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The National Republican.
VOJj. XXII. NO. 156.
Iti Rfpnbllesn Members Hold Alantus knit Jlake
Up Their Minds to Seal Mackey, tin Legally
Elecletl Meniber-An Important ana
Harmonious Conference. '
Immediately After tho adjournment of tho llottie
yesterday n cniicuj of Republican members vu
hold In tho hull of tho ltnuio of Representatives.
As all tho absentees hud been summoned to tho
city to mako ft quorum thcro was an exceptionally
largo attendance. Previous to tho caucus a num
ber of Republicans wcro dlipood to doubt tho ex
pediency of tho policy which tho party had
adopted, and several of them Intimated that they
wero not In fav or orconllnulng tho existing s'atus;'
In short, that tho tlmo had como vr hen somo sort
ef compromise might priperly bo mado. Alter tho
tocmbora of tho Elections Committeo had been
heard, however, In explanation and vindication
nf tholr action, this feellmr of doubt seemed to dis
appear, and as tho debate progressed, somo of
thoso who, at tho outset, una sconicu uispuseu vu
bo tconscrvatlvc, took ground with tho most radi
cal in
vrtoiNo a strict jiBiirnKSCE
lo tho prcsout policy. After tho Hall of tho Homo
had been cleand n resolution was adopted limit
ing debate lo three minutes for each speaker,
unloss h member i f tho Etoetlons Commute!.
Itoprosontatlvo llubbclt, chairman of tho Re
publican Congrcslonal Campaign Committee,
opened tho iHbato wttli a tin nilnutia' spooch III
which he dlsju-sod tho party action with refer
ence to Its ptnerul bearing upon tho political sit
uation. Without going Into an analysis of tho dis
puted facts Involved In the election conttst of
Mackoyv. O'Connor, ho coumcllcd conservative
action and caution In taking a course which tho
party and tho tountry at large might not approve.
jio thought tho situation a very dcllcato ouo and
suggested that tho Republicans before resolving to
continue Iho contest abnU bo perfectly tro In tholr
position and bo sure of
that their reasons woro substantial and their no
tion thoroughly JuUflublc. II. o conservative
character ol Mr. Hubboll'a remarks called forth n
reply from Repre-ontullvo Culkln, chairman of
tho IIouso Committeo on Kloclhnis (mid tho Ho
publican leader In tho present contest). Mr, Cal
kins rondo an earnest argument In support oflho
stand taken bythoBipubllcaiit. Ho reviewed tho
caseoftlackey vs. O'Connor nt klip li, ami en
deavored to impress his colleagues with his belief
that to surrender tho contest uould bo runlous to
tho party. In tho courso or hi remarks Mr. Cal
kins was Interrupted by scare nf members, somo
or whom asked questions Indlialltig that tiny
knew very little about tho details or tho election
to tho Interrogatories, and endeavored to con
vince each of hli interlocutors that tho report of
tho majority of tho commlttoe was thoroughly
justified by tho facts In tho cue, and that It was
tho duty of tho Republicans to viand firmly by
their previous record. Hcprcscnlatlva Miller, of
Pennsylvania, tho member of tho Committeo on
Elections who wroto tho majority report, follow cd
Mr. calKins. Jio exniniueu very iiiiumeiy uiu
details of tho case and tho manner of Its consid
eration by the committee. Ho spoke nbout twenty
minutes and was listened to very Attentively.
ilr. ltanucy. or MaB-achu-eits. a member of tho
committeo, fully corroborated Mr. Miller's asser
tions that the committee had duly considered tho
Charges of forgery and mutilation or tho docu
mentary evidence
Representative Haskell, of Kansas, the next
speaker, was the only member, with thu exception
of Mr. Hubbcll, who expressed conservative
views. He thought It posslblo that a continuation
of the struggle might provo Injurious to thu party,
and followed tho example or Mr. Hubbcll by
urging discretion.
Representative RobrsonKspoko sovcral times In
tbo courso or Iho debnta and strongly recommend
ed persistence In tho policy heretofore pursued.
Representative Heed, chairman of tho Judiciary
Committee, wo tlio next spoakcr. Ho said It was
perfectly ovldcnt from tho full nnd atnplo expla
nations mado by Mr. Miller and Mr. Itanncy ihnt
all tho material allegations or fraud had been
fairly tried before tho Klectlons Committeo with
patlenco and decided after abundant hearing;
that Mr. Dibble himself, after demurring to Iho
Jurisdiction of Iho committee and claiming that
lie could not bo mado
bad consented to tho form and substance of tho
affidavits, and that tho committeo had based
their report upon majorities admitted by thcDem
ocratte election inauaecrs themselves. Ho pro
ceeded to arguo that the only appeal from the
decision of the comralttoo was to tho House ; that
tho IIouso could not properly dccldo upon any
course or action wicnoui mil discussion; tunc eo
act on Iho nveveratloi s of n disappointed and
guilty lilUant without discussion wou'd be nu
Irpult to h commluco whoso fairness cvon Mr.
Blackburn aud Mr. Carlisle had to-day been
forced to admit in tho House of Representatives.
There was only one courso to pursue, ho said, and
that was to discuss this mnltcr before tho world,
nd provo to over) body tho
baselesshess op this last resort
of procrastinating unlit. "Let us, ho continued,
xoaltu this fair and open proposition to discuss,
and In the face or the country to vote on tho quia
Hon of recommittal. If the minority refuse such
a proposition aud persist In their attempt to sub
vert tho Constitution by tr) lug to vest Ingovcruors
of States tho power lodged In the House or dei id
Jug who are its members, we must Invoke tho
poncr ol tho Constitution, aud rldo over their
tactions and partisan obstructions."
by a number of Representatives, Including Messrs.
l'aco.of California, and J. Iljatt Smith, of New
York.allcnthuslas Ically counseling tho contin
uation or the ttrngitlo until ihomlnorltyshall sub
mit to the will or Ibe majority. Mr. Heed then of
fered tho following preamble and resolution for
Srescntatlon In tlio House to-day, aud they wore
nanlinously adopted:
"A proposition having been submitted to tho
Poiisohy Mr. Blackburn, or Kentucky, on bclmir
of ttio minority, tho majority submit tho following:
Whereas, we are entirely sailittod that t lie. alio-
JstlousTnado by Mr. Samuel Dibble, as to forgery
nd falsified evidence, havo been fully, fairly, and
exhaustively oousldeiod by tho Committeo on
Klectlons, nnd arguments thereon have been fully
heard; and
Whereas, tho causa now comes ud for considera
tion In the House, and Ihcro has b on no discussion
whatever In the House thorcoti, and us thu House
cannot vole Intelligently wllh noguldo exiopt the
mere allegations on one sido on any proposition to
icier to A new committeo a question w liicli has
already been com Idercd by thu appropriate com
mittee, but must have the benefit of f.ill and froo
discussion In order to enable the IIouso to decide
tho question understanding) :
Therefore) wo submit thu following proposition:
RencAvtA. TJat the Iloutd ItnmocUately proceed to
tho consideration of tho Mtckey-DlLble case, an I,
oner six hours' discussion, ilio llouse shall vuto on
the qanallon of recommittal by yea nnd lisy vote, uud
irtlioltoas shall decidendi InlLe ncgutlve It shall
thereupon couttuue to ccntter Uio caso uutll it be
tuilshcd, without dilatory motions.
Tbo caucus then (at 7,40) adjourned.
Snie31liiUtci of Nlntelfrclltso toltecelte
lli Ultimatum.
Cairo, May 20 The agents of England and
Prance havo been summoned to the Ismalla l'al
aco. It Is reported that Iho ministry hnvu referred
Iho demands of England and l'rance to the Sultan.
Later. The ministry have rcigucd, alter refus
ing the demands of England and France, and re
ferring Ihein to the Sultan, The president of the
council of mlulsters has sent tho following nolo to
tbo Khedive; " Your acceplaucc of the ultimatum
la contiary lo the unanimous ndviie of our
' ministers. As an admission or tho Inter
vention or foreign powers this Incident
constitutes on infringement or tho rights
of the Sultan. We therefore tender our rolg
cations." 'Iho ministry has sent the following
reply to the agents or England aud France: "Your
nntA trpnphf. niiiili luterual fiuestlont in reenrd tn
l"- which the l'owcrs have recognised liberty or ac
tion. Ihe Kciptlan government and the Khedive
aro unable to discuss lliesa points without Infring
ing upon lmpcr.nl flrmuus uud International
treaties, and without compromising the orgnnle
laws of the country. The gov crnmeut w 111 alw ays
be happy to follow your friendly couusols, but ro
grcts m the prcucnt case Us Inability-to comply
with your note. If your governments believe that
the question raised by you Is. not exclusively in
ternal they must submit It to the great power un
der whose sovereignly Egypt Is placed." Tho
Khedlvo has accepted the resignation of tho min
istry, '
IIouso or Cfiiiisiloiia.
London, May 20. In tho Houto of Commons to
day Mr. Trevelyan, Chief Sic.ctury for Ireland,
stated tlit, t the cases of the Impilsmed suspects
wcro continually under consideration. Nearly
seventy have been released during the past fort
night. On a motion for Ihe adjournment of the House
a warm dlrcusslon ensued concerning tho evicted
tenants 01 j.oru tioncurry.
Mr. Dillon said lie was willing to give a pledge
that no vlulcuco w ould result lr huts were ullow cd
to bo erected, s i as to sa e the evicted persons Irom
going to tho worklioii'e.
Mr, 'lrevelau said tho evicted numbered 215
families. Huts could be erectid for their thilter,
but, ho tald, Intiiuldat'on would bo stonily re
pressed, 1 he House then adjourned.
