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A Has3 Meeting of Citizens Declare That It Is
Badly Stained
Fords Opera Houso Filled With an In
dignant Multitude
Extremely Forcible Expressions of Opinion Touching
Englands Brutality
Minister Iiowdl anil tlia State Department
Honndljr Denounced for Timidity
An Inclination meetlntr under tho
nuspicos of tho ClmNn Qnol association of
tho District of Columbia wai bold nt Ford a
opera houso lost evening to protest against
tho recent Judicial murder of Patrick ODon
ncll by tho English govornmcut Tho
thoatcr was packod with a largo and enthusi
astic audience and tho atago was occupied by
tho mombors or tho committees of tho associa
tion tho speaker of tho evening and a
number of prominent Irlsh Amorlcan
Tho mooting was callod to order by Capt
Edward OMoagher Condon who Introduced
Hon Wm K ltoblnson of New York as tho
chairman and tho first speaker This
gcntloman was greeted with prolongod
npplauso and when this had subsided
Mr Koblnson said that ho was unexpect
edly called on to prcsldo and was handicap
ped by a sovoro Indisposition Ho modo It n
lulo however to always bo present on such
occasions Tho object of the meeting was to
oxpross tho horror and detestation felt by all
at tho recent Judicial murder of Patrick
UDonncll Thero wasan Implacablowarfaro
going on between England and lroiandnnd to
day au Irish American cltizon who visited
Ireland was dogged and insulted and every
indignity possible oQcrcd to him
Forty years ago ho first visitod Washington
and lectarod in behalf of oppressed Ireland
Thero had been a groat chaugo slnco
then Then tho mention of Ire
lands wrongs elicited a hearty
sympathy for tho American people To day
Lord Chief Justice Colorldgo is received with
high honors by tho men elected to carry on
tho government of tbo TJnltod States Last
night Matthow Arnold a dudlsh English
prig arrived hero anil has been feted and
honored by tho representatives of tho admin
istration This man had been onooftho
bitterest enemies of America and yet ho is
lauded to tho skies for reading from a musty
magazine an essay ten years old
Tho press of America had bcon imbued
with tho samo sorvilo spirit and stood by and
allowed Irish Amoricans to bo imprisoned
and tho stars and stripes trailed in
tho dust without offering tho slight
est protest to tho great wrong
Papers in this city tho Washington Jst
had advanoodtho Idea that it was thoroughly
mm iiffiwpiiiii ippipiiiiuipipwif
VOTj xxiv no 20
just lor Jngiana to pursuo tue policy or pro
scription and legal murdor Chcors and
Tho Amorican government and people must
take high ground against tbeso systematic
oppressions and ho intended to endeavor to
get tho houso of representatives to express in
what estimation it held tho actions of this
man who mlsroprosonts tho United States at
tho court of England Jamos Kussoll Lowell
tho grandson of a tory and a dudo who ac
cording to a statement in The National
JturuBLlcAJf tho roprcsontativo Journal of
Washington was found by a democratic
luombor of tho house who had callod
upon him clad in a pair of kncc broccbes to
attend a quoons drawing room reception IIo
would never voto for an appropriation to sond
abroad another dudo from Massachusetts to
lnlsroprosont this country Wo woro now
paying 17r00 to this political hormaphrodito
mid ho should bo recalled at onco and his
placo filled by a solid Hooslor from Indiana
tn show that wo have soma manhood loft
among us
At tho conclusion of his remarks Mr
Itobinsou Introduced Representative Calkins
of Indiana Mr Calking said that ho was
present simply ns a lovor of llborty Where
evor tyranny and oppression had been tho
lot of any raco of men ho had tried
to bo their friend Ho bcliovcd all
uion wcro born free and equal and
lio hoped to sco tho dawn of universal llborty
nil over tho world Ho hoped to live to sco
tho day whon Ireland should be froo when
Irishmen should havo tho ballot and an
Irish parliament should logislato for Iroland
This was not tho moment to discuss interna
tional law or tho men who represented Amer
ica abroad Theso subjects would como up
olsewhero and ho would bo ready then to ex
press his viows most fully Tho list of Irish
patiiotsand martyrs was steadily growing
nnd ODonnolls name had boen added to tho
loll that bora that of lramct and scores of
othors who bad diedfor Irelands sake Iro
land had done much for America and iir tho
last war tho blood of many an Irishman had
ooen shed to presorvo tho unity of this nation
Mr Fiucrry was then inaroduccd by tho
presiding oilicer and his appearance was
greeted with a storm of cheers Ho said this
occasion was not ono for oratorical eiluit as
this meeting was not to eulogize tho strugglo
for Irish llborty but to lament tho decadence
of America when it was permitted that Eng
land could thus ruthlessly insult aud degrudo
tho American congress nnd tho American
President All that was asked for ODonnell
was that ho should havo tho samo protec
tion that is claimed for any native
born cltlon Ho respected England for
ono thing oven though he hated that
government with iutcusity und bit-
torn ojs ana mat was tno iimnmituuio
pluck with which that government stepped
forth uu all occasions to duiond tho rights of
its subjects Had tbo President risen equal
to tho occasion nnd demanded tho respite of
ODonnell for ninety days tinder tho ulti
matum of a eusponslon of alldiplomatio rela
tions all parties democrats and republicans
northornors and southerners would havo
up to npprovo and sustain him Never
was thero n more Just cause for war than in
tho insult given to tho American peonlo
In tho organization of tho present houso
tho dcmociutio party would bo hold to a strict
responsibility lor its acts and If It should
choosa a youug roan from Now York who is
handicapped nut only with youth and iuox
porience but a nrcdellction for tho policy
represented by Mr Lowoll as tho head of tho
commlttco on foreign aflalrs It would makoa
blunder that was almost n crime Ho did
not dosire to ludulgo lu personalities nor did
ho think it Just perhaps to visit the sins of
