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VOL. XXIV NO. 297.
the Returns from Now York Aro
Btill Incomplete,-
And tho Latest Bulletin Brings the
Usual Midnight Lot Down.
Tiers Is Ho Dontt that tho Official Count 'Will
B Heeled to Decide the Issue.
Indiana Democratic nnti the llllnula
legislature 111 Doubt.
New York, Not. 7. Tho latest return
furnlthod by the Associated Pros Just
before tutdnlght lust night euro a plurality
of 117 for Cloveland -. 1th twelvo districts
to hear from, and tho additional Informa
tion that nil thoso district gave Uarfiold
pluralities In 1880. At 11: 15 n. in, to-day
returns from ten districts not heretofore
teported had been rocolved, soma of thorn
coming from tho mountain regions by
raall. These gavo Blaino G01 and Clovo
land 217, a not republican plurality in
those districts of 447. This gavo Mr.
Blaine a lead of 330 in the state, with two
districts still to hear from and tho official
figures from about twenty counties yet to
come in.
It was subsequently ascertained that a
difference of 441 had been found in Cat
taraugus county between tho Associated
Press footings and the returns of tho
county clerk. If those figures stood they
would Incroaso Blalno's plurality ;by 441,
but If not thoro would bo no chango. An
effort was then rnado to got tho election
districts rcp6atod separately. It was
proven that tho footings of districts as
they had boon recolvod woro correct. Tho
only possibility of error was in the ro
turns having been incorrect at first.
Tho situation at 3 p. m. was this : Sot
eral errors had been discovered, which,
except as to the one iu Westchester
county, very nearly balanced. Tho In
dications wero growing strongor that tho
voto would be near or oven than any esti
mates bad conceded. Many counties wero
yot to no rovisoa, nowovor, ana me wort
was slow and tedious. It was necessarily
o, since in ovory caso whoro discrepancy
was discovered or doubt raisod tho elec
tion district returns wore iuqulrod for,
and tho hour being late It was not always
easy to securo those promptly.
On a caroful rovlew of tho figures by
districts, as furnished by tho agents of
the Associated Press, corrocted by returns
received up to 1 o'clock this (Saturday)
morning, so as to bring tho record down
to this time, the total voto of tho state
stands for Blaino, 558,420; for Cleveland,
5S9.88C There aro oightoen districts from
which roturns aro still behind or ques
tioned. These in 1BS0 gavo Garfield a
plurality of 730. The counties in which
tbelacklngdlstricts are locatod are Essex,
Madison, Saratoga, Sullivan, and Ulster
iMDiANAroLiP. Nov. 7. On tho basis
of the latest official rotnrns roportod In
diana has given a democratio plurality of
5,500, and tbo republican state central
conimitteo concedes this muob. Tho
democratic committco claims 7,000 ma
jority. The congressional delegation
stands as follows:
Democrats First district, J. J. Klolnor,
second district, Thomas R. Cobb: third
district, Jonas G. Howard; fourth district,
Wm, H. Holman; fifth district, 0. C. Mat
eon; seventh district, W. D. Bynum;
ninth district, T. a Ward; twelfth dis
trict, Robert Lowry; thirteenth district,
George Ford (long term), B. F. Shivel
(short term.)
Republicans Sixth district, Thomas M.
Browne: eighth, James F. Johnson; tenth,
W. D. Owen, and olovouth, Georgo W.
Steele. Tho present delegation stands;
Republicans, 4; democrats, I).
Tho excitement nver tho result in In
diana ceased to-day, and now it nil cen
ters upon tho nows from New York. Tho
bulletin boards have boon surrounded all
day, Some republicans aro rather in
clined to glvo up tho contest, but many
till pin their faith to success from tho
official count, and shouts for Blaino
aro as pronounced as thoso for Cloveland.
Tho democracy haro arranged for jolli
fication meeting to-morrow night, on
which occasion the speakora will bo
Messrs. Hendricks, McDonald, and Voor
hees. Gov. liondrlcks has recolvod a
great many congratulatory tolegrams to
day and been busily engaged In receiving
and entertaining callers, among whom
wtre many republicans, personal frlentls.
An Associated Press reporter found
bim this ovonlng in convorsntlon
with a number of politicians, Sen
ator Voorboes among them. Ho
was in an apparently happy framo of mind,
oxprosslng hiniecU as' satisfied that the
democratio candidates had boon elected,
llo.'had nothing, ho said, to add to what
bad already Icon oxpressed by him
for tho past day or two respecting tlio
election. Tho excltomonts of tho last
throe nights is beginning to tell on the
pcoplo and tho crowd on tho strcot Is
much smaller and less demonstrative.
No bulletins aro displayed anywhoro and
affairs are boglunlng to ussuino tholr nor
mal condition,
Jcrbi: ClTV, N J Nov. 7. Tho N'ow
Jersoj stato republican committco re
ceived reports to-duy ironi all tho coun
ties in the stuto us follows: Thirie'en
counties give Blaine a plurality of 0,500,
nnd ninocountlc3uivc ClDvUaudn plural
ity of 12,76i CIoiOIhdiVi plurality 3,JCi
Hancock's plurality in IPSO was 2,010.
Tiu.wion, Nov.7- S-imi-oflkial returns
to-night giro Cloveland 4,112 pluiallty in
tho Mate, thoButlor oti 2,0t0, and tbo
St, John voto 4,113. Ilia coiigrcssioutl
majorities by dmrlcts aro as follows:
Hlros iiep.j, l.J-i, llucticnau frop.1,2,315;
Ureen (dt.ru.;, 1.133; I'ldcoclt tdeni.), 2,014;
I'hulpa (rou.), S,.s3l! 1 fildbajh top ), COO;
and IleAduo (dotu.J, 5,0U.
Chicago, Jov. 7.- Turthor returns
from tho state indlcato thn election of
republican cungressmon in tho first,
fourth, fifth, tilth, so venth, eighth, ninth,
fourteenth, fifteonth, and twentieth dis
tricts, and democrats in tho socend, third,
tonth, twelfth, thirteenth, sixteenth, sev
enteenth, elghtconth, and nineteenth
districts. Thu eleventh district is In
doubt, but Noeco (dom.) claims that ha Is
The Ii'mei claims that tho state legisla
ture will havou doinoeratio majority of
tbreo on tho joint ballot, glviug two
doubtful districts to the republican. Thu
Kens returns indicate u tiu botweon the
parties with two districts in doubt. Tho
republican stato central committee claims
a majority of ono on tho Jolut ballot.
