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lraco of Kuropo Endangered Thnt
I5no Murdered by ltobols Ismnllun
lnluco Seized
UrnUK Bcpt 27 The North German
Gatctle In on artlclo today tlenj Ing that
the great powers ousted lrlnco Alexander
maintains that eveu Itussla placed no
difficulty In Iho way of Alexanders remain
lng at Sofia It saj i Tho czars poMonal
aversion for Alexander Is no new thing
Tor tho past live or six years tho prluco be
lieved himself ablo to hear Russias wrath
without prejudice to tho Interests ot Bul
garia Therefore It behooves tho news
papers which are favorablo to Aloxandcr to
txplolu tho real motives ot nlss abdication
If tho newspapers fall to oiler an
sexploitation tho Carman and Austrian
parliaments must do so
Soma Sept 27 M Btcmbuloff presi
dent ot the recency Is negotiating with At
ZuukofT tho leodir ot tba Jtusslan party In
Ilulgarla with a view to nrrauglng for a
cessation ot Internal strife M Zunhoff
pronilsis to recognize tho rcgoucy on con
dition that somo ot tho foreign portfolios
ore allotted to tho Zunkoff party
Atiiens Bcpt 27 Soml ofllclal journals
liere commenting on tho statement that
Lord Iddcslelgh has been endeavoring lo
bilnc about nrapproachemont betweon Ser
Via Bulgaria Greece and Turkey say that
lils efforts are too late Tho breach between
I those stoles they soy has becomo so wldo
that no diplomatic skill can close It Al
though Greece will regard with uueaslnoss
Russias presence lu the Balkans sho can
Jiotally herself with Tutkcy and IlulgarU
sAvltbout first ecrurlng her present and fu-
Muro Interests and that will lie Impossible
while Bulgaria Is allowed to Increase nt tho
t expense of other nations and whllo Greek
claims on Turkish provinces remain unsat
isfied If Turkey and Bulgaria dcslro an
rjalllance with Oricco they must oiler tangi
ble advantages
Pfsth 8tpt 27 Premier TIsza has slg
tlflKl his Intention ot replying for the Huu
Ksrlan gnvcrnment to the Interpellations
node to Count Anponyl lo tho Hungarian
chamber Ot deputies on tho 2Jd Instant as
to whether Austrian IntoreaU permitted
Ilussla through u special commissioner
Gen Kaulbars to Interfere In tho In
ternal or even in tho Judicial affairs ot
Uulgnila and as Germany la apparently
capporllng llustlu whether thcro has been
stry consequent change In tho
alliance Iho replies will bo delivered
toward the end of the neck and It Is stated
that they will bo very reassuring cspecUUy
with regard to tbo question of thoallogcd
Russian occupation of Bulgaria It Is
mated that Premier TIsza will also mako
clear that tho allegatlou that there has been
any chango In tho Austro Gcrmau alliance
is ucfounded
Cahio Sept 27 To day M Lavlson a
Itusslan subject acting as agent ot Ismail
lasba tho cx ltlicdlvo of Egypt and with
tho aldot a number of armed Albanians
seized tho IsrriaHan palaco which tho ex
Khedive claims as bis property M Iavl
6on subsequently withdrew from tho palaco
nt tho Instance of tho Russian consul Sir
Henry Urummond Wolff tho British com
missioner baa hastily rotnrnod to Cairo to
Investigate the matter It la understood
that Jl Lavlsong tnottvo was to force tho
tribunal to tako conlzanco of the
ctvos claim
iHiessttaeirtrff ilntljhopxitricgo
In opening the congress In that city yester
day urged tho leading classesot society to
Interest themselves In public and political
affairs and call upon the wealthy to ro
nounco their life of luxury Inordor to re
lievo poverty Flyo thousand workmen
nf tern aril joined In a poacetul demonstra
cnoinitA rei ohts
Romp Sept 27 Slnco tho last dally
fiort tbrco persons have died from cholera
u Cacllarl and ten new cases of tho disease
liave been reported thcro In all tho other
Infected districts of tho kingdom during
tho somo tlmo there have been reported live
deaths and fifteen new cases
London Sept 27 Tho cholera returns
from Austria Hungary since the last report
arc Itstb SO new cases 13 deaths Tri
este 11 new cases 1 death
IAiif Sept 27 It Is reported that Car
list bands bavo appeared on tho Spanish
Maiwid Sept 27 Thirty Insurgents
