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YOL. XXVI. NO. 39.
f!W P'S7BWWI4W W yjmwp'YV t- 'f'W- ,- .
iMrn Scheming fur Acquisition or Island
of 81, Tlioinna-Spntn Hloiltty Itt-ruso
In Ornnt Knglniiel n Mitcli-Doslrcil
dmllng Minion.
I.oniios, Jnn. 11. Intelligence his been
received licro that Germany hat seized the
Islands of Samoa, In tlio I'aolflc ocean. Tlio
king nnd bis chiefs wcio Insiilteelaml finally
llcil. A force of. men was landed at Apia
fiom tlio German warship Albitros. The
German consul then hauled down tlio
Snmoan flog and ran up the German colors
In Its etcad. Tlio Bamonus threatened to
make v ar on tlio Germans. Tlio American
nnd Drlllsh consuls protested ngulnst tlio
nctlon of llio Germans.
llnntix, Jan. 11, Xo novvs of tho re
potted seizure of tlio Bamoau Islands by tho
isar-shlp Albatross has been received by tho
Gertnau government. Germany adheres to
tho neutrality agreement with England
respecting Samoa.
Havana! Jan. II. Tho mall steamer
which arrived here to-day brought the fol
lowing advices:
St. Thomas, Jau. 3. Tlio German war
ship l.ulse, Commander llaugwitz, lias ar
rived here. It Is reported that her mission
relates to propositions made to Denmark
for tho acquisition of this Island by tier
London, Jan. 11. Tho Spanish govern
ment bos stoutly refused to grant England
it coaling station on ono of tho Carollnu
Islands. The convention between Spain
mid England does not Includo that privilege,
lis was recently stated.
Cur or Mexico (vlaGalvcston), Jan. II.
Tlio prices of Imported goods aro being
advanced by tho merchants In couscriucnco
of tlio continued depreciation of sliver. Tho
prices of American and l'.nfllsh common
goods bare been raited considerably. Ho
fined petroleum from tho United States,
which Is In general uso for purposes of Il
lumination, has advanced nearly 14 per
cent. Tho sllvcrmintnir Interests aro likclv
to bo Directed In sections whero tho work
lug of tho mines leaves only n uartow mar
glu for a profit.
BTllt'OOLE 1011 IllUIANIl'H 11I01IIS.
Demist, Jan. 11. Tho Parnclllto confer
ence to-day resolved to continue with au
unalterable determination their struggle to
ceeitic tho rights of Ireland. Tho consider
ation of tho leading questions regarding
Irish affairs was postponed until tho ar
rival of .Mr. l'arncll.
Tho loyalists of this city Intend holding
weekly meetings. 1 heir purposo Is to con
tinue tho agitation against tho granting of
homo rulo to Ireland In tho hope that tho
action of tho National I.cngito may thus bo
F.vms, Jau. 11. Tho anarchists of this
city aro greatly enraged at tho uon-anpear-nnco
of u proclamation of amnesty to an
nrchlst o Tenders, as It was understood that
31, Grcvy would Issue ono on his re-election
to the presidency. They threaten to hold a
disorderly meeting outsldo the chamber of
deputies to-moriow unless amnesty Is
granted In tho meantime.
Lomjox, Jan. 11. Joseph Chamberlain,
In a speech at a meeting of tho Land 'Al
lotment Association to-day, said: "Tho
new parliament, In my opinion, will not
lust long. Tho liberals must fullllt tho
pledges given tho laborers to facilitate tho
acquisition of land by all thoso desiring to
procure it. Previous legislation respecting
the matter has failed to meet the wants of
tho laboring classes, becauso tho measures
adopted wcro not mado compulsory. Tho
community must cnablo laborers to acquire
land at a fair price, and prevent land
owners from blackmailing tho public by
enforcing pajment of rack-rents."
London, Jan. 11. Sir John A. Macdon
aid, tlio Canadian premier, before his do
paituio from .Liverpool on the steamer Sat
urday, scut a table dispatch to l.rasttis
Wlnian, of Now York, president of tho
Canadian Club, regretting his inability to
accept tho hospitality which tho club had
tendered to him In tho shapo of a public
dinner on his arrival in New York on Mon
day, tho 13th of January. Sir John seemed
gratified by tho invitation, but said that his
engagements wcro so numerous oud press
ing that ho could not for tho moment ac
cept, especially as It would involvo a delay
of two days in Now York; but that on somo
future occasion ha would bo very happy to
show his appreciation of tho courtesy of his
fellow Canadians in New York.
London, Jan. 11. Tho government does
not intend to prevent Charles llrndlaugh
from sitting in tho houso of couluions us
member from Northampton. Mr. I'ecl,
speaker of the Inst house, and who will bo
rc-tlccted, holds that Jlr, Hradlaugli is fully
entitled to sit.
London, Jau. 11. Tho 7'eUpmph says
that tho powers demand that Greece, Ber
via, ami Bulgaria demobilize their armies.
London, Jan. 11. Tho government re
tit cs tho question of Improving tho mall
seivlco between Great Britain ami Amorlca.
London, Jau. 11. A special dispatch to
tho Telegraph from Dublin says: Tho ex
citement hero amounts almost to a panic,
Hope Is at the lowest ebb, and thoro aro
fears that mischief will run riot within
tlnec months. Members of tho lcaguo openly
Mnto that tho lcaguo Is in Immtncutdauger,
Tho control of tho branches Is already lost,
rarnill's position Is perilous. It Is rumored
that Callan's suit will not bo opposed. In
order to avoid awkward revelations. Nolan
Havana, Jan. 11. Advices from Colon
say that twenty -ouo vessels wcio wrecked,
nudslxty-llvo lives lost during tho recent
A Type-Sotting Toiiriiiiiiient.
CmcAi.o, Jan. 11. A type-setting tourna
ment began at a museum hero to day, which
istucontinnofor ona wcok. llio contestants
nro Joseph IvIcCann, ortho New York M-rn'if,
llio present champion; V. (', Ikirncs, of tho
New Yotk W'urttl, and Joseph M. Hudson, V.
J, ('iccvy, IeoMonhclmor, "Kid" liojamatt,
und Thomas H, l.ovy, of Chicago. Tlio fcrco
is rtlndcd Into two squads, and will set ono
Jicur and n hair each nttcrnoon and evening
far a utile, making three hours caih day. At
UN this afternoon "tlrao" wn cnlloef, ami
Dnrnis. Hudson, aud Crecvy lined llio lint
l)jc. McCimn Hood looking at hltcaso, nnd
w fun half nmlnutohad passed n by-stander
(.aid: "Its time. McCanu," tvhcnthochamplon
went for tlio pieces of metal Ul.o au clec
trio shock. Ha was a Hit to nervous on
tho first two lines, but steadied down almost
Immediately, and his lunula worked with llio
rythmical regularity of a weudulutn Ho
emptied his first flick lull uiluiitis, itiriios
followed In 10, Hudson In 17, and Creovy In 19
A Utile nervousness wanll-plnycd by Hudson,
but It was not material and passed away
Crecvy was plainly rattled, and fumbled Ills
t po at his itlek as well us Ills rulo in lilting it
over the) Hue. Tho first hair hourthowed Mc
tunnvvllli S3 Hues up or uw cm, JUrnos ad,
Hudson w, and CrccvyM). A loigo crowd or
ncvviptipcr tnon nnd prlnteis witnessed Ilia
unitot tho match. Tho Interest m mirostcd
v.iis very deep,
i i
Ohio Deinoi nils In Ciiiioiih.
Cou mbiv, Ohio, Jan, U Tho Doiuocrntlo
jatuiLeisoMho legislature held an open can,
cus lo-nlght mid iiomlualcd Allen tl. Ihunnaii
fur tho United Mates Ecimto, to bo voted for
in each biandi of tho legislature to-morraiv
mid In Joint tomciillon ol tho mo bodies on
Wednesday, 'llinruiaii received thlrty-olgbt
voieslncniiriis, llnv llnaillyllilrty-lliree aud
rne icultcrlnu. "J lit nomination of Mr luur
man was HlUtuuiils made unanimous by a
lliliig vole.
liliciirslon In tlin l.eglslnturo Dolln-
quoiit I.undu Tlio Trcasill) l'ulillo
Sclinols Tlio Coupon Cases Cluvo-
rllis Cnsp.
IticmioND, Jan. 11. Tho question dlwusscd
In thu houso to-day was tho appointment of a
iclal lolnt committee to consider tho debt.
Thcroarono two members who aro agreed aj
to what can and should bo done, but ono nnd
all coufess that the subject Is nit important to
Ilia rcoplc, whonro now In a badlluanclal
Money Is getting scarce, and taxes arc com
lug In slowly.
nil li iNTi'.onn ri.
In tho houso tho following bills wcro Intro
duced and referred:
To prov cnt tho salo of tax receivable coupons
of the ftnlo by coupon brokers when detached
from tho bonds) to lnireaso the salary of tho
Judge of Appomattox; to repeal tno uamo laws
of llcnrv county; to pay N. W. Howe, of Itlch
mnnd, !1H0 for scllhu? certain stato property.
Tho linu-o patted thrco unimportant bills
and adjourned.
Tiineoirov tAsr.i,
Tlioconcrnl atsembly Is walling with much
anxiety fur tho decision of tho Burromo Court
in tho coupon cacs, as on that will ho based
much of llio legislation thought to lie ncoded.
Thorn wero only thrco of tho Jtcpubllcan sen
ators In their scats to-day.
the c i uvi im CAE.
The court or appeals to-day set tho Cluvcrlus
cao for a hearing on a motion for a new trial
to tho 8th ot March.
