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The National Republican
to repress chime in Hielahd.
r. rarnrll Mskes n Apolngstlc Hpsi-tli In rr!l.
ulettt-lle Defends llojcolllng-NulK fiuia
lrtlsnd Motemfnls or Iratltt
KgjplloV Sutlers.
fEonwrn, May 25. In tho Houso of Commoni
Rita Afternoon Sir Charles 1)11 ko, Under Forolgn
Secretary, replying to Unroll Do Worms, Mid ho
ad rocelvod no conflrmallon of tho burning of
blldrcn at the recent firu nt Smorgonl, Russia.
Replying to Mr. Buxton, ho tnld confidential
Jonrorsallons have taken placo betweon Lord
Lyont, tho British ambassador to France, and tho
Mexican Minister at Farls regarding the rcsump
lion of dlplomntlo relations between Euglutid and
uoxlco, but they hare thus far proved rcsuliici.
It reply to Itt. Hon. Itobcrt Uutkc, Sir Charles
pllko refuted Instate whcihor France objoctcd to
Iho dispatch of Turkish troops to Egypt. Ho said
Franco and England still continued to bcllcvo
hot the steps they havo ngrotd up-m in view of
futuro eventualities havo tho aisont of tho powotB
and tho l'orto. ... , . ...
Mr. Olnetstono stated that ho would propoeo that
tho House adjourn to-morrow until Thursday.
Mr. I'arncll resumed tho do! ato on tho repression
(HI. Ho tald ho believed that tho Inferences
drawn from Mr. Dillon's, spoicIi wore unwar
ranted. Ho regrelti d that tho govertimout hnd
not confined iUclf totho arrears r rent bill, w hit h
would have brought about a sittlemont of Irish
Iffalrs. He defended boycotting to n limited ox
Knt, "As practiced by Kiigllau workmen." Tho
feelings of the Irish people before Iho l'hcenlx
I'ark murders wire calming, but all Is now upset
by lrcsh coercion, which will simply play into Iho
(lands of secret societies.
Mr. raruclt raid that ho and his friends In
Srison had certainly never thought that transfer
flandtothe occupiers could bcetTcilcd by any
ether means than by purchase. He entreated tho
roverumeni. even at the last moment, not to shut
The door of conciliation. Mr. Cliarlis Russell,
liberal, monibcr for Dnndalk, though tympa
Ihlilug wlih Irish aspirations, cordially appro ed
the provisions of the bill for the abolition of Juries,
lovylng lines on districts, right of onich, and
gainst tho Importation of nbomlnnblo literature
torn America. ...
Mr. rnmeU'i speech was Tcry moderate and al
foost apologetic.
Mr, Jisso Colllngs, Liberal, predicted that there
would bo a great outcry lu England If anybody
should be hanged In Ireland on Judgment arrived
at without tho verdict or ft Jury.
Mr. John Olvau, Liberal, thought tho bill was
falculatcd to restore peace and order In Ireland,
md tuppross the despotism which was blighting
Iho country,
Mr. Trovclyn, Chlor Secretary for Ireland, ad
mitted that tho government sunt slmult ineously
tacssnges of conciliation and coercion, but pointed
out that the messages were not sent to Ilia address.
JJo raid Earl Sponccr had determined that all
treses of Interference with huls for the shelter of
evicted persons should be submitted to him beforo
tho police were allowed to Intervene.
Mr. Trovclvn stated that Mr. Clifford Lloyd would
not sit In any court under the bill cheers by tho
Irish numbers, 01 tho powers of tho act could
only bo exercised by special magistrates. Tho
powers granted In regard to public meetings would
cnly bo exercised where meetings wero part of the
machinery of violence and dliordcr.
Mr. Cowcn's amendment, declaring that wlillo
tbo Houss Is desirous of aiding the government In
the detection of crime, It disapproves of restric
tions upon tho free expression or public opinion
In Ireland, was rejected by ft vote or &tl to 47.
Tho House then wcut formally Into commlttco
pu tho bill.
Sir Wilfrid Lnwson and Messrs. Labouchcro,
Hurt, Jacob Bright, Story. P. A. Taylor, Carbutt,
Charles Russell, and Ileury voted with tho minor
ity on Mr. Cowen's amendment.
Notes from Irclnud.
Alottcr from Mr. Davllt to Most Rev. Thomas
JS'ulty, Bishop of Mcath, violently denouncing
landlords, and demaudlug home rule, has been
published, lllshop Nulty rind tho letter to tho
assembled clergy of his diocese, who received it
With enthusiastic applause.
Tne London Ttmis says It cannot ho doubted
that the speech or Mr. Dillon In thu House or
Commons yesterday was intended to prove to his
disaffected countr) men that he is uopurty to tho
Kllnialuharu compact.
Iho London standard, discussing tho corre
tpondence letuecu Mr. Lowell and Secretary
Frcllnghiiyacn, touching tho Irish suspect', si) s
It Is a pitiable spoetaclo to witness tho foreign ofllco
of tho nation to which Story, Who iton, and Kent
belonged repudiating the elementary principles of
International laj at tho bidding of a few Irish
rowdies in NevrYork and electioneering wire
pullers. Mr. Davltt says tho Irish havo been accused of
vol giving tho land act a fair trial, but the truth
1, tuey rolutojo give landlordUm any mere trials,
lie says tlio repression bill Is an act for tho better
ti "iii2ouieutof secret soolatlcs.
' tt pascd through Hanger, Wales.yctter
diyby theexpreis train irr London. Ho met Mr,
J-kuu il.cru, Iho latter remains at l'anrbyu.
Tlirloom isutl nil Ultimatum Anarchy
htlll Jtampaiif-
London, May 25, A dispatch to tho Iiiiui from
Cairo ttatca that lamentable account are received
from tho Interior of disastrous risults Inevitable
from tho absence of an ndininMratlvo govern
ment, neglect of all precautious for insuring w ator
for tbo crops, and absence of labor owing to con
scription. Katlvcs come to Cairo uiid cntrtut the
protection of Mr. Molet, tho British consul-general,
against tho soldiery, stating that their Tillages are
t coming desorted through fear. ,
1.0NDON, Muy 20. The ifcindnrd's dispatch from
d.iro says the government was glten twonty-four
hours in which to oome to a decision on the ulti
matum. Constantinople, May 25. The agents of tbo
Khedive slate that ho is desirous that the English
ond French squadrons remain for the present In
Iyptlan waUra.
aiiio, May 25. Tho agents of England and
F.uiico liavo delivered tbo fjllowliiK'ultlmatum
to Mahmoud Baroudl: "Whereas tne president
of (ill- Cnauiber of Notables has proposed to Mah
moud Baroudl, as tho only means of ending the
dlbturbiiuco or the country, tho temporary re
moval of Atnbl Boy from tfgypt, with retention of
rank and pay, una the rc-lgnatlou of the ministry,
and whereas these conditions can proveut tho
misfortune mouacing Eliropo, wo recommend
thorn to tho serious attention of Iho ministry, and
If nccoiiary tho two governments will exuel tbelr
duo lulllllinciit. In lutorvenliig lu the attain of
Egypt, England and Franco havo no other object
than Iho maintenance of tho status quo, and they
will usu their good oincca with Iho Knedtvo to ob
tain tonerul nuinuty,".
Tlic ISpsom JIncca-
London, May 25. At the Bp.-om summer meet
ing to-day tho rate for the Royal stakes was won
by Lord Bradford's four-year-old bay colt Lime
stone. Lord Hastings' three-year-old ohestnut
filly Silver Bell was second, and Lord Itossmore's
(formerly Mr. Lorlllard's) four-year-old bay coll
1'assalc third, Eleven horses ran.
The racu fur the Epsom grand prize for three-vear-oldg
was won by Lord Ilraufoids bay colt
lluicMlme. who wan secuud lu tho Derby race yes
terday. Mr. It. S. E ans' bay colt Mardn came lu
lecond, and the Dukoof Hamilton's clusinut Uliy
Leonora third. Ihoro wore seven starters, in
ffludlng Mr. Ixirlllurd's brown colt Gerald.
Tlie Coao orUsiurul Curtis.
Nbw York, May 25. The ease of General Curli),
ix-spiclal Trcaury agent, who has been on trial
lor tho past few days for receiving money fiom
Dfnco-holdcrs far political purposes,was conoludcd
tuts morning In the United States circuit court by
the Jury brtuglng lu a sealed verdict. It read that
Ihu accused was guilty on the first and eighth
toiiuls. and not guilty on the nconJ, third, fourth,
bfih, sixth, seventh, ninth, tenth, and eleteutn
roiiuts of the Indictment, lhe counicl rorthede
lensui:ao uoiico of motion In arrest of Judgment,
nudlliovdot Juno was fixed for the argument of
Iho motion.
Tlie Ifnrclsloiiesa ori.oriie
I.lVKUfooi., May 25. 1'ilncoss I oulto (Unrchlon
tss of Ioriie) and sulto arilvcd here shortly befoio
t o'clock this nrternoon. bho was received by tlie
iDnyoriud other officials and was driven In tho
major's statu iarrluv,i' direct to tho lundlng stage.
Tho party ImmedlatJly embarked on a special
I'lider for the Allan lino steamship barmariiau
rr ch sailed Tor Quebec and Montreal. Thero was
i. (OiislJciablo crowd on the landing stsgo to wit
ticsstho depuiiutuuf the l'rlucess, uespito a rain
A lllcTcle ltace.
BOSTON, May 25. Attholnsliluto Fair building
this afternoon John 8. 1'rlnco and Loulto Ar
malndo rode a flfly.mlle bicycle race, In which
the lady was allowed live miles start. The rttco
was very closely contested, Tho lady kept the
lead up to tho last mile, when Prince pursed her
and won by about onc-inlrd of lop. Br luce's limb
lor tho ihly uilks was 3 hours, 12 minutes, 3SK
tecuiids; Armaludo's 3 hours, 1J minutes and 1
iciouds, l'rlncu made thu first twenly-lhreo miles
In 1 hour, l'J mluutis and SO seconds, which beats
he American recoid, that of 1). Stanton, by Ui
Nesintor Ciimrross ut is 1'rirly.
riilntirLruiA, May 25. Senator J. Donald
Cameron was a guest at the monthly dinner of tbo
farmers' Club, given Ihls otenlugai thecouutiy
residence of l'resldeut Roberta, of the l'cnusyhu
nla Railroad, near Merlon Stiillou. It Is oxpeitvd
tutu mo suueior )ui uuvs u euuivruiieu Willi
thalnnan Cooper and other political kadtrs to
morrow in recant U the split lu tho parly,
lira. Do liOiiff Comliiir Knal.
