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x, iVT""
!'-"l'iJIi"11"-1""' W Wp iiiiM'JiUi'iinpfjan
L. 2
ccpttal, wns given up to n four ilayn jilllngo
liy the niuint Afghan, l'erslnu, ami Tiirco
tnnn eohllcrii of tlio conqueror.
Jloro than 100,000 pcojile nearly tlio wholo
innle population of llio city wcro mum
.rreil. 'llio public lmlMlne, tcmpli'i, mut
prlvnto lioujes cro rlflc-il of ever) valu
able. Tlio women nml children wcro carrjod
Intoclnvery. This n the ort of destiny
tlio wenk nml cllcmlimto poimlntlons of
India had to expect periodically until tho
English tamo. Tlio KntjlMi nppeareil as
cenqutfors, It l true. Hut Imlcad ot mas
sacro their conquest meant protection! In
tcad of plllnKC It meant Just laws, firmly
Administered j Instead of an eruption of wild
horsemen from tlio desert llko it tornado,
vaulshlugas It came and nml lcalin? ruin
nml desolation In Its train, tlio KiiglMi
toiiqucst of India has lieenllko tlio showers
of spring. There Is n honk on this tubject
written by nn eminent nntlto ecli'ilar a,
l'arscoof Hombay which l, by odds, tlio
K(t and ablest work of Its kind extant.
The author says, naively enough
The KurIMi levy taxw it is true, but they do
nt rnvnn; our cities. Ther Eovcru tlio. coun
try It is tine, and tliernrc nllcm, but llieydo
not permit oilier aliens, ns of old, l lunula
nml ilcrioll II; tticlr Ray miMIcm nMiico our
ronlrtcni It Is true, but tbey do nniniiinlerimr
fehes, ravlih our wires, or sell our llitloonos
IntotlnAcryl ir they are liivaders, llu'irs tin
mild Imiuloii. IT they nro oiitunii'iiirj. It Is
only In cause tlio ilcstlny of liullals tuuocon
tjtieict!. In (hurt, slm olt seems that llio Tali)
or jour India If preonlalncil to bo to suitor and
Ikj the prey of evils, tlio Knrclbn havo I'Ccn on
the v hulo n tencflrciit ollllctlnn. At nil events
the thin red lino tipped with gllslcnlUT stool
It lit tbry lint c drawn minimi our frontiers has
iniTcd lmprtKnablo to inoro riipfloloui con.
tiirron; and tins nntllled llio norld Intones
nut to be mbiindcrMiKHl Hint poor lull i at last
mis secure, nndslcopstraoipilllylntheslnvcry
i n master ho, w Imtcvir his faults, I" ctroiiir
(iiouitb tn defend her against mi) worse or
inure t met one.
This, allowing something for Oriental
111 pcrbolo, Is a fair summary of llii-'lnnd's
character as a conqueror mid of Uritleli
inethods ns n predatory power.
fcuih bcliip tho clnractcr of Knglanil's
usifulncss, tlio only question remaining to
lie solved Is this : lly what lino of policy or
under what auspices of administration can
llrltldi power bo mado most practically uso
f ul to tho general causo of civilization.
Tlio experience of two centuries unques
tionably demonstrates that tho anwcrto
this question Is In fat or of Conservative its
icudancy. Ithaslccn uniformly olucrrcd
that every attempt like those which havo
consistently characterized tho career of
(Hailstone, to rldo to power upon tho
Pharisaism nnd pretenso of so-called
"reform" with n largo It liu ro
fiiltid In detriment to tho prcstlgo of
England ns a universal pow crnnd therefore,
lo tlicdestiuctlon pro fnnfo of lieruseful
rcsu ns nn agent of modern civilization.
The six jenrs of Concrvatlvo rule under
Disraeli 1S74 to 1W0 repalrtd th,i dam
nges nnd corrected tho decay which Glad
stone's first tho jcars of cant nnd dema
gogy from 1SC9 to 1874 had bronght about.
Vcrlinps n tin jenrs of Conservative policy
In the Immedlato future may lift Kngland
again out of tho elough of contempt In
which Gladstone's last Ilto Jeura of
litimbug and blunder havo left her.
Jt Is not woith whllo to qttlbblo nhout
minor causes or apparent caues. Tho
Gladstone goteroniint ina) hnvo been voted
down In tho commons by nn nccldontal
combination duo to trivial clicumstanccs.
liut If to tlio cud must be judged without
lcgnrd to tho mentis. Tho leal uiirtiTljlng
muse of tho collapse of the Uladstotm min
istry Is tho fact that It foiled to apprehend
the spirit of lis tlmo and did not represent
tho prnctlcnl genius of llio llrltlsli people.
One thing Is cirtaln: WheucverGl.id'-toiilsm
nrrlvis at permanent ascendancy In England
It will bo time for the Gibbon of the llrltlsli
emplro to begin collecting material for his
history of her Dccllno anil Tall.
1'or ni) ow n part I beg to ndd that I talco
this view of tho case, not bccauj "Its
English, )ou know," or front any snobbish
impulse, but simply because these thing
set m to me to bo the common-sense logic of
went. If I Iled In Kngland 1 should bo a
Conservative, for tho same reason thai I am
n Democrat in tho United Stales, nnd that Is
i-lmply bicnusv. In my judgment, each ot
those two political schools embodies In tho
long run tho best and safest cxpreslon of
the genius of Its respccllvo nation, and
guarantees most surely tho outworking of
manifest destiny tho practical develop
incnt of tho greatest good to the greatest
number. a. C. Uuell.
.-. 5f'nfl9n!Ill??Wmiday"iitTwrir",
licdiicrd TtntcH to National Ilnc'imp
incnt, lu l'cniiHjlwinlii llnllroud,
Tlio national soldiers' reunion nnd en
campment will Lo held In Falrmount Park,
I'hlladelpbla, from June 28 to July 0, 1883.
Tho event will cmbraco an encampment of
representative organizations of the citizen
eolfilcry of tho Union, nnd detachments of
tioops from tho various aims of tho United
Mates service Tlio command will bo In
charge of n military commlttco composed of
the most eminent soldiers of tho laud, and
numbers of prominent leaders of tho lato
war will bo present as guests. Thopro
grammo embraces nil tho features of actual
i amp sen ice, tho most Important of which
isn series of competitive drills, lu which
tho crack military organizations of tho sev
eral etateswlll contend for valuables prizes.
Tbcro will also bo parades, reviews, and
other Interesting military maneuvers. T ho
1'ourth of July will bo n particular Inter
esting doy, nnd the ceremonies nro oxpectcd
to bo Witnessed by llio Vrcsldcnt anil
Cabinet nnd other distinguished peoplo.
The licouty of tho camp ground and its ac
cessibility adds no llttlo lo tho general In
terest lu the nfTalr.
1'or the bencilt ot t hose desiring to nt tend
the Pennsylvania railroad will uell excur
tIon tickets from Juno 20 to July 0, good to
return until July 7, from all stations on Its
cjfitemto Philadelphia, at greatly reduced
Clearlngsale boys' suits. E!5crannllriK.,"&EJ
Tho C'ieiidll lliillctlll.
