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JjV" I
VOL. XXIV XO. 29o.
plough tho Figures to Prove It Are Not
Quite All In.
Tim Latest Returns Show We Have
tho Best of it in New York,
With Indians, Wisconsin, and ill tbt FaclSc
Statu Safely and Sorely la Line.
rdlclitgan anil Welt Virginia In Doubt
-Uovr the Candidate Heard, the
Nsvvs Mr. Illalne Confident Hen
dricks Only llopefut-Ilolh Wiles
Celebrating lu Various Parti or the
AvorsTA, Mfc, Not. 8. This city has been
xcltcd all day over tho election returns,
ilanjr congratulatory dispatches woro re
telred from all quarters by Mr. Blalno. About
noon Senator Mahone telegraphed a conflma
tlon of tlio report previously rccch cd from
John S. Wlso, that Vlrtrtnlajhacl gono republi
can. This news was very consolatory to thoso
of Mr. Blatno'a friends who woro still doubtful
about New York. Early lu the evening n dis
patch was received announcing that California
had declared for lllatuo and Logan by & ma
jority of 10,000, Kevada by a good
majority, and Oregon by at lcait 1,000.
Several discouraging dispatches were received
rom Indiana, which had previously been
regarded as certain for tho republicans. But
Mr. Blaine's friends were not disturbed, be
causo they claimed that their candldato could
bo elected without Indiana. About 9 o'clock,
however, a messogo was received from Mr.
Mlcbcncr, tho secretary of the Indiana repub
lican etato committee, stating that although
tho statowas closo Blalno and Logan would
almost certainly bavo a small plurality. Al
most Immediately after this came tho follow
ing from New York!
"I have accurate returns from every election
district savo 187 In tho state, and, mating
amplo allowance for theso latter, I am sure
you bavo carried tho etato.
"S. B. Tnreat,
"Superintendent Board of I'ollco."
Trora New Orleans came tho announcement
of republican gains on members o' congress
and from Wisconsin and Michigan assuranco
that thoso states were "all right."
Mr. Blalno remained quietly at homo all
day receiving tho returns, and being still
somewhat hoarse lie spent most ot tho tlmo
In his room to avoid the fatigue of talking, to
which ho would havo been subjected had he
remained among his friends as he did last
evening. About 10 o'clock a rrh ato dispatch
was recched announcing great republican
fains In Indiana and certain ictory for Blalno
and Logan. About 10 30 more congratulations
camo In from widely separated points, Indi
cating that the news of Mr. Blaine's election
Bod gono all ov cr tho country.
Indianapolis, Ind.,Noy,6 Gov. Hendricks
has been In rciclpt of telegrams from arlous
sources all day, but has had nothing from the
national democratic committee since morning.
Ho answered a telegram of Mr. Joseph IM
lltzer, of Iho New York H'orW, who nsked his
opinion or the result and the reasons that In
his belief Id to It, and attached uu Inquiry ns
. ujn nci, Juih unu guilU. ill
response, Mr. Pulltzor telegraphs 1 that
New York had given Cleveland andlleudricks
a small plurality, which might bo Increased,
sard how the slato was sure for tho democrutlo
electors.' The lollowlng telegram from tho
Young Men's Independent commlttco gave
Mr. Hendricks considerable personal grutltlca
tlon, but It was not tallsfylug as to tho actual
"l)cllc lug that the war Issues aro tcttlcd.the
Independent republicans havo given voutbo
Hale, and voted In favor of odnunUtr '-a re
form." This evening an Associated Frcss reporter
called upon Gov. llendrlcks,and was accorded
a brief lutcn low. "I (Irmly believe." said tho
Eovernor, "that Indiana has gono dcmocratlo
u decisive majority, and am Inclined to ex
tend my estimate of last night of 6,000 to 8,000.
As to Now York state, of course, 1 can not bo
so certain. If tho Associated Press tljurcs aro
correct, they settle New York state against
Cleveland. The division of tho democratic
vote, between Cleveland anil Sutler, was duo
to the employment of the latter to work in tho
interests of Blaine, 'lliero is no doubt that
Butler v. an working for republican manasern."
At the democratic commlttco rooms, whilo
tho claim of carrying tho state by over 10 tioo
Is still kept up, a furthir claim Is made that
tho republicans aro "doctoring" tho returns to
dccolvo tho peoplo. Chairman Henderson
sajitbo democrats have elected tin congress
men and tho republicans one (Browne), with
two districts, tbo eighth und ninth, in doubt
Chairman New. ot the rcniihllran cninmtrtr.
aays Brow no, Johnon, Stcelo, iincl Oh en !
elected to congress, and that tho I'm ulstri i
la in doubt. Iho stato is In ueubt, and h
claimed by both parties.
nkw rortrc.
The lotest A vocliipd l'us btfctln from
New York state guvo Blulno i,v)i m l,'K
pieclncH outside the eltl"s of Jc w York and
Brooklyn, nnd Cleveland 3"2,ltulu tau same
districts. This made mine's niajorlt) in the
country districts 87,39j Olevcland's rautoiltj
In the two cities Is, c nrdlJg to the latest
emended rcinrus, fib,
Then are 1,037 ditrl' Ma tho stale outsldo
thiol!) 'ou of which 1ml nc. been heard
from, lucituricici glvo blalno u majority of
UU to give btm tlio strie Tl"o figures wcro
received aLoui 11 p. m end then figures from
No Yorl luddeuly cense I to coino. At 2
o'clucl. till morning a dispatch troui Albany
says tbut returns receive! b) Gov. Cleveland
g've him n majority of -,'W.
fetiator (,orm..:i. chutr.uau of tho national
executive committee, sent the lullow ing dis
patch tothe th Irnian of ibos'Mc committee
oflndlanalatolLSinurht! 'The voto In nenrly
every precinct lu tho stato of New York, as
announced in thopolllngplaceswhcncounted,
has been rieehed, and shows a small but fafe
majority for Cleveland and Hendricks:. Iho
ixact figures for the statu will bo given as soon
ss tho returns nro complete Thero will bo uo
lountlng out this time.1'
Tho Aim has retched returns from every
jounly in iho state, und revised returns com
plete iioin (Mi-four of the sixty counties.
lbcyglvc Cleveland IMi plurality.
The Jimrt claims 2,M0 plurality for Cleve
land In this Hate.
'J ho Tribune suys their returns glvo tbls stato
to Blalno by considerable plurality,
A bulletin at 3.30 a. m. gives returns from
1,771 districts outsldu tho cities: Malm, 390,
8.H. Cleveland, UlIr; Butler 10,501; bt. John,
20,M7 ThUleuius Bltiino l,OM) short of ama
Jot Ity, with 220 ton ns to hear from,
There is nn reason to bcllot i that Blaine has
net carried the stato, luiliss'hoclulm.i of tho
democrats tusy In) considered a reason. They
give no figures lo back their claims. On tho
contrary, the figures nn given Indicate very
clearly that thero Is n ground for them.
Aiiiany, N V., .Nov. 6 The lalckt serai
olllelal returns show democrutlo majority in
the state ol 3,2oi, It not belief cd lu demo
crats circles here that this will vary woro
than 200 cither way
The .Iras estimates tho electoral voto at 219
for Clot eland, l'.liir I'uliic. and 00 iloubtful.
Tbo tioubtliil states aro L'ulllorulu, Michigan,
Illinois Netuda, Oreiron, and Wisconsin,
HlMAIo, Nov 6 Iho excltcmcut In this
city Is still unabated Both (utrtlcs claim tho
state, and thudlllerent netesptiper otllccsare
croudtd with thoso anxious to hear tho
latent reports. Both parties huo been parad
ing the streets cheering their cnudldutes. The
main streets are crowded Ith oxclted people
Thero huvo been a few disturbances, but none
ol a serious nature. The latest Humes Ml
and authentic us It is poiblblu to glo them ut
this hour are; Votoot tbo city Blaine, 18,jJ,
Lletebind, 17.17; Butler, 117: bt. John, 1W,
Blaine's plurality in the city, 1.0JJ.
Tne oto oftlie county complete, as recched
rom tho inspectors, und which will, it Is be
lieved, vary little) from the olllelal count,
stands: Blaine .M.'Jll; ( leU'laud.UMS; Butler,
Hi; ft John, 71 i Blaine's plurality lu the
county, 1,31k!. Tor cougius, thirty-second
district, tho titt) stands' John M, larnuahar
(rep.), 17,'IS'J; Bunlcl N. lxckwool Idem,),
l7,i", ruro.uubar'0 majority, 10J. Thirty-tblrd
district Col John B Uler (rep.), 3.W7, Iouls
F, I'd) ne (dcm.), 7,7t; H ebcr s majority, 1,001
Wiiwinoton. N. O, Nov. 8. Tho etato has
gone so oMtwhclinlngly democratic that all
Interest in uio returns imscc-icc'ci luuxist. hid
democrats have carried the first, third, fourth,
Kressloual illsirletH, and tbo republicans tho
.....1 .!....... In .... t, nt nn. nnnimitim.il
It Is almost ccrtalu that the) democrals have a
..n,erH timlnrltv tri the lec-talaturo. Civil
rights and fear of a return to negro rulo In the
eastern counties uiu ihwhw,
IiMAVArtUM, Nov, b. noturni from 051
Totlni proelncts show a net republican gain of
IM' i. This estimato is mado on tho oto of
' when tho democrats had n majority of
M.MlZ If tho above) rato of Increase is main
talned throuiihout tho state, tho republicans
win carry it ny uuu to z,iu majority, non.
