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VOL. XXIV NO. 290.
Th Democrats Still Havo a Blight Lead
la Now York State.
Chairman Warren, However, Still
Stoutly Cliims It for Blaine,
A Rwounl Will Certainly B9 Required to Settle
Dm Result Beyond Qaestion.
fltsddtn anil Very Mjtterlntli Demo,
aratlc llnlim In Onlclnl llttlirn. from
Delunoratlo Comities A Party of
Lawyer. Organise for tlio Purpose
of Watching Thing. lieu Iluller'a
Manager Called to ,Vew York.
Nr:wYonK,Oct.7. AtOo'clocklast night tho
count from official and unolllclal returns re
ceived by the Associated Press .bowed Mr.
Illalno In tho lead by 053 votes, with less than
)0 districts to hear from. Iator rt turns re
duced this to S70, and then Increased it stead
ily to 308, to 127, 132, and finally to 009 almost
at a jump. Then olnclal returns btgan to
como In Irom counties which bad only been
unolhclally reported, and Ihct" began to re-
duco nialno'a lead and fnally wiped It
out altogether. Queens county knocked It
iown to 371 at a blow, and Westchester
ivv cpt away what remalnod and put a plural
ity of 117 ror Clovoland In place of It, with 12
districts yet to hear from. Theso districts all
nave Garfield pluralities In 18W. Tho bulletin
Issued at 1 55 this morning Is as follows s
Tho official county returns and ury tloso
figures on tho 12 counties which have not bee n
officially reported and compared lndteato that
Cleveland's plurality will bo considerably In
creased, reaching ncarl) 1,000 In tho state.
Tho official rcturuslast received havo shown
lie vvy democratic rains as compared with tho
Hon official votes first forwn dcd.
T ho republican Halo oiumlltco has Issued
tbo following t
Invlcwoftho claims mods as to tho result
of tho election in Nc v York, tho republican
Mate cotuuilttco deem It their duly to nnnounco
that, while tho voto Is very close, tho returns
and estimates from tho most authentic sources
Justlf) tho beller th. t tho peoplo of this state
lime oust a plurality in favor of tho ret ubllcan
candidates W o havo received copies ol tho
official returns as filed In tho several
county clerks offices In nil except eleven
cot ntlos Besides this wo hao caused a
careful ro cxamlna'lon to bo made of tbo re
turns forwarded to pollco headquarters In
Isew York and Kings counties.
From tho remaining nine counties wo ha eo
procured direct information from the niost ro
llablo sources, and feel Justified In asserting
with entlro contldcnco that tho state has gono
republican, Tho result thus nrrlv cd at li con
tinned by an entirely different Investigation
Wed ujion tho returns collected directly from
nearly every election district In tho state.
Jamls D Waruln, Chairman.
New Yobk, Nov. 72 45 A. M Tho Sun't
figures, carefully revised, glvo Cleveland a
plurality In tbls state ot 1,'JJ.'). This Includes
fifty live out of sixty counties The Timet
a s Clc eland's plurality U 1, 270 from all hut
two counties.
To prevent misapprehension as to tho np-
Barent conflict botween tho earlier returns of
10 day and thoso sent ont later to night, It Is
to lie cxnlulncd that tho curlier footings were
inudo from the district returns, whllo
liio later ones wcro corrected by
tho footings of tho various county
clerks. The footings from dlstrlets so fur glvo
about t)0 plurality for Blalno As revised by
aid of the county clerks' totals they would
S;tve nearly 1 ooo for Gloroluml. Both ihvio
ootlngs will bo furnished to-morrow us soon
as they can be added again, and choice may
bo taken us between thu county clerks loot
ings and thoso of tho Associated Press. Tho
only reason that tho former uro more llkol) to
be correct Is that telegraphic errors may hnvo
caused homo mistakes In the district returns,
A number of prominent lavvvors held u
meeting1 at the 1 lull Avenue hotcllast evening
to consult and take such action as seemed to
them necessary to Insure a scrutiny unci fair
canvass of tho v otcs cast on Tucsdn) . Among
thoso present were exSecrctuiy Benjamin 11.
llrlstow, Congressman A. s. Hewitt, James C.
Carter, president of tho bar association; ex
Governor Bcdlo of New Jersey, ex-Attorney
General C. S. l'alrchlld, l'rancls C Barlow,
fiouvtmeur 1. N, Lowri, Iredcrlck It.
Coudcrt, WUInra C. Whltnc), . II.
Barnum, i. U 8tetson, lllMrlct At
torney P. B Olnoy, Charles 1". Miller, Albert
f-tlcknev, W. 1, l'cckham, and Vi. t). Opdyke
Itesolntlons In accordance with tho object of
the meeting wcro adopted. Messrs Aaron J.
Vanderpoel, Carter, llrlstow, Metson, Coudcrt,
nnd W bltncy had dlsseusscd the election laws,
and committees were appointed to tako such
action as they saw tit lu relation to tho otcs
of Now York, Queens, Suuolk, and Klchmond
Tnov, N. Y Nov. 6 In an lntorvlow with a
Troy Tt-legram reporter to night at Albany
Daniel Manning said, "I think Cleveland has
carried lsou ork b 1,600 plurality."
Tho Albany .Irwin sujs: "The declaration
of tho cam osxlng board of a state makes tho
return of that stato nllil, also tbo onl eurtlll
cateof Its electoral vote which Is receivable
Tho canvassing boards of democratlo states
will let no fraudulent and lalso otcs bo
lylngly declared the vote of Ihat Ktato Tho
truo oto will bo declared certlllcd, and sent
lorw ard The democratic house of representa
tives will let none other than tho truo olo Lo
counted to lllnlne. Meditators of fraud, It li
lust as well that thoso facts bo told betimes
iiow, No fraudulent commission will put
JuracK G Blalno In tho uliltu home, or
keep Inner Clcteluid out ot It, Tho mon
who attempt It will bo killed, nnd tho legal
consequences of killing them will bo taken
cam ol afterward"
Gov. Cleveland said; 'I believe I have been
elected president, and nothing but tbo grossest
fraud can koep mo out ot It, and that wo will
not permit "
Gen. ,Curr, secretary of stato, who lives In
Troy, was Fecn at his home this evening Ho
said: "There Is noehaneo or stealing this etato
not as long as I have charge of tho atlalrs. I
don't propose that anyliody shall ktcal tho
Hate, ir Mr, Cleveland has a plurality, largo
or small, he will got It Tho tamu Is true or
the other candldato, 1 don't proviso to play
any Fouthcm game. No matter whether It is
friend or foe with me, bo has to havo bis jus-
lino "
Au.ista, Mn. Nov. 0 The republicans
bore aro not disturbed by Chnhmun Man
ning's address, beenusu Us ak'crtlona as to tho
vote In New ork conlllct with nil tho advices
received by Mr Ulalue. Indiana Is repotted
to-night as ceitalnly republican by probably
1.000, and there Is a general feeling on both
Ides here to night that to mot row will ice tho
result and tbo election settled bevoud ques
tion. IMJ1AXA.
lMilASArous Nov 0 Tho vote In this
county (Marlon) was ennvaued to-day, Tho
republican electors havo n majority of iw.
The count mi tho electoral ticket wus
not comp'etcd until dutlng tho night,
and tho votn for stato nnd eounty officers
was not canvassel. Chairman Henderson,
of tho dcinncntlo stato commltteo conil
dently claims tho state by 8,000, uud Chair
man New, or tho republican stato committee,
concedes a democratlo majority or J.ouo. Mr,
Lychener, secrctarj of Iho republican commit
tee, concedes n democratlo majority of 1,000,
Tho democrats elect l congressmen certain
and the republicans J Tim eighth district U
still ill doubt Tho legts Itur will stand
Democrats, a.1, and rcpub) eat , 17. In tho sen
ate, ami democrats, CI, nnd upubllcana, M, In
tho house.
Vlllfl INI A.
rticiiMONp, Va,, Nov 6 -Itcturus, most of
them official, from cls,ht three counties and
allcf thoeltlesin Virginia given majority lor
Cleveland of 7, 150 iho seventeen counties lo
be heard from cave a net democrullu majorltj
of 1,270 last year. These centrales ore likelyto
Hire as treat, If not a greater majority nun,
which will make Cleveland a majorlt) nearly
0,000 In tho state item the same returns tho
majority In tbo congicsslonul dlstitets ure
rirsi, 'tnomas uroxioti (uuui i isio, seeonn,
llarryllbl.es (rei).151, third, Geo 1 Wise
(dem)l,"iM; louilh, lama 1) Biailv (rep)
0,ito, llftb, tlcorgo O Cul ill (dem ) o.S, sixth,
JohnW. Daniel (dem) i,oA0, seventh, ' 1
O 1 erral (dem ) 3,0ri , lghlh, John t. Barbour
(dim) 4, U), ninth, Onuclly IT Tilgg(deiu)
' I'tTTntsnUBO, Va , Nov 0 A number or pre
cincts lu Iho upper counties have not been
henul Irom, but from the returns received tho
democrats claim tho statu by fully B.00O ma
Jorlly benator Mahoue, however, does not
glvo It up. .
Detroit, Nov f,- The republican stato com
mittee now claims the olertlon lit Ibis stato by
from 0,000 to 10,000 plusullty. Tho prrjlilbltoii
vote was much smuller than expected The
leglslatuio stands beuators Fusloulsta, 19, re
publicans, 13. KcprcscntntlYcir-Fusloiilsts, 01,
republicans, 19 , ,
Tho latest llgureson congicssrocil InHJcato
the election of six fusion democrats ami live
rtpublliaut ui follonis Ilcpubllcans Allon,
second districts O'Donncll. thirds Burrows,
fourths Cutchcon.ninth, and Mollntt, eleventh,
luslon doraocrats Mayburrs, lint districts
Comstack, fifths Wlnans, sixths Carlctoii,
oventhi Tarsuoy, eighth, and ITshor, tontli.
no nun uiiinci 19 cioso, uui inn usv is pro
bably correct Tho delegation Is tho aanie M
It Ims becu, but cacli party gained and lost
Dltroit, Nor. B From reports received
from 1,083 precincts, and estimates or tho re
mnlnlug precincts, tho dcraocratlo stato com
inlttco placo thu rciubllcan plurality at about
1.0W Tho republican Unto comniltteo claim
the ttato nnd electoral ticket elected by 7,000.
