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Small Ttlk from the Big CltT TlifO.tor Tlllon-
II t Past and Prtstnt Career llarUI or a
Bcantirul Msgrlsltnt Jerry Me-
Anler tt Slokct.
Special Correspondence of Tnr. Repcdmcaw.
Nrw YonK.MaySt Ihovvhlrllglgortlmobrlngs
bout great changes, muted the Bohemian (luring
no of lilntrolli about loivn a few days since ;nud
now tic re li tlic fuel more strikingly Illustrated than
In till grcnt city n Utile world of Itself tilled
with Its ccneclcss round of changes. It Is liku tiio
kaleidoscope each Indlvlelual or object typified
by Ilic pieces of glas which lull about und Jostle
each other In the narrow cylinder In which they
ro confliicd. Just ns four correspondent vvns
burled In these reflections ha turned n corner nnd
na suddenly brought In contact Willi n living
Illustration 01 their truth, In the perron or Thcu
rioroTllton, who vvns Just tillering llio home of
hit old Mend, Trunk II. Carpenter, Ilia nrllil and
painter of the hMorlcnt group of Lincoln nnd bin
Cabinet. Since the famous trial Mr. Tlltoii lui
laigply sunk out ortlght, and lint been almost for
gotten An occasional literary production or lec
ture lini brought him ngnln before the tmbllci tern
perurlly, only to be followed by an Internal of
iiblllun. At present hu In mgngid In writing
mother book, and hn, lor thu time being, given
up lecturing, henio hit icclutlon I wis timet
villi II. o
It was llko coming upon the ghoM or another gen
emtlon, And no licit lie Is not nu old man In
ytnrs, having bnril) pissid tlia bom daiyorycung
manhocd, He is still under tort fluund in tliu
vory pilinool llfi',)el lie limit like n mull ten or
fifteen yours ol er lilt I'll' figiuo It lout, II
i-Ufclciil face tiuiucd and rurroweel with wrinkle,
hit lir.lr wilt', and lit whole demeanor that 01
una p cniAtuii'ly old, mid nuido o Iry inia and
I oilblebeniid tint which fills In most li orUlt of
liltjcirs nil of vvhleli It inn;. Iwctii) ycirsngo
nnd how different did tills pa-tllls In our knloldo
icopc uppiiir 1 lion no young limn In New Vol k
hid n brlchicr outiook tluiu thu ) bung
lie had Just graduated m thu New York College
wltli the honor of lilt class, lie w lit known ns a
lacllcaud forcible writer Ho vv as nctlv uiu church
and soclityrliclcs, mid, Willi his voting, charming,
and mcompllihul wKV, was llio lion ol llrooklyu
social clrtles. lllstiniuu wnt uu tlia llp ul nil, untl
lilsfnme wiii hn.oinliigwi.rKl wide, Thin cuiiiu
dfiiuesllc troubles nnd tiie-ira of his Ircc-luve ten
dencies, tho " -.lldctl ng" ofthort llle-, h'sntlllln
lions with the Woodhulls and Clnlllusrf Id gain)
ivme. nil tulmlimiliig In thu filuil climnx ol thu
licet her trlul nnd oblivion. And hire he Is, uu
old mun biloru hit iline, iho InureU ruthlessly
torn irim Ida brow, h's hi me Lrokinup, his wile
and children tcmtcicd, mid liuawnndirerou tho
face of thu tnrth "It It n strange world, my
masters'" Mis. lllton li living In iccliulou In
Brooklyn 'ur u lime she was Kiipioiteil by l'l)m
mill Oliurch, but of Into thu lint not been
loath to rei'Olvo it lcluliul rllpend Irom
licr husbuud, mid ho hut rlvvn)s thowti
thu wl Dimness and desire to furnbli It. 'thu
thlldllii (who, by the vvn), havu lolli.wcd thilr
tathir 111 hit waudirliigs) mo now married mid
cumforiubly settled In lilo, to thu thu hume circle
Is now broken, tuvcr ncaluto bo reunited. This
tad spectacle quite naturally leads uu to apeak of
n rutner strnugo ituicrtii wnicii oicurreei in tnu
til) Inst week, nnd which ngnlu IlluttintC) thu
point which wu nru trying to enforce In this In
ttnnce the particle mis a young, handsome, but
iKiieu woman, wnu, wnue in tuc insi stngis ni con
tunipllon, had bun licnrilcssly turned out of n
notorious house nr prostitution nn Twenty-ninth
ttrcLt at uu unseasonable hour of tho ids lit and In
most Inclement wcathir. She had biiomo a bur
den to her employer, nnd hence the ruut go. Jo
thu did at 4 o'clock In the morning of a blenk and
ttormydoy, nnd"Alns for tho rnrlty of Christian
charity, Jh, It was pltllul, In u wbolu city full
liomo tho bud uoue." And jet ouco she, too,
Imd a
luri-Y and costroiiTAnLi: home.
She wain jouugwlfe, by nuuio Delia Allen, who
Tlth:hcr husband had recently come to Now
York froin Ucbiwiiro County, She had been core
lulls Ipiiinri and trulned nt tho dauuhier of re-
tpcctable mid w e!i-i in rnrents hhe was given
srood udsautairet. and "wnt tinutiinriv linmifni
nnd nllned Hut the temptutlont ol tiieiuel roiioim
-iTcru sou mueu iur iiur. one sinuiuniiy leit irom
Rruic, and toon ended her career In tliunio mid
litgruca Sho had bicn brought tip iu the Metho
dist fultb. uud hud lormerlv been 11 fcunduv tchoul
teacher In that church When ijectcd from tho
nouio mciuioneu iter urst ucsiru was to unu u
church other former fullh, mid tlillhcrahc truccd
)icr w enry steps, mid besought tho iild of lit pastor.
Jio pinceu ncrin cuargooi uie vreniorue .Mission,
Irom wheuce the was leinovid to the Mugdnlcuu
asjIudi In Highly clghtli street, where sho
Ihe death, funeral, and tho attendant clrcura.
atunces have caused quite a dcul of comment
About town, nnd has hud a niarkid eflect In tho
qunrter wnero 11 occurred, inaiiiucmi wnsiieiu
atttioCrcmurho Mission (formerly u well-known
.ouccrtMiloon,oullilrty-KCond street). Coiuld
crlug that thu deceiued was sueh n beautiful
woman, and that the shume of her Ufa uud man
ner other death inlsht serve us a warning to
cithers of her elms, It w na decided to hold a public
funeral at tho mission, and, accordingly, curds of
munition were sent out to nil thu disreputable
jioutiaiD me uciguuoruoou, wxuen wcru as 101
lows. "ou are kindly lnsltcd to the funeral of Helm
Allen, who. alter beltitr utrmd out or her home.iiii
Wi-aTwenty-ulnllitlir-et (Mughiiotli'si. illttl In the
juiguaiini- iioiue, on tiiursuu),,iiny is. iiieiuuerul
will lake place ut Jerry WcAuley Crciuorne IH
aiou, 101 Wi8iTlilrt)-cioiiu ttrii.t.on this Saturday
smernoon, May 20, nt i o'Llock slnirp.
biich Is the end of this former Innocent girl nnd
model Sunday-school teacher. Jerry McAuley,
mentioned abotc, has his story too, Ho also has
lind a career of change, but In another direction
upwards, l'ormerly ho was a drunken tailor and
loarcr about tho docks of Water street, mid had it
reputation that was fur inoru notorious than
ruTory. tome good bamarltau took pity ou him
In one of lilt timet of need, aud, seeing tho good
ishlch was hidden beneath thu rough exterior and
uncouth maimer, labored lor thu leforuiutlon of
the man It wo a hard struggle, but filially a tuc
icsslul one Tho abandoned sailor left oil his
grog and strango oaths, and nt last
among bis own class the outcasts or the docks.
l"or several j cars ho has had charge of the Water
trcct mission, which has noted thu part of a moral
lighthouse and port of safety 111 tho benighted
region or loner New York About six months ago
lio dclurmiiicd to beard thu lion (or lioness) In his
din uud carrv tlia war Into Africa. Hu accord
ingly took up his quarters In West 'lhlrty-sccond
atrcet, adjoining the Crcinorno Garden, wheroho
tscairylngou his work amidst tho very slums of
the tit). He is In tho heart of the deinl-iuoude.
uud ou .Sunday evenings the tongs and prujeis of
lilt meetings mo mingled ullli the cuises mid
lewd (oimnatlon of the suriouudliig brolhels.
1 dronned Into his mectlui; last btinduv otculin.
which 1 round orow did to thu doors. After sumo
preliminary speaking by outsldo laymen and tov
tntl sougt b) the a-siuibly, Jerry slopped foith
end gave onu of his ehurncierlstlc talks. Ho Is a
Kuod-uaturid Irishman, 3j or lu jears old, ami
bearing upon hlin the evldcnco of his hum ex-
Jierlcuie with the world, lletputks rupldly, pili
ng no ilifereuco to good grammar or rhetoric.
Ills speech is interlarded with ull Ihe slang or his
clast, and is well nppreilnied by hit nonucscrlpt
audience. Ho is Just Iho man lor tho placoj his
uncou'h wa)t aim rough talk appeals to his
auditors as nothing else would. Tho relluid'
would liao no effect on these rough natures, but
vrhen Jerry talks they listen It Is to bo noted,
too, that they heed his good advice Ned Stokes
it another chaiucter, too, that ono runs across now
and then, though he Is such a busy, driving Indi
vidual that ou can hardly get more than a pass
ing glltnpso of him as lie rushes by you. Since his
release Irom Auburn prison he has been attending
closely to business and uiakliigthu host of his lute.
Hit prison life, though It wnt hardly tho severe
cxiwrlcuco that It would Imply, was u greut thorn
lu Hie liesh to this haughty, proud scion of arts
tocrucy He will never full)
itFcovui rnoM tiii siiuiia
placed upon ills fair name and fame. Besides his
numerous occupations he bus lecently leased tho
liar privilege of tho llofliuati House, nnd has ro
tiled the wine-room In a most gorgeous style. It
it by fur thu finest bar In the ell), and dlsplnvs
much tatle ou Iho imrt of tho proprtitor. 'J ho
works of art which aaoru thu walls ure real gems,
and the cjnoiuro of all ejes. l'or one painting
alone, representing a nilvr and lawns, he Is re
ported tu havu Iiaid tlO.Uuo Most of tho pictures,
though elegant mid costly, are of rnthej a racy
character 'i he other furnishings of thu rooms nro
iu kieplug vrith those mentioned, uud nil go to
ruako upu very cbArnilug und aitUtlc suite. Hit
lust becoming thu
in the city nnd the rendezvous of tho bonton.