A communication from tho Hon. It. It. 1'arr,
superintendent of public Instruction, to tho
houso ol delegates shows that only 'J9 per
cent, of tho school population of Ylrulnla ac
tually attend school, Hi is small porcontagu,
ho thinks, Is partly owing to tho want of
bookr, and urges tho legislature to supply
nri lMii rsT lands rronr. iv nocni.
II la thought that In many counties tho sale
or delinquent lands will Involvo thowlmlo
pcoplo In doubt ns to laud titles. In Hallfix
county oyer n thousand parcels of land aro ad
vcrtltcd for salo as delinquent. It. J. T. White,
ol Inidouu, and J. P. Kjglciton, of l'rlnco IM
ward, havo been elected county school com
missioners. RADICAL l RAMIE IN THE TnnASl'nV.
The report of tho commlttco which exam
luce tho treasurer's offleo shows that tho ollleo
was In good order as to Its conduct, declares
Hint It was possible lor ono or tho treasurer's
clerks to have appropriated millions or dollars
nrthoMatA'steriirlllcs without fear or dctee
Hon lorn tncivc-nionth, Itadlcat changoln
this Is adv lied, and heads or departments arc
to oe uciu rcsuoiisunc.
A bill haabcen Introduced In tho scinto to
suppress tiamps, by putting thorn to worlcnii
public works with ball and chain, to bo fed
oubrendand uatcr.aud irthcrolsno work
for Ihein, then they aro to he kept In Jail at
least thrco months In solitary conllncmcnt.
This law will turn tramps In another direc
tion :
sin em bum i'.vsrn.
Tho following hills wcro passed; To Increase
tho salary of tho clerk oftlio ltclunoiul circuit
court to jXO: to give T. A. (Iruvcs, or iladlson,
pou er to collect taxes by lovy: to allow Frod
crlcksburg to build a poorhouso outsldo of tlio
city limits.
'Jho proposition to repeal tho law Imposing n
penalty of & per cent, on lliosovtho do not pay
taxes lcroro tho lit oriiccember caused a long
dUcusslnn. Tho ilnanco commlttco reported
adversely to tho bill, but tho bill was recom
mitted to tho lamo committee.
'llio scnalo passed n hill giving I.co ramp
Confedcrato Veterans $120 for each disabled
mldlcr provided for mutually, provided tho
sum shall not exceed SlO.uco.
Senators Itliea, llerry, and McCormlc wcro
aprolntcd a special commlttco on tho stato
Albert I. brook, architect, and John T.
Itogers, two old and i romincnt citizens, died
r. I,. Mooro has been appointed secretary to
tho board or sinking fund commissioners, and
1'. T. Anderson has been mado clerk of tho
oyster navy,
A special from Danvlllo says: J, J. Powell,
grocer, und K, Ive ol that place, dry good",
have assigned. Liabilities fJO.ouo andM.WU,
Malls and passenger trains In all directions
arc mucn delayed,
Tlio new Moart Hall was dedicated by tho
Morart Association by n sultudld muslcalc.
Tho ball Is a (lno building aud was densely
pnekid, rciirescntatli es from Washington, Hit
ilmore. and all Virginia cities twine present,
llcrrog ,V Co., of Washington, will take chargo
of the hall to-morrow.
Innucurntlnu nr Gov, I'ornkor Doiiiou
atrutlnns lit Coluniliin.
CoiuMms, Ohio, Jan. II. Tho ceremonies
incident to llio Inauguration of Uov.-1'lcct Tor
oker took placo to-doy. Tho sov cro u cntlier of
ycttcrday nnd last night dlmlnhhcd tno looked
for attendance of military and political organ
irallons. Tlio special train bearing tho gov
ci nor'n party from Cincinnati was over an hour
late, which dclaved llio wholo programme.
Thcro wcro about '.',600 military and
members or clubs w ho participated In tho pro
cession, and they mado a brlllfantdlsplay. 'tho
governor's party were met at thodepotaud
escorted to the stato houso, whero tho luau
gural exercises proper occurred In tho rotunda
of llio rnpltol. Urn-. Hoadly, In delivering tho
commission to bis successor, gawi expres
sion to his. own personal good will, und con
gratulated Gov. 1'orakcr.
In Ida Inaugural address to tho legislature,
Gov. I'orakcr discoursed upon llio Importanco
of tho ballot; pointed out tho objections to tho
rcglttrylan; railed attention lo tho hands
committed cither by llio judges and clerks or
tho elections, or wllh their ronnlvanco; also
lallcd attention to tho problem or mtuilclpil
po eminent; tlio labor question; civil rights;
tho liquor question; tho canals, aud tho stato
ton rd ot health,
'Jho young governor or Ohio Is cortalnly re
ceiving his shnro of attention from IhoUrand
Army nnd the I)) a'. I eglou, from collcgo trus
tees and professois, Irmn Hibernian, ltutonle,
and fct. Andrew associations, from Masonic
gatherings, Irom tho workliigincii'H clubs, and
durlngtho late campaign In Virginia and Now
York Irom tho African Methodist. There Is
only one lay (and ono clerical) delegate Irom
the whole rtorthem Methodist Church to tlio
Southern Methodist Church Jtt.lra I'orakcr
has been selected this delegate. 1 orakcr Is a
Methodist communicant.
What Is tho secret or Korakcr's rcmarkahto
hold upon tho people, that thoy uro dubbing
Mm the Lincoln of Ohio?
'Jho cultured peoplo address him as'Mudgo
Torakcr." tho inoplo say "Hen;" tho cultured
reoplo will say "How aroyou, liov. I oraucrr'
llio peopio win say '-now nro yon, iieirr
His heart and soul aro human. Tho lust or
oflico docs not nllict I'orakcr. Till Is but n
part. Everybody trust l'oraker. Not a word
against his Integrity was uttered In tho two
campaigns, lie possesses an opinion and a
will, Ho has honor, aud will not He,
Tin: tutiiAT enr.ss match
For tho Cliuinplonslilp or tlio Vl'oild
T.urgo Attciidiiiicn I'lilciinhlo In Horr
Kl.w YanK, Jan II. Tho dies match lor tho
championship of llio world began to-day at No
bol'inh avenue Tho match Is played under
tho auspices oftlio Manhattan Chess, Club and
tho contestants wcro Introduced by President
Green. -Charles 1'. lliiek, of Now Orleans, I
re fcrco aud holder or Iho M.OIW stakes, and
'lliomas I'te-ycroaclediisiiniplro for HcrrWIl
bclm Mclniu, whllu Adolph Mohhi acted for
cJHcleilly lot go andthn mote-, which Hero
duplicated on a gigantic board by Cant. Mc-
jt. J. II. .in kcriori. illO IlllCUUailLO ns mi-
Kciizlr, m era n alt lied ullh much Interest.
A sTiceial toduorritlestoi!oL-ru thu contest
has been drawn up aud slgood by Mours,
Zuctirtortaud btclulK, It provides that tin
match is to bo lor Iho championship or Iho
world, lor n Hako nfS.'.O Oiihlde, iiudulllbe
won by either play er w liming leu game, draw
gamrsiiGl cuunted, Tho contest Is to ho di
vided Into rour games to bo played In New
York all to bo won by ono player: llireo
games to bo played In M, 1iulv, und llireo
gamestnbo idayed In Now Orleans. Thirty
ino es must ho mado diirlug Iho llrst two hours
of each came, nndllllocii moves an hour Ilieio
alter. Thrco game a week aro to bopl.iyed
with an Interval nr ono day bclncoii
each game. Messrs. Ktickcrtoit nnd Stclnltz
aro In excellent condlllon, and at J o'clock In
the elay tossed un n coin to daldo who should
hovetlii llrstmoio, II nnwoibyl)r.Zuekor.
toil, whochosolho whlto pieces, nndopeiul
play by moving pawn tJ queen'n bishop's
loiirlh. Ibis l known n tho quocn'a gambit,
but It was dci lined by Herr Stelnlt, ulioro
iponelrel with pawn loquien'a fourth,
T ho hours lor phi) has In'.' been llxed at fiom
12 loll hi llio urictunon nnd am Uut night,
nnd, as II o'clock hadnirlsed ulien Dr. Zutker.
ton had mado his thirl) -lira move, playuas
suspended for supper, Iho slluillon at llio
moment being decMidl) faonblo lo Hcrr
'Iho game wa lluallj nou by Herr S;clnlt In
forty-seven move.
. ,
Colored rostmnslor'x Cnilieiiloinont.
CIURIISTUN, H, CJaii, II Joscp'i N, Itlv
eis. eelorcd.ox poMiuaiierat I idles I!aul,h
( . waslodiy tonMetedofcihc llnggjivrn
ii.em Imuls,
Iho Tnllnpoosii Again Iteiuly Tor Son
Culled fitnlcs Trtnsurcrshlp llocllncit
llxtltlngl'olltlcnl lton--r.nrgoCtoior
New York, Jan. 12, 0 a. m. Of "tho
frco trade party" tho Tribune to-day will
say editorially:
It Is not altogether news that thcro havo
been threats to drive Mr. Itandallout or tlio
Democratic parly, or that I lie change, orrulo
was Intended to dcprlvo him otpovvcr to re
sist tho Irco trado policy, which tho men of
Iho Mississippi volley favor, or that Mr Car
lisle's friends look forward to hli nomination
Tor tho presidency In 18M nnd hope to gain tho
electoral votes of Illinois, Wisconsin, Minne
sota, and Iowa, to compcualoror tho expected
loss ot Now York, New Jersey, and
Connecticut. Democrats or tho Missis
sippi volley or llio south havo
nut bccnrecrctlvo about llielr purposes, alter
the light against Mr. Jtandall ended In tho
election ofHpeaker Carlisle. Tho outburst or
enthusiasm In which awcslcrn editor Indulged
who telegraphed, "The Southern Confederacy
In tho EadJIn Again," was ruoro candid than
ludlclous. Undoubti d'y It Is also truo that Mr,
llland, Mr. W'nrncr, nnd Mr. Morrl-ou nro
ra.pcd and wrathful when they aro treated
by eastern Democrats with contempt or with
patronising pity na cranks or Ignorant rcllnws.