Tlio commissioner of agriculture has
issued a bulletin prepared by Prof. Illley,
tho entomologist of tho department, upon
"The Periodical Cicada." In his letter of
trnnsmlssal Prof. Klloy says : "On account
of tho concurrence tho present vcar of two
extensile, broods of tho periodical cicada,
tho ono n ecvcntecn-ycnr, tho other n thlr-tecn-jear
brood, tho Inquiries In refcruueo
lo this Insect will bo exceptionally numer
ous, nnd havo, tn fact, already begun to
reach tho department. With tho View of
meeting tho demand for Information upon
tho subject, nnd with tlio further l lew ot
Bolicltlng data that will cuablo mo to moro
completely map out tho geographical llmlU
of thesotwo broods, I havo prepared this
bulletin. It Is based upon an artido jmb
llbhcd seventeen jears ago, In my 'First
Itcport on the Insects of Missouri,' nnj Is,
In fait, to bo looked upon ns a revised edi
tion ot that article, with tho omission of
such passages ns had hut n local or tempo
rary interest, nnd tho addition of uch
chronological data as I havo accumulated
durlngthelnterveiiliigtlmo." Tho bulb tin,
w bkh is n pamphlet of nearly lift) pagis, Is
now ready for distribution,
A int. history of Oak Hill Ometory will bo
jiubllthed In the Crtllc tbli evening.
Cunt. Powlctt's Death.
Tlio death of Capt. James Arthur I'on lott
Vnno Is nnnouneed ns having occurred
in lloston, after n brief Illness. Ho was
Lorn lu England In 1829, nnd was tho
brothir and heir presumptive of Ilirry
Pow lctt-Vnno, tho present Duko of Cluvo
Inud. Ho was educated for tlio llrltlsli
navy, but, marrying quite )oung a famous
Knglhli actress, ho quarreled with Ills
family nnd took service abroad, holding
ommnnds ut various' times In tho navies: of
Italy. Turkey, Chill, tho Argentine Itei.ub
llc, Jtexlco, aud the United tltates of Co
lombia. Of lato years ho devoted hit nttou
tlou to perfecting n pneumatic gun carrligo
nnd an uutomatlcloadcrforheavy ordnance,
which ho Invented. IIo resided hero until
two weeks ago, whoii ho went to liostoulo
supervise the lonstiuctlou of ono of his
cm rlogcs for tho United' States, 1 (o lenves
n sou of IS) cars of ago, who now resides
with his grandmother near London,
Clcnrlnc wilo IQ suits, i:iemau Pros,, 7 ,v Jl
7ho Km nl Advisory llonrd mid tlio
TI.o unval ndvlsory board will, It Is said
by ono of Its members, ask for an Investiga
tion into tho propriety of Its action with ro
spctt lo tho construction of tho Dolphin,
Tho board has not yetrccelvcdn copy of tho
ritiort of tho Dolphin examining board, and
it Is pi obablo that It w 111 also nwult the icply
of the Attorney General to tho letter of tho
Secretary of tho Navy.
Virginia is. Nationals to-day at 1.30.
A Rmnpln of tbn Onvormnoitt Cnlloe
lions lVhnt tho Depiirtineiit iiT Agrl
culturd Sent tn llio World' J'lilr In
teresting Historical lloproscntntlon
of tho Wood Industry.
Tho return of tho government oxhtblts
from New Orleans, which are till oxpected
to orrlvo hero during tho next two weeks,
brings the question of a pc-mancnt exposi
tion be lnf established in this city for nctlvo
discussion. Tow peoplo havo n. fair or
adequate conception of the grand propor
tions of theso exhibits, tho aggrcgato being
n most completely representative collection,
displaying every department of Industry
nnd natural resource.
Ono of tho first to arrlvo Is, tho oxhlblt
contributed from tho department of agri
culture unilcr tho ofllclcnt management of
William Saunders, tho commissioner for
that department. Tho charts pretnred by
tho statistician which graphically Illustrate,
tho leading facts In the- ngrlculturo of tho
country, nnd the conuncrco lu agricultural
products, hao been nskod for byaomoot
tho agricultural colleges nnd havo been dis
tributed as desired, but tho bulk of tlio ex
hibit Is en routo back to this city where It
will furnish eomo valuable additions to ex
isting collections It not aggregated with n
permanent one.
llcsldcs tho very Interesting contributions
of tho several dUlslonsof tho department,
there nro others which belong to the de
partment ns a wholo, nnd among tho latter
ono which promises to boot especial and
permanent value Is a collection of wood
work, designed to illustrate tho economic
uscsot American woods nnd tho procosscs
of their manufacture.
Tho Idea of such n collection was con
ceived by Jlr. Saunders many ycarsngo, and
when appointed to reprcseut tho depart
ment nt Mow Orleans ho decided to carry It
Into effect, and with this vlow appointed
Charles it. Dodge, assisted by other agents,
lo collect tho desired matorlal and Informa
tion. Tlio object aimed at was not a dis
play of finished articles mado of wood, ex
cept In the enso of uupalnted nrtlclcs ot a
very slmplo chnractcr, but to show tho wood
which fqrms tho different parts of any com
plex structure such as n carriage, a
plow, or n pleco of furniture and
to iliow tho different parts In tho
several stage of tholr manufacture.
In wagons and carriages, for example, thoro
Is no complete chicle, but there aro tlu
hubs, spokes, and rims of wheels, with
shafts nnd other parts of tho woodwork,
shown lu their successive stogeB, Tho bub,
for Instance, Is shown In the rough block,
then ns roughly shaped on u lathe, then
successively as turned, smoothed, aud
finished. In llko manner nro Illustrated
tho different pioccse3 Involved In tho
making of a spoke. Tho rim of a carriage
wheel Is no longer mado of n number of
felloes doweled together, but of two pieces
of tough hickory or nsh bent Into tho form
of semicircles, and tho wonderful extent to
which this bending procoss oah bo carried
Is shown by n piece of hickory six inches
square which has been bent Into a spiral
form, somewhat resembling n watch spring,
From tho Whitney factory, ncai Now
Haven, there nro gun stocks In their various
stages, I'lret there Is tho rough block of
wood; then tho stock ns roughly outlined
by tho saw; then tho same altera sluglo
procisslu tho lathe, nnd so on to the tlii
ished stock us It appears niter smoothing
aud polishing.
Prom piano factories thoro aro specimens
of nil the different woods used In tho manu
facture of thoso Instruments, Including
their ornamentation; and tho works mo
shown by which tho motion is communi
cated from tlio key to tho musical who.
lioat building Is Illustrated by tho planks
ns they como from tho sawmill, then ns
finished, and finally as lolued tocctber. na
well as by other portions of tho boat, and
by tho oars In their different stages. Jn
tills department of tho exhibit there Is a
canoe of urbor vltac, thirteen feet In length
and w olghlug only ten and n half pounds,
lu which tho owner had traveled, .hundreds
In the furniture deportment, beside parts
of tho commoner articles, there nro eomo
flno specimens of carved w ork, aud some
handsome clock cases of different styles,
mado of oak, ash, cherry, black walnut,
nnd other woods. A collection of cedar
ware, Including tubs, buckets, and other
utensils, represents tho products ot tho
whlto cedar found In tho Dismal Swamp
and elsewhere In tho south. Thcro aro also
platters, bowls, cups, &c, from North
Carolina, mado cblolly from tho sweet gum.
Snrvcyors' Implements, fishing rods,
canes, nnd umbrella handles are exhibited
In a great varloty of woods. Thcro are
shoe lasts, chiefly of hard maplo, but also
mado to some extent of persimmon wood.
In tho manufacture ot spools tho whlto
birch Is oxteuslvcly used, and this wood Is
exhibited In tlio dllTcronttages of manu
facture, from tho long square rods which
are to be cut Into blocks of appropriate
length to tho finished article Shuttles for
power looms aro shown mado of thrco
kinds ot wood applo, porslmmon, and
dogwood the rough block and tho finished
shuttle being presented In each wood.
Thcro is an Interesting collection of
stamped work for cornices nnd other decora
tions. In the process .of stamping tho
pressure Is oppllcd to tho'end of tho ulock
to bo stamped that Is, tho blocks are bo cut
that tho wood shall be presented to the
pressure cndwlso of tho grain. The figures
formed by this process, when alTllxcd to
furniture, &c, give somewhat ot tho effect
tit carving.
