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A lTnlk Arotiml tlic Great ?Irlropoll T.silleV
llrciuj-Trinity Mnircti.Yaril (Iranintercy
Tsrk mill Some of the ItesMnits
About Central Park.
Special Correspondence or Titr m-rr'nitCAV.
Sin Yoiik Ma) 27. II Is very delightful walk
Ins down Iiroidivny these bright mornings. Shop
ping has Ijtcn taken up with renewed energy, nnd
r iiiscqucntly both the stores nml ttio sldiwnlks
n- troweled with tlic fair daughters of fashion In
pursuit of something to wenr Yet to Judge from
V n line clothes already possessed by thorn 0110
Mould fancy tlicy were cry far removed from
II o condition of Miss Flora McTllmsej-, Tho mor-
r'lants, though, nreglml Iosco tlicmnml nho to
cxhllilt their goods, for they know Hint oven If Hie
I crn to whom Uio goods ore show n docs not pur'
cbnc sho will very likely tell her dear flvo him
drcil friends nbout tho wonderful bnignlni fit ,
nudllio labor will not bo lost. Some of tho now
Mills nroviry lovely, nnd one Is tempted townlk
in nnd cxnmiuo them, especially ns the looking
reels nollilng. l'oncco Is oiillo popular this spring.
J saw a dies of that mntcrlal this morning made
with a plain underskirt wllli a deep ruillc tho
top of tho rudle was faced wllli brown silk and
Uld on tn deep plaits. The ovcrsltlrl Is made tn
rocmblo n doiiblo npron.aiid Is trimmed wllli tlio
luce embroidery which comes iioh to milch tho
1ti. 'ihe bnsqtto Is quite plain, and finished
Willi a collar lined ullli brow u silk.
Is made of dovo-colorcd rip. or rather a line cloth
cTimnnseil of silk nnd Muni. Ihe underskirt Is
t-luimed wllli threo plaited tlnimrcs of tnilti of
tho same shnde, above inch tlounco n rullle of
jflce embroider) i no upper skin is nrrntiu'it lu
Tntiiilcr sijle nnd finished at the back wllli n
lirgo ultlu low Tho bvquo Is plain, and tho
sleeves nlso 1 ho price of this drese Is SIOJ. It It
no wonder that the Now York women ore ocv
tr ngant In drc, for they hav e lenrncJ Hie secret
nfslimilngltoll to perfection, and the temptation
lo become the possc-sor of each now MjloM v.rry
ureal. 1 turned away from the busy throng on
Jirondway jcslerdny nnd wandered for nti hour
remm g
tiik TOMrwTovra is tiiimtv cnrr.ciir.int.
Tome there Is omcthliigcry Interesting nnd nlso
a cry noudirful in the collection of graves lit Hint
spot, fcepuratcd only by an Iron-rulllng, vvesoo
in one side Hie rushing, tolling, mger multitude,
Intent upon dollars, cent), pleasure, fame, trade,
nnd all the luuiitiu ruble Inlcrots that go to mnku
up Wo In u grcit city, nml upon thoolhiritclus.
ti.riif tiiiripftune", e.ieh marking (ho spot where
cmio poor mortil I ns found humIiu' place, nnd to
ililuk that these ris'lng-phiccs should u main un-ili-turbod
torso mini) years In tho vcr iciilor, ns
It wcrcofthumiirl.it lime. I uotluil tome very
old ntouif. ionic iisenrfy ns 17.11, and when It Is re
niciubiriu that ihe ground nt that spot istqttal In
value Inn small gold mine. It Is nil the more re
lunrknhlo that lhey should have been allowed lo
nuialn there for so mnn stars. Some of the
it mesorcso worn lie time nnd exposure It Is Im
possible to rcud the lnstrlptlou upuu them.
MiAMMinnr pinit,
the fqunre noted for l'rcslilcntlnl eindldalcs, Is
looking cry pritty now, Tho grin clod walks nre
Imrdered with tulips, and the tounlnlii In the
renter Is surrounded wlthnlnrgo bet of thrill.
The llowers nre In their glory nt present nnd make
the ciiot brilliant with shades or ncnrlit, trlmiou,
Tiluk, mid ellou. Sir. 'llldcn'j house, or ralhir
Tilden's Castle, Is niUnr.cIng toward completion.
3t Is n lino house, nnd several hundred thousand
dollars will bo required to cover the expense of
ilia Improvements, 'the stuuc work upon the
front ol It lint bien nrtlstlcallj carved, nnd the
lieads offcvernl distinguished poets nrugrnupul
In the spate between the two entrances. Among
Hum tiro Dante, Shakspcnre, Milton, rruukllii,
nml lioethe. It seems odd that so ninny noted
rien should have selected this locality fur a resi
dence. General McCIcllan, l'elcr Coopir, Cyruv
. Held, President Arthur, nml several majors
li ne nt one time, or are ut present, residing there.
31 r Held occupies two houses, aud with his ilmr
mterlstlc large.hearteducis opens his houso In
v, inter to ills married children with tlalr families.
2n summer they reside nt their several cotintrr
liomcs, but In winter they nil gather under tho
jutcmui ruoi.
for rich neonle to live lit. Kverrthln thntliii
osvlblo to attain, to plane thotjo, to gratify ihu
xntc, and to furnish amusement Is at thclrcoin-
miinu, uut lor tne v cry poor, it Is nam, hard Indeed,
'1 lie poorer classes living in cities where space Is
cl no uccount can form no Idenof the prlvnllous
ofthesnmcilass In this city, lfonownutto form
cnuiuiuiuiiucnoi me way nicy iivo ill tnem inifo
the Second n enue l.levatid liallrond irom Tw on
tilth street to tbo terry, lhey will puss whole
Mucks or houses tlv o and ulTftorlei high and n fain,
ilj on eviry tloor.nud In lcuiny lnstumc, a fauilly
In every room. 1 rom the tarn they can look into
tlio rooms mid note tho uurrotindltigH nud the Mirl
ousivvocntlimsof thcoccupnuK, In one amber
nblu him II) may be zathend about the tablo pur
tiklngof a scnuty meal, liinuother tho husband
nnd futlur may be plvlng his trade In ono pi ice,
nml the mother engaged In another part ot It com
pleting the family vviishliig. Ihu little nltimpu
nt Hdornuieiit In some of thorn uru t nil touching,
A pleturo hung upon tho wall, a feeblo plant ill
the window, a eaudv nso unon a shelf, nml nemo.
times n bird In u cage; each speak of a longln.' for
i mi aiii-nipi io uiaiku me nouie n nine nriguter.
How would tho
poor, cot ontD FAMiurs
tit Wnslilnctou enjoy drjltig their clothes from the
jourin or nun siory vviiiuovvst It is tne muni, ana
Indeed the only, wny In which Ihe families living
In tcncmcnt-humcA hero liuvo ot drjlng tin lr
clothes. A hlith polo Is erected, nnd a Hue with
pulleys Is nrrnnged for each window, nnd tho
whole washing, be it largo or small, Is dried upon
tlio single line, 'ihcro Is no privacy to the front
rooms of the houses on the lino of tho tcv oral cle
vitul roads, nnd tome strungo and laughable
tUlitinrc frcqiieully seen I do not wonder Unit
jieoplo proteind ngulnst them, but tho minority
vviu obliged to give wny to tho majority, nnd, ns
time Is money Inn gieat metropolis, nuiuy nre
luntcrioll) bcnitllcd by them.
very beautiful new designs In diamonds, which
mruass nn thing that bus e cr yet been exhibited
by him. Among them I noticed n pendant In the
lormof nit owl's head, composed entirely of dla
sitnids, mid the cjes formed of tho lure etouo
cnllid cats' eves; aho, a beautiful ornninent for
the hair In tlio rhupo of n head of wheat tho
grains made of diamonds, nnd tho beard nud
liavts and straw of frosted gold, dalslis formed
ol small diamonds and lu tlio center one very
large 'dhmoiids; somocry bcautllul cliatclnliio
watches of great value, one of Hum having the
clasp formed of stono cimeo, surrounded with
email diamond!, nnd the back of the watch nnd
limn finished lu tho snmc stl le ; another ono hav
ing the hoolc, key, chain, nnd back of watch nsolld
Tnuns of small gems; npalror nlualllocarrlJlgs,
the tops ol them formed of large illanioucRuiui tho
Tienduntnf one n largo whlto pearl, and oi the
other n black pearl, making a combination tie
cldidly unique. Amoiy tho useful articles I
noticed u lOMdv after-dinner cofleo ser. thn whnlu
nrrnnged In a handsome enso and consisting of
uuu uui'ii uiij cups uuu suiicers or cmua, ueco
Tulid with raised glltlcaves nnd a dellcnto llovvcr,
one doen gold collie-spoons, u sliver cotleo-pit,
cri'iim-Jug. sugar-bo vvI,iindbugar-tongsr the whole
coiling Stji.
)s more so nt thlssea'on, when tho trees, grum, and
phrubbery aro robed lu their spring atilrc. Tho
reason heio is a little later than It Is lu Washing
ton, for the fors)thlns, Japoulcns, spinas, llincs,
nnd almonds nre Just coming to perfection, a ml
come of tho fonst trees nro still quite bare, vvhllo
v lih joit they must be pretty ncni dono blooming,
rrom 3 to D o'clock ihcse bright allernoons Ihu
park Ncrygny with the slIMi tnrnouui. l'rob
iibly thoro are moro line equipages to be seen than
in mi) oilier phico In tho country, not excepting
evvporI, fur many of them are among the most
"tisplcuouson the avenue nt Newport l.iterlu the
Knton. liog-cnrls, village nirls, drags, tnlly
In.' toaihis, and barouches follow each
other In ripld succession, Willi coachmen
nnd footmen in livery, and tilled with Ihe wealth
nnd fashion of tho city. Many of thoso possessing
m ry fjst liorsis extend tho drive out heveuth mourn-In
Harlem, nud Indulge In a race with uny
cue found willing to Join them. Muih ot this sou
oi racing It dono cu btiiiday nftcrnoou, and the
tipper end or Seventh avenue is lined with men
nu either tldo Intent ou watching thisnuvalcur
Tllir.l. H.P.MS TO UK A ORANtl rTODl'l
to Kurppo this spring. The fccr la willid on Wed
nisdiiy with four hundred mid fitly pussiiigers,
nud nil the stunners going out tire heavily laden.
tWuil n vvnndirful thing this ocean tinvel mid
iMmohnsbiLomg' nnd what enormous revenues
n e gathered trom tbo shipping InleresU of New
'urk harbor alone. Apart from tho novelty und
biuuty of the whlto-wingcd mctsingers which nro
cniisiautly pissing lo mid fro lu the harbor or
.ilmly risllng at anchor, there is n pciullnr
ii tirett attached to tin so mighty steamers ami
their living burdens. Thrilling stories might he
w illteu of the happy hearts starting out In them lu
Tmrsuitofwinlih, health, mid happlniss maiiyof
tin m, nlns, never lo find It or even to return
ft'aln ol Iholowlycmlgrautvwi) nil Inthofuther
laud gathering his family and little pos'owlons
about liliu and faclu 'danger, iioverl), and prlvu
tlonslu his eagerness lo Hud the promised llldo
rdo on tho other side, oftuo hruvo otllcers aud
milord who man tho ships, who work
while others sleep, who know no foir;
'vhosa ceaseless vlgllanco makes tho patsajo pes
kible And again, what might be w illteu of the
priceless triiuures stored uw ay In Ihelr capacious
lepihs ot the gold and the silver, of luies and
velvet, oftnshnieresnnd rich shawls from Persia,
of fragrant spites from the lilesof thosea, ol In.
clous trulls from tbo tropics, of books, and Jewels,
nnd works of nrt of everything, In filet, that the
lasi-i and Ingenuity of niun luu devise and bring
to jerftclion! J. V, U.
