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By Tho National Republican Company
OTlcni Pa Avenue Cor Tenth rend li fid
Payami in AnvANtn
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Weekly Edition rostpnld t 160
fnmplo copies sent on application
Iitmlttnifesmny la mndfl nt onr risk either by
riiflprp post office order or rcRlstcrcd let
ter Money Kiit In nuy other way hut tho risk of
IU person sending It Alrtres
Washington D a
ktav vnntE offjtr
Tlie Nc w York office of Tilt Hurt nLirAX Is nt
lloftn 66 Tribune liiilldliifr wlicro lllo of TUB He
riDUCAS slid nil iiecwsnry Information relating
to advertisements can bo obtained
Tun ItrrtiiurAM will bo found on file At the
Atncrlcnn lxrhugo In Europe No 449 Strand
Lcnrton tlio American Exchange In Purls No M
Boulevard des Capuclnes
to city ntriiNcttinrn
Tnr Paiiv ltnunttoAN delivered by carrier to
py psrt ni I lie iltjr and stibuibs regularly and
fitly nt the following rates
rrr Mouth M
IV r Quarter S1M
I it Year 0IM
niiAKcii oFFicrcn
The following Is n llstof thobmnch noire In
YTnOilnetnii Others will be added hun nlter
W s Hoists News stands nt tlio AritNOTOx
linTKt Wulahds IUitj1 and Mkitoi olitax
Notion A- Qprxxs News Pinnd National tloirr
Ji V ITrv St iAtr Uutcu
lilacs llrrr News stand
EmniT lliwr News Stand
AiiiiiirN Horsr NYws Stand
V 8 Thompson Iru Store
C It ItcKMNos Urns Georgetown
JIIIIADIEV Adams Hook Stores
C It DiFOcn Drncglst 1818 fourteenth street
It It rnrawos Druggist stonier Second mid
rniiisylvntilanvouiioH li
B K Lewis Druggist corner rourtconth and r
0 a C Pimm Druggist corner rourtccnth nntl
New York nvenuc
V K Ecaia DrugcM TOO TAtt Capitol street
II A Jonsnos dtusclst coiner Tenth and 0
etrcct nnrthwet
S f iAiEns Cigar Store corner II and First
streets northwest
Tlio Wra liter To lJuy
Tor the rttdtle UlanHe itntet Inrwllng the Dlt
tncl of Cohinbln air vrtnther nwUitrly ulntll tin
tloimi or htohr I mptrahtre nr
irtmiMcrtWfl continue on Prldiyin the middle
Ida nud Xew Engtontl
Yi sterdnys thcrmonictcr 7 am 395 11 n m
400C 3nln379 7 p m i0 II p in 511
maximum 130 minimum 205 Xo rnlufitll
Vionatjx has defeated Sexton but wait
until ho meets Slosson Upon tho occasion of
Mr Sextons defeat Mark Ttvalnwn present
and mailu that dear old familiar speech which
everybody knows by heart nml which always
receives tumultuous applause
Tni editorial lu this paper of Tuesday
headed Tho Defeated Obstructionists np
pears to bo bo coniploto an answer to tho
rods answer to it that it Is respect fubly re
submitted as a stttlUlcnt reply to what ap
peared in yesterdays Vost under tho samo
Tun French chamber of deputies by a
majority of S00 on Tuesday gave n voto of
conflilonco In thu government thus dually
cxtlngulHhlns tho suiall bonflro of red
lieanHm kindled by tho parlor match of
Honapartisai Tho repitbllo Is stronger than
Isnt it droll to sco tho pretended India
nation of democratic editor becauso demo
cratic members of tho houso wcro deprived of
a chanco to voto for thu senato tariff scheme
ns a whole when It only commanded tho
voles of eight of tho thirty seven democratic
Tits democratic legislature of Indiana in
refusing to provido funds for educational pur
poses imply carried out tho old butternut
hatred of school houses Your real old
fashioned democrat has no inoro respect for a
school mastor than for n Uulted States super
visor of elections
Tin democratic party Is woleorao to all it
can mnUo out of tho fact that it wai willing to
take a revenue bill from the senate and was
prevented by n republican bousoof representa
tive which made tho mciuure a houso bill
and then secured its jxissago through both
b0U6ca by very nearly a strict party voto
Tin coroners jury in Xow York that found
nobody to blaino for tho loss of llfo among
tho children at tho school of the Mcjjt Holy
Iicduemcr calls fov udiulrutloa In Its way
A colleetion of incu all having suet puddings
in their skulls whero other men have Uralm
is not found every year even by a coroners
It cannot fail to gratify tho publics to know
that In Iho specially brutal prizo light lu Xew
York bolwcen FuJIJamos and Gallagher tho
last round showed tho forraor up with a ftco
which was a ho rrlblo spectacle while that
of tho latter was out of nil shapo Tho
brutes ought each to Jmvo their licad placed
under a trip hammer In motion
Most of tho democratic- senators would un
doubtedly liavo voted for their own tariff bill
which they had made if they could havo
trusted to tho republicans to voto against it
and defeat it Hut only eight democratic
srolcs wcro cast for it while it was u low tariff
bill When it oauio to tho llnalstruggloall
but one of tho eight voted with tho other
democrats against tho bill
Tnr Xew Yoik TWSiino editor alluding to
Mr Durt who was appulntcd civil service ox
nnitncr ys it was perfectly well known to
tho administration that it would bu impossi
