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'S IMfH At" s - i , , ,r M(. -V II, Jl. i,-;,
MPlflB blCJ AfH AURDt-MOR tf IN' ir-PltHr-i-tr- 1 88-5;
siu.ilu of thi: unon iuiikau.
bhe roll on the War Paint and Ooes Tor the
romnilitloicr'a Sculp or the Mint of Iter
hex to He Ilt-prcsented In tlio Unrein She
Telle the Commissioner, Whit She Knorrs
ml He Don'l-A I.lsely Article.
KutTOit Natiowat, IturontioAMi My
letter rovlowlnif tho operations of the
luhor bureau, publlshud in your Issuo of
tlio 1th, lias been rocolvo-1 by tlio press of
the country with favornblo comment.
I was actuated by no feeling of Ill-will
toward tu-jcomrulsstonor of labor In writ
ing tlmt article, but promptod tololy by
n dcslra to protect tba Intoreit of tlio
wane-woman and eccure tn my box a rep
resentatives dopattmont In tho formation
aud vrorklnf-s of tbo bureau. My object
is not to lusult anybody to mako war
upou anybody but to boo that equal Jus
tice is accorded the waeo-women of the
couutry In every department established
by tho government at tho national capi
tal, especially tho labor bureau. If this
is an Insult I am glad of it, end I havo
no apologies to mako.
The commissioner of labor thought
proper to leave woman out in tho cold In
the formation of his bureau. I objected,
nnd will contlnuo to object, aud ray ob
Jectlon will bo sustained by tho country.
That is tlio only difl'erenca botwoou tho
cotnmliiloner and myself.
Tho commissioner will pardon me Just
hero if I ask him a question.
In rieoking for information on tho sub
ject of labor whero will you go and to
whom will you go?
Not to Kurope, surolyl For if It took
100 consuls turno months to compllo tho
information collcetod and now on filo in
tho .Stato Departmiint, it would tako
your agonls twonty-flvo years.
In sending an agent to Kuropo, what
instructions could you give bleu not em
bodied in the instructions to our consuls
In tlio circular from tho Department of
htato? This was my plan submitted to
tboHlato Department and fully carried
out as regards tho female industrians.
The Secretary of Stato romarking that it
was tho only practical plan, and that, too,
submitted by a womau. It Is a fact that
all tho information collcetod regarding
tho state of labor in Kuropo and pro
nounced so valuable to our archlvos was
a plan organized by a woman, aud that
woman tuu numuio writer 01 mis article
This Is no Idlo boast, bnt Is substantiated
Si, tin. ..ivi.i tt tliA Kttn Tltinnrtntnnt
and tho testimony of tbo members of tbo i
Sottato and Houso committees on cdu
cation nnd labor.
(i As I remarked in my former lottor,
"Wo aro satisfied with our knowlcdgo of
labor in Kuropo" already received from
our consular agents, and published to tho
country In every senso of tho term.
To tako any portion of tho limited fund
appropriated for tho labor bureau, and fit
out agents for Kuropo at this time, would
be worso than folly a wasto of time and
money, and an outrago perpetrated on tbo
wagc-labororsof tho country. Nothing
could bo gained, and this courso pursued
by the commissioner would subject his
conduct to ceniure. Ills agents could
certainly give us nothing now, unless
they were thodoscondauts of (Sullivor,
whoso travels oxclto the risibilities of
Mr. Frellnghnyson, our lato Secretary
of State, in his letter to Congress review
ing tho reports from the consuls in rela
tion to the stato of labor In Europe, pays
tho consuls a well-merited tribute. From
overy country, evory clime, reports were
compiled respecting the state of labor,
nnd wh&toror good posterity may derlvo
from this fund of information may be
Justly attributed to the zeal of woman.
Let us then concedo that our informa
tion respecting labor in Kuropo is com
plete; that it certainly cannot bo added
to by tbo agents of Mr. Wright, and that
the attempt on their part would bo fruit
less "lovo'a labor lost."
In theso consular reports wo And much
to instruct us, for the labors of women
were taken Into account as well as man.
Our consul at Drosden, when speaking of
female labor, says, some things wnich may
oe interesting to too American realtors:
"An importaut factor in tho labor of
Germany is not iuquirod of by the cir
cularthe labor of dogs. I have heard it
estimated that women and dogi, harnessed
together, do more hauling than the rail
roads aud all other modes of conveyanco
of goods united. Hundreds of small
wagons can be seen every day on all tbo
roads leading to and from Dresden, each
having a dog for the 'near horso' bar
ncised, wbile tho 'off bono' is a woman,
with her left hand grasping tho wagon
tongue, to giro it direction, and tho right
band passed tbrougli a loop in a rope
which is attached totbeaxle, binding her
shoulder; thus harnessed woman and dog
trudge along together, pulling miraculous
loads in all sorts of weather."
Tho labor bureau, like charity, should
commence at homo. If we can profit by
tbo lesions the consuls send us from other
lands, let us do so. The United States
claim our undivided attention, and tho
bout means to bo devised and tbo best
modo to elevate labor and benefit tho
laborer should be our morning aud even
ing lesion. Tbo condition ot tho wage
women, the bread.wlnr.crs, engross my
attention. How shall wo benefit them
That's tho question. Can wo do it by
legislation? If bo, toll us how. (Jlvo us
u practical answer 1
In the first pluco, wo aro entitlod to and
solemnly demand that a woman's depart
ment rhould lo added tu the labor bureau,
and that a woman should be thief of that
department. Tula Men is absolutely nec
essary to give woman a rcpresontatlvo In
the labor Interests of the country fos
tered and maintained by Congress. Let
lis have this first of all. Wu will admit
of no denial.
In tbo second place, wo shall aik tho
government to at least notice tho condi
tion of our waite-woiueu. This is no now
or novel idea. Franco docs not forget
hers. In her glory the remembers her
wago-women, ana has provided ISO In
dustrial schools for them, fosters and
maintains them, aud tbo result litr-i
shown that they aro almost sell-supporting,
nnd the great good they havo dona
would fill volumes. Is our government
less liberal than France?
