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The Art Treasures Which Embellish Bpring
Inmates of tho Tragedians
Something About tin People Who Hava Found
Asvltm at the Hone
Reminiscence of Incllle and Helen
Bottom Herald
Philadelphia Pa Mar 2 18S3 About
thirteen ni lies from tho Qunkor city thcro 1
nn estate- which spreads It broad ami fruitful
acres down to tho banks of tho Dolawnro
ovcryllilng about tho homestead breathes
pcaco mid prosporlty Tho stranger drives
from tho low roofed railway station up n long
lucnuo shaded with elms which in tho sum
mer mouths must tnalco tho progress beauti
ful nud passing a Mono church not without
pretensions to rural prcttlnoss comes to a
hnndsomo houso and grounds occupied by n
member of a representative Philadelphia fam
ily If ho is on tho tamo quest as I am on
this lamblike day of tho lconino month prog
nostlcatcd by Wiggins ns of fearful import by
sea nnd land ho docs not pauso nt tho gates
of this nrlstocratlo villa with Its startled deer
in cfllgy and its green clumps of foliage but
continues n fow rods farther nnd Ilnnlly
biceps up tho carrlago drlvo ofSprlngbrook
moi v widely know n In and out of tho theatri
cal profession ns tho Forrest home And If ho
hns governed his ideas of what to expect
fiom tho cold charity of government institu
tions hois apt to bo startled Into an expres
sion of agreeable- surprise Thcro Is nothing
about this comfortablo rosldcnco to bring to
mind tho fact that its inmates uro other than
tho members of n well-to-do family occupying
n historic homestead Tho Instant ono enters
tho hall ono finds oneself in tho still vital
presence of tho Illustrious actor whoso great
heart has censed to boat IMuln Forrost is
thcro In sculpturo and in painting surrounded
by evidences of his tasto nud preferences nnd
still moro manifest slnco tho greatest of thoso
is charity by tbd fact that his forethought
lias provided what is indeed a homo for
honorablo members of his profession What
ever tho abuses tho restrictions tho told
character of tho management of Sprlngbrook
in tho past it would seem now to bo tho scat
of n generous nnd thoughtful hospitality Lot
ns speak of n placo ns wo find it nnd tho Tor
rest homo is In overy respect totally dltlercnt
from what tho public lias been led to believe
Plrst in its appointments Without know
ing much about It and basing ones Ideas upon
what ono would naturally oipcct to find iii n
homo would not ono bo Inclined to bellovo
that tho lorrcst institution would bo fur
nished and fitted up in a uniform fashlonwlth
so many chairs for each individual ono tabic
ono wnshstand ono glass ono tot bed In
Bhort tho hotol liko regulation furniture- that
greets ono at most places of tho sort On tho
contrary tho rich dark old fashloucd nmplo
furnituro tho broad beds tho soft rugs and
carpets tho general nppenrnuco of a prlvnto
house whero plenty has reigned for many
years at onco disabuses tho visitor of tho er
roneous impression In ono of tho ladles
rooms is tho magnificent choval glass beforo
nhlch lorrcst was standing tying his cravat
when ho was struck with death A pouch at
tho sidojiolds tho shaving papor ho used on
this last morning of his life This choval
glass together with many othor fluo old arti
cles of furnltmc was brought dovm from
Tho ground floor includes bcsldo tho in
teresting hall tiowdcd with works of art a
drawing loom provldtd with handsoino
ebony aud faded rich brocado furniture and
Kith old fashioned yellow brocado curtains
veiling tho windows Prom tho rear draw
ing room ouo passes to a llbiary to which nn
addition has recently been built a placo
having been mudo for It by demolishing a
covered carriage entrance This addition
gorgeous in a stained glass window bearing u
crest nud arms will glvo moro room for tho
reception of tho splendid library of 8000 vol
umes which appreciative residents of Spring
brook must falily revel in What n feast for
n bookworm 1 Prom tho collection of pictures
and works of art that mako tho housonotablo
it Is easy to dlsccru Forrests profurences
that ho had nil admiration for Napoleon I Is
tertaln for tho man of destiny is dupli
cated again and ugaiu Tho conqueror of
Moscow draws astdo tho curtains of a
window that discloses tho burning ruins of tho
Russian city ho appears again In his corona
tion robes as In Davids picture and sits in
niuto contemplation with nrms crossed nud
brow knit a llttlo stntuctto that shows tho
ury opltomo of greatness Andrew Jackson
wuh auothor of Forrests heroes his earlier
picture is original and striking It shows a
1cm ciahbcd moro gonial man than tho Old
Hickory of latter years Calhouns strong
couutciianco looks down from tho walls The
atrical personages nro numberless thcro Is
John Philip Kcmblo moro than onco tho fa
miliar ono of llainlot nnd n less heroic but
piobably moro correct counterfeit present incut
of tho head alono two widely dlflercnt pic
tures of Pdinund Kcau arc also conspicuous
and 0 a nick appears again nud again Tuoio
aro small pictures of tho elder Booth and tho