tho father upon tbo children but tho fathor
of this gentleman was tho paid agcut of
English capitalists and represented all
that was un Amoricnn in tho par
ticular policy that had boen manifested
in dealing with tho Irish quostiou
No party cuuld allurd to take this course and
tho newly elected speaker of tho houbo would
not be jnstlllcd iu placing at tho head of tbo
commlttco charged with tbo duty of passing
upon matters atlecting tho foreign policy of
tho country an inexperienced fledgeling sur
rounded by such Influences as woro known to
environ him Diflcrout things wero oxpeetod
of tho democratic party aud it was tho
speakers duty to solecta thoroughly etllclent
nnd experienced man as tho head of the lioad
of this committee To tako any othor courso
would result in the arraignment of tho ma
jority for an act of imbecility that was inex
Tho course of tho British government with
regard to ths last act ol tyrauuy and oppres
sion was thoroughly In keeping with past
iingnsQ nato uaa louoweu u jonnou even
they had thrust this poor clay into quick
lime and to night his whitened bones lay in
a gravo in Ncwgato in dust polluted by tho
romalus of many an English murderor As
au Irish American ho felt that this country
doscrved all that tho devotion of
its adopted sons could givo it but
if tbo beggarly policy of having no navy
and of submitting to English insults was
carried much furthor It would bo Amorican
nnd not Irish liberties that would bo in
danger Tho orotoctlon of tho Monroe doc
trino could not bo rolled upon much longer
A canal was now boing dug upon tho Isthmus
of Panama and had not Prosldont Garfiold
bcon shot down bv an assassin in this city In
his administration thoro was n secretary
of stato who would havo solved this
question threo years ago While
ho did not agroo with that secretary of stato
politically ho would say that ho was a man
who would havo thoroughly upheld Amori
can honor in an omorgoncy like this of tho
ruthless murdor of Patrick ODonnoll and
to day thoro woro many citizens of this
country of all political complexions who ro
spected and admired his sturdy plack
lion J If Hellord or Colorado was tno
next spcakor and dcllverod a very oloquent
spooch in which ho heartily Indorsed tho
sentiments of tho speakers who had procodod
Capt Edward 0 Condon then camo forward
and after a short explanatory speech pro
sontod tho following resolutions as tho full
sonso of tho mooting which woro adopted
amid a perfect storm of onthuslastlo applauso
Whereas tho British government has taken tho
life of Patrick ODonnell an American clllzen
and totally disregarded the request Tor a respite
mado by the Amirlcau government lu order that
hlsciumnlxhtbo properly Inquired into
lie it reaoiied That wo American citizens In
public meeting ascmblcd express our heartfelt
sympathy at the patriots fate ami deeped detest
ation of tho unlawful and Inhuman methods by
which his murdor was accomplished
Jteiohed l hat the congress ol tbo United states
deserves tho mid lug gratltudoof tho Irisji raco
and American people lor the prompt and patriotic
manner In which It strove to avert the murder
and that the lalluro on tho part of the English
government to comply with Us perfectly just and
respecllul request ou behalf of the doomed man
Is barbarous and Insulting and deserves our se
verest conacmuauoii
Knotted That us the English government has
been now and always deaf to the volco of reason
aud Justice we consider all attempts to amelio
rate the rondltlou or rodros tho wrongs or the
Iilsh pronto by mo al suasion futile and that In
future nothing In that direction can bo attained
but by a rvsurt to physical lorce
Cotton Wnrehonses llllrntd Heavy Loss
Firemen Injured
Baltimore Md Dec 19 Flro broko out this
morning In three warehouses of tho Baltimore
Warebouso company on Union dock and tho en
tiro department was called out Shortly after 11
oclock tho flro was got under control warehouse
No 1 being completely burned out and also tho
third stories of warehouses Nos 2 and 3 Tho
south Wall and sable end of warehouse No 1 fell
severely Injuring two trucltmen All the ware
housis wero filled with cotlou canned goods and
tin piste Tbo warehouse ompauy Is fully In
auredon Its advances Tho follon lug are the Insur
ances ns far as ascertained Lumbermen1 82600
New Hampshire 7600 Itochostcr German 6000
Norwich union 3000 Queen 2000 Lliorpool
Lancashire and Globe 5600 Standard 000
United Firemans 1600 Firemans fund 2500
American 11600 Washington 82500 Equitable
2600 Qerrarin Amcrlcan 3000 Ihcculx Con
ncctlut S3000 Lancashire 3000 Williamsburg
city 3000 at Paul 2600 Mechanics 2600
Pennsylvania 5000 Transatlantic 5000 North
ern 2000 National N Y 2600 Fire assocla
tlon Philadelphia 7600 Connecticut 2600
Scottish Union and National 5000 1bcenlx
London 3000 Lion 2600 Northwest Na
tional 2500- Bowery N Y 3000 West
Chester 2600 North British aud Mercantile
1000 Firo Insurance Philadelphia tiOO
x iro association jngiauu ow jioyui
tO000 Long Island 2600 total Tticro
Is in addition somcSMOOO of Individual Insurance
ou e odson which nd anccs havo not been made
by tho warehouso company
The firemen hurl by the falling of tho wall were
CaptWIUInm Dunn and Josoph V Dougherty of
No I truck and Bradley of No 11 engine Dunn
and Bradley wcro only slightly Injured but
Dougherty was seriously hurt IIo was taken
from the debris in nu unconscious condition and
it Is thought he is Injured Internally No 1
truck was almost entirely destrojed having re
ceived the full force of the fall ot the wall To
night the tiro Is under complete control and no
lurther damage Is apprehended
Floods Victory Over Sharon
San Francisco Deo It At tho OpblrMlnlng
companys election to day thore was a bitterly
contested fight between Mr Flood who had con
trol and Senator Sharon who was anxious to pos
sess It Tho light was tho most exciting since the
great Halo and Norcross fight In 18G8 when tho
ah arcs of that company roso to 8000 Tho real light
was to obtain possession ol the milling ore in
which all the profits He Up to this morning tbo