It is a subject of comment among all
humanitarians with whom I havo con
versed that our government, tbo foromost
of tho uatlons of the earth In overy groat j Wright inakos tbo dlHoronco in tho nam
and laudable enterprise, should neglect , ingsof tboKngllsh aud American weavers
the care and supervision of its wago- appear comparatively small in favor of
womon. My answer has always been, the American, whllelhoprlcooftboiioccs.
that it resulted mora from n spirit of In -
dltlerence than from u want of sympathy
on tbo part of our Cougrcu, That tho
question had not been sorlously agitated;
that tho Idea was a new one, und that If
wo earnestly advocated tho project of es
tablishing theso schools our eilorts wuuld
to crowned with success. This Is a prac
tical move, and something practical is do-
It renuircd nojlearned disquisitions to
toach us tho absolute necoisity of taking I to bo believed? Mr. Wright should
some important stops to better the coudl-1 try again, lint wo forgot. He can do
tlon of our laboring classos, especially our nothing practical, ho says. Don't pro
imnu.wninnu. It la universally conoodcil I Peso It. It is not the duty of his bureau.
that woman Is tho weaker vessel, yet so-
ilety Is so constituted that sho Is forced
to near me priucipai uurueus 01 nie, nun
In her race as u bread-winner overy Im
pediment is thrown in her way. In tho
wovk-sbop, in tbo factory every whero
nho finds employment she is either given
tliodiudgory to perform or requlrod to do
the Minn nuiount of work as a man for
less pay. Is tali Just? Is It not an un
feeling, unjust, heartless discrimination,
inch m a bravo and chivalrous people
should ho ashamed of?
1 will givo, just bore, an illustration to
show the unjust discrimination madoby
the government. The governmout print
ing olllce is a branch of the Interior De
partment, Tho clerks aud employes of
the interior Department are untitled 10
and obtain an annual leave of thirty days
with pay. This is denied tho eoui posl tors
nnd other employes of the government
printing olllco, The clerk is considered
au oruamout for many purposes. The
vrinttr is mechanic and ha) to work,
If tho clerk Is sick bis salary goes on. If
tho printer Is sick his wages stop. Doth
aro cmltyod by tho government durlue
goud Miavior. Why tlilsdUcrliulnatlou
1( IS not urn mint ui iur. n l. unumii,
tbo popular publloprlnter, wliu h.ii called
tho attention of Congress to tbo necessity
of granting a leave of dftcett days to tho
employes of tils ofllce. I fcol cortaln tho
rcquoit will bo granted. Tho request is
reasonable and should bo.
I havo mora than onco had occislon to
pay a tribute to Mr. Hounds Ho is a
hard worker himself, audioes to the com
fort of those under him. With 3,300
working pooplo on tho rolls, tho sanitary
condition of tils building was nil object of
his solicitude, and, In rospoiuo to his urg
ent apuoal, Congress niado n special ap
propriation lor sanitary nurposes in the
government printing olllco, and a radical
Improvement for tho better was tho re
sult. Mr. Hounds is tho kind of mon wo
need. Ito has shown conclusively that It
is only necessary tn let tho representa
tives of the pcnplo know what is needed
and an appropriation follows.
Why cannot homes and industrial col
leges bo established for wage-women?
This is a pertinent question. Tho homes
for workiug women In our country what
fow thero arowcie established and aro
fostered by prlvntu charity. It seems to bo
tho settled policy of tho powers that ex
ist to cxcludo tho wage-woman to os
chow her presenco in all public Institu
tions, In tho appointment of medical
inspectors (there aro cloven lit this Dis
trict, and not a woman among them), In
tho olllcers of prisons, woman is left out
or forgotten.
I Lavo ilwnys contended that tbo sani
tary condition of the factories, shops,
&c. whoro womon aro omployod ehould
engage public attention, and that womau
should havo her nlnuo of patronage in all
tbo appointments to till tboso positions.
Homo ofllccs they could till hotter than
men, aud give mora satisfaction to tbo
general public
Tho counts shows that in Now York
city alone tho excess of femalo over the
tnalo population Is moro than 100,000. It
is nearly as groat in all oar large cities.
Tho prisons' n port or statistics of crimo
show a very small ucrcoutago of womon
among convicts. This demonstrates that
women aro less criminal than men, And
oven that small percontago la duo mainly
to tho fact that they wore driven by want,
neglect, nnd hunger to transgress tho
Two million flvo hundred thousand
dollars is required annually to support
tho prisons in New York state Au
equal amount appropriated for tho estab
lishment of homes for tho wage-workors
would lessen the percentage of crime, and
accomplish an incalculable amount of
good, and rollovo an untold amount of
suilering. Just think of it '
The condition of the dwolllngs of tho
poor mount rocetvo tiu largo consilium
ion of tbo stato government and private
individuals. Tho sanitary condition of
tbo homos of tho poor should bo regularly
aud thoroughly looked after. This Is
oi absolutely essential as food and
raiment, aud is the primo cauio of tho
largo death rato in crowded teuemonts.
1 wish it to bo distinctly understood that
I do not advocate tho absurd idea that
the government should provide food aud
employment for all the poor in tho land,
but I do maintain that our government
shall do ns much as Franco for her wage
women, aud that tho rights of labor, the
olevatlon of wage-wokers, and tbo happi
ness and comfort of that class should re
ceive tho serious consideration of Con
gress, and laws onacted to protoct thorn
from tbo uniust exactions of soulless cor
porations. That Congress should pass such laws Is
conccdod by e. cry body, and a labor bu
reau was established as an auxiliary.
Hut alasl the bureau Is merely u toy for
tho amusement of Mr. Carroll D. Wright,
commissioner, Ho bus iufurmed tho (sec
retary of tho Interior that ho has taken
possession of tho bureau; that bo hadn't
nny ideas of his own, but has borrowed
some from (Jen. Francis A. Walker. Upon
which foundation bo has built his bu
reau, and tbo devil shall not nrovall
against Mm. Ho gives Don. Walker's
advlco to tbo public, and then very coolly
proceeds to dispose ot tno appropriation
of fio.000.