Splendid Aminiril.
Happy Is the man who has asparagus beds Oils
j ear I The plants nro splendid How to eat them:
If 6u nro a gourmet of slmplo taste, cold, wllli
nil rontcuello alvvajs ulo them after this fashion.
31ut his friend, the Abbe Tcrrasson, preferred them
hot, with melted butler. Ouo dav Uio Abbe railed
on Ills frkiid.uud wanted nu Improvised dinner,
l'oatcnallo, with a noble disregard of soir, oiderul
Jiulf Hie dish of nspuragus, which ho Imdcuiled
or prlvala deli-aatfon fiom Ills kitchen garden, to
Losurvcdwltli butlerforhlslrlend llutjutt bemra
illuiiertlie Abbohudaslrokaorapnplex),aiidfill
dead, yonteuelle, nftcr making ileum arrange
ments for tho Interment, shouted to hit rook,
'Nona of jour button serve tho whole with oil,"
Xitfou WvtlJ.
A t'olDu IVIIIi Ilorkt-r u II.
Yoti know that coltin fnruh Jlemhardt used to
I'C'pInT Well.sho lias had rocUets put ou It,
And Tito Tfntliirr Tichrts-A Vailing nnt
Trnilrr llrmi.
" l have tccn waiting for you, Ittipcrt."
Dcsdemona McCnfferywns u witching straw,
berry blonde, with dreamy brown cei nnd a
large, volnptuoiH foot that attracted attention
wherever the went, Careless nnd trifling lu most
things, ami llillo recking whether sho had pto or
radishes for bnakratt, her tovn for rtupott Hethcr
Itiglon was the one absorbing passion of her life.
A lieu lie was by her sldo life was llko ft beautiful
day In June, with tho llowers blooming, tho bright
Minshliio gladdening tt cry nook, and Ilia bailor
brealhtif early summer making nvvcet perfiimoof
mo rcpnyni that enmn softly from tho niuro-bluo
skies, nml kissed the warm bosom of tho verdure
clad larth.
" lam netcr unhnppy when jou nro with me,
darling," she anld, nestling her head on llupett's
shoulder; "but when you are away ovot) thing Is
dreary, nnd dismal, nud forlorn. Did It never
i cur to j ou of w hat antagonistic emotions the II. o
of woman Is mado up?"
" It net i r did," replied llnpert. " I wns too busy
last week tr lug lohguro out whether Ulcnmore
would win nraee,"
Tor an Instant there wns silence. Tho lowing of
tho cattle In tho distant meadow and the twitter
ing of the svvalloirsns lhey circled round the eaves
of ihe houso pripnrntory tn turning lu lor tho
night were thooniy sounds to bo heard, l'nsently
licudcmnuti spoke ii;alu,
" limit Is so.ltuperl," slio said, "llamo nm
lie, polsoif nml periumo, smltm nnd tears, roses
nnd it) n, I assloii mid nbiiegallou thesa nre w lint
Die gods tnst Into tbu enldruii Irom whu.It uuno
" Hut jotirsojc Is fickle, lilt not7" raid Iturcrt.
"ton know the old sajlug: ' Uoiuun.thy nanio Is
Iiilimoua looked nthlm sleadlly n moment,
" I lTestimo you rclcr," she said, In cold, better,
ciuiii'-ln-betoro-your-cars-iire-fruscn tunes, "to
the Hue vvhlih rends: 'trallty, thy lfiiuo Is
woman.' " .
'I guess likely," was tho reply, "but I really
cannot sco why women should buifi-jtiuip nrounu
so much." , . , ,
"It Is becattjo you do not understand their
nature. A woman luves some man With Annul,
uniensonlnglove. Hie is only nglil a fr.ill.ins
sinuate, mnoilv girl, whoso hcnit Is n lulu lor
iiry wind Iniilny upon, who Is swajed by love
and lionor like any iced; who Is torn to pieces
with tho Jury of her own stilvlngs; who folIov
love fn-CTi r nnd fori ver through tho world, only
In sio It lliikir, mid bickon, nud ullurv, nnd lade
nuny like the wlll-o'-lhe-vvlsp; who sees hoiu
grow pilcr with every lovely duy that dlis on the
hnrluirs rnrile rim; who lu tl.eslccplo-s mid
nights looks riniilirintlmi in Ihu face with dry
ijcs, vvhii walks hiind-ln-liiind wllli a sorruwr
(hat might so uu'ly wear the stars ol Joy" unit
wllhnconviil'Iiesoli breaking li&in her lips Uio
girl tumid lu enter ttio house.
UnriLit sinimril Iiit. " Von aroolfour feed, my
darlltu," he sild.lu the low, niulinl tonis he
Micvi ho win now lo u-o vviieu a vvoiniuiAiuvc
un tn ho won nr tho unixritttd advent of three
nces In n Juck-iKit nniiouniid. "You will bu
inner in toe m i.svveiineari uio giuueii miieu
full, when tho leavei nre turning brown una tlio
Juke) UuligiK out thoso bcautllul luero-tluted
piKtcrs ntinout clng Its trotting Mcisnt the It y
Uty'lMck. , ,
" Do ion renlly think si, Huprrt?" Iho ghl nsk,
pulling hernriiisuiuund Ids nick nnd looking nt
film wniiiivvlsirul.liiivv-do.yini-thltik-you'd-leil-If-pipi-wns-to-hiave-ln-slght
'Whj.of course I dn, my nuget," he replies,
lienillngovor luklsshir nine fur tho cigars,
"And would jnu do iinvthlngln jour poncr to
make me hupp)"" and r.giln mo j-iirnlug, mix
lou, soiiiebiiil)-hold-lho-dig ixprelon comes
Into the dusk) ills, Irom which the tears are well
ing. "Mj love," ho tavs, sjcnklng rtowly and wllli
nu ciirmstiicM that shows how grave the subject Is
lo him, "you know that for your dear sake I would
brave uny danger, make any satrlfltu that limn
iau make. You know that jour happlniss Is
mine, that tovvln u stnlle from jourmvicthico
hill (t.uld furnish no torture 1 would not ondure;
you know that lu n pi mil I would even"
"Ihiough!" tnM iicsikinonu.a glad smile flut
tcrliicoulier Uhlo-nvinuellps, "1 will lest jour
"Do to," was Huperfs rop'y. "Let me proto
my love, ns the Lrusudirs of old did, by aomu
noble, manly action. 1 tint ready for tlio list, no
mutter how terrible It may bo ;" nudlils pure j oung
luce lighted up with n tnpturous, Judge lloluian
Desdcmona kissed him tenderly. " I knew you
would not fall me, my own true love," she mur
mured. "You luuv bring them to tho house this
"llrlng what?" asked Kupcrt "I do not under
stand j ou."
" Y'ou will catch on beforo tho summer Is over,"
came tho reply. In ilcnr, Inclsiictone-. "Inieau
tw o tickets to the matinee Irom .unin Klns'ey," nud
thu beautiful girl stepped Into tho house.
U Ith n dull jialii nt his heart ltupcrt wended his
waytoWlllnnrsbar. "Inmo'crjoungtomarry,"
ho Biildsofdy tohlinselr, "and too luxuriantly liy
to begin buying math oj tickets In June."
fiom -'POt at the Vint Hurdle," by J'uitt .ilariliat
llaltltad and Tom txhttltcc.
Itenami, llren hy tlic Comnmmliiul of
I'm I Ilnnilltoii lilt' sillily lle,erllons.
There Is dlrsatltfactlou nmong tbo soldiers In
l'crt Hamilton, lhey feel aggrieved at tho uses
thiynrcpiit to by their superiors. Ono of them, iv
brawn)', clcor-cjcd, muscular fillow, whose hands
showed that ho had inner used them for rough
labor, lcnnid ngnlnst tho sea rail )otorday and
cxprcocd himself:
'"lhcro Isnoexeusoforltatall.sir? Vo enlist
ns soldiers, nnd nro supposed to guard the harbor.
In-teitil, wo aro trcnted Ilka lackeys nnd cmptojcil
at the beck of the otllccrs lo run errands lor ser
vant girls, rlcnu out cellars, cart wood, dig In
gardens, nnd, In fait, do nil torts of illrly liurk,
not for Uncle mm, mind you, I ut back at tho prl
ralo residences or tho officers lu tho villages. Vo
nro nsscmblcd every morning, oxcept Sunday, at
T.tll) c'cloik bvn futlelle call from tho Irumncusr.
and told oirto tho number of say sixteen to Monty
men to this dirty work for the oillcctV servants."
"Who does this?"
"Tho prov ost sergeant docs It at tho liistanco of
tho oilleors. They send an orderly to hint null say
send mu I women to curt lomo wood or a mini to
dig upiny yard, ortotiKtlilngortlmt sort. Weuro
obliged to do work that Is foreign to our duty us
United States soldiers. A couplo of days agii I
went lo town to bilng back one shad lo tho
family of a lieutenant. How docs that strlko you'
A United Btatis soldier paid by tho government
fur itirrjlng li shul. Now, the Hook of ltiguhi
liens of 1831, containing artlilisof war, Itevlsid
i-tatutcs, ike, which Is the acknowledged nnd
only standnni, injs In section ltlSof tholievlsed
blnttiti's: 'Noollliershnllusj uu enlisted mini ns
nsinnnt In nnyenso whatever.' llesldei, para
graph 910 of tho regulations of ISM mid lMl ad
monlslics commanding olllccrs that Illness lor
military scrvliu by Instruction mid dhilplliiu is
Ihuonl) object for which a toldlcr shall be set at
work, except In cxtraordlnaiy dues', which shall
bo speedily reported to tho War Dcpai Uncut."
