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Uriah Moycr Follows Tlis Brothor from the
ScallbW into Eternity
For the Murder of an Agad Couple in
Pennsylvania Over Five Years Ago
An ls4rMlitig Cms The Manner la Which tho
MurJtrtrs Wtn Convicted
UMir PnilinlitlHy Itiat mi Innocent 3Inu
tlim lixtvtitHl The Dcntli Stoic
Mtnnbniitina PA Mnr 7 Uriah Moycr
loshanitod hero In thojall yard nt 1103 oclock
this morning for tho inunlor of tolin mid
Grctohen KltiLder on Dcc8 1877 Ho passed
n my quiet night sleeping well When ho
vv led out of Ills lell to tho scaffold liu
Mippd up llimiy unci oxhlhltod great nerve
Tii prinnor riuuiI cilmlj on tho crowd of
iii people ami stated that tho murder was
cammltod on Vi May livening by lilm
nnd ihuanuel ittiurr that ho and
his brother Jonathan nnd Kttlngcr
lohhed and burned tho body and tho
premie mod Saturday evening Ho sulci too
lint it had been eald that his biothcr Joseph
um also present but that was not bo A
prnr wu then oftorcd by llov L C Ed
mund which tho condemned dan mado
After this tho shcrlll pinioned
lib urii nnd ankles and tho ropo wn3 ad
Justed llio whlto cap wus placed over hla
hcud and tho drop loll liu died without it
struggle In about Rovcn minutes
in December lSc1 of tho murder nf Klntzler
nnd ins wife lolui Klntzler mid lirrlclieii
Ills wife woro nn aged couplo residing in nn
unfrequented plaeo about ten miles from Mid
dioburg near the loot of Jacks mountain It
Mas generally understood nmong tho neigh
bor that Klntzler was in possession of a con
fcidcrablo amount of monoy tho hoardings of
years Tho crime according to thotcstlmouy
was committed on Sunday evening Dec 8
lb77 mid itfler killing tho old couplo tho mur
derers cot lire tj tlio dwelling nnd consumed
it nuil tho bodies of tholr victims Owing to
Iortaln declarations made by somo neighbors
of tho Klntzlcrs suspicion at onco attached to
Moycr his brother Jonathan Kmauucl littln
gcr Israel Krb and several others and they
woro nil arrested but were subsequently re
leased on n writ of habeas corpus They wcro
again arrested linn ever upon infoimntlon
given by a young woman Mary Hint ley nnd
indicted for tho murder of tho old man
Upon tho trial of Erb
under tho charge of tho court thoro being mi
insufficiency of evidence A nolle prosequi
was eutered In tho other cases nnd tho pris
oners wcro all discharged Thus tho matter
rested until tho full of 16S0 when a defective
was employed to ferret out tho perpetrators
of tho crime Tho result was the arrest of
Jonathan Moyor Israel Krb nnd Emanuel
Ettingcr and they wcro promptly Indicted
for tho murder of tho old lady Uriah Moycr
was at that tlmo residing lu tho west as win
also Ettingcr with Ills mistress Mary Hnrt
ley Tho two latter were brought to this
county tho ono to ifliswor tho chargo and tho
other detained ns u witness
ETTixarn was tiued fiust
and at his trial Mary Hartley Rworo that on
tbo night of Dec 8 1877 she in company
with Ettingcr nnd tlio two Moycrs mid their
wives lelt tho homo of Jonathan Mover and
proceeded to the Klntzler picmiscsaud when
near thuroinct Erb thomcu crossed over to
tho house nnd clTcctcd an entrance and both
tho old people wcro killed by Ettingcr aftor
securing tho money tho torch was applied
Tho young womans testimony was sustained
in material points byothcrwltncsscsnnd also
by the confessions of tho accused to tho do
tcitlvo Ettingcr was convicted of murder
in tho In at degree and Erb mid Jonathan
Moycr wero also convicted A writ of error
was taken nnd appeal mado to tho supremo
court but tho judgment below was alllrmcd
Applications tor pardon woro mado to the
board of pardons nut refused in tho casoof
Eltlngtrund Jonathan Moycr Tho enso ol
litb has been held uhderndvlomcntup to tho
present time Ettingcr died lu jail lu Octo
ber ISSI and Jonathan Moycr wus executed
March 21 lbS2
in Titn meantime
in tho fall of ISSI Uriah Moycr wa3 appro
boided In Michigan brought on aud tried at
tlio December sessions ISSI nlul promptly
convicted Thocaso was taken to tho su
premo court as well as to tho board of par
done but without avail Tho dato of execu
tion was Used lor February 23 but subse
quently ii weeks respite was granted
According to tho confessions of tho accused
tho murder was committed by Uriah Moycr
and Ettingcr ou Friday evening December 7
nnd not ou tho ovouing of tho eighth and
neither Jonathan Moycr nor Erb was piesent
and tlio burning was dono on tho evening oi
tho eighth by tho two Moyurs mid Etunger
All the prisoners united in thu assertion that
Erb was not present ou citner occasion
Thoro is u general Impression hero that Jona
than Mojcr died innocent and tho Hfu of Erb
lias Hum far beui extended ou account of tho
doubt that ha3 arisen of his guilt from tho
declinations of tho condemned men Tho two
Moj era are tho only portions ever hauged in
this county
llw Sports Talto a Look at tlio Dead Slug-
Kr nuil then Wulio IUm
New Yoiik Mar 7 Tho body of Jim El
liot tho prize tighter killed in Chicago by
Jcro Dunn arrived iu this city this mowing
in chavgo of 1icd Kiohue tho pedestrian
Among tho snorting characters who gathered
nt tho Giinil Ccntial depot to meet it woio
Jack Stiles und Miko Cleary of Philadelphia
Earn Collycr Charllo Johnson Hilly Oiirien
Thomas Daggett Mutt Uroce John Icary
Hhauy Draper litis llcntley and Cnpt Jim
LutQ of Suii Francisco Waller Wilson ot
Chicago Abo Ioakluy aud Tim Drlscoll ot
Troy Tho body was taken to tho residence
ot Elliotts sister Mr McDavltt where it
was placed in a cibkct Tho expression of
Elliotts fuco is that of sleep rather than ol
death Tho parlor in which tho body lies Is
hoavily draped in mourning tlio draperies
bolng tho samo thut wero used iu tho loom lu
Milieu tho body of Cornelius Vanderbilt lay