who took jiait In tho recent rovolt appeared
In tho village of Gcrona yesterday A
number were wounded Theso were left In
tho village and tbo others then made their
voy across the frontier Into Franco
Paws Sept 27 Le Tempt publishes a
dispatch stating that the robots shot and
killed the envojs sent to treat with them
tor peace by tbo king of Cambodia
Constantinople Bcpt 37 Turltoys
agents abroad report that tbo peaco ot Eu
rope Is endangered by tho present temper
of the English and Austrian cabinets against
ltueclo Tbo Tuiklsu war department
equipping and drilling 09000
Kurdish horsemen In the same rnauner that
tho Russian Cossacks are equipped and
lAiiis Sept 27 Iho city continues to
furnish n singularly largo number of mur
ders and suicides At ono of tho hotels
jesterdoy tbo cook shot and fatally
wounded his mistress and then attempted
suicide because tho woman bad made him
jealous A hair dresser shot and mortally
hurt bis mistress because she had tlrod of
their relationship and it solved to reform
A workman having his weeks pay In bis
pocket and feeling hilarious mot a pretty
female organ grinder oud asked her to play
blmn waltz that bo might danco for bor
smuscincnt while sho played for his Tho
somans rnalo companion Instantly becomo
lnccuseu nt ma request ot too nappy
minded workman aud shot him dead
London Sept 27 Tho Tress Association
toys that the llrltlsh government has no
official cognlzanro of tho alleged treaty
letw ccn England and tho United States JJ
Ottawa Orr Sept 27 Initiatory
ctcps hat o been taken looking to the prose-
I union of thepartlcs who sent bogus icports
concerning tho alloged now fishery treaty
Their offenso Is ludletable and In
quince cf the popular Indignation ovor tho
numerous Impositions practiced lately It
t tuns that the industry Is to bo put an end
to for a tlmo at least
Rome Sept 27 Tho Vomfeiir ilo Aonie
tlon missions In China stating that a
Catholic eemluary In that country had beeu
1 urnid by natives and that a thousand na
tive Catholic adherents had beeu placed In
Munich Sept 27 Tho condition of King
Otto Is becoming woieo Ho refuses warm
food but devours great quantities ot cold
viands Often In tho middle of tho nlht
ho talks loudly to himself and gesticulates
wildly Ho Insists upon rcmalulng In soli
London Sept 27 At a meeting of tho
Notional leoguo at Hull to day It was de
cided not to pass a resolution denying tho
accuracy of tlio letter recently puhlUhod In
tbn JUutern Morning Atwt In which tho
writer Informed tho odltorofthat papor
1bat the town of Hull was to be burnod by
1culous the opinion was exprossod that
tho letter would embitter emploiurs
against their Irish employes and cause tho
of many Irish workmen
London Bept 87 Mrs Iarnell address
Incr a intetini In Llvcrnonl this ovenluir
faldthnt Amerlrons looked to tho Irish to
uphold the deroociutlc prluclplo lu their
demand for home rule I u past victories
Irishmen had achieved no greater victory
than that of controlling their tempers
Ihelrchanco had come England was In
arms against Ireland which America was
rejoiced to sec
rLKuno iXKUMoxrA
Every Lccltlmnto Minn Adopted to
Check tho Outbreak ot ttio Hlieino
Tho bureau of ngrlculturo Is actively on
goged In devising and putting In operation
measures looking to tho extirpation ot
plcuro pneumonlo ond Commissioner Col
man has resolved to adopt every legttlmato
means In his power to check tho outbreak
of the disease reported from Chicago An
evidence of thoanxltty and apprehension
felt In tho western states Is afforded by tho
following telegram received yesterday from
Denver Coli
Inbchalfof Iho llvo stock Industry of tho
west wo i arnolly protect agalnt tho silo
cither prh oio or public ol any of tho culo
Hint lmto teen exposed to lilcuro pneuraonl t
lu ttio vlelntty of Chicago Cattlo sold under
lUch elreun stnncts must bring doprescl
price thus givtusr caacr speculators abunilaut
opiiorumltr to spread disease throughout tho
country It o linn
Iletldtnl of tbo International ltauo Associa
J A OorBn
Prrtldent of tho