Allreiorls received up to 10 o'clock lmlkato
lilalno's plurality to be 3,693, and Algers (rep ,
for governor, l,iAl.
Wiirruo, Nov. 8 Tho majorities for Blalno
Inlhlsatntn by couutles nro as follows t Han
cock, 220, Marlon. ?j Magnolia, 750, Urant, BOO,
Preston,.! no Marshall, (21, Tyler, sac Dod
dridge, SoO, Mason, 470, Putnam, 175, Wood,
600, Kanawha, l.lno; Taylor, '.71, and llarrl
son, 2t)0. Tho majorities for Clov eland are as
follows : Brooke, 5.1; toffls, in, W etzoll, DM
(estimated) Minoral, W Ilcrkclcy, 00; Cabell,
4V1; Pleasants, 153, anil Hampshire, 1 100 (esti
mated). Tho atato Is undoubtedly democratic.
Pax Francisco, Nov. 0 Comnlolo official
returns Irom sixty-four precincts lu Ban Iran
Cisco give Blalno D.213, Clevolaud 7,110; 0.V9
precincts and wards In forty-two counties out
sldo this city glvo Blalno 01,514, Cleveland
4 1..T0, against Garfield 41,201, Hancock 00 800.
TUero rcmala45jpiccInctsto be beard from.
jACKsovvir ir, Nov. 6 Corrected returns
from all the counties In tho stato except tbrco
glvo Clovoland 4 wo majority. Two or tho
three counties to bo beard from aro strongly
democratic. Blsbco (rep ) concedes tho cleo
tlon of Dougherty (dem ) to congress in tho
second district by 1,000 majority.
TnrMOV, N. J , Nov, 6 Full returns from
every county tn tho stato glvoClovcland a
plurality or 2,619. Tho stato senate Is republi
can by I majority and tho house republican
by 10 majority. Tho official returns will reach
the secretary or etato to-morrow.
Lew istov, Me , Nov. 0 Tho JbiirnaTt figures
for 433 cities and towns, or nbout seven tenths
of tho v oto la as follows : Blaine, CI 815 ; Cleve
land, 41,901; Butler, 1.007; bt. John, 3,601 ;
Blalno'a plurality, 19, 0.
Covconn N. II , Nov, C Tho voto In l"l
towns on tbo question of calling a constitu
tional convention was as follows; Yeas, 6,493s
nays, 4,477; majority In favor, 1,021,
An Address by tho Iloiiubllran Committer.
During tho day tho republican national com
mlttco lisued an address claiming tho election
of Blalno nnd Logan by tho votes of every
northern state, except New Jersey and Con
necticut, and, adding, further: "In New
York attempts to tamper with tho returns
have already been detected. Tbo actual voto
cast In New York city, Kings county, and
1,852 other election precincts gave, at tbo ut
most, only 14S plurality to Grover Cleveland,
whllo tho 103 precincts not vet heard Irom
gavo 2,171 plurality to Gunleld. There Is,
therefore, no ground for douDt that tbo lionet
V oto of the stato has been civ en to tho rcpubll
can candidates, and though tbo defeated can
dldato fur tho presidency Is at tho bead of tho
election machinery of this state, tho demo
cratic parly, which has notoriously been tho
party of fraud lu elections for years, will not
bo permitted to thwart the will of tho people,
Tho national republican commlttco culls
on tho chairmen and tbo Individual mem
bers or the county committees to tako tho
promptest and most stringent means to protoct
ine sanciuy oi ino uuiiot. 'ino repuouenn
candidates bavo been honestly elected be
)ond a qucBtlnn An) attempt to cheat tho
jiooplo and to defeat their w ill, thus expressed
at the polls, mutt be sternly ox posed and re
sisted by every law-respectlug citizen."
llr. Blaloe anil the Mtuatloa.
At-OiBTA, Me., Nov. 0 Mr. Blaine received
a large number of callers to day, stato officers,
personal friends, and neighbors. They all
congratulated him on his strong and healthy
appearance after tbo fatigue of his recent pro
longed tour lu tbo west. Mr. Blalno showed
no excitement or anxiety nbout tho election
returns Indeed, he wus lar cooler thau tho
frlcndt who tilled his librnr) and drawing
room, llo read tho numerous telegrams ho
received tn tho company, often oxplalnlng
their meaning uud bearing of their contents.
In answer to somo ono who congratulated btiu
upon bis perfect self possession, bo tfuld ho
saw no icason why ho should not
bo eclf posaotsed ; that bo had treated
tbo republican nomination as an
honorable trust confided to him without so
licitation and had, therefore, spared no tlmo
and no eilort to sccuro success, llo had mil
conlldenco that bo had been fairly elected,
and he trusted that every effort would now bo
inudo to vindicate tho tacredncss ot tho ballot.
"To quote mv own saving on an Important
oecaslou," added Mr. lllaluc, ' any party In
thu United btntcs can bear to be defeated, but
no part) will bear to bo defrauded " Mr,
Blalno treel) exprcased tho Judgment that n
majority of the votes of New orlmd been
cast for tho rcDUllcan electoral ticket, llo
thought tho returns and tho comparison with
former votes clearly establish this conclusion.
I atu In tho afternoon, whllo Mr, Blulno was
entertaining somo Irlends at dinner, n dispatch
vmis received from l'hlladelphla usklng
whether It was truo that he hud died at 1
o'clock. The truth Is that Mr. Blalno Is In
unusually robust health and excellent spirits.
The Bay In Indianapolis.
Indianai-ow, Nov. 0 A largo company of
democrats, with their hats decorated with
roosters, and headed by n band, called on Mr.
lleudricks to-iiijht ami demanded n speech.
In rcsponso, Mr, Hendricks salds "I nui
tvken by surprise by this largo collection of
my follow cltucns. I apprccluto buw well
you havo dono and tbo honest sentiments
which anlmato ou. I havo no satlsfactorv In
lormatlon, but I huv o no doubt that thu ticket
which was nominated in Chlengo on July
eighth bus been elected, Applause But
this Is a matter of such grave Importance, that
I would Hue to know very conclusively beloro
I mako any remarks. This has been thu most
extraordinary i ontcst that I havo cv cr been
conm etcd w tin. Tbore has bi en tho mo.it pro
found sentiment and anxiety among the people,
and for thirteen weeks 1 have been a part
of tho Interested mass of my fellow-
citizens I havo dono cverj thing lo
rromoto Hill result. If you appreciate
it, 1 thank you Great applause, I eupimso
that by evening no shall havo vorj full in
formation, aud then 1 shall boveryclul to
Inliivuu In some expressions of crullflcatlo!!
until that time I think I will say good by to
During tho afternoon a crowd headed by
Hon . 11 Ilngllsh, congressman from this
district, ntrepit ted to carry the black banner
or tho autocrats Into tbo postoffico building.
They were met In the lobby by tbo republic ui
crow d, and n scurlle that uiuJii hat o had Bull
ous consequences insued Mr Ungllsh vuu
knoiAud or nusbed down bv n ticcroiind
Bomowbat bruised Tho uutoerats' banucrva3
scUd and torn into shreds, to bo worn us
badges by the republleuuL, and the demo
crats vrere buttled out ot the bulldlug
No ono was hurt lu tho crush, but n rumor
spread to the outskirts of tho city that a riot
v as lu 1 ogress. To ulght tho street in front
or the postolllco It tilled with a wild howling
mob or men, whoselzo upon every favorable
report to yell themselves hoarse A similar
croud lllli thu street a equaru distant In front
of the democratlo headquarters, where a simi
lar demonstration Is In progress,
Mr. Hendricks had a number ot callers dur
ing tho das, uud was In lecelpt ot congratu
latory messages from all over tho country.
Tho question ofimlygamy In Utah vtas ills
cussed by soino oftbu visitors. Mr. llcndrlcku
declined to enter Into tho details of his opin
ion, but Intimated that tho democracy had
vers pronounced views and would develop it
strong policy tn Its treatment of this evil
"Iho sshtoui," he said, "has hecouto so deeply
routed that, If trouble arises, I fear It will not
bo disposed or without resort to lorce "
"lrthoii'isldentlul voto Is very closo will
another electoral commission be tolerated '
wasiiskcdMr Hendricks, who rt piled, "S'o
sir, nun so kiiiki-s i yi-u coniroi uiu lutiner
this stulo will never uuiln bo disgraced by
having ono man In ubsnlulo control,
and deputy n-ar halt acting as a
partisan pollco ton It was a dlsgruce.
Ibero was no dlstiu banco and no occasion
tor this secret eounclllliig and threatening- rt
the people's liberties ' l'nihiiaiutlu dem
ciats wan lied around tn his residence again
this evening, and demanded n speech, lot he
said lo the i that In duo scntou it would bom
order to celc hi ntu this victor), ot which they
nil feel to well assured, but that n brief delay,
lu order to mako u'surauco doubly suic, w uuld
bo vv Ise "
(Irsie'n I lection l'ltixstlie l'ciiillnux.
I t'lv, Nuv 0. Iho news of tho election or
Mr. Wl'Mnm It Grurototlionn)orultyurNow
V. ork w ns recelv ed w 1th enthusiasm in this city
and C'ollao
Butler's Manager Minted.
WottCEarrn, Mas , Nov. a N. A. riympton,
Gen, Duller' u political miiiiager, wot turn
luoucd to New York to utjjhl.
Ftery Ittlnrn flrctted with Che.rt Intense
Exettcnient Every where In Boston the
Crowd Grant Itlotous-In tint Tork the
Tollee Are Kept llaij Xo Tery fScrloat
Iiimsge Bone Anywhere.
