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The Nationai
VOL. XXH.-NO. 50.
r r? W WpflfBl'1 W ,"V" "
Lincoln Hall Crowded TTIth Itopt Anxious lo (let
Ann Ten Jlluoln After His .lMhrta Ap-
i)fr(d-ni wiiiiyir.iiir utti
on "Engllili Rcnalssaner."
Tlio opostlo of rcsthotlclsm, who hoi created
more or a craze than anything ilnco "rinaforc,"
made his debut beforo n Woshlngton audience at
IJncoln Hall taut evening. JjTnco Mr. Wlldo has
bcenjn tlio city his movements bno been follow cd
with crcditablo nccuracy byTltr ItsrunMCAK, and
through ila coluinm has tlio hero of tho sunflower
lind Illy ult red iomo bits of trstlictlc cloquenco
that were fresh and now. Tho curiosity toscoand
hear the great Oscar was such that nearly cs err
scat In tho halt was secured beforo tho opening of
tho doorit,,and tho audlcnco assembled was excep
tionally brilliant, Including tho representatives of
our most
FAsmovAnu ami cciTunin tjociitTY.
Many went from Mr. Wlldo'a lecture to tho Spanish
Minister's reception, and so their appearanco In
tho hall was In full os. cnlng costume, whlrh added
to tho brilliancy of tho scene. When tho hour of
eight arrived Colonel W. K. Mono and Mr. lido
stepped from behind tlio heavy curtains and In a
lew brief words tlio Culouil presented tlio (esthete,
who, after placing his manuscript upon tlio small
desk, began his address, Tho appearance of tlio
stage wos anything but beautiful, tho heavy cur
tains forming a sombre background, and tho only
articles of furniture being tho reading-desk, n
small tabic, upon which was a glass ot water, and
a foot-stool Tho appearanco or Mr, Uldu lias
been critically described In thcsocolumnf, and It
uly need bu said that
r an evening dress-coat n white vest, black doc
rtln kiito-brccches, black silk stockings, and
pitcnt-lcathcrshocs, tied with wldo black ribbon,
and licnuy black rosettes. When Mr. Wlldo com
monccd there wns an expression of uneasiness nn
the facts icil the audience, on account or tlio dim
in ty with which ho was understood. Ills
volco Is not strong nud ho has
hot unpleasant English Intonation, with tlio
rising Inflection, which Is so difficult for
American cars to understand. At tho commence
ment ho essajed a comersntlonal tone, and In
that way woaoicn more Indistinct than toward
tho clno or his address, when ho warmed up and
was qulto plainly understood. Tho Impullctico of
tho audience soon beenroo inanircst, andshortly
ono man went out for a close, then two retired for
two lines, then somoladlcstook courago to mako
their exit for Ico cream, and probably fifty ormoro
retired beforo tho close of tho address.
reminded ono of the old gag about tho fellow tell
ing n story In n country etoro who alwnjs told tho
samo story and never; mads It interesting, aud ns
soon as ho began the others would drop otT one by
one, urdl he found ho was tilling his story to tho
stove. Thoso svho were in tho bad scats wiro
fortunate, for they could slldo out easily. Thoso
who wcro In the body of tho house were uneasy bo
cause ilhey could not get nsvay. When ho said that
they hod listened to "Patience" far ono hundred
nights and they might stand him for ono nlghtlt
looked as if tbo audlcnco would hardly havo the
patience to wait. There wcro but
mm s lurries ok ai i iavsk
ono when ho said that In order to be n successful
poet a man should learn to set type, ono w hero ho
told of the Instruction ho received to the In
quiry alto what books a poet should read, tho re
ply being tho dictionary, because all thobcaiillrul
words wcro there, and tho other when ho fulded
up his raonuscriptand retired. There wcro Ihrco
v crsons who wcro thoroughly satlsPed with tho
lecture tlio proprietor ol tho ball, tho resthuo,
himself, becauso his salary was assured, and tho
manager. As for the audience, they had paid
their money and couldn't get away, and their
principal anxiety was for tho conclusion. Tho tin
ff,in...rKU?,5cl'?.l',,.Jl?wc.Tfr' Wflso" account of
ii.0..'.10 of..iIr' w '?? ellcry. What ho said
2T?Si5teri "'Vl Rnrt llB diction was In many In
KpHn id,hi1.acOIJr f10,":1!'- There wcro soino
beautiful tilts of description that showid Mr.
ISIIdoa liannv nmnniwMii .r (...
The essoiico of Ills address reminded ono of that
fa) ngof Ooothos. that "Nothing Is bcautirul
rteJf""'..0, If w in abstract dcnnltlon
or bcouty.and he pointed nut tho general Ideas
which rharactcrlio tbo great J"gllsh renaissance,
or revival of art In this century, which has been
culled n mere revival or Greek modes of thought
or modfavnl feellm- hni.i ,nii.. .,.... r.
"JO'"''"'' of Hellenism in its breadth, its minltyor
nlcnslllcd iiidh Iduallsm and the passlonato color
of the rotnouc spirit that spring, from the art of
tho nineteenth century, lie called Keats tho
forerunner or tho pro-ftaphaelllo school and tho
great romoutlo inoscmciit. Ills sketch or tho
thirty joung men, artists and poets, who thirty
years ago bnndid thcmsclscs together
In England and called thcmsclici "pre-Itaplinel-2'ei,
wr"? """it Interesting. Ho advocate llho
spirit or beauty In over ihTng) as tho greatest as
tS,,S!i,nancu"urff '" "fl"raent, niidw helping
i lc."'?p "" or character. Yet the
truths of art, ho iilllrms, connot be taught: they
fsSSJS'-Iy. ro esiltU. and to natures that laYcmnac
themselves the receptacles or all bcautirul im
J'irii. ,he ''y and tho Horsl p or nil
!h2urM "il,,BS- Th0 lw ""WW connictld with
tho nisthctlo movement, tho sunflower and tlie
Jlly, ore used as bilngtho most perftct modols or
des gn and most naturally adapted fordccoratlio
n i"fl3;','?iS"d' Hut ho thliil.ii In our frofuMm, of
u ! .,i l?r? in ldi Slant foroMs w o may find forms
"oi:Uffi refirring0.o",1Ubl(0 ,raCCrj' ll,at Rro
J!, i", i100.'1 wl,h hl ow" lmlll, at building roads
iiin"5"dnicIc,?,.1,v,u,.,fa ,r tlmbenifltofiioor
Tlllagcpi.andnlntlng tho history or his own ex
Kn,S.n.i0f!niVio. f J!'0 colaborera' with a band ot
congciilal spirits in the sumo prosaic occupation
under tho lead ol their reared teacher, Mr 32
?nwrHf.aii"iIcc '".Washington topics. " And
now," sold he, "I don't want-belleto mo-to ask
your brilliant young dandles whom I saVv dancing
a.....,,, iuu umvr lllgni 10 CO out nnil
roan ror any vlllago In Amcr-
nilV SUnillll lint Y .l.t..,.
lea, or
tou must each of jou lioo sorao arttopract ct
erolsasmuch arlhtlo feeling w.imV.IIi ll "SS
ion a dancing as almost would cocr thoCanltal
icro wiin iiiamiruKIicoratioii. I do not object to
darning I wish, Indeed, you would danco but
milium instead of polkatfor the moicmcnt Is
more graeerul : but I think that If ou gao jour
toUcitnQr. with half the ciilhusV.m jou gavo
J'i'S?mJ, to d"lclM"?,ou would have much Cap
pier and more useful lives.
ll. .. i.i "T V.Urmit ?p "MICAN ART
lies w Ith fciilpturc. Thatlstho urt or thlscoun
tn -tho art lor Washington. I think "ou Im o
lakin qulto enough motives rrom war. You dun't
want any more Ironzo generals on horscbock. 1
iWJiVi 8uP'0sc ",u 'fy ,'he motives that pcaco
Lgi.T,i,0,i .l0Wl T,,.crc u "ot " "ny floor that
ti,n.i.lt",n,nyo,lr'cl,,,lu may not Aimlsl
tU.iiiStlit. ' "Production inbculpturoj not a
VSl lvirnc,e.th.nt mJy not tu.r,n nSln lo form artistic
decorations for tho raurb e pediment or your
uatioual monument. f.i.m oi your
Tlio Vliuliilu I.rul.lutnrr.
IticitMOND, Va , Jan. 23 -In tho house of dele-
ratis to-day a bill was Introduced to Incorporate
tho Fllbfaunr and Virginia llallroad Company.
It proUdca for the construction of a railroad from
HtUburg, I'a .olongtho walirsof Cheat Itlvcrand
the south briiueli of tho I'otomao HHcr, In Wist
T,'J l,rt'!11"1 Ihfiico to tho allcyof JumcsltUcr,
If i lrglnla. 1 he commllteo for (ho Court or Jus-
tlce rctmrted to lie honm.ihnt (., li i.i...: !".
thf'si'SIS1 ""'""'''y ,V Judges to nil vacancies
ine mm are for the uncxrlrid tenna ir
llioyo ntpvmi.l. ,.M . - '.VT ' linns 01
iiurltj report from thoWeuiocrailcmeiiibcrVort o
committee awerts that all tlictlni Sir iidgita
tin. Ocncral As-cmbly nro fur mil cousilliitloiial
vffi'nu ,1leh,n,.",a y the Couit or Appeal. Sf
Mmliila A bfll was to-doj ntroduicdi n thescii
f,,i,nm.ttkir1' i"ie f Jlra? of " 'ohUlou ortep ulihro '
Mom, piuiUhsblo by coutliicmeiit in tho Venl-
lila "it1", "Qt..ku '?." "ve 'o"hioro than ten
years. Uiidcr Ilia ixMlug law grave robbervis
ouly nunlrfiable by a lino not exu-cdlug $M0 oud
IiiujrUoiiment In Jail iiotex(ccdlngd jcTi?
The hoiiw; has passed, thu tenale bill known as
"counon-k Her f.o . nhich nmri.t SrJ.
more ifllckut colleitlon or reenno to support the
l.nvnrtintf til- . a li.i .. I .. ....lit- ..i . ""
tioverunuut, lualubilii public ichool., ,,i r,y
tlieliilertstontliopubllodebt." This bill r qufres
tax collectors to rmlvolnpujmentortaxcs and
Jiotw. .and national bank currency. ItUproilded
Sntto'f'taccCmt!ir't'.''UaUfr0'n''"d nw "
Death oron Slid Vliliilnn.
niciiMoxp, Va, Jan. 23,-Nathon Knrouguty,
arcd iiluelj-two cars, died Saturday ulght In
iKii,rh."i(i0"i" i,Jr ? W R f0,JI" tho war 0"
1812, and hud been blind for clown j oars.
A Snint r.ejnllou for WitaliliigNm.
Hi km;, Jim, 2a riio national couucllhnvo dc
elded to truusform tho Swiss consulate at Wash
Ingtou iuto a ligiiilon.
1 1
Cllllltililill llcllilro.
