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VOL. XXV-NO. 115.
All Eorope Anticipating War-rasaleatU
Antl-ltosslln leetlag In FngUnel-Demand
Msds Upon Kassla lor LxplaiAtlon-Doth
Countries rrepsrlng for Hostilities.
IxiNDOtf, April 0. It mi ascertained
lat this rternoon that to-day's session
of tho cabtnot had not boon callod, as had
been given oat, merely to proparo for this
venlng's oponlng of parliament. Tho
real purpose of the session was to uiscuss
tho alarming telegrams which wero com
ing In from Sir Peter Lumsden. The
first of tlicso dispatches was tccoItoiI yes
terday, bnt, as it camo in an incompleto
stato, It was not acted on, although it
was of an alarming nature. Action was
postponod In otder to got tho full text.
This telegram rcsd thus : "A large forco
of Russians from Pullh-Kulstl rondo so
rero attacks on Afghan outposts,
At this, tho most Important potnVtho
dispatch was broken off, evidently
through cutting of tho wires. It was
decided that Sir l'eter Lumsden hadgono
at once to Gulran for tho purpose of re
maining on guard at Robat Pais on
ths mail to Herat. No doubt was entor-
tolncd between tho time of tho receipt of
tho broken dispatch and that of to-day's
developments that the government,
while bollovlng that tho Afghan defeat at
Ponjdeh was really less disastrous than
reported, still considered tho lncldont,
unless satisfactorily eznlalned. a casus
bolll. Tho cabinet at tho sosslon dis
cussed tho question of at onco sending
tho six ironclads now at Malta to tho
Dardenctlos. '
There Is groat agitation this evening
in all tho government departments. It
is stated that 12,000 ro-onforcomonts will
bo at onco sent to India. Tho First Army
Rosorvo will probably bo called out im
mediately. The I.arl of DofTorln at
Itawal-I'lndl to-day was Informod by
tolegraph of what had occurred at FenJ
deli. Ho at ouco told Abdurrahman, tho
ameer of Afghanistan, and tho natlvo
Indian chiefs who nro in attendaneo at
tho councils. The natlvo chiefs unani
mously recommondod tho immediato
throwing of troops into Afghanistan.
This recommendation has bcon placod
before tho home government in Lon
don. Lator in the day tho
aurmlso of tho government In re
gard to tho movement of Sir Peter
Lurusdon were substantiated by the re
colpt of n telegram from him at Outran.
This telegram was dated April 1, and
completed tho broken dispatch. Itstatos
officially that tho Russians attacked the
Afghans intrenched in tholr position at
l'enjdeb and slaughtorod 200 of tho gar
rison. Sevonty thousand British and
Indian troops now stationed along or near
tho northern Indian frontior may, it Is
thought, roach Ilorat in time to provont
tho cipturo of that important point by
the Itussinus.
Tho cabinet sat for two honrs. Karl
Granville, British foreign minister, after
the adjournmout had separate luterviows
with Slusurus Pasha, tho Turkish am
bassador to London, and IJaron do Staal,
tho ambassador from Russia.
Mr. Gladstone, in tho house of com
mons this oveulng, appearod anxious and
careworn. In answor to interrogatories,
he ssid that on Saturday tho cabinet had
considered Russia's reply to Knglnnd's
proposal to limit thozono of survey to the
debatable points, Russia's reply was au
agreement to do this provided tho zone
of survey as marked out by L'ugland was
extended southward so as to Incloso
tho Parapnnilssan rango of moun
tains. Too government considered
that this reply did not advanco
the question toward n couclusiou,
una was atuatlstled witn it. Within tbo
past tweuty-Jour hours, however, said the
premier, a subsequent communication
had beon received from RussIa and this
appoarod, in tho opinion of tho govern
ment, to place tho matter ill a inoro hope
ful position, liclug askod what tho
iiatuto of this subsequent communication
was, Mr. Gladstone said that it would bo
iniposslblc.at present, for the government
to niuko any further statement concern
ing tho pending negotiation about the
Alghan frontier, in view of tho grave oc
currouccsjust reported.
Continuing, Mr. Gladstono said that it
was evident that the Russians had at
tacked luo Afghans. Tho Afghans had
in this attack been defeated after inaklug
a gullaut re9lstauco. It was apparent,
also, that tho Russians, after tho fight,
had returned to their former position, or
at least to the left batik of tho Kuslik
river, which might bo equivalent to such
a retirement. The government bad been
lutoimod, tho premier nent on, that the
Russians had inado every endeavor to
induce tho Afghans to begin tho lighting.
Russian troops hud even twico attempted
to forcibly pass through tho Afghan
picket Hues.
After one of these attempts had failed
to provoko Afghan attack, Cupt, Yates
mat a Russian chief of stall", and talked
to him nbout tho conduct of tho Russian
soldiers bo lug uu evldont violation of the
Ruislan agreement to not advance pond
ing tho outcomo of the negotiations.
Ilia Rubslan otllccr stated that ho had no
knowlidgo that any arrangement oxlsted
against a Russian advanco. Capt. Yates
referred to the official dispatch seat from
bt. Petersburg on March 17 to London
assuring England that orders would be
at onco sout to tho Russlau olUcors ut the
front, directing them to iorbld any ad
vance, and to do all In tholr power to pre
vent provocation of tho Atghans. Tho
Russlau officer declared he knew nothing
whatever of any such arrangement.
Mr. Gladstone, commenting on this.
said that Knglaud had kept hor part of
mis agrccniout. up to March at), nt
least, tho Afghans had mado no advance
nor any forward movement of any kind.
So fur as the information possossed by the
ministers went the government, Mr.
Gladstone stated, must regard tho attack
by the Russlaus upon Pcnjdch as unpro
voked. Tbo government had asked for
au explanation of this attack from Rus
sia, but of course sufficient tlmo had not
' yet elapsed for tho rccoipt of an answor
to this request.
blr L'dward Thornton, tbo British am
bassador to St, Petersburg, had, howovor,
last night telegraphed that M. do filers,
tho Russlau prlmo minister, had oxprossod
for himself and for tbo ciar nn earnest
hope that this unhappy lncldont might
lot prevent tho continuation of the
negotiations for peace. ('In is remark
was greeted with shouts of dorislvo
bit Stafford Nortbcoto, tho tory leador,
it this point nroao, and recalling tho
premtor's statements Just made that tho
government believed that after defeating
tho Atghans In Ponjdeh tho Russians had
retired, asked sarcastically If It was not
mora reasonable to belloYO that after
driving tbo Afghans out of Ponjdeh, the
Russlaus stayed and occupied tho place.
To this Mr. Gladstone said that, of
course, the natural mforonco would bo
that tlwRutslans now occupy Penjdeh.
"Concerning this statement, however,"
tho premier nddtd, "soma confusion exists
liprnttfn thn ilnlAmnnl thnfc Hit,. liiutdnft
occupy Pcujdeh' omauatos from a British
.III... u.k.. I l -.. .1.. . -. .l.-.t
vujeor iviiu um ivib mo spiib Ub lliu wuiu
of the light, while Sir Fdward Thornton
reports subsequently to this that M
de Glers bad stated that tbo Russians,
alter attacking tho Afghans, did not oa
cupy Penjdeh."
Many questions were at once asked Mr.
GlaijUwie.about tluu ambiguity of ths ex
pctMluo. used by Mi do iHoij,-aud as to.
i ' i i i - ' r. a m
whether the Russians might not havo OS
cupted Penjdeh without having occupied
it Immediately after the battle. Mr. Qlad
stono evaded these quostlons as Idlo, and
toothers said that tho government had no
reason to bellovo that any nggrcsslvo act
had been dono by tho Afghans to provoke
tho attack on Penjdsh,
This declaration caused n sensation,
and for a moment tho houso resounded
with cries of "Hear 1" "H.arl"
Lord Randoloh Churchill, an ntirlnc?
tho house, was warmly greeted by both
consorvatlvo and llboral mombors. Tho
general opinion expressed in tho lobby
was that nothing can prevent war. When
Mr. Gladstone declarod that tho Russian
attack on Pcnjdoh appoared to bo unpro
voked aggression, the house warmly in
dorsed his phrase.