elder Wallack Moro prominent is tho life
bicd portrait of JcQcrsoii tho very first
Jefferson tho sensitive faco shows a family
likeness to his grandson dear to usasliip
Aau Wluklo and is so Uko tho present
Joos father that Uko lathor Uko son
is strikingly sustained This plcturo has
tho pinto of honor bcsltlo tho portrait of Foi
rcsts inothor whilo nt the lelt of tho
benignant stiong genial nnd almost vivacious
faco of tho black browed old lady iuthowhlto
tap is n portrait of Puttick Henry Forrosts
mother must havo been u woman of decided
character Her couutciianco is luminous with
tourage enterprise und vitality Ilonoatli
this poitrait aro tho tharmlng companion
pictures by Bellow s MorningNooii nnd
Kcnlng Tho young father nnd mother
with tho Infant in tho proud fathers nrms
aro betting sail in n boat from tho verdant
postoril bauksofn shining stream then comes
tho bride crossing tho furry in tho samo bent
on her way to thovIlhiguthuichandflunliy
tho ovcnlng of lllo nirlvcs and tho old boat
is half submerged In drlltsof snow whllo tho
mourners bear a funeral pall over tho country
road beneath a leaden sky
Tlitro uro two largo pictures in tho collec
tion Ono is that of tho Clnlstian Martyr
tho youth who is found sleeping calmly by
him who is charged with thu duty of deliver
ing him to tho savago lions nnd tho other
Forrests favorite Von Bremens plcturo of
two llttlo girls preparing to tako a bath In a
woodland spring An nngcllc fair haired
child Who is endeavoring to sco if tho water
is told is contrasted with her pitiuautoaud
moro self reliant bravo companion
Tho flesh tints aro so excellent as to mako tho
pjlutlng worth tho 5000 paid for it In tho
collection mo such works us a plcturo of the
raco horso Fdwlu Forrest which was owned
by Col Cadwnllndcr ono of tho steamboat
named after tho tragedian it still plows thu
Delawaro nndn portrait of tho luto George
Jones with an inscription which shows that
in JMI3 it was prosontod to Kdwiii Forrest by
tho Count Johannes Tho great actor him
eelf Is shown in nil his characters Including
such ones ns William Telllittle familiar to
tho general public Mr Thoinnn tho veteran
actor who sorvos us n most intelligent guldo
nt tho homo where ho has resided for six
years pointed out tho illllerenco in tho cos
tumo In which Forrest plnytd Othello nt two
periods of his career and also called attontlon
to certain articles disposed of nt n recent sale
which appear in this gallery of character pic
tures in tho collection of swords thoro is a
Koiiiau weapon w Mill unco belonged to Talma
nud which bears his name Tw o pictures of
Itachol giaco tho walls both appear to be- as
Fliadre aud ono nn oil painting would
seem to bo valuable Tho thlu arms nru
Ileiuhardtcsquc but there I nm coufidout
tho resemblance to Barah tho taltlmbaiuiito
teased Who was it bald that Ituchol bo
gnu whero Mile Bernhardt leaves off In
tho cntranco hall au old printed placard
Mr Blierldrtn will speak at tho closo of the
poll recalls tho brilliant Richard Ilrlnsloy
nnd n long lino of busts Shakespeare Mil
ton Alficrl nnd others aro dominated by tho
superb hcrolo statue in which Thomas Hall
has porpotuated 1dvvln Forrest ns Corlolnnus
This eloquent mnrblo form still Impresses tho
visitor with tho inllucucoof tho actors por
sonallty moro so than tho llfo slro portrait
in crayon which stands opposite ono nmong
Humorous pictures of him who Is still felt to
bo tho master of Sprlngbrook tho famous aud
generous host of tho house
Tho register showed tho names of hut fow
nctors John McCullough Frank Chanfrau
tho lato P L Davenport Lotto Clara Fisher
Macdcr Kato Mcok nnd others hnvo been
guests ior n few hours but ns n rule mem
bers of tho profession nro conspicuous by their
absence On tho other- hand an avalanche of
visitors from nil parts of tho country invado
this scml publlo placo nud inscribe their
names In tho trlsto nud commonplnco record
of tho great unknown Tho superintendent
of tho homo is Mr Hue who is n living con
tradiction to tho popular superstition that
thcro is something in n name Mr Kuo Is a
vivacious nnlmntcd cordial nnd eminently
hosiiitnblo person Unlike his Into lamented
predecessor ho docs not curdlo tho llfo blood
In tho veins of professional visitors Tho
family carryall nwnltcd mo nt tho station tho
family carryall conveyed mo thenco later In
tho day after nn Interesting inspection and
chat nnd a bountiful dinner well served in
tho cheerful dining room on tho ground tloor
Thcro nro nt present eight Inmates of tho
homo tho law nllows twolvo nt n time nnd
by tho snmo token four moronro presently to
bo received As tho mansion is full at least
thrco of them will bo lodged in tho tottngo
near bv w hero nrcnaratlous nro going for
ward for their arrival I bellovo that ono of
tho now comers will bo Mr Hascombo tho
nctor whoso feet worofrozon in his attempt
struggle on home
last winter Strangely enough ho had Just
beforo then coma to tho Forrest homo nnd ap
plied not for admission but for something
to do Thorowas nothing to offer him nnd