Stiw, Jan. 'il.-(Jcncral Uarlbaldl Is In a help-
lew loiidliion. He was counted oshoro lu a
aovernor-oeneial Lorno orrhed at Ottawa Mon
day, and prw.eeiled t oucu to Itldiau JlalL
II. It. If. I'rlurm Ionise will, aecordlne to the
Ooviriior fit nernl'sbluteuient, call fur Canuda early
lntliosirlng. '
.-'lligllnrlliipol'ccionnscitudtho lost number or
Ioiidou tmtA liiioiuequemeofaiartoon bearii ion
llierrctutlmimlal rescript,
-tjprnrac's Mills at fincis), twoonda halfiulln
Crcml.MiK N lt uw.ied byO. bpra.-ue, neio de
sitrj ed b llr. 'I he loss Is tjia.uu)! Insuronco, u,ooo,
ricorsoP-WliMlocl:, of bnmforil, Conn., rcw
Yorkoienlof ilictlnat Western Despatch Trans
purlatlou I ompany, droppwl dc ad of apoplexy ut tbo
(Irendl4ti i.) depot, New York,
Itcerl Hiilnii, cplr,tr slsiy years of ae, while
ColugUorkitiiiloathe Ice all ichange riute,
Jer icy llly.unJ, BtilUIn tlio back uf bltbeadon the
kliimuik. wus killed Uoiost lutUinUy,
tVn.liliigfnii I-rco finm Nmnllpox-Ila
Itnsnuea Illartrlirrr.
Tho Health oraeor.Dr.SmlthTownshcnd.wasIn
tcrvlcwcd yesterday bynltrrtmtOAV reporter on
tho subject of smallpox. In reply to an Inquiry
ho said Ihcro was no smallpox In tho city at pres
ent. Up lo this dato but seven cases had been re
ported, only ono of which proud lo bo n casoof
smallpox, tho others being varioloid, and all of
thoso latter aro convalescent. No new cases hao
been reported for several days.
"l)o you think It likely, Doctor, that wo will
have It hero to any extent t" asked tho scribe.
" Well," said he, " w o will do oil wo con to pre
vent It. Tho whole country seems rlpo fur small
pox. This tcrrlblo disease seems to spring up
.ponlaneouily In ilinerctitscctlonsorthe country,
and It Is lmposslblo to say to what extent, If an),
It will prevail here. I have Just returned IromNcw
lork, where I hove boitimaklngarrongcmcnts fur
n supply or vacclno points, with which I w 111 be
ready in a, few days to vaccluato tho entire poor
population of Washington."
"Doctor. do jou consider rovocclnallon neces
sary whctilthasniicobecn Ihoroughlypcrrornicd?
"1CS. Tho ctUcts of sncctlnUInn nrn lint nor.
mancnt. Whenever tho blood becomes Impure
from anycauso tho person beconus more llablo
to smallpox, and it Isthoprotlncoor oecluotlon
to rcmoi o such Impurliles. ir tho patient has any
tendency toward smallpax ,accliiollon discotcrs
it and renders him lets llablo to It."
As. a rule, yes. Somctlmcsapcrsonwhosovac
clnalloii has 'talcn' gets tho disease, but in a
t,ory mild form. 80. too, can a person who has
pncobien infictcd liaio the smallpox n second
lima; but such cases aro cry rare."
" ' 'hero any iliniculty in getting vaccine."
"1 eft It lid Olmlt nt present to get rellablo vac
cine. Ihcro Is great demand for It all ocr the
country, and In consequence somo of thu dealers
hao put on tlio inarkit polnta that are or 110 use.
Anything with tho name or xuccluo will now
bring n price. Ilut I Imo'made anangernenta for
a rlcntinil supply of the best matter, which I will
use to vaccinate the poor and rtirnlsh toplnsl
clans for the r patients. Thiro ore about thirty
thousand children In this city who hoo never
becniacclnotcd. Ihcy should nil bo Inoculated
Without delay."
Tbo National Hoard ol Health has reccltcd re
ports showing that during tlio week ending Janu
nr 21 thcro was 1 new case of imalli ox and 1
death In llostoni 4 new cans In New llacn,
Conn ; 7 deaths In Now York cllys 1 death In II
nilngton, Dei : 1 death In t lovcland, Ohio 12 new
cases lu Kast U orpool, Ohio : I casts and 1 death
It; Louisville, Ky.s I cases and 1 death In Daj ton,
Oh oi also that during tho week ending Jauiiari
7 thcro was 1 death irom smallpox In Keokuk,
low a.
Major E. W. Clark, chief of tho Roenuo Marino
Division, has Issued Instructions fur nil thooillcirs
una men or tho vessels In that sorvlco to bo too
clnatcdorrciacclnutcd.as the caso may be. as a
precaution against tho spread of smallpox.
1 iTTsnuro, I'a . Jan.23. rorty-ono new cases of
smallpox liirittsburgandin Alki'licni Cltvncio
re ported
to 1 the boordor health for jestcrday and
tOdSl. Nineteen rienthn ni rnrrnrl frA,ri illn .11.
caso lii Allegheny City last week.
Nasiivilu.Tin.v. Jan. 23-riio doiernor has
issuid a proclamation, urging general xacclna-
Hon, in VklW Of thn f.iet thnt nnnllnrtv n.t.nll.
ground tho borders or tho State. !..-
iiiiuunniu, jou. -a lucre were 23 deaths
rrom smallpox hero lout week, an lncnaso or 11 as
compand with tho preceding wick.
Tito Hntiylctt Iluyvll Dlsnstei'.
New YoiiK,Jaii.23'llio8pU) leu Duvll Inquest
was ronowed this afternoon, when General feupcr
ititcndent Toucey, of the New York Central and
HudonMcr llallroad, gut o testimony. Ho said
ho did not know tho causo of the locking of tho
alr-brnkcsfltthotlmo ol tho accident. Ho knew
?,f ,no yovious derangement of the nlr-bmkcs like
this. Theuoof tho nlr-brakcswas n mattor or
safety and iiptof economy with tho company, and
trains could bo brought to n stop much ouliker by
their use. Trains could bo stopped by tho pulling
?,' n., c0,r,1 ,9n, a"y P"rt . or , tho train.
Mr. L. 11. Valentine, or Bennington, VI ,
whoso son and daughter-in-law lost their
c. ,n . "'? "icWont, gnio testimony
or a damaging character against Melius. Ho saw
Melius after tho train stopped, standing by the
icurcar, about llvo minutes beforo the disaster.
When the headlight of tho coming locomothowas'
seen Melius ran about forty feet toward It. If
."""" ujvu iinmiiu innny people migiit haio
been tased.andir water hud been at hand tho
tiro could lmo been extinguished. Mr. Toucoy
was rccaled, and said that Hall tho cmplojecs
had done their duty tho necldcnt would not hao
Drntli onion. Vlnrluon H. I'ollcr.
New York, Jan. 23 Iho Hou. Chrkson N.
Totter died, at his residence, No 10 a ramercy Turk,
ntOlO o'clock this morning, surrounded by tho
members of his mmlly and His phslclans. He
was conscious shortly before his death and passed
away without any apparent palu. Tho news of
his death spread qulcklj and was everywhere re
cclvid wit i cxprCMlons or regret. Tlio funeral
will tako plnco on Wednesday murnlng, at draco
Church, and tho rcmalis will bo taken tofcchi
ncctady for Interment. Tho Supreme. Superior.
Common 1'leas, biirrogntc, and Marine Courts took
appioprlato action on Mr. rotter's death, somo or
them udjournlng for the day.
A Ien York Trngeily.
HAvrnsTnAW, N. Y., Jan. 23 Tho tug II. V, Tar
rliiglon, belonging to Cornell's tow-llue.w as blown
up to-night, whllo lying at reek's Dock,
Havcrstrnw, and totally destroyed. Tho crew,
consisting or soven men, w cro all on board ot tho
tlmo. Tho boiler, together with pieces or timber,
was blown u distance of three hundred feel or
more. Tho follow lug wcro killed. Albert Hen
iilon, second engineer; David Colton, llremon. and
I.awreuco Connelly, cook. Cnptuln Aaron 11
Itelsea was bodlj cut about tho rueo and Patrick
Ciulln, deck-bund, wos seriously injured. Tho
causo or the explosion is unknown.
Iiiipilaoiiincnt for Dent Void.
MONTnoiiFRY, AI A , Juti. 23. P. M. Rowland,
probato Judge, and Mc3srs. Oermany and Sluiltz,
commlsslonersof Chambers Couulv.who line iibeeii
In prison hero for about two mouths byordiror
Uultcil States Judge Driice, for allegidconte nipt or
(Oil ft III tl.1t tin llliiiiiniliili, .1..... ... -t .... .
i.i. - -. "it": '!,:'""" juoKiue'iiisooiuiiiea in
tils court against Chambers County on railroad
bond coupons, were released to-day, the bunri mo
Court orthe United Slates basing prbnouneld tho
order ol Imprlsonmeutsold lor want of nuthorltj,
?IUUslpil I.rclslall.in.
jACKiojf, Jliss , Jan. 23. A bill passed the scnato
to-day authorizing tho Goi ornor to offer a reword
rortlioappulieiiMoiiof the murderer of (Jencral
luckcr. The bill lo preient nnd puiiluli pilze
"5h.,,lE " l'le tto ns iwssed provides lorn lino
oljl,ouoand iinpiisonmeiit not bus than one liar
inn toiintj jail for tbo principals, and Imprison
ment and a Hue or half thattiiiiu mid amount for
seconds and stiikiho'ders, and 11 doith rebiilt tho
penalties now priocilbcd by law will bo eiilorcud.
Tiro Clillilicn Uuinrd to Drulli.
Nkwcojieiiiitow.v, Onto, Jan. 23 Tho residence
orM. Mubley wos totally destrojed by fire this
morning at an early hour. Tho family wcro In
bed w lieu the lliiuiis wcro dlsioicrcd, but all
ceaped uninjured oiccptlug two children, ogod
respectlsily lljo and soven jears, who wcro
burned to ocatb.
. i
An Oiiilmti Anjliim llnriiril.
WonciMTEii, Mask , Jau 23 A portion of tho St.
Paul's Culhollo Orphan Asjlum In llilscltj.oicu
pled by fill) -two Uilldrcn, was burned lu-nlght.
All tho children but one, named John Itoberls.
four cars old, was nivcd,
Major Thomas I). Denies, Ninth Cavalry, svns lu
Chicago last week.
Lieutenant Charles I- durley, Sixth Infantry,
was at Omaha last week.
General Cj rus II. Couistoik, mnjor of cnglnicrs,
U. S, A., was lu Chicago last week from Detroit,
Captain Alcsandor MaiUuzli-, Corps of En
gineers, u, a. A , was lu Cblcngo lint batuiday.
Llcutcnaul-ComniaiidcrUeorgi Taleolt reported
at tho Norfolk Nasy-Yard last Saturday for ord
nance duly,
AksUlatit Pasmaslcr ltlchard T. M. null, U.S.
N.,ieiiru-il la.t week for duly on board Ibe moni
tors ut tin Point. Va.