Lator In tbo ovonlng Mr. Gladstone, In
the house of commons, replying to a ques
tion asked by Sir Richard Cress, said that
tho governmont had recolvod another
telegram from Sir Peter Lumsden, which
tended to qualify tho statement mado by
him (Mr. Gladstono) in reply to
Sir Stafford Northcoto, which was
based on Sir Peter LumsdenJ
statoment that tho Afghans had mado
no advanco cithor beforo or after
March 17. Sir Fetor Lumsden now says.
continued Mr. Gladstone, that whon tho
Russians threatened an attack on the
Afghan position by advancing In forco on
Ak-Topo the Afghans threw out vedettes
and extended their plekots to Ful-I-Khlsti
on tho loft bank of tbo Kusk
rhcr aud gradually strengthened this
position until on March 30 the bulk
of their forco had boon trans
ferred across tho rlvor. Sir Potor Lums
den is of tho opinion that tho movemont
does not constltuto an actual advance on
tho part of tho Afghans, but mcroly tho
occupation of a moro odvautagoous mili
tary position. M. Lessor wishes to in
form tho governmont that tho wbolo of
tbo facts known in connection with the
affair have beon stated by Mr. Gladstono
precisely as rocoived.
It Is stated that tho premised orders to
havo tho Russian advanco stopped, which
M, do Glers, tho Russian fnrolgn mtnlstor.
gavo assurance ho would scud, woro so
managed that thoy did not reach tho
headqnartors of Gen. KomaroQ", Russian
commander at tho front, until after his
attack npon tho Afghans.
Kngland will at ono demand of Russia
an explanation of tho Russian couduct In
forcing battle upon tho Afghans. This
demand will, It Is midorstood, bo coupled
with a demand for tho withdrawal of tho
Russian forces to tbo north of Saraklu.
A lotter received from Mcsbod, whence
it was dated on the 7th of March, statos
that it was at that tlmo rumored that
recently tho Afghans had sent a forco out
from Herat, nud that this forco had
attacked tho Russian troops In Zulflknr
Pass and compelled them to retreat from
tno pass. This lotter added that the rout
of the Russians on this occasion was so
complete! that forty of their soldiers nnd
two niuccrs were uriven to seeicrotugo on
the Porslan sldo of tho llerrl-Rood rlvor.
M. Lessar, the Russian-Afghan bound
ary commissioner, at present In London,
In au Intervlow published In this oven
log's 'dl MM llasftte, concerning tho
statements made in this Meshed lettor,
stated that ho regarded tho news as of
tho gravest importance, if it was tmo.
Ho added that the Meshed lotter, II To
llable, afforded a comploto oxplanatlon of
Gen. KomarolTs attack upon tho Afghans
at Ponldob.
The antl-Russlan foellng In both parties
in tho house at commons amounts to a
passion. If Russia's explanation of tho
attack on the Afghans bo delayed or bo
incomplete, tho British government will
bo forced to declare war or resign.
The decline in consols sinco tho open
ing! of the Afghan frontier dlspnto has
been 5 per eout , which equals tho fall In
consols at tho opening of tho Crimean
wur. "
Baron da Staal, tho Russian ambassa
dor, believes that tho fighting was moro
serious than tho dispatches havo indi
cated. M. Lessar, the special Russian com
missioner, expresses tho opinion that
tho battlo was brought about by tho
Afghans nttneklug Russlau pickets and
driving them from their posts. This, ho
thinks, would havo caused tbo Russians
to retaliate aud thus a generul fight
would bo brought on, He still has hopes
that tho boundary question may find a
paclflo settlement.
8r. Fj-rrEttsiiuitn, April 0. Tho Official
Messenger publishes tho following: (ion.
Kumaroff reports that in consequence of
provocntivo and manifestly hostile pro
ceedings of the Afghans ho was com
pelled to attack thorn on tho UOth ultimo,
on both banks of the Kuslik river. Tho
result was tho defeat of tho Afghans with
tho loss of GOO mon, all their artillery,
two standards, and tholr eutlro camp aud
provisions. Tho Russian loss was ono
officer and 10 men killed, aud 3 subalterns
and 29 toldiors wounded.
When tho lighting ended Gen, Kama
rolT returned across tho river to the
positions he had formerly reoccupled.
Gen. Kamaroff also reports that some
British officers who had boen oye-wit-nossos,
but not participants lu thocngage
meut, appealed to tho Russians for pro
tection when they saw that tho Afghans
wore beaten. Butuufortuuatoly, ho says,
n convoy which bo Immediately dis
patched to tho rollof of those olDcors, was
unablo to overtake tho Afghan civalry,
who carrlod the British away with thorn
lu tholr flight.
Tho Morning Pott states that Gen. Lord
Wolsoley has beeu ordered to withdraw
one-third of his eutlro lorco from the
Soudan forsorvlce elsewhere.
Most of tho owners of collieries In Fug
laud and Walos havo cancelod all orders
for coals to be sblppod to Russia, at the
risk of being sued for breach of contract.
Advices frpm St. Petersburg state that
many offers are being rocelved from
Tunis tosorvo In tho Russian navy. Fin
laud has agreed to equip ten torpolo
boats in addition to tbo seventy which
Russia has already in tho Baltic.
Tho Furopean press cousiders that both
f.uglauu ana Jiussia want time to pre
pare for war, but that a conflict Is certain.
Bombay, April 0. A dispatch to tho
(Jewells trom Rawal-Pindl says: The con
ference botwoou Lord Duflorin and Ab
durrahman Khan has resulted In tho
umoer's strongly favoring au alliance
with tho British, tho latter to supply Af
ghanistan with arms aud ammuuition
and to iucreaso tho aunual subsidy,
'lbeso conditions havo been accopted bv
Lord Duflorin. The ntnoor expressed
fears that the entry of British troops Into
Afghan territory would rovlvo the mil
moslty caused by the former vars. Lord
Duflorin replied that tho British govern
mout had no lutcutiou of sending troops
across tho Afghan frontier unless tho
Afghans so doslred, aud that lu any cate
Fuglaud would fulfill her pledges to
maintain tho integrity of tho ameer's
MosnttAL, April 0. Tho oxcltomont
in this city ovor thu news of n probablo
war between Russia aud Fngland Is in
tense Volunteers aro now looking lor
'Starching orders to tho cast lustead of
the west.
Tokonto, Ont., April 0. Tho news of
the battle botweou Russlaus nnd Afghans
has created great excitement here, aud
tho newspaper bulletin boards are sur
rounded by groups of people Old sol
diers aro preparing fur active torrleo lu
accordauco with a notice which was
posted up last week at the pension otliet.
Tones ro. Anril 0. Members of the
British urmy reserve rosldeut here huvo
' been ordered to hold themselves in rcadl
I . I. u In 1'n.luiJ It- la anM -I...I
1 uuos lu .utuit, .v wiisiau
It Is said that
there are '1.000 of them In this country.
New YoitK, April I). Klornan's News
agency reports: "Wo learn on good au
thority that tho Russlau government has
entered Into negotiations with promlnout
parties here for tho purchase ot tlneo
steamships to be rusod lu wac with Ungr
(aud. ' , i ut i 11
an '
oLif.anANT siummi-iiE r,0IH0l'S AP
neuters and Sjmpstlielle lfessas Anotter
Hemorrhage Improbable Fsmlly and
Friends Feeling Enter, Ttt ths Doctors
Clie So Hope The Hero Still Serene.
New York, April 0. Tho eoemlngty
favorablo condition of Gen. Grant has
occasioned a great deal of comment here,
but notwithstanding tho fact that tho
bulletins indlcato "composuro" and "re
freshing si cop," Ac, it is remarked that
at no time havo tho physicians oxproisod
opinions that could bo construed Into
hopefulness that tho genoral can survive
any considerable length of tlmo. Tho
first bullotln of to-day, at 8 30 a. m.,
stated that Gen. Grant slopt eight hours
during tho night nnd awoke fooling much
refreshed. His pulsa Is IU nnd reasonably
full; temperature normal.
The gonoral'a condition was so favora
blo to-day that tho physicians deemed
Immediate medical attoudanco not uocos
sary through the day. For tilts' reason
tbo modlcal attendance was "pro
grammed" for the day.
Ex-Senator Chaffco left at 10 a. m.