ho moved on Somo of tho Inmates of tho
homo who havo somo llttlo means nro often
called on to lend n helping hand to poor fel
lows in distress sometimes how over not
always tho most deserving objects of charity
Tho inmates can leave when tbey llko to
visit friends their railway fares nro paid
and somo money is given them to spend
Tholr wearing npparcl is provided in short
thoy Jiavo nothing to do but to content them
selves with tho monotonous round of a peace
ful and prosperous ond of their days
To pcoplo in health nnd vigor oven such
a comfortablo asylum would prove I lancy
n prison but to thoso In somo vvny
unfitted to struggle with tho world nnd pre
pared to rest from their labors It must bo n
delightful haven of rest Finally thcro is a
graveyard whero two mounds nro already
marked with stones they nro side by sldo
within tho inclosuro nt tho foot of tho lawn
or meadow that sloped from tho rear of tho
two story mansion with its turretcd barn
grapery and lco liouso Tho Delawaro shines
in tho dlstanco ono catches n sight of whlto
steamboats plying between Tientou and
Philadelphia aud this broad domain of 110
acres must havo scorned to tho wenryoyesof
somo who alighted at tho doors of Spring
brook tho uamo of tho cstato comes from
u llttlo stream that gurgles through tho
grounds tho very Mecca tho promised land
In tho sunshiny reading room on tho sec
ond tloor a voryold gentleman was seated
with n paper In his hand ho seemed fccblo
to a degree and tho writer was not surprised
to Icatn that ho hid recently nriscn from n
bed of Illness An old lady very cheerful
with purplo ribbons in her whlto tip camo
ifi to welcomo us As sho suoko of tho awful
misfortune of her son ono of tho best
known property men her olco trem
bled ho was preparing somo red flro
when au explosion occurred and his eyesight
was lost forovcr Young nctlvo Industrious
what n misfortune JIo can do nothing but
cat his heart out and wish that tho explosion
had killed him ho was not even dislicurcd
tills wlfo was tho only bread wlnnor for
flint ffimilt itn Jo n 1ilf tit nnrn hn
klVill IHU1IIJ 1JIIW UUIU KJ tul4 II IM a-
haps M por week by going on In tho bal
let When sho used to trip on nt Booths
people who know her sad llfo pitied
her tho llttlo dark woman with tho
ictrousso nose A vvbitonud bluo dress In n
Greek pattern whlto tights and bluo boots
nnd bluo cap lougofiii her checks sorrow in
her heart doubtless with tho blind husband
at home tho childrouto feed tho poverty and
uncertainty of tho bitter nud unceasing fight
for broad Tho old lady worries about her
poor son whoso mlsfortuno led to her com
ing to tho homo but sho Is grateful und con
tented a most deserving person Tho gen
tluriian with tho florid faco and tho long
whlskors in tho typical English stylo was
onto n ropo dancer his choery companion
is tho son of n fur western manager Of Mr
Thoniau full of reminiscences of Macreadv
tho older Wullack Forrest with whom ho
played when only 17 rears of ago I hnvo
rendy spoken ho is n vulunblo membor of
mo lamuy una intends cru long to
In tho greut library Bcsldo Mrs Burroughs
an old member of tho Institution nnd onco
connected with tho opera I was cordially re
ceived by ouo of thu most popular and best
known members of tho profession Mrs Jano
Migiisn wno spcniis iter winters at tlio home
hufthcr summers as u rule with friends olse
whero Tho inothor of Luclllo nnd Helen
Western has their pictures in her cheerful
room thero nro two of Luclllo that glltcd
actress whoso tiro and passion loft nn imprcs
blon which still endures Mrs Lnrilsh some
times bpeaks of her daughter and npiopos of
v vt uwUI u u VII
tlmo rofuscd to part with her original manu
script of tho play dosplto Luclllo Wcstoms
offer of 300 for two benefit performances j
finally Just bofoia her dcrth sho sold tho
right to Luclllo for this amount Sho was
determined that Luclllo Western should not
play tho part and her wish was respected
Nevertheless tho ccccntrlo Matilda played a
version of Fast Lynne under tho titlo of
Tho Earls Daughter not however with
sutci 8S Luclllo Western was playing her first
starring engngemonts on Forrosts oilnlghts in
llaltiinoio when sho litst produced Fast
Lyiiupaveisouofwhlch had been constructed
by Clifton Tayleuie Hah shosald this
is food for babies I and going ahead in courso
of tlmo mado a version hcrcolf suggestions
bolng accepted at rchoaisals fiom llirtonllill
and T K Collier who wero playing blr
rrancls Lovison and Archibald Carlylo Mrs
Fugllsh has this original manuscript as well
as many others bolonglug to her daughter
Somo of theso havo been purchased by Fanny
Davenport who will however not need to
produce them until Feodora has lost its
voguo At tho Forrest sale Mrs English
who had personally renovated many of tho
costumes somo wero nlmost rotton mado
several purchases including tho tragedians
posset cups out of which doubtless many n
drop ot cumfort had botu diutued This
lady produced uu interesting souvenir tho
wieath of laurel with which Mine Mcthuu
Schillor crowned Pol win Forrest In Now York