Nofei Trout lrelnml.
Nearly teven'y suspects have been released In
Ireland during the pu-t furtnlght.
It was Mr.ueorge Russell, Literal member for
Aylesbury, who, lu Ihe House of Cotninnus Ihurs
slay i Iglit, npiuoved the repression bill. Not Mr,
ChmlcslUH ell, member for I) nlnlk.
A memorial signed by forty-tot en Liberal mem
bers of Parliament has been presented to Mr,
Gladstone, urging a reduction of the period In
which the repression bill shsll bo In force and
modification or the clauses In toward to lutlmlda-
linn, ttiililln iitHtitier. and tho Tirusl.
Ur riiivlif havltii- t-niiBetltiMl sslth Messrs. Ta i
mil and Dillon, will start for Cunuctaaru to-da)
lo relieve the evicted tenants,
Tho Northern nnil Knntltern Preabjto
rlnsss to Unite (
SmmnriBLD, III., May 20. In tho Presbyterian
General Assembly to-day before taking up tho or
der of tho day the committee on correspondence
mado Its report In reply to a dispatch received
from tho general assembly In session at Atlanta,
Ga. A minority report was also submitted differ
ing but (lightly In wording and scopo. Half an
hour was occupied ou tho report when tho order
rf tho day wasngaln dispensed with for another
half hour. At the end of that tlmo the discus-Ion
was ordered to bo continued until It should bo
disposed of, and finally n reply was ngrcetl to in
1 10 ro low in; lorm suostiintiaiiy nsrtporicu uy i
majority of iho committee: Ihomoderntor Is In
structoel to telegraph to the moderator or tho gen
eral assembly In siston at Atlanta, Oa that his
telegram Is recalled tilth warm enthusiasm by
this assembly, and In ordor
In the way of that full and formal
fraternal corrcsp indeiico belwcon lissom
iiiv. whllt wn arn nn our start prcnared
to accept, wo adopt tho following, to wilt
While receding from no principle, mo do hereby
declare our regret for and withdrawal or oil ex
prisslonsof our assembly which may bo regarded
as reflecting upon and olleiislro tn Iho general
assembly oflho rrcsbytcrlaii Church in tho United
atatc, mid we renew tho expressions of our iiarm
iraicmai rcgnru lor an who compose in commun
ion and our nodlncst lo ixchnngcdelegate forth
with. Immedlatily upon tho adoption or iho
nbovn Dr. Novins, ofChiO Foo, China, said, "I-ot
Ilr. I'rlmo now lend uslii prnier," "ies,"sald
the moderator, "nnd thou all loin in sinclng the
doxulogy." Thodchato was long and Harm, but
In me best spirit, mid ret lined Ihedosest attention
of Hie vastnudlcuce from the beginning to the cud.
" '
Ntrlfcra or TVnrklurrmctt.
Chicago, May M. Dl ches riom Muskegon,
Mich., this afternoon, announce that the strike at
that placo has ended, At a meeting of tho strik
ers this morning It was voted by a majority of
forty-fivo to dcelaro tho strike ended, nnd that all
who wished might resumo work. Thostrikcrs re
turn nt f.2 per day of eleven hours' work, a less
prlcotlinnwaiollun.il them by tho Room Coin
pnny a month sgo. There will bo a lull forco nt
work to-morrow , and nil Iho mills will stait next
week, as soon as enough logs nrj rafted to Insure
steady work,
Cleveland, Ohio, May 20. Two thousand work
Inginen hold an opon-alr mats-mcoling to-day,
Including 1,'JOO nun formerly cmplujed by the
Cleveland Rolling Mill Company, tfpcichos were
made In Hngllsh, Polish, and Rohemlan. Tho
speakers encuurnged Iho rolling-mill men to re
mntn nut, nMiurred them of assistance, moral and
material, aud cited iho Milwaukee rlgir-makers
on strlko since Inst November, who aro supported
by the union, and will bo llvuycars longer If neces
sary, Conor.", N, Y., May 20. Four thousand Hat
raony Mills operatives held a meeting to-night
nnd renewed their rcsolvo to hold out against tho
nrnnn-cl reduction. A nmmlsa of Alt! was rc-
iclud from the Amalgamated Labor Union. 1 ho
relief committers repotted tutnclcnt money on
bund lo meet all applications f.r aid. Over $100,
000 In wages has thus far been lost to tbo opera
tives. Clinrlca II, Nmytlt lis Court-
New York, May 20. Tho coso of Charlei II.
Smith, or Smylli, ni ho Is called In tho Washing
ton Indictments, was up before United States Com
missioner Uviiucdicl, In Brooklyn, to-day.
Witnesses were examined as to tho Identity of the
accused, with tho person charged with tho larceny
of theSlgUOO Opcrcent. bonds from tho Treasury
on January 15, 1880. Colonel W. 1'. Wood, cx-chlcf
orthc United Btales Secret sertlco Corps, testified
to knowing the accused as C. II. Bmytli, and not as
Smith, liiowlionndsonofthodofondant testified
that his name it C. II. Hmltli. Assistant District
Attorney Angcll was opposed to proceeding at fur
ther length beroro iho commissioner, aud held that
the examination should be continued In Washing
ton, wbero tho Indictment was found. Counsel
for Iho defendant offered to provo that hli client
wru not In Washington on January 15, 1880, and
had not been thcro for seven years; Hint he never
saw or took tho property mcntlined In tho In
dictment. Mr. Augcll Contended that these objec
tions wcro Immaterial and Irrelevant to t u o olTniso
charged in thu Indictment. It was finally decided
to bring the question or tho right of the prKonc r to
a preliminary examination beforo Judgo Ileiino
diet In tho United States circuit court, rending
the settlement of that point, the oxnmlnatlnu was
again adjourned. Tho prisoner was permitted to
w llbjraw, ho being on ball.
A Cilrlolia Ilot.
riilLADELrmA, May 20. A peculiar plot, involv
ing tho robbery and threatening the llfoof lMword
S. Morris, cx-Unttcd Slates Mlnlitcr to Liberia, and
at present Iibcrlan consul at this point, was do
veloped this morning through a hearing at tho
Central station, in wiucu cnarics cooper was tho
delendhnt. Cooper was In Mr, Morris' employ.
The consul went to New York recently, nnd on his
return was Informed by Cooper that It was well ho
had been nw ay, as Iho day after he left n pnekngo
was received through tho mall which fell from tho
sofa to tho iloor and exploded, shattering part of
the desk and doing other damage. 'Iho police
wcro called In, audwhllj Mr. Morris was absent
nt tho nation. hou-o his safe was robbed of S05.
Mr. Morris also recclvcdthreuteulng letters, which
alarmed him greatly, one or them, received March
1, staling that lfho (Morris) did not civ e the writer
S-'.OOO within a slated tlmo Ills Invalid sister would
bo tortured until ho would bo glim to pay It. Many
other threatening letters como, and tho police sus
pecting Cooper, arrested htm. Ho had n healing
this morning aud was held tn J1.W0 ball for trial.
Wlifst the PoMninater-CJeTsernl Nnya.
Chicago, May 20. roslmniter-Oeneral Howe Is
nowhere. Hesajs tho money specially nppio
printed by Congress to expedite the malls will pro
bably be used to Increase the speed, tie Is hero to
hatton tbo fast train between New York and San
Francisco. Ibocliler question now is whether It
shall leave New York In tho morning or evening,
opinions dlllerlnr on this point. Tho Inlcietls of
New York and Chicago seem to clash regarding
tho time of depaituro, and both a morning and
evening train will probably be tho result. Mr.
How o also thinks iluro should be fuicr tlmo mado
between New England and Iho Southwestern
8tatcs, with New Orleans or some other city as a
southern distributing point. He expects hearty
co-operation from tho railway officials.
Oppoaed to the ColiffreanloitMl Library.
Cincinnati, May zo. iho American Library As
sociation to-day selected Buffalo for their next
annual meeting In August, 1883. It was rcsolvod
"that the plan for a Congressional Library adopted
by tho Joint committeo of Congress embodies
ptincipiesoi couiirueiiuu nuwr lexucuuu Ksjuuny
iv (tin wholo library nrofcsslon. and we nrotcat
against tho erection of the building upon these
principles. A rcsuiuuuu wiui nun nuupuu ue
clarlng that tho chairman of ihe Joint committeo
on tho library building was toUlnformod vrlioii ho
slated lu his speech lu the Lcnate on March 1 that
the adopted plan had been warmly approved by
Ihe librarians or the country at their Washington
meeting, tho contrary being the fait,
i The Mullfj" Trlul.
NEW haven, io:w , 3iay o. in mo .iiancycasc,
Mr. Oliver, tho bookkeeper at tbo llraudford Point
House, testified to Walter and DUnclio being at
the hotel us Iito ns 9 30 p. m. Friday, JAugust 5.
Coroner Ballman testified that ho had the cabinet
s ze photograph of Jennie Cramer used at the pre
liminary examination for the purpuse of Identifi
cation. It wbb examined by ihe Judge and Jury.
I.vniitil C. Hull testified to seeing Waller nnd
Ulaneholu a buegy utl .VJou Tilday, Augusts, from
a room In ihol.lllott House; also, lo seeing Ihcm
drive off lu the directum of llranford.
No further testimony of importance was elicited,
At 3 o'clock the court adjourned until Wednesday,
Ilmnrilft fur lliu Aasiiaslna.
Dublin, May 20. The Gazette announces a re
ward of 2,000 to nny person giving Information
which will lead to the conviction of tho murder
cia of Mrs. Bruytho within six months. Another
reward of X&00 for private Infcrimttlim loading to
thu same result, and JC5U0 lo any one giving In
formation loading lo the conviction of any person
harboring tho murderers; alto, free pardon to any
puo, not the actual murderer, giving Information,
Tlrrsl nri.lfo.