He said an anodyno was admlulstorcd
to Gon. Grant at 0 o'clock, and ho was
sleeping. It was stated by Mr. Chaffee
that a recurrenco of homorrhago was ren
dered so I m probablo that tho family and
physicians wero at ease on that scoro, as
evidenced by tho absence of all tho doc
tors from the houso.
About noon George II. fltownrt, of
Philadelphia, and presldont of tho Chris
tian commission, called with Dr. New
man. They spent some time lu tho houso
and saw tho gonoral.
Honor Romero called unrlng tno nrtor
noon. Ou loavlug ho said tho general's
improved condition was shown in face
and pulse. Whon awake ho takes food
with moro relish, and talks moro choerful
with the family. It wns truo hn was
kept under tho influouco of morphia all
ths tlmo, for whon ho was not under the
influence of anodynos tho pain was un
bearable. In reality tho general was no
hotter for tho cancer was making pro
gress. In the opinion of Souor Romoro
Gon. Grant has, howover, moro time to
llvo than tho doctors grant htm.
I.o Baron von Alvenslcben, German
minister, and l.o Baron do Schaeffor,
Austrian minister, callod during the af
ternoon. Tho latter was told by Col.
Grant that Gon. Grant was somewhat
stronger, but that ho was in a critical con
dition. Ho was improved temporarily.
Gon, Franz blgel was a caller. Ho did
not seo Gon. Grant.
A consultation was hold at 4 30. After
ward Dr. Barker said Gen. Graut was bet
ter; ho broathed castor; tho tipper part
of his throat was better; tndeod, ho was
so woll that Dr. Barker would not attend
again until tho Saturday consultation.
This was tho 20th anniversary of Leo's
surrender at Appomattox.
Tbo CIS p. m. bulletin announced that
at the consnltatton held at 1.30 p. in. Drs.
Barkor, Sands, Shrady, and Douglas
prosout. It was agreed that Gon. Grant
was in an improved condition. Ho has
beon quite comfortable all day and has
moved about the room sovcral times.
Pnlso GO and full; temperature normal.
The next direct information from tho
sick room camo iu tho 11 p. m. bullotln,
as follows :
Gen Grant ha boon very quiet all tho even
ing ,111 pulse Is !, temperature, (13. aud
respiration, Is. Hole now sleeping quietly.
Senator Chnffeo left Gen. Graut's house
at 11 o'clock to-night. Ho said: "Tho
gcntral Is qulotly sleeping, Just having
had an anodyno administered. Ho has
beon quite restloss daring the ovuning.
His general condition is practically un
changed." Col. Fred Grant said to-night that his
fathor and tho family had recolvcd many
Inquiries and messages of condolonco from
both Gen. bberman and Gen. Sheridan
during Gen. Grant's Illness. Resolutions
of sympathy from an organization of
colorod pooplo in Philadelphia wero re
ceive 1 ut Geu. Graut'a houso to-night.
New YoitK, April 0. John Little,
commtnder of Win. Lloyd Garrison Post,
Nn. 209, G. A. It,, Brooklyn, called nt
Gon. Grant's rosidence this nltornoon,
and presented a sot of resolutions repre
senting ICO soldiers who served under
Gen. Graut.
This corrcspondenco has passed :
Ait-Lbi-Daim, April 8, 1865 To Mns.
Gkant, Qrs. Ouant, New York The queen,
who feels deeply for ou In jour anxieties,
commands mo to Inqufro after Gen. Gran t
Ann, ft lfctt. rinrlltnvpia rtr Vt v
Alx les-Balns Mrs Gmut thanks the queen
for her sympathy, and directs motomtyeien.
Uraut Is no better. Col. Gkant.
The queeu's messago was recolvod last
night, and the reply was sout to-day.
Ruck Island, III., April 0. At a
largely attended opon camp-fire of Uen.
Bulord Post, U. A. R., to-night tho
following resolutions were unanimously
Kuoticd, That our hearts go out In the
warmest und mout tender affection tor our old
commaudcr, Gen. U. B.Giaut: that wo have no
words lu which wo can Hilly express tho
kindly feeling we have for tbo nation's great
poldter; that Ills memory idiall ever rcuiuui
green In our hearts, and that. In the sad aud
sorrowing events or his last days, thomem
bersot Gen. Grant's family bao our uutted
und most profound sympath).
Indianapolis, Inu, April 0. In tho
state senate to-day Mr. Magco, tbo nowly
appointed minister to Sweden and Nor
way, oflercd tho following resolution,
which was unanimously adopted :
J.'nofird, Tbut the senate, the liouso con
curring, hereby extend to Gen, Grant and bis
family Its slucere sympathy In this hour of
sintering and trial, and Jolnwllli tho Ameri
can people of all shades of opinion and belief
In tho olco of sympathetic regret that his life
Is to bo lost to the country.
Philadelphia, April 0, This being
tho twentieth aunlvorsary of Geu. R,obort
Y.. Lee's surrender to Gen. Grant at Ap
pomattox, Goorgo G, Meade Post, No. 1,
G. A. It., of this city, of which Gon.
Grant Is a mombor, forwarded by special
messengor to New York u beautiful bas
ket of Honors. Appended was a croam
white satin ribbon with tho following
printed In gold letters ou ono end :
''April I), 1803 1&35, Appomattox." On
thu other end was printed: "Hjuipithy
of Motdo Post, No. 1, G. A. lfc, of Phlla
delnbla." Baltimohe, April 0. Tho favorablo
Intelligence of the condition of Geu.
Grant this morning uftoru night of un
usual rest has had its effect lu this city.
The people breatbo freer, aud again hopo
takes the place of susponse. No individ
ual In tho country conld havo more real
heartfelt sympathy than Is felt toward
Gen. Grant by the people of Ihltlmore,
and nono moro earnestly desire that his
llfo may bo spared.
Tiiunion, N. J., April 0. At tho nn
nual meeting of the Union Olllters' Asso
ciation of New Jersey to-day resolutions
of sympathy fortlou Orant wero adopted
aud telegraphed him. Dr. W. W. L.
Phillips was elected prosldont: Col. 1).
Lodor, secretary, und Dr. 3, 1. 11. Kibble,
treasurer. Fifty members have died dur
ing the post three yean.
The liecent bl, Louis lUcllon.
St, 1iets, April l) Official returns of Iho
city election ou 'lucsdaylust show that tho
eutlro liemocratto cils ticket, with two excep
tions, was elected, The exceptions aro Geu.
A 8 bmltb, Republican, for uudltor, who w us
re-elected over John G. Martin by n majority
III UW, UUU I.IIUJI , IIMi .vi'i..'.ii-i .- .....
re elected over Joseph llrown by a plurality i;f
re eiee ecu over .1
fJCi David It. i
hls a plurality t
JW emvia it. r nuicis, uoinocriu, ior ninr,
over Uvrlve B.d WUfiyiQljTlp.
Hearty n.ceptloss Visit, to th Slum.
A llasifinet on ss T.eve.
Dcm.lN, April I). The Prince of Wales,
with his son, Prlnco Albort Viotor, and a
smalt party of friends, spoilt the after
noon In visiting soma of tho slums of the
city, entering somo of tho worst dwell
ings. Tho prlneo freely donounced their
broken floors and roofs and sanitary
wants, and said ho hoped that such
dwolllngs would soon bo swept from tho
faco of tho earth, at tho samo
ttmo expressing his sympathy with
tho occupants. Mobs of un
couth and wild-looking mon, women,
and chlldron continually surrounded tho
prlnre, who recolved thorn smilingly, and
was greeted In roturn with loud choors.
Ho also vtsttod it number of artfsans's
dwellings.. Ho shook hands heartily with
manr of those nearest him. aud tho old
people Invoked blessings upon tho heads
of tho Prlnco and Princess of Wales and
Quoon Victoria.
The police bavo notified tradesmen to
refrain from Illuminating their shops to
night, as It Is anticipated that attompts
will b made at serious rioting, and great
damago would b. dono in the caso tho
buildings wore lighted up.