nearly n storo of ytars ugo Tho s itln ribbon
that binds it bears tho inscription of homago
in gilded letters
A not unfamiliar volco greeted mo at
Sprlngbrook Years havo passed sluco I
heard tho samo tones in n rcmoto town In
Now York first crooning through tho Hues of
Meg Mcrrilles and then enunciating tho
vivacious challenge of Volunto of The
Honoymoou I havo not hung so long upon
the parent stem that I may not still bo worth
tho pluiklng Thoy wero thoso of hor who
was onio tho toast of many tountilcs tho
odalisque of Now Orleans tho siren of
Rochester tho celebrated Mrs Rachel Can
tori Yes Mrs Cantor now graces Spring
brook with her Btately courtesy and htr
perennial almost girlish flow ol spirits I
would fain itpeat bonio of her choicest mots
but their ossento would bo lost Shu is still
now to her surroundings but bids tulr to as
similate to them oro long To hor health and
may it bo many a day oro sho who is now tho
lambkin of tho flock at Sprlngbrook ceases
to drink from tho fountain of perpetual
youth I Walsinqham
An Undoubted Hirudin
About thirty yLars ago a prominent physi
cian by tho uamo of Dr Willlaiu Hall dis
covered or produced after long experimental
research a remedy for dlsonsos of tho tluoit
chest nnd lungs which was of such wonder
till olllcncv that It soon gained a wide reputa
tion in this country Tho nnmo of tho modi
cino is Dr William Hulls liilsam for tho
Lungs and may safely bo rollod on as n
Bpcedy anil positive euro for coughs coldsj
sore throat c Solo by ull druggists
Iluslnrs In ilm Supreme Court No Cir
cuit Court Wlmt Cases Wero Actwl Upon
Tho following business was transacted in
tlio suprimo court of tho United Stales yester
No S51 Tho Chicago Mllwankco nnd St
Toiil rnllwav company plaintiff in error vs
August Dittbcrncr Lrror to circuit court
Columbia county Wisconsin On motion of
Mr Plllmoro Hcail in behalf of counsel dis
missed Clerks costs to bo paid by plaintiff
in error
No 1224 Tiro town of Prairie plaintiff In
error n Smedloy Darlington Krror to cir
cuit court United States for tho southern
district of Illinois On motion of Mr Plll
moro Beall docketed aud dismissed with
No CO Tho Manhattan Mcdlclno company
appellants vs Nathan nud John T Wood
No 175 Jullen S Rumsoy appellant vs
Joslah It Dcmby Appeal from circuit court
United States lor cartcrn district of Arkan
sas On motion of MrJW A Mclvcnnoy In
behalf of counsel for appellant dismissed with
No 170 E S Jaffray Coctnlnppelhnt
vs McGchcc Suowdcu fc Vlolett ot nl Sub
No 177 Gcorgo W Hill plaintiff in error
vs Ucorpo P liaidllig ct al Submitted
No 180 James S Wllklns plaintiff In
error vs Scmplo Ellott udmtuistiutor c
Argument commenced
Adjourned until to day nt 12 oclock
Mr Charles Pclham yesterday filed a suit
fordlvorco for Jcnnlo Castlno vs William
Castinc Tho papers wero withdrawn
Mr John Anderson also filed n dlvorco suit
for Mary E Stroub vs Harry R Stroub Tho
pnpors in this caso wero also withdrawn
Maurlca J Adlcr through his attorney C
M Matthews ycstcrdiy filed a suit on a
creditors bill against John J Cook ot al
Tho will of the- lato Hugh Candler was ad
mitted to probito yesterday nnd letters testa
mentary granted to his widow Lisotto Cand
ler bond 0000
hev en mens mum suit
Mr Charles H Reed yestordnv filed nplen
of Jurisdiction of tho court in tho caso of tho
Rov Dr Hicks vs tho Graphic Publishing
company for 33000 for libel in publishing
nn nrtlclo relating to tho rovcroud doctors
connection with tho cadaver of Uuttcau
Thero was no session of tho equity court
yesterday Judgo James being confined to his
residence by Illness Tho court will bo con
vened this morning
the nrconD
Court m Coifral TmnLhlJ Jutllce Carttcr Ju
tlcei Hagncr and 0 x No 70 Jobn II Ilaggvs
Gcorgo B Kirk argued by Jlr Drowning for
plnlullfTniia Mr A C llrnilley fordoruiuliint As
slgnmciit for to day Nos OK 80 U4U S3 07 US
90 1S3 105 107 108 109 110 hi nud lta
Circuit Court Jutllce JlneArthur Hammond vs
Miller verdict forplalnllfl lor 872114 Cutler
1osicr vs Cross Judgment by default Walker
Strong vs Carroll Cross name lowlej vs Mur
phy ramc lltirclinrd vs Ilrnslicars samo Har
ris Bros vs Damman same Satnger vs Silver
berg snmo Strobel A Co vs Hllvcrborg snmo
Hanks vs Norrls samo Stocksllll it Co v
Dwlght Hoyt suit discontinued by plaintiff
Dlgelow vs Armcs full dismissed on stipulation
nt iilalntlirs costs Assignment for to day Xos
31 131 13- 13 1JI 1J7 US HO and HI
Current Transactions nt tlio Various Dis
trict Oltlcei
Llzzio Boyd n mulatto living nt 307
Twenty third stroot northwost was reported
to tho health ofllco by Dr Royburn ns having
smallpox and was removed to tbo smallpox
Senator Mahono paid n visit to tho district
buildings yesterday nud had au iutorviow
with Commissioner West
Thero wero eighteen burial permits issued
by tho health ofllco yesterday nnd fourteen
birth certificates received
Tho now commissioner Judgo J P Ed
monds has notified tho Picsidcnt of his nc
tcptnuco of tho office hns ucclvcd his torn
mission nnd filed his bond which his been
nccoptcd It is for 50000 with tbo follow