New York, May 20. Leonard Hauncraan, an
old and well-known resident of Wardburgb,
L. I., committed suicide last evening by shooting
himself througU ihe heart. No cause la assigned
for tho deed.
The body of J, 8:otlrnyne, or Railway, N. J
bos been found In Ilia Hudson River at lew York.
The steamship Strassburg, which arrived at Lo
cust Point yesterday morning, brought 17.4 emi
grants, -Irs. Noble Croft" died In Waterbury, VI., from
Ihe effects of a tumor, which, when K-moved, was
fouud to weigh eighty pouuds.
A man named lUiuter, a shoemaker and edllorof
a feudalist paper In Vlinua, baa been sentenced to
twelve years' Imprisonment at bard labor for high
The funeral of tho lale Moses Tailor took rlsco
Friday morning fiom his residence en 1'irth avenue,
and was at'e ided by a large number o' Now York's
most prominent and wealthy clllteus.
Several small bands of rebels have risen In Cata
lonia. ThomuveoiontlsofaCurllst character, the
government attaches Inn small luiporlaneo to It, al
though symptoms of a rising are also reported lu the
The training sbtpi Portsmouth and Saratoga ar
rived at Spltheud, England, sesterdny, and ex
changed salutes wllh the harbor squadron and the
forts. Tho l'oilsmouth Is lcikyaud will r(eu k at
Splthead. Itlsexpectid that both vo'kels will ro
main there a fortulght.
John Woods, the English thief who relieved Ihe
messenger of tho Mechanics' National n ink f
jo,(jcgln notes, drum, 4c,,ou the Olh Instant, while
the latter was entering Ihe German Ktchung,) 11 uk.
pleaded guilty eurilay lu the general sessions cojrl
I and was seuteaced to Biate prko.i for four ytors uud
I a halt;
The Animas of an Article Copied by an Keening
Taper In this Cllji) litre It Sprang front
aud lis Ussentss The Whole
Traluofllie Halttr.
Tho following paragraph appeared tho TA'cnfrip
Star ol Monday last:
mrs. sraAouVa oottly drbwm.
Tho Provldcnco Journal sajs: "Several days
ago Governor William Spraguo voluntarily ac
corded Mr. Rolcrt M. Thoinpsou, trusteo Tor Kate
Chne Sprague, permission to enter Cannuchet
nnd take possession of her magnificent wardrobe
and that of her children for tho purpose of for
nnrdhnr It to her nt Kdeewood. The costlrnn-
pnrels, Including velvets, intlns, silks, nnd rnro
Inns, amounting In value lo many thousand dol
lars, was carefully packcJ In boxes nnd other re
ceptacles and shipped nnd expressed from Narra
Ssn.ctl l'ler Thursday. Many of Iho dresses wore
cslgncd by Worth, and aro marvels of elegance
auci ncauiy,"
Of couno tho rrovldcnco Journal wn Imposed
upon If Iho abovo Is correctly credited lo that
paper. Tho statement would havo little Import
ance, but for Its cvldmt design to Injure aud mis
represent n lady, already so maligned by charges
of rerklcsi cxtravngnnco nnd nn Inordlnata nnd
selfish lovo of display, Tho friends of Mrr.
Spraguo well know that, slnco her f ithcrs death In
1873, the has withdrawn herself almost
entirely rnovi oeneral miciktv,
anddurluc tho pnt threajcats has been forced,
by Governor Sproguu's fnlluro lo cuntrlbuto any
thing toward their support, lo maintain herself
and her thrco llttlo girls exclusively upon her
own slender Income, living nt Edgewood, the su
burban liomocf tho la'o Chief-Justice, Iho only
patrimony that tho custodian of tho Treasury's
millions had to lcavo to his favorite child. Even
Into her seclusion n tludlctlvo malice lies pur
sued this lady, nnd the piragraili wequotohns
excited sufficient attention to Induce Mrs.Spragno
to break tho stlonco she has so long maintained
under attack and to state to n friend the real fads
lu regard to t ho property lu question. Mrs. 8. has
been notified by tho railway company that two
deal boxes, containing merchandize, addressed to
her, await the pnjmcntof transportation nt their
by her trustee shows tho contents of theso cases to
bo or llttlo or no Intrlmlo value such articles as,
for her own snko and her children's, wcro prized
and uould bo now of practical use, having been
conspicuously omitted. The boxes contain somo
clothing laid afldo msny years ugo, and now use
less and out of si) lc, except lu soinu possible or
special contingency, tho wreck and remuantsnf
a wedding trouseau,Infiiiit's clothing, anil tbellke,
whichever) housewife trim association Is apt to
lay aside, rather than to dispose of. Theso largely
comprlcolho wardrobo which, aftor detaining for
three years III duflanco of custom, right, and tho
law, GovcrnorSpraguo now"voluntarlly" resigns.
When Mrs. Sprngue quilted Cnnonclict, now nearly
threo years ago, she applied for and was allowed
by thu Rhode Island court a trusteo for her per
sonal properly left at her former residence such
ns her own family relics, family portraits, valued
souvenirs of travel, tho playthings and pets of tho
children In a word, the accumulated family
treasures of many jcars, Mrs. Sprnguo's trusteo
has not been able, during this long Interval, to
obtain, without emplojlnij force, nny such prop
erty as is ubovo described, or any of especial value
or ofrracllcnl use, although duly empowered and
indemnified. Whereas, tho forwarding nt this lato
day or tho raltry and tawdry wreck or past pros
perity Is made tho conveyance nr a renewed nr
front, which any friend of Mrs. Sprnguo's will bo
glad to promptly resent.
mrs. srnAayr; distinctly states
that theso cases contain no such "magnificent"
costumes as described In tho paragraph abovo
quoted, as fashioned by Worth or any other Tnrli
modeste, or Indeed, any article of wearing np
parol purchased slnco Governor Sprnguo's failure.
The following order of court made nearly three
years ngo lint been obstructed nnd successfully set
nt naught, and Mrs. Spraguo thereby deprived of
Its beneficial provisions for a irustco to tako
chargo of her own personal clTccts at Canonchot:
Supremo Court, August Terra, 1679, Washington,
rettlinn of Kalherlno C, Spraguo for appoint
ment of trusteo. ....
Iho above ictltlon came on lo bo heard, and was
heard by tho court, nnd upon consideration
thereof. It Is ordered, adjudged, and decreed that
tho prayer of raid petition bo granted, and that
mo bnniu is iivivuj Kiiiuttu, imu unit nuuurt
Thompson, of South Klngslown, in s ild county, be,
and bo hereby Is, appointed tnisteo or Iho prop
erty of said Kathcrlno C Sprngue, of said south
Kingstown, with nil the powns, nnd subloct tn all
tho liabilities prescribed lu chapter 152 of thoGcu
eral Statutes, tho said Thoraisou having been
nrmlnatcd as such trusteo by said Kathcrlno C.
Entered hs tho decreo of tho court, September
27, A. D. 1879.
' By order: JOHN O. CLARKE, Clerk.
A true copy, V llncss, J. 0. Clarke, Clerk.
do spite the abovo order, Is all tho corrospoudenro
which ever ratscd betw ccn Mrs. Spraguo nnd her
Illustrious father. Tho abovo statementsaro mado
In tho Interest of truth nnd Justice. They serve to
show tho malicious character of those who, wllh
relentless mallgnlly, pursue Mrs. Spraguo and ex
haust their diabolical Ingenuity In efforts to preju
dice the public against her. Nothing could bo
to Injure her In tho estimation of tho people of
New England than to represent her its squander
ing money on dress whllo poor laborers remain
unpaid by her bankrupt husband. As above
shownthe wholo story Is cut out of wholo elotb.
Tho trash tent her as common freight, Instead of
being worth thousands, would not bo appraised nt
1100: and Instead of being n proof of hcartloss ex
travagance practiced by her In fie faco of her
husband's fnllure.lt Is but tho debris of twenty
years of ordinary accumulations, and contains no
antclo purchased since tho suspension of Gover
nor's Sprnguo's house.
A Tcrrlblo arena In IMillrtilrlnlilrs
triictloss or Property Klseirliere.
Leadvilie, Col., May 20. JIarly jestorday
morning tho Grant Company'stnicltlug works w ere
completely destroyed by firo, which Is supposed to
have been caused by nn explosion of a furnace
Tlio lost is cs'lmatcd to be between 8300,000 nnd
S400.000. Tho Insurance la 05,000. Theso works
wore the largest of trie kind In tho world. Over
lb re o hundred men are thrown out of employment
here, and quite a number at Omaha, whero tho
refining works ot tins company arc locaieu. ino
works will be rebuilt.
IciMMTOsn, Ariz., May 20. A flro yesterday do
stioyed n laige uumber of buildings here, 'iho
1 urllou of tho town burned comprises almost tho
entire business portion oflho placo. Thrco of iho
prlnclpsl hotels wero burnol, 'Iho ofilcooftho
Uiilij Xugod was destroyed, and tho Daily Epitaph
ofllco heavily d.nnnged. T lie Western Union tele
criphofllce was also d stroyed. Itlslinposilbloto
e-lliro e the loss closely tit present, but It will
probably reach KOOXJO. 'Ihe lmurauco will
CiiicAno, May 20. A Grand Haven, Mich.,
special says'. "Ei.so.i ckLIUlt's mill-yard at Spring
likc wn burnod )cstircly, and thu lumber and
mill nearly all consumed. Therowere 7,000,000
fectoriuuilor, valued at 8100,000, oiviud by Kelly,
Riithbuii ti Co , Chicago, and Insured for 87'.'OJ.
