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'IT- ,T
VOL. XXTV NO. 294.
Mr, BlaiM JTas 166 Electoral Votoa for a
Moral Gertaintr,
With California, Colorado, Orogon,
and Novada to Hear From.
Us Still Dai & Jijhllnj Chines in New York,
loHing, New Jersey, and Wisconsin.
Virginia Almost Certainly It.publl-un-Tli
Next Congr.sa.
Frdm present indications Mr. lllalno
M carried tho following statos:
onio -
The returns received Indlcato that tho
rote In thefollowlng-natnodatatoa isvory
close, anil tho rcs'aH very ranch In doubt:
INDIANA ... 10
From tho following states no returns
havo been recolvod up to tho tlmo of go
' ing to press :
Mr. Blalno is suro of tho vote of Oregon
pd Colorado, and almost as suro of Call
amis and Nevada. Those fonr states will
, bring bts total to 133, and ho will bat
need to secaro IS votes from tho flvo
oloio states to insuro his election. At
this writing his chanco of securing any
one of them, or all of them, appears to bo
fully as good is that of his opponent.
Brooklyn, Not. 4. Considerable delay Is
caused by tho canvass or tho constitutional
amendment and the state Judiciary, which the
board of electors insisted snould be canvaisod
Immediately after the electoral ticket.
New York, Nov. 4. 8:31 p. M. The repub
lican national commtttco privately conceded
New York' state to Cleveland by 0,1X10 ma
jority. This estimate was based on .returns
from cities. During- the next hour's returns
Irom less populous districts 'mado a consider
able decreaso In that estlmato. Therdomo.
fTAtlt national committee claim tho state br
from GO.OOO to 100,000. This estimate claims
Kings county by 18.000, Queens by 0,000; and
ltlchmond, all official, by '4000.
Elmira, Nor. 4. This city gives Blalno a
gain of 654 over Garfield.
Chemung couuty will give Blalno 400 ma
jority. IJtub (dem.) la elected assemblyman,
and Arnot (dein.) to congress.
Salamanca, N. Y., Nov. 4. Cattaraugus
county will Rive 1,500 for Blaine. Both repub
lican assemblymen will bo elected, and also
tbe member of congress.
AUBURN, N. Y Nov. 4. Eight wards of this
city give 1,010 republican plurality; estimating
two wards tbe plurality will be 1,200.
ESYRACVSE, . ., tfOV.S. 11113 City COmpiCIO
;lvcs Blalno a majority of 1,819.
' Utica, N. Y., Nov. 4, This city, complete,
elves Blalno a majority of 1,819.
elves about 400 malorltv for Cleveland.
Johnstown, N. Y Nov. 4. Tho majority for
Sll, ln 1."..lln MA. .... ,. f HA Tk. ...!. II
iJI&IIIVlU rUllUUVUUUIJI19t,WV, lun ii.-juuii-
can majority for member of congress Is nbout
700. The republican asseinblyniuu is elected.
Albany, N. Y Nov. 4. Finder (dem.) for
congress has about 1,700 majority in Schoharlo
and Clevuland about l,bO0. It is probablu that
the democratic majority In Albany county will
bo leas than 1,600. Tho democrats concede the
election of Swinburne (rep.) to congress.
Buffalo, Nov. 4. 'Iho election hero was
generally very quiet, although a largo vote has
been polled; the largest for years. With three
strong democratic dlslrlctstobear from, which
will probably give Cleveland 400 majority,
and two republican districts to hear from,
which will probably add to Blaine's majority
by 200, Blalno has carried tho city by 1,089.
l.ockwood (dciu.), congressional candidate, is
lefeatcd by over 1,200 by Col. Farquhar.
John B. Weber Is elocted probably by a small
majority for congress in tbe thirty-third dis
trict. In Cleveland's own ward Blalno has a
majority over Cleveland ot 299. This ward as
a rule Is 700 republican majority.
Tho vote for Butler In tho city will foot up
about 123, und for St. John about 310. The
votes arc tlrst being counted tor the heads of
tickets. The assembly districts are comttig In
very slowly.
Lancaster, which Is usually a closely con
tested town, gives Cleveland 100 majority.
New Yorh, Nov. 4. Tho following tulvgiams
havo been received :
" WElUVH.tr, N. Y., Nov. 4. Allegany
county Is good lor 2,800 pluralltyfor tho repub
Bean ticket, McEwen has 3,ouo majority.
"C. 11. I'lSIIKU,
"Chairman Bcp. County Committee."
"Htica, N. Y Nov. I. Cleveland carries
Oneldu county by a handsome majority.
"Chas II. Ballou,
"Chairman Diu. County Committee"
"Bl'LVAST. N. Y., Nov. 4. Sixteen towns in
Allegany county glvo Blalno a majority of
about 1,500 over Cleveland. The republican
candidate for congress has about the euruo ma
jority. G. W.Tibiiets,
"Chairman Dem. Exccutlvo Committee."
Hon. S. S. Cox scuds tho following to tho
Atsociated l'ress :
"My majority Is over 16,000, tho largest In tho
Fine Valley, Nov. 4. Vlllenova gives Ses
sions (rep.), for congress, 210, aud Smith
(dem.), lotj.
Buffalo, Nov. 4. The city of Buffalo com
plete gives Blalno 18,620. Cleveland 17,474, St.
John 201, Butler 109. Blaine's majority over
Cleveland, 1,032; plurality, 740; democratlo
gain, 674.
. Elmira, N. Y., Nov. 4. Elmlra complete
gives lllalno a plurality of 710, u republican
gain of 610. Tbe country districts of Chemung
(three districts to bo heard from) glvo Clove
land 85 majority. Alleghony county gives
2,600 plurality tor Blaine.
Brooklyn, Nov. 4. Tho following aro elec
ted; Sheriff. Charles B. Farley; city Judge,
August Van Wyck. City ollkors Comptroller,
Aaron Brlukerholl'; auditor, August Vogo. All
The lollowlng are elected to congress:
Second ilUlrlct-rellx Campbell (dera.)
Third district Uarwlu It. James (rep.)
Fourth district Peter 1'. Mahoney dem.)
1'llth.dlstrlct-Archibald M. Bliss (oem.)
New yokk, Nov. 8, 2 a. m. Corroctod re
turns: Cleveland's majority In this city is
63,053. Covclatid's roajonty lu Now York,
Kings, yueens, and Klchmond counties
reaches 75,000. Inl8aoG,i.iloldcanio to Nuw
York cojaty with 81,'u.
v Ono thousand and no election districts In
" New Yon: statu outside tho cities of New York
A and Brooklyn givo Blalue 238,537, Clevelaud
S01.2U), Butlor 5,968, St. Jonn 12,778, net demo
' cratlo gain 7,384. '
Grant Is elected mayor by a largo n.aorlty.
Tho election In Queens and Sullolk counties,
long Island, passed off quietly, Cleveland
haviug a malorltv In both. I'crrr Belmont Is
elected to congress by an estimated majority of
' Corrected total city vote, with but ono elec
tion district mlsultnr. ulvcu TtlAln.s K'l ?.v.
Cleveland, 132,833; Butler, 8,313, aud St. John,
Saratoga countyglvrs Blalno 2,000 majority.
Batavia, Nov. 4. Blalno's majority in actio
seo county Is about 950. Sawyor (rep.), forcon
gross, Is elected.
Asion House, Nov.4. The Sun couccdcstlmt
. Cleveland lias 63,000 majority lu this city. Tho
Iriiwiie Is silent, and the llcrald has Just bul
letined, "Three cheers lor President Clove
land." Tbe town Is being painted red.
Ithaca, N. Y., Nuv. 4. Ithaca completo
gives 270 majority for Clevelaud.
Hunter' Point, L. I., Nov. 4, Cleveland's
majority In this city is 000.
WUITE l'LAIKS, N. Y.,N'ov. 4. Tho demo
crats estlmato their .majority In Westchester
count, , lyoa M upwariaf jahlnick.
(dem.), for congress, majority Is estimated at
from 1,000 to 1.600.
OAniti'OM, N, Y., Nor. 4. Putnam county
gives Blaine botwocn 600 and coo majority.
Ketchain (rep.), for congress, has 700 majority
in tho county.
Albany, n. Y., Nov. 4. Albany city com
plete gives Cleveland 11.392; lllalno, 10,010;
Butler, 617, and St. John, 60. The democratlo
plurality Is 1,313, a republican gain of 2,110.
Franklin county gives Blalno a majority of
cIoto about 1,710.
(.union county gives itiaine ow nmjotujr.
Johnson (rep.), for congress, had a walk-over,
being unopposed. ,
Albany, N. Y Nor. 4. Tho Emlng Journal
says the state assembly is republican and a
republican United States senator Is secured.
The congressional delegation will stand 17
republicans and 17 democrats. .
watkhtown, N. Y., Not, 4. Tlilrty-nlno
towns and districts In Jefferson county give
lllalno, 0,007; Clcvoland, 0,4 W: St. John, 49.1;
Butler, 21; adctnocratlo gain of 102. Parker,
(rep.), for cnngress.ls elected by n,00O majority.