Uiokcs It occasionally teen In the rooms Ills
curly lucks, moustache, aud Imperial nru quite
white, but he is still thu handsome fellow who ten
?eaia ago sit half Ihe gl'ls III New York crary over
ilj tJinr.iit, mid who was tho tlval of Klsku our
the hand of the reigning Jezebel of Iho city At
that time New York was not largo enough to con
tain I Iske and Stokes and Joslu Muustlild Hiuce
cueol ilieui had to jleld. Kulound Stokes' I'M"!
allotted 1'iskoiis ihu victim Wo huvo bail a wick
of delightful wiatlur at last, and It really seems
as If summer had come lo stay There aru other
Indications of lu approach tuopollie foreo have
donned their light-colored helmets, nnd Iho open
sireei ears nru uucu mure peruKiuuiaung inu nvu-
uuea j-Ail-
"Do ou dance?"
" So I dropped ou myself two seasons ago," wni
the ritpontc, In a strong, manly volco.
Veronica McGulio looked up at George W.siinn.
sou an exprisslon of wonder uud surprise In her
tart velvet) C)ci
"lam totry )ou do not dance, Mr. BIrapton,"
tsld Veronica, afttr a momentary pause, "becuusa
It is rcoll) the one thing liiwhtih Imuy Iruthfully
lay claim to being proflcleuu At you havo no
doabt rilicovcred tuloro tills, 1 am a wretched
liaud at coini nation, an orislnal Idea never
teeming to llud blnh lu this cunt) bead of mine."
(itorgei lookid fondly dotv n upon her bang, " 1
urn afraid )uu ure rutbir Inclined to depieclaia
) our ovr nubilities," husuld, throw lug Just asliado
of leiidcrness Into the rich touts of bis pure v olee.
Youiilay nlccl), nnd )ou certainly slug will,"
"Only pus-ubly, ray dear Mr fclmpson," was Ihe
laughing reply i '')ourully must not fiaiter ino
too uiiirli, became 1 am vain enough already
Hut, by Iho way, have jOtthinrd 'Over the Garden
M' yelt"
"No?" vv oa (ho reply, In tones that wcro trcmu.
Ions with motion. " I never heard the tunc, but
1 have hud occasion lo go over thu wall ouco or
" 11 It a hrnntlful Ihlnr" ald Vrrnnlea. "Tharo
la n weird sadness, and ct Joy, about tho music
that carries onoeompletcly away. Do you not Und
"Yet." ronlled fleonro. "It It nretlv dnrn weird
lo get over n wall on n dark night nnd divo down
Inloan alloy that ) ou don t know an) thing about."
"Younio Just loo funny!" exclaimed tho girl,
looking nt him steadily At thu did tnhtsc)cs
met hers, and tho rich color flooded her check",
making them more radiantly beautiful than ever.
Turning quickly, the stood with averted lace nnd
downcast ev ta, aud for n moment no word was
spoken. I innll) (leorco ttepped lo Veronica's
side and took the llltlo hand that writ to) Ing with
n rota into hit broad palm. Sho did not tlart nor
seek to withdraw It.
oeorgo held the dimpled prisoner for a moment,
and then raised It to hit lips.
"Mr. Slmt'RouP exclaimed Iho nlrl. "von donot
teem to know what )ou are doing. Itcmcmbir,
sir, that"
"un, I know all nbout It," raid Georce. "i
know that you nru rich nnd uneducated, nnd that
you can never hopo lo tear lu Iho empyrean
heights of lltcrntuia aud knowledge whire I to
tldu pirmanently. Hut my lovu fur)our lather's
check-book will ovcrcomo nil this 1 appreciate
fully the tncrllleo I am making, buljou must not
seek to ills undo me."
"Aim an jou tnin love mo tineariy, ucorgci
thogltl nsked.
"t'crlnlnly, my darling. Without ) our love llfo
would be nothing but a lour flush to me All my
happiness Is centered lu my lovu for you. Cuu you
deliberately cat that lovo ntldo, diiillng?"
l'or niisu or the inlscd her pure, tw i el laic to lilt,
and placed alnrircthreo-ror-finy-ciuta kltsou lila
Iniiiiiint ll. 7'ions "Jloa he tiou Aer," t .Vnruf
lld'elcilwuUoc MUL
Til t'nu.o or Ilia lnltlnc Uul Willi (lla
l.nst neck young Skldmoro put In his regular
Sunday evening vvlih his stiiithturt up on Van
.Sua avenue, but he had not gotten half thiotigh
with the ttireolyped lntputlon of Ihe photograph
album, when the ncllud that mi air of peculiar
i biitncllon vvclgl cd upon his usual trailing coun
tenance. 'tthat't the matter, GustinJ Don't )ou feel
wellT" she Inquind, tenderly disarranging the
put In his hair, as Is tho cxuspirutliig liiiiltilne
"Oh I I'm all right," no laid. "Did outaku
lu Iho maiincc jcslcrday?'' And he glanced un
easily around.
"Tell mo what alls you," tho persisted gently.
"You teem to have something on lour mind;
wluit Is It? (Justus, tell nio."
"1 himn't cot an thing to tell," tnld Skidmorc.
Afltr wlilch ho shook his hiud tliouglitfully.
"(irtnt leavens I 1 tie It olll" exclaimed the
now fully thinned girl, "ou'vo I een tieeulnt
lug In slocks, and have have used tho olhcu
money. Oh I liuttut.tu think that you should ever
bu a defaulter."
"I haven't dnro nnv thine of tho kind." raid thu
voting mun Indignantly. "I only lui that , I
klndir how do you get ou with )our music lis
toil', Tilda?"
" Oil I tlustti", don't talk In that strange way. If
an) thing dnuuftil hns hunt mid tell inert unci-.
Don't kiiiimoliik'uspensar1 und flic laid her head
on hit shoulder and sobbed bitterly.
"Tilda," inld tho young man, after a moment
devoted to firmly but gintly iiinovlng licrheid
nnd te'ectlug another tent, " ) uu don't really care
very much lor I.lmburgcr chicse, do you 7 1 sup
pose you could Rive It up for my tkc? '
"Why, Out but Bho Mopped suddenly, as a
terrible thought lla hid through her mind. Her
lover's lmcllcct was never very strong, l.er pa had
often nildiRiitl now ho bad at last gone insane.
Sho must I 0 cautious.
" Haven't got such a thing as a tumor about )ou,
1 suniose," hoe cuithiuul wistfully. " You wouldn't
conceal such a thing ua a tumor Irom mo ull these
veurt, would )nu, Tilda T"
"No, durllug," she replied, trembling violently
and edging toward the door.
"Then 1 guess I'd bitter go home now; letters to
write," And hu advanced for u parting embrace.
"Don't touch mel keep orTI help! niurdtrl"
shrieked tho terrilled female, Jumping behind the
tofa, vvhllo tho household cumu swurmliig to the
"What ycr ntean?" roared the father of the
family, shaking ihe astonished jounc mau by thu
collar. "What did hudo to)ou,Tlluii"
" 1 didn't do nutlilu," jelled Skidmorc, backing
Into a corner. "I was only going home bciuuso I
couldn't stand It any lougir. "
"Stand what, )oti linmllc?'
" W hy, this terrible odor. I'm blamed if It Isn't
Just tho worst smell 1 over struck lu my life."
Aud tho ditpcrutu young man tat down and ticuily
snooied his head oft.
"t)li, It that nlll" exclaimed tho object or hie
arH.clkni.iaiu.il lellcvid; ui.d thin.iilicragojd
deal of bluvlilnp, shu whlsiiicd tnmclhlng to her
mother, who whispered something lu bur latlur,
who led Ihe young man Into thu miry nnd ex
plained that In consequence of tho prevailing
cpldcmlu they had thought It best fur Tilda to
wear n couple of embolic and camphor pads
about her erson.
"Why, to be surer" said tho ovcrjo)ca lover,
smelling his oifis. " 1 might have kuovin How
stupid of me."
And ho returned In tho parlor, from which the
family ofbls beloved filed out ngoln, leaving the
two rcassurid souls to disinfect ut one. Dsrric
nrplnclnc Thetis With Solillera' Wldoiia.
Mr. Mooro, of Tennessee, In reply to a criticism
or liia action lu a recent number of thu New York
Herald, says: "I advocated Iho removal or tho
Democratic widow Wilcox from the l'ost-Olllcu
Department, who had lor j cars held n Republican
office, lu order to rcplaiu her with the ltcpttbltcau
Mrs C'ritvv ford, w ho Is the needy wire or u faithful
and disabled Union soldier. Tho question, there
fore, ns wl'l bo seen, was ono merely of 'kind'
(imply whether upoor nnd needy 1,'nlon, disabled
soldier's wife or u less needy widow, who docs not
tympanitic and who has novcr tymnathized with
either the llcpiibllcuu party nor the Union defend
ers, lluidos, Mrs Wilcox has Ino 'little children
to support,' us) our editorial would leave room to
inter, while Mrs. Crawford bus Mrs. Wilcox bus
only two children, a sou niiddnughter,usl nmln
formed, both grown Democrats, and drawing for
years pist, with commendable regularity, round
salaries Irom Hi publican administrations.
II Is itutcd that u United States Senator Is now
nflcr IhObcali) of the tvlfu of n llourbon newtnmper
corrcsponacut ul n bitter Democratic Moslem
sheet, who Is snugly enscoused lu one of tho De
partments of llio govcnmenl Tho siiid Scnatur
wants to put a Unloiisoldlcr's widow In her place,
at the husband of tho present occupant served lu
the confederate nrmy.
Host Cisn lie I It!
Mr. Marshall, of Pennsylvania, who declined
the nomination for CongriBsman-nt-largo on Ihe
regular Jlepubllcan ticket, sajs ho can poll two
out of every tluco votes of those belonging to tho
Catholic Church In the K'cjstouo Statu. It would
be Interesting to know how ho Is able to speak
with such mathematical certainly on this abstruse
qucsliuu. tu far as we havu been nklu lo dis
cover tho Tammany Host Is tho only mun lu Iho
United Slates w ho claims lobe ublo tu control and
dellvcrtha Catholic vole lo tho highest bidder. Is
It posslhlo that he hns sold out his lulliteuie In
Pennsylvania to Mr. Marshall? Thu bius hns
been trudlng fur jcurswlth Itcpubllcuns or all
shades of opinion, und It Is not Improbnblo that
he has niadu some sort ot a illekerAsllli Marshall,
whoa vvtck iign whs n tegular ltepubllcnii nnd Is
to-dny nu Independent. This is nn oirjcnr" In
politics, und Hie bo-a evldentl) Intinds to sell out
to thu lit st uu vantage, irthoiu who deal with him
nru wise lucwlll insist upon thu delivery of tho
goods before payment, lor the boss has been shorn
of nearly all tho strength bu possessed und Is fust
becoming a sort of political confidence-man,
.Vein l'uri ban.