Uinerul John V Ilanlger, ililef commissary of
.ou i;cruiiiueon inn riBiio, itii umoha lastweck
forUilciikouu ulllrlal bu.luess.
it'ominandirJoliii V. Miillensey, who Is equip
ment otr.ur at the Norfolk Navy-Yard, will re
turn to that itulloii Tlmrsda) Irom Now Yoik.
Ca tain James A Ureer ami a number of other
naval iiOleersuud llieir wises were guests at tho
llrstoll'rlal ruejllon lust r-atimluy ut Auiiiinolls
oruoteriiorllftiiilliun.of Maryland
Captain Kugcnv II. (Ilbbs, nsslitunt quaiturmus
tcr.U.B.A .mid Mrs. (Ilbbs Intend spending the
winter In lloilduon aicuuul of Captain Ulbbs'
Tho lourt-martlal trial or Lleulenant'Coiuman
der George It, Duniud, at Iho Norfolk Nut ) -Yur.l,
was completed liut Sluidii), uml Iho toiirt ad
journed, subject lo tbo oiders ifthu Hccreiary or
the Navy, to whom the reiord or the trlul Ima
been tent.
General Shennon recently told uu Oinalin ues
pocriniulhailliuDipartieiitorihol'liitt Wuuid
pmbubl) be abolished Ihl )CMir,uud the postdl
Mded iijibitweeiithu DepurlUHiitsiiftliuMUsiiiiil
uiiili ri'iikoiu Ik uml ilooiluu Die post ur 1 uit
Omaha will buib.tnli noil ml biokeutip.
Captain Uauder Ikvina.ol the mciiia-ivhalcr
Norlb btar, will lcato New Hcdiord alwut Jatmsry
SOforSin ruiml co, to sail February II for Hi uu
Mill , wlieru bit s'l.p h i tut uml A nasal mrlcer
wrlloslliuttVptaiiiOw ns' vcnel l alniiwt ulMiiva
tho plouier ship m ihu Anna mm , u d ho will,
bin ring uu ocn's, la Ihu llrsi to c iiiuiunichio
Willi mo Hiunicr !. l,i.i in inospnug uj lam
Oimiu will mien I-1, Iawiuneu Hay beton tho
Itongoni can get nut ol' winter qiiuiters aid lo
proinUtd hliutonaiit Derr) that no would com.
muiilcalo Willi Mm a .mill us KiMHbn,seiiillng
osirtbe Iroirnecesnio. All Icltviv. rolliirlnlii.s
uiai ine mis oi ine i mien, aim ircw rinull eucis
inuj neairo to send will be lornu ilrd b Cm ' -doroW,i
ker.chlir I the Iliiiuiii ol N s,,...iioii,
i Navy bcnartmiiit, through Captulu Oueiis,
"A Ilfggar, a Hypocrite, a Iloliber, a Snlmllfr, and
an Assassin "Tlio Prisoner's Iuttrrap.
tlona .ScotIHo and the Assassin
lUlst a tlanior In Court.
If tho court-room sras capable of accommodat
ing a couple of thousand fcoplo the crowd that
assembled at the City Hall cstciday would have
filled It to overflowing. As It was n small fraction
only got In. Jitdgo Porter began his spccih, and
It was au eloquent presentation of tho llfo and
character oltheprlsoncr. He wosnotdlsturbcd with
Gultcau's Interruptions ns much as was expected.
Even tho holders of special Uckcts svero In many
Instances unablo to get near enough lo tho police
men onci uoilllls to show their credentials. At
hotr-rast nine tho doers wcro opened, and lu an
Incredibly short space of tlmo csery nook In tho
room was filled. Pores cry scat In the court room
this morning there were at least ten claiming ap
pllcants, besieging esiry nscnuo ol approach.
Members or Iho press, counsel, nnd coutt-olllecrs
round tho greatest difficulty In forcing Ihclr way
through tlio iinmcnio throngs that lilockoit up
every passage-way, and tho doors were again
closed. Soscral hundred, perhaps a thousand,
pcoplo were left shivering upon tlio outside, and
ninny orthem still rcmnlncd at the hour otrcccss.
After tho usual warning by Marshal Henry tho
couitwasduly opened and tho prisoner brought
In. At soon as seated
OllTFAU ortMI) tup. day' ritccriniNos
with tho following nntiounfemcntt "Iinontjcs
tcrdnyluo..iimliiii)gm moll, I hadwv oral hun
dred letters, many of them from ladles, and somo
wcro vers tender. I desire lo express my thanks
to tho ladles for Ihoso kind and tender kllcrs.
q to letter suggests that General Arthur glso men
v.siwiut.fc viu.u. iiuhi i huiu hi nny i ufiuiii jini
thoenie, Ifheatlcinpts to mislead tho court cr tho
Jr.rylandmy counsel will stop him. Ho came
oil this caso under ft nilsappri lie nslon on Iho part
ol General Arthur) othemlo ho would not bo In
tho cose. Ho don't proicrly rcpicsent the Gov
crument. Ho only represents himself"."
Judge Poller entered tho court-room shortly be
fore the prisoner hud dcllsorcd himself ol this
warning. Alter a moment's delay ho stepped lo
tho open spaco beforo the Jury and In tones which
clearly betrayed his weakened condition begun
tbo iloslng argument upunthls now celebrated
Judge rotter said! " If It plcnso Yourllonor and
gentlemen of the uty, lu my own Inflrmlli for I
share your fatigue I proceed os best I can to ells
charge my duly. Thunaturoor thlsdiityls such
thut I should feel that I were almost an acccsnory
altar Iho but II I should full to say such words us
I can to aid j ou In reaching a proper conclusion.
Thus far the trial has practically been conducted
by tho prisoner and Mr. fccosllfe. escry ono bus
been denounced at their will, and csen now I am
Informed Hint I will bo Interrupted by them both."
Judge Porter briefly recited the wencs or disor
der, tho abua and slander lo which oscryono
upon tho cofc had for two months been subjected,
and yet, ho said, or Iho Ihrco epecehes which haio
been mado by Iho derenso I will do the prisoner
Justice lo say that his was tho lenst objectionable
After sketching tho clicumstnnres lending up to
the crime and painting with fersld luuguagolho
damning w Ickedness of Its execution,
jiwar, ronTEn turnlb his attention
lo tho prisoner and proceeded to depict his char
acter. A biggur. ft hjpocrlle, a robber, and n
swindler; nluwscr ssho iiescrwon n cause: no
court, no lury fulled to sco lu him tho dishonest
rogue, omlMiili men launot win causes Holms
lea Ms trull of Infamy In a litindrcd directions.
The man who as a luwjcr bad such notions of
morality that whin he had taken debts toiollect.
and collected them b dogging tho debtor, ho held
them against his clients; amun whowuscapublo
of blasting the narao of tho woman with
svhoin ho had slept for years and still
recognized ns his wires n man who,
when he tired of this woman, pretondlng to
be a Christian and a bellcser lu the Illblc, looked
In the book mid read, "Thou shall not commit
adultery," and then went out and deliberately
couimluid adultery with nstrcel-walkor; a man
ssho pushed himself Into Iho fellowship of Chris
tian associations os n follow cr of the Saviour w hen
fnsh rrom six j ears of fornication lu tbo Oneida
Oulteau That llo ought to choke jou.
As Judjo Porter proceeded with tho resistless
torrcntul denunciation and Inuctlso the prisoner
occasionally lulled out, "That's n llo!' "That's
absolutely false I" or "That alu'tsol"
Mr. Porter then proceeded to detail In eloquent
terms tho '
by tho prlsnucr Ho was Interrupted by Mr. Fco
vllle, and Mr. Davldgo objected. 'Iho Court clo
dded that tho counsel should not bo Interrupted.
"The cildcncunud thopaptrs prucntcd hero by
General Ilejnolds," said Judgo Porter, "anil
among ihem the prisoner's address to the American
puupiv. iuusiitiic-icuiinsianip nun ncool, lalcuiat
liig, lold-bloodcd murderer '1 hese npcis nt ono
time could not bo found, either lu the Dltilct At
torucv a or Attornee.Genenil'fi tifli n nnri tiniiiw,
or the counsel for tlio Oovirnmont sow tbeiunii
ill a day or two before fienciiil liesnolds look tho
stand. Ilut, thank God, Iho papers wcro rmnd.
nnd Ihcy nrc lu csldciico before jou, and beforo 1
coueludo I think I shall be ublu to show sou Unit
not ono of jou could upon this evidence acniilt
this criminal unless jou peijuru jour souls and
assume jour shuro ot respousibllltj lor tho minder
of thu lamented Garfield. '
(lultiaii Iliaia nil bosh I'm very glad thoso
papers ate here. Whin tho Attomcj -General saw
them hu w ould not has e nuj thing to do w llh this
Judgo Porter then explained at somo length tho
relations of counsel for the pro-ciullou to this caso,
In teph, u he wild, to fio Iriqucnl Insinuations or
tho prisoner and his counsel that he (Porter) and
his associates wcro Improperly Influenced bj Iho
expectation or a mouij reward, and had entered
into u conspiracy to exceed tlio law and com let
tho prisoner. Tho Dlstrlit Attornej's duty was
Plain, mid bis salary fixed by law, nnd, sild Judgo
Porter, It It simply WW a jiariind leesliiierliilu
coses as prescribed by law.
Giilicau shouted, "Ills office, lam told, Iswoilh
Sj.iXKJajcar, und yet hoiunt pay his board bills,
lio s) ends It nil ror w Ine and fancy women."
Slinking ol his own lompciinitloii, Judgo Porter
laid that w us a mutter to bo fixed utid detiimliied
by iho highest law oQIccr or the Government, and
oraiqulttcd would make no dllli reueo Hhls full
duly lu this responsible ctinigo was performed. In
rcpls lo Iho bioudcast lmputiitloii put upon tlio
(joieinincnt witnesses that they sviro ollercd
epcilulinduciiiiinuibj Colonel Corkhlll locomo
hero and testily. Jiniko Porter said, "Not one
dollr.rcauColonul Corkhlll draw from tbo 'liens
urj txeept iiiwii proper souchirii,(irtllIcd aceoid
lug to Iuu. uml not a single w liuus has more than
the bare allow uuiu pronded bylaw."
Judgo Purler repelled the assumption of tho
counsel for Ihedilonso that tlurownsn man upon
thu Jury w ho would hnng the Jurj. Thu iirisonir
hlniseli had ludliuicd that lio rested his safety
upon one num.
Gultcuu I rely upon Iwclse men.
dajs hail nil been dlrecied tnthlsouo object-to
dlsldo tlic Jurj. Judge Pnter addressed liliusilf
upon this siiojea wild greit iorcuor nrgumiiit
iiieuiuuoie'iiioi iuu uciorso lor tho past soscn
..i,i. wouiM.u iiuccit 10 oiu iinuiiigeiice unci
conscience iriho Jiiij, lliey liiustnot bellese, If
an. uiuimii uie-iii iiioiMiinuiiisiuiiige his (liny
bj asolcllug his lull cliiij, and should laiuoaiH-
tided Jurj, lhal the United Slnles Gosininiciit
would nny mo less press tills Irlul to a comlctlou.
