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tho Oulposte Occupied by the Troops Under
Admiral Courbet
But the Citadel Still Hold by tho Chij
nose Forces
A Stirring War Speech In ih French Chamber or
Trouble hi Irelaud The Dyuamlto
Trials Other Foreign News
Hono Kono Doc CO Tho Kronen forcos
have captured tho principal outposts of Son
tay embracing flvo strongly fortified villages
Tho enemy niailo n stubborn resistance Tho
French loss was 00 men mid 15 officors
killed nnd wounded Admiral Courbet who
enmmnnded tho oxpodltlon bad 7000 mon of
which 1000 cngngod In tho notion tho
balance boltiR held in roiorvo Tho Chlnoso
still hold tho fortross of Sontay
8aiok Doc 20 According to advices
from JIuo dated Dec 11 Yoedno has boon
proclaimed king of Annnm Tho natives
vrcro greatly Melted mid nn attack upon tho
French legation was feared Tho firm atttl
tudo of M Champeuux tho French rosldcut
had alono prevented nu attack by tho uatlvos
Quo hundred mid fifty ro cnforccincnts havo
boon sont to IIuo from Fort Thuanan It 9
considered urgently necessary to occupy JIuo
with ft sufflclout forco to withstand any at
attnek that may bo mado upon tho French
No resistance however Ib expected on the
part of tho natives
Iarik Dec SO Admiral Ioyron ministor
of murine has received tho following tclo
gram from Admiral Courbot dated Boforo
Sontay DoclO Thtfoxpedltion loft Hanoi
on the olovonth instant und captured Fort
lhnstt and all tho earthworks oroctcd on tho
bank of tho Songkoi lied rlvor opposito
Sontay Tho assault was carried out by tho
manno infantry and Algoriau sharpshooters
Tho flotilla rendered very elllclont assistance
Tho enemy wcro vory well armed and resisted
ilcsporatoly Tho condition mid spirits of tho
Froneb troops arc excellent To day wo com
monco tho attack on Sontiiy
Tho Tempt roport that at tho weokly re
ception at tho lorelgn ministry to day tho
Milrquls Tseng and Irlmo Ministor Forry
had a long mid friendly conversation men
tioned by tho Fiqaro as having been proposed
by thp Marquis Tseng has not beon imparted
to tho French govnrumont mid tho Temps
doubts whether such n compromise has bocu
During tho Tonquin dobato in tho
senate to day tho Duo do Brogllo
said that ho would voto ngaiust
tho credit because ho thought tho
present an inopportuno moment to launch a
war against unitin brancc no caiu is sur
rounded by monarchies hostllo to a republican
lorin of governmanl It bohoovos Franco to
bo prudont at homo and abroad He im
plored tho scnato not to lcavo tho door opon
for forolgu iutorferonco
uon Cumpounn minister of war roplied
that Franco was strong enough to bring two
policies namoly the colonial and conti
nental to tho front Tho formor must bo
subordinated to tho latter Kow that tho
expedition to Tonquin accords with that con
dition ho and his colleagues are in perfect
Admiral Jauroguiborry insisted that either
tho credit bo voted or that Franco abandon
furovor her influonco in her Iudo Chinaso
possessions If she should abandon Tonquin
she would surrender 400000 Christiana to
butchery China will accept tho Fails accom
pli If she does not Franco can wago a suc
cessful war llko that of 1SG0 without block
ading Chinese ports orlguortng tho rights of
neutrals Ho refused to bollovo in tho ill
will of Kngluud She could only gain by tho
oponlng up of Tonquin
Jr Do Frcycinet urged that tho government
firmly ask China to withdraw her troops in
Tonquin If China refused ho said Franco
must exact guarantees
Ircmior Ferry said that tho quostion was
one of colonial preservation Ho read a pub
lished dispatch from Sontay nnd stated that ho
oxpected in two days to rcouivo moro posi
tive nows Ho then tracod tho whole
history of tho Tonquin quostion Ho
continued I bollovo our troops only on
countered tho Black Flags I do not bollovo
that Chiueso regulars woro scon China does
not accept responsibility for tho acts of tho
Black Flags
Tho Figaro of to day Bays that it under
stands that tho Marquis Tseng tho ambassa
dor has proposed to Franco tho following as
n fresh basis of negotiations for tho settle
ment of tho Tonquin question
Tho delta of tho Song Cau rlvor with Bac
Ninh by belong to China Tho northorn
and western provinces of Tonquin to bo
neutral and China to renounce her suzerainty
of tho kingdom of Annnm
Ite onfurcemcnts of Ui00 troops will bo
pent to Tonquin within tho noxt fortnight
DumiK Doc 20 A farmer named Moy
Ian who rocently roturnud from Araorica
has been shot dead at Clonbar near Ualwuy
This is another agrarian crime Tho assassin
confronted Moylan with a gun aud shot him
in tho chest Moylan fell when tho mur
dorcr again aimed at him Moylaua wlfo
threw herself upon tho prostrato form of hor
husband when tho assassin dragged her olT
threatening to kill her Ho then fired at tho
wounded mail whilo ho lay upon tho ground
killing him Thoro is no cluo to tho mur
derer Moylan had just taken pobsession of a
vacant farm
Tho friends of Patrick ODonnell who was
executed Monday last far murdering Curoy
propose to oroet u memorial to him hero
Dunu in whoso house in this city was
found n quantity of arms and ammunition
lias been discharged tho ovidotica adduced
proving that ho Is a loyalist and that tho
powder mid rlilos were used in his business as
u poulterer
London Dec CO A dispatch from Qalway
to tho Uxchango Telegraph coiapauy statos
that it is reported that during n disturbance
in Cong County Mayo yostorday oveulng
Korrigun the informer was shut
IlKllMK Dec 20 Information has Just
been received that the car of Itussia whilo
on u hunting oxctirslon was thrown out of a
wagon mid injured in tho right shoulder
iruvo fears woro for n time cntortalnod but
tho kaiser has received a special tolegrum
announcing that tho injury Is not serious
A telegram from St Petersburg says that it
was while the czar was hunting in a slcdgo
that tho bursts shied and tho emperor was
thrown out
London Dec 20 Tho IV says that tho
British regiments now in Kgypt will bo flllod
to their maximum strength making tho total
number of British troops iu Kgypt 10000 mon
nnd that several roglmonta nru to be onlorod
to Lgypt Thu Dublin lusllcers will btartfur
that country on tho ninth of January and
the fcovonth dragoon guards who are now
under orders for India will bo sent to Kgypt
Home Dec 20 Tho Clcrmnn crowu prince