Ho glvos himself $3,000, bis chief clerk
S.'.UW: rents rooms, luel. Hunts, stat on
ery, ic, $J,000, and rciervcs tho $17,000
as a tourist or picnic luuu lor tlioagonts
ho will send over to Kuropo and elsewhere.
Such ImpudWo is truly rolreshinir. and
stamps Mr. Wright as a very juoniislug
commissioner oi laoor.
Ho says "this amount (nf 125,003) is
amnio to oreanlzo and eauln his bureau.
but If they expeet 'him' to do anything
practical he" must havo moro money. He
also says his "bureau is an ofilco peculiar
to this country," les, very peculiar,
and a more peculiar commissioner was
never seen or heard of before. He also
says that "tho bureau of labor cannot
solvo social or Industrial problems, nor
can it bring direct returns in a material
trnjr to tho citizens of this country." In
other words he will do as ho sees fit and
tako $U,0(XI u year for his troublo. Ac
cording to his map tho ofilco should here
after be styled tho bureau of (esthetics.
Mr. Wright says his "work will be classed
among educational efforts." Angels and
ministers of grace defend us I lie has to
Vorruio his idcus to (start a bureau to edu
cate tho country. Ho wishes to bo consid
ered as a focus an orbit around which
tbo labor clement of tho country may le
vel vo.
What matorlal bcnoflt Is this labor bu
reau destined lo exert? None I Wo need
not expect it, nnd wo may as well mako
up our minds to this effect. Ho tolls us
to In plain words. Wo mult look else
where for trieuds. Our appeal is to tho
peoplo to, Congress. In tbo meantime
we must not bo Idle. Wo havu a great
work to nccorapllib. While It is sad to
think that tho bureau of labor has boon
diverted from Its logltimito thunuel, that
It is Dead Sea Irtlit to nil, that tho stuffed
monkey in tho Smithsonian lias us much
sympathy for us as tho commissioner of
labor, yet we should tako courago nnd
remember that tbo American peoplo are
lovers of justice and fair play, und hard
work will obtain for us what wo most do
sire a labor bureau having common
tomio as n basis a cotnuion-aonso bureau
nut organized on borrowed ideas, but ono
I having tbo interest of tbo wago workers
of our country at heart nnd possessing
tho ability to solvo industrial problems.
Mr, Wright docs not commenco very
well as a gathcror of statistics. To show
tho unreliability of Information furnished
by Carroll D. Wright, commissioner of
labor, It Is only nccissnry to read the re
port in reply to a resolution of tbo He u a to
of Dec. SI, 1831, by Hon. Joseph Nliunio,
jr., cuiei oi me uurcau oi statistics. Mr,
. saricsoriueisiu lavoroi the Kngllsumau,
This statement of Mr. Carroll D. Wrlirht
Is fiatly contradicted by Hon, Jonathan
Chace, at present United States senator
from Rhode Island, who has dovoted his
buolness life to the manufacture of goods,
being tho proprietor of several largo
manufactories, and also by J. & 1', Coats,
and tho Clark Thread Company, in re
gard to tbo rates of wages paid weavers
in tho United SlaUs and Scotland, Who
Ho has founded it on icsthetlo Principles
for educational purposes, aud don't and
won't answer common questions. Mr.
Wright has a splendid reputation, but no
practical knowledge. Our readers can
draw the Inforenco for themsolves.
CiiAiti.orTK Hstmr.
WakhiNQTon, I). U, April 10, 1883.
Ki'rralv-ars In jour houses a bottle nf An-go-aura
Hitlers, the world renowned appetizer,
of exquisite llavor, and u bottle ol Angostura
Liqueur, tbo finest awoet cordial now extant.
Huib mauuluctured only by Dr. J. O-Tll. Mlcgcrt
it Sous, and for tale by James 1'. MiUec.
Marriage X.lccnecs,
Tho following uiarrlago licenses have
been (titled : Honry Graves and L. K.
Andrews, both of Knex conuty, Va.;
Walter S, Call Is and I.ucy I). Jordan, both
of Caroline county, Va., ana Casslus Do
laney and Adeline Ilerkely,
Knvza In the history nf our houso have wo
hewn kur'h a (iinmleti, tuMArHnmit nf ntnthlnv
J for men and boys. Uscraan Urol., cot. 7I11&1C,.
Charles I'arkor.bclngnyoUngman from
tho cast, and n newly fledged graduate of
tho military acadomy, was not lookod
upon With sublimo asro by tho frontiers
mon around Ms Arizona post, and cer
tainly not with a fearful respect by tho
Tho frontiersmen, from their proud
height of dyspepsia nnd dirt, recognized
tidy Mr. 1'arkor only as n "tenderfoot,"
whllo the older olllcers and soldiers wero
naturally alow to concede military morlt
to n youngster who bad escaped death or
conrt-martlal for a shorter porlod than
In reality Llout. Tarkcr knew Tory
Uttloof tho onorgetlc west as it mate
rialized nround Fort McDowell, and
what little he knew did not swell him
with pride. It was his idea that, if
knowlcdgo Is power, knowledgo of Ari
zona was only mule power, and not to bo
coveted. Ho was not in deadly fear of
that truculent creaturo, tho Arlroniau in
a red shirt; but if ho had chosen an In
dividual to stand botwlxt tho wind and
his nobility, tho gentleman in tho car
mlno camiaa would not havo obtained
tho situation. His life was not totally
without charm, for ho was In lovo with
bis colonol's daughter, ono of thoso charm
ing young ladles found only In army
circles, who have all the polish of their
moro fortunate city sisters, with aseduc
tiro franknoss and abandon dovoloped in
tholr Bohemian oxlstenco.