A manifesto to the pooploof Ireland con
cerning tho present visit of the Prlnco
and Princess of Wales has been Issued to
diy. Tho document Is called a Parnell
manifesto, nnd purports to bo direct from
Mr, Paruoll to tbo Nationalists in Ire
land. It declares that no good reason can bo
soon why the Prlnco of Wales is entitled
to any recognition In Iroland from any
fiersons oxcopt tho land-owners and place
luuters, who aro fattening on tbo coun
try's poverty. It enraparos tho prlnco to
n government olectlou agent, going about
with smiles and unmeaning promises,
dealt out lavishly, as the price for con
tinued power.
Tho Prlnco of Wales hold a lovco at
Dublin castlo this afternoon ou behalf of
the quoen, and In the ovening tho princess
held a drawing room nt tho castle.
Threo thousand gontlcmonand 800 ladles
were presented to their royal highnesses.
Tho presentations lasted until midnight.
lYeTrspaiier Men f'Miirlirii
First Sunnier In Arrtvo
Upon (lie
lis Ilitltt-
BAirisionr, April 8. Twenty-four of
tho Washington prosa correspondents
wero entertained at a handsome lunch on
board of the now eteamor of the Halifax
Steamship Line, the Demara, In tho har
bor boro to day. Tho occasion was to
colebrato tho first trip of tho new steamer
from France. This lino rocolvcs A sub
sidy of $50,000 per year from tho Cana
dian government. Under tho terms of
tho contract they aro to run a fortnightly
lino of steamors from Halifax ti Havre,
France, having the right to mako a land
ing each way In this country. After ah
examination into tho business prospects
and the probiblo traffic from tho differ
ont ports, tho company selected Balti
more asthoir American port. Tho Demara
was built at Glasgow, Scotland, and
though sbo has cabin accommodations fur
thirty liret-clas.4 passcugont. sho Is
constructed particularly for carrying
freight. A slater ship Is now being built
at Glasgow, which will bolaunchod ou tho
10th instant. The other vessel, tho
Olympla, has beon recently purchased.
Tho comnauv which has inaugurated this
new lino is mostly mado up of Canadians;
luo Aiomarn is comiuauuou uy cupi. joun
McMullan, an accomplished aud skilled
Irish navigator. Sho makes her return
trip on Saturday, carrying a cargo of corn,
which is bolngplaood in hor to-day at tho
great elevators of the Baltimore nud Ohio
railroad at Locust Point. Tbo visiting
nowspaper mon woro afterward enter
tained at tho Merchants' Club, and re
turned to Washington to-night.
Ixcltlsg IITecls or the War !errs.
I'ams, April 9. Tho Paris bourse was de
moralized to-day, The heavy declines In
London nnd Berlin produced a panic. All In,
tcrnatlonal stocks foil heavily, ftalos were
forced to secure any price obtainable, owing
to the fears of holdurs mat many engagements
will go unmet aud that prices must recede
much further still.
LosDoi, April 0 At Lloyd's w ar risks wero
dealt lu to-day at greatly enhanced prices.
Premiums ou vessels trading In KunUn waters
wero quoted at -!SS guineas percentage. For
eign wheal rose Js.Cd. per quarter, and holders
wero unwilling to sell oven ut this iidvanco.
Viinna, April 5 Tho bourse hero closed
HHtUN, April 9 Tho bourse hero was very
weak, nil day Hales wero forced, and this
created a panic toward the close. I'xchango
ouM. Petersburg, which jesterday was quoted
at Ml cloed to day at 11J.
I KANkroRT on-tiil Maiv. Aorll 9 Tho
bourse here ut tho close bordered on a state of
trom New York, Baltimore, Chicago, St.
Louis, Louisville, ban Iranclsco, and all
points at which considerable dealings In
stocks and produco are quoted In stock, mer
cantile, or produce exchanges, thero camo
last night reports of psnlclty fee ling yesterday
on account of ttio war newH from 1 uropu.
A fair sneclmcn of tho dlsnatches Is afforded
bribe followlug few sentences from Chicago:
'Iherowas a war panic ou chango at tho
nm nine this mornlntr. uroduccd bv the oxclt-
rlngnows from I.oudon and St. Petersburg to
tno eueei iua( ngtiiiiiK uuu uircuuy ucium-u
on tho Afghan iroutler. Tho rapid decline of
consols Indicated a crisis of some character,
but Its exact nature und tho real purport of
the Intelligence wero not known to tho grain
traders They went In blindly, however, on
general principle, aud prices fluctuated
nalloMlo? Mealing In Ulrafo.
CUICAUO, April 9 Tho situation growing
out of the close municipal election contest lu
tbls city has been complicated by the theft of
the ballot box of tho third preclnctof the third
ward. The box wns stored lu n limy stable
ou Twenty second street, where tho bnllotlug
occurred, but tho storeroom was broken Into
and tho box carried oil. Iho precinct returned
676 for bmlih and .cil for Uarrlnon, ami thu
theft is supposed to lusobecn for the purpose
ot concealing tomolrriguturllU. Ihomattir
Ik In tho bands of detectives, and It Is rumored
that somo of tho guilty parties are known Ihe
Hcpublleans havo declutd to contest Sir Har
rison's election, and Mr Harrison declares ho
himself wishes u recount, and sn) she believes
a recount will Increakc his inajurlt). ,
Tho fact of tho roliberyof tho ballot box
naturally occasioned grout exellemcut In polit
ical circles, lu view of tho recent cxposuru uf
the eighteenth ward frauds. iMectisoshstu
been at work on tbo case all day ami tho fol
lowing facts appear to bavo been disclosed:
A coupowaHcugnged b asaloon kccperiiamcd
Connelly about 4 o'clock, this meirulng, tho
driver being ordered to go to thu comer of
btnto aud Teui -second streets and wait for a
pauungcr. bhorlly afterward n man brlngiug
what was undoubted!) tho ballot box appeared
ami entered the coupe Ho was driven to tho
corner of Rallied ami Tom-Hrst streets, where
ho entered a saloon aud disappeared o ar
rests havo yet been made Iho loss of ttio
ballots serionslv atlects tho result ou Ihe mayor
alt) aud booth Chicago us-ecsor.
Another Hank I allure st Norfolk.
Nokiolk. Va., April 9 The Farmers' Bank
or this city did not opon at Iho usual hour
this morning A notice was posted ou tho
doors, stating that the bank had mado au as;
sljumeiit tu W'ulttr F Irvine, for the beneiltof
Us creditors Tbo bank was Rrlously ntli-ctcd
last hprlng by tbo falluio of II (' Hardy A.
fon. of No ION all street, :ow York, but was
onuuieei to ueiu over tuai ciuen,eiic njr nie.
am e from the Kxchango Nulioual llauk of this
I ILV. IVUIl'II II I IB lit? 11 lit' 11 II till:!, IIUUi
Johu H. Whitehead, president or Iho Rx
chango National Bank, which coneeru ialled
about a week ago, has made au lndl tdual as
s aliment.
HiciiMoNii, Vs., April li Suit was begun tn
djy b thu statu against tho lAchaugo National
llauk or Norfolk tor t.WO.Ouu. the amount Uu
posited In It ut the tlmo til Its failure Tills
bank n'si owes tho state taxes fur ten years,
ten failure ot the rainier' llauk of Norfolk
to-day hurts only a tow persons lu this city,
aud tiiat sol seriously.
Fx.Secrstary Kreltnghurton Sinking.
Nlwaiik, N. J.iAprll .u.h'PcertUy Fro
lltiguuytsit liaisUl .a rcstleiKlilght, and his
fmfliwp,M.C5Mdm as worse lo-clsy,
Mexico to Invad. nnateinalK With
Salvador The Death or llarrlos.
City or Mr.xico (via Galveston), April
9. The Guatemalan minister hero says
that Gen. Barrlos's death does not mean
a change In tho policy of Guatemala,
whoso peoplo are brave, aud will havo re
venge. Consldsrablo doubt Is stilt ox
prcssed regarding Gon. Barrlos's death.
No conclusive evidence has yet bocn ro
celved. Moro than 6,000 rides havo been sent
from hero to tho frontier. This altornoon
tho committee on war and the commltteo
ou foreign rotations will report on tho
resolution granting extraordinary powors
to tho oxecuttvo, euabllug him to declare
war if necessary.