Til 6 manufacture of lead-pencils Is Illus
trated by logs ot cedar as brought from tho
woodsand by tho different Intermediate
forms which tho wood assumes before It
becomes a pencil. Specimens aro shown of
tho dllTcrcnt pencils made, duwu to tho
dcllcato llttlo article with a ring at the
upper end, which Is used.by ladles lu filling
out their dancing programmes.
Among tho many other articles embraced
In the exhibit nro brlarwood plpos, wood
types, such as aro used in tho printing of
pohters and certain other work, blocks for
wood engraving, basket work of willow and
split wood, Including eel-traps, &c.
Another product of wood which Is ex
hibited lu different stages ot Its manufacture
has received tho name of "Excelsior." It
consists of very lino shavings boarlng moro
rcscmblanco to hay, only moro uniform lu
substance, nnd Is chlclly used In packing.
Then tbcro Is wood pulp, with illustra
tions of tho stages through which the wood
passes lu reaching this condition. Tho
woods used Include white poplar," linden,
basswood, and soma kinds of pine.
Of other timber products thcro aro tur
pentine, pitch, tar, and rosin, with blocks
of wood Illustrating tho way In which tho
tree Is lapped to obtain tho crudo turpen
tine; nml In this department aro also ex
hlbiled wood alcohol and other chemical
products of wood.
One practical question to which attention
has been given In making tho collection Is
tho ago at which trees are best fitted for
tho different purposes to which their wood
Is applied. As Illustrations of tho results
of this Inquiry it may bo mentioned that
for spokes hickory of from eighteen to
twenty-four years' growth la preferred.
For course basket woik white oak and nsh
of aliout ten jenrs' growth nro fouml to bo
better than older timber. It w 111 readily ho
seen that facts ot this class are ot consider
able Interest to tho land owner as tending to
show that he need not In all cases wait the
? Tenter part ot a Ufctlino beforo boglnnlng
o receive returns from an Investment lu
treo planting.
Mr. Dodgo drew up n circular describing
tho charactcrot tho articles and Information
desired, aud distributed It widely among
manufacturers of woodwork, many of whom
ho also visited in person, lie who very sue
ccssfnl lu obtaining contributions to tlio
exhibit together with a mass ot valuablo
liifoinmtlon. Tlio latter wilt ho embodied
In a report to Win. Saunders, which ho Is
now preparing, nnd which will form n doc
ument of special Interest and ot permanent
value Tho Illustrations of technical pro
cesses furnished by this oxhlblt of wood
work will givo It an historical Interest lu
times to eomo, aud It Is gratifying to learn
that Mr. Saunders has been ublo to mako
arrangements looking to Its fuithcr oh
largement so that It may still moro fully
represent the woodworking Industry ot tho
The CoinrmloH to l.trnvo Hiinduy,
Tho delegates ot tlio department ot tho
Potoinao, U. A. It., havo decided to liuvo
for Portland on Suuduy morning at H:U0
o'clock Instead of leaving on Saturday
S. A. II. MAIIKS I111A1).
An Old Citizen nt Cnpllol Hill Viw.cn
East Washington yesterday tost ono ot
Its old and highly respected citizens In tho
death ot Samuel A. II, Marks, which took
placo at n.SO p. tn. nt his resldenco, 030 G
street. Mr. Mnrks wns lu his 07th year.
His blrthplnco was Baltimore, from which
ho removed ot an early ago lo this cl ty. For
(ho past forty years ha has been tho chief
clerk In tho quartermaster's ofllco, marlno
barracks. Durtnghlsllfo ho served nsn mem
ber of tho common council, nsnn nlderm.in,
nnd for ft long tlmo wos a member ot tho
boatd of school trustees. During tho greater
part of his life ho wns n prominent member
of the Methodist Episcopal Church, hut
latterly ho beenmo n member of Christ
Church P. E. Ho was also n member of
Naval I.odgo No. 4, 1". A, A. M., Hoyal
Arch Chanter No. S, Washington Corn,
mnndery No. 2, K. T., and ulso of Harmony
Lodge, I, O. O F. For many years
Mr. Mnrks wns Identified with various
associations Hint wore organized to-bcuollt
tho peoplo of his section of the city. In
nil such ho was pre-cmlucnt for his good
works nnd charity. Ho was tiiueli esteemed
by nil tho residents ot East Washington.
Mr, Marks leaves a son and several
daughters, all of whom nro grown up.
Tlio funeral takes place Monday after
noon nt ft p. tn. from his Into residence
Itev. C. D. Andrews, pastor of Christ
Church, will mill lato. The ceremonies will
lie lu thargo of the Mason) It is probablo
that It will Iwthn largest filueral that has
ever taken placo !i that section of tho city,
as the deceased had an cxtciulvo circle of
a 1'Avoiuri: landing.
The Attractions of Lower Cedar l'olnt
Increasing Venrly.
The travel on the river has set In and
every steamer pulls out from her whuf
with a heavy cargo ot human freight.
Whllo for tho past few days tho weather
has been moro cndurablo, still a hot wavo
Is likely to Como rolling along without
much nollco. To loeato whoro 7t Is most
comfortahlo Is tho desire ot nil citizen who
nro nblo to scud their families -owny from
tlio city during tho heated term, nnd as ft
retult tho resorts along tho Potomac nro
quickly occupied. They nro nearer homo
aud of easy access to tho merchant, clerk,
nml business man. There nro a number of
places between hero and Point Lookout nt
which many if not till tho steamers
mnko landings. It docs not require
much time for travel nnd tho ox
penso la nominal. Whllo each placo
finds Itself well patronized, lower Cedar
Point catches tho hulk of'tho'oxcurslonlsts,
nnd It Is a very desirable resort. Fishing,
bathing, crabbing, boating, and almost
every sport extant can bo found tbcro. At
tho snmo time tho hotel accommodations
ond tabic ore excellent, and every attention
Is given to the guests that cau contribute
to their comfort and enjoyment. Tho
splendid steamer Armenia safo and swift
runs to tho point, leaving her wharf foot of
Seventh street dally, except Saturday, at
I) n. in. To-morrow olio wlllinaugurato her
Sunday excursion, starting at- tho usual
hour, nnd It Is needless to predict that n
largo party will bo aboard. Societies aud
organizations wishing the uso of the
s'enmcr for excursion purposes to tho
iHilnl will flndlttothclrmlvantago to apply
tod. L. bhcrlll's coal ofllco, 1111 Pcnnsjl
vanla avenue, where that courteous gentlo
man will furnish all Information In regard
to tho boot and Lower Cedar Point. His
standing in tho community U sulllcloiit
guarantee that good order nnd safety will
Ills lliilibnrd's Ilorxo Itilni Awny.
A serious runaway accident occurod on
Fourteenth street, above tho Boundary,
yesterday afternoon. Miss Hubbard, daugh
ter of Mr. Gardner Hubbaid, was driving
n vlllago cart down tho hill, when the horso
took fright and ran away. Seeing several
tried to turn her horeo Into nn Intersecting
road, but succeeded .only In overturning
her ow u vehicle. Bho was thrown out, fall
ing unon the crass, nnd cseanral with com.
paratlvcly slight lnlurlesi Tho horso con-
r-wL.e uowjjjucuilWjn n dead nrrrrr; Xvqr
King mo uvcnuntcu veiucie auer it, ami
the other teams had to bo turned oft the
road to avoid collision. Ono horso jumped
clear over tho 6tono fcuco and Injured Itself
and 'vchlclo badly.
Important tit Musicians.