ble or htm to Ihe with his prcsont responsi
bilities and surroundings on 3000 a year
And yot tho IWltino periodically gloats over
lh lavish gcnoroslty which bestows on tho
averigo American laborer 100 n year Tho
government Is not bound to sustain Mr Burts
present surroundings
EosirnonY in tho Xew York iTorM Is
writing himself Into it foverovcrtho quostlon
of how Secretary Frcllnghuyson Is going to
avoid giving up I J Sheridan to Ua British
government if It shall appear that ho was n
land leagtior ntid if It shall then appear
that tho land league put up tlio money ami
found tho men to clean out Dublin castle of
Its Ilrlttsh ofuclalsthrough the agency of the
Ihcenlx park nsmBslns Now wo suggest to
tho World man that whenever this shall nil bo
mado to appear Mr Frelinghuysen will have
no hosltatlou in surrendering Mr Sheridan to
tho pcml judlclil court martial nt Dublin by
which Irishmen nro condemned on luformcrs
testimony But by waiting for tho facts n de
cision on tho law may bo rendered unneces
Itcnrgnitlxc the Iollro Force
Tho recent upheaval In tho pollco depart
ment has dono something more than prove
that tho detectives havo been corrupt and
unworthy of conlldcnce They nnd sovcral
of their alders nnd abettors havo been In
dicted and tho courts will undoubtedly
deal with them ns they deserve
But tho samo ovldcnco which has
proved sufficient to Indict nud Is relied
upon to convict them shows that other
members of tho forco must havo cither will
ingly winked nt their corruptions or failed to
obscrvo them In cither case they nro not to
bo relied upon Tho duty of tho pollco force
detectives and patrolmen alike Is to pro
tect tho lives and property of tho people
Fulling to do this tho members of n
pollco forco nro worso than uselcs nnd
they might ns well nil connlvo with rogues ns
to havo somo so stupid or unfit for tholr duties
ns not to know when tho others nro conniv
ing Tho good men on tho forco must fcol
heartily ashamed of thch fellows who wcro
standing around whllo tho detectives wcro
swapping watchos with tho thieves and carry
lug satchels full of swag to tho dopot for tho
Xew York fences It Is a sadly mixed
up lot for a city as largo as Washington
to rely upon for protection and thero cau bo
no better timo to sweep tho board and organ
ize n now forco than now with a new com
missioner and public sentiment all In favor
of doing something to restore confidence
Xothlngcan over bo dono with tho old forco
to satisfy tho pcoplo that their property is
well watched nnd tho now deal should
bo mado with it new pack so to
speak With tho knaves marked none
of tho cards can bo mado available though
they look as good as now j and with it lew
detectives on trial for stcallug somo othors
suspected still others who must ehooso
between tho charges of corruption nnd stupid
ity nnd somo who wonder whero they stand
tho forco caunot bo mado cDleleut or lu nny
way satisfactory and nothing short of a reor
ganisation from tho ground up will meet tho
righteous necessity and tho popular demand
An Old FStnry to lio Told Over
And now It seems wo aro to havo a ronowal
of tho discussion of tho real attitude of Presi
dent Buchanan toward tho southern rebellion
Judgo Black who was attorney general nnd
secretary of stato under him long ago mado
somo vigorous literary contributions on tho
subject nnd now Mr Buchanans biographer
GcorgoTieknor Curtis esq rises to remark
in tho Xew York Sm that whan his book ap
pears It will put n very different aspect upon
all these matters from nnytbat they havo
hitherto borne Among these matters Is
tho null coercion passago in Mr Buchanans
last message sent to congress after thnseces
sion of South Carolina How will Mr Curtis
oven by tho aid of memoranda recorded lu
his own hand by tho ox prosldont bo nblo to
put a different aspect on such extracts as
theso from that message
How cisy It would bo for tho American poo
lilo to seltlo tlio slavery question forover nud to
rcstnro thu pence nud harmony to this distracted
country Thoy and they nlouo can do It All
that in iicccsury to accomplish tlio object and nil
fur which the tUva states huvo ever coutcudjd Is
tobulct alono and permitted to manure tholr
domestic Institutions In their own way
Theso words were uttered lu tho face of tho
fact that tho slnvo states had not only been
let alone but Mr Lincoln tho newly
elected president was chosen on a distinct
plcdgo by himself nnd his ratty that thoy
should continue to bo let alono They re
belled becauso tho election decided that
tho slavo fctatcs should lei Irectlom alone
lu tho territories- Tho messago was a
highly seasoned pro slavery democratic
btump speech abounding In Innuendoes ns to
ulterior but unavowed urposcs of tho incom
ing president nnd his party
It contained a powerful argument against
tho right of secession nnd lu favor of tho