beloro burial Tho funeral will tako place
from Mrs McDavitts residence at 1 p m on
Suuday mid tho body will bo interred iu Cal
vary cemetery lti3cxpectcdthatthofuucril
will bo oue of tho largest that has taken place
in this city for ycarc mid will bo attended by
spotting men Jroiu all parts of tho United
A wake
Jim Elliotts body was waked to night
Tho mother and thrco sisters surrounded the
cullln und in loud tone bewailed their loa
Over 100 people wero piesent
Held for Kxtimlltlon
Nkw YoitK Mar 7 In tho riso of MaJ
Frederick Itoth arrested on his arrival hero
a month ago at tho Instauco of tho Swiss con
sul foi embezzling funds of his government
which ho collided ns military tuxes United
SlutiM Counn ssionor hburu loudered his
decKion to day holding tho uccuscd for ex
After Twenty Nino Yrurs
Drrron Mar 7 A llfo convict named
Samuel l has been pardoned out of tha
slito prlsuu whero ho has been confined
twenty nino years for tho murder of a man
uuiiicd llnbrook in St Joseph enmity in
1853 Them is littlo doubt that Uluui Is en
tirely iunoeont of uuy councctlou with tho
Tlio Coming lloston ItUlUltlon
llovrov Mar 7 At the annual nicotine of
tho New England Manufacturers aud Me
chanics institute this aftoruoon the rcpoi t
of tho secretary showed that much Interest
is manifested In tho south In tho coming ex
hibition Notlco has been served on tho ag
ricultural societies lu tho southern stutos aud
ou thoso in authority iu tho republic of Max
tco and all have blgulucd their iutcutlvu of
hcceptlng tha Invitation Tho most favora
ble re port i hao been received from all tho
southern ulatoi ami tjioso which particularly
cncJurrlged tha pffiixwd fair wro North Car
olina South Carolina Utnrift Alabama
Florida Mississippi nnd Louisiana
Anniinl Mrctlno nnriilngs Biul Expenses
Fuels and lMguirs Election of Offi
Nkv York Mar 7 The annual meeting
of the stockholder of tho Union Pacific rail
way wn hold to day TIim annual report
shou tint tlio Rtos earnings for tho year
were Jtft 81tl operating uxpimsM nnd
tuxcx sdi7270 1028 mirplin earnings 1
0fclllj Interest and dividends collected
nn investment securities 22110Dtr total
unpins carulngf 1I070J 1111 Expondi
111 ret Interest on bouds 107000303 din
Count Interest and exchange StJ7222t j
sinking fund -1 12000 amount duo United
States on tho builnres of tho year fetC7
IMMK picmlunn paid on bonds redoemed
aud loM3MmfCCiirltlefllismid of 1802X10
total Sr707o0 llalauoo npidlcablo to
dividend S0i0060501 stock dividends 7
per c lit l2607eS isiirplus for tho year
2aio10701 Tho total lunded debt of tho
company Is D0717703 Irs i amount luld
by trustees of coiiiolldatid bonds H872in
leaving tho balance outstanding ifSli 1SI7J
Tho following bonds wero returned unit can
celed during tho year land grant bonds
571 1000 slnkliiij fund mortgage bonds 1 III
000 Omaba hrldjfo bonds 77000 collateral
trust bond 131000 bouds held by trustees
Denver extension bond mortgage Denver
extension bonds 6bt000 total Win3000
Tho earnings wcro From transportation of
paificngcrs 510771001 Ireight 1S 10i
107t7 mall 7lurllini exprew 74aW3
nilsoelfancous carnlugH 72rfiJ3t5 total
9JS21S8l2l Ojieratlug expenses for tlio
yonritrc luoiuuiui taxes suuiUiuwJa op
erating exticnscs including taxe in 1S81
12180111271 decrcasoin lhJ2 173201 ill
J liu tallowing wcro elected iltrcelorstor tlio
ensuing year Sidney Dillon Now York
Elisha Atkins llojton F Uoidou Dexter
lloston 1icd L Allien Iloston j Eiri 11
Baker Jlostoii Jay Clouid New ork lui
sell Pago Now York Solon Humphreys
Now York David Dows New York Uren
villo ll Dodge Council lUtiQIi Augustus
8chell New York S It II dark Omaha
John Sharp Salt Lake City Utah Charles
Francis Adams Jr Uostou j Andrew II
Ireon New York
Tho directors this afternoon dcclaicd u
divlden of U percent payablo April 2 Tho
transfer books will closo on March 13 mid
reopen on April 2
Tile Shnrnahnoters of Camilla nlul
wytHi UUJ j1ri
Mnrqulii of Ioiiich Gpccrli
Ottawa Ont JIar 7 An ndjourncd
annual meeting of tho Dominion Itlllo asso
ciation was held to day in tho railway com
mlttco room of tho house of commons Tho
attendanco was large Among thoso present
wcro tho Marquis of Iornc many memhers
of parliament and military gentlemen from
all pattfof tho dominion After tho adop
tion of tho mitiunl report which gave u
resume of last years operations a vote of
thanks was tendered tho governor gcneial
and tho Iriuccss Louise for prizes
ollcrcd and tho Inleicst his excel
lency had evinced In tho success of tho
association from tlmo totlmo Ills excellency
replied In n ncnt speech in which ho promised
tocoutiuuu his interest in tlio woiklugsuf
tho association nnd expressed tho hope that
a shield valued nt 500 would bo ufletcd for
competition at tho prlzo meeting in 183 by
auxiliary forces of England as u mark of es
teem toward their Canadian brethren Ho
appcnlcd to banking institutions and other
corporations to assist in swelling tho
prlco list and expressed tho belief that
overy fattier and mother in tho domin
ion ns a duty to tho state should con
tribute their mito toward successfully
carrying out tho objects of tho association
Ho mado complimentary icforcuco to tho mil
itary bchools mid colleges ot tho dominion
and pointed out their usefulness In educating
men to lead forces should mi emergency arise
Tho minister ot militia mid others delivered
tpecches Tho governor general and tho olli
ccisof tho association wcro entertained nt
luncheon by tho speaker of tho houso of com
mons Col Czowlsky was le olcctcd presi
dent for 18S3
Henry Frj ljcrts AVlll Ills Crtinatlon
FuiLAiJiLrniA Mar 7 Tho will of tho
lato Henry oybcrt was mado public to day
and It was found that almost his cntlro estate