E1.MIRA, N. Y., Nov. 7. Wholo republican
county ticket Is elocted by an avcrago majority
of 400.
Lyons, Nov. 4. raync, rep., for congress,
has 2,100 majority. Wayno county will glvo
Blalno 2,060 majority.
Onkidi, Nov.4. Madison countyglrcs about
1,400 majority for lllalno. Millard, rep., for
congress, Is elected In tho twenty-sixth dis
trict. Mount Monnis, Nor. 4. Livingston county
gives Blalno about 000. Sawyer, rep., for con
gress, lias about 704 majority.
Rochester. Non 4. linker, rep., for con
gron, has a majority of nearly 1.0i.
HiNciiiAMTON, Nov. 4. Blnghamton city
completo elves Blalno 2,4; Cleveland, 2,497;
St. John, 100; Butler, 60. Millard, rep., for con
gross, has US majority and Is elected by a largo
majority In tho district.
Hondout. Nov. 4. Returns received from
Green, Ulster, and Delaware counties indlcato
tho election of James G. Llndslay (rep.), for
cougross, over Baglcy by 800 majority. Re
turns corns in very siowiy. it is estimated
that the majority for Cleveland Is about 600 In
Ulster county.
Johnstown, Nov. 4. Fulton county, with
tho oxceptlon of tho ninth district, gives
Blalno 2,613; Cleveland, 1,608: Butlor, 2.V and
St. John, 127. Republican plurality, Wo; re
publican gain, 127.
OWF.no. Nov. 4. Tloza county elves Blalno
760 plurality, and Millard, for congress, tho
Tiiov, Nov. 4. Heavy rain kept back reports
from the county districts, but tho Indications
are that Blaino'a majority In Rensselaer county
will exceed noo.
Syracuse, Nov. 4. Onondaga county gives
a republican majority of about 4,000, a demo
cratic gain of about 1,000. lllscock, rep., is
elected to congress.
Rochester, Nov. 4. Blalno's majority in
Monroo couuty is estimated at 4,200. Baker,
rep., for congress, Is elected by a small ma
jority. Rochester, Nov. 4. From two-thirds of the
returns from Ulster county, Baker (ren.), for
congress, Is elected by 2,000. Tho estimated
majority on tho electoral ticket in Monroo
county Is 6,000.
Whitehall, Nov. 4. Blalno's majority In
Washington county is about 3,000. 11. 0. Bur
leigh (rep.) Is re-elected to congress.
Saratooa, N. Y., Nov.4. In Saratoga county
George West (rep.), for congress, has a ma
jority of about 1,700.
Schenectady, N. Y., Nov. 4. Schenectady
city, complete, gives Blalno 130 majority. Tho
county will give Blalno over 300 majority.
Wemple (dem), for congress, will havo about
260 majority.
Havana, N. Y., Nov.4. Blalno'i majority is
estimated at 700.
India natous, Ind.,Nov. 4. At thoprcsont
writing (11 p. m.) returns havo been received
from only twenty precincts, showing a not re
publican gain ofll. A heavy vote was polled
all over the stato, In Indianapolis alone tho
Incrcaio over 1K32 being 2,030. As thero are
forty-three names on the ticket, and a great
deal of scratching was indulged In, tho work
of counting out will bo slow. Itwllfnot bo
before to-morrow that anything decisive can
bo learned from tho figures ns to how tho stato
has gone. Gov. Hendricks has received
many Inquiries as to tbo result In In
diana, and to these replied, "Indiana
bus gone democratlo by 6.0U0." Ho says ho
frelg that the nturalltr la rrcater. but does not
Claim It. Private advices received bylilraiclf
ami me mate commmea iromTsnoui points,
nrlneloallr In the Miuth.tn mrtof IUl f-tato.
where tho democratlo insj.,;Uy Is heavy, claim
democratlo gains, but no 'jiiurvs are given. In
W U'aona a ilamruiraMfl liua rf M Am a.f.
vi iibjmum uiuwtniiu ints ia vw a as uu
routed. On tho strength of theo advices
Chairman Henderson claims that tho present
congressional delegation ten democrats and
tnrco republican will t rotalncU. The oloo
tlonoflWlleinthls district is In doubt be
cause of tho lack of Information. Tho repub
lican committee make no claims.
IndianaI'OLIs, Nov. 4. National and stato
officers are being voted for to-day. Tho ticket
is long and returns will bo late. Wo havo
heard from only tour voting places, which
show a republican gain of 68, democratlo gain,
01 ; net democratlo gain, fl.
Indianapolis, Nov. 4. Twenty voting places
show republican gain, 123; democratlo gain,
109. Net republican gain, 14.
KVANSVU.LE, Ini),, Nov. 4. In tho fifth pre
cinct the presidential vote complete shows a
democratlo gain of 214 votes over 18S2, when
tho democrats carried tho county. Tbo city
complete gives a net democratic gain over lWi
of 122 votes.
Indianatous, Nov. 4. Thirty voting pro
clncts show republican gains. 223; democratlo
gains, 30J; net democratlo gain, 60.
Indianapolis, Nov. 6, 2:30 a. m. Ono nun
drod voting precincts show republican gain,
1,157; dumocratto gain. 690; net republican
gain, 207. This ratio being continued It would
still glvo Clevuland the stato by about 6,000
Norfolk, Nov. 4. Norfolk city goes 421 for
Blalno and Logan, I'oi tsmouth, 3.; Nautoinond
county, 600, and Norfolk county, l.soo. Largo
republican gains over voto of two years ago.
Returns from this city glvo republican gains
of 390. Portsmouth goes republican by 351. a
gain of 200 over lb82. I.lbby (republican) will
probably bo elected by over 3,ooo majority.
Alexandria, Nov. 4. Alexandria city
FirBt Ward. Cleveland's majorltv, ink; second
ward, Cleveland's majority, 137; third ward,
Cleveland's majority, Ui'i; lourtliwurd,illulnc's
majority, 19. Cleveland's majority in city,
150. Barbour carries first ward by 107; second
ward, 161,
l'ETERSiiURo, Nov. 4. This city Is nllvo with
excitement to-night. No disturbance has oc
curred during the dcctlon. Ijirau crowds aro
la the ctrects anxiously awaiting returns. Tlie
vote of this city Is as follows: lllalno and
lagan, 777; Cleveland and Hendricks, 1,1.09;
llrady, republican candidate for congress,
,W1; Kvcui (rep.), Brady's opponent, D9i;
Jtlvcs (dem,), 1,621.
Richmond, Va., Nov. 4. Scattering returns
from various portions of this htalo show a small
democratic gain. The otllclal voto of twii
thirds of this cltygUes a democratic galu of
over -1G0.
JiYtiriiwrna, Nov. 4. The democratlo ma
jority In this dhtrlct Is 170. All returns
recolvod Irom surrounding counties show
largo democratlo gains over other elec
tions. Daniel (dem.), in tho sixth, nud Tucker,
In tho tenth congressional dl'trict, aro elerlcd.
Richmond, Nov. 4. Tho returns from eighty
precincts In this state show u democratic gain
of lu. This Indicates a very close voto, und
If tbo rate of democratlo gains is not Increased
In tho remaining precincts tho siato may go
republican. Theioaro about 1,000 voting pre
cincts lu tbo stato.
Richmond, Nov. 4. The democrats couccdo
this state lu tho republicans. Our gains hnvo
been peneralty In tho eastern part of tho ktato
and Iho congressional representation will bo
live republicans and llvo democrats. Thcio
has been no trouble in tho state. Republican
gains In thirty towns aud cities received up to
Further rcrorts from eastern Virginia bIiow
largely Increased republican gains, Brady Is
elected in tbo fourth congrcssioualoverLvuns,
tho democratic nominee.
Tho full vote of this city for Cleveland Is
7,600; for Blaine, 8,620; ft Cleveland majority of
1.7W. There is a republican gain ot Ojo.
Blalno's gain In tho Jackson waid known us
"Africa, was over 700.
Petersburg, Nov. 4. Tho election today
was absolutely unevcntiul. Deiplto tho rain,
which nt times tell quito heavily, tho largest
voto ever polled was. fiM. Dr. Ueorgu Rlvcs,
tho democratlo cuuo-luto fur congress, who
resided In Prince Get .i county, not far from
this city, died at an jrly hour this morning
irom pneumonia commoted during tho cam
paign, but as his death did not becomo knov a
In this city until uoou, rnd in thu other coun
ties of tbo district probably not at all, the (lend
caudldato polled his party's full strength. Iho
canvass of Evans, the colnied republican, al
though it had hud for Its sponsor and moM lu
lluemlal champion the governor of thu com
monwealth, may bo said to have proved n
lizzie, for certainly according to present nil
vices It will not bear any fruits commensurato
v. ith the energy expended on It. Out of a total
ropubllcau voto Irom 15,oik)io 17,uuo, of which
three-fourths Is colored, Evaus will hardly get
mora than 5,000, although tho most Iruutlo up
luals were made by his followers and advo
cates to race pride and race consideration.