binding power of tho constitution and laws
upon the Individual citizen accompanied
with this statement ScccaMon Is neither
more nor less than revolution It may or it
may not bo a justlflablo revolution but still
It Is revolution It then proceeds to nrguo
that no such power has been delegated to
congress or to any other department of tho
federal government as tho power
to cocrco n stnto into submission
which is attempting to withdraw or
has actually withdrawn from tho confeder
acy Mr Buchanan in tonus declared that
as there was no federal court in South Caro
lina tlio Jiulge nntl tlio court ofllcors having
resigned tho rebolllonconlil not bo sued nnd
thero could bo no forco crccnt nstbopoMa
foiiiladu might bo called on to aid tho mar
shal to oxecuto a writ Thereforo given it
rebellion with no court to sue It in and no
writ to bo executed and no rcslstanco could
bo mado by tho union to Us own dissolution
Hero is a choico passago which a different
aspect would Improvo
Tlio fact Is that our union rests upon publlo
opinion Congress pptsefie smniiy means
of prutcrvlng It by conciliation but tho sword
wns not placed lu tholr huuds topicserroltby
It Is nn ungracious thing to speak reproach
fully of tho dead but tho truth of history is
of Infinitely moro conscqucnco than Is tho re
lieving of James Buchanan from tho blamo
which must over attach to him for tho en
eouragemont ho gayo lo rebellion and tho
stouo ho placed in every union feoldicrn shoo
on tho march agulnst it To uso tho homely
but cxpresslvo phrnso coined by John Vim
Burcii himself a democrat and tho son of an
cx presldcnt Mr Buchanan sat in tho
wliito house during tho last half year of his
term llko a bread and mill poult ico drawing
tho rebellion to a head Xo man believes
that with Andrew Jackson in tho executive
chair the rebellion would over have gouo a
step further than tho resistance mado to tho
landing orsilppllos for tho garrison nt Fort
Sumter from tho steamer Star of tho West
The Chlcngu Itrimlillcnn
Mr Emory A Storrs wants to bo the next
mayor of Chicago anifto that end is making
a campaign For a
city so large so rich so busy nnd In every way
b Important Chloago has of lato been most
miserably misgoverned Ilor pooplo would
seem to havo been so Intent Upon tholr
prlvnto affairs nnd so unmindful of their P
publlo interests that the Ignorant idhp nnd
vicious In their midst were enabled to selzo
control and rotaln It under ns usual with
those classes n democrntlo administration
hoaded by Carter Harrison who may bo de
scribed as a genial demagogue Harrison Is
now Hearing tho close of his second term
Under his mlsrulo tho city has been permitted
to fall Into a stnto of foulness so vllo that
nothing but Its open situation and tho puro
nlr of tho Inko nnd prnlrlos playing neross
It has saved It from pestilence Life
limb and property havo been for two or thieo
years nt tho incrcy of lawless men who havo
been attracted thero by tho complaisant in
dlffercnco of tho authorities lo nil offenders
who choso to gather under tho shelter of tho
mayors friend nnd backer Miko McDonald
king of tho nlght gang3 nnd boss or tho
gamblers So utterly wretched has been tho
condition of things that last fall thorospectablo
rart of tho population who nro a large ma
jority revolted and beat tho mayors demo
cratlo tlckot for county officers Chicago Is
legitimately republican by about ton thou
sand majority but this majority has sov
cral times been wiped out and occasionally
reversed under an unreasonable and ex
trenw presentation of just such nn Issuo
ns that which Sir Storrs is endeavor
ing to bring forward That tho liquor
traffic thero should bo carefully regulated
and its indiscriminate license restrained Is
only too apparent to nnyono at all acquainted
with tho circumstances Tho saloons aro too
numerous nnd too largely disreputable and
their lulluenco has been too potent lu tho
reign of disorder and tilth It is also truo
that open and flagrant desecration of tho Sab
bath is so much iho mlo that thero
Is no day of rest but rather a
day of disturbance Instead of disturbance
so general that tho better sort of people who
wish to kcepup the observances proper toSun
day cannot do so without a degrco of annoy
unco which If It wcro inflicted by them upon
tho other classes would bo violently resented
as In tho naturo of persecution Tho pcoplo
who compress it week of hurrah into tho Sab
bathwho parade with military music
go picnicking in monster processions swarm
to sacred concerts where liquors nro sold
fill tho theaters at night all tho Chicago
theaters aro open Sunday nights or simply
devoto themselves to getting drunk fighting
nnd sticking -knives into each other aro
very tender of their prlvilogo to do theso
things nnd yet havo overdone them
to mi extent that has mado regulation
necessary But to bo cffcctlvo and not defeat