A Frontier lutl.
The following extract from a letter from Car
ter's Ftatlou, Wyoming, Is a pretty bit of word
painting, " Tort llrldger It tcn-aiid-a-hair miles
directly south of this station It Is ' beautiful for
situation,' being located lu a lov cly v alley, through
which runs llluck't Fork, a considerable stream ot
puro limpid wuu-r, thnt counet directly through
the luclostire or Ibo post, und Is spunnid by sev
eral pretty bridges ou thu parade ground. Biunll
artificial canals or ditches distribute tho water
along tho roadways and into tlia tasteful
yards of houses and quarters surrounding thu
squaro. Kvuigrccns have been planted thlikl),
many of which, tluoiigli evident cure and good
tastu, uro models of sy mmetry and Uiiuly. llluek'u
Pork has Its souriu In llio Uiutali Mouiiinlnt.
VThose tnovv -crow ned tummlts aru plainly seen
jrom ino inrt sou tiriuiii uuouuos in trout,
' biisluls of them,' as expressed by un old citizen,
and tho itl.clplo of Walton realizes a giucrous re
turn lor small exercise aud skill."
Clillif-ac Mlittatf-r IVIssisliiiz nt Hie Itncra,
Yesterday all the world went to ihe raoes, mid
from President wttSaotUack the Interest was In
tense Tho" 11 it""' did well, and tho gorgeously
clad heathtnof tho Chlnc.o Lrgallou vexed the
tout ol many a HIIINvu by the bland way In
which the) won. The Interpreter, who ran dovvu
from the giuud stand lo lmy the pools each time.
Hashed through the crowd like a bluovviuged bird
lu bis biautllul iiniro silk gnriijintt. ilnll thu
time he had to indulge In wild paiiloniluo to nsalsl
hit words, but the big mandarin, who Is tho acting
Minister, tat u llh fulded 1 amis, as calm us u May
morning, while his llltlo henchman did Ills er
rands, hxcltemeut never rippled his countenance,
uud -when others cheered uud yelled ho looked
wisely through his spectacles and filled to bis
neighbor "Aud the points that he made were
quite frightful tosee.' iraiAiptoaccn)incfCTi
ofttu Globe Democrat, lid fast nut.
come folks believe in angels
A prow Un' around ontiirthi
Exrrieiic tenches ino heiicr-
Yer may take It fer what it t north.
Lot nlgbt a dream) -c id creature
Crep up In the darkness air ted
" HiasoclvKine u quarter, mister,
Tu puy for a supper ao' bt-dl"
I looked at htm sharp nnd I thought
I tan a strange light In his eyi-n,
An' asujden thouubt runioupoD me
Twut an angel chap In dlsttulso I
Eo I reached down In my breaches
An' gin hlin my Inn' stray dime,
An' hucrep back Into the darkness
A bloaslu' me all tho time,
A ealm-ltke peace come on me,
An' Hum blisuln'a ung In my tar,
Till later that night I rim across
Tin I tbar angel a guzzllu'btur.
Arler all, II dono mo more good
To giv a lu that Ihlraty moku
Tlien ef lie d ha been n migel
A pluylii' a practical Joke.
JJnvr Tiilunt,
What Itrcfnt Conmlllts loKtr on Horse Ittctng
The Hone and the Bllilo-lle Will ton-
tinea to Usee llortri anil Ytt
Slick to the lillh.
'Vcm the lMiltvUle Courier-Journal.
" Tho Church nnd Ihe Turf," the enticing title ol
General Abe nufonl'a lecture last evening, drew a
large nnd Interested audience, vvhollstincd with
deep nllcntlon to Iho tpcakcr'a tlovvs on liorsc
racing from n lllblo tlnndolnt. In the lilblo fre
quent allusions wire made to tho animal. Out of
tho whirlwind lie tpokotnJob:
Ilast thou given the horse strength ? Hatt though
dollied his mck wltlithiiniler? Canst lliou make hfiii
afraid ns a grim! oppTT Tho glory of Ida ncttlllats
temlile. liopuwetii lu tho vlloy nml rejoleeth In
Ids sirtngtli. Ho iiioekctli nt itnruiul Is not ar
il lithtrd, neither liirneth bo linck from thoavvord.
The quiver mtllcth ngalnst him t thn clltterlng tprnr
nml llio shield. He twnlloweth tho ground wltti
Hern next und rngui neither bellcv cth he that it It the
sound of tho trumpet. Ho SAlihuniniiglttu trumpets,
hut hat and he tuielletli Hie Imttlo alar ofli thu
tliuiiiler of tl e iiiptlns and the shouting.
(Jcueral lluford also quoted a number of other
ptcngia showing llio great reverence In which
the horro vvns held by Iho divine writers. Mop
dirnl, tho man whom Ahnsucrus honored, was
given the hoiio that Iho king had rlddsn upon,
lie wot brought ou horseback through thoilty
A chariot nnd horses of firo nwnllcd l'JIJahon
hlstraiisliillon. Elijah cried. "My l'nthcr, iu)
1'r.thcr, tho Christ of Israel nnd tho horsemen
Ihcicof." Agnlu, whin thu King of Hyrlacncom
passed tho camp ot i:ilsha, thu heavenly allies
came to his old," and behold tho mountain was
rullofhoricsnud chariols of flio about l.llslia."
1'rom Ucnisls to ltcvclatlons tho horse, Is fre
quently mentioned, and the direct Inference given
that lu n celestial form It Is uu Inhabitant of
Heaven. In the Apocalyptic vision of Hi, John ho
law a while horse, and "ho that sat on him was
culled faithful mid true, aud bis name
w as called ' Tho Word of God. "
J) om Vie J.outsiiilc Commercial.
(lincrnl Abo lluford vvua once one of llio best
known turlmcii in ihe country, nnd hit seimon
the other night, Hi which ho dittoed what, In his
opinion, was thu relation between tho turf nnd the
e hutch, wis rend mid commented ou all ovirthu
lurid. A nportcr or thu tbniracicfafsaw Iho (Ion-t-inl
Inst iiluht ut.d bad a conversation with him
about horses and horso racing uud his relation to
tho tl.urih now. Nobody who knew him twenty,
or even leu years u g,i, would tecognlM him. Age
hits furrow eel lilt face uud removed all tho supple
ness frmn his limbs, tumlly allllctlont, howtvur,
have done ruoro than ugo to mark the old turf
inau'alaic, "tit down, my dear Iricnd," cnid the general,
rolling hit own e-jisy chair around to tho table,
und removing nn or in IhLlc, which hu hud doubt
less been reading us the reporter entered, and.
tilling him to lay his note-book where the Word
ot'l null had lain, hu continued:
"1'ourny )ott wnnl to know something about
old Jiorse-rnciug times in Kentucky uuu some
thing ol my (itvn connection with the luif?
Well, I begnu dealing lu race-hones utter lit ft
Ihu l'iist ilcglincut or Dragoons In IbeVI. 1 bought
llovqitu Donitii ill Woodford County. It contains
uuouircanf tho llnest Iniid In Ihu world, Is iu the
center ct tho blue griu-a couuti), uud has u
tlnciisidencuonit, 1 paid SAl.OUU tor It, limine
illalelv went Into tho breiHtlin: of horses, ihu
Hist horse I bought was Imported Sovereign. T
thin got u few gootl hiocd nmrcj and begun
bnediiicnnd roarimz fno horses
"InlM'J. wheiifovinlgn w us nbout to die, I got
Revenue irom John M. Hotts, of Viiginia, una put
him nt the head ot my stud,
"When the wur came 1 lent somoot my stick to
Illinois, uud sjina were stolen Irom uic. Then I
found thnt tomo of my Union friends hud taken
ltovehuo away during my abscueo, und 1 secured
Leamington Irom Cameron, of New York,
" Lcitmlugtuu hud some rinurknblu offspring
Outof six tolls five ot ihcmvveio Longfellow, In
quirer, Lynchburg, l.yttleton.anJlioveruor lluell.
1 run Inquirer uud Lynchburg Iho llrt Kenuer
stakes ever run lu Aluerku, at Saratoga."
" How much did you win with Inquirer?"
"I won somewhere between tl i),W) and $25,000.
Alter ho broka down I put blui In my stud, and
I urn tho only brcider who ever reared, bred, run,
and developed libs uvvu stallions."
"In )our early days, General, raring was con
ducted lu a much different manner from now,
wasn't It?"
"It was, Indeed. Erccdirs aud rearers of fine
horses then iuu them also, and Hiiro whs no con
centration of a great number of mures with onu
owner. Ihey vvero Unu scalloicd utnoiig the
farmers through thu country, (.ud the raco course
lir.il nothing of thu baa features it now tins. 'Ihe
tanners unu breeders would bring thilr thorough
bred) to tho raco truck, and they would raco them
lor puro lovo of the spott."
" Ilow was tho belling done lu those days, Gen
eral?" " There were no nools.aud one ccntlcmau would
Just say to another, 'I'll bet you S10' or 81,000, us
ilia ensu might bo. Most of I
ihu uuiiiiig wna none
on tho Held. 'IhOHOwho bet wcro gcueiully rich
men or rich gamblers. Higher Individual bits
may havo been made then than now. but thcie
was not near to much moiuy at stake. All that Is
chiingcel now, Tho breeders tell thtlr colts ns
yearling, when n sporting man takes charge or
tliem uud runs thcui, When Iho breeders: ran
their own horses wo had honest races, nnd Ibcru
were no pullbacks. They would bet on the fair
one gentleman against another. Now millions nro
wagered, and gamblers run the horses, und fre
quently one wins more money when bogusbentcn
than when ho wins."
"What wus tho greatest raco )ou over caw In
those old days, General?"