John C. Now, chairman of tho republican
stato central commlttco, Is conlldent ol ,A00)
majority. Calkins, for governor, runs about
even with Blaine. Tho republicans havo
broken luosa to night, and nro scattering red
i'tiiut re'garuiess ui expeusu,
Atproscnttherols no change In tho situa
tion as outlined earlier in the evening. At tho
democratic headquarters Chairman Hender
son and Herrctary of Stato M)cra continue to
claim a plurality lu excess of 10,000 for Cleve
land lu Indiana. They do not now insist on
moro than ten conicrcs'imcn, admitting tho
election of Browne, Stcelle. and Owen. Tho
legislature Is unquestionably democratic.
Chairman New now claims tho slate has
given a plurality to tho Blalno electors, but
thinks tbo state ticket is In doubt. To an As
sociated Press rcorter Clov. Hendricks said ho
believed ho had no lurther statement to mako
concerning tho situation.
Bt. Louii, Nov. 6. John O. Trathor, n item
bcr of the democratic national committee, re
ceived the following dispatch late to-nlithti
iNDiANArous, Isn., Nov, 6 It will take
no ntHrlnl pnunt to elctcrmtna tbovnto of In
diana. Largo trains lu democratic counties and
republican losses in their counties show 700
ucmocratlo gain over tuo vote oi two years ago.
i.tgntccn counties are yet to corao in. HOC'
laud has Indiana by many thousands
Avstin 1". Brown,
Chicago, Nov. 6. Itcturns from forty-olght
counties, un to midnight, show lllalnos ma
jority over Cleveland to bo 12,1 lei. Tho net
democratic gaiu is io.ua. mere nrostiii liny
five counties to bo heard from, Including Cook
rounty, Harrison, the democrutlo candldato
for governor, runs slightly ahead of Cleveland.
eox oounty, wun i precincts outsiuo e;ni-
cago missing, gives Cleveland, tj9,8t. and
illalne, Cti.782. Blalno's majority Is CK'll. it
I estimated that, tbo remaining cll-trlcta
will mako It 7,000, a republican loss of 3,01 1,
compared with 1M0. Tor governor, with 3.1
fircclncts missing, Cook county gives Harrison
dem.) a majority of 1,688.
Itcturns from the state up to midnight Indi
cate that the delegation in congress will stand
republicans 12, democrates 8. The present
delegation stands republicans 11, democrats 8,
independent 1. Itcturns on the members ot
tlM state legislature aro meager from many
uiMnrts. ine iimrs claims it win oo ucmo
cratlo on Joint ballot. Tho Aim claims It will
be republican by a small majority.
Atchison, Kan., Nov. 8. Atchison county
complete except ono precinct gives Martin
(rep.), for gocrnor, 118 majority over Ollck,
whoearrio 1 It by 1.J00 in 18tt2. Col. Martin ev
tlmatcs bis plurality lu tho state at from 30,000
to 40.000
The Qiampion claims tho stato for Blalno by
over 00,000 plurality. Tho voto for St. John w as
Insignificant. The complexion of the legisla
ture will Insuro tho return of a republican
United States senator.
Thrco wards of Topoka glo Martin (rep ),
for governor, 1,100 majority, a republican gain
of 1,700 over 1HS2.
Tor-FKA, Kan., Nov. 5. At 8 p.m. tho re
publican stato central commlltiio estimated
Blaine's majority nt 00,000: Martui (rep.), for
governor, 10,000. Kvery republican congress
man Is elected, and the legislature Is almost
unanimously republican.
Richmond, Va., Nov. 5. Tho southwestern
mountain couutles In Virginia Indicate large
democratic gains. In tho seventh ellttrlct
O'Ferntlt (dem.) Is elected to congress over
Webb (rep ) by 3,000 majority.
Alexandria, VA., Nov. 6. Cleveland's ma
jority In the city and county ot Alexandria is
IKil, a republican gain over l&W of 473, and
UICT IUU )) 13C-ia-C'T VOtO Ot iiO-i,
Richmond, Nov. 6. 1 no olllelal and semi
official returns from fifty-nine counties and all
the cities of Virginia glo Cleveland 11,'ftl
majority, i ncse returns cmuraco many or tuo
large republican counties. Nearly all returns
received show democratic gains and lew
losses. Tho democrutlo majority may reach
8,000. The domocra's claim eight of tho ten
contrressuion rrom the stfil. ".
rtrriumrjito. Not. 0 Tho demdernts to
night are cbtlmlng tho statu by 2,000 majority.
senator Mslionoclalms it for the republicans
by 3,000. Crowds are on the streets awaiting
. Tho republicans at midnight claim thu stato
by 8,000 mnjorlty, and tho election of Broily
(rep.), lor congress, by 4 0oo majority. Tho
democrats claim tho stato by 0,000 majority.
llARMso.Miimo, Va., No. 0 llockinghum
gives Clovelond 1 majority: Webb (rep ), o er
100; republican gain o cr voto or 18W. 2.020.
lTirrtsiiLTo, Nov. 6. Returns from this dis
trict aro coming in very slow ly, Brady's ma
jority Is probably 4,000. Fetiator Ma
houo i-ald to-night that tho mnjorlty In tho
Hete would not bo over 1,000 cither way.
BiciiMoiD, Nov. 6. Cleveland's majority In
seventy-five couutles and all tho cities In Vir
ginia is 0,437. A careful estimato of tho re
maining tw enty-llvo counties loav o a clear ma
jority of about 9,000 for Clovelund.
Nr.WArtK. Nov. 6 Tho latett stato returns
lrdlcato Cleveland's malorltv to bo from .'com
to 8,000 Tho republicans elect fjur congres
lneu Hlncs lu the first district, Buchanan In
the seco.id, l'helpi In tbo fifth, and Lchrbucb
In tho sixth. Hie democrats elect three
Orten In the third district. 1'idcock in tin
fourth, and McAdoo In Iho seventh. For thj
legislature the republicans elect 11 scnatora
and tho eleai icruts 10, being 1 dem K-ratli
gain. The ic tlMldm" elect ii, possibly .17
us, Tiblymen. and the d mocrats 10 or 12, hi
sui lug rt republican majorltv.
TBrsrow. N j Nov u -lew Jcrrcy 13 nn.
elo.ibte dlv ii. moeratl', unless Hudi m ccnn'i
should glveautuci) sinullri inajorlij than i
now cUlmcd nanmly 4fnvi Tim Irentnr
7. n. s I'.u careful cimatcsIMm dlthocouii
tics hawini;(ToTlti id's mtjoi Ity to be2
the estimate I mal.ilLliln tt e eoi nfntfi),
lollons: Jlei urlllcun-AtlHnllc. mj, liurl c
ton. 415: lauirh i, 2.I0J ('a no May, 300, Cum
rpiuiud, 'M: lsiox, 1,'ji Oloneester, 6.o;
I'nlco, CIS; Morris, 4J1, Ocun, 450; I-iinale,
JoO; Salem, auiij loiol, ,ill. Liembcratle
licueu, fex IIi'.-lon, 4,0f) Hunterdon, 2,100;
Middlesex M; Monmoulii, l.OuJ; ijomernet
200; buex, 1,228; Warren, 1,600, total, 1H0
Democrutlo Lciijorlty, 2,283.
'IlLWAUKEK. Nov. " I Ptum.e fr)m nrpf
hair the towns an 1 wards ol tho state assure
tho election of tho reptibllcr.i national and
slato tickets not les i than 10,000. Tho re
publican! ba o elected six out of the nine con
gressmen, with ouo district Iho sixth In
doubt. Tho following are thererubllcau con
grcssmeu elected, with their prcibablu majori
ties: Caswell, first district, DOW; I afu)ctto,
third, 1,000, Van bebalck, loitrth, 1,000,
Thomas, soventh, 1,500; l'rico, clgltlh, o.oOOj
Stephenson, uiutb, 12,000. Tho democrats
lias o eicctcu jiruifK in mu beeunti ui&irictunu
Ituuklu in tho tinii. Tho contest between
Uuenther (rep.) and Smith (dem,), in tho sixth
district, is very close, and tbo official count
will probably bo necessary to dccldo tho ciues-
Uon- ....
At uo prewous election in Wisconsin has
thero been such delay in rcccltlng r 'turns
from tliottuloasatpicseiit. For twenty-lour
hours the figures base been coining lu lu drib
lets, and uru so scuttered ubotu the ttato that It
bus been almost lmHhslble to form a rollublo
estimato ou ntiy particular section, Tho re
spective beudqunilcrs ot the republican and
democratic ttato central committees in this
city bavo been crowded during tho entire day
b) purty leaders from ariousi arts of tho slato
ant! an interested popu'ace. It is now thought
that the republicans havo elected the entire
stute ticket, secured the legislature, and gained
four congrcssitie n. lte turns Irom dc elding pre
cincts in tbo sixth congressional district now
usuro tho election of Uuenther (rep.), which
had been lu doubt until litis evening This
w ill muke the state's congressional representa
tion stand 7 re publicum to 2 democrats. Re
turns from 4J8 towns and wards show a net
democratic galu nf 7,778 on tho presidential
ticket us compared with lb.sn, .Should a pro
portionate gain bo shown for the democrutlo
ticket In the remaining precincts, illalne will
bavo carried Iho state by lo.OOOuiuJority, Later
returns are rhowing a smaller average demo
crutlo gain.
Mii.w M'Kre, Wis., Nov. & Returns estimates
place Iho republican plurality lu this stato
ut 10,000. The republicans elect 7 out of 9 con
gressmen, llraju und RunMii boll.g chosen by
tho democrats This is it gain of 4 Tho legis
lature Is republican in both branches. At
mldulght 2,IjOJ republicans aro purdlng tho
streets of Milwaukee with bunds and bauners.