amounting to over a million dollars was lelt
to educational and charltablo institutions
Tho total numbor of bequests Is soventy ninc
amounting to 210000 tlio largest of which
Is 120000 to tho university of Icnn
sylvanla for tho endowment of a chair of
mental aud moral philosophy mid tho
endowment of a waid In tho wing
for chronic diseases Thcto bequests
arc according to tho will to bo
paid out of tho incomoof tho citato go that
it will tako several years for tho o ecutors to
pav them all and tho lcsiduo of tho cstato
which will when all tho abovo bequests nro
paid amount to 1000000 Is left in trust to
tho oxecutors to bo used by them in tho es
tablishment of two similar institutions for the
caro nnd education of boys and girls icspcct
Ivclv In accordance with a wish expressed
In tho will Mr Koyberts body was eiematcd
to day at tne LCJioyno lurnaeo at wasuiug
ton Ia
Deaths of Prominent People
Boston JIar 7 Nathaniel Thayer a well
known capitalist of Oils city and for many
years a member of tho banking firm of John
E Thayer it Ilro died hero this mornlngagcd
73 year Mr Thayer was a gancrous patron
of Harvard college having meeted Thavcr
hall and given largely otherwise Ho has
been a leading spirit in dovcloping tho gn at
railway system of tho west and was nho
Identified with mining nnd other largo ontei
prises Ho has nlso been a director of tho
Sew York Central tho Michigan Central tlio
Chicago Uiirllugtou nnd Qulney and tho
1hiladolphla Wilmington und Baltimore
ItAlKintt N O Mar 7 George W Swop
son formerly banker and lallway president
mid later a largo ninuiifactuici died hero to
Illislliccn Fnltuirl
Cincinnati Mov 7 X L Upson propri
etor of tho Central Oil works has mado an
assignment to Charles L Mitchell His liabil
ities nro 21000 assets 30000
Nkw Yoni Mnr7 Tho alignment sched
ule of Jacob Lovy and Louis KrnmortoSaml
Kramer filed to day states Llabtlltlei
31030 nominal assets 20023 raid actual
assets 17001
CmcAflo Mar 7 Magnus Anderson show
cao manufacturer has asslgucd Liabilities
10000 assets 10000
i ii i i i
OnlUy of Wife Muulrr
Emzahetiitown N J Mar 7 Tho
trial of Henry D Debosnys for tho imtrdor of
his wife was concluded this afternoon Tho
Jury wcro out only ton minutes nnd returned
with a verdict of guilty Judgu Laudnn sen
tenced Debosnys to bo bunged on April 27
Mail Hags Mok n
Towanda Pa Mar 7 Two bags con
taining through mall for Now York and
Philadelphia woio stolen from the depot hero
last night Just before tho arrival of tho train
nn which thoy wero to havo been dispatched
Thero is no clow to tho thief nor mall
jraritiigc nf MUlet
NrwYoiiu Mar 7 Mls Ida II Hosmcr
thrco feet tall aud Jtobort II Huki thrco
fcot mid six inches lu height midgets ou ex
hibition lu ii llrooklyu museum ycro mar
ried to day on tho stago nf tho museum Tho
bridegroom was a widower
Two Children II timed til Ilrnlli
LAWitjjNei Ohio Mar 7 Two childiou
of Aaihih Evans wcio burned to death in a
Biuall htablo yesterday Ono of tho children
a hoy of 4 years ot flro to somo straw Ho
und tils sister aged 2 years wcro uuablo to
An Interesting Talk About an Obscuro but
Fitl Mihdy
Sumo Intercut lug Facts ns In Pulmonary
Diseases In tttto Dlntrlct
Addisons disease said a prominent physi
cian last tilnht toa JirtunLtcAN reporter i
nil nffkclon of tho suprarenal oapjulcs It Is
bo called from Dr Thomas Addison of Ouys
hospital London who iu 1853 first discovered i
What nro tho suprarenal capsulcsdoctor
asked tho reporter
Tho suprarenal capsulos nro two small
flattened glandular bodies of a yellowish
color situated at the back part of tho abdo
men behind the peritoneum tho memhrano
Investing tho surfneo of tho abdomen mid
Immediately lu front of tho upper kidney
houco tbo name Thoy oro classified under
tho head of ductless glands ns they have no
excretory duct
What is tho origin of tho disease
That in tho piesent stato of medical
knowledge is unknown
It Is a very rare disease Isnt it
It is not common hut Is of frcquft ilf occur
renco mora so In fact than is ctrferally
recognized for many cases osciipA ilttchtlon
or aro diagnosed as different disorders
I dont think I over heard of thodscao
until I saw jostqrday tho nnnonncemuflt that
a young son of a prominent citbeil had died
of Addisons disease What nro Its Symp
lons doctor
A form of anromlacharactorizcd byadlngy
or dark discoloration of tho skin It occurs
without any dlscovorablo canso whatover
presents In every enso tho samo general char
acter pursues a similar course nnd with
scarcely nil exception is followed after a vari
able nerlotl with tho samo fatal rosult
What ago or sex does It specially ntfect
Itocctir1 in both sexes Cteuorally though
not exclusively it uttacks pcisoiis of inlddlo
Can you glvo mo a popular description
That Ins already been Jdono graphically
by Dr Addison Hoeays It makes its ap
pearance in so slow mid insidious a manner
that tho patient can hatdly tl tho dato of his
earnest lccitng ol languor widen shortly be
comes so oxtrome Tho countcninco gets
pale tho whites of tho eyo grow pearly tho
general framo flabby rather than wasted tho
pulso becomes perhaps large but lematkably
soft nnd compressible occasionally with a
slight Jerk especially under tho slightest ex
citement Theioisuu Indisposition to exer
tion with nn uncomfortable feeling of alnt
ness or breathlossncss on attempting
any exertion Tho heart readily palpitates
and tho wholo surfaco of tho body
picscnts a smooth blanched nnd waxy ap
pearance Tho lips gums and tougiionccm
bloodless nnd tho appctlto falls Extrcmo
langour and falntness supervene breathless
ncss and palpitations being produced liy tho
slightest exertion or emotion Somo Blight
swelling mav bo seen about tho ankles Oc
casionally tho mind wanders Tho patient