Notwithstanding tho dullness of trado
this) car tho sale of Stclnway pianos has
been remarkably good. They are recog
nized ns first-class Instruments, of excel
lent tono nnd good workmanship. Mr. E.
F. Droop, tho ngent lor this Instrument as
well as for others of lesser noto, finds tho
sales unusually nctlvo for tills season of
tho year. Mr. Droop Is also tho rcprcsou
tatlo of eoveral llucsjof ocean steamors,
and thoso desiring to go abroad will do
well to call upon him, whether Intending to
go by his lines or not. Ho Is thoroughly
posted on all mattors relating to foreign
travel, aud will cheerfully give nil informa
tion concerning It to thoso who will call
upon him at tho store formerly occupied by
JlcUcrott &, Co, J
Don't full to sco ball gnmo, 4:30.
An Kntcrprlslui; Man.
Tho residents ot tho Navy Xard who trudge
up to Iho center of the city In search of dry
goods or notlous during thohot days ot sum
mer evidently do not know that what thoy
set); can bo secured ns cheaply right tn
their midst. Although situated soma dis
tance from what Is regarded as tho business
center of Washington, there aro few better
stores than that of A. Kauffman, 1211 and
1248 Eleventh street southeast, and every
Una of summer fabrics for ladles and light
clothing for gentlemen can bo had thcro as
cheap ng an) where else.
Clearing salcscrgoiutts. UoniaiiDroi , 7 &E.
llulldlnB Improvement.
Messrs. Duvall & Marr have been grantod
n permit to build ten two-story bricks on
New Jtrsoy avenue, near Franklin street,
at a cost of $7,500. Moses Kelly will build
two onc-6tory bricks on Fourteenth street,
near 8, for store purposes, at o cost of $2,000.
C. C. Wlllard will Improve 13J2 V street at a
cost of J250. Prof. MarlnlwlU add nono
ftorv brick addition In tho rear ot his hall
on E street, near Tenth, 15 feet by 20 feet,
at a cost of $300.
t ' '
fJIcarlog sale rack suits. Elscman Ilros.,7 A E,
' '
A llcnofitctor of Ills Kind.
There is one man iu Washington who, In
tho days when tho thermometer Is awny up,
and peoplo swelter under tho scorchlug rays
of thu sun, strives to mako life as pleasant
aud as cool aS posslblo, and that man Is
llcnnlng,tho8evcuth-strect tailor. JAgood,
thin suit of clothes on a warm day Is a bless
lug to suffering humanity, and In his stock
cau bo found not only these, bnt suitable
clothing for every season and climate.
Oanrn The ItErtmuciN mailed lo your slim
mer address. Only W cents a month, postago
paid. '
Tho flmlth Court-.Unrtliil.
It Is expected that Secretary Whitney will
announco tho detail for tlio court-martial of
Paymaster General Smith when ho returns
from New York. As soon as tho court
opens Paymaster General Smith will bo sus
pended, and It la sold that Pay Director
Looker-will succeed htm for a tlmo nt least.
The general Impression Is that Faymastor
Allen will bo tho Judgo advocate, of the
i I. i i.
Arrested With tlio l'lunder on Ills
Charles Illehards, a colored man, was ar
rested )csterday by Officer Clarksou for
breaking into a houso known as tho Drov
ers' llest, corner 6f Twelfth and II streets.
A hot was found on Ulchards's head, which
was Identified as part of the property of
Albert Eskrldgo, which was left lu tho
houso during Thursday ulght, wheu tho
robbery occurred.
A Ilullotlii on American Sugar.
A bulletin upon tho sugar industry ot
tho United States, prepared by Harvey W.
Wiley, chemist of tho department ot agri
culture, has been Issued In pamphlet form
by tho commissioner of agriculture. It
deals exhaustively with cano, hoct, sor
ghum, and maplo sugar, giving statistics of
manufacture and consumption, chomleal
analyses, method ot manufacture, and
modern Improvements,
Pitting Hull's Imtlniin Dazed nt the
Wonders of Cli Miration.
"How's Buffalo Hill's Wild AVestdolugl"
ntkcdfiirs llEt'UM.tc.m yesterday of MaJ,
John M, Ilurkc, who Is connected with tho
"Well, exceedingly well," ho replied.
"Ho does not complain, nnd I do not think
he has much ground for It,"
"Is not this tho first visit cast ot some ot
tho Indians I"
"Yes; several ot them havo never boon
cast of tho Missouri before."
"How do they net In taking In tho new
scenes t"
"Well, they nro constantly astonished at
what they scq nnd ask any number of ques
tions. As an lnstanca Frisking Elk, on
seeing tho largo six nnd seven-story houses
In Chicago, wanted to know how It Tvai
that tho whlto mau could build ono 'tepco'
and then another and another on top ot
that until It reached tho sky. Tlio groat
depots with 'stamenglns' and hurley gurlcy
surroundings mado him say that ho was go
ing crazy aud ask the peoplo to watch him,
as bis head w as all golnground. Ho wanted
tho Interpreter to baniingo his eyes so that
ho would not sco too much untn ho re
covered. Crow Eaglo, in going through a
tunnel, wns met by the Interpreter lu tho
nlelo of tlio car. The latter asked, 'Who's
that I' Crow Eagle answered tbnthedld
not know. He was then inked his name
and said i 'I havo traveled so fast that I
havo left my name far behind.' "
"Since tho dlsappoaranco ot game fresh
meat l ns much n luxury to tlio Indian as
plo to a cowboy. Ono morning Crow's
Ghost nto eoven beefsteaks, nnd Wns cau
tioned that If ho nto too mtich It would kill
htm, nnd ho said nil right, ho wns willing to
dlo right then, because he would die happy.
Tlio Indian novcr touches tho dentin of
misery until famlshlngly hungry, I think
It would be a solution of the Indian problem
to let uuiiaio urn tinvo all the Indians ho
can take caro of. Then they will bo clothed,
cuiicnicu, pruviucu lor, paid jor tucir sor
vlccs, and trcatod ns men. should ho trcatod
among men."
MnJ. Curko says that ho has eight recently
captured buffaloes, which will bo turned
loco In this city for tho first tlmo slnco
their capture.
Tlio Provisions of tho Iluinnno Society'
Lnw Now Ileitis Enforced.
The act for tho protection ot children In
the District of Columbia, now being en
forced by tho Humane Society, authorizes
the District commissioners to detail special
ofllccrs for tho work, nnd nllows tho society
to oppohit spcclnl olllccrs, empowered to
nrrcst without a warrant persons violating,
In their presence or sight, laws affecting tho
protection of children. Theso olllccrs aro
empowered to bring beforo the pollco court
any child subject to cruel treatment, willful
abuso, or neglect, or any child under 10
yenrs of ngo found lu n houso of lll-famo;
nnd tho court may commit such child to an
orphan asylum, or other public charltablo In
stitution, in tho District of Columbia, leav
ing the protectors of such children tho right
of oppcal from tho decision.
Any person who shall torture, cruelly
beat, abuse, or otherwise willfully maltreat
any child under tho ngo of 18 years, or any
ono having tho custody of a child under tho
ngo of 11 years who shall maltreat such
child, or shall employ It as nn ncrobnt, Ac,
shall bo subject to a lino of not more than
S2Z0. cr Imprisonment tor a term not ex
ceeding tw o years.
Any person w ho shall cntlco or rccclvo
nuy female child under tho ago ot 18 years
Into any houso of ill-famo for tho purpose
of prostitution shall bo' subject to a iiiiiiIhIi
ment by n flno of not moro than $1,000 or
Imprisonment for a term not exceeding ten
) ears, or both.
Honlth by n Now .Method.