King Humbert Queen Mnrghcritu tho Duko
of Aosta lrlnco laul of Baduu and members
of thu Italian cabluct oxaont Slguor Depretis
partook of breakfast with Baron do Kondell
thoClormun embassador this morning Irlmo
Minister Depretis was ubsent in coiuoquenco
et an engagement at tho chamber of doputlos
Tills evening tho German crown princo
iUiJiivoteavaJ i
visited tho chamber of deputies nnd satin tho
diplomatic gallory whoro lromlor Doprotls
and othor cabinet minlstora paid thoir rospecUt
to mm Tho princo lolt Homo at mtunigat
amia great ceremony
A correspondent at Itomo of tho Tagbhlt
nowspapor states that the German crown
prince nt a reception glvon to tho Gorman
residents said that his visit to tho pope
would havo bonofiolal results In every way
Testimony for the Ilefense What tho
Sheriff Has to Say
St Louis Dec 20 A special to tho rost Dhpatch
from Hlllsboro III says In the Emma Bond
case this morning tho first witness called was
Blicriu Hslucs of Taylorvllle who testified that
Attorney Drouuan and himself fitted thu too nail
paring to Montgomerys too at tho jail that Mont
gomery was perlcctly willing to have It done
that iho paring was thicker than Montgomery
toenail and thnt It fitted olio corner but too
other lido did not lit at all Witness said ho put
ciemcnti ana rettus in juu lie oxamuieu Mont
gomerys clothing carefully and It appeared to
havo been worn three or four days Witness saw
no biooa or stains on 1110 clothing jiuaisu ex
amined dementis clothing on tho night of Ms
arrest Ills shirt had rod und bluo stripes The
red stripes had run somuwiiat Witness was not
satisfied with thu examination and examined
mo doming again next uay uus louuu nu
stains on either shirt or underclothing He also
cxauituod 1 onuss clothing and nolther under
garment had the appiurancu of being wet acrosi
tho lilpt nor wero thoro any stains oti any gar
ment All the clothing had evidently been worn
for soveral days Thoro was 110 communication
between tho prisoners on that day
On cross examination witness said that tho
pilsoncm woro taken to tho Jail about suurlso but
wero not put In a cell till noon In theiirtoruooii
Clemeutl und 1ottus woro put 111 a cell whilo
Montgomery was out looking lor bonds Witness
was net at tho Jail ull tho time but know that the
prisoners e uhi not linvo bjcu put together He
oxamluedtho clothing for his own itlsfaetIou
This testimony onsets that of thu convict Meyer
who said thu defendants hud a consultation thu
morning thoy wero put In Jail
Thomas llart testified mat ho tried to put Mr
Dlckersou up through the scuitlo hole of tho
ichool house ou tho morning after the outruite
Witness Is 6 feet 2 inches high and weighs 175
pounds Mr Dlckersun weighs Vio pounds Thu
witness tald Mr llummll who was In tho but
tied a shnwl around Dlckcrson and lifted him
above my head I stood on a chair aud held him
up as high as I could but Dlckcrson didnt come
williluiwo foet of tho celling Hammell pulled
him up and I helped all 1 could by boosting
Charley Mostors I years ol age who was in tho
schoolhousu Willi Emma Bond and lettbetorcBho
was as aulted testified as follows I was tho only
scholar that uuernoou Miss liond took dinner at
Ed Montgomerys house where she boarded I
uto my dinner in the school house yard and thou
went to thu coal houso and plnyed there until
Miss llond came back I was nut In the school
houso during thu noon recess 1 said my lessons
alter dinner und then had a ruccss during which
Miss Bond went to 1etlus house I stnyud around
the coal house and did not go away from lliore I
taw old John and young John Montgomery dur
ing recess going alougtho road past tho school
house Young John usked mo wny I was not
playing with tho school children I said thoro was
not any of them about lie said Well wait und
Ill come back and wrcstlu with you When Miss
Bond carau back we went Into ilia school houso I
told her there was a noise In the lolt and 1 thought
there were trumps there Shosald NoIt rats
Tile scuitle hole was open all day I saw mud
tnat morning on thu wall under tho scuitlo bole
und said to tho teacher Look ut that She said
On cross examination the witness said ho laid
on the roof or tlio coal home kicking up his heels
and could not bio tho school houso dour
This witness who Has on the stand an hour and
a half made many statements which dlfiured from
those mudo at the preliminary trial
lHrtlcnlars of Her Horsewhipping Dills
Columbler Speculiitlon n to Future
1aris Iec 20 The extraordinary dramatlo
cplsodo In tlioaparttnontsotilUoMkHdColotn tiler
bn Tuesday afternoon coitluues to be a subject of
gossip In all quarters It Is now known that
tiara Bernhardt upon Btarltug out to uvcuge thu
wrongs lufilctod by Mile Colombler armed her
self with n dagger which alio carried In
her left hand while her right band
wloldcd the slinging whip Mlic Colum
bler mado no attempt at defunso but
ought Immedluto escape by tho back stuirs but
not until her assailant bad Inflicted several pain
ful blows across bur face Sarah presenting tho
whip to tho concierge on leaving thu houso re
marked that It had been given to ber by tho dis
tinguished Marshal Canrotert but as It had beon
laid across the vlsago of such an odious person as
Mario Colombler she disdained to give It house
loom longor During thu general scrimmage in
the lower part of the houso one of Barati Bern
hard ta friends said that If Mllo Colombler had
any one willing to defend hor In any particular
ho wus ready to fight him Another frlcud tore
Surahs picture fiom the wall aud executed a
frautlo ilauco upon It wildly asserting that It had
been desecrated by Its propinquity to Maries
Too appearanco of Mmo Bernhardt at tho the
ater to take part iu the rehenisal of tho new play
Nana Bahlh was tho occasion of great com
nient Her friends gave many evidences of their
sympathy with her und the cooluciH ot her de
meanor after the real dtumu Iu which alio played
thu part of leading lady was a theme of consider
able applause
The general opinion nowls that tho affair will
havo Its sequel In Iho law courts aud as a conse
quence speculation Is busy us to what other de
velopments will grow outofthoenllvenment
M Jchun Soudan ou behalf of Mile Colombler
challeuged M Itlcliepln ono of Mine Bernhardt
friends to light u duel Both these gentlemen
