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VOL. XXIV NO. 298.
lim't lir 1 tfirtrr
HN n fn fll M M Qj Ci h3 H si H ID
a W4I4J4 lw4
I A Shriek from Party Haracd Smllh, Who
1 Has Discovered Tlit Republicans Aro Ar.
ranging to Hare a rair nrcxoning i.uair
man Manning's Latest Flgurcs-I.arriers to
Oririf. tho Counting The States and Plu
ralities They Have.
The following tablo shows tho result In tho
icvcral states as ncnrly ns It has been ascer
tained. Tho pluralities nro In most cases esti
mated) u tho return aro as yet lncomploto In
nearly cverratato. Dutthocstlmatosarobasod
on comparisons which, It Is bollcvcd, mako
the nearly aceurate, tho number of districts yet
to hear from being, as In Now York stato, very
mall. Tho returns yet to como In Michigan
and Indiana may chango tho figures In an In
teresting manner, but there Is no probability
that they will transfer tho electoral voto to
another column. Tho republicans or Virginia
(till Insist that tho democratic cstltnato
of 7,000 plurality will bo greatly reduced,
and some even claim that It will bo wiped
out entirely. Tho news agents of Virginia aro
a peculiar people. They invariably claim an
Immense democratic majority after every
election, and grudgingly admit reductions
when compelled to do so, and not before Tho
last fifteen or twenty dispatches have claimed
7,000, and so wo glvo It, though there is ovcry
reason to bcllevo it Is not half that. In West
Virginia also a plurality of 1,000 Is still claimed,
though it la doubtful whether tho official count
.will leave any democratic plurality whatever.
In other southern states tho pluralities having
been fixed upon early will probably not bo
Fon nLAlNE.
JHuraWji. Vote.
California 10,310 8
Colorado 4.&00 3
Illinois 22.WJ 22
Inwa 30.000 13
Kansas 40,000 9
Maine 10,830 C
Massachusetts III.IOS It
Michigan &.0U0 13
Minnesota HVXW 7
Nebraska 17,000 5
Novada 1,380 3
New Hampshire 1,000 4
Ohio .. , 23,000 23
Oregon ... 2,000 8
Pennsylvania 70,000 DO
Rhodolsland 6,000 4
Vermont 23,000 4
Wisconsin 10,000 11
JVu rcdlty.
Alabama 4.r,ooo
Arkansas 23,000
Connecticut ...
Florida -
Louisiana 17,127
Maryland 12,000
Mississippi 20,000
Missouri 20,000
Now Jersey 4,151
North Carolina - 25,000
South Carolina 40,000
Tennessee 15,000
Texas 100,000
Virginia 7,000
West Virginia . 1,000
Now York Cfl
The New York Ileckonlng.
Albany, N. Y., Nov. 9. The voto of this
county for electors were carefully revised last
night, and the democratic plurality was found
to bo 050 instead of MO. The demoeratlo plU'
rallty In tho state, according to official figures
received by Chairman Daniel Manning from
the pnitntv n1frkn. la l.tl.
Clov. Cleveland spent to-day very quietly, ob
taining much needed rest and recuperation.
He nttended morning servlcu at tho Fourth
j-rcsDyicruin cnurcu, wucro ino pastor, mo
Itov. Charles Wood, delivered tho sermon.
Tho afternoon nnd evonfng were passed at tho
.exccutlva mansion, with tho exception of an
hour or so at tho executive chamber attending
so prisutu uorrcspunucucc.
New Yoiik. Nov. 0. About fifty prominent
demoeratlo lawyers met to-night and discussed
me law relating to tuo ooarus or county can
vassers in tho various counties throughout tho
state. The result ot thu discussion is that in
nil probability dcmccratlo lawyers will bo
present at every board of canvassers on Tues
day noxt.
Another Shrieking Proclamation Claiming
cw York Stale.
New Yonit, Nov. 9. Tho following Is eent
for such papers as dcslro to publish It :
TEE, Hoffman IIijvue, New Y'ork, Nov. 0.
Wo deem It our duty to announce to the neo
ploofthc stato that tho republican managers
huve, within tho ln.st forty-eight hours, con
ceived anew scheme for thruwing again into
dispute tho result of tho election in our state.
. tor many days after tho election they, in en
tire bad faith, claimed for tho republican can
didate several stales which theykuuwthoy
baduot carried. Inthosamo faith, when ev
ery sourco of information, including tho Asso
ciated Press, has demonstrated that tho vote
of New York has been git en to tho Cleveland
electors, they still claim the state.
No part of history is now better known than
that tho result of tho election as ascertained,
declared, and certiUed by tho election officers,
and of publlo record throughout tho state,
Klvo Now York to tho Cleveland electors by a
ilccMvo plurality. Theso public certllled re
turns havo been sifted In tho several counties
by both parties with tho most conscientious
care during tho last four days, until every pos
sible doubt aBtotho result has been removod
Knowing this fact they now nrotmse. as a
last desperate resort, to mako of tho boards of
county canvassers throughout the tunc, wheru
controlled by them, so inanyrr turning boards,
. after the pattern or tho"onot long slneo used
by them in tho southern states. Wherever
Ihoboards fall them Judicial orders aro to bo
applied for.
thus relying upon thormrtlranshlp of tho
boards, In tho lira place, and Judges of their
own political faith In the second, tney intend
and expect to throw again Into dlsputo tho re
sult cf tho election, and involvo It In Inter
minable litigation.
To tbK end printed papers have been sent
by them to their agents nnd representatives In
every county In tho stato of New York, to bo
mod with the courts whenever un occasion can
bo manufactured. Of tho entire reliability of
via jmuiiuiiuuu aa lu luia anuvuiu mi'iu uua
bo no question.
We call upon tho representatives of tho party
In the various counties of this stato to bo r.lcrt,
and by every proper method to resist and de
feat this last despeinto device.
And mindful of the fjravo consequences to
tho business interests of our stato which such
n conspiracy necessarily Involves, wo deem It
our duty to assure our peoplowho havo now
generally acquiesced In tho result, that they
may coutldentlv rely that by no such scheme
or device will tho stato bo deprived of tho re
sult or Its dcllbcruto choice. It may disturb
and protract tho determination; it will not
change tho result. W. K. Smith,
Chairman Kxccutlvo Committee.
The Latest Itepubllran Address.
New York, Nov, 8. Th'o following address
was issued by iho republican national commlt
teo this evening ;
ItEreHMCAN National HEAnQUAitTEiu, New
Yoiik, Nov, 8. Tho republican nntlonal com
mittee uro taking the most carciul and thorough
measures to ascertain errors, If uuybatu been
made, and frauds, If any havo been commit.
ted, In Iho rrturnsof thelato election In tho
stato of New York, if Mr. Cleveland shall bo
found to havu a plurality of even oue vote, a
prompt acquiescence w 111 folluw from tho re
publicans of tho United Males. If Mr. lllaluo
shall bo found to have u plurality of only ono
voto. prompt acquiescence will bo expected
from Iho democrats orthoUnltod States. Tho
ballef of this committee, founded upon Investi
gation. Is that Mr. lllaluo has a plurality of
several hundred votes, and If that bo so, ovcry
honest man will demand that It bo officially
declared. Until the olhcial dtclaratlon shall
bo niade wo ask tho publlo to unite Willi us In
nn honorablo ellort to wcure a perfectly fair
count. I'urlty In oloctlons Is tho only safety
for republican Institutions.
II. K. Jones, Chnlrman.
B. Fenienden, Secretary.
Four Hundred More Votrs for II r, Illatne.
New, Yoiik, Nov. 9. Secretary Feasonden, of
tho republican national commltteo, yesterday
afternoon hail a conversation at police head
quarters with John J. O'llrlon and President
French, of the police department, and at Its
conclusion telegraphed io Mr. Klklns nud
Ueurgo miss, or any others who might bo at
republican headquarters, to como down at
onco to lollco headquarters, as something of
great imortanco deumuded their Immediate
attention. It Is stated that mistakes have been
found In tho twenty-fourth assembly district
and Westchester county .which, when
txiflected, wilt glyo -100 votes lu fatur of ifr,
IIIUi SowFendlag In Congress to Frorlde for
Ascertaining and Declaring the Hesult.
Thero aro pending In congress two bills hav
ing In vlow tho settlement of controversies con
cerning tho counting of electoral votes, cither
ofwhclh Is Inn position to bo taken tip early
In December nnd' passed In tlmo to apply to
tho counting of tho votes of this election next
February. Tho first Is known ns tho Host bill,
which was rasscd unnnlmously bythoscnato
early last session. Its plvotat feature Is found
In section 2 and Is as follows i
That each stato may, pursuant to Its laws
existing on tho day fixed for tho appointment
ofthoolectors, try and determine, at least six
days before tho tlmo fixed for tho meeting of
this electors, any controversy concerning their
appointment, or tho anointment of any ot
them. Kvcry such determination ma4e pur
suant to such law so oxlstlug on said day, and
mado at least six days prior to tho said time of
meeting of the electors, shall be confluslvo
ovidenco of the lawful tltlo to ofllco of the
electors who shall havo been so dctcrtn ncd to
liavo been appointed, and shall governln the
counting of tho electoral votes as provllod in
tho constitution and as hereinafter rcgilntcd.