Judo lorter ronltuiied Dili CHsestiiiiils.aud
siinds nlone. upon the sliulo question whether
on ibo2lol July tho prlsnuei belieted Hint ho mils
lomiiiaiiiled in commit thi. i rliuo.
Gultuiu 1 liat's It, mid thiii'a nil Hiiro Is lo It,
Jucku Purtir Tlio tiilsoneniksi ni. .ml in.f
opinion, hu knew lioui the tlil tlml upon this so'o
isaug ma ensu must list, ii ins counsel nail null
thi. imhuoi.su or the iitpcosrn
Ihey would have teen the same
UlllteiCU lllllllk SOU. JO lTO! bill T rtnu tnl
much stock in jniirupiiiion, any way.
Judgo Portir mtsinc.it to thu ooustant lulerriip
tlousortlio rlouer, his fulse1 claims ofsjiiifathy,
und liiutthe tircss was Willi film, and Mild In ion.
trodktloii,"! hato jelto nousloglu Aiiierkiin
neccsiiapir thai has one word to suyin his do
fense." Mr. Scovllle vainly stroselo get tho car of tho
Coutt, protesting that Judjo Poitir was exieedlng
the rules of the lourt by sueli ilutcincnts. At
length Judge Porter uu-cd, nud Mr. bcoslllodo
niiiiided that ho beiiilowed to muko n similar
statement in reply. Judgo Poller attempted loc,o
on, but Mr. Mosille, lelnfoiccd b) Ihucluiuornf
thu risoiier, succeeded lu getting ino floor, svheii,
with much iMltimeiit, liu demanded tliul his
rights and he claimed that he had lights should
be respected. Ho Insisted that Jmlgu l'ortirhud
no right to Huto what thu iiiwsiuipeis mill or w hnt
they did noisily, and hodetired mi oxiepllouduly
lifted. '
Colonel Corkhlll loiklcd that roumil had no
right to ol Jcc t. 1 he iirlsoncr lind becu ullowcd to
siuio ss lint hohnd leccked lu the way ol klicm
He lind been icriitlttcil to rend them, to rend os:.
Inn is lioui pup , nud lo niiiku ull sorts outulu
me'iitsnstowliatiuo American )eoplo and pass
wcru snyln of him Judjo Poller was simply
lontrndlc ting Ihoso stuiunKiits.
Juilge-Lo Intltontiel that tho prisoner nasi not
allouuil to do us limited, tun uuld not bu ic
sir nued Irom doing so,
Wr bcoillte Will, cun't Judgo Porlcr bo lo
st mined I
Judge Cox ruled that iho speaker
main (xrsniApicr aseiitions
of the kind madoby tlio pihuner,
Judgo Poller thin read irom Ilia printed otU
cleiwi siieiulof the mure noted exi.iui lis of Ibis
e 1 rtoulho unit ol thu urisoni r in iio.im n.u
Jui. i ftcrwhkh lie desired o bo Ckcustd from
lliu Couit then, at 1 1ft, adjourned till 1 uosdny.
A Ids Ins Uulc of lVlml.
Ntw Ynnit.Jiiii.2J ihugalu which lemuncncod
on jliu iilicuiiiiou ot the 21 ililli-onlliiuis wllhln.
enamel i lokiic e, tbo t eh city or Iho w hid ut "niijy
iji.ni. neiiig rtporwuaiiorcj-inur mites pornour.
.-is 'al Maimlhnt nuiliar onltldo tho bar nro uu-
1 1 ii. u thUr anehi r, owing to thu lono or
t,ii id will I onit law hero they are until Iho
, k- ' Ides.
ic niiy uioeo irom iTCMiicni .srintir, aim, under
Iho circumstances. I dnn'tlhlnk It would bo proper
that I should acce t one. Now, lu regard lo Jinlgo
Porter. I STiint tosa. as ha lain Imvn ihnplninr ,w
ArTEn the vehdicts
Tho Time Allosseil lj I.nsr (o File lUcep
llonsi. If tho jury In tho Oullcnu caso should bring In ft
verdict of gullly at nny tlrno boforc Monday next,
at which tlmo Iho next term of tho Criminal Court
will begin, tho counsel for tho prisoner will bo
cntltkd to fllo their bill of crccptk ns at any tlmo
during tho contlnunnco of tlio forthcoming term,
nnd tho court will bo compelled togrant a hearing
upon exceptions at onco. If Iho exceptions ore
overruled Judgo Cox con, under tho law, nt once
pass sentence, and within thirty dajs there
after tho scntciico can bo executed. Tho
law tiros Mci that tho prisoner shall bo
cntltkd to ono Intervening term bilwccn the
conviction and tbo senlluio. If the counsel for
Gnltcou should fall to flic their bill of exceptions
beforo tho termination of tho next term (tho ono
beginning on Monday ncxl), tin ilJudgo Cox can,
within ten dass aftir tho termination of said
term, pronounce sentence. Tho only contingency
which would (in caso of conviction) post
pone tho oxeiuttou or tho sentence un
til feplcmbcr will bo the failure of
tho Jury to convict before Monday noxt,
presiding, orcourse, that Juilgo Cot IsMlipoicd so
to senlcnco tho prisoner as to grant him lliu mini
mum grocu allowed by tho law. As wassaldby
nn eminent lawyer In discussing Ibis question,
thcro aro several matters to bo considered In de
termining tho tiltlmnlo result, and na tho prisoner
Is not jot convicted II will for some dass remain a
matter or uncertainty how long under tho law
and the possible oxcrclsoordlscrellonary clemency
pn thp part or Judgo Cox tbo i rlsoncr may bo al
lowed to Hi c.
Tim .rrnitii Trophy.
General Sherman, in General Orders No. D, dated
January 21, announces that Uattcry K, Third Ar
tillery, which Is commanded by Captain Lewis
Srallh.has been awarded the "Nosada Trophy,"
w hlch w as presented lo iho army by General C. C.
Datcmaii, or Virginia Cltj-, Nov., for Iho best troop,
battery, or company target score lu Ihcarmj-. Cap
tain Sinllli or a commissioned ofllccr oftlic battery
will bo ordered hero by General Hunt to rccclro
tho trophy lu inrson. Tho competing troops In
thonrmy wcro as follows: Department of tho Knst
Hatters k, Third Aillllcry: Department nr thu
?pulh nailery ji, unh Artlllen ! Department or
tho Missouri-Company r Tnciily-llilrd luran
try) Department ol Dukotn Company A,Seicnth
'ofrt'ilO! Department or tho Plattc-Conipany I,
Nlxlh Infantry s Department nr Texas-Compaiij;
A, Sixteenth Iiilhiilr) i Department or California
Troop 0, 1 Irst Cavulryi Department or tho Colum
bia, Troon M, Hrt Catntri; Department or Arl
rona-Company II. Twelftli lnliiulrv, nud Com
t any C, ortho l.uglnccr llnltallon. These orea.nU'
zatloiil wcro tho succcsrul competitors lu tho
commands named. Tho inccrnil battery was
sen lug lu the Dcmr(mcnt or the Kast at Ihu lime
or iho lonlest, but is now lu tho Deqiurtuicnt of the
Mr. Ilemlrloka In Tosvn.
Hon. Thomas A. Hendricks arrhed In tho city
last ct cnlng and becamo at onco an object of
sollcltudo ton iiumbcrof InqtiUllive newspaper
men. Tliocautu of this sudden promlucnio of
Mr. Hcn.lilcls Is entirely duo to tho rumor or a
Ksce ithal tins been patched lipbetnicu hlmseir
and tLehagoor (Iruiucrcy Park, Iho oljcct being
to picsf nt tin; old ticket lor the next presidential
camijilgn. With this ticket It Is thought that
jlctory will Minly perch upon the Democratic
biiiincrs. Upon being questioned in regard to
this rumor Mr. llcndrleks lust oscnlng
sras dip omatlcally non-conimltt il lie dls
cussed about politics in general, and spoko
In scry kindly terms or Mr. Tlidin, but as to
whether ho hud so fur overcome hla repngnaiuo
to adorn tho tall end or a iirisldinllal ticket with
pldSinbad hodld nott-aj-. Uut rrom the giueral
tenor of his remarks ho left It broadly toio In
forrcd that ho had been reconciled When It Is
remembered that this jilnti contemplates tho earli
retirement or Mr. Tllilcuir elected, and prosldcs
for his plnco being filled by Mr llendrliks.iho
changoorbaoonihopartor tho latter statesman
Is not to bo wondered al.
llnlly llrpnrl. or Ntrmuliont Inapecloiss.
Tho Board or Supervising Inspcclois or Steam
boats reconvened on Mondoj at the Corcoran
llulldlug, General Dumont In the chulr. Aflcr the
transiiitlon or business tho board Indulged in nn
extended discussion rclallso to the daily report
now requited to bo made by supers Islng liniicciiin
lliomnjorltj ortho board wire or Ihu opinion that
Mich dully report Is lll-odtlsed. Tho boiud ad
Journcd until Tuesday.
Ill ii) nud Halstcad should kick each oilier.
JKiioJthC'AiiTHV.or Phllailelphl i.lsutWorniley'a,
(Ii.shiai,W. If. Pas mi., of Warrenion, Va., Is at
Iho National.
Die. WKnTiu in and Uidy Dicker, or Amsterdam,
Holland, are n glutei id nt the Arlington.
Hicni-TAicy 1'oLOLn has returned from a short
visit lo Cleocin, N". Y.. on PfljKAbiisliiesH.
' Jons- K llriciikn, of Isej, llcecher A Co., N"cw
York.well known lu society there, Is at Wlllard s
MAIIAMUjAXAt'HCIIFlC Ullll Iho trnilln . ii.ril.or
ofher conipmy ai o atopiilng at the Metropolitan
Hon. Wiih u h, PrcKiuiinnd Iltinia W, Peck
ham, noted lawjcrsor.Allmii), N, Y lire at Iho
SicniTAnv rnrii.semusHiv has returned rrom
New nrk.N'.J., where bewenl tontlcnjihaniiitral
ol'lils nei hen,
Mns. Gouman, the wlfo or Senator Gorman, ol
Miirjland, Isoutolsoclcl this seasou.ou account ot
the death or her mother.
Coiosn. CiiAitm McK.Si'CMi n.of I N Smith,
Sons A Co., N'ew or!., who graduated ut West Point
hi tho class of ', laat Wlllard s.
Jssiia IIahiiov Hiipk, author of Iho Ynrktossn
rrntennlat poem, which be Is lo dells cr at I Incoln
Hall lo-ulglit, 1 1 at the Metropolitan.
tx (loM.nsou liiiioiiciioiiTov, or Tevua, lias re
covered his health, alter aevero Illness, ond Is onco
moi o ublu to atleiiil to Ills Ian business
Hon.Siii.sks WinsTi'ii.orN'ew York.altorneyfor
Hie t-Dunlsli Kouriiiiient In Iho Hpunls'i Claims Com
inlailoii.aiiclformerlj prhato toerelarj lo President
Pkrce, Is at Wormlej '.