JlonUMJTQN, Iowa, May 25. Mrs. Bo Long,
widow of Captain Bo Long, and her llttlo daugh
ter Sylvia, left for New York at 7 o'clock this
morning. They will be accompanied as far as
Chicago by (leneral and Mrs. Uls,' Mrs Bo
long will .lay lu the Kast until ll.oi.rl I I tie
remains of her gallant husband.
Ifoir C'linrlm I'r-nrli AilHsts Wn Enticed
Into HI Urn unit Jliule n Victim.
Boston, May 25. James Fitzgerald, who ha
been on trial tho past two days In the superior
criminal court on n chargo of fraudulently obtain
ing money from Charles Frauds Adams at tho
bunco" game, was at noon found guilty. Tho
sentence was deferred. Tho verdict rendered by
tho Jury was, guilty on the first throe counts of tho
Indictment. On tho other counts, ly Instruction
of the court, a verdict of not guilty was rendered.
The defendant's counsel filed exceptions to points
in the Judge's charge, and tho enso now rests until
the supremo court passes u pon Hie li-ucs nilcd. Tho
most Interesting portion of the trial was tho recital
of Flttgcrald's story orcoufcsslon. Ho wont to tho
ofllco of the lion. Itlchard Olncy, counicl for Mr.
Adams, on April 8, lu company with a private de
tective, under promise that he should not be ar
reted there, nor on his way to and from thero.
Mr. uiuey anu jvir.
described tho Interview. Fitzgerald wns smiling
pally, and seemed to be enjoying himself. Ho
tipped his chair against tho wall, snd remarked:
"This Is dUagrccablo business, Mr. Adams. lam
a banco Hector, and don't supposo tlieru It a man
In tho U lilted States who lias done so much or
knows the business as well as I. When we go to a
city we Hnd out all wo can about our intended
victim, his character, acquaintances, habits, ami
retorts, and wutch an opKrtunlty to get Into con
versation with him. I knew Mr. Adams
Whon ho came out I let htm get In advance, and
then wont up, told him I wss the sou of an old
friend, and that it would bo a great fin or to let
me walk by such n gentleman as ho. Mr. Adams
had the reputation of being tit social, but 1 did
not find It dillictilt to get down Into hi"). When I
once get Into com creation the re-t Is easy. 1
drew him along to our rendezvous, and then, pull
ing out this lottory ticket, told htm there was
81, .HO duo on It, and asked him to 10 In and
Identify mo. Thero was no dltUculiyinp nual
In j him to go Into tho office, where tne ticket was
presented and nearly
I ol Jcctcd It was not right, and tho man explained
that they always deducted a pi rcentage, but Hint
wo might .ivo lor that some tickets to play oti a
board or table." Fitzgerald descrltcd the game
with great gusto, turning frequently to the de
tective with Iho remark: "uu know. Heath;
you know how It Is." Ho continued! "Iiermlt.
ted Mr. Adams to play for mo. He drew t.'.WO,
and It was explained lu him that ho must tho a
cluck to thu bank for 10 per cont., and ho drew
ouo for I'iSO, and shortly after another for 31.GS0 by
tho same method. Finally liu got Into tho di
lemma of drawing a blank, which subjected him
to a lots of 517,000. Wotluli cburged him with
threw up his hands and said that no such chargo
was ever made agnlmt him bolure, that he had
repr.sented this country in l.ujjlund, andneicr
did an J thing to be ushamed of, and exclaimed:
Oh, what woulu my hoys say It they should hear
of such a thing as this?' 1 pltltd thu old man, for
Iliad u great rispcit for him, but I acted as his
filend, told him I had lost tho tamo as he, and
begged him to pay the money and save me from
ruin. We induced him to sign the check, and I
lcltwlth hlmwccplngblttcrlyand telling him how
grio ed I was that I Lad been tho innocent means
uf his trouble. I went home with him, soothing
him all the way,
as smart as Mr. Adams. They all paid tho checks.
This cluck will bo paid. They always pay. They
kick as you ara kicking, but they iay. Tho
Adamsas would not let this story get Into court for
twlco tho amount. Yto alwajs have tho regular
check ol every bank In the city where we are. It
Is part of our business," Mr. Adams testified that
his father's mental condition was not very bad ex
cept his memory. Hahas, however, been unabla
to do any business of late except to tako mem
oranda of orders from tho hocwo to tho grocory
Her Mtaleliscut Corrotioristed hy NeTtl-al
WUliessca Yestrrdisy-
Nkw Haven, Conn., May 25. 1 hero w as a largo
atteudanco at tho Mulley trial this, forenoon.
Maegle Kauo was ordered at the adjournment cs
tcrday to bo in court at 10 o'clock this forenoon
with the dress, hat, and mitts she wore on August
5 at tbo flying-horses. She tald yesterday the did
not with to come, and she was not present this fore
noon. Thomas Dcgnau, the man with the black
moustache, was the next witness. He testified to
meeting Maggie Kane about 9 o'clock on Friday
night, August 6, at fcavlu Rock, and rode with her
on the-Uylug horses, "lwas making believe to
push her on as I rodo around bosldo her, and stio
tald, 'Mop the horse.' I told them to go on; our
riding lime was upa moment later. In getting oil'
she said, ' My (Jod, I am paralyzed.' Sho went oil
with her cmi any then, nnd 1 left. I did not go
ibero with the parly) but Magglo Kane, whom I
had known for seven ) cars, came and askod mo
to ride. I saw nothing more of her that night. I
had been drinking that day and evening. Maggla
Kauo that night wore it light dross and hat and on
the hat a light feather. 1 saw Joe Marvin, whom
I got acquainted with tlie v, eek alter at the flying
horses. I did not know him that night. lain
sure It wns Friday night because I spent that night
down Ihore." Adam bchuosler aud John fc). lias
well, who were lu company with Magglo Kaue,
corroborated Dtguau'asintiment.
Michael Binding testified that whllo driving to
tho city the Trldoy night previous to Jennie's
death no passed Wullcr Mulley and a lady at
about 7:20 o'clock. Laier, while dillng home af
ter 9 o'clock, he met Walter aud the lady about a
milo and a half this tide of the Branlord Point
Hotel. Henry N. Oliver testified to Mailer and a
lady being at the Brunford Point Hotel on Friday
ulgnt. Tho court then adjourned.
Myatlo lark ltncrs.
Boston, May 25. First race half-mllo dash.
Kpiom won In 66 seconds.
Second race ono and a half miles. Ventrilo
quist won In 2.52.
Third race three-quarters of a mllo dash.
Torchlight won. Time, 1.23.
Fourth raeo atceplechajo two miles. This
was an intoreitlug event. At tho fifth hurdle
Churlemsnge, ridden by Mr. Hugh A. Allan,
stumbled and threw his rider, who, howover, was
uninjured and continued thu race. Mr. Allau was
thrown three limes during thu race, but pluckily
hcld out uutll tho finish, Tho first ploco, which
had been held by Cbarlemauge, was taken by
Fllle, aud notwithstanding the fact that tho latter
bolted threu times and lost considerable distance",
he came In a good winner; Walter being tocoud,
aud Joe Hunt third. Time about 7.57.
The last etcnt was also a steeplocbaso for a puna
of 9250, divided for Koutiuucn riders. There wero
six starters. 'Ihls was the nio-t exciting race of
tho day. The horses, almost without exception,
IVUIt. ttt J UU-U UII.BIVI 4 ttJIi II 114 II Ul UlVi
however, Mercury threw Its rider and dropped out
or tho contest, aud at the brook Jump Froblem
balked aud withdrew from the race. As the
riders came to tho wire, It was a close struggle
between Rose, ridden by Mr. Strathey, and Rock
away, ridden by Mr. Work, but tho former came In
under the whip about a neck ahead; Conimodoro
third, lime about 0H7
l.uisUvlllo Itnres.
Louisville, May 25. Flnt race, club puree, two-year-old,
three-quarters of a mile. Bonncselta
won, Brother to Urlmtead second. Time, 1.17.
French pools paid SJJ.W.
Second raco, all ages, ono and one-sixteenth
mile hcalt. Bootjack v, on rlrtt heat. Tlmo, l.ini,
Ben d'Or w on the second and third heats. Time,
1:49 and 1.51. French pools paid S7.7U.
third race The gentleman's cup was declared
off on account of an attempt to substitute profes
sional riders on Lute Foglc and Strychnine.
Fourth lace, two-j ear-olds, three-quarters of a
mile. Punster wou, Bondholder second. Time
lilSM. French pools paid J8 20. '
Filth race, ono aud one-half miles, Kelso won.
Aleck Ament second. Time, 2.47. French pools
paldy.70. '
nase-llislt (Jnuies.
Detroit, May 25. Detroit, 8; Chicago, 0.
Ualtiuobe, May 25, Baltimore, 0; Cincinnati, 5.
The Colleglato I) itch Church, of New York city,
celebrated Us 24ilh anniversary last night,
Governor Long has accepted Ma) or Green's n:
vltatlon to deliver the address U fore tbe municipal
authorltlea of Boston on the 4th of July,
The Women Christian Temperance Union Slate
Convention, of Michigan, alter a warm discussion,
voted action looking toward female suirrage, lhe
vole standing CD to 47.
A special from New Orleans aays Governor Mo
Enery has commuted lhe death sentence of Joseph
l'adlllo. who was to have been hanged on June 9, to
Imprlsdtimcnt for life.