wcro present during tho fracas M Itlcliepln de
clined tho challenge M Soudan bus conse
quently published tho following
I havo found illcheplu a coward In tho pres
ence of a woman and 1 havo lound him a coward
with a man This Is logical
A Train Tumps tho Track
Wheeling W Va Dec 20 Pasaongor train No
1 from Chicago for Baltimore which loft this city
at 815 oclock this morning composed of seven
cars and two ongtnos loft tho track at Bell ton wbllo
going at tho rato of forty fiyo miles an hour Tho
mall car turned completely over and all tho
others except tho sleeping car which kept the
track fell on their sides Quo engine kept tho
track but the other was completely wrecked All
tho cars w era badly damaged Express Messenger
Blllraan was the only porson seriously Injured
ul though the tialu was unusually crowded Sill
man was badly cut about the head aud terlnusly
bruited Mrs WW McNulrol Minneapolis Minn
was slightly bruised
Held for Extradition
London Ont Dec 20 Icorgo E Evans a
bookkeeper was arrested to day by local and Chi
cago detectives chargod with obtaining tOOO
from Charles W Van Doran or New York ono of
the heirs of tho Springer estate at Wilmington
Del which Is valued at 80OO0lK0 by tho uto nf a
forged cerilfluatu of heirship The prisoner was
hold for extradition
Bntlden Death of a Kctlretl Ofllcer
rillLAUKLFllu Dec 20 Brevet Ml 0811 Thos
J Cram rotlrod of tho cngtueer corps died sud
denly this afternoon In a Chestnut street homo
car Ho was observed to fall over suddenly ou tho
scat and beforu Iho car had proceeded two Miuarcs
ho was dead A physician who arrived beturo he
expired wus or the opinion that death was due
to apoplexy
The Late Congressman Haskell Funeral
Lawhenck Kan Dec 20 The funural of tho
late DC Haskell took place tore lo day Dust
nets was generally suspended John A Kamon
delivered n brief eulogy After the funeral tho
members of the congressional committee took
formal leave of Mrs Haskell and at 230 tho party
left lu a special train for the east
A Lock Keeper Fatally Shot
tptclal HlOlM
ItocKVlLlE Mo Deo 20 John Klrby a look
keeper on Iho Chesapeake and Ohio caualwat ac
cidentally shot in tho log by tils son yesterday uf
leruoon The laigo arteries of tho leg wero sev
ered and he dlod boforo they could be taken up
No blamo Is attached to thu ton
To be 111 ought Hero for Trial
Boston Deo 20 John B Btetson who was ar
retted In this city recently 011 a chargo of obtain
ing money from tbo Hawaiian minister at Wash
ington by forging the nuiuoor W O Smith wus
delivered to a Washington detective to day
The President In View York
New Yohk Dec 20 President Arthur arrived
In this clly to day und it staving at thp Fifth
Avenue hotel lu spent llioday In utleudlugio
some private matters and received no callers
HtprUvnl for Sixty Days
Columuds Ohio Dec 20 Tho guveruor has re
prieved for sixty the Jones brothers nf Jackson
touiuy Ohio wuo wer to ho hanged lu ruorruw
fur Iho murder of Audcrtou Lackey
ywiifP wf vwrrry vj 11
fto Waiimtil JfatmUitm
Princeton Alumni Association of iho
District and the South
Annual Meeting nntl ItniKinet Election of
Officers Toasts nnd Resolutions
Tho thirteenth annual meeting aud banquet of
tho Princeton Alumni association for the District
of Columbia and tho southern states was held last
oroulng at tho Arlington hotel The business
meeting assembled In tbo parlor at C oclock and
was called to order by Charlos Abort sonlor vlco
president class of 1RI tho president Dr Harvoy
iimisiv Doing uciaiuea at norao uy inuisposiuou
The following ollleors wero elected for tho onsulng
Harvey Ilntlsly clais of 1820 ptesldont
Ion A II Colquitt class of 1KII Hon William II
Armstrong 1817 James C Well Ing LL l 1811
Hon James D Cameron 1S5J Hon Alex II ling
ncr 1816 llov Joseph T Kolly 1870 Charles Abert
1812 J J llalstcd 1810 vice presidents John II
Voorbccs 1811 secretary A II Kolly 1870 treas
urer Alex 1 Morse 1802 Joseph K McCammon
180J John 8 Blair 18W James M Johnson 1870
Henry E Davis 1870 cxecuttvo committee
In relation to thu death of Joseph 11 Blackfan
the following resolutions wcro icportcd by a com
mittee composed or lions A U Colquitt A B
Hagucr William II Armstrong and Mr II E
Whereas this association iu tbo recent dcatlT
of tho Into Joseph II Blackfan has beon called to
mourn tho loss of an honored colleague thercforo
be It
Hcsotvcd That In tender aud reverent respect
for tho memory of our departed colleague wo
hereby testily and record tho admiration and es
teem in which wo held him while living and In
which ho deserves to bo held ns well for the per
sonal vlitucs adorning his private character as for
tho rare Intellectual abilities with which In a po
sition of great administrative rospoulblllty ho
was ablo to rise lo tho height of every civil duty
Illustrating as ho did allko in his prtvitto and fu
hlsofilclal life all that was most urbano In the
chrlMluu gentleman and scholar and all that was
must conscientious In tho enlightened aud faithful
public servunt
Jlitohed lhat whilo the death of such a citi
zen In the full career of his publlo usefulness
cannot bo deemed as other than a calamity to tho
department of government which ho served ami
an n personal lossto tho many friends who held
him 111 high regard wo can nevertheless rejoice In
tho fresh revenue of honor which his blameless
life his InlellUent labors and his distinguished
public sorvlco havo combined to add to tho family
recoru 01 our Dcinvea aiuia mater
Jlciohal That theso rcsoliillonsjbo entered on
tho minutes of the sssoelatlon ana that a copy of
thcmbeEcnt to tho family of our lamented col
iho business meeting having been completed
the alumni proceeded to dlscu B a banquet served
In Hoesslos best style during the progress of
which many good natured banters wcro ex
changed and many bursts of laughior ovokod
over the Incidents of college life and ways
ltomlnUcences or other days were recounted aud
the older men found themselves boys again ou
common ground with their younger Irleuds
With tho dessert varlo tho lutollcctural repast
was opened byMrCharles Abert In a few felicitous
remarks who llion read letters from cx 1rosldcnt
John MacLcan lrof J T Dutlleld Dr J U Well
ing and Harvey Elndily Judge Klxon aud Attor
ney General Brewster
Iho following toasts were then responded to
Our alma mater A wider Held opens to her