iUolf tho attempt nt regulation must bo moro
reasonable than nuy of its kind that has been
mado before nnd it is to bo hoped Mr Storrs
nnd his friends will show an appreciation of
that fact Good government which is
only posslblo under tho republican
party in any part of this country is
too urgontly needed in Chicago to bo
shut out by extremism oven in virtue
Chicago nnd Cook county aro of too much
importance to tho national party to bo need
lessly cnilangorcd by oven a good intention
if it bo inlstakon If a fight is to bo had upon
tho questions attacked by Mr Storrs 11 should
bo a vigorous but a rational fight and not
Mich u fanatical crusado as that of 1S73 when
tho modotato wcro by very fear of Intolorant
government driven over to tho support of tho
democratic or bummer ticket headed by
Colvlu who was elected nnd whoso adminis
tration was the most corrupt and dlsrcputablo
that over blighted nny city wc3t of Xow York
Tohn Paul of Virginia
Tho nomination nud confirmation of Hon
John Paul of Virginia to tho United States
district judgeship for tho western district of
that stato glvc3 tho fedoral bench nn upright
nnd an ablo judgo but loses to tho political
arena In tho Old Dominion ono of its bravest
truest and most heroic of champions Xot a
county in tho stato whoso peoplo havo
nqt been delighted by his eloquence
Instructed by his fairness of statement
nud forco of logic and charmed and captured
by his generous nnd uoblo personal qualities
Ho ha3 been a strong party leader nnd ono of
tho most Btalwnrt knights of Arthurs Tablo
Bound in the state of Virginia Judgo Taul
has Tnn National Bni unucANs best
wishes for future health and happiness lu his
new sphere May his successor in congress
bu worthy of tho scat ho ha3 honored
Tlio ltouilion Siildir to the Ileatljnstcr Fly
Tho Blddlcbcrgcr funding act was not
under consideration in tho case decided by
tho United States supremo court on Mouday
laat It was only tho law to prevent tho
payment of taxes by coupons which had not
passed legal scrutiny as to genuineness The
tug of war on tho main question of tho Vir
ginia debt will como this year In tho choico
of n legislature when tho bourbon flinders
will ondcavor to capturo that body to repeal
tho Blddlcbcrgcr law and restore tho old
ratchod up and Inflated broker debt nnd
compound Intorost
Tho rcadj ustcrs nro wldo nwnke nndnro not
at all Inollnod to bo put to sleep by tho ngouts
of tho brokers who swear roundly that thero
is no lougor it debt question and that nil rc
ndj ustcrs aro good democrats now excopt Ma
hono Itlddlebcrgcr Cameron Wise Paul
Elam nud well nil who will not help the
bourbons curso them and denounce them as
rcpudlators If tho debt question is really
settled can tho bourbon editors tell ns why it is
so honorable for democrats to asioclato with
old Mnssey Fulkorson Co nnd so vory
wicked for republicans to stand by Mahono
nnd tho truo readjusters who scorn bourbon
fundors and roAiso to bo sold by thorn to nllon
brokora und lobbyists 1
Xo tho rcadjustcr fly will not walk Into
your parlor Mr Bourbon Spider Xor will
tho republicans eoparato from tholr rcadjustcr
neighbors and friends to strengthen their un
placated and implacable foes
YnsTrhbAY tho Pott went toleninly through
every ono of Its stato nnd mouldy old stand
ing jokes compared with which those of tho
lamented Josoph Miller are marvels of fresh
nos nnd brilliancy Tho dismal proewslou
moved lu tho following order
1 Old guard nnd 303 medal
2 Document Xo 15
3 Mahono nnd tho Mexican treaty
4 Elimination
5 Moral clement and Mr Robeson
Tho funny man ot tho Post seems doomed
llkotbo ancient mariner ovcrto bo telling tho
samo story It Is ft terrible fate hut ho will
probably go on forover mumbling over tho
6amo vencrablonnd seedy old scraps about
300 document 15 Mahonc Robeson nnd
elimination It is harmless but oh so
pitiful 1
It appears front divers nnd sundry papers
that Senator Cameron of Pennsylvania has
had a surgical operation performed upon
him i Hint ho has not had but will have a
surgical operation performed on him that
ho Is very sick thnt ho has not fell as
well for a long tlmos thnt ho is now at home
at Fortross Monroe nnd at Charleston S C
Verily ago cannot wither nor custom stnlo his
infinite variety It should bo remarked that
tho senator Is In 111 health but that rapid Im
provement Is hoped for
The prospects of tho spring meeting of tho
National Jockey club nro bright und brighten
ing ns tho ovents corao off lu May and Octo
ber It may help to dlspol tho popular delu
sion that is soon ns congress adjourns tho
citizens of Washington shut up their houses
and retlro to their cellars nnd tho President
goes In and out of thu back door of tho white
house On tho fifteenth of May when tho
races begin Washington will bo found to bo
as gay a town ns there Is on this continent
Tnr Mnlagassy envoys nre evidently not