Tho rei orlir went nmong the olllcers' resi
dences. They were bcnutliully kept. .Several of
tho officers wero seen. Thny wero unlforinly
courteous, and even cordial. They all said In el
feet that tho work had to be dom , nud their sala
ries would not ndmlt of keeping men servants.
Heuco they followed what hud foiig been it cus
tom there, nnd used the soldiers.
Colonel John Hamilton, who Is lu command,
said It waslhucusloni of tho surtlco to detail the
nun to work about the tort, us the tmallncts of
thu military appropriations required Hint Iho
gioalcst economy should bu pniilicid, Tho men
hud jory I'nsy limes. Mauynl ibim entered tho
Army exploring to hnvo nothing to dowhatever.
Tho disertloiui, ot which there liuv o been twenty
two sluio May V, the hist pay day, wero due to
various onusis. una was bicaiiseiil thcrccilptof
two months' pay In a lump. Auothir rinioiiwns
ihatthumen got tlredof ono idaco and ono life,
rrcqueully they deserted from ouo post lu tho
spring, nnd tho nct fall turnod up in recruits at
some distant post. II dlsiovercd they are pun
ished. To guard ngilnst this kind or deserters It
would bo well to brand every tnllsiul man with
nu ineffaceable brond arrow of India Ink. It
would Le no disgrace, Colonel Hamilton added,
but rather ii miiiknl honor, and would illeclually
pro cut n deserter from re-eullslliig,
At tho fort eterdav fix soldiers were on euard
duty, it dozen weru target thoollug, u few vviru
working nrouml tho quarters nf thu olllccrs, nud
many weru ilulrg liothlu.-. Thoie uro uboutimo
of them Kltogcther .Vei l'orl iwn.
X Nll!ci'I.iiniTlire.' Iliiuilreil Vi'iir.Olil.
hllo engaged In Improving the ground around
tho old Catholic church In Yileta somo lurllei
dug out of Iho ground a largo silver lamp. In.
vesllgation mm research pro veil that It hail been
brought over to this country from Spain about
lUby Cordovan, the well-known prospector nud
settlor. Tho lump la if tho very finest silver nnd
very heavy nud valuable 11 was sent tobauin l'e.
N. M.whiru It was iliauid nud burnished nud
returned lo the church, an objcit of curiosity as
well as a vnlilnblo rLdlo and ninnim.tit. rrlit
church was constructed in Iho )iar lusl, under
tho nusplcisof the l'rauclscau friars, ftom the tl
v'liso jimet.
If I could moil ill on tho eagle's strong plnlo is,
I'd seek the green Island, my ouco happy homoi
Thoukh tjriititsnow hold the brave race In subjec
tion, Who orililit should be free as billows that roam.
I envy Ihe fowl In her flight llirougli thn ether.
Whose lompwis Ihe stars, and whoso rudder a feather
Jiovvgiati should 1 tie coum wo visit logiltirr
Tho Clem of Ihe Ocean, Dear Krln Maihree,
Onseeiiesofmybojhood I muse with reflection,
jiut reason on wiuspers, "your thoughts nre In
i:ach glnnco of the mind still revives my Intention,
anil urges mo uoine in my country again.
In sadness I think ofadovvii'trodden nation,
I feel for tho thraldom of Irlead nud relation
With hope, the sheet anchor that clings to salvation,
I'll visit Hlberiila.Duir Kiln Macbrtie,
Dear laud of my birth, where my spirit reposes.
My fond heart Is Ihrobbhu to vengeance, I swear
I sigh for her freedom hi pu slvoemollons,
'lo share In her battlis 1 long lo lie there!
Whole legions of freemen w 111 reeross the oi can,
Intensely undaunted, w lib ardent dev otlon,
The vvatth lower signal shall put them In motion,
To banish rude t) rants from J'llu Machrre.
Longdld the gibbet, spear, ase, and conviction
Allllil Ihco, dear Ilrlii.slnco llorohuo left bis throne:
And Inter thou cans t not endure V lie coeriloo,
jicniMin vviiiiu my people now suireranti moan.
An army orLondsmeii will show metal power,
Tlulr bullets ns hull, with nileuthHleulhiL- shovveri
Ul the exiles prepare for that long necnliil hour,
1Q SHIinill&ll II1H Ifiu. nrilPHP lrllt Mil, l.ri.i.
-J'. (iutJj,oi- Tin J.VjinWfron,
Thi OM SfCfsslon Cuptlol Tha City niM lis Sir-
rtnnitlngs Jtff Dsils and llemlntseencM
-The rollllcil 8IUatloa-Tli,
Coming Campaign.
Ppecfal Correspondence of Tiir ItKi-unMCAW,
MoNTiiouFHV, AI.A., May SO. A pleasant rldo
from Atlanta, Ga,, of between six and seven hours'
duration, over tho Western Railroad of Alabama,
brought mo to this placo Into on Thursday oven
Ing. Tho route carried mo through or nlong tho
edge of n flno ngrleultural country, tho roll gradu
ally changing Irom n red to n whitish sandy clay,
and tho crops of oats (now bolngcul), wheat, corn,
nnd cotton observed Indicated plentiful harvests
In most localities. Xcwimn, Ga., West l'olut.ui on
tho lino between that Blnle nud Alabama, and
Opcllka aro nil flourUhlng low n, each contalnlug,
I should Judge, between two nnd threo thousand
APiKit trASftNo w r.sT roivT
Iho general nppeamuco of tho country changes
perceptibly, falling from a gonily-rolllurj upland
to n low nml comparatively level cxpnmo of
prairie, broki n, however, hero ami lhcro by tho
small tt tennis tribulnry to tho Alabama Itlvcr,
which drains Ibis region. Ihoncxtday nncrmy
a l rlv nl here 1 1 rocccdcd to tn'crvlcvv the brethren,
whom I f.iiind earnest In tho causo of good gov
ernment, nudnbouudlng lu filth nnd good works,
Later on, under tho guidance of Pis muster lluck-
ley. I was driven through Ihe principal street',
nnd subsequently visited tho Htnto House, from
whence n 111 c view ot Alabamu's capital and Its
surroundings Is to bo obtained.
iioMoonrr.v, wmen (ursT.o
cousldcrablo notoriety something over twenty
years ago becnuso of Its having been, solo speak,
the birth-place of Iho so-c died confedernto slates
govcrunieiil, lis United upon the east bank of tho
Abibima Itlvcr, not far front tho held of imita
tion, unit Ins ii tHipulatloii of about 18,000. 'iho
biiiliic's portion of tho city occupies a broad,
level, and rallur low plateau, extending west
warillo Ihe river, which nt this point, alter run
ning In mi easterly direction for somu distance,
doubles b.ic'i iiihiu Itself, thus forming n long,
slender loon, which IiilIoslsh tract of laiul nmin-
sllonf cousldirnb e extent, rich lu roll mid bv.iu-
ttriti lo look upon, but nnbio to iiYcrllow. l:u
vcloplng ihe btisluess.ieuler, ns It were, unon the
north, ea-t, and south Is n semicircular ridge, or,
rather, a succession of hills, widen terminnmlu
Ihu gently rolling country beynnd.nml utioutheso
tho remainder ot tho city Is built.
Tin: sTiii'CTs ai:f. i:kiui.aiii.v laid orr.
nud, considering nil things, are kipt in excellent
condition, 'lhey are moitl) uu paved, but Appear
lo have a solid lounduiloti nnd n o riimparnlivily
irio i nun uusi. .iiiuy oi iiiiin are mieiiiu, ciiicuy
wlt!ii'onro gravel and somo shells Numirotis
handsome private residences are to bo rein, mid In
somu Im'.niiics gicat Inste tins bien dhp'iiyid, not
only In nrehllecltirnl design, tut u'so lu so
heating Ihein tl nt nil Ihu natural advantages of
i tiialhni uru now fully utilized. There Is uu
abundance of shade furnished by n variety of
trees (uminuu to this seeiloii, what Is known ns
the water oak seeming to predominate, and at
this Btosoii thu foliage ts so thick nnd ptenlllul
thiitagiodly portion of iho buildings mo almost
hidden from eyeu u btrd's-oro Mew. Theionre
good school and church facilities, but the build
ings erected for business purioiui uro hardly
worthy ifsj hnniUomo n city ns this.
nre located tho ppst.olllco, tho United Stales court
riH.m, clerk's, marshal', nnd district ntioruty's
officii of tho National (lo eminent. Is n plain,
lough, rcd-brlck structure, possibly large nud
convenient uuough fir the purposes to which It
wns originally dedicated, but it Is far irom being
nu ileiiiont of beauty lu the general make-up, mill
ltllcily falls lo supply thcplaiuof a government
building demanded by tho 1'tdcral business ut
111- place, nnd which should bo built speedily.
Tho iiiiukit-homc Is Included In the plan cl the
ell) -hall Tho Mate cipllol, which stands upon
inu uigu giiiiiiui lu mu cnsiniini, looaiug uovvu
upon the ii y, priscutsn flneapneuriinco from a
dlsUnic, nlthiiugh It Is devoid ot nil oinnminta
lion. Itlsbulltnf brlct, coveted outsldo with n
whlto stucco, and surmounted by nu observatory.