May sho occupy It honorably and udvantage
ously Hon W II Armitrong class 1818
The Congress or the United Slates Er vl ter
mini disco omnia Blackstone Vlrgll Sons of
Princeton havo held high rank among American
legislators Hon A II Colquitt class 1811
Tho Pilgrim Fathers and Virginia Cavaliers
Though multiform their toll their fortitude our
Most tr lng toll of all they scapo responding to
a toast J II Voorbccs class 1811
Tbo Professions Hay practice and profits cor
respond llrlof life Is here our portion till wo
attain tbo bench Hon A B Hbguer clas 1815
Modorn Literature Of msklntr manv books
there Is no end but what matter J M John
ston class 1870
Our Earliest Enemies but the Wisest ot Men
tors tho Dead Languages Must They Uo 7 Do
mortuls nil Hill bonum II E Davis class 1876
Our M Using Comrades
Whilo round us tbo many lined halo Is shad
How dear are the living how near are the dead
One clrclo scarce broken these waiting below
lbGMj walking tho shores whero tho asphodels
blow Hon W W liolknau
Those present and responding for their respec
llvo classes wero Charles Abert 1812 Hon Will
lim II Armstrong 1817 Hun W W Belkuup
18I8JS lllalr 18iJ Hon A H Colquitt 1SH J
F Joltrall 1801 llev J II Cuthben 1843 II E
Davis 1870 Gait Davis 1878 II B Davidson 18SU
C D Iowlor 1870 Willis Fowler lb81 Hon A 11
Haguer 185 J M Johnson 1870 A 1 Kelly
1370 A T Mnrso 1802 W M fchuster 161 T W
Tallmadgc 18I0J J BT Tuppor 1801 aud J II
Voorhces 18 11
Consecration of a IHshon
New Yonic Deo 20 Tho Itev William David
Walker was to day comccratod missionary bishop
of north Dakota In the Calvary Protestant Epis
copal church which vtas filled with a large con
gregation Iu tho procession that marched Irom
tho chapel to the church were tho students of the
seminary tho board of vestry of Calvary church
lay members of tho missionary society the clergy
generally tho clerical members of the board of
managers tho committee uf arrangements the
i ecrctarlot and the general convention and board
of mlstlous tho presbyters who read tho
tbo bishop elect his attending presby
ters and lastly tho bishops Bishop A C Ooxe of
northern New York preached Ihetcrmou Among
tho bishops present at tho ceremonies wero Clarke
of Ithode Island who was tho presiding clergy
man and con ccrator Scarborough of Sow Jer
sey S arkney of northern New Jersey UlarUon
of Nebraska und Assistant Bishop Potter of New
Bishop Walker was born In Now York and was
graduated from the Episcopal seminary In 180
Ho was at once appointed as assistant rector of
Calvary church
Sale ofn llallvtay
liAitnisoNiiuna Va Dec 20 Iho sale of tho
Washington Cincinnati and St Louis railway to
a syndicate composed or A 11 Martin of New
York 11 1 Cooko of Washington tl UBoyce
vlco president of thu Shenandoah Valley railway
und others was concluded hero to day through
Frunk S Smith of New York their agout Tho
road Is to run from the Shenandoah valley rail
way lu this Rockingham county via this place
to the West Virginia lino then through Poca
hontas and Webster couutles W Va The work Is
to bo begun wtthlu sixty days and will bu pushed
to completion
Opening of a Ilrldge
SisrEKSlON BninaE N Y Dec 20 The formal
opening of tho Cantilever brldga took placo to
day and was a perfect success The testing of its
strength was accomplished by running over If
twenty locomotives and twenty four cars loaded
wltbgratol The cars extended Irom ono cud of
the bridge to tho other covorlng both tracks
Thero waa no apparent deflection Levels wcro
taken at Intervals by a commission selected from
tho 300 engineers preterit This commission will
make a report Ten thosaiid persons witnessed
the tot A banquet followed Iho opening
A Millionaires Will
New Your Deo 20 Tho executors or the will
of the lato Goorgo A Osgood a of Com
modora Cornelius Vaudcrbllt filed a statement or
their accouuts to day I it tho surrogates ofllce
Tho Citato is valued ut 812030 Among tho
legacies ordered to bu paid were Iho following
Eliza V Ogood idow 827101X1 Eliza A Osgood
SIOOOOO Nancy Osgood fcluOOOO James N llutt
2100000 Franklin Osgood to0000 aud Wm 11
Osgood JoOOOO
Coming After Mi Appi oprlutlon
IlilUliLUlllA Dec 20 At a uiectlugto day of
delegates Irom the sovcral commercial und mari
time exchanges for thorurposoof taking steps to
ward securing from congress an appropriation for
thu protecutlon of the work of improving tho
navigation of the Delaware und Schuylkill rivers
a coinmltieo ot five was appointed to visit Wash
ington ana lay tho matter before congress
i i 9
Charge Agnliist a minister
Kingston Ont Dec 20 At n meotlng of tho
Kingston brcsbytery to day tho ltov Mr Cham
bers charged the Iter Mr Gallagher with having
married u man to his deceased wifes sister and
gave uoiltothut bo would move agulnstMr lal
Tagher lor violation of tho rules or church dU
Hon James W Hollers Funeral
GAHUfjLE 1a Dec 20 The funeral or tbo lato
Janus W Bosler took pluco from his rosldeuce
heie this afternoon Tho body was interred In
Ashland cometery Among the largo body of
Fiersons pre cut wore ux benator Blaine II J
Dlnll Kllnnn U liAillll 1 1 1 ll ll W 1111 u
A Murderer Hellteucvil
llALTUiorte Dec 20 Daniel V White colored
was tried lu tho criminal court to day for the
humlcldo of Joseph Jatnos ulso colored on tbo
twenty sixth or August lin l Thu shooting oo
Iurr d lu the section of thu city- and
James received a pistol ball over tho leu eye
444lSAiiilWiijAfLjtltikj Jii juil J - j iui4LA
killing him Instantly After the shooting Whilo
ran and shot at awhlto man who obstructed his
flight and also at tho policeman who nrtcstod
him Tim tunr found him culltr of murder In the
second degree and he was sentenced to ten years
iu ina peuiicmiary
llevl rnl of the Uosslu In lUgartl to Ills
KnaBmcnt Miss Williams
fpetal flttpakh
BaLtihOiik Dec 20 Sir Henry Herbert M P
thu owncrof tho most valuable cstato lu Iroland
on which nro located tho famous lakes of Klllar
uey reached Baltimore last evening from Europe
and registered to day at Mount Vernon hotel Tho
readers ofiiin llKrunucAN will recall tho facts of
tho flutter caused lu society circles hero growing
out oftho gossip that followed tho postponement
of Sir Herberts wedding with Miss Williams a
society belle aud tho abrupt departure or the
Irish M 1 lor his homo Tho couplo met at
