin
guished himself for gallantry, iU'. Alter tho sur
render of Leo and Johnston ho,
nRTPHMNo to ms iiohi:,
In Nash County, North Carolina, at onco com
menced to assist In gathcilngupwhat remained
of his estate. About this tlmo there appeared In
his neighborhood a number ot camp-followers,
vv ho, dressed iu blue uniforms, began tho most
outrageous persecution of tho prostrate people.
With some other gentlemen hv went to ltalclgh,
N. C, then commanded by General C'anby, and re
quested him to givo protection to their friends.
To their application Oeuerul Caubysald: "Have
you no lighting men left!" An afllrniatlvtt an.
awer being glvru, ho said: "Thcu go back and
drlvo thoio people nwny," They returned, nud
gathering-together such old boldlcrs as were at
hand, went out in pursuit of them, nud in tho
fight which took place vv hen they met several per
sons on
and twcnty.lhreo of tho carnp-lollowcrs cap
tured, Theso men were!put In Jail and duly de
livered lo General Lognu when ho ptusecl through
tho town in tho Jail of which they wero coullncd,
Learning tho clrrtinutaueca of Ihclr capture by
hli order each of Ihcm vvns " bucked and gagged "
nud placards placed on their brcasti, nnd tticy so
stationed thai the nrmy passing could sco why
they wcro thus punished. In thut protecting their
Dr Jninm M. Mackall Persons ana nomei, .nujur i.uiuer nu nu irivnuj
nuncKcti nunc uui uriguuuv, wuu iihjk r.,ii;iui
uniforms only as a dUjtul.se. Ucucrals Cunhy and
Jiogua never found fault with what was done,
nnd It Is pawing strnngo that It it lelt for an ex
confederate at tblt lute day to try and uso It ns an
argument ngnlust tlm admission of Major Lanier
to tlio real In Congress to which ho wat hou
istly elected by tho cltlrent or the Fifth District of
lAultlana. From Nathv lllo County, 1-anler, who
was then rxit nineteen, went to lllllsboro', Orange
County, North Carolina, to enter the law schriol of
Judge Ituffln, chief Justice of tha Statu, and
unavoidably was n witness to a fight In which a
person named "Dock Check" was ono of the
before Iho court, he gave uvldenco which greatly
oxasperated Check, whercuou he (Check) mado
violent threats against tanlcr1 person, who heard
theto throats, nnd, knowing that Cheek, whan
drinking, was a detpcrate ma;i, went to Lanier
nnd told him to 1m prepared for trouble. After
this Lanier and a number of persons wero In front
of a drug storo talking, when Cheek discovered
him, nnd nt onco started toward him, drawing his
knife at ho came. Lanier promptly halted him,
but, seeing that he wat compelled lo protect hit
life, atoucc thot him down. Lunler had lost his
right hand in the nrmy. Thinking Cheek mor
tally vs minded, he wat advlfcdby friendt to leave,
thus saving auuoyance nnd expt'imv of a law suit,
It it due to the unfortunate Cheek to sny that
so koon as nu nEcuvanto
coiucIouMieest h nl one asked for iJinlcr, aud
tald he did not wish hlin Interfered with, that ho
alone wat to blame. Cheek it a well mau to-day,
nud has never expressed a dcalro to havo iJinlcr
arrested or otherwise annoyed. This Is the mur
der lie is charged with by Mr. King at having
caused him to leavo the Slate. Lanier Is a cousin
of Senator rtausou, and belongs to a family of the
highest respectability In North Carolina. He It
nn amiable tentlcnian, but does uot know tha
unuiiniiof fear. If (ho Hcnubllcnii nartvhad
mure such men in tho South (and it looks now as If
tlio time was not distant when they would havo
nil nils cry noout invimiuauou woum
31 In Cm I-I'll SKJIT.
According lo the Cincinnati Star Miu Annie
ixiulio Cary Invented tho story of her cnRsgcmcnt
to Mr. Loi lUard In order lo pUy ajokoon a woman
who was listening to tho conversation between Iho
singer and a friend. Mist Cary enmity toward
Mr, Lorlllxrd wu not iircvioosly kuown,
l'or tho "conllngont oxponsea" of the latt
Democratio Hnuso or lleprcsentatlvc4 wo find
charged 6,000 for horses and wagons aud 87,000
for water-coolers. There has been an Impression
that Congressmen did not cousumo much water.