At Marlboro', Mass,, Wednesday afttrnoon, Lewis
T. Frye, lhe champion bicycle rider tt tho United
Hlatet, was thrown from his bicycle, andhadhlsskull
fractured, ltawtllpropahlydle.
It Is stated that the governing commlttco of the
Union Club, or New York, have reported tn favor of
oxpclllng J, F. Loubat and censuring Henry Turubull,
tbe principals In tho recent duelling Basoo,
-At the annual commencement of the General
Theolojlcal Seminary, lu New York, Bishop Tetter
preside I assisted by Blshoistieymour,of Springfield,
Mass., and McMren.of Illinois. Thirty-two gradu
ates received diplomas.
Tho steamer Harmtllon, which sailed from Liver
pool yesterday for Quebec and Montreal, has on
board IK) Herefordshire farmers, who are sent out by
Mr. James Rankin, member of Parliament, to settle
on his Canadian estates.
At n meetlugof tbe stockholders of the Peninsular
Railroad of Maryland, at 1'ocomokeClty, Wednesday,
the consolidation witb the Tenlnsular Railroad of
Virginia, for tne purpose, of extending the road to
Cherrystone, was confirmed.
A Cincinnati special to the New York Evening
JKiit taja that James O. Blaine, bis ton,Kmmons
Blaine, Marshall Jewell, and J, B. Lewis arrived
Thursday mornlrur.and are In consultation at tbe Bur-
: the jumps in line style. At tlie fifth hurdle,
t nett Home upou Important railroad matters with the
lb VV
Ills Trlbalstloas "llh a Hlght-I.lner-Uaktng a
Call Under Dlffltalllt-Why He Did Not
Attend the Rtctpllon of sx
Sierstsrj Hint,
It will be remembered by society pcoplo that
about three weeks ago Minister and Mr. Hunt
gave their farewell reception prior to their depart
ure for Bus i Is.. A little Incident In connection
with that reception Is now given showing tho sim
plicity of our republican Institutions. Tho night
In question was a fearful ouo; rain fell In tor
rents and thero seemed to bo no cessation to
Jove's tears. Tho President had signified his
Intention of being present at the reception, but
hit carrlago was tent ton certain Senatorial resi
dence to com ey somo ladles who wero desirous of
attending, and, In place of his own stylish equip
age, tho President gao ordors to lure a carriage
from a livery stable, and directed tho dthcr to
tako him to Minister Hunt's residence, first asking
the driver If ho know where It wa, to whloh an
afllrmallvo reply was given. Through tho blind
ing storm the Trcsldcnt was drhen, tho car
rlago stopping at a homo that, from tho
outside, did not look as If a brilliant reception w as
In progress. Tho Chief Mnglnrnto acoudcd tho
steps, rang the lull, aud Inquired for Minister
Hutu. Tho saddle-colored Mi miry who opened
Iho door looked surprised, and Mid: "Ho don't
llvohcre." " Who dos?" was Iho next question.
'Rcproientailvo II ." "Tell him I would llku
tn sco him," tald the unlmlled guest. But
tho honorable member from M could
not be seen, as hu was closeted with totno gen
tlemen and had given orders not tn
be dlstutbcd. Thu President Is a man of expe
dients, so he asked to so- Mrs. II. liu w hs ushered
Into the parlor, and found that lady by iho do
mestic hearth, surrounded by n bevy of small
children, w ho woto engaged In playing. Tho lady
was not exactly lu reception attire. When sho
saw her distinguished guest she s'artcd to her feet
In ntnazeincut. but tho l'rosldcut in a
few woids explained Iho predicament ho
was In, and asked his liosless II she
could toll him where Minister Hunt lived. This
she could not do, but her lltltnr list wou d supply
the dislrcd Information. Mrs. It went to a tablo
for that Indlsi cnsublo article, while tho President
Waited, holdlughl'i tint and coat In hit baud, lhe
children cared lu open-mouthed wonder at the
scene. Of course tho hook wns not where it ought
to havo V ecu. and every table drawer In tho room
was searched for tho missing article. But thu
search was frulile". As it last resntirro the lady
wcntupstilrs to her bed-room nnd thero found
what she wanted. Tho Information was commu
nicated to iho President who went on his way,
nobody clso at thai tlmo knowing anything of the
little occurrence, and as a carrlago could not be
procured ho had tn walk tlie balance of tho Jour
ney, This Is thj way riusldeut Arthur attended
Mrs. Hunt's faiewell icceptlon.
The much talktd of entertainment and floral
ftstlval of tho First M 1". Church, Kast Washing
ton, camo off last night at Odd Fellows' Hall,
navy-yard. Tho hall was crowded to Its utmost
capacity. Tho ountatta and crowning of tho May
Uiitcu (Miss MaCel L. Strattan) under tho direc
tion of Mr. Henry 8tcwart, was highly attractive.
Tho cntlro programme was flnlthod up In excel
lent style. Tho President's reception w as truly an
original featuro In amateur entertainments.
urownca nenus ana aistinguisncii emnns wero
each Introduced with muslo appropriate to their
respecttvo nationalities, after which Iho muslo
modulated into tho grand march in "Norma,"
when all Joined in tho grand promenade.
Among tho participants were noticed Messrs.
Browning, Jackson, Duval!, Farr, Barrett,
M rs, Janus King, Professor John L. Browning, Miss
Klla Barrett, William T. Liiusford, Miss Bertie
Lunsford. B. B. Southcrland, Miss Mollle heatley,
1.gu!i Jackson. Miss Annie Wnlbnum. William
Cogswell, Miss Claudia Fcarsou, (Icorgo Benll,
Mla Ida Newman, Kdw. Dernnr, of Georgetown,
1). C: Mr. and Mrs. Strattan. Mr. and Mrs. Hnitlcy,
.Mr. and Mr. Stewart, Mrs. Cray. Mrs. Meads, Mr.
Shoemaker, Mrs. McUrcvy. Mrs. Onrdon, Mrs. Car
roll. Misses Thouin-iou. Florciifo l'riLhaid. Mnrv
Jlurgess, Addle Mewnrt, Mnmle McGrcvy, Jclo
aim j-.nuico rrucuara, i-izziu .-ucnus, j-.minn l.us
liy, Molllo Jenkins, Hannah Sutlcrfleld, Addle
Si oder, Bdlih Stratton, Loua Johnson, Flora
Orcgg, Miss Hodg-on, Messrs. Marlon Thompson,
(leorgo I). Scott, . A. Lackey, Dr. John T.
Stratton, T. J. O'Brien, J. II. Williams,
Will Cray, J. II. Hartley, N. Brewer, Thomas Lor
combe, Harry Cunningham, Harry Lawrence, and
others of East Wnshlngu n. Ml-s Addle I'rosperl
presided at the pln.no, with hor usual grace and
ability. Kat Washington Is raUicr Inclined to
think she Is without ft rival In the city. Alto
gether tho affair was a grand success lu evciy way
aud will long bo remembered. The arlous cos
tumes wero ory elaborate
A Chicago artist of note, Mrs. AddlcBurnosBono
dlct ll at Mrs. Fsssett's studio, 1118 N street. Sho Is
thinking of buying n permanent homo hero and
establishing nn art school on a dilTcicnt plan from
anything now In tho city.
Mr. Lamont, tho well-known attacho of the edi
torial department of tho New York Conmtra'al Ail
tcrffscr, Is In tho city, accompanied by his wire nnd
child. Ho Intends tailing for Kurotie In a few
days for a few months' visit.
Minister Hunt and family left yesterday on lhe
1-20 train for New York. Mr. Hunt will Icato fuf
his post somo tlmo next week.
Miss Ransom will reccivo In her studio, 450
Pcnntyh anla avenue, from 2 to 5 and 7 to 9 p. in.
to-day. m
Mr. Charles Jones and wlro, of I'hlladelphla,
aro on a visit to Allison Nallor, Jr., 1000 Now York
doost Templars) of ttse tVorlil.
Charleston, S. C, May 25. Tho Grand Lodge
of Good Tom pi ara of tho world to-day elected
George B. KaUenstctn, of Sacramento, Cal It. W.
Grand Templar; J. N. Stubbs, of Gloucester Court
House, Va., It, W. Grand Councillor; Mrs. A. A.
Brookbank, of JefTcreonvlllo, Ind., It, W. Oraml
Vlco-Tcmplar; F. G, Keens, of Kearney, Neb,, R,
W. Grand Hecrotaryt Uriah Conp. Jr., of Lodl.
111., R. W. (Irand Treasurer; J.J. Illckmau, of
iuiuuiuiii. mu . a. it. urnna icrupiar: Airs
C. E. Gilbert, of tintliicy Cily, 8. c. C. H.
of Juvenile Templar; Rov. James It. llnkham, of
West Brancli, Iowa, It. W. Grand Chaplain ; w. II
Lembly, of Inverness, Quebec, It. W. Grand Mar
shal; Mrs. C.B.Buell, of East Hampton, Conn..
It. W. 0. 1). Marslflil; Colonel York H. Woodward
of New Orlcnns, LaR. W. G. Missongor; Mr. M.
A. Butler, rrovldcnce.lt. I.,K. W.O.J. Guard, nnd
Samuel T. Fisher, Dallimotc, Md., It. W. U. O
Dentlia of Is-onslrsent Ies-solia.
Bnipou-otiT, Conn., May 25. Dr. David II, Kadi,
ono of the oldest physicians In this Statu, died at
his residence in this city last evening alter u long
ueuvq in iui, wij iuat vvuui UlierUlOllg
Tho deceased was 71 yenia of ago.
1MOKK, Md, Muy 25 J. 1). Kromelborp,
number of tho firm of J, D. Kreunlberg Si
iiiiiibs. t110i
senior numb
C.n . oqd of tho most actlvu and urnnilnniit llrmu It,
the tobacco trade lu this cily, died In Philadelphia
yesterday, where ho had gone for medical adv It u,
aged 50 sears. He wusu native or Bremen, but
has becnln butltiuss hero since 1848, and lias been
Austrian consul at this port for the past twenty -six
Detroit, Mich., May 25. Major Charles Burdelt,
thodnnrf ofForepaugh'sshow, dlcdofcougtstloii
oftho lung at I'outlao to-day, aged, 82 j ears. Ho
was 32 Inches high.