Newport last summer becamo engaged and Mr
Herbert accompanied the Williams lamily to this
city and was cordially iccclvod In fashionable
circles and at tho leading clubs Cards for tho
wedding wero Issued but a day or two beforo tho
tlrao appointed lur tho nuptials It was announced
lhat iho wedding had been iudclliiatoly postpoued
The explanation offered by tho Williams family
wasthutMlts Williams while riding a spirited
liotso had strained her back so severely as to con
fine here to her room lliero were however
rumors widely circulated to tho cflcit that tho
marriage settlements as proposed wero not satis
factory and tho luet that Sir Hcruurt had been
divoiced from his first wllo was ulso discussed as
having been a factor tu the matrimonial muddle
Miss Williams Is nn heiress lu her own right lo half
a mlllluii oud her father Hou Ueorgo II illlams
president of thu Maryland scuafu Is a million
aire With tho departure of Sir Herbert tho
gossip ceased but only to bo revived by his
uucxpocted reappcaranco here to day He was
a caller at the Williams mansion to day but as
Miss U llllsms Is still reported as being a clse In
valid It Is not likely at all that ho saw her Mr
Williams when approached ou the subject de
clined lo talk He believed that Sir Herbert had
called at his house but ho Mr W had not seen
him As to whether tho engagement was llnslly
olf or not he declined to say anything at all
From other sources It is learned that tho engage
ment has been finally broken and that there will
bo uo wedding If this Is thu case say tho
roclety gossips what has Sir Herbert rcturnc I to
Baliliuoiu lor Sir Herbert can doubtless answor
this question If ho so elects but unfortunately lor
tho curious be has thus far persistently relused to
Meetings of the Maryland lloartl of Publlo
Works nnd the Cheinpiulie and Ohio
Canal Company
Sptetal Vltpalch
ANNArons Dec 20 The board of public works
of Maiylami met to day and received a propo
sition Irom the counsel fur tbo Philadelphia and
Heading Kullroad company In relorcnco to tho
settlement of the claim duo tho state by the Sus
quehanna and Tidewater canal tho Intorest on
which amounts to about AM00J It Isprobablo
that Heading railroad stock will bo Issued to pay
tho liulcbtcdne s lhc siute holds a mortgugouf
81000UOU on the canal which Is owned by the rail
road company under lease Tno board also di
rected the secretary to write to Messrs ltamsey it
Co of Baltimore the builders of tho now police
steamer and notify them to havo tho new best
here shortly for Inspection aud acceptance by tho
The Chosapoako and Ohio canal board met here
to day and decided to clnso navigation Dec 21
There was a full attendance Reports snowed
encouraging results of tho years operations
There are repairs to be made wliloh tho superin
tendents aro authorized to attend to
Tho court of appeals will adjourn to morrow
over the holidays Thrco opinions wefo fllod to
iho second of a series or hous by tho officers or
the naval acudouiy occurs Ealutday of this week
Tlohops will be continued during tho winter
at the following dates Jan 5 und 19 leb23trom
8 to 10 p m There will also bu matinee from
330 In the alternoou to 030 on Dec 211 aud Feb 1
Adraft of marines Irom tho naval academy
leave for Nov York to morrow for duty on tho
United States steamship Ualena Their places
wllUbo supplied from the Washington marine
Ophira havo been promulgated at tho naval
acattiimy disallowing ration money to tho sailors
niter Jan 1 aud requiring them to accept tho
rogular government rations instead
lluuix for Outraging a Widow
lUuiau N C Dec 20 About 1 oclock to day
Uullford 8oou colored was executed at Klnstoti
for feloniously assaulting Mrs Ellzt Jono a
widow The execution was public ana was wit
nessed by several thousand persons Ills neck was
dislocated and death was Infant The o imo for
which Soon wus oxeculcd was committed on thu
eighth of May last ills victim lived at a lonely
place twclvo miles from Kluston She Is a woman
held luverrhliili esteem by all who know her
Soon gained admission tu the houso after Mrs
Juries bad retired by porsnnatlug larsou When
she opened thednor to admit hlmlio soiled her and
treated her most brutally Alter remaining In the
houso all night Mrs Jones being most of tho
tlnio uncunsclous Soon left threitenlng to take
her life If he were convicted of the crime Alter
a long search ho wnslotind in an adjoining
county and was brought to Kluston Plans wore
twice mado to lynch him thu last ttmu being lu
June The sheriff took him to Cioldsborn and
placed him lu the strong Jail thero forsulo keep
lug Iho trlul was begun Oct 15 and ho was
promptly convicted Soon denied all complicity
In tho crime and begged any other punishment
than death He was 40 years of age of great mus
cular power and very brutal Ho was tho son of
Ben Soon who during tho war murdered his
owner lu Iltt county and who was shortly after
wurd shot by federal soldiers for tho commission
of another great crime
IhTcEnery Nomtliateil on the First llnllot
New Ohleans Dec 20 A special dispatch to
tho IHcayum f rotn B Hon Kongo says Tho demo
cratic Blnto convention mot at 10 oclock A rcces
was taken till 11 oclock Tho conintltto on cre
dentials then mndu a unanimous report which
was adopted John S Young of Caddo was
elected pcrinnmoni chairman by a voto nl 222 to
17CJ for Snyder Mclhiery was nominated lor
govurunr ou tho first ballot MoEuory 220 1 12
Nlaholls 170 8 12
Alter nominating McEnery tho convention took
a recess Tho McEnery faction wont Into caucus
and nominated Cluy Noblock of La Fourclto for
lieutenant gocrnor and MnJ E A Burko for
slate treasurer by ueclnmatloii When tbo con
vention reassembled thuaiiove nanied gentlemen
wcro uomluatcd as were nlso 1 M Cuunlnnham
lor attqrncy gfiiurul Oscur Arroyo for secretary
of state aud O B Steele of Union for auditor
Knocked Out In Three Itouudn
New Yohk Dec 20 A prize fight according ta
tho Marquis of Quecnsbury rules occurred early
this morning in a barn near llllssvllle L I which
was witnessed by about llity persons Tho PU
glllsts wero Mike Kolly ol Williamsburg aud
Johil Connori of Soulli Brookljnand tho stakes
5100 a side Both men wero In Una condition the
former weighing 138 pounds aud the lutter 130
Frank Cummlngs of New York was Kellys see-