general belief was that benator blmron would
capture tho more The voting commenced at 103
p m At230tho vote stood Flood 41714 Morrow
representing tho Sharon Interest 2537 Mr Rich
ardson of the llntik of California holding Sharon
certificates and proxies nppcarcdland voted 47105
shares solid This was offset by W II Wright
who cast 1460 votes far Flood saving him ibo
victory with 50922 votes against Sharons 48855
1 be state laws call for seven trustees By mutual
agreement four wero to bo trom tho winning side
They wore C L Wcllor C O Connor Charles
FlshandRlt Follh Sharons trustees arc A
K P Harmon Morris Schmidt and J II Itobin
sou K 11 llolmcs was elected secretary Tho
victory Is credited to the cnorgy of J L Flood
sou of the millionaire
No Tidings Kraut Nellie Cooler
WiiKES BiniiE Pa Dec 19 The detectives
who went in search of Nellie Coolcy last night
relumed from North mountain this evening niter1
a fruitless Journey so far as any knowledge of
her whereabouts is concerned Tho woman who
uas seen going toward the mountain yesterday
aud who was thought to be tho missing girl
proved to bo Mary Bowman who was recently
tried for tbo murder of her child and ui quitted
Sho was ou bor way from homo to tho mountains
It Is firmly believed now that Nolllu Cooleys body
is in the Susquehanna river which Is frozen over
aud may never bo recovered
A Double Murder
New Orleas Dec 19 A dispatch from Clin
ton La to the Timet Democrat says Jim George
a colored man residing llvo miles frbm here re
turned home at a late hour last night and found
his daughter aged 17 years dead and another
woman inortallv wounled The latter has since
dlod The double murlcr was committed by a
man who called at Gourgos housu during his ab
sence He lound the women In bed nnd snot them
both Ed F1I colored has been arrested for the
luuruer suspicion against mm ueuig strong
Gamier Wins the Milliard Match
Lyons Duo 19 Tho billiard contest between
Gamier and Daly terminated to night In a victory
for the former ili total scoro for the flvo nights
being Oarnler 3000 Daly 2970
Thlrtcon Inches ofsuuw fell at Mount Carmel
Pa yostcrday stopping several collerles aud Im
posing railroad travel
Tho freight rates from Kansas City Mo to St
Paul and Mliuiiarolis was tlxod ut 17 cents on
wheat and 13 cents ou corn jestorday beluga
drop of Scents
litr husband with Intent t kill hat been round
guilty with it liciimiaeuuauou 10 mercy en
leuce as deferred
Work at the did jrent collerles In Northumber
land county la was suspended yesterd ly until
the twenty sixth Instaut throwing 12000 em
ployes out of work
In tho Wequctquock assault case Samuel
Faulon Ucoro Chapman and Jamos U Piilnur
wero found guilty iiiul plated under 200 bonds
lor trial The perjury caes are still pending
The Eastern Telegraph company hasclectod
the lolluwlng directors Thomas ltoelie Frodorlo
Rotile C C liodlow J W Ilalsted and C D
Ilvermore A meeting wilt bo held ut some
lutnre date for organization
Although no decision has bcon reached by
the executive committee of the Harvard Boat
club regarding the challenge of tho University of
Peuniylrania it Is not ut all piobable that tho
challenge will be accepted
Tho Akron Summit county common pleas
court granted the request of itecelver Walker of
tho Cleveland Akron and Columbus rallrod to
lease Its tract Irom Cuyahoga Falls to Orrvllle to
the Pittsburg Cleveland and Toledo railroad of
which Chaiiueey AndroMB Is president
Andrew Calms a saloon keeper in Philadel
phia died Hsterday from Injuries retched by
being struck with a beer glass thrown by August
i s cizuiu uu omuruay uiciii mm i citum itiiu mu
rilkas vrtiiiin limn tunc a jwilnrAil filit rtt I Vi A anlnrtti
beyond the brink of tho grave nnd for fear tiy cairns whereupon the former struck him with
Ills romalus should lest in historic Donegal tho glass The three mou are In custody
Motions for the Exclusion of the Test
niony of the Two Convicts Overruled
St Louis Dec 10 A special dispatch
from Ulllsboro 111 to tho Vost Dhpalch says
arguments of counsel in tho Emma llond caso
continued all tho morning on motions mado
last ovoning by tho dofense to cxcludo certain
testimony Thoy wero altogether ou dry
quostions of law and at tho closo tho court
adjourn cd
On tho reassembling of tho conrt this after
noon Judgo Phillips dollvorcd an opinion on
tho motions of tho dofonso Ho hold that it
was not apparent from tho ovidonco that
Montgomery mado a confession to Swlck and
Holnloln because of tho threats of n mob or
that ho was terrorized or titidor tho lnlhionco
of fear Tho motion was thcroforo over
ruled As to tho socond motion ho held that
if tho court interpreted any particular evi
dence it robbed tho Jury of tho right to
Bit upon tho case and practically gavo
tho caso to tho defendants Tho court
can allow ovidonco to go the Jury and Instruct
tho Jury how to act upon It If tho court
decided in favor of the motion tho dofendant
could nover again bo prosocuted for this crimo
Tho motion was ovorruled The dofonso then
moved that Charles Mastors ono of Miss
Bonds scholars who was at tho school houso
on tho aftornoon of tho outrage bo placed on
tho stand by tho prosecution in ordor to givo
tho dofonso an opportunity to cross oxamino
him Tho prosecution declined to do this
and tho argument of counsel commouced
Verdict Against a Ilnllronil Company
The IlnrjlMid Legislature
fecial Etspatch
AKNArous Doc 19 Judgo Miller delivered the
opinion in tbo caso of the Cumberland Valley Hall
road company vs Alvy II Maugens aBlrmlng the
Judgmont of tho court below lu favor of tho do
fendant Tho plaintiff In tho case was a passen
ger to Oreon Castle au Intermediate station ou tho
Cumberland Vallev railroad und fell and was In
jured In leaving the ears at that station It Mas
alleged inai tno rauroau Hiiuvttu negligence in
starting the train bclure time had been allowed
lor passengers to leavo it in saiciy inecourioi
appeals say thore can be no question as to tho
duty of the defendant In this respect that a rail
road company undertaking the carriage of pas
sengers to an intermediate point ou their road is