San Francisco, Nov. 6. Four hundred and
clghtceu preclttots and wards In forty-three
counties out-ldo of Sau l'rauelscoghe Blalno
2,77, Cles elund 2I,CJ1, against tlarllcld EJ.e-JO,
lluueoek 21,Uf2
Although returns aro still Incomplete, yet
they are sufficiently full to s'iow that tbo stuto
has nono republican. Tho most couscmitlvo
now estimate Blaluo's ntujorlty nt 2,000 In litis
clt) aud 0,000 In the lu'crlor, gslug liim a full
mulorlty or l00O, but tho republicans'
victory goes lurther They seem,
according to tho latest returns to have
wrested tho six congressmen from their
oiiiKWcuts, and, wht-t is equally Important,
they havo elected a siiltlelcnl uuuibcr of legis
lators to gls u them a majority ou Joint ballot,
cUIng tho state another icpubllcun United
Stater senator. Iho ealns ou many of the
local tickets hue o been very large. Thu stato
has literally jumped from tuo democracy Into
republicanism. Protection has beenthe cause.
Oregon gives xtiaino a majority ni j.uw, uuci
tho republicans claim Nevada by l.Oov.
New OrctiASS, Nov. 6. Tho election of Oov
Ilahn (rep.) to congress, from tho scoond con
grcislonal distHct, by l.sJJ majority, defeating
Judgo Y. T. llouitou, was a great sururlso to
tho regular city dotnocrats. (Jov. llahit was
nominated by tbo Independent labor party.
menus ot iioatncr time, eicni.; uihi pivivj
(re n.t concede (ion. Klmr'a (dem.) election to
congress In tho firth district by 3,000 majority.
(Jov. Kellogg'a friends admit Ills deicat for
congress, in tuo intra uistnei, uy ow uinjv)inl
by K. J. (lay (protcctlonut dem.), a wealthy
sugar planter. . . .
A dispatch to Don. A. S. Badger, chairman
of tho republican committee, reports tho mys
terious tlliappcaraneo of Felix Monley, United
States lupcrvlwr at Fausso l'olnt. Ho has not
been seen since he left Lurcativillo at 12 o'clock
last night With his returns for Now Iberia. It
Is thought that ho has been violently dealt
NBwOnMtAtffl, Nov. B. Tho actlvo brunt of
tho fight lu this stato was against Kellogg In
tho third district. It is conceded that Day
spent over KO.otjo, knowing that the democrats
had the ability to carry tho state for Cleve
land. The democrats ottered to trado votes
for Blalno against Kellogg. No one doubts
that Kellogg's defeat, If accomplished, Is dua
to tho riots, bloodshed, and arrest of leading
rentihlleans In Iberia and other narlshos.as well
ns ine invitui use oi uiuuuy, auu mu leBvio
in several instances to counting out auu stun
lnitliArnnnrpulnnal boxes. Thero was a tro-
mencious vote poiieu, neiioggKcumK nearly in
many votes as uuiu iiuuu uuu oi. iieumu, nuw
wero elected In tbo city districts. The latest
returns show that (Jay has les than btX) over
Kellogg, 'mere wcro two ooxes uscu in inu
district, ono for congressman and tho other for
presidential electors. In Iberia parish, where
Kellogg ought to havo over l.Otio majority, tho
killing of ot or twenty colored people and three
white republicans prevented tho colored peo
ple from voting.
Following Is the official vote of New Orleans :
Cleveland, 12,W, Blalno, 0,8'O. Clovcland'a
majority In tho state will not probably exceed
15.000. The democrats elect all their congress
men except In tho sccoud district.
miI.ADM.niu, Nor. 6. Complcto returns
from all iho legislative districts lu tho stato
except Way ue county show that tho scnato
w lit havo 31 republicans and 19 democrats and
the houso 11' republicans and O'J democrats,
with two doubtful districts (Wayno county).
This will give the republicans 91 majority on
Joint ballot even should the democrats In
waviiocountr elect their two cundldatcs. In
tbo present legislature tho dem crtshuvo a
majority ot 13 on Joint ballot as follows: Sen
ato Republicans, 30; democrats, 20. House
ltepubllcuns, N; democrat". 113.
PjiiLAbmitiA, Nov. 5 Tho official returns
from seven counties lu this state, and careful
estimates from others, iudicatu a plurality of
70,000 for Blalno.
Following Is tho congressional delegation :
1st district Bingham, R.
2d district O'Neill, 11.
3d district Kendall. D.
4th district Kelly, lb
nth district Hurmer, It.
Cth district Ucrbart, It,
7th district Lvans, It.
Mb district l.rmcntrout, D.
Otli district Hlcstatid, U.
10th district towden, I).
11th district .Storm. 1).
12th district - Scranlon, R.
1.1th district Brumm, Il.-O.
llth eli'trlct Hound, It.
15th district Bunnell, It.
15th district Broun, it.
17th district. Campbell, R.
16th district Atkinson, It,
l'.'th, district Duncan. V.
20th district..
..('urtin. D.
21st district
22.1 district
2.11 district
Boyli), D.
Nettle y, It.
11a) no, It.
lacksun. R.
Fluvge-r 11.
Scott, V.
Osborne, R.
Ith district
Mb district
2nlli district
S7th district
At lari;o....
Boston, Nov. 5. Lodgo (rep ), candldato for
congress in tho sixth district, basr clltUmcd
for a recount of votes. Iho plur.ll.) of Lov
crlnrr (dom ) Is 1,173. v'
Following Is tho congressional delegations
1st district
'2d district...!...
3d district
..It. T. Davis. 1L
-John I), Long, R.
A. A. Jtanney, It.
..P. A. Collins, D.
. ...(!. I). Hayden, It.
4th district
0th district.,
GUI district .
..il. ii. jA)cring, u.
til district 11 1'. Stone. R.
Mi district Chas. II. Allen, R.
Wh district Fred D. l!ly, R.
10t!i district W. W. Rice, R.
llth district Wm. Whltln.-. It.
12th difrtct 1'. W Rockwell, R.
A republican gain of two congressmen.
Hartford, Nov. B.C'.ev eland carries tho
state by 1,200 plurality. There Is no election
of govcr nor by tbo people, W allcr (dem ) fall
ing of a majority by about 1,200. The legisla
ture is largely republican, aud will elect Mr.
Harrison. This is definite aud reliable, and
the result will not bo changed.
HAltTKor.D, Cosk., Nov, 0 Tho total s,oto
for goveraor in Connecticut, csery town bcliu
heard from Is 137.310. Harrison (rep.), C0,41ii;
Waller (dem.). G7.CS9: Palmer (tiro 1. 1.811.
' Curtis (Butler), 1,377; Waller's plurality 1.25J.
W aller a minority 0S1. T he leginlalure, which
I Is largoly republican, will elect tho republican
stato ticket und ro elect United btatcs Senator
. H. l'latt. Tho scnato stands
eventccn. republicans t , seven democrats,
it republican gain of 1. Trie house oi represen
ted ci stands 100 republicans to S'J democrats,
ir publican gain of 10. Tbo republican ma
!u you tho joint ballot Is 81; last )car. C7.
, Cho total voto for cougi ssracn In tho stato
nas- 'cpubllcau, 6'j.Us.. tlcinoctatie, Cii,80o.
scatti lug, 1,'01-te npei nco nna Butler, 1,3'Jl;
rept bllcau plu-ullty, 1,5. Tho total vote for
rc.iL.reii.'nau L l'j larger than for president.
niw iiAMPsiiinr.
Coscortu, Not. 8. Two hundred and forty
one ton lis and wards gh o Illalne JO. loo, Cleve
land 31 rM, St. John 1,125, and Butler (07;
Blulue plurality 4,118. The tnrao places glo
Currlri irep.), forgotcrnor, 3VH0; lllll (dem.)
35,18' Ms,on (p ) and bcatte rmtr 1,'H' Thu
remelU'i thirt, one towns lu Is .'s.holl.llu
I'tli.) li.ll. J Hi- lies (Qjiu.i "'.ivNUtiu 7seat'
toi ntr. bl'ouldtnc sotobot!
bo tro tamo thUsear
cnriie.'a miijorlt) will bo ,1'J.
Ho will bo
elected by tbo people.
White Itivrn Jlnction, Vt., Nov. 6. Re
turns received from 107 towns glvo Blalno 33,.
315; Cleveland, 111,012; Butler, CO'); St. John,
1,189, and BcIsa Lockwood, 1, mnklnga plu
rality for Blulno of 20,30.1, with 43 towus want
ing to closo tho canvass. Tho towns heard
from guvo Guilleld 11,107: Hancock, 13,703
and Weaver, 1.1 IJ, a plurality for (inrileldof
21,011. Tho towns not beard from gao Gar
field a plurality of 2.'.'). If the above propor
tion Is preserved, Blalno will havo in tho com
plctocunwuej a plurality or 22,530 The voto
lor Belt a Lockw ood w a,s cast In Mlddlcbttry.
Jacksonvh i r, Nov. 6. Unofficial returns
from all but three counties in tbo second con
gressional district Indicate tho election of
JloiiKlicrty (dem.) oer Blsbce (rep.) by 700
plurality. The stato is democrutlo by 1,000
Tho euuntios west of tho Apulaclilcola river
will go democratic by a majority of 1,250. This
fcctlou w us the stronghold ot l'one, tito repub
lican candldato lor governor, and leas es Perry,
th" democrat, lu a better shupu than was ex
pi clod Davidson, thu democrutlo candldato
lor congress, runs ahead of tho ticket In sev
eral couutles.