A Hi iiiiit Is In circulation Hint Secretary Mneoln
wlllrollreiYoiu tho Cabinet of his us n accord tome
lima hi tho coining sprlng.but Iho rumor ciiuiiot bo
Iracidtoanj truslworlh source.
Ui-to the closa of bus'niis Monday the TrtaslfM
Dipaitmeiit had redeem e I United States bonds us
follows! Uinler Ibeoiiohiinclred and lltli call, sis -J21t0),and
under Iho ono huudred and sixth call.
Iris remarked that whllo tbe crank crop has been
good this j i'nr It bus been nccosnryto Import tlieni
A ilelojatlnn Is erpected to-day from Dulllmnro to
iin,oaKiftdiddiilj oiuiaulcs.necoidlng lu their dan
ger and uslnhio quulliles,
Till follow lug named Marylanlers ureal IboNa
llonuli Misses M Ida (Irllbn, O. Kilelen, Hacllo 1'de
len.Coratirlfllii, liegliia Pnsej, uml Gertie Iliooke
BiulMi-Hsra. SjiliuyU Mudd.'J. Camllliis Howaid,
Llarcncii Jamison, and John V Jloariuun,Jr.
HhVAToiisMsuosn anil III tJlebeioer havo been
formally Insltedby Iho Gnscrnor or Jtussaliusetts
toslsltlloslon on, Washlnston'a lllrlliclaj, '1 belli
slliillou premises tho Virginians boundless bospl
tallls , ami Is sizing, moreos er. bv four o. n.u,i.n..
ol Iho State.
Coiisi L A. Loi'posSNowiiKv.Puperlnteiideiitor
tlm Sflnl n, 1,1. II. ..,..!.. 1. 1.. . ....
"v luinuriiiiiiu, iocs oeen nmictl ny Iho
Kenalo Coiuinllten on I liiancn to appear before tho
coninillteoon Tiiewlas.llieJllh Imtniii.uud prewnt
his Mews on tho pioposed c xioiiilon or that mint. Jt
Is iiinkrslood Hint loluuil Knowdcu has aeeei ted
PmrnAsTi nClKNiRAi Howl Intends to utk am.
grow for uutliorliyio delegate somo pemon l. .sign
Ihenarriiuli Iviuid by tbo Post Ollico Department.
'Ibis Is n nrlctly routine duty, and consumex much
snlu.ilibi lime, owing lo the large number of Iho war
rants, A similar o vor Is lonftrrcd bj law iqiou tho
Secretary or tbo liciuury.
Tin nccwiutsnr the Denver imstoftlee nro consid
ered hj postal authorltleiuiidrcsampluof lliccnor
mom Inereaso or Iho mall business In the West Tho
lljuns chow thnt svhllo the cx ensese t lliu Denver
post olllro havo mils lucre ised by one-half tho re
ceipts bus ii marly quadrupled lu flso jenra Tho
mouej-onlcr iccclitsalso liicrcasodfroniiuijioci In
isratoj.'oxj.owlo Ht.
Mn M. a Walling, a resident of Texas twentj
seseuycnrs, nleily who Mood by the Union muse,
who sufkred for her lojulty, and whoso scscn
brolheis kept step to the uiuslrof tho Union, Is no
applicant for posliiiosler ut Austin, 'lev, Mrs, Wat
lluiiindonbtlriliigrpisxh In Iho United Stuteo Son.
ale Chiiintierhi lidl ou "Itrcoiislructlnii and Unls c rsal
riuffracteasaMiaiiaor Itiiliemlng tho hotilh." hhe
Is a lady of culture ami busluc ss c opacity,
'J UK Hon. A. O Mcillille.foruierlvaniriiilieroflhe
IiiiliiiiaLeglslnliiii,and Ilia author of the present
aehool 8j stc m of Dial iMate (pirhnH the most perlcct
ii aiopmlliyniij btule), now register or tbo land
outturn Wiitirlouii, Duk, airlsed nlih tho delega
tlou finm that territory lust nli,ht, Mr Mellelto tsono
of tho most entiiiirlslng and lulliienilul iltUeusof
that prospernn Territory, ami Is.wlihd, ono of na
turu s nob'eiueu, u man w Itboui fiar ami w Ithout re
Iiroich, Tin. lucorullles which Attoruej General Drowsier
wear at hla ivilstt set oil n icmarknbly hiiudsoiim
pair of Iuu cls-hauils svblch aie In strange cuiiliusi to
tlio painfull) scarred Inee. Tliiso are beiiorulilo
souru liciweuis slum ll.ey wire gut when he ssiu u
child lu snvltij Iho llfeor hla liulo sister. Her apron
caught Hro on tlio uurrcry hearth, and tho boy,
baldly more than a biU bin seir, ruahed at her and
proed out the Jlri, saving her, utn fearful cost to
Tiik following persons or proinlnenco registered at
WlllunU josterduj Chailn nulling, or Huston,
Mwwni. Whuley, George Klngiuun, T, D, Moulton,
J, H.Hmltli, P Jt Wielkr, and W. II lliury.of
Hew York Mcssis. t F feiollh, W, M, tinge , W.
J. Pollock, A. J. lussail, und (.', CIHTord, or Plilliulrl
phlcil Gnscrnor Joel Parkir, of New Jcwej t M
word Win c ler, Iho novelist) It, H. t inter, of I'ough.
keeinlH, N. Y,iMlllum Knlglit, of Ht, Paul, Minn
Ornci id CItti k, of New Orkims) J, T. Das Is, of LouU
vllle, Ky,
Thu Committees of Ihs Ilonaa and gsnsla Imloslrl
onsly Hspplng Ont ITork for Ilia grsslea
IThsl ITas Done Yesterday In Doth
, ' Hlngs of Ilia Capitol.
Noj A. Jf. Gibson Is not a crank, rto t ilmpiy
a fcoundrel. Charkt Outturn.
Senator Williams, or Kentucky, wants 87;0,O0O to
erect a public building at Louisville.
Supers Islng Architect Hill, or tho Treasury, was
examined by tho contingent rund lnctlgitlng
cnnimlltco Monday In regard to expenditures out
ortho contingent rund for his bureau.
ThoSecrctary ortho Nasy has awarded medals
or honor to John Las erty and I'dwnrd Ilarrctl,
flrcmcuoftho Alnskrc, for gallant and meritorious
conduct at tho tlmo of tho explosion ou board tliiU
ship last fall,
Sir. Cot, orNcw York, on Monday Introduced tt
bill calling on tho President for all corrcipoudcnco
with tho llrlllsh goscrnment on fllo In Iho State
Department In reference to tho enro or D. II.
Otonncr, n citizen of tho United btatcs and Im
prisoned In Ireland.
,A natal examining board, with Medical Direc
tor I M. Gunncll ns president, has been appointed
for tho examination or Dr. Thomas Owen, for
incrly acting passed assistant surgeon, V. S, N , for
appointment us nn assistant surgeon in tho navy
not In tho. line of promotion. Tho board svlll
meet Tuesday at Iho Navy Department.
Dr. JclTrlcs, of llostoii, was beforo tho Houso Na
val Commllteo, Monday, by Invitation of tho
chairman, to explain his slcwsor nplnnfbr nn
International commission which shall bo au
thorized lo adopt certain rules forlcstsofcolor ob
servation In the nary and mirchant lnarlno ser-
Ico or thasarlous marltltno countries or the
Tho Houso Commllteo on Pensions have ap
pointed (ho following aubcoinnilltccs On subjects
relating to the Mexican and Indian worn, Messrs.
Hepburn. Stone. Steele. Hewitt of Alabama, nnd
lliiirows: oiisui.Jeclsnlnllng lo tho svarori8l2,
Messrs. Klcc, Weber, and ltohlnsons on subjccui
relating to tho lllo-savlng service, Messrs. Marsh,
1 ulkcrion, and Cox,
A number of nominations wcro sent to the Cap
itol yesterday, reaching thcro after tho Senate had
adjourned In respect to tho memory of tho lato
Senator lltirnslde. It wns not learned who they
wore, but among them wns that or Public Printer!
and It Is understood that tlio projiosed success ir ol
Iho old Pub Time. Is that estimable and patriotic
mail and splendid printer, 8. P. Hounds.
lteprcscntatlso Dllss, or New York, Introduced a
bill proposing that oil pensioners now on tho pen
sion rolls or w ho may hereafter be placed thereon
by reason of tho amputation or cither arm or by
reason of basing bicn totally and permanently
disabled by cxscctlon or otherwiso lu cither cum
shall rccelvo u pension at tlio rato or J17W per
month ft ont tho dato or tho approval or tho act.
rtcprcscutailvo Cross, of Massachusetts, lias In
traduced a bill providing that national banks
shall bo entitled lo Issue circulating notes equal to
not more than 90 per cent, of tho current market
yuluoof tho bonds deposited as security for circu
lation when tho bnnds aro below par. Tho bill
also pros Ides that tho circulation shall nt no tlmo
exiced 90 per ciM. of Iho par saluo or tho bonds
Postmastcr-acnoral How o has begun his reform
of tho methods of his predecessors by stopping tbo
pracllco of having engraved upon Iho warrants or
tho Department tho portrait or its chief. Instead
of his own spare features tho calm, strong face of
Ilciijamln lninklln will appear. Inasmuch as
1 ranklln svas tho Postmaster-General in colonial
limes, the npproprlatcucss or thebelecllon Is mani
fest. .New iorhl-un.
Thursday next has been set apart by tho Houso
Commllteo on Post-Ouietsaiul Post-Itoads to hear
a delegation from the tariff contention on tho sub
ject of subsidizing United States mall steamers In
oidcr that they may bo ablo to compcto wllh
foreign ships In oceitnlc commerce. Tho commit
tcohasnot jet acted upon tho President's mes
sage recommending legislation for makingawards
for star mall-routes.
Susan U Anthony nnd other ladles Inlorcslcd In
Iho woman suffrogo movement svero actively at
work in tho Houso of Rcnrcscnlatlica Mnmlasr
morning urging members of the Commllteo of
Utiles to report fiuonibly upon tho proposition to
appoint a select commllteo to toko Into cnnsldcrii
tliui all matters aiming to tho sunjict. The Coin
niltleoon Itulcs svlll meet lo consider thcndsls
abllltj orrecommcndlngsucha committee.
Hon. Hobcrt Smalls, of bouth Carollnci, henrtllj
indorses tbo Independent movement In that Slate.
Hobos been In correspondence w llh leading Demo
crats there, and has arranged to meet them at an
carlj da' to discuss theslluatlnn fully. Mr. Small's
county f Ilcauforl) Is strongly ltcpubilcun, regard
less of I Usuo ballot", and with a lair ilcctloii his
district has a Republican majorlts of8IJ,000 In
coiisequenco of his influence Willi the colored
sotcrsorthoSlatohls mhoejcyor Iho Independ
ent movement greatly alarms tho old IJourbon
Tho Houso Commllteo on Itulcs held a meeting
nrter tlio adjournment of tho House j cterday and
heard Sutan 11 Anlhonj.lkhoA. Lockwood.und
othirsof the advocates of woman suirragenn the
question of appointing n commllteo or Iho Houso
In lake ihftrge or matters pertaining to tho subject.