San Framisci), May 25. Emllo Christian GrUar,
resident consul for Iklglum, died hero to-day.
Cincinnati, May 25, George F. Doughty, secre
tary of tho Cincinnati. New Oilcans and Texas
Pacific Railroad, died this afternoon.
"Oil, Y ori.lllli, Fnllll!"
New York, May 25. Tho convention of tho
American Baptist Homo Mission Society was
addressed to-night by tho Rev. Dr. Delano, if
Norwich, this State; tho Rev. W. M. Lawrouce, of
Illinois; Mr.J. Deaue, of this city, and tho Rev,
l'oludexlcr B. llenson, of Chlaigo. The latter
gentleman, ipcaklng of the Chinese question, said
it wag one that ailectcd civilization, and no em
bargo from Washington could shut off immigra
tion through tho Uoldi u Gate, lhe ten-yean bill
was a failure, He had no faith lu Congress and
no faith In the common schools, unless their
teachings wero Impregnated with Chrittlau
principles. " To cducnto a man's brain," ho said,
' w as to put n rlllo lu the hands or ft Modoc." Ho
hsd no faith In newstpors, and somo times
thought all newspapers, except religious onea,
thould bo supprttscd.
A I"ciossllnr dossil Iss fist lleHtesss,
Wilmington, Del., May 23. John G. Jackson, an
astronomer of forty leans' experience, writes to the
J-.'ktv i'miiMp that on tho evening of the 19 h
Instant, whllo observing the moon through a six
inch reflecting telescope, ho taw Just over tho
westerly edge of the Marc Cuilum, a peculiar cloud
not lees than one hundred miles In leugth and
forty or fifty miles wide, presenting a misty,
feather appearance, unmistakably different
from Iho other portions of tho lunar surface. He
advises astronomers to examine the same spot
about two days alter tho next now moon,
I'oola for Use 1'lsitlU-o ltnrra.
BALTIHoa, Md., Moy25. Tho races forto-dny
havingbeeiipostponeduntll to-morrow, poolshvcro
told to-night as follows: First race Memento, $33;
Infanta, 530; Venus, $21, Memento cut Infanta
and Venus each 840. Second raco Chickadee,
825; Uluenn, 812; Belloof theNorlli.JS; Cordova,
(S7;nnd Hula, 86. Third rocc-Ulfc, 823; Henlo
pen, (23; Antrim, 813: Bowlo's entry, lm press
aud Foirvlow, tioi Burba Ian and Kelso's entry,
Fairfield and llcelaud'ioe.)7cuich; NotthAuna,
81, No pools wero sold on ilia other three races.
A ltnsunss Cnllsollc l'rlrat's Folly,
Mii-Ford, Mack, May 25, Fatbor Cuddlhy, of
this parish, hot aunounced that bs will not permit
tbo Grand Army of tho Republic to enter tho
Ca'hollo Cemetery on DcCOrallQU Day,
Mlsould liars fleets. Ilassged,
Le Suiub, Minn., May 23. Cbarlts Horn, con
vloted of a criminal assault on a child 0 years
of ago, has Leon tehUnced to thopcLdtentlaryfor
Tlsn ItessnJnalriTs Cssrrr Norlblk iml Pe-terahtirtr-Olhrr
Norfolk, May 23. The municipal election
passed on quietly. Tho Democrat maVo heavy
gains OTcr tho rjiiboruatotlal election, and elect
couucllmcn In three wards. Tho Coalitionist!
carry one ward. The general ticket Is doubtful,
with tho outlook In favor of tho Ccalltlon-ltoptih-Ucan-Iteadjuttcr
ticket, lhe vote was the heavi
est cvcrcasi. Portsmouth gives gains, and clcctt
tho entire Democratic ticket. The town ol Suffolk
elects the Democratic ticket.
l'ETErsntnn, VA , May 25. The municipal elec
tion yesterday piused on" qulcty. Thero wn great
tcrntchlng of tlckcC, Up to 1 o'o'ock this morn
ing tho returns from only thro nnrds have been
received. Enough Is known to show that T.J.
Jarratt, Rcadjnstcr, Is elected mayor over Colonel
F. H. Archer, Iiotnoemt, tho present luaynr til tho
cily, by n Inrvo majnilly. Indications aro thit
tho RcadJusier'H candldatu for all the cily
others are elected, by large majorities. In
iho First and Second Wards James W Farley
nnd W. A. lloigg, colored, are elected members f
Iho ally coffhcil, with ono white roprcsetitntlvo
encii. isvo urgrnie navn nccu cieeieuiiisiicci ni
Iho pence In tho First and Sixth Wards. '1 ho Dem
ocrats elected rntiuctlnic-u In tho Second Ward,
and probably In two other wards. Interest in thu
election Is Intense.
LYNCTiiitiRn, May 25, In the municipal olcctlon
hero to-day tho entire Democratic ticket was elect
ed by majorities ranging fiom ICO to 300. Great
efforts wero brought to bear to defeat tho Demo
cratic candidate for rruvyor, A. 11. 1'eltlgrew, who
had made htmsplf iiartlfMiIarlv obnoxious to n
certain element nn account of ills enforcement of
me uunuay liquor laws, but his majority is 212.
There wns ft coalition, between Keadjuslors aud
Fort Monroe, Va., Jtay 25. A dimculty be
tween two trdnriMl man imnieil Hcurv Chlslnatl
nnd John Wilson occurred this evening ntMIU
Crcok, resulting in lhe death of tho turincr. It
appears that they hsd (omo dlsputu over money
matters a day or two since and Wilson, who Is
about 20) ears old nntl'B quarrclsomo ihantcter,
had thrcntenidtothootChlsmnn. They moltlili
evening and had somo words, when Wilson seized
a stone and threw It attililsuiau, striking him lu
Iho abdomen. He was taken lo his home and ex
pired In hair an hour. Chltman wns a quiet, In
oirensttarnan and respected by tho community.
Wilson has been arretted and contlncd In Jail at
Hampton. '
Tho closing exercises of tho Hampton Normal
School took nlaco In-iUr, attracting lan-o and
ilistlniulshnl party of vUltois. lhe tug Fortune
briiught down the ofllters of thu Norfolk navy
yard and the lleerlng about 2uo prominent clllroi a
l'KTrRstivRO, May 25. Information lias been re
ceived hero that u serious difficulty occurred lu
S't'ry County on 1'Ucs.Fay between Walter King,
Charles llawilngs, nnd another party, which re
y lied In RawlliicM beliiK filally cut. Alter In
fill ting tho wound King tnada his ocapc.
l's-TxiLsRi-Ro, Va., May 25. Intelllxenre has been
received hero or iho death or Mrs.Jumct Rrltto,
formerly of Petersburg, hhe coininltiod sulildoat
home, at Zunl Station, Itle of Wight Counly, yes
terday, by cutting her throat from ear lo ear with
a razor. Sho first attempted to tako her life by
Jumping Into a well, but was prevented.
I'rouabllllleaorTliousitndi orjteri Heine
Tlsruwn Out of Woik,
riiiLADKLl iiia, l'A., May 25 A number of tho
leading bituminous cosl operators of tho Clearfield
region nut at tho olllce of tho Mo3hannon Coal
Company, In Walnut l'Jace, this mornlug, and
adopted measures for the organization of a police
force In tho Clearfield district to protect the prop
otty of tho operators thould a strike bo Inaugurated
among tho miners, which is deemed highly proba
ble. It was expected that tho miners would hold
a meeting to-day to hear the report of tho delega
tion which visited tho operators and demanded an
advance. At prccut they are rccclvlnu liftv cliiis
per ton, and Ihclr demand wasforan lucrtnseof
ou per cent, inis too operators reniscd. and thev
Ihrinteu to go out onn tslrtko on Juno 1, It is
prouanie. nowevor, mat nicy will tako no action
until tho (list Monday In June, thu Sth proximo.
Then It i exnected that between 3,000 and 4,000
will stop work.
Boston, Mi y 25. Tho common council tn-nlght
pacd an order fixing tho jay of city laborers at
not less than ti per day.
Montreal. May 25 The shoe finishers In somo
factories of ihls city lm cat ruck for higher wages.
Hkapino. Pa., May 24. Work was resumed to
day at tho Reading Cotton Mill, which was closed
about flto weeks ag , owing to a striko of fiu on
eratlvoi tualmt a reduction or 10 per cent. In
wages. About one hundred and fllty of the em
ploy cs returned to work to-day nt tho reduction.
One of the strikers'was attested for Interfering
with Hit su who desired to return to work, but be
wasnficrward discharged. ,
Fmsiiima, May.23. TJitv-'prsspcets of nti nml
cablo settlement between lhe Iron workers and tho
manufacturers aro growing smaller as Iho da o
approaches for lhe tirikc. It Is conceded on nil
hands that one of the most extensive lock-outs
tho Iron Industry has ever witnessed will begin
with the 1st or June, and In this district alnno
fully 40.000 men will t-a thrown nut nf imi.lnv.
ment. On n fair average, tacli earns it salary of
850 i or month, and It Is apparent that Hourly
8nnnnn0. uhlnh hn hnrAtiOnrn tienn r..it.l ..,.
every month, will be withdrawn from circulation,
and tills will bo repeated every month as long as
tho lock-out lasts. How long that may bo It Is
Impossible to predict, as no lud'catlutts n-a appar
ent of either slda weakening, Tho Amnlgi mated
Association nsnort their dcteinilnation to stiindout
lor ajoar, while the mnutifacturcrs aro equally
firm lu Ihclr resolve to r. slut iheadMinoiaaskcu.
Both tides are aininglng; for a long flight,
lhe Amalgamated Ass. elation are arranging mut
ters systematically, and propoio to start storvi and
ileal out groccrlts, dry goods, ilU- to slrlkem lu
caso grocers decline to tell on tlmo to mem! era nf
tne association, inisaiieruooii ino mniiurut Hir
ers held a meeting to consider the labor quoth, n.