Nrw Yonit, Nov, R This has been n day of
most Intense excitement In this city, and In
fact throughout tho ttato. Telegrams from
all points Vinnounco that lmmcnso crowdt
surround tho bulletin boards, and cheer each
bulletin as It Is displayed with wild onthU'
tlasm no matter what tho showing Is. In this
city tho appcaranco of tho etreets lndlcato
that business It practically tusrended. Inside
tho stores llttlo Is doing, even in tho whole
salo districts where orders como by mall, tho
orders being left to wait tho settlement of tbo
great and all absorbing question.
Thcro w as only n small amount of trailing
In the stock exchange, and tho election re
ports were almost the only lufluenco felt on
ah tne morning papers except mo jrwunc
claimed tho election or Clevolaud by Plurali
ties ranging from 1 GO", by tho Aim to 6,000 by
tho llordl. The Tribune Insisted that Cleve
land had not carried New 1 ork state, and that
BlalliQ and Lncan'a chances wcro still ror 1
Tho extras glvo but llttlo additional lutonna
tlon.butannbundaneoofclalmsbybotisldcs. I
Tho first Associated I'rcss bulletlrt invo re
turns from 1,700 districts. In which Blaine had
001.152 and CIov eland 0.17.213. and n net demo.
cratlc rain over tho Garfield nnd Hancock vnto
0(11,600 This lea Mr. Blalno 118 votes shirt
or a plurality In thostale, Cleveland'!, plurvibs
In tho cities being OS.'Bj. This news teemed
to bo cheering to both sides tho dem rats
rejoicing that they wcro still in tluliaunnl
thercpublicatisbccausotho lead wussosmall
thitthoyhadgrcatliopnorovcrcomlnti It elinre
beluz still J01 oftbe l,W7dl-triets loin ir trnm.
Tho next bulletin t-avo returns Irom l,yW ills,
trlcts, which put Mr. Blalno 9J7 votr s behli d
This raised tho bopet of tho demc'ri", and
for n tlmo It teemed they had gom r.i 1 so
wild was their exultation In a short i mo
another bulletin came, giving 1,8.7 dlst nti,
and cuttUig Cleveland's lead dove it tn 058,
raised republican hopes again, nnd tho enorm
ous crowds In front or tno Tribune and &tin
offices made tho wolkln ring ngain nnd again
with tbelr sh )uts of "Ulalue, Blaine. Blalno or
Tho n' xt bulletin cut Cleveland'! lead down
lo 77, with only 150 voting places to hear from,
nnd again tho shouts, loud and long, went up
A shower or hats went up with them, and tho
ciowdtbecomo frantic. Tho next bulletin,
1,853 districts. Increased Cleveland a lead to
213, and tbo HcnM crowd had n grand Jubila
tion, vv hllo the spirits of tho bun nnd Tribune
party aroo;ed again About tbls tlmo a dis
patch was posted saying'
"The J tvnfiia Journal figures a plurality or
1,150 lor Cleveland, but claims that tho official
voto on ov cry elector will bo ueccssary tu do
cldo tho matter."
This raised tha democratlo fervor to the
very highest pitch of tho dav, and tho wholo
city seemed to Join In ono universal sell bllll
tbo republicans did not lose hope and tho
next regular bulletin, giving returns from 1.8J5
districts, aud putting Blalno In tho lend by 350
votes In tho entlro stato, Including the cities,
gavo them n chanco to show their shouting
strength, and they did It nobly. If tbo whole
city bad seemed to cheer beOre, tho cry now
seemed to bo reinforced by tho state at large,
and for half an hour thcro was ono prolonged
cheer for Blalno and Logan rhe noxt return
increased Jilatno s lead to ti3, and the next re
duced It to J30, with only 53 districts to hear
from. The next bulletin raised It to 315 with
41 districts to hear from, and the next to 372,
and another to 655, with only uo districts re
B) this tlmo tlarkncsa had settled ov cr tho
city, but still tho crowds about the bulletin
uonrus wero unuimiuisnca aim ino encoring
by both parties unabated Tho figures lavorcd
the republicans, but numerous dispatches from
nopeiui uemocraua lenncrs, claiming every -thing
and giving reasons iprjjhihinir, ipt up
tha hope or iliff rant and (Tie. oi Clovctunaa
followers that he might ultimately squeeze- in.
News came that tbo democrats of 1 Imlra wero
celebrating tho victory by Wring 100 guns, nnd
the democratlo hoits checre 1 again us though
they felt coulldeut that their friends In VA
mini knew mora about tbo result than they
Later camo a bulletin saying tint nil but
iei.i- ., . i . ,. .,1.1.... .. l i ..r -.!
luiny si preeineis Kiic'3 4uiiiiw lerue, ui .iu,
and the next with six muro precincts heard
from increased tho lead to Sn8 T he next lit a
swelled It ui,alii to 127, and tho next two
ag tin incronscu it- uy uv o to 4 1..
I'luiiger Walton walked Into tho corridor of
tho Indsor hotel at a JOo clock last night und
oireredtobet5,000to l,00) that Illalno had
carried Now "S-orL stato. None of tho many
Willi street brokers who wero present ollered
to tako him up and ho repeated till wager
so-eral times There appeared to bo no In
clination on tho part of tho Cleveland men to
Tho betting yesterday was ol tho widest
varletj'. At times it would bo 2 to 1 on Clove
land, and ten minutes later 1! to 1 on Blalue,
Belt wero made of 10 to 1 on both candidates.
The pool rooms wero crowded In tho cvenlug,
and great sums of money w cro staked In small
amounts, Tho bookmakers staked 4 against 5,
nnd thu publlo could tako cither Blalno or
1 d Mokes, who had been betting on Cleve
land, hedged all his bets. Theodore Walton
s ild he hud 321,000 on Blaine, nnd proposed to
keep It there. A conspicuous Delaware politi
cian staked 31,b00 on Blalno In tho evening,
although tho bookmakers warned blm ho was
throwing aw ay bis money
A Business .Men's Democratlo meeting this
afternoon resolv ed to contlnuo tho organiza
tion until the voto for Tjrcsldent Is boucstlv
counted, and appointed a committee to aid tho
aciuucriiuu national euiiiuiuieu in securing an
ho lest count Tho contemplated mass meet
ing to bo held in Wall street to-monow was
postponed sine die
A mob of several hundred, bearing a Cleve
land portrait, made an attempt to pull clown
tho Jewelers Blalno and Logan banner, nt
Hroaanuy ana Mniucn ijiuo, tins evening.
Tho entlro reserve lorce of tho twcnty-ioveiith
precinct was called out to dlsperso them. No
material damage was done.
At inlilnlL'ht tho new sparer offices wero still
besieged with Raping and shouting crowds
eager toctovour every bulletin as it appeared,
and wait tor lnnro satisfaction from tho next.
On Tue'day und Wednesday evenings tho
lariru lnaioiltles that vveru promised oil both
tides evoked tho freo boisterous rejoicing of
masses w no wero reel to ueuuvo mnienu con
tut was all mi one side, but to nleht tho ru
turns have been received Irom nearly every
election district lu the state. Tho figures
are very close, and tho uspcet or tho crowds
of tpoentors that hang on tho bulletins U
that ol the pent up, lutenso excitement
of peoplo watching a neck and neck lace.
Just lu Iront ot tno winning post. Tbo
uUil was bitterly cold, but mcu who had
ffuijuivM luciueuiiia ituuisu. tm vuu uuu umi
the other, thought not of the weather cr of
their own discomfort, Tho feeling of easy
victory on both sides 1ms given plaeu to deepir
anxiety. Complaints about tho dllatorlness
ol tho official returns wero many, and tho
papular discontent was fed by placards sun
Lcstlvu ot attempts lo cheat. "Hi publican
triacheryatid vengeance" wot a conspicuous
lino lu one or thu nttirnoon placards, ami
either such announcements and accusations
lending to stir up popular ferment weru hung
out lor thu publiu haze. At times It seemed as
ir thu excitement engendered on both slips by
ilela), suspense, duiiht, mistrust, and deslro
would lead to hostilities Up to a pretty ad
vanced lOtiriutho evening tho Tribune and
tbo Mull and txprra kept issuing bu tint
X romlslng a republican majority ltiow
and tho Stall and Ijprat Issued nttedu on ui
10 o'clock showu-g it rcpiitllcuu nujiilii of
57J Alter that no moro bulletins w.'ro exhlb
ltcd on either ot those two bulldlu , and thu
cron ds of anxious republicans we o seen no
longer Thcrowasa tuverMi ntn r at ou
tliuu that thu democratic crowd, cumi'li m
what It was lead to regnidas tbumniupul.111011
of thoreturus, inteiiilidto nttaokthi t 'nine
building, but no attack was made 1 in I
and the 11 ord! continued loihowlurri' ui gi
iouslderablyreduced,inalorltlcsfirL . '
1 ho lliruhl latcit bulletin ut 10 o do. s mi
tbnt icturus Irom Albvtiy up i n it
hour showed 10 0 majorltj fur i h I
In Iho state, und the c-owd which i I inu
street In trout ot the butldlut, eounni ' to
cheer Unit announcement ualu ml i In
vthilu thoy waited for a later dltpui I '"'
greatest gathering of sneelutors lu o
evening congregated lu front of the il
wheru tho Associated I'rcss dl-patcl , sv"
republican tueecsses, wero alternate t w 1" "
dUputches, i hleli Inclined to glvuthO'Vff"
Cleveland i midnight crowds urr sun ui
f.n.. .. n.. ... .......... nui.. ..ii no excne
lluilim tllu ,u,ia,i(iv, .'.ueeo, ...... '- , .
iiient t.p 1 cheering mill contin ' e1l,,,' "
jcrucntof publlo fueling was ni'cr leora
known ut nu election Now 'y vuiicu is
duo ehleily to the cloioi ji of tl' ' ontcst . id
t M
tnu consequent . on .i u, to i a
tii.lllHllll.iloic'llluiliil ill"."-" , inv, ;;
crate, bended b$ a bund, Huj!1,1 P ' "ft,?, ,',i
inn, to tuts thu hcudqtiuriyof tho nitouul
lepublfcau committee. XT "liS "l1 ??,?
crowd on the stieel. anH. ' '"; ' llu'
troublo u laltl result, '"l ha inlly this was
"voided fB rieiiit cH-fra"". ' t" W
of tha pollco aroutic l' J1"V,'ir,,,rB't ',' '!
that It Lad been s ''" 10 ll,la ,,mt "10
iiomenaiirusheJuJ ''rrestcd for marehl.ii,
without a UeriultV't wlsorcouusel3piovallcd,
Biid I llmilemocrP " Ie. ' with a
U?ho1nh?btw'the oxcltomcut teemtd tn
lulreaw. A," Hoillaau lwiuo mm of all
mrtt wro gathered, and, with tho exception
or a few Men who wem Hushed Willi liquor, all
Inraa lookofearncilneu. of r-crluUMicM, Ami or
determination. It was tho fame at tho Fifth
Avenuo Hotel, the Brunswick, an I tho Wind
sor. Allh-i latter hotel tho poliilcnl excite
ment was inlnnled with tho newt from
Wall Hntt and tho atmn.phcro was
pregnant rlih an unknown fooling
that InHiCte t every one In tho assemblage.