They concclv o that they know something about
tho tarift mid something about tho silver
question, nnd something about tho Improve
ment or rivets, nud something about banks,
and at all events they represent tho oplnlonsof
nearly all the I'cmocratfo voter of tho west
and south. If they nro minded to throw
overboard tho New York of tho Democratic
party, and to sco If they cannot do better by
nppcallng squarely and honestly to tho west
nnd south, than bynny or Iho trick and sub
terfuges which aro emploved to carry nn
eastern state, It I crcdltablo to their man
hood and sincerity of conviction. Neither Is It
a secret that the Republicans would bo
perfectly willing to sco such n division
of parties. 1 hey had tho courago to Invito it
wucu incyuisregariicii inoiurcnisoi irco trac
ers In their nomination In 1MI, lust as tho
vi cstcrn and southern Democrats did not havo
courage, when It camo to tho point, to meet
tho Issuo in their convention In (ho samo hon
est way and without equivocation. Tho Ho
publicans do not bcllcvo that western states
can bo carried bynny free trade, soft money
party. Hut It they can, It would bo better to
krow tho fact. 'Iho open successor such a parly
would bo Infinitely better than any triumph
gained by ralso pretences or by an alllauco of
solid smith with foreign Interests In this
city. If tho frco traders can muster tho cour
ago to bring about their now division of pirtics
It will bo well. Iho nucstlonor ndmlttlnr
Dakota as n stale, which camo again boforo
tho Senate, ought to bo decided vv It hnut refer
ence to partisan consideration". If that wero
dono Congress would not bo called upon to
wnsloany tlmo In discussing tho matter, llio
Justice of the demand or tho peoplo or tho ter
ritory for admission ns a stato Is conceded by
all, hut narrow considerations of n party
policy havo led tho introduction of va
rious pretexts to opposo admission This
la tho explanation or tho argument or
fcenatorVcst, or Missouri, and Senator Holler,
of South Carol lua, that tho peoplo or tho terri
tory having been conducting thomsctves In a
"revolutionary" manner ought to bo lurtbcr
denied their natural rights nud privilege.
That It should bo left to these two ex coined
crnloolhctrs tndlscmer this Dakota "rcvolu.
Hon" I pel haps not remarkable. Mr, Vest, In
Ids endeavor to complicate tho question even
went so far n to inako nu unwarranted per
soi al attack In tho l-cnalo on
a clllscn or tho territory ror his
part In assisting to give expression lo tlio will
of tho people. It I. perhaps, too much to
hope, In tho light or the past that tho Demo
crat will not iinltnrilv- onnosn tin, htll Intrn.
duccd by f-onator Harrison on this subject,
but in doing so they will not deceive any per
son by retorting to "rev olutlonary" pretexts.
Tnn tallu'ooss. aoain iiuAiir ion sev.
New York, Jan. 11. At U o'clock this
morning tho Tallapoosa went Into commis
sion w lth nil tho pomp nud ceremony pro
scribed by the navy regulations. Acting
captain ot the yard, Lieut, Johu Nickels,
was in full dress uniform when ha boarded
tho vessel, and addressed Cnpt. Whitehead,
Lieut. Tottan, Knglncer Tonne, nnd other
otllccrs.belonglng to tho Tallapoosa. Stand
ins on tho quarter deck, Lieut. Nickels
said that tlio ship was completed In ac
cordance w lth her specifications, and was
now ready to go lutocommlssloii. llo took
great pleasuro In passing tlio vessel over to
tho comlnaud of so ablo nu officers as Capt.
'Whitehead. Tho ensign and pennants wcro
run up to their respectlvo mastheads, and
Copt. Whitehead read his orders from -tho
Secretary of tho Navy. Ho addressed Ills
subordinates In n few kindly words, anil
w as confident of their ability anil co-operation.
Tho crew for tho Tallapoosa will bo
appointed In a few days, and sho will go to
ecu somo time next week. Sho was sunk
oil Jlarthn's Vlticjard In 18SI, nnd at n
great deal of cxpcuo 6ho was raised by n
coast wrecking company belonging lo
The political row over tho recent Indict
ment of J. Newton Voorhccs, n Huntcrelou
comity, N. J lawyer and Democrat,
aroused a good deal of commeut. Tho In
dictment was quashed last week. A local
paper in Somen llio charirccl that Congress
man Tldcock and MoscsK. Everett, who
was tho Democratic candidato for stato sen
ator from Hunterdon county, got tho grand
Jury to lulus tho Indictment becauso Voor
Iiecsboltiel Kvctctt and caused his defeat.
with tho grand Jury tho daybeforo tlio In
dictment was found, aud that Congressman
ridenck had Instructed an lutlmato friend,
after tho Indictment was found, to procure
tho best counsel posslblo and havo vooihccs
convicted. Ho sald'n conviction must bo.
had for political reasons. Doth l'ldcock
and Kvcrett issued cards donying tho
charges. Tlio paper publishes tho cards,
but says it must tcpeat tho old charges.
It produces strong ovldcnco In confirmation
of the charges, and tho at tlclo has Increased
tho excitement. It Is said several libel
suits similar to thoso In II untonlnn county
will bo Instituted by l'ldcock aud Kvcrett.
for tho positions of United States marshal
mid district attorney in New Jersey nro
gieatly disappointed and curoged over a
plccoof authentic newsthathas Just reached
them from Washington, Tho news Is con
vey cd that neither Marshal Deacon nor
District Attornoy Kcnsby will go out ot
oflico until their terms expire Deacon's
term runs out Into In February, but ICcasby
holds on until April. News has also bocu
lecclvcd that Postmaster Gopsll, of Jersey
City, and Postmaster Ward, of Nowark,
will bo left In ollleo until their terms expire,
llio aspirants for all these places oxpiess
their dlsappi oval ot tho Clovclaud adminis
tration in unmeasured terms.
Them is n possibility that Deputy Col
lector llerry will bo compelled to ask to bo
lelleveil Iioui the commission appointed by
Secretary Manning to ultl Collector llcddou
in reducing tho custom houso force nud
lettering Its gencrul administration.
Deputy Collector Kerry, ns chief of tho
Inw division, has had turned over tohlra
SCO custom cases which have been so long
on tho books of tho United States attornoy
that Mr. Dorshcluicrwusuuablo to collect
tho threads of evidence upon which tho
government depends. Sir. Jletryhas boon
called upon to preparo the cases, and it Is
doubtful whether ho can Hud tlmo far that
duly and piopcr nttintloii to tho work ot
the commission us well.
Collector Ilcddon today appointed Ai
tliurl'ciry u iiiemberof the commission to
rcpoit upon tho methods of business In tho
custom house.
It Is icpoiled teveltiy that the ollleo of ns
flMcut L tilted states tren-uier In this city,
which wi.s declined by John lllgchiw,
was unofficially olTercd to William Slcln
wny, who ulso declined, thus pieveullug
tiny founal oiler,
VJIOllXrlM) COVBT I lulll'.Rint.
Congicssman lilies, of New Jersey, vv ho
rnu un from Washington last night for a
few dny s, said to-day respecting his bill to
protect the fisheries along Iho cnastt "Such
u law as I havo proposed should bo passed
by the prcteut Congiess. Tho inciihaduit
fisheries nloug the Jeisey coast havo been
cnirlcd on to such mi extent that our coast
tlsheilcs linvo been nearly ruined. Not
many years ago llsh ot nil hinds wero plen
tiful on the Jeisey sea coast, Tho menhaden
fttkcrutcu with thill' elragf, nets, and seines
camo along and tho result Is that to-day the
fish used at tho various resorts havo to bo
brought by rail from different sections.
Thcro nro not even dsli enough along our
const tn Invite anglers to pay us a visit, ns
wo used to do before tho menhaden fellow s
laid slcgo to our fishing interests. If theso
raid aro not stopped nil our fisheries will
be ruined mid many pcoplo will bo com
pelled to suffer In consequence."
l'lvo Degrees front orit Iho Lowest
Iteiiclivil-A Htendy Ittsn I'l-cdleled.
At S o'clock yesterday morning the ther
mometer reached Its lowest point or tho w In
ter, nndnt tint hour It was only 5 alios o rero.
l'ccplo out on tho streets experienced tho
forcoof tho blli-ard. Tho ground was hard
and tho snow lay In hugo drills, Tho air nil
day was crisp and bracing, and at 7 o'clock
last night It was 11 abovaroro. The ruvds
leading to tho city from tho counties surround,
lugarepllcdhlgh with snow drltls.andtravcl on
conic of them Is Imposslblo. lhs river Is cov
ered vrlthn sheet of Ice, and tho only boats
running wcro thoso of tho Washington nnd
Alexandria ferry. Thick leo gorge ara form
ing In the river, nnd It Is doubtful If travel will
bo resumed for somo time.
Lieut. Powell, the Indications ollccron duty
at Iho signal ofhec, was seen by n Itert m u n
reporter at in o'clock this morning nnd asked
when It would thaw out.
"Well," raid tho vv lio man, "tho tempera
ture will remain stationary until this niter
noon, when It will grow warmer. It has been
moderating throughout tho west, nnd the
blizzard Is about over."