bound to stop their trains thero a sufficient length
ol time to enable all passengers whoso destination
is that point to alight lu tafety Tho appeal is
irom ino circuit court oi nusmngion county
which assessod tbo damages at J300 tor Mangens
Tho board of public Morks meet to morrow to
consider a proposition ot the Heading Railroad
compauy looking to tbo settlement of tuolr claim
duo tho state amounting to 354000
A colored man named llyati was arrested
yesterday charged with robbing Capt Blizzard of
a New Bedford scuooner of 150 Ho was sent to
The Chesapeake and Ohio canal directors hold
their annual meeting to morrow
A number or tho members elect of tbo legisla
ture havo mado urrangomeuts for tholr stay here
this winter aud have secured tholr seats In the
legislative halls
Death of an Old Defender
Baltimore Dec 19 Col Elijah Stansbury for
many years a prominent member of the associa
tion of Old Defenders died at his homo In this
olty this morning after a protracted and lingering
illnoss consequent to the lnflrmitles of ago He
was born iu Balllmoro couuty iu May 1791 At
the age of 21 ho volunteered in the war of 1812 and
was enrolled in tho Baltlmoro Union artillery
under Capt John Montgomery and took part in
tho defense of Baltimore against the Biltlsh lorcis
led by lieu ltoss in 1814 After the close or the
war be enlisted lu the 27th regiment Maryland
miiuia aim was grauuauy promoted 10 me uuico
of colonel and retained command of the rcgmiuni
until the then existing militia system ws aboU
lshed In 1611 be was elected a mombcrof the
tlty couucll and sorved for eight consecutive
years Ho also served three years in the Maryland
legislature Iu 1843 ho was elected mayor ot Balti
more Ills administration was economically aud
prudently conducted and he retired fiom ofllio
with the lespiet of his fellow citizens of all
parties In 1G2 he retired Irom business on a
competency and has since led a life ot compara
tive retirement Ho was a prominent member of
the Society of tbo Old Defenders and also
belonged to tho order of Odd Fellous the Masons
Druids Bed Men Sons ol Frocdom and Sous of
Tcmperahco Ho had many prominent positions
in the order of Odd Fellows aud attained tho
hlghost dogrcc In Masonry that tho order In Mary
land could boitow
The De Melt Divorce Case
Nlw York Dec 19 la thu suit to day of
Florence N Da Mill against Henry A De Mell for
divorce on tho ground of cruel treatment and the
custody other children tho plalutlQ testified that
the reason she left her husbands houso at Dresden
aud camo to this country was because of hints Per
husband had let drop about l lacing hei lu a
lunatic asylum aud becauso of his mothers con
tinued Interference in thu household iillalrs
Tho cruss oxaminatlou of Mrs do Moll was con
ducted by Mr McClure who took up tho charges
In the complaint sopamtoly Iu ituswor to nls
questions Mrs do Mell acknowledged that her
hnsbauds cruelty to herself consisted lu his words
and manner aud not In acts of violence In many
Instances tho w eight of thu charges was materially
diminished by tno course of his examination
which was not concluded to darbui will bo con
tinued to morruw
Louisiana Democrullo Convention
New OliLKAhs La Dec 19 A spiclal dispatch
to tho 1icayune fiom Baton Itouge says tho dem
ocratic convention met at noon Tho committee
ou credentials reported progress seating anti-ad-ministration
delegates from Last Batou Itougo
Tho committee asked until 7 oclock p in to com
plete their deliberations which was granted aud
thu convention took a recess until 7
Tho convention met again at 7 p m The chair
man ol thu commlttco on credentials stated that
they would not bo ready to report before 10 am
to morrow home dissatisfaction being expressed
tho chairman said they would roport ut that time
if It took them all night to complclo their labors
Tho convention then adjourned lo 10 u m to
Outrage mill lroualile Murder
Joi ilt llL Dec 19 Goorgo Frecsluue 23 years
of age ouo of tbo boarders uf tbo Auburu house
eutered tho room or tho head cook Jane Haycock
last night Ho bouud her head to prevent her
screaming and then outraged her When be
started to leave tho room ibo woman gave an
alarm when Freestuuu returned aud cut her
throat with a kullu and lied He was arrested
while his hands wero still covered with tho blood
ol his victim Ho altoruntd conlessed tho deed
and declared that ho was Intoxicated at the time
the woman Is unconscious nnd will probably die
Her assailant was taken to Jail amid threats or
A Ulgamlst Sentenced
Baltimore Dec 19 Charles Baker Holland
pleaded guilty In tho criminal court this morning
to tbo charge of bigamy and was sentenced to
three years and six months In tho penitentiary
The Indictment charged him with having felonl
ouily married on thu lourlconth of Junu 18b3 In
Baltimore city Cora Belvlu being at the time tho
husband ot MaryC Shipley to whom ha was
united lu matrimony lu Baltlmoro county Hol
land Is a rcspectabio looking man of medium
height and of prepossessing appearance
Huso Halt Association
PjiiLADELiiiiA Dee 19 At to days session of
tho Uuiou Base Ball association President Lucas
In the chair It was decided to hold the next an
nual meeting id Ballimoru on thu third luciday
lu December lb81 Theattlouol jebttrdajs meet-
Inglu expelling Thomas dunning was rescinded
Engagements ulplujers wero reported as follows
Cbarlis DBarber and W A Harbridgc lor Cin
cinnati aud P E Hogau for Ualtlmoru
Hid for the Drliiotmttc Convention
Si Louis Mo Die 19v Anumberof prominent
citizens held a meeting last night and took pre
liminary steps to scauro the holding of tbo next
democrutlo national convention lu this tlty Tho
chalrmau was authorized to annoiut all executive
commute of thlrtcon who snail have charo of
mailers ana uuotnermceiiugwasoruereuioruoxt
Deuth of a Prominent Cltipynmn
Boston Dec 19 ltuv Thomas D Anderson D
D pastor of the South Baptist church South Bos
ton died to day He was bom In Philadelphia In
lu 1819 and was graduated irom the University
of Pennsylvania lu 18J8
The Illglmm Blunter Trial
WATEnTOWN N Y Dec 19 In the lllghsm mur