Every nuinulactircr In ho city wns pro out, and
every section of the Weal, save St. Louis, was rep
resented, Tho meeting was culled for the purpi so
of Inking somo united action In tho matter. Full
reports of thu trade from iho various sections wero
submitted, nnd tho luvarlablu ronort was that
trade was slow nnd would not Justify on incrci-u
in wages. It was then unanimously icfoived to
nslst anv advance asked. Manufactiiroru snnVin
to say that the y are prepared to el to down their
nuns tor any lougeu oi lime, anil tuo most inu-
fltilno are ol opinion that this strike will last not
cs limn six months.
l'irrsuuiia. Pa May 23. Tho Enttcrn Mills will
contliiuo In operation, but tho Western manufac
turers uro not annrelienslvu of ililRniTrntini-iiin
market, as the Bssiorn Mills aro unable to uiuko
eunugn iron 10 suppis tuo iruue. jiio ciuclnnail
Mills, which nro njfugW per ton for balling;, will
ulso continue to run.
Hon. O. A. LocitnaNK, of Georgia, hi quartered at
Gs okok II. Ciihistv, of Pittsburg, Pa,, Is a guestat
Jac-oii Hih aud L. J. ItotentLa'. of New York, aro
ac-m ouea ac v marei .
(Ienkiiai. Wiu.iau H. Pavni', of Virginia, is reg.
isieie i ni ihu Aiciruiiuuinii,
A lkx D. Shaw, ofNcw York, and li A. Simpson,
Ol iuruiiiu, ma luvuini i.v iiiu,viH-fc
C. P. Huntimitov, of Mississippi, nnd R, a John
son, of Richmond, are at Wormley's.
It, 1'. SriNCMi, of Pcp River, Conn , and R.1',
porter, of Chicago, arc guests at ltlggs.
Tiik reason that Oscar Wilde Is so fond of milk Is
because Its so uuueny uuuer. vo yn pull T
W, II. 1'EACXicK.a proinlneot citizen ol Chicago,
nuu lamuy uuvu ui'iiiiuieiien us inu niuionai.
dtvitian II. ATnunTON, of New Brunswick, and
W A. rosier, oi riew zone, nreaitneisotiltt.
Ilo.-f. 1). P.Dvkii, of Ht. Louis, and Judge W. It,
Beebe, of New York, are quartered at the Khbllt.
Qkoiuie Manulr, of Seven Ojkt. Knzland.and w.
0. Goodrich, of I'hlladelphla, aru registered at tho
Or.NinAt, M. T. McMaiioh, of New York.and Mr
and Mrs. J. Porter Orr, of New York, are at tho Ar
IlKNiir W, Wick, of Youngstown, Olilo, and
Thomas n. ntitou, ui serre iiauie, inu., are sojourn
ing at wiunrun.
OKNBiieL Gkoiiuh H. HuiiLDliT, of Illlcols, and
Mr. and Mrs. o. U, llerrlek, of Cleveland. Ohio. im
parlors at the Ulggt.
D. C. Inisit and wire, of New Castle, Pa., and W,
n, Dlmmlok, of Ilcnradale, l'u., are among the ro
cent.rrtvalt at Wlllnrd't.
Coujkxl Wii uu Ludlow, captain of englocort,
formerly of General Hkerldan'a BUrT, is In lhe city
from Phllaeleli hla on a vlstl.
Mn. John IIubskll Youno and bride calltd for
China from Ban FranulHco on Wednesday on tbe Pa
clflo mall steamship Oceanic.
N. D. BvEnnv, of New Haven, Conn., and Mrs.
George Crook, wife of General Crook, tbe celebrated
Indian fighter, are guests ut tbe Arlington.
Du. John F. BiiANtKonn, U, U. Na well known
writer on natural history, and especially of the rauua
of Central Amerlos, Is at Iho Etilltl lluuse.
Us, P. Ccnko, editor aud proprietor of the Upper
Sandusky (Ohio) Jltpulllcan, one of the few original
SUl warts of tho Buckeye State, Is lu the city,
Itu. J. N. IIariiiuan, president of the Oeorgla and
Florida Steamship Company or New York, Is In tbo
city as a guest of Mr, A. E. Balcroan, the broker,
It Is slated that A. M. ClIUou's afflictive Inflamma
tion of the drums of lhe ears Is the ruult ol lUtsnlog
atkeyboloswhen acting as detective correspondent
of tbe New York Sun.
IT Is rumored that Iho Seuatowlll order the en
largement of tbodoorwoye'ou either tide of the pre
siding olBcor't desk so that Vlce-llwldent pavla aud
aAaslttant Bergtant-al-Arma Christie can pass each
other going In and out without wedging the space.
Mas. Govkdvob Siikvuxku and cbllCrcn aro toon
expected In Washington on their return from Bato
polls, Mexico. Tbe governor will not ooroe up till
later In the teoteu, nt his tatenttvo mlolag obtroilooi
tbnreOlieitih).rraal.operv-Won. It Is uoder
bIooA that Mrs. SJiepbtta rttunji n order that thetr
Iptweatlng ehUilrtn mar have aolUble ednoatlonsl
faetlltlos. Tbo iDnumtrablt friends of the covtrnor
and his fkmlJV will give them, si most Mrdial nod
hearty velgs Uooj,
ARtmsrkabla Case The St. Rtorge't talon Kx.
War l'rlsentrs' Assorlatton-Uian Shoot-
log The Chrlttlanry Case Tin
Hew Stsllon-llouset.
On May t, tho following dltpalch appeared In
inr. iixrvniicAN:
Troy, N. Y Mit 5. Jay Brcnccr, formerly of
wiiro. but rccetulriif I'nrlnih. Harntnea Cnuitv.
lclthomoon April 1 for WashlnRton to Investlcaio
tho noii-nrrlrnl of hit pension check. Three
weeks latrr a letter was received from New Jersey
by his wlfu slating that a trump bad been arrested
with tier htisbatHl'a IraTctlug-bng mid pension
pat era In his possession. .Nothing has been heard
from Spencer tlnco his departure. An Investiga
tion Is In progress.
Tho fuels In connection with the caso nro rather
peculiar, nnd Almost read llko ono of Charles
Rcadc'a original tcniattonnl plct. Last Tuetday
Jay Spencer walked Into pdlco hcadquattors with
a copy of Tim National Rs.roni.icAN of tho Ctli
Instant, nnd told Lieutenant EcklorT that he had
nulleeil the above ptriuraph nnd showed It ton
policeman, who told him to go tu hoielqunrters
and report. Siencer made Iho follow lug explana
tion: Ho Is a resident ol Coiulth, Saratoga
Counly, New York, and left Ihero April 1 to
coma here to look after his pension
monoy. Ho put his satchel, containing his piper
and 810 lu money, on tho mek, and whllo de zing
is nun ivneni. Arming lure nv reporicei sue mens
lo tho Commissioner i, Pensions, nnd fell tick,
and I clog without money, ho wns tent lo tho Sol
diers' Homo nt Hampton. Through neglect ho
fulled to notify his uir of Ills whereabout. Now
entries lu the Strang' t iuirt ol tho h'sture. After
Fpcntot's mysterious iilsnppcaranro a tramp wns
arrested, and on bis person waslouud his pen
sion papers and qultu n largo sum uf moi cy.
no was nrrcsicci anil uciii to await nil Investiga
tion. About tills llmo tho body of a man was
found In Hits woods In such a 1 adiv deenmnoseel
state Hint It could not bo Identified, 1 be chain of
circumstantial evidence now sojmcel to completely
envelop euw iruuip,nuei u wns coinmoiiiy nencvcei
ho was Iho murderer, tpciicor was alvlsed to
write hla wife nt once, and did si, and hla letter
will ofconrto nloasotho tramn from tho suspicion
of tho capital charge.
Kxcitrslou to IhTousst Verzsoit Ilnutitict
nt Alisser'e.
Tho delegates of the St. Gcorgo Union mndonn
oxcumlon to Mount Vernon yesterday, and tho
day win most pleasantly spent. Last night thoso
clcty w ere ins Red to a muslralo and converts zolnu
at Abuer's Garden, In tho large hall. All tho dele
gates, many uf them accompunlcd by their fam
ilies, wero present. Various toasts wero proposed
by Prosldeut Dawson, aud wero replleel to by J.
Herbert Mason, president-elect nf tho union,
Messrs. Dickson and Lees, of Philadelphia, unci
Alderman Ilcwen, of Guclpb, Ontario,
Mr. Rockar, thu manajer of Ahnor's
Garden, had prepared n programmo of
English tongs and glees, uiid when Ihu delegates
entered thu ball ihu orchestra struck up "God
Savo thu Queen," nnd thu dclo;atci nnd tliclrla
dlos sang the song. Other songi wero sung by Mr.
Corker, of Colioos, K. Y nnd President Dawson.
who also recited Gcorgo Arnolds "A Jolly Old
Pedngoguc." Various delegates proposed temt ,
and His so to tho SU GcorgcSocloty. of Washington,
wero to-ponded tu by Lowis Abraham and C. I
Abraham. Every ono expressed thcmscltcs as
exceedingly pleased with tbe evening's entertain
Kiitlstsftlnsllo Mecltiiir I.nnt Nlirlit llnnor-iis-y
Meissber Illrelsd.
The Ex-War Prisoners' Association or this District
held a meeting Inst evening at Giund Army Hall,
Major L. 1'. Williams In the chair. Interesting
addresses were msdo niul letters read leeched
from distant comrades, Tho commltteo on by
laws reported, and rqmrt adopted. A commlttco
was appointed to seturc a permanent hall. The
following gentleman w ero elected honorary mem
bers: Senators Loan, Ferry, MHchell, Represen
tatives Biirroglis, Robins in, Dawes, Bunnell,
Mattson, Dwlght, Richardson, Generals Rise
nud Haz-ni, U. S. A., General btrelght, of ludlaiin,
audotlitcs. Tho lutottt shown by the veterans
lu thli ii'tocliitlon, Is evinced bytbdr prompt at
tcncTnnco and thn v Igor with w lilcli they dlspvlcli
htitiuiKi. A resolution was ndoptcd to accept tho
Invitation of tho O. A, R. nnd partlclpato In Deco
ration Buy exerciser, nnd fcdli'g remarks were
rando lu this connection by several comrades.