Bra Moines. Iowa. Nov. 5. Tho renubllcans
carry Iowa by a plurality rrobably of HO.ooo to
35,0OJ ou tho national ticket, 25,0a) to 30,000 on
the stato ticket, and elect congressmen 'lu ten
of tho cloven districts Wiiolsou In the first,
Henderson in iho third, Fuller In the fourth,
bmlth lu the Hub, Campbell lu the sixth, Con
ger and Smith (latter to fill vucancy) in tho
set cnth, Hepburn in tho eighth, Lyman III tho
ninth, Holmes lu tho tenth, and strttblo In tho
eleventh, T he fuslouists elect Murphy In tbo
second district. This gives a republican gain
ot 3. We aver (fusion) was defeated lu thu sixth
district by 50 voles.
DFNVEit, Nov. 5 Additional but Incomplete
returns show Blalno's majority In this county
to bo about 1,600; In the stute, 1,000 a net re
publican gain oi l.Woourlho votoof l&W.
Hyus (rep ), lor congress, Is elected b) about
2,000: Futon (rep ), lor governor, Is elected
by i,500, ui.d Brcero (rep.), lor lieitteuant
governor by too, Tbo bulatico of the stale
ticket l elected by majorities ranging Irom
3,000to4,0O0, The republicans ol this t ounty
elect their entire legislative tlckei Tho legis
lature Is largely republic an us ut present 1 be
Butler aud St, John vole u as light throughout
tho stato,
8t, Louis, Nov. 5. Seven counties gli o Mnr
maditke (dem.), lor governor, 3,221 uiajoil!) ; 21
counties glvo ti,O09 majority lor 1 ord, litslon
lor governor; Infu)etto count) glses Uruves
(dem.). for congress, lu the llfih district t.5jd
majority, Thu latest Information rccch d by
tho deuiocralioM tocotuniittoo is to tho c tree t
that Thomas (de ) Is elected over Wade (rep.)
In the ililuecnth district by a small majority.
DrinotT, Mien., Nov. 6 Tho returns from
Michigan, lu regard tu tho fusion otc, may bo
somewhat confusing. The republican voto Is
In lull on tho leading candidates. To gel tho
full fusion ote on president it Is nccoary to
add tho veto give separately In the bulletins
lor Cleveland and Butler. If tho voto of tbo
state is decided for tho fusion ticket, its seems
probable ut this writing (7 p. ni.), Cleveland
will receive six electoral vote", Butler six, and
ono goes for Illalne. In voting tho green
backers voted for the sarao men for twelve
electoral places and Tor different men lor the
thirteenth place, which allows a cbanco for
one Blatno elector. It was desired to llnd tho
relative strength of tho greenbackers and tno
democrats, and henco tho voto Is sent sep
arately, Tho reports no far In glvo very lllllo
lmormutiou uikiui tuo upper peninsula, suie-u
is a republican stronghold, but the indications
aro mat mat aro great ciemocrntto gains.
Bctiioit, Nov. 6. Before midnight tbo dem
ocrats still claim tho election of their state
ticket, but make no claims on tho national
ticket. Blalno probably carries the state, but
It Is not yet decided. The republicans claim
that he has tho stato vote, with several thou
sand plurality.
NASHY1M.E, Nov. 6. Tho following repub
lican congressmen aro elected in- this stato t
1'ettlbono In the first district, llouck In tbo
second, and Taylor In tho tenth. Tho rest of
tho congressional delegation is democratic
Tho democrutlo majority In tho legislature is
considerably reduced. Bate (dem.), for gov
ernor, Is probably elected by a reduced ma
jority, en attatoooa. Nov. C The rcDubllcan ma
jority lu tbls county for Blalno Is 1.DO0, and
for l.vatts (rep ) for congress '2,100. A cotorcd
man e'ocs to tho legelature with 300 mntorltv.
Ncal (dem.) will bo elected to congress by W)
or tiw majority.
Jackson, Nov, 0 Nothing lias been hoard
to chango iho rosult already announced. Tho
latest returns ouly Increase tho democratic
majority. Thero is an unbroken delegation to
congress, a gain of two for tho democrats.
The chairman of tno democrutlo oxecutlvo
committee claims tho state by a majority of
30.000. Tbislsllnal until tho official vote Is
CoLCMncs, Not. 8. r.lghty four counties In
Ohio, reported unofficially, git o a net republi
can majority of 30,1 M. Thero are four counties
yet to hear from Henry, Monroe, Ottawa, and
Baubling. In October they ga o ft not demo
cratic majority of 0,310. They probably glvo
'200 less yesterday, which will mako tbo repub
lican plurality lu the state about 31,000,
Lewiston, Nov. &. A dispatch to the Jburna
ays: Two hundred and twelvo towns glvo
Blalno 01,352, Cleveland 37,120, Butler 2,872,
bt. Jobn 1,0)5. Blalno's plurality Is 11,'232.
rortTLAND, Nov. 0. This slato Is republican
by 1,000 to '2,000 majority. Tho indications are
that Armstrong (rep) is elected to congress
from Washington territory.
Virginia City, Nov. B. But half the ballot
was counted up to 3 p. m , but enough to show
that Blaine, Washburn, and tho entire repub
lican legislature Is elected. Mory county Is
curried by 300 to 400 majority. The republican
stato central commlttco claim the state by 1,100
W'lirEMNn. Nov. fi. Eleven countlas out of
the ilfty-iut) gho net republican gains of l.eoo
over the voto or October. A gain of 700 moro
In the remaining counties would glo tho ftato
one halt (J otcs) to Blalno and one-half to
Oalvestov, Not. B. Later returns do not
materially chango tho majority on the demo
crutlo state ticket. Cleveland's majority over
Blulno Is 100,000,
The Forty.Nlntli Congress.
The returns ot congressmen elected Indicate
that tho next houso will staud about as Rlvon
below. I.tcr returns will no doubt chnngo
theso ilguies somen hut, but to no great extent.
Thu houso will be democratic.
18S2. 1851.
Bern. Rep. Dem. Rep.
Alabama 8 8
Arkansas. S .. 5
California 0 2 1
Colorado 1 1
Connecticut 3 12 2
Delaware 1 1
llorlcla 112
Georgia 10 It)
Illinois U 11 10 10
Indiana u 4 8 5
Iowa 4 7 2 9
Kansas 7 7
Kentucky 0 2 10 1
l,oiilslanu 5 16 1
Maine 4 4
Marylat 1 4 2 0 1
Massaci ".s 4 8 2 10
Mlchlgat b . 0 0 5
Mluneso.H & 5
Mlsslsslpi .', 2 7 ......
Missouri II 12 2
Nebraska J , 3
Nevada 1 1
Now Hampshire.- 2 2
New Jersey. 3 4 3 1
New York 21 l'l in is
North Carolina 7 2 H l
Ohio 13 3 1 1 10
Oregon- I i 1
Peuii'Vlvinla 12 V b 20
Rhode i Und 2 2
Siiu'.h iirollnu 0 11
I nn ice 8 2 7 3
T va- 10 1 11
Vein oat- 2 2
Vlr ila D 6 0 4
Wet Virginia 3 12 2
Wisconsin .. 0 3 7 2
Total I lutt 127 1 178 147
Nork. In the conro,s ol 1M2 rcadjtistcr,
ludcpe i ,cnt, and gncnba"k members ute
classed as demot rutsor republican, a 'cording
to'vhlcliof the two lar,rvr panics thoy acted
with upou political questions Tno itctuul
number of bona fldo republican members was
X Big lire In Pennsylvania.
BUFFALO, N, Y' Nov, 5. At 2 o'clock this
morning tho Gleusou Opera house atCorry,
Pa, was burned. Loss, 515,000. Tho Ray.
mond Manuluctnrlng company, tho Bntcrprlso
Manufacturing company, and the Witklu Jlfe.
graph occupied tho premises, und lust ttS,0o0,
Chas. l'ruo, general mtrcliuut; White
head tfc Turner, wholcsalo grocers: John Ross
!. Co , McL'all, Michv n i). Cj , w bolesulo drug
gists, O A. W, Wurido, hard ware; (Jarre nu 3j
Frere, w bolesulo elry goods; W, A R. Brodto,
Hour; lenuoii, Peursiill 4 Co , flour; (1 Tun
guay, flour, J. 1). Renaud, Hour; McLlnn .1
Oo , dry goods; tho custom house and vurious
retail stores. Tho loss will amount to over,
Eutclanil and Mexico.
City of Mr.xieo, Nov. 6. Tho terms of tho
conversion of thu English debt aro still under
consideration by tho eommlttee of tho house.
Tho renewal of diplomatic relations with Lug
laud, tho terms of which do not Include the
recognition ot tho debt, but statuthutthu bitter
is simply an obllKuiloii to privuto indlv idtials,
was mulled by the senate on tho 20ih ultimo,
Tho raltllcatlou was signed finally by tho Brit
ish envoy and tho Mexican under nccrctury
fur foreign nlbtlrs on tho 27th, aud was pro
claimed ly the president on tho samo duy.
Trying to Lynch a Murderer.
CoLUNDis, Ohio, Not. 8. Putrick Doylo, who
was shot tnu mob on tho streets lust night,
died carl) this morning. Iteiwasau ex-police-man
aud highly respected. W II. Thurston,
u w hlto man and u sewing machine agent, has
betn urrcstod us guilty of tho shouting, Ho
was secreted by the officers In a elUtaut part of
the city till near daylight to shield him from a
mob which had formed to tako summary von
gcuuec. Thu uvldcuco agulust him is sals to
bo strong.
The Limits of the Argentine Republic,
Bufnos AYitlJi, Nov. 6. The Brazilian press
cousldcrs that the arranging of tho limits of
tho Argentine republic by means, a plan which
was lately proposed, would bo Inconvenient
and inoppoitiiue, as It Is thought that certain
complicated Internal questions would be likely
to uiltu by so doing.
The Chanro of Mediation.