dor trial this mornlug the Kev 11 C Townly de
tailed the meeting In tho companysofflce Hlgliam
and lincs being present Ho saw lllgham go lo
tho pattern room Fames followed him very soon
after lllgham slammed the door and locked It
Kanies broko the glass put his band through and
unlocked It I Just as Karnes stepped lu lllghsm1
shot fired again quickly both clinched wheu
witness strlTel drovo lllghsm ofTby beating him
with bis canu wllucss was but afowyards awuy
when the firing occurred
An Ocfjcanlxntlon Hnvlntr for It Object
Opposition to Secret Knilctlcs
riitLADEiruiA Pa Deo 19 In response to an
Invitation to the general public about soventy
five mou last evening attended a mooting In Asso
ciation hall lo form an Anti Secret Society tongue
Soreral addresses wcro madeaud committees wero
appointed to perfect au organization Tho dele
gates convened again this morning under Ibo
name onho lirl tlaii convention At tbo open
ing tburu worn los than a dozen persons present
llic pruteedlngsucie opened wltu tho reading of
tl a bcHpiuioaud prajor The delegate who en
gaged Hi supplication prayed that tho pcoplo
might bo delivered from a bondage greater than
tliatofhiiiaau slavery Ho also asked that the
Spirit of iod might open the o cs aud enlighten
Ibo Christians to tho great dangers attending
secret not Ictlus
Officers were chosen and addrcssos wcro thou
mado by J W Phrlps ot Vermont ltuv J 1
biouuaru ana President lilaurhuru or tno Lin
coln college Illinois The latter said that Will
iam 11 Sunard and Fdwln M Stanton of Lin
colns cabinet were Masons tno ilrsl of whom
was cltctid in New York during the atitl Maaonlo
society movement Ho spoke of Tliartdeui
htevens an untl Muson who led the hou o of rep
resentative and said the lodge Is tho evil gculus
of the United States
Resolutions wero adopted denouncing all secret
soclctlis and dictating that the Masonic lodge
which Is In active operation In every city and
considerable villages iu the country tills our uffi
ccs secular and divine with Its partisans shapes
our political dcvllulis and teaches a corrupting
morality subversive both of the Christian religion
and or lrco Institutions
The resolutions also declare tho Grand Army of
tho Republic to be an Insidious dangerous and
useless foim of secret organization
Report of the President nnd Klectlou of
Alexandria Va Dec 19 Tho annual meet
ing of tho Virginia Midland Hallway company
was held In this city yesterday President Bar
bours roport shows tho gross earnings for tho j oar
to havo been lCOt30l operating expenses S95C
191 There was au lncrcasoln the cross earnings
from freight passenger and express traffia of
200967 a decrease in the receipts Irom mall of
sr1 jiu auu a aecrcasotrom miscellaneous sources
or 4701
The business far the year ended Sopt SO 1883
was sufficient for the payment or tho operating
expense the interest ou tho lundcd debt of tho
company first to sixth series bonds lucluslvo tho
rentals of the Charlottesville nnd Uanldan and
FratiMlu and Pittsylvania roads tho payment of
inu junuary ibsj interest on me incoino oonus
which was paid In April to devote SIlDCOit to
ucresrary construction aud equipment aud to
lcavo a balancool 1017s3 which will cnablotho
company on tho first day of January next to nay
tho Interest on Its Income bonds duo July 1 18SJ
Mr John 8 Barbour was re elected president
and Jcorge S Scott George F Bskcr Calvin S
Prlco W 1 Clyde John McAuerney Gcorgo
Parsons A D Shepard and J A Garland of New
York A J Caprou of Baltlmoro and It A Cog-
ltl tr iinirt tl IT T n VI
mi v 11 uiaviuiu x uyuu i ft lAivcu
A b Buiurd James Bryan and C U Holland of
Virginia directors
The City Government of Rnltlmore Re
ceive a Verdict for the McDonougH In
Baltimore Dec 19 In tho superior court this
mornlne Judgo Fisher rendered his opinion In
the caso of Tagarl executor of the will of the lato
Zcous Barnum vs Frank Barnum and others aud
the mayor and city couucll of Baltimore Tho
bill was filed by the executor for a construction
of the will ofZenus Barnum who boqueathed his
entire cstato to Mr lagan In trust for the benefit
of lila brother Frank Barnum but provided tbat
upon his said brother becoming aprlcst or a mem
ber orally order or society of the Jtoman Catholic
church tho estalo shall pais to tho mayor and
TltyftFuncll or Balllmoro for tile benefit of the
MoDuuaugh Institute Frank Barnum bavlug be
comM member of the ordor of Jesuits tho city
claimed the fund for the purposes declared by thu
testator but the brothers and sisters or tho tes
tator claimed that the devise to the city Is void
and that thcrefoie tho estate being undisposed
ot descended to tho heirs and next of kin The
decree reudorcd Is in favor or the mayor and
city council for the McDouough Institute Tho
case was argued last week each ot the parties to
the bill being represented by several of the ablest
counsel of tho Baltimore bar
Virginia Iloiul Controversy
IticilMONii Va Dec 19 lu the circuit court of
the city of ltlchmond to day the case of the Ken
dall Hank Note Company of Now York against
the commonwealth of Virginia growtug out of a
contract to print KIddlcberger bonds was heard
on pleadings This suit Is for 30000 damages for
alleged breach of contract and oxcitcs considera
ble interest owing teriho recent political change
In tho stato It originated with the icadjustur
board of sinking fund commissioners who first
awarded tho contract to tho Kendall company
aud subsequently annulled It Tho leading con
troversy to day arose ou two pleas tiled by the at
torney general tho first alleging an expressed
and the second an Implied agreement ou tho part
ot the nlalntllts that their bonds would
be admitted ou the stock exchange of
New York Tho plaintiffs In reply deniod tho
expressed agreement and demurred to the ploa
by way of Implication Tbo court sustained the
demutrer Two other pleas wero mado by tho do
lendants alleging failure by the iilalntlfis to de
liver the bonds ai tho time required by the con
tract The rcplecatlon conlessed failure to do
itver until two weeks after tho stipulated time