IlAiinisoNUUiiu, Va Nov, 4. Sixteen out of
twenty-lour preclucts lu this county glvo
lllalno and Logan 4.2 majority, Six preclucts
to hear Irom gavo a coalition majority of 420
last year. Webb, (rep.), majority for congress
will bo 123 In this couuty.
llARRlsoNCUiio, Va., Nov. 4. Tho election
passed oft' quietly In this section, with a full
voto. Rocklughnm goes republican by about
1,000 majority, Shenandoah democratlo by
about 100 majority, Warren democratlo by 600
majority, l'ago county Is close.
Richmond, Nov. 4. Petersburg shows a
democratlo gain over Massey's vote ot 293. The
;vote betwteu Brady aud Evans as far as heard
I'll .v.,,
' v , a 'I 'l- i t'J ,
from in the district Is quito close, with chances
In favor ot Brady.
8TACNTON, Va., Not. 4.-The contest In th
tenth dhtrlct between Tucker and Yost is very
cloo. Tho democratlo majority In Augmta Is
reduced 600. Yost runs ahead of tho national
ticket In this city, his home, U Tucker ln-s
In Lexington, his homo, and has a majority
of only 3. A full veto has len polled, falter
than over beroro. The republicans arecoiill
dent, and think the stato has certainly gone
for Blalno and Tntrnn.
LYNCiintmo, Nov. 4. Maj. John W, Daniel,
democratlo cnndldato for congress, claims his
vux'iinn or -z.tKj. iteiurniftn inr rrcmvati inui.
cato that his majority will not fall lar short of
lTTEipinuna, VA., Nov. 4. Tho roturns aro
coming In slowly from the different precincts
of this (fourth) congressional district of Vir
ginia. The republicans claim tho district by
y majority and tbo election of Brady (rep.)
iur cuugrcss ny ouu majority
ITAnTroRD, Nov. 4. Forty towns out of 14S
give Blalno 15,092, Cleveland 10,600, Garfield
10,601, Hancock 16,693; republican loss 609;
Harrison 10,109. Waller 16,710; scattering 017.
Two years ago Bulkier 13,917, Waller 14,081,
scattering 3S7. Fifty towns, Blalno 18,600,
Cleveland 18.721, Oarueld 19,257, Hancock
17,741; republican loss 657. For govcrnor,Ha
rlson 18,711. Waller 18,938, scattering 770. Two
years ago, Bulkoloy 10,135, Waller 10,813, scat
tering 452.
Norwich, Conn. Blaine, 473; Clovcland, 801.
Hartford, Nov. 4. Owing to trouble on
wires, duo to storms, returns como lu slowly.
Seventy towns glvo Blalno 25,167: Cleveland,
25,807; Garfield, 2.1,810; Hancock, 21,635; repub
lican loss 073. The same ratio of loss would
glvo tho stato to Cleveland by a small plu
rality. Harrison, 25,460: Waller, 20,071: scat
tering, 1,021. In 1882 Bulkolcy, 21,610; Waller,
23,00.; scattering, 676. Legislature certainly
Hartford, Conn., Not. 6. Tbo republicans
have gained one congressman, Buck, In tho
tlrst district, Mitchell, (dem.), is elected lu the
second, Seymour, (dem.), In tho third, and
wnu, trcp.;, in mo louriu.
Later returns do not change tbo result In tho
stato. Cleveland's plurality Is probably 1,600.
Ijitor One hundred and ten towns glvo
Blalno 42,292, Cleveland 44,130. Garfield 43,127,
Hancock 42.067. republican loss 2,614. For
governor Harrison 42,732, Waller 45,113, scat-
rciius j,vv.
Trenton, N. J., Nor. 4. Tho republicans
claim Essox county by from 2,600 to 3,000, a
slight republican gain. Lchlbach (rep.). Is
elocted congressman from the sixth district.
Trenton, N. J Nov. 4. l'assalo county
gives an estimated republican majority of
l.bOO, about tho samo as In 1880. Tho demo
cratlo majority In Bergen county promises to
be larger than usual. Tho election of Flynn
(democrat) to tho legislature Is doubtful. Both
parties claim tho state, but nothing deflnilo
has yet been received. Tho polls did not closo
In this state until 7 p. m. llcnco tho returns
will be late. Mcagcrreturns from the counties
showed a republican gain.
Trenton, Nov. 4. Wanbago township, Sus
sex county, gives Cleveland 221 majority, and
Pldcock (dem.) for congress, 201. i'assalc
county gives 1,800 for Blaine. Bergen county
lves Cleveland from BOO to 1,000 majority
emocratio gain, 300. St. John gets 600 votes
In Newark.
Newark. Not. 4. Incomplete returns from
Essox county Indlcato n Blaine majority of
from 12 to 15. The republican congressman Is
elected, and tho wholo republican county
ticket, except Stalnsbr for sheriff, who was
defeated by Brown (dem). Tho republicans
elect seven assemblymen, and possibly eight,
the democrats electing two.
Trenton, Nov. 4. In tbo first ward tho sec
ond precinct gives 199 majority for Blaine.
The third ward gives Cleveland 120 majority
a small democratlo gain. Wlllham gives
Blalno a majority a republican gain. Ituo
(rep.) Is elected assemblyman from tho first
Mercer district, in tho seventh ward the scc
ond precinct gives Cleveland 07 majority, and
tho first precinct gives him 85 majority. In the
fourth ward the second product gives Clove
land a majority ot 173. Thcso aro democratlo
Later roturns from Essox county reduce tho
republican majority to 1,600.
Trenton, N. J., Nov. 4. Trenton, from par.
tlal returns, elves agood sized republican gain.
Buchanan, for congress, runs ahead oi his
ticket. Chambers (real Is elected to tbo lczls-
laturo In the first Mercer district. Atlantic
county gives Blalue 600 majority : ademoeratlo
ealnof208. Blalue'a malorltv In Woodbrlden
la 73. Clark township, Union county, gives 27
democratlo majority. Itahway, first ward,
gives Blalno 11 majority : the fourth ward gives
Cleveland 2V majority. Tho Indications point
to a icpubilcan majority of 700 in Mercer
county ; a republican gain or i. liutiiumn
(rep.) is elected to congress from tho second
Princeton, Nov. 4. rrlncctnn gives Blalno
89 majority and Buchanan (rep.) for congress
1'aterson, Nov. 4. Meager returns Indlcato
that Blalno will exceed Garfield's plurality of
lb) in l'assalo county. Tho entire republican
county ticket and three republican assembly
men aro probably elected. Phelps (rep.) for
congress runs ahead of his ticket.
Trenton, Nov. 4. Princeton gives Blaine 89
majority. Middlesex county Is closo, with the
chances In Blulne's favor.
Rahway, Nov. 4. Monmouth county glvos
Cleveland 1,600 majority and Green Worn.) for
congress 1,200. .Woodbury gives Blalno 231
majority. In Mercer county tho republican
majority Is about U60.
Mokristown, Nov. 4. Morris county gives
an estimated majority for Blalue and Vholpa
for congress of 350.
Cincinnati, Nov. 4. Tho polls closed in tho
eighth ward without further disturbance, but
casualties occurred at other places. Between
5 and 0 p.m., at Fifth street and Central ave
nue, l'hll. Hennessey and John Nculls en
gaged In a light, Hennessey being fatally shot
In the head and Nealls being slightly wounded.
About the samo time, on Price's Hill, William
Henry, uu ex-pollccman, killed John Millcn,
and J. J. Hunter wus shot In tbo hand.
Blaine's majority In llellalro, Ohio, 87.
Bridgeport, Ohio Blalue, 697: Cleveland,
857; bt. John, (; Butler, 8: republican gain, 45.
Akron (complete) Blaine, 2,805; Cleveland,
1,911; St. John, 119; Butlor, 131; republican
pluiallty, 951, a galu of 133 over Robluson In
Cleveland, Nov. 4. Blaine's plurality In
tho seventh ward Is 202, lu tho twciily-intrd
69, lu tbo seventeenth 480, In tho eighteenth
361 ; Cleveland's plurality In the ulntli Is 11, a
republican net Kslu lu thc precincts of 467.
Cllvfuni), Nov. 6. Cuyahoga county total
gives Blalue 21,200, Cleveland 18,000; Blalue'i
plurality 5,;i00, Total vote for Butler 5.851.
Cleveland city gives it republican pluiallty of
nbout 3,000; republican gain In tho city 2,600;
lu the county 3,300.
Akron, Nov. 4. Summit county completo
gives Blalno 2,200 over Cleveland a gain of
otcr GOO upon Koblnton in October. Tho
gretnback and prohibition votes aro both
sllghly Increased. Tho total voto Is very nearly
as before.
Jackson, Mich., Nov. 4. Weather cold and
rainy, but n largo voto polled. Nearly two
thirds polled by 10 o'clock.
Bjy City, Mich., Nov. 1. It has rained all
day. Hard work all rouud, but llttlo or nn
cxcitciE' nt.