ond and Jim Mullen ol Brooklyn acted for Con
nors Throe bloody rounds woro fought and
Kelly not being ablo to come to time when tho
fourth was called tho tight was awarded to Con
nors Both men woro terribly punished during
the short lluio tho battle raged aud they had to
bo assisted from Iho ring
t i
Itrceptton to iv llultliuoie Professor
Daltimoue Dec 20 A furoncll reception waa
tendered lrof Sylvester to night at Julius Hop
kins university that gentleman having accepted
the appolutmeutof tavilluu professor of genraotry
lu the university of Oxford England Addresses
wero mado by President Oilman of Johns
Matthew Arnold Prof Slrlvester nnd others
Among the distinguished persons present wero
lrots lliigaru rowcorao aim iiarnncM oi wuan
itnn fltv Prof Hvlvodtnr snlLs from Now York
for Europe on lueaday next Ha is enrolled at
Johns Hopkins university as professor emeritus
A Telephone Compromise
Boston Dec 20 The Trauller says It is
known on the best or authority alt official denials
to tho contrary notwithstanding that the Boll and
the Peoples Telephone companies officials havo
very recently had a conference lookiug ta tho
compronilso oramleablu mil ustnient of the patent
litigation now pending It Is also understood that
this conlorcuco la likely to bo productive nf good
results If nil the negotiations now lu progress but
width aro not as yet ready to be made public aro
Letter Carriers ois Trial
Baltiuoiie Deo 20 In tho Unllud States dis
trict court to day Iho caso of Charles Oehrlug and
John W Isaacs who wcro loiter carriers In tho
Baltimore postotllce Indicted lor burning mall
mutter lu October last came up for trial Oehrlug
pleaded guilty and was sentenced to three months
In Jail Isaacs stood a trial and waf lound not
guilty Thu mall matter burned waa election
ballots that wero Intended for distribution Imme
diately precudlng the municipal election In Oo
Death of the Oldest Unitarian Minister
Boston Dec 20 Itev John Burt Wright tho
oldest Unitarian clergyman lu thu country dlod
this morning l hi home lii Wayland Slats He
was bom lu IM aud wus ordained la 1815
u utvMrdbAkr i i LU1
The Friends of Mlse Lillian Coffey For
mally Welcoming Her to Society
Tho reception of Mr and Mrs Judge Titian J
Colleyat their residence No H03 It street last
ovenlng wasan event of tho social season bolng
tho formal debut lu Washington society of their
daughter Miss Lillian who was assisted in en
tertaining tho guests by Misses Dodge Patterson
Beach Wallach 811th Woodward itockwcll and
olhors Among those rrcsont wero tho Chinese
minister and members of tho embassy
Hon Sackvlllo West and Miss West
Mine Do Struvo Countess Lowcnhaupt
Mr nnd Mmo Dopuy dc Lome Count Ilnpco
WeUseufeld Baron Ignaiz von Bchaeller Mr De
Naut Mr Lcfovre and Mr Paul Irevrc Mr San
rln Mr Allen Johnston Mr aud Mrs Charlton
Miss Boale lien aud Mrs Emory Mrs Waltor
Cox Mrs and Miss Ircsham and Mr OtloUro
sham Mrs aud Miss Matthews Miss Dora Miller
Mrs Emory and Mr Ueorgo Emory tlcn aud
Mis llaienMr V Anderson Mrs Marcollus Bailey
Mrs Beach Mr Admiral llogors Mr ana
Mrs Saundeis Irving Judge Hagucr Dr larnett
Mrs and the Mlscs Borry Col and Mrs ltock
woll Mrs Gen and Miss Myers Mrs Clayton Mc
Michael Mrs Paymaster Bacon Hon It T
Morrlck Mr Ashton Miss Balrd Admiral Almey
Capt and Mrs Harmony U S A Mrs and Miss
MeKccver Mr Caldoron Carlisle Mrt Eustls
Messrs John aud Robert Chow Mr Allen Llctilr
Babconk und Symons the Misses Iutlcrsoii
Mr Appleby Mr Hauna Chester A Arthur Jr
Mrs Walio and Mrs C C Wutto Mr D P Mor
gan and Miss Morgan Mine do Utile Mr Mosslor
Miss Noguctras Baron dArlnos Mr Butlamcnlo
Mr Chambreau Ucn and Mr Humor and Mr-
Stuart Miss FrelltighnysenOeu and Jtra Parke
Mrs tleti James It Ulckctts Mr and Mrs C W
Yuleo Mr and Mrs It Craig Mr J H Webb Mr
Charles Kuapp aud many other distinguished
Bud of the Discussion Between the Secre
tary of State and Lord Granville
Tho last letter of Secretary Krellnghuyson to
Minister Lowell ending tho discussion of tho
Claytoii Ilulwcr treaty has Just been mado public
The secretary says that he still considers the troaty
voldable first because tho first seven articles
of the treaty relate to a particular canal by tho
Nlcaraguan route only and secondly becausu the
British government has now a colony Instead of a
settlement at Bollre Ho also statos that ths
government was willing to surrondor a part of Us
excluslo privileges In order to obtain capital
lor building the canal and was willing to
unlto with England in protecting it but
after the lapio of thirty three years wltto it any
thing having been done by Great Billalu toward
building tho canal It Is right to assume that tbo
consideration for which the treaty was mado has
railed By the terms or tho treaty neither
government was permitted to colonize
or oxcrctse any dominion over any part or
Central America yet Oreat Britain has estab
lished a colony thero s largo s thtee or our
smaller states with a regular colonial govern
ment Tho color for Iho claim that this Is not a
violation or the treaty Is a declaration mado
by Sir Heury Bulwor before thu treaty was
ratlfiod that the British settlements at Honduras
or its dependencies were not Included Tho sec
retary understands this to apply only to it British
rotllemcnt made at Honduras undor
sovereignty lor tho purpose of
cutting logwood and mahosany and not to such
a colony as now exists The secretary holds that
tho Mouroo doctrine Is not aflbcted by the fact
that a treaty modifying that doctrluo has fallou
Who Isnt Afraid to do to New Orleans
Where Paul Moruhr Itetldes
Herr Zukcrlort said a Het ubucan reporter
to the great chess player who arrived In town last
night do you hold yourself tho champion chess
playor of tho world
There Is no doubt about It said Herr Zukcr
tort I am tho only man that has won two In
ternational championship games
Whoro did theso games tako placo
Tim tint t finin urns nlnved At Paris I csmo
out No 1 and tho American champion Capt Me-
Kcuzie piaycu lor ueu posiiinn anu o
Whole did tho soeond game take place
At London 18S3 Icama out No 1 Capt Mo
Konile tied o und J
Do you think you will play In Washington
No possibly n few social games as I Intend
calling on tho Chct club or this city to morrow
Where do you go from Washington f
New Orleans
Wbero the ghost of Paul Morphy walks said