Tho bill further provides that the voe of a
stato from which but ono return has bein re
ceived shall not bo rejected except upn tho
afllrmatlve votes of both houses; and There
more than ono return, or purpoltcd renin) has
been received from a state, those votes only
shall bo counted which "shall havo been gu
larly given by tho electors, who aro shown by
tho ovidenco mentioned In section 2 of thi act
to havo been appointed."
In cases of failure on tho part of stntato
detcrmlno their own controversy "then l;o
votes, and thoso only, shall bo counted witch
tho two houses, acting separately, shall n
currently decldo to bo tho lawful votes." '
This bill was referred by tho houso ! Its
special commltteo on the subject, of whlcbMr.
was chairman, and was reported back will an
amendment known as tho Eaton substitute ".
It provides that "If mora than ono rettrn,
or paper purporting to bo a return fron a
stato, shall have been received by tho prsl
dont of the senate, then nnd in that caso tin
presiding oBlccr of tho Joint convention slill
submit in tha mnmhers thereof the dctormtii-
lion as to which Is tho proper return; eld
thrco hours shall bo allowed for debate, M
tho Joint convention shall then proceed to
voto per capita, commencing with tho stntcjf
AiaDama, anu tnoso votes suau oo countci
and added to tho list of votes already oscc-
talncd which a majority of tho Joint convo-1
Hon shall determine to have been contained
in tho proper and legal return." .
ino suusiuuio was auoptcu Dyiuo uoup,
and tho amended measure was Bent to a col
ferenco committee, from which no formal t
ports havo been mado to the two houses.
Tho consideration of this sublcct in contrros
began during tho first regular session of tli
forty-fifth congress, tho electoral controvert
of 187(1 being then fresh In the publlo mind.
uu mo istoi rcuruary, iroi, aenator uigais
fntrnrtiMtnri fiifinltitl(.n. TehlphtMilnt-ftmnmlnrl
was passed by both houses, and under its pro!
visions tho last doctoral voto was counted oil
tho 9th of February, 1881. It was as follows
1 Tt lha hmlinil.ng nf finnitoAaa tinll A.
4. AUI.W .1U ll UUUUH.B w. buu.toj .nun u
semhln in thnhallof tha houso of renrcsenta-
tivcs on YYcuncsuay, ino um oi rcDruary, 18i,i
at 12 o'olockm., pursuant to tho rcqulrcmcntslclalmants for surplus proceeds of direct tax
of tho constitution and laws relating to the sales was 821,330. There were 1,291 grain dls
election of president nnd vico president or tho llllcrlcs registered, and 1,078 wore operated,
United States, and tho president or tho Bcnato hslng 18,927,982 bushels or grain and producing
shall bo tho presiding otllccr; that two persons 13,721,681 gallons of spirits, nn excess of 1,189,-
be appointed tellers on the part of the senate
ana two on ino pari oi ino nouso oi representa
tives to make a list of tho votes as they shall
be declared: that tho result shall bo delivered
to tho president of tho senate, who shall an
nounce tho stato of tho voto nnd tho persons
elected to tho two houses assembled as afore
said, which shall be deemed a declaration of
tho persons elected president and vico presi
dent of tho United States, and, together with
a list of votes, be entered on the journals of tho
two houses.
2. That If It shall appear that any votes of
electors for president or vico president of tho
United States havo been given on a day other
than that fixed for casting such votes by act of
congress, in pursuanco of tho constitution or
tho United States; ir tho counting or omitting
to count such votcsshallnotcssonllatlycliangu
tho result of tho election, they shall bo re
ported by tho president of Uo senato in tho
following rnuuuer: Woralhe votes or electors
castonthn ttt dayof l8S0,to bo counted.
tho result would bo ror (A. B.) for president of
tho United States votes, and for (C. D.J
for president of tho United States votes,
ana if not counted tho result would- bo for
(A. 11.) for president of tho United States
votes, and for (C. D.) for prcsldont of the
United States votes; but in cither event
is elected prcsldout of tho United States.
And In the same manner for vtco president.
Tho Ilevisod Ileturns Show That It will be
, Composed of 173 Democrats and 117 Iicpub-
If reports telegraphed from tho various states
aro correct tho democrats will havo 31 ma
jority In the next house, as is shown In tho
table below. But these figures are not conclu
sive as yet, since there aro a number of close
districts lu which conflicting claims aro made,
and from which complete returns bavo not
been received. It will bo -some diys yctbo
lbre a reliable list of tho members duct can be
1832. 1831.
States. J
Dcra. Rep. Dcm. Itcp.
Alabama 8 ft
Arkansas & 6
California C r,
Colorado 1 1
Connecticut 3 12 2
Delaware 1 , l
Florida. 1 1 ' 2
(leorgla 10 jo
Illinois. 9 11 io 10
Indiana 0 1 u 1
Iowa 4 7 2 9
Kansas 7 7
Kentucky '. 2 io 1
I,ouUilnna 5 16 1
Maine 4 4
Maryland 4 2 6 1
Massachusetts 4 8 2 10
Michigan 6 6 7 4
Minnesota, & s
Mississippi 5 2 7
Missouri 11 12 2
Nobraskn 3 3
Nevada 1 i
Now Hampshire 2 2
New Jersey 3 4 II 4
Now York 21 13 10 is
North Carolina. 7 2 8 1
Ohio 13 8 11 10
Oregon 1 1
Pennsylvania 12 10 8 20
Rhode Island 2 2
South Carolina 0 1 n l
Tennessee 8 2 7 3
Texas 10 1 11
Vermont 2 i
Virginia 5 ! 7 3
West Virginia 3 1 2 2
Wisconsin G 3 2 7
Total 193 127 178 117
Note. In tho congress of 18S," readjustee
Independent, and greenback members aro
classed as democratsnr republicans, uccordtu r
to which of tho two larger parties they acted
with upon political questions. Tho actual
number of bona fide republican members was
Mr. JohnF. Flnerty, Independent republi
can, will contost tho election f Frauk Lawler,
democrat, in the second Illinois district.
Charles 11. l'ago, dcmocratlu caudldato for
congress tn tho second district of Rhode
Island, will contest the election of MaJ, Win.
A, Fierce.
Mr. Dlalne Still Confident.
Augusta, Me., Nov. 9. Mr. lllalno contin
ues to receive a largo ami constantly Increas
ing number or letters and telegrams from all
parts of tho cmntry, Indicating a profound
interest in the situation lu New York, Ho
has mndo no expression of opinion beyond
the assertion of his belief that the republi
can electoral ticket received n major
ity of tho leal votes cast on
tho day of election. Ho declines to discuss
with any one tho details or tbu situation. In
quiries about Mr. lllatno's health continue,
though they nro less numerous than last week,
lie bus entirely recovered trom tho fatlguo In
cident to tho campaign, and Is In exceptionally
line health, better, as ho tells all who ask lilm,
than ho has been for ten years past, llo re
marked to a friend yesterday that the western
tour, though at thu time very laboilnusaud
lullgulng, bad provul, ho thought, beucflciul
to ills health.
A Baby Shot 1)) lis llsby UrotliT.
Buffaj-o, N. Y., Nov. 9. This morning Mrs.
Thomas Shine, living on Oreai street, lack
port, went out and loft her seven months old
baby In chargo of Its eight yeni dd brother.
Whensho returned she found the baby had
been shot by Iho boy through tho head with a
revolver. Tho baby died this morning.
Betting si Nra on the Klcctlon. i
I)ncon, Nov. 9. Thero was heavy bcttlri
on tho eastward bound Atlantto steamers, ail
much excitement on their arrival over tho .
suit orthatifesinentiai election in mo Lin
.mates, "
.....i-- :. i
Ilceetpts and Kipcndltarcs of the Commission
er's Oniee-More Agents Seeded.
Tho annual report of tho commissioner of
Internal rovonuo shows that tho total receipts
of his omco were 8121,679,039. It Is estimated
that U5,000,000 will bo collected during tho
present year. Tho commissioner says that tho
anticipated falling otT will follow from Iho
diminished quantity of wbtskys produced In
1882, on which tha tax will mature during this
year. Another causo will bo Iho largely In
creased exportation of spirits In bond, on
which Iho owners cannot pay tho tax. About
10,000,000 gallons have already been forced
abroad during this year becaum or stagnation
In trado and tho refusal of ooniresa to extend
tho bonded period. A (Tirapamtlv xatr-mciit
of tho receipts for the jtun lass and ISM shows
a decrease of 810,0lt,hS) from u'vw, an In
creaso of 2,533,610 from splrttt. an turreaso of
l,18l,338 from fermented liquors, cod a ric
crcaso or $10,612, 101 from tatra under retw-alnl
laws nnd penalties, making a total decrease of
822,963,305. Tho largest collection In any one
district was mado In the fifth Illinois llstrlct
813,030,355 and tho smallest In tho second
North Carolina district J1.192. Theroarefour
states namely, Illinois, Kentucky, New York,
and Ohio In which tho collections were over
Tho cost of collection for the past year was
8-J.10O.l5I. as comcarcd with a total cost of col
lection for tho year 1883 or 83,105,957. Tho
total expenses were a little less than 4 1-5 per
cent, or tho amount collected. Tho commissioner-
says that tho diminution or gross re
ceipts could not proportionately affect the cost
or collection, as nearly tho same forco had to
bo retained. Tho deficiency appropriation of
380.000, for payment of salaries or storekeepers
and fees of gaugcrs, was so much less limn
what was actually needed that most of theso
officers could bo paid only up to tho mlddlo of
Accounts from over 1,100 of thoso officers Tor
tho last half of tho month of Juno, 18S1, aro
now on fllo unpaid, amounting to 851,000, nnd
It is known that there nrosomo others yet to
be tiled, so that at least 338,000 will need to bo
appropriated for this deficiency.