Dosplto tho proclamation Issued by tbo
minister of tho Interior forbidding out
door religious processions In holy weok,
sovoral priests in surroundlug villages
conducted such Drocosslous. and wero
fined and Imprisoned tborcforo. This ac
tion has catted lortfi tno blttorest Invec
tive from Catholic papors, which lnvoko
curses upon tho llboral party,
Tlse Natv. tn llils City.
Scnor Poralta, the mtnlstor from tho
ropubllu of Costa Rica, yesterday rocoived
a cablegram from President Zaldlvar, of
San Salvador, confirming tho defeat of
tho Guatemalan troons at ChalchuaDa.
and tho doath thero of Piosldent Barrios
and his oldest sou, Don Veuanclco. Don
Antonio Birrlos, another eon, who Is a
Cadet at west 1'olnt (under the spoelal
act of Congress passed In 1883), still ills
bellov.s tho storr of his father's death.
nnd thinks the dispatch sent him boforo
coming to Washington a lorgory. Ho
bisos his bellof on the fact that tho geu
tleman whoso name wns signed to tho
dispatch was at Llvlugstoue, on tho coast
of Uuatemela, with Dr. Ilttrcs (tbo min
ister from that republic) only four days
tioforo tho dispatch was dated, and It was
utterly Impossible for hlra to havo reached
the boundary of San Salvador in the time
Commander Alfred T. Mahan. U. S. N.,
commanding tho sloop-of-war Wachusott,
which Is now at I.a Mbertad, ou tho Pa
cific coast of San Salvador, yostordty
tolegraphed Secretary Whitney as fol
lows :
Havo been hero two days trying to commu
nicate with Minister Hale. Tho telegraph
line between (Salvador and Guatemala Is
broken, aldlrar kent my intssugo by courier
to tho nearest Guatemalan statlou, but no an
swor has beeu received. Intended to lcavo nt
noon for ban Jose. Guatemala, but will wait
vnurropiy. i caueauiooniyiromi a i.iocriau.
1 hao difficulty In getting coal, tried Corlmu
Thero Is none bctweou Panama and Acnpulco,
except Dcionging to mo itanger at ijs union,
1 took somo frum tho llaugcr ngatust Com
mandor Clarke's protect, but have none to
spare for ruuulng about, balvador Is quiet
llarrlos Is certainly dead. Mcnraguan troops
entered Honduras routing ttio cueniy who re
treated lu disorder toward Guatomala. A
telegram frum Zatdlvar to authorities hero
suvs that Mexico will mako formal alliance
with Halvador. I expect this will end tho
trouble without another shot, Probably both
armies will march ou Guatemala city.
bonor Bccorra, minister from the
United Statos of Colombia to this
government, has recolved an ollicWl
dispatch fiom his government, dated
at Bogota, tho 8th Instant, lu which
It is stated that tranquillity provalls
throughout the republic, except at Pan
ama, Habanilla, and Santa Marta, which
ltstysnro in tho hands of tbo rebels.
Tho dispatch also states that tho govern
ment Is organizing In tbo stato of Cauca.
which adjoins Panama, au oxpedltion of
1,500 troops, 'which will bo sent to Pan
ama as soon as posslblo to suppress tho
revolt in that state.
.nndlutr Anserleais Marlise. at Pnisa
silA The Mltnatlon Usicllallgcel or
lliifisot Ing;.
Capt. Charles S. Norton, U. S. N., com
manding tho frlgato Shenandoah, tele
graphed tbo Navy Department yostorday
(bat ho has arrived at Pajama, aud hud
landed ICO ofllcors, soamen, and marlnos
to assist lu preserving order and protect
tbo property of American citirens there.
Secretary Whitney nt once telegraphed
back to Capt. Norton as follows:
Your duty Is confined to protecting railway
and steamship companies' projiertynud lives
and property or American citizens, and, so far
as our iorto permits, to keep tbo transit open
lrecunlllcts between local force you must not
participate nor show favor ordlifavor to either.
Commander Thcodoro F. Kane, of tho
Galena, yeJtorday telegraphed that tbo
Alliance, Commander Gilbert 0, Wlltso,
had arrived at Aspluwall, and that the
Pacific Mull steamer Colon would sill last
night for Now York. He reports tho
situation as unchanged.
Ais Important Meeting.
Panama, April 0 (via Galveston).
Affairs in Panama are Improving. Tho
provisional government is organizing
rapidly and order is boiug maintained.
Tho Shenandoah landod 100 mon to-day.
Tho men guard tho Panama railroad prop
erty. At a mooting held yesterday to
consider tho altuutlon a memorial was
adopted, declaring tho state should bo
neutral, nnd calling upon tho president
to send commissioners to tue loaders at
those places to uotlfy them. If lurtber
attacks are mado from abroad, It will bo
necesiary to declare tho stato inde
pendent and appeal to tho great powers
lor piotectiou,
flnpiir.sslug Iolltlcnl Illspalehrs.
La Lmr.rtTAD (via Galveston), April
0. Tho orders of tho government of San
Salvador prohibit tho transmission of
any telegraph mosssgos of n political
character to or fr om foroign countries.
Sensational glories About llslMlreeds.
OrrAWi, Ont, April 9 In Iho houso of
commons to-day Sir John A Macdonnld said
that no Information had been received by tbo
government confirmatory of Iho sensational
story or thu advanco of tho Indians across tho
International boundary, Ihe government, ho
aid, bad amessagu trom a reliable source at
Calegory. Tho sender of tho message, who
has good lulormatlou on thu subject, states
that ho docs not bcllovotbo report, and thluks
It was mado up by Interested parties.
It seems to bo elecldcd that tho government
will send uo more troops to thu northwest It
Is posslblo that the orders to dispatch Ihe
Halifax battallun may bo countermanded
'loriiisTO, Ont, ApillU lnolted Cross am
bulauco corps, In charge or I)r Mattrass, lcavo
soon tor tbu northwest, to tnko care ot tho
sick aud wounded at tbo frout The govern
ment will supply rations and transportation
to the corps ;who givo their services gratui
tously. Southern Industrial Development Kclieme
l'r.TKr.sucrto, April 9 Under a charter
granted by the leglslaturo of North Carolina
tho Ilouuuko Navigation aud Water Power
Company has been organised, Tho following
oi)lcers hav e been elected: President, Scuutnr
J, 1). Cameron, of Pennsylvania, secretary and
treasurer, S. 1'. Arrlngton. of Petersburg, board
ot directors Henalor J I). Cameron, H V. Ar
'rlncton. It. 1. Arrlmrtou. and Collator Win
Mabnno, ol Petersburg, and 1' M Mason, or
Northampton, N U Ttio principal otllco or
tno eonipiui) w in uo in rciereuurg i na capi
tal stock has been fixed nt (oOQ.uiki, with jxjwur
lolntrease It to any amount tint tile stock
fielders may determine A survey or the
eunal, which has been purchased by the coin
num. wilt shortlv bo mado with a view to lo-
e ale sites for factories, Inducements will bo
held out to capitalists aud manufacturers lor
the erection oi factories ol every description.
Horse Usees at New Orleans.
New Okuaihs, April 9 There was a good
attendance ut thu racos to day.
l'lrst raco l'urso 1 230, w Inuor to bo sold at
auction, ono mile. Wlndsall won, Hollo II
second nud Galaxy third Time, I I1
riecond raco Purse IA0, seven eighths or a
lalle Lord Clifton went und l.dllli llrown
second No other starters lime, I &
Ihltdrace llovtou Club stales for J-ycsr
olds, live eighths urn mllo Motile I'orbctt
won, Alfartin second, and 1'at bheedy third
Time, life.
lourtli raco Handicap stecplcchuso purso
Si), short oourw, Aseoll won, Aurellsu
second, and Thercsa.lliltd, Time, 8 18. Joe
(uuper tell Ht the ilJUi linrdlc, I nt his Jockey
remoulded aud rvUelttuo.tul4i.; ,
n- la 1 e '
mtsT (juiitrnt clituiiy.
Contratolsted by Ills Congregstton and
friends ill (Iterlhs (ountrj Ministers
of Older Reels Join In ths MUee-llls
Great Vlork Here.
Yostcrday was red-letter day with tho
members of St. Patrick's Church. Tho
occasion was tho colobratton of Rev. J. A.