up iu tho Monroo docrtlue or else they
havo not learned that tho proposition to
bo brllllaut Inforclgnpollcyrcgardlcss of that
doctrlno or any other was not pcrmaucntly
incorporated among tho springs of action in
this government They aro alarmed nt tho
encroachments of Frnnco upon their territory
Thoy havo visited England for assistance and
advice and wcro probably on tho ocean when
Mr Pnrtridgo was recalled
Tin floods iu tho Mississippi nro breaking
tho lovecs and overflowing tho back country
Tho dispatches Indicate that tho worst is not
yot in tho soutiiweit
If Wiggins fails wo shall havo to fall back
on Vennor or Hazon
There Is so much good music nnd dramatlo
llfo In Wallacos Marltana that its infra
qucnt performance might bo mado tho subject
of it curious Inquiry Whllo thero 13 nothing
especially magnificent about it thero Is
much that is very beautifully melodious
and very few operas havo nny moro to
commend them in tlio wny of symmetry
sweetness nnd honest musical value Tho
performance given it last evening by tho
Hess company was in tho main a good one
The principal parts woro well sustained and
tho chorus saug with general pre
cision and well tempered volume Tho
deficient orchestra was less obtrusively poor
than might havo been expected tlio orches
tration having been judiciously lightened nnd
carefully governed by Mr Tuy lor whoso efforts
to make a piano do Instead of a half scoro of
musicians compelled respect ovon whllo they
failed tocxcitoonthuslnsm
Tho tltlo part was sung by Miss Abblo Car
rlugton Mr Appleby saug Dou Ca sar Mr
Mark Smith sang Don Joso Miss Ellsncr sang
Lazarlllo Mr James Fcakes was tho King
and Mr Tains mado a good comio bit of tlio
Mnrquls Miss Cnrringtous performance was
musically excellent Her volco is a rather
brilliant soprauo of considerable rango
nnd very oven power and a thoroughly
good training enables hor to mako tho most
of it Mr Smiths Don Joso was a much
better work than anything elso ho had
dono during tho week It was good acting
as well ns good singing His Happy Mo
ments brought ono of tho few recalls of the
ovculng and thoroughly deserved it Mr Ap
ploby acquitted himself with moro than credit
considering thnt tho illness of Mr Wllklo
who is but slowly recovering from an aeuto
attack of laryngitis has forced him to sing
all tho first tonor parts of lato and put him to
n sovcro strain The Lazarlllo of Miss Ells
ncr was a pretty performance well sustained
In both muslo and action
The Mnscotto wns sung nt tho matinee
This evening Tito Bohemian Uirl will bo
Jlr Honrr 0 Pealcos tlio principal basso of tho
Hess Oporn company now plnylnsnt runts ii
an old favorite In Wnshlnztou and tlio an
nouncement of his name in a company gives It
stronctli nnd Importance Mr 1eakej Is one of
tlio most versnlllo nctors upon the itagc botlrto
being ono of tho best tlugon Mr FcaUcs will bo
tho roclplcnt of a benefit to morrow evening
when ho will appear ns Mephlstopheles In
Jnnouschok Is to plsy her now plcrc Zllln nt
tbo National theater next week Marie Stuart
Itenl House nnd Mother nnd Sou will bo
ncted early Iu thowecknnd Zllla on lrlday
and Saturday
Wllllo Edoulns company will change to niclit
at tho National to Fun In a Photograph nai
lery Jlr Kdoutu Is to play tho photographer
Carrla Kwnlu a now nctrirM In Mnb a now
play will Invito attention nt Fords noxt weelr
Go Altruit Yourselves
Remembering tho record which this samo
cniigrcimndouyenrngoUiorccoiiUeiloii mini bo
classic ns nn unexpected success Tho majority
liu shown much moro wisdom thnu was ex
i ected from It In passing tho civil sorvlco and
tariff bills It has done wlmt will not soon bo for
gotten Now than Messrs democrat tho re
sponsibility pasos over to you You have iho
next houso by n rousing big majority Yon have
howled furiously about the prcient congress Go
ahead yotirsolves nnt If In two years you havent
mado n record with less good in Hand vastly moro
evil It will bo tho first time In tlio history of
your pestilent old party
A Very SugRcstlva If
Itoston Jlcraltl
If Alexander H Stephens had gono whero
his heart Instead of his head would Imva led
him In 1601 how dllfcioully his record would
read to day nnd no man cm toll how dinurcully
tho history of this coumr Ight havo read
A Very DoiiTiiriil Bet
Jloeheiter Iwi Hjcimu
Tho Xorrlstown Ifirahl iiumlnntos S Jones
Tlldoji as the dark borsjof 1031 Such 11 nomi
nation U absurd It Is almost dollars t hayseeds
that ho will bo la bis fravo befora that tlmo
Bin nil Tlk About Mcu nnd Mtftttirrs
Tho gotitlcmnn from the south you quoted
this morning as saying thnt tho southern
stales wero entering upon nn ont of extraor
dinary development was right obscrvod a
New York railwayman lost ovcnlng But
for ono thing ho added tho benefits of Ibis
development would beapeedllyMt and widely
diffused nud that olio thing Is tho mania of fl