Tliis has been a good -week for light exer
cise nnd physical culture, and tho Increase
In the membership! Prof. Hurtvig Nlsscn's
classes shows that popular Indorsement has
token hold upon tho latest nnd what is
believed to bo tho niost practical orerclso.
Slnco tho opening of this establishment In
tliis city nnd, citizens discovering that tho
bwcdciiEVmuastlc svstcm Is vorv oiTcctlvn
-w-w.ww-fcwQiTraurwiig .vsuriu, rroi.
lessen iias uecn coinpcucu to oxtcnu tuo
limit of tlmo heretofore given to patients In
order to nttond on nil wishing tho benefit of
his Instruction and that coming from prac
ticing tho Swedish, movements It Is
astonishing how much practical work can
bo dono with such slmplo means, aud this
syBtcm Is admirably designed for tho maiu
tcnauco ot n sound bodily organism and
functions in persons of all ages. Thoso en
tertaining any doubt upon that subject
should visit tho professor's establishment,
take a few lessons, nnd then seo haw quickly
nil doubt will be illspollcd.
Tho Tuo Hick Citizens.
Messrs. II. T. Merrick nnd T. W. Hartley,
who nro lying seriously ill at tholr respect
ive homes, wcro each lu au unchanged
condition at an early hour this morning.
Neither ot them Is in a condition that
gives any great hopes to their friends.
Judgo Hartley, It Is believed, cannot re
cover. .I
A "Scooped" Hotol Clark,
That even tho autocrats of tho hotel ofllco
somctlmcsjaro mistakcnllko, common, ordi
nary mortals, was Illustrated at tho Llndell
House, St. Louis, last week, In tho person
of llaes Henderson, tho clerk of that hostelry,
Tlio New York train brought lu, among
others, a tall, flno-looklng gcntlcmtn, who
wore a suit of solemn black, a high, whlto
silk hat, and a bland smilo. Ilass. who
was nt the counter when the gentleman
arrived and registered, had an Indistinct
recollection Of having seen htm before, hut
was unable to placo him. Ho "sized him
up," however, aud, not wishing to appear
ignorant, ho responded to tho strangor's
heartygrcctlngwllh a firm grip of the band
and a look on ills face as It ho was welcom
ing back a long lost relative. Looking at
the name on the register ho s,aw "A. J,
Dcmlng" lubold, black letters, and, making
n mild guess, ho put him down for a drum
mer. "Shall I givo you a largo room I" inquired
"Well, yes, moderately."
"Well oh how largo!" Ah If you will
toll mo what lino you're In I'll know how
much room younccd for showing your sam
ples In,"
"Samples, sir," sold tho stranger. "Why,
my dear young man, I show my samples In
church I'm a Methodist minister, and not
a sinful drummer. The idea I" and ho
walked oft In a huff, leaving the astute cleric
lu chagrined surprise. Rccliungc,
To Dlscourugo Lying.
Street-car lines, says a writer In tho Pitts
burg CAron'clrshould havo somo plan iu re
gardto cbargtngfaroforchlldrcu that would
not place a premium on lying. Time and
ogalu havo I sot .near some urchin whom I
would have sworn was 0 or 0 years old, but
on the approach of the conductor tho
youngster, to my surprise, would provo to
La barely I), or even less, when lion payment
of faro wes at stako: and this would bo
backed up, whtn questioned, by all the
powers of argument possessed by tho ac
companying parent. Now, I Uko to bo
truthful, and when I Indulge my numerous
family In tho unusual treat (I) of astrcet-car
rldo It puts the quality of voracity to tho
test 10 ncitnowicugo tucir ago aim no com
pelled to pay for children whom nuy one
can see aro considerably younger thau tho
youthful deadheads described, and who
muy be occupying seats adjoining, How
would It do for cafh car to carry u pair of
scales, and chargo so much for children
over a 'certain weight 7 Any plan Is hotter
than tho haphazard one now In practice,
even It It Is governed by avolrdupolsjwolght.
UIkks-T. S. Oarnott. Norfolk: C. J. Phelps,
fchuylcr, Neb (1. V. Horsey. Fremont, Nob.;
(J. K. Sherman, llcthlchcm, Pa.; J, 11. Crlibln,
St, Paul, Minn,
Wlllnrd's V. li Ilcltzlioovcr, Tonmylvaiila;
IV. 1'. Zlraineminn: 1'ltu.burg; J, B. Allies, l'nll.
udclphla; I, II. Walter, ChlciiKo: i H. iJystcr,
llarrltbuig, I'a,; Hon, N. U. Smith, Indla-ia;
)t. Tonliam, fcl. J'aul; C. L. black, Ualvcstgo,
TlioEbbllt-Dr.V. Ilavard, U, B.A.I W. If,
II, boutlwlsnU, O. H. N.) den. J. O. lluniio.
U. H. A.: John Cawlln, IT, 8. A.; Dan. Henry U
Abbot, IT. . A.) Gen. I). II. Uobenson, U. S. A.
Col. A. H, (irunny and family, Virginia; C. 11.
Botterlcc, U. B. Ni
8t. Jaroos II. Booth, Alabama; F. F, Cheney,
Ikiiton; Itobcrt T. Joyce. IT. 8. A.) O. II, Wad
dell, fomeru-t, Ky.i F. a. Ho Motl, Now York;
UrorKO M, Howell, Cleveland, Ohio; Chart w
llclnllre, Ession, IU; Wm. lianby. Tbos. (lor
don. Philadelphia ; 8. Seabroolc, London,
cicmt i.nn.
Some plain truths may, perhaps, bo told
In relation to former clerk life In tho Wash
ington departments told clearly and
boldly, tho kuowledgo being drawn from
my own observation whllo an officeholder
abd from Ilia revelations and conduct of
my fellow-servants. .
If there Is nothing simitar In tho tonic o
nowadays, thosa who know best will say so.
My dcclnrntlnns nro cenoml. Thcro wcro
many exceptions. Still, I regret to bellovo,
a lnrge mnjmity, at tbo tlmo I write ot,
pursued tho broad path.
Pollllcnl or social Inlltlonco wns nccossary
to tho procurement of office Tho grant
seldom Immediately followed tlio applica
tion. I knew a caso whoro persistent struggles
wcro mado by strongest powers, continuing
through a full )car, with promises and post
ponements, hopes nnd fears, and whon,
finally, almost at tho hour of despair, tho
object of so much solicitation rccclvod his
appointment, "nnd 'gan to think, good easy
man, full surely his greatness was n-ilpen-lug,"
lo I a chango of administration "nipt
his bud." and lu n slnglo month from the
date of his entrance ho went out perhaps
on account 6f tbo company he had been
found lu I The fact, too, Was that tho now
President possessed uo moro devoted parti
san than tho new clork. Ejected in so
stnrtllcg n manner from tho houso of his
friends, ho could not rccclvo tho sentenco
as final, and devoted several years thereafter
to unavailing applications for restoration.
Too old now to present himself under civil
service domination, ho can only hopo tlio
nbrogatlon of that law, or, It posslblo, sub
duo his ambition.
With such difficulty nnd delay In obtain
ing ofllco for thcro havo been many llko
enses suppose success nt last. Tho poor
fellow has had n hard tlmo of It, waiting,
and he Is deeply In debt. So ho thinks
about It all the first day nt his dosk, and
writes about something else, and as ho
walks homeward takes heart of grace. Ho
has a splendid position for life, of courso
twelvo hundred n jcar. Gradually theso
debts can bo paid bit, or somo of them can
wait a good whllo yet. Why not f And
)cs ho will rint n nlco house, furulsu It
finely, nr.d with wlfo and children (If owner
of such luxuries) dress andllvo becomingly;
A clerk Is, ex olllclo, n gentleman, and
duty requires that he Imitate In stylo tho
hend of his department, who Is always to
sold clerk tho first gentleman In the laud.