One thousand and forty-llvo violations of In
ternal revenue law were reortcd by tho agents
during tho year. 413 persons were arrested on
their Information, property to tho value of
tooji was rcpnrirn uy tnem ror seizure, ana
for assessments for unpaid taxes nnd penalties
tho sum of 8103.GC2 was reported by them.
Tho amount expended for detecting and
bringing to trial and punishment persons
guilty of violating Internal rovenuo laws was
837.337. During tho year 377 stills wero seized.
nnd 902 persons arrested for engaging In Illicit
The commissioner says that strong repre
sentations were mado In vain to congress at its
last session against the policy of reducing tho
forco of rcvenuo agents below tho number of
thlrty-flvo flxod In tho Itoviscd Statutes. Only
nauix uau uuw uu jawiuuy empioycu.
) ino report siaics lorciutytno necassity lor
an jacrca'u m mo numoer oi rcvenuo ugems,
In order to prevent fraud. During tho year
3100,600 worth of property was seized for viola
tion of law. Tho revenue collected from to
bacco amounted to 820,002,399. or 810,011.850
less than tho previous year, resulting from tho
rpflliettntl In tart. Thn fimminf tntri nut tn
0a gallons over tho previous year. There
Sero z,-j,oMt gnuons oi molasses usca io pro
too 1,711,158 gallons of rum. Thero was with
awn from bond frco of duty ror uso In chem
il laboratories nnd museums 20,837 gallons or
Irlts, and for manufacturing 21 1,050 gallons.
o quantity oi spirits in ino country uct. I
a 116,810,621 gallons. Tho;totnl estimates lor
isorvlco for noxt year aro 81,981.690,
i j .
I ' Feople Believed the Monotony Whllo
.sjllnr for Returns from ' the Back
ciuhlngtonlans who were In Now York last
s -k tclltomo Interesting stories about tho
sv.tho Immcnjo.crowds.whlcli surrounded
tJVhuUetlnboani.iorithrongca mo turns
du ig tho excitement of Wednesday and
Th day!" deported themselves. City Hall
pa . In frtnt of tho Tribune and Sun offices.
wis literally packed until far Into tho night
by denso mass of people waiting to read tho
bu tins as they wero displayed. This was.
gel allyspcuklng, alllaluucrowd. Itgrceted
eve announcement showing an ndvuntngo
for alne with a mighty shout, loud and pro
ton d, and varied tho monotony of this sort
of ting by concerted repetitions, collcgo-boy
fosbliu, ot this couplet :
llllalnol lllalno 1 lllalno of Malno I
life can't be beat, and that Is plain,
Dilng'tho evening in tho up-town streets
smal processions were mado up in an lm
proi I'tii way and marched up and down, keep
ing loo with
I Hang! Hang I Hans Jay Gould I
OrVirylng this occasionally by singing:
Wo 11 hang Jay Oouia
On n sour applo tree.
was always tho Clovcland party. There
was M
inucn oi inison inursuny ingot mat
hint it prompted Mr. (iould'acongratu
llspatch of tho day following,
republican also organized a llltlo walk-
now ana tnem, ana iook up n reiraur
repeating it over uuu over agaiu wuu
opbasls :
"Mai ma I
"Who's my pa!"
imcs this was varied with:
car, dear, dear dear Mrs. Fccch r,
ou, you wruu su iqucu into ma.
crowds wero almost always cood-
and lollleklne. thoueh thev were so
mimcmsasto glvo Iho pollco a great dial of
uneast us.
bo R'licl Yell lu Richmond.
Ricif.Isd, Va Nov. 9. Already the results
of a del Viatic victory aro shown lu mis It . .
althoug'tcpubllcansdo not admit taut their
candidal!? defeated, but will cunt; to the
belief tbBnialno and Logan nro elected mini
tho ofllc'J count of New Y'ork shall show to
the conjry, On Thursday ulghi Luso
crowd ollrc-catlng democrats turueil out to
celcbrati Ind several times filed p.".i' tho
U'ld'j uUU I playing a funeral dirge and tn Ing
rockets nirio windows. Reaching i.uiies
man Jol'i S. Wise's residence the crowd
shouted "Anphlml" "Hnnglilml" (.oupllug
their crie. lltn tho most opprobious epithets.
The mob ."lorward tore down and burned tho
republican loitrum lu city hull lot, and com
menced i liking a hotel kept by n colored
man nam Woolfork. Speeches wero made
by Commc Wealth Attorney Witt and others,
declaring t llr purpose to havo the south re
imbursed i Ithe losses incurred during the
war, to iqrauchlso colored votors, to glvo
whlto rcpu loans notice to quit, nnd to make
tho colorec roplo "eat humulo pie."
In Mancriter tho first thing tho democrats
did was to down the United States llni; and
tear It Into Mods. Hero United Slates deputy
marshals hit I been mobbed, brlckbatted, and
clubbed, un. pries or Kill that deputy mar
shal!" bavtl'Ot ben lulreuuent. Marshal
Raines woul lhavo l" his life, had ho not cut
his way thn h tho mob with n. knife. White
republicans pvo been stoned. If Cleveland
should hapr llo bo counted in thoso who havo
I, pen knoavi'v republicans will have to seek
soiuo cliiuaifiuoro congenial than that of
HjU'r'Ious Triple Murder.
Cameron, Hut, Nov. 9. A horrible triple
murder was unearthed yesterday at Bryant
Station, twoVe'mlles west of Cameron. Ber
nard Schllle . s'n old Bohemian, his wife, and
athreo-year- UdaugUtcr wore found mnrucreU
lying near n-vstnek. Schiller ami his wife
had ueenshc tbrough tho head and tho child's
skull had bci 1 crushed. They had been dead
several days. Ilie cause of thu crlmu Is a
mystery, Nolnrists have been mado.
lie F-ssais Wanted.
IquiQUE (vIIQaLVEston), Nov. 9 Tho com
mittee of the Loilihlnntlon ofsallter elabora
tes has votcl Jb?,000 sterling for practical
essays upon io application of nitrate lu tha
United States lid 'Kuropo, naming flvo North
American niidi:uropcau professors to lorm a
Inrv to award JnrUo ot 1.090 sterling for tho
best pamphlet in Iho practical application of
A LaJlfe; the VThlto House.
Indiahai'oluJ lsi.. Nov, 8. Iter. James
Mcl.ead, pastolof tho Second Presbyterian
church, of thlsiity, and whu lormcrly occu-
pled tho pulpllif a Presbyterian church r.t
Buffalo, N. Y., tin that ho has It on good uu-
ihorltv that (lot. Cleveland will 'horllv bo
nulled in marriage with a young lady ot
Clotllt Ahead or t?i
tho newspapers btro comment on the speed of
transmission of the illspitcli from New Y'ork
announcing tbo result of tho presidential elec
tion, It having reaihed Lima, via Uulvcstou, In
two minutes.
iiii.wAiiic.-s. Nii- ii,i.7ii nf armed
MlLWAUKLb, Not'. , Hundreds or nrmea
. 1. ...-(.-...
citizens aro kcourlit llio cotiutry In Wttuhosha
county to lynch a tump who i
Atkins, a tstmetj tils ujreiilug,
inurdcied J
tTASTKD ON Till! F.JtFTV Allt.
A flreat Many (Inns Fired, a Few Tteple
Killed, and n Ureal Ural or Talk About
Something and Nothing A Fen llemotratte
Frauds, l'erpctraled In the Interest of lie
form, Discovered and Corrected.
There was n lavish oxpondltura of powder
by tho democrnts throughout the country on
Saturday, tho total number of 3,492 guns hav
ing been fired In various localities, according
to actual computation of tho dispatches sent.
Besides, there wero numerous other places
where tho account simply said, "salutes were
fired," and no cstlmato of tho number of guns
shot off tn theso can bo made. In Richmond,
V., the caisson of a cannon exploded, Injur
ing about n dozen persons, and In Concord, N.
II., two men wero terribly burned aliout tho
fnco by the premature discharge of ono or tho
Besides tho salutes fireworks wero sot oft",
houses were Illuminated, torchlight proces
sions wero numerous, and every known form
or painting a town red was employed. Mass
meetings were held tn various cities, and reso
lutions adopted, congratulatory dispatches
were sent to uov. Cleveland, and many demo
eratlo orators aired their eloquence. In tho
south tho resolutions pledged the lives, for
tunes, and sacred honor of tho rcsolutors that
tho demoeratlo candidates should bo Inaugu
rated, nnd there was a good deal of buncombo
about attempting to subvert tho will of the
great American people.
In Wilmington, N. O., tho resolutions ex
pressed "the abhorrence of tho peoplo of this
city at the attempt of tho republican national
committee to steal tho electoral voto of tho
state of Now York." In Richmond, Va., they
recognized tho "triumph of constitutional
rights and of purity of administration," nnd
tho "restoration of power Into tho hands of tho
In Now York a meeting was held tn tho
Academy ot Music, at which spoeches were
made by Ronrcscntatlvo Ilclmont. who said
nothing would bo allowed to Interfere with
Cleveland's Inauguration; Carl Schurz, and
others. Senator J. II. Uordon said :
"For tho tint tlmo slnco tho hostile guns of
tho north and south conscd to thunder I feel
that lain your equal in our common country.