Hotel niuimtnodntlons nro limited. Tho llx
change, whlc.i linsuceiitiat lomllon.nnd Is ion
sldiRd the best, IsnotoJ ns liiniug hem tho ono
tho tclocr.im orderlmr lleaureaunl to oncn ilro
upon Fori Sumter 111 ISol. In n busluo s iiolnt of
view .-iioiiigomery is now hi us worst, iiuuois
dull, but the ctop provpects nrcsuch thnt tho mor
chants look hopefully forward to the full when
Ihclr harvest tlmo will commence, Tho fanners,
loo, ns they gizo over their Holds of groin nud cot
ion, nil promising fair returns for their labor and
out-puts, go atout their work cheerfully, al
though to most or them tho latt few mouths havo
been cxcctdlngly Irjing ones. Iluro nre lew
mauuhicturlng interpilses here, a lottoul laclory,
two cutlo:i-scd oil mills, nn oil rellnery, und leu
factory being tho only uies worthy or mention;
but)ct, owing to the extent: and fertility of Iho
iigrleiiltiitnl territory, or which It Is the center,
Iho city Is bound to increase In wealth und com
mercial Importance, nud will have little, If any,
difficulty in maintaining lis proper position nmong
tho business marts of thufcouth. Tills letter coum
not be lons.dered coinplcto without some refer
ence being made to
which, as lu Georgia and other Mutes I havo
visited, Is rather mixed. With uny thing llko a
free ballot nud fair count Alalnmn would tnko her
place at onco among tho licpublieiin states. Hut
under tho existing condition of things It Is doubt
ful If the llourbon power can be overthrown, ux
lept by tho co-operation of nil who uro lu favor of
a moro liberal policy, nud Hits without regnrd to
their furiuir narlv ullllialious. That thuio is n
considerable l.lbeiul cltmcnt nt work In iho State
cannot bu denied. Only within tho last few days
ii Demccratlo county convention (In the Hon. II,
A. Herbert's district) promulgated ofllclally n
series of resolutions, which show Iho present
lu many localities. I give thorn below ns pub
IIhod: Win rens, upon tho purity of the hnllot box depends
thtiperpilulty of our trie institutions! and whi-rtas,
tho Diinocratlo party shotiUl bo pre eminently in
liivorofu'Mrco ballot nml luir count;" mill whereas,
Iheolcctton lawof Alabiiuiii Is Imincil moiu In the
luiireit or IrauU lhau ralrness: T herelure bo It
jytutveJ, That It is tl.e aeusu ot the 1 e nocratlo and
CntiNcrvallv e luvrty or Crenshaw County that tlio
prenent election law or Alabama stiouht be repealed.
J.'esoririf, 'Hint the delegates Irom this county lo ilia
statu innvciitloti, to bu hehl hi the city of Mont,
goiiu-ry .Iiiuo 7, demamt a pleilge from said sjtato con
vention that the Democratic paity of Alatiuna will,
11 continued in power, repe il auM ilecllun law nt thu
iiextHcsslon of lliefienernl Assembly, nnd enact an
election law that will Insure fairness and prevent
Now, when it ts remembored that tho clactlon
laws lomplatiicil of nro the work of thu party
doinlmiut here, nud, further, that their repeal
must necessarily deprive tho
notncoNs or tub imii.scip.vl machim-hy
through which they mnlntnlii theinsclvislnofllce,
tho vnlco of even n single county In luvur of such
repeal Is nu ovidonce that liberalism is not a myth
lu Alabama. And tne Kcpubllcans whom I have
mot hero nro not unmindful ofihls rait, I Hud
them unanimously In favor of uny movement
which will leud lo thu disintegration and eventual
overthrow of llourbon Um. lint jet lhcro Is nu
liliml unanimity lu the opinion that thu organlitu
Hon of tho Itepublicau party must bo malinnlued
Intiict. Upon this point there Is no ellssont fnim
any one; mid I am ciitlstled that wlih such men as
Judgo llrtice, Judge Huckloy, Iho present po.t
muster, United Hintoi Marshal Usborn, mid Deputy
ilarsluil Jost, ltrglstcr feoit nnd ltecclvcr rltro
buch, nf Iho IjukI Oiriee, Collector of Internal Hov
ouiio llnpier, United biales Clerk of Court Dim
mlek, mid others whom 1 could name, ull nittvo
will proton most trying one lo tho opposition,
oven uuder tho most favorable conditions they
can niauufactiire. The outlook Is hopelul for Ihu
friends of got il gov ernment, nud I should not bo
sin prised if Ihe Republicans mado some gains,
especially If tlio liberal Democrats co. operate, as
they ought, against tho timmoit enemy, Tho
United blabs court, Judge liriuo presiding, Is In
session, and engsgid lu trying cases chteily lor
violations of tho Umber laws. I havo tuuud tho
Judge, us will as tho oilier officials, n
nud all of them heartily Indorse thecoiirso of Tim
National ili'i ciiucan touching Southern nifalrs,
which Is a siilllileiit coiiimendatlmi of thuvlaws
lhey entertain. 1 cuiuo neiir forgetting to mention
thai I huvo met here several vYasnlugtonlans,
among them lleiieral Albert ITko and Mr. William
M, Ireland, who nro here on business connected
with thu Miisonh: fraternity, nud Jeuiuio J, llluds,
who Is traveling on his own account. 1 shou d not
bo iv bit surprised ir tho latter had In view somo
(Killtluil aspirations perhaps ho would uvotiruti
lor Congress lu Iho nclmu District, wheio bu
claims his risldence, If ho could git tho chance,
Auiii miens, 'iho weather Is qttllo pleasant;
quite cool for tho sea.un, and nitncr dry, but u
rain Is threatening nnd will coino In good time, as
thu cropi, especially corn nnd cotton, nro sadly In
need of It. My next letter will probably bottom
tome point til North Carolina, the location of
which 1 nm unable ns yet to determine,
s t
A Olr I Who Nainil u .ilnu'x Lire.
Lust 1'rldny two cninmcrilal travelers, namod
I'.ij no nud Harltton, arrived at 'Now Itlvcr Terry,
Va. While walling for tho boat Mr. l'ayuo drove
tho buggy Into tho water to wash It off, when tho
horso becamo unmanageable nnd plungid into
deep water. Mr, 1'ayno endeavored to cut Iho
animal loose, but wns thrown Into tlio water, and,
having on a heavy overcoat nnd boots, was In a
ycry critical situation, LIllloDrynnt.Uauglitcrof
tho ferryman, njed 11 jcars, wns on tho other side
playing Inn canoe. With great presencoof mind sho
paddled at onco to tho rescue, Mr. HarMon, with
less, made her coma to the bank fur him bclora
going to tho ro cuo of I'ajne, ho supposing that
the little girl wm not able to rescue i'anui but
Mr, llarlston, seizing a paddle, put tho boat to
"turning round and round," nnd so 1'iiyuo sank,
llruvo I.llllo at oneu took lommnnd, ordered Hurl,
stou lo let horpnddlo her own canoe, shoved It to
tho spot whore l') no was sinking for tho third
time, aud culled to him as ho went down! "Hold
up jour hands!" I'uyne's hands were, thus above
Iho water when his head went under, and tbo In.
trepld girl seized them, and. w Ith Hsriston's help,
drew him Into tho boat. Mr. l'avne, In bis grati
tude, doslros to educate and support tho child, but
I.llllo Is n romping girl, who delights in a fishing
an. I n.l .a n nm. ..n..k (Unit l ,l(tll ,,1 ilm.jn.
IUU IIIIU H VailW ,'IVtU ,., .,. uu,, Mt, MIHVI.
nud Is unwilling, It Is said, to exchange Iho wild
froedom of her mountain life for tho confinement
of a boarding-school, and esteems tbo iiiuslo of
the ripples or her loved rhorsneetcr than tho
uvtis ol u plauo. Montgomery (Taj ituunier.
A Wcitpoii ror Ihrl-nillrs-sinnifi Inlercsl
lug 'eH.
Tho use of tho fan has becomo so general nnd
Its cost so trifling, few persons ever give n thought
to us origin, or dream thai It ever had nnvslg
nlflcancobojond serving thepurposo of cooling
tho brow of tho lick nnd tlio well, or forming a
pretty present for ono friend to nlia to another,
Tho fair sex, both young nnd old, rich nnd poor,
alike usn It, ami tho most dignified man when
old Sol Is on tho laropnge does not consider It
olTcminato to elo tho same. Tho society belle, In
preparing for nu evening entertainment, would
almost as soon think, of going without her gown ns
to go without her fan. To her It Is a wholo
arsenal of weapons In the skirmishing attacks
upon ma hoarls of the opnosllo sex. Tho Spanish
girl would be entirely at a Iocs without this aid to
nutation, with It tho entries on regular con
tcrsatlons. and the lanmiatrenf fans la almost ns
nxtomlvo aud expressive ns tho lauguago of
now onAcm'tXY mk hanpi.is it,
nnd nrlftlllv mnlrn Itdnrintv In Millncs- And rn,
onllngtho brilliancy or horbcnutlful dark tyes,
mivi knu iiLiuiuvr siiu Tiineiv biio niniiBKVJS lu lot
lect Is something remarkable. Kho prizes them as
highly nsn New Yorkbcllo does her towels, nnd
has them to stilt nil times and seasons, rnns of
crimson anil gold ror tho festive occasion, or blue
nml silver lor thu moonlight walk, nf snmbro htio
for tho church; fans or fragrant woods, of polished
pearl, or dainty Ivory, nnd somctlmesof eold nnd
silver. Tho origin of this pretty little adjunct to
tlio toilet ts traced tn rcmoto antiquity. Ulster
rlansilKIer as to which nation tho honor belongs
of originating It, tho mnjnrlty, hovvovcr, nltrlbuto
It to tho Japunoie, for wlih them It has n signifi
cance entirely dlll'eient from any other iople.
Ill that country Ibe fan uotnnlv- denotes tho runt;
of thn Individual carrying It. but it Is Used fnrn
miillltudo or purposes which strike us us being
very comical,
TiiEACTort vara Titta
upon tho stage to glvo greater emphasis to his
words, the money bestowed upon n beggar Is tint
laid upon a fan nnd handed to him, nml the crim
inal In the cell recelrcs hUseutcncu or death upon
n fan. r.uis aro used by thcuinplra In deciding
boxing matches, wrestling matclun, rat Helps nuil
lock lights. With its n gentleman raises his hst In
saluting a friend, a Japanese' wnvos his flu, lu
Japan battle fain nro carried lu war, nnd nre viry
Imposing flll'aln. In ancient Homo fins weru In
common use, nnd at great feasts slavts stood be
hind Iho lady gmsts with large fans. During the
middle nges tans mado of eagle or penemk f.-ath-ers,
with handles of gold or sllvor, bccaiiio Iitcra
tlvu nrtlccis of trade lu Iho Levantine mtrkels.
from whence liwy wero exported lo Venice anil
other plaics,
with having Introduced Into Trance tho folded
fan, such ns nro Initso nt Ihe present time, 'lhey
became objects of gre it luxury dining thu ttmo of
Jam s XIV nnd Louis XV, they werondorned with
bcnntlful paintings nnd portraits nnd rare lace,
nnd were setwllii diamond! nnd other precious
stones. No toilet wns romp'cto without them, nnd
they ranged lu prlco from SJO to SIOO. Tnlsex
Iruvagaucu though was not confined to Tratico nor
lo that period, for costly fans aro still iiinnutacturcil
and find rennypunhasers In everyclty. It lsn
cinif.irtable fcenn, hovvovcr, that tho luxury or
Kissesslng thorn Is not confined to tho rich ns
ninny other luxuries of lire nre. Tho three lent
pitlm lenfwlll ulloid qultuus muelt comfuit nud
not half ns null h euro as tho daluiloit comblua.