Tho division on eulogies of tho 1'os.l-OfUco Do
partmont having been abolished, clastic eulogies
on tho Into alleged clilofor inspectors or tho I'ost
OMlco Department Thomas L.James, will herear
tcr bo fllod In tho Dead-Letter Olllce of said De
partment. Scavengers, lickspittles, nnd sycophants
will hereafter govern themselves accordingly.
A llaptlst preacher iu Indiana has been lectur
ing on tho quc--llon, "Can a Democrat go to
Hcavcnt" Aftor dlacussiug tho subject for thir
teen cvuntugs tho reverend gentleman concluded
that ho could not go tbero as a Democrat, but that
if ho would icpent nud vote tho Republican ticket
two or three times ho might. McDonald and Voor-
bces would do well to begin 'renting at once, to
say nothing of Beck.
Mr. Uelford propoaos to do away with tho com
mon nud objectionable practice of n member get
ting Iho Moor Torn certain period uud then par
celing the tlmo out In horacepnthlc doses to cer
tain favorites, and has introduced a resolution
amending rulo 11 to as lo prevent It, If the rules
me so nmeuded, u member getting tlio floor foran
hour will havo to speak It out or admit that ho lias
bitten olf moro thnn ho enn chow.
Tho hill of Mr. llazcltlnc, Grccubnckcr from
Missouri, to "colp" fractional currency of the
denomlnatloiii oftwcnly-ilve and finy couls, pro
vides that therd shall ho sixty thousand of each
denomination Issued, It furthor provides that In
no caso shall the currency thus "coined" bo
termod or designated as notes or promises, to pay.
Mr. Harcltlno will be "coining" milk tickols next
and calling them milk Instead of promises to sup
ply milk.
Itopvcseutatlvo Parts, ell, of lllluoit, has intro
duced a 1)111 lu tho House to cnablo American cap
italists to purchase In tbo forrlgu markets Iron or
steel steamships, to bo used exclusively In tho for
eign trade, uud to bo navigated under au Ameri
can rcgUtry. Iu speaking of this bill Mr. 1'arwoll
tald : "Although nt tint tight It might appear to
antagonlo our American ship-building interests,
it is not so luteuded by mo, and It will not so ope
rate. As a matter of fact, tbero Is no Arm in this
country now engaged in building such ships for
the foreign trade entirely, while wo are pn)lng
tribute to tho extent of 1100,000,000 annually to
foreign vosel. Tho object uf Iho bill It to savo to
American capitalists aud American teamen us
much of this amouut as Is possible."
A day or two after tho ctoctlou of I87G tho late
E. W. atoughton sauntered In Iho rooms of tho
llunubllcan headquarters lu New York, He was
very much depressed, and thought tlio elections
had rrono airalnU tho Ilepubllcaus. Ha asked
Ziie.li Chandler, chairman of tho committee, what
he thought of tho result. "Why, we've won, of
course," tald Znch. " Dut what do you think of
Florida 1" continued Btoughton; "nroyouiureof
Florida?" "Yea, I am sure or Florida wo have
iron tho victory and wo shall keep it," tald
Chandler. " out they say Tiiuen nas tciu a repro
Mutative to Florida, nnd I think our Interests
nwylcnre." retolned Btouirhlon. " Do IhoyT" tald
Chandler; "when do they say OovcrnorTllden'a
man ttarledr "This moniluB, wa me reply,
" Well," said Chandler, brightening tho cigar by
an extra puff, "all I have lo say it tnai ir atr.TU
den'a man gets to Florida before mine does he will
havo to travel fatter than any oxprett train ever
went. My man Icrt yesterday."
Is'Carntullon to Uli-rb Ileltra. "
It was almost a UU turn round the City Hall yes
terday. Had It not been for the attraction of the
Gultcau trial, which nlwajt draws crowded
houees Wednesday and Saturday inatiuces lu-clnded-tbiro
would havobtcu actually nothing
douo. Tho courts have all adjourned, very few
suits were filed, aud ouly onu marrlago license
Issue). It vvns at first proposed to present Clerk
Meigkwlth a pair of white gloves, but as lilies
seem to bo more tho thlinr Just now a magnificent
specimen of that uisthctlo llower will be ordered
nud presented to him ou Mine future occasion yet
to be announced.