cannot get out of bed but tho bulkliicss of
the fiamo Is iu singular contrast to tho ox
halation observablo In ovcry other respect
How about tho discoloration of skluV
That porvades tho wholo surfaco of tho
body but is most strongly manifested on tho
face neck mid superior oxtrcmttle i It pre
sents a dingy or smoky nppcaiauco or various
tints or shades of deep amber or chestnut
brown Sometimes tho skin becomo as dark
ns a mulattos
What npriearanco do thoso bodies show
after death
In certain cases of Addisons discaso thero
is observed in tho suprarenal capsules tho
prcsouco of a softlshgray translucent matter
sometimes becoming liquified to a crcam Uko
consistency mid sometimes solidified into
a cretaceous mass Tho deposit icplaces tlio
Ms3uo ot tlio organ and it extensive in
volves their disorganization Examination
after death howovor fails to reveal lesions of
linpoitant organs ndequato to cspluiu symp
toms and desth
Docs tho discoloration of skin always ac
company diseases of tho suprarenal cap
By no means invariably And this dis
coloration may occur without leual discaso
It is however so frequent an accompaniment
that Dr Addison dwells particularly on it
And tho cure doctor
Thero is no euro for Addisons discaso
known to tho profession
So when you find a patlont has supra
renal discaso It Is tho eamo as reading his
death warrant eh
Tho man who is afflicted with Addisons
dhseaso ought to put his houso iu order
Now doctor another question Tho mor
tality statistics of this district for January
show about 350 deaths of which 71 woro from
consumption and 70 from other pulmonary
diseases that Is to say 111 deaths out of somo
330 occurred from aflectlons of tho respiratory
organs Washington Isenid to bo particularly
noted for consumption of tho luugs and this
showing would seem to corroborate tho state
ment Docs your professional oxperleneojus
tlfy that conclusion
liy no means was tho assuring reply
Washington on tho contraryls very beneficial
to cases of pulmonary disease I hnvopaticnt3
from all parts of tho world nffectcd with lung
discaso who find resldenco In Washington
voiy Dcncllciai totnem Tiicro is u largo num
ber of deaths from consumption In Washing
ton but It Is tho Ufa led by the consumptives
und not tho place that produces tho discaso
and proven ts cure Most of tho persons who
dlo from consumption In Washington nro
government clerks coming from somo other
place many of them with tho seeds of tbo dls
caso all eacly sown lu their systems and bond
ovor their desks seven hours each day breath
ing a poisoned air Why tho wonder is that
tlio death rato from consumption is not
doublo what it is in Washington
Tho ventilation of tho government depart
ments Is horribly imperfect tho heating ap
paratus defective lu many huicaus tho clerks
mo collected iu gicat numbors in small rooms
where they hicatho tho vitiated air ovor and
ovor till of course any tendency to tubercles
is developed Into certainty Then ugaln very
many of tho government clerks oro weakly
men umimo to succossiuiiy compcto in tno
tlcrco struggle of llfo with moro vigorous per
fectly healthy competitor and they get
government clerkships wlioro no physical
labor is required Under theso circum
stances It is perfectly plain why the death rato
fiom consumption iu this city Is largo yet
tho city itself bo beneficial for pulmouaiy
The Lnrgctt Pcuil Ever Founii
Jlcxtain Jmncero
Somo remarknblo pearls lately found near
La Taz Lower California havo excited much
interost Thrco such extraordinary events
haVo taken plico during tho past month
Jrobaoly tlio largest pearl on jeeord weigh
ing boventy llvo carats was found toward tho
cloo of December Tho flshermnu sold it on
tlio spot for 11000 which however was mi
Insignificant sum compared with ItH real
value Now comes tho announcement that
ono of tho flshormcn employed lias just dis
covered a finely tinted turn perfectly formed
pearl weighing forty suvon emits and valued
on tho spot at 5010 whllo yet another pearl
was found about tho samo tlmo smaller than
tho former but of peifopt shape weighing
forty caWta and valued t 3000
j i ii - i
Irisl luvq to lie Plndp in America
As mi uvhlonco of tha gi cat immigration to
this country from Irclund it may bo stated
that thoro tiro now on their way three hun
dred Irish girls from Limerick who havo
been engaged by a wealthy firm iu Now Eug
iand for tho manufacture of tho fur fumed
Lluiorick laeo Theso girls ato not
paupers neither uio they going to mi
derm I no tho labor of their cast lu tho United
States Thoy coma as skilled laborers ar
tist in tho manufacture ot that oxqulslto
tabrlo of iaco of which Limerick as well ns
nil lioland is Justly proud of
- -
Coin UnS for Tvenly llv Ymrs
A couplo wero recently married in Goshen
Ind nftor a courtship extending over a quar
ter of a century The local chroniclors bay
that to fur as could bo Judged tho course of
j ij wtyjn - i2titr i
their truolovo has always run smooth both
families bolng ngrecable nnd there was no
visible obuaclo to their union yeore ago qx
ceplthat thoy nover before wero qulMToAtly
Friends first laughed and then teased them
nnd nt last tho condition of nflhfra betdnio so
much a matter of cotmo that even gossip
forgot to busy itself about thm Tho ydung
lady was ono of tho belles of tho town mid
had no lack of other suitors but alio turned a
deaf car to thorn all
An Account of the Extremely Valuable
Collection Xotv Oirereil lo the ltrltUli
Cirrfiiiiifi Vfl Fort Mail and Exprai
One of thb questions most frequently put to
a literary man Just now la Will tho British
museum purchase tho Ashburuhaui collection
of manuscripts nnd books To this I can
say with certainty that tho trustees and Mr
larnct tho head librarian aro mora than