Honor pearl, point lace, or feathers will nllbrd,
nnd to the itiilnltlutod, u Japanese fun niannlac
tttredlii New Jersey, near tne shores ol tho At
lantic, is Just ns pretly nud as lorilgu looking
us though it had rmlly cross.il the i'aeiile.
niiraturr nations ham:
Ihclr own peculiar st) les nud designs, nnd somo r.f
Ihemaroviry unique und Intcrrsiliur. 'Jho Chi
nese probably lead ifflu iroducliiu' tho greatist
variety of designs; lhey rather pride themsclvts
upon their luciiully in lnanufuctiulug curious
nud biautlfiil fans. They uinnuiiut them with
all sorts of grotesque figures and Imposslblo fruits
nud flowers; and make Hum of extruonllnary
lightness nud durability. Ono of their fnvorlo
iltslgns Is called, tho "miikco btenkee," When
clo.cd or opened prnrcrly It
of nn ordinary shut-up fan ; when turned fn tho
opposite direction It nppirently drops to pieces In
thu hands. Tho loiiitermitlounf tho Individual
who may happen to lorrovv )our fan, when ho
sees It fltll to pieces is exceedingly nmuslug, mid
It never rails lu nil the Chinaman with convulsive
laughiir. They nlso lnauuracluto hcml-timis-parent
fins, with too old oftho silk worm, which
are very curious and teuttitflil. Ouo would hardly
exiect to find danger of nny kind lurking In this
pretty little nttlclo or dress, anil jet tho Italian,
ever on tho nlcrt to llud a hiding-place for his
dinih-deallug stiletto, has utilized tho fin fur that
purpose, Just ns lie hoi dono the c-vuo und c.r.ulu
articles of Jewelry.
IIiiTlnc Fun lis llnknln.
lltttto numbers sonic tough pllgsjims among I s
iiiusoiinui. jaistwccn two men got inronuis
puto In n saloon nnd ngrued toritlro to the tear In
tho placo to tight il out. A lough followed tho
ctovvd, scnted himself upon a barrel ucnr Iho
sreno of Ihe encounter, nud when tho cxiltemout
was ut Its highest ho drew n rovolvcr from his hip
pockit nml llnd threo shots Into tho midst or tho
onlookers. One man was very seriously, If uot
iiiiuiis wuuuui'u. jiismiirc jnyiinc.
Ticelle Is the rago lu Paris.
The latest London rago Is for gray.
Tamers are worn only lu full dress.
1H.ACK Chautltly Ince Is cgaiu in favor.
llUTTONrn boots nre going out of fashion,
AncmcjiY bids fair to bens fishlonnblo as ever.
It is fashlonablo nowadays to bo unfashionable.
Tun coarser tho fltclle laco tho better It'ts liked.
Any neat utility costumo will do lorn traveling
Dadminton Is played with battlcdoors nnd shut
tlecocks. Honnet strings nre called bridles In milliners'
UiitEUj nre much worn for traveling costumo,
nut tire not ue tlgncur.
Vmvelnrk stockings will he worn all through
mo summer by children.
Tiifiik Is ii rngo lu Now York for small Jet
ucattcu t ancuon uonniti.
&THFI.T costnmes nnd walking suits should no v or
bo mado with panlcrdraporles.
CtiArK lu nil shades of color Is tho fayorlto tna'
tcrlnl for dressy enpoto bongeis.
TosoK.r, lit nil colors, as well as the natural ecru'
shades, Is as lashlouabio ns ever.
II vhminton bids fair to supplant lawn tennis us
tho outdoor game for midsummer.
IH.VCK stockings aro worn frith nil kinds of
dresses, even white nnd tinted ones.
Caiiviuwooii nnd bamboo furniture. Is In da
mnud fur summer house furnishing.
The old fashioned batllodoor nud shuttlecock
and cupstlck nnd shuttlecock gnmo Is revived.
I.omi curled hair lu tho back- Is again lu fashion
for littlo glils, but the curls must bo large, loose
nnd few.
The Molhcr Hubbard and Kalo Gromavv nysi) les
for Utile gills' overdresscsaud cloaks grow moro In
favor cvory day.
Alt. morning toilets in Tails aro of very dark:
shades ofCnrmcllte, soul brown, ludlgohlue, T.us
slan grcon, nud dark beetle color.
The long, tight rcdlngoto worn over n silk or
wool skltt having no trimming but a pleated
lloitueont Iho bottom, Is much worn by loading
society women.
Tin: full draperies, panlcrs, nnd bnufTanto tour
iitirci, which lhcro is an eflort lo make fashion
able, nro very unbecoming to all except very tall
and slender women.
TiiBGulmpo underwnlst, with Mother Hubbard,
overdress, low necked and sleeveless, end with no
waist lino shirred or belted in. Is a ory popular
st) lo for girls uuder 14.
The best dressmakers still moko tho foundation
skirt very narrow nnd straight gored, e lasplng tho
itguro Hko a sneaiti, 'I no superimposed draperies
nro thou mado full according to fancy,
Aiiomatio ozonized cassolettes, or littlo satchels
to carry In tho pocket or hang around the neck to
preservo the wearer from Infection, Is a London
caprice which has not yet reached America.
It Ii no longer fashlonablo abroad to have ball
rooms n blaze of gaslight. When wax candles aro
not used It Is tho rulo to shads tho gaseliers and
chandeliers with timed glass or timed muslin, or
tinted llssuo paper.
A rnETTV novelty for opera of summer evening
watering place wturls a scarf or shawl In alternate
batiks of silk nnd woollen gnuza in all colors and
pure white, wllli threads of gold Judiciously ami
tastefully Introduced.
Vi.C!Na Is being Introduced among Indoor
amusements for young women. It Is said to glvo
moro grace of movement and posolhan nny exer
cise, not oven cxecepting dancing, A pair of good
foils can bo bought tor il.
Tiik old-fashioned calecho or Ilcllgolandcr of
forty years ago ts revived. It Is a silk bonnet or
hood tlilrrtd ou whulcbono or splits of alternate,
long nud short lengths, so as to glvo tlio bonnet
tho nppearnuco of a half-opened folding glgtop,
CoLonEU riding habits aro revived for hunting
by laigllsh women. Green faced wlih white and
brightened with silver braid nnd buttons, or bright
red cloth with black velvet facings nnd gold but
tons, aro tho favorlto colors for habits, vvhllo tho
hut of felt is cocked or turned up In threo comers
and trimmed with feathors and a rosette.
In Paris, at Ihlsruomout, tho most fashionable
womin aro wearing very plain dcinl. trained
morning dresses of soft, light, woollen stuffs, gen
erally of somo subdued Carracllto brown color.
llolh tlio corsago and skltt Is laid In plonls, nnd
when the wearer walks out sho catches up tho
deml-tralnnt the side undent thick silk bow, or
o cord and flat lossol, which also supports tho
aiimcmfYrc Thu shoulder capo worn with this cos
tume, aud tho atmonltrc art ofclsolo velvet.
Which ll.lsnls Civilization ths Mast t-1'orraer
lttstitcnts anil Their Morals Mlnarit lie
sonrrrs of Ihs Territory Th South
ern Perllsn, Itallrcnils, ae.
Bpeclat Correspondence of Tiik ltrrtml.ioAK.
Tucson, Arizona, May SO. While Arizona Is nt
trading publlo attention from lawlessness on the
part of tho whites nud savagery on the part ol the
rcsllcss Apache, It Is n question of doubt which
rolards civilization most, tho cowboy or tho In
dian. Certain It Is that tho mixed elements In
this Territory need tho strong baud of powcrto
keep in check Iho unruly, whether It b tho reno
gada from civilization or tho untaught aborigines,
smarting from unlold wrongs. Isolated nnd well
nigh Impenetrable ns this portion of our country
wns before Iho advent of railroads and telegraphs,
n sjstcm of morals, bustucs', nnd politics fastened
Itself upon It, most vicious and unwilling lo glvo
wny to a belter order. Immorality wns no bar to
rank, corrupt nnd boso dishonesty In btislnemno
disgrace, nnd tho mtst unseemly transactions no
bliltletauco to political preferment. Tbo almighty
money god now receives tho devotions of Pagan,
Jew, and Gentile ncnrly alike, and every project,
fur good rrevll, iccmstu bo governed by the main,
spring of ranking money. Hut lew nre here for
Ihclr health, mid but few seem willing to await
tho results of honest enterprises,
by Clio application of capital nnd Intelligent In
dustry cniuijt bo denied, nnd Ihoso who dovoto
lime, labor, nnd patience to legitimate enterprises
nro very sure to win success, nnd, In tho long run,
conllilcnco Mid rcsp-ct. It has bien my privilege
during tho post few weeks lo sco nnd ucqiialiit
mynlf with n consldirable portion of the lower
part of Arlronn. A knowledge nf tho agricultural
and mineral resources of this Territory can only
be niqulrcd bypcisonnt observation und cculur
Inspection. Being fortunnlo enough to hnvo Iho
acquaintance or some parties appreciating my de
sire to know more than I havo herctofjro had
opportunity of learning of this country, my com
pany was ought f.r roach Joitrncvs south nud
west nf this place. With ono party iho Cuiitn Crus
Valley, as fir south ns Iho Mexican boundary,
miideiiu Interesting ttlp.oxhlbl Ini.nslt does, one
of tho must fertile nnd uttnicllvo valleys lu
Alisons. After passing
situated In tho Tapago reservation, tho alloy
alliens to several mile', thu greater portion or
whlili Is coverid wlih heavy misqulte timber,
and thn remainder lying In open, grassy plains,
over which roam bonis ol horses nnd entile, iho
property oftho Tapugos. llelovv tho reservation tho
v.illeyiiarrows.oud lormaiiyinllcsls only valuable
for catllumugci until near to the old pueblo of
tho 'lulnc, whero Iho water oftho Santa Cruz
ngnln nfl'titls Iho ruuehmau the mems of Irriga
tion, llelnw this old bnulsli town tho valley, oil
duvvntn Cnlabosiui, Is one beautiful stretch oi rich
bottom land, the grass sprouting from the river up
Into tho foot-hills nml mountains lu this part of
Iho valley, ou tho west side of tho Santa Cruz, Is
tho old mission or Tuuincacorl In ruins, n monu
ment or Apache vingeaiice, where ouco a consid
erable village, nnd trultlut fields graced what Is
now an uninhabited nnd unproductive platenn,
Halting for the new clvnlz itlou,
viijoted nv the ip.on itonsr.
and electricity. At Calabosns a new town has
been laid out, und by Hastern brain nud capital is
fn become iho railroad center of lower Ailzoua.