This firm lost 'J.UOO.OOO feet orlnmbcr hero last lull,
1 he In uranro nu ihe lumber is about 370,000."
1'lllLADKliiilA, .May 20. About 4 o'clock llilsaf
teriiooun flrobiokoout III the grocery storoor John
McNcnll, 3I.M Ridge nicnuc, Falls of Schuylkill.
A young man went Into thu cellar to draw somo
coal-oil from a barrel, over which a gas Jet was
lighted. The can of oil lie plaiod on thrlarrel,
and tho fumes coming lu contact with the
light set the cellar ou fire. An alarm
was sounded. ..Tfio firemen cut a holo
through the floor, anil the water coming
In coutnet with the oil caused thu flro lo
spread, and this was followed by n terrific explosion
which could bo heard for two miles, 'llio bulldluir
was badly shattered n iidlnlurlngalnrgciiumbtrur
persons who wcro watching the progress or
ino IJIlllllB us nvl no ecjie;iiei IJie;iueil,
Tim loss on tho contents ol Ihe store
Is about $0,000; Insuicd for 1,0U0; lo-s
ou tho building about V3.000. llio following
were seriously ourncuu jianici ennna. auremnii,
Howard Sinister, I'nl'l level, John McNeill, Joseph
EiKlc hart. Peter Rico. John Keel v. llcnrv Kane.
and Henry Fellows. About tivcuty cthurt wcia
slightly Injured.
ilminuton, Del.. May 20. McLear & Kendall's
carriage manuhvlory vt M entirely destroyed by
Are to-night. Lies estimated at 5&0,0W; tully In
sured, Not Ihe Aiuifsislu.
ruiLADiiFiiiA, I'a MaykU CapialnCllpperlon,
Iho llrltlkli (kn sul here, svj s to-night that there It
no truth In tho report that a man who committed
suicide from the British King called out, when
Jumping from fie vessel, that ho wm the man
who killed lard Catundlsti, Mr. Cllppcrtou also
mid that ho flout not give any ut'cntlon In llio ves
sels arriving In re, ns llieymu thoroughly .eovclind
en theotliei side, 'Die only vessel unwiilch llieie)
m pr lai illty fur tio assulns to looiunl
tlnm.vcswu tho licit sit .CroWU, aud tli.t
Vessel ubs lOiithcd here,
Nil Hrrnls Ytilrrilnr-t'onli lor To-Iny'
IIaltimore, May 20. First race Three-year-old
(lilies. Memento won, Infantn second, and
Villus third. Time, 2:18. French pools pnld (8.15.
Second rnce Thrco-yenr-olds, thrcc-qunrlcrsof
n mile. Chickadee won, Minerva second, followed
by Cordova, Enla, nnd llello of Ihe North. Time,
1:20. Flench pools paid S12.
Third race Two-year-olds, one -half mile. Hen
lope n won, llarbartan second, followed by Em
press, North Anna, Gilt, l'alrvlow, Fairfield, Heel
and Toe, and Antrim, lime, 51 tocotidt. trench
pools paid 31.!.
Fourth racc-Ono mile, all ages. Itob Rov won,
Ohio lloy second, and Hpatk, Olive, and Sky
Rocket followed. Time, 1:13, French pools paid
Fifth race All ages, freo handicap, onc-and-a-quarter
miles. Llttlo Buttercup won, Ella War-
Ileld second, Iho nnd llye, Colonel tprsguonnd
Jerry followed. Tlmo, Zll'tJ. Frcncn poos paiu
Slxth race Two-mllo heals, all ngc. Nettle
won the first hcnt,8uo second, lime. 3.10. Tho
second heat aud racowatwnn by Nettle. Time,
3.11. l'rcnrh pools paid tlO CO and 112.
Pools on tho races 'or to-monow wcro told to-
nifhiat rollows:
rlrst race Ono mile, for all ngci. Crlckmorc,
!M; the field, 1'alnnca and Keiiney, $12,
eccoihi race mo rriaicucss staicos, ono-anu-nno-hnlf
miles, Vanguard, 8100: Colonel Watson.
t!2i llcck.SD.
llilrd race Tho Raltlmoro Cup, two-and-onc-quarter
miles. Thora, 8100 ; Glcmnore, tM ; Green
land, W).
l'nuith race Mile licnts. Ilounrc, S23; Holcn
Wallace, 1U; 131a Warficld.eo; Skyrocket, tJ.
Nn jhjoIs were soldon lliustccplc-chnse, as the
declarations wcro not made 'llio follow! in: nra
named tostatt: Disturbance, Kenny, Derby, Judco
Murray, Dcrnadlnc, IngJmnr, Kitty Clark, and
1-oitUvlllo Itneca.
LouHVlLtr, May 20. First race Three-quarters
ofamllc, winners cxcludod, Robert llrucuwoii,
Regicide second. Time, 1:11 French pools
paid 817.70.
Second race Ono nnd one-quarter miles. John
Hnppy won, Boulevard second. Time, 2:11.
French pools paid ft 1.10.
Third nice All nges. ouo mile. Chcckmato w on.
Ituunymcda second, 'lime, 1 :hi. French I ools paid
17 00.
Fourth race Onoand ono.clglitli inllcs. Dram
hnlctta won, Aleck Anient second, lime, 1'lOJf,
French pools paid S10.70.
Fifth race ihrec-ycitr-olds, mllo heals. Mono
cram won tho first htat. Ham- Gilmore second.
lime, l'tsjf, Second heat Monogram won tho
heat and race, Capias second. Time, 1.4J. Fruucli
pools paid SI 1.20.
Sixth race btccplechaso, aboi.t ono and ouo
halfmlles. MlnMiilloy won. Time, D.OJU. French
pools paid 8.-.M0.
The KpMcnts Itnrta.
London, May 20. Tho race for tho Oakcs stakes
forthrce-years-old fillies took place to-day at tho
Epsom summer meeting. Trio starters nnd Jockejs
wore: Mr. John Watson's brown filly Gchclmiilts,
Cannon; Mr. Leopold Do Rothschild's chestnut
filly Nellie, Ford ham; Mr. W. B. Craw ford's chest
nut lllly St. Marguerite, Wood; Lord Stamford's
Lay filly Incognita, Waits, nnd Count F. Do La
grange's chestnut Idly Lady Mar, Uoater. Iho
last betting was 0 to4 nu Gchelmiilss, 6 to 1 against
Nellie, 0 to 2 ngnlnst St. Marguerite, 20 to 1 nguttist
Incognita, and 20 tol against Lady Mar, The rnco
was won byOchclmul a; St. Mnrgueifto rnmo In
second, anil Nellie third. Tho tlmo or tho rnco
u ns 2,49. Gchclmnlss won by two lengths; Nellie
was a bad third.
llme-Itisll UstBiica.
Buffalo, N. Y., May 20. In a gamo of base-ball
yesterday between tho Buffalo and Cleveland
Clubs tho former wcro victorious by a (Coro of
20 lo 1.
Boston, May 20. Providence, 7; Boston, 4,
Nmv York, May 20. Metropolitans, 17; Alio
ghcn)f,5. '1 boy, N. Y., May 20. Troy, 0 : Worcester, 0.
11171 falo, N. Y May 20. Cleveland, 0; Buf
falo, 8.
l'lilLAPELrntA, l'A., May 20. Iho following are
Iho scores of Uio two g lines played hero to.dav:
Philadelphia!; Mcrrltt, 0. Athletics, 5; St.
I.oul, 0.
Baltimore, Md., May 20. Clnclunatl, 8; Balti
more, 4.
Mystic lnrk Itnrea.
Boston, Mny 20. First nici, 2 miles, Ventrilo
quist won ; Godlvn, second. Time, 3 49.
Second race, won by Tramway; Dr. Graves,
second. Time, 1..M. Gentleman riders.
Third race, 1 mile, Joo Huut won; Spartan,
second. Tlmo, 2 01.
Fourth race, streplo-chaso nbout 2 miles, Cliarlc
magnovioui Bombast, second.
mill race, stcoplo-ihuse, Roso won; Commo
dore, second.
Sixth race, Jf mile, won by Ida; Shltlcy, 2d.
Time, 1.-20.
Th Ilttbus's; ltnera.
riTTsnuna.l'A., Moy20. First race; runnlngmllo
heats. Nelson won tho first two heats. Tlio raco
to be finished to-morrow.
Second race; trotting. Otto won tho thrco
straight heats. Time, 2 38K, 2 35, and 2:07K.
Third race; pacing. Jack look tho first nnd
fourth boats and Jim the second nnd third. Race.
to bo finished to-morrow. Time, 2:3 J, 2:32, .11,
aud 2:35.
Warning? list Keillor.
Troy, N. Y.,Mny20. An Infernal machine, con
taining powdcrutid a fuse, was found on tho porch
of tho ofllco of tho U'eeitV AVtcs, nt Wnireusburg,
Warren County. An attempt had boon mado to
lire the ruse. An Inscription on the machine
warned tho editor to loavo tho lown. He had of
fended somo by the uttornuccs of temperance
Ititlpts Wislilo Enieniiii's Will.
Boston, May 20. Tho will of Ralph Waldo Em-
enon contains no public bequests, but gives tho
property to his wire'and children. James Eliot
CiDotls appointed literary executor to net in co-
oporat'on with Mr, Emorsou's children. E. M,
1n.n.wAi. a.iil IV II HVrl.,i- n n ..! ...... I .....
tors or tho will.
Klerlrle Ilclit.
Boston, May 20. Tho Boston Underwriters'
Union to-day resolved not to Insure buildings
through or over which electric light wires pass,
except alter Inspection and ltsuo ofccrlifliatts by
tho union.