Walter's twenty-fifth anniversary as
pastor of that church. At I) o'clock Father
Walter colebratcd low mass, tho music for
which was sung by the Junior chotr of Iho
church, assisted bv the first class of St.
Vlucont's school nnd the orphan children,
undor tbo direction of Miss Loulie Boono
and Miss Cora Garcscho.
Father Walter delivered a short ad
dress bearing upon the subject of his
pastorate At 1 o'clock p. ru. a dlnnor
was given lit the pastor's rosldonco In
honor of Tathcr Waltor, and around tho
long tablo eat Archbishop Gibbons, of
Baltimore; Blshop-eloct Glorleux, of
Idaho, whoso consecration takes placo nt
tho cathedral In Btltlmore ou Suuday;
Fathor Bernard J. MoManus, of St.
John's Church, Baltimore; Father Doonan,
of Georgetown College: Fathers Cha
pello, O'Sultlvan, Hughes, 8. Ryan, P.
Ryan, Coll, Murphy, Mc.Vally, Ahern,
Walsh, Schleuter, Kelly, ltotchtord,
Towcs, Sullivan, Doaohuc, and
others. Letters of regrot wero
received from many who wero
unablo to attend. Bishop Keauo, of Rich
mond, Bent n dispatch filled with good
cheer. Loiters of congratulation woro
recolved from nil parts of the country.
During the day and night Fathor Waltor
wns busy lu receiving friends nnd their
Rov. Dr. Donier wns among tho num
ber who called. Father Connelly, of
Rockvlllo, an old clsssmato, nlsu called.
During tho dty Father Waltor was In
roceipt of many girts and testimonials
from tho members of his congregation
nud others. St. Paul's Society gavo a sil
ver pitcher and castors. Thu boys of tho
orphan asylum sent flowers. St. Roso
Industrial school sent a largo enko with
tbo name and montlon of tbo occasion
wrought in silver lottors on tho lop; St.
Vlucont's Orphati Asylum sout a cassock;
Mrs. Clagett, glassware; Miss Lullo Clem
ents, crockoryware, and bosldos these,
largo lots of groceries and nccossarics of
housohold uso that would do for a yoar.
Father Waltor was ordaluod thlrty-ouo
years ago by Archbishop Kendrlcks iu tho
seminary at Baltimore. Ills first charge
was at lloilair. Harford county, lid.,
which also includod supervision over
churches tn Baltimore nnd Cecil counties.
Ho noit had charge of a parish In Long
(ireou, slxteon milos from Baltimore
from which placo ho was transferred to
bt. ratrick's, tu this ctiy, April v, isoj,
whoro ho has since remained. During
his pastorate ho built the formor church
of tho lmmaculato Conception, N streot,
near Fightb, nud established tho schools
thero, also built a house for tho sisters at
tho coruor of Klgbth aad N
atroots. Ho brought tho Christian
brothers hero, as also tho Llttlo bisters of
tho Poor, and aided them In securing
homes. Ho originated the plan of estab
lishing the House of Good Shepherd, and
ten years ago mado an effort to locata
thorn hero but failed. During his pastor
ato ho Inaugurated aud promoted all tho
charitable Institutions of tbo city.
In 1670 Father Waltor celebrated his
twenty-fifth anniversary as a priest. IIo
Is now in his C'Jth year. Is in a vigorous
stato of health, and is still possassed of
grest industry, ilosent to tno various
charitable Institutions ice croam, fruits,
and candles Iu order that tho beneficia
ries might enjoy with htm tho ovont
which ho calls tho proudest In his life.
Tlie Change, lis Progres. nttd Pros
spect lu tile Various Department..
Mr. Waltor Duke, whoso services were
dlspensod with whon tho whlto liouso
forco was roducod, has boen appointed to
a first-class clerkship in tho Treasury
under tbo amended civil servlco rules.
1'ho Prcsldout has appointed Delos
Blrge to be postmaster at Cooporstowu,
N. Y tho Republican postmaster having
'Iho friends of Gen. FItrbugh Leo say
that be would not havo thu District mar
shulship. Ono ol them said yesterday
that Gon. Leo wanted to bo govornor of
Virginia, and would bo elected this fall.
Lx-Mayor Prince, of Boston, is urged
for tbo Austrian mission, nnd It is said
that he will get it.
There Is a great demand for tho annual
report of tho civil service commission,
and a larger number than was printed
last year will bo run oil'.
Appointment Clerk Higglus yesterday
visited tbo bureau of engraving and print
ing and spent somo tlmo In iuspeotlng
tbo workings of tho bureau.
Chief of tho Appointment Division of
the Treasury Higglus has issued tho fol
lowing: "Norecelptsou account of salary
will be approved except on the 13th of
each mouth, ana uu receipts und pay
rolls for semi-monthly paymonts must bo
lu this otllco on or betoro that dato."
tiic rosromcE Dri-AitTJiKNT.
Tho forco of tbo money order division
of the sixth auditor's oQico will bo in
creased by tho addition of forty-fivo
clerks. IhoworK ot the otllco Is very
much behind, und It Is tho Intention of
tho sixth auditor to push tho work as
much us posslblo.
Postmaster Goneral Vilas has appointed
Chief Inspector Sharpe, Inspector Hen
derson, and Mr. Vau iluako to coufer
with tho supervising architect of tho
Troasury relative to plans for new post
office buildings throughout tho country.
Tho law roquiios these plans to be ap-
E roved by tho Postmaster Oeneral, aud
cretoforo this has boon done without
question and as n matter of course. Post
mailer General Vilas proposes to Inquire
Into tbo suitability of plaus tor postotlico
purposes boforo approving them,
I suits. diss la tlilcsio.
Chicago, April 9 A 'bus load or l'Inkerton
men was returning from tbo McCormlck
reaper factory at 11 o'clock to day, where they
lud been to assist In protecting the works
from tbo strikers. When they reached the
corner of liluu island avenuu and Twenty
second street they weru met by a crowd uf
men, who hooted and Jeered them Tbu
ruikcrton men, It is alleged, elrew ilielr re
volvers and tired Into the crowd Geo Itoth,
an aged man, was wounded iu Iho left sldo,
and nn attending phvklclan was unablo to ex
tract thu bullet or say whether the wouud was
latalornnt Iho pollco patrol wasou started
after Hie l'Inkerton men und enuglit theui.
'iney weroiasouiu toe inciuu eircce station,
and four of them wero Idcutllled us having
tired, and were locked up. The others wero
allowed to go.
Au eje witness sas that tbo crowd, as soon
as they saw ttiat thu 'bus coutalaed l'mkertou
men made no hostile luuvcmeiit, but a man
from the Malleable Iron Nnrksmado a motion
to grab tho bits or tho 'bus horses 1 he rlnWur
tnn men thou tired Into tho crowd from tbu
windows of Iho vehicle,
A Ticket Atrent luslsntl) Killed.
WilKr-SIlAititie, I'a , April l . parly of
drunken Hungarians entered tho Lehigh
Valley Itullroad dew,t at Peun Haveu Hits
afternoon in a boUterous maimer, aud 1 bus,
llobun, tho ticket ugent, ordered them out,
whereupon one of tbo toon drown rcvolvur
and llred tno shots at llobau, killing him In
untitl). A (oncer! In Vlexsnelrls.
A grand testimonial concert was tendered
Mm, Juse-pblno Iogan b) her pupils at Alex
andria last evening Among tho many who
participated wero U J, Whipple, and Vred
LlUfbrldgg, Mauy ot tho muoum rAelvod
L triple encores, mdau wetu vrullmutiuied.
Closing Resilon Important Unrstloni
of Doctrine mid Discipline.
The Washington City Presbytery reai
sombtod yesterday morning at the Assem
bly Church and considered the ovcrturos
from tho general assembly, amending and
changing the book of discipline. It was
ngrocd that alt children born within tho
palo of the vltlblo church aro aubjoct to
tbo church dlsclpllno.
Tbo ovcrturo providing that a com
municant who Is fully persuaded of his
unworthlnesa to como to tbo Lord's tablo
should bo allowed to dlscoutlnue, nud on
tho session vortlfrlng his ludemont. his
namo should be erased from tho roll of
oomraunleauts, was adopted.
Tho nppearanco of professional counsel
at any of tho ecclesiastical Judicatories
was disapproved.