CititAco. Jan. II. Tho temperature In re
mained below zero nnd the nlgbt started In
clear and cold with n prospect of low tempera
luro penin lo-iiigut, sue train aro uegliiiung
loarrisouiiiuo more promptly, particularly
from the west, but only tuo ot tho roads havo
been able yet to clear their Omaha lines. A
gentleman who arrived from the southern part
or the stato this morning said tho
storm In southern Illinois began about li
or 10 o'clock on Thursday night, and although
tho snow has ceased railing slnco yesterday
morning, the weather gavono signs of mod
erating. Trains on all tho roads nro many
hours behind time. Tho Illinois Central li
n Lout tho onlv lino which ha kent nn It nas.
acngcr scrv Ice. It ha managed to do this by
making up extra trulns at dlllercnt paint
along tho road and sending them out ahead or
tho regular ones,
Tho cast bound train from Ft. I.ouls to Cin
cinnati on tho Ohio and Mississippi road
waseaughtlnn drill west or Cculralla early
l'rlday morning. 'Iho drill was two mllo-iloug
and several lee t high Iho train wa not res
cued until Saturday afternoon. Tho passen
gers sullcrcd a good deal, but tho rovd -nan
need to git coffee nud somonrovlslnns to them
'Ivvoincn wcro frozen whllo dUghnr nt tho
drill, nnd wcro brought IntoOUIn Saturday
evening. Tho Pliawucctonn nun Hoards
town branch or tho Ohio nnd
Mississippi road has been practi
cally abandoned A north-liound Height train
was caught near Ixntlsv llio l'rlday night. Tno
brakemen walked two miles In tho teeth of
thegalo to a telegraph ollice, w hero thoy met
tho south-bound passenger train. This train
tried to get to tho freight, Intending to push It
back to 1 lora, but becamo stalled hcloro It
reached tho freight, 'Iho car were Iho
lllmslcst suinn-er nttalrs nnd tho coal rnu out,
1 mos onoof tho llftccn or twenty passenger.
Vopnt'cd Iho night in tho drifts, nnd uenrlv
perished, A number of engine wero blocked
iiylngto reachus, but wo were ilnnlly rescued,
mid got into Horn next morning. We wero
about ten hours going soven mile.
Tho fatalities in tho agricultural portion of
Fouiucru Illinois unto ucen numerous, ivvo
men were frozen near tlio llttlo town of l'lori
w hllo driving rnttlo from n Held. An unknnvv n
man wns found dead on tho track near Odin,
Two cars of hog, nart or n blockaded freight
train, wero fourd froren still' Saturday morn
lrg. Many trees In the southern part or tho
state had buttded In tho warm weather ol tho
vast month. Iheso will nearly nil
die, and the loss will doubtless
bo large. Tho farmer say Hock or
dcadprnlrio chickens and coveys or frozen
quail can bo seen on nearly nil farm. Ihoy
think few wild fuw 1 will survlv o thu blizzard
The snow was not three Inches deep on tho.
level, uue tuegnio uriucu it unuiy. iiioiucr.
momctcr ranged from 18 to sj below zero.
The present storm Is tho worst ono southern
Illinois has had ror years.
St it mon, V v., Jon II. Iho thermometer
regl'lcrcd t,d below zero lids morning, zero nt
II this evening, and tailing Thcro uro Im
rocrso snow drills In Iho mountains rendering
roads Impassable.
Winchi-stf!!, V.v., Jan, It. Tho first train
from Ilalllmorc and tho cast slnco l'rlday nr
rived here ut A o'clock this afternoon. Iho
passengers were greeted with cheers by n largo
number of citizens as tho train draw up lo llio
depot. Thu weather 1 Intensely cold to night
and tho snow In tho county roads badly
drilled. Tho star mall route lias been tempo
rarily abandoned.
llAiTlMoiin, Jan. 11 Tho passenger who
wero snowbound on tho Western Maryland
railroad yesterday wcro brought back to this
city to-day, and rchiioa thrilling experience,
Thrro was conMdcroblosufferliigtmm tho cold,
ns'.tho heavy wind prevented tho tires burning
freely, but adjacent farmhouses wcro drawn
ui on for food, nnd tho long hours wcro p tsscd
ns comfortably na possible. The bloekado
was tho worst ever experienced lit this
vicinity, nnd the men wlio were sent from lioro
toshovilnwoy Iho snow sulTercd greatly from
tho Intenso cold. Trains aro now runiiltigon
lime Ileporls Horn down Iho buy nil show
that tho cold Is Iho bitterest that has been
known for years. Heavy leo has formed In nil
thotrlbutailc, nnd all the bav steamers havo
been withdrawn. Iiitcnsasullerlnz is reported
among tho men engaged In ovslcr dredging,
nnd It Is feured that many live have been
lost, though no serious disasters are
known to Intro occurred, llio catllo trains
arriving from tho west arc bringing many
frozen beasts, but the high prices obtained at
Ihcdrnvo yards to-day tumpensated for tho
losses bv death. In ono consignment ot sheep
over a dozen frozen carcasses wero found, ami
nogs nro said to havo sullcrcd moro severely,
llio lowest polut tho thermometer has
reached in this city wa 6 above zero, which
was recorded at 7 o'cloc I; this morning
1'nnT DiroMT, Ml',. Jan. 11. 'Iho ico that
has been accumulating In tho Susquehanna
rlv er, opposite this place, for it day or two p 1st
ha a most formidable nppenratieo to night
llio river Is gorged from iho lialtlmoronud
Ohio bridge, three miles south or Port Deposit,
ton considerable distance north nnd reaches
from slioro to shore Water Is hacked up Into
the iow n. and all cellars and basement
of residences In Iho lower portion aro
filled lo the deptn of several
feet. A niimbor or houses aro entirely
surrounded and Iho occupants have mov ed up
slabs. All tho wharves nrocovorod with pile
or Ire, nnd water Is within n low Inches of the
tracks oftlio Columbia and I'ott Deposit rail
road, 'Iho earn havo been rcmov od to a place
of safety, nnd all engines havo .team up und
aro In readiness ror Immedlato removal A
channel has been forced by Ihe water under
Iho Immcnso Lodv of Ice, but should tills eliati
nrl frcctoupto-nlehttho result would ho dls
nitrous, as llio Ico has never presented a moro
dangerous appcaranco than It doe nt present.
CiisnihsToN, 8. C,Jnii 11 'till la onoof
the hardest freezes ever known In South Caro
lina, Tho mercury In tho upper part or tho
state marks from zero to 6J below.
JACiiMi.Minr, las , .lan.ll Ihlslsthothlrd
day or tho cold wave whoso edicts has o been
felt throughout 1 lorlda so far ns heard from,
Tho temperature began falling l'rlday night,
and hnturday morning reached 112 degree, as
recorded at tho signal oltlce, nnd Jil degrees by
thermometers In exposed places
An Otcnn Mounter l'niiudcia Oil' I'lio
III mi it's Point, U I., Jan 11 .Tho follo.v
Ing telegram hasjii't been recelvelhcrc
Ono bont with ton men fiom thostoamor
Hylton Caslle, of North Shield, Diigbind,
Irom New York for Koiien. loiindorcd llftci-tt
miles cast by southeast of l'lro Island light,
llrst mate saved. Wm II, Mil m:
Keener Point of Wood
Tho operator at l'lro Island lighthouse telo
graphs "I was watching lor an Incoming
Heniocr, when I discovered a small whllo boat
about five miles cntt of hero. The boat con
tained tcvcunieii Iwalchod It and saw tho
llfo saving crew go nut mid meet It. Tholllo
mvliiL'lucw's boat contained eleven men I
wan lied nnd saw IkiIIi boat roach Iho
shorelln safety, and both crows lande I safely.
'I his was about I o'clock In tho aileron m. I
could not teo Iho steamer or any boat nt all
iishuio Irom the observatory, and only
watched Iho movements ot Iho two
bonis wllh tho aid of tho glass llnth
loots lauded II vo miles cast or hero,
I know Hint both boats did not belong to tho
llio in v lug stailnn.as I know all their boats and
nmsiiro tho whlto Imat was a stiangeono. I
nmtlvotnllcs from Capt Millet's station ami
havo un means or communicating wllh cither
lienrlilscievv. Tho other station Is nmlloup
the bench.".
Tlio I)nluivvu' modioli,
Tho following olllcers of tho liashnvviy l!
roimf ltih have been dieted for Iho ensuing
year; Picsldent, Joseph It. Hilton; vlro inci
dent, Jnnics II Williams- recording secretary
H.O. Polklnhnrn, chaplain, Itcv Lev I II Vurk
organist, Mill Canlo Ilrooklleld clinrptcp
Win. Itoyd; executive cniuinlllee. J II Hilton'
J, H. Williams, George D UIsjkh. It O, PolUiV
borii, A,H. Dent, fuorgo C ltlce, and Adam
I link.
Chixsc Iteprosented lit tlio Annual
Dinner l'Kiiu IK'fll to IHTD-I'inslilcnt
McCosh's Letter.
Tho fifteenth annual dinner of the Princeton
Alumni was held at Wclckcr's last evening,
Dr Harvey I.ludsly presiding, who wa 8.1
years or ogo J csterdaj- Senator Colquitt occu
pied tho placo at tho right and Jiulio ltasncr
at llio left or Iho presiding olllccr. Ihore wero
tvventy-llroor thcassorlailon present, Includ
ing llcprcicntatlvis J. II. I.vcrhart, I'cnnsylvn
nlajJolm A.Hnope, Maryland, nnd Hobert H,
Orceii, New Jersey Alter tho removal of tho
cloth ifenator Colquitt was called to tho chair
teioiorarlly. and Ilenrv '. Havls, or this city,
submitted iho following resolution, which was
ic-pondcd to felicitously by Dr. I.lndslyt
"HrnJml, That we, tho nluiniil or llio (' it
lege ol New Jersey ortho District of Columbia
and tho southern stale, In fifteenth ami ml re
union on this lllh dnyor January, Hurt, belni
the ml anniversary nrlho birth of our honored
president, Dr Harvey I.ludsly, hereby tender
lilm our hiattlcjt congratulation on tho oc
casion; that, at nn alumnus or Princeton for
tlxiy-lho years, nnd our president fortnclve,
he lias, ,y ills kindliness nud geniality In all
relations, lilt exalted character nud honorable
lire, earned, as ho posc'cs, our highest
esteem nnd most reverent n(lo:tlou, nnd that,
In rrnllrallou or Iho value or hi cxamnlo a or
hHJtitt deserts, we sincerely wish for him
many happy recurrences ortho day "
. 1 lie seen laty then read tho following letter
from Dr. Mel oh
rnlt-crrov CoiLnir.Jan. .-3lv Dr.vn Dn
I.iniislv I havo enfojed very mtiuti my
luecllncs Willi the 1'rhiLcton ntiunnl at Wash.