East Bacinaw, Mich., Nov. 4. Snowlrr- and
raining hero since this inomlug. No disturb
ance oi any kind
Detroit, Nov. ..Tho voto In this city un
usually largo notwithstanding tho rain storm,
which has prevailed most of tho day, Na
tional and slate ticket not scratched to great
extent, except tho republican candidate for
governor. County and congressional voto less
n party matter and considerable scratching.
Grand IUups, Nov. 1. Largo voto and lit
tle scratching here to-day, lcatuod all day.
Election quiet,
Kalamazoo, Nov. 4. Voto In this city tho
largest ever pulled by several hundred. Llttlo
cutting on president or govoruor.
DKruoiT, Nov. I. Tho returns m far re
ceived are from country places, and th. cities
will probably alter tho mures omowlut.
Fusion In this state means confusion to out
siders lu underbuilding the returns Thu
lutlon state voto can 1 o told by the voto on
governor. The fuslod national ticket hm tho
votes of Cleveland and Butler adtted toother,
Of thu thirteen electoral votes the fuMoultts
all vote lor twelve, but for tho thirteenth
place tbe grumibackors voto for ono man and
the democra another. This gives ono repub
lican elector under almost any circumstances,
fhu fusion vote will bo divided proportion
ately between Cleveland and Butler. Filly
prcclutls show that ilegole, for governor on
the luslou ticket, Is running behlud his ticket.
Tho total vote of Princeton Is Blaine, 113;
Clovcland, 20; SI. John, 11, and Butler, 6,
Nuw Bedford gives lllalno 2,611; Cleveland,
1,319; St. John, 180, and Butler, 108.
Tho toial vote of Cohaiwt Is as follows:
Blalno, 237; Cleveland, 1.18; Duller, J; St. John,
17, for governor Roblnsou, 253; Endlcott,
121; McCairery, 2; Scolye, 10.
Chatham complete lllalno, 201; Cleveland,
77; lluller, 11; ht, John, 11, For governor
Robinson, 201; Endlcott, 77.
Amherat completo Blaine, 110; Cleveland,
31; St, John, 13. Foreovcrnor Robinson, 120;
Endlcott, 30; Seolye, 13.
Halifax complete lllalno, 73; Cleveland. 20;
Butlor, 1: St. John, 3. For governor Robin
son, "tl; Endlcott, 23; McCuflerty. ll Seolye, H,
Bralutrte complete lllalno, 322; Cleveland,
.153: Butler, 109; St. John, 10. For governor
Robinson, soil; Endlcott, 310; McCaiVerly, 103;
Scclye, 20.
The total voto of South Dennis elves Blalno
261; Cleveland, n; Butler, i)V; bt, John, V,
1-1 i w ' , 1
la' if'iy
For governor Robinson has 281; Endlcott, IS;
Mct'aflerty, 81; Scelyo, 8.
The following Is the ontlre voto of Hull t For
picsldent-CIoveland, 47; Blaine, 2u; St. John,
13. For governor Endicott Idem.), 45; Rob
inson (rep.), 29; Scelyo (prohtb.), 12. ,
HrRtNonKLU, Nov. 4. Congressman Rock
well Is elected beyond doubt In this district.
He carries Berkshire county by a largo major
ity over J. N. Dunham, of rlttsfield, dem. Ho
will also havo a lead of some 600 votes In
Hamidcn county, Congressman Whiting is
to-elected lnthe eleventh district.
Boston, Nov. 4. Ono hundred and two pro
clnctsor this city elve Cleveland SO.M0: lllalno.
19.018; Butler, 3,915; St. John, 1,167. Returns
Indicate tho election of Ely. rep., lit tho ninth
uittrifi ana lxige, rep., in mo sixtn.
Newduryi'ORT, Nov. 4. Richard S.SpofTord
(dem.) is elected to congress In the seventh dis
trict by 300 plurality, over Stone (rep.), who
had 1,292 plurality In 1682.
Boston, Nov. 4. Mr. Lodgotrcp.) acknowl
edges defeat In tho sixth district by Loverlng
idem.) Outside of Lynn and Charleston hu
uul over 1,600 majority,
Boston, Nov. 4. Ono hundred and fifty
thrco towns and cities, IneludlhglOOprcolnets
of Boiton. give lllalno 67,875, Cleveland 60,152,
Butler 9,630, St, John 4,831. Tho missing pro
clncts In this cltr cave last rear a democratic
plurality of 111. Tho gubernatorial voto of
uoMon, witn two warns to near irom is, iinnin
soni 22,103, Endlcot 23,997, MtCarforty 8,200,
Sco to 943. Tho missing wardsllast year gavo
elected to congress in tho third district: Trull
(dem.), In tho second Suffolk, and Splalue
(dem.), In tho third Suffolk, are elected to tho
stato senate. A republican estimate gives tho
republicans ft slight gain In tho senate, possi
bly of four, while tho house of representatives
will remain about as at present.
Boston, Nor. 4. In the eighth district, with
two small towns missing, Allen (rep.) for con
gress has 10,871, Lllloy (dem.) 7,761, Eastman
(pcoplo's) 840, Reed 269; Allen s plurality, 3,110;
majority, 2.007.
Si'KiNuriELD, Mass., Nor. 4. Eleventh dis
trict, with tho thirteen Worccstor towns out,
elves Blalno 9,051, Cleveland 0,671, Butler 703,
St. John 780. Governor Robinson 9,671, Endl
cott 6,081. Mciauerty ,00, Heeiyo cio. con
gressional Whiting (rep.) 10,003, Bill 6,950,
Oliver 618, Whitney 3,0.
Twelfth district, ono town missing, elves
lllalno 12,190, Cleveland 11.284, Butler 769, St.
John 661: Robinson 13,200, Endlcott 10,601, Mo
Call'crty 669, Scelyo 661: Rockwell for congress
12.933, Dunham 10.802, Cadle 818, niackracrlS'A
Boston, aiass.. ftov. i. ud.0 Duniirca ana
ton, complete, glvo Blalno 85,892, Cleveland
78,b62, Butler 14,413, St. John 6,191. Total elec
toral voto of lloston Blalue, 20,808; Cleveland,
82.600; Butlor, 3,693; St. John, 1,233. Total
gubernatorial vntu ot iwjwn itomnson (rep.),
24,662; Endlcott (dem.), 28,733; McCafforty,
3.G09: Scclvo. 1.030.
'.1L--Zil''. t , r,.
uusTUH. nov. i. nunuunrori kitoi Btono.
IUF UUUIflUBS, VO, nAJUUlU ISO, IMlKVr tfl, vtuiuu
gives btono a majority of ML, Beverly Is yet
for congress, 982; SpoObrd Its, Baker 91, which
10 ue xioaru irom.
FniLADELrniA, I'A., Nov. 4. The following
aro cstlmatod returns from Pennsylvania
Pike county 800 pluralltyfor Cleveland; it
democratlo gain of o.
Monroo county 2,450 plurality for Cleve
land; & democratlo gain of 78.
Tioga county Blalno 3,600 plurality; a re
publican gain of 697.
Columbia county Clevoland 2,100 plurality;
a republican gain of 262.
Forest county Blalno 173 plurality; ft repub
lican gain of 130.
Alleghony county Bl&lno 11.000 plurality:
a republican gain of 660. Butler's voto li about
6,000; a gain of 3,100 over Wcavor'a vote In
Lehigh county Clovcland 2,000 plurality ; a
republican galu of 148.
Montgomery county Blalno 600 plurality;
ft renubllcan craln of 490.
Northampton county Cleveland 3,000 ma
jority ; a repuDiicau gain oi lu.
Wyoming county Cleveland 225 plurality;
a democratlo gain of 29.
Franklin county lllulno 250 majority; ft
democratlo gain of 165.
Dauphin county lllalno plurality, 2,200, a
romiblican ealn of 240.
1'iTTsiiuito, ihov. 4. too election passed off
without an disturbance. A very large voto
was polled In Alleghany county and thero was
considerable scratching, which Is unusual In
the presidential year. At 19:30 o'clock the re
turns aro very Indefinite, but tho indications
point to tho election of the 'entire, republican
ticket. Blalno'spluralltylabuut 14,000. Butler
Dolled about 6.000 votes.- Thomas M. llavno
(republican) was re-elected' to congress In the
twenty-third district by O.noo. In the twenty
second district James S. Negley (republican)
defeats Hopkins, tho present incumbent, by
2,000 majority.
Lawrcnco county, Blalno 2,250 plurality,
n democrailu gain of-oa; Washington oguihv,
Blalno 600 plurality, a democratlo gain or 1;
Chester county, Blalno 3,800 plurality, repub
lican gain of 20; Fayette county, Clovcland
1,200, n republican gain of 180; Bedford county,
Cleveland 60 plurality, a republican gain of
85; Juniata county, Cleveland 50 plurality, a
republican gain of 21; Potter county, Blalno 600
plurality, a democratlo gain of 39; Somerset
county, Blalno 1,900 plurality; a republican
gain of 250; Crawford county, Blalno 1,500
plurality, a republican gain of 165; Union
county, lllalno 800 plurality, a republican gain
of 48; Northampton couuty, Clevelaud 3,500
Scranton, Nov, 4. Returns up to 11:30 p. m.