tho roporter
The greatest player of his time tald Herr
Zukertort but that time Is past
Who is thu greatest player In tbo world next
to yourself
Mr Stelnltz of London
How the Hoys Bang Songs and Told
Stories of Their liattle Days
Burnsldo post No 8 O A lt guvo a camp flro
at their hall corner of Seventh and L stroots
which was well attended Tho battle of Chatta
nooga was tho subject for the evenings entertain
ment MaJ Gen W 11 Hazeu gave an account of
his Homing dawn the Tcnnesseo river and his
midnight engagement In Lookout valley
Comrade Urosveuor narrated tho movements
which led to tho battle lien Itauin Comrades J
C Taylor A P Lacy and others added romlnls
concis of the nght During iho orculug Ueu
Burdiilte department commander nnd starf and
several post commanders paid tho post his last
official visit Tho Onollo club rendered a num
ber or camp soue Speeches wcro mado by Qens
VanVUet und Ilurdctle and many others A
letter or regret wus received rum Gen Longstreet
who was expected to be present
A Congressional Contest
Formal nollco ol contest for a seat In the houso
as representative of the first North Carolina dis
trict has been served by Charles C Pool against
Thomas G Skinner the sitting member Tho
contestant bases his claim upon tbo ground
1 That the proclamation of tho Rovernorcall
lng tho election dilated It to bo held In tho dis
trict established by the legislature at Its session
beginning last January which district Included
tho county of cartarot and did not Include the
county of Bertie whereas tho election should
havo been held 111 thu district us It
subsisted previous to the reapportionment
that estimating the vote of Bertie county Irom Its
record for tho past ten years It would huve given
u majority of not less than 000 against Iho con
testec that It was detached from thu first district
by the legislature for thu known reason that
that It would glvosuch majority
2 That In certain precincts named in Pitt
county frauds and Irregularities were perpetrated
and votes wcro thrown out upon frivolous pre
texts changing tbo rosult of the election
The contestant avers that if ibo frauds and Ir
regularities be corrected aud the voto counted as
It was cast or mount to be cast It will appear that
bo and not the coutcstce Is entitled to tho seat lu
Protecting n Home Industry
Senator Brown of Georgia haslntrodueod a bill
that will meet with tbo hoarty approval of tho
oldtltnu drinkers who still sing tho praises of
applejack aud peuch aud honey Ills
bill provides for the repeal of all laws prohibiting
tho distillation of apples and peaches Into brandy
or the manufacture otwlno or brandy from grapes
by the producer or owner of tho fruit or by any
distiller who acts as his agent or who distils tbo
fruit and roccltes part of said fruit lnpaymoutof
his services nnd provides nlso for leaving tho
question ot taxation of such products to tbo
Spencers Iccturr
Tho Bedouins of America Is tho tlllo or tho
lecture to bo delivered to night at the Foundry
M K church by Mr T J Spencer The lecturer
Is eloquent aud knows his subject the Indians of
tbo plains 1rot Horsey of the Smithsonian will
sing au Ougo song and Miss Watson tho charm
ing vucaiist win sing
Odd Fell oats Charity
Columbia lodge of Odd Fellows received qutto
a liberal donation of provisions clothing and
money for thu families of sick and needy brotbors
at Its meotlng last night to make glad the homes
of thoruufortunatomombersdurlug the holidays
Govellior Iosre
At a late hour last night ox Gov It P Lowe of
Iowa was lying very 111 and his physician antici
pated his dcuth hourly His astonishing vitality
has kept him alvo so lar but the end It Is feared
It ulgh
The Kindergartens
The Christmas entertainment of tbo kindergar
tens will be held nn Saturday afternoon at tbo
Cougregatlouul church
The Weather To Day
SIloWv warmer parity cfoucfg wtalher tight local
mowt winds thjting to touthuctkrlyJaiUng barome
Yesterdays thcrmomctor 7 a m0y U a ra
815 8 p m 328 7 p m 310 11 p m 3loi
maximum 811 minimum 285 precipitation
tiVA Mii v1
The Chants of the Churches in Commemora
tion of Christ and Calvary
Full List of tho Musical Programmes for
tho Birthday as Far as Arranged
Desire for Church Decoration and Elaborate
Church Harmon Increasing With Oure
Unusual Number of Fine Voices In tha
WaihlilR ton Choirs
Preparations for tho Christmas music In tho
churches this soason aro gonernlly on au
olaborato scale as also aro tho nltar and chan
cel decorations Confined in this country for
generations to tho Episcopal Catholic and
Luthorn churches tho iuuato beauty
aud acceptability of tho Idot oro
fast permoatlng othor denominations and
it may bo predicted that boforo many yearn
every Christian church iu tbo laud will ou
Christmas day decornto its Trails nnd render
nccoptablo music In joy of praise of tho day
Iu Washington city where tho local musical
talent has so many and so brilliant roproson ta
tlvcstho programmes of church Christmas
musio are unusually good nud attractive aa
will be at ouco soon from tho accompanying
Below aro givon tho programmes of all tho
churches that up to tho hour of collecting
had nrranged thoir Christmas music Tho
remainder will probably bo completed by this
evonlng or Saturday night
Church of Incarnation corner of Twelfth and
N stnots northWkkt Itev I L Townsend L T D
rector First evensong ot Christmas Monday evei
Ing ut oclook wueu the following miisla will
be rendered Processional bymn 10 Adcsto
Fldells proper psalms 89 110 132 chanted
Cahtate Domino Bennott Bcncdle Atnlma Mot
Camp anthem Arise shine for Thy Light Is
como Elveythymii 17 Olfertory Christmas song
Nazareth Gounod Manlllcat Duivby Nuno
Dlmlttis recessional Sue tho morulug star is
tolling Monk
On Christmas morning thero will boa celobra
tlou of tbo blessed sacrament at GJ0 oclock At
11 oolock there will bo morning prayer sermon
by the rector and a mil choral celebration of tho
holy communion tho musla of which will be as
follows lrocesdonal Adcslo Fidelia Venltc Dr
W 11 Waller To Boum C Jerome Hopkins
proper psalms 19 45 and 83 chanted Jubilate
Tours Introlt anthem Let us now go even unto
Bethlehem V J Hopkins Kyrlu Elulsin Gloria
Tlbl Latts Tlbi Stirsum Corda and Sinetus from
Dykcss service lu F hymn 18 offertory Christ
mas song Noel Gounod hymn 203 Gloria In