I can stand before you to-night and saluto your
flag as my own. The same blood courses
througli your veins ns mino. wo lovo liberty;'
wolovagood government, nnd by tho Cod of
our fathers wo intend to stand by you In tho
future for It."
Hon. Daniel Dougherty, of Philadelphia,
mado a short address, In which ho said:
"U rover Cleveland has been elected, nnd by
tho living Uod nil the powers on earth nnd lu
hell shall never tear tho purple from his
shoulders." Mayor-cloct draco, F. R. Coudort,
nnd A, S. Sullivan also mado addresses. Reso
lutions wcto adopted congratulating tho busi
ness men of thu country on tho election of
Cleveland and Hendricks, and expressing tho
opinion that tho nation was now assured of
four years of pure government by capable and
honest men."
At Memphis, Tcnn.. tho resolutions said tho
claim of tuo national republican commltteo
was but n prologue to another drama of fraud
llko that of 1870, and called upon tho demo
cratic national commltteo to stand firm for tho
right, und upon tho country to unite In declar
ing that fraud shall not thwart the will of tho
lu Louisville Henry Wnttcrson spoko ns fol
lows: "I bcllevo that the election of Mr.
lllalno, and a new grant of power to tho fac
tion of which ho Is chief, would havo been tho
end of tree and fair elections In this country.
His defeat and Its overthrow nro guarantees
that tho republic still lives; that voters, not
officeholders, are masters ot It; that tho moral
nature of tho nconlo is vet cnual to tho ureat
national emergencies; that tho government, ro-
aioreu niter a qunrtor oi a century to tuo nanus
of those from whom It derives its being and
for whom It exists, shall contlnuo to be tho
bell tower and buttress of liberty and union,
Tho democrats have been saved tn splto ot
themselves, for many reverses diadi Impaired
tLtr folll .....l -ul.4tl tl-.lt-mi.Bsi nud
they could not have achieved this victory, but
for tho help they got from tho Independents.
Well, it has como to an end at Inst, bless tho
Lord, and wo can step upon tho solid
terra flrmn of the nation's highway. Thereon
wo take up our lino or march, right in
tho mlddlo or tho road, too add if they over
catch us lu tho bushes again they may swing
us to tho nearest sapling. Thu next tlmo thero
Is any foolishness In this country It will bu on
tho north, not on tho south, side of tho ltuo.
In my Judgment, however, thu election of
Cleveland and tho chango or parties it Involves
has secured us for at least a hundred years to
como against civil discord and strife. All honor
to Mr. Hendricks nnd all bull to Indiana. In
his person, at least, tho wro.ig of 1876 has been
righted, nnd nobly has ho won his restoration
to the confldcuco of ids pari y."
At Chattnuoi'ga somu of tho mottoes wero ns
follows: "lllalno and Logan fell beneath the
Irish slogan," "Tho promised land is ours at
last," "Colored men do not be discouraged,
tho (1. 0. 1. Is dead, burled licucatli tho Irish
slogan, "Thothrcolt'sdldlt, Brother liurchard,
1,000 preachers wnnted lo attend tho lllaluo
funeral.-" Owing to tho unsatisfactory uowb
received from Now York many democrats re
fused to tako part In tho procession. Much
bitterness prevailed, and tho rebel sentiment
had cropped out to a considerable extent,
A Republican Caudldato Counted Ont In
Albany Tin) Returns Lest for Two Days
and Finally Found With Hie Figures
Changed An Investigation Demanded.
Albany, Nov. 9. A brazen attempt to do
fraud tho successful republican candidates for
county treasurer (John Ilattersby) nnd for
coroner (John McDermott) war discovered
s cstorduv. and excited tho cronto&t imUcnn.
' tinllrtn On ihn tilt.lik nfrtlc-tlnn llm All.nnv-
Joumal received from tho United States super
visors of elections in tho western district of
tho twelfth ward a return giving Gallup, demo
cratic caudldato for county treasurer, 409 votes
and Ilattersby, republican, 209. From tho
eastern district of tho tamo ward trustworthy
returns wero received giving Uallup 276 and
Ilattersby 140. From these sources of In
formation tho .lrj7us, teprast, I'rcaa, and
Times received thu same llgures, and pub
lished them. The police authorities, who
recclvo copies or returns, hud tho
saino figures. Rattcrsby'8 majority In tho
couuty was given as 110 In the Journal ou
Thursday and McDermott's at 1 10. Friday It
was reported that etUirtswcro being mado by
democrats tn count out both Ilattersby and Mc
Dermott. Tho Journal rcjiortcrg at onco de
manded accefs to the otllclal returns at the
county clerk's office, nnd svero shown nil ex
cept thoso from the two districts of the twelfth
ward. These could not bo found, and several
scotches for them later In tho day failed to
bring them to lteht. Yesterday morultig tho
returns were found nn lllo In their places. In
tho western district tho returns now "how 4'J'J
for (iallup and 229 for Battcrsby, 40 vutcs hav
ing been taken from Ilattersby and given to
(Iallup, Tho traces of tho usn or chemicals to
rcmovo tho firat returns are distinctly visible,
and they have been so incompletely oblit
erated that It is posslblo to decipher tho
original nnd correct returns uuder the new
ana Iraudulcnt llgures. lu the eastern district
nu entirely now sheet of country returns has
been substituted, giving (Iallup 296 und Ilat
tersby 120. In this district 20 votos are taken
from Ilattersby and added to (Iallup. Tho
change ot LO votes in the twelfth ward from
the republlcau to tho democrat Iccandldatojust
ot ercoiues Uattersby's majority ot 110. and tfun
challcnged would elect Oullup by 10 majority.
Tho saiuo fraud has been practiced on McDcr
raott. As his majority was larger, however,
03 votos wero cliaugcd In tho western dis
trict and 231n the eastern, thusoverromlngMc
Dennett's majority ofl, 160. Tho federal super
visor, republican Inspectors of elections, and
poll clerk of the western district havo ull
sworn to tho accuracy of the origin il returns,
and tha republican Inspectors and witnesses
of thu eastern district have sworn to Iho ac
curacy of tho the original return from that
district, Ilattersby nud McDcnnult lnvu taken
prompt measures to prevent the consumma
tion ol thu Irnud. An investigation Is belug
held before tho police court, and the arrest of
several democrats who are suspected of having
planned thu fraud Is probable before morultig,
Tho matter is ill iho hands of ex-Seimior
Harris. If tho ward is thrown out Cleveland
will loso tivt votes. Tho Journal calls foi a
prompt iuvesllgiitlou.
, The linlera lu Parts.
' PAms Nov. 9. llucholcr.iepldeinlolii Paris
Is Increasing, ospcchuly in the clovuuth .nil
I nineteenth uriimdlsemeuts. During tho loay-
elht hours ctidingat midnight last night in ro
wore reported 186 new cases nud 6 1 deaths. At
Montreull lo now cases were u ported dur.ug
this sumo time. To-day one fresh ease has
been reported ut St. Nuzalrc, und there havo
been four deaths troin tbo dlsenso nt Names.
The epidemic is emptying the hotels here.
The Iiitramloeant says that the foreign and
provincial guests havo hurriedly left the Uriuid
hotel, and that thero are now only otghteuu
families in llio wholo housu.
It is admitted that the water supply of Paris
I charged with orgnulo manor. The ambulance
., u i,.,.m,.in,r n.i u hni,... ,.ur.TA.i
l fr,nirauv ilelertlvii. nun flint lloi untpi-14
j Rnj lt fnnilgatlug corps Is being" organized!
ino annum lair at aiouimnrio una ueen sua-
Mtudud. Tho weather la mild and fottfi
Then the District Democrats Will Celebrate In
His Following Fashion.
Tho central demoeratlo commltteo of tho
District or Columbia held a special meeting In
their rooms ycttorday afternoon for tho pur
poso of arranging Iho details of the demonstra
tion to tako placo on Thursday night "In honor
of tho glorious triumph of tho national de
mocracy In the election of drover Clovcland to
the presidency." Tho commltteo adopted an
order In which they call upon citizens nnd
bii'lness men generally, who are identified
with tho Improvement nnd progress of tho
national capital and tho further development
or our bii'lncs) Interests, to tako part lu tho
Organizations Intending to participate In tho
'street procession will assemble oli Thursday
evening, nt 7 o'clock sharp, upon tho streets
and avenues lending to the eastern front of
tho capltol building In thn following order I
l'latoon of mounted police.
(Itand marshal and assistants.
Central demoeratlo cxeciitlvo committee,
Thomas J. Luttrcll, chairman.
First dtvlslou Campbell Carrlngton, mar
shal, Jackson Demoeratlo association, Hon, John
E. Norrls, president.
Columbia Domocratlo club, Hon. A. A. Wil
son, president.
Jcltersou Demoeratlo club, Julius Emccr,
Madison Demoeratlo club.
Mexican wur veterans.
Soldiers or tho lato war tho Illuo and tho
Tho first division will form In tho order
named along tbo eastern front of tho capltol
building, tho right resting nu II street north.
Second division Cnpt. Benjamin F. Lloyd
marshal. This division will comprise tbo or
ganizations and clubs located In tho eleventh,
seventeenth, nnd eighteenth legislative dis
tricts, who sr 11 1 act as an escort to all visiting
organizations from Virginia. It will form on
East Capltol street, tho right resting on tho
plaza cast or tho Washington staluo.