Hut troublo comes. Only a huudred it
month I It seemed a large nmoitntatilrst,
then grew smaller, a dow nwnnl diminishing
"progression, till now It Is very little. Indocel.
Old debts remember their former vigor nnd
press forward bravely, allied by now ones.
1 Economy cannot savo from ruin. Promotion
will not arrlvo In llmo. Chnnco, the en
chantress, advances, smiles, extends her
hands lo conduct to Fortune, who, a glitter
ing figure, Is near. Plainly, somo gainbllug
begins, nml cro long a river of gold rolls
rapidly away from tho clerk. I know
that ho has lost moro than halt
his salary, mouth after month, and his
family complain so much of the deprivation,
whlih ho calls nn Investment, nnd ho feels
so badly about It himself that ho resorts to
tho gloss, often and often, nml liquors and
cigars, ond many "treats" with both, tako
thu remainder of his salary. There Is luck
lu lotteries. IIo borrows n few dollars of a
room-mnta nml bit) s ft tltkctfdraws ablank,
nud ventures ogaln, repeatedly, with tho
snmo unchanging result. All this whllo the
small grocer at the corner, in somo strange
w ay mollified, continues Kind nnd cor.ildcut,
and other traders preservo their politeness,
and tho flattered olllclol asla'' himself t
V hat's tho uso of cash r Ho Any learn.
Up nil night nnd drinklijg all night is
scarcely beneficial cither to body or mind.
Ho comes late o' inonMigs to his dosk.
Clerical labor Is sovcro; Uj falls osloop ovor
n, ir, ii i.jf muiciii. uuum remaining awaieo,
better wcro oblivion, (for errors on tho
wlldly-w rltten pago bejomo nmltltiidluous
ond monstrous.
lo A
frequently "sick,"
end absent from dv das aud wcoks
ncv cr on ray-dor.
it-, emu imn, important penou pre
sently: knows him py moro for his wlfo
regularly draws Ids salary, thattho "head of
the houso" may not bo totally dostroyed,
nnd that tho family may not starve Hence
forth, carefully, o.'ifittlo cliaugo" Is al
lowed him monthly 'from his carnincs. and
i'.. ........ .,... i.. . . .
hocw rnanageujiidt is moro hopeful.
iuiiui'ui'c, nuu ujxy riiBrjiaiipcui2.
somewhat wild himself, still stands cham
pion for tho pen-man, ond the old world
rolls lazily round, till thcro comes a shock,
perhaps, such as tbo political death ot In
fluence, or somo other woful accident.
Then clcrtcus, ot course, dies, too; and so
ends tho story. A. F.
IScduecd Itntcs to Philadelphia During
tbo Military J.'ncumiimont nt Palr
nionnt I'arlc,
Tho passenger department of tho Pennsylva
nia railroad has arranged to Issuo round trip
tickets to tho Washington military organiza
tions desiring to visit Philadelphia durlnz tbo
encampment nt Tnlrmount park nt Si70: nil to
trael In a body on ono ttoVet. Arrangoniouts
havo also been made to sell round trip tickets
to tho public on this occasion nt So 52. Tickets
will placed on snip June 20 to July 7, Inclusive.
Browns Iron
Tho nnMtton Iias probablj been ctVail thomnnrli
of limrH .low can Ifnwii' Iron Bitter euro OTory
thlnyr" WelUlt domm't. Hut tt doti cure toy disowa
(or vfhlah a rput&bl phjaicUn wuiul rrofcnbe ini).f
'bjolctans TocognlZ9 Lrnn as tho bout roetorallro
ffunt knoffta to tho profewiaa, anl liirmtry of any
iMdirut cbumlciil ItrmwUloiiWeUalUle thoawertlou
ttnt thoro iro mora rrtjMiMtljj.s nf Iron thnti of njiy
otbor BubtsUnoA uea In rawlLolne. Ihlu nUowi con
unporttiit factor in ruocosf til inotilotu prv-tlco. It lit,
hoTTcrrpr, s rwrnarkiibta fact, tint prltr w tho (1!ukjT
orynf ItitOWN'S IKON lllTTKRNnorarfwt.
Ur Botisf actory Iron ouinbinaltou bad oier bou f ou nu.
beftdiictie, or prodaeo conntlpntlnn nil oilier Iron
cures Indigestion, IllUnimiioaii, WeakucM,
llyapcnsln. Malaria, Clillla and Fevers,
Tired l'ecl!n(r,()ciicrnll)oLllltj,lntn la the
Kla fur iU them allmonls Iron la pretertbod d&Uy.
BROWN'S IRON BinERS.!;srrr.i!
Blnato,rjlnIlptlwr thorough medlcliiM.lt seta
K""'!f. , ".""n by w-n the lint winjitom of
nnt li renom! onnrrr. Thomuwlonthonbwnmo
firmer, tne dUnttlim IraproTBS. thg bomiln nro actlm.
Inttomn, tho effect In muillrranre rapid sodoiMkoil.
Thenjee twguntonco to briahtni tlio kkln clrs
npi healltij jolor pome .to tho chOHlut nerroomeeii
fltMplAr functions! denogomentfl hoocmo rra.
lor, BiullX Annnljiff.mother, lmnduit Buetnnnco
I; eappl od for the ohlld. IComember Brown'e Iron
Ultterii Ulho ONLY Iron medietas tlut It not lu.
Jimoua,( JAjfrcfoiM.I DrvgsUurteonwumllt.
The OeAolnt hm Trade Mirk and eroniud red Uses
on wrapper. TAKH NO OTIIIiH.
"He tt King of tliern oll."-Ocn. IS, A. Carr,
JUNll 22, rotlTIIItKK rAYH Offr.Y.
Two performances dally afternoon and even
ing ratu or ihlue,
ImrfniU that lani la i.V-nnJA ciuf lu thn mMl.
WarllffIrT fl SM Balav tfPA iBA SM
F r eMi JrV toft, JL JL tssaw tbbf Q
The Itenowned Biom chief,
Aril several of the celebrated late hostile warriors.
W1IITB ii.un.i;
A nd l'lrty.two I'awnee and Wichita Itravu.
We tnlflll eeryjiromle, Cody A Hiuinuur.
SIuilo rurnlihM by the Wild West Cowboy Dand.
(latee open 1 nnd O p. in. Performance com-
lueiicm a UO and b p. la. Street cars to the gate,
A l'nlso rmphet.
Tho Horn Frank II. lltird, of. Ohio, Is an
eloquent ami enthusiastic champion bf freo
trade. Ifo goes to tho Tcry cxtrcmo of his
favorlto theory, ond Is disinclined to tho
practical expedients of statesmanship, hr
which opposing policies nro oftcit recon
ciled, lio frlvca nn qnartcr to tho protec
tionists, and ho nslts nono for himself.
lirrtspeech 'cm tho Morrison horizontal
scheme, delivered In tho Houso of Repre
sentatives on tho 20th of April, Inst year,
Jlr. Hitrd predicted thomost terrible evils
for tho farmers t
I predict that beforo January next tho prtco
of uhcat will bo so low (but It will not pay llio
cost of production, and t bo corn on the western
pralrlei will burned again for fuel, ns was tho
into lorao years ngo.
Tnnuary camo nnd July Is noar at hand,
without tho fulfillment of cither of theso
prophecies. Whcnt has risen In price, and
corn has not been burned. Tho valno of
theso products docs not dopond updn a high
or n low tflriiT.
Sir. Hurt! was not satisfied with ono pre
diction. IIo mado nnothcr equally em
phatic with tho first, and which, as tho
sequel shows, had no better fate than tho
original experiment on public credulity t
If those Interested lu protection reject tliti
bill, then I bellovo In less than a year tho
fntmcrinf America will rlso from tho lcthirfry
In which thoy nte slumbering and sweep In an
hour Ilia wholo system away.