Tnc hero of tho hour Danenhovver,
lr. C Bisnoi', or Pittsburg, Is a guest at tho Metro
politan. Senor Ramon Varkla and family havo parlors at
the lllggs.
CIlnf.iul J. D. iMnouEH, or Georgia, Is a guest at
IIrnry IlAlinisoK, of Virginia, Is quartered at
OenkualW, a Wharton, or Virginia, Is a guest
at the SI. James.
It. F. Haiiton, or Winchester, Va., Is registered at
tbo Metropolitan.
Mr. ixii Mns, JcwKrn Taylor, or Loudon, have
parlors at Wormlo) 's,
Mr. ani Mrs. W. II. nnowNsov, or Yonkers, N.
V., aro located at Wormley's.
aeoitoicM. IIoi'KiNS and family, or Brooklyn, N.
Y have rooms at the St. James,
John Hum, of New York, and K, Wilder, of To
peka, Kau., aro at the Arlington.
I.kwis I'FiiniHK, of New Jersey, and II, T. Fenton,
or Philadelphia, are at Ilia Ulcus.
A. T, Dunn, of New York, and A. V. Lusmann, or
Boston, are slopping at the lllggs.
It. P. BrKNCKn, of Connecticut, and John Fair
banks, or Chicago, aro At tho ITjbltt,
II. O. BuiiUNOUAU, of New York, and A, M.
Decker, of Chicago, are at Wlllard's.
1ION.C.N. LAttisoN.of Ohio, and li Bart, or Phil
adelphia, are domiciled at Wlllard s.
Allkn O. MI.YRRB ("rickuwoy"), or tho CIncln.
natt IXimmerdal, U registered at Wlllard's.
II.lt. Deuixu, of Louisville, Ky.,nud J, M. dices
brougb, of Ht. Louis, ure housed at Wlllard's.
U C, Conn, of Cincinnati, and Chr rles U. Williams,
or Richmond, Va., aro sojourning ut W'lllara's.
Tumday next (Decoratltn Day) Is u national holi
day, statesmau will pleiuto govern themselves ac
cordingly, Alkxandrr T, Fulton, Miss Mlchts, and Miss
Hkearr.of Toronto, Cauadu, are registered at the
K. O. IlinnRR, of Dallas, Texas, aud Nelson Van
Tassel, of New York, uro among the recent arrivals
at Wlllard's.
St'KAKs-ii Kkifxr has accepted an Invitation to
attend tho Decoration Day celebration In Philadel
phia, on Tuesday next.
It lidenled In quarters supposed to be well Inform cd
IhateV'Secritary Klrkwoodls lo be nominated lor
mill's or lo England In place ol Mr, Low til.
Mu. Stki'iibm Is brlnglug not penco, but n sword
lino the Democratlo ranks. '1 he parly Is entitled to
aoiuelldiu bolter than this at his hands. .Vucon 'Mr
tui aA emu" Jftticnw.
When Oeneral Grant visited Slam as Iho guest of
the King he ijutte-ted to His Majesty Ihe Idea of up
po'nlliig a dlplouiatle reprrseulitlve to this country.
Aficr considerable delay It is stated iiulhorllullvely
that Iho King has deebted to accrclltii Minister to
Washington, and Intends to rwii!idamiiiii of tho
o mipllnieut, A'ne IVr (bwimc i ctal .liui l(r,
It Is rumored that Colonel William I. Bruw n, the
luaiingrr of the New York ltallu Arwt, will ajcceed
Hon. Jlonjuiulu Wood tut the llemuerttllo candldale
furthebextCoiigiiM Irom the- IWtli nw York dlr
t let. Colonil Brown Is will known In Wnshlugtcjn
a. thu former editor ot the Youngstown (Ohio) Vituit
cator, and us the ion In law of General N, L. JstTrtcs,
Who Will Participate In the Cmmontcs at Arling
ton (nil Klssnhf re The Orators and I'otts
of the Daj-nliat lleJrnd
Array Are Doing.
Active preparations aro being mado for llio cere
monies Incident to Decoration Day by tho Grand
Army of tholtipubllo nnd their many friends.
Yesterday Post Commander 11 K. Wltishlp, chair
man of tho decoration committee, established the
headquarters of hli cominltlce ntWltlard Hall,
Iho uso of that structure having been tendered
freoof charge by Mr. Joseph G. Cook, tho popular
proprietor of W'lllard's Hotel. Yesterday afternoon
thcro were a largo uumber of ladles present there,
making wreaths and garlands nnd covering
crones wllh cvergrocm. Tho hall will bo open
for Iho reception of donations of flowcr, Ac, to
day, Monday, and up to 11 o'clock Monday even
ing, Meetings wcro held by all Iho posts last
night tn complcto such nrrnngamenta ns woro un
relative to the line of march, positions of organi
zations, Ac. on Tuesilny hns icon Issued by Do
pnrtinent Comrrnnder 8. 8. Burdcttl "In com
pliance with the rules and retaliations and exist
ing orden Tuesday, May 30. will bo obscrvcilas
Memorial Day In this department. Tho organize-
time, whlrli hft lltmlfidl IliMr IntfMlttOll nf nr-
Ilcipnting in llio paiauo win uo aisigucu nosiuons
111 tho lino as follows: Marine Baud; Washing
ton Light Guard, Major II. 1). Norton, com
manding; Washington Cadets, Captain C.
A. FIcotwood, commanding; Capital City
Guard. Captain T. T. Kelly, rommandlng:
........ ........ ..... ......-...... ...- -. --, . -
Lincoln Light Inrantry, Captnln William Cornell
rommandlng; West Washington Zouaves, Captain
C. 11. II. Thomas commanding; they will form
on tho north stdu or Pennsylvania avenuo with
right resting on Ninth street: Marino Drum Corps;
Grand Army or tho Republic! Department a. A.
It, flags; comrodci under arms; Union Vilernn
Corp, CnptnliiB. E. Thoniason commanding; De-
PartmcntComninndcr and staff; I'nst repiinment
oinnmudcn; John A. Rawlins 1'ost. Nu, I, E. K.
Wlnshlp commander; roil, No. 2, Drum Corps;
Kit Carson I'ot, No. 2, W. H. Chaso commander;
Lincoln I'rst, No. S, N. M. Brooks commander; O.
1". Morton Pod, No. 4, William O. Hnllcninmntidcr;
George G. Meado I'ot, No. 6, M. A. Dillon rom
mancler; John F. Kc)nolds roil, No. 0, R. F
Smltti commander! James A. Gnrtlold 1'ost, No. 7,
Sinnton Weaver commander; Burnsldo Pott, No,
8, William Ijiwrcnco commander.
They will form on south side or D street, with
right resting on west sido or Ninth street. Each
organization w ill luko the position assigned nt 9 45
o'clock a. m mid belnnndincss to movoiit 10 a.
m., sharp In tho order specified above. Tho lino
or march will bo from tbo place of rendezvous,
westward nlong tho north side nf Pennsylvania
avenue to Fir.ecntli ttieet; up Flllienih street lo
l'cnns)lvaiila avenue, and ntnlu West, on Penn
sylvania nvenuo nnd Bridge street, Georgetown,
tu tho Aqueduct Bridge, w hero tho parado bo dis
missed, Tho Grand Army or tlio Republic will
novo by fours or sections of eight, ns commanded
(each I ost prcserv Ingn distinct organization under
tho imiuodlato direction of tho post commander.)"
The following dlstlngulscd gentlemen will de
liver tho orations nt Arlington; Hon. George M,
Robeson, Hon. Henry L. Mcrey, Hon. John R.
Lynch, and Hon. Henry O Connor. An original
poem, by Comrade Edwnrdlicuaiid, will bo road,
and thu imi-lcwlll be furnished by tlio Marino
Bund and a choir of malovolros. At the Soldiers'
Home .Hon. W, W, Wllshlro will bo Iho
orator. Captain Wilson J. Vanco will con
tribute an original poem, and tho music
will bo rendered by the baud or tho
Second United btntcs Artillery nnd a male quar
the orator will bo Hon. E.N, Johnson, and tho
music will bo furnished by n choir under tho
leadership oil'. J. vt ooumon, esq. juousuui com
mittees havo been designated to decorate tho
graves at other points within tho District.
nt Arlington for the accommodation of those pres
ent, aud it is expected that the atteudatiio w 111 bo
lvriicr than It lias been lor several ears past.
Rollins Post, No. 1, nt its mooting last night ac
cepted an imitation to attend divine ten Ice nt
the I'rcsbjtcrlnn Church, coruorol Fourth aud B
streets southeast, nt 11 o'clock to-morrow, when a
memorial sermon will be delivered by Dr. t luster,
the pastor. Iho many filendsor Comrade Janus
T. Ciillau, of Rollins 1'ost, will be pained tn learn
that ho Is 1) lug seriously 111 nt his retldinco, nnd
will be unnblo lo take his usual nctlvo part lu tho
memorial sen ices ol next Tuesday.
Tho NirnlElit-Oitt Ticket nnil the Incle
Mention t Sitrcnltslloiia,
rmiADEUTHA, May 20, Senator J, Donald Cam
eron has been receiving political callers nt tho
Continental Hotel nearly all day. In talking over
the political situation. tlio Senator declared that
thero should bo nd compromise or fusion with the
Independents, but that the regular Republicans
should exert all their strength against tho ticket
nominated last Wednesday, as well ns tho
Democratlo ticket. Chairman Thomas V.