Petehbduro, Va., Nov. 7. To-night
the republicans concedo the stato to thu
democrats by 0,000 majority, Tho demo
crats are highly olatod at tholr success In
this election.
St. John Again Hurtled Iu Klllgy.
Cepah Rmns, Iowa, Nov. 7. St.
John was burned in clUgy In front of tho
Republican office this oventng in tho pres
ence of 5,000 persons. Thn figure was
than dragged burning through, too strooti.
Iloth Innlit Tlint Their Candidate
Ilni C.rrlril New York All Mr.
Illnlne Wants I. a. Fair and Honest
New York, Nov. 7. Early this morn
ing Senator Gorman, chairman of tho
democratio national oxccutlvo commit
tco, louttho following dispatch to the na
tional committeemen for each stato:
New Yor.K, Nov. 7, 1881 It Isnnw conceded
on all fides tnat Cletcland nnd Hendricks aro
elected. Tho plurality In tho state of Now
York Is not less than 1,300. A.I'.Uokmax,
Chairman Democratio National Executlro
Tho national domocratls committee Is
sued tho following address :
Tho national democrstio committee has
taVcn vcr active messuiesto insura n fair nnd
prompt rn ni in all dels.) ed nnd doubtful ells
trlili. ConniiAl are emrlircd to watch tho of-
fici it canvass, and srrnngemcuts are mado to
lnuro tho traniiaLslon of corroct news over
llieconitry, To met thi exprnii's of this
notion, which are necessarily heavy, ulc.ids la
vatluus rectlous aiu starting subscriptions.
Money will bo thankfully tivlIvM by u.u na
tional committee, nnd nuysldof thlsinpjre
to assist In enforcing tho popular will should,
to be cucctlu', bo prrtnptly rendered.
Tim feollng about tho democratic head
quarters was so confident as luClovoland's
election that tho crowd illspersod at noon
time. Jay Gonld suit the following to Gov.
1 heartily cnncrratulsto you on your election.
All concede thiljour ndmliilstratlou.us gov
ernor has btun wlso nnd conservative, and in
tho larger field as president I loel that you
will do still better and that I ho vast business
Interests of tho couutrywlll bo entirely safo
In your bauds. Jay Uouu).
The republican committee still claimed
tho state, and asserted that Mr. Blnlno
had a sufficient plurality. This was
borne out by tbo figures furnished by tho
Associated Press, which wiped out tho
plurality of Clovoland last night, nnd
gavo Blaino 330 plurality with tbreo dis
tricts to hear from. All sorts of rumors
of fraud woro afloat, and it was stated
that Mr. Blaino had bocn telcgraphod to
come to this city and confer with tho
commlttoo. This was denied by the com
mittee but tho following dispatch was
recolvod from Mr. Blaino:
Avovsta, Me., Nov. 7. To Chairman B. P.
Jones, op the Kebuhlicah National Com
wrrrE : I art advised that tbcro have been
frauds committed In New York state. I believe
that tbo honest voto of the states gives a re
publican plurality, and I nsk tho committco
to seo that wo have a fair and honest count.
Jamls o. Blaise.
Tho committee say that thoy will tako
such Bteps as may bo necessary to protect
the party Interosts during tho progress of
tho count, and that to this end counsel
will appear Doioro mo county canvassing
boards noxt Tuesday. They say tho com
mltteo want nothing but fair play and
what tho law allows In tbo determination
of the result by those authorized to pass
upon tho roturns, and this as a matter of
course they aro bound to Insist upon.
The Mail and Express in its issue of to
day said: Nclthor party yleldsNow York
state. Thocontost Is so closo that official
figures may be necessary to dotermlno tho
result. Returns so far roceived indlcato
an apparont plurality for Blaino.
Tho sunromo court to-day granted an
ordor requiring cblofoftho bureau of
elections to show causo why ho should not
permit the commlttoo of lawyers appointod
at last night's mooting to inspect tho
eloction roturns.
Issued by the Democratio National
Committee Before the Iltlrfrns Were 1
All In.
Tbo following address was sent out by
tho democratio national commlttoo last
ovening, at a time when thcro were still
twolvo voting proolncts in New York
state to bear from, and tho rovitcd and
corrected footings, based on tbo official
roturns, so far as received, showed that
Blaine and Logan had a lead of 452 votes,
with but little, if any, prospect that this
result would bo changed. At any rato,
with these districts still unreported, the
result could not reasonably bo claimed as
certain by olthor party:
MITTEE, No. U WcstTwentr-fourth street. New
York, Nov. 7, 1881. 7b the JVu;te o timHikk'l
States: Thoro can no longer bo nuyquesuJn
concerning tho actual result of the presiden
tial election.
drover Clovoland nnd Thomas A. Hendricks
havo eighteen electoral votes moro than are
necessary to elect them.
It Is not worih while for our adversaries to
dalm the electoral voto of tho stato of New
It Is absolutely certain that tho returns ot
tho proper ottlcers of election on tho night of
the 4th of November showed n dcclsh u plu
rality in the state lor tho electors supporting
Cloveland and Hendtlcls.
If any dtUercnt or altered returns are now
being prepared, or are promulgated, thoy are
corrupt laUlflcations of the records of tho ftolo
of New York, nnd tho men aiding or abetting
tho making of such reports are criminals. It
Is not expected that you will tamely submit to
tbo machinations of such men. Let them un
derstand that oil will not.
Kccognlzo at noon to-morrow throughout
the United Hales tho actual election of Cleve
land and Hendricks by tiring national salutes.
wiet to-morrow nignt tnrouguom tno coun
try and express your opinions In a manner
that cannot bo mlMindcrbtood.
Tho men of New York uro resohed not to
submit lo the gross outrage attempted to bo
perpetrated upon their rights, and will speak
for thencUcs, '
William II. BtiiNUJi,
Chairman KattonalDcraocratlo Committee.
A. V. Gouman,
Chalrmag National Executive Committee.
Democrats Cunttnuo to fire Cannon
nnd Mnke n II I if Noise Over Their
Huppou-il Success.