Third division-Joseph W, Arnold marshal.
This division will comprlso tho organizations
and clubs located In tho Twentieth, Twenty
first, twenty-second, nnd first legislative dis
tricts, who will act as an escort to ull visiting
organizations from 1'rlnco ueorcro county. Md.
It will form on II strcot south, tho right resting
on New Jersey avenuo south.
Fourth division James Itagan, marshal.
This division will comprlso nil organizations
uuu emus luenicu in too ciglitu, niniu, lent!,
twelfth, thirteenth, fourteenth, fifteenth, and
nineteenth legislative districts, it will form
on Now Jersey avenue, tho right resting on B
Blieut BUUlll.
Fifth division Wm. A. Hutchlns, marshal.
This division will comprise all organizations
nud clubs located In tho second, third, fourth,
fifth, sixth, and seventh legislative districts,
ViTio will act ns an escort to all visiting organi
zations from Montgomery county, Md, It will
form on tho south side nf 1'ennsvlvanla ave
nuo, tho right rcstlug at tho foot or or western
front of the cnpitol ground, and will take up
tho lino of march Immediately on tho left or
tho fourth division as tho lino passes that
Tho column will movo promptly nt 7:15
o clock p. m., and nil tho divisions will bo ex
pected to tako thclrrespectlvo positions In lino
ut tho time designated.
All marshals of clubs will form their organ
izations In columns of eight, and tako dls
tanco of soventy-two Inches, And this order
will bo maintained throughout thu entire
Tho division marshals and their aids will bo
mounted, and wllldrcss In dark clothing, high
silk hats, and wear a blue silk sash as a mark
of official distinction. Tho club marshals will
wear u blue rosetto on the left breast and
carry, a hickory baton. Tho display of flro
,works along tho route of procosslon will bo
.under tho chargo of a special commltteo com
posed of Dorsey Clagctt, James 1'. Wlllctt, and
Lawrence Gardener. William Dickson will bu
tbo grand marshal, and Cant. John H. Miller
and Charles S. Mooro havo been npiotntcd as
assistant grand marshals. Tho assistant mar
shals will bo sclcctod, nnd the routo of tho
procession announced In a later order.
The Foar lld-i and Flrstrtnnlirrrr,nr
1 j,uinor;s ..una,
, At tho Lutheran memorial church yesterday
morning 'nb' 'vbryclaboroto preparations wero
mado tofrurd celebrating the Wist anniversary
of tho birth of the great leader of tho reforma
tion, tho preacher monk, Luther, beyond tho
decoration of tho church. Rov, Dr. J. D. Butler,
tbo pastor ot the church, delivered a sermon
fitting for the occasion and tho day, In which
ho siKike specially of Luther's lllo work In
liberating tho word of Cod und liberating his
fellow men from tho domination or kingcraft
and priestcraft, and, generally, or tho widen
ing lullucncu that tha greut Reformation
which Luther led lu tho sixteenth century has
had since on tho Christian world. Tho church
wns very handsomely and tastefully decorated
with mingled wreaths ol llowers, ferus, and
evergreens, which were festooned about tho
altnr and hung along and ben cat 11 tin galler
ies that almost encircle tho interior. Between
tho spaces under tho galleries hung baskets
of rnro flowers nnd ferns. The grand
celebration of thu unniversiry nt 'this
church was the meeting of tlio
Sunday schools, which took place In tho
ovcnlng, when tho vast audience chamber was
crowdi d with the llttlo ones of tho Ilocl;, unci
tho galleries with delightedly Interested specta
tors. T ho programme consisted of hymns and
reading by thu children, nu organ and cornet
duct (tho cornet belug played by Pror. Long),
exercises by tho Infant class, nnd address by
Dr. Butler, nnd prayer by Rov. O. II. Slny
baugh. Tho annual reports of tlio treasurers
of tho schools showed b70O on hand. All tho
children received as mementoes of tho oc
casion thu l.u'her t lemorlal medal which was
struck off to cominemoiato tho erection last
May of thu Lutherstutuolufroutof thu church.
A Large .Number or Cartridges Sab) to Have
Been Concealed by the Sen iVhu Were Vic
tims In the Recent F.xploslon.
STOticiisutina, Pa., Nov.9. Considerable ex
citement prevails owing to tho fear that tho
men svho wero killed by the dyuamltu explo
sion bid away lu somo barn or houso lu this
place n number ofcartrldgcs tilled with 80 per
cent, of dynamite, tho very strongest kiud that
can bo- made. Thu cnrttldgo that shook tho
town last week hap been rnmtaod down until
It was ns hard as n rock. Thu cartridges wero
composed of sulphuric and nltrle acid mixed
with sweet glycerlno and several other chemi
cals nnd fulmlnuto of mercury. Percussion
raps wero used lu exploding tho cartridges.
The cartridges svoro scveti-clghlhs to two Inches
in diameter and six to twelvo Inches long.
Some citizens talk if out having search war
rants taken out and searching a number of
buildings lu this place wllh thu view of finding
the cartridges Ihut aro Btipposed to havo been
concealed by tho dead men, who. It lsthought,
expected to explode them utter tho announce,
mentor tho presidential contest, Henry W,
Stump said this morning that ho had not de
cided whether to rc-engngo lu tho dynamite
manufacturing business or not. If ho should
build new works they would bo placed In tho
mountains, a consldersnlo distance uwny from
any habitation, lie added that ho has orders
lorSO.OOOpuondsoffulcanlto powder cartridges,
Saved .trier a Tncntj-Trro Hoars' Battle With
the Wares.
Chatham, N. B Nov. 9. Tho three-masted
schooner Vigilant, of and from Bathurst, with
lathes for Boston, was driven ashore In a
snowstorm Wednesday at Sabuslutao beach.
Her anchors held for a time, but she rodo
badly, and was dragged into tho breakers,
wheru sho struck und fell over on her beam
ends. Shortly alter ward sho upset, and the
crew crawled upon the house that had floated
oil', and remained there until rescued the noxt
morning by W. A lu,'Io and David llutchlu
son, after twenty-two hours of great sull'erliig
anil heroic endurance. Their reseuu
was accomplished with thu aid of n canoe and
ropes. The colored cook wns washed oil' and
drowned when the vessel struck, (.'apt.
(.'huso's son, 17 years old, was drowned by
Jumping oil' tbo raft to aid his father when In
the water. Daniel McKcndy, of 1) nutation,
died at sunrlso from cold and oxpomre. Tho
survivors reached hero to-night. One of them,
a Portuguese. Is almost helplixs, and another
has an Injured arm. Atdylight three men
wi-rn seen bv the shlmvri-.'ke'l drew Indus.
trioii-ly piling billies fioin tho wreck, and.
nllhouglitlieyhrtda mat.uiey .vent nn rescuing
lathes, luaUus the uiailuers to perish.
The Yiiiste Flsg.
Ills hair wa tathcrliiij and roughly clipped
at tho ends, his moustache and long chin whis
kers were sparsouud unbritshed, his clothes
were of n gray, hoino-mado cloth, hit low
crowned slouch hat was rusty lu lino, and Ills
boots, Into which hit trousers wero tucked,
wero stained with tho peculiar yollow mud
"Jlst beyond tho brick yards" over In Virginia,
lie wns coming down thu avenue, when his
attention was attracted baturday by tho deco
rations on Vernon row and lu) asked Iho
cause. Thunnsuer delighted him greatly lor
a moment, when, in deep disgust, ho broke
out, "Well. I'll bo dod darned If they hason't
got nil l Yankee Hag up there." llo dldu't
like lha Stars and Stripes any better thau Uu
did twenty years ago,
The High Council Opened With a Pageant or
(Heat l'omp and Ceremony A Brilliant ills
course by Archbishop Itjsn, of Philadelphia
Tbo Ofllcers of the Coancll-lts Deliberations,
Baltimore, Nov. 3. Under a cloudless sky,
in tho midst of brilliant sunshine, with thou
sands or eager onlookers and fervent worship
pers, nnd with nil tho pomp and circumstance,
tho form and ceremony which havo been
associated with tho Catholic church for
centuries, Us third plenary council In tho
United States opened this mornlug at tho
cathedral In this city. From early dawn the
streets In the vicinity ot tho great building,
and of tho archlcpltcopal residence, were
filled with patient nnd curious watchers.
Carrlngo uftcr carrlago would drive tip and
lcavoattho mansion u priest or a bishop who
was. to tako part In tho opening ceremonies.
Clusters of peoplo stood around the doors of
tho cathedral, which were guarded by squads
of police; and, la sacristy and robing rooms,
altar boys, seminarians, and masters of cere
monies kept up a constant chango of light
aiid color. It had evidently been determined
that In brilliancy ami lu numbers tho open
ing services should exceed any religious
event In tho hl-tory of tho country, and cer
tainly the results went beyond all expecta
tions. With thirteen archbishops and sixty
live bishops, besldo scores of abbots, mon
slgnorl, vlcars-gcncrnl, superiors of religious
orders, rectors of seminaries, and theologians,
it can readily bo understood how, if only from
a spectacular point of view, tho ceremony
must havo appealed to tho artistic sensoof
the spectators.
Tho miuor clergy and tho latty who were to
tako part In tho procession assembled at St.