" '1 hu grcutest tuco I oversaw was tho MoWlilr
tcr ruco in Louisville, MelVhlrter was n three-year-old,
bred by myself (don't think I urn egotis
tic), and was shod by Inquirer. He run against
Vera Cruz and Uuden Ilade-n, two mile, with 100
pounds ou his buck, In tl 'Mx,i, which every turf
man admits is a better racu than Ten Uroeck's
SiTi'yi. Willi 110 pounds, os n Ihe-yciir-old. In this
raiuMoUhlitcr ran against thu Held outside tlio
middle of llio track, and when tlio match was
started was four lengths behind tho starting pest,
und when he flulstiid was In u hand gallop,
whereas Tin Ilrocck was run on u velvet mrpit,
with a horso behind him to stir him up without
cxiitlug hlin, Tliogrcatestslngle mcol evertuvv
was that between Inquirer and King l'liher, at
Long llrauch.w hero tnero wire throo hcuia. Oh,
thai was a grand race," aud Ihe (Jeneinl's eyes
lighted up.
"What is tho best breed of horses now on the
"The best bred horso Is, In my opinion, Good
Night. Ho Is to-day Ihu best brctl horse In Amer
ica, having it comiiluatlon of Leamington and
Lexington, and Lexington and Uleueoe, Just tho
kind of a emus the JJiiglish like."
"You think there Is a good deal iu blood, do you,
"1 ihlnk everything Is In, blood. It Is truer of
ueu eeeii iiiuu u uu.iea. t,ut lei.iteu lueteuuiit
or) ou shoddy aristocrat hover niukis a turfiuun.
A scrub liotro may win a short dash, but won't
amount to any thing lu thu long run,"
"You vvero very sucicasfuMn breeding horses,
werovou not?"
"1 was, Indeed, and I rondo a great deal of
money at it. nut u uu wciu ono wny nnu un
oiher, aud then toy ton died, nnd my wife died,
nnd 1 urn nil alone now nt liosijue lloultu," uud
tho old man brushed a tear froui his eyes, whlla
lilt VUllUSllUOK.
"You feel very loucsomc without your horses,
don't )ou?"
"Yes, I do, indeed, cry lonesome. 1 thought
1 would leave tho old farm, but 1 will havo logo
back ugaln."
"Will, it is true that) ou nro going to Icavo tho
church H)ou can't iittcnd Ihu races?"
"Oh, now, don't say any tiling nbout that. I was
talking lo a minister ou mat subject this morning,
uud uiled him If 1 had better not Join another
iliunh, uud lie said no; that I could be a Chris
llan and havo my own views about such nmtteis.
You tee lny Idea Is that no man is hurt by wit
nessing a burse raco or rearing lino horses. The
objectionable Icnturo Is the gambling, of course,
thut Is nil wrong. Only Ihu t'urltaus are ngalnst
niu. Christianity now, compared with Christianity
ouelitiudrcd years back, b like un electric light
com ured with a tallow candle. It la nn obsolete
itiin iu suppose uiui is uuria u inisu so sue uno nut
muls exerting muscle that Clod gave them."
" bo you think ) ou will go Into horso racing this
" ( don't know. I am getting Ured of this city,
very Ured of It, and I want logo back to my farm.
I llud II very dull to ba urouud lutes without
taking part tu them."
He -Ultra it Itrinliilseeiice of" Jlla Kurljr
Lire-Tlio liilliieuin urciillUrcn.
Mr. lleecher baptized nineteen babies Sunday
morning, tho lltllu Chrlilluns behaving, with a
lew exceptions, most admirably. In asking for n
collection for the l'l ei by tcilau Church ut Lansing,
burg, lud., lie said that It was tlio church over
which ho vvus first settled as pastor. " When I was
twenty -three years old," said Mr. Uccchcr, "I
went forth knowing tut very little, nnd having no
grace of thnt knowledge, ixccpt that I kuevr I
knt vr vi ty little. My first stop was across the
Ohio lllvcr, opposite Ciucluuatl, where a hall had
been opened with a view of fowling u New School
l'lishyterliiu ihureh, l r I wnslhenul'a'sbyterlau,
aud am still lu ever) thing except their confession
or faith, I began tu preach there, however, nnd
nltor preaching about n half-dozen Sundays 1 was
nbout 21 or SI tears old. named Martha Ssni.r-
thal Is not her name now, so you won't know who
It lb mid 1 was invito! tu taku ehurgo of unolhcr
ehurcb at iJtwreiieebiirg, lud, bhu uua, I believe,
Trustee, dtucon, and tiioturer of tho church at
any rate, they had uooihcr, She collected nil the
money that was colleitcd.und they paid me ubout
t!60 a )tur. and Iho American Missionary Society
made up ihe rest, ao that 1 had the iniiullieent
sulniyof llJOavear. There 1 began lny mlnlsteilal
and ptut.orul lire. Theru was but one man In the
cliurcn, und that wut one Ino inuny. However,
hire 1 began to learn, I don't know how, but liero
1 learned for two ycarj and a little more, aud thcu
I was called lo Indianapolis, where 1 was for llio
two years piceedli g thetlmuof my coming here.
'1 hat liltlcbilck church, which would seat Hour
160 persons, wnt where 1 preached my eurllesuer
moiis. When wo had u loiumuiilou I had to go
out and
That church nmalns. A photograph bos been
tukcnofituiidliaj been cent lo inc. I racogulzo
ever)' brick In it. 1 was sexton of it as well ua
iastori I swept It twice a wciki got lamps from
the adjoining tow it mid bung tlmn upon tho vv nils,
uud bought oil and tilled and trimmed them, and
kept tliem trimmed lor ; luviout tu that theru had
bcennouveuluguivlce, Tlio church hns existed
ever since, with v arlout depress of prosperity, but
' via Jur ,t&.i.- ' ;' i,,i.,,..iMMitiiiSaSMtatMlalajM tjtjtjtjtj -- j,jMgjtigjttjMMMtMtaaMt
now they havo undertaken to build, for thom
selvea a nevr church, and I como to ask you what
you nro going to do to help them " Thubiskils
wcro then passed and relumed well filled, Tho
subject of sir. Hotelier's tctmou was tho influence
of children on tho household und ou society. Ho
said that there wcro ttirco reasons why ho antrum
preach on thli nibjecti "llrt, becauso tho day
w tsono of early spring, when nil ba, ure wiui burst
ing forth
ro nuns and whsomi.
And ho must bo a conrso man Indeed who doct
not like tho burttltig out oftprlng in tho bloom of
child-life. The second reason It Iho scene of tills
morning, w hlch bring tho w hole mnttor or child
life and Inllucnco heloro our ntlenilon, and third,
llio nntlelpntcd pleasure nf next Wednesday,
vvlien between fifty and tlxly thousand children
grtnt legions of eltildreu will. In various parts of
this lieautlful city, parade with banners that seek
not blood, but lovo and pnlvallou." Ua then
spoko of the Influence of children ou pnronta nnd
or tho care necessary In bringing children up.
Speaking of tlia trnnsinltdnu ol qualities, Mr.
llccchor said that tlii-ro was a popular notion that
ministers' tons nnd dencons' tons ttirtif rtout badly.
Tho (Ireeks hnd put tills lnloaprovtrbt "Amln
Ister'asou la tho devil's mlalnitury." llolh tho
notion and the. proverb wrro nt fault. A commis
sion had been appointed lu Massachusetts to In
vestigate this, and it wnt found Ihul u larger pro
portion of mlnlstcii' tons titrnod out well than
ihoseofniiyothircnllliig. "Kmcrson," said Mr.
llccchor, "was tho outcome of eight generations
ofmlnlt'crr. It took nn clglit-mlnlsler jioner to
mako a man liku that."
Flcntnsit Itecoltectlniia
r oiii
llollaca III YVntlllliglnii.
In tlio winter of 18M or 'SO thero camo lo Wash
ington an Italian a.tvcntuicr, Antonio lluchananl,
who opened a dancli g academy In tho upper por
tion of tho building known na "SHott's Hall,"
corner ol Twentieth street nnd Pennsylvania
avcuuo northwest, lie sucicedtd In getting qullo
a number of yottug misses mid masters to attend
his classes, and among tlia numbcrvverethegrnnd
children of Mrs. Eaton, Iho widow of General John
II. Eaton, Pcerclaty of Wur dining resident Jack
son's first administration, Sho was then living In
dignified retirement on I street, bctwoonTwentlelh
aud Twenty -first streets northwest. Mrs. lotion
manifested great Interest Iu the successor tho
young Italian, who vvua very lintul some, but It wot
lather toomueh of u feminine ty poof beauty to como
to Ihu full mensuro or what would be required In
n perfectly hand-onio man. Hu provtd so fasci
nating to iho widow thai she took lilmto her home,
ndonteil blm ns her ton. nnd llnallv. acnlnst tho
wishes of her bot frloudt, the marilcd him. Of
rotir e such nn occurrence (the vv mow being nearly
TO, uud tlia young professor not mora than ' years
of ace) wot Iho talk of Iho day, nnd ninny were tho
predictions tit ovli thnt were piopheslcd to fall
upon Iho widow for many Ing n tnero adventurer,
but Mrs. Ijiton professed perlect oonlldeiice lu Ilia
young profisoor, nnd for u while his conduct to
ward hirnuil her grandchildren sQcincd to war
rant her coniidcnco to its fullest extent.
mi it nrtMi ;iAKntni uk.vih.y a r.vn
lie expressed n desire lo revisit lilt native Ilaly,
nnd the confiding vv Ifo furnishes hlin the means to
do so, and ot the tlmn of his going every one lo
l.eved thnt would be tlia last Mrs. L'atuu would
sie of her young huiband, l'Ar happier would
tinvcbecii her fitturo nml that of her Innocent
grandchild! en II such had been Ihe case, but falo
had decreed otherwise. Af.tr icnialnliig In Italy
about six mouths he relumed to Washington, nnd
lor a while ho vvns the devoted husband: but
irradunllv the cloven foot becnii to develon Iteeir.
lly tho povvtr of fuse inn Ion hu got her to sell
her real istato In this city and go to New
York uud tot hlin tip In btislmtg. She did to, but
be was indolent, had no buslines hubltt, btgnu
to tlio of his bcnefaclnsr, and to ono morning thu
l'rnfctsor vvaa missing, nnd that was tho lust Mrs.
Inton iv er toes of her vnlllnr husband, and tbnt
Hie romance ended. It mny tieni ttruugc to many
minds, nnd vet I Lcllevo thut Mrs. Eaton vena truly
nud devotedly nltnclicd lo tho young llallan, nnd
had ho continued tu havo been us uticmivo to her
nt when lie first married her, there is no doubt
thnt ho w ould havo been the
cpu: )ir:M:f!CtAr.Y of itrn rnopsttTY.