Tho Jubilation ot tho democrats In
various parts of tho country, under tho
belief that Clovoland had carried New
York and was elected, contlnuod yester
day. Iu Augusta, Ga., tho celebration
commenced by tho ringing of bolls, tho
firing of cannons, and tho blowing of
whistles. An lmmonso crowd bearing ban
ners, Hags, nnd rod shirts on poles, cn
torod tho capitdl, took tho legislature by
storm, nnd adjourned that body. Tho
crowd thon took up Gov. McDjulol nnd
carried him aoross tho stroet to tho cus
tom house, whoro tho red shirts woro
burned nnd onthuslasllo nnd tpatrlotlo
spoeches woro mado by Gov. McDanlel,
Congressman Hardeman, anu uon. daw
ton. '
In Now York a aaluln of 100 guns was
fired In the City Hall park by order of
tno loaucrs or tno county democracy.
Salutes wero nlso fired In Now Orleans,
I,a., nnd Portland, Mo. Ono hundrod
guns were II rod In Brooklyn, and at night
thoro was a groat domocratlo torchlight
In Cincinnati tho street demonstrations
wore uniformly good naturod, though
vory noisy on account of tho use of tin
horns nnd other loud-sounding Instru-'
ments. The GimmerchUGiizelte yesterday
announced that It wonld post no moro
bulletins, and advisod thu pcoplo to go
homo and await tho rogular modo of re
ceiving nows. Tho advice was taken,
and tho streets wero comparatively quiet
last night.
In many of tho clttos tho population
was in such an excited state that tho
authorities issuod ordors prohibiting polit
ical parados by either party. In New
York city tho acting superintendent of
police to-day sent a mossago to all pollco
captains to crovont all parades not hav
ing proper permits from tho pollco, and
to glvo an escort to thoso that had per
mits, rno acting superintendent alto
issued orders to tho captains of pollco re
quiring them to hold tholr men in readi
ness for any outbreak that might occur.
A largo force of pollco officers was massed
in tho station houses noarost to tho nows
paper offices.
In Philadelphia Chief of Police Stew
art issuod a circular to tho leading politi
cal clubs roquostlagthem to avoid parad
ing or in any manuor adding to the ox
cltemont that prevailod thoro, and ordors
woro issuod to arrest all persons doing
anything calculated to croato a broach of
tho poaco.
In Pittsburg, Pa., a proclamation was
issued by Chief of Pollco Braum forbid
ding thol posting of olection bulletins
and tho blowing of tin hornsou tho streets.
This has had tho effect of materially re
ducing tho crowd, and tho best ordor
provalled. Tho pool rooms also havo boon
closed until after tho presidential contest
is settled, by ordor of Mayor Fulton, as
betting Is calculated to keep np excite
ment and partisan feeling.
Charleston, S. C, was wild with oxclto
mont last night. Bonfires woro burning
on Independence equaro and fireworks
wero set off.
Tho stroots of Blnghampton, N. Y
woro flllod with people, cannons woro
fired, and all sorts of noisos, Indicating
Joy wero heard on nil sides.
At Provldonco, R. I., thirty-six guns
woro fired oarly In tho evening in honor
of the electoral voto of Now York, and
100 moro woro fired at midnight on gen-
oral principles. Somo democratic speeches
were also mado to a largo crowd in front
of thorclty hall.
At Knoxville, Tcnn., 219 guns woro
fired. At Jacksonville, Fla., 100, nnd 400
were fired at Montgomery, Ala. Thero
wero torchlight processions in both tho
last-namod citlos,
Tho domocrats of Boston fired 100 guns
and a conferenco of domocrats and Inde
pendents considered the proprioty of
holdlngn Jollification in Fanuell hall, and
will porhaps decldo up6n a torchlight
Tho Saras Kolsj Cromls About nnllettn nosrds
Delndeil Democrats ltfjolce With Fear anil
Treinbllsg An Insult Offered to all Union
Issuod another proclamation, and out came
tho roostor. Ho turnod n deeply re
proachful eye npon tho man who brought
nlm out, nnd ns soon na tho lattor had gono
In and shut the window tho roostor felt
olf tho porch and hung head downward
with his log tied to the porch nnd groan
ing dismally. Thon that roostor was
taken in for good.
parado. No bulletins J;uvt. ostud
and tho crowds aro th' j uer an on pre
vious nights. Thoro hns boon notroublo.
Tho pollco nro guarding thu Telegram
building in Troy, N. Y. Tho buildiug
was surrounded by 0,000 or 7,000 oxcited
men last night. The bulletin boards wuro
torn down, and Telegrams wero taken from
the nowsboys and dostroyod. All Clio po
llco are on duty, nnd by tholr ordor no
more bullotins will bo posted. Tho mob
was good-nntnrcd, and was dlsperdod
without violence beforo midnight.
Tho executive committee of tho Clovo
land and Hendricks clubs of New York
have issuod an nddross doclnriug tbo
election of Cleveland, and havo decided
to hold a mass meeting this ovenlug In
tho Aca lomy of Music.
The Htroeta of Pittsburg wero crowded
last night, and 200 extra pollcemou woro
sworn iu. There was no serious disturb-'
an co.
Tho democrats of Cloveland, Ohio,
flrod 100 guns yoiturdjy altoruoon and
the samo number last night. Thoy
paraded ami held ajnlllllcatton last night
and arranged for a street p trailo to-day.
In Oberllo, Ohlq, Thursday night, tho
college students celu'irated the olection
of Blaino, and visile 1 tho rosldeuco of
Rov. Mr. Mills, a cunior in tho rollogo
and an active prohibitionist. Ho firod
four pistol shots into tho crowd, and
slightly wounded n student named
Mltcholl. Mills was arrostod.
Got. Cleveland Overwhelmed With
CnngratulntloiiH from All X'urlA nt
the Country.
Albany, N.Y., Nov. 7. Congrotnlatoiy
dUpatchcs havo poured in upon tho gov
ernor all morning. Thoy como from
overy elate Iu tho union, and nlroady
ecoral thousand havo beou received
Among th tolograms was ono from. iny
Guild. I uoro wuarontunt -.tream of
visitors in and out of tho t:celltivi .hula,
bnrn'l mornln;, many laolns boiug iuoli,:
rnu callers. Tho governor buru his honor,
modestly. Tho sc'tetnont n uilsuty
has lirgoly subsided, tho ronubiictus .-u-orally
coucodiug Cleveland' election,
M.my buslnoss and pr ito houses urn
decorated, and thn enthusiasm utuong tho
democrats Is subdued but Intense.