Whon not ongaged in lovo making
nnd he was an export lu that pleasant
nmuiemont young l'arker sat In his
quarters with a big pipe, as befitted an
army man, rested his fcot gracefully on
tho mantel, nnd conscientiously "kept up
his French" by roadlng lurid Claicon
uovols which began, "Madame, Je vals
vnus raeontcr uno tres bello hlstolro."
liosidos, ns mentally he lived still In tho
cist, ho followed in a dozon papers tho
society, thnator, and sporting news of
civilization. If nt nny moment ho bad
been translated to Chicago his choice
for tho evening theator would havo al
ready been made. Ho would have been
entirely an fait with current gossip, and
his baso ball bets would havo boon
marked by a knowledgo of tho most
startling Intimacy.
It was arranged between Mlts Helen
and Tarkor that wheu ho could got a
lcavo It should be for n wedding journey.
It was tho peculiar tbarmof this arrange
ment that it was insdo without tbo colo
nel's assistance or knowlodge. Lovers
must havo their secrots. A lovor without
a wolgbty secrot would cut as poor a
figure as n sccrotless statesman, llowover,
tho chances of Parker's getting a fur
lough wore dim. His captain was on an
indefinite sick leave, having a splondld
tlmo and entering hoartlly Into buslnoss,
whllo his first lieutenant was engaged lu
Washington on aomo onorons duty
which requlrod peculiar talents and con
siderable "Influcuco." "Ono officer,"
said the law, "must bo with tho troop,"
aud when tbo law uttered theso words it
Ignored thcTastuto captain and tho power
ful first lleutonant nnd pointed with its
crooked finger directly at onr friend, Mr.
Tbo morning when history finds mm,
the lono lieutenant, acting as post adju
tant, was sitting at his desk in tho colo
nel's ofilco, gravely referring official
papers to himself in some of bis many
capacities, such as quarterniastor, com
missary, ordnanoo officer, post treasurer,
chief of scouts, overseer of schools, or
perpetual officer of tho day. By his
formal words ono would havo thought
him on Tory frigid terms with hlmsolf.
Instead, for Instance, or saying. "Parker,
will you tako a squint at this 1" he wrote:
"Kespcctfully roferred to Llout. Parker,
who will take the action required."
Meanwhile tbo colonel was knitting
his brows over an ordor from headquar
ters. " What do you think of that?" ho said
at last, handing tho paper to Parker.
The young man read tho order, bnt
made no answer. Ho, liked to have his
opinion asked, but he' did not suppoio
that Ills crude Ideas would bo of valuo to
an officer of so much grcator experience.
"What do you think J" ropeated tho
colonel mildly.
"I suppose It'll have to bo done," said
tho lloutenant vaguely, not knowing on
what point a reply was wished.
"Yes," musod tbo colonel, "but how?
This says he is supposed to be at Sanford,
but tho description is vaguo to mako a
search on."
"Oh, that," said Parker, "why I think
I know tho man alroady. I saw hlra last
summer when I was surveying tho line
from Gila Bend to Tucson. He koepi a
saloon In Sanford."
Tho colonel shook his head. "I was
going to send for an oldor officer, but if
you can Identify tno man you'll novo to
go. Hump I not a very pleasant or easy
duty" and ho looked hard at the young
man's smooth face; "it's worse than In
dian fighting. Maybo I better havo an
older officer go with you."
"If you think it nocossary."
"I don't," said tbo colonel, instantly
determined by Parker's look; and ho
wroto in pencil tho draft for an order:
"Lieut. C. Parker will proceed imme
diately to Sanford, Ariz., with a detail of
six mon and arrest escaped military con
vlet John Doviuo."
"Just have that published."
Parker hesitated; but as the responsi
bility of tho arrest was to be upon him bo
determined to speak. "If that order is
published, word of It will go to this con
vict by 'the underground,' aud he will
glvo mo tbo Blip."
"Suppose you were to no away without
an ordor," said tbo colonel, "that would
oxclto suspicion as well."
"Let It bo a false order."
"It wouldn't do any good. Whon those
fellows see a soldier they aro on the alert,
order or no order. They know tho sol
dier Is after aomo one, and they send the
word on by their underground for tho
beueflt of whom it may concern. You
will have to tako the chance of travollug
as flit as tbo news of your coming."
But Parker had an Idea. He thought
ho could ontrap an Arlzouian as easily as
if ho had worn a rod shirt from Infancy,
"I learned something," said he, "last sum
mer when I was down therj. When thoy
knew I was surveying I could havo bad
as many blacklegs in my socloty as I
wished, Mr. Dovlno hlmsolf waltod on
mo at his saloon. Send mo down on tele
graph builueis again."
"Uoodl" cried the colonel. "Mako out
an order to oxamlne the line and publish
it bore. You will have the real orderand
warrant in your pocket."
Iu half au hour the ambulanco rolled
out of Fort McDowell Into the long road
ucroas thodoiert. Tho soldiers woro In
good spirits over tholr holiday. Very
truo, they carried carblnos and revolvers,
but in Arizona carbines aud rovolvers aro
as readily associated with good spirit! as
cheerfulness with beans and big grocery
hills in New Kuglaud. The lieutenant,
having no ono to be gay witb, wondered
what Miss Helen would think of his ex
pedition, und, having como to a compli
mentary conclusion, vtipod the alkali
dust from bla eyes and began a new "bello
hlsloire." The roads wero deep, but tho
slx-mulo team nf "shavo tails" sidled
steadily on, aud by night sixty-five miles
of sage-brush on each sido of tho way bad
recoived an additional layer to Its century
old and hoary coat of alkali. This travol
brought them to Sacaton, on the Ulla,
where Parker had been tho summer pre
vious. When the peoplo learned his pres
ent errand ho was hospitably entortalucd,
aud no warning of his coming was sent
forward. But, In a consultation
with the Indian agent, to whom
he rovoaled his truo orders, ho learned
that the convict, frightened by pre
vious rumors, had sold his saloon aud was
about to leave. This rendered nn arrest
a mattor of doublo difficulty and danger,
Under the olrcnmstances, although tho
next day was Suuday, Parker determined
to push ou. At 0 o'clock Sunday morning
tbo ambulanco was 011 its way, nlth a
drlvo beforo It to Sanford of elghteon
miles. Parker finished tbo "bello his
tolro" In bis agreeable charaotor of "chore
madame," but half a mile from his desti
nation he put off his unconcern and or
dered tho driver to stop, Then ho pulled
his trne aiders from his pocket aud read
tuem. una eoiaiors xtenanttea ulauceS,
They thought tho young lieutenant would
not take things so easily If ho knew tbo
desporato character of his business. Mora
respoct was visible In tholr facos when he
gavo his orders. They perceived from his
tono that if any one faltered it would not
bo tlio "boy."