J never knew Mrs. Eaton until the vvus soma
years past CO, end I can truly say thero was some
thing remarkably fascluutlng about her. In her
presence, no mnttor what might bo your precon
ceived opinions i f hir, I bey vvcio forgotten lu tho
chaim or her milliner, bhu showed men portrait
or herself, taken while tho was lu Madrid, her
husband Ixdng then United Slates Minister lo
Spain, nnd It certainly wnt iho inoxtbcautllul face
I uvcr havu seen, bho hns often told mo with what
kindlier nnd consideration alio was treated by tho
youthful Queen Isabella. Mrs. Eaton's llfo pre
vious to her mairlago with the young Italian had
bieuaintst romantic ouo Her maiden namo
was Margaret O'Noll, nnd slo vviuiborn in thll clly
lit IT'.Hi. Her fatlicr kept a hotel, which was thu
favorite resort of members of Congress, csplclnlly
those from Iho boiilhtrn Hales, as a young girl
she vvns remarkable forgrcatrcr.-onal beauty uud
vvouderliil insclnallon of manner, a manner tho
retained lo tho end of her eventful career. This
pci ullnr fascination of manner, combined with a
persistent vv ill, and high ambition, enabled her to
attain u high soilal position.
HER fir.ST MAniiuor.
was with a Mr. Tlmbcrlakc, n purser in thoUnitcd
Slnles Navy, u rank: equivalent to that of pay
master at tho present time, W Idle at sea ho com
mitted suicide, and left her a young nml most
beautiful widow with two children, both duugli
ttrs. Ono man led Lieutenant John II. Itiiudoliih,
or Vliglulu, of Ihe Culled Mates. Navy; tho other
murrlid nu attache rf tho French Legation at
Washington, whose uumo hnacscapedraymemory.
Lieutenant und Mrs. Itandolph both died beforo
Mrs. Eaion murrlid tho voting Italian, leaving
llo children to Mrs. Eaton scare. Aflcrtho death
of Mr. Timbcrlako his widow remained with her
father; and II was at hbt house that sho first met
(icnerul Ijdon, ho then being a bourdcr nt Mr.
O'Nell's liutol. Ho was then serving bis second
term as United States Senator Irom Tennessee,
l'rom their first acquaintance, he becumo com
pletely fascinated with her beauty, nnd nu early
marrlago of tho putties was determined upon,
boon altar her marriage Ucncral Jackson tendered
General Enlon Iho position of Secretary of War,
which bo accepted, and ho filial that position
from March 0, li, to Juno IS, 1WI, when he thcu
resigned. Ho was then appointed governor of
of llorlda Territory, whlcli ho held Irom 18J4 to
183C, nnd Mrs Lnion Informed mo iho was never
happier than during her rosidunco lu Florida.
General I JUan's last official position was that o f
United Stulis mlnlsitr to Spain train March 10,
18J0, to May 1, 1M0.
at that period other lire, It Is almost Impossible
to believe that Mrs. Eaton was guilty ot the nu
merous acta alleged ngnlutt her character, for if
over Innocence was written upon a face, It was
upon hers. Alter thclrrelurn to tlio United States
they camo to Washington tu live, nnd It vvns not
until thu nth of November, 18S6, thnt General
Jjiton died. Ev ory respect vv ua paid his memory,
1'roldciit lluchauiiu and his Cabinet attending tho
funeral, mid tho War Dtpartmint was drapeej lu
mournlnrf tliu usual ncrloil out of resnccL tn hit
memory, lie Ilea burled iu the beautltul city of
luu uvuu,ui uaK iiui lunieier), wiierii fliro. j-ltou
bad creeled a beautiful monument to his memory.
Everyone, even Mrs, Eaton's bitterest enemies,
will udmlro tho manner lu which the bore Her
niltfnrtuuta, and it must bo tho grcatist comfort
for her grandchildren to reflect, Unit when they
stood In need she vvns ever their kind friend and
beucfiictrcsji: Hint In her later years It was tljefo
bnuio griiTiiflhtldreii that cared fur her, and never
niiovveu tier losuuer lor-uiiyiuiug uuu nucctiott
could suggest ns suitable iur her comfort. Mrs.
Faton died lu Hits city Nov ember U, 1S?J, aged f 3
) cms. bho retained Jur ) oulhlul v Igor to thu Inst,
ao that sho would easily inss lor not tnoro than 70
ycuisor ugv. 1'encu lohcr ashes I U. F. K.
Washington, D. C, May 23, 183i
But: You aro notorious for your liablt oflioldlng
tho Christian system retpouslblo fur tho acts of
those who call themselves Cliilsllaut, The tlmo
has como for ) ou to look lu the other direction.
Last Sunday ufternoou one of your avowed dis
ciples, reiving solely on "science" and "Dob
liigeitoll," Ignoring tbollihle, attended an evan
gelical gathering lu tills city, and challenged any
person to pr.,t o
lilt lutcrlocutora vvcreat first tomo sountrladleR.
but his vocllurousuets drew u gentleman ot the
company to tho spot. Tlio excrelsca wcro over,
but the time mid place wire llxtd for un answer
lo hit question, tie took our friend's addre a, re
fusing his own, hut lulled to keep Ills upioliil.
rue nt, ulthomh ho was promised the piooisoftho
cxlstunie of n material nell-llro answering his ic
qulrimenls entirely by "stle lice," wlihout recourse
lu the"fccrlptunn. ' As the rule works boiUwnys
which you havo Invoked, you ura ot course,
for your disciples, who blaiphema God in your
suggittlvo name; and you nro liereby Invited, on
paillameutary terms, lu lake Iho tugatlvu iibuu
doutd by jour ripre-nratlvc. Should jou not
prove, llto nlm, unwilling tu meet tho Isf.uoyou,
us well ns ho, have lalsed. the tutscrlbur will
guatantioouan opporiunlly to divide tlmo on
that question as stated. For further particular!
pUnse apply to, respectfully,
U331sireet uortbvvcst.
"Hnse Me frsnis Ny rrlenilt."
To the Editor of 'Dm ItEi-uniJi'Asr,
Permit mo to toy lu refcrencu to tho proposed
complimentary address to Minister Lowell, us sug
gested by George Francis Dawson, president of
bt. George a Society, that tho words "Anglo-Saxon
Inhabitants of Atactica" aro extremely well
chosen! us President Duwsou could not consist
ently sty American iltlions. Ono of his confreres,
at least, who now holds a place under iho War
iiepnriuieni tuat suouia uo uucu uy some aisaoiea
Uulon soldier, has never even taken out lilt pajn-rs
of iiRtuiollzallon, and holds his position through
the fortunuto clrcumstanco of having been a
hostler to the latu British minister, through whoso
luBucnoo lie was appointed lu lilsprescut)ostlIou,
by that purest or American Presidents, ltnihcrforti
It. llaycs. fiuudy Iiwell may well suy wlthCrota
wcll, " HaY me from uy frliuds."
AiilliiunrlHis Isiqtilrlea.
To the Editor of Tiinltki'UDLICAM
Monsieur La Urclagno still wants to know what
aermanerlllo said that tho Homeric jiocms were
not written by Homer, but hy another man t mo
toino nimc. I presume ho would consider It n
pretty tafo bet that Colonel lngcrsoU originated
Ihe witticism about Shaltpcaro and that "Anti
quary" concocted the parallel about Most a. Hut,
to relievo the gentleman' uuxlciy about tho Ho
tncila question, 1 nowofier to bit ?tO that tlio
namo of the Oirmau rrllio Js one tliat no lillow
can llud out. U vanity piompted ruu to adduce
thotuloof William Tell to Illustrate tho Irapcasl.
hllltyof finding out soma thing, what was my
critic's motlvo In pcalng Mncaulay'a hew Zia.
lander? Is not thonory or the 8ua patriot na
rflcvant to this oiiIIqub Inquiry otbe dream about
the unborn Kiutb. fcia tavaca? AMJQUAU.
William Douglas O'Connor, well-known In lit
erary circlet hero and elsewhere, K out In attrong
defenso of tho "Good Gray l'cct" arid lilt works.
Ills letter, published below, nrpearcd in tho New
York 7VieuneorThuredny, nnd is n romnrknbla
literary phllllpla ngalnst Now England methods.
It also contains Interesting mailer that has not
beforo appeared in 1 1 Int. lie tayst
Elttt lhnvo Just Icamod the dctalliof an out
rage so signal In Its character nnd to sinister In
Its bearings ns to become, In my Judgment, n mat
tor of tho widest publla concern. Tho first edition
of Walt Whitman's poem, " Leaves of Orns," was
Issued lu IMS, tha work receiving then the cordial
nnd unqualified cnmmcndntlon of a number ol
leading minds, both In this country and EuropO,
foremost among them Emerson. In after years,
from men less gifted, wlthout.faino or weight nt
critical authority, but controlling access to tha
press, virulent abuso followed, such at, by a fatal
law of our formofcivlllzatlon, ovary workofevory
kind, whether literary or scientific, upixmrs
doomed to rccclvo, If of marked novelty or origi
nality ; but Ihe book continued Its Issues, pub
lished by Its author,
and passionately defended, nnd winning from
tlmo to time, at homo nnd abroad, from scholars
nndmonoflcttors of the rank of Thorcau, Sum
ner, John Burroughs, Kosscttl, Clifford, of London
University) lyncll, of Dublin University; Ferdi
nand Frclllnrnlh, Itusklu, and others, eulogies to
amplo as lo moro than ntono for Iho censures of
tho small, and to forecast the verdicts of the
future. Finally, nflcr over twcnty-llvu years of
combat, darkened by frequent acts of persecution,
and Involving bitter tufltnng to the author, tho
character of tho book received the marked admis
sion of nn offer of publication from tho houso of
Osgood i. Company, at Cotton. In May last, a yinr
ago, they opened negotiations Willi Walt Whit
man, and finally sccuicd a contract with him for
tcu ) can, on his express stipulation that
without any excision. In Novcmbortho new edi
tion appeared, and went Into acllvo circulation
for tho tluco mouths following. Hut on the 1st of
March that line of Iho author of "Leaves of
Grass," all the more ominous In its slgnlllcaiico
for Its colorless simplicity of statement, In which
ho records " tho uev cr-cudiug audacity of elected
pcisont," received one ot Its most Infamous Illus
trations, On that data tlio Boston stale district
attorney, Mr. Olrvir fctcvciu, addressed a letter to
the publishers menacing tho book with "the
statutes aguluit ebsceno literature," nnd rcqtilrlug
Its suppression under the alternative of prosecu
tion, 'Hits uinnzliig demand ui pears to have been
subsequently modified Into a requirement for the
from tho volume ns tlio condition of Its continued
publication. (If courto tho nulhor denied that bis
work, covered by the respect nnd honor of the
best mid pur,tt men nnd women of thu century,
was a oiitrlbullon to "ob-ct'iie literature," and
rulusod comrjllanco vrith the insolent rtnulremouis
of thu ttalo district attorney. I havo no terms
Ibntiim express tha rorrow aud disgrace of what
followed. It Is all contained in three words; tho
publishers quailed. Last month, April, they
abandoned tlio publication, nnd thovolumo ceased
to Issue. Mr. Oliver Stevens triumphed; and for
tho first time, I believe. In the history or this
country, an honest book, the work of a man of
great uud admitted genius, hns been suppressed
by nn officer or the law, If It wcro not for unduly
trenching upon your space. 1 would llkotoahovv
you llio passages which the Stulo district attorney
pronouuiid obscene und demuuded expurgated.