As each man looked bis neighbor In tbo face
tho nutation bo teemed tn aik was, " v hat
noxtr' and no nno know "What It tho
latest tiowtf was tho Invarlvblo query at
caeunew comer enteral As tha night grow
later, mo crowns iiimuiKncn tiowiyasn re
luctant tn depart, and at mldntght pre it mul
titudes of excited men still lilted tho Urictt
cheering ror tholr respective presidential can
Under the Idea That Cleveland Is Heeled
They lire Guns, Parade, aud Jubilate Cen
trally. The democrats, trusting to their reelings anil
desires without waiting ror official figures,
havo commenced celebrating a supposed vic
tory lu various parti of tbo country. True,
they hnvo been a llttlo too previous In burning
their lewder nnd parading, hut they havo had
tho satisfaction or Jubilating cv en ir they havo
lost the presidency. In Galveston, Texas,
they fired a laluto of 100 guns. In
Naahvlllo, Tcnn , they wcro wild with uxclto
jnent, Hrlng cannon, parading with bands of
music, nnd sending oil lots of ilroworks. Thir
teen runs were tired at l.lmlrn. N. Y. At Jack.
sonvllle, Flo., there was great rejoicing, and at
Montgomery, Ala , two hundred guut were
fired. At tho democratlo bendquerters In Now
Orleans flroworka were set oil to a largo extent
unci minus worn uiscuargcu on vue sirccis.
ihero was rejoicing at various points in Missis
sippi, salutes being llrcd, Ac. Ono hundrod
Suns wcro llrcd In Bulltlo and tho sivcral
emocratlu clubt lu tho city paraded. In Klch
mond, Va., thero was great democratlo en
thusiasm and an impromptu demonstration at
night, which w as kopt up for hours, l'roees
Blous, bonllrcs, fireworks, cannon llring,
SHcchcs, and general Jubilation was tbo
Inlenso Ixclttment In Boston.
Boston, Nov. 0 The Interest In the result or
tbo election continues unabated tn this city.
Tbo streets In tho vicinity or tho newspaper
offices present a most remarkable appcaranco
to-night. Washington streets from Broomfleld
to state, Is ono solid muss of humanity, mak
ing It lini-issiblo for a person to pass through
As tho returns aro announced upon tha tkiald
bulletins, and from tbo Journal bulletins,
dlrcctl) opposlle, tho crowds cheer or bins as
tho n suit Is f iv orablo to tho preferences or tho
observer. Tbo excitement is Intcnso, Papers
weru seized Irom newsboys nnd burned, pic
tures of Blalue and Cleveland wero seized by
tho crond and destroyed, and thcro havo been
many personal encounters. Tho crowd has
broken ono of tho largo plato glass windows
or tho Journal office, nnd rotten eggs and stones
havo been thrown at the building blx per
sons havo been arrested lu cuniiectlou with
tho now spnper burning outrage. At tbo demo
cratlo headquarters tno democrats wcro burn
ing lights uud discharging recUcts, and, taken
altogether, the scenes havo never been sur
passed on tho streets of Boston.
At .New lork's Capital.
AtnANY, N. Y, Nov. 0 Thcro Is still In
tenso excitement In tblt city over tho result ol
tbo presidential election. Tho democrats be
gan to Jubilate this afternoon. Ono hundred
guns wcro llrcd In honor of Grover Clorcland.
Tho governor was closeted with his prhato
secretary all tbo morulug. All advices re
ceived by tho governor potutcd to his election.
Congratulatory telegrams were continually
pouring In At 2 o'clock n mossage was re
ceived troin tho democratic national commlt
tco assuring tho governor of bis election nnd
congratulating blm ou tho result Ma) or
jiarrison, oi cnicago, tciegrapnca tins morn
ing thut Illinois would glvo a democratlo ma
jority of from J.OOO to 4,000 Advices received
licro aro to tbo cftect that West Vlrclnta is now
certain to go democratlo, assuring a solid
south, blags havo been thrown to tno broozu
ou prominent buildings aud tbo democrats aro
pi cpai mi, fii w b-1" juulieu,
Hew Kellogg Was Beaten.
In answer to an Inquiry as to tho true facts
of tho alleged election In tho third Louisiana
district, Congressman Kellogg telegraphs ru
follows; "Democrats claim about GOO majority
against mo. Tho returns from Iberia parish
were held back toincrense tho votu agtlnst
mo If uecessuty. The) had two separate boxes,
and tho counting out and stuffing in the con-
5rcs.don.il box. were simply iulauious. Butl
ozlug was resorted to lu both St. Mary's and
Iberia parishes In thu latter parish nearly all
our colorod leaders wcro killed and our whito
leaders Imprisoned. Bribery, Intimidation,
ballot box stuffing, and murder equaled an)
thing over beloro known In tho hlstor) ev en of
this state. Iho proof Is open, palpable, and
St. Jehu Burned la IffUty.
Tor-EKA, Kav Nov. 0, John P. bt. John was
burned in ctUgy here to-night, and such wild
scenes weru enacted as weru never beforo wit
nessed In Topeka. I ully .1,000 men and boys
watched thu imago or bt John go up in flames
from a telegraph polo In front of thu Western
Union telegraph office.
Trial or the English Cannibal Case.
Lomiov, Nov, C Tho trlul for murder of
Capt. Dudley and tho mute ot tho wrecked
yacht Mignonette for having killed tho boy
l'arker to keep themselves alive, was con
cluded to-da) . Tbo Jury brought lu a special
verdict, finding tho fuels as staled and refer
ring the question ol law, as to whether n
murder hud becu committed, to the superior
court, the verdict wuscoupledwllbu recom
mendation to mercy. Tho prisoned wero re
leased on bail.
I'lmjaclit was wrecked, It will bo remem
bered, in the Indian ocean, near tho equator.
Juno 11. 1 our of tho ship s company escaped
in a small boat but with almost no prov Isluus.
Ou tho twellth day nrtcr tho wreck tho boy
l'arkir, who was nearly dead already, was
killed and his body devoured by thu otbera.
Tho survivors weru picked up July 5by tho
German bark Montezuma und brougut liaclc
to J- nglaud early In beptcmber, whero thoy
were arrested for murder.
Assignments In .New ork.
New Yokk, Nov. 0 Tho following assign
ments wcro mado by city firms to-day: Abel D.
Breed, capitalist, with preferences aggregating
S1C0, 100. Ho has becu dealing In mining stot ks
foraomoycuts, and wax also eounected with
Iho Crnre ek Breed Manufacturing company, of
I lnclnnatl, Ohio, lu which concern he owned
tni.uoonl stock, llo had also IOo,000 In tho
stock oftbu 2'ureku company at opniore, Ala ,
bcsldu valuabl real estate in Cincinnati and
this city Iriiiir J Kennedy Jewelry, llablll
ties, il'1,722, nominal assets, $7,270, actual
assets, W,U7 D. Ilosenreld & Co , men slur
nlsti'iig goods, liabilities tll,5u7. nominal
asselt, lis GeW, actual ussets, tJ 171 Clnreiicu A.
Manchester, paper box luanittacturors, liabili
ties, 410,0 1, nominal nocts, tJ,bfi; actual
assets, 151,532.
Brighton Vetch Iltcec.
New YonK, Nov. First raco Tn o year
olds, filing alloninces, threo quarters of a
mllo, llrewstcrwon, Windiall cecotid. Tlmo,
bocond race-Selling allowances, ono mile.
It Monoo won, Llgnn second Time, 1 52f
Third race Handles), lor all ages, one mllo
and a quarter I Ktlo Daa won, Tllford
second llmo217Ji .,,.. .
lourtbrueo llotses beaten at Brighton In
881, seven furlongs. Pericles won, Adclo
oce)nd Time, 1., ,
I lP.li raco ll'Udlcap, over nix hurdles, ono
nllo and n lalf, George McCullough won,
ijueuoc; tccoi".
Jlnlng tilth G. W. (Midi.
PmtjaVKU iiia, Nov. C Mr Gcorgo W.
Ch' dsav e the Farmers' club dinner to day at
bis c'dutry house, W otton Among those pres
ent were Gen Blmon Cameron, ex Snenker
feitiiucl J Itiiudall, Hon Wu)nu MueVea;h,
(i urge 11 Unbelts, president ol thu Pennsyl
vania railroad (senator J D Cameron, Judges
(.recti and Diddle anil 1), o Mills, It Lennox
Kenned), and Whitchiw Lied of New ork.
Twcut) four gentlemen sat dawn to dinner,
A lolorado Town Burned
Dfsv lp Cot., Nov. C A special rromSllv cr
Pliimolo ho Tiibune reports that thoculro
business portion or that tow it was burned this
morning The loss will reach looo-io, Tho
rtroets uro tilled with crouds or excited nnd
liumclctispc le Several lives have been lost
and i nbob has so far boe lire covered hllver
Plume, lusmul mlulug c amp of a levy hun
dred Inhabitants, threu miles west of George
town The Liverpool Ilaers.