Inglon, and I regret that I annot bo with you
this year. Hut at present I havo thrco separ
ate classes In philosophy,
nnd cannot leave
Ittffnr,ifti!- ,ln,i ,f ftlmlL- n. n fnn'mmnrn.
henslvconc; I iiavecerlalnly boslovved n gre it
deal or thought upon It, We admit tutu our
curriculum all branches or truo learning, an
ilert and modem. Hut theso havo now be
come so numerous that wo cannot require nil
or them to ho taken by every student In
theso circumstances wo divide thorn Into two
classes -thoso binding on all, audtlioso In
which there ln eholcolcft to tho student; In
short. Into Iho obligatory nnd the elective.
Thills Iho pciullarlty or our "system," dis
tinguishing It on the ono hand from the old
method of making all students tako tlio samo
studies, and tho new departure or Harvard, lit
which nearly overy branch 1 mado elective.
Wo think that every one who seotcs tlio bache
lors degree should know certain bmnches,
such as classic, mathematics, mental nnd
moral science, Herman, Trench, social science,
chemistry, phylcs. and astronomy; whllo it
choice might bo allowed among others or our
simile, nniv amounting to nearly tvvcuty, cer
tain fundamental branches arerequliciioriill
every year, but In the Junior and senior years,
Iho student may tako thrco nr four clcctlvos to
suit his tastes, or his destination In lire.
W'e have arranged our studies Into three de
partment. Thcro Is philosophy, embracing
thu branches w hlrli lead y oting men to think;
mere Is languago and literature, which tend
to rcflno the mind, there Is science, which hit
putts knowledge., livery student is required
tolakc somewhat or each or theso to make
sure that his mind be enlarged. Hut ho mi)
glvo special attention to certain studies ror
which he has nn Inclination and an aplltu le,
or which may preparo him for tlio profession
he means to follow. In carrying out this plan
by nblo professors I belles o w o tilvo varied but
in me same tinio soiici nnu iiciut instruction,
lam happy to bo able to report that at tills
present tlmo wo havo n c onslderablo amount
of hard study In our college.
In making tho collcgo tvhu It now I wo
have spent a large sum lu tho endow mentor
"elulrs," In flno building. In fellowships. In
Looks and apparatus. Tho iiuuilicr of our
students has mote than doubled or lato year,
and our teaching body has risen rrom sfxtoeii
to forty, nud wo teach nearly every branch of
a liberal study.
Till within the last thrco years our rrlends
hove supported ttswltli unexampled generosity,
but now they havo formally announced to m
that Ihcynro not In a position to da much more,
nndthcj call on tno alumni, whohave hitherto
dnno little, to comblno to carry on tho work
w hlch ha been begun.
'luoof tho young lucinbersof Iho board of
trustees havo sent a copy or a paper or miuoon
"Whatnn American University Should lb" to
ev cry alumnus vv hose address is known to us
W'o with now to carry on thoschomo which Is
thtro sketched. 1 confess I should llketoeoiu.
plclo this w oik beloro 1 retire rrom the honored
office which I now hold.
AVc would bo IhclKMtcrof 8T,onO. to finish
Ihewoik which wo havo beatiu. Hut I cil
ctildto that $00,000 would put our university In
Ihorotigh working order. I bcllcvo wo can
raltctuviard ivOlOOln largo subscriptions by
ot.roldnnd wealthy friends. Thorestiuustconio
lou In smaller smn. The question Is "Wilt
Hip Ali.mnl Associations nsslst In this project "
lam yours ever,
Jasies McOuMl
Tho letter, upon motion of Henry II. Jliinn,
was referred to n commlttco ranstsllng or II.
1) Munii, A. I', Morse, nud H, 11. Davis, vv ho re
ported Ihe following resolution
t'AY-"hccl, That this association have listened
w lth pleasure to tho leltcror Dr, McCosh, presi
dent or tho college, Just rend ; that the plan or
education therein outlined, milking cettnln
studies obligatory ona cortatn others elective,
asnowpursued at tho college, Is hcartllv ap
proved , that our sincere thanks ho nnd hereby
nro tendered to him and to tho trustees ror his
and their untiring and successful labors In en
larging nnd Improving tho educational facil
ities ot tho collcgo so us in embraeo tietrly alt
the advantages or tho mot ilMlngiilshed uni
versities, aud that tho president and secretary
forward n cony or theso resolutions to him iiml
totbotrutlccsot tho college."
Letters Irom VV. II WcPh, deputy third aud
itor, Dr. James C. Welling, nud Charles Vhcrt
wcro rend, expressing their regret in being
unable to ntli lid ihe meeting. Tho classes
wcrocnlledlrom lfeTJto lijn, the Inttor holm
thograduatlngycnror Dr. I.lndsly, beginning
wllh Iho youngest, All present responded
A voto ofthnnks wa passed to John II Voor
ties, the secretary, to whom the siiccc1 of tho
meeting was owing
Ashling ,iioatlii of Mr. Whitney.
Mr. Jloutellc, of Maine, Introduced a lesolu,
lion hi the House yesterd ly (hat w 111 probably
come up tome day to form tho basis of n very
Interesting discussion. It calls on tho Becro
laty ol Iho Navy for Information concerning
Iho truth or falsity or certain statements which
havo appeared In tho puhllo press, ns follows:
llrst. 'that the commandant ot tho United
Slates navy yard at Norfolk, Va , ha earned
Ihe honnrablo Inscriptions heretofore bornonn
Hie cannon captured by Hie United Mates mili
tary or naval forces to bo obliterated.
Second. 1 hat ho caused to lie removed rrom
tho dry dock it tablet plaecuthero at tho tlmo
It was reconstructed, nnd bearing tho Inscrip
tion: ''Destroyed by llio rebels In IheJJ. rebuilt
by tho Unltcif Stales government in Isjci"
Third. Thai Let ansa or his protest against tho
removal or this Inscription thu superintendent
In chargu ortho work or rebuilding has been
ren civ cd irom his position and n person who
engaged In mllltaiy scrv Ice against the gov
iinment appointed hi his place.
I oiiith. That In disregard of agratcful recog
nition of tho services, sacrifices, and sullcrln
of persons honorably discharged Irom tho mili
tary aud naval servleoof tho country, a hum
Urol such person havo been dismissed Irom
employ uicnl In tho Norfolk navy yard anil
their places filled by men who fought against
llio cnicrnmcnt during tho rebellion,
II Iheso allegations nro found to bo true, tho
Steiclaryortho Navy Is cllrcc ted to Inform the
Houso upon w hoso oider, and on what author
ity, and in ptirsuanco or what public policy, If
tiny, such Inscriptions were obliterated und
mill persons el.ktnlssed from tho service
Thu Iiidluit Defenso Association,
meeting or tho exccutlv o commlttco or Iho
National Indian Defen'o Association wa held
jcilcrdnv ovenhuat their rooms, 'UJ 1" street.
lieu. James W, Denver, president ot the asso
ciation, presided, and MuJ Win Mi King, sec
rclnry. mado it lecord of Iho proceedings
Itcv. Dr. Sunderland, from the coiiimltlea on
meetings und membership, reported that nr
riiugcniciitb had bem made Tor a nui-s meeting
or Iho association, In be held In his church,
' the l'lm Presbyterian," mi 1'ildiy ovcnlng,
Jan. 'Si. This commlttco was Instructed to In
vito the members of tho board of 1ml. nn com
missioners nnd Iho representatives or tlio
various Indian associations, religious bodies,
c. to attend the mcellni: 'llio names of ill'
teen gentlemen nnd ono lady were repented as
i-niKiiuuioi lor nieiiiucrsuiii nun vvcru eiucitM
l'our of theso were Indian visiting tho capital
as representatives or their pcoplo. 'Ihoasso.
lotion has unite it largo number or Indians on
Its membership roll Among tho now mem
lei a elected nt Iho meeting wo gut tlio lumen
nll'ror II (.'. Ilobbs, of Indiana; Itcv. Itiuh It.
Milppcn. ol Ibis city Col. II, w Hnrklns.or
ihe t hickasavv Nation, (iov . Coachman, Judge
Mldhiini, ami lol. Pcirymiiti, or Iho Creek.
Nation, and l,cu Albert Pike Tho meeting
was largely attiuded mid harmonious, and tho
licn-iirir'K trpori showed the uuc'litiati to ho
III n health) condition llu inHa!l .
A Mfdcliln;: Cninlviil Tci-cluv.
Tho commlstlciners ye-sleiday granted per
mUlou to tho cltlrcus to hold it sleigh carnival
nu Pennsylvania avenue from '1 to tip m to
dav. Iho pnrtiiliuiiu are allowed 'logons
) on pleato" nud In mnsiiuernde, prov Id.'d that
iiothlUKlinpiopcr I inlrodmed lu the display
'llii'l-ollco hnvo been uutllled ol Ihotaoiand
mdiis have been Issued to govern them mid
those that will cuga;o In Iho spoil
1 hit Telephone Dnelsloii,
' Cnunilttlnner of Patents Montgomery has
HUiriud riom Mliliinan, nnd he and Secre
tary 1 ainar had n conference about the settle
lruitnUhc gnat telephone case The deci
sion whlih 1ms lien tcgularly formulated
will be tuadi public within a few eltys,
.Mi. Mnndorsiiu Itlsrussc Army ltcfurm
Mr. IHiilt- mi the I'ropiisi!! I.lnrolit
nnd Ornnt Miiiiuiiieiit Mr, 1'ugli Veil
tllnle HI Sllvor Views nnd Delond
the l'rcslilcut,
The Senate listened to thrco set speeches
yesterday on totally dissimilar subjects,
hod nu Important report In favor of tho ad
mission ot Dakota submitted for Its future
consideration, added n few bills to Its calen
dar, and then went Into executive sctslou.