Thoi'ic 1,13 Journal this morulng con
cedes tho election of Cleveland. It sn; s
'Thoro bociim to be no longer a dctbi lint
Gov. tluvslnnd has been elected prosi-
dont. livery county has sent in Its full
vUqaud a tarofnl voriflittliu of tl.uie
Bults asduro Gov. Cleveland a plurality
of about 1,0.(0 in thu stato. Tho voto will
not vary 200 on olthor fcldo of thoso fig
ures. New York gives Clevoluud enough
votes to elect him. Tho Journal hn3 do
voted all of Its energies toward securing
anothor result, and it now reluctantly
states that tbo election has bcou dccldod
differently from Its desire, becauso it be
lieves that the prompt recognition of tho
will of tho majority Is csvmtlal to tbo
maintenance and piesorvatlon of Ameri
can Institutions. So long as tho people
if tho United Htules havo decided to
transfer tho federal administration to tho
democratio party wo are glad that the de
rision has been mado iu favor nf it demo
crat from New York stato. Pride Iu tho
Empire state, which has furnished only
otio president to tho Uultod States Mar
tin Van Uurcu In 1830 undoubtedly glvos
to every citizen of tbo state a bias in lavor
of hlsfullow-cltir-ona.'
On Mondav night noxt a monstor cele
bration will bo held, Iu which all tho
campaign clubs of Albany and vicinity
will participate.
Turoo Men Killed uy a Holler.
New Oiili:anb. Nov. 7. The boiler
in tho sugar houso on tho Haines planta
tion, nearl.ee station, exploded lust night,
kllllug three men aud wounding sovoral
Sir. Illnlne Overwhelmed With Con
gratulation Front All Paitu of the
AuausTA, Mn., Nov. 7. Tho latest ad
vlcos rccois, oil hero from Nnw Yo-k aro to
tho effect that the republican committees,
ntncu and national, attn n ctreful oiutul
untion of tho whole ground, are satisfied
that tho stato has p no for Blaino uul
Logan. Thty say .that i correet count will
uhow u small republican plurality and
that they havo taken steps to establish
the tact. Mr. Blalno's residouco has boon
cciuvdod all day,many promiuen cltlzciu
from dis mt parts of tho btatu arriving.
Tno iutorest in the rosultiu Now York is
growin,'dcopoi-ovory hour. This after
noon ir. Blaino talked freely about thu
sltuat 1. He said to a dletliuuiihed
cltlz'.n .il Mmc: "I fol c.ulroly confi
dent that thu UonoU oli? of Now York,
uithout chunga or manipulation, v li
nhow a pluralit for tho rapuhlhan oloo-
tors of not less tnau l,ti votes, loim t
l oak idly, but from th most aeuinuo
data, carefully furnished mo from tho
most competent sourees."
Mr, Blaino added that the dispatch of
Daniel Manning, published yesterday,
coutitlnud tho most urrogant and ollensivo
threat to control the eloction roturns in
tho Interest of thu democratio ticket over
mado lit any northern state, and equalod
tho worst bulldozing proclamations over
Issuod lu tbo south. He thought Iu effect
would bo to arouso tho law-abiding citi
zens of Now York, who caunot allord to
havo tholr state reduced to tho level of
lawlessness prevailing In South Cirollua
and Mississippi."
The gentleman asked Mr. Blaine If ho
felt much disappointment over the possi
ble prospuct of losing tho presidency by
such means.
Mr. Blaine answered: "I do not feel so
In any pursonal souse, but profoundly so
ou account of tho vast national iuterests
depending on tbo result. I feel groat
pride that no Imputation of fraud has
over beou seriously uttered against thu
membors of tho republican pnity in any
stute or district. I do not beliovo tho
American pooplo will accept a fraudulent
rosult. The republicans havo carried tho
northern states by more than 300,000
majority, and thoydo not proposo to have
the leading state taken front thorn by
Onco thoro was an Irishman, big and
hnppy, who boasted of enormous strongth.
He Invito l groat many of his irlonds to
come around nnij sod hint throw a bull.
Tho frlendi camo, tho bull pawed and
pllod tho tarth upon his, b-ick, aud tho
Irishman laughed. He thought how
funny that bull would look lying on his
back, with his four feet sticking up Into
tho air, nnd ho laughed hs.rd and long at
tho funny sight. After tho Wugh tho
Irishman undertook to throw tho bull
aud thu bull directly throw him ovor
tho fen oo. "Ah," said tho Irishman, as
ho picked hlmsolf up, "but I had my
laugh, anyhow."
Sovoral of tho district domocrats wore
present at tho ontsrt.ilnment, and ad
mired thu Irishman's forethought ana
philosophy. Accordingly, when thoy un
dertook to throw tho republican bull thoy
had tholr laugh first. Thoy had It Thurs
day night, and thon wont homo topropnro
for tho iuovitabioplcklng up. Thcro was
a groat advantago in it ior newspaper
workers. For the first tlmo slnco twi
light Tuosday afternoon.thero was a ces
sation of tho howl from tho crowd which
surrounded tho offices. Tho strcots and
sldowalks woro cleared from midnight
until daylight yestorday morning. They
camo back agalu with rested throats
early in tho day, and yollod and
whooped until anothor midnight.
Thoy seemed to think that thoy could
in some way raako up by nolso tho few
hundred votos which Clovoland laekod lo
make him president of tho Unltod Statos.
Just how a chief magistrato could bo
yollod Into oxistenco tbreo days arter
tho peoplo had decided the contost by
their votos was not npparont, nnd to most
sobor-minded pooplo tho situation was
ridiculous onough. Occasionally ft hot
blooded republican bocamo disgusted,
howovor, and vented his Indignation In
forcible language. "Till thou cans't rail
the seal from olf my bond," shouted ono
amateur tragedian wrathfully, quoting
Shyloek's words, to a arowd of ball grown
youths who passed yolllng In ear-splitting
tones, "Rah for Cleveland."
Along In the afternoon tho democratio
district commlttoo decorated tho exterior
of tholr hoadquartors In Vornon Row.
They hung colorod strcamorsout in front,
a Unltod Statos Hag at tho top of tho
building, and coats of arms and banners
along tho balcony. Tho show lookod
vory well to pcoplo coming up tho avonuo
from tho cast until Tenth street was
rcaehod. Then tho.-o appeared around tho
corner tho remnants of tho whlto scroen,
upon which tho misleading democratio
dlspatohos had been displayed, flapping
ureariiy in tno ureoze, nao mat purtiuu
of the school boy's clothing which covers
him with such doep confusion whon ho
discovers that it has escaped through an
othor garment which should havo kept it
Alongside tho Cleveland and Hendricks
banuor, and susponded from tho same
cord, strotcned across 1'cnnsyivania avo
nuo, tho domocrats naavuung an onormous
shirt, ana upou trie ureut ot it tney aiau
splashed red palntJto represent blood.