"Wo will drlvo Into the plaza In front
of Smith's, Dovlno will probably bo In
aomo saloon opposite. If peoplo ask our
buslnois, it's telegraph, Wo havo como
twonty-throo miles out of our way by tbo
telegraph lino to mako thorn bellovo it,
1 shall go across tho plaza to tho saloons.
You will loaf nlong fifty yards in tho
rear with yonr carbines. I'll let ydn
know whon I want you. Now, drlvo
Arrived at Sanford theso directions
wore carried out to tbo letter. A small
but hard-looking crowd gathered around
tbo ambulance whero it halted.
"Hallo, nontenant I" said Smith, the
town ahystor, coming out. "What Is it ?"
"Telegraph," replied Parkor, for all to
hoar, " I'vo como out to seo what you
folks can put up for it."
"Good," said Smith, whllo a murmur
of approbation went through tho crowd.
"I'll tako you around to seo tho people.
Havo tba man put up tho rig."
"Can't stop long enough. I'm going
on to Florence to get their Ideas. Thai's
the short way homo, and I must get back
to mako my report. Drivor, keep tho
team horo. You men can go whoro you
please, but bo baek in tlmo to start."
Tho ruso having succeeded so far
Parker and Smith walked across tho
plaza to tho saloons (Sunday or Monday
tho heart of Sanford business) whllo tho
men followed aimlessly along, carrying
their carblnos on their hips.
Tbo Arlzonlans rensiderod this a very
poacoful spectacle, but thoy did not know
that tu overy carblno thero was a bullet
of 403 grains, with 70 grains of powdor
behind It.
"Como lu und have somothing," said
tlio hospltablo Smith whon they had
orossod tho square; "holp you talk
Parker accepted, and thoy wont In.
Tho saloon consisted of two rooms, front
aud rear; in the front room wero two or
throa loungers, but from the back room
thero issued through nn open door at tho
end of tho bar various sounds which gave
evidencoof acrowdod table of gamblers
Parker gavo his orderand placed hlmsolf
so that by turning his head he could com
mand a full vlowof tho back room, Thon
ho looked for his men. Thoy wero al
ready at the saloon door loaning 011 tbelr
carblnos. Tboy played their parts woll,
for thoy seemed only waiting for their
superior beforo thoy took u turn at tho
Parker ponrodout a generous, Arizona
glass and took It up; but instoad of re
plying to Smith's bacchanalian saluto of
"Woll, lieutenant, hero's bow," be turnod
his eyes and glanced into tho baek room.
Directly in front of him at tbo opposite
sido of tho table sat Dovlne. At the word
"lleutonant" the convict raised his oyos
and mot Parker faco to face. Ills first in
stinct boiog to cscapo recognition, ho re
sorted to the clumsy dovico of dropping
his glanco aud slouching forward his som
brero. Parker lookod at him absently,
turned to tbo front of tho saloon, and
still holding up his glass, mado the signal,
Thon, without drinking, ho sot the glass
down and walked dircotly to tho door of
tbo gambling-room. He did not know
what tragody would follow his words, but
bo Bald, "Jobn Devlne, I want you."
A dozen pairs of cyos woro turned to
ward him and a dozen hands sought for
tbo ovor-ready "guns;" but the pistols
wero not drawn. Almost immediately
tho men assumed a look of welcome, and
seemed tacitly' to acknowlodgo that thoy
had mistaketvlho intruder.
"Hullo, lieutenant I" cried two or thrco
in a frantte offort,to set themselves right.
"Hullo! Come In, oomo in. Glad to see
you. Barkoep, somctblngfor tbo lieuten
ant. Como in,"
"Thank you," said Parker, wondering
what itciU this grcotlng was meant to
covor. "I'm on buslnoss, and business
comes first. .Cqmo, Johnny, I want you."
"What! want Johnny? What's ho
dono?" thoy cried in grioved surprise.
"Now, lieutenant, youdon't want Johnny,
do you?" I,
Parker mad no answer, but kepi his
eyo warily 011 tbo crowd.
Dovlno throw ilown bis cards, as if In
despair. "All right; I'vo got to go. This
thing has been hanging over mo for a
year, and I'm glad it's come."
"But don't bo in a rash," cried tho
others; "don't bo in a rush, nontenant.
Have a drink. Como in and sit down.
Wo ain't seeyoa'ln years."
Parker was so dumfounded by this con
tinued politeness that be looked about
for the causo. It was evldont, A big
sergeant stood behind him with two
corkod revolvers aimed at tho erowd; on
each sido of tho door wero soldiers with
pointed carbines.
The Arizona dosperado understands the
doctrino of chances as woll as tho rest oi us.
Devlne arose to follow. Ho looked
mournfully at bis big pile of chtos.
"Who's banker?" asked Parkor, who,
being a pretty "stiff" pokor player him
self, understood Devlno's feelings.
"Hanker, cash Johnny's chips. Sorry I
can't let him stay so that you can havo
back at him, but the money's his."
Thn disappointed banker made the ex
While the -party woro taking Devlne to
his houso, whero tho convict wished to
say good-by to his wlfo, a horseman
passed thorn at full speed going toward
Florence, a llttlo town to tho east. The
incident did not oscaps tho unsophisti
cated lieutenant.
Ho sent an orderly for tho ambulanco,
and hurried Devino through his faro
wolls. When tho wagon drovo up ho was
ready. Everybody was mounted. The
convict had the appearanco of boing per
fectly hopeless,
"Which way?" said tho drivor. Parker
lookod Dovlno keenly in the faco and
answered, "Back through Sacaton."
Tho convict dropped his bead, and his
hopelessness was no longor assumed.