When men broken with the vlclsitudesof hard
terrlco will turn out In such numbers to rcsuseltato
In social fellowship-the giand war moniorloa of
Iho past, in which they wcio adorn, who will bo
liovo tho old flag can ever bo trailed In tho dust.
Ihclr young sons will 111 tbelr decimated ranks
when they fall out irnuceotlty demands.
Tlie Highest AvcrssKts Y-t Mnsln nt llest
ssliiir'H XllSIIKC.
Tho military match nt Bennlng's yesterday was
tho most spirited contest of tho scacou. In tpllo
of n Irjlng wind Iho i cores showed the htgheHt
average that has yet bctn made, each man firing
seven shot. There wero fifty entries, Mr. W. U
Cash wou Willi ihlrly-two, nnd Captain Miller took
toe ond pltuo with thirty-one Thu leadlug scores
nftbo contestants are us follows:
Oudl (W. h.) 4 5 8 S 4 8 4-31
Miller 4 8 4 6 4 4 611
Johnstone 4 5 6 4 4 6 431
Pollard 4 6 4 6 6 4 4-31
lints 6 3 6 4 6 4 6-31
Aden 4 4 6 4 4 4 6-30
(loddnrd 14 4 6 4 4 4-2)
lleull 4 6 4 4 4 4 4-a
Wan.tall 4 4 4 4 4 6 3-M
Kchcll. 4 4 2 3 6 4 6-.T7
Billings 3 3 3 4 6 4 4-:il
The Noiv Hfntloii-IIoiises.
Tho plans for tho three new police stations In
precincts Nos. 1, 6, nnd 0, wero begun yesterday by
Mr. J. 1'. Lnuritzen, the architect and first assistant
Inspector of buildings, 'iho design is to bo pre
cisely similar lu the threo buildings, and Hie di
mensions aro 80 feet front by 10 foot deep, with n
back building 32 by ft), which Is to contain six
scenro and wtiU-vcnllInti.il cells. Tho buildings
will bo two stories, or sdluet high, built nf brick,
with brick avrnicea and utunniorlug. 'lhe front
door will po reached by ascending llireo stone
steps, nnd over it the number of tho station will
appear on tho transom. 'Iho drat floor rear will bo
dev otcd tn ce Us, and the first floor from will be dl
vldcd as follows: Office. 18 by 21; nontenant's
ofllec, 12 by 12, and small bedroom comtminl
eating: sergeant's bed-mom, 12 by 12U; a titling,
room, 14 9-12 by 10. 1 here will aho bo bnth-ioom,
etc, for lieutenant! and sergeants, 'lhe second
story will bo a large dormitory for onicers, 31 Pyai,
with bath-rooms, etc., attached; male nud f rrmlu
w ltucsa-roou.it, mcnsiirlngH by s, with bath-rooins;
tho rear rooms will be lodglng-rooniH fur male s ml
iimnlo lodger, nnd will measure 18 by 10. Iho
stations throughout will bo models ofcompactuera
and economy, nnd nt the tame lime well urrangcel
aud supplied with every convenience.
No Millie fur fissltenss.
Mr, Charles II. Reed still declines to Bay what
ho Intends to do to tavo his client's neck from the
gallons, und so the gang lu the row nro spec
ulating again, Ono enterprising member of tho
fraternity has discovered that under an old
Maryland law a counsel for a prlslonor, alter ten
teincu hat licen passed, can apply to one of tho
judgm nf iho Supremo Court fur it writ of eft
lunaltco inquirtniio. Uron Issuing tho writ a Jury
fuoceids tu Ihu place where the prisoner la con
lued and, without experts, Pronounce wbuttior ho
issauo or insane. Even If the writ thould le
Issued It would bo difficult to And any Jury to pro
nounra tho assassin lussne. so that this fn.t iw..,
sceuui to be a very forlorn one. As for tho writ of
liuoeu. uuipu, t. . e.iu Kruuiui upuiiuu suae uicro
is no valid grounds on which It should Issue and
that tho application will bo refused.
Ils-ockwssr ssssil Ktssytls Indicted.
Yesterday lhe grand Jury mado a presentment
against William Urockway, allot Edward W.
Spencer, and Charles II, Bmlth, alias Char us
Smylhe, for violating section 5!iS, Revised Statutes
of tho United mulct. Brock w ay and Sinllh uro thu
men whom Boyle hat Impllcutudlu hit re-cent con.
fesslont lu connection with alleged stolen bond
nlatei. Tba section referred lo rimvldea llim m,
person who takes away from any place used by thu
united Stales any part or portion uf any plate or
die used for stamping or printing any bond, bill,
tlamp. or like obligation put lu circulation by the
United States shall be tubjictcd to Imprisonment
for not more than ten years, or by a flue of not
more man o,uuo, or uoia, uencu warrants for tho
upprcheuilon of tho defendants weru ordered Is
sued. 'The Mossa nssit nssssaliterc of llnellnel."
"Tho Sons aud Daughters or Rachncl" huvo
filed a bill In equity ugalntt Rundall and Eliza
I'ayne to compel them to deliver up certain books
and papers and to restrain them from Interfering
with tbo complainant. Tho complainant thowe
that the defendant, Randall Payne, was elected
presiding chief of Abraham Lodge No l.und his
wife and two minor children, being members of
thu corporation, temporarily performed thu duties
Dftrciuurer and secretaries, That on tbo lit of
last April ituothor pictldlng elder, treasurer, and
secretary wero elected, but l'auo aud hit wife
refused lo deliver up tho books, aud by their con
spiracy havo lit lid red tho duo functions of the to
clely, wherefore tho order and Injunction Ij
asked for.
Molroe Mii.lenle.
Frofuuor Josef Knsjmrwlll ulvoaiolroo muil
cale, assisted by bit pupils, at tbo Congr03atlonal
Church this ovenln. The programme also in
cludes the camca of Mis. K 1L Truo and Mrs.
Uatper, and oueof tot numbers will present a
full orchestra uutler the dlnicliou of l'roleuor
Ureril ISr.lrnrllini of I prrly Norno f
tllo I.osisea-
Trenton, N. J., May 25. A flro broke out In tho
chain workl of the New Jersey Steel and Iron
Company this morning nt 3:30 o'clock, nnd Old
considerable damage to tho belting and ma.
Baltimorr, May 25. Tho forllllzer factory ors.
A. Wolzlcr A Co., on Bear Creek, Baltimore County,
was burned Ycstordnv afternoon. Involving a total
loss of building, stock, and machinery, em ?hlcli
thero Is an insuninca of 110,000, distributed among
eighteen coinpatilet. Tho fltni cstlnmto Ihclr ttxs
nt 130,000.
SALfer, N, J., May 25. The Falcm Opcro Houso
was partially detiroycd by flro IhLi morning.
There Is nu Insuranco of $1,500 escli In tho Gciman
American nnu tneJeiscy city com; any, which
will not coeer iho loss, 'lhe liulldiiiKCiaiSll.OOO.
l'ofnoitovn, Ft,, May 2'. Tho stenm ffuiirnu
mill of I). Smith at ihlsp'noo was burned last
night. Lossc8tlmteelnlSlS,oiJ0;lnsuiance, fC.OO),
UtAfoN, Mash, May 25.-1110 dwclllng-huusu
nnd a largo barn owned by K I). Da hour were
burned to-day, w ith ell their contents, Loss, Sl'-V
Col noHNE, Ont., May 25. ThoOIobo Hotel, the
Methodist pnrtauncc, thu residences of Mrs. l'nui
oroy anil Br. Gould, and Scott's block wero butned
to-elay. Loss, f2d,lXI0. Insure tl fjrSAOOO,
I'ORrLAMi, OnreioN, May 25. A carg.iorllmoon
boanl ihu slcnmer Aquliia caught lire here this
morning. Tho vessel will probably have tu be
scuttled. The h Is estimated nt 135,000-
IiONHON, May 20. The Jtisfs dltpiiich rrom Ber
lin s.i): "Reports havo reached hero of a terrlblo
Oiiiilhigralloii In Kleff. Tho flames hnvo been
raging since Ttusday."
CilAiTAMOOA.TrNV., May 26. Tho court-houso
at Center, Chenike-e County, Ala,, together with all
tharccoiels, uereburnol last night. Thu lire was
dltcovcrud about 2n'ilock this morning, but tho
heat was so Intense that It wns Impossible lo tare
anything, hut n paper or book bo. oi glng totho
county was b-iv ikI, Tho loss Is vciy lnnvy; no In
stiraiuc. Constdurabloexeltcineut preruils. His
supioscd tohuvebceii Iho work of mi iiicciidlaty.
IIaumton, Ikxas, May 25. A Ani's' Round
leocKarcciai says luiuaurueariy mis iiioriuuK uc-
mrueu n nnu uiook ol liumu uuueuugs.
JlO.tW; lutuiancc, 91,000.
Frlgliirnl Itnslls sir Tito Jloil Anollil'S-
Neseroly Injured.