Paws, Nov. 6. Puma Minister Ferry has
Inlormed Karl tirutivllle, English secretary of
rtnto for foreign ntlalrs, if China accepts medi
ation wit limit delay or Increasing further ox
pcno Ii) military operations, that Franco will
limit Its claim of indemnity to ii 10,000,000.
A oir Polygamy Trial.
Salt Lakh City, Utah, Nov 8. The trial
of Joseph K ans for poljgamy was begun In
thu district court to-day, Tbo day was con
sumed In obtaining a Jury.
Crowds Surround the Kenipaptr Ofuccs In All
Hie I railing Cities xcliciiitut Ottr the
Coufllctlnr Dispatches TheflBrtcnse Inter
est Bsnlfeitod In ."ictt Tork fltj-Lifri-body
Anxious to Know the licialt.
The greatest Interest In tho election returns
yesterday was manifested all over tho coun
try. Tho dispatches on Tuisday evening had
been so conflicting that both republicans and
democrats had gouo to bed very much dls
eatlsfled, and so at tho earliest possible hour
yesterday crowds thronged about tbo various
newspaper offices iuall Iho principal cities
and eagerly scanned tno later aud fuller re'
turns. The republicans who had flt some
what cast down the night before gathered
now hopes and fresh courage as the dispatches
becamo moro favorable ror Mr. Blalno, and
tho democrats who had retired full of enthu
siasm felt their conlldence slowly slip away as
tho news showed steady and Increasing gains
for tho Plumed Knight,
In New York city almost every kind of nows
could be obtained. Tho Timet, World, and
Herald Insisted that Cleveland had carried tho
stato and was elected. The &un maintained
that tho news was not sufficiently
accurate to state positively who was
elected, whilo the Tribune, In an extra,
asserted that Blalno had carried New
Y'ork and was elected. Tho most lntcnso
anxiety was felt as to tho result In tho stato,
for It w as felt that either candldato who should
carry New Y'ork would bo elected, As the re
turns from tho Interior ol the stato began to
show large republican majorities, calculations
were made ution the remaining counties,
assuring slmtllar gains, aud the conclusion
was readied that Blalno would como down to
Harlem river with a plurality sufficiently largo
to ovcrcomo Cleveland's plurality up to that
point, with a good margin to spare, and at
noon tho J a aid conceded tho stata and elec
tion to Blaine. Thealtcruoon pajiersudmlttcd
tbut such an ot cut was possible, and tho Com
mercial AdnrtiHr emphatically asserted
Blalno's election, undtnnt he had carried Now
lorie by a huuusomo plurality.
Tho crow els around the vurious newspaper
offices were simply enormous, aud completely
blocked travel both ou llta sidewalks and lu
tho ttrcots. Those seeking republican in
formation gathered around the Aim and
lYibune, while the llaal'l captured the demo
crats, and all day long thu crowds still re
mained. So great was tlio general Interest felt
thut conductors on the elevated railroads
would Jump off at tlio various stations, get
bulletins which vrcro awaiting them, there, aud
read them to the passengers, who cheered as
the news coincided wltu their s) iupathlcs.
At a large number of places up town bulletins
wcro displayed aud were eagerly scanned by
large numbers or people, although tho crowds
were not so great as thoso dow n town, Ev ery
class of people seemed Interested; merchants
and brokers neglected tbclr business and
mingled with thu crow ds nbout tho newspaper
offices; vvorklngmcu wcro present by thu thou
sands, and on the edges or tho crowd could bo
seen many ladles, lu fact, tho fair sex ex
hibited tho liveliest concern over tho result,
and lu tbo cars aud busses tho vurious extras
Issued wcro seen In tho hands" of as many
ladles as in thoso ofccnulne voters.
In Brooklyn thero was n Jojous fraterniza
tion between tho democrats mid independents
early In the morning because they thought
ibeyhad won n victory. The democrats ad
mitted that they could not lint a polled so largo
a voto without the assistance of tbo "mug
wumps," nnd wero consequently grateful for
the aid that the bolters hactglvunihcm. Tbo
independents felt that they had administered
n Just rebuke to tho republicans for nomina
ting a candldato whom they could not support.
They were accordingly tatlslled with them
selves nnd tho democrutlo nurtv. Later in tbo
uay ncituer democrats nor inucpcneionts wcro
so much satisfied. Both began to feel that
their labors had been In vain, and the luiley
pel dents wished they had not bolted the re
publican ticket.
In Buffalo, Oov, Cleveland' home, there
wan great uncertain!) man! ert a oy tho dem
ocrutsand butlllt'o nthus.a.i , exhibited by
tbo republicans onrly lit tint ds 'J ho farmer
claimed tho slid ot Ncvfcn bylO,oo3nnd
the latter by 8,u0o. lu thenilcmoou lisp itches
wcro received by the republic 'ins stating that
Blaine had curried Indiana nnd -Michigan;
that Najsachusclls was homewhnt in doubt,
but had probably gone for Bla'ne, ami that
tbostateot Noiviorklmd uiidoultcdly gono
for him, Tho republicans thereluru silileucd
up their backbono and becamo conlldent of
Blaine's election.
Tho town of Brownvlllo, In Washington
county, Pa., Is thu birthplace of Mr. Blaine,
and during tho entire campaign tlio greatest
lntercyl has been manifested by tho people of
thut place In the eanvassnf their former towns
man. On Tuesday tbo town went republican
for tho llrst time In lis history. Obi gruy-hulred
men who had never voted mi) thing but tho
democratlctlckctluthclr lives before marched
un to tho polls aud dcjHisltcd their ballots for
Blaltic. A gentleman w ho was lu Brownv lllo
ou election clay called at till: Iflt'L'JtLlclN
office last night und ald he had never seen
much lutcrcstdbplajed In aemalllowu nsiia
shown there. Tno people wcro detennln i
that one of tho candidates nt least should bo
supported lu his native own.
In Chicago tho unco uluty as to tho general
result provoked great ..itercet In tbo later re
turns, nnd )csterduy nut a clay of high excite
ment. The streets w io thronged ull Tuesday
uitjue uy veuieiiim ere is lie uuitt ui cue uuue-
tin tiourds, and the conflicting nature of tho
reports allotted tho adherents of both patties
to cheer for the success oi tholr candidates
when tho indications tended their way. Tlio
remarkable sight was precuted of theso largo
enrolls Mill lingering lu the heart ot tho city
after the llrst editions or tho morning papers
had appeured 'Die evening p tpers ..in lvourly
editions throughout tho entire night to meet
thuiravlugol tho populace foi the latest in.
telllgcucu Irom New York und other doubtful
slates. As the day advanced the crotvdsiibnut
thonowspapcroliiccsswolledti) such propor
tions us to bloekndo travel aud whilo
there was wild cbccriii" y ropublltaus and
democrats alike, tbo behavior of tho crowds
was excel.eut. The returns from Illinois c imo
insluuly, and weie nt n nature to cic'ise
doubt ns to tbo possible majorities, but the
slato w ns generally conceded to the republi
cans both ou Iho state aud presidential tickets.
The chairman of the republican ttato com
mlttco claimed durlug tno urternoon 20,000 re
publican majority for governor and a republi
can majority lu both branches of the legisla
ture. Hi Petersburg, Va., there was nearly as
much anxiety to hear from New York ns to
learn tho result In tho Old Dominion. Both
panics claimed Vlrglnln, but Mr. Stlth Del
Bug, a member ortho republlcuu stato com
mlitcc.audiien Mahone were satisfied that tho
statu would go republican by about 0,000 ma
jority. Tho following telegram it us received
In this city last evening;
Richmond, Va Nov, 0 To Johv Asiiileii
Smith : Result not certain, but it looks as if
tho stato had gouo from J.OoO to 5,000 republi
cans. Wm. E. Cameron.
The News In Europe.
Londov, Nov, 6. American coteries In Paris
and London have been greatly excited over
the presidential election in the United states.
Tlio various news rooms were kept open
throughout tho night, and as the coulllctlng
accounts were received ench purty becume nl
tcrnatciy Jubilant or depressed, Tho demo
crat, houcuT, havo been the most sanguine.
Private dispatches wcro hourly received nt the
American hxchauge In Charing Cross, where
there wero congregated anxious crowds of
American tourists, one dispatch w as received
saying thut New York slato had been carried
by tho democrats by 40 ooo majority, but the
reports and rumors dually dwindled that figure
down to a republican v Ictory of flv o to ten
TuoMuii'frinl, arguing upon tho h) pothcsls
thut Mr. ( lev eland husbecii elected president,
su)s that the election will uaturull) imply a
sweeping displacement of those whoso means
of livelihood depend upon polities. Mr.
Cleveland's friends would forcibly urgo upon
him that it was his llrst duty to expel those
who htul been futtened by corruption
Tho 7Jti!i.v .Venn, lu Its editorial upon the
latest advices Irom America thut Blalno bus
10 two majority In New York slate, days this re
sult must ben surprise to hlsirlends us much
as to his opponents. It says: "Mr Blalno has
fought his battlu w Ith uu cuergy and spirit that
even hts opponents must ndinlre, Mr. (Bud
stone's recent cflorts in Scotland wcro almost
Insignificant compued with the cllortsor Mr.
illalne. Nevertheless, the gradual recovery
en luoiicinutriiiu party iruiu tnu rreat eicpres-
sionor jn.s encourages i nu ticinuc-raisj nnu
..In.m.lliaCihnnniinl. 'I lift hnx.inl !.r,l
alarms their opponents Tho present tuigglo
is sln.pl)' n question ot ; crsouai protcreuee
The iurgcncssol tho vote 1. a hoalthtul sign ot
tho Interest that Americans tako In thoir
1 s
flood Nlodilla In Canada.
QuliiCc, Nov. &. A snow storm w hlclt set In
yesterday altt moon still continues. About six
or seven Inches of snow has ulreudy fallen aud
toads are in very bad condition,
lake Steamer Burned.