At the afternoon session tho principal
busluoss dono was to receive the reports
and rccomtnondatlons of tho several
standing committees of the presbytery.
Tho committee on systematlo bcnetlceuco
snowed an fucroase of W.WJU cxponded In
charities over the amount expeudod last
year. The commltteo on church erection
roported an Inereaioof JUi1.', being doublo
tho amount of last yoar.
Tho board of frcodmon recommend aid
to churches in Amelia county, Vs., to the
amount of $2,500, that sum to be ex
pended In purchasing ground, building
school aud home for minister, and pro
viding for teaehors.
Tho board of homo missions recom
mondod aid for tho missions lu Hyatts
vlllo, Vienna, aud Hermnn, Md. The
board of aid for colleges, whleh Is a com
paratively new foature in tho presby
tery's work, shows n favorable increase.
'Iho board of education rceommeuded
eight nppllovnts tn bo educated for tho
ministry. As several ot those, it re
ported favorably on. would be cducatod
at Howard University, thus Involving
considerable discussion, tho decision In
their cases was postponod to tho next
meeting of tho presbytery.
Tbo following commissioners wero
electod to tbo goaoral Assembly: Rev.
William A. Bartlett, D. I), principal,
with C. D. Ramsd.II as his alternate: Rev.
J. L. French principal, Rov. T. S. Chllds
alternato. P.ldcrs: ClD. Drako; alternate,
Charles A. Ilohror; Charles Lyman princi
pal, William Ballantyno alternate.
At C o'clock p. m. tho prosbytory ad
journed, to moet again April 27, at West
mlnstor Church, South Washington, nt
which tlmo unfinished business will be
takon up.
Tho trustees reforred to in yesterday's
proceedings as having mado an unfair
and unjust report wero thoso of tho Pres
byterian Fducational Board, and not that
of the Howard University, so states Prof.
U.il, Illncle'. Chance, for United
IJeinnerMIe Hnpnnrt for Hrisntor.
Vlco President Hondrleks and Repre
sentative Malson, of Indiana, last night
prououncod tho stories circulated about
tho boom of Gen, Black for senator from
Illinois to be untrue. They sild that
they took tho simo Intoroit In Ilia con
test ovor tho sfliiatorshlp that any Demo
crat did.
Tho statement tint thn Indtanhns
wero urging Geu. Black for scnatorship ,
was explained by nn Illinois Domocrtt '
last night as being lu tho Interest or tho
promotion of Deputy Commissioner of
Pcuslous McLean, nf Indiana.
Auothcr rumor about Iho Illinois scn
atorship was In effect that tho Illinois
Democrat havo succeeded In making ar
rangements lu regard tn the distribution
of federal pitrouuc, which they think
will uuito Democrats upon a cindldato
for senator, (leu lilac, was mentioned
as thu probable caudldate
A White House Iiicldrnt.
A western Democratic si i ntor c illtd at tho
white houso )cstcrday tu press the appoint
ment of one of his constltucuts to au assistant
"When I was practicing law," said thu I'rcs
ldcnt, "I round that nn instrument lu writing
usually outweighed au oral statement lou
senators seem tu havo a habit or signing U.
tlonsfor candidates, and then) on a-k ver
bally for tho nppoltitmcnt nf others to Iho v re
position. Icautatlord to waste tluiucousM.
slderlngsuch roqucsts Hair the Dcraocratta
scuatort have signed a petlttou for the reten
tlon or tho lucumbeut or this placo, and )our
name Is ou the list. I don't know the man,
but bo Is certainly well Indorsed "
Oh, nol' said the senator, "I huvo nut
signed such a nner "
Thereupon the President Is said to have pro
duced a petition bearing the senator's slgna
ture at stated
"1 never was so flattened out lu my lire," ro
marked the senator when narrallug the Inci
dent to a frleud
"fbe fact is wo sign almost anything, but It
has generally been understood that It means
A Ssrcessful Socletr Lkarlty.
The concert In aid or Iho Llttlo Sisters or Hie
Poor atMarlul's Hall last evening proved a
most flattering success, and It was thought
that about WjO had been realUed. Miss No
guelras, daughter or thu Portuguese minuter,
was thu moving spirit lu getting up the enter
tnlnmcut, and through her Individual eitorls
most or tho talent was secured, but sho tunnel
ablo assistants lu MlisC'urllu, Miss boode. Mr
lluruays, and Ihe Vt agner Society. Ilelng mmlo
n fashionable ntralr It fouud ready pitrems nt
Si a ticket, and tho wcll-tllled hall wasnmple
proof tu Iho mauagera that their Hurts had
been appreciated file nrwrammu was dl.
vlded into two parts, and consisted or vocul
and Instrumental musfo. A duet by Misses
Goode uud Nogticlras was finely rendered aud
S3 well received as to compel rcsionio to au
encore. A solo by Mls Cuttln met with
Mtnllar recognition In takluelhonroirrammo
through each part was satlslactoriiy rendered.
That 1c met tho approval of so critical an audi
enee should bo suitlclcui to satisfy tho partici
pants or the excellence of tbtlr perlurmauco
Ihe Srhuelzcn vrrela Llertlon.
Tbo Vi ashlngtoti Scbucucu Vorcln bold Its
annual election of a board of directors last
evening at tho Bcbuetzcn park. Tho follow,
lug gentlemen, most of whom wero members
ol tho old board, Here elected, (n urge Iiculer,
Win Bercns, Urn llelmus, t hr Ituppert,
Charles Hchroth, Ueorgo C. Walker, Outs.
ander, S oir, and Chris. Heurlch At thu
meeting subsequently held the qucstlou of ar
ranging aschin-lzcn let this rear was referred
to the commltteo ou w ays and means with lu
.mictions to report at thu next monthly meet
lng such conclusions as they may deem proper
to submit upon tho subject, lrom convcrsa
Hon with members or tho society It appears
that widely divergent views oxln ukii the
expediency of rescinding last sou's resolution
not to hold another lest, some members faior
lng a strict adhe rcuce to Ibis conclusion, while
others advocate thu ro establishment or tho
annual festival which, they say. has becomo
ono or the leaturcs or popular enjoj tneut hero
lu the summer
llsjr Surretil Supt. Wilson.
B. T. Januo), supervising principal or tho
fifth school divUluu, will, It Is said, bo tho
new superintendent or publlo schools. Mr.
Janncylias been conuectcd with thu school
system oi uie jusinct roreignt or len years
Ho was born In Loudoun county, Va , aud Is
a mau ot erood exccullvo nbllltv In tho fac
tional light which has been t,olug on III publlo
school circles fur sometime Mr. Janney has
occupied u ucutral position
The "either ro-ilsy.
For tbo rolddlo Atlantic states, (air weather,
folluwed In extreme southern portion by
partly cloudy weather and local showers,
light, variable winds, pieeedcd lu southern
portion by northeasterly wlnen, slight rise lu
I or fcaturday Generally fair weather.
estcrday's local thormunmlrlo readtnes A t
So. m , 01 C. 7 a m . J.'.;iJ, 11 a. m , 37.9, 3
p.m, U7,,7p.ni,'ll.!Mlp. in, 10 ci. Mesa
temperature, Ji..". maximum, to 3", mlul
mum, .MS', mean relative humidity, 60 0,
total precipitation, (X) Inch
Muuiuary fur April Mean temperature,
62.0, av crago precipitation, AW) Inches, hl'i
est temperature, 90 0, occurred lu 187.', low
est tcnqicraturc, 2A6 occurred In 1873.
Wll e
ml fall to
.j leuli
rnoTiniicK ciitJipiois mnEi.v
IIKAT Till: MTlOYtl.S.
X littery by the Grace or Hie Implre-Tbe
Decision Hist liest Hie llonje Mns Its
Laurels-Details of Ihe Hots tontett-btaics
la Other titles.