Madame Janatuchok. tho eminent tragedienne,
will commence nn engagement at Ford' Opera
House on Monday night. Madamo Janauschek It
at tho very head of the hisirlonlu profession, and
there Is uo lady now upon tlio ttago who can com
pare with bor. Sim will prettont during tho week
'Mary Stuart," "Illeak Houao," "Mother and
Bon," and "Dohorah,"
Isitorratlnc Paper by I'roftwvaor Kn.tuinu
Allrncttve Dllsirellnnrona Proersuntisp.
The regular nicctlngof the Unity Club tookplaco
at the residence of Mr. William Hntchlnsou, No.
02 O street northwest. Trofcssor J. It. Eastman, or
tlio Nnval Observatory, read nn Interesting paper
on the "History or Meteoric Astronomy." At tho
closoorthocssaythecompnny was entertained with
nn Interesting varied progrnromo, made up of piano
solo, by Miss Hutchinson ; reading, by Dr. Duncan;
song by Mr. E. G, Whipple ; piano solo, Professor
Doyle; recitation by Miss Nargucrlto Spauldlng,
eongby Miss Clam linker; recitation, Dr. Frank
White; song by Mrs. Josle Logan, nud recitation
by Miss Bella Dacon. To those of her friends who
had not licard Miss Bacon, her excellent reading
was a pleasant surprlso, her manner being natural
and unaiTcotcd nnd her selections appropriate.
Mrs. Logan's rich contralto, with Its wonderful
power in the lower register, was warmly praised,
ns w ns nlso her method of tinging, which showed
tho superior schooling alio had received,
Colonel J, C. Smith and wife, Professor Wid-
dovvs, Mr. nnd Mrs. Dickey, Mr. and Mrs. J. D.
Lincoln, Mrs. M. M. Day, Mrs. Taylor, Mr. nnd Mrs.
J. D. Smith, Mr. Wlnslovv Upton, Mr. Chamberlain,
Mr. nud Mrs. Burke, Miss Farmer, Colonel, and
Mrs. Chase, Miss Liuira Thllp, Miss listn.
brook, Mr. Hodges, Dr. White, Mrs. nnd Miss
rctllbono, Mrs. Day, Mr. Whipple, Mr. and Mrs.
rord, Mrs. Morrcll, Mre. Mills, Judgo Hoyden, Mr.
and Mrs. Anderson, Mr, nnd Miss Hpaldlng, Mr,
tlddons, Jr., Miss Florence Sullivan, Miss Hopper
ton, Mrs. F.Ilot, Mrs. Naylor, Mr. Charles Davles,
Mr. and Mrs. Dufour, Mr. nnd Mrs. Trembly, Mrs.
Colby of Chicago, Itov. Mr. Kent, Mra. It. B. Nlles,
Miss Webster, Mr. Roberts, Mr. nnd Mrs. Holmes,
.Miss Damr, nud Mr. J. B. l'hllp.
Ass Kiifrs-liilnliitf TntU in " Ulnu Tlmt I
llnve Met."
" In ono profession ho has done light cavalry
service," said Senator Ilawley last evening at tho
Congregational Church, In Introducing tho cele
brated war correspondent, Archibald Forbca.
Placing u plloof manuscript upon tho desk Mr.
Forbes began to rend his lecture, "On Kings I
Havo Met." Ho read with considerable forconnd
expression, nnd his gesticulations were
mainly confined to his head, which ho
kept In constant motlou. Ilo wore n dress
suit, with a while handkerchief protruding from
hit breast poekct, a la Oscar Wilde. Hespokovvlth
a decided Eugll.lt accent, and the only attempt
made at a Joko vvns In a reference to General Sheri
dan, "of whom somo of yon mayhnYO heard."
This was received with npplaae. Some of tho de
tcrlpttvo pnuatrcs iu the lecture 'wcro very line,
hut the Interesting features were the details about
celebrated personages and events which
historians think beneath their dignity to
mention, For Instunco, In referring to n
popular ovation to tho late Czar of ltussla, where
hit little daughter was lined rroni ner carriage
over tbo heads of the enthusiastic people, Mr.
Forbes raid thut the metal plnlcs on tho heels of
her shoes glittered In the fiosty tunllght. This
created n laugh, as well as tho remark that the
family nf an Indian prince was to old'that it was
said that lilt ancestor had a bolt of his own In tho
flood aud would not gpenk to Noah and his
crowd, There wat a good audience and their at
tention was held throughout.
Tlio NtrssM-Iloiid Csskcs.