Mr. .Morgan otTcrcd n resolution, which, at
his lcqutst, was laid over for a day. It re
lates to tho trustees provided for by tlio
Utah bill passed last week. The resolution
sets forth, among other things, that, in the
opinion of tho Senate, It Is not within tho
pow er of Congress to appoint olllcers of tho
United States to participate wllh the olllcers
ot any church or religion sect In tho man
agement ot tho alTalrs of sue It ehurclior
sect, and that It Is a violation of tho consti
tution for thu President to appolntnuy such
officer under any law.
Iho resolution Is In tho Hue ot tho semi
tor's remarks In opposition to tho I tali bill,
nnd will afford tho Sennto a great oppor
tunity to thrash old straw over again.
Mr. Matidcrsoti, after Mr. .More-nil's reso
lution had been disposed of, called up his
bill to Increnso tho efficiency ot thelnfnntry
branch of the nrtny. Tho bill provides that
each Infantry regiment shall consist ot
tw elvo companies, one colonel, ono lleutcii
tiii t colonel, three majors, one adjutant, one
quartetmastcr, nuo quartet master's ser
geant, and one chief luu-lelau. All appoint
ments to the original vacancies above tho
grade of second lieutenant created by the
net shall be tilled by seniority tu tho Infantry
arm of the service.
Mr. Matiderson addressed tho Senate on
the bill. Our army, he said, h-id never
brought tho blush of shame tu Iho cheek
ot tho American people. To the disgrace
of Congress, however, no waillke emer
gency that had ever arisen hid found in
prepared. Au Illustration of this was found
In tnn fact that tho capital had been eup
Hiieil by it British forco no greater than
U,r.C0 tueu. l'lriccu thousand more Union
men on the Held uf tho llrst Ma
nassas would have closed the civil war,
and the maintenance of thoso men from
the tlmo of tho Mexican war to that ol the
rebellion would not havo crpinlcd utic
flftlcth port of thu money cost of tho civil
war, to say nothlug of tho fearful loss of
human lives, 'lhelethaigy of Congress In
tho matter ot placing our army, navy, nnd
coast defenses lu n proper condition of elll
clcuiy was inexplicable to Mr. Mniuleison,
lu view ot the notorious facts ns to their
Insufficiency for emergencies, nnd of tho
repented rteotnmendntuius of the l'rcslilcut
nul other executtvo officers,
Uvcry branch of ottrnrmv, he said, hail
made moro progress lu mllltaiy organisa
tion and methods than tho Infantry. Not n
elnclo Kuroneuu power now retained tho
single battalion system for Infantry regi
ments: nil having abandoned It years ago
as not adapted to n stato of vv ar, and there
fore not lit to be maintained lu time of
peace. T.viry civilized nrtny had advanced
beyond us, and wns ready to meet Improved
arms with Improved organization, Our
present plan had no cxpuuslvo power, nnd,
therefore, had to be reorganized tu tlmo of
war, thus violating au Important inaxltii
of military science Hut tho puae.0 organiza
tion should bo guilt as to udintt ot proper
expansion In tlmo ot war. Mr. Mnudersou
rend extensively front inilltmy authorities,
Utiroiieau and Atuerlcnu, to stlsUlu his
views. Ono ot tho merits or his bill, ho
thought, was that it vs utile Involvo n con
siderable number ot promotions, provldod
Congress should decide lo fully' ollleer
the icconetriiitcil organization, ffo iinlu
talned that juomotlon was iiecessjry to
establish nud maintain n proper esprit
dc corps, nud Insisted that no successful
business man would think ot keeping nn
efficient employe In the s.mo grade or posi
tion for a quarter of n century .
Mr, Hliilr nddresscd tho Senate tut the
bill heictoforo Introduced by hint to pro-,
vide for tho election of u monument at
Washington to Abraham Lincoln und
another to Gen. Grant. Lincoln and Grant,
he said, w cro associated ill the minds ot the
people with Washington, ns saviors of tho
country ! and appropriate monuments
should bo elected to their ineiuorv In tho
capita cttyof the nation, Individual elfort
would never uiidcrtakoto erect monument
becoming tho gientuesa of tho men and
principles to 1 o commcnioiatcd In these In
stances, nud tho government should there
fore tiudcrtakotho tusk, ns It has completed
the monument to JvYn-lilugtnn.
Jlr. l'ti-h called up Mr. Heck's silver reso
lution, und addressed tho Senate on It. He
had much conlldeiice In Ihe practical sense,
sound Judgment, nnd Intcgiity of I'lesldent
Cleveland, und his devotion to constitu
tional principles. Hut iiianv Democrats
would dllTer with tho l'ieulcnt on tho
money question nnd on details nlfcctliigtho
tarllf. 1'hcso questions wcro so far-iuaeh-lng
and complicated In their operation as
not to bo capable ot n final solution satis
factory to nil honest Inquiries. Ilo (Mr.
l'tich) had given thu President's message
much consideration, but wns constrained to
differ with hlin with regard to money.
.sir. t ugti quincu ugures irom ino .sevv
York clearing house to show that only
about I 111 per cent, of the clearing house
transactions were represented by cash, the
remainder being inudu up pilnclpally of
checks. Congress wns coufionted, ho
said, wllh un official uniiniiuccmeut
that our business icl.itlnus had reached
it crisis lu which wo must sus
pend coining silver till we could
secure nn International ratio between gold
and silver. The real point Involved, Mr.
l'ugli bclleuil to be, nut tho suspension ,'itit
the total stoppage ot silver coinage, and It
silver coinage wero suspended now it would
bo a blow that would directly und speedily
lead to the consummation tu an organized
conspiracy of capitalists to secure iibsoluts
coutiolof nil our currency and die regula
tion ot Its voliuno and consequent pur
clla6luc power. Mr, l'ugh belloveel he
spoke for tho southern peoplo when ho said
that three-fourths ot theut would Jo-d.ij, It
opportunity wcio given, voto against tho
pioposltloti to suspend silver coinage. 'Ihe
petitions that cuino to Congress favoring
suspension wero nil on printed blanks and
slened niolnlv bv lunkorj.
Jlr. l'ugli criticised tho arguments of tho
Secretary of tho Treasury aud of the Presi
dent lie Inquired whether we wcro tu
take tho mere dictum of the President on
this matter, nud Insisted that the executive
officers wcro under obligation tocutoico tho
laws of Congress. Why had thoso laws
I ecu hourly violated llnd Congicssiibdl
cattd lis powers to the cvicutlvo depart
ment ot tho government V llio national
banks, who vv ci u llscnl agents of the gov
truniciit, should not. Mi. l'ugh thought,
hnvo been allowed to become members ot it
cleailnc houso that discredited tho silver
ceitlllcntcs ot the government. Tlio na
tional hanks had evaded the law of Con
gress by agreeing that thoy would nut olTcr
liver ceitlllcntcs to tho clearing house, nud,
tncreiore, none uuu ueeu actually rettiseei
by tho dealing house. A New York now a
paper, ho said, had squarely defended the
uvnslon. Why wns silver opposed, by tlio
national banks f llccniisu sllvei was the
only medium of ouriuiieiiey vvlileh tiny
could not control.
"Mop the coliuigo of till el," siM Mi
l'ugh, "aud those bulks will beeoiiu' uhso
lulu inonaiehs ot nil they sin v y ." l'lm opin
ion ot Jlr. dames t). llhiluc, he continued,
would havo Itillueuce with some. Ho react
fiom teimiiks nuulc by .Mi lllalue whllo lu
Congress, tu tho effect that the establish
ment ot u iiioiiuiiiet'illli gold standard
would be Injiiile us toourliidustrlevs nud
comiueiee, und that the United States
could nut wifely treat rllvu us thu Hiiro
iiiu ciuiitrlrr. did. lloth tiietaU, Mr.
l'ugh Insisted, wero necessary lu order to
count! met the constant tendency ot money
toeontiaet under the vast Increase of the
vuliiis of llio world. Ilo quoted from an
eminent I'ugllijh authority (Mr. (loseheni
tosliovv that no gold standard toiiiitrt In
ILe wot Id hntl advanced lu prospeity in
n degree at all to be rnmpircd with tint of
the double-standard United States
Without concluding his remarks, Mr.
l'ugli gnvo way ton motion to go Into ex
ecutive session,
Mr. Yanco gave notice that at the clexo of
morning Innlness to-morrow ho would ask
tho ."ciinto to contiiiuo tho consideration ot
Mr, Heck's resolution.
Mr. Coko gnvo notlco that on Wcdtiesd ty
next he would nsk- permission ot the senate
to submit some remarks on tho same sub
ject. Iho Judicial salary bill havlug been then
placed pro forma beforn tho Senate, Jlr.
IMiniinds's motion was put ainl agreed to,
sothoScnote, at 11.43 p. lit., went Into ex
ecutive session.
At 5 'jo the dnnrs were re-opened and tho
Semite adjourned.
Tin: iiori:.
lCttcielav's session wns dull and uninter
esting in tho extreme, but It cull hardly bo
sold no substantial progress In business vvas
liiade.slnec G5t) bills were neldcel to the huge
list already awaiting the action of commit
tees, Nearly -LljOO lillls havo so far been In
troduced, which rather beats thu record.