"Our friend on the horso will preparo
his ambush fur nothing, won't ho?"
asked Parker.
"He just will," roplted tho convict.with
a laugh.
That night at 10, having driven oigbty
three miles slnco 0 iu tho morning, the
detail arrived at tho fort and Devino was
securo lu the post guardhouse.
Tho colonel was delighted and sur
prised. "I apoko," said he. "of having another
officer come here. I think I bettor bavo
him come now and givo you a leave,"
"Thank you," said the bold lieutenant;
then ho explained that leaves woro best
for wedding Journeys, and soled to a full
"In that case, replied tbo colonel, with
a dusty. Arizona wit. "I will send for my
other daughter and glvo Helen a leavo
too." Chicago Tribune.
We bavo made boys' clothing a itudy.
From many yfara" experience wo know tho
wants of our rising generation. Wiseman
llros., cor. 7th i. K.
Wlsen Not to, Speak.
"There era two occasions wheu n man
should not speak," said old Sam Johnson,
turning to Ilosnell.
"What ure those oceailoui, colonel ex
cuso tno, I mean doctor? Thought its
lived in Arkausaw. I ask, what aro those
occasions?" taking out his note-book.
''Ono is when lie has nothing to uj,"
"Yes," said lloiwell, taking down tho
"And tba other Is when he has Just
said what ho lias had to any,"
"Wisdom," muttorod lloawell, reaching
for his pencil, which bad fallen ou the
floor. "3Iuv X aik, doctor, who was tho
mobt discreet inau of sueech you ever
"Vos. Ills name was Anderson Haley,
Used to haul cross-ties out In Balluo
"In what way was bo so discreet of
ssocch. doctor?"
"In never saylug anything that should
not lie said,"
"Did ho uover, In a moment of forget
fulness, apeak without rnaturo delibera
tion?" "Sir, lio noyer did."
"A most romarkable man."
"Sir. not necessarily: 1m was dumb."
rAdiisaui jrariuir.
; o-A. . r.r.t .. IKlXuVSSiniSaVAttuiVJ.P'9
f ... . . . i. ,, . . . .11. . . , . , I lUUK UltLAnBIUJ W SfVW tttJ UV.M W)IIHUIJ . . I
, Jl -VM.iWey.vii".yH...aia..wJ vs.i I t J1U 0 V-UUi I
itat nn iiauar aiinnnii'i niTi rn.rii.-sr s - -lv in
ilnnrnallatto 1'lltloaoiiliy,
Tho col lego graduate leapt to complain
to sympathizing friends becauso ho finds
It so hard "to get Into Journalism." But
every managing editor In tho country
will toll you that It isn't a thousandth
part so hard for tho college graduate to
get Into Journalism as It ofton Is to get
tbo first principles of Journalism Into the
college graduate fiomcrtille Journal.
A imAn hunt will Iw given by tho Elkrldgo
Fox Hunting Club Ihls afternoon. The meet
will bo at the corner or fourteenth and
llouudary streets at 0 p.m. Line of hunt out
Soventu atrcct.
rounvet child of l'ror. J, St. anil 1'annle K.
tlrejjury, after a abort Hlncs?, aged 'J years and
3 mouth.
The niiifTat wttl take place from the rratdenco
of lior nnrenta. lfnwAfil llnlvrnltv fun. Mnn.
day, April 1:1, nt 1 o'cloclc n. m, l'rlends of the
fttinll) are Invited to attend
040 F Stroot Korthwost
tar KrerrthlnK strictly flrst-tluM mi 1 on tta
tncMt rnnnnnnhln KfrttL
JCttmp I'hfclw to hire for ntl wcMlfHiQ
IV ulcer, hftrt removixt his Vftrcroom nmt
jtctldeDretotboit'iiitlieattcornor orUktroubfttitl
WcwJrpjr nvomti uorlUwmt. Luiopfua p.u
ti?n nnd ctfAftbuiiiieM continued.
rosi:ni a lkh,
!"ormfflrof Honrr T.e Ron. Undertaken,
No.:u3 l'enn;hAulaneniie northwest
JUT" llMlutico on tlio prtmlaen.
The Turkish Bath
Distant) lAflald to bo vital action In reference
to thing Mmorraalln tlie human ay at em. lu
development I often an elfort of iiuture to re
moe potion ml cffi'te matter from the bodr,
nnd to repair ilauiBges that have been done to
tbollvlnic mmes.
'Iliuciuscfl nf dlseaftoaroarlou4. roleonout
and i field matter In the blood, obstructed clreu
Utlonof the blood. Impaired vitality, UMurbtrf
liucUon of the vital orjrans, exhaustion of
brain ami nervo power, nuppre Hdfid action of tho
flicrcllnjr organs, mien o tho tMn, kidneys,
bowels, sXr., want of nutrition, and Impure blood
are anion,? tlio producing tames of ilheaae,
Thero lmotmo agent that exerts suth powerful
Influence over theno cauies. nnd that Is mo cai n
bio of rndlcallvronuivliiff them, as the TurkUli
JUtli. Thotli'ucs of Ihobody.as well an th
eKments nf the blood, can be thoroughly
cleansed nnd purl Med through thli bath. 7lhe
larger portion of the eflete mattor or tbo body
should Im carried olf through tho pons of tho
skin. The Hath excites a healthy, 1poroni
action of tho twin, and removes thereby luipurl
tie from tbo body and blood,
The niliblnjf and manipulating given In tho
Hath are tho principal Influences In promoting
clruilnttou, and equalizing It throughout nil
part of tho body,
Whero thero ift obstructed circulation In the
Internal organs, rubblnjr and heat arplled to the
aur faco draw tho blood away irotn the obstructed
parr, thus establishing a healthy circulation In
nil part".
'tho high temporatnro In tbo Hath destroys
dlaeaft) germs In the blood. Many chronic dl
oa'eftaritdiietollvlmrgerniftln tbo blood which
multiply rapidly, obstructing circulation and
Impairing tho Amotions nf the vital organs. A
temperature of 1003 will dtntroy the germs
and tho perspiration removes them from the
'lho Hath establishes a healthy action of tho
skin, makfH It itrm and clastic, and capablo of
minting cold,
Tho truth Is, the body can bo thoroughly
ronovatod, and healthy action ontftbtlshed and
maintained by means of the TurLlsh Hath.