but alleged tbat tho Kendall compauy was de
layed for over a month by reason of having at the
requestor tho derondants to engrave new plaits
substituting a vignette of Senator ltlddleborger on
the face o I the bonds lor that of Gen Mahouo
after tho first plates had been completed Tho
Issuawas Joined on thtso pleas but owing to tbo
alleged inability of Auditor Allan lo bo present
the case was coutiuued to tho soycuth or January
lie Repudiates Ills JVntllrullzatloii
Nrw Yoiik Dec 19 A young man rushed ox
clledly Into tbo naturalization bureau to day
deposited a letter on the clerks desk and then
disappeared ltTwug addressed to tho Judges of
the court of common pleas aud the writer signed
liimacit jonu iocpu it an a citizen oi me insu
republic Tho letter contained his naturaliza
tion papers which were dated Oct 13 1KS0 aud a
note which staled tbat bo wished to have his
iiaino erased from tho American citizenship roll
seeing how American citizens woro sir u tie up un
mercifully In Luglaud while others wore allowed
to languish lu prison
Dlrtl from Ills Injuries
Cesthaiia Tx Deo 19 Michael McCoy and
Thomas McGrath minors at Big Mlno Run col
liery were Injured by a fall of coal last nlaht
McCov died soon after aud McUraths condition
Is serious
Killed lr st Snow Slide
PirTEMON Utah Dec 19 Two men named
Harrington and ltoblnson who left hero Monday
ou a shooting expedition were caught In a snow
slide and lusiautly killed Harringtons body was
found to day
Sleighing In Frederick
filarial Mtpalcli
Frederick Md Dec 19 Snow fell here last
nluht and to day to tho depth Of about 10 Inches
making fair sleighing or which panics are uow
availing themselves
Wires to Go Under Ground
New York Deo 19 Tho board of aldormon
to day adopted an ordnance requiring tho clectrlo
light compnles to lay their wires underground
altar two ears from May 1 1881
Four Men Drowned
Calais Me Dec 10 Wm Wilson Tercy Trues
dale A ltollins and S C McFarland wore
drowned lust night In St Andrews bay by tho
capsizing of their sailboat
CInus Sjircoktcss Kingdom
F enolor Gibson Introduced lu the seuato yester
day it bill to provide fur giving notice to tho
Hawaiian government of tho dosire on tho part of
tho United States government to abrogate tbo com
mercial treaty between the two nations The bill
is tho samo which Mr Gibson has Introduced at
overy session of congress since the treaty went
lntoulleet Mr Gibson also introduced a bill to
extend the limits of the present port of New Or
leans so as to Include tho right bank of tho river
This exten slou Mr Gibson says has become nec
essary by tho growth of tbo business of the port
He also Introduced a bill to allow Henry Vlgnaux
second secretary of tho United States at Purls to
accept from tho French Borecnment the decora
tion oi tuu icKiuu ui uuuur
Admitted to the llnr
Ill tho supremo court josierday ou motion of
Hon A H Garland Paul Jones of Nashville
Tenn was admitted to practice on motion of Mr
Vf II Calklus Aretus W Hatch of Indianapolis1
lud was admitted to practice
notirlion Dolnga The Record They are
DlnkliiK Afrnlil Hove In the Debt
question New Election Onlerril
Mfrtl DMAttCS
Richmond Va Die 19 Tho commlttco on
privileges and elections ot tho Virginia rcunto
repotted this morning to that body that inas
much as the vacancies under consideration did
not occur by dcalh or resignation but by forfeit
ure Ibo vacancy cannot bo filled by tho action of
the executive but only by tho senate tills hav
ing refoiencu to vacancies caused by tho resigna
tions of Senators Rue Martin Jones and Pteicui
which are now on two lu the governors onlcc
The four boutbon members nf the committee
mado this report to carry out tho policy of rraud
and bulldozing begun ai llativlllo and to prevent
tho seating of four liberal senators who woro
elected iicourdlmr to law and who In tholr seats
would check the txiurbons In obtaining all the
little offices In Virginia
ine minority report proves tnav uor uhmuhi
Issued writs tit elpeifnii ns thu law reaulres ho
should do and Is a strong paper in favor of con-
siiiutionaiguvcrnnicut ana win prove a vmimoiu
document iiiour next campaign Senator Hubard
liberal from Buckingham county warned tho
bourbons of tho record they wcro making but
without effect
Au amendment to tho report of tho committee
requesting tho lieutenant uovcrnor of the state
aud president ot the senate to Issue writs of elec
tion at unco fur the four districts In which elec
tions have Just been held lupursuaiiconf tho or
ders of tho governor was added and the ma
jority report was adopted by a strict bourbon vute
Tbo elections will therefore bo rehold within
twelve days nnd tho riadjusters acatn returned
In the lower houso to day tho resolution lu
reference to thu acccptamo of tho ltlddleborger
bills tamo up on Its passage The taunts and
Olngsof the brokers preot tho north at tho
bourbons for so Ircoly damning tho readjustcrs
and then for tho mere unices of thu state
pushing tho debt question further to
ward repudiation than ever havo had
their edict They halt and on the plea that
thero may bo a quedlou of tho law in tho resolu
tion not fully understood they roler the resolution
to tho commlttco ou courts nnd Justice Too
truth Is they do not know what to do with tho
debt at all but fear to do an thing and the main
purpose of tho action to day was to get more
The committee to which was referred tho bill
authorizing tbo appointment ol a comml sloncr
or sales lor the counties and cities reported
agalu tlt of course lor this Is areadjustor move
against tho penny lawer In favor of the people
It will vet be passed lu Virginia If 111 loreo now
the widows and orphans would rejoice and about
half ol tho Indifferent bourbon lawyers or tho
stato would have to emigrate
Tho political friends of Col W C Klam editor-In-chief
of the Richmond Whig sent him a pair
of very fine horses this morning irom southwest
Gov Cameron was In tho bascmont office of tho
capltol this morning lu response to tho ques
tion of how much money was lu the state treasury
tho reply was 1090000 about