Indlcato tho election of Joseph A. Scranton
(rep.) for congress In tbo twellth district. Car
boudalo City, Lackawanna county, gives
Scranton a majority of 331 over Connelly, a
gain of 468 over tho voto of 1882.
Schuylkill county Clevclaud,l,600plurallty;
a republican gain of 074.
Armstrong couuty Blaine, 600 plurality; a
democratlo gain of ICO.
Lackawanna county Blaine, 800 plurality;
a republican gain of 021.
Blair county Blaine, 1,600 plurality; a re
publican gain of420,
Northumberland county Cleveland, 700
plurality; n republican gain of Set.
Huntingdon couuty Blulne, 800; a republi
can galu of 62.
Lycomlngcounty Cleveland, 1,000 plurality;
a republican gain of461.
Cameron county Blaine, 100 plurality; a re
publican gain of33.
McKean county Blalno, 400 plurality; a
democratic galu or 124.
Conter county Clovcland, 900 plurality; a
republican gain of 90.
Fulton county Clevoland, 550 plurality; a
republican galu of 49.
Luserno county Clet eland, 1,150 plurality;
a republican gain ot 400.
Philadelphia, Nov. S, 2:30 a. m. Forty-nlno
out of sixty-seven counties In tho stato of Penn
sylvania, not Including tho city ot Philadel
phia, glvo tho republican electors a net gain ot
8,691, At the haiuo ratio of gains this would
indlcato that the Blalno olectors will como to
this city with a majority of 25,000. Only ono
half of tbo city voto haa been counted, but tho
republican majority in the cutlro state will ap
proximate 45,000,
Following congressmen aro elected in Penn
sylvania: Congressinan-at-large, Oiburne
(rep.); flrit district, Blmjhani irep.); tcrond
district, O'Neill (rep.); third district, Randall
(dcm.):rourthdlstilct, Kcllcy (rep,); filth dis
trict, Uariucr (rep.): sixth district, Evcrhart
(rep.); eighth district, Kmicntrout (dem.);
ninth dlrirlct, llleHand (rep.); tenth district,
Sowdoiiidem.);cleventh district, Storm (dem.);
twelfth district, S'ranton (ren.); thirteenth
district, Bramm (rep., greenback); fourteenth
district, Bound (rep.): sixteenth district, Brown
(rep.); nlntcenth district, Duncan (dem.);
twenty-first district, llolo (dem.); twenty
second dldrict, Negley (rep.): twenty-third
district, Bayno (rep.);twen:.fourth district,
Jackson (rep). Suillclcht returns havo not
been received from tho other districts to In
dlcato tho result.
Chicago, Nov. 4. Elghty-fivo precincts in
this city glvo Cleveland 20,925: Blalno, 25,291.
CongrossLnal returns from Illinois como In
very slowly. A very brlof telegram announces
the re-election of Win. R. Morrison. In Chi
cago Dunham (rep.), first district, Is re-elected.
Iu tho second the light Is closo between Fin
erty (Intl.) and Lawson (dem.), In tho third
district James II. Ward (dem.) Is elected as
tho result ofn triangular tight in tho district,
crowing nut of arbitration declaring George It.
Davis not a regular nominee. In tho fourth
district Adams (rep.) Is re-elected.
Chicago, Nov, 4. Sixty-four precincts In the
city glvo Harrison (dem.), for governor, 6,270
Concord, N. It., Nov. 4. At 0:30 this even
ing tho republicans are claiming the statu for
Blalno, aud while admitting Iho voto lor Cur
rier for got ernor would bo close, say that ho
would be elected by the people They also
claim the election of both members of con
gress, legislature, and four of the llvo coun
cilors. Concord, N, II., Nov. 4, Edgar II. Wood
man, republican, Is elected mayor over Sand
born, democrat, and Ttiorndyko, prohibition
and citizens, by about 600 majority.
Concord, N. II., Nov. 4. Ninety towns glvo
Blalno 11,970. Clovcland 13.072, bt. John 195,
Butlor 172. Ulalno'a plurality Is 1,'JOS. One
hundred and elghty-fivo towns give Currior
14,210, Hill 14,46o, Mason Ml, scattering 101.
The sumo towns guvo Halo 12,930, Edgerly aud
scattering 12,080.
Concord, N. II., Nov. 4. Ono hundred and
flvo towns glvo lllalno 18,013, Cleveland 11,111,
St. John 008, Butlor 193; Blalno's majority 1,874,
The tamo towns In 1880 gavo Gurlleld 18,270,
Ilaucock 17,20s: Garfield's plurality 1,W a
galnof 812 for Blalno over Garfield's plurality
of 1880. Sjsuo towns glvo Currier 17,(33, Hill
17,613, Miuan 072, scattering 1S8. In 1882 tho
same towns gave Halo 1(1.390, Edgerly and
scattering 15,Mo. Both members of congress
aro chosen bygood pluralities, lloth branches
of the legislature are Wrongly republican, and
four of the live councilors will be lenLbUcaa,
Ono hundred and flvo of 223 towns In tho stato
indlcato an Increased plurality for Blalno over
Garfield. Blalno's plurality will not probably
bo less than 4,000. Thero Is probablynocholco
of governor by tho people Currier (rep.) will
iuivHmjiuo legislature, liotu momucrs
of congress aro chosen by good pluralities.
ItALEioii.N. C, Nov. 4. Ashovlllo Is con
ceded by tho republicans by 300 democratlo
majority, Buncombe county Is certainly dem
ocratio by 700 majority, a democralla gain of
Wilmington, N. C, Nov. 4. Returns from
many counties removo alt doubt as to the
result. Tho republicans concedo tho stato to
the democrats on both presidential and state
tickets. Tho democrats claim that their ma
jority will not bo less than 10,000. Ihoro scorns
to bo llttlu doubt that tho democrats haroeiglit
out of nlno congressmen, being a gain of one.
RALitiiii, Nov. 4. Every township In Wil
son county shows democratlo gains. Returns
from thlrly-slx precincts show net democratlo
Snlnsaeeregatlug 2,009. Tho democrats carry
rcenville, l'ltt county, making a gain of over
Nkwherne, Nor. 4. In all tho wards the
democrats mako n gain of 1,163. In Salem,
Forsyttao county, the democrats gain 35 at
Lcaksvllle, 14, and In two precincts In Gaston
couuty 163.
ltALEimt, Nor. 4. Raleigh gives Clovcland
i. maturity, a gum ui J. oix oiuer pro-
clncts In distant parts of tho state show a
democratlo gain of 573. Cleveland's majority
Will bo at leatt 10.000. Tho rinmocmu will
gain ono congressman and elect their statu
ticket, legislature, Ac, by an Increased major
ity. The republican headquarters is closed.
Charlotte, N. C, Nor. 4. Tho ticket Is a
long ono, and returns como In slowly, but they
show democratic gains almost universally, In
formation from adjoining counties Indicates ft
democratic majority le tho stato larger than
Hancock's majority In 1880.
Raleigh, Nov. 4. Tho democrats gain in
rliider county, but tho amount is not given.
Full returns from flvo wards In Wilmington
show a net republican gain of 2, Full returns
from Smlthlleld, Oncal, and Selma precincts
In Johnson county show ft democratlo gain of
Kaleioh, Not. 4. Thus far seventy town
ships show net democratlo gains of 3,600.
Warrenten precinct gives a net democratlo
gain or 78: Caroy, Wako county, or 3; Lack
vine, Chatham countr, 4Z Franklin county
elects democratlo oiHcert by 100 majority, a
democratlo gain of CI.
Montgomery, Ala., Nov. 4. Montgomery
city gives 600 majority for Blaine. Scattering
returns from dinercnt nuartors of tbo stato
show that Cleveland will carry tho stato by ft
large majority. Jones (dem.), for congress, In
tho first district; Herbert (dem.), In tho second:
Oatcs (dem.), In tho third; Sadler (dem.), in
tbe flfth; Martin (dem.). In tho sixth, and
Forney (dem.), In tho seventh, aro all cer
tainly clectod. Small returns have been re
ceived from the fourth and eighth districts,
but tbo general Indications aro that Wheeler
(dem.) will carry tho latter. There haa been
no disturbance anywhoro In tho stato.
Chattanooga. Nov. 4. Day (ind.), for con
gress In tho eighth district of Alabama, beats
Wheeler (doui.j In the lattcr'a home county by
Montgomery, Ala., Nov. 4. Tho returns
from tho fourth congressional district Indlcato
the election of Davidson (dem). It Is lmnoslblo
to glvo the figures, but all the returns show
that Cleveland will have a largo majority and
that tho eight congressmen elected will all
bo democrats.
Birmingham, Nov. 4. On account ol tbo
absence of any contest llttlo local Interest was
manifested In the election. Tho two Blrmlng.
ham precincts glvo Cleveland 813; Blaine, 722,
and St. John, 12.