KALAMiroo, Midi. Nov, 8. Tho steamer
Grace Greenwood, of the South Haven and
Chicago lino, was burned at her dock lu South
Ilivcu last night. Loss SJO.ooo,
Crowds About tbo Newspaper Offices Proces.
slons, Shoots, aud Doubts.
Toward night the crowds, which hadgrcatty
decreased allcr 1 o'clock, reassembled about
tho newspaper offices nnd tho New York ave
nue republican headquarters. The same cheer
ing aud yelling was current, a about being
ready for almost anybody on tho slightest
provocation, nnd often arose without auy ap
parent cause and for nobody In particular. In
fact, tho largest expenditure of energy and
waste of wind power occurred on general
principles. The appcarauco of n country
wagon with a United States flag (lying and a
quartotto of brooms tied to tbo corners caused
quite a furore. Assaults by half Intoxicated
whlto men upon negroes wcro reported in sev
eral places. These generally occurred Just after
a dispatcli or rumor of dcmocratlo origin had
ttftoumu common property. Tbo polieowero
well placed, however, anel prevented any serf
ons trouble bv thclranDarcut ubinultv. I.
Arnold. Ill whoso precinct (tho fifth) most of
the cxcltemcntoccurrod.was about thoirrcater
part or the day and night, looking alter his
own men anel tuo crowds they w ere caring for,
An cuthuiiastlo democrat, alter reading a
bulletin displayed in the window of tho lut,
claiming that Cleveland's majority lu New
York was 0,000, offered to bet (10 to 1 that
Cleveland would bo the noxt president, Thero
wcro no takers,
A dorcn democrats in a carrlago drove up
and down tho aveuuo yelling and hurrahing
lor Cleveland.
Three different processions, formed by Iho
democrats lu front of Vernon row, marched
up the avenue aud uulled on F street In front
of tbo l.bbllt bouse. There wcro about 200
men In each procession. They yelled them
se lvca hoarso In cheers for Cleveland, etai cral
of tho ladies at tlio Bbbltt houso waved hand
kerchiefs as tho procession passed that hotel.
headed by Thomas J. I.tilirell, was followed
by an old colored man who responded to their
cheers for Cleveland by hurrahing Tor Blalno
until his voicogrcw so weak he could not bo
Flection returns were received last night at
Ferguson's drug store, corner Sccoud street
and l'ennsjlTaula avenue, Capitol hill, and
posted. About 150 persous were congregated
there until near midnight. The other streets
of that section were almost deserted.
The rooms of tho republican finance com
mlttco on New York avenue were well filled
In tbo early part of last evening and quite a
crowd collected outside. Tho dispatches rend
wero received with satisfaction, anil vvneti ono
stating that tho Nuw York Trieunr had put out
a ouuciino ciaimiug every noriueru siueo uuu
Virginia for lllilue was announced, the wild
est cheering lollovvcd and tho hearers con
cluded that they hud gotten good news enough,
Thu rooms were closed bolero 10 o'clock nnd
the crowd dispersed, coufidont lu tho election
of tho republican ticket.
A small baud of men, with wind Instruments
and one drum, serenaded tho building In
which Tin ItLruiiLtCAS olllco Is ut 1 .30 o'clock
this morning. Tho music was n trifle w cak, as
bollltcd the hour, but an ngreeablo relief from
tho Incessant ) clllng w hit h hail w curled the
cars of tho night-workers fur 3o hours.
Hotel Clerks and Saloonkeepers the Stake.
holders for a Considerable Amount.
There has been somo very heavy belting dur
ing tho past week on tho election, und whilo
most of tho money bet w as placed In tlio hands
ol mutual Irlcuels of thu Interested parties,
very large amounts havo been deposited at
various public places.
At tho National hotel, Mr. Harbin, tho room
clerk there, representing a "pool," has up
wards of 517,000 bet, and other parties have
deposited bets of various amounts, reaching
upwards of 65,000, altnottgn tho clerk in chargo
last nl-ht seemed disinclined to give any In
formation on the subject, pleading Ignorance
of the amounts.
Mr. John Healer, at tho St. James, holds
nearly 51.000. part of which was bet on tbo
general result, and tho rest on tho result la
New Y'ork state, .
At the St, Mare hotel a largo number of bets
havo been made, with Mr, lllckey and his
purtner as slukcholdcrs, but lu almost ov cry
caso the bets wcro of small amounts aud ag
gregate from t ,ixi0 to 52,500
Considerable bettUig, senile In considerable
amounts, has been done nt tho Metropolitan,
but the barkcicpor declined to becomo general
stakeholders, and holds only nbout 5100.
At ttie (Jem saloon, ou theater row, tho pro
prietors hold about 5100.
At shoemaker's saloon tho cashier holds
about 51 OX). At Drlv er's there Is about 82 iK.
About 51.500 1s ilepolicdnt Iho office or it
lard's hotel, and 51,000 to 82,000 at the I'.lggs
houso. A well-known lawyer nt tho Lbbitt
house) holds WJ0, aud a cigar dealer on Fif
teenth street 5X.
Tlio largest amount deposited at any plaoo,
except the National, so far as Is known, is
at Miller A. Jones's billiard room, where there
Is about C'l.oot). Mr. Jones state that, bcsldo
tins, irom s.t,uj to o.euowas net at ins pint c,
where the stakes are held by peisonal friends
of the parties.
When Hon John 9. Barbour visited demo
crutlo headquarter ho wa met with tho claims
of Senator .Mahone nnd Oov. Cameron that
they had carried tho state. Mr, A. A, Wilson
was particular In Inquiring into tho truth of
theso statements, having a bet of 6J0O on tho
state, Mr, Barbour piumptl) ollercdlntako
tbo wager oft his hands, nut Mr. Wilson's
backbone had received tho ft qulsito amount
ot ttlUelilng and he held ou to ills bet.
desc'siid llalutsina His Composure.
AlIUNY, Nov. 8 Oov, Cleveland was at tho
oxecutlvo mansion at his usual hour this
morning, though ho did not retire last night
until toward daylight. Ho maintains his com
posure, and talks over tho situation as though
he had no moro Interest lu It than any other
Telegrams, many of them of tho congratu
late tharacter, nddrcssed to "President
l.lccl' Cleveland are pooling lu uponhlui
I'rlvato advices received irom Indiana, Nuw
Jerrey, and Connecticut Indicate tbut those
staishavo been carried hv tiie democrats.
Ceil ,!us telegraphs that Wisconsin Is prob
ably democratic, and Carter Harrison wires
that Illinois luuv iro tho sumo wav. The indi
cations are also that California Nevada, und
Oregon may hut e gone democratic. W hlln it
is possible that tlevcluud muv be elected
president w Ithout New York, the chaucco nro
that that stute may bo tho pivotal one.
There Is luteuso excitement hero over tho
result. Business Is partially suspended nud
the nc simper und tclcgruph bulletins nnd of
fices are thronged with uuxlous crowds.
Dispatches ltreelird by Mr. Illalue.
AuolsTA, Me., Nov. 8. Mr. Blalno was up
most of tbo night receiving election returns,
and Is sleeping lato this morning. Dispatches
received up to 1 o'clock p. in. confirm tbo
earlier ones of this morning us to the re pub
Bean victory lu New ork, but glvo lower
Ilguies. 1 lorida und Virglnl lino ie ported ns
claimed by the republican-, (lie latter very
positively by Mahone nud others.
Aid hts, Ml... Nov. 5. At nbout 2 o'clock
Mr. Blalue received thu following from AI-
'riiomaorlly against jou In this county is
less than 700, The stato li surely safe. Con
gratulations. J. M. Baiikv."
At the same time a dispatcli was received
from Denver staling that Colorado had gouo
republic in by 4,000 umjorlty.
A later telegram from W . B. Somervlllo indi
cates Increased republlcuu gains lu New lurk.
Joint Kelly's Waterloo.
Ni vv YonK, Nov. 5. T ho followlug Is tho full
total vote for city nnd county officers. Major
Grace (County Democracy and cltUcns'),V0,29J,
Orant(raininuny), 85,301: Olbbs (rep.), 1I,JS1;
Urucu's plurality uverUrutit, 10,H02,
Comptroller Locw (County Democracy).
81,709, Palno (lummauy), 7i,97J, Plumiuur
(reti), GJ,0LU. Loow'
s pic
urallty uver 1'aluo,
Tesiucui ui
board of altlermau Sanger
(County Democracy), 87,137; Cochrane (ruin
inuuyi, 7 1, iii), o Cotinor (rep.), c.'.Km Sang
er s plurality over Cochrane. 12,517
District utliirnc) Marline (County Democ
racy), Mi,tM,l, lorstcr (Tatuman)), 71,12.1; Spell
ccr (rep), 00,019. Marline's plurality over
Forster, 15,810.
Coroner -Mcsscmer (Tammany), 8I.C9S,
Bchultre (County Democracy), 71,109: Kid
man (rep ). ii.MJO. Messemcrs plurality over
Schultze, 10,3? J.
(Int. Urdrray Rejoices.
I!x-Got. Orel way, of Dakota, Is in tho city.
Hull In exuberant snlrlts over tho defeat of
thocrowd ntbeterr lory that wusopposud lo
' .... . ' '
him, aud Is looking for sundry scalps upou
which lo Inscribe thu sequel to his troubles
lies speaks highly or (iov. ITerco's abilities uud
general utueu for tho cxccutlvo iHisltluu. r or
lilM.eli ho had euoineh of Iho honor in his
lout ) ears uud two months' occupation of thu
place Ills wholo couite bus been simply
Instilled both by the courts and tho action of
his successor, who has moved iliu new capital,
Bismarck, aud Is curryiiu lulu cllect (nu
Ordwuy's original programme Besides the
beating of Ra) mond fur ilelei'nte, tho other re.
suits of tho recent election have been abund
ant!) satisfactory liu will not sever bis rela
tions with Dakota, though ho will reside lu
Washington tnu uest laniiou oi ever winter,
know n as the Dakota Investment couipuu y,
A dale, Accompanied by Heavy Snow, rivall
ing all Along the .Norlliesst Coast.