willing and it Is uulvoreally hoped that
the nation will not deem tho sum of
150000 too high for so many treasures
Somo of us can porhaps rciUcmbcr I
cannot tho fuss mado thirty five years ngo
when tho Dnko tif Buckingham announced
hh intention Of wiling by auction tho
Stowo collection It Is certain that proposals
wcro mado then for securing tho wholo forour
great national llbiary but they wero frus
trated by tho ready oiler oi a wealthy peer
who wanted tho books for his library and
bought them 250000 would not bo an ex
orbitant prlco to pay for tho Ashburiiham
manuscripts part of which through tho
kindness of Mr Oarnet I havo Just
visited And seen To glvo a detailed
count of them would bo qtilto Imposslblo
now for it will tako Mr Maundl Thompson
and Mis assistants two years lo put tnom in
anything llko order About n quarter nro in
tho manuscript department of tho Ilrithli inn
rcum and tho b iro mention of tho names of
tho principal treasures will sufllco to show you
that It is ono of tho collections of tho world
First of all 1 noticed asupcrbsctnf forty four
Anglo Saxon characters ranging from tho sev
enth to thoclovcnth century then that
tcrs oi Hyde Abloy nlfO Anglo Saxon mid full
of rough illustrations lu outline among them a
portrait of Queen Allgythanud ol Inr husband
tho famous King Canute Next wiu a superb
Posslonalo of tho twelfth century tho cover
of this Is of silver with a very lino crucifix
lu tho center There Is leason to belloyo that
it was nn this identical missal that tho kings
1 and iiuccns of England nronounccd their coro
nation oaths beloro tho reformation It is
vory beautifully Illuminated and in per
fect preservation Then comes tbo won
der of tho wholo collection tho marv
elous Book of yo Hours of Ouro Most
Bltsscdo Lnydlc which Mary Stuart held in
her hand ns sho went to execution It is a
wonder iu ovcry sense being Illuminated with
scores ofthcmostcxqulslto Httlu haud painted
pictures 1 over saw It is bouud in black vol
vot aud silver Tho English chronicles aro
numerous among them being tho original
texts of Monmouth William of Nowbury
early copies of tho Uruto chrdnielo mid of
llcdn filtccnth century chartulailes of tho
hospital of St Thomas with uu account of
their property iu nnd near London chartu
larlcs of Durham of tho fourteenth century of
Plpewcll and St Ncots tho wardrobo boaks
of Edward I and Edward It theso books nro
most curious especially to thoso iiitaicstcd in
costumo tho original diary of Claicudou
two portfolios of stato papers Queen Eliza
beth s prlvatu noto books eight iu number
and nover published many early manuscripts
of Chaucer Piers Plowman and of thu mys
tery plays Then in Italian MSS wo have
thrco books illustrated by Botticelli and ono
by Porugino manuscripts Iii tho handwriting
of Marco Polo Macchiavclll and sovcral lu that
of Leonardo da Vinci and no less than twenty
soven early copies of Dantes 4ivlna Com
media Tho French MSS aro equally tltio
and tho Lives of tho Saints which onco
upon a tlmo belonged to tho Abbov of Fon
tovrault is simply indescribably beautiful
Thero aro a few Arabic ond Oiicntit MSS
and ono or two early Latin but tho bulk
nro English from tho eighth to tho
clghtcoutli century Ono very curious
littlo book Is Napoleons noto book
which was left at St Hclenu Tho first MS
bought by Lord Ashburnbani was n Wycllff
Blblo and tho last this very noto book Of
tho thousands of other MSS aud rare bookB
I cannot of course glvo you auy Idea
but all I can say is this if tho collection
leaves tho country it will bo a very great
disgrace Tho sum demanded by tho Ash
burnhams is much Icssr than tho salp
room vnlue less than tho nrlco of nn ii on-
clad and surely tho richest country lu tho
worhLcan well afford to purchaso it If this
collection Is dispersed strango ns it may teem
it will profit littlo tho purchasers Its value
to tho museum principally consists iu tho fact
that it fills up existing vacancies For In
stance almost all tho wardrobo books of our
kings nro in tho library Well the two of
Edward I and II aro wanting and thoy aro
in tho Ashbuinham lot mid so it is with tho
chronicles and other books
A Yum Yum Story
Through lorns nights of fovcr and days of
weary restlessness Ninon watched by her
lovers side Strength returns to tho crippled
body but tho sorrowful eyes already wear
that helpless vacant expression peculiar to
tho blind and the strong right arm Is repre
sented only by an empty sleovc
Ho is not forbidden to speak now and ono
day as ho hears Ninons footstep by his bed
side and tho soft rustle of her dress ns sho
bends over him ho says
Your aro always with me Ninon aro you
not or do I dream it
Inm always with you Armand
What brings you hero
Because 1 lovo you dear
Lovo mo but I am a crlpplo and blind
Yes Armand your eyes nnd your right
arm you havo given to France Will you
give tho rest to mo
Ninon aud tho left arm tho only ono
ho has draws her quickly and passlonately
to his side Her soft breath plays against his
clicek und as his lips meet tiers Uio whis
pers Armand my prlucc I lovo you
From the FiciicA
Tholeavo of nbsonco granted Col Oeorgo L
Andrews 25th lntuutry Sept 12 1882 is ex
tonded six months -
Admiral Portor who has been seriously ill
for tho past week is now thought to bo ou
tho rapid road to recovery
It is expected that tho Nlpslo will bo ready
for sea iu about two months and vfill bo or
dered to join tho European squadron
Tho oxtonslon of leave of ab3enco granted
to First Lieut Alfred C Sharpo 22d Infantry
Oct 21 16S2 is further extended flvo days
Orders woro issued from tho Navy dopart
mont yesterday nltornoon putting tho moni
tor Miautatiomoh now lying ul tho Washing
ton navy ymd out of commission