Moro than a ear has passed away .slnco
Mr. Kurd foretold this rising. Iu his lan
guage, the Termors aro still ''slumbering."
They havo shown no disposition to cast oft
tho alleged lethargy or to enlist undor tho
rcctultlng bnnnor of tho honorahlo gentle
man v,hoo former constituents dropped
htm at the Inst election.
It is not to Mr, Hurtl or to his moro com
promising associates In tho last Congress
that the fanner or anybody clso In this
country under Its present conditions will
look for leadership. New York Sun.
" ' m
IVIfo-llentor riogftoil.
DAUntons, Juno 10. ticorgo A. Tycrs,
convicted yesterday of wlfo beating, ro
cilvcfl fifteen lashes at tho hands of Sheriff
Alrcy. Ho Is the first white mau whipped
tn Mnrjloud. for that offenso.
After l'ycrs had returned Ills garments he
Mas taken ton cell whero ho wept at his
degradation, and complained bitterly of the
law which visits such punishment on a
whlto man. Henry A. Myers, who has been
convicted of n llko olTenso, but who has.
aekcil for a now trial, heard tho blows
as they fell upon tho flesh of l'ycrs, and lie
became very nervous. It Is understood
that n majority of thojudges of the supremo
bench, beforo whom tho application for a
new trial will bo heard, nro In favor of a
rigid enforcement of tho law, that wives
may bo better protected from tho brutality
of their husbands.
Tlio CnllRrnpli (lot tho Mednl-A Queer
Advertising Dodgo mi (ho 1'nrt of it
Tho unparalleled opportunity of tho Homing
ton Company displayed In tlio publication, as
an nduttlscincut, nn alleged notice of award
to tholr typo writer, ibitod Now Orleans, com
pel in to mako tho fotlowlug statement: i. At
the onto ghcu tn said notleo no ofllclal awards
had been published on typo writers, i llio
alleged eomralttcoslgn1ug said notleo was not
a cnuimllteo authorized to mako such award.
8. iholtemiiigton typo writer gotnoraedal
whntotor. 4. Iho ltcmlngtoii got notblme up
to itsx 6. Tho callgrnph did git a medal am
perKct Machine A. Tbo cnllgraph got tlio
only premium awarded lo any circle or type
bar machine.
In proof onhlj wo subjoin tho following let
ters nnd telegrams:
Nrw Oni.KANs. June 10, 1883 A. I HF.nor.,
AnrST UiI.iniiAi'ii, New Oiucans: Tho award
publlihed In advertisement, signed by -Mown,
jieaton, lln con, and Morgan, Is unauthorized.
Thu aMard mado which rcccltcd tho sanction
ortlio management will bu published at no dis
tant day. Kcipectrally, aus. A. Dnniux,
Lhalrmiin com. on awardi, K poiltlon.
Now for a moro recent nnd conchnlvo proof
of this fraud on tbo public. The following tel
egram has Juit been rceclvcdi
1:xtosit!om QnocHns, Nnw OntXASis, Juno
10, 1SS5, W. II. l'OltTBB, WASUINUTOV, I). C.l
Uullgrnph manufactured by American writing
Macblno Company received medal. No report
mado on Itcmington. u I), caiiuoll.
Department of AwnnR
In the fnco of this what becomes of tho
award to K. Pemtngton fc Boris for tho typo
writer? Let tbo pnbllo sco that "lint chus
medal." W. II, 1'onTEn, ngent cnllgraph.
tlinojf. On Thiimloy-morning, CnlnwrTR
only daughter or atcdlcuf Director Albert I and
Clara Montfort (llhon.
Services at Kt. John's Church Saturday at (1.30
n. in., to which rrtciul! nro Invited. Interment at
Ty it. srEAnE,
040 P Stroot Northwost.
OjT Everything strictly Grit-class a'nd on tho
moat reaaonahle terms.
Camp Chnlrs to hire for nil occanlonf. '
T7 11. BOTEtEnT
No. 012 rcnnwlvnnla Ave. N. W., and 733
I.lKhlU it. 8. E,
gy Telephone Call No. 031.
Tormerly of Henry Ie's Bon, If nnertalcers. .
No. H2o Pennsylvania avenuo northwest.
tnr Itesldence oo tho premises.
yvtr JPuiir.ioATioxs, Co.
,Te-s7sr ZBooizs.
Talcs from Many Sources. 4 vols.
Alaska and the Bttlian Archipelago. Dy II. R.
Diet for tho Sick, IlyMre. Mary r. Henderson.
Student's Ecclesiastical History, by Smith.
Tro) er nnd Its Iteraiuknlilo Answors, Ily Ttov,
V7.W. l'atton, D.D.
IUasonablo Apprehensions and Reassuring Hints,
l)y Iter. Henry Postman,
Across tho Clmim. A Novel.
Weird Talcs from the German. By Hoffman,
Win. Ballantyne & Son,
lint Harte's Shore and Ledge.
Hare's 6tudlca tn lluasla.
I'orbca's In the Eastern Arclilpclago.
Uanulng's Upon a Cast
Bou rno'a II Istory of Surplus Itevenue of 1837.
BeartngVLand of ltlp Von Winkle,
Books of Travel and duldo Books, 1B83,
016 Form. Ave.
rroee Writings of N. r. Wills,
Landscape. Hanmeston.
Poems of the Old Days and tba New, Ingeloir,
Dogma No Antidote for Doubt.
Chemistry of Cookery, Williams,
Democratic dovernment. Btlckney,
At the Red Olore. Relnhnrt.
Voln Forebodings. Mrs. Wlstar,
I Louis rasleur. Lady Hamilton.
Agamemnon's Daughter. Balder.
An Inglorious Columbus. Vlnlng.
We have the agency for the Aldcn Book Co.'s
books. They Include many of the best standard
works, In good binding aud at prices that defy cola,
Pino Tar Motli Paper.
BOS and 807 V Street Northwest.
Wish to call ijttenllon to Ihelr Ncrf Umbrella, Iho
"Windsor," hlcli they guarantee' not to change
color, split or -tear In holes, rrlce, 30 and 28
Inches, 13.60 and ft.
Also, the "La Petite" Umbrella, for ladles, in
light blue and changeable silks, And for gentlemen
In pongee anil plain silks.
hall's r,;r
Hair Renewer
Acts dt'ectly on tlio scalp anil on tho roots
ot tho hair. It provcnU falling of tho
hair, dandruff, or any disease pf tho scalp,
restores gray lialr to ltd original color,
nml, whero tho glands aro not 'decayed,
will cause new lialr to grow on bald heads.
"A diseased scalp caused ray hair to fall
out. After using n number of preparn
tlotis, without nvall.I tried Hall's IlalfHo
nowcr, wh'lcu caused a now and vigorous
erowlu." E. J. Adams, St. Taul, Minn,
Bold by 611 Dealers In Medicine.
The Dudley Blind
Tho Only I'rntJIcril FJxlnrcs ever ntnnnfncttircd for OncnhiR nml Clotlng III
uuu uj.uitvin i yui iuu Aiiaiuu ui MID IIUU30, HIUIOIU li HIS 111 IT MO
WJiMhms or Removing Window Sevens,
H '1 1 Kiiii.&.tai'iiil'Ri,Six;i.1iri'lil' ( lnT- nctys.,.Tj vt4.;
'V'SKylSi Ilk - ' 'pra-vc.-8
' I .Wl.VV S.i MrMl WMCT H ' .HI "" i-v I
mwwmM&mi i
1 ' 1 mwpsSf if
' imSl I ? 1 PI
lBSw4lpW : km
3 1 BSta P i If
- rS
11 M Mill
Axo promoted by tho uso
of Tho Dudley.