Tho Atchlsou.TopekniiudSaUtaToliallroad, called
hero Iho Arizona Southern, forms n Junction with
the nad biiug rapidly constructed frnmGiiayinos,
iv Mixlcan loan on tlio Gulf of California. A
branch Is to bo built from bcro north to Tucson,
and n lino Is prnjcctid westward to Saw Diego on
tho Tactile Irom ealabosas down to tlioSonoia
lino is a delightful drlvo ovcr-n smooth, well
biateu road, with gold un I silver bearing moun
tains tn thu cast, nud rolling, glass-covered hills
reaching fur to iho west. Crossing tho border, wo
enmo to n halt, alighted, and stretched ourselves
ou the foreign soil of our sister republic. At this
point wo had
msEN to a man ai.titudk
In the pass between the mountains lowerlngabovo
us on ilttier side, nud tho utmosphcro was dry,
eliur, nnd bracing. Af.cra stroll In Mexico thu
Inspection of n primitive, native mescnl distillery,
u good rest nnd refreshments, our conch-and-four
headed northward, and we specdid tn Calabosus,
as hilarious n party of sbir-golug Indies mid gen
tlemen ns ever pniked a coach or sparked Inn
foreign land. Much of tho mountain scenery
up this valley is crawl nnd wild, and when It is
taken Into consideration that In most of these
mountains there nro vast deposits of piccious
nictnls nud nlrcudy mnnywcll-dovclopcd mining
claims, tho Intero.t Is heightened anil tho mind
expands Into scenes of future cities nnd beautiful
I lantatlous taking tho place of tho uninhabited
regions through wlih li wo pass. Wo had but Just
returned Irom this trip when
to go on nn insptctlon tour through tho country to
nlxmt ISO miles to Iho west of Tucson, tuklnglu
thoCababl, Mi)-ers, nnd AJo mining districts. Af
ter suitably disposing ot our business affairs nud
making ready lor it tumpliig-out Journey, myself
nud wife Joined the parly, nnd wo bounded off in
a couch-nnd-four "wis.wuid ho!" Our route lay
through n, icglon of country occupied only by
Tnpago Indians nnd n few miners, heretofore) ro
gardid nsn worthless, desert tract of the publlo
domain, forbidding nnd uninhabitable. Notwith
standing thcru Is not a stream of water or n spilng
et en lo lie seen dining the wholo distance west to
tho AJo Copper Minis, tho country produces cer
tain natural grassos, principally gramma, afford
ing pasturage for cnttlo, which aro watered from
wells and reservoirs filled by tho rains.
nt suitable distances npait, Iho whole country
might bo filled with cattle ranches. This, how
ever, can be done only by n considerable outlay of
mouiy, ns wutcr can bu obtained in most of ihe
couutiyonly by sinking to il great depth. Wells
from 10U to 29(1 feet dup aro riqalrcd, and the
great cost of sinking and ot tho appliances for
raising tho water ditir many from engaging In iho
business of stock-raising who would otherwise go
into It. These lands biar no comparison to tho
grnsi lands of the-western prairies aud can hnvo
no value except lu largo tracts, which should bo
disposed of by the Government In townships nt
n reduced prlio t er ncre, nnd to that end tho wholo
country of which 1 spenk ought to bo survejod
simply into township tracts.
Is but a small range for n herd of slock, for which
ono well, with proper ho'stlng power and tanks,
would witter all tho initio that could be subsisted
nu n township tract. Congrcvs should without de
lay pass u law for disposing of grazlnglandi. Much
of tho Territory of Arizona Is v nlueless fir agricul
tural purixihcs, but for grazing could bo largely
utlll7Cd were tl-ore any law by which title could
bo had. None of tho laud laws apply to these;
nnd until somo law Is passed providing for their
eulo lu largo tracts the e ow-boy nuisance will cou
llnuo. Ou our way out wo passed through
is hero wo had pleasant and friendly visits with
ihe Tnpagos. Arriving at tho Ticuclio mine, wo
made n halt until Ihu next duy for rest' nud an
Inspection of this nud adjacent properties. A
visit to the AJo district nud a ramble nmong tho
famous copper mlno, after which the district Is
i ailed, completed our trip westward, Thcsu
mines wereworkod many years ago by tho na
ih cs vvhllo this part of Arizona formed a part of
Mexico. Iho old works, excavations, dumps, nnd
crumbling buildings, covering ground a mlloor
more rqiinte, show to what extent these mines
huvo been worked. mvX yet scarcely n beginning
has been made. Our return was different fiom
tho oiitvvniil Journey only in n chango lu that
w rather. Wostattcd from Tuceon lu ulsters and
roliiruea In dusters. Much of the country pre
sented a tropical aspect, and In niaiiy places as
far ai tho eye could reach thu earth wns
Nearly every ipcclesof cactus, from tho prickly
pear up tn tho mammoth sngunru, grows In this
country. Tho latteriu somo places stood so thickly
ns lo resemble n forest. Yet, from the dryness of
tho soil and Iho destitution of water, thu whole
region through which wo turn led was essentially
n desert country, utterly worthless for agricultural
purposes, except ns comprehended by Iho proprie
tor of it cattle ranch. Arizona's lucxhiiustiblo
mineral resources exceed any language to describo
Hum, aud, with thucflluvor time, Iho Incoming
tldo of restless fortuno-seekcrs, and Willi an Im
proved civilization, her plains will send beef and
her mountains precious metals In abundance to
feed and enrich tbo outsldo world.
An Erciit In Olrt liiiu'ii Career.
Tho Academy of Muslo was reopened on the 19th
of February, 18.W, under tho management of tho
very distinguished violinist, Ole Hull, who leased
that vast aud splendid void for a short season.
Among his artists wero Clollldo Tatil, Vostvall,
Hrlgnoll, and liadlall, and he oflorcd a prize of
31,000 for tho best original grand opera by au
Amorlcan composer on nn American subject, the
copyright to bo rctnlncd by tho author a vain
proposal and nn unvvtso limitation. Muslo Is not
cultivated thus, ncithorby prize giving nor by ef
forts to olovAto nrt and encourage native attlits,
and still less by Insisting upon natlvo subjects.
Tho wholo history of literature and of the fine arts
Is a robuko to such folly. It was lu keeping w 1th
this project that Ole Hull should go to tulh as a
manager wlih greater speed than nny of his pre
decessors, lie did not last two mouths, and his
short managerial career Is worthy of this brief
warning notice only because of his distinction as
a violin virtuoso, nnd becnuso In that capacity he
bud shown no less skill lu manipulating publlo
curiosity than In handling his Instrument. J.'Wf
arti Greml White, in tne Jane Century.
O, maid with the hair that Is yellow, .
'Tts time that your home you forsook)
Co uio over and live with n fellow
Hy the beautiful fskoodoowobskook.
And there whore tho grasses Ihe brooks kiss.
In the prettiest kind of uuooki
Whero the sWIft-ruonlng Skoodoowobskooksls
Tours luto the Bkoodoow obskook.
Our lives llko their streams shall commingle.
Tor Heaven no further we'll look I
Then conio-lt Is wrong to live single
O, como to the Ukoodoonolskook,
In this lovely terrestrial Kden
I'll teach you to fish with a hook)
The fishes are plenty, O, maiden,
In the crystallue Bkoodoow obskook I
Our food shall be trout from tbe waters.
Which you to your sweet taste shall cook)
Come, fairest of Uncle Sam's daughters,
To tbe banks of Ihe bkoodoowobskoek.
Xtui YoikSun.
Tlir Ilrnlr lUcnpea from ts Circa ssnd I
Cnptiirril In n ftwrsmp.
A small army oftho most courageous nnd sport
loving nallrcs of Gloucester County, N. J., cu
oyod tho excitement of a genuine elephant hunt
yesterday morning, and finally suet ceded In cap.
turlng the gaino In Turner's Bwomp, flvo miles
irnm llrMgeport and one and a halfmlles from ths
Woodbury tnrnplko. King, tho elephant tbo Now
Jersey aborigines hunted for, Is tho trump card of
Howo it Hemingway's " Koyal Vienna Monagorlc,"
n small show that hat been doing Interior towns
lu this neighborhood for several weeks. King,
the threo dens of wild animals nnd the waxworks
belonging to Iho show wero exhibited at Mildred
on Monday night, and after tho exhibition King,
offended no doubt by tho smnllncs of tho crowd
that catno to sco him, worked himself
into a mioiiTrcL rtAaic
After struggling soma time hobroko his leg chains
and ilashcn himself ngnlnst tho side of iho lent.
Theguy ropes tiinprcu, and beforo Howe, Hem
Ingan) , or tholr five assistants recovered fiom their
astonishment at tbo least's rcmarkablo behavior
they wero all enveloped by the falling canvas.
Mr. Howo got out In tlmo to sco King lumber off
down tho tnrni.lbn nt tho rstaoften miles an
hour, shaking Gloucester County at every step.
'Iho show people mounted horses nnd the chase
began, r iltecn minutes lalor Jomcs It. Patterson
and A, J. Muuccly, who were riding lu n spring
wagon on the ens i road lending rrom Mildred to
tho tumplko, saw a monster nnlmnl bearing dawn
Upon thorn. Patterson's hor.o saw thoilcthnnt
mout Iho smno time, nnd, wheeling quickly to
tho right, made n bee-line across country, leaving
tho wagon anil lis occupants hanging on the first
fence, 'this Incident only drew n roar from King
as ho plowed nlong tho muddy toad and inssiil
the terrorized travelers.