Tho hearing of tho t'travv -bond ciues vvns re
turned jctlcrday by Judge Bnell. Tho processor
Identifying certalu bids and contracts was pro
ceeded with, despite tho objections uf the defense
that they had nothing to do with tho casct In
hearing, the Court Invariably ruling; in far f
the prosecution, An ultempt wat made lo selllo
upon sonic plau fur tho prirato examination or
thexe paper by the defense, but the courso or the
prosecullun wat to regardless or decency nnd Iho
rights or the defense that ft fell through with, and
Iho tout! adjourned until Tuesday,
.. Pollciiii Dinner,
A pleasant little party or Loulstanlam metal
IxHCknm'a last night and dlscnsscd a chotcouicnu
of the delicacies of tho teaiou nnd an abundant
tupply of extra dry. The quintette did full Justice
to themselves and the dinner, and after the tahlo
had liccn cleared, ov'ir the "walnut nud the
nine," passod the time In Jest nnd ttory-telllng
until an early hour this morning. 'There were
present MoMr. J. fl. I'ltkln nnd 8". riatovr,
Colonel William Koy, and Major William Simpson,
all of Louisiana, aud (orcounoJarepreMiitaUvo of
Tus IturuaucAV,
non. T. A. Sykes, orNatliTillc.Tcnn., 1 In town.
Mr. Sykes Is a remarkable man. Be was born In
Pasquotank County, Norlh Carolina. While a
tlnve a little girl one Sunday asked him to get her
a watermelon. He proposed that the should teach
him the alphabet, and ho would par her a six
pence for her services. After tolling through that
summer Sunday afternoon, at night he found him
self master of thoto magical letter. Tbo shop
where ho worked as a cabinet-maker was noar his
matter's hounc. Through a bole In the shop that
ho made by punching out a knot he could com
mand a view of his matter titling at hit meals.
With one oyo on the knot-hole nnd the other on
his book ho prosecuted his early studies. Ills
master dled.bofore tho war, and tho nleco ot his
mistress married a young man who, on the out
break of hostilities, went Into the confederate
nrin Mr. Syke-s promised this man to takocaro
oftho family until ho returned. So well did ho
keep bis promise that, although free, be continued
to labor for the family until the 18lh day or Aurjutt,
lito, when tho confederate soldier returned, who
nas never anovvn any symptoms or gratltudo
ron Tins cheat gAcnmcc
Tho result or tho war loR his mistress Impover
ished, nnd this noblo man supported her for tho
flrshthrce years of his freedom nud until bor death.
It is his purpose to erect a marblo shaft over her
grave to her momory, the spot being unmarked to
Ibis day.
Mr. Sykes was a member of tho first Republican
Slate convention in North Carolina, which mot In
I8C7. He served in tuo legislature of North Caro
lina In 18G8-V as the member of Fasquotank
County, and so satisfactory was his services that
ho was re-elected to the Mros position for the
years 170-L GovcruorJnrvls present Governor
served through both terms wilh him, and Hon.
Samnel F. Phillips, Solicitor-General of IhoUnlted
durlug his last term. Mr.Syketwusa memberof
tho llcpubllcan State executive committee from
the time of the organization or the party In that
State until his change or residence, and was a del
egate to tho convention that nominated Grant In
1ST.'. Iu 1872 he removed to Nashville, Tenn.,
where ho now live.. He soon mado his Impression
as a born leader upon tlio citizens of his adopted
State. In 1676 be was elected a member of the
county court, and iu ISM he wet elected to the
home of representatives In a district where Han
cock polled a majority of 1,100 votes. He has
served In tho present Legislature with distin
guished credit. His career Is before, not behind
him, being only about forty years of age. What a
lesson his life, conveys r Ho says ho has no pa
tience with any man who says he has never bad a
chance to acqulrenu education; that If he had only
known that some day bo would own himself he
would have been far better equipped In that re
spect. Tlie IlnrhelorV Oerninit.
Tho popular social organization, the Bachelors'
Club, gave a German last ovenlug nt Marlnt,
which was very largely attended by tha best cle
ment of our society. Everything was dono
In the best style, nnd the ovent wat a
very enjoyable one. Mrs. General MclCeever
received tbo guests and Lieutenant l'atno led the
gennan. Mr, Oscar Wilde arrived at eleven
o'clock, in company with Congressman and Mm.
liobeson, and was introduced to Mrs. Mc
Kevver. General Introductions followed, nnd
tho dancing was suspended for the
time and tbo german was resolved
Into a reception. He was pleasant andnfublo,
and created a very favorable Impression, Ho re
mained for some lime, and then retired from the
hall. About twelve 0 clock the dancing was re
sumed and continued until a late hour.