Fathfii Point, Quebec, Nov. 8. A fearful
snow and n Ind storm from tho cast has been
raging since midnight last night nil along tho
coast. The wind averages seventy miles nn
hour, and tho sea Is tremendous, and has
crossed tho highways and Inundated tho fields
of all tho parishes along the coast, The light
house and telegraph olllco here arc now com
pletely surrounded by raging waves. Tho roads
are ail undermined. Tho vvatehbouses and
several buildings here aud In this vlcinllv
and at Klraouskl havo been carried
away, besides a number ot fences.
(Ircat numbers of persons havo vacated
their buildings at Rlmouikl, and much uu
easiness Is felt In regard to the tide of to-night.
The track of tho Intercolonial railway and tho
roadway havo been washed away between
Rlmouikl and Blc. No lives have been lost so
far ns Is known. Tho signal and telegraph
men have abandoned tho station, hav lng been
compelled tu tako to boats. This Is the greatest
storm known in this vicinity for years.
RtviKiir. DULoui- rvllAC, Qui mc, Noy.fi.
A snow-storm has prov ailed hero ilnco last
night, with a heavy wind from tho northeast.
The sea Is sweeping over tho wharr, and has
carried off a qu unity of lumber. It luu also
swept away a store, nnd tho telegraph olllco
auu n uocise uciouging io j- i. ruiza is not ex
peeled to stand another tide. The washout on
tbo Intercolonial railway near Bio is 100 feet
long and 20 feet deep.
RiMousKt, Qurni c, Not.8. Tho tides, which
nro usually very high at this season of tlio
v ear, helped by a raging snow storm and a
high northwest wind, havo swollen tre
mendously, and tho sea which Is now running
Is tho heaviest that has visited this section fur
years. Tho wholntownof Rl-nouski Is Inun
dated, nnd a large number of houses, barns,
stables, and wharves hav o been carried away.
So far as heard no lives have been lost Peo
plo aro leaving their houses in boats. The
cattlo havo been turned looo nnd have taken
to tho Interior of tho country. 1 iirtbcr fears
nro entertained for Iho next high tide. Tho
loss so far Is estimated at 53 MXIO.
Qi'Lnic, Not, ft. High tides visited Quebec
this evening, nnd the violent storm of last
night nud to day swelled the wav cs until they
readied eight tu ninofccl above the wharves
along tho harbor. Tho cellars of all the w are
bouses in thu lower tow u nro Hooded, and
also nearlv ovcrv bulldlmr as fur back
ns tho clllls. In somo instances tho wat r
reached over tho first lloors. The extent of
tho Hood cannot be fully ascertained. T ho
tldo lias receded and the water Is disappear
ing. iicnuci a: emtio, uuriuvnre, .vrcnor in
dite, Hour merchant; llamel AFreres, whole
sale dry goods dealers, and NnzalroTurcotte,
wholcsalo grocer, lose heavily.
Flection of Honorary Members Presentation
to Cspt. .1. T. lijer.
The Washington Light Infantry corps held
Us regular monthly meeting lost evening. Tho
following honorary members woro elected II.
J. Rarasdcll, W. II. Hnekc, John II. Magruder,
It. A. Pulro, ami J, Frank Miller. A number
of actlvo members were alio elected.
A pleasant Incident occurred nt the meeting
In the presentation to tho corps from the build
ing committee, through dipt J T, Hjcr, or ft
haudsoinocrnvon portrait of dnilral Wm. II,
(')agitt, Tito speeches by Cupt. Dyer, Col.
.wuore, and Admiral ciugctt wcro all very
happy, and each was heiirtlly ap
plauded. Mr. Clagett has been ono of
iho warmest friends of tho corps since Its
organization, lias accompanied It to Its vn
rious cucatupmonts, and It was Irom his ef
ficient servleo nt Capo May Hint he received
thalltloof admiral. When tho new building
was Hn-t started by tho corps Mr Clagett vvns
ouo of its most earnest promoters, aud in
vested largely In the bonds Issued, and it was
In recognition of his interest in this respect
that tho building commlttco doslrcd to hang
his portrait in tho armory.
The Bead Filter's Hill.
CntCAOO, Nov. 8 Tho will ot tho lato Wil
bur F. Storey was filed in tho probate court
hero to-day. it bequeaths Ills entire estate,
including tho XfnKj newspaper, to his widow,
l.tirenka C. Storey, with tno privilege of sell
ing the same. Tho entire estate, however. Is
to rovert to his heirs at-Iatv. The will pro
vides for Iho payment of an nunultvto tho
brother and stslcr of tho testator, provided thu
liicomo from tho estate exceeds 310,000 a ) ear.
Thealiorneyforthoheirs-iit law presented a te
tltlon for tlio npiHilntment of Anson L. Storey,
brother of deceased, as administrator ot Iho cs
tale, thus Indirectly disputing tno validity nf
ho will. Hearing of the petition was lost
poucd for one week.
Women's Ferehrii Mlsslaus,
Baltimore, Nov. 5. Tlio fifteenth anuuil
convention of the general executive) commit
too ot tho Womun'a Foreign Missionary soci
ety begans Its session tills morning. An ad
dress of welcome was ma lo by Miss I. Hurt,
of Baltimore, and u resi-onse bv Mrs. Carroll,
of Cincinnati. Tho Rev. A. M. Courtney, or
.Madison Avenue cliuteli. also welcomed tho
indies to tho city, und said he hud hojieel tiictr
session hero would be productive of much
Rood There are three delegates from each of
ie lollow Ing branches Nuw 1 ngtaud, Nuw
Y'ork, Philadelphia, Northwestern. Cincinnati,
Baltimore, and Western Bound, A number of
ladles from various licucvolcut orguulutlous
are visiting tbo convention.
Brighton Beach Races.
New York, Nov. 8. At Brljhton Beach to
day, first ruco, maidens of all ujes, to curry 19)
pounds, three quurters ot a mile, D.wo (lldeou
won and Y'orktown second. Time, lJJJf
Second race belling allowances, one mile.
Metropolis won uud Tlllord second. Time,
Third race All ages, one mile and a half,
Hartford won and Topsoy second Time, 2 I J
luurth race J-ycar-olds, ouo mllo and n
qtiurtcr, Leo won and Jim Carllslo sccoud.
Time, 2.19.
lilth ruco All ages, to carry 100 pounds,
one mile, Little Fred won aud King Fur sec
ond 'line, 1'IJ.
. Bostun, Nov, 5 At Mystic Park to day Fred
S, won race ol 2 33. rime, 2 -".! j uud 2.31.
The Bsllluiore and Ohio Iujiinrllun Cases.
llAiTiMoni-, Nov. 0. In tbo United fctutcs
circuit court to-day the case of tho Baltimore
and Ohio Railroad company uud tho Baltimore
and Ohio Hxpress company vs. the Adams l!x
press company, the United Suites express com
puny, and tho American Hxpress compauy to
restrain thu defendants irom refusing tu re
ceive express mailer and conveying it to its
destiuatlou camo up belore Judges Bond and
Morris, After argument ou technical points
the caso was ordered to proceed. Tho nrgu
incut on the Injunction was not concluded.
The prcllmluary injunction was granted ou
tho llth of October last.
A Search for a Uunlerer.
Roanoke, Nov 8 There Is now clow to tho
murderer of Lizzie Wllsou, who wus killed
here last evening Two negroes have been
arrested, but llieir guilt Is considered doubt
ml, T lie mil) or hus ollered a row ard of 5..s)
for thu capture ol the uiurdorer, and lllty
oxtra K)lko are searching tho surrounding
country. A citizens' meeting litis ulternoou
oUered an additional rcu urd of 51,000.
Big dons to Warn Strainers.
Halifax, Nov. 5 The British government
has supplied two 21 pounder guns to be placed
on batnbro lslaud for use whctiurer v eisols aro
observed In danger thereabouts to warn them
oil. Tlio terrible disaster tu the steamer Daniel
Stelunianu oil Suiubro light last spring no
doubt led tu tho placing uf tho guns on tbo
He lie Hang.
PniLADFiriflA, Nut 8. Hie rase ofRlnh
ard Truukc, convicted of murder lu thu llrst
degree, lu causing tho death of Mrs. Augusta
Zliiira, cum up butore Judge Ludlow lo-d ty nn
nu unnliculloii for ii nuw trial. Alter heariut:
argument the Judge refused to grunt a new
trial and sent tho prisoner to death.
Accidentally Shot.
BiLTUioiiK, Noy. 5. Wm. Imdonslagcr,
aged 19, was fatally shot this iifteruoou on
Light street bridge by Jehu I.uckhardt. They
liud beciiou n gunning excursion, uud Luck
bardl's guu vvus nccldt utally discharged.
President srtltur
Nnv YoitK, Nov, 8. President Arthur re
mained In his lioul ueurly all day receiving
dispatches concerning the election. Mr. Levi
P. Morton vvus uiuuitg his v Isltors. lu the
evening lie went to the itieater.
..ii i
A Wire Burden r lu llsng.
Owfn Sound, Nov. 8. Cook Toots, who somo
mouths ajo poisoned his wife, was found
guilty to-day aud sentenced to be handed
Dec. 8.
Tho Hesllier To-day.