Ing sureties Jnsoph C Kennedy Thomas
J Fisher William M Gait Henry A Willlard
Horaco S Cummlngs Joint Aliakor Norval
W Iiurchcll Curtis J Hlllycr William S
Thompson William G Mctzorott It Is ox
pected ho will formally enter upon his duties
at noon to day
Building permits wero Issued yostorday to
William P Wood to repair n framo building
ift tho ro ir of lot 2 reservation D nt n cost of
300 and to Thomas OConnor to erect a two
story brick houso on Union stroot bctweon
Four aud a half aud Sixth streets northwest
at a cost of 00
During tho week ending March a 1683
thcro wero 00 deaths in tho District of Colum
bia Of this number 23 wero whlto mules 21
whlto females 21 colored malts und 23 col
ored females Tho mortality of tlio whlto
population was 2017 por 1000 per annum of
tho colored 3721 and of tho total population
Tho principal causes of death were pneu
monia G bronchitis 5 congestion ot tho
lunfjs 1 j heart dlscaso I dlphthorla scar
let luver 2 cancer 3 consumption 10 j tu
bercular meningitis 2 rheumatism U puor
peril dlscusos 2 dysentery 1 icrobro
bplnal meningitis 1 j typhoid lovcr2 cioupl
Of tho decedents 13 whites and 2 colored
wero ovor 00 years of age and 0 whites and
27 colored children wero under fi years of
ago 55 wero natives of tho district 27 of
othor parts ot tho United States and 11 wero
foreigners Plevou deaths occuirod In publlo
Institutions 71 In Washington G In Clooigo
town and 0 in tho county Marriages ro
portrd 12 white J coloied births 33 white
20coloicd still births 3 white aud 1 col
It U bo Aumlnntrtl In tlio ltontl
So the alitor
Will you plcasoopcu jour columns to glvo
place for expression of n ftmlnino growl
about thoso dirty strect sw eepeis My housp
on Now Jersoy avenue southeast had Just
been swept a weok ngo Inst Friday and was
belug nlrcd when without tho prellmtnaiy
warning of a wnter enrt down upon us
swooned tho swecpors raising clouds of dust
which obscuied tlio sun nearly Now Is It
not put down in tho bond that tbo streets
must bo sprinkled boforo thev aro swept
An Indionant Housukeiueii
Seunlor Ciiiiiiioii
IC II in Wathlnyton Cormiiondeuce Ilradjordra
It Is gratifying to notlco that tho lcpubll
can press which for a long tlmo censured nnd
vilified this senator havo at last spiked their
guns and ho is no lougor mado a target for
their mallcoand spleen During tho vvholo
period of tho numberless nttneks mndo upon
him Senator Cninoion kept on performing
his public duties quietly und with fldollty
Slnco tho opening of tho pieseut sosslon ho
has been toustitntly nt his post Inboring for
tho interests of his state and nation Your
correspondent doos not hcsltato to say that
ufter thirty years cxperlenco at tho national
capital in connection with tho press ho has
in nil theso years nover known a publlo
man so unjustly censured and abused
ns Sonntor J D dnioron Tlmo will
demonstrate tho fact that groat wrong
ond injury hnvo been done him This
of necessity will crcato n icnctlon in Ills
favor In truth It has toiumouted to vroik al
ready and tho people of Pennsylvania nro be
ginning to understand his worth and appre
ciate his true merits Tho great bano ot his
political Ufa has beon that ovoiy person In his
stato socking nftor ofllco whou coming to
Wnshlngton cmnrlorcd thomsolves on Mr Cnm
cron but at last ho has como to tho vvlso con
clusion to closo up on this business nud ho Is
ready to let his collcaguo Mr Mitchell havo
n trt of tho offices and attend to tho number
Ies3 npidlcants who nt ovory session of con
grosi thrust themselves upon members of con
gress and woary them by their Importunities
A uaiiTNiNaitoD man In St Paul
Prom a houso had aboilous fall
Though battered and bruised
Ho said when ho used
St Jacobs OU it simply boats all
The National Republican
Tor tho accommodation of tho public branch
ofllcos havo been established nt promlnont loca
tions nhoto at all times advertisements and sub
scriptions can bo left at exactly tho samo cost ns at
the main ofllco
Want Rents For Sale Ac Ac of three Hnj
or less Inserted thrco times for sil cents All an
swers when desired will bo delivered by special
messenger to tho lcsldcnco or office of tlio adver
TilF RrrvnucAN Intends to demonstrate that It
Is the very best advertising medium In tbo Dis
trict and earnestly roqucsts a liberal patronage ol
IU branch offices
The following is a list of tho branch offlces In
Washington Others will be added hereafter
VS Hoofrn NewsSlnlliln nt the- Arling
ton Hotel Vlllnrl Hotel nml Metropoli
tan Hotel
lloote A ttteeii New Stand Nntlonnl
II F Itlren Nt Tnmei Hotel
lllggs Home rVevss Stnllit
lthlilt t House Nest HtiuiK
Aiiirrlcnn Home Xrvvs Stunt
VV H Thompson Drug Ntore
C II Flckllns Drufr Hlorc Ueorgetovrn
T llrnilley AilnniftH Hook Niorea
Clt Ilnfoilr IiuggltlMlH Fourteenth
It II IVrgiuoii Druggltt tinner Second
mill Ie iinnylt nnln n ellllo H 1
S V Ievvli Druggist coiner Fourteenth
C Hlntmi Urugglst corner Four
terilth nml Xevv York nveiule
IV F Scnln Druggist SOO Knit Capitol
II AIoInitili ill tigglit corner Tenth