.1 ..m.. C......I..1. frl,, St '..I lna.nl.
cejejpejr line ce-i-ieioi j wuui, .....iiiiuiiki,,
of tlio Btato committee. Major Nertns. surveyor or
Iho port, and othor prominent politicians, said
afler their visit to tho Senator's Unit such was tho
determination. Secretary of tho Commonwealth
M. 8. Quay will return rrom Chlcngo to-morrow,
when ho nnd oilier leaders will havo a conference
with Senator Camoron at the Continental Hotel.
Tho question whether the vacancy on tho ticket
caused hyThomns M. MarshaU'siUclliiatlou of tho
nomination for Congrcsiman-at-large shall
bo filled by tho State committeo or
by Another convention has not yet
been decided. Mr. Marshall li In
this city on private busluo-s. Ho snj shots sure
that the Harrlsburg ticket will bo tlcftnicd.aud
thinks that if tho Independents conduct the cam
paign without " mud throwing, nnd cnuflno their
stump speaking to a vigorous exposition of the
evils that Cameronlsm has brought upon this
Slate," thev will also oicrcomo tho Dciuocrtts.
Mr. Marshall thinks that tho vacancy on tho regu
lar ticket will bo filled by t lther General Lilly, or
Maunch Chunk, or Jeslah Cohen, or Pittsburg. He
sn)s that both aro first-class men.
Gritml Army lliirnmitmrnt.
Baltimorf, May 20. During tho past week sat
isfactory progress has been mado In preparation
for the National Encampment of the Grand Army
of tlio Republic, commencing Juno 21, President
Arthur, General Sherman, and several members of
the Cabinet w 111 bo present. The command of tlio
grand parndo on Juno 21 has been tendered to Gen
eral R. 11. Ayrci, U. S. A., who hns accepted It.
There will be fully ten thousand uniformed men
lu line. Tho hosplliillty committeo reporta favor
ablu progress In providing for tho entertainment
of visitors, and nil who como will ho accorded a
generous and hearty wclcomo, All rooms at tho
hotels linvo been engaged, and a camp lo accom
modato from flvo to tight thouiund men Is being
established at Sthuetzcnl'aik.
Death ofPs-otislnoiit lonilo.
Raieioh, N. C., May 20. Colonel William II.
Tucker, oflho firm of W. II, A 11.8. Tucker, dry
goods dealers, of Raleigh, N, C, dlol suddenly of
apoplexy last night, aged CO years, He wni ouo of
tho wealthiest and most prominent merchants of
the State.
'1roy, N. Y.f May 20. Mr. Georgo W. Banker, ot
Jnhnsoiivllle, n member of the assembly In 1600
rrom tho tocond district, Renswlncr County,
dropped dead of npoploxy this morning on the
load between his home nnd this city.
NlrliiE Illns Up.
Wilmisoton, Del., May 20. Tho Jury In Ihocaso
of James Ilcddou, colored, charged with crim
inally assaulting a young while girl, after being
out twenty-four hours, returned a verdict at noon
lo-ciay of guilty in manner aim loruiat inuicieei.
Thu death sentence will bolmiosed.
Redden was this afternoon sentenced to be
hanged on Friday, August 29. Ho hns admitted
hli guilt to tho w nrdcu since the verdict w as ren
dered, .
IlnslnrsH 1'ulliircs.
New York, Mny 20. The failures In business
for tho past week throughout the United Slates,
as reported to New Yotk, number 120, ngnlmtUH
lastwetk, Tho Eastern States had 10; Western,
88; Southern, 8J; Middle, 21; Pnclllo const aud
Territories, U i Now York city, 0. Tho New York
city failures ore not slgulllcaut and are devoid of
general Interest.
Tiro IlriiteM to Fight.
New York, May 20, A light according to Iho
rules of the London prize ring, nt catch weights,
for 91,000, has been arranged bt tween Ilr) an Cain)
bell uud Tom Walling. Ill West Vlrglula.wlthln 1(0
miles of Pittsburg. Tho light Is lo take placo
within Illty hours from noon of June 20 next, uud
cither party falling to appear shall forfon the
t takes.
Tho Intllctuil IMIlur or "Tlio Press."
PuiuiiEiriilA, May 20. In the mailer of Ihe
Vxut libel suit, both kldcB being anxious for trial,
It was agreed between tuuntel tills morning to
submit cases on tbo motion to quash lo the court
rur disposition without tiruuineiit, TulhlsJuduu
'1 nay vr consented and held tho )uaitu under ad
vlnuieiit. i s
What (strillnnl Mct'nuo Nays.
DumtN, May W.-Cardlnnl McCnho lo-dsy re
ceived nn influential dtiuuilon whltli cuius to
congratulate him upon liliilcvulloii In llio car
tlliiilate. lu his reply the o.udlnal sulci the hu
lulllittliig fjet remained thai thu iuhussIiis of Lord
Friderluk Cavendish undMr. lhliko hud not)Ot
bci li discovered.
Ilfinl n tit nnil Her Ittisliiiinl.
Paris, Mil) 2u,-ar.i Bernhardt uud M, Hamuli
arpcaiol here this evening lu "La Daiao aux
Tito Victory of tho ItrntlJustes-a-Olticr
Mnln ytnllrns.
RICHMOND, VA., May 20. Tho new brldgo of Iho
Richmond nnJ IVtirsburg Railroad over IhoJniiKs
lllvcr, Inking tho laco of tho ono destroyed by
flro some tlmo Ago, !mm been completed, nnd was
crossed for tho first llmo this afternoon by a train,
consisting of engine, tender, nnd ono ear. On the
train wcro President I'rcd R.Scott, Superintendent
J.,11. Kouley, nnd other ofilccrt of tho road and n
number of cllhtoui. The trial trip was very satis
factory. Through train! between tho North and
South will bo running over Iho brldgo In A day or
two, dispensing with tho trnntfer of passengers,
which tho burning of tho bridge necessitated.
The new brldgo la built on suhtatitlal trestle
work, and will bo used until an Irou brldgo can
Fort Mosnor, May 20 Tho United Slalci
steamer Vnndalla, which nrrltcd In Hnniton
Roads from sea to-night, collided wllh the
schooner Abblo Dunn, from Yrrk lllvcr, bound tn
Bath, Maine, with timber, fitly miles off Capo
Henry, and carried nwny the hits sprit and fore
tot must ortho schooner, Sho towed tho schooner
Into Hampton RouK
ITTPRinniu. Va., May 20. Full rclurns or Iho
muiilclpvl election hero jcstcrdny were not re
ceived until 4 o'clock this morning. T. J. Jarratt,
Rcatljiisler, wns elected ninyor over F. II. Atelier,
Democrat, Ills majority was 1,069. Tho cntlro
Iteacljusicr ticket for city officers was elected, as
follows: Georgo S. Bernard, coinmonwcnltli nt
torneyi J. A-Johnston, clly sergeant! John C. Ar
mislead, clerk or Iho court; K. W. Couch, c ly
treasurer; F, II. Bond, collector or cllylnxca: W.
I). Mlnctrce, high constables W. W. Esnnt (col
ored), city ganger. Dcninrrnllo councilnion wero
elected In three wards. Tho first nnd sixth wards
dec led colored Justices of tho peace, aud two col
ored cTtincllmon. . . .
Norfolk, Va., Mny 20. Tho result of tho mu
nicipal election yesterday, i s ascertained to-day,
shows Iho re-election or Mn)or William Lamb by
300 mitinrllv. Ihnrrstnf tho Readliistcr-Rciiub-
Hraii general ticket Is elected, w lib tlio exception
oriliocoloridcnudldato ror street Inspector, who
Is defeated by seventeen votes.
I'FTKnDt'iia, May 20. Tho municipal election
lu Farmville. In this Slate )etenlay, resulted In
tho sneec-s or tho Democratlo tlekct as rollnws;
Mayor, Dr. W, W. II. Thack-ton; scrgennt, It. I.
Mlllcri treasurer, O.T. Wicker: lollrctor of rev
enue', E. L. Rice. Nino couuclltncn wcro also
In Lynchburg, Major Daniel's home, tho Bour
bons carried tlio city by 103 majority. Major Dan
iel last fall, In tho gubernatorial campaign, car
ried the cllybyUOO majority a loss to thu Bour
bons of 803. TlioReaelJusteri carried tho city of
Danvlllo by over 200 majority. Major Daniel,
Bourbon candldalo for governor, carried It last
full by 07 majority A ReaclJiittcrgAln of 331votes.J
Vlrtslnln Nlnto Nolrs.
A now post-olllco has been established At Rink
orton.Shenomlonli County, with Peter S.N, Ulntir
as postmaster.
Wednesday, Mny 24, wns confedcrato Decoration
Day, and a gnnt turn-out wns held nt Hollywood
Cemetery, Richmond,
Jnmcs T. Calhoun has been appointed postmas
ter at Atkln's Tank, Sm) th County, and Joephliio
Hopkins nt Glen Allen, Henrico County.
Thero Is getting to be a grc.it scarcity of bread In
many sections or Buckingham County. Very few
have any corn to spare, and those who mo buyers
have but little to pay with. It Is rented thatthcro
will bo much suffering beforu harvest.
Tho p!nk-e)o lias broken out ninong tho horses
In somo placis In Buckingham County. All or T.
S. Hall's hones, nt Gold Hill, havu had It. Ho lost
one, mid tlio rest tiro recovering. Several heael or
entile have died In that neighborhood with mur
rain. Joscphlno Lee, a dlsrorutablo whlto woman,
died suddenly Saturday evening nt Lynchburg,
and It li supposed that she was poisoned by it
negro woman named Snllla Snmidcrs, who had
been heard to threaten her life. Stin.cons wcro
engaged Monday In making an examination of
'it.,, .lni.,1 iifnmnii'u ttnmnMi-
Mrs. Salllo P. Woodson, mothor of Mr. B. S.