To Ilia Editor of Tin llzrcBUCAN :
Tending the arrival in our city of tho test hello J.
a., Oscar Wilde, a few Items as to the animal'
pcdlgreo may not be uninteresting. Notwith
standing that Mr. Wilde comet among us at an
Eoglirhman,ll Is nevertheless n fael that his first
opportunities for studying tho testhetlo ware from
the windows of his nursery In Merlon Square,
Dublin. From here tho annually recurring view
of tho Dublin students and their " motla," return
lngfroma"baUer"xDonnybrookFa!r,furnbhc4 one of the tint germs of thought toward forming
his boyish Ideal; and tho morning carol or the
Sandymount fishwife, as she warbled, "fresh
fresh, cockles" ncath. his window, tho oarllest
poem of his childhood. If there Is
anything In "hereditary tendency," or, as they
put It In Mr. Wilde's native Isle, "In the nature of
tho baste," Oscar must sure enough bo a queer
amalgam of genius, eccentricity, nnd "cussed
ncss." HU father, Sir William Wilde, was a Dub
lin surgeon, who as an oculist gained tho highest
round f eminence, nnd whoso name, lu common
with Sir. Philip Crampton, Sir Henry Marsh, BIr
Domlnlck Corrlgan, Stokes, and OTarrell, holds
niche among tho medical salnUol the ancient
City.ofEblnnn. But Sir William was ncllhertalnt
nor icsthelc In fact the very antithesis of cither.
In dress, personal appearance, and manner he
loved to bo oulrt. His hair was worn long and
brushed behind ills cars, after tho manner of oar
frontier scouts, aud bis appearance on tbo streets.
generally driving Uko a lunatic, has often given
rise 'to mot "Wilde by name and wild
by nature." Tho old gentleman had
still another reputation on tho Don Giovanni
order that in point of naughtiness waa "too utterly
too, too." About eighteen yean since ho figured
as defendant In n civil action brought against him
by the daughtorof a brother physician. Tho tin
scrupulous uso of chloroform was tho burden of
tbo charge Tho injured maiden was a tplustcr of
somo thirty-five or forty yean, strong minded and
a bluetlocklng In her way, but tho jnry, discredit
lug the necessity of an anesthetic in her case,
gave her a verdict of slxpenco damages without
leaving tbo box. Oscar Wilde's mother was alto a
genius, but ono of a very different type, and with
a reputation pure as snow. Among the bright
gallnxy or contributors to the old Dublin Nation,
including Davis, Mangan, D" Alton Williams, Lcyne
nnd Mary Eva Kelly, none shono moro brilliantly
than"Bperanra" (Mrs. Wlido's mow At plume). In
IMS, Just when the Young Ireland enthusiasm wat
at its height, "Speranza" wroto her soul-stlrriug
poem "Courage," eommcnclug:
Lift up your pale faces, you children of aorrow,
The ntght passes on to a glorious to-morrow.
Harkl bear you not sounding glad LUicrtys psoan
From tbo Alps to thn Isles of the tldalem iKii.n T
And tho rhytbmleat march of the gathering nations,
Aud the crashlog of thronoa 'ueath their flcroe ex
ultations, And the cry of Humanity clcav, lng the ether
With hymns or tho conqneriog rising toeethn
Ood, LlbMty, Truthl How they burn heart iihd
Tbfso words shall thy burn shall they waken In
'Tia bard tobellcvo that the son of tho patrlotlo
woman who penned the above spirited linos could
find no belter mission than to don tho motley, cap,
nud bells of the fool, aud play Watnbn to an
American public. Ono thing certain, did Oscar
appear In his present rig and roloboloro the foot
lights or hit nntTvo city neither tho eminence of
Hlr William nor the patriotism or Speranza would
cave him from such a shower of rotten eggs a
never before fell from the Olympian heights of tv
Dublin top-gnllery, F. r. C.
Mlsiirsilssr Facta from Luul.laliii.