I ovbov, Nov. 0 At tho Liverpool aulumu
mcetlni; today tho raco for Iho Ilverpool
uutumu cup of 1,000 soveielgns lu tpeclownt
won by Mr Manton'a six year-old chestnut
inaro ilicbils, with Mr lelg'i'a six scar old
bay hoito Goggles second, uud I ord etlund'a
live sear old chestnut horse Ainnlt! third.
Thero were fifteen sturtcrs The lust bitting
waaOtaJugalimThebals, 2)to 1 uxalustUeg
glet, evud o lo 1 aiialtut Amalll,
Ilalletln lloanll Still the Only Objects of In
terest Democrats Hasten to telcbrata Be
fore Being tontlnceil or Their Defeat
bcrnri Among the Ualllng Crowds.
All day ycelerday and far Into tho night ft
crowd of men blocked tho street In front of
tho morning newspaper offices shoving, shout
ing, and often visiting tho neighboring bar
rooms. Men who havo nevcrvoted shouted
and tworo as though the fato of tho nation
wat Intrusted to them. Tho polities of thesu
orowdt wcro questionable. Thoy seemed
pleased at anything said or done. A bulletin
nfnnvrt.,.II.H,.,llh,.m ami the rlifprvil fur '
oranytort satisfied them, and they cheered ror
all alike, lrequent visits to tho glided bar
raised their enthusiasm to an extraordinary
pitch, and several moro visits prompted ttn.ui
to rlik tholr lives on the success or
their favorites, "I'm a democrat!" or "I'm a
republican I were heard every minute, and
then tho two aprnUuggcutlcmeuusuallycaino
together, and began a philosophical argument
on tho tubject, often accompanied by an ex
change ot iiucoinpllmonturyichiarks, aud pil
lowed by blows Iho police were ever watch
ful, und nt tho least sltns of a disturbance tho
participants wero "run In,"
Peculiarly euthu tastlo wero tho colored
meu, Some of thcu wero old and Ignorant,
but their enthusiasm was Immense At no
tlmo, whatever tho character ot tha returns,
did the faith of theso old fellows falter. The
colored men w ere very orderly, hev eral times
wluto men mado attempts to provokon quar
rel, but tbo colored men refused to engago In
any discussion that oppcarcd In tho leat war
like. General!) tbo supporters of each candl
dato assembled lu sopuruto crowds and yelled
nt the bulletins. Occasionally somo one would
propo'C threo cheers for somo ono elso and
both sides rerponded nobly
About noon a tall, slim gentleman appearod
on tho scene, nnd after looking at tbo bulle tins
ftroposcd threo cheers for "Mlstah Blaine," and
hen Invited half or tho crowd to n neighbor
ing saloon, with the nssurunco that ho didn't
euro how ho spent his mnnov. so It was for
beer. He drank a sodn cocktail straight Half
anhnur later tho ;cutlcman was hunting lor
his high hat.
'"P.ab," said n gentleman with sldo whiskers
and a breath heavily laden with 32 whisky,
"I'm a democrat till I die." An officer, stand
ing near, took the gentlemen tu the station to
sleep It off
A small, thickset ninii, with a breath of the
tamo flavor, wauled lo own all tbo 'niggers
when Mr. Cleveland gets In." Ilu attempted
to claim one, but tbo colored man laid him out
cold, ns It were
"I'll bet 4 to 1 that Cleveland's 'lectcd,"
shouted another gentleman
"How 'bout Maria," nske. , tomo ono.
"Maria bo d d " called back tbo man.
"Como now," ho added, "If you diifs want to
betsbow sour dust. You're ft nlco tct," ho
said, when no one accepted tho Invitation,
I'm not," Bald a well known dairyman:
"I'm hero for 8100
' W ell, you vv alt until I find my man who's
got my money." Tho gentleman Is still watt
ing. A young man with a swell bat and dirty
hands approached tho crowd of democratic
enthusiasts about dark and announced ' that
Bomebody was doing It up' at a. neighboring
saloon. Tho crowd rushed down at a rapid
gait, and found that tho proprietor of tho
saloon was giving inlay handbills
"Bill Dickson's going to give us a thousand
brooms for to-night to parade with," an
nounced n courier from thu democratic head
quartors, and tho mot, adjourned to get tho
brooms. "Aud the) '11 need 'cm, too," said a
Lata last night two small parties met each
other ou tho avenue near tho Palais itojal,
when one man shouted out, " 'Ban tor Clovo
land " the snout was immediately answered
from tho other party. "Hurrah lor Blaine'
s mlii.!- thitiv. "Iliirrnh fnr lllnlni."
Both parties wero quiet and orderly, nnd tho
ctlcs w cro not much abovo tho conv ereational
loTiq, tint fur fully ten minutes Iwth stood thuro
for Blaine, and then solemnly passed each
other, continuing their advocacy until both
wero out of hearing,
Itcturns from this alato aro still v cry meager.
Tho secretary of tho st itu republican commit
tuo concedes tho stato to tho democrats by
1,0 a republican gain of over 1,000. Tho ro
piibllcius elect two congressmen, an Increase
A democrat Inn restaurant on D street lost
ov etilng was oTerlug to bet 31 ooct to ts70U that
Cleveland would curry New York, but thcro
were no takers Tbls same Individual said
that he bad, on tho strength of the reports
coming from New York, purchased ' ten nig
gers lu tho city already."
About 10 o'clock last night ft well dressed
man who was full ol liquid enthusiasm stood
lu trout of tbultlggs homo bargaining vv lth
tho driver ofa hansom tnb He field by tho
arm a hard looklug citizen who was ovldently
moro under spirituous lnlltteneo thau himself
"Wo want to ride," said hu to tbo cabman.
"Wo aro cuing to whoop It up for Clov claud
My friend here Is hard up, but l'vo got plenty
of mono), and I'm willing to put It out ''
"All right," said cabby' ' Jump In " And tho
pair wero placed lnsido und ttarted down
Pennsylvania nvcuuo shouting "'Itali lor
Cleveland," nt tho lop of their voices.
Mr William Did son tcturncd fromN'ow
York at 11 o clock lust night, llo expressed
confldouco that Cleveland had carried New
.. - ... .
Campaign Work Bene by the .New lork Frcc
'Irade Merchants.
"It was tbo Now York city merchants that
made tho Etato to close," said Gen, U W,
Whltnker. 'They wnut fieo trado, and tbey
put prcssuro upou every storekeeper In tho
ttatc, by threatening to curtail credit lu cuso
Blaine was elected, or to close somo of tho
henv y accounts nnd bankrupt tho debtor. It
would bo u business necessity lor them, und
nil that sort of thing T he luauulacturers vv eru
iust as urgent lor protection, but they did not
invo the machinery that thu merchants had
with tlulr army of drummers to put the Ir
thumb upon their debtors' bank account. Ihat
Is an clement that was not sufficiently appre
ciated 1 forgot it w lieu I made my estimate
of 60 0OO for Blalue It has whittled n tew
ciphers oil tho right blduol that majority, but
the flvo stands, and who knows vv hat it may
gatler V
"lias the republican executive commlttco
taken anv steps' to eelebratoY '
'No, and lu the present txeltecl condition of
tuo purine mum i mint; rt ueavy rcsiKust
biiltyvvti1 rest upon tnosow ho ni getting (i
firemuuiiu iiciiiuusiraiiouN i uuvu u cilspiiteu
rom l'lttsbunr vv'dch suvs thut srrcat fears nrn
iiitertatuod there or a repetition of tho scenes
witnessed In 1870 Now, all thrso gun-JIrlni,
ami i ru ssiuus nun uiu inking iiia' e lu Lie
Inslnnen nf Ihn (I. mm rut. uv I uiiilrn.lnn,1 ,,
lull uf daneerous wossibllltics mull thi. r, milt
Isdcelured beyond a dottlt."
'the Democrats lirjolro larly Because of t'ac
Uncertainties of Iho luture,
A mysterious mob mandcred up Pennsyl
vania av enuo about 7 o' lock last night. It
was largely composed of small bojs who car
rled torches and mndo themselves numerous
generally. A continuous aeries or shouts uud
howls wus kcqt up during Iho wholo route,
drowning the allon its of tho Marino band to
play what w cro tupjioscd to bu triumphal aire.
Tbo elart appeared to bo from the crowd
gathered about the morning new spupcr offices,
and thu Idea of a procession was apparently
nrumnleu bv
inu uepnsii ui suveiui vvueel-
burrow and push-iitrt loads of torches.
which the aloresaiil small boys promptly
lighted ami vigorously waved A few of
them wcro taken poisusslon of by
some )oung men, and when tho band
got together there led thu wuy toward tho
trcasur) I here wero about ' tu line wheu
the m.ucli began, but beforo 1 litecuth street
was rcae lien It hid swelled to nearly 1,000
T be b) slanders wei u In proiouiid Ignorant o ol
the .-.leaning of the parade', asking oach other
whoso celebration It wus uii)how The boom
iug of cannon lit Judiciary square bad brought
in my people out ot their houses under thu
impression that a dciliilto result bad been
le it luil, ami lu default of such ea.h beholder
i.tlrlbtiled thu demonstration m t u supposed
sue cus ol hit rt speetlv u c mdl la
A number or government cl n who wore
standing on llltctnth tti et ' usslng thu
sit wtiun doctd Mini her h ii.iii win uro
pubheanlubllaii ua 4 John a ibu Hue At
Nhw volt liven ' ill end .1 lie of th mini
hershuulodto I i, nsklnu vl t hu via' doing
ill u di iiocmtlo irocissioi. "lull ' the
narnder exclaimed this Uu Jllntue show '
lie was convinced of his possible misuse by a
theer ill thu sectiuu ciniiu eiowd lust uluad
or blm given In responsu ton Clot claud shout
The eluU then stampeded lit a body V
triiusi an ucy was oImvivliI nbout that time
w lib somo re murks ujioii It about "Texas" bu
lug tho banner ttule and giving "over
lOo.ooo unjoiUy altogether thu intornal
evidences liegaii tniiecuinulate thut thu pro
cession wus or clemu ritie origin Not that
any notorious democrat was observe I In the
ranks, such were conspicuous by their ab
sence.. 'Thu march continued down Fourteenth
street to F, wheru a hall was wade at tho
demncratlo coinmltti o rooms, another sornp of
evidence ti tiding to confirm the grow lug liu
t rcssiou that an honor to that cause wus In
tended homo ono made some remarks nt this
point, and tho bind again tried to make Itself
heard Tbo pcoido along V street as far as
Seventh, down that street tn Pennsylvania
avenue, and Along that thoroughfare ucur to
the font of tho capltol wero treated tn a v l 1 1
Irom tho mysterious mob, but no satisfactory
solution was reached
As the procession passed tho corner of Thir
teenth street und Pennsylvania avenue an old
colorod woman was standing on IhacurlMniio.
and as tho batul t amu Along tho asked If "d it
cc.slonvvaa fo Blaine." r-ho was Informed
that It was In hnnorol Cleveland. "Good
lord," said ah, "I fo't Blalno was 'lectcd."