Silma.Nov. 4. Specials to tho Timet show
that Davidson has been electod over Craig In
the fourth congressional district by a decided
majority. No disturbance has been reported.
Mobile, Nov. 4. The election to-day was
very quiet In this (first) Alabama district, and
ft very light voto was cast. Jones (dem.) will
carry all tho counties In tho district by a good
malorltv. execot in Mobile. wheroThreatfron.)
runs him closely. All the eight democratlo
congressmen aro doubtless elected.
Charleston, W. Va.i Not. 4. Tho election
Eassodoltysry quietly to-day. Snyder (dem),
i elected from too third district.
Wheeling, W. Va., Nov. 4. The majority for
Goff (rep.), Is 89. Terrell's will glvo him about
90. Goir will have 180 In tho Cameron dis
trict. Tbo estimated majority for Goff lu tho
county Is 800.
Grafton, West Va. Blalno, 861: Cleveland,
328; St. John, ft. Democratlo gain of 7 over
state olcction. ,
vhoilutE, Wust Va. Cleveland, 326; Blalno,
Pawpaw, West Va., Tawpaw precincts
Cleveland, 621: Blalno, 171.
Wheeling, W. Va., Nov. 4. Tho majority
for Goff (republican) in Marshall county Is es
timated at 800. Republican gain, 132.
Fairmont, W. Va., Nov. 4. Blalno majority,
140. Republicans gain 20 over October.
Milton, Cabell county Clovcland, 257;
Blalno, 165; St. John, 11.
Scott, Putnam county Clovcland, 11; Blaine,
80; St. John. 2.
Hlnton. Summers county Cleveland, 261;
Blalno, 268.
Paint Creek, Kanawha county Blaine, 137;
Cleveland, 92.
Wlnllleld, Kanawha county Blalno, 62;
Cleveland, 48.
Glover's Gap, Nov. 4. Clevoland, 157;
Blaine, 46. Congressman Wilson, 15$ Rey
nolds, ! I.
Oak Hill, Fayette Co., Nov. 4. Blalno, 71;
Cleveland, 191,
Field's Creek, Kanawha Co,, Nov. 4.
Blaine, 130; Cleveland, 21.
Wheeling, Nov. 4. Hancock county gives
Blalno and Goff 250 majority,
Tho city of Charleston gives tho fnslon elect
ors 88 majority, and Suyder (dem.), for congress,
212 majority.
Des Moines, Iowa, Nov. 4. Ton precincts In
the interior of tho state glvo Blalno 1,112, tho
fusion ticket 915, Butler 17, and St. John 4 a
republican net gain of 293.
1)13 Moines, Nov. 4. Fifty precincts give
Blalno 0,410; fusion, 1,057; St. John, 78; Butler,
4J. Net republican gain, 860.
Dudique, Nov. 4. I. Indian (dem.), for con
gress will uot rcccivo more than 6,'JOO majority
in this city, which practically Insures tbo elec
tion of llendtrson, republican.
DlsMoinf-s, Nov, 4. Eighty precincts, Into
rlor townships, glvolllalnu 11,293, Fusion 7,619,
St. John 133, Butler 668; net republican gain
Seventy precincts, Interior of tho stato, glvo
Blalno 9,495, Fusion 0,200, si. John 121, Butler
701: net republican galu 851,
Dr.s Monks, Nov. 4, midnight. Tho repub
lican stato central commiltco claims Iowa for
Blalno by over 30,000, and a lull congressional
delegation excopt second district.
Burlington, Nov. l.-'I'lie democrats claim
the election of Halllu In tho first congreuloual
district by from 600 to 600 majority.
Galveston, Tex., Nov. 4. Heavy volo was
polled In this city. Thero was much scratch
ing of local caudidatcs. Indications point to
the election of Grain ( jcin.) for congress in
this, tho soventh district, over Reutfro and
Nelson (rep). Returns from tho stato aro
meager and Indlcato tho election of ovcry
democratlo congressman.
Minneaplois, Nov.4. Returns from tboclty
and county coming In very slowly. Both
tickets badly scratchod. Indications nro that
Merrlmau (rep.) has curried the city. Bella
bio figures caunot be obtained until lato to
BT. Louis. Nov. 4. Tho returns from 20 of
me 211 precincts in tnis city give cloveland a
majority of 123, whllu Fori
oruor. bus a malorltv of 22:
mr L'fi
ernor. has 11 majority of 222 over Marmaduko
(dem.) For sheriff, Harrington (dem.) has 10.
majority ovor Fucrstel (rep.), whllu Clover
(rep.), for circuit attorney, has 114 majority
ovor Person (dem.) Tho same prcclntsgave
John M. Glover (dem ), for congress in tho
ninth district, 103 majority. If this vote is
sustained in tho other preclucts tho city will
bo democratlo on tho national ticket. Fusion
or antl-bourbons on the stale ticket and
municipality aro much mixed,
St. Joseph, Mo., Nov. 4. Tho election passed
oft' very quietly. James N. Hums (dem.), for
congress, is ro-clccted by a largely Increased
Salt Lake, Nov. 4. Delegate election quiet;
light vote. John T, Calne olected by cosy
Louisville, Ky., Nov. 4. Tho returns from
the county scats throughout Iho ttato say that
the election passed oft quietly, and a full volo
was polled. The state will give tho usual dem
ocratic malorltv. The domocrats elect a full
congressional delegation. Thero is a repub
lican loss of two lu tho houso of reprcseuta
tlvcs. ,
Providence, R, I, Nov. 4,-Tho voto of this
city 011 presidential electors Is : Blalno, 6,275;
Cleveland, 1,411; Butler, 211: St. John, 253.
In 1M0 Garfield, 5.900; Hancock, 3,190.
Newport gavu lllalno, 2,011; Cloveland, 1,203;
Butler, 17; ht. John, 167, agalust 2,001 lor Gur
lleld aud 979 lor Hancock, The voto of thu
state complete Is lllalno, 19,029; Clevelaud,
12.4J8; Uiillcr, 423; St, John, 911. Blaine's ma
jority Is 5,223 ujalnst 7,155 for Garfield lu 1880.
For ceugrcss la the first district Spoouer
(Rep.), has 10,109; B'.ocum (Dem.), 3,893; scat
tering, 767. Snooncr's malorltv 3.499. against
2,009 majority In tbe samo district on tils firsty
oiectlon two years ago. In tho second district
I'icrco (Rep.), has 7,737 Pago (Dom.J, 6,085;
Cbadioy (I'ro.J, 1,500; scattering, iss. Pierce's
majority, CI. lu 188J Jonathan Chaco had
1,612 majority La this district:
Nashville, Tenn., Nov. 4. Tho election In
this city was vcrynulct. Tho voto Is tho larg
est by 1,000 over polled. The gains In this city
wero generally republican. Tho democratlo
candidates for railroad commissioners wero
generally scratched in tho city and state, and
aro undoubtedly defeated, Caldwell (dcni.) Is
returned to congress from this district. 'Iho
democratlo electoral ticket In tho state Is
elected by tho usual majority. Bate (dem.), fur
governor, Is probably elected by a reduced
majority, Tho voto for governor In thlsenunly
Is closo and doubtful, Tho republican legisla
tive ticket In Bedford county Is probably
Chattanooga, Nov. 4. This county will
frnbably givo a republican majority of from
,400 to 2,000. Evans (rep.) for congresss la
probably defeated by 2,000.
Berks county, Cleveland 7,100 plurality, a
republican gain of 831. Delaware county,
Blaine 2,100 plurality, a democratlo gain of
133. Greene county. Cleveland 2,000 plurality,
a republican gain of 61, York county, Cleve
laud 3,;ou plurality, a republican gain ot 11.
Lancaster couutv. lllalno lO.ooj. a riMiubllcan
gain nr 1,300. Mercor county. Blaine 1.200
plurality, a republican gain of 150. Million
couuty, vaevcianu uu plurality, n democratic
galu of 220. licbauon county, lllalno 2,600
plurality, u republican gain of 176. Indiana
county, Blalno 1,300 plurality, a democratic
gain or 1,198. Adams county, Cleveland 303
plurality, a republican gtlu of 250. Carbon
county, Clovcland 350 plurality, a republican
gain of 257. Moutour county, Clevoland 600
plurality, a democratic gain of 3. Susque
hanna onunty, Blalno 600 plurality, a demo
cratlo galu of 729.
Nashville, Tenn., Nov. 4. Tho returns
from the stato are coming In very slowly. Tho
republican stato ticket has mado gains in
Montgomery county aud Maury county. The
fourth ward of this city gives Held (ren.) for
governor, 670: Bato (dem.), ion. lu the seventh
ward llcid has 485 and Bate 483. Bate's major
ity In Lincoln Is 1,100.
MtMniH. Tenn.. Nov. 4. Indications oolnt
to tho election of Zach Taylor (rep.) In this
(tenth) district, defeating J, W. Harris (dem.)