Excelsli Tours lu F Nuno Hernials rocesslonal
Ifini I ln knnnlt Id aI1I I fl
wu w itiuiiiitig a a uiltMK Ilk
The music at theso sorvlces will bo rendered by
thu following choir under tho direction uf tho
precentor Mr John E Parker Sopanl Harry
lclghter Archie Bimes Frank Suler Cecil Alex
ander I bourns Robertson Stanley Henrlcks
Arthur Barnes Chirley Harris and llerbct Cluta
Altl Willie Lauglon Morgan Wilton Frank
Htarkwcuther and Vtallor Sitter Teuol Messrs
I B Cooper Charles N Konndoy It I Oftro
Claronce Latimer tl A fopclaud and It B D ill
nldsoti Brthsl Messrs Frank C Miller Chirks
N Wake George W Evuh C aroiico Miles W P
lulz Jr Organist Mr Frank E Camp
Ihe Chrlstiuai festival of tlio Sunday school will
tuke place at the church ou tho feast of Holy In
nocents Deo 23 at 0 ochek
At St Pauls church Twenty third street near
Pennsylvania aveutiu ltov Dr Barker rower
tho cxercles will bo high celebration at mldnlii U
Processional hymn Ade te Fldells Illimlt n i
Ihem Berthold Tofirs Servlerf llnytn Kii tl
in D Kyrle Credo Sniietiis licnodlrtu I it h
InExcosis Agnus Del by I T Field oHVimr
Noel Adam At presentation of alms Si In
anthem O Zlon That llrltmcst rteCFSiiu it
hymn ChilstrnaH carol At second high culecm
tlou at 11 oclock on Christmas day same aovlco
will bo sung Te Deuia at niorufifg prayer
Stevens Irt 0
At Trinity P E chureb corner of Third nnd C
sttecta uorlhweo llev Thomas G Addison reotnr
tbo Christinas music Includes Oponlng Thero
Were Shepheids Buok Veulto Buck Gloria
Wallcis To Ileum Buck Jubilate Mumjii
thai offertory Gloria In Excels from Mlllaids
popular mass iu G Choir Mrs Ward Mrs Hel
lish Mr Pearson and Mr nice organist It V
At SI Andrews church Fourteenth and Cor
coran htreeit Ibo music Is ombraced on the fl
lowing pro4rammu Opening volcu Hark what
Mean those Holy Volo2 Dauks Christmas uu
them Lurle Gloria Williams C Gloria lu Ex
celsls A J HoldeiiiTe Deum Wurrou lu G Jubi
late illi J It Thomas bymn 17 Mendelssohn
Gloria Tlbl In C hymu 21 Adesto Fldells
ollurtory bi solo II ill llcavonly Dawning
DltchuR Choir Includes Miss Jonnle Cutler so-
Miss Mattlo Gray alto Mr Baxter teuor
dr Woodman bias Miss M Galium organist
At tho Church uf tho Epiphany G street near
Thirteenth ltov Dr Parct rector tho muslo em
Te Deum Stalncr In Kb Anthem For bshold
the people that walked lit darkness for unto us a
child Is born from Handels Messiah
Carols Hymn 212 tho first No well
Shepherds keeping watch by night
Cnme sing with holy gladneis
ihojoylul morn Is breaking
Oucu lu royul Davids city
Oer the hill aud oer the dalo
Tbe cainlswlll be snug at tho Sunday school
celebration on Holy Innocents Day Friday la
Xinus week at 4 oclock n in
Tho choir is couipjsed or Mrs Camp soprano
Mrs Caitertou conlrultb Mri J L lurkhurtt
tenor Mr H A Kennedy buss with a chorus of
thirty tlvo volcus Mr J II Tipton organist and
dlreoior V
At Graro church Eighth and DVronts south
west ltov Froderle In e rector tbo rogruinino
oinhiacesaulhoui by Dauks To DauiAilii Bllat
Butirback Kreisiuaiis Jubilate Lloyd Gloria
latrl LarUa Vcnlte nlleitory Hark I the Her
alds the Angola Slug und Gloria lu Excels by
Ryder The choir embraces Mrs Sallie Alisons
soprano I Mlssliiblcr contralto Mr JamesSmllb
tenor Mr Erank Barbarlu bass aud MlssLuA
uuoumi fTKiiiiisi uuu imrtiur
l nark i Episcopal cuurmi
southi ast ituv A F
Third and Astrectt
sioelc rector The muslo
Includes opening Nazareth solo and chorus
venue in a iiuok jo uouui festival in u
Buck Jubilate lu ElUt Mosonthal offertory
There Were Shenhurds Buck communion ser
vice plain song The choir Is composed of So
prani Ml ics Itamsdell and Kldwell altl Mrs
itnuito mi t Miss Nlxnu tonorl Messrs Atkinson
i ml Way bassl Mr Whllakcr and Dr Johnston
and organist Miss Johnston
At Unrlt Episcopal church Georgetown the
miisln Includes 1 Oponlng Shout the Glad
lidlngs U Us iu 2 tllurla latrl Borgh and
Gloria In Exceltls 1eate 3 To Deum In G
Wilson t Jttbllalo iu C Mosonthal S hymn so
letted 0 Gloria llhl Meluke 7 bymn Bow
Down Thlnu Ear OLoid prayer from Muses in
Egypt 8 Christina Morn Gounod Tne choir
Is computed of soprano Miss Moody alto Mist
ltauui tenor Mr E J Whipple bass Mr W U
Orme organist Mr F Magulre director Mr
Wm 11 Orme
There will bo uo services on Christmas day at
All Souls Unitarian corner of h und Fourteenth
streets ltov Dr Shlppeu pastor hut ou Sunday
jjec special musical services win uu ueiu wmi
the lollowliu piugrammu Am fhero Were
Shepherds Buck To Deum Eb Buck offertory
Ihou Art Our Father Hummel soprano solo
nnd quartette 1 m Thou Lord Hast Made Mo
Glad Glum Glory to God lu tho Hlgutst
Olora O King of Kin is Wsgner bass snlii and
uuiiriette boprano Miss Eva Mills alto Mist C
ODouogliuc touor Mr S II Wltherow hasr
Mr W A Wlduey orirunlst and director Prof
James Caullleld The walls of thu church will bu
decoratod Willi evergreen garlands aud the pulpit
with flowers aud polled plants
At St Peters Luthollo churob Capllol hill tbo
followlngorderof services will tako place Su m
solemn high mass 8 a in low muss u a m mass
lor the children lu tho church 1080 am high
mass followed by benediction of the blessed sic
ranient The muslo at Band 1030 oclock will bo
very Impressive and Haydns liupeiuil mas No
3 has been selected The choir will bo
under tbe leadership af Iho organist Mrs K
Biluhl aud their names are Sopiutil Ml sim
allashan Dwyer Kelly und Mrs Mehler altl
Mrs Joyce una Mist Little tonorl Mosrs Nell und
McGuIre basso Mr Mutidsley At thu ottuitury
thu trio O baluiaris llalteraley will bu sung by
Miss Dwyer Mr Nun and Maudsley Tbe us iul
autheins will bo rendered At iho early mis
Father Ohtilllvaii will bo celebrant Father Sjilll
van deacon ami Futhof Dunn subdcacin Iho
nltarwlll bo bemtliully decorated us will also tho
Interior of the ohim h
At St Josephs talhollo church Capitol bill
first solemn high mass will bo at 630 a m rele
brant Itev J 1 Sohlouter deaoon Rev G A
Brambrlng subdescon llov Joseph Busam Be
lore mass Still Nachl will be sung with ac
companiment by violin aud zither Wernora
mass will ibo sung O Sills Ortu will be ren
dered at Iho oilertory At 10 oclock the second
high mass will be sung celebrant Itev Becker
deacon llev J P Sohleuter subleucon O A
Urambring Deckers iaau will bo mug Tho

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