Most peoplo passed it wlthcontompt, as n
very low and vulgar display of sunposod
wit. or elso regarded It as a fitting V vmbol
of victory for tbo party responsible lor tho
Copiah murder and tho Danville massacre,
andwhosoonlyhopoof success was In tho
uso of tho shotgun In half a dozen southern
statos. But thero whs one class of mon
who did not vlow it so calmly.
A tall, fino looking' man, with grey
mustache and dark eyes iu which thoro
was tho uro of auger, stoppod just be
neath tho shirt and pointed up to it. "I
lav for threo days and nights on tho
battlofiold," said he, "and my shirt was
wot with blood. It was my blood, short
to defond this nation against tno very
men who now Haunt this insult In my
face within sight of tho capital and with
tbo approval of tho governors of tho city
of Washington."
A littlo crowd had collected about tho
veteran, aud when ho saw more pooplo
running toward him, as thoy hnvo boen
doing for tho past threo days whonuvor
any man raised his volco, bo stopped
spoaklug and wulkcd on.
Last night a deputation of threo Union
Veterans vlsltod Tin: Repudliow ouico.
"Wo want you," said ouo of thom, "to
protest lu tho name of tho Union Vetornns
in this city against this Insult which tho
ilistriit democratic committco has offorod
to overy ono of us. If the, district commis
sioners are In sympathy with this thing
and will not stop It, wo proposo to say
something about it." Said another mom
bo r of the delegation : "Tho exhibition of
that shirt Is uu open violation of tho law,
which forbids tho public display of any
thing which Is likely to incite a riot. It
is tho duty of tho chlof of pollco to tako
that shirt down, and If ho hasn't tho
backbono to do it tbo commissioners
should order It dono."
This dologation declared that tho Union
Votorans wore universally Inconted at
tho emblem, whloh thoy considered a
wanton nnd direct outrago upon thom.
Tho shirt appoars to have boen hung
out nnd tho decorations put upon tbo
building proparatorj to a grand Jollifica
tion wUu'h tbo democrat intondod to
havo last night. Same ul (ho moro lovel-
headed of tbo commltti-omun, However,
porsuadod the others that It would be
better ti watt until tlmy found out
whether thoy had nnytb o,r to bn Jolly
about. Arrangements won' theroforo
made for a huriah next uu dnv night.
It is prnhahlo that am thur considerable
chnugu will bo made in the programme
nu l "lodgo of sorrow" hold on that
Material Arranged fornPosslule Presi
dent Home of JtlT DmvUfs Advisers
Tliocsblnotarchltocti were busy collect
ing probabilities for "Prosldont Cleve
land" yestorday. Ono popular elnto was
as follows: Secretary of stato, Thomas F.
Bayard; socretary of tho treasury, Samuel
J. Randall; secrotary of war, Gen. Goorgo
B. McClellan; socretary of tho navy,
Samuel S. Cox; socretary of the interior,
Alton G. Thnrmnn; attorney geuornl,
Joseph A. MoDoimldj postmaster general,
John II. Reagan. Tho last named selec
tion suggests the confederate cabinet, In
which ho occupied a similar position.
Gen, Toombs, ono of JofX Davli'a socro
tarlcs of state, and cx-Secrotary of tho
Treasury Tronholm, who has a son In th)
coal business here, nro two of thu known
others, wtr
Hon. Horatio
matter general, was mot by n KErunLiCAN
reporter yesterday, but said ho had not
given Mr. (Jlovoiana'H cAbinct ft tnoagm,
though ho bollovcd he was elected.
picture of an caglo clutching n roostor)"
or, "Just give 'em a good, stinging edito
rial In tho morning, will you? Just sock
it to 'otn."
Occasionally a volco at the other end of
tho wlro inquires with great Indignation,
"Why didn't you havo n rooster In this
morning?" nnd tho volco gets real mad
and scolds at tho lack of cntorpriso of tho
paper In putting in nows lustcad of choap
wood cuts.
Probably tho most oxporatlng qnostlon
which com os direct or by toiophono Is,
"When will you havo somothlng more?"
That's whoro tho nonspapor man draws
the lino aud quits.
They Won't Glvo Up the Ship Till
Hue Blitkn No Paulo Appiehendcd
In Any Case.
"Glvo It up? Why, cortnlnly not.
Blaine's olectod." Such wai tho reply of
ovory department official met yostorday,
with variations generally with more pro
nouncod assertion In them. Fow and far
botwoon wore tho Blaino mon who wero
willing to "glvo up the ship," nnd Indocd
moro confldeuco seemed to bo possessed
than on the previous day. Assist mt
Secrotary Coon was lndlgntut that any
lTh; the Retoras Sum to Como la So Slowly,
and Why tho AtsecUtta I'ress Figures Aro
Host Likely to l'roto Correct How Clisnget
aud Corrections Dtcome NtctMirj.
Cabinets, Including thoso nnd il0)ul,i mpposo him ready to abandon
, stated by lucotlous fe lows. ' ituiuo. HUH thoro wai a very genoral
at o Ktug, Buchanan s post- aomand for information In tho depart-
The Printing; llurenus Affected by n
Feeling of Deep Dejpondeucy Vin
dictive Democrats.
A panio has sot In nt tho government
printing offico and bureau of engraving
and printing that is somothlng pitiable
to behold. Theso bureaus havo Boma
2,500 employes, most of whom nro outsldo
of the civil sorvlco law. Tho impression
has becomo curront, especially among tho
ladles employed, that all will havo to go,
aud that quickly. Tho prospeots for out
sldo employment for tho women aro so bad
that romoval means destitution. Tho man,
who aro In many cases hoads of fatnlltos,
are but little better olf, or, at least, tholr
dependents are generally of that opinion,
nnd fool correspondingly despondent.
The fooling of despair Is largely Incroasod
by tho heartless Joors and throats of thoso
among tho omployes who profess democ
racy. Thoy havo In many casos drlvon
tholr fellow-workors out of their rooms
by porslstont talk of what would soon be
tbo rate of tho latter.