Considering tlin cold, raw atmosphere
the gamo botween tho Nationals and tho
Provldonco Club ysstordsy attracted a
very duo attendaneo. Tho visiting team
won by thograceof tho umpire Tho ball
players did their work in brilliant stylo,
but It certainly was an off day with
Stearns. Generally speaking ho Is about
as compotent an umpiro as officiates here,
but ho makes a point of deciding closa
things against tho home clnb almost with
out exception. Yesterday, in the seventh
inning, ho called Fulmor and Powell out
on utterarts to steal second when It is
almost sure that nolthsr wero out. An
umpiro Is bound by the rules to coostruo
In favor of the baso runner In all cases uf
doubt, but the rulo was cortatnly forgot
ten yostorday, for no man living could
say that cither Fulroer or Powell had
been touched by the ball beforo reaching
second baso. In point of fact Powell
was not touched At all. Aftor
the two had been (bus declared out, Mor
rlssoy mado u single, Barr a doublo and
Whlto a three-bagger In succession,
bringing in two runs, so that it can bo
seou that tho decisions in question pre
vented tho Nationals from winning. Tho
visitors scored In tbo first inning, Carroll
trtntr S,.t nn .l.on I, It fl.fr1 nn Cila
mcr's wild throw, and homo on Start's
l.... I.I, t.-...ll .... I.I I.- ..-tl...!
uuan nib. j-tiiivii Aui 1119 uimu vu eniiuu.
balls. He and btart wero flnoly'tlirowa
out at tho home plato by White whllo
trying to scoro on hits by limes and
Radboarno. In tho fifth inning Radford
tundo a clean hit and stole second.
Lavott hit to Morrlssey, who trlod to
cntch Radford nt second but failed. Car
roll hit to F.vers and was doubled up
Inni, with T.nvntS l?itfnpit wnliin tn
third base Farroll and Start mado hit-
bringing Radford lu with an earntA
run. Farroll wont to third on Start's
hit and reached homo through foolish
work by Fulmor, who failed to hstndlo
tho ball with good Judgment after lie nnd.
Morrlssey had caught Farroll betwoon
tho bases. Ofthogamolt Is Just pratso
to say that It will not often be exoollod in
interest by any played hero this year.
The pitching on both sides was up to tho
best mark, and Fulmsr nnd Dally did
splendid work bohlud tho bat. White's
work at short was very fino, aud hi
cracking threo-baso hit was tho batting
feature of tho game. Mooro marked tho
third Inning with a fine catch and throw
to Kvers, by which he disposed of
Start and Carroll, whllo in tho
seventh inning ho mado a mar
volous ono-hand catch of a high fly
hit by Lovett. Start's display at first
was very fine, and Knowles played well
also. Kvers fioldod nlcoly, except that ho
seemed unablo to hold thrown balls. Far
roll, Radford, and Bakor all deserve mon
tlon for tbelr good Holding, add Carroll,
Start, and Morrlssey for their batting.
Tho two clubs moot again to-day, and ut
It will bo the last opportuulty to sen tho
champions play hero this j ear a largo
crowd will no doubt bo present. Tho
score of tho gamo follows :
nioviDr.Ncr; ,
A.U. n. ait.ro. a. r.
Carroll, I f.............. 4 1 2 1 u 0
larrell, 2b. .1 114 4 1
Mart, lb 1 o -j r, i ii
nines, cf.. I 0 o 1 ii 0
Dally, e 4 0 u U t 1
ltadbourne.r.f 4 u u 0 u o
llasictt, .lb 4 0 10 11
ltndlord.s.s 4 1 1 U t! u
Iivctt, p 1 0 0 0 i: 0
Totals 35 3 7 a SI 3
a n. it n.tr. r.o. a. t-
Moorc, I. f. 3 o o a l u
Baker, c f. 4 0 1 3 0 u
lulmer.c 4 o 0 9 0 2
Powell. r.f.. J 0 o 1 u ii
Morrlssoy, 3b 4 12 112
Barr, p- - 4 1 t 1 o
White, s. b i 0 10 4 1
Knowles, lb I 0 1 8 1 u
Lvcrs, 2b....... J ,00230
Totals...... .31 2 "& 27 13 5
Providence 1000200003
Nationals u 0 0 0 U 0 2 0 P 2
Tliroo baso hits White. Two baso bit
IlarV. liases on errors 1'rovldencc, 3: Na
tionals. 2. Hakc. Lelnt- hit br nitcher Uooro.
1 Hoses on balls Furrell, 1: Powell, 1. Left
on bases Prot Idcnce. 7, Nationals, 4. Doublo
plays atom aud larroll, 1; Moore and Even.
1; Lvcrs and Kuowlos, 1. Struck out by
Lovell. s, by Barr, 0 Tlmo of game 2 hours
26 minutes. Umpire Stearns.
At Baltimore-
Baltimore ............ 30000004
Philadelphia.. d 0 0 0 1 0 0 0
2 I
Base lilts-Baltimore. 5, Philadelphia, 11
Errors Baltimore, 6, 1'hlledclphla, c.
At Philadelphia
Athletic 1 1 0 0 (1
Princeton College u u u I) 1
Bark Pay for Mexican veteran.
Flnco tho decision of tho Supremo Court that
"all oUlccrs who served during tho war
with Mexico" aro entitled to tho tbroo
months' pay proper which w as granted by ibis
net ut 181s, Congress has by recent legislation
included officers or tho navy as well In
thu beuellts or tbo old law. Many hlslorlu
names arc lucludcd lu tho list or application
made fur thu pay duo under theso acts anil
decisions, und iho tcercury or thu Treasury
has lut sent a list ot the army applications tit
tbo becretary or W ar to ask whethor there Is
any Indebtedness duo tbo United btates by
thoonlccra named Iho amounts, lu cases
where tho otllccr lias died, Is due to tho heirs,
nnd tbo list embraces tho nnines or Gcus.
r-colt, Robert 1. Ie, Albert Sidney Johnston,
Joseph K. Johnston, l'ersller K. smith, David
llTwiEgs, Gideon J Pillow, James ji lang.
street llrnxlou Bragg, and Thomas J. Jackson
Cqouowall) Others yet, who aro entitled lu
this pay, Include sue h names as Gens Gram,
Mhcruinn, Wool, lugalls, Vun Mict, McDowell,
Ord, John C Hobltison, Klcketls, Uarnoy,
Meigs, I'hlllp fcl Georgu Cooke, llumphto) s,
aud Drum.
The en Potomac Simmer.
Tho now steamer Wakefield, built bylYrcy
Jones d. Co, or Wilmington, Del, arrived at
tbe feevonth street wharf jesterday evening,
(sho has been consigned to tbe 1'otomao Kerry
Company, ami will be ucrt In conjunction
with the Arrowsmltb lor Colonial Beach, anil
tbo lowor river landings The new steamer It
nuuo-looUugcrart. about tho size of tbo Ar
rowsmltb, and as she steamed up the i'otomarj
vcslcrday, trimmed with streamers and Itavs,
she presented a very neat appearance On
Monday iho W'aWeilcld. huving on board
numerous Invited guests, will mako a lilal
trip don u tho Potomac
i i.i
Jlore ew Urglnla l'oslofllces.
New poslotlle'cs bavo beeu established at
Maine, 1 loyd county, aud Sampson, Augusta
county, Va. W 11 Burden has bcon ap
pointed postmaster of tbe new officoat Bains
vllle, areeuv iilo county Davl 1 K. 1-ockrldne.ac
Burnsvllle, Bath count) Charles Kira Jones,
nt Cansbrook. Huvauua couuty: Klrlslil'.
faundcrs, at Nova, 1'lttsylvanla couuty; W'm,
1 bowers, at Manio, l'lojd county, and Alex,
under Y, bampsou, at Sampsuu, Augusta
A alugular freak of the Tariff.
Tbo Treasury officials bavo discovered A
singular equality In the tarllT laws, Tbo du y
on pens was formerly an ad valorem one, bi C
in only steel pens wore Imported In any quan
tity, under the new lawsthediity was chanseil
tolJeetits per gross ou mclallle pens. This
enables dealers to Import valuablo goll ihjiis
In largo quamiihs with dutyol ouly Li cents
per gross.
A Brush llr In Mrrlnls.
The bright light obscre l Iu iho southern
'.) U-i n Kill, thought at fir t to bo lrom A
largo Uro in Alexandria, proved to have been
caused b) the burutug of brush uloug the Hue)
or tho r llrond. I
Prrtovs predNpn eel to ipunl ibp-imat' nt
(annul, all dtj up, i'huui sl (cmucAi, Jt
tculs, I It
1 ovi; In 1 s

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