No nellon was taken bi the coininlltie iteiire
sontatlso lllnekbiirn.of Kcnitu'iy. known to bo
opposed to granting Iho proposition. Iho other
members ore non-committal Ills thought, bow
nir, that llcprcscntallso Heel will volo In tbo
The. Houso Commllteo on Indian Affairs heard
ox-aoscrnor Alien Wright, or the Choctaw Nation,
hi support of Ihelcgullt) of Iheaillou of tho gov
ctnorof tho Choctaw Nation in signing tho bill
grunting tho St. Iiuls nnd San 1 ranclsrn llallroad
t'unitiaii) Ihu light or wiij, despite Iho uellou nf
Sninl cr Sniallwood. He argued that under
thu Choc law. constitution anil rules und par
llumontiiry law us laid clown In Cushing's
Manual tho speaker had no right to solo except
In unworn He; and that the governor improved
the bill upon nu opinion rendered by tho Choitow
altorncj -general.
Tho henoto Commllteo on Kallroads heard J, P.
Poison), Legislature, Isham Walker, General
Clark, nnd Ilciijamln r.Smallwood.spcokcrortbe
Choc tn u houso or representatives, In opposition to
the bill (recently recommitted to this committee)
that ptoiioses to ratify the alleged net orthu Uioo-
uiai proposes io rainy ine alleged
taw le,is!uluro granting ft right
tbii Indian Territory to tho St.
Piniiclseo Jinlliond Companj-. 1
uicii wnj thiough
..wills Ullll cull
Thplt ulnliiiMimiu
Were to tllU CtfeCt that Oil the nllestloti nf thn llix.1
pns,tii;o orthe lneuiuio In c nilioversy the speukur
veiled in tho negatlse, miiuea tic, auclilcclared the
nil! lost; and that Iho minutes setting forlh this
result wcro approved the next day wluioiitobjeo-
'Iho Senate Judiciary Commllteo havo ngrccd on
ft bill designed for the suppression of polygamy
Its uml u features nro sections (based ou Mr. Kd
liiunds' bill) doing aw ay wllh thu present require-
iiieiisiirprooiauipoijganioui marrliiges by pre
siding that thu but ol Using in bigamous relit
(Ions aha I bo siillletcnt pvlitunm Oir .(.mil ii....
and Hut In promciillons lor blgumy nuj person
drawn as a Jurjman may bo c hallonged on tho
ground that he practices or belloies in poljgamy
asiiullgloiis rite, and certain now pros UIuiih in
troduced bj Senator I ogan, ilubicrrlug nil poliga
mUts fioui tho prls lieges or otlug, scivkes on
ju.niUi iiwiiiiiih iiuiec
Hon. Mr.Orlh's resolution, Inlroduced jesterday
In tho House, Is likely lo bo Iho beginning or the
cud ol tho incarceration of American citizens In
llrlllsh prisons without charges, tthil, or cons lo
tion, A deputation or IhoLTaii-na-UaclAisneii-tlou-Ciiptnlti
t) Meagher I'oudon, Mr. Jaincsllel
kw.JoIm Ko.-iirij.iiud W Mitlloj-vUlled Mr
Orlli on buiulay uml laid before him tho cases
or testral American illlzens now Innirlsonid by
mdir of Ihu ilrliUli gotiriiniiut without trial
or regular proec"s of law. cHcrday Mr. Orlh
liitroiliicedhla rosolullon reciiusilng Hifornirtlon
wllh referenco lo Iheto gctilfcinen, und It Is In bo
hoped that It will remit ill their dellscranco rrom
arliltrnryaiidoxlrn-judlelal Incarceration, Tut.
Urn mtiAN will contain In thoioursoof tliowuk
n communication relating to tho chief points in
this mutter, which svlll sfiow that tlmplo Justice
ilcmauds luompt action In lliu ensu of our fellow
citizens now lu duress lu Ireland.
Mid. Moris-ir Hcrc-pUou,
Mrs. Morrcll' studio wos thronged with guests
lastOMtilng, who wire dollghlcd with tliocholco
llletarj and musical progrHimuo prepand for their
idlflcallon Tho cscnlug's ciitcitalniuont was
opened by a duct sung by Miss Crlsslc lit lines ami
Mr Sykcs. Miss Horenio Bullltan recited In a
scry pleasing manner a pucm willieu byu welt
know n Joiiiiiulbit. T ho lest of the prngrniiime w us
as folluns: Duet, Messrs Lolllns nud Crkdlci,
neltall n, Mrs hlnmlii (llessle Heoih), sour, Mr
Collluj, re citation, Mrs Niillor; Instrumental aoln,
MImMiiiiIij Mrs. hurl, the loet.unt iiUutill
luliicrostloilcdlciitedlo.Mrs Morrull Thu histoss
was asked fi rsoino notes on ml, which shokludli
ccuitrlbttiul A largo number of dlstliiiuUhed
ioihiiis wcro present, liiiludluga iiuity or Dos-
lliilllliinio'n riiiimiliil (oiiillflon,
IlsiTisionK, Jan S3 Tlio ilrit misao or Major
h j to was submitted to tho lit) council this ufli r
noon. Tliulluaiieliil conilillou of ibo corporation
on Hie Jlst of December, 1S71, Is shown to bo us
follows Amount of funded debt, Ht)IUl7l
guaranteed nubilities, SI liJCKiO, tctnl, gUd.itii,.
iviii ui iiiii aiiinuiic niieiest lipioslitel iiiul
puldciiiahoiittla.iMO.Uuaiij siiilousiullrnuds uml
otlur corpciiutious cm loiu mado to
Hum. Iho produillio line Uneiits of Ilia ills-,
Im hiding the sinking fund ot over ,tiou duo,
ummiiit to S15,'iC)l.f'jo 1 1, km lug u debt or iCOl,
18y.ui, interest on which tho ill) bus lo rrovtdo
fur bj annual luxation, ('oinpnud with thu debt
of HeieniberSl, ItSsO, Ihcro has In en nil Inircusq
during tho past jcar of S.'OJ.HO 1)7, Ininrrcil lor
pi!lii6 und other illy Imprutimenu.
AiiclUla nircllrnt I.nily fllvr n llrllllntit
Itrcpplloii Tlio Mitrnla.
Tho mansion or tho Spanish Minister and Mail
amo Ilarca could never hose been more bril
liantly In readiness or Inclosed more delightful
hospitality than wns displayed there last evening.
From the shnrp, frosty air outside to tho sump
tuous, tropically furnished rooms within, Ilia
transition wns full of enchantment. The guests
on arrival wcro ushered aboso stairs, and upon
descending wcro introduced lo tho Scnor, Mad
nme.nnil Madcmolrcllo llnrca, who recoiled their
guests In Iho eastern sullo or parlors. I'ntll ten or
later In the evening only tho front parlor or Iho
svestern sullo was opened, tho rear r lug used fir
Iho lupper-rooin. Tho parlors, which are wldo
and roomy and llo on cither sldo the central hall,
are brightened with rich magenta curtains hang
ing Irom tho windows. The walls wcro brilliantly
decorated with lino paintings, and bouquets or
cholco flowers wcro placed on mantels and stands
and hung rrom overhead lu each doorway. Hack
ol Iho rear custom parlor n balcony wns filled up
Willi ft provision or foliage, shmbs.ainl flowering
plants, hidden behind wIiIcIihii orchestra rendered
lAqltslTE -tl sic
In soft, dreamy strains, partly comprising Cuban
airs. In I lio western front parlor a bituminous
coal fire, In an nmplo grate, gavo cordial svclcomo
lo thoso who wandered from tho rooms where Iho
greetings nnd uicollngs were taking jilnco. When
the folding doors were thrown back, revealing tho
supper noui, n delightful surpriso was gls en. The
supper svas prepared eutlrcly lu the house con
fections, Ices, und fubstantlals Included. Tho
table presented
a nr.iiTiri'Liri irance,
tho ccntro-plcco being n rojal salmon, which was
flanked ou cither sulo bj 1 ugilsh phciisiiiils.
Doned lurkcj and salads of curious kinds Were
obscrscd.n magnificent arched bouquet oectipj lug
Ihu back or Ihu table. The labio rerskour gold
knlscs nud lurks and cicllcalo ihini wns greatly
udinlrcd, and was In lit keeping wills the
vluiiila preiared The Ices mid creams oc
cupied a scpiiralo Inble, nnd tho claret
and other punch, cbuiiingiio and cordials,
tho last a delicious Spanish couijouud, had
a spacious ilikbo-ml uppiiprlulcd lo Ihclr
uses. Thu arrangements lor dispensing thlsarray
or good things were ndmlrubte, und Itsictiiidiis
If thiro was an Inexhaustible supply of every
thing, brought foresaid os lail as that which had
been ou the tab les dUsppearcd T he es cnlng was
ono of rare cujoj nicut to Ihu lw o hundred or more
guests present, the generous host uud hostess
siariiiguocnurttomuko ull ut homo and happy,
TitHU. weiii: I III." I. ST
all tbo foreign ligations, Mr and Mrs. Henry Ad
ams, Mr and Miss Allen, Mr. and Mrs 1 rodcrkk
Adam, Mrs. and Mbs Adams, Mr. nud Mrs. llllle,
ex-Heiretaryaud Mrs lllalno, .Mr. do lllldt, Mr,
Mrs, nnd MUs Uradlcj, General, Mrs, and
Miss Dcalo, Mr nnd Mrs. llancroft Davis,
Mr., Mrs , and Miss Illalr, Mi-s Woodbury, Mr. and
Mrs. George Ilaucron, .Mr. and Mrs, Ualrel, Attorney-General
nud Mrs. Ilrewster and Mi-s
Drowsier, Mrs. Carlisle, Mr. nnd Mrs Calderon
Carlisle Mr. nud Mrs. Cuollas, Mrs. Cur
roll, Mr. and Mrs. Drown, Mr. and Mrs, Lox,
Mr., Mrs , nud tho Misses Delalleld, General, Mrs ,
and Miss Drum, Mr. John and Mis Dai Is, Mr,
Mm . ntnl tla., j I'.ltni.ii.l fl.it.r.l .!. ..,,-
.-..v , ................ n..,(i..iu-, IIVII.I ,i, ...IS., Ullll .111,1,
1 mory, Mr and Mrs. W. 1 mury. Mr, Mrs, and
Miss fcdwards, Secretary. Mis, and Miss Prillng
hujscn, Mrs uud Miss liming. Miss Adgcr, Mr,
Mis, nud Miss Poster, Mr. and Mrs. Howard, .Mr,
Mrs, and Mhs Heard, Mr. und Mrs 1 rank Howe,
Mr and Mrs. Panders Irs lug, Mr nnd Mrs, Janln
Mr. Jctsiip Ulalr, Dr, Mrs, and Miss Ixirlng,
MrMrs. and Miss Lowery.Mr, Woodbury Iiwery,
benaturand Mrs. Iigiu, .Mrs. and the .Mlcs Me
Ciiio, Admiral, Mrs unci MlssPorter, Mr.lttcbard
Porter, Mrs uud thu Mliscs iloss Hay, Mr and Mrs.