Nrw Yong, Mny 25. Tho new tunnel of tho
Now York, Ontario nnd Wtttcrn Rallronel, at
Union II 111, was to-day iho scene of nu accident,
by which two men, James Mulcnlro and Hartley
Fox, lost their llvos, while Charles Brown, n fellow
workman, osenped with serious injuries. Tho men
had commenced to set a drill In what Is known
as "no-tern apartment of thaft 4," when nhugo
mass of rock, weighing over twenty tons, became
dctnchoJ from thu side of Iho tunnel and fell
upon tho men. Tho noise mado by tho falling
rock was nnnnllliu lha men at work on the
custom side uf Iho shaft were quickly on the sot,
uud ut once commenced to rcinovo tlie frcgiucnts
of rock which
Tim mnnns nf thu latter warn too much for tho
feelings of some of tho rescuing party, nud they
were lorccd to luni away boforo they had com
pleted their task, Mulcnlro was thu first of the
Injured mon reached, nnd was lotind to hmohls
nips ana anuomeu entitled 10 a joiiy. no was
placed on Iho elevator, and after being hoisted to
tho surface was taken to the olllce or lhe collima
tors, wheru ho died In leas than nn hour. In the
meantime Fox had been uucourod, the lower
portions ul hla boely being ciushrd In ft terrible
manner. He was nt once placed lu an ambubiuco
nnd taken to St. Mnry's Hospbnl, llobokou, where
he died n few hours after his nrrivnl. Charles
Brown, who wns erroneously Itcutlllcel ns John
Ko'ly, wns found underneath two Jiugo ronv-oi ef
rock, which were w celjod In suoli irinnnucr as to
provent their tailing up in him, HownssuUcrlnr;
from u compound frncture of tho right leg, his left
lcgbclufnlsj brobou below the kiict. Hu wus
taken tn hla homo. Both the men killed were
unmarried. Tluyhnd only worked ouo e'ay lu
tho thaft wheiolhey met their dcrth. Mutc-alia
was tho only support of his stepmother uud ft
family of lour small children.
Isifllissis lYsiiiouiscliiir Tiir.tisy.
San FiiANCiscei, May 25 A Fort '1 horans ells
palch enjs: " Esketlenchow, chief of tho Cojote
Apaches, has visited Colonel Herbert G, Brocl.ott,
of the Third Cavalry, commanding Iho post, and
tlateu that ho wlshci tho government to allow his
pcoplo to go back and llvo at their old homo lu
thuWhlto Mountains. Thero Is plenty of grata
and w n tor for stock-raising, nnd they can farm.
Hu complains that tho tuh.tgency Is unhealthy
and the land unproductive, and that no
water can be hud thero ror farming purposes. All
they dcslro la to bo permitted to go whoro they on
make u living, nud If they aro allowed to return
they will notnsk Iho government Tor assistance nf
any kind, as they can support themselves. Hu
also stated that they wish lhe military to protect
llicci from Americans, Mexicans, and hrsillo In
dians. Reforrlng to iho Chi rcaliua oulbri ak lie tald
It was causod by Agctit Tltlany not assisting them
to make water d lu lies lo Irrigate Ihu hind, lwo
of tho chiefs, Jub iitul Mccllso, w ent on two el I tier
cut occasions to Tiffany, bigglng for this nsslit
auco In getting out ditches, and llllany w nuld not
reply or giro them any satl-factlou whatovcr.
1 his chief said ho lcpKtciilcd flltccn chiefs nf
different bands of Apnulics, w ho had sent him with
this mcisngo, and hencu he spuku by authority,
Tlsss ClsrlHtluiiey i'sssc.
The deposltlous that havo recently been taken
In thoChrlstlancydlvorco caso In Detroit on bo
half ol tho plaintiff fo Iho original suit wero to
celvedheroyisterday. The depositions ore made
by Gcorgo A. C. and Dr. Victor II. Cbrbitlancy
sons of th cx-Scimlor, and aro to tho effect thai
their father was kind to hla wife, but that nlie wns
potulaul and disagreeable. Iinpropor Intimacy
between Mrs. Chrlstlancy and Halght In Ferula
testified to, und that Mrs, Chrlstlancy hail triod to
Induce Grorgo to swear lo eoitalii statement
which had appeared lu Iho uowsnupcrs as coining
from her. Shu also approached hint In regard lo
a malpractice, which hu declined to havo tiny
thing to do with.
MIbh nolle Aditnss n Jullis.
Mist Bello Adams, who for lha past six mouths
has been a pupil of Mrs. Adeline Duinl Mack, tho
well-known elocutionist, will appear as Julia In
tho "Hunchback" at thu iiilcrtalnmeiitnt Foul's
Opera Houso Monday night. Miss Adams bus
been a cnieful and diligent student, possesses
plenty of histrionic talo it, and has Iho advantages
of voutti and beauty. It is Lclloted that she will
thoroughly comprehend Iho cht-acterofu'dt, nud
will glvu an Intelligent and urilxllc impersonation
nf Sheridan Knonks' charming heroine. Mrs,
Duval will anpvur us Lady ilacbah, Mr, Charles E,
Roberts as itucb'lh. Other tccuos from bhakes
jicare's jdays will ho given.
Ilssel IhsuU-islou'a T.-siipi-isssru Tom.
The tcut was crowded last night, notwithstand
ing thu dampness aud chill of Iho wculhcr. Chap,
lain Burghardt opened with pray or, nnd Mr, John
B. Dunning was thou Introduced, and, In his
uttisl clnquont manner, hold thu iiudlenca inter
ested, nnd drew forth frequent npplni to. Tho
stiungerngiilu favored the niidlcnoe, aud started
a subscription for the family or a man who has
recently signed the pledge to savolhemfi miotic.
lion. The inutlo was excellent, tinder tint direc
tion of I'rofiisorBojd, MIssBurllngaino presiding
nt tho organ.
Tlsss Tlinittrfi Cnlsslfiie.
Tho specially artists ut Ihu 'llitntro Comlquo
dollghted another largo nudieuco ) esterday after
nootuind lastnlght, and this newly-opened placo
ofamusemont has boomed at oncu into popular
favor, Whoatluy and Trnynor, tho champion
dancers Lamont and Ducrnw, Ripley and lteaete,
Ciotby and Martin, thu lulmllablo Barney Hey.
nolds.andn host of others aro still thorc. Thero
will ben matinee to-morrow at 2 o'clock. Harry
and John Kemell, two celebrated comedians, ure
uudetlliicd fur next week.
Al 111 Tolills oT tVitslilngloii.
Tho tteoitier W W Corcoran, Cupt. L, L. Blake,
will make two trips to Mount Vermin on Decora
tion Day, boat leaving bur wharf, foot of Seventh
street, ut 10 a. ni. aud 3 M p. in,, tho last boat ar
riving ubotitS p. ra 'lhe tomb will bo elaborately
decoruttd. aud additional Interest will bo given
thu occasion by tbo prcsemoof tho ladles or tho
Mount Vernon Atsoclalluii, who como Bom all sec
tions of the country-to which hu was tu In-tru-tnaulal
In glvlugllw.
A Merlins Arclelesil.
About 7 o'clock last evening Auiilo Addison wat
out horseback riding, aud nt iho corner of Tenth
itrcetand Pennsylvania utonuo neloi: rusl odout
and frightened Iho hoi so, causing both horso and
rider to como lo lhe ground. The rtntrafrfinnr wni
found to havo brokou both bones nf herriuhturm
and waa otherwise severely Injured Dr Furious,
of tho Emergency Hospital, set tho bones, alter
which tho atlent wus removed to hor home, 135J
D street northwest.
A I'loeis Thler.
A pious fraud iiuuicil Charles Bradford, with n
couplo of aliases, who has been collection sub
scription money as an agent of Hie MittoJt, was
up lu the police court yesterday nu two charges of
larceny stealing Ol from John it. Muhni ey and n
Ilka sum from Junius!!, Dove, of East Washington,
Ho pleaded "guilty" toboih charges, uud was
given thirty dais In Jail In tho Hist iusj, and six
months lu thu secuud, mnklng a torin of seven
I.neisl lluse-llnll.
A very exciting game of baio-ball was played nt
Alexandria yesterday afternoon between thu
Stars, of Washington, nnd tho Howards, of the
Episcopal College, of AluxandrlA, which resulted
In n victory for the Stan. The pitching of Wise,
St well us tho playing of Bakur and Joy of Ihu
tars and Caallemati uf thu collegians, destine
racial mention. Tho teoro ituod 11 to s in favor
tithe Stan.
Bullion rnrrhtSM-ApproTtl or Itlll Internal
Iterrnue llaiidrd Splrllt-Tlie Contest lu
Hit llouss-TUa Prrtlttrnl's Visit
Venezuela llslrat.
Tho Frcstdcnt has approved tho pension defi
ciency appropriation bill.
Secretary Chandler has decided to detail Vlco
n, v1.'"1 Pi?."1'0" '' Hownn at superintendent of
lhe Nai al Oh-i rvatory.
The l'res.dcnt has approved tho act making ap
propriation for public building at Rochester, N.
Yi!..r,ll,v.l""'K"'''S Greensborotnih, X (',; Coun
cil Illufls, lowat Hannibal, Mn.i Syracuse N. Y.:
(lalMiton, Ti-xai, and Dctrdl,llcli.
Tho pun bases of sllicr Lulllou at tho Treasury
Dotattiuent yesterday amounted to21M,000 ounces
for lhe Philadelphia, San Francisco, and N'cev
Orleans mints. Oilers for thu delivery of 5)u,q)0
otiiicet nioro at prices nboiu the London market
rate wero rejected,
1 ho Brest lent and parly will leave for New York
on the limit, d express train t i-elay, A meeting of
Iho Calliictwl 1 bo held lo.dny, but thcru Is no
livelihood or tho larlfl eonimbs'on belia nomi
nated until after Ihu return or Iho President, tho
latter part or next woik.
Secretory Lit coin hns received, through Lieu-tenant-General
Shorldan, Information to the ef
fect Unit I'ajnu and twenty-nine other colonists,
while nltemplltu recently to Invade ihu Iiidlm
Territory, were eapttircd by Ircops and soot out
from lort Rt no and taken hack to Kansas. The au
thorities hat o not ct decided what disposition to
innkcof tlifsm,
1'iiylnspcctor Josep'i A. Smith has been (Heeled
fir nomination rcrpavmnncr-gcnerat of the Navy
(chlcfof tho Bureau uf Provisions and Ch thing).
Hols will knowii In Washington, where he was
lecciitly nmluty In iliirgonf the Naty Poy-Ofllco,
uiid Is popular In thr service. He will undtiubt
idly betiiiillrmcd to th vacancy, which has been
vacant tlnce August ;w, 1861.