The call uf the roll of state for tho Intro
duction of bills consumed newly all the
session. A resolution f-oin tho commlttco
on printing was reported, providing for
printing 2.'-,(HX) copies of the President's
message, nnd on the call of the committees
for reports tho ludlclnrv commlttco reported
two or three-private bills. The Houso nil
Jottrncd at S.h.",
Tin: ltAii.itoAii.vit ht do.
Nnutli Wnslitngtoii Onie More Ititlse
lies Volte Against tlio Tineh.
A meeting or citizens or Smth Washington
wus licldnt tho JelTirsou school building last
night, Dr. James 1 1. Morgan prcihled, with
Ur.t.ll. Vllen as secretary. Dr. Culver road
npapcrnntlr. objection to tho railways, and
characterized Hum us being dlstnslcDll in tho
moral, social, and educational Intcrc-ts or llio
citizens of Washington. He alluded forcibly
to n statement made lo him recently bv u W est
Dud resident that rallroid wcro
educators, In that they- enhanced the
value ot properly and promoted pros
ier!!) lie asked that If such bo tho truth
w bai would iho rich residents or the West
l.ttdsayio steam ra Uro ids running ptst the
doors ol the schools where their children at
tended. HI Investigation tif riltroitds In title
had proven that only depredation followed
Ihe lines. Washington was belli f lookeet upon
aslho favored sH tor residence, hut It would
not be so as long asinllroiids were allowed to
run Ihiougli llio heart ortho city After lit
address Dr Culver moved that it commute c
or hvobo apisilnted lo elralt suitable resolu
tion Incorporating I he sense of the meeting.
'Iho chair appointed Dr. Culver nud Messrs
Ilcrkcr, Wruulllin, Meador, and Ilium Mr.
11 D Wrlchtwas Invited loexnres til view-.
while Ihe committee wa out, and homuloa
few remarks 'I be coiniiillliu reported as rot
low ,', ..rfi-rW, 1 Intt as the unsoor ihl meeting
sve do must icipcctfiill) recommend to tlio
senate nud House committees or Congress lu
Hie Dlstrht tif Columbia tho adoption cd the
Vniice-Harrla hill, Nos 'Jttaiid ill, nreqieit
fullv Introduced tie theso irontlotncn lu tlio
Senate and House, defining tho route of said
roads within tho city nud tho location or tho
union depot
"J'ntiliiil tniiiri, Thatvvo recommend to tho
President of the I nlted stale tho lni.)rl inco
of a tpcclcil lncrtnge to Congress on the subject
ofthe removal oftbise steam railroads, asking
his concurrence In the plans suggc-lcel In the
Vance Harris bill"
Mr Wright Wa would like lo hive tho
Ynncc-llarrls hill read.
Ihi'-eerclary read Iho bill, and Dr. Allen
hoped lliat some expression ol opinion would
be uiv en before Iho icsolutlnns vv ere adopted
Mr Wright. It Is now that Iho hill has been
ptetcutcd In placo of the obi one mIIo was
lice to say that there vvas not llvo men present
at Iho meeting who lived nn tho lino id thu
railroad. Ho did not. seu one. You havo
changed your route since the but bill
Dr Culver It Is not changed
Mr. Wright. I say It is. I can prove it. Pro
duce our old hill
Dr Culver i normlyi. I don't want to bo mis
rcprt'cnted. I rise in it imlut or order VV lut
Is thu call for this meeting '
At this juncture great excitement prevailed.
Mr. Wright held the lloo-, relitsliigloglvoivuv
Interrupted Mr. limy, nnd said. 'let us vote
on the resolution', Ihe ctntigc of route Is not
what bothers ns Ills (lie desire tu (ret the
IracUiifl nuravonnes. '
Mr l'atiin said "Itwnslmlo something lu
rclercnco to the removal of Iho tricks from in
front of the school building that I signed tho
paper giving the use ol this hull. He thought
Hint discussion was out or order "
Mr Wright did not think tint any point or
older vvas well taken Ho proceeded to ques
tion Mr llnumnt random, during which the
chairman said I hat he sustained Mr Ilium
Mr. W right On what grounds
'Ihe chair It don't matter.
Mr Wright. I havo a right to nsk let tho
tceiilary read the call
A Yolce Oh, Wright, set down '
Tho choir then put the question, and It vv a
cnarrlcd. Immediately following It camo a mo
tion lo adjourn, which was put and carried.
'Iho whole InuiMietlou was done with snob
rapidity Hint Mr. Wright wa ten dit-idaul
standing on the door
'till: NI.W&IIOW AID Mil Il.TV.
What tlin Mil Meeting ut Wllhirel Hull
To-Mghl Is I'm.
'Hie mass meeting to be hold at Millard Hull
this cunlng is to consider the beti means of
rescuing and sav ing tho abandoned children or
the city, especially those who earn their living
lu the meets, of transforming them rrom Jail
blids, possible and actual, Inlndeecnt members
or the community, and to discuss way and
measures (or providing them with some degree,
nt li asl, or milfoil and shelter.
Tho Imreare lu tho number or youthful
criminals has been tot so vera I years a source ol
giavc anxiety, and Iho Judges havo spoken
lit initio bench orit philanthropists luivode
I lorcd und deprecated It, and now Ihe time has
ceuro forncltuii
Initio Newsboys' Society Ihe incinheH are
reentered, badges uro iilieudy provided, aud
the District comuils-loncis ami ikiIIco have
pipiiilscd their aid and hcailv goodwill. Hit
enrolled IM do not shelter Iho homeless
gamin, mir do badges feed hungry stomachs,
or eloiliu shivciiug bodies, nud tho crying
ut cd I-lor a lodging houso and eating hoise
where low prices, abundant food, cleanliness,
and homely lomlort shall prevail
'1 ho programme ol the evening will he short
and to the polhi. Mr. C I. Urate will ho Intro
dined by Chief Justice W'ltito, and will olh.r
Irom the depth of Ids vast experience a tew
practical suggestions. He will ho followed by
Smntor llavvlcy, Stiiator Harrbou, and tho
Hon Penman II IJiton, and theso addresses
will bo Interspersed with some very attractive
vocal and Instrumental iniis.c There Is uu
aduils-lon tee.
Mr. llrnce I- Iho secretary ol Ihe Now Vork
Ihlhlien's Vld ocktv.and la tlio American
prototype ot Dr lUruardo id London Ilo hits
been lor mall) ) cur engaged lu his uuble mis
sion, nud the iccnrd ol all nigged schools,
holms, lodging houses, and bi-monthly tml
Lrnut lists t'tnve what au enormous nmntint nr
good he has done, und what it percentngo or
viii'iu lie mi siiviei iiicj iiieiiiir) uy seiusiitiii
ing good e illens for criminals and convicts
He was the orlglnatnrof the children's aid
movement in New Vork thirty years ngo, aud
Iho pollto records show Hint lu spite ol the
tlly'sticiiicuiloiisgrnwtlitlioyiiuihuil inmates
of iclonnaloriesiindi rimllnl Institutions gen
erillly number less by hiilfthan when hnhigiiti
llo has scut tnoro good raw matcrl it west ih tu
cult bo calculated, lor his boys aro oigirly
sought by farmers and rauthiiicn ami the
number ufgiils ho li issaveit Iroin stun. u ion,
dishonor, and death only no one l.uun
insinuation unci Cuiiip-l Ire.
John I". ltey nolds l'ost, No i, e A. it, lust
night Installed It ol'ens im the cnsultr;
year, mid afterward held a e imp-lire, nt which
cigars, pipe, oud tobieio, hardtack, entice,
nnd applei were t cely dispensed DrW.VV.
(, ranger, chairman or ihe commllteo or enter.
Inluincni. prishUd Dr. White gave n couple
ofixeelkui iiumuioiis recitations. Addresses,
amide n-, ami win reminiscences wcro given
ty Coiumdes 1 add, or WIlsou",l'iist, No J, of
hiiltlmire, atiel Htbbnrd, Prentice, o'louiior,
Miillh, t'rell, llunloou, and Assistant Adjutant
i mural llurger, of this city, and songs by Coin
miles Holder and ltoss. Tho ollliers Installed
wire S. H. 1'uuuic. post lumin.iiidi r. 'Ihuini
i.iillowny, senior vice eommntider I' I Hrool;
lug, Junior vieo enimiaudr, llutlor I'tti'ii,
Miiaitermiisler. VY, W Ginu.-ei, surgeon Let
ward Webtter, chaplain, i' VV. s i,v, ,,(.
titer ot the day, Aaron Sterns oiler nt Ihe
cuard D. D llrcnimii, adjutant, mid i.euigo V
Wonley, ipiurlcrmaster sergeant
Tho YYeiitlier.
For Washington and vicinity I'jlr tw either,
stationary temperature this nioiiilng foUuwoel
h) slowly rising Icmpttatnie duilng the dty,
nud on Weduttdti) by slightly vv inner
TLiriuomctrlcreadlnii-3 a. ni., 7.0'; 7 a,
in .(11, Ha. ni , HiT, 3p m.,lt J3; 7 p. ui
tin , 10 p. rx. 7 n-' lip m., 7 V. mean tem
perature, HIT. maximum, 1 1.5, minimum,
tu0, mean relnllve humidity, 78'j total pre
cipitation, o Inches.
The Street Itiillremel Inv rsllgalliill lbilli
Cuiniiilttce I'rrpnrliig Tor nit Acllsn
C'liinpiilgti-Tlin Nntnl Olisorvntiiry
lllll llilroiluccct-Scinilry Minor Mitt
torsi .