Iho list furnished by this holy and intelligent
man Is before me, aud has twenty-two specula
specified relate to the poet's democratic theory of
tho Intrinsic sue rednesa and nobility of the entire
human physiology Identical with tho famous
declaration of .Novalis that " tho body It tho tcmplu
of tho Holy tiho.it," uud lnvolvoepeclally,inouo
or two Instances, a rapt celebration tif tho nets mid
organs uf chaste love. Another pas-age describes
llio Identification through sympathy of one's self
with lawless or low-down persons. A sixth pns
sngu under ban Is devoted lo Uiutnajesttc aunuu
elation ol woman as tho mntilx ot thu genera
tions the doctriuo that her greatness la the mould
and cnudltlou of nil the greatness ot man. Another
Vrc.ctlbcdpussngu consists or ten plctoilal lines,
wortliyof ,t-.'tchylu9. lu which the poee describes
the grnud end terrible dallluiicu ol Iwu luglis,
high alolt In tho bright air, above u rlv er road, A
seventh pawnsotpechtlly required lo hcexpntigcd
It the poem nobly entitled "Ton Common Prosti
tute" 1 say-nobly, becuuio even ihe largo sonso
ol tho composition Is enlarged by Its title. Tha
piece Is simply Indicative ul the attitude of Ideal
humanity lu this age toward even
and Is conceived throughout tu tho sublime spirit
or our times, whoso theory abandons no ouo nor
anything to Iosj or ruin, recognizing amelioration
as the law of laws, uud guud us tho nnul destiny of
all. It Is Incrediblu thatn poem whoso whole
staple, on the fucoof It, is to assure tho unfortu
nate Magduluu that not until nnluro excludes her
shall sho be excluded from consideration and
sympathy, nnd to promise her tho redemption of
the superior life whoso entire thesis is plainly
and uudcnlably supremo charity aud faith lu thu
human ascension should nppcurtoniiy mind as
an cxtresslon of obscenity However, us Sweden
borg reminds us, to tho devils perlumes aru slinks.
U ho eighth quarry of the Stnlo district attorney is
tho piece emitted "A Woman Walts for Me." If
Iho itcfouso of this poem Is lo carry with It dis
honor, 1 tourt Hint dishonor. Nothing that tho
poet hits ever written, either iu slgnlllcatlou or lu
splendid oralorlc music, has moro tho character
ot ntanctus; nothing in modern literature is
loftier aud holler, Beginning with au Inspired
declaration or tho absolute conditioning power of
sex a declaration as simply truu as sublime tho
poet, using utintliil.luiagcry, uslsaiuh nndEzeklel,
esall the prophets,
havo used It before ltlni, continues his dithyramb
in uu exalted nninuutton ot tho vital proctcatlvo
effects or bis book upon tho vv omen, that is to say
upou thotuture of America. And this glorious
conviction of a lofty mission thu consciousness, lu
ouo form or another, or ov ory philosopher, every
apostle, every poet w ho has worked tils thought
lui tho human advancement tho faith and ino
consolutlou of every sower of tho light who has
looked beyond the hounding ha tl eels of the pres
ent to thu next ages tho eminently pure, the emi
nently cnllghlcuid, thu supereminently Judicial
Boston district attorney considers obscenol 'lbo
remaining fourteen passages marked by his con
demnation I nocd not discuss, ns they uro ull In
cluded lu the first edition of tho work indorsed by
Emerson, uud lu order that It may bo seen
and Also In what terms ho welcomed tho book, I
big leavotohcre reproducu Ihe Idler he tent thu
author upon its original appearance:
Coscntiu, Makh., July 21, 1855.
Deah Sim I am not bllml to the worth of tliu won
derful gilt of "Leaves or oralis." 1 tlml lltho mott
extraordinary pleeic of vv It und wisdom tbut Amerlcn
uas jet oouinuuieu. x am very nappy in reuuing It,
na great power mukeaus liuppy. Ituicvta the duiiuind
I aniulwuy)naUliigor wliui seemed the sterile mid
ttuigy uuiure, na If loomuih haudtuurk or touniucn
lyuipti In iheteinperauieiitvvcruLuukliigour Western
win fut nod muuti.
I Blveyuujoyoi your rrco ami orave tnougnt, I
Imv ogrtm Joy In It, 1 tlud ini-umnurutilc things said
llicuuipuriiuiy sveii, ua .ue-jr muse oc. J nnu liecuur-
agu of tri-utmuil which ao dolighla ut, and wtilcli
large perceptluu ouly can inspire.
1 cncl you nt thu biglnuhig of n great career,
wtitctiyvt must have bad a long foreground aome
ve he ro lor such a start 1 ruljbud my eyia a Utile to
too If this suuiicaui wire uo Illusion! buttlieaulld
teiito of the book It a tuber certainty. 1 1 bus the best
mirtta uumrly, or lorltryltig uud encou iiigtng.
X uiu line hiiut unlit x iu.e iiiuin Blew ilia IMH)K ful.
vcrtlsed lu u newMiupcr that 1 euuld trust thu name
aa real and available tor a post-oilleu. 1 wUU to tee
my beiicfuclor, umlhKvelut mueh liku striking my
luska and visiting New York to puy yoa my resinits.
Walt WUiituan. It. VV, KMIllesON.
that never In tho history of literature has thero
belli it moro cordial and absolute Indorsement
than thli of tho work or ouo man ol genius by an
other. Ko wouder that Wall Whltmnuaald vibeti
bo received It that ha felt " as thuuith bu bad tho
charter or au cmperorf" It was Mr. Emerson s
cool, dcllbiruto Judgment ou "Leaves ot Urns,"
and although enemies have tried by Invented
anecdotes tu weaken lis e licet, never, to Maun
dy lug honor, did hureliactorquallfylt Inuny way
whatsoever. I call your attention to lis scope Us
utter comprehensiveness. If theru was anything
lu the book of w hlch ho dirapproved (he, vv bo had
commended ltabeluls, who bud cuiuuicudcd Mon
taigne, who hud commended bhakispcarel) he
hail tlio plain opportunity lo say so, sua II was hit
luiixrullve duly to say to. Ou the contrary, ho
gives ibo poem Iho most tiuroi-rv cd, the most uu
qualified, the most titibotiudcd approval. Ho calls
It tha most
and wisdom America has yet contributed; lie con
gratulates thu nulhor ou tho liberty nnd valor of
Ids thought; nnd, referring lo iho very passages
which Mr. Oliver Stevens bays at as obscene
laurtecn out uf the specified ivveuly-tvvoiu lbs
edition before him, aud tho olliois all there lu
germ ho finds especial delight lu tha courara or
treatment which marks Ihe performance, and
wlilch, as lltllu mun like this law) er would do
well lo remember, large peni-pUon only van In
spire I This Is tbujttdgmiiit passed ujiou "Leaven
of Ores" by Emerson our man of deepest In
sight, our man or holiest heart. And lu April,
vviien all our souls me darkened by his death
when tho old landscape we New Englund incu
and women lovo suddens Into nu Immense va
cancy, as It Monadnoc, had tutik sllenlly botow lha
horizon In tho very mouth when iho heavens
open to rccclvo our noblest citizen tha pcuto
costal book he had covtrcd with hit Blowing
eulogy Is suppressed by law I Mr, Olhcr'ttcvcnt
chooses Ills time w cl.
Is a good month for tho burial of the book ho
irlnrifted. lit Souvenir : tu Uiska iffllb iivmI,,-, tl,
bright boilzous mound that grave the spi.cur-r'"
the blaik ltultnul Happy thoughM---- jfRYP'10
Concord with a rerainlsctV rV? !?wf W A
for tlia ivjit tako "J., '"'?' twin
,.,-. -siiii conciseness ot a brand, it was uo new
bosk they bad uudeitakvu to publlih-lt hntl bei n
the talk of tw u vv orlds lor ov er a quarter uf a ecu
tury. Tin) knew lit noble repute lu Iho lilghtst
quailcrs.nnd they also knew what shadows might
bu cast upon II by booby bigotry, by loul, sour
prudery mincing as purliy, ot by roiieucatuallty
111 lu
knowing all this, faring rois.blo consequences In
.. . ....r....n Kl.i.ll.ll l.lilll.n, AU....U...In..
uud having volutituiily louglitlbo publlrutlon Of
the volume, 1 say It was thilr duty asieuilemeu
to stand by the larvaiu iliey had solicited, and
it was uo less their interest us men of bntllicu lo
advertise tlio State attorney's ridiculous tueuaio
in tho boldest typo their printers could furnish,
and bid him come on villb his prosecution. Tlmo
enough to give tn when Sidney Ilarllctt had failed
to make a Massachusetts Jury tea that In literatim
yro mutt allow rrco expressions If wo aro going to
liavofrco expression i time enough to own-defeat
when Sidney Ilarllctt or Chtrlta O'Conor failed
to mako plain, os cither would not have failed to
rnnko tilaln 1n .nn str nil.iii. Ul.vflnt'i mmnril,
hension, tha dlffcrenro hctvteen Jllbllcnl cotirnga
or language and lutrlutto Intellectual Impurity.