" Bo ho is " said tho reporter.
"Den why am dty h-stln' a 'cession for
Cleveland f
She was Informed that tho democrats wero
misguided men, who believed, notwithstand
ing tho figures, that Cleveland was elect! d
"Toll mo, rUstT," slid the, with n most
serious cxprcs.lou of countenance, "It )ou
tlturo dat Mr Blalno it'lcctcil""
SHO w OS Inform d that I1C11 Was bClIOVCll to
bo (n0 mi, ,al t10(n,pattlt, warranted
tho aasc rtlon or Iilscarilngtho stato or New
sue vt as inform a that ucn was bciioveu to
'S.ork and bclneelecle 1.
" lo' God, 1 m glad ' said the, and then she
began to Jump up and down and clap her
hands togother, exclaiming "Pso prayed fii'
dls I doti t want tn .-co no dem'erut Jn da
while house. Do 'publican party mado mo
fiee, and If a dein'cral comet lu I don't want
to llvo no lon;or,"
Iho procession hut passed, and tho old
woman grasped tho hand of n little child who
stood by her and ttarted otT up Thirteenth
street, saylug: "Come 'long, chile, Blalue Is
Tbo Crowd Is Advised That Clcvelaii! Mast be
Inaugurated, and lliat This la a White Han'a
flovernnieat ow.
Tho character of tho procession was devel
oped whon It halted In Iront or the democratlo
commlttco rooms ou Vernon row, whero tho
band struck up a lively air. Tbo balconies
wero full, and as a hack, containing Senator
Vance, had driven up a few minutes beforo, It
became ovldcnt that sneaking would shortly
bo Indu'ged In. Mr. Thomas J. Luttrell soon
mado bis appearance aud Introduced ltlebard
T. Merrick, a local lawver.
Mr. Merrick oponed by proffering sympathy
with tho crowd. "W o hav o at last conquered,"
said be, ' and aro tn n position by tho result to
redeem tho nation from the danger aud dis
honor of tho past few scars."
Ho Insisted Ihat there was no posslblo doubt
ot Cleveland's election, nnd that dispatches
contradicting that ractwerc sent hero prepara
tory to carrying out tho same plan as that 1 ur
sued b) tbo republicans lu lt70 Ho asserted
that this could not bo repeated.
'On behalf of the people of theso United
Elates," said he, "I give theso icnplo oftbe re
publican national committee lair warning of
tbo terrort that will follow any such proceed
ing Cleveland la elected president, and ho is
to bo Inaugurated, peaceably. If jiossible.
lorciuiy, ii u must no it hub government
cannot prcsorvo tho rights of tbo peoplo It had
better be torn Into nleci s "
Tho speaker then eulogized Mr. Cleveland
as u vers great aud good man.
beuatur Vauco, of North Carolina, congratu
lated tho crowd that their lives had been
tpared to sco w hat bo had nev i r hoped to wit
ness without a fight Tha feelings excited by
tne war wcro no longer to bo mnao shelter
for fraud, deception, and misrule The sena
tor thought there was an attempt being made
to tamper with thu returns, but If there was
any manhood In tho American peoplo ho was
sure tbey would Inaugurate Cleveland
Mr. It K. Llliott, or .Maryland, said that
Washington would toon see a change, "a great
and radical change, ono that will rccognlo
white men rather than black. lam tor Iho
whltomancvers da) In tho week. I would
advlsotbo vlctort to bo kind to tbo defeated,
but to assert tbelr rights and sco that they get
them "
Mr. W. L. W Ilson, who was Introduced as tho
successful competitor for congress In tho Bec
ome is cat v irginia uisrnci, also bpoxc.
incn a very niucu intoxicated tnutviuuai
attempted to address tho crowd, but was
bowled down and dragged lu by the moro
sober men Inside.
Mr. Henry. Wise Oarnctt nld he tlinnked
announced from the balcony of tho Metropoli
tan hotel the death of know iiothlnglsm, and
bo thanked God ho was ablu to tell ol thu
Jolltlcul death of a member of that party,
amesG Bluine. Tho republicans might sigh
In v ulu fora.acti Chandler, nn 1-llza Plnkston,
or a Ixiulsluuua returning board, but tbey weru
no more.
This closed the speaking, and the procession
moved up to tho residence! of Mr. vv. W Cor
coran, whom they forced to eomu out Into tho
chill ulght air Ho appeared at tho window
of bis seercturv 'a room, and said he w as deeply
grateful for tho compliment paid him, and
congratulated them from tho bottom of his
heart that tho democratlo party had at last
been successful.
A senna lu was next tendered Iho JVisf, tho
music being of a generally melancholy char
acter, hovvcv cr, nnd w lading up with n funeral
A Crowd at the Flnanco Committee Booms
Democratic and Indeprudent Clerks.
Tho rooms of tho republican flnanco commlt
tco on New York avenuo wero crowded early
Initio evening A largo number of depart
ment officials and clerks were present, aud
there was also a good sprinkling or local re
publican politicians. Mr lake, tho secretary
of tho commlttco, was In cburgo, and the (list
dispatches read w cro from Patrick Ford, ol
thuNowork JrliU U'orU, ono claiming tbo
Btato for Blalno and tho other giving the re
publican plurality ns2 000. Theso were rec elv ed
with cheers, and then tho ciovvd nod
huraoredly waited for further dlspatchi and
discussed tho situation and tho Incident a of
the di),
"Iho laattwo days," said a chlcfof aburcxu,
"have aflbrded an excellent opportunity
for finding out the democrats In thu
departments 1 hey havo rnmoout In a bold
manner slnco the) have thought thcte was u
chanco for Cleveland aelecti m Wh), aomeof
them havo been making lists of the republic m
clerks who havo been isncclal!) nctlvoln this
campaign and havo marked tnemto go alter
tho lth of next March iho seem to think
that there Is no doubt of n democratic sitect s,
and have, In pomu Instances, cautioned rcpub
llcua clerks vv ho w e ru their Irlends against
being too outspoken lu their sentiments "
"Iholndeiionileutsnro as bad as the demo
crats" said n chief of division, "and in somo
lustauces vvnrni Thovhtuo been outsimken
jn their opposition to Illalno during tho vbnlu
campaign, whllo tho democrat havo dis
creetly n Id their tongues until tho just two
it i) s T here Is a clt rk In my n v n department
who, thu week befuro tho election, trlul to
prevent a New l ork clerk frun i.olng homo
and voting .or ululne, telling hi: that Blulno
stood no earth, s -ow uf being i lectcd Thero
uro lots o 'h e Independents In office, and
inuv in ounii u moro iiuuiaga in nut nnm-
i Palctl tlinn the deilluciats "
Just hero the demo i,.to procession passed
urn -lean iciuiii '. uiiei tnu cri'mi uisieiu lurnc'l
nut to look nt It At tho first torch' s nppi ured
thosu st ending on tho sidewalk gave threo
roiwlnj chceia for D'alno nnd Lognu, which
we i utisv reel by l, juns Irom thu Clcve
binilites "that crond Is all boys, thero lsn t
a man among thein" "Ut 'em crow, vvu'vo
got tho figures!' "Wo'll wlpo them out on
our pro' etslon I v ero somo ol the remarks
that wero mado as the crowd relumed to thu
Mr Lako then rend a dispatch to Mr. A M
Ciapplroiu Mr I'essiudcn, tho secretary ol Hie
national republican executive committee,
Btatlug that New ork had gono republican by
iuoo plurality, w hleh was received with tro
meudous uppluiiso, and threu cheeo or Blaluu
and Lo ran were given with ft will
About U30 Mr Chipp, thu chairman of the
committee, arrived, milt was cheered as no
made his vvuv through tho crow d to tho desk
wltblu the ratling,
' Our democratic! friends," said be, "are a
little previous lu tbelr culebratlnn but Its onlv
nconiliiuaueo of thugauioof blull tbey have
ou o don t want
td iS
wu will show a pro
piuyeu ev cr kiucu cue election
lo iuuLu anv dlsnlav until
and wh n w o do break o Jt wu
ce-sioi jreater than was ever seen in this
ebv '
I ho i oms weto kept open until tho rcpubll.
cuuplurallts wus announced attiss with only
thirteen precincts to bear troin when every
one was sallstlcd th tlthcrocoul 1 no not hinge,
aud that Illalno mid Log in were, surcl) elected
Ono of the Defeated Candidates tddrrsses a
Cn nd of Admirers,
While tho crowd opposite till HertniicvN
oll'.co were walling Iresli (Lures a trlejcle pro
jailed b thu substantial pedal attachments of
.Mistress lWHa Lockvvoud, hove In sight about 2
oelnik III tho aflcrnum lite lady was ft
seeker alter tho latest returns, mid driving up
si thu edge or the ciowil applied to Officer
Bv rues lor Infiriiiarlou Deloru he had nn op
tunliy to give her tlio tkuhed .tains or tilings,
her IO velo was aurrouu led b it ( rowd ot 50-1
inch and bos si 'ninorlug lor a l eech
Mv lriciuU rjii began irir 1 see jon nro
ut) lriciuU 1 liopu thu tn in or w umuu vv ho c,cts
tins must votes w 111 bu clt eied A shout went
up cm Iho receipt or this valu.iblo lulurmatloii
"Idutit know who It clccltd und 1 don't
care much, but I believe from tho goodnature
shown by sou tjeuUuinou that you will all
shout for tho one who list Iho most votes. I
can assure you of ono Ihlug. I shall be thcro to
sen that ho Is properly inaugurated. I don't
believe In sulking bee nu-o I ill I not get all the
Votes, aud 1 ennil certainly bo thero "
'the pressures around her fiall vehlclo was
becoming too closo t ! i romfrrtable, and nn
appeal to the )k1Iccui hi result' d lu n way be
ing cleared, out of wuleh she harked her ma
chine, only barking the ihltis of tbrco men In
making her escniw. A cluer was given ror
"plucky little Helta," as tho ut ou speed and
was toou lost to tight.