nml O atieels iiorthwent
S Mlntein Clgnr Htoie corner II nml
Fliit artet liorthwtat
The National Republican
Is for salo by tho following newsdealers
XV S ItooeNe HtnliiU nt the Arling
ton Holt I AVlllaul Hotel and iltctropoll
tun Hotel
Ilooio A- Ultf n Novrs Slmnl National
II F CXueen SI Tallin lintel
Itlggii Homo Ncvvk Stnnil
3Mlil4t Houso Nestii Htninl
Ainerlcnn Houso Nevsn Stand
A llieutuno A Co KlcvciitU nnd Puin
a lv nuln nt cntic
T lliadlry Ailnmss Tlook Store
J T Clcinruts Nevsdenler Ninth street
fl IV Joyce Htationrry Store 17 1 H
uenuo NW
T I Fi re llook Store 1113 Iennnylvn
ntn nseiiue coiner Fourteenth
Nairn A Free Stationery New York ave
nue near Fifteenth
IS It Slorcoe Cigars nud Stationery
lemujlvaiila avenue near Twelfth
Urenlano Ilioi 5 Union Siuare
Fifth Avenue Hotel Nvvv Stand
Slltey Hoiua Neu Stand
rainier House News Stand
Sherman Homo Ncsvn Stand
Trciuont Ilmub Nests Stand
Illehmond C F Johnston 018 Main
tVlnchcster E R Hnrmer
Ilarrlaoiilnirg It 12 Snlllvaii Co
Danville J II Copprhlgr
Cliarlotto 111c AVSHlnli Perry
gllltllOtt Silt3u
Trustcos Sale
ily v Irttio of a dred or trust ilotod Sray 17 1S73 and
duly recorded In liber No 721 folio onu of tho land
records or I he HUtrlct of Lliliituliln unit by cilrccllim
of the party sicured tlurcby twill illatinililloiiuo
tlon In Irontot tlm rronilncs on I ItlDAVMAHUII
10 A U 155 1 nt 4 oclock p miho follow Ing de
scribed rial estate Kluialv In WuslilriRton DIMrlctol
Columliln tolt LUo 30 InOenrRO Jlurscsss ro
cordtKl subillvls on or lour tooln tiiiuro IU with tlio
Improvements thereon Icrmsmado known nt tbo
1 rusiec
DUNCANSON imOS Auctioneers
Trustoos Stile
By virtue of a deed or trust tinted Juno 22 1S7I and
duly recorded In liber No 7iI4 folio IJIoMioriliolnnd
rcconlsof the District of Coliimlila anil by direction
ot tho parly secured thereby 1 villi Kelt at imblli filia
tion at thu sloroorilunciiiisuii Urns nniitliraitcnrner
Isliilhniid DslroulM northwest Washington 1 Con
fJAl IIIIUAY M AKUII 17 lssl at -I otlntk p in iho
followlnir described rml cslulo aitualo lu thu DiMrlit
prtnliimhla towlti Tho eastern 14 lect of lot Nn 2
In block No 17 hi liiftn put of u tract ol lund railed
Mirldlui Hill In VVushlnglon count 1 C Icrrus
mudokuonnat tho sale
DUNCANSON nrtOS Auctioneer
mo5 nis ilutds
A largo proportion of tho diseases which
causo hum in Buttering result from derange
ment of tbo stomach bowels and liter
Ayehs OATiiAitno 1ilis act directly upon
tluso organs aud nro csjicclnlly designed to
euro tbo disenscs caused by tholr dorango
incut Including Constlputlon Indiges
tion Dyapnislii Ilcailncho Djscutcry
and a host of other ailments for all of
which tboy aro a safe euro prompt and
pleasant remedy Ulio oxtcnslvousoof tbeso
JJLIs by eminent physicians In regular pi no
tice eliows unmlitaknbly tbo estimation lu
which tboy aro held by tba medical profes
llicsnrirrs aro compounded of vegetablo
substances only and nru absolutely free from
calomel or any other injurious Ingredient
A SufToror from Ilondarbo vtrltoai
AVLns 1lLIS niu liivuhublo tome and
oro my constant companion I linio been
n sovcio tuircrcr from Ucadacbo nml vonr
Ill ls uro tho only thing 1 could look to
for relief Ono doso will quickly inoia my
bowels and lite my In id truni piln iboy
aro tbo most ell ecu vo ami tho easiest puvslo
1 havo over found It Is a iiln muro to niu to
Slunk In tliuir nratso an J I ihiiys do no
vi ben occasion oilers
W I PAor ot W I Tagn llro
rrinllln UU KlchmondVn Juno 3 1882
I havo usod AYcno Tills In number
loss instances as rccmiunetided by vou and
have iiovur known them lu fall to accomplish
thoilesliud result Woionitantlykecp tlicin
on h md nt our homo and prlvo thorn as n
saiu aim roiania lainny inciiiciue
iieasiuu thoi lira iuviluable
Meila Toxas Juno 17 199
tlio ltiv IlllcIS I IIatilowe writing
fiom Athiula Oa says lor como jears
mst I havo beon subject to constipation
lorn which In spite of the uto ot medU
clues of various kinds 1 sullcred Increasing
Inconvenience until somo months ago I
began taking AYltns 1IILS They hnvo
entirely eorreoted tbo costlro habit and
havo vastly Improved my gcicril houlth
Avnng Cathartic Tills correct Irregu
larities of tbo bowels stimulate the appe
tite and digestion and by their prompt and
thorough action give touo aud vigor to tbo
wbolo physical coonoruy
i nnrARED hy
Sold by all Druggists
All expcrlencs tbo vrondcrfal
bcnollclil otfects of
Ayors Sarsaparllla
Children with Soro Kvcs Soro
I IIith or nnv scrofulous or
llttlo taint may bo mudo healthy and strong
by its uso
Sold by all Druggists j 91 six bottles for 5
Ion by tnu llnntt workmen fall and sgu tpl
tuem N tiamil Ucpublicau Job ltooui
Ucs ly
13131X3 IE3ooncas
TlioLarscsl awl liuii luOlw Dmiui Itooualn
Tormn fCSO rer SXaxitlv
Arrmr and Navy Headquarters
ronn mow rinE iaoArBn
Tcruut J ma 8i3U lor Uy
727 Flltccnth Street
A Specially of Oulsido Dinner
on Tin IuitoruAN imjAN
Comer olxtli rilrcit unil Iiuuh Atenue
SltlIlllu0lt 2fiius
Potomac Steamboat Companys ropular
Cuptn KTull
LonvM from Bcvcntli street VVIuirf overy TUKSIiAY