The election lu this city and county passed
on quietly, ion tun returns win not no rc
MmIoaiI i,I1 ... .... U....nlBt ta t..........
--v.tvu uu.i, iuuiuiiun. ouuiuuui uiuunu.
however, that tho republicans havo elected
their legtslatlvo ticket by a majority of 900.
Tho democratlo railroad commissioners aro
generally acralchedthroughout tho city. Their
efeat In tho state Is predicted.
Chattanooga, Tenn., Nov. 4. Bato, demo
cratic, probably defeats Reld for governor In
this state by a largely reducod majority, Tho
democratic candidates for railroad commis
sioners run behind, and are probably defeated.
Tho city of Chattanooga shows a republican
gain ol 700. Evans, for congress, runs ahead
of his ticket, carrying tho county by 2,100, a
gain of 1,200 over 1880. Meager returns from
tho remalnlngcountles show republican gains,
and indicate the democratlo majority of 2,000
in 1880 has been overcome ltopubllcana elect
l'ettlbono In the first district, llouck In tho
second, Taylor In tho tenth, and probably
Evans in tho third. Democrats aro elocted In
the remaining six districts.
Chattanooga, Nov. 4. Tho democrats of
the first Tennessee congressional district claim
a majority for King (dem.) of 600 over l'ettl
bono (rep.)
Baltimore, Md., Nov. 4. Tho returns at this
hour Indlcato that tho domocrats have gained
ono congressman Comntnn In thn nrth hi.
trlct, and that Cleveland has carried tho stato
oy a majority o.ow less man tnat received by
Hancock in I860. Thero was little Interest in
the election, save In tho fifth congressional
district, whero Hart B. Uoltou, present mem
ber, mado a closo fight. Compton's majority
will be about 300. '
ltockvllleglvcs Nelson (dem.) 383; McComas,
203; Clovcland, 380: Blalue, 201.
Elkton (third election district), 926 votes
cast Cloveland, 609; Blaine, 417; St, John, 9;
Belva Lockwood, 1.
Havre-doGrnco Cloveland, 88 majority.
Baltimore, Nov. 4. The total voto lu this
Cltv gives Cleveland a malorltv of iva-iv a. io.
of over 0,1X10 us compared with tho volo of
. Cumberland, Nov.4. McConuufa majority
In Allegheny county Is about 600,
Baltimore, Nov. 4. Baltimore olty com
pleto gives Cloveland 81,480; Blaine, 27,360; St.
John, 1,269; Butler, 114-cievelaud's plurality
over lllalno, 7,10(1. In Iho third congressional
district Colo (dera.). 10,007: l'entz (rep.), 10,007;
Sllvcrwood (prohibition), 519-Oole' plurality
over l'entz. 6,310. Fourth congressional dis
trict! Findlay (dem.), 15,723; Brown (rep.),
14.226; Odom (prohibition), 021-Flndlay'a plu
rallty, 1,197.
llALTIlfnniL Nor. -.. n m P,.,.n r..,.
tbo counties of this stato como In slowly. In
grcss, majority 163. Kent county, Cleveland's
majority 102, Gibson's (dem.), for congress;
101, Queen Anne's county, Cleveland 2,315,
Blaine 1,710, St. John 46; Cleveland's majority
over Blalno 635; Gibson's (dem.) majority,
lor congress, 612. Talbot county,
Cleveland's majority 20; Glbsou
dem., majority for cougrcss, 200.
Worcester county Cleveland, 2,232; Blaine,
1,474; St, John, 176; Butler, 3. Cleveland's
majority ovor Blalno, 758. Congress Gllwon,
dein., 2,257; Lussuin, rep., 1,607; Gibson's ma
Jorlty, 750.
Harford county gives nbout COO majority for
Tho congressional delegation, from returns
received. Indlcato tho cloctlon or the follow
ing: First district, Charles E. Gibson, dem.;
second, D. F. Shaw, dem.: third, Wra. II. Colo,
dom.; fourth. Johu V. 1 Findlay, dem., re
elected; fifth, Barnes Compton, dem. (again),
and, sixth, I-owis E. McComas, rep., re-elected.
The majority lu tho statu for Cleveland Is es
timated at 10,000.
Jacksonville, Fla., Nov. 4. specials to the
the demociats havo elected their entlro na
tional, state, and congressional tickets. Tho
weather was favorable, anil a very heavy voto
was polled. Whlto republicans voted for tho
democratlo candldato for governor, and somo
voted for Cleveland. Tho hardest fight was
In the second congressional district. Tho In
dications aro that Dougherty (dem.) beats Bis
bee (rep.) by 700 plurality.
Jacksonville, Fla., Nov, 4. Later returns
from all parts ot thu statu maintain tho demo
cratic gains foreshadowed in the early dis
patches. The Icglsluturo Is securely demo
cratlc, ensuring the election of u democratlo
United States senator.
White Riveii Junction, Vt Nov. 4. Ro
turns from 140 towus give lllalno 23,241; Clcve
land, 12.C9I; Butler, 576: ht. John, 1,163;
Blalno's plurality 15,317. Samo towns In 16.10
gavo Garfield 32,368; Hancock, ts,317: Weaver,
1,011; Garfield's plurality 19,051. If tho re
maining 120 towns glvo nroportlonato voto to
tbo above Hlalne's majority will bo upward of
25,0et). Tho vote lor bt. John is drawn mostly
Irom tho republican party, while Butlor comes
from tho democrats,
New Orleans, La., Nov. I. Tho election
passed otr quietly. No trouble to far has been
reported In any part of tho state. Few returns
have been receieved, but they Indlcato a clean
sweep for tbo democrats, though tho republi
cans still claim Iho election of Hohn to con
gress In the second district und Kellogg In tho
New Orleans, Nov. 4. A special to tho
JYratc Irom Lake Providence says: Tho full
vote in this (lllth) district will not be more
than 17,000. Morey (rep.) carries tho parish by
about :oo majority. The fight lnthe district
will bo close, with the chances lat orlug Morey,
on account of thu split which divides the
democratlo streugth.
Nr.w Orleans, Nov.4. Tho domocratlo stalo
committee claim the state for Cleveland by
20,009 majority aud the election of all congress
men. Tho republicans concedo tho state, but
claim the election of congressmen lu tho
secoud aud third districts.
St. Louis, Nov. 4. Elghty.nlno precincts of
this city give Clovcland 7,491; Blaine, n,53i);
Marmaduko, dem., for governor, 7,021, Ford,
fusion, 7,206; Brooks, pro., 71; Glover, dem.,
tor congress from tho ninth district, 9,051; Me
lican, rep., 4,204; Oinel, dem., for congress In
tho eighth district, 1,662; Kccles, ren,, 678;
Clardy.dem., for congress In tbe teulh district,
902; Morse, Ind., I,0s2.
Memphis, Tenn., Nov. 4. Mcagro returns In
dlcato the deteat of Chalmers, republican, for
congress, in tho second Mississippi district, by
' Jackson, Nov. 4. Dlaino carries Jackso" by
a majority of 23. Returns from other prcclncuof
Hinds county will give Clocland n small ma
Jorlty. Haucook' s majority in Hluds couuty
was 1,331.
Tho democratic ticket has a majority of nbout
250 lu Rankin county, which gave Hancock u
majority of 017.
Thu returns from the state are coming In
slowly, aud show a very light vote, but of un
questionably democratic tendency. Yazoo city
cast 230 vutes, 6of which were republican.
A dispatch from Vicksburg says thut Catch
ing (dein.) carries thu "shoeilrlug" district bv
a safe majority.
i.ii-Km'ui i-uuuiT tuu oto is limine 11,209;
Cleveland 2,811; lllaluo's majority 428. For con
gress, McComas (rep.) 3,009, Nelson (dem.)
2,891; McCmaas's majority 718. Carroll county,
Cleveland's malorltv 362: Shaw (dem .. for cm,.
Tortland, Nov. 4. Ono hundred and thirty
towns glvo lllalno 39,589: Cleveland 27,468 ;
Butler, 1,603; Bt. John, 1,221. In mi the voto
was: Garfield, 40, CM; Hancock, 81.823; Weaver,
I.41I8: Dow. c: scattering. 65 Ill.ilno's urn.
rallty, U',191, against Garfield's majority; n.ui L
At tins hour, although It Is raining, tuu strocts
in frnntnf tho iVrss anil Irmi nUlcc and tor
some blocks down are packed with multitudes
striving for news.
Nlnoty towns glvo as follows: Blalno, 23,3i?l;
Cleveland, 20, IS) : Butler, l,2i'l: St. Jnliii. Hf.7,
The voto lu 1880 was as follows: Garfield,
29,827; Hancock, 2V40.I; Weaver, 1,01. Diw,
41; scattering, 67. This last footing Indicates
18,000 plurality, naving neon steautiy wording
np In r-cpteinber, showing that his plurality
will probably run ovor 20,000.
Rancor, Nov. 4. Bangor gives Blalno 2,010;
Cleveland, 1,622; Butler, 10, and St, John, 33.