A visitor to tho nolgbborhood of tho
government printing office is struck by
the gloomy look borne by noarly overy
one oncountorod, tho children being
especially sad-oyod, looklug as though
somo terrlhlo calamity had either taken
placo or was impending. Tho pooplo
seem to havo roachod such a condition
that tholr minds aro not capable of ap
preciating tho comfort contained in tho
moro trutniui uisi ntcnes. mo inaugura
tion of President Blaino would appear to
be about tho only ovout that might bo ox
poctcd to rollovo theso unhappy peoplo
from tho gloom that has settled over
He Wm Hatched Doforr Ills Time
nnd V.nfiTnUenln Outof the t.old.
'lho bV.cony iu front of the rooms of
tho d) itrloi dcmoi ratio committee was
tho rMopt-c'D for queer things yostor
day. Vlrst, tho daniOT.lts oxhibltud n
broom, with 'tho builnoss end sticking
up'rard oyer tho rail tug. Tho broom,
being Inanimate and without volco, bora
tho absurdity of thu situation with com
posure. Then tho democrats took In tho
broom, erected a porch, and put upou It
a nico fut grey rooster. Ho was a good
niotborly-louklngklnd of rooster, well
cilmlatod to scratch out worms fjr the
chicks, but he was not n game-cock, Ho
exhibited somo enthusiasm when ho was
first put out and eaw the crowd looking
at him from below. Ho braced up and
looked quite knowing and prod ufor that
kind of a rooster until Ills oyo loll on a
bulletin in tho window afTllE KKI'UIU.I
CAN office announcing Unit lllalno had 330
plurality In Now York,wlthtworepubllcnn
products to near iroin. no rouu mat
bulletin, and thon that roostor turnod
around and tried to go Into tho house,
but tho window was shut aud his leg was
tied to tho porch. He had to face tbo
music, hut he telescoped iu his neck nnd
otherwise shrank Into himself as much
as posslblo, shut his oyes and pretended
to bo uslcop. William Dickson triod to
prod him up from behind, and Ld Wright
came up and mado a speech to him, but
nothing moved him to any show of spirit.
A private dispatch from New York,
which was not read to the crowd, causod
tbo committee to tako In tho rooster. Ho
rotualned inside for half an hour, hut
then the national demooratia committee
Thing Which Tend to Make the Per
centage of Insaue Journal lite Large,
'iJWbat's tho latest V Is tho first ques
tion with whloh for four days ovory man
has met ovory editor, reportor, or news
papor messongor boy. No man connected
with a nowspaper offico but has answered
that quostlon flvo hundrod times a day.
Aftor ho has answorod It to tho best of his
ability, tho questioner says:
"Is that so?"
"When tho newspaper man says ho did
not intend to Ho tho next question is :
"What do you think?"
Tho newspaperman tells bim.
"Do you really think so?"
The nowspapor man don't roally know
whether he thinks so or not, but ho says
ho does.
"Haven't yoa anything later than
Tho questioner Is Informed that already
having heard tho latest thero cannot woll
bo anything later.
"When did you got that?"
Ho is told when tho dispatch camo.
"Haven't yougntauythlngslnco then?"
Patiently tbo nuwupapor man explains
that ho ciuld not vi ry woll havu rocolved
anything since ho rocolved tho last.
"Whoso figuros arn thoso?"
If possible thu information Is glvon.
"Is ho relloblo z"
The uowspanor man does tbo host ho
can In vouching for tho integrity of n
man whom no never noara oi until last
"Haven't you got somothlng from somo
body elso?"
If tho nowspapor man has anything
from anybody olso ho Is linmodlately
asked when It came, If that was the latest,
aud If thero Isn't something later from
that source, If It is reliablo, una winding
up always with, "What do you think?"
That question being answered tho next
ono Is Invariable, "Do you really think
so?" by which It is not to bo prosnmod
that tho questioners doubt tho voracity of
tho first answer. No, ha simply wnnts to
bo sociable nnd havo a nico littlo talk
with the nowspaper man.
Whan It is remembered that tho nows
papor man meets u groat many pooplo In
a any in tno regular courso oi ins uusi
noss, and that a groat many othors call
upon bim to get information, the aggro-
gate numocr 91 tin os in wnicn no an-
SHorsa series 01 iiuosuons, beginning
"Whit's tho latest?" nnd oudlng "WInt
do you think?" with navcr.il "Is that
sos?" interspersed, is appalling.
Tbo newspaper man writes away in tho
midst of quostlon uud nnswor, trying to
miko a connected story and intolllglblo
copy. Merrily rlnps tho tclorhonubell.
Up rlsos tho nowspapor man toi. s the ear
attachment of tho telephone, u"d shouts:
' Hollo!"
1 that Tm. Republkas?"
" s.
"Wnn 1 s thu iitosti"
By stepping awa7 from tnu telephone a
few f St tho nowspapor man Is omuled to
curtu lu an undertiio without being
heard by the man at tho othor end of the
wlro. Then ha returns to tho machine
nnd answers tho series of questions, In
cluding, "Is that so?" nnd "what do yeu
During tho first two days and nights It
was worse, for then tho toiophono quos
tlonor insisted upon knowing tho figures
about New York, Indiana, Now Jursoy,
Connecticut, Wisconsin, Virginia, Michi
gan, and West Vlrglula. Nobody over
did daro ask how Kansas or Texas had
Tho nowspapor man goes back tojhls
desk aud wonders how ho originally in
tended to llulsli mat seutouca which is
half wrltton, and what on oarth ho
meant by it anyway, lie wrltos busily
for three minutes, aud thon the toiophono
bell rings again.
"Is this The REruBLioAx?"
"What's the latost?"
Tho serlos of questions Is answered
down to "What do you thtuk?" but
this particular questioner doos not stop
"What aro you going to bavolnTlIK
REronLlOAN In tho morning?"
That Is rather a hard quostlon to an
swor, but tho attempt Is mado, and then
this unknown questioner at tho othor end
of tho wire says:
"Well, I wish yoa would put in a
moots, the views of overy visitor boing
cageriy songnt.