nndTIIUItsllAYatS in nnd HAIuUliAMjnl
a tup m siopilu2 nt Ilney lolnt and 1olntLook
out Ruing nnd rtturninir
LonnociliiB In lrlolk nllh Ilostnn Irovllenco
Now York und Janici Illvir Htiaiucis and tho Nor
lolkand wentirn mid Hcaboard and Itnaiioko Itnll
roadJintUld lolut Willi IIio LlicmpiaUo und Olio
Jtallrond rmwaii and roonn inn bo utincd ut
llofds Notts urn 1 Mt n wi jiaiiiuioro nun iinio
Ticket ODIco Ittli and la nvi Hi Marc llntoliiiiil
lit C oinpanv sOlllce7tli at wharf 1reUht ncelvcd
dallv until Op in I- M IIUWHINM
VVM I VVIIOIIAgt tJaiil UtiiHiiit
Mt Vernon Mt Vernonl
I envoi Poventh street wharf dully except Sunday
for Ml Vermin at 10 oclock a ui rolurnlim rcuchui
VVk tblnstoa about i J m
auli 1 I RLAKE Captain
Norfolk and Now York Steamers
will have her vluirr fiot olSixtn mod cvfry Mon
day VVuluesday uuj blhliii al i oclock p in
louii iiik al 1imy lylnt lolnt Lookout and 1urtrcM
Ilrst cln M fae to 1 orlros Monnxi and v n foil JJ ri
Hecond ilaisiurutoliirtrersMoniiiouiiriNoMolk 1 V
1 libt oluu turo to llnoy Iolutund Iilut loiikout I M
beranil clai laroto lnioy lolnt nnd 1t Lookout 7i
ItellinilMK Iravot Norrolt luiSdija inursdays
ttndBaturday at 5p m
JOIINUIllsON and I KNIlilll leavo Tier -It
ljit Ulvt r Now York rviry Haturday al 4 p m
and Korgelown every Tliurnlay at 7 a ni lor far
Nudum lipid v to Acent 6 1 Wator street IKorct lown
Tk kels and taternouii cuii bv t round at ueuoral
fidk e ill I inoontli street In Nat Jtit Ilauk 11 and
O tlckot ofllco 1ASI la nvo Hi Muro Hotel aud at
boat tftJJ AItltEl vyuOUbcntary
i KOtt
piiiiaimmiia waniiinotov and
rromrillLAUELIlIIAovtrybiiturday 12m
I rom WAJ1IN1I10N every Monday 4 n in
through and prompt connection with New York
linittou lallltlver and all points North IIuoukii
lUllsLiidlnirulTOil rrclulit ricilvi and delivered
dally until Bp in W 1 UVUHtco
Oenerul Acenli 1nllidilplila
JH Johnson A Co
An nn MihundMlhst Wliarvca S W 1MJ V U
N W Washlnjiou Jj a loi tr
u urrwOt
Cloiuainptlon Aslliruat
llruurliltU leunir
1lur l AT ItnUH Trial
IU tip IniimliluiiiOQ
auurem imijitj vhb
I I ArcliNlrfo
MJlv4n w t iiaueipui rn
Br Cusoa Cwbolutu oriur XubaluuU
Irion BALB riiiNTKi ovitiw runNiHiinri
Itooins with lablo JIoiutIi TliU Homo for
Jicnt apply in and nirnhlw I llooiim lor
Itent price Hi cents eadi aro for mil ut tin Iu iiu u
line 0v i b Netigoal Jteuubllvnu tlvMf
Criiutlers Sitibt
wiVAiixuw jxitutamutaijUULjiiWKn n wiiiJkVjmiuimumiJujiaiiaiLMiiJB
pruTiM lie srf
ever mnmmGEDi
YOU can make no mistake in using FELS COS
LIQUID COFFEE because all that is required
is to pour boiling water on a little of the Liquid Coffee
in the cup and add milk and sugar The coffee is thus
made instantly one or more cups just as wanted the last
cup as good as the first TRIAL WILL CONVINCE 1
Ml rtri nlmlinn hut i lirrt frnm 11 n milnn linnn hv
anew and perfected process nnd put In bottles and all you t
have to do is to finish it by the addition of boiling water I
awr iLtt tos LiyuiiJ coffee is tree rrom
grounds or sediment it needs no grinding straining or
settling Always Kcady Always Uniform Always
Delicious A bottle makes 35 cups of coffee
If good coffee is an object to you if good coffee made
quickly is an object to you if to save time trou
ble and money is an object to you TRY
fef ce3 Wu yayPilLiy ii5y Li LElln
TCI I I I ll11 i n Mmp n n m -
isssssf Life Saving inventiorhUge
Hrl 1- Jiuiuy ior imninunto me nn im tcntv tn tliirti ticniom In
5IWi ihrltrlln oe ilnunlio lnntlir linw excited or ttnild or linw nfat tlielr ruunVn
SuWn Cw II Ul innrtxsttt iKK11 Vl1 VMn n t lr llvrRcnn lmBavea It
ouunjurv win wll nortlNintc IMclili No nachlnery riqiilriil Hond for circular In
W CCRAY PlquaOhToMariulaclurcranii Proprietor lor tho United States
Softls rvc
T Ml Kill Al UOTllL
Col J VV ortAY Iim reopened tho Imperial Ilntrt
rellltnlllia rnilro ilahlllinient lili ni w billiard
lahlei mocked 11 o lur with tlio tildwl mid llnejt
uliin liquors nnd clKnm A Kriiiul upoiilnis Will 10
Klvcn on rrom S I- mti 13m tnw deli
ilia nnhllo I Invited tlio lm i InncliOT will he
ton id to bn found mmlli or N yw York le 0 If
Hotel Lafayette
Broad aaacL Cliastii at Sta
Location uiiiirpapdi noly fiirnUlied nnd Im
jirovtd llh a rooms offers attractions superior to
any hotel In lliiladelphla
I- IT MA I TnYjJTroprWor
rnmBr siaiic itfitoiiiAN riAv
1 th st nud ivnn hvk Wellington O C
Intoortbo ArllnRion and tort Win Henry Hotel
HIE EAST AND 1 111 WLarNvuVA8inN0T0N
Pcbcdulo to tako errectHUNDA V NOV P I Wi
jrW S S3iiSSf2 Halon corucr uf Now
i n Shtai u0flnn11 f l lllo nn I fit I011H
S IS win i Hlliw 0m I nbovo polnti
Saliinlav 0l3nni dally to CUIcaiu Ixccjit
rr l5 JJrr 7V linl nrnl Detroit at to IS n m
otiri with Mi op ns fori ntlaehid
m iv 3fVllutll1vun1 Now York at 8 10 a m
I nml H0
mm5 P
w illilrl r and leiphiR Cnraailarbid
i i n - LV wVk M 00 ftllMd
i a 7 7w
o inip
c10 7- 1
JnniViiifii fin lW 1 0nna 0in HumlW
Ilp 5JJnlt lpetii Vn1lntloii nnd Balll
More oo n a in 1 J 10 p in s ii io7 and 1 1 HI i in
AphalolV iltropol inn llrnncli M0 Ms in
P in- llllyi ror