'1 hero Is no disease to which the human family
ISKiibjected that cannot bo relieved, and In nine
teon cases outnf iwonty the wullerer restored to
health, by the Judicious application of tho Turk
lsh Hath and electricity.
Tho personal attention of HIT. TT..T and MItfl.
A, 15. I10VKB Isdvcn, whoso long experience
nndmiccos In thotreatraentnf Invalid Insures
efficient treatment, lho Doctor makes ladles'
diseases n specialty.
1417 Slrgpt (Qp. KlggH Ho imp).
Unbent e oriental Ioccs, 3 Inchen wide, at 12c;
worth 20c
6 Inches wide at 18c; worth 25c
12 Inch riouuclngs, f 5c; worth $1,23.
Ileal Torchon Laces, tJVi Inches wide, at lllo
worth 2Uc
The new llonlton Embroidered Laces, f) Inches
uld", oOc; worth 08c; U4 Inches wide at 10c;
worth 2H0.
CordltHQ Laces, In alt colors, 2 Inches wide, Oc:
worth 17c
3 In the wide, lie; worth 10c.
31a inches wide, lUc; worth 22c
Nw Dongola Laces, with Nets to match, 27
Inches wide, 70c; i;ood value atuac
Atl-woot Angora Luces, In colors, 37c and up.
Ileal Med lets Laces, 'IVt Inches wide, 21c;
worth 2 be
3ife Inches, 3lc: worth 42a
All-. Ilk Chantlllv Lace. ll Inches wide, ele
gant In designs, at 25c; worth 35c
4 Inches wide at 27c; worth 40c
Valenciennes Laces, 2 inches wide, at COo per
dozen; worth f 1 por dozen.
Handsome drnlgns lu Houdnn Kmbroldercd
Laces, 4 Inches wld at 10c; worth 2Sc.
H'l inches wide at 3oc; worth GOc
Vine quality Allsllk Handgun Chantlllyand
Bpuuldh Lactft, In new styles, at low figures.
Flounces and Nets to match.
Wo sell n 27-inch All-silk Chantllly Net at
(2,20, which Is excellent value,
HolldJet Beaded Ltces nnd Net at great bar
gains, niado ou silk net and cut jet beads.
All silk New Designs In HpanUit Fichus and
Scarfa at all prices.
Handsome Hand-painted Silk and Patln Fans
atl5U, (1.87, -i uorlu conskWrablo moro
We still contlnuo tn make to order of the best
materials Hats anil Houncts at (0 to U and up.
WflseU o,rr the counter all Hats, Honuets.
nnd tho materials e uein our order depart
ment at tho closest New York prices.
Two doors nbovo renna. Avenue.
18 OltANI) UN10.V HOTI'.t. W.OCK,
Before Yorktown.
"Yrn, sir, we lay In tbo trcnrhoi boforo York
town. It a h dirk hour of thenar, Iran
hardly realize It now. Many uf tho boji .Hint
there: soma from wound ami other from illd
iubu contracted by exposure. luinyounglhont
liiinicettlnstofevl HKottuoltl man now; Imtl
shall rt member j.y army experknea an long ni
I live, 'there, that tout Jit you to perfection.
bleo.eianJ tvtrytliiiifjuit rUU, And lor Hue
money you can't do belter lu this town If I do
Bay It tu)bolf."
Mr, OVA, lind.ofthQclothliiEhuuMuflllmh'
kind A Co,', on llroadway, It a omult man, but
ho Intuftucdartalaunaii to day an h was it coed
oldler In lHtl' which lutnuntn fur the friqiteut
qucatlo.il "Where JlondV" 'U Hond luT"
from patroui of tho house.
'Dial bad to on iny vent?" ion II mud the
" ot." "ttmt li a badte of tho m stlcal a A. It.
thoOrand Army of tho lie public Hut I don't
bellovo J tdiuiild be nblo lowear even that to
day If I didn't Wrfr Mmcthlntf better under It."
"What do you mean If" bald I, somewhat pui
"I menu ono of Ucnson'a Capclno rimten,"
wns the r ply, "In tboaodiallytreiicbeii before
Yorktown t caught a cold I ha e never got over.
LotH ol wen took dostw uf lead In tbonartut
dldu't hurt them half ui murli. Why. I couldn't
draw a free brnath without thokO planters. The
freutihleld of tno United Huti wouldn't pro
tttmniiH tlnty do. 1're worn 'i in for year, I
couldn't work iu comfort without a lleiuon'nori
my left xldo all thu time. eg, ihey'ru a betttr
tit than tbo old Zuuave uniform I ud towiar.
'Ihev'ro warmer aud not ao bay. Oh, I've
tried all tho liniment and all tht other plaatcri,
but llouion'aura the bcid, Iwrar tno ou my
tin ait qu I onu on the Hiuall of my back.stummor
ini winter, iiirj ., an iu ,'', nut iiu
at i
Belgian Lace and Millinery
Any So-eallod Olrouo Whloh Exhibits at Half-Prlco la Usually!
rounu jjour a& ixuu auiuihijiuui
Now and Colossal All-Poaturo Show,
Conreilet by the rrrsiMMWIc. and Profesalon thn Wealthiest, i-ariMt. Grandest, and Most
?.,.1:l;f:'9,"l.,:!:W,,,lll0.". ,lmt d"" ""' e w aid exist, twkni v-onu ykaiis or riai-
l'Kl'UAI, HUCUIfW without clungo uf Nnuo, nevir nrwllnir tho aid of ComhlmiMoii, nnd always
Annually Adding Hundreds ot Fresh Features.
Washington 2 Days,
Wednesday and Thursday,
ATHLETIC PARK, Oik mill S sis.