.un ,'iesirs. usgoou n co, icavo mcir raviaun
fought, nnd
Tliey might Iinvo braced themselves with the re
membrnuca or Woodfall, standing prosecution
heaped nn prosecution lu his dark fidelity to
Junius, They mliht hnvo gnthcrcd grit by trying
to Imagine John Murray lltiichlng from the publi
cation of Bvron. On tliu eiintrarv. alinklnu In nb-
lect cowardice nt the empty threat of this legal
bully, they meanly btcak their contract Willi tho
nuiuur, niianciou mc uook tuey nau roiuuiecreu
eoisiue. nnu urop irom tiiornnnsoiRreaipuoii.il
crs Into the category of hucksters, Whoso buslnou
o iiinot nllord n conscience It only remain lo
point tho moral und adorn the tala w lib. the name
of tho notion district-attorney. I have called the
transaction In which ho appears ns Iho prima
mover ahnmeful, but tho word It limp and color
less lu lit npptli allon tn audi nil out r ago upon tha
liberty or thought as ho has committed. Tho sense
or It makes ev cry fiber of one's being teem
On such a subject no thinking man or woman In
such a country ns ours will letlcct with cold com
posure, Tho notion of this Invrycr constitutes n
reef which threatens with shipwreck every grenl
book of every great author, from Ailstophanes to
Mollore, from JEsihylus lo Victor Hugo; aud thu
drup or blood tbat Is calm in view of such an out
rsgo proclaims us bastard lo the lineage of tho
loarncd. mid Ilia brave I To-day Olivor Stevens
has beccino the peril of Mhuktpcarc, Uo knows
well, no ono knows it better, that under bis con
struction of tho statutes neither Shakepcaro nor
the lllblo could bo circulated, and uo cue better
knows than Jiotliat neither or those books Is ob
scene. Ho knows well, Emeisou and a host of
scholars and men or loners lu both continents
bearing witness, that Walt Whitman's book, la uo
more within thu moaning of the ttatutcs than
Khakipcsra or tha Bible, but ho also know t that
Iho eharga ha lias brought nguiust tho ono lies
with nt least equal force again, t tho others, and If
he docs not continue Ills inlet upon great litera
ture, ills only becauso his courage is hot ) ct equal
to bis logic.
in the holy war, Mr. Anthony Comstock even bo
tempers valor Willi discretion for the nonce, nnd
says lie "will not prosecute tha publishers of tha
classics, unless they specially advertise them I"
Thero arc contingencies, It seems, In which the
great works or the human mind will bo brought
under tho operation of "tho itatutcs ngalnst ob
scene literature." Who knows, since fortune fuv ors
the bravo und enterprising, but thai wo may yet,
tlep by step, succeed In bringing thu fourteenth
ccutuiy into the nineteenth, and re-erect Moul
fauct.n that hideous cdltlco of scaffolds reared by
I'hllllppu lo Bel, whero Iho blackened corpse
of Glanus swung bcsldo tho carcass of tlio
riglcldo for having translated I'huu, and whore
l'eier Albln dangled gibbeted bcsldo tho robber for
having published Virgin If thlsfoud prospect Is tllll
somewhat distant, it is only, It seems, because Mr.
Anthony Oomtiock lets his I daru nut wait tilion 1
would, nnd deluv s the Initial step until the classics
nro "specially'" advertised. Mcnnwhllo, Mr.
Oliver Stevens aho waits for fresh relays ol cour
age, and osjet only ventures to attempt to crush
Walt Whitman,
ho shall reap the full harvest of reward. Wo will
scu whether in this couutry aud in this century bo
cau suppress by law tho work of a man of giultts
and fall of his proper recompense. Ha bos ar
rested in Massachusetts lha superb book which Is
luocuici utcinry giory oi our country iu uiu cap
itals of Europe tha book of tho good gray nurso
who nourished thu wounded mid tondid many a
dying soldier through our years of war and for
thut v allant action 1 promise Mr. Stevens his meed
of Immortal remembrance. He lias Ibo solemn
comfort of having been unknown yesterday, 1
can oiler him the glorious assurance that he will
not bo forgotten to-morrow. In tliu words or
Emerson, 1 greet him nt the beginning of a great
caiour. Thero Is not a Slulo In tills Union, thero is
not a country lu tho civilized world lu which his
deed shall not
I plcdgo myself tonttcnd lo his Interests. Tho
persecutors or a good man's thought arc precious
to such us I, und wo should Indeed ba recreant to
duty lr we failed to let It bo widely known, aud In
such a form as to never bu forgotten, that Masa
cliuselts has a district utturnuy, named Oliver
Stevens, truo to tho blood or .Mather, faithful to
the darkest traditions, who w rcuched the law Irom
Its purpoto to crush aud extinguish " the most ex
traordinary piece of wit and wisdom .America bus
yet contributed" tho sanest, Iho largest, the most
splendid aud enduring literary product which tha
Cclto-Snxon raio has given the ugo. I-et this
fame eousnlo him even In thu sad ovont of his
being expelled trout the office Concord und Har
vard may suy bu has dlsgruicd nnd polluted I
Itobberr of the Hlitlo ur Arbnnsna
llourbuu Olllclul.
A commlttco of tlio Arkansas seilalo, composed
of two Democratic and one Greenback senators,
has been ubout eighteen mouths examining luto
tho workings of llio ofllce of Stutu Treasurer
Churchill, who Is now governor. Tho report Is
published, uud shows Governor Churchill to bo
f lH.TOO In arrears, and Incidentally discovers that
Statu Auditor Crawford Is also "short" 11,000 lis
his accounts. Ouo or the Items In tho report shows
Ihst tho late Republican treasurer, Colonel Henry
l'age, now ono of Ihe Uto commissioners, paid out
nearly (J.OOO to soma of tho countiis for which tho
propor receipts had not been returned when ho
vyis -- uoostca out oi nuice, una lor wuicu ue uiu
not therefore rccelvo credit, und which amount ho
luado good Irom his own poikct. Thcso receipts
and Ztato Treasurer Churchill reported to tho au
ditor "Tho trcasunr has paid" to such uud sueh
counties, ike., not naming wlilch tnasurer. Tho
auditor or luurse credited tho sums to tho Demo
cratic treasurer, Churchill, who was thus mauled
to quietly pocket over tf.'.OUO belonging lo the Re
publican tnasurer, Page, becuusa ns he had mada
good tho amounts to tha Slate, und held a clear
rccoipt irom It, this money belonged to him. This
Is purely n Democratic method. Tlio Arkansas
blale Uatclte, thu leading Democratic paper In tho
tjtato, which publishes ttio fifteen-column report
of tho committee, defends Governor Churchill,
and does not seem to aco that iu the transaction
spokauof above the robbery was not of the fcuuo
but or a private citizen.
SlarviiflotB lis Vlrsrlsllts.
Mr. J. II. itangelcy, of Patrick Court-Houso, Va
has Issued an appeal for,.tho sullerlug people of
Patrick County, which Is Indorsed by thtf Hou,
Gcorgo W, Booker, cx-member of Congress, Mr.
Itangelcy declares that " no such sullerlug was
ever known lu any county In Virginia, tho poor
pcoplo being actually on tho verge of starvation.
Many gp for days without a morsel of bread, and
as lor meat, they don't think of tbat." Concluding
hlsappeal, Mr. Itangelcy aay a: "Many arc getting
thin lu tilth aud t how lu thilr faces iho want at
food. 1 till you. In all candor, that I don't tco any
wur for some to get on any longer. No money and
no bread. All hands have worked hard and have
planted a flue crop, but will be forced to abandon
nil. Our wheat looks line, but whtntlo ripen in
Juno will not tav u the peopla who are liuugry In
May," Mr. ltangeley adds that Messrs, J.lCbUiool
field & Co. aud t. T. Barrow, well-known business
toon of Danville, will gladly rtcelvo contributions
for this cause. They also vouch for the correct
ness of Mr. llangcley's statement,
Psstssan nasaey.
Fcnator Mahono and Beuator-elcct Itlddlcbergcr
will llud in ex-Audllor Masscy's speech, delivered
at l'alinym, Monday cvculug, a good deal that will
iiiterens ii is uoes uosamuiv inem. ooiuiiaveie
graphic report Is expensive, but expense Is hardly
worth considering when wo cau aicommodatu
such statesmen aud lawyers as Messrs. Mahono
and rtlddlcbcrccr. II 'attitugtm J"oit.
Go on, by nil means. Bo tho Mnssey organ as
well as the Illalna organ. You will thereby pleaso
the Bourbon and trrlpsack; elements In the Depart
ments at Washington, whllo Mahono and Itlddlo
berger can afford to tmilo at jour telegrams con
cerning tha defunct Masscy as long as you can
nllord to pay for them. You will iiay too dear for
any whittle you cau make out of such a plg's-tall
as Masscy, ltlclimonil Whig,
Ilcniocrutlci Flllbiisterliic.
Tho Demoirutt lu Congress aro filibustering to
prevent n consideration or tho Eoutb Carolina
election cases, The real meaning of this should,
not bo misunderstood, It Is practically a dcilara
tton assuring tho Southern Democrats that what
ever their violations of tho law In tho election of
Congressmen may be, their parly friends In Con
gress will stand by them and do all Iheycun to
prevent the Republican candidates from securing
tbelr rlthlt. The Democratic Congressional caucus
has decreed thli, and tha Dtmocrstlo members
dnro not disobey it. though soma of them very re
luctantly perform llio parts assigned them,
A Terrible! NiiBgeslloit.
A Eau Francisco paper suggests that keepers of
boarding-houses shall refuse to let rooms to incu
who have their Illicit washed by Chluarncu. This
Is pretty bad, but not as bad ns It might bo. A
Southern man once refused to cat a piece ot ham
becauso the pig from which It cams belonged
ouco to a llcpubllcan. IkiaU r, I, Morn,
Bhe will not smile)
She III not stir;
1 marvel while
1 look on ber.
- - The ghost of u illy
I u either check.
Her liatr ah met
Her hair her hair I
Jlow helplessly
My hands go there I
But my cureiuiM
Meet not lien,
Ob golden tresses
That thrcttM my tears
I kiss the eyes
On either lid,
Where ber lov a lies
Forever bid,
, I cento my vv eeplng
And smile and sjy,
1 will ba sleeping
Thus, some day t
Jamtl WhUeomti alley tn fee Mvltm Tl antcrliJU
rottgs Julienne tu drat, Chicken Jelly, Stent!
Bnilircoon, 5fit I'olttort, Frlcsttetd
Crtbt, Carry, Oil Fickle, Iced
Cabinet I'adillng, c.
To mako potngo Julicnno nu grns, sempa
and cut Into small dlco-IIko pieces foul
carrots, four turnips, six leeks, six onions, and
bend of celery. Add to them a pint or small peas.
Allow the vegetables to fry In melted butter foi
flit een minutes, or unlll slightly browned, and
then put them In a stcvv-pait nnd moisten thi
wholo with tomo bouillon. Season with tslt and
cayenne pepper, nnd add sufficient water lo covel
them. Boll over a slow tiro lor ono hour, and be
fore serving add soma chopped parsley. T lilcken
lug can be added if necessary.