Ihe hunter i came up with the brute standing In
front of n barn. sard. Iiuliln ofwhlrh n courtla of
dogs wcra making a frightful noise, Half nu hour
of liberty had mado tho elephant long for more,
and when the pursuers approached he charged
and pulthcm to flight. Then turning his atten
tion tu tho de gs, liu smashed through tho fence lu
pursuit of them. Tho dogs escape 1, anil Klnj
iro-scd the jsrd, smashed through another fence,
tore over a garden, smashed another leiirc, nnd
was In the oreu Ileitis, with nil Gloucester Cuiiuiy
hcfiro him. In tho nunntlmo Ihe owner or thu
dogs was moused, and had soon mounted n horso
nud Joined In tho chase. Holwicnlnnd2u'ilock
In the morning King wns brought lo bay In Tur
ner's bvvnmp. 'Ihe snnnip covets hundreds or
acres end Is cut up by scores of t reeks, the bot
toms of which aro so deep w Ith mud thnt It Is net
sale forn horseman uufnmllliir with the place to
rldo Ihroiiuh them, even In daylight. King cou'd
bu heard smashing the underbrush and
In tho center of a small pine grove, Tho lunitors
held n council und decided not to go lu niter him
until daylight, llres were built nud the mon
waited, ijhurtly after da) break tho crowd wns
svv oiled by tho arrival of scores: of farmers from
the neighboring country. At tlvo o'clock the man
who was sent back to ttio tout fur chains returned
nud tho show men went Into the grovo after King,
vvhllo the grangers waited anxiously for the rosuit.
The clcphiiut wns soon found and Ids rage having
bcou worked oir by bis race ho wns ns meek nsn
lamb. It took somo tlmo tn shackle him nud as he
roared nnd groaned fearfully the natives ou thu
outskirts supposed there was u dcipcrato batilo
going nu In the grove. Their fears, hovvovcr, were
relieved when King wns driven out of the swamp,
Uu was at onco marched to Iho tout.
Tile t Invrco Wli loll u Cislhnllo IVIt Culled
Upon In llrlusr Atcalnst Him.
Wolf lllrsch Itosenstrauch, a Jew, of Newark,
was tried in Iho Tatcrson coutt of quarter sessions
on Tuesday fur blaspheming the name of Jesus
Christ. Gottfried Vcutscble testified that on tho
second Tuesday In February tho dctendatit blas
phemed tho namo of Christ lit his (Deutseblc's)
store lu Main street, Newark. The wlttioss de
scribed the blnsphomy as n reflection on Christ's
pntcrnlly. Ho said there was n tolco within him
Hint told him, ns n good Catholic, ho ought not lo
allow Ilia namo of Jesus Christ to be abused, and
ho would not stand by,
nnd hear ChrM and his mother blasphemed. lie
thought It his duty to bring this Irreverent Jew to
punishment. He felt sutc that, as of uld, the Jews
would pcriecuto him Ibr lhl, but even the fear of
that was overcome by tho voice within hlin call
ing upon him to do his duty, itosenstrauch had
como Into his storo and remarked on the niimbjr
of penplo golngto church, nnd added, "Oh, that Is
all stupid work," following up that expression
with the blasphemy complained of. On cross-examination
Deutschlu admitted that he vvus onco
convicted ormurdcrinlhoeild country, butaddid
that he was innocent, and had been made torufler
for another mill's crime. Ho had been in prison
for somu tlmo before ho
Mrs. Deutschla corroborated the testimony of
her husband, but on her cross-examination she
admitted that UoscmUraucli retired to glvo them
credit for goiitlcmcn's furnishing goods. Shawns
shocked at thu hintuago used by Itosenstrauili,
but still sho usked him lor credit uftern urd, never
lmalulng that her husband was golug to make
tho charge ho did, Several wHiiomcs testified
that Mrs. Dtntschlo had told them that she did
not bear tlio obnoxious language used atoll. Ilwas
also tcslllled tint tho complainant had made
numerous Inquiries ns to tho wealth or tho de
fondant. Ttio defendant himself testified that ho
bad such n
as a moral teacher that It would be Impossible for
him to tiso Iho lauguago Imputed to him. Ho
thought the nccusatton wns linuto ngjnt him bo
cause ho refused Deutsililo any further credit for
goods, the latter having tried to dehaud him out
of a previous bill, tainucl Knllsch, lu summing
up for tho defense, said that tho Jewish people
bud great respect for Jesus Christ, nud thnt the
Jews felt nattered that ono of their raco shou d be
venerated by tho cnilroChrlsllmi world. Thojury,
alter being out only a few minutes, returned with
a verdict of not guilty. .Vte l'ort i'un.
-s .
A Iln.li-l.uirjcr nml Ills Client.
"My wood-choppers captured a sloth this
morning," said tbo Judgo as wo walked toward the
ravine, " a big black sloth, n 'bush-lawyer,' as tbo
Indians call them. They tied him to tho stump of
a tree, nnd what do you suppose I found, when I
enmo out to fete h him? IToro wo are I Just look
at this happy family."
Tho old sloth lay on his back, near the stump
where tho wood-choppers had left him, but Hi his
claws ho held tho strangest animal 1 oversaw In
my life, a black, hairy little brute, nbout the shnpo
ofnjoung benr, but with a big lull that turnod
and twisted left and nnd right Ilka a snake.
"Vhat In tho world do you call that? ' I nsked;
' ' a monkey or an ov ergrown squirrel ?"
"No; It's a honcy-bcar," laughed tho Judge
"aklnkayon, ns wo call them. Just lojk up;
thcro's half ad07enof lliom In that treol"
On n, calalpa tree, near the stump, a whole fam
ily of tho strange long-tails were eating tholr
dinner, not lu Iho least disconcerted by our pres
ence, as it rcemod, though two of them ojediK,
Willi outstretched necks, us If thoy desired us to
explain tho purpoeo of our visit.
1 stepped Dacfc to get a better look nt them.
They had snouts nnd paws llko a fat young bear,
but In their movements thoy reminded mo ofn
North American opossum. They could hang by
their tails nnd imo them ns rope-ladders lu lower
ing llieinielves' Irom branch to branch. Now nnd
then ono or two of Ihcm came down lo tnko n look
at tholr cuptlvo comrade, but tho least movement
of tho old sloth would scud them scampering up
tho troo wlih squeals of horror.
"That laws or of jours has takon tbe law Into
his own hands," said I.
" Yes, I suspect thoso littlo Imps kept fooling
with him till he grabbed ono of them," said tho
Judgo. "Lit's set that thing free, or he will
gqticezQ It to do ith."
The old sloth held his prisoner as n spider holds
n fly, encircling him completely with his long,
tlawcd legs, and while the cuptlvo mow led nud
snarled, the captor uttered grunts that sounded
llko Inward chuckle., It needed our combined
cllorts tounclnsphls long grnppllng.hooks.and wo
w cro afraid tbo prisoner w oultt dlo before w a could
liberate him, but us soon ns his feet touched the
ground ho bounced up the tree as if tho fell fiend
wero nt his heils,
"That fellow won't forget tho day of tho month,"
laughed the Judgo; " ho will know belter thau to
meddlo with a law ycr tho noxt tlmo." From "A
Witch-trap," 1J Dr. Felix L. Otvtold, in HI. McAofoi
or June.
Arcs You flolng lo boMmrlefir
It. J. Ilurdcttc, In tho Hurllugton Jlauitye, gives
"AdvIcotoaYoungMan"asfollovvs: "Yousnyyou
demand tho noblest typo of useful womanhood In
your wife. If that Is llicsortofu woman you want
marry Nora Mulligan, your laundress's daughlor,
Sho wears cowhide shoos, Is gujltless of corsets,
ncvor ha d a sick day tn her life, takes In washing,
goes out housa-cleaning, and tooks fur a family of
seven children, her mother, and threo section men.
who board with her, 1 don't think sho would
marry you, because Con llegsn, the track-walker,
Is her style of a man, Lotus Just cxmnlno luto
your qualifications as a model husband atlor your
own matrimonial Ideas, my boy, Cun jou shoul
der a barrel of flour nnd carry It down to tho cel
lar? Can jou saw and split ten cords of hickory
wood lu the fall, so as to have ready fuel alt win
ter? Can you spado up half an acre or ground lor
a kltchon gardoii? Do you know what will
take tho limy taste out of tho new cistern,
nnd can you patch tho littlo leak lu tho kitchen
roof f Coal you bring home a pane of glass and a
wnd of putty and repair damages in tho sitting'
room w indow ? Can you hang somo cheap paper
on thekltchcu? Can you fix Hie frontgato sou will
not sag? Can you do anything nbout tho honso
that Con Tlrgan ran? Mydrar boy, yoirsetTwhy
Nora Mulligan will havo none of j ou ; sho wants a
higher typo of true manhood. You expect to hlro
men to elo all the man's vroik about the house, but
you want jour wife to do cvcr thing that any
woman can do. Bellevo me, my denr son, nine
tenths of tho girls who piny tho plsno and sing to
charmingly, whom jou In your limited knowledge
set down ns ' more butteitllos of fashion,' are better
tilted for wives than jou aro for n husband. If
you want to marry a first-class cook and expe
rienced housekeeper, do your courting lu the In
tolllgcnca office. Hut If you want a wile, marry
tho girl you love, with dimpled hands and a face
llko the sunlight, and her lova will teach her all
thcio things, my boy, long boforu you hav e learned
ouo-half oi your own lesson."
Poean'l Coinplnlu.
A man who had been carried to a Thlladclpbla
hospital vvhllo suffering from the cffccis of a ro
ve ro contusion was asked If ho had been treated
kindly while thore. " Considering all things." he
ansvvorcd, "I think I have no right to complain,
They amputated both of my feet, removed my collar-bone,
cut off my right arm, trepanned me, took
outapleco of my uudirJatv, suncd my left hip
bono lu tvyo, and were about lo excavate tlvo or
six ribs when a Ilro brokeout in tho establishment
and the police got away with the rest of ray body
in daftly." UrooUyn Eoale,
nourtBOit pow-wow atchaiilotte.
An 1391 Delegation-Was lllslno Invited tTIsi
aril's riiineombe Aellrlly or the Ittpubll
. cans 1st North Carolina Tin
Coming Campaign,
Special Correspondence of Tits lteronucASf i
CitARl otte, N. C, May 23. I reached hero yes
terday Just lu season to meet tho recoil of Senator
Bayard's political cannon, which he fired oh on
Saturday. The distinguished speaker and his
distinguished rctlnuo of retalnors, Including tho
North Carolina Senators anil members of Congress,
and a Portion of tho South Carolina delegation,
with ono or two "scatlorlug," mado up a hopeful
looking pleturo; 18SI seemed stamped upon each
forehead, nnd the light of anticipated victory
under tho leadership of tbo gentleman from Dela
ware beamed from overy eye.
a tAr.an eoNcocnsj! op rwrLK
oscorlcd tho would-be presidential party to tho
train, and, mingling with the crowd, I lls'encd to
tbo various comments mado upon tho nddtcu,
which no ono but Ha author could have concocted
and ncno but himself would havo dcllvetcd en
such nn occasion,
" Didn't ha glvo Iho Itadlcats h 11?" nsked oris
mo-sback of another.