Jhir leratflcT, HuiUinxstaiy uhtilt, nearly s(a
(Vviiury ("iiv reifui-r.iiiAercuirewcrrr. tir Wday,
tlightly uarmrr, jalr uxatlur
Yesterday's thermometer! 7 a, m., 43.9'. It a.
i m..M6-13p. m,.62.0;i 7pm.. ..T;U,.. m,
I 4). 1, maximum, 03,3, uuiltnuiu, 10.0',
Xothlns- Thought Of la Wasnlngton lint Elee.
tlon Returns-Crowds Surround (he Bulletin
Boards Day anel Mlit-llrlsVB, shooting,
and lurching In Procrstlon-Tks latlJeuU
of tho Day.
NoYcr In tho memoryof thooldc-stinhablfAnt
has there been anything llko tin amount of
uncertainty about the result the day after n
presldontlalclectlon. "Latest returns I Every,
body elected I Peanuts 6 cents a quirt 1" Bo
sang tho fcstlvo vendor of the troobcr, .ad hli
was tno most proreund philosophy. Iho man
who was most poslltvo that hit choice had
been elected was put down as having the least
Information. Betting was Iho favorite Larem.
etcr. Mr. II. I. Mclntyre, Iho secretary of tho
National Fair association, was a conspicuous fig.
ura In tho crowd about Ihocorner of Tenia and
I) streets. Ho was betting 2 to 1 on Cleveland
and got tutors to the client of .) during the
nrternoon. He had put somo 3!,or) up for him
self and various auiounts firotber parties, in.
eluding tho following: 520,000 against lliteo
Tor Dtvyer Bros , Slt'O to 5t,(iOcl for Daniel Col.
Her, nnd JS.ooo to 51 coo for James Kolly all
that Cleveland has tho greatest number of
electoral votes. Ills latest hot, m Ida 1110111
before 4 o'clock, wiiaScjOO toSJOOon Cleveland.
A man w ho wns seeking bets on Blalno woul I
not tako less odds than I to 1, Moliitrre Insist
ing on his figures or 2 to 1, and exhibiting a,
check for SiiO, which ho was willing to etako
at those odds. They made no bet, each beln
steadfast In hts adherence to the odds he was
willing to git e and tako respectively.
No two nun ono would meet gave the samn
V erdlct, and tho seeker niter Information could
get all ho wanted and of tho kind liu desired.
.adtcs out shopping were among the anxious
Itntulress, stopping perfect strangers to ask:
"tbo latest" with the samo freedom that they
would ask of any one In caso of n great but
nude v eloped disaster, or a rumored victory
during thu war,
Tnoonly place where tho crowd was at all
coustuut was In front or the offices of tho morn
ing nowspapers, nnd there many of tho loud
rst slumters verm famllar faces to thosa who.
had left a crowd nt tho samo spot licforo day
break. Many of thisa steady seekers aller
news In which they bad not a purtlclo of In
terest hud paid frequent visits to tho saloons
in the v lcinlty, nud was prepared to atako their
respect!) o cxlsteuies upon tho election of uuy
candidate, Irom Blalno to Belvn Lockwood,
aud stated so In terms considerably moro
forcible than polite. Theso balattt half
drunken fellows held the strcot during tbo
whole nftc-nojti, inspiring a cheer every few
minutes fcr one or thcothcr or tho candidates,
w hose eli inc. 'J were being mado tho subjects
of alistrute calculation by men In a cooler
condition of mind
Mi ii with money to wager wcro largely In
timidated oy the rumors that no reliable dis
patches were being received auywhorc, tho
stock gtmb'ers having sent misleading rejiorts
out in ull directions tor their own peculiar
punxises The lluctuailoua In popular opinion
and tho resulting stimulation of orsonal en
thusiasm was taken ndvuntago of by many,
however, to secure small bets by conlldent
partisans on both sides, nt odds. Ono man.
looKiipatioueroianeven Dot on Cleveland
ofStoo, and telegraphed to Now York Imme
diately to place 5200 on Blalno uttho lougcst
odds obtainable. Ho stands to will In any
case, as this bet was placed.
lliero was a regular panic In tho neighbor
hooel of the government printing olilce yes
terday fore toon Tho wives and other rela
tives of those employed In tbo building be
came alarmed ut tho seemingly imminent
danger of democrutlo success, and thu wildest
kind of rumors v.ero quickly spread us to thu
results. Everyman and woman In the olllco
was to bo immediately discharged, and denio
erotlo "rats" put In With the enemy In chargo
of the government it was supposed to bo liu
posslblu for a man or woman who had worked
lu the publto printing office to obtain employ
ment elsewhere. Messengers were sent
in to get tho latest nuws from times
to time, nnd tho people lo whom they
were sent, appreciating tho humor of tho situ,
ntlon, took euro to increase thu scare by the
character of tne 'news" sent. The result waf
that House to house visits were paid for eonl
solution aud condolence during tho nftcrnoon,
and when thehuugry heads of famt!lcs", re
turned from work, many found no dinner
ready, and frequently no wllo at liomu to pre
pare it. The reaction wns as complcto ns tho
depression had becn deep, aud when tho dis
tressed ladles learned thu probable truth they
realized tho ixtcnt to which they had been
sold, and were prorirtlonuloly elated.
There was it large number of Virginians In
tho crowd lu Irout or TllLKLrcuLlclNotUce,
w ho exhibited tbo utmost coueorn about tbclr
ow u state nud New York, bald one of these:
" This result is a matter or business with me. V
nut u business man and ii republican. If tho
republicans remain In power, I can continue,
to do business and bo a republican; but a
dcmocratlo admlul-tratlou would completely
change the stato of things In Virginia; would
undo everything that Maltono hus accom.
pitched, and would compel every republican
to cither change his Jollities or his residence."
After dark vv hen ndlspatcii from Oov. Came
ron was read, claiming that Virginia had gone
republican some ouo in tho crowd commenced
to sing, "We'll hang iioor Cleveland to a sour
upplo tree, and tho sung was taken up by tho
throng uud given over and over ugalu. This
was followed bv Tramp, Tramp, lrump,the
Boys Aro .Marching," and oilier army songs,
and then somo ouo suggested that It would bo
ii long tlmo before cleveluud would occupy
tho w hlto house, aud the crow d struck up "la
tho Sweet By-uud-By."
A rather aged man, with gray hair nnd re
spectablo appearance, was seen lu a very In
toxicated condition reading tho bulletins d Is
olated at Tne ItLTCnLlcttN office last evening.
Shortly afterward he walked uway lu the
direction nf Eighth street. Stopping at tho
corner of Eighth and I), ho was heard to say,
".now a oru s gouo io u u, auu so am i. no
then laid down un tho pavement, and was
picked up by the police ambulance aud carried
lothoBtutlon houso,
W Ith tho oxt option nf tho crowds about tho
newspaper eifficcs, whoso constancy seemed
equal to awaiting the inauguration of the new
president, tho othur interested parlies seemed
cither sutlslleel that the election had "gonti
their way," or were weuryof wultlng for re
turns thut contained but little couilort, aud
ninnv went home to a very general extent.
'Iho feeling seemed to boot disgust with the
Interminably contradictory dispatches, und a
common expression lieurd wns, "Let's wait for
tlio morning papers. The Reiullicin will
glvo us tho until, whichever way It has gone.
Nothing Is lo bo gained by waiting around."
What Yesterday's Election Shouts Would Do
If Properly Applied.
"There lmvo been an uvcrage of 8,000 por
sons standing In theso crouds tlnco tbo elec
tion excitement began," said a gentleman of
mathematical reputation to a reporter for tbo
itl.l uuucan last evening. That reemed a very
modern estimate, uud tho reporter ugreed to
the proposition, not knowing the exact pur
port ot It, however. "Aud they have been
stundlug around lor forty hours-or will have,
been b tlio tlmo your paper comes out with,
thu exact tacts uud relieves this oxnaustlvu
Aealu thu reporter a'scntcd,
"Ihey have shouted ou an nvcrago onco
ovcry minute ami extended a tout pound of
lorcu at every shout
That vvus more abstruse, but tho reporter
agreed to It.
"fills being conceded, wo como lo what that
force would do If applied. It would. In tho
first place, 1 tluil, raise l.UJ.OoO tous to tho top
uf the monument, or rather to the top of tba
vertical shaft, then, It would mote t train ot
curs Irom Waihlugtouto ban 1 rauclieo, con
taininglet's seo how many men and hair
uiu Ii ireluhi."
II, t while tba mnn nf mathematics was fietir.
lug it out tho rcputicr escaped to hear tho latest
Georgia Legislature
Atianti, Oa., Nov- 5. Thu legislature met
at 10 o'clock this morning W . A. Little, of
Museagco, was elected speaker of the houses
ami 11. II, Curlctuu, uf Athens, prcsldcut uf
the senate.
1 sports from .New lurk.
Nrw YoitK, Nov. 5. 1'ho exports from this
port for tho past week wero to,
0,778,211 lor tlio prev lous week
wero ccl,b73,8i0 against
TiiEiti: is n church being built In Mich
igan lu which ' the teats will bo opei ; chain
of cherry, mahogan) fiulshed, with a t mini;
back, cuch teat provided with a hat, shawl,
clou., book, umbrella and cuno rack, aud is
At n, catechetical examination lu Scot
laud n little girl was asked: "Why did the)
Israelites mako a golden calf I" Sho answered;
"They hadiu as mucklo silver us wad inada
a coo." Indepndtiil
"Titfciti; Is uuthiug iinposjlblo to tho
! determined spirit a) s a philosopher, 1M.
dentlythat philosopher never tried lo reach
1 of a broken
up behind his suouiuor 10 get uoici or tne cud.
suspender, Aerfrvi!l Journal.
, 1

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