A call at tho offices of tho nrinclnat real
estato mon doveloped tho fact that, tak
ing tho view hold by many of Clovoland's
election, no panic was expected In such
nn event. A houso that rented for 50
and cost $0,000 would soil at n day's no
tlco for $5,000 now, or In six months'
tlmo, according to tho aggregate opinion
of sovoral brokors. Ouo oxtonslvo ront
In? agent said that ho had a demand far
lu excess of tho supply now, and antici
pated that tho sumo rclutlons would bo
maintained whatavor tho comploxlon of
tho incoming administration. "If nn
official Is discharged," ha said, "and gives
up his house tho man who steps Into his
place will need a houso also. Thon, tho
newcomers will be accompnnlcd by
frlonds, ns tho proscnt Incumbents woro
whon they first camo boro, and, many ot
those trill settle down and becomo per
xnanont rosidents boro."
Anothor roal estate man, nn ardent re
publican and campaign olflcor, said that
whllo he, of courso, doslrod to seo Mr.
Blaino elected on the ground of princl-
Elo,for business reasons he would be more
onoflted by Clovoland's election, whloh
would causo many chaugos, but no groat
depression. Tho only officials who would
UKoiy do caned upon to waiic tno plans
woro bureau chiefs and other high
salarlod mon, nud thoso In the lower un
classified sorvlco. Tho formor classes
very gonorally owned tho houses thoy
occuplod or othors, and thoso would pro
bably ha placed upon tho markot. No
disastrous results would, be thought, fol
low, as tho demand was always in ox
cess of tho supply, and tho incoming
domocrats, who would largely oxceed tho
republicans removed, for somo time at
least would loavo fow empty places.
Among the storokoopors no alarm was
found to exist. Thoy expressed an In
toutlon of curtailing crodlts bstwoon now
nnd March noxt as a moasuro of prudence,
but scorned to feel no four of a genoral
stampede of tholr dobtors or of any great
depression of business. Tbo lmmedlato
otlcot was mora dreaded by a majority,
so many aepartmoat people navmg pricea
gooas ana rniiea to buy, saying they
-would wait and see how tho eloction
wont. "Thoro will bo," said ono dry
goods merchant with n largo department
trado, "mora turning of drossos and re
trimming of hats and bonnets than for a
long tlmo, but, when the first fright is
ovpr, old habits will assort thomselves
again nud trado will recover, Iu fact, It
should iniptovo buslnoss by restricting
purchnsos to what peoplo really need nnd
can afford to buy. The credit system
in tho departments is tho ruin of many a
dork and not n few morcbants."
Tllo Proposed Democratic Parade.
Tho district democratio central commit
too hold a spocial meeting last night at its
rooms to tako preliminary action for a
grand parado, In honor of the supposod
victory of Cloveland. Tho following com
mltteo wasappolntcd to inako all arrange
ments and have entire chargo of tho
parads: Charles S. Moore. Dorsoy Clagett.
William Dickson, Charles Rowe, Charles
Shelton, Lawrence Gardner, Jackson
Yutcs, nnd William Hutch Ins. The parado
committee held a short meeting after tho
district committee adjourned, and organ
ized by selecting Charles S. Mooro, oq.,
as chairman, and Lawronco Gardner sec
retary. Thn subject of tho parado was
briefly talked over without adopting nuy
plan, and :in iidjournmont was bad until
this afternoon, whon tho timo for tho
parado will bo fixed and a general pro
grimmo adopted. It Is gonorally under
stood that tho parado will tako place noxt
Wcduesday, or, perhaps, Thursday, ovon
lng, when actual official returns will be
had after tho count of the votes for cer
tification by county olorks.
What Gen. Whltnker Said.
Gon. B. W. Whltakor corrects tho in
terview with him upon tbo causes which
led to tho closonees of the oloctlon in
Now York. What he said was that to
the iulluenco of frco-trado importers was
duo the reduced republican plurality lu
that stato, thoy having reached tho mer
chants In tho statu through their drum
mers. Ho says further that this in
fluence was not foigotton by him, but
A Itermttltcnn Jollification,
Mr. Prod, Dysou, of Congress hall,
Capitol hill, gave n jolliflcalion mooting
nnd ball last night In honor of the elec
tion of Blaino nnd Logan. Tho attend
unco was largo nud enthusiastic
Johuny O'llrlcn Thinks He Has Deeu
New York, Nov. . Kumors woro cur
rent late to-night to tbo effect that John
I. D ivenport nnd John J. O'Brien had
be u irritcd for alleged (nuinorlng with
tin- 1 cetlon returns Mr. O'Brien wm
seen lu or, an l denied thut he hnd boon
nested. Hosald tuut ho undcrstovdthat
luhad boon Indictod by tho gran 1 Jury.
and ho expected to bo taken into custody
iu u day or two.
A Town ou llre.
St, Joseph, Mo., Nov. 7. Tho town of
Louo, Iowa, Is on fire, und probably will
bo entirely consumed. Crostou and St.
Joseph wero telegraphed to for assistance.
Tho L'reston fire department has reached
there, and Is now at work. Tho firo is
tbo woik of an incendiary.
One Thousand Workmen Throsvu
Out of Work.
SvnAcusE, N, Y., Nov. 7. Tho whole
salo clothing bouse of Thoodore DIstel &
Co. was destroyed by fire this morning,
causing ft loss of $75,000; insured, Ono
thousand workman nro thrown out of
employment by thu fire.
Krlly Whliit Cleveland Had Won.
New YoitK, Nov, 7. John Kelly rays
that ho believes Clovoland Is elected
prosldont, although It may tako tho offi
cial canvass to proyo it, lio says Cleve
land's plurality In New York state is
about 1,300.
The Weather To-day.
HlQhU'jvarmer, Sale ueaihtr, higher barometer,
lr Sunday, slightly viannir aiui air.