Eloquent Speeches of Messrs Moore
Wright Ilarton Howie nnd Others
All enthusiastic and largely attended suffrage
meeting was held last night In ton Woley
church Twenty third street above L which re
sulted In the formation of au active suflratc club
Dr A P Fardon prostded and Iho following offi
cers woro unanimously elected Prosldont Dr A
P Fardon vico president ltandall Bowie
secretary J 11 Payntcr assistant secretory G I
Joy treasurer Thomas Lueus A commlttco of
twenty live was appointed tn securo signatures to
petitions to bu sentto congress dcmandliig siitlrsge
in the district
Assistant Prosecuting Attorney Charles 8 Mooro
addressed tho He revlowed the anom
alous condition of allalrs iu tho dlsttlct as re
gards the rights of American citizens aud said
among other forclblo nnd pcrtluonl utterances I
Ihoorcsont lormofcoverBmentln the district It
unconstitutional Wo are closed out Irom the
light or freedom by a dark cloud
Mr K I Wright secretary ol the commlttco of
one hundred followed In a strong and eloquent
anneal Amom other thinm 110 said Over
CuotXchlldieu navo been educated in this dis
trict minora mrm oi government unemonu in
opposition to our system of gorernmi ut They
havegono to tho states If not absolutely opposed
at least Indifferent to a npiosuntailve lorm of
government IT this continues fitly yours we have
600000 men advocating absolute monarchy
The other speakers wero Messrs clarenoo Bar
ton ltandall llowle J II Payntur and Dr Par
don Tho meeting then adjourned subject to the
cull or tho president
Playing tjttvmes of Chtiuce In a Ainus Hotel
Does Not IMiiUp It n tiaiutllur House
The grand Jury to dny will Iguoro tho bill
against William II Lee lor keeping a gambling
houso It will bu remembered that Lee who
keeps a hotel near thu Baltlmoro and Ohio depot
was II nod lu the pollco court and sentenced to
twenty four hours In Jail for allowing games nf
chance to be played on his premises Tho com
missioners wcie not latlsfled with Judgo Shells
decision but Insisted that he should havo been
convicted for keeping a gambling housu District
Attorney Corkhlll then xcutthe witnesses to tho
grand Jury who will to day ns abovo stand Ik
noro tho bill This action Is important o pi clally
invlowor tho recent order of tho commissioners
under ibo new law of gambling
i i
Fair of the Washington tniltts
Tho fair of the Washington Cadet corps was
visited last evening by tho Lincoln Llghtlufautry
CaptWm Cornell They wcro received In a brief
but eloquent spoech by Tror It T Greener which
was responded to by dipt Cornell Tho voting at
the close nf tho cvouliig stood in favor of Miss
Matllo Williams for the ladys circular J It
Brown ehlna set James 11 Payne
cane lor honorary memher J B Wright ugly
iuuiim bnduo llaydou Osborne baby carriage O
P Morton post tl A It sword belt and sash
Carrie Walker doll J W Hamilton gold watch
Company A Capital City Guard wrliinz desk O
A Lemur cpauets for sir kulghts Mirth Social
club punch bwl
Company A of tho Capital City Guard will visit
the fair on Friday evening
A Good Templar itleetlur
All Interesting open meotlt g nnd entertainment
was held last ovenlng nt Washington hall by
Clements lodgo of Good Templars A U rgo num
bcr of persons attended Mat Thomas Turner
presided and mado thu opeulng remarks Thu
programme v as rendered by Miss Cora Watson
Miss Mamie Hamilton Miss Fannie Bulling
game Mr B T Trueworthy Miss Nellie MoCabe
Austin Truoworthy Fred Newton Mr Loveless
ifBtar of llopo lodgo LlttlaMay Blandford Miss
Ella Casey Miss Suslu Esputa and Miss Lowcralt
Klcetlon of OfllLers
Mount Vernon lodge No 21U Knlghtof Honor
met lost evening at Odd Fellows hall southeast
and elected tho followlmr officers Dictator Will
iam E Thompson vice dictator Henry It Colilll
assistant dictator ltlihard H Holland reportor
William P Allan flnniiclal rcntor George A
Green treasurer George W MiKee representa
tive to the giand lodge William P Allan alter
nate William T Dave
Mr Mnntzs Funeral
The funeral of Mr Thomas Mantztonk place
from tho residence of Mr Wm Hunt Eleventh
between G and I sticcla louthoast yesterday after
noon at 2 oclock Kev Dr France pastor of the
Fourth Street M E church oniclatod Trio pall
bearers wcro Messrs Win Wutson Jasper Soutt
John Young Itobart Baxtou aud Illcbard Pyles
Interment took placo at tbo Congressional burial
ground Mr Mantz was 3J years uf ago at the time
of his death
A Senatorial Duck Hunt
Senator Beck expects to spend the holidays as
the guest of Senator Vance of North Carolina An
extended duck hunt has bcon planned und a dis
tinguished parly will bo rhapcroncd over the best
along the coast and entertained at tho load
ng club houses by tbo North Carollua senator
Bcuntor Anthony
A rumor was iu circulation In this olty lait
night that Senator Anthony bad died during the
ovoning A represontatlvo of Tun KtrunuciM
called at the senators house nt it lato hour and
was Informed that Mr Anthony wua bettor now
than ho had been for weoks
Tho Irlze In Sight
Itcpretentatlvo John Follctt loaves for Ohio to
day Senator Pendleton expect lo start for Cc
lumnus on tsunuay iiikiii to uu ausent until auor
he Is defeated for the Uiiltod States senate
i i
Et Qov Lowe Worse
Ex Gov lialpli P Lowe of Iowa vras lying at
the polut of death at an early hour this morning
and is not expected to live through tho day
i i
Tho Weather To Day
fbWer clearing weather northerly winds tacking
to norlhueitcrly higher laromeltr
Yesterdays thermometer 7 amSJl0 11 a m
atSY 8 P m 328i 7 p m 326 11 p m S0G
maximum to0 minimum 299 precipitation 103
Admiral Courbet Heels With No RosisUnr
from the Chinese
Who Evacuated tho Town on tho Ap
proach of tho French
OositaiM Extonded tho Qerman Crown Princo in
-- Rome A Brilliant Rsvisw
The Dynamite Trials In Scotland Other
foreign News
Parib lire II Tho funeral of Henri Mar
tin tho historian took place to day It was
attended by M Iorry prlmo nilnlstor M
Waldcck Housscatt minister of tho interior
nnd tho leading senators deputies nnd othors
President Grovy was represented nt tho fu
neral by Icn Plttlo his socretary Delega