Senator Ingalls. tn conversation wltliaN'i
tiovai libit in ti in reporter said yesterd ty
(hat nothing will be douo until after Ihe meet
ing ol the District committee on Friday re
lathe to tho proposed Investigation utlho
strict ralhvavsoflhls city "I ilo not know
ho Mhl. "whether tlio Investigation will Is
public or prlv ale. as the members may fin I It
necessary to conduct It ns they do other lit
qulrlcs. 'Iho result will, of course bomtto
public, nnd you can say to tho citizens, that
Iho investigation will be searchhun idttnr
ough, and every interest will bo conshlcrel'
'llio railway companies hatouotniyet pthl
nuy attention lo tho matter, and have not ex
pressed any desire to explain their reaon
icr not making tho statements required of
Among Iho elllens great Interest I mini
rested, and It Is probable that n number will
go hcloro Ilia committee when tho tlmi co.ne
Titritoisi iiisTiiii-r loti'itrm
The new District i otnmlttco of the I tome wilt
hold Us tint meeting ihlsmornlugat 11 o'clock,
and tho Indication ate that thcro will bo a fd.l
attendance. A plan of action In presenting
District matters will bo decided upon, ant
subcommittees, to whom will bo referral tlio
more Important measures for Investigation, vv III
bo designated. 'J hero are a great many bills
which did not get reported to tho llevtso last
year before the committee, but II Is probtblo
that moro attention will ho paid to District
mutters than heretofore 'Iho free bridge hill
and tho proposed codo or law ror ttio District
will pas vvfthout doubt, ami other Impon.t it
mcaiutcs will rccclv e attention
Thof-cuatu committee nu labor will shortly
liegln nn Investigation or tlio general Iron
incut and number or hours' labor required by
tlio street railway compaules.
riir sirrnoDisr iimrinv Mitns
Senator Wilson, or Maryland, yesterday In
troduced n bill to empower tlin ll.sir.l nf I'ur.
etc n Missions or the Melhodlst Protestant
Lhurch to hold proert) III the District ol Co
lunibla, providing that they sha.l hold real
nnd icrsoual property located In tho District of
l olmnbla, ni quired, or that shall be acquired
si H' I'liisiiiui, eiuvi-e, nr iicipictt, mm tile
sumo injoy, rent or convey at pleasure ns rroely
us any person or body corpornti cm Ii pic
t Idid that the tu t y early Income shall n it ex
eeed SJU.uo. 'die net Is to tako cllect on its
KU! Mil vnn.tN'H 1'HII.r
Senator llutlcr yesterday liuroeluecd lit the
Senate n bill lo pay Thomas p Morgan jr , or
Ihl clly, Jl.V'Siii for work done in the Ni.rwlt
harlor, which un torched becauo It w.n not
done 111 Ihe tlmo specllleel.
Senator lllolr sno'xo briefly In the Scuiio yes
terday on hi hill ror tho erection or monu
ments to ex-1'iesldents I.luco'.n and i.runt
saying that holind teieltcd n great unny In
dorscnicntsoftho plan
Tn Rll VV Till lilltlcT TV
Rcilfttor Stnnfnrfl tpklnrilnv 1ntrn,lnro,l ilin
bill, beloro mentioned In ihe Nviie.w It..
It 1 1 li in. to credit and pay tho several stite
and territories. Ineliidinir tho Dl-lrle t ol Colum
bla. nllmoneisltvlcd by the actor Lougiei
or Aug r. tv,l
c.lll.e.v - till 1 l Ttlt . s.n - -"
Senator '-ioonir yestcrdny lnlrexluccd A bill
providing ihot no salo of real estate In Ihl
city shall bo mado under any power or site
contained In any mortgage, deed or trust nr
other conveyance having the legal cilee torn
mortgaje c,Mr tiibsou's House bill
Toeixisnit' vv A i u:y
Senator Ingalls has Introiluccd it bill nutlnr
Izlngihe lUstrlctor Columbia to. convey the
alley Illtccn feet wide running cast and west
Iclw ti n lots G and T, square 0.A c ompri'Iug nu
ntea of J,iw lect lo the owners or said lot
v tnvi'Dor vidit vwvitn.
Benalor Irgalls has alio Introduced a bill to
pay to Piitriek Cook, a resident ot Iho District,
the sum prM.'-Mi, being tno ninnuut awirJed
him by tlio lato board or audit for and onae
ecuiil cf drnmgeto his teal estate In Iho
District of Columbia. Hue-hair or the appro
priation Is to Uihnrged lo the District reve
nues iiir ivrritiv iniL i. Tin iioi sr
llcprcscnlallve Ilronne, ol ludlnoa ycst.r
day Introduced In the House n blllm prohibit
lotteries, lottery advertisement-, and the svlu
ot lottery tickets In the District, aud m nters
conuictiellberewlth.w hlch luiivoH'sallnoof not.
less than SVsi.tn which may bo added Imprls
oniacnt lor n tctin not exceeding six month,
llclcricd to the committee nnjudlclari lie
also Introduced n bill to prohibit tho mailing
or letters and t tculars cniccrnliig lotteries,
or newspaper and other porlodli ill piilille.i
Hon (onlnliilng lottery ndverllscineiit, in I
I restilhlng a penult) thcicror
mi s vv vi oiisi itv vr.tnv
Ilcrrcscnlullvo Morrlnn Introduced n W I
presiding ror the erection or u new utva! on
scrv ulory upon the sin In the District ol
Iiimhln purchased In pursuance ol Hie art ot
lebiuury I, lb-"), the plan t,, bepravidol by
thoSrcnlaryorihe Navy, and tho total ex
Pi uses lor grading, lor roads, fencing, lor re
moving Instrument., and erecting them tipo'i
the new site, nud ror the completion ot the
pen observatory building in cording to tho
plan, and lor all expenses, shall not exceed the
nimorsieooiini. l'ortho purpose of beglnulu
the work SJJlWO 1 appropriated,
Hcprescnliitlvc Herbert yesteiday IniroducM
ii hill iinuiidlng Iho law relating to the bonds
ofexetutorslu this District,
a miiool ton Tin luivn,
liepresentntlve Willi Introduceda bill ye.
tenliis to lncorioriito tho American College Ur
tlio Hlluil or the District or Cohnnbli the pro
visions or which are similar to thoso made tor
tilth institutions.
Iiiipnrtiiiit Dills Intrudiiieil.
Amoug the more Iniportautlillls Iniroduec I
lu the Home yesterday were llulfollovvtiu : Hy
Mr Wheeler, authorizing females lo cuter
lands uuder tho homestead law by Mr. Me
K'cnna, for the apixiiuluient of a board to local a
two gun loundrlts, one or which I to tie In
California by Mr 'lown.eud, ror the tssnj of
St, 5-', and S.j sliver ccrtllhatcs. by Mr Msrrl
ton, authorising nu expedition tn observe ttio
total rcllpso ol tho sun on An: -'J, lsti nisi
prov Idlug ror a new naval obsirv ntory Dy Mr
ray inn, to re Uriel tho ownership or realtv t.i
Aiiieilinncltl7ens, by Mr Dingle), to huqIMi
tompulsory idlotage on vessels engaged In the
roaslwlse trude; hy Jlr Weaver, to retire nt
ttonal haute notes also, for tlio Issue uf S'V sti
luporir fractloiial currency by Mr. Warn
providing for llio Issue or silver certllleatc
ih iosli of silver bullion by Mr. Hcnlev i,
prmnnte the lulroducilun ut fresh water on the
Colorado disert
Among tho bills Introduced In the Sen He
were tho following Hy Senator Allison lei
nmciid Iho net relating lo the iniuicdhito tr ins
loilatlonol dutiable good- Hy -enator llut
lcr Provldlngthnt the law regulating tho pay
mid retirement of warrant otllcers in the navy
shall iilsoaipl) tu males Initio navy, llv Sen
ator stauloid i .rautlug the stale ol Culllornt t
a 4?r cent ol the proeccdtortbofcalcsorpuliito
lands hi the shite (o aid 111 Iho support ot putt-lle-ehnol
iilo, providing that In all cave ot
suspe ndrd oi ratici led entries under the des
on laud lines persons entering tho land upon
r, llu,lU-iimcnt of their titles sliall In eiuuled
lo retiivo back: nil moneys paid there on
Irylliig I 'n n Lightship Missing.
The signal corps station nt -mithvltle s t .
reports that l'r) Ing Pan lightship I- messing
supposed etthcrtci havo gotten nilrlll or iouu.1
i reel during the late storm,
DA HOI! NO'l'l.-.
Tho Wilmington iDcl Knights ol I . ,r uii
liouiiio that the strtko nt tho Clerk ,v l-m x
moroteo factory lias been adjusted to the - itis
taction of both parties Tho strike has uteil
about Ritir inouliis
The directors or the Third nvciiu rj rotd.
Sew Vork, havodecldeel to grim the le-nun t
ol Iho men lor twelve hours u a ehivswork,
aud lodheoutluue as in as possible ihe tys-
i ivtu Ol "nVTlUglUg
I Tho Kulghls of I abiir Vssemhly, district lot,
I began their llrst iihiiinil aetsiou lit St Louts
yesterday About IVo delegates nro In Iho
ill), rtprcsctillng JOi.Otxi workhigmcii. most of
I whom are employed lu tho southwest Oould
ial)ionds)steiii The eight hour si s'em ittlm
most lini eilitnt of tho sutjects for dlseitsdou
Tho coal operatom ortho Mouongthcla s-al.
ley complain that they aro unable to get out
the amount or call desired owing to (na
scarcity ofdlggers All the mines aro lu oper
ation, but nio not ru lining on hill time W li u
1 thu lalo strike was Inaugurated fully toil
men left tho river, going to Kentucky t.va.
Indiana, nnd other vvoiteru coil Holds, u-il
I uouolinvuroturucd,
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! Union of Ohio, has Issued n call f.rits ateeji
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ccutlve committee,
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