Giialroon, Mr and Mis. Albert Ilaj, Mr, Mrs. and
MUs lledfein, General and Mrs. Itlckcits,
OiiicTal, Mrs. aud Mi-s Hhinuiiu, General,
Mrs. and Miss bturgls, Mrs and Miss Suiad,
Mrs. Smllli, General and Hie Misses t-chcuck,
Mrs. and Miss Turnbinl, Goncral, Mis. and Miss
Viatmougli, Senator aud Mrs. Wludoin, Mrs Wibb,
Mr. and Mrs. Crane, Mr. nnd Mrs. kluclkrbcrgur,
Senator Da Id Duiis.Mr.aud Mrs. S A. Uronn
Assistant bicreturj of btato lluntir, Mr, Mrs. and
MIssNIIcs.tMiiutor, Mrs. nud the Misses Pendlo
ton, Miss l.uile.', General, Mrs. and the Misses
IJppit, Mr. uud Mrs. ltubby, Admiral
and Mrs. Lie, Mr. l'dwlu M. Trucll,
Mr. and Mrs. lrank .Monroe, Mr., .Mis , and .Miss
Morgan, I ustaco Collet, General H I), bturgls,
Judgo ltlihardson, Mrs. riionuui I, James, Mujor
A. II. N'kkirson, Henry W. lurnott, George C.
inK, Liuuuiuiu uues ii nuciier, noriitio Aiug,
ltlchiird Dec ens, P. l.eoPlillll, John c. Poor, John
A, King, A. ltoss Kaj, Dr. nud Mrs A P. Mugriider,
Assistant Paj master J. I). Dojle, 11. M Hodges,
James Allen, M, M. Macomb, Lllttord likhnrd-oii,
Dr. Harnett, vs. P. Hilurup, 1 1) Mil'iuiwii, Mr.
and Mrs. Hallct Ktlbuum aud Hie MU.it Kit
Dlslrlrl ori'oliiiiitilii Jln'.lni, Iiefciio toil-
Mr. Hcllmau jestcrdaj Introduced in the Houso
ii bill to chaugo the name or the " German Protest
ant Orphan Asj lum Association " lo the " Gerniuu
Orphuti Asylum Ascoelution." 'ihu bill also In
creases tho number or directors Irom twilvo to
eighteen, and provides lint the properly rights or
liabilities of said corporation shall not be alkited,
Mr Shallcnbcrgcr'a bill lo mika lurtiiliiiliauges
In tho Houso wing or Iho Cnpltol pros Idis lor the
removal of tho baths adjoining tho Houso restau
rant to the soulhiust corner of tho basement uud
udds tho space thus gained to the Houso resluu
runt. Mr. WlUon has Introduced a Joint resolution
presiding for the printing ot J.50O extra copies ot
tho annual rcpou or the llnilth Ulllcer of thu
District 100 lor thu hcnalo, uUU lor lliu Douse, and
.',11)0 lor the Hi tilth Ulllcer.
Mr Jorgensin has Introduced a bill approprlat
lugtiu.ouuti linproso the imbllo-roud from thu
Aiiueduct llildgu lo Ihu National t'uueicry.
Mr, I o FlMo has Imroduiula bill to remove all
obstructions from thu lorildorsol tho Mute, War,
and Navy Depurliueut bulldlng.so that communl
uitloiis from ono of Ihcse Depuiiuieuts to nnotbir
inuj be I'm lu thiough thu lorrldois. This will bu
a vi ry sensible linpniiemciit
Mr. Uniei's bill " to riliiud tlio M, G, Finery as
sessments "states that bclotocMiilho first Install
ment oruclt luxes were duu thu board of public
works had torn up the said assc3smculs ancl made
n new assessment upon Iho same streits and lots,
and provides that when such assessments wire not
included 111 tho legislative uito! 1M71 Ihij shall bu
considered upon tho merits of null uiso us It may
I resent ltsell, uud that all under the ait of lib
ruary Jl, 1S7I, be riluudid us wcro tho II D.
Cooko ossessmeuls, by Iho Commissioners of the
District, by Issuing certlfleulus for draw balks cm
ocr rssciiiianls, and receding the aaino for
special and general taxes, as provided unuirlbo
uctof Junu'J7, 1S79.
Mr. Umer's bill "providing for nn Improved
S)stemforliidoxiugtho luud-reiords or mollis.
Irlct of Cnlumbla" presides Hint tho Itecnrder of
Deeds shall glvo ft bond In the sum of Ji.OOO lor Hie
faithful j erlornmncu of his duties. Any person
conceiving lilinscir or hoiscir injured by any
brench ot olllclat duly by ilho liecurdcr
can procure ou tlcimiiid n iirlllled
copy oi such bund, upon which an action
may bo maintained, in tlio naiiiu or Ihu United
btules, lor tho usu or tho party liijuiid, and Judg
ment obtained for tho damiiLu actually siistuluid
Iho Huordi r is icqiilied to Index all tueoiikd lu.
strumciitsnt writing ulphnbctleally, iiccordlug to
thu Initial letter nt ihu christian names and Ihu
ursi sowci oi ine kiirmiiuis of ull tho panics
iwnuiu iiiiiiiiivill,ui 1IIIIIHU d BCpiCrUlU gCHU-
nil Index of said instllliui ills of writing, lu bu
known as tho propurty ludux, lu which
shall be show 11 tho Equates and lots to bu nlleeted
by such Instruments, c purine ludcxes to bokupt
lor Washington, Gcoi-gcmsvii, uud Hiaiinrt of the
iii5iriei ouisiuu oi encsu Liciea, iuu intiexes lu iieglu
on Jauiiar) 1, lis.' Ihu clerk ol Ibo District bu
memo Couit is required to keep au Index similar
(o tho ono tlrsl mentioned iiliosuof ul aetsorsald
court lelatlng Inlho lltloof any laud In thoDls
trkt boglunlng as ubose.
Assoclolril t lim tllt-a,
A meeting of thu boaidof luauugersor Asso
ciated Chuiillea took )ilaco last iicnlng at thu
ollko of Messrs. Pratt & Son. Mr. A, S, Solomons
presided, and the following lupreseliliillsesi of the
various churllublo orguiilzullous were present!
Mrs. H. A M. Cun Ik Id, Mis M. K. Walling, Mrs.
Trcuialne, Mrs. bnia A. bjieucer, Messrs. L. y. Hoi-orj-,
8. W Tulloik.A. B Punt, M. O Lraery, Dr.
Donaldson, John P. Cook, and W U. Uurliy. Mr.
Kmery reported that tho usioclatlon had been In
corporated, nnd subniliied also a elretilui i.rei and
byhicu at thu requestor tho oisoclutluu" denning
Its objects. Atthustiggcsllouo) Mr look nreso
liillou svusiidoited Inviting such benevolent or
gaiiUutlons iisdcsltnl lo miitiilslu their dislliietivo
ihuruclirto place lliiinsilsis lu couiiuiiiikiitlou
wllh Ibis association through itsseirelnrj lor Ihu
purposo or uiililug w 1th II In currj Ing out its main
ublu looms reiomiiicnded thoso Inspected by them
ou P ttreit, bilwecn l'ourliciith unci l'lfieciiili
Mitels. Their leportwus udupted, uud Iho noxt
uuic-tcs iuu cuuiuiiueu uiipoiuieu lu secure suit
i roouia reeoiumcncie
P ttreit, bilwecn 1
dls. Their iciiort ui
meellug will bu hild there,
Itv, III. I'riiiiinirll'a Leelure,
Ilov, Dr. Alexander Uiuuim.il, rector or St
Luke's P. H Colored Chun.li, dillvcred n lilghl)
liilciistlug uud Instiucilvu lecture ou thu subject
or "Labor" lust nUht before tho Union llcthil
Illstorlo und I.llctary Association. Dr. Crumuiell
Isiigradtiutoof Oxford (Hufcluud) Uuiversltj, nud
in his treatment ol ihosiil Jed showed Ihudl.nlly
of lubor, und gas email) lu.tuueeaof remurkublu
ucliluMioeiits by liuhiuiliablu por.i leruuco uud
rcrjlstcnt labor lluwus llsieueit tnuiih ninir.i
ntteiiilpu, uud muii) p.iugesot his kiluro wcie
eiuiy nu'iuciu.
Tun ltpircsrnliitlss l.ei linen,
Oscar Wilde, tho Lngllsli cesthetu, with his knee
breeches, lawdidah Impirsonnlluiis. nud lllvaud
kitntlowermloriiinuiits, is about n sluud-oll wllh
J. nqiiln Miller, Iho poet or tho Slerns, who
rcpiescnlud Amiiium dIUtlaiite In hngtund
oriiaiuenied Willi .California diamond llluiiHiml-
in. , ....i..,,i .,i,ii-i, ,,i us lurguusn suiiuie
rock ciystcr. inocciulns incuilug Tils corns and
bunions, and with a drawl lu hi tono or yolco
now adontcd as tho triilv m.ttu tin iiifn,i,i..
John Dull has sent us u ilQhiud lor our Oliver, '
The Pnhllf SrrrtrM or Ilia nistlngnlshtil DrscI H(-alor-Prortfillnga
In Ilolli Homes-It hat
- the Senators ami Members' Slid
Americans In llrlllsh llsstllcs.
Immediately artcr tho reading of tho Journal la
tho Scnato on Monday Mr. Anthony submitted
resolutions of respect for Iho memory of his 1st
colleague, Senator Ilurnslile, oa follows:
l'cro'ml. That from nu earnest dcslro to shosr
overy mnrkofrespectto (ho memory or thn Hon.
Ambrose Ik lluruslde. Into n Senator or the United
States from Ihu btalo of IShodo Island, and to
manifest the high estimate entertained or lilscml
nctit public services nnd his distinguished patriot
ism, Iho business or Iho Scnato bo now suspended,
that his frlcmls nnd associates mav pay fitting
tribute to his public and prlvato virtues.
Hetotml, That awtde.priad and public sorrosr
on tho announcement of hla death attested Iho
profound sense, nf thu loss which the svliolo coun
try liassu-talucd.
JiViwrccf, That the Secretary or tho Sinalacom
numlcato theso resolutions lo tho Houso or Kcpro
scntiitlvcs. Jleio'mt, That as an additional mark of respect
for Iho incmorj ot the Senator the Senate do now
Mr Anthony recounted tho public service! of
tho deceased as Governor, general, and (Senator,
nnd, niter an culoglitm upon. bis brilliant military
achievements clcscrlptko or many of tho stirring
scenes ofllio war In which General Ilumsldo sras
prominent, referred to Incidents characteristic- of
hla virtues and personal worth,
Mr Hampton followed wllh a beautiful tribute.