4-P A W
A ?C."J,V7?nt,Vr4rJ?St I"'!, Iteallitlo Pccnei m Ohaerved In FnONTir.Tl LIFE m
T.'W.jy.lf .wSTi 'nrliidlnxnn Actual JIall-Concli llobbery by MAHKHD incur.
-Ajv'R'f,ii?.r,Al?8i'invS0i,?w,?5by fMlean llA.N01.fus ami VAMIUUHON,
WViy,?H'0..';yY! 28i, " the Uronebo. llurlalo. and fatllo -liaao. wllh NA
?KS,V81AO'?ndVu8rOMa,U"rMIV" ' """ rtwll ItAUlTS, ctltKMOy
And Mnuy Tinea tho Most
BTUrllNnOUHMJlNAIinitlUSlNCKTHK UEMJOE. Moro Animate, lllrla. It-p-tllcnml
Isatural riicuomcna than any IftOHUowl, and alt tlio Zoological Oardcus
owmj am) i'iii:Hi3vrsi a cim'.v i:i.i:iirANT9,
r.xitAvsTi.i'.ss nuicu;T or rvx and axticn.
4-P AW
Tlio Biiys) asitil I)cc1s)r Heroic Homo
01 aininnii jiiiuiroiiio since.
Alone JMrOHTS the Latest and Greatest l.uropean Novelties. CIJICUR CKLEnilT
OllKAT "KAHOW W THE WINGED WOMAN and l hair rrramld Queen
I.ITTI.K HANDY," the nnnlost Clown that breathes, nnd SOO UTAH PKHFOIlll-
y.ivi 111 y Mings, on tuo jurruuilUJij; i-uuirou anu j.uiLVAiu lau
llllILI.t ANT HUN-IlltKUt 1' PAOKANT that ever Delighted Human Vision, niea
upon piles of OllllerlngOold Worlds of Bplendora worthy of Crd'aua-Ocoans of Be
J P X W Vehlclesofnil Nations IU Estylesof
tiiiMprn a i-pnMiioii iicinmeriiai
..nwi'm.' al.7An.ouiL
Two full performances overy day at 3 and
Admission, 50c. Children Under 9
Vor tho accommodation of tho public whodeslro tnaold the crowds on the croanda. reserved
seats run be secured at W. u, MmV.KUOTT.t CO.'tt MUH10 SIOHU.OOH Pennsylvania avenue
the day of exhibition only, nt tliousual light advance.
llnltlniorc. Zloiailny ntsil Tucatlny, April 20 itsul SI. Slartliinlitirsr, Friday
April 24. CutiiticrlniKl, Nntitrilny, April SS.
1423 Now York Avonuo, near 15tli Strcot.
Evening Dress and Party
The Greatest Inducement ever ntTerel to tho
titlrers of Washlnctoii to rurntih their horaenby
aimulloutlayor cash and the bulauce In eaty
weekly or monthly puyments. Wo have tho
largest and ber assortment or cooda and tho
low cat prices of nny boiuy tn tho Uty, Out stoclf
coinprUiu a full line of
cuii.unicN'a uahhiauu-
flroffau'elMboLaraest Installment Furnlturo
and Carpet House In the United btates, formerly
tno itiuk, on
BETWK15N Jam and 14TUbTllUSTSK.V;
ffVCixM beforo purchasing elsewhere and save
Surgeon Chiropodist,
InvcnU)rand TatctiUeor tho Most TndlspeDaa
bio J'rotculvu Arilule for Mm L'ucv or
OAl.I-OUHI'.s. . .
Iiiinirilinln llpllef und Npos-ily Vssrc.
l'or Halo bj ptueelats Oencrally
LunlttiliIUUliiiSlso(tliewttlc. ulMcrlplloa
nrlc.,11 pi)r,arKilii(lca;lls, ready lot mall
Jili II
,:. ,. ..: :r.. ". r..Vi.. ... -:---
riff lho Rlfl of rnmhlriHtlnii. And Alwavat
IU 11 lgUUUUU HUU iiLUlVUICHl -ii M H I C t, J Mb
APRIL 22 & 23.
Ito 1 vol In tlio tJorRrou-iNitcccBHlon
inuiu liuni'. aibu. oiuuii.miii uniiarcn novel
Melody, tho whole prcsentod nt an ACtUAI
Tt!10 1.
Doors open at 1 and 0.30 r. AT.
Years, 'int. 20,000
Clinirs Extra.
SKATS. Reserved
those who may wish to purchase, either as a
delicious beverage or for medicinal purposts.an
Unadulterated Whiskey, are invited to make
a trial of the celebrated brand
This Whiskey, upon an analytical examination,
haa proved to be FREE from Fuait Oil, and
Indeed of any of the modern Ingredlenta which
are used to give a fictltloua age and flavor to this
popular drlnU,
Drowning ft Mlddlelon, Harbour & Hamilton,
I. II, Ilryan & Uro., C. C. Jlryan,
II. I.. Wheeler, 1 homai A. Rover, I
N. T, Met rgar & Bra. lleall ft nalcer, (
John II. Manrudcr, I. C. lcood & Co.
b. K. Waters, W. H. H. Ciasell,
Bole rroprleton, PHILADELPHIA.
817 MnrVrtfSpuco, l'a. av. nearoth t.
113 1'inli avenue. S0S-20U W. JiiUlo, st,
Wm. Knabe & Co.,
MANUFAornncns or
Grand, Upright, and Squaro Piano
Fortosi WobfKto announco to our Washington na
trons that dcalrlnir toofTer them greater faclimes
In their deallnsa with ua, we bave opened ware
rooms at
817 Market Space, Ponna. avo., near Oth
street, Wasblngton.
Thoaamo are conducted directly by ouraelres,
and i ustoinereiuu deal with ua there to precisely
the same advantaso as at our Jfultlniore and New
York ostablUUineota.
A Hill assortment of our various atrles of,
uranas. uprinia, aim rwiuar. aianoa win 10(1
etautly be found on hand.
ra- jpianos ron niiNT, 1 '''
Tuolnrand rfnalrlnr promptly atlsodsdUby
'apeilent.ea vtorkmea.

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