In tho contested election caso or Smith vs. Itob
crtson, from Ihe Sixth District of Loulslaua, now
befbro the House, the singular fact it presented that
17,000 only 5,S voles were counted and returned
for Colonel Alexander Smith, tbo Republican can
didate. In Ibis district, it seems, at tbe last elec
tion, In nearly nil ofthewardt or voting-places
In the lanto Ilepublicau parishes, no commission
ers of election wero allowed to the Republicans, at
ic.quircd by the election lawt of'Loultlana, nnd la
tho canvass oftho vote cast tho Republicans were
nut permitted any supervision whatever, and Hilt
may explain what became of tbo other 11,000 Re
publican votore who were registered In that district.
It appears also that there is lu thlt district a very
large following of GrCcnbackers and Independ
ents who nbttained from voting at tho hut
election becauso they did not havo any candidal
of their own In the field. This should have given
Wmliluirton Opernlln AstorlMlnii.
Tho Washington Operatic Association held an
adjourned meeting last night, at which there waa
a largo attendance and the usual unanimity In Iho
transaction or the business. Tho trorcutry wat In
structed to report lo tho association the names or
all persons who havo made themselves Itablo
to dismissal by reason of abneuco from three suc
cessive rehearsals, with, a view of making room
for active member. Mr. McLcod presented hit
resignation at a member or the executivo com
mittee, and Lieutenant James F. Oytterw as unan
imously elected lo fill hit place. The association
wnt then placed In tlio bandt of Frofrssor Eousa,
vv ho at once proceeded with the rehearsal of "The
Smugglers," which will be brought out on the Tth
Lanrenee Jlni rett.!
Mr, Lawienco Barrett's scholarly and llnUbcd
performance of Jlamlet was witnessed last night by
n large and Intelligent ntidleuco, who testified by
their frequent npplatue their great gratification.
Our opinion of Mr. Barrett' excellence In thopnrt
of the moody Dane was formed long ago aud
has been expressed In these columns. With
each season Mr, Barrett shows new excellence In
cycry character ho impersonates, thovv lug that ho
Is not satisfied to stand still upon tho reputation
ho ha acqulred,but It oonstanllyttudylngand con
stantly striving to discover new beauties In tho
text, new eflbctt in representation. This nflornoou
Mr. Barrett will appear as Ukttdicu, and to-night he
will close his engagement with " Richard IIL"
trict, already Republican and be no doubt did
carry the district, but vvns counted out by methods
peculiar lo the Bourbons of tbo Solid South. In
Hie parish or West Feliciana, one of tho largest
Bepnbllean parisbcalu tho dtstrlct.aud where there
Isovertwoive hundred more colored than white
yours, not one iluglo vote wot counted for Colonel
Smith, whloh shows upon the loco of It that fraud
tho most barefaced wero practiced by the Demo-
i iDiuparu
i i fuallv e
teat InCongreaa, and we bid him Ood peed in hi
crallo returning officer of that parish. No doubt
Dut wnai Luionei nnum is jiisiiy eniiucn in ni
effort to oust hit Bourbon competitor, whooe title
to the teat appear to i
datlon.ond violence.
lo the toaVapncare to be based upon fraud, intlml-
tlillon Moldlera' Alllxnee,
At tho last meeting or the Union Soldier' Alli
ance the following resolution wero unanimously
Jlitobed, That the Union Soldiers' Alliance,
kuowlng him to be a gentleman ol most excellent
character, and believing him to be well, qualified.
by reason of extentlve experience In different
branches of tho Government Priming Office, to
discharge the lmoriant and responsible dullest
pertaining to tbe ofUco or Public Printer, cheer
fully unites with tho soldiers of lViintylvnnla,
Ohio, Illinois, New York, Indiana, Connecticut,
MasMChusctti. and other Stales. In earnest! r reo-
ommendlng tbe appointment of Mr, E, W, Oyster,
of Pennsylvania, lu that petition.
Renlrtd. That the annolntmant
Fnblto Printer would be a giacoful tribute t" Hi;
soldier ol the country who have co cordially and
earnestly indorsed him, and fully Justlned by hit
record at an honest and conflenilnut man, tv
aoldler and n faithful and capable ofllcinl.
. '
lct Married.
Ill tho tweet, balmy, dellolout happiness of
lovo't first young dream a youth will not only In
slst on cracking walnut for hit girl, but In pick
ing out tho goodies a well. Two years after mnr.
rlago he will not even let her liave the nut
ci acker until he Is Ihrjush, Olrlt, got iuurcIcgV
uan D. .UUJuu.
..j.! - .y U 1,-t
. fcAlir-ir,f-w.

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