tions of Italian Greek nnd Itounianlan resi
dents woro also proscnt nnd dopoiltcd wreaths
of flowers upon tbo coUln of tho deccasod his
It is reported hero that tho Chinese forces
have boen concentrated at Hung IIoa soma
twonty tulles nbovo Sontny on tho Itod rivor
and nt llac Niuli Tho Vntioiiair tho France
and tho libfitc newspapers nil publish ru
mors to tho oilect that Admiral Courbot had
occupied Soutay without reslstnnco tho Chi
nese having evacuated tho placo upon scolug
tho Trench troops advancing
CiiitK Doc 10 Tho trial of soven mcu
chtgod with conspiracy to murder landlords
iu county Mayo was coutinuod to day In tho
assizes Tho ovldcnco submitted for tbo
prosocutlon further rovcnled tho assassination
plot Policeman testified to finding rifles iu
Old Castle county Mcatb marked with tbo
Initials of tho Irish Itoplibllcnn brotherhood
Thoy also testified to finding lufornnl ma
chines Tho prisoners aro Thomas A McCaw
loy Patrick V Nally Thomas Daly James
King Poter Monelly MiUthow Molvln nnd
ono othor The vonuoof tho trial wnschnnged
from county Mayo to Cork on tho application
of consul for tho attorney gonoral
KoiNnuitnif Dec 10 At tho trial of Mc
Dormott and ntuo others for complicity In
thodynnmito outrages at Glasgow Dr Du
pro advisor of the government in chemical
subjects testified that tho mntorlals found iu
tho box of Dcasy who was arrested in Liver
pool in connection with tho dynamlto con
spiracy woio similar to those found In thu
box which was exploded at tbo canal bridge
over tho Possll park rond in Glasgow
A pollcemuu testillod to having found in
tho housos of tho prisoners sovoral news
papers and documents showing their sympa
thy with tho Irish agitation
William Lamle who testiuod in Dublin
against his brother-in-law JoBeph Poole who
was executed yesturday explained tho nature
of tho Fenian oath and tho object of the Fe
nian organization Tho caso for tho prose
cution closed with Lamlos testimony Tho
iWlnrntlims of this Tjrisonurs wero then
takou Thoy cuniiitcd Of ft general denial of
tho charges brought against them
Tho witnesses for tho dofonso wore mostly
rolatlvos of tho prisoners and woro callod for
tho purpose of proving ullbis Tho taking uf
evidence In support of tho claim of alibis will
consumo tho remainder of tho aftornoon
Kome Doc 11 Capitan Jraraica as
sorts that tho German crown prince mani
fested groat sympathy with tho elevated lan
guage used by tho popo yoslcrday upon ques
tions of religion nnd morality but oflerod nu
roply thuruto It is not bollovod that any
negotiations wcro opened botweeu tho prlnca
and tho pope 7n Liberia Bays editorially
tbat it trusts that tho significance givou to
tho visit by tho Jfunifrui do Home tho papal
organ will bo disavowed In Berlin
Tho crown princo of Germany nnd King
Humbert woro piesont nt a grand rovlow of
Italian troops to day Twenty thousand
men woro in thu rnnks Tho weather was
11 no Largo crowds viewed tho pageant and
manifested great enthusiasm
Tho troops noro drawn up iu four lines
upon tho meadows outside tho Porto del
Pnpoln Tho Crown Princo Frederick Will
lam and King Humbert who were accom
panied by brilliant staffs wore saluted by tho
troops on arriving on tho ground nnd the
bauds played tho Puaslaii nnd Italian national
nnthems Tho march pastof tho troops occu
pied an hour and was witnessed by nn lm
ineuso multitude The spectators repeatedly
cheered King Humbort nud 1rluco Frederick
Tho lorman crown prluco nnd tho mombcrs
of tho Italian royal family attended tbo Cos
tnnzl theater this evening and wero recolved
with thrice renewed cheers
Pahir Dec 10 Tho Cathollo Journal
Defemt prints a telegram from ltotno saying
that whou tlio Uoitunn crown prince retired
yesterday after his intervlow with tho popo
tho latter wishing to presorvo the oxact sens
of the conversation botweon thorn dictated
his secretary a summary of tho samo Tbo
telegram adds that tho prince proposed to
closo tho cultitrkampf and that Herr Vori
Schloezor tho Prussian miuister nt tho Vati
can has received instructions to mut eueci
Maihud Doc 18 It is bollovod that a
rupturo is Imminent hotwoon tho followers
ofSonorSagasta and tho dynastlo loft A
ministerial council has been hold to consider
tho situation It is thought that the govern
ment boforo taking action will awnlt the
result of the debato In tho cortcs upon the
reply to tho royal speech If tho government
is defeated In this matter Souor Yosada ller
rera tho prlmo minister will leave to Kins
Alfonso tho option of accepting tho resigna
tion of tho ministry or of dissolving tho
CONBTAKTiNorLG Deo 10 Reports from
the tjoudttu stato that Fl Mahdl is moving in
a westerly direction from El Obeld
Caiuo Dec 10 It is reported thofc ft
counter revolution against Kl Mahdl ha
broken out in tho proviuce of Darfour
Bkrmv Dec 10 Tho bishop of Kulra has
forwarded to Herr Von Gosslor tho Prussian
minister of ecclesiastical affairs n collective
request of the Cathollo priosts in his diocese
for tho abrogation of tho May law regarding
the restrictions placed upon appointments to
vacant cures
The lower house of the Prussian diet has ad
Joumed until the eighth of January
Tbo Emporor William and tbo Empress Augusta
au audleucu nu Tuesday to Cardinal Von
lobenloho at the loyal palace
Kouteri Telegram company assorts that dcsplto
thu statements ol clurlal newspapers the visit of
the Gurmali crown princo to tho pope was simply
a vlsliot tourtoiy
The pttsldent of the Croatian diet closed tho
session of that body yesterday The minority
supported by a number of students lu tbo gallery
grossly Insulted tho president
The Paris anarchists who lately advertised a
projected meeting in lroutof tho boursahavo been
committed for trial Proceedings uitalun other
anarchists who were Indicted tor making explo
sives will begin on Friday
The Home Oinnalore Jomano clerical news
paper In a vlulont article lays emphasis upon
the fact that tlio pope can never be freo while
compelled to live under a foreign flag aud says
that princo visiting him mutt becom aware of
this fact

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