Tho SciiatoCommlttoeon I'alcnls gave a licarlnc
Ihtirsdny to Charles S. Whitman, attorney for
Charles W. aud Frederick Siemens, who nro appli
cants for nn extension or their patent for ft rcgcti-
-. '.'.H" iinimcA-, u-eu ior snieiiu g purposes.
NexlTliursdiiy tho commlttco will give a hearing
to Mr Geo nu Christy. of Pltttburg, lu opro-lllou
to tho oxt.nslou of this patent.
Tho Houso Commlttco on Mllllary Affairs havo
directed a favorable report tobomaelotolhellouso
on Representative Spaulding'a bill, which pro
yldcs that hcrcartcr, In addition lo the ilreiicth nf
Iho Army ns iiuthorlrcd lu- law, theie shall bo al
lowed l,tj) cnllsto I men for Instructloii nt liu to
criilllng depots. Tho coinmltlee also ucted favor
ably on a number of private bills.
Shlplicrd, the great Peruvian tonic for d speplio
slnlcsmcn, still lingers In tho cite, and Is engaged
In looking alter his mileage and witness fees. Ho
expresses much annoyanco at Iho reception ao
cordoel his last epistolary ofTort, nud sub that
when ho noxt conus be lore the publlo ll will bo
Willi a screed that will make i.oud mltltiiuimcr
rinding for a number or gentloinrn who hove en
denuircdto harrow lilsmul by tholr lolly tcom
wlillo hu w ns beforo thu Hotitj Foreign Coiiimlttec.
'I he solect commlttca np olntcd by lhe tcnnlu to
Inqulru whelhor any money hat been raised or
expended by parties In Interest lu promoto or defo tt
Ihu pantvgo of tho bonded tplrlts bill mot c'lcr
elay In t. o looms of the Semite Committee on For
eign Relations, and decided to summon wltncnot
nud bojtu ihu intestigntlon on Monday luxt.
Thomcmlcithlpiif ihu uoinniitue is iislollawa:
Scnatons Wlnilom (chairman), Harrison, llawli-y,
tocl.rell,und t'ligh. It Isnutvetdeluiinin.xlwbus
wltncstcB will bu first lunuaoucd bj thu com
mltlcc. Ihu Homo Committee on Ways and Means an
thorlzed Chaltmun Ktlley lu oiler tcyeral aiiietid
mciiU ofa vetbal character to tho bill now on Iho
Speaker's tablo providing for a reduction of in
uriinl ruicniio taxation. ThonmenduicnU wuio
suggested by tho Commissioner of Internal
Itcjeiiuuforjhopurpom) of ohv luting the possl
bllllyof anilnoutiruct'oii of tho pr. pisod law.
I liu commlttou also authorized n favuralilo rciuit
on Koprui-cutallvu Candler's bill lo admit fieei of
duty Bttltlcs Intended for tho exhibition ol art
aim industry, to be held at Boston, Mnss., during
thuvear BAJ.
Tho President sent tho following iiomliintloiu to
tho Scnato Thursday: John A. I.uby, to bo sur
veyor of customs, port iff Albany, N. Y. ; Jamos Y.
Bontley, to bu collector of lute i mil revenues of tho
fourteenth district ol Now York. FosimatcM
Janus I'endlcion, at Stonlngtou, Conn,; John A.
Houlaiid, Long Branch Village, N.J.; Matthias
Woollev, Bonn Brunch, N. J. ; l'riuk 0. Mosbuugb.
Cainbififgo Cily, Ind.; Steplieii Mclcalf, Aiulermin.
Hid.; Mm. hlls-ibeili A. Stuvcnson, Greenville
Ohlo-.tlinrlcsW Crauiptoii,Osboinc',Knii,;Geornej
ICWhltuer, Uoadlng, l'u.; W.C, Smith, Holdeti.
Tho commlttco of tcvcti appointed by Iho Re
publican members of Ihu House to delctinluu tho
order of business In that boel hold it conrerencoat
tho residence of Hcprescntailui Robeson and do
lermliied lu maintain lhe position wide h hat been
taken by tho Republicans iclatliulo the election
ca-c of Mackty vs. O Connor nnd to porslst In de
manding Its consideration be-loro uuy other busi
ness Is di-poscd of. They uli elccldod lo tako a
recess from 5 o'clock till 7 nu Tuoselnis nndThurs
dajs for tho purpose of holding night sisslona.
'Ihu Democrats assert an equal eluiermlnaliou to
ndhcro to iheir opposition, and present Indica
tions point to an indefinite! prolongation of tho
t JlhoSenato In executlvo tesblou on Thursday
, 'conllrmcd tho following nominations : Comino-
doro Johnston B, CrcUhtou, lo bu rear-admiral;
Captain William T. Truxton, to bo commodore
Commander AHied Hopkins, to boeuptuin- Lieu-tennnl-Commanilcr
Charles 1), Slg-beo, to bo com
mander; Lieutenant O.iar W Fnrc-iiholt, to bo
ileutenani-coinmanuer; Mutter John Doiviicb, to
bu lieutenant; Ada C, Sweet, lo bu petition agent
at Chlcngu; Sidneys. Congdon, at bcluightlcoko.
,N. Y.; l'Lter S, Clark, at Schoharie. N. Y.; John 1
... I,, I-,., u, V,l.l uiiiuiiimii:. ll, 1,, JIIUll 1,
Bnvle. at TTenton. Mu. : Joseoh I). Allllni-. nt K'lpt---
vlllo, ilo.; Jennie C. Prater, al North Springfield.
Mo.; John O'Connor, at Msovllle, Mo., HinryC.
Harris, at Ccntru Rutland, Vt ' ""K"
An imposing petition to tho l'resldeut of tho
United States Is under waysaid to bo undor tho
Inspiration of tho Land Leagues asking the speedy
recall of Mr. Lowell, our Minister to England, on
tho ground that ho Is an unfit person to represent
American Interests at the Court of St. Jamos. Thu
people who aru pushing It u they cxprct to havo
i(iO,C0O names In baiurduyulitht. and, If necoeary.
In thu course uf another week they could mokalt
long enough to touch Ironi the City Hull to tho
Whlto Houso At UT't Uveas intended lo send tt
lo Coiigroji, but dually it hm been deemed most
uxiedleiit lo send It lu ihu Executlvo direct. It
will bo brought lo Washington by it commlttoo of
cltlr ns, wlui will, If pea-Mblo, bu representatives
uf cv cry ulnsa of thu community.
Somo tlx weeks ngo Fostmattor-acncrul Howo
Issued nu order to tbo Sixth Auditor to vacato tbs
rooint thou occupied by tho clurlt of his ottlec,
and remove to rooms nsslguol lo him two stories
above. Thero was a hitch In the mutter owimr to
Sixth Auditor Ela displaying n natural dcslro to
retain his old quarters. Wednesday evening As.
sistnnt-l'ostmaslcr-Ooncral Frank Hutton, who
was acting I'ottmastcr-lleuerul, with his Kunulno
WOvtern iruiisoigriiaiiu promptness, ordered tho
doors of the building; to bu locked and then In
structed tho superintendent or tho building to
huvo all tho ctrccls of tho sixth Auditor's olllce re
moved to mo top story. Tills wns lnttaiitlydono.
and upon going to work yesterday morning tho
blxlh Auditor' o.crks wore surprised and nllulo
bit mad tu Uud thulr quarters chiiugud. No blond
was shed, huwuver, nud everj llilug is u, k. at tho
present writing,
The letter of the Secretary or ijtato with regard
to tho Veiuzticlau awards', which was transmitted
to the Houso of Representatives by thu l'reitdeut
'1 hurt lay, It a full and detailed rov low of all tho
legislation and diplomatic negotiations to which
the awards have git en risu since the concliKlou
ol the Venezuelan Chilmt Convention on Ihu 25th
orApill, ROtl. Under that convention n mixed
commission wat created for the purpose- or adjudi
cating certain llalliH of citizen, ol Iho United
States uinlust the government of Ve uezuuhi giair
lug out ol iho alleguil unlawful action nftluit gov
ernment lu selling nud appropriating ihu prcpurty
ol ilia former, In rcluslng tu fulfill contractu made
with llinii, .lo 'Iho scoritiry tnysi "in
ensu ncliher House takes notion upon
this mailer during Ihu prueoui Cougreat
Iho Scctuinry uf Hits will fuel It
his duly tu counsel thu President to direct
that this pruloiiged dltciuslon be definitely deter
mined by recognizing the uimululu validity uf nil
thou wauls." beicrctnrv Frelliiiihuv.cu ihenihows
that Veiiczttolu hiw fulled even lu pay thu Interest
on thu undisputed awards, niuf aftor a ills-cu-slou
cf thu fluunclsl condition of that
government, hu concludes as follows: ''Un
lets we aru inislnloriuul at to tho power of
Vcuciiiil'i to pay IUdcl.lt, It ll u; prel oudedthat
thu questlan, su far us It relate lo ihu payment uf
tho awards, Is muiu theoretical than practical.
Tho Iviu continued nud atuadllv Increasing de
fault ol Venezuela, and thu apparent hupelcs.neaa
orgctttiis Ihu claims liuld without tome laltcal
thu ko in tlie nude of payment, combluo tu luako
It deslr iblo for thu Executive tu tecure an expres
sion of legislative putpoioa and withes rcspccilmi
this matter."
The Kqislise l'niiiilox.
Another largo audience greeted Frofitior Bu
tholomuw's trained hoisosut thu National Thea
ter last liltht. The Equlua I'aradox is truly the)
most marvelous exhibition of animal IntcllUeueo
over brought before tho public, aud should bo
visited by overy ouo. lliere will be a matinee to
morrow, i s
Tlsss Uftuenlstswer llvcepllou,
Tbs commlttoo appointed to make arrangements
for a publlo jecepllon of Lititltuaut Dantuhuwcr
upon lilt arrival In this city inal at Wlllardj Ho
tel last ulgbl, but after a itiort lutorcbange cf
views adjaurncd uutll ihls evening, wbiaUio iir
tails of a programme will be agreed upon.

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