.TAT (lOULI) AND till: IiKTURX?.
Alleged Influence of Union I'aclllc Stocks Upon
Llcclloii .on.
Don't you know what thlt nil means?"
queried a well-known tolograph operator ol a
I'.ti liiucan reporter a tho two t'.ood In a
broker' office yesterday afternoon. A heavy
salo of Union l'aclllo stock bad Just been
chronicled over tho wires, and n drop of n few
joints In tho prlco ensued. Tho discussion
had been upon a lato dispatch claiming New
"Well, what does it mean T"
"Jlltttbli Ihat .lav Gould bad over !2 0.000..
000 worth of Union Pacifies, which bo bought
nt about 27 f hey will not be worth nntlilng
lf Cleveland has bi en elected, nnd no is ma
nipulating tbo market to secure n good close.
If you watch tho ticker, you will find that
every tlmo ft tresli Blalno boom Is started theso
stocks go up a r poluts. 'llieu ahcav) block
Is put on tho market and sold, and then tbo
prlco takes another tumble "
"But how would Cleveland's election mako
theso stocks v aluclcss I"
"How 7 Why, dou't you sco that tbo only
v ntuu they possess Is lu tho hojiopf anexteii
tlon oftbu bonds, nnd thut this would be hopo
lcss with a democratlo house und Cleveland s
veto power us a Inst cheek "
"rficn," ho added, tbo official returns from
the back counties havo beeude'la veil twenty
four hours by Gould's order that the) be no
longer received frco at has been customary at
every election, nnd as was done now until tho
closeness of tho stato developed '
tiii: "colo:x"i:l' itn.ioiCE'j.
1 fleet of Supposed Success Upon a Member of
the Stsy-at-llorae Confederate Brigade.
Ono of the hotel colonels, a six foot relio of
tho ttny-at homo confederacy, was tho center
of attraction opposite Wlllard's for sorau time
during the afternoon, lie had becu Invited
by despondent republicans aud rejoicing
democrats alike, uud bad reached tbo stage
when his head was gone, but ble legs wero
tolerably satu
"Wo'vo pot 'cm, by Gaud, fab I" 'Now
we'll sco what will becomo of that treasury
surplus 1 11 get my share, by Gaud, tab I '
"luru aboutt lair play, and our turn bat come
now, T hey beat us ouce, und now w u 11 tbow
tin m how It leels "
These and many less moderate expressions
wcro shouted out us the Icllow strutted about
llo began by good natural braggadocio, but
beforo be was cured lor bv bis Irlends hud
rotten Into ft furious rngo vv lth somo ouo, nnd
launched out profanity and dlru threats by
ml) )U(U
Ilecelflng the .Vent at the Treasury Spccala
lions About llereland'a Character.
Tho trcaaury department was much excited
ov cr a dispatch sent by a clerk named Dunlap,
now In Now York, asserting tho confldoneo or
republicans thcro or victory. It was copied
and handed from room to room, being eagerly
read In each, and by Iho tlmo the hour ar
rived for quilting work confidence In tho re
suit was onco moro restored. lu the other de
partments tho returns wero received by wlro
nnd seized with avidity by tbo messengers
who circulated tho figures, which wero taken
dovvnin each room, and their bearing on tho
result computed by aomo ono clerk who gen
erally acted as teller for the rest But little
work was dono an) where. Indeed no pretense
was mado of raring whether any thing was
dono or not oven by tho chiefs of
strongly democratlo men who had becu rU-
Sarded ns simply liike-wurm republicans sud
culv dovelope'd Into ardent democrats, only
to wish they hud not sjiokcu so quick!) wheu
the returns showed Blulno wus ahead again In
tho count.
"It won't bo six months beforo tho demo
crats will bo cursing C'lcvilaiid, If bo Is
elected," remarked it lluililo man, who
claimed to hnvo n ponionnl nequalutanco vv lth.
tho democratic candidate Hu was standing
In the mld.t ot n group of despondent depart
ment clerks, who wauled lo know what Clcve-
lunuvvomu uo to merit tuo utsgusc ot tuo
"Well, hols a man who has a reputation to
make, and no ouo can uso lilin for party pur
poses 11 hu la elected llo wotildn t lend him
self to any action looking ton whole-ale ills
chArgoot republicans cuipliiycs, oven if such
a thing were pusBlblc You should all keep
Sotirshlrlson, and look out that you don't
glvo up tho ship and get slack In our work.
Walt until you are tired beforo you get dis
couraged "
Tbo prediction was derided by many, but
tho advlcu was le.lt to bo sound, mid the knot
of eager listeners separated, feeling mure en
couraged. s
Trouble Among local Democrats About Ibe
Ixpciises of tbo Prematura Celebration.
A reporter who succeeded In penetrating to
the democratic committee room in Vernon
row soon alter tho crowd niov ed away found
about llltyoftho "unterrlllcd" nnd some ex!
cltement. Mr. Hugh D Mclntjie, tho well
known promoter of ttirf sport and admirer or
Cleveland, was mud. He was mad clear
through, end his cjes Unshed llko brilliants
behind his gold rimmed glasses Ho Used
language that could b , cl n tin ler-iood by
all who In nrd It n an I i ' was fueiblo
and lo the joint He wo nil that mi .
good. bud. or Indlll tin. hu doi t piv
inu back tho t7o t'll'l 1 i-ilil lu that
IL hUUW UIU nmOU " i"U,t0"'1
won't bo big enough lor lioth oi us to stay in
u i iiou i get inu iuouc). euuers wero ux
tiled nnd evidently In a bud humor, but wero
moro quiet riiey had not invested 575 that
thoy wante'd back. Sir MeInt)ro was coaxed
Into ft corner, and told thu rcjiortcr his story
orwrougaudjust wrath Whin It became ap
parent to the democrats on Wednesday that
Cleveland bad nil led prctt) much allot tho
northern states tu his roll of clictnral votes In
thorouth, some of tho b'vys determined to get
up n 11 tie doruonstrtitton for last night. Irre
spective or committees or clubs, and be. Me
lutlre, went d iv n to th -larluo barracks ) ei
terday inornln1; beloro 7 n el ck mid engaged
tbo Marino lnd, pu lng dow n i;75 to rnmptc to
tho engagement 'ine laud reported ut er
nontow, thn rendezvous, at the time llXed. but
when Mr Mclntire went down nu the street
to organize and take charge of the arcdo to
Ills usionlshm. ut und Indignation hu was met
bv ('apt Join S Miller, who informed blm
tout he (Miller) was in charge of the parade.
The column uuvcdolf almost linmedtatcl),
mi I Mr Me uy ro relumed up itulrr tnthu
commlttco room to make remarks Mr lhos
J 1 ullrell thu first wnrd member of tbo cen
tral committee, told the reporter that Widues
day afternoon somo of tho boya determined to
gel up a little demonstration uud money was
at once raised I ir the purpose It had no cou
nt ctlon whatever with thu i eutralnrany other
committee und be vies much surprised when
tho procession moved otl in charge or that
gang It was a b ully handled allulr all around
Iho peoplo lu thoilrst wnrd were all ready
with torches and transparencies to Join thu
parade, and wero watting tor w ord to bo scut
them to come down and Join In Not loug
alter leaving .crnou rnv the reporter met
Chariest! Moore, esq , nnd a pert) of friend-,
all ol democratlo mltli, ot whom Information
was uiked Mr Mooro and bis fri. lids wire
nstonlshed Ilosnld the parade was lute uded
I ,"usl"ln,0ir tholr supposed vietorr, Lut iho
K-U.'";'"'.0, "SUX
. llcmb, of , ,0 ,.Ilt'mi ,mmUu.. iA
oniS nsn menus oi iciuuguu too H'trinuscii
mcuibert of ,tho central cuminltttt , an I
the congretslonul committee, which was asked
to uireet ine au.ur, out n nee idea mat tne dls
trlct coiumtttcu was tho proper one to do that
fno committee did arrange tno wholo allulr,
c ugaglng and piv lug lor the band and all, uud
Mr Mi int) ro, who It a member of no commit
tee, bud nothing whatever to do with thu mut
terdid tiotengngu tlio bind, nor advaiiee a
dollar, unless lie wus one of the inauy contrib
utors to tbo Hind Oapt Miller was properly
Placed In chnrgc', il'iul tho laradowai accord
lug to iho plansof the emlral committee. This
was Mr. ilooru's explanation
lugland a Jlellutor.
Paris, Nov 0 Prime Minister Ferry hot
anuouueed tu tlio'lonqulu tommliteo of tho
deputies that England had ollered to mediate
between China uud lruueo, but hud not yet
made auy official ot enures to the Chinese gov
ernmcut lbe lmps states that franco la ne
gotiating direct with China
The Weather To-day.
h(r umlArr, thirty rMmj leinjieraturf, uinitt
ihtJUra fount and touth, J tiling baronutcr. lr
Sndintuj, UMnair, u(r Heather.