few men to become enormously rich Tho
history of rallwny building in tho west nnd
northwest will bo repented lu tho south and
tho result will bo a period of great apparent
prosperity nnd inflated value followed by a
crash a season of prostration and a slow
recovery to peruinucnt henlthfulncs No
sooner do parties get control of n railway than
thoy prospect with n vlow to building
and extending their lines and their power
Thoy send out surveyors get subsidies from
pcoplo along tho proposed line Issuo 6tock
which Ij taken up largely by tho residents of
tho towns and districts which oxpoct to bo
benefited by tho Hue Then tho manageri
bond the road for 820030 or 53000 a mile
Tho money raised on bonds from salo or stock
nntl from donations will nventgo nliywhcro
from 25003 to 10000 a mile Tho road
could ba built for half tho amount but as the
contracts nro given to construction companies
composed of tho officcra of tlio railway com
pany or men of 6traw representing them It
is nil oxpeuded and ns much moro as ran bo
borrowed bogged or stolen A now
venture seldom pays from tho start
Tho companys credit is exhausted and
tho credit of tho parent stem Is so soriously
crippled thnt tho stockholders and bond
ownors batten to unload thus creating a
panicky market Meantime tho members
of tho construction company take tho money
they have mado und buy in depreciated
bonds wreck tho road throw It Into tho
bands of a receiver if necessary nnd In iho
courso of tlmo they own everything Tho
valuo of tho mineral or agricultural hinds
which havo been opened up by tho now Hues
becomes understood by tho tlmo tho wreck
ing Is complete and a goneral diffusion of
tho knowlcdo nlds tho work of recon
struction nnd tho property gots to bo enor
mously valuable Tho smalt flsh havo all
been catcu up howovcr long beforo this and
everything Is in tho hands of tho men who
engineered tho ileal Tho pooplo who paid
for tho development of tho country havo
nothing to show for their Investment excopt
the increased general prosperity having boon
frozen out or squco ted dry lu the enrly stages
of tho operations but tho shareholders In tho
construction company havo grown fat and
wealthy Dozens of theso construction com
panies nro nt work In tho 6outh They nro
building up tho country to be sure but they
arc tucking tho llfo blood from tho rallwny
companies whoso Interests they aro supposed
to bo guarding
Tho moral of this primer lesson In finan
ciering I havo given you is obvious Go nud
orgaulzo a construction company
Mr Jay A Hubbcll has been Joined by his
family nud tho flrt of next week tho party
will start on a trip lo California to bo obscjit
two or thrco months Mr Hubbcll halls from
a tempestuous region and tho next storm may
waft him back into congross as tho last storm
wafted him out of congress
When Tom Ochlltrco gave up tho ofllco of
United States marshal Iu Texas ho wns sev
eral thousand dollars short in his accounts
Tho deficit nrcordlng to all reports was moro
apparent than real and grow out of defective
bookkeeping but It was n shortage neverthe
less and when ho wns elected to congress lust
fall tho treasurer was advised to
Withhold tho colonels pay as con
gressman until the amount is mado good
Tho question wns roforred to First Comptroller
Lawrenco who has decided against Ochlltrco
greatly to that gentlemans disgust Accord
ing to this ruling his wholo balary as con
gressman will bo absorbed In tho liquidation
of tho claim that Is hold against him by tho
government Tho colonel says ho will appeal
to tho President to havo tho claim cancolcd
on a Bhowiug that tho government nover
actually lost a dollar through him and thnt
tho deflcioncy existed only on paper Ho
thinks tho administration ought to glvo nour
ishment to political lndopcndanco in Texas
an idea ho is said to represent In congress
Another good man in Texas has gono
wrong This tlmo it is John L Unities col
lector of customs In Brownsville Charges of
irregularities in tho administration of his
ofllco wero preferred against him by xeputa
blo citizens somo tlmo agoaud Special Agents
Kevins nud Barney of tho Treasury de
partment wcro cent to Texas to mako an
Investigation They havo returned nnd on
tho strength of tholr report the secretary of
tho treasury has asked Mr Haines for his
resignation It docs not appear that tho col
lector is short but that ho was lax In his ad
ministration and fallod to tako ndequato pre
caution to provont smuggling which is said
to havo been carried on opouly under his
very nose
Thp clerks of the senato havo mado ex
Senator David Davis a present in testimony
of tholr regard for him and another testi
monial Is duo him from tho
department Whllo ho wns president of tho
senate said ono of Col Brbrhts assistants
Judgo Davis was very kind to tho senato
employes Ho wns a man nobody would
think of bolng fresh or familiar with not