Alphonsus hall, about two squares distant, und
then inarched to tho archbishop's residence
to ioitl in tho cercmoules nroner. Thn striata
through which tho pageaut was to pass to the
cathedral were by this time lilted Willi specta
tors, uugeriy awaiting ami yet suuuuca 1U
manner iiudievcreut in attltudu. Tho cathe
dral, which lu exterior architecture, resembles
more n Turkish mosque than n Christian tcin-
r'le. stood out clear cut and lusulvo in Its ar
Istlo proportions, and tho quaint nnd old
fashioned private dwellings which surround
It, made tho scene as plcluresquu ns tr It had
been happening In some ancient cathedral city
ofF.uropo. As tho cross-bearer, carrying tho
processional cross, was seen leading tho pro
cession, the faithful uncovered or made n
plons gcnullectluu. fn order then thero fol
lowed secular and regular clergy.semlnarlans,
theologians, bishops, and archbishops, and
altered abbots, ull in the full panoply of their
sacred olllce. It only needed a herald pur
suivant to mako ono bcllevo ho looked on
some gathering of princes and potentates, so
rich and dazzling wero tho colors of tho vest
ments worn and thu Jeweled croK.cs raised
aloft in the clear air. Venerable princes of
thu church moved along In unconscious dig.
nlty, their long trains supported by bright
faced boys. Kecn-iuccd and Intellectual look
ing men, In tho prime or life, men either fit to
command or ready to obey, walked with mod
est mien. Bishops bearing lightly tho weight
of years, and carrying tho pastoral
staff tiled silently past, tho sunlight
glancing on their copes and miters. Occa
sionally among tho crowd of clean-shaven
faces could bo seen ono with patriarchal beard
and vcuerabla look, seeming as ifho had step
ped out from somo richly stained window
which glowed with tho pictures of saints or
npustloH. Slowly swinging his censer, and
spreading around nu odor or fraukincouse,
came inu ccnscr-uearcr, ana men uringiug up
tho rear tho apostolic delegate. Archbishop
(ilbbous. Preceding him walked with fecblo
steps the venerable vlcar-generulof Iho dlooese,
rumor aiciAugnn. ami tueit camo tuo arcn
blshon, supported by his deacons of honor,
li.-i rulntjrsljTO n. l7.lm.-it-.iw-cilvrii--ltlH
secretary and chancellor,. Truln-bcarcra car
ried tuo loiusoi nis roues, too episcopal ring
sparkling on Ids linger,' At ull times ascetic lu
his looks, his fnco seemed almost paler than
over, contrasted with tho deep glow of purple
and crimson that met tho c)o ut every turn;
and so, with deep, rich voices chanting psalms,
with pomp and heraldry, wllh thousands of
devotees bowing their heads, and even thoso
who looked ou the spectacle as a passing show
Impressed with Its beauty and Its harmony, the
church was reached.
Up tho long nlsles camo tho stately move
ment. The altars svero ablozo with light, tho
deep diapason or tho organ swelled up lo thu
dome In peels or thunder, tho voices of the
choir added to the melody, uud tho services
booking down from tho gallery tho effect
wns that of somu rich mosaic, i.orno grand
historic picture, (..owing wllh ull tho tints of
tho painter, nnd although apparently un
studied In groupings and arrangement, he
tru) lug iiiicoiiscloaIy at every turn tho hand
of n master. St. Peter lu his gray gaberdine,
bearing n llshlng net uuder Syrian skies, and
following tho l ejected and despbed Nuziirene,
may havo been a pictures. pio figure, but as
suredly to-day thu glory and tliu splendor
which surrounded tnoso who claim desceut
from him could not lull to Impress and teach
Its lesson alito to tho child and tho sag".
On reaching the sanctuary tho archbishops
occupied seats to tho right or tho altar, and
tho abbots and provincials to the left. The
bishop occupied thu recess or tho ulttir or tho
Blessed Virgin, whllo the seminarians occu
pied the recess or tho altar ot St. Joseph. T ho
priests occupied chairs lu tho aisles and in
front or thu sanctuary. Archbishop Gibbous
occupied thu throne, uud near him was thu
vicar general of the arehleplscopal sco.
Iho innlnultarwajradoriiod with evergreens
and while blooms. Most Rev. Archbishop
Konrlcks, of St. l.ouls, celebrated the grand
high mass, assisted by Rev, Dwlght 1.) man as
deacon, and Rov. J. A. McCuIlen, S. S., was
master of ceremonies. Tho choir consisted of
upwurd of fifty vocalists, under tho direction
of Rev. Father (iraf, and tho muslo was of a
high order. Besides Iho choir tho sciulnuriuus
acted as choristers, nud, with tho reverend
clergy and higher dignitaries, chanted the
lltaup'S, After the mass Most Rev. Archbishop
Ryan, of Philadelphia, preached on tho church
and her councils. He selected lor his text tho
Mh, Huh. nnd 'Joth verses, chapter xxvlll, of
tho gospel of bt. Matthew. He said that It was
not svittiout emotion nnd soino embarrassment
ho attempted to make uu address on this
august occasion. He was to speak of tho
church which Christ had established ou the
earth nud of lis head. Tho church recognized
Its head because Uud hud pluced him at the
head or Ills Hock ou earth, Tha church hud
been expose. 1 In thu rains and wind, but It fell
not, becuu"u II was rounded on it rock, and
Christ said it should continue to tho consum
mation ot tho world. It wns not deputed with
ordinary power, hut the Holy Uhost had en
dowed ft with extraordinary power. Address
lug himself to the priesthood, who were
brought more Into contact with tho people, he
said they wero present at the council to aid Its
deliberations by their experience and counsel,
Archbishup Ryan said he was piescut eigh
teen years ago at the second plenary council
when thero were forty-six bishops, and now
thero nro over sevcuty, Of the forty-six then
foity had passed to thu bishop of their souls,
anil their nearness to Cod makes them more
zealous lor thu glory of Uod uud tho salvation
nf the people.
The chinch was fighting tho battle of the
right ugaiust thu wrung. There nro men or
ilill'crent religious denominations und men or
no religion at 'nil who look to this council to
lay tho basis ot a sounder morality, uud tho
church knows It Is fatal to trust to human
honor nud honesty without supernatural aid.
Men say they admire the Preacher of tlio ser
mon on the Mount, but do not connect them
sclvi '...th uu Institution founded by that
Pi-i He said : "I will build My church,
nud v'es or hell shall not prevail against
it. . hears you hears Me; who despises
you ticplses ino, and despises tho Father who
sent Mo." Uu promised to send thu Holy
(jhost tn abldu with Ills eople forever, Saul
persecuted not Christ personally, (but Ills
church, when the voice said to film, "Saul,
Saul, why pcrsecuteth thou Mo?" The dlvluo
law endowed tho church with amission of
verillcatloii nud saiiclltlcatleu, ami It has
cuuio down througli all tho centuries without
u break, or we should not know that 11 was
tho tiuu church of Christ.
He spoke ol the lifo of Christ and oi Ills cm
clllxiouuud ascension, and thu church can
say that It stood with Mary aud John at thu
foot of the cross, nud for nearly l.WJu years It
bn.KjiniF btsnratse. Where uns lhu liia'jnlll-
ui-iit church of Cod of which the prophets
spoke f IJihoid 11 hi Its representatives lu this
youua republic, he.ullltill svlth the beauty of
(oil. I'.euni. 'ideal councils had resulted In a
"iron ;eraduereucu to tuu rami, without tho
I'lilireu tho world euuld bo in chaos. Thu
church pass's ucli salutary laws as will pro
tect tho consciences of tho people. All tho
people In (ho church might not bu good, lor
Ihcru was a Judas and a Peter, but abuses havo
been corrected and will be, lor Christ said, "I
nm with you always, even to thu consumma
tion of thu world.
Tlio nri'hbUliop spoko against freewill and
snhl the lenchlil't or tho church should bo ac
cepted Amoug the disciples there win one of
freo will und ho went out aud sold Jesus
Christ lor thirty pieces of silver. Without thu
church the world would go back to woiso than
pagaudarkness. Shu hatirotight buck ihuiuo.t
abandoned, and in this young republic thu
will Irluc. buck tho peoplo by Instruction
teaching submission lo tho will ot Uod by
her lo u for the poor, by her orders, who pro-
-. loverly that thoy tho better servo tlccl.
flho will call all tho peoplo Into her embrace.
Sho In BIO abolished slavery In England, find
lu 1103 liberated all tho English slaves In Ire
land. Becauso Christ sras tho great regen
erator of humanity, tho church hat fallowed
Him In aiding tho poor and aiding humanity.
At tho close of the sermon Most Ror. Arcn
bishop Olbtions descended from tuo throno
nud proceeded to tho center of tho sanctuary,
In front or thn malnallar, where ho offered tho
Inaugural prayers for tho plenary council.
Tho following aro tho otllccrs :
Most Rev. Archbishop lliubons, npostolla
delegate, presiding.
. Chancellors Revs. John Foley and George
. Promoter Bight Ror. Bishop Kaln, of
Secretaries Mgr. Corcoran, of Philadelphia;
Rev. Mr. UalirlcLs, or Troy: Iter. Mr. Mesmcr,
or Newark, and Iter, Dr. O'Conncll, of Rich
Notaries Revs. Messrs. F.Wayrlck, Albrlnck,
Crtnpcllo, Grnmian, and Do Augustlus.
Mnstersof ceremony Revs. J. A. McCftllcn,
Thomas Broydcrlck, and M. F. Kelly.