ion m dally oxci pi Hunrtnv for
4Miidiii IJ -1 13 1 15 dally oxcipt
iltrV0 fr0 loWut lolly M 731a m
nl11 fVwYorf nni1 Philadelphia 3 Vla IV n m
lmyjSP1nly iiept Nunilayi from
10 01IOW II n a in
-Vi niVI M f 0- I OH HlllldaS
0 8 13 lir 03 Ill III i in 3 r 17 7M 8 IU V II p 111
olVI n8 m W tmdft
m 10 n in
I nun siiiunlon alO p m dally except t tin lav
rn rllrlk llnitintonn nnd lnurniodlnto
Ilnij Siva in I iedi ilck and way stations D tVn
n M - 0p in nnd 7 31 p in dalljcxciii hnndav
Allirnlns uoiii vVnililnglon stop at llelay hlatlon
Inrorumtloii apply nt tbo llallfnioro nml
llilo llikettlilleoi Mhliutiin liitlon tilt anil nil
lennijlvanlrtiwoiiiiiMornor of lourto ntli streot
Mil ro orders u 111 bo tiki n for biiRirano to bo checked
r J Af Jnv l0lt Hiocll
llli Ilaltlmoronnd C K
Onnndaner SUNDAY Iilr ivtllllt ci HS2 po
rArriors rpulowlll leavo Washliuitou
rom II 4 station ns follows
-solid train Willi 1iillm m Cuni to Loxlnsion Ky
L iieiniiaii and Louisville without iimiiLoiirrlviiiK
ii llu iul1 m t liicliinail a Uim Iuli
X V ectlnit lonely at tluso 1IU14
null through laM indium all Points lu tUoVVost
Ijoutlinrat una Northwoit
iiiij a fi tor Newport Niwitoiil Point nnd Nor
oil 101 M Iu rrlviut
N ifilkg
7 mrly Pt fiunday Jiail tor oil etatlom
nnf 6 0 lli Iistoi 1 llllon rome
lor ltatei Tickets to all polnti West location In
I1rsaiid 1 nil InloiniuiiorJ Itoutuund
t on unions ainily at i O liy oillcc 31J - rouniyS
Vuiilunveinio Washliniton D tC
iviiinU1il07r PUsenscrAiteiit
c VVU3U1JI ucueral Manager ocll ly
Rclifduloln cIToct iiecn her 1 I8M1
huw I Mull dully manlnir elo
iiiicimVi 0 P0115 xontli illd MOIIlCsS
W n IJiK I1 Uu from Wailiinutoii
1M1 m1v0 Aljantii and Atlania tolNow
KffliAl0n5WsroKw 0rUB vla
MP 111 lllo luatLliie dally vlft Char
lottesyllle Huiitliunoiiiiiid Iexlin ton to 1 In
ilnnall Louisville nnd all Me iiirn points
iiMClng din ct coinwiloiis and u lib solid train
pud IMIIniaii bltepliie Ours WiishliiBlou to
10 13 n rn -southern Mall and Express dally to all
v viu imiivilin ana
i w7i
t harlotlo Willi lullniau Bleopluir Curs Wash
Tor nil points on Mauaistts Division tako 7 10 n m
tnilii dullv except Suiiduy lor Warrentoa
ilwilla B l trann dally
1 UT II Irotl iiil nil u 1 1 - n
l V0 Ivnnln nv laur or nt Uulon
I POt UlllCOIiUl llttlllvlviluniin Ij nntu 1
Willi telephone sj sloui
Mniuiuuilllll it MAUDANIUL
lenanil IasHinecr Aeent AooL
boi HAAMTratlloMuiuiier sH
rilllE OltllA P
IlrtnniiViiA liuuili
o TiiE Noiaiivvir and botniiwnsT
blEll it MlS MAIIMlIOIlNI rtllIPilllVT
in 11 1Efi n iittifAitv uiu
KLdvi y aniiii 1 iii iroiu niuiion
ciiiiiirolMlxthiind II stnitiasfollowKi
lor lltislmiK and tho Wist Chicago Limited V
- muii oivtMl 111 1 tl v KH III Ullliy I
lust Line u JO 11 111 ilully Willi BlieiihniCnrHlroin
lliirrlKliiiiK to 1 Inelnniiti Western 1 xpren 7 3 p
in dully Willi 1ulBio Cars to Ilttsburit and
xlttk3tJ P 1 dally lor lillaburar
I n w
1inioiin rtnij t uiuiivu itViiiiiiAti
I or lrle Laiiaiidiilituii lluchi Her lluilulu Nlayara
VWp111 dully excipi H iturday wllh 1alacj Uin
iiiniiiKioii iu illinium uiua
Ior Wlllliinuport link lliivoiinnd Eluilrant 0 Jd
11n1 d iilevieitiiiidu
lorNoiv lurk nml tlio Fast 8 00 iu m 10 30 n in
I I II II I Il It 1 1 n i
aud 10 JJ p 111 IhultOfllxprti of Iulhuuii Vav
iui 1 un v nm in uuuy wm pi cuntiay
lor liuHton wit hum Iiuuku 1 JO i m vwry
Jt H IIIltJ llU II Ill
lor llrooUIjn N V all tlirouiih trains connect nt
lorsty thy Willi bonis lit UrimMiii Aiint x uiruid
Iiilt din it IrmiKierlo ln lion Unit ttVulUniK doublu
ivKiiiuii iink v ru in iiiv
Ior Ililladilpliln soon in to 3111 ui 1 m li o w
and luji p m On hiiii1u 4 an o w nnd lo Jun
i vm uiif i iii nun vaiii mi
lor lliltlniorrtd to 8 00 0 31 1030 a m and I 31
I lOtl J 7J I UiSouuil IU ii p in lu hundiy 6 1
u lin in lO il ji 7J0 liwaiid lop in
lor lupoHtreek Line nou iiinmM lop in dully
lor Annapolis il 10 a ni and 410 n in dilly except
Ior Alixamlrlii L 1 1 7 00 0 30 II 01 and II il am
jon io sum iw mm nml u jip m Oubundayat
ISM VH nnd 11 il u m 8W and 800 p in
loi ItUliuiond nud tin fiouuin n nml ILii a m
dally und 3 uip in unlljoxi iitKuinlai
Trains linvu Alnxandila loi Wiish inttiiii 1011800
b3l and liroo n in i I n i o iuofi ni 7ii mid
0 10 p in nnd C do iiildiiiulii On Humluy at KUO
Mi and 10 no ii in I 7onuiid irlOp in
Hi kill nnd lulnrmitlou at tbo olllee noitlieasl
coin r in i niru i niu Mrtiianu IliiiiHiivauii
and id the station whero oiders can baloliioi
tlmcliftkliu of bumiKO to dtstluulloii iroiu liuttls
nnd r0liluiiA
J It WOOD General Pussenser Agent
CUAltLLbU IUIII loner d Mnmwir
JJlUlOl I rtii CliH5
Boer liiuiilip vit iMtittoa c
jvikhk lllilll t a ui mi 1
Walls c wu audiuo tenter Market -Ninth-strut
nlnicnud tMiand Ma Norilnrii Liberty Market o
aililress llox 71 City Post Odli e M irketinjdtllreri i
irteolUiarcotoull paruof UiiiclDv i i
pilAllLlMIIED 1S31
Bleaiii used J10 Pouiisjlviinln
avenue near Third
street ml SViwIiIiikiou I v OinluSvi i I Iii
ness rcelveil on atora jo aud d 0U wmmlMloii

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