oven his nssoclntos in tho senate yet ho is ono
of tho easiest men to approach in tho
world Ho is not without his vanity
in fact ho i3 vory vain but you
nover saw a man so quick to resent
llattory or any thing that savored of it nnd
tho surest way to gain his ill will was to at
tempt to glvo hlra tafly Nobody ever tried
that dodgo n second tlmo Ho had a holy
horror of being worked ns tho boys say
nnd his suspicions wero sq easily nroused that
nobody who know him ventured upon tho
delicately coated compliments that oro gen
erally relished by tho best of men Xo 0110
about thoscnato ovor did him n favor ho did not
seem grateful to for it and iu conscqucnco ho
was liked and respected by everybody The
boys would not havo dared tell hlm what wo
thought of him while ho was president of tho
senate but now that ho Is 11 prlvnto citizen
thero is no impropriety in making him a
present Ho cant suspect us of trying to
work him now
It Ituincil
TlOj Tttyram
A flutter of oxcltcmont was caused in the
hello olllco about fl oclock last night
when Martin Knhii ono of tho operators
dropped 11 receiver and exclaimed Jlmlny
but thats hot At tlio kiiiio timo about half
a doam wires dropped It win boon learned
that nn electric light wire had got crossed
with tho telephone wire and caused tho trou
ble At tho storo of J S Sauudors 011 Blvcr
street the elcctrlo fluid came In rapidly und
bet his tclcphono on fire Tho instrument
was knocked from tlio wall and n conflagra
tion prevented Had any ono been using tho
tclopunuo at tho tlmo it coroner would un
doubtedly havo bcwi called lu Tho Kohn
ludrt ban vorotilto budl burned nnd ho
received it sovero shook Tlio crossing of the
wlroti did not interfere- gruitly with tho
i -
gextjsraii cosair
Her Utile baud lay soft inmlnp
While ior l pink pulm bending
T traced with cars oicli wavy lino
In hose Iho sortt to divlio
Bid In tliulr graceful blending
I Jtmfco of fortunes gifts In store
OfpMptots brlthtand pleasant
Of w calth uae travels sea and shorn
Denied suitors full 11 score
Of him who kltihed at proscut
Ills ardent wooing must succeed
Bald I ns pialnly wrltteu
Hut slif pilte pltlScs lu loed
Boniy rupllod Pray can you read
Thaiacaulug In this mitten
An Iowa editor has a lengthy editorial on
titled A Month of Hurrois and ho wns married
only about six weeks ajo Tuledo Sunday
Loscok 3Wtf denies tho statement that
the lKikuof lkdMrd Is nbout to Join tho church
ot Home
An Ohio editor Is said to wear Xo 13 boots
and tho runny man of an exchange asks if It Is a
J jUnmllUlu feat
A man who had climbed Mount Blano sovon
timet lu smlty whs killed thu other day while Iry
lug to go up a sep ladder Ispnldouco any usov
lSOitun Juet
I hope you will forglvo that naughty girl
who struck you Jusi now iiy dsunbter Yes
I will mamma If I dont catch hor was the In
nocent reply
Xo Kiseho said pleadingly no kiss
from my darlhu ti nlght Nol sho inld
inipbntlcKllyj no kiss lhetr tntr mumps In
yuur family I
ScvnNTY nv per cent of tho Boston
tcholhoy tDioko cigarettes This goes to show
that tncro need bo no fears fell for thu next crop
of Idiots In IJustou
Ln Petit jouitNAt of Paris has n dally
circulation of over half 11 million tliu largest In
tho world and less influence In proportion to cir
culation limn any ncw pni or in tho world
Tun Minneapolis Tribune says that tho
scene of LonMluw i iiitplrntlou lu connection
with Hliiwiuhu 1ms been translated Into u be r
fcMidcn nnd is 11 dlsgrato to American civilization
A citrcilE or day nursery has been estab
lished lu Cincinnati by tlio Unity club connected
with tho Unitiirluii church lu tliatcity It Is tho
flrat lustliuttun of tlio kind kuowu west of Bur
Dn ButrsrN tho chemist has been elected
a lorclgu nsuiclatu or thuFrcncli Academy or
Scieiicis This dignity says tho JtaMu lrtti
Is 0110 or thu highest lu tho world ana is Hmltod
to eight uaaiej
Tnu Paris omnibuses employ 11000 horsta
nt n dally expense of 10000 for food In lfcsl
llieso otuiilbusci curried lJIOJU000 passengers
Thu horses cost 5jomooo and tho conveyances
nud luiruees 5uolooj
A fiODUit Philadelphia oninlmu caino near
upsetting mid thu poviblo victims with 0110 ex
ception throw up hands of prutcsiliuluverago
Thu exception sat motionless lluw could yuu
bu so calm jjy dear my gloves nro a mis
Tin famous Grhllcy sack of flour which was
sold and refold durlug the wiir often enough to not
UOO0O for thu fund of tho sunltary commission
lstobdpulonexuibltlou at Stockton Oil Tho
sack sturtcd on Us travels lu Nevada nnd Its con
touts by ihts thau must bj us musty 113 a church
fair cake
He Is hardly a man and rt brother yet down
in Atlanta A nero lu company with two
woman who had tho temerity to occupy seats lit
tho gallery Just outside or thu limit set apart
for his color win pioniptly ejected und put uudor
arrest in that city 11 day or two since