"Yen but what wns Hint ho said nbout old
Hntden? I thought that Kti-ICluxing comnilttco
rather made its squeal."
"Oh, that was nil r'ght," sold tbo first speaker;
" but didn't ho put In n good word for hlnutir ec
caslonully ; he's nflcr tho Presidency, certain."
And to It went on, with slight varlntlonr, until
the train moved off; then tho people dispersed
thoio who woro nbio lo mil t io llourbon lova
feast woscudid. Jtlghl here let mu glvo
which you may not have heard, picked up from a
sotino which leads mo to believe It, ns Ihe t.oio
IsU say, "lout did upon fact." It Is said that (no
commlltco nriolntrd to secure a speaker lor tho
occasion of the celebration or tho Mecklenburg
Declaration or Independence woro Instructed to
Invite, first, Hon. James tl. Illaluc, and, falling to
get him, I J extend nn Invitation to Senator liny
nrd. It Is fintlur said that in accordance wllli
iheso InMiiictlnns two letters of Invltitlon woro
written, ono lo each of the gentlemen named,
which Utters wero sent to Benntor Vanco to be de
livered In accordance with tho wishes oftho com
mittee that Is,
TltE ONE TO MR. n.AniS
In tho first Instance, and In en so or his declination,
nud then only, thu one to Senator llayard. Tins
commltteo now ray, as I was Informed, that no
letter er communication whatever has, been re
calved from Mr. Hlalno acknowledging receipt of
tho Invitation or declining the request It con
tained. '1 he question Is, wns It ever delivered to
him, ami If not, why not? What beiamenf It,
niiynovv? Did Senator Vnnco plgeon-holo It for
icfurincoonsomn future occasion, or was such a
letter never written ut all? It will doubtloss bo
pleasant for both of the distinguished gentlemen
to loam tho truth, fur Mr, Hlalno likes to havo
tricks played upon him, of course, nnd above nil
second flddlu to somo other person. But enough
of this, which Ircpeutaslt Was given to ino; and
now a woid or two nbout our politics. Tho near
nppronch of thoBtnto convention has aroused tho
Ilipubllians to uu Increased activity', and tho
selection or delegates is taking placo throughout
most of Iho counties. Somo of tho Issues which
man)' had hoped would not bo, raised nro being:
brought furwurd In dlflbront totalities, and thoro
are thoso who fear that some disturbing clcmonts
may find admission to
on tho 11th proximo and cnuse trouble. Tho gen
eral feeling Is, however, thnt personal ambitions
and grievances must bo laid nslde, nnd that tho
pnrty.vvbon It lakes counsel through lti delegates,
will see that this Is done and tnat porfect har
mony Is preserved during the deliberations, and
that no action bo taken which cannot demand
nil receive tho hearty npproval-of all. Tho ch lef
trouble, ns heretofore. Ilea lu the weight to be,
given tho so-called Liberal movement ou tho part
of certain Democrats; nud, of course, Into this tho
question of nftlca largely enters. On the ono
hand, It Is contended that by a liberal course
toward Iho Liberal Democrats, as they stylo llioru
selYes, the Hepublicnns may reap considerable
benefits, w bllu on Iho ether nand, It Is contended
that the lnuro.t or the party neinnud that tho
Itepublicau organization shall be kept Intact and
make no eoncen-lous like those proposed, but at
tho same tlmo gladly receive nil accessions trom,
tho opposition.
which Is recognized here as tho only paper oulsldo
tho State Hint comprehends the situation, win
glvo the political leaders somo mora good, sound
advice upon this subject prior to the meeting of
Ihe convention. Oivlngtu tlio dry, cool weather,
or sumo other cause, tho corn and lotion nro look
lug rather poorly In this section, and do not gtvo
such promise of abundant harvests ns they did
eaillcr lu the season, Ct'ier grains, however, nrts
looking lino, nnd as ralu Is now failing oven tho
croiw most backward may turn out well lu tho
end. It Is to bo hoped that such will be tho re
Unique lnffra In NnlurAl History, Col
Inlril lYoui livery Coiner or llio l.und-
A cow with her calf, belonging to William Heath,
of Columbus, Ga., stopped at a brook to drink. A
largo ram that had been standing on the oppeslto
bank walked up to tho cow. gave her a butt square
lu tho forehead, nnd killed her Instantly.
On a Sunday evening a watchman lu a Troy fac
tory helped his dilatory dog Into tho building w Ith
tbo too of his boot. On all woek days m w the doe;
enters thu factory as Usual, but uo auiouniof to ex
liU can get hlui near tho bulhllngou tho Sabbath.
A Jet Hack lamb w as Iho offspring of n sheep 1 1 -longing
lo 11 bort Goddard, or Oak IHU, Mo. Tho
mi ther icfusod to recognlzoor assist it In any way,
but when sho subsequently gavo birth loamoa
white lamb It was greeted with extravagant aflca
Hon. During a storm ot Cuthbcrt, Gaa barrel con
taining a hen sotting ou a nest nf eggs wns picked
up, whirled round, nnd b'own over tho home. It
dropped right side up In thu trout yird. Tho hen
remained undisturbed aud tho ch'otcis wero
hutchod toon ufier iho nerial Journey,
In Owcnsboro', Ky., a number of sparrows wjro
building n nest, when one of them Hood off nnd
s.'cmlngly refused to assist. There was a row, and
tho next morning a marrow was seen hanging;
ficin thu bough from which the quarrel took placo.
It was suspendod In mid air, with u cotton it.-lnj
about Its neck.
Dogs that get drunk aro. not uncommon. " Old
Jack," of Indianapolis, Ind., belonging to tho firo
dcpatlmcnt, regularly drank rofuso beer from tho
empty kegs of the sjloon adjoining his homo, bi t
getting diuuk the other day, lust ns an alarm of
Ilro sounded, ha fell beno.iili tho wbocls of tho
machlno and was crushed to deaih.
A monkey belonging to Georgo llrodlo, of Tills
burg, Va., Is credited with extraordinary sagacity,
Tho unlrasl Is often (old to bring ouo or tho oilier
ol tbo two newspapers taken by the family to Mr.
Ilrodlo'sngcd mother. Ono Is printed with latgo
type nnd tho other In very line and not nl says
clear litters. It Is said that whenever bo hrluirj
tho latter to tho old lady ho brings her spcet teles
A touching story ofn shepherd dog comet from,
Cold Spring Ranch, Colorado. Sho had four pup
pies nt this tlmo, nnd tho assistant herder reported
twenty sheep missing t "tho inn wns setting.
Thoro was no llmolo lose. Tlorn was called and
told to hunt for lost sheep, while her inasUr
pointed to a great forest, through tho edge of
which they had passed on their wny up. frho
raised her dead, but seemed v ery loth to leavo her
babies. The boss called sharply toiler, Shu rose,
looking tired and low-spirited, with head and
tall down, and trottod olf to tho forest, I said:
Hint's too bad,' 'Oh, she'll bo right back. She's
lightning on straysheep,' said the boss. The next
morning I went nverto learn whether Flora found
the r.tras. Vthllo we wero speaking Hie sheen
were returning, driven by the Hit edoz, who did
not i nlso her nend or wag her tall even when
spoken to, but crawled to her puppies and liy
down by them, ottering them tho little empty
breasts. Sho had been out oil night, nud, whlls
her hungry Mbtes were tngglng away, fell asleep.
' '
Horglium n is Miitrur VMoiIiicer.
It Is announced that a commltteo of tho Na
tional Academy of Sclent e havo pronounced " that
sorghum Is a suiar-bcarlng plant next to tbo
sugar-canoofthetrOplci; that It Is so In actual
cano-iugar contents, and that It has a continental
spread ot variability and adaptation to the vari
ous soils and climates oftho United 8latoi," This:
may bo n now dlscoycry to tho committee, nml Is
In acrordanco with many of Iho dlseovorles of so
called sclcntlllo men In regard lo practical matters
which have becomo common kniiwleilgo to farm
ers. Now, If tho academy will show a cheap nnd
efficient mothoil of extracting Ihlsiiina sugar from
Ihe sirup nfior it has heou obtained thoy wilt
show a wny to n ptolltablo industry. As re
marked In a recent nolo on beet sugar, nothing n
tho way of chemical Investigations un sorgtlnm ot
recent jcars bos added to those promulgated
twenty yeurs ago. at least so far as they Tiavo
bjm mado public. Wo hopo fur rnmetbing
valusb o from the renewed attention tn this mat
ter, and hope that the merobersofthnnlsove-nten-Honed
committee will lint cniitont thumselvcs by
moioly repeating facts already well known lb
sorghum-growers all over tho country,
Slrldo nml irrltletcraoni.
They wero brldo and bridegroom und sat near
mo at Turk Avenue iaUt tfluAe, which, by tho way.
Is far abovo tbo nvcrago hotel meal, They had
wasted something Hko 3 worth of food nnd bad
como to dessert, both nibbling pits. "Awfully
nice, aeorgc, Isn't It?" said she. "I can't say I
llko it," said George, airily. "Why. I think It
ever so nice," persisted tho young wife as alio
mussed It up with a fork. " Ii Isn't half ns njco ns
ths pics my mother used I " but before ha
could say moro she Interrupted with: "There yos
go again with j-our everlasting mother I Ifor
mercy, good na-s take slop telling rue what sho
could do. I'm sick nnd tired of honrlug about
her. Iknow thcro wns ncvernnyonti llkoher. I
know I've ssld you know )ou ought to ba
ashamed to ." And then oamo tho hot,
miKi) iiliiu liars, pusniuguaci! omuryui awi run
ning down bor cheeks defiantly--'' tears, Idla
tears." What need to tell how she left thi tablo
and how ho sat down In the reading-room unlit
tho night wntrbmau canio to put out the I'ghta,
Is there not a lesson or a moral hid In hero Ijcju-whcrut-IAXtf
itw.sWa y&iiMiti,,.:m: n
rJffiste' .

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