Portland, Nov. 4. Owing to a heavy storm,
which makes tho Hues work badly, returns
havo been received but from 150 towns to
night, Tho storm has kept messengers from
distant towns Irom coming to the telegraph
(iillce with returns. These towns glvo Blalue
45,279; Cloveland, 31,115; Hitler, 1,921: St,
John, 1,312, Same towns In 1830 gave Garfield
46,873; Hancock, 38.867; Weaver, 1,803; Dow,
66; scattering, 8.1, Blalno's plurality Is 11,161
against Garfield's, In the same towns. 8.008.
Towns to bear from gave Garfield 27,177: Han.
cock, 20.1114 ; Weaver, 2,601; Dow, 20; scatter
ing, 6a. Republican vote falls on 3J4 per cent.
Democratic vote falls off 20 cent. Greeubuck
vole gains fiJ-J per cent. If tho towns to hear
from loso ami gain In Ilk" proportion tho total
voto will be 131,090. as follows : lllalno, 71. Mo;
Clovolaud, 6.',on0; Butler, 4,600; bt, John, 2,000.
Blalno's pluiallty will be 1 1,500.
Atlanta, Oa., Nov. 4. Stato voto very light,
Cleveland's majority 23,000.
Atlanta, Nov. I. Voto of tho stato Is light
as compared with last election, Entlro demo
cratlo congressional ticket is elected. Quiet
Auuusta, Nov. 4. Tho voto In this city Is
4,570. The voto In the county Is about 0,000.
( lovelaud'a plurality Is about 2,000. Somo
votes wero cast for St. John. The returns In
dlcato tho olcction of tho entire democratlo
delegation to congress. Cleveland's majority
In the stato will approximate bO.ouo.
Savannah, Nov. 4. Norwood, (dem.) candi
date lor congres In the first dlttrlct. has, In this
city, about 2,000 majority, lllslmajnrlty lntho
district Is between :f,OXi and 4,000. There Is no
doubt that all the ten democrro cougressnien
are elected. Cleveland's majority Is tstt
mated at 30,000.
Columbus, Ga., Nov. 4. This city elves
Cleveland about 1,300 majority. Harris (dem.)
beats Parsons llud.) by 1.100 malorltv. Tho re
turns from nearly every county In tho fourth
congressional district show that Harris (dem.)
Is clectod by over 3,000 majority. Oatcs Is re
elected In tho third Alabama district by an
overwhelming majority.
Wilminoton, Nov. 4. Nlnotcon precincts
out or 26 In Wilmington city show a demo
cratlo majority ol 131.
Omaha, Nov. 4. Tho heaviest vote ever
polled hero was cast to-day. Tho returns
come In slowly, but tho Halo is republican by
about 15,000.
Charleston, 8. C, Nor. 4. Scattering ro
turns Irom n number of counties throughout
tho stato Indicate that tho democrats navo
elected their entire ticket by a large majority,
with six out of seven congressmen. The elec
tion so far as heard from was peaceful and
Columbia, 8. C. Nor. 4. Roturns from tho
second district so far glvo Clovcland 2,000
majority, and Tillman (dem.) for congress
abput tho same. Tho democratic state and
county tickets aro elected bv n, largo majority.
Charleston, Nov. -1. Cleveland baa l.iuo
majority from the returns received up to 1
a. 111. The A'ors and Courier estimates Cleve
land's majority In South Carolina at from
33,000 to 40,000.
Hew Mr. Blaine Heard the Xtns.
Auousta, Me., Nor. 4. Mr. Blalno received
tho election returns in his owu house by prl
vatowlre,wbIchhohas had In use slnco tho
beglnnmg or tbe campaign. Besides thuuicm
bcrs of his family, all of whom except his
daughter (Mrs. Couplngcr), wero with lilin,
there were present Gov. Robin, ex-Guv. Con
nor, Adjutant General Brat, and tbe secretary
of slate. Many near neighbors drnnixsl In
during tbe evening. Owing to the rainstorm
and other causes, iho returns como In slwvly
and as u mailer of course the lint dispatches
were Indefinite, but tLelr general tenor are
encouraging. Amongtbinerecslied rally In
tho evening was ono from Oneida, N. Y an
nouncing 11 galu of 19 on lbs. vote for Garfield,
nud ono irom Batavia, N. Y tnnouuelng that
that city, which gave (lurflchl a majority
or 31, had glvcu Blalue lit. l.uceuo
Burltugauio telegraphed that at AH any the
republicans were luoro than holding their
own. Gen. Agnus, of the Baltimore .I.imtMiii,
announced indications of a great republican
gain in Maryland, and cx-congn-umAn lie
icndorf, or Virginia, telegraphed that there
was n largo galu there. The following was re
ceived irom tho chairman of the Connecticut
republican stato committee :
"You havo surely carried Connecticut.
Irish true democrats dcs;iouilcnt."
A great manydlspatchcswerc received from
dlil'crcut sources lu New York city, Indicating
In u general way a democratic majority thero
of about 85,000. At nlwiil n.DD o'clock a dis
patch Irom ex-Gov. Cunnell estimated tho re
publican majority In New York .lute at 69,000
Haw Cleveland lltsrJ the News.
Aldany. N. Y., Nov. 4. Gov. Cleveland
received the returns by messenger at the ex
ecutive mansion, sun untitled by a few fi lends,
including JudgoR. W. I'eckhuin, Hon. Simon
W. Roscndalo, Adjutant Ocueral Farnsworth,
Maj. Banks, Mr. nud Mrs. Daniel Lntnout, Mrs.
and Miss Farnsworth, Mrs. Erastus Corn
ing, Mrs. lsaaa Vanderpoel, und tho gov
ernor sisters, Miss It. E. Clevelaud und
Mrs. Hoyt. As the news camo lu thu gentle
men present congratulated tho governor, and
tho ladles applauded. All present, excepting
tho governor, displayed In their manner tho
Intense gratification which the prospect of via
tor)' afforded them. Tho governor, however,
presuved n calm exterior, and merely smiled
ut 11 a enthusiasm of those about him,
Iluaiors or Teaco Between Franco aud China.
London, Nov. 4. Shanghai telegrams men
tions til at rumors are current In that city that
peaco Is about to bo established between China
an4l Franco upon the basis of tho cession of
tho Island of Formossa to Franco. It la said
that twonty-0110 Mandarins support a peaco
policy, but tho emperor's father is opposed
thereto, 1 ho French cousul lias arrived hero
to confer with 31. l'atenotre. the French am
bassador. A Man or 5,000,000 tacts Is being
negotiated by the Chinese at I'okln. The
Chinese general, Too, who was going toFoo
Chow, hits been ordered to stop nt Nanking.
Torpedoes are being placed lu the Klrupal
and 1 110 Chow channels, and the blocking of
the Woosuug river continues.
Tho Knars correspondent ut Tien Tsln tele
graphs that he has Jut had an Interview wltb.
1.1 Hung Chang, who says that China will
probably agree to thu following terms with
Franco : To resume the May treaty, but Franco
must waivu thu question of indemnity and can
occupy Kcluug until thu frontier terms nro
oxecutcd. These terms are to bo tho maxi
mum. The Paris correspondent of tho Tivies states
that the Chinese conillct would bo speedily
scaled If England and America would agrcu to
act together in bringing their united Influence
to bear upon China.
The .tens In Ohio.
Columbus, Nov. 4. Tbo election passed oT
quietly in this city, butthc greatest excitement
prevails to-night over the returns from other
states, New York commanding the greatest at
tention at both headquarters.
The democrats are claiming a decided vic
tory on the general result, and are most actlvo
In furnishing bonfires and parading. Tho
streets of the city have been taken )osossnu
of by a howling mass or )cop!it, und in the ex
citement ono man, William Wycllil'e, a street
i ar driver, was shot dead, and another man, a
farmer, seriously wounded, Onio is so de
cidedly republican that the returns havo com
manded but llttlu attention among tho masses.
Un the returns received up to midnight it is
estimated thu stale will go republican oy from
23,000 to 30,000.
VTolieler Proposes to II llalull.
Cairo, Nov. 4. A local newspaper here says
that Wolsclcy has sent messengers to Mahul,
asking him If It Is possible to amicably arrange
for the release of Gen. Gordon and tbe garrison
ofKharioum, Gen. WoUeloy ou his part en
gaging to withdraw his expedition tuWuJv
llalla, aud the governments of England and
Egypt agreeing to tupjiort any regular govern
ment that may bo created In tho Soudan,
Gen, Wolsclcy ugaln telegraphs irum Don
golu as follows : "My previous telegram Is tho
only answer I can givo to tho ruuiora of the tall
of Khartoum, which aro most Improbable,"
Baron Plttcuro haa been appointed Belgian
minister to tho Vatican.
Mrs.Weldou, tho famous female lltlgant.who
was committed to prison In London on tha
Slst ultimo for contempt of court, has made an
apology to tho Juduo-'id hu been released.
Uh I in ;ui-i ,i , .j0Wi 1
jviju i' 0) mm v 10 J ,
(Telept-M- w Oiiriw. - i
n, c.

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