ViincucMANSK In Siberia enjoyatho famo
of belli tho coldest town lu thu world Tho
mean tempcrntuio durlug January was forty
threo degrees below scro iu Fcbiuary llily six
uegices mid lu Ma tun thirly suvuii degrees
Uiico the thermometer fell to clghty uuo dcjrooi
In a Chicago school recently the children
wero asked to glvo u luuteuoj with tho word
cuplllary Ailtllu girt wrolu Lulled ucross
tho 6cenn In a cuplllary Wliuu asked what sua
meant by that sua turnoJ to Wubstortf dictionary
and trluiup iiiully pointed out this definition
Cnpjllary it lino vessel Further Investigation
showed that moio than twenty scuoUrj lud mad 1
the tamo blunder
When tho survivors of tho Koumuro Cas
tle which iouadorod oil Feb S in the bay of Ills
city ilrlficil nwny iu the cutter from tho sinking
ship tney saw Capt Barrett standing calmly ou
thu bridge smoking uclnr and waiving a faro
well 1 ho ucxt thing I knew says a Mrs Mann
who escaped and has lenehoi Biuluud was Unit
on turning round I saw the cud of thu ship I hid
my fuco as I could not bear thu sight Sjmu ono
said sho is going down and another cried Bhos
Tun admirers of Walt Whitman who quoto
Ralph Wttldotmolsonasaiiomorudmirorofthelr
Idol will not bu pleased by Iho nunly published
lettorol Ktncrsou 10 Thomas Carlylo In which ho
sponks or Whitman as it nondescript monster
which yet had torlblo eytsuud biilialo strength
but wanted goid morals und Mr Kmcrson stiff
gostcd also that K his correspondent round it
only nn auctioneer iuventory of a warehouse
you can light your ptpo with It
A Michigan man is said to havo disposed
of a fuully oislx or seven daughters lu thu follow
ing way Thoy woro all or marriageable ago ir
not more but nono or them got married although
all tho young men of tlio place wcromndu wcUomo
nt tho house Thu old guiiilumnn fiuully changed
his tactics Ho locked tliugirls upluupper rooms
nailed up tlio front gate mid announced that tho
first young man who cainu around would bo ra
celvcd by a This had thu right effect
for tho gltls were one by ono stoleu away and
A rrtoMiNENT citizen of Hartford Conn
became- displeased with thu way his wife dished
up thu riled potatoes for breakfast nud oidorcd
bur to leuvo tlio house which she naturally re
fined to do Ho then dismissed the servants
turned off tho water nnd gas and took lodgings
lor niiiisult at a i hionublo boanllug liouo Ills
ivifu hired a new lot or servants lapped a neigh
bors water plpo bought it lot of lamps jabbed
tlio poker through her husband 1 portrait and Is
running up n handsoino grocery bill which ho
will havo to pay
In an article pleading for somo kind of so
cial dlstlucilon somo nuw aristocracy based on
dllfoionces other than thosa of birth and wealth
1110 vomniu Magaxine fcujit in America whero
modem Instinct find their frost field wo havo
btfwu our eyes tho process of tho gradual dlurl
bullon of thu old prcrojutlvos of birth among
wealth culture and tho proletariat In Kuropa
11 class pilvdcged by blilh used to supply at one
tho rulers and tho Ideals or other men Iu
America tbo rule has passed to tho innltltudo
largely swayed In subordinate matters by organ
ized wealth but in tho last resort supreme The
ideal or iho now oummuiifiy nt first was wealth
but us Its best literature nud its best society
plainly show that Hieal li shining la the dlrco
tlou 1 f culture Thu youtKcT cities tho coarser
cbts cs still bow down uiidtsgutsodly to tho god
Dollar but when thlj Phlllstluu deity Is rejected
ns shaming his worshipers mitliotlu culture
iccins somehow tho only power ready to lusUl
Itself 111 tho vacant shrine
Aionatjx tho Parisian billiard sharp has
Introduced n new game to tho billiard exports c
New foik Ha cava Sctmcforu iniv lessons In it a
night or two ago lutlia prosenco or a little com
pany or tlo bast players In tho city Flvo corks
weia used one Icing placed ou each spot or tho
table oua In thu center or tlio table and two at
equal dlsancasouaho right anil left or the central
cork Vlgnnux placod a Iwcniy flvo cent pleco
011 top or tho central coi U and Invited soma of iho
billiard players present to do the samo Thuro
woro loud calls for Juke und JncohScliaofer
after a Utlo lining came forward and deposited a
quarter ou top of Viesiiniixs quarter Tho little
gamu of the trenehraiin oouttstud In banking
tho red ball so that It would knack down the mid
dla cork In caio It did this thu money thereon
Locarno the properly or tbo player In case It did
not knock down tho middle coik but did upset
any of thu other corks oil thu table which It was
dltllciiU not lo do thu player put miothor quartor
on tho middle cork TM game was vyitucsiod by
the kpettatprswlth great ploouto miiuh moro so
lu facta limn by Sir Schuefor Vfgtinux was very
nuucivwful lu knocking down tho mlddlo cork at
least Bcunefer thought so

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