Woodson, a Danvlllo merchant. died at her homo
In ApKmnltox County nu tho luth Instant. Mrs.
Wooelton vmslii her Will j car, hod been n mem
ber of tho Baptist Church ror 05) oars, and leaves
n largo number or children uudgrandehlldicn,
who iionor her In their hearts.
Southampton Is one of tho row counties In tho
State w hero there proiiilsestobunu abundant crop
of fiiitt, aiidtho npplo lirnndy, ror which It Ism
famous, will not bo lacklug tins winter. Pcoplo
all llvo well. Provisions nro plenty, iiiuliill inrlv
V rgcuibtcs aro lu abundance. Thu streams aru full
or il-h, and deer and turkejs nro abundant lu tho
At tho Baptist ministers' meeting lu Richmond,
Monday, Rov, J. R. Harrison, of Washington
County, made a statement relative to his work In
Glade Spring. A lcsolutlou wni uiiniilmiuisly
ndopiod cordially Indorsing Mr. Harrison's cllorta
to build ti now house of worship in that town, and
commending him lo Iho sympathy and liberality
of tho Baptists of Richmond.
Urn Ji scnli Filrvcar was scrlouslv burned nt
Diiuvlllo Monday morning by the expiation of
nktroseno lamp, which sho attempted to cxiln
giibh by blowing down tho chimney Thu rliht
sldcoriior rnro was terribly uistigurcd, nnd the
skin of tho right nrmhung down In tags. Mr
Furycar. who run to tlio rcllof of Mrs. Pur) cor, In
putting out tbo luimn was severely burned on iho
right hand, aud had his hair much singed and his
eye-brows burnt off.
Tho negro Pctor Ayrcs. who tobbedJ. E. Will
iams's storo nt Gravel Hill, Buckingham County,
ns rcportod a row weeks since, was caught near
Manclicsler n row days ngn, nnd Is now lodeod In
tiiojnll. Ho has Implicated another negro, W')ntt
Bell, as his associate, or rather prluclpul. In tho
robbory. Bell concealed himself behind n box of
corn In tho storo beforo It was closed ror tho night,
and while tho clerk was out at supper let Ayrcs In,
and they went on with their work. An nxo was
provided, with which they Intended to kill the
storekeeper lfho enmu upon them.
Xnsprraslve Ncrvlres nt Nt. Joltn'n Church
Tho l'roccattoit to Oiilc Hill.
The. escort. nt tho funeral of the late General
George Douglas Ramsay, which took placo yester
day afternoon nt St. John's Church, was com
manded by General Romeyn B. Ayrcs, colonel Sec
ond Artlllcy, who had as olds, Captain Georgo
Mitchell, adjutant Second Artillery, And Lieuten
ant Scbroe Smith, quartermaster Second Artillery.
Tho escort consisted or Light Battery A, Second
Artillery, commanded by Lieutenant Alexander
D. bchciick; tho four foot companies or tho Sec
ond Artillery, commanded by Mnjnr William P.
Graves, tho companies commanded by Captain
John MrOllvriiy, and Lieutenants Iteslii u.
Howell, James K. Eastman, and Lotus Kilts,
with lieutenant Mcdorem Crawford, jr., act
ing ni ndjiitnnt. Tho murine battalion
was under command or Major flcorgo
W. Collier, Iho companies being commanded by
Captain Charles F. Williams and Lieutenant Man
ell C, Ooodrell and Randolph Dickons, while Ser-
feant-MaJor Edward Dunn uctodaa adjutant. No
ililrlct militia turned out. Tho cllsmuuntid
troops, with tho Second Artillery Band and
tho Marine Baud, were formed on the wrst
sido or Sixteenth street, whllo tho light
battery was rbriuccl by sections along II
street. Tho remains wero airrlod nlong thu path
cu tho north sido or the chinch nnd through tho
chancel door to tho front of tho a liar. Thu rector
oftho church, Dr. Leonard, wus assisted by Iter,
Mr, Harold, Rev. Mr. Clarke, uud Rev. Mr. McKcc,
w ho conducted tho sen Ices In the usual ritual of
tho Eplscoptl church.
tho bidy was com eyed through the saino door,
out to the licarw;, when the troops prescutod
arms nnd tho mulllcd eliums wero rolled,
Tho proccstlon thence moved to Oak Hill Ceme
tery, whero tho caith closed over tho mortal re
mains of a gallant and bravo olllcer and gentle
man, Among the very many illstliiituUhed
persons present wcro General bhermau, General
llazon, Gcuoial Tldball, Rcar-Aduilral Rodgurs,
Koar-Admlml Aintncn, Rear-Admlral Howell,
Hear- Admiral Bel fridge, Rear- Admiral 11, F.tatulB,
General Mt-lgs, General E. I). Totviiscud, Rear
Adrulral Almy, Colonel' Dolge, Tourtcllolle,
nnd Bacon, ClLiifr.it W. M, Dunn, Major Dunn,
judge jonu iei. I'ougiiui, cciiiiuuiuucr r.vnns. col
oncrc.G.McCawley, Chief Justice Drake, Chief-Jut.-tlee
W'nlic, nod Sec re nry Lincoln, General Sher
man and the members nf his staff, and many other
nlllcors, honored tho dead veteran by appearing lu
foil uniform of their grades. A detail of eight
privates and a sorgtant from Light Battery A, Sec
ond Artillery, were the bearers of tho cotllu,
Miss Daisy Iloltzmau, a charming )oung lady of
Pontlac, 111., who lias bcou vliitlng Mrs. B, F. Wor
roll, along with her fileud, Mrs. E. It, Meeker, of
Elizabeth, N. J., has left for homo lu tho West,
Mrs Meeker returns on Saturday evening, Both
ladles wero prolusu In tholr admiration of tho
beaulles oflho Capl'al city.
Mrs, Mary lluiihlns llulscy, widow of the lato
Samuel Hidsey und mother of Hon. George A.
liaise)", who wns formerly n Representative In
riinim-si from tho Nt wark (N. J.l district, died ut
her homo In Newark last Tuesday, lu tho 81st ) car
oriierage. Her lunetiil took placo vestcrday af
ternoon at her residence, on Wo.t Park street,
Mr, and Mrs lierlng Fiwdhk havo roturiicd
from their wedding tour, and wllllocato at 910 Mc
pherson Square, while they will be happy to re
colvelhelr friends nller June 1,
Miss dnra Iinto.i will leave for her homo In
Dniitvillo, N, Y on Monday, Inking with hor tho
best wishes ol tho soldier bo)s uud thoso who
know of her inriiett work In the causu ot hu
manity, Tho Tin Iir Commission.
Tho members of tho Tariff Commission, so far
as they wire ugrccd upon ot the Cabinet meeting
Friday, uro John L. llajct, of Mussnchusetls;
lUiuy W, Oliver, of l'viins)lvaiila; A. M, Gar
land, or Illinois i Robert P. Porter, of tho District
ol Columbia ; Alexander Mltchtll, of Wisconsin;
Johns, I'helpt. of Mlsssurl, and James Chestnut,
Jr of South Carolina, The list will probably bo
completed by the selection of William A, Wheeler,
otNuwYoik, who, If nominated, will bo chairman
of tho commission, uud J. A, Ambler, of Ohio.
The names of Iho lommtssloncrs will be sent to
tho fceuato in Hie curly i art of next w. eck,
The Prrsliltnl'a Vial' TheSahilltnlefdrtlie House
lloiiitrd Spirit mil For Hrade'a lltller
Tsxai tlnnnilary-Censui OffJca
Approval of Aets.
The rrcsldcnt will not net upon the case of Ser
geant Mason until arteritis return from New York.
Secretary Folgcr will to-day or Monday 1 sue a
cnll for r,000,0o0, enitlnitcd six per cent, bonds
lo mature somo time In August,
Tho Comptroller of tho Currency has nuthorlrccl ,
Iho First National llnnk of Fltithliur. Mich., to
commence business wllh a tapltal of JV.i.rxd
Mr. Brents, tho dtlegniu In Cougrcis irom Wash
ington Territory, mado nn argument before tlio
t'enalo Commltleo on Territories In support of tho
claims of his Territory for adiniitlou Into tho
Union as n Slate.
Thu President hasnpprnved the net to authorlzo
the receiptor United Sinks gold coin In cxclinngo
for a lid bars, nnd tlio act authorizing Samuel W.
Dnbncy, Uiillfdstntciciii.nl At Fnyal.to accept
n gold medal from tho French republic.
Tho Secretary of tho Ticomry lias prepared a
circular to collectors of customs prescribing tho
firm of certificate to to delivered lo Chinese la
borers dcpnttliig from this country, entitling ihcm
to reliirn, under Ihoprnildoni cr the net of May
0, lrS2. It Is provided Ihnt the certificates shall bn
printed on buiik-nnta liber paper, sons to guard
cgnlust counterfeiting.
In compliance with a resolution of the IIou o of
Representatives adopted on the 10th of April last
tho President sent to tho IIouso nu Friday n letter
from tho Secretatyof Stnlo wllh regard to tho
present condition of tho export trade of this coun
try wllh France In fnsli and sntt pork, And n num
ber or papers, letters, nnd documents relating to
Iho subject. Including the full corrcspond-iico of
tho Department of Mala with the diplomatic mid
consular officers of France.