Ill recognition of that bravery In the field, mag.
imnlmlty lu pence, and patriotic efforts after Ihs
close ;f tho war lu reconciling Ibo two sections
which, w tli lils gcntlo nud tioblo nature, hud won
for him the respect, esteem, aud aflectlouof his
colleagues from iho South
Mr. lalmtinds, lu nlliullug lo Iho enlhuslasra
Willi which senator llurii.ldo espoused cscrr
caiisyheailsocntcd In legislation, commended thi
nobl lly of chiiracler or ono who did not hesitate,
desplto Imcitive and ridicule, loillscard tbo force,
of iiriecdcnt and tho mandates or authority for
tho sakoof what ho billescd to bo tight, llo then
added his testimony to tho charmlug qualities of
tlio dec, ased'a prls ate chnmctcr.
Mr.Maxcj spoko or his many jears or close In
timacy Willi the deceased nnd ot tho friendship It
has engendered. '
Mr. ltansoni i wild tho prUoncrs or svar taken by
Mr. Ilurnslile In bis victories In North Carolina at
Hatteras, Itoauoko Island, nnd Newberno. mil
fourily speak of his courage, kindness, unci mas.
"-"n.,,m!,ly' ,!" cnnslilirntioti in the Scnato for
North Carolina Interests was an additional reason
for tho message of sjinpathj which that Stata
to-day sent to herslsu-r. llhodo Island
Mr. Iliiwlcj ipoku briefly but cloquenllyor Ihs
personal nualllles of the dead Senator us pre-eminently
lhoo ofn trtio soldier and gentleman.
Messrs Harrison. Joi ch o( riorlda. Hale, and
Aldrkh followid In similar cttloglums, when, on
motion pr Mr. Aldrlch, tho resolutions vsero
adonted br a linnnlmmi. mt, .inW,in.i-.i .. ..
additional mark or respect for the memory 'of thai
.iceciisi-u, .uuceiiucuniijouriieii uiiui'iuesuay.
House nritepresenlnllscs.
Ou motion or Mr. Anderson Thursday evenins
next was set apart for general clcbato only.
On motion or Mr. Tajlor.a resolution svas ro
fcrrcd authorising tho Committee on llxpciidl.
lures lu tho War Department to ascertain whether
am measures can bu emplojcd to ricllltato Ihs
obtaining copies or hospital records lu Iho Bur
peon Gcncrars Odico for Iho use or tho Pension
llureau.and to lessen expenses lu the Stirgcon
Gcncrala Oilleu.
Un motion of Mr. Orlh, n bill was pnssed that
flso i ortho trustees of the Lincoln Monument As
oilallon shall constlluto a qtiurum to transact
The. Speaker, ns Iho regular order, proceeded to
call he Hates, under which call a largn number
or bills, Ac , were liitrodtiicd uud referred.
At thrcoo clock publlo biisliuss whs ni.pcndcd
and eulogies upon thu life nud memorj of tlio bits
Senator iliirnsfdo cvoro dellsered by Messrs. Chace,
'pooner, Drown, Hlio or MusauihiiscttJi, and Hen
demon, and then (at 115), nut or respect to tho
memory ortho deceased, thu Houso adjourned.
Under iho c ull or Mules there Mure 335 bills in
(reduced nud referred.
Aiiiiileiiiis In llrlllali Ilitstlt,..
After tho call ofbtuks ttu concluded lu (he
House, Mr. Orlh, from tho Commllteo on For
eign Aflalrs, reported back tlio resolution that
Iho Pr.sldeut bo requested to obtain fiom tba
llrltlsh government a list of oil American citizens,
naturalized or nntlvo born, under arrest or Im
prlsoiimcnt by utithorll) or said gos eminent,
with nbtatciucul or the muses orsuili iirnstiir
liiiprisonmcnt, and cspciliilly or such cltlzjns as
limy bnvo been thus arrested and Imprisoned
under a suspension ol habeas counts lu Inland,
and, If not Ineonipiitlblo wllh thu public Inlcicsui
(hnt ho coiiiiiiutilento such liiforiiiuilonns ha ro
il!. t, together wllh nil the corrispondencu now
on file In iho Dcparimcnt or ttato relating to any
existing arrest or imprisonment of dHzens at
llefore nctlon c mid bo taken upon the resolution
re oi lid b Mr UHli Iho hour of three clock nr
rlied uud tho Houso sus) undid publlo buliicsf
nnd pruceideil, ns tho siieelnl order, to iho delivery
of eulogies upon the lniuSciiuior lliiru.lilo
MB. loniNSIIS, OK Ntw S.OIIK, TOOK tub noon
to discuss tho resolution Ila relutid, how Mima
inonlhs ago, hu bud met tho Intu Lngllsli Minister,
nnd how Hint gentleman lind shitcd to him that
tciiiio Auierlcuii bigs or hud cliaruiler hud been
taken over to l.ngliiiid for loli.iiiiipllon Ihowlrel
under tho Athititlo had Ihcshed iho news or out
regis that were about lo bo peri ctrutcd iiiiun Hit
dead Ohio hog t tho sumo ilmu Amiiliun iltl
ens who had loisi.Lt upon Iho battle-lleldn or His
Union, whoso blooci had glsun addillniiut redueas
In tin Mrf pes and brlghleucd ihuglorj ol lliot-turs,
were thrown Intiipil-ou wllhoiit any crime being
alleged agaiusl the in, were tried as felons, and
were without any opportunity to get their coses
bulure thu goi eminent or Hie people or the United
Slates. Ho (Mr. Itobliisou) bud been lid to exclaim-
"Oh, that wuonly paid as much intuition,
as much honor, tn n llo Amcrliati cliU n ns ws
do In n dead Cincinnati hog," Ilut so It was.
'Ihu Statu Dcpattiiient wou'd not tail up tin
cases or iliosu cltlens and hasu Ilium ex
nmlncd. Thcro were llvo Amorleoii cllleus liner
confined lu llrlllsh basllks 1 hey had been seized,
brought beforo u Jurj, tried, nud uiqiiltled, hut
luiuiedliitily artcrwiird thu suspension or tho
habeas corpus had Lccti brought to bear, they had
been rearrested, and Hero now languishing In
prison, llo had endenvored lo get (he casis ol
theso moaultnr. slekelllll.lte lllir Aim rtnm p llln.
before this House, but until thu present tlmo had
bieuuiiablu to do so. Ho was golug to inoso an
amendment to tho report, and was going to take
nigucr grimuii iniiu huh mere laguti. Not only
had Ihu United btatcs n right to inter fire lu hebull
or American citizens In llrlllsh prisons, but it had
lliu right audit mis Its ilut) lo domain! the relents
of the members or Purlliinunt elected by th
pcoplo or Great llrltaln uud whom Hie llrltisa
gnseinmcnt bud Imprlsoiicd Agciilkinaii her
continued Air Itoblnsnn. hIiuLph lil lnul. l iwlil
Blnikobli heart
Mr ltoblnsnii thin quoted from n speech dollr
crcd by l.oi d John Itu-tell In luior ol'tlie llrltlsh
goicrnment Ititirlerlng to tomiiel Ihu ickiuaby
iuu iii-enn guscriiuielll CM lertlllll 01 lis ow 11 SI1U
Jecls. itussiuii despotism hid Its head, Turkish
lirautis iialcd Into liislenlllcaneo and mow nl.
nijl.h lu compiirisuu wllh the great wrong and
I) runny and despotism Hint ha 1 been inrllclid on
somo o! tho pcoplo ol Great llrltaln
At Hits point tho mutter went over uulll Tttcs
cluj, when It will coino up as unfinished busliic-s.
TssuNcsr Olllcia lor lluiirboii llemnriitU,
T ho Cominluiu on Accounts of thu House ol
lleprescntntlves havo ngrccd to report fas orably
ou the resolution lulroduce'd by Mr. l)ruwne,ol
Indian i, lo mnko Mr. Coomcs, an ex cniifcdcrats
Uourbon Demuciat of Missouri, assistant IXatt
meut messenger at a salary of 51 200. Tho sums,
committee will probabl) ngrec to report faorabli
ou tho resolution orGeiierul Hemknoii, of Illinois,
lo mnko Colonel Ueorgu A. Ilaoou.nu ex Unloi
soldier nud Uourbon Demnirnt or Illinois second
nsslstaut duorkcecr at u salary or DJOna iior juar
In both or these cases the Donrkicpcr ol the Housi
Hppeiiicd boforo the committee and protested that
there was nbsolutclj no nciualij forih s.nowor.
Ikis, aud thai there wore iiodiilk'sfurthcsei.en
tlcmeli to perform, and ns bo was held rusi ouslbli
under Iho rules or thu Huiiso it washk ilglituol
loliaseobjecllouublemeu forced on him 1ufac4
or this stutcmeiillho lonimlttee mmle the fator
ublo report. Messrs Skinner, or Niw York, aid
llrewcr, or New Jersoy, toting wllh tho De'ioocraj
or Ibo comtulltie.
- i
llcfoio t'oiii.uUaloncr Ii Ice
Tho agent ortho Mcscakro Indian Agencj-, whi
Is now In tho illy, culled upon Indian Commis
sioner l'rlco and discussed at length tho subject ot
tho troubles earned by oils or that trlbo but lull
Agent LkiMll) it attributed tho unruly behasloi
of Ihu Indians lo the inlrcoiiduit of email
army olllcers sbiilonid at his ugiucs, say
lug thut Ihcy Interfered with the ludlant
without nny ctunuwhuiosur Tho I'mbln Indians,
wlioieccnllyarrlscd liere,iild llieir tespectste
Indian Cuiiiiulssluiitr 1 rlco yeaierduj.iuid kfl foi
llutnpioii, Vn.last night Ui tlii their elilldren,
soniuof wliimi nro nltinillng thu Indian brlu I al
thatplaio. lliu Indians will also visit Carlisle,
Pa, where other ol their children ureal sehooL
N'uvul N.ms renin lliioiiii. na
Hear-Admlral John W A Mihokou, conimaml.
liigthoL'urnpc'aii station, reports to the Nat j De
partment uulcr dato or Jiuuar) B, from YUlo
tiuiiclie, I'miiie the disiio.liloii of sc a Is of thai
squadron, asl Hows, rhu tliigship Laueuslcr. now
nt Vlllefriinchc, l to sail sh nlly cm n criiise co Hit
eilslwuiil ulllu Iho eoa. t ot lull) and Greece, ami
svlll bu absi lit r bubl) tluvu months lleNllv
slo Is on her svai lu Yllleiriincliu from lV)Pt.vl
Sicily and lialtau pons The Uiluu bang Ii
crulslngnii tho noriliern coin of filcn In slsll
Algiers, lunli.unil I'ulnmo, Thu Galena was at
Pnliiius, Omar) Island, Deieliibi r!i. (ho was Ui
visit tbo Lihtrlan cusi and Cape Verdi Islmd.
aud will probably bo absent about three mouths.

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