Tho apostollo delegato took his seat on tho
raised dais In rront or the altar, with Bishop
Kaln on his right nnd Iter. Mr. Dovlno on his
left, nfter which tlio roll was called by Iter.
Dr. O'Coimell.
Tho promoter then asked tho presiding offi
cer Hit was his pleasure thatthodecrco or tho
popo authorizing tho third plenary couucll
should bo read, which svas answered affirma
tively, and Mgr. Corcoran read tho authority.
Several othor decrees and orders svere thon
read, alt In Latin. The promoter then asked
that all tho acts of tha council bo completed
by Mgr. Scatou, of Newark, which was or
dered. Chancellor Foley asked If tho second publlo
session of tho council shall bu held at tho
Cathedral on Sunday, tho loth Instant, and It
was so decreed and commanded. All tho
members or the council then mado a profes
sion of faith In frout or tho altar, which con
cluded the ceremonies. Tho dally business
meetings or tha council will be held at tho
seminary nf St. Sulplco on l'aca street, begin
ning to-morrow.
The Decennial Anniversary of Dr. Domer's
Pastorate of St. Paul's Fngllth Lutheran
Church Celebrated.
Rev. Samuel Domcr completed yesterday his
tenth yearns pastor of St. Paul's Lutheran
church, and fitting services wero held lu tho
cdlllca both mornlngaud evening. The pulpit
and chancel were literally covered with beau
tlliiland fragrant Doners, contributed by tho
Indies of thu congregation. Ou each sldo or
the pulpit wero modullnns composed or roies
and containing the llgures "1871" nnd "IPSI."
Dr. Dinner selected ns tho subject for his
anniversary sermon the text found In 1st
Thess. 11.19; "For what Is our hope or Joy or
crown ot rejoicing? Are not even ye In tho
presence or our Lord Jesus Christ ut his com
ing? For ye are our glory nnd Joy."
Tho sermon or thu morning was a rotrosprct
lvo vlcsv or tho church from tho tlmo Dr.
Domcr assumed the pastorate. Tho sermon or
tho evening wns supplemental tn that of tbo
mornlug, and devoted to tho present condition
and future pro.peots oftho church.
Dr. Domcr said that during tho entire ten
years or his service thero had been no dissen
sions in tho congrcgntlon; that all had been
perfect pcaco and harmony; that tho relations
of tho church with other churches had been
most friendly, nnd It was tho purposo lu cotn
lug years to live In amity and peace with all
During tho course of his remarks lu tbo
morning Dr. Domcr said that In Iho past ten
years tho Sunday school had contributed
,31 1.10, Iho congregation Sas.ivvi.91, and tha
Ladles' Aid society S3,:1M.03. There had lceii
disbursed for Improvements alono S7,3S.W.
When ho assumed chargo of tho church thero
sveru only 103 nominal members nu tbo roll
Ofthcsu'.'O had died nnd 27 removed, leaving
but 5'-' of the original members now In thu
During tho ten years 2S0 havo been added to
tho membership. Of these 10 bavo died. Tho
present mcmliershlp Is nbout J10U. Dr. Doraor
nas uttenucu i.'sj luncrats, married ij couptos,
uapuscii iiocnuarcn, prcacucu i,.'j sormou:
' -
.., ....... ..;. VM..U.IM, ,..t..v.v. ., .u,..u
nntl nciu ui communions. lUOBunuayscnooi
has grown from CO children at llr.tto.270 at
present. Dr. Domcr said that thu report oftho
International cnnvtmtlnn at Ijnufsvilla thawed
1 thnt-thn Mntiilnr .MieiLif imrH.liJuJ l-one.
tubmen more in proportion lo us sire tnuu
any other school.
Dr. Domcr has been absent from his. congre
gation but twlcu by reason of sickness during
tho past ten years.
Mrs. Copeland's Funeral.
Tho remains ol Mrs. Sara P, Copeland,
widow or tho lata William P. Copeland, who
died last Friday in New Y'ork, wore removed
yesterday afternoon to Oak Hill cemetery,
whero the funeral ceremonies took place In tho
chupel, and tbo casket was deposited tempo
rarily in tho receiving vault beneath tho
chapel. Rev. C. C. Meador, who conducted
tho flinerul services, mado a brlel address, In
which ho totichlngly referred to tho two or
plumed little sons of tho dead lady, to her
early Christian life, and to tho resignation und
hone with which sho was sustained during the
long period of BUlVerlng before her death. Tho
palllicarcrrt wero Messrs. James R. Young, W,
('. Mellrlde, Frank Trtiosdcll, Robert Winn,
Darius I.ymau, MaJ. John M. Carson, and .Mr.
Cork-hill. After tha services were concluded
tho plato nt the head of the casket was re
moved to allow tho friends of tho deceased to
vlcsv tha remains.
Slnco tlio death of her husband, about n
year hko, Mrs. Copeland hat lieon gradually
loslngsireugth, with no physical reason there.
lor which Physicians could discover. No
other cause for her death Is known than grief
for tho lass of her husband.
Pay Director (lullek's Funeral.
Tho remains of tho lato Pay Director John
Storey Uullck, U, 8. N-, retired, who died near
Princeton, N. I., ou tho Clh Instant, will ar
rive at tha Baltimore and Potomac dciiot In
this city to-day at 1:10 p. m. They will bo met
by a detachment of marines, and will be taken
to Oak Hill cemetery, whero tho Interment
svlll be mado. Thero will also be currlugcs at
tho depot for the friends and relatives of tho
deceased, who was well known hero, svhero
ho married and where ho lived most or tho
tlmo after hit retirement from tiutho service.
Ills wllo wns MUs MUliken, of (ieorgetown.
Tho deceased was having built a beautiful
house on N street, between Seventeenth and
Eighteenth streets, luto which ho had ex
liected lo move Dec. 1. IIo svas a tlrm be
liever In thu prosperity of this city, aud owned
n large amount ofteal cstata hero.
Tho Cemmlsslouer of Pensions.
Commissioner or Pensions Dudley, who ar
rived lu tho city from tho nest yesterday, and
left again for Now York, will to-day cease to
bold office under tha terms of his resignation
und Its acceptance. No uppolntmeut has been
mude, aud tha deputy commissioner, MaJ, O,
P.O.Chirkc, will act.
A Soren-Dollnr Contelenrle.
Jay Stono, chief of tho correspondence divis
ion of tho war department, received a letter on
Saturday from New York city, Inclosing S7,
which tlio writer said he obtained unlawfully
while a member of tlio army during tho war.
Tho President's lielnru.
Tbo President arrived In Washington from
New York on Saturday night at 10:15 o'clock,
llo svas accompanied by Attorney General
llrowstcr, Mrs. Frellughuysen, und Mrs. Cam
An Oclogensrlsn Dead,
New BEiiyoni), Mass., Nov. 9. Gcorgo Kent
died In Ibis city yesterday, used M years. Ho
was burn lu Concord, N. II., was onco editor of
the Kcitt Hampshire htatenium and tho Boston
.Vim; wus United States consul at Valencia,
Spain, from lsill to INA nnd since then until it
year ago sras outplayed In tho treasury depart
ment at Washington,
Ill the case of Cordelia Leo vs. tho Homo
Machine company, Justice Hagner In tho cir
cuit court Saturday, decided llmt tins con
ditional sales forms used by tho latter were
A groundless rumor svas current ou tho
streots yesterday that Mr. W. W. McOullough,
the lumber dealer, had been stricken with
paralysis. A slight bronchial iillVcllou Istho
only causa of that gentleman's temporary In
disposition. The Arsenal paper, Tlir tint Call, will bo
ready for subscribers and I lie publlo In general
on Tuesday, ildltor Dletcreet iiromlscsuu In
teresting number. A good account ol iho
march of nrtlllery troops from Fi.uquter Wluto
Sulphur Springs to Washington will appear
In It.
Much complaint Is made by business men
anu rcsiuenis ou r.igiuu street soutueasi, uu
cause lhu pavements are piled with tbo stones
that wero taken up by the contractor. Thoy
say that If h business mnnlctsahox remain ou
tha curb over night n policeman will swear
out a warrant against hint for obstructing tho
Col, Ueorgo lb Corkhlll svas recently succott
fill In sccurlug a divorce furMri, Curroll from
her husband, (leu. S. S. Carroll. On Saturday
tha general met thu colonel nud Immcdln'ely
proceeded to denounce thu latter, emphasizing
his remarks with a light cane, which ho laid
as lightly oer thu other's overcoat. Col,
Corkhlll told hlui ho did not propose to havo
nny difficulty, and walked uwiy, lien. Carroll
Is quite an aged mau,
ruECAuious rosiuoN op A Mijonnr of
Frobalile Effect Upon flovsrnnicnt Employes
of a Clianso of Ailnilnlttrtllea A Small
Proportion Protected by Civil Smlce Laws'
Gov. Cleveland's Pretended Sentiments.
Tho cfTect of a chango of ndinlnlitratlon on
tho employes of tho government la now a most
Interesting question, hero nnd elsewhere. Ac
cording to tho report of tho clrll servlco com
mission, there aro In all nbout 110,000 persona
holding ofllco under tho government In thj
United States, 00,000 of whom nro pesttnastca.