Tho operation of so much of special orders
No 10 Feb 21 1SS3 fiom this olllcc 03
hues to Capt lOrrcst u llatnawuy assistaut
quartermaster is suspended until further
Midshipman Manning IC Eyro has been
detached from tho uceivlngshln Wabash and
ordered to tho Bangor Nuval Cadet W 11
Addicks from tho Mlantonomoh und granted
thrco months lcavo of ubioneo
Com A C Bhlnd has been ordored to duty
as governor of tho naval asylum at Philadel
phia This position has been vacant sluco
Vico Admlial Bownn wos relieved to becomo
superintendent of thoUuittd States naval oh
Secretary apdlor has directed Comdr
Ludlow commanding tho United States
steamer Quiuncbailg European squadron to
dlblntcr and rccolvo on board tho Quinnebaug
tho remains of Lieut Comdr W K Wheeler
who was burled at tho mouth of tho Gaboon
on tho west coast of Africa and to convoy
thorn to Madeira or Lisbon or tho most favor
nblo point for sending them to tho United
Tho United States steamer Yantlo has nr
rived at Mobllo from Pousacola Sho will
sail on tho twelfth instant for Now Orleans
All tho vossols of tho North Atlantic station
nro expected to bo at Now Orlcana about tho
fifteenth instant when they will havo com
pleted their rospcctlvu cruises iu tho Wust
Indies Tho Swataru is at sea on her way to
Cayenne French Guiana near the mouth of
tho Amazon
All rioynl Pcnonages Iarlnr a Morbid
Aversion tei llclnfr Thought 111
I wa looking Intb Lord HorVeys Me
molrs tlio other day says Londdn TrilM and
wasBtmtl with tho perpetual truths of his
remarks on tho morbid aversion ngalnst
being thought 111 with which all royal per
fconftgos ftro posscsod Thero Was a strange
lncupaolty of being sick that ran through
tho wholo royal family which they car
ried so far that no ono of them was moro
willing tu own any other of the family 111
than to ackuowlcdgo themselves to bo so I
have known tho king Georgo IIto gctoittof
his bed choking with a eoro throat and in a
high fever only to dross and havo n lovecand
In flvo minutes undress and return to his bed
till tho pamo ridiculous farcoof health Was
to bo presented tho next day at tho samo
hour With nil his fondness for tho queen
ho used to muko her lu tho llko cliciim
stances commit tho liko oxtravngancc but
never with moro danger nnd uneasiness
than ot this tlmo Sho who had been long
out or order with n cough nnd a llttlolurklug
fever notwithstanding that nho had boon
twico blooded grow every hour worso nnd
worse However tho king lugged her tho
night sho ciimo from Kouslnglon tho first of
Farluollls performances to tho opera nnd
mado her tho next day go through all tho
tiresome ccicmonlcs of drawing rooms and
balls tho fatigues of heat and crowds and
every other dlsngrcrablo nppurtcnanco to
the celebration of a birthday In tho
morning i dinwlug room sho found
herself fo near swooning that sho was
forced lo scud Lord Urantham to tho
king to beg ho would retire for she wu3
ttnnblo to stand any longer Notwithstanding
which ho brought her Into a still greater
crowd nt tho ball aud thero kent her till 11
oclock Mr Jrevlllo relates somo similar
details resnectina iconic IV and when tho
prlucu coiibort wits in tho first Btngoof tho
fovcr which killed him ho went out on a
cold raw November day to at to ml n volunteer
roview in tho homu park nt Windsor
Tlio Spring 1orl Fute
Is tho editor iu plplngly inquired an
attenuated individual with a long nose as ho
carefully clutched tho sanctum door Tho
editor blue penciled nino adjectives iu tho
first sentence of tho new reporters cory and
blandly announced
Tho yearning anxlottt gleam faded from
tho thin mans eyes mid an expression ot con
tent crept Blowly over his face Ho stepped
fearfully forward aud eat down on si couplo of
Inches of the rickety chair that Is kept for tho
occupancy of communicants
I came lu ho begun courageously
I eeo you did What caul do for you
intoiiupved tho man ofpastoand shears
That j It Thats It said tho littlo man
gleefully You can do a geod deal for me
1 know or you know I know how inim
ical editors mo to poets Dont hit mo with
thut dictionary I inn a poet but O do
pleaso hear mo through iio ejaculated ns tho
editor began to tintloublo himself ntid look
blood thlwty 1 am a poet outsldo of tho
general run I dont clam to bogrentorHiau
Milton or even Swinbittho but I rcalV do
wrlto somo real good thlrtts Now I luivo
brought you a littlo chbBry thing that I am
suio you will appreciate
Tho editor leaned back In his chair and
gazed upon tho bard comralseratlngly Then
ho icmnrkcd Young man you oro very
very rash You havo bearded tho howling
Hon in his don you havo stepped ou u goro
kecking ogros particular corn but Ill bo
chaillablo Ill oven listen to your cheery
littlo thing aud let you depart iu peace Pro
Tho songster cleared his thioat and bogan
Tlio iufluil grasses seek tho warm caress
Of balmy bnczes and tlio gcntlo rain
Where all w as onco a lrlkl u llderness
A lovely garden gins ta bloom ngiilu
Oil suclia nlory uurnUlics eiieh th inr
The glory of tlio son und lovely tp
Thero was a wild despairing shrlcl nnd a
sound of tho ruthless crushing of bones and
us tho ofilco boy cleared up tho remains with
a blotting pad tho editor calmly proceeded to
demolish tlio now reporters adjectives
Parrot Gosjlp
Tho parrot over in tho corner room of tho
Congressional fell into n moody conver
sation with himself yesterday and after bit
ing n chunk of wood out of his perch ho sud
denly and with unnecessary shrillness asked
Whpro aro tlio Tesas men Nobody paid
any attention which mado tho parrot mad
and ho suddenly piped out with Guntor of
Arkanwts takes It straight I Then ho
winked und apparently rehearsed somo of tho
phrasca hu had heard coming out directly
With n rambling and disconnected lot of