Yesterday's thermometer: 7 a, m., ao.O; 11 a,
ni., 45.2i p. m., 51.d; 7 p. m , 41 9; 11 p. m.,
tl.o", maximum, il.fi minimum, 21)',
The elosenoss nf tho voto In New York
stato and tho delay In gottlng returns
from the remote districts, last ono-of
which may, and undoubtedly will, be
necessary to dotermlno tho result, has
made peoplo curious to know how tho
roturns nro recolvod, and which of thn
many conflicting sets of figures Is most
reliablo. Each of tho papors In Now York
city has mado arrangements of its own
for procuring returns, and tho figures of
no two of thom thus far agroo. Neither
dothoyagreo with thoso given by tho
Assoelatod Press, which Is tho great ma
chlno which distributes thom to tho
country. This latter Institution has
malo molt olahornto projaratlons for
procuring t!i" gurcs direct from tho
district polling placet, and theso figures
as thoy como In nro handled and footed
nnd refootcd with the utmost posslblo
caro. It is nrobablo that nonouf tho papors,
nor neither of the committees, stato or
national, nil of which recolvo returns
sent by tholr own partisans, havo moro
comploto nrrangomonts for getting ac
curate results or gottlng them moro ex
peditiously than tho Associated Press has,
nnd thoreforo It Is reasonable to supposo
that none of them has oxcelled It cither
in accuracy or in expedition. As It had
some twolvo voting districts unheard from
at 9 o'clock yostorday morning, It Is
probablo that tho figures given by tho
several papers for those districts are sim
ply estimates, nnd theroforo not entirely
Tho systom used by tho Assoelatod
Press was devised by Mr. W. II. 1'ronch,
tho assistant general manager, n most ox
cellont man in nil matters of detail, nnd
were thus explained by him to Mr. G. W.
Adams, of tho Shir, yestorday :
"Hero," said ho, "aro tablos proparod
in blank on overy county In the stato,
beginning with Albauy. Theso sheets,
which nro nbout two feet long by throo
wide, as you soo, are divided into lines
running up and down tho pago and across;
ovory district aud ward of tho city Is
given, and by this moans wo may put
our figures upon any voting district at
nn instant's notice. Now tako Albany
couuty us an illustration; the first divis
ion Is dovotcd to Albany city. Tbo
divisions or blank spaces aro filled out in
this way: Albany, first district, 18d0
Garflold, 2S0; Hancock, 233; democratio
majority, 8, 1631 Blaine, 335; Cleveland,
241; Butler, 18; St. John, none; republi
can majority, 01: republican gain, 09.
This systom Is followed out in nil of the
2,000 districts in the state outsldo of New
York and Kings county. These blauks
wero proparod two or threo wooks beforo
election, and everything was got ready.
Now I will explain how wo got In our
nows, and show you how correct our
figures must be. Two weeks beforo elec
tion wo sent blanks to a number of
trusted agents' In each couuty. These
blanks roads
NOVF.MBER 4. Smith, AsaociATEn Tress,
New York. county, district.
Hlaluo, ; Cloveland, ;llutler, ;
81. John, .
(Signed) .
"Thoso blanks woro distributed to tho
noarost telegraph officos to oach district,
and by the oporators thoy have been dls
tributed at the districts. Theso wer
filled out by trustworthy mon and sent lu
to us. Tho figures nro transferred upon
our blanks and footed up. They glvo M.
Blaino a slight plurality. We havo giwu
no opinion, and have nuno. It Is not our
provlncotodoso. Wo'havomcrelycolloctsd
tho facts. I havo reason to biliuve that
tho figuros aro correct. They aro much
more likely to bo correct than tho figures
of tho county clorks, who havo no means
of gottlng tho figures uxropt bv hearsay.
The roturns come to them I alcd. Nnonn
will know which is right tbo Assoelatod
Press or the county clorke nntll thu
county canvassing boards moet. All wo
lack now uro twelve oloctlon districts to
complete tho list. Wo wish, also, tovorify
seventy districts, inis win no uono to
day. No election has ovor been so thor
oughly reported as this, nor so corrtctlv.
Whoro uro tho conflicting fipuret found
in democratic reunites? The county
clorks In democratio counties havo over
estimated tho returns, notably In Albany
and Westchester. That Is, abiuiulu our
roports to be correct. Now, to satisfy al I
partlos, wo havo sent out invitations to
tho republican national and state com
mittees, to tho democratic national nnd
stato commlttoo?, and to eaeh morning
paper, asking them to send oach a man
to this office to vorify our footings. Wo
will placo at this tabic n democrat oppo
slto a republican, uud in that way tho
publlo will be convinced of tho fairness of
our reports. Tbo morning papors say that
at 2 o clock this morning the Asssoclatcd
Press conceded tbo election of Cloveland.
It did nothing of the kind; It is not the
nrovlnco of thu Associated Press to claim
or concede anything. Tho Associated
Press simply gives the figures that como
in. As tho figuros have coma iu thoy
show Bmuil ropubllcan majorities in tho
districts reported. The roports from the
county clerks' offices glvo n small demo
cratio majority. We morcly sent the ro
ports out as our duty ns news gatherers
required us to do. As It now standi Blaine
il slightly nhcad. The stato board of can
vassers aro directed by law to meet in
Albany on the Wednesday aftor the third
Monday in November, hut may adjourn
from day to day until all tho returns from
tho county supervisors havo boen re
colvod, Tho latter nro obliged to moot
on tho first Tuesday aftor the ulic
tlon, aud aftor tho vote has been
determined tho returns are forwarded
to Albany. There can be no tampering
with tho roturns while iu transit. The
law Is vury clear iu rrnvidlng not only
for the sevoro punishment of fraud by
such messengers, but for any voluntary
or uogllge t net nu their part whoroby
tho purpose of their appointmont may be
nullified or endangered. It applies not
only to initjougers themselves, but auy
peuon or persons wnn may ninuer or
obstruct or in any way lutcrferu with tho
porformauco of tholr duties. Tho stato
board Is composed of Secretary of btato
Carr, ropubllcan; Attornoy Gonoral
O'Brien, democrat; Comptroller Chapln,
domocrat; Treasurer Maxwoll, democrat,
and Stato Buglneer Sweet, domocrat."
A great many pooplo havo Inquired nt
The ItP.ruiiLit'AN office how it is that so
many corrections nro mado, Tho answer
Is easy, Tho first roturns aro sont hur
riedly, and mistakes have doubtless boon
made In copying thu figures by tho send
ers In tho llrst placo, and othors bate beou
made by tho wires In transmitting them,
It is not quite possible, nnd novcr will be
until humanity and human inventions
become In fall I be, to transmit the results
from 1,097 polling places, with a net tutul
of about 1,000,000 votes, dlvldod between
four candidates, to ono central point with
out making now and then an error. Somo
errors aro also possible, and oven prob
able, in making footings, nnd such woro
made. These errors havo been corrected
by tho official figures, which have been
sont in by tho legal authorities In each
county, and these are, of courso, final and
must stand.
A Hnceetsor to ICuo.
New Youk, Nov. 7. Oeorgo Montague
has been olectod aud accoptod the offico
of Presideut of the Second uational bank,
In place of the defaulter, John C, L'uo,
who ran away to Canada,
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