Professor Spencer F. Hnlnl, United Stales Visit
Commissioner, was before tho House Committeo
on Foreign Affairs )cslcrday urging an appropria
tion ofJSO.OOO tacnablchls department to bo prop
erly represented at the Itilcrnatlnual Fish Exposi
tion to In) held In London In lrNt. The committeo
were so faioroblylmpnaicdwllhthostntemcntsor
Professor Pnlrd that ihey utiaulmoiisly agreed to
rvi.us it inn lunMitg ino tusircei upproprinnon.
inc roitowiug internal revenue appointments
have been nindo: Adam Steltler.Jr, storekeeper
nnd ganger for tho second district of Kentucky;
T. A. Harris, storekeeper for tho fifth dMrlct of
lown; John II. Davis, stnrolce; cr for Ihe lint dis
trict of Ohio; Thomas W. Mcllwaln, piiner for llio
first district or Fcniis)haiiln: John J. Boyle,
gaugor for llio first district or I'ciiiisyliniiln.uiiii
Henry G. Overslrect, gnugcr for tho secoud dls
trlct of Kentucky.
A fcwoftlicSlOrcAiiidlng certificates Issued In
187, which aroroiiverllblolnto4 percent, bonds,
are still outstanding, nnd tho Attirncy-Gcncral
hss decided Hint herenfler where Iho accrued In
ten st r mounts to 150 or multiples of Hint sum, tho
owners nro entitled to receive iinuds for Iho Inter
est as w ell ns for Iho principal of their cerllllcalcs.
As no pnimcnt of Interest Is made on these cen in
cite until they are converted, thosu still outsland
standing carry upward of thrco )cnr' Interest.
Tho President gave nn Informal lunch to tho
members nf his Cabinet yesterday, nnd lelt here on
the limited express train In tho afternoon for New
York. Attoruc) -General Brewster was Iho only
member of his Cabinet who nccomrmnlcd him.
.-ecrvmry ruiKer, cceireuiry i.iucnlll, nua 1 lllillo
Secretary Phillips will Join him In New York on
Monday. Theiartv will review tho naraclp nf Mm
Grand Army of tho Republic on Decoration Day,
but will not bo able to intend tho memorial exer
cises In tho Acvdcmy or.MusIoou tint day
A committee, comprising II, S. Smith, of riorlda ;
W. II. Richards, of Tennessee; E. M, Glllllt, of
l'tnns)lvnnln; C.II U'lncs.of Virginia, nndJnmcs
II 8. Parker, of Tcnnosscc, appointed fir that pur
pose by the Inwclipartincnl or Howard University,
cnlled upon the Piesldent usterdn) nnd cordially
lulled film lo bo present and to confer the eleiriees
upon tho class of '82, which gritdualis In the col
lcgorhapel Monday uvenlng next. The President
kindly received Ihe comnilltco nnd regrelteel bis
Inability to bo preseut. Mr. Smith acted nslpolrcs
man. Tho Census office has Issued A bulletin showing
that by tho consul of 1880 tlio number of persona
In llio United Slates wns 50,1W,7W; tho nren lu
squnro mllc, 2,C00,170: tho number nf families,
9,IM1,V1(1; the number of dwellings, fl,lkV,si2; tho
iiumbirof reraous lo n square mile, iTiCH; Iho
number of families to a squaro mile, 3.4J-ilio
number of dwtdllugi ton square lnllc, 1102; ncrei
to a person, 7 01: acres to a famllj, ltftr'J: per
rons tn n dwelling, S 00; nnd persons to n funill)-,
D0I. Tim urea, In land surface, onlycxclusho of
the Indian Territory and tracts or unorganized
tviliiui J, n&Kivbiteiiit, w,oe uaru tunes.
Tho Homo Committeo on tho Ju llolary has ill
reeled Representatives Wlllcts, ofjllctilcan, to re
port to Iho Houto nblll to provldo forruiiuliignnd
marking the boundary lino between tbo Slate of
Texas and tho territory of tho (lulled States front
the northeast corner of said Slatotn tho degrcoof
loncltudo 100 west from Imdoii nnd 23 nrgrces
wett from Washington, ns tho lino la described In
tho treat) between tha United States and Spain of
1'ebrunry 22, 181V. Tho bill provide" that a com
mission, to bo nr pointed by tho Culled States,
shall act In conjunction with A commission np
pointed bv tho Stale ofTcxus, wllh a view or set
tling the facta upon which Iho qun.lloii In dlsputo
rests, tho action of tho Joint c ommlsslon not to bo
couclusli c until ratified by Congress,
Eubpecnas have been served upon seven gentle
men lo appear on Monday next and testify before
the select rommllteo nppnlntcd by Ihe Senate to
Inquire whether any monoy h'S been ralsjd or
expended by persons In Interest to promote nr
defeat tho pnssgo of the bonded spirits bill
Three of tlicm.Golonel G.C Wharton. Gnirer T.
Stag, and W 1111am H. Thomas, of Loulsv lllc, Ky
aro olrundy In the city. A telegram wus recelv eel
yesteidoy from II. ShuMdt, of Chlcngo, president
of the National Dlsllllersnnd Liquor Deulers Asso
ciation, staling that ho will he lu Washington on
Mnndny In rcaponso to Iho summons nt the com
mittee. Mr. Stevciw, or Iho firm or Stevens, Dam
A Co., treasurer or tho National Association, nnd
II. B. Miller, of Rlvcrlnii, III., mid John M Athcr
lou, or IxnilsvUlo, nro tho other three wltues.en.
They have not jot been heard from, but are ex
pected to be In attendance on Monday.
Mr. Fryc, from tho Commltleo on Claims, ro
ported favorably to the Senate, n hill appropriat
ing (343,009 for tho relief of tho heirs of tho lato
Richard W, Muado, of Philadelphia. From tho
report accompanying tho bill (which was In'ro
ductd by Senator Cameron, of Potintylvan'A), It
orpears that Mr. Mondo, A merchant of Phlladtil
phla, visited Spain In llio)oar 1801 In order tn sit
nerlnteud ere it commercial transaction- In whlrli
he wits personally Interested, In 1810 Mr Mcalo
fell under the displeasure of tho S uiiKh govern
ment, was arrcsled and tinpil-oned, his buslnoti
ruined, ami his properly destroyed, or taken for
publlo use. Ho was subsequently released, aid
applied lo tho United Stnles to assist him In
enforcing his claim against the Spiulsh gov
ernment. Spain then iidluillcaltd his claim,
fixlnir tho amount ut (173,870, and ollirecl
to settle It by ronvc)lne to him largo tincls
of laud lu the Florldns, Other claims of Amer
ican citizens ngaliist Spain wero alio filed,
and nut or these claims grew the iievoilallous
which resulted lu the treaty ceding FlorlJn to tho
Hulled Mate, the United htntes agreeing to pay
the claims of citizens of this country against tha
Spanish government to tho extent of !A,000,000.
Mr. Mcaelo's claims was at llio time dl-alloHcd by
a commission appointed by our government tu
settle lliesu claims, and has si in o been pressed
upon tho attention or Congress by Mr Mendo
n lillu Ut lug, und since his death by bis daughter.
The committee In their report say, that taking Into
consideration all the circumstances or the ruse,
the nature or the claim, nnd the stipulations of thu
treaty they nro nf opinion Unit provision should
tornado fir tbo payment of W tier cent, of tho
amount otlgluslly claimed b Mr. Mcde, and ac
cordingly report back favorably tho bill proposing;
to Apprc prlaie the above-mtulloiied amount.
Tho Mibstltno for tho IIouso bonded spirits bill
as flnnlly amende! by tho Sennlo Finance Com
mitteo and reported to tbo Senate, contains tho
following In Iku of Ihe first section of the substi
tute heretofore reported: "Section 1, All ware
housing bonds hereafter taken shall bo conditioned
for tho pa) incut nf the Inx ou tho spirits as speci
fied In the entry nnd of the Interest on the tax, If
any, tins Accrued under the provisions of this act,
And I eforo removal from the distillery warehouses
or special bonded wart hoitsc.and within live yean
Irom Hie datu of their first entry Into warehouse,
tho lime within which tlittllletl spirits heretofore
entered for deposit lu distillery warehouses or lu
hi octal bonded warehouses are required to
Imi withdrawn Iheis fioin lmrsuant to tha
conditions of any wan housing bond taken within
threu )ors from the tltito ol the Unit entry of such
spirits Into warehouse, but such extension shall
not be made in any case unless thcro shall be In
dorsed upon or appended to tho warehousing
bond u wiittoii request therefor and an ucknowl
tdge'inelit nt their liability under the terms of
mid bond for the i erlnd lor which the extension
Is gniitiel, together with Interest ou tho tax which
may accrue under the provisions of this act, at If
thu Kiine wcru Inserted In the body of said bond
by tho prlncli aland sureties In tho bond, to bo
duly cvccutcd aud acknowledged by each of
them before it collector or deputy collector of In
ternal revenue, or, somo officer authorized by law
to tako tlio acknowledgment of deeds: J'rocidVJ,
That Iho sureties on said bond are, at tho time of
such iiqutst, satisfactory to tbo collector, and if
not siiiitiuciory, or u ine sureties sunn reiuse ui
make the ieqitt and acknowledgment Aforesaid,
that an additional or new warehousing bond, with
sureties satisfactory to tbo collector, shall bo
given," Sections 10 and 11 of the commlttee'si
original substitute are wholly omitted from tbo
new bill, as they are made superfluous by lb pre
ceding amendment.
I,orlllHii!'a Hlsltssse.
t OKreOM. Slav 20. Mr. Lorlllardhu sold his 8ri
' year-old cheituut gelding MllWie lot m
a. buJAeae. Aep.
..JS !. ..ljttjflMtdtS.,'TtjSjtl,... .-ifafr-
. U- .U, ! .:,i J,i'x,HhiMlJcSitL
,lbiiSiiiL,nLi(mLki,tir.. J -A&eWstfn
Uv it "inssssUrn .v

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