This Is very ulco for invalid!, for Ihcy obtain a
good deal of nourishment from a very small bulk.
Boll a tender chicked In Jutt enough water to
cover it until tho meat can bo pulled from tha
bones, then beat tha bones aud return thorn to tha
kettle. Beaton with salt and a stnlk of celery.
Simmer a few moments longer nnd strain tha
liquor through n tin strainer Into a bowl. When
Ills cold rcniovo every parllclo of fat. To bo eaten
Bo sure that your mushrooms nro genuine, Tor II
by chnnco ono toadstool Is slipped In, tho whole
mass will bo unlit for food. Willi a sharp kniro
removo tho tough skin from tha umbrclla-Ilko
covering nnd scrape and cut off tho ends Irom tbo
stalks. Wash them carefully and put them luto a
slew-pan vv llhout water, except to much ns sticks
to tliem. Add salt, cayenne pepper, it lump of
butter, some cream, und dreelgu tomo Hour over
nil. Cover the stowpan and let them simmer
slowly about twenty minutes or until tlicynro
qulto tender. If Iho gravy is not thick enough
add a little moro flour. Servo ycry hotluaiuv
cred dish.
Wash and scrape tho potatoes and boll them in
water to which nTilnnli nf salt lint tieen addatl.
When they aro tender uuouglt for a fork to plena
them remoto tliem liom thu water and place tliem
in a baking pan. Spread tomo butler over the top
and stand them In a quick oveu uutll they art)
nicely browned.
Boll tho crabs about five minutes In water, ad
ding lo it ft llltlo salt. Itcmovu the upper shell
nutt tho ipotniy pnrta. Pick the meat from thu
claws and fill up the empty places In the shell
with It. Turii each crab over uud giro It one
strlku Willi tbo potato masher, and then frylhcin
brown In butler. Sconou high with salt and cay
enne pepper, aud make a ulco cream gravy. Add
somo parsley to lha crary, and terru -very hot.
Cut up ono chicken and put It In a stew-pan
with a quarter of u hound ol butter, Ihreo sliced
onions, a small bunch of sweet herbs, two cloves,
two blades of ruaco, three ounces ot lean ham, rt
handtiil or mushrooms, and ana sliced apple,
bet tlio jnn over the firo for a few minutes and
add a uiblcspuoiiful of curry powder, moistened
in water, u tubletnoonful of Sour, and ono cup
of stock. When It has boiled hard for a shore
tlmo rcraov o tha stew-pan to tho bnck of tha stuv o
nnd let It simmer until tbo cblekeu Is very tinder.
1'laca tho fowl upou a Hat dish uud strain the)
gravy ov or It. Eervo very hot, vvllb. boiled rice.
Para and tllca ono bundled cucumbers and six:
onions. Salt them over night and place a weight
on them. Tbo next day drain them from tlia
pickle that forms about them and cover them wills
cold vinegar. Let them stand a few hours and
drain them again. Add to them two ounces mus
tard seed, two ounces ground mus'urd, ono table
spoonful or black pepper, one pint of oil, ouo
ounco of celery toed, nod two quarts of cider vin
egar. Mix Iho oil nnd spices with tha vinegar be
fore putting in tho cucumbers, l'ack lu itouo
Dlssolvo half u box of gelatine in Just enough
lukewarm water to coyer it. When It Is dissolved
let It cool. Make a cuslard of tbrco pints of milk
and cream mixed, beating six eggs, a teaspoonful
ofcoru starch, and three-quarters of u pound ot
sugar to a cream before adding them to thu boiling
intlk. Let this cool alto. Take a mold holding
nbout two quarts nnd nrrnngtf It In layers; hnlt
pound of ludy-itugirx, half-pound of macaroons,
eino-lhlrd of u pound of sliced citron, und mois
ten them with somo Jamaica rum or some brandy.
Stir tho dissolved gclatino and tha cuslard thor
oughly together.adu teaspoonful of ucclar, and till
thu mold with It. l'ack the mold In lea and salt and
let tho pudding freeze. Dip tho mold In lint
water for a moment when ready to serve Iho pud
ding and turu It out upon a flat dLsh.
sricr. CAKE.
Beat to a cream tw b cups of sugar and ono cup
of butter; udd teatpoonrul or cloves, ditto cinna
mon, und half or n nutmeg, fivo eggs, yolks ami
whites beaten separately, one cup of milk, nutl
three cups of floursiftedvvllh two tenspooululs ot
baking powder. Bake In a moderate ovcu, anil
ico it when eold.
Tako ono pound of shcltbark kernels and roll or
chop them. Bout the whites of seven eggs to u,
stilt froth, aud udd them to ono pottudof powdered
sugar und tvvolublipoonfulsot flour, which havu
been mixed together: then add lha rolled kernels.
Line shallow punt with buttered paper, aud drop
a teaspoonful at a tlmo or the mixture on it, al
lowing plenty room for Hum to spread, Baka
mem ukc macaroons.
Boll ono quart of New Orleans molasses for
fifteen minutes, stirring It all the time. Add ouo
cup of brown sugar nnd boll fifteen minutes more.
Remove It from the fire and stir lu ouo quart of
walnut kernels. I'our It luto shallow pans lo
Sift thrco tcaspoonfuls of baking powder with
three pints of Hour. Hub a tablespoonful of
butter through thu Hour with tho hands, add a,
pinch or suit, a largo cupful of white sugar, two
beaten eggs, splco to taste, and sufficient milk to
form n dough, ltoll out In any form desired, drop
tbo cakes tu boiling lard and fry them a light
brown. Sift sugar over them when they arts
Beat to a cream half a pound of butter aud half
a pound of sugar. Boll ono pint of molasses and
stir It hot luto tha butter aud sugar. Add two
tablcspoonfuls or ginger and a halt a teatpoonrul
of soda dissolved In somo warm water. Sill two
poundsand a half of flour and stir somo of It luto
thu mixture, beating it very bard aud then work
lu the remainder with tho hands, ltoll out very
thin, cut into small round cukes and bako them In
a quick oven. A pinch of salt must bo added lo
the Hour.
Sift thrco cups of flour and mix with It ono cup
of molasses and ouo cup or milk. Add ono cup of
chopped suet, one cup ul raisins, ouo cup of cur
rants, and spice to suit tha taste. Dissolve ono tea
spoonful of soda lu a gill or milk and udd It this
last thing, roor all Into a mould and steam it
thrco hours. Servo warm with sauce.
' i i
"Wlsy, Ccrt'stlr."
Mr. Blaine possesses administrative talent and
party tact. Ho Is sometimes spoken ofnsapos
slblu Democrntlo candidate for President of Iho
United bintcs In ISM; but thero is nothing In such
talk. Dispatch.
You ran Uunnlcutt for Congress ; Greeley for
President; would havo gladly run Wlckham for
Iho United States Senate, If you could havo seen
how to elect Mm; aud aro now considering
whether c not to run Masscy for Congrcssman-at-large.
Withsucjia record Ihe most likely thing;
In tho world Is tbat tho Bourbons and Fundcrs of
Virginia trfU support Illalno for President In lfefH.
Tho Washington Pod, tho National Dcmocratlp
oresu. is certainly jaDoriug u mus aiueauiii ui
1110 lllMHUOl IS UIIIIMU luu PV.MW, j "
The Norfolk Landmaik nnd other Virginia runder
oiaana long ago inaicuicu uieir rcuumess iu ru .ur
Milne. Alt the signs of tbo limes luaicato thai
fArre villi be no itcmocraiic cunaiuaicjur jtcsiuhk us
im. JXchmontt Whig.
' i
The Portugal Mission.
Judgo Tart Is off for Vienna, Dayton lias tailed
for tho Netherlands, Fish Is unlr-way ncro-slha
ociuu to assume his post ut the court of Illinium,
and Wlckcrsham Is already warm lu his place at
Copenhagen, yet Mr. l'rancls, of Troy, still re
mains behind, hesitating to accept the position of
tfiarut ilaffairtt to Portugal In tho hope thnt Con
gress will elcvato the character or his mission lo
sense or bit own lnirtaneo and dignity. Or is
ho actuated by a modest depreciation or his own
ability lo fill a place lately occupied by so nc
ivmpllshcd a diplomatist as Benjamin MoranT lis
tho meantime It Is somo comfort to know that tho
Interests of tbo country are not suffering bv tho
temporary Interruption or diplomatlo relations
Willi Portugal. Khould Congress abolish thu mis
sion whllo Mr. Francis walls no harm would b
done. J'nffaeferpnfa Jlccord.
The Oldest Iosfiisiiatf r lis America.
Mary land cau lay claim to tbo oldest postmaster
In tho country. It Is not often that an officer who
has served under Andnw Jackson can bo found
holding the same place to which ho had been ap
pointed by "Old Hickory," bul tbo caso or Mr. Ed
ward Stabler Is an Illustration perhaps without IU
parallel in tho United States. Mr. klabler, hnUn
century ago, was appointed postmaster of Sandy
Springs by Andrew Jaikion, and Is still servlug la
that capacity, having held the otnoo uninterrupt
edly, with exception of a few ) ears when he was
In the service or another brnuili of the Postal Da
pattment. Jlaltimore American,
It la True.
a Tvmorrttle exchan nM " "
- T-"- .
nenlloagood deal f trouble la
eut! :
press upon tho public that Jesse James was a
Democrat." Yes, that It true, aud lu looking over
Uie Demoeratlo pmtyyou will find that many of
Its members are d Ing off like Jcsso James, wbllo .
Ihe remainder stand on tho brink of tho grata and
say "bavoweut," Laivnle Jloomcrang.
illttt Cossal.ler the Cheapness or" nanus. "
Tlio Philadelphia Jtcsi hns & department callc-rt
" Iho matrimonial market," Tlio editor In chat go
advises all )ouugmcn on reaching the ago of S
to marry. Any man who would glvo such advice,
Willi bicrsteak selling at thirty cents a pound anil
potatoes at It (0 a bushel, deserves to be tarred
and IVuthercd. HVUsuarre J.'ceonf .
- a i
We Ant All OolsstT.
StanlyJIuntlY, the "gpoopeudylo" man of the
Brooklyt.iYiyJr, Is broken In health and gonoU
Europe, Jtsrk Twain 'Is said to bo u sickly hypo
chondrlsc.Voh Burdetle Is nothing but a skeleton,
aud l'oaso, If Hie J',wci, ! lulling rupldly Ouo
by onu our humorists are gliding up tho golden
banisters, Jbil A,c
ll .AVi

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