ejaculations such as Join us Mr Bliss
hows Brooklyn Havo sugar In yours
Wiggins Tako another Boudlnot oh
tako another I Ocn Hooker of Mississippi
gentlemen I Glad to sco yon goncral
Heros Oscar Turner Well Ilrbo d d
Who beat tho whiskoy bill Kolforao
dandy 1 ha-ha-ha 1 lvo como ovor to tako
a drink and wait until Dick Townscnd gets
through speaking Wo dont expect tho
river nnd harbor bill to get tluoilgh tho sen
ate but dont givo it away Hello heros
Senator Voorhces Call off tho dOgsl
Ityo or bourbon Shako It up shako it
up I D u this straw d 11 Ovciybody
d n everybody 1 And so the green bird
chattered away rehearsing to tho idlo bar
keeper what ho had picked up during tho
Consecration Sleeting of the W C T U
Tho mooting of tho Womans Christian
Tcuiperanco union of tho district held at
their business headquarters Tcmplo hotel
and cafe yesterday was ono of great inter
est Tho parlors wcro well filled Mrs C L
Poach presided and at tho opening Mrs
D 11110 and Mrs Dove oflorcd prayer Tho
Blblo reading was givon by tho president
Consecration to Christian Work belnc tho
subject Mrs Capt Perry who has spent
many ycara on government ships with her
husband who Is iu tho navy gavo eloquent
words which stirred all hcuits to greater ill
ten st in temperance work for tho soldier
nnd sailor ltov Dr Blauchard
of Wheldou college Chicago
was proscitt and spoko oncouragingly
of tho W C T U In this city and hi tho
country nt largo Mrs Bishop Andrews Mrs
Fcottof Philadelphia Mrs Taylor of Ohio
nnd many others from different states wore
iu attendance mid pledged their co operation
with tho work of tho boclcty here and else
whcic These meetings aro to bo hold each
Wednesday nt iJ0 p mand promise to bo as
interesting as any over held iu tho district
They aro open to hoth gentlemen aud ladies
Mrs Dr Mltclieil ot rails who was expected
yosteidny was dotaiucd at homo by a bovcro
cold Sho Is expected next wool to address
tho meeting
A nittlufruUhed Visitor
Dr Max Scring tho representative of tho
Prussian government now traveling in this
country for tho purposo of examining our
processes of agriculture mado an extended
lsltto tho agricultural department yostcr
day In older to cxamlno and report upon its
workings aud also 10 obtain such information
as should assist him in Ills inquiries Com
missioner Loring spent somo tlmo with him
iu oxplaulug hta department and nt Mr
Sei lugs request has provided him with let
ters of Introduction to lcprescntutlvo men in
tho dllfercnt states and territories of tho union
During his short visit hero Dr Scriug has
been nblo to obtain through tho bureau of
statistics accmato Information of our imports
and exports whllo through tho department
of ngrlculttiro hu has secured valuable sta
tistics of ouriinnunl productions and probable
demands rates nnd fielghtH on railways con
dition of labor c and timely suggestions
relative to his investigations and ho cannot
fall to bo impressed with tho completeness of
tno mctiibus ot statistical inquiry nuopteu uy
tho United States government
Tho IVaahluxton Light Infantry
At tho regular monthly meeting of tho
Washington Light Infantry corps Inst night
thirty actlvo members wcro elected and tho
fallowing honorary contributing mombors
D L Morrlsou W A MoKenuoy Dennis
Connoll Thomas E Wacsainau W II Mosos
M W Bovorcdge JW Pnmphrey und C W
Mattlugly Second Lioiits Cowic Entwlslo
Ncuuieyor Duffey und Harrison wero elected
first lieutenants Sergt B D Cramer was
elected second lieutenant of company B Ar
rnngomouts for tho fair aro rapidly progress
Iitterury JgntcrtalnmeiW
Tho lecturo hall of tho Young SIcns Chris
tian association was packed with a select
audicuco of ladles and gentlemen last night to
witness tho exercises given by tho membcrsof
tho literary society of tho association A do
bato upon tho subject That Utah Should
not bo Admitted into tho Union was well
handled and tho remarks of tho gentlemen
taking part in it wero animated mid
forcible Tho question was decided lu tho
ncgatlvo Bccltations rcadiug solos and duets
wcro given In a very acccptablo manner nlso
nn address by President F H White Tho
association Is In a nourishing condition aud
tho mombors nro progressing finely iu their
good work Thooliowiugwasthoprogrammo
rendered Solo vocal Miss C L Moody
reading Prof E C Towuscud solo vocal
Dr Layos Andro duet guitar Messrs
Avery and Itussell solo vocal C HWrlght 5
closing Y M C A OIco club
Tho Caso of the Detectives
Tho citizens committee aro anxious to havo
tho cx detectlvc brought to trial os soon as
posslhlo to ovoid any possibility of a mlscar
rlago of Justice To this cud Mr Wells tho
attorney has been authorized to tako tho
necessary steps to havo theso cases assigned
for nn early trial It Is thought that if all tho
cvidcnco that tho committee huvo is not
brought in tho detectives will win as they
will mako a strong light Tho uneasiness
prevailing in polico circles still con
tinues It is thought thut Commissioner
Edmonds will fully co opcrato lu tho
cllbrt to break up tho gangs of thieves who
havo ntlllctcd tho community so long and
will also bo iu favor of a purification of tho
polico forco not only of thoso who havo been
unfaithful and corrupt if uuy but also thoso
who havo given ovldcnco of Incompetency by
tholr inability to detect tho etookeduess
of their subordinates
Iiuliutry In tho Southwest
Col W S Wllsou formerly collector of
internal revenuo at Louisville Ky ond for
several years connected with tho Commercial
has begun tho publication of a paper called
tho Jntttutrial Aciij It b issued twico n
month und is liitoudeu to bo authority in nil
mutters pcitalulug to tho trado and manu
facturing of its section with revonuo decis
ions and dopartment rulings to date so far