Yeaterday'tthvrtnometer.7a. m., 07,9', U a,
m.,a7 25,3p. m,40'.", 7p. in.,&3b.Up,ia.,
II u", maximum, ll,4J, mluluium, jj,uj.
A Exploxloa Which Slicok tbo Earth for
Twenty llll.j Around.
Ttritstvn 1 Vnu A .e- -.
1 . ui... o ' . """"m uynamtw works
.OMI.W Stump A. Co, three q larteri of a
raioirom titouchsburff, s. vilj or 500 in
habltnnti, blew up thla afternoon, anaklng up
tbo country for a distance or Irom teu to
twenty miles. Tbo worls consisted or flvo
rramo dwellings, tho timbers of which worn
font flying In ull directions, nothing rcimSS
ntr but tho loundatlona. Ail tho men In t ltd
buildings wcro killed, .otboctu , Vm ox"
plosion will never bo known iho biilidlnM
contained an unusual quautlty 0f clvnamlto
henco tho terrifflo ahook which was heard as!
far cast as Beading, nearly twenty miles away.
Wlndpwt wero broken lu many houset in
Stouchtburg. People wero knocked Toir their
lect and mirrors an 1 pictures were shaken our
tbo wall. Tbo church and soveral houseej
were unrooted. Tbo victims wcro II erallr
blown to atoms. At Itobcsonla, ten m
rrom MouelMburg. a numlscr or masons wero
working at tho boitoui of icrgnsoS
A. Co'a furnaoa alack, which,
they wero rcllnlng with new tiro
brick. Tho stack was probably loo feet high,
and thu work was nearly completed Ten
soino toy flltcen, men weru In tho stack, somo
at the bottom uud others on tho scaiToldtnz
above Just as tho shock of tbo d) namlto ex
plosion was felt tbo ttaek quivered, there was
u rumbling nolso, followed Immediately by a,
great delugo or bricks, completely burying six:
mcu lu tbo Imttom or tho stack. It thoy wcro
not Instantly killed they will bo burned to
death, ns tbo tcalloldlng la burning nnd they
cannot be reached Iho names of tho burled
men aro John Wcurlcb, Henry Slangier.
Henry btott, 1 red lorcman, David i arsons,
und Joseph Itced lour or flvo others wero
wounded rno excitement Is Intense. Crowds
of m-oplc, Including tho vvldowa and orphans
or tho unfortunalo mcii.surtxmuding the stack,
rhe loss to the furnace cannot bu estimated to
Up to 11 o'clock to-night but two of tho
bodies bad been recovered. Tho others, It U
thought, will bu burned to a crisp. T ho dam
ago to tho furnaco Is estimated at JVj.ot) It
will take months to repair It. Tho duraagolo
property in tho vicinity or tho dynamlto works
Is ev cu greater thau at first reported. Nothing
remains but tho bare walls oi tho church ro.
iwrtcd unroofed In many houtes not re tlnglo
pano ol glass remains.
Lx-I'rlest Clilnlquj's Friends and Filtrates
Havo a lively light In Montreal.
MoNinEAl, Nov C lather Chlnluuy. tho
ex priest, was announcod to lecture In liusselt
hall, In this cits, last nltht. Tho hall was
packed with an nudlenco consisting mostly ot
his opponents, whllo outsldo was gathered a
mob of about '2,000 Tho proceedings were,
constantly interrupted, And Boon after the lec
turer commenced to speak tho audleuco re
fused tolithlin proceed, amid a scene or tho
utmost confusion lien aiuod on tho tenia nnd
vv Indow tills hovvllug derltlv ely w henever tho
speaker attempted to mako hi in sell heard.
This was followed by "La Marscllalse," given
lu Selling chorus Benches wcro broken and
broken glass from tho windows was soon
scattered over the hall Tho crowd outsldo
confined themselves to loud talk and
occasional bowls. Thcro was a strong
pollco .'orco present in anticipation
of trouble, but It vv us unublo to preservo order.
Tbo leiturer appealed to tho ,olIco to clear
the hall, which they tlnall) nccompllshed. A
few or Chinlquy'a friends remained, with a
view of protecting him Tho riotous proce ed
lugs broke out afresh, tho mob tbrowln
stones through tho windows and causing con
tlderublo damage -cvcral of thoso in tho
building wcro Injured and to prevent further
assault tbo lights wcro turned out. Tho
crowd, not being able to see tho inmates, con
tented themselves with llring at random nnd
threatening tu kill lather Chttilquy. Car
rlugea were summoned, and, whllo tho pollco
licit back tho crowd with their batons, tho
lecturer and bis friends entered them and
w eru rapidly drlv en otv N'o arrests wero made,
tbo police being unabloto detect tho parties
ene,iigcd In the stone throwing.
. ....., iter mutjiaar 'and
Then Herself.
Cmcioo, Nor. 0 About 4.30 o'clock thla af
ternoon Mrt. Gardner, wife of Dr. gchuylcr
Gardner, former!) of JcC'ertoii county, N. Y.,
shot her husbiud nnd young child, both
through thu head, killing them Instantly.
Taking up tbo dead child tbo carried It across
tho street to auiclghbors house, left It there,
aud calling tolier neighbor to como over and
boo her husband w horn sno had killed, re
turned to her house und shot herself through
tho temple, Inflicting a mortal wound. It up.
pears that her husband lost bis property rs'
short tlmo ago, which mado him moroso ami
sullen, nnd he accused bis wife of Infidelity.
This seems to havo tinbaliuccd nor mind At
thu tlmo or tho shooting he was bidding her
good by, preparatory to going to Book Falls,
111 , aud It Is supposed that thu thought ho was
going to desert tier.
. j
American Securities In 1 urope.
Londov, Nov.O Tbo steadiness or American ,
securities on tbo stock exchange under tho
election excitement Is tbo Btibject or comment
by the press. Tho Jitl Stall Oazttle holds that j
thlt steadiness Is n striking Illustration ot this
stability ot democratlo Institutions A similar
crisis in an) otln r country would conv ulses
firlcct. A nation oi lilt) million peoplo decides
ho rate or Its government In a closcl) -contested
election, which Is conducted vv lth will
excitement troin tho shores of thuAttautlo to
thoPucltlc, with less vtlcct upon Iho stock
market than n report that King Alfonso bad iv
cold lu his bead would allect thu Spanish,
women'. lorelgo Sllsslons.
BA! timouk, MP, Nov, C Tho executive)
committee of thu Womeu's Foreign Missionary
society ol tho Methodist Lplscop.il church bo-
run tho business of to da) with devotional ex.
Ir s by Mrs J II Creigbtou, of Cincinnati.
tl il in nt ,hn i.-spri ctjilnlln r j rf 11 rvf wii j
I .It.r Irm.. Ihn livr. ton irvkilntis. ... MWlVrt
coming Irom thu lorcigu ml-slous In Mexico,
ciuun, nuu japan .sirs jmriou,uoiv in ioko
liuma, was rt)iortcd to bu In bad health, and
permission w as granted her to return hoio to
Nuvv Lngland until shu should rt ga lu her
health and strength Tho meeting of thu tor
responding sccrcturlcs or thu various branches,
held In PhlluiMphli was also alluded to In
the report read this morulug.
Mechanical lnglneers.
Nrw York, Nov tf Tho American Society
of Mechanical Engineers to da) elected Iho
following officers for Iho ensuing sear Presi
dent. J F HallownSjOr Cleveland, Ohio, vleo
presidents U W. Copcland, or New York,
lo'.enian bellert, of 1 luladulphla, and II It.
'1 iivvue, of btainford, conn , managers W . L.
Church, Pittsburg, la. Win Heivett, Irentou,
N J uud ( harlot II Morgan, Worcester, Mats ;
treasurer, Wm J Wiley, Now ork, and secre
tary, F It. lluttnn, New vork. Papers ou scl
cntltlo topics Were read during the day.
. Itallrusd Bridges Burned.
Colonics Ohio, Nov o Three bridges on
the Straltsvllle branch ofllie Columbus, Hock
ing Valley aud T oledo road hav o been burned,
loss about tlO.OM) The wires were cut, and
communication with Iho general oO.ces wan
thus shut oil till to-da) lbe bridges wero all
iu the snmo neighborhood between Stralts
vllle and Nelsouvillo Bulorellrlugthobrldces,
n parts f unknown men uppemed In Murray
Clt), uud tiirew bombs from tho hillsides,
vv bleu w criu.i loded.
1 Steamship line sold.
PiiasDH-riiu, Nov. ft U a meeting of
stockholder! ol tho American steamship com.
uny htldthlsultcriioou the recent action of
I K t .Impinj to tho ,'lnl
company was approved
liieeureeiurs agreeing tuseii tuo niecuisuiiNioi
llltciuativimt .ssioUtluit
Tho Bight Hon lltnr) lawcett, thoEngllsU
IiOttmattcrgcnetHl, is dead.
Eenor Antonio Jltita. of tho Vnelfcnfa i.V.
panofa, has teen assursluated
Thol.DEllsh man of war Marling has becu
ordered lo proceed to fcaulin
The Paris pollco havo closed tho Derby club
In tbo Hue Vivienuu torgambltug
An anarchist named Thellmannbas been ar
rested lu Bohemia for high treason
Thero Is virtual rebellion in tho Islo orSk)e.
Tbo crullers threaten to rctlsi tho armed
The floods In eastern bpaln aro Increasing la
vloleute, and ure cauiiUB great damagu to the,
crops and lllai.es
The boilers In the Iron works at Stafford,
Fugland, explotled sesterday. Four persons
weru killed aud twenty Injured.
The cholera has reappeared tn Naples.
W Ithlu the pasf twenly-four hours seven easel
aud two deaths bav e been reported.
Tbo Journal cfrs IMali tayt Ibu French gov
ernmentbat contracted with a thlpptng com
pany for tho cuuvuyancx) of 5,WJ troops iq

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