Four thousand aro In tho railway mall service,
and an equal number In tha Internal rovenuo
servlco outs'do oftho city, tho rcstbelnjdl.
vldcd among tho customs and consular ser
vice and officers and clerks of congress and or
tho federal courts. A largo proportion ot tho
whole number, however, are clashed as
Coming within the provisions oftho civil ser
vlco law and being protected thereby nrethreo
classes, as follows: 6,0W department employes,
receiving salarlcsfromj'jooiol,hoo per nnnuin;
6,099 postal employes, receiving from vi to
Jl.fiOO jiernnnum, and 2,573 customs omplojes,
receiving from ttouoto 1,800 per annum, in
tho thrco branches of tho classified servlre
thero nro. thcrclore, about 14,0ml places that
can bo filled by comi-elltlvo examination onlj .
This leaves tho large number of lKI,iluo persons
subject to removal, more than hair or svhom aro
postmasters. In Washington the chnnges will
not. In the event or Cleveland's election, It Is
believed exceed rxjn utiltldo or thn printing
bureau. This will Include tlio higher oOloos
and tho laliorers.
By ono or tin, rules prepared by President
Arthur, and which could bo nincndcd by an
Incoming executive?, It Is provided that tho
loiiutviiiK nro excepici irom examination :
Tho confidential clerk or secretary of any
tiviiu ui ii uepai.tui-ni ur uuieu, uusuiem vi col
lectors; cashiers of postmnters: superinten
dents of money-order division In postoftlecs:
tho direct custodians or mony for whose
fidelity another officer Is under sifllclal bond,
but these exceptions shall not extend to any
official below tho grade of nsslslant'Cnshler or
teller; persons employed. oxcIuMvclr In the
secret service of (ho government, or nV trans,
lntois, or Interpreters, or ilcnographcrypcr
sons whose employment Is exclusively pro
fessional: ehlof clerks, deputy collectors, nnd
supeilntonrtiuts, or chiefs of divisions or bu
reaus. Hut no person so excepted shall bo
either transferred, appointed, ur promoted,
unli ss to some exeep. 1 place, svlthout aa ox
amiuulloii under tlio e 'uimlsslou.
In tliorettort referred io Iho commissioners
speak as follows of tho power of removal un
der tbo civil servlco Ian
"Tho civil service net and rules les.vo tho
authority aud duty of removal undisturbed,
with this exception, that tho sccpnd rulo lor
bids a removal for refusing to pcrlorm a politi
cal sorvlco or to pay n jioilticul assessment,
nnd tho last rulo adds "very violation of cither
rule or or tho provisions of tho act against as
sessments to tho good causes for removal
which oxlstcd before. Tha act and rules havo
greatly tllinlnlshod the pressure upon appoint
ing officers for rcmnvntt, and havo taken
Irom them (lie temptation to make removals
of their own motion for tho mere purosc of
making a vacancy for a favorite. Many re
movals, and thoso tho most ludcfenttbla In
former years, wero unquestionably made not
because tho person removed was nut u useful
public servant, but because somo powerful In
fluence svasto bu conciliated, somo friend svat
to lie gratlllcd, or somo dangerous enemy was
to bu placated by putting n particular person
In thu vacancy.
"Nevertheless, savo In tho particulars men
tioned, thoiKjwer to rcinovo for even tho most
partisan and scltlsh reasons remains un
changed. Tho changes nro only lu tbo'.oppor-
tunlly or filling thu vacancy with favorites and
heucliincn, and In tho greater peril irom a
i uvutiimiai, nii'i ill inu tiiumuE
iruwninc. host lo Dtihllo onlnlon.
"Whether this fnklinr nwnv of such risnsrn
for 7em0vnls "wi II keen"mtterlto loS, oofo' UU
longer m ineir places win ucixrnu upon in
question whether nn administration is more
auxious ui pruiuoto tnu interests of the people
or to bribe elections by patrouaga and upiieasi
tho clamors of partisans by making vacauclec.
It Is still possible to promise tha spoils ot u
hundred thousand offices ns tho rewards of
party victory In a national canvass. It Is still
posslblo toremoveevcry person in tho clnsslilod
service ouro In four years or oneo In four
mouths. But tha vacaucles can bo Illicit only
by thoso who, lrrcspecllvaol party, domnnstra hi
superiority lu free, open coiniielltlon of char
acter and capacity."
To every tierson reqilcstlug to enter tho
classified servlco a blank application potior Is
sent. Tho Idling of this paier Is tho first step
In tho pppllcaut's examination. In Hie proper
blanks he gives lilt name, age, residence, and
occupation for each of iho past llvu years, and
such other facts In regard to himself and his
cxperlcncu, education, and qualifications ns
nro Important to bo known. All theso state
ments nro made under oath, nnd nro required
to bo conllruied by thu vouchers ot not less
than thrco nor more than flvo persons, who
state, In blank certificates ou tho aama sheet,
their knowledge of iho applicant and their
belief of tho truth of his statements, nnd
vouch for his character, capacity, and good
reputation. No recommendations uutslda of
theso vouchers are allowed to bo received or
considered by tho commission, thucxamlucrs,
or tho appointing officers.
Tho application thus filled Is relumed to tho
commission or to Iho proper examining board,
and If its statements show that tho nppllcuit
Is regularly vouched for, aud that he It enti
tled by age, health, and cltlreiisliln tn bo ex
amined tor tho sorvlco he seeks, nls name is
entered upon tho proper record, with thu dato
uf his application, and his paper Is placed on
lllo. When tho next cxamluuliou Is held, at il
point which seems convenient ror him, bo hi
notified to bo present.
H tho applications on lllo nt any office are In
excess of tho number that enn bo exnmtnid a'
one time, tho cnrllor applicants are suuiuionoi'.
llrsts oxcept Hint thu duly of apportionment
may require thoso to bo tint examined who
are rrom states whose tiuitllllLd applicants arc
lu detlclout number.", 'ibis excludes ull pref
erence or appllcunttthrotigh lavor or patron
age, and fs In thu spirit of b'eilon r, of
thu act, which makes all willful and
corrupt obstruction of tho right or
examination a criminal offense, lhu appli
cants who aro lu excess ot tho number that
can bo exnmlucil at ono time stand first iit-on
tho record to bu notified ror tho next cruami
nation, illuminations nro held ns trcqtieutly
ns lha needs or tho service require. Thus lar
all applicants (except some from tho District
of Columbia, where thu number It excessive,
aud lu ono or two similar cases outside) hits e
becu nolltled to attend tho llrst examination
hold after their applications were receucd.
Tho application paper Is itself n, sort of pre
liminary examination. It tusks the same qucs.
tions that uuy business man or uppolutiug offi
cer would desire to ask concerning tlio circum
stances, health, character, and capcricnco of
thonpplleaut, and tt frequently deters froui
thu examinations unworthy ur Incompetent
persons, who find themselves unable to an
swer satisfactorily tho Inquiries proposed, or
unwilling to glvo the information risked tor.
Of the hungry host of place seekers, many nro
weeded but by tho necessity ot making this
sworn stnteinentor their carer.
It Is quoted as slgulllciiiii IbitUov.Clovelnnd,
alter stating in a lato mi sago "that New York,
leads Ihe states lu the iniiii'turuilouofiimm
pichcnslvo ssstemof mvli st'ivlce," declared
that "thu childrcnofour citieus aro educated
aud trained In schools maintained at tho
common expense, nnd tlio people its a whnlu
havu a right to demand tho selection ror thu
publlu service or those whoso natural aptitudes
havo been Improved bv tint educational facili
ties furnished by tlio sluto." .
Tho "Freell'iiuiigs t'onrert."
Over llvu hundred rcoplu crowded Abncr'1
muslo hall last night to listen to tho RroelV
nuugs concert of thu WashlugtonSicngerbund.
T ho nsscmblagu comprised tha best German
residents. The otchestra, under Prof. 1 union,
numbered thirty pieces, nud the Saugerbund
chorus numbered sixty. Including both hollos
and gentlemen, under the direction of E.
Holer. The numbers were all well ion. krod,
especially the quitrtotto "When Rands Meet,"
by Mes.lamcs Morell nud Doneli and MosSM.
Kuonp nnd Holer, nud tho aria from "Zuiupn,"
by F. Kuoopj
Searching fur the Body.
A detachment uf soldiers, under MaJ Scant,
ling, at tlio Washington barracks, svero eu
gaged Saturday afternoon In firing a twelve
poiiudor over the river svlth tbo hope of nils
IiK tbo body 01 Mr. Richard L. Thompson,
who recently oomiuitti' I suicide by Jump.uj
from ono or tho Alexandria, ferry-boats, T ,e
firing produced no nuioesslbl result. Urn.
Thompson, tho wllo ol' iho suicide, hut tnxu
confined to her bed over slnco tho sad n-'ws
nt har liitihar-il'u it.-iiTh ivus carried to hor.
and yesterday tuo duciois rave but llttlo hopes
of her recovery.
Tho .New First Assistant Puslniaster (loners!.
It It stated that tho President has deter
mined to uppolnt Gov. Schuyler Cro.by, of
Moutnuuj to bo llrst ulstut posti-aster tea
cral, 'i
Ike IVealhsr To-day. 'i
ll'iii-mrr, air umtticr, trfntfj genetwj fmn
south lo mil, limrr icr i-r.tcr. I'm' 'tiietda:,
vomer amtfalr.
Yesterday's thermom- - 7a. m., 33."'iU a.
m45.u0l3p. in., MAF: 7 p. m., 47.7 lip, UL,
39.1; uaxtuum, Sl.S9i minimum, : ft
A a.

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