us thoy can effect business of any klud
With tho exposition boon coming ou tha
eutcrpiiso is uuro to succeed
IJlatrlct Ulilhlliifj Provided For
Among tho appropriations by congress for
tho district wero thoso for tho erection of six
school houses which uro vory much needed
Then thero is provision for building a homo
for destitute eolorod pcrsoiismid for enlarging
tho industrial homo hchool Tho amount of
monoy for theso buildings is 118000 Thero
is also uppiopilnted 12000 for new furnaces
in tho publlo school buildings
Loyal Legion
Tho regular monthly mooting of tho Mil
itary Order of tho Loyal Legion was hold t
the Arlington hotel last night Over a hun
dred ofllccrs and cx olllccrs of tho urmy and
navy wcro present and a suppor was Forvcd
at tho closo of tho business meeting Speeches
wcro mado by Gcu Jacobs Gcu Ordway
Seuator Mandcrson and MaJ OConnor
A IJIg Farm In Texa
Thero is btforo tho supremo court to como
up on Thursday one of the most uxtcnslvo
land cases now pending in any court that of
Gen William Preston of Kentucky ngainst
tho stato of Toxas It involves 700000 ncres
of land to which Preston is rightfully en
titled as tbo caso seems to stand aud if tha
claim wcro allowed as understood originally
It would includo land now occupied by cities
towns and cultivated farms it is eald that
all Gen Preston expects is to get from tho
stato of Texas tho amount nf laud to which ho
Is entitled and lis location will probably bo
in tho interior where tho value is less It is
nn Immonso fortune however it may bo lo
cated when finally allowed Col Stoddard
Johnston of Kentucky who nlso has great
lauded Interests in Texas is stoppiug at
WclclUcrsriyvithGcn Prccton
Gen II II Slmnis of Louisiana is at tbo Ebbltt
Hon XI r Islicrwood of New York has rooms
at tho Ebbltt
Mr W I Canaday of Noith Carllna loft for
home last night
Master F M Potts U 8 N and Mrs Totts havo
parlors at tho Hamilton
Hon J D Davenport of Brooklyn was regis
tered ut tlio Ebbltt lat uiglit
Fenator Don Cnmoron will spend some tlmo la
the south hoping to find relief fur his uiulady
Hon James Arnold of Philadelphia reached
tho city lust night and Is ttopplngat tlio Ubbltt
Mr 11 U ration and Mm J A Oslmiin of
Now Hampshire nro sojourning at the Hamilton
1 W fieeiiiiui K W Steiunn Max Kntzonbcrg
and 21 fcliloss of New York ato nt tlio tialuc
Hon Albert Willis of Louisville will spend sov
cral clajs with liii family iu Now York boforo
going home
II S Bnrkor mid wife Massachusetts J C But
tcrtleld Chicago V U Macey New York aro ut
tbo St Jaluei
J 8 Andrews 8 J Tctnian Walter Jmrnham
of Now York and C L Mlllaiusof Keokuk aro
at tho Arlington
Anthony Duro Mr and Mr GcorgQK Dodge
F II Corsllt und H D I ibeock and family of
New York aro ul WUlurds
T H Ctiase C W Chase Botons Ben F Ilyott
Arizona J M Lymnu Norfolk Vaj C TDuu
liiiin Demon aro ut thu HI James
Tlio speaker and tlio corrotpoudenti havo loft
tho eiinliol but tho commlitca clerks uud tlio
houso rotauraut aro 81111 running
Hon John N Irwin of Inwa tbo nowly ap
pointed governor of Idaho readied tho city last
evening aud Is at tho Arlington
Mr Bobcrt L Downing our Bob wlllnot go
to Kuropu with Mary Anderson but will give
lcadliigsupport to Joo Jcllurnoii next season
Rcproprcsoiitatlvo Washburn of Minnesota will
cA to New Orleaiu for it weak or ti 11 duys and
then como to Wasbtngton lieroro returning homo
Tho current number of irarpcrt Weekly lusex
ccllunt pictures of Senators Beck of Kentucky
Mandcrtou of Nebraska and bablu of Minnesota
Mini Oeorglo Galtbor and Mlis Borthn Uadgon
of Maryland II I Wood and wife Dubuquo
Joun and James C Ilorublowcr aro ut tho Hum
Mr and Mrs M Orlftith D Grlfuth Mr and
Mrs Onirics Trait Now York U Bord und wile
B 13011 Hon ieorgo It Davis cnlcago aro at tho
Jen Slngletpn of Illinois went to Baltlmora
yesterday unit will return to his homo iu Qulney
loimirrojv Ills son aud daugUter wreut several
dtya ago
A Loudon Bnowdcn of tho United Slates mint
riillailelpliln and Hugh J Hastings editor of tno
Now York Commercial Advcrttecr and wife uro at
Bobort R Boss Indian territory C N Becd and
lamlly N D aiiiplinos Now York V V Iolu
111 nn and wife Mlsa Adams Miss OCouuer Haiti
more aro ut tbo Natlouul
II P rahncstock and wife and Mrs T II nub
bard of New York Vd Wight Chicago B LM
Harlow a prominent criminal lawyer of Now
York nnd wife ato ut Wormlcys
Mr William Durant Mrs James Durant Boston
Mr and MrsC A Clow Miss Cloggs New York
M C lrorrU aud family Mrs Josooh Nlckerson
O A Nlckerson Boston aro at the lllggs
Tho following onioers woro autographed at tho
Kbbllt liouso ciionny S C J Bishop U 8 It
Mi M K Schwenk M D Hose and It V Steelo
U S N aud D M Scott and C A WikotT U H A
tlcn J B Wskcficld formerly governor of MIn
ncsotu but now mamber elect of tho next con
Kro8 Is at tho National Gen Wukutluld Is a
stalwart In politics and vory p pular lu his stato
Sir V O Ilarillnr editor of tho Wood Blver
Miner of Haley Idaho tho pioneer newspaper ot
thu torritory U iu tho city visiting lit bcotbtr
Mr T A iliirdliig nccietary ot tho Y M C A
1K31J tticet norlhwoit
Mr John H Hlckcax road bpforn rVitumhln
loUso kiiliiht and Legion oi Honor Tuctdaj
evening a highly interesting paper ou tho grea
diamonds of tho world Ills remarks woro thus
trated by fao simllo productions of several notoJ
8 H L Stone Cliinlnnnil Ohio J B Brawloy
MemlYllle lu 1 V lUmdett it Paul Mlnu
Bail J Urimth New Yoik It J Lludon Philadel
phia V McLean U Nj 1 M Dinger Now
York i w Muniey Muwsouusctts W J
Van i
bcliuren and W O Vim Sphm im ltoillnntt
Oregon L II 1ootu tutu IrauoUbu aud G V
uauuiiwu m iaui are ai me liDinuaouio
lMtlifeiiiiiiiiiAuiis lfrijyifcr ryLrii

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