Strong nnfl Durable
Cannot got out of ordor
with ordinary uso.
Advantages of tho Blind and Shutter-Worker.
ItolnlMCHthPticcoBsIty oiraUloc wlatlovvslncold nud stormy weather when yon wish to
v ns.ir .- j ui.1 uiiiKjr
UK Ullll HVOOilt IV(SODB. Jl B1BU HllVCr. DrCUKURUOI RIAU Una UBniOgO lO (UO UllllUr lU3mrW.Vt
It can bu operated by n child, with noduiitfvr or falunffout of the wlnilow, tUiu ortun Ravtl
cdults tho trouble of cliiublnK several flights of
It fa very menu In dudden atorrap,
ii uuiua nit) ilium itr niiiiiitjr utiiiiy uiivii vi
Jt for id a com pie to lock to tho blind when
it Is ft Rtronn nnd Humble flxtnro. which ennnot
It cost hut little wore than tho old hanging
tn tint It nn.
At, ib luiu ntr iii iiisj riiu iiinii in ti luiuuiuii uiiiiu
It obviates the woof Ihslde blinds C which catch
cut Id blinds can bo opened aud cloptod as onally un
The altcntloa of AubltectB, UulJders. ana
The "Dudley Jlllnd nnd Shutter Worker," now Innso and on exhibition In my ofnc. It It til
ortlvTTinct.'rnl flxtnro btct manufactureil for oncnlnir nud closing "lillnJi and Htiaitors" fromttl
Insfdo of tho house without raising tliowhidown or removing window sorooni They cunil
nuoiu iiv it ruiiu, i no uuuvn umui-u uaiuks
lltmm,tif l"il Intisn ffriBbAlai anil nttiAPB
I also call attontion to my spo
pairing, o.
Eatlmatoa promptly erlvon on
Er ron ruKTUini
Solo Agent for tho
Corner 14th and G-
Opp. I'oinidry Church,
cuks, nirus, nr.voLvr.n8, amsiunitiok, qvmnasium aoons, tencino roiLs.
UTerjtbliitT for Outdoor Bfort and Irnloor Hxerclse to be found at the
Remington Aims Imp
Swclal Rales lo Clnbs on Aimllcatlon.
than not) limes from our plans; it Is so ell jiluiincil
ihat It alfoids ample room even for a Jarire futility.
1st floor shown above; on 2t floor nre fotir bw.
rooini, unit in altlo tl moro. rlenty of closets. Tlio
Hliolewnruuit Lroue clilinner.
Ijirjo llluslrallons ami full dcsortptlon of the
aliwe, ns uell as nr :I0 other liousra ranging In cost
Iran I4(K) un to f 11,500, way tie found In "Sitoi-.
ruL'e Jlourrtii Ixiw CuT Houer-s," it Iireo nuarlo
runitililel, alionlnir eJso how lo select site, net
loftiis.&c. htntpoRliialtlonrrcctptof ftOo. Bumps
taksn.orsriiitsi inland we Hill return the chaiute.
llctkinun at. (Iiox 2702;, N. Y. (JlcnUon this
Pui'o. Bnttcr nud Fresh Eggs,
CHEESE, &a, &o.,
WIiow CENTEn M.tnKKT STAN1H are Jo.
41K), 401, and 400 Il-slrcet Wliu, Center
Isle, Near Ktntti'Strcet Dulldlug.
ItiqOS HA.ItKl'.r.BTANI) No, D3.
Wholraule fitor? No. 0, Wholesale How, Center
Murltrt. l7-ty
T H. HAltltOVUIt,
f I Manufacturer of
And denier In .
M'ATEIt COW.KItK ami lti:fni1EltATOtl3, TIN-
waui:. lKiuHUFiiummiiNu uoodh. .to.,
WASlIlNOrON, I). 0.
fniiK ve'eki.v nwimuoAN is ishdkd
X 1!V1 ItV T1IUK3DAY MOIINlNtl, and fon
latin all I he nnre of Ids week. Subscription price,
1 per jrtari lluile copies, teadjr fer malting, O cu.
''3JaBiZaSBk .il A rr-'i
K SMaHBHl2. C3flAllJ'
am . I
FJiifiK.nm.mn s ov
Win color Iho beard brown or blnoV
may ho desired. It Is la ono prcpural1
encnp, safe, convenient to usp,
cncciu.il, Kivinc to tuo wb skcra flr i
tnclio a permanent nnd handsome ci
Tho color produced la liatttrnl nnd
form, cannot bo rubbed or washed
nnd always glres atlsfnctlon. 1 11
been using your 'Whisker Dyo for
yean, nnd would not havo any other
B.JF. SIaiIo( McLean, 111.
Prepared by It, r. Hatl & Co., N annua, M.1,
& Shutter-Worki
. IKS,?
c- &aj&
In nil theso yeara of I
provemonto In houi
nttlnsfo, until Til
dovlco was offorod
ond tho ftnnoynnij
a nd dangers or outsil
Tho Now Wfty with tho Dudley Bilad-'W orkcr.
bo annoylnc to thoso wUihln to sleep, cspoclul
vi'miui ur in n iiiii'iiuuuiwu JUiimjii.
closed, which cannot ho tampered with from tl
cot out or order with ordinary use.
and llxturcs for blinds on now homes, and no mo I
iiiBti'iiumB uuw in iiniT.
daiit and cobwebs), becamo by this fixture til
Inside blinds. fl
carpenters is eapcclaliy rcn,ucstod.
uiv iu uiu uuw u Jirs juicu, ui X'iu;u(rux i
cialty of Flno Carpontorlng, Be
all work.
iKroKMATiox Annnisa
District of Columbia,
Streets Northwest,
and Sportsmen's Emporiuin,
810 PENNA. AVBNUfifl
TorKJn April, woy, June, uua jaiy uy nrt-cias.
ttuntiii.li tna H
Nncrlal Tourist Tickrti for tnillvldual Travolftrl
nt KMuiid JUitcs, Uy llio best routes far 1'tcaiurtl
COOK'S KXCUItSIOKlBT. wtth mnp, ontaln.
full iortlculari ty mall for 1 0 centn.
ft21ffiiniff gftl lirondway. NgwTprlt
Tbe Mafinlflccnt New Book nbou( Washington en-
The National Capital;
i by
IMItor "WaBhliujlon Tost," nnd
Author nnd Journalist.
BubBcrlplIonlirirccelTcd by A. M. ALLEN I
A CO., "ron" Iiulldtng, Washington, P.O., or by I
tauvawJiiff agentfl. L I
Jlooks fur sale at tUo Xuntintf Iioom of the I
"rost." .
J'ersonslnwautof Carrlojeaore Invited to 4x
niuliio my rlock, it Is full and complete, compris
ing Top and No.1 op lloud aicous, Exluni.oi Toio,
riiailons, Laiulaulrttrfl, Sum s, Cnnopy Top I'liue
liilii, Vlllace Carls, T dirts, Vktoilos, Whtlchaix
HuiiiiUs, liuctors' llucgtes, nud Uindiius,
Anyone Insiiccttng iny stock wilt be convinced
that I have the licm Huortlil, the most stylish, anil
thof lust ilass of Carriages evcroncrcd (ur Kile lis
llei airing aud 1'atntlng Fine Carriages n Hf
Andrew J. Joyce,
412, 414, and 416 14th St, N.W.
Agent for Bjcwsler A. Co. (of Broome atreel),
New York,
UV.O. W. aoYCl'.,.JIuumrr.
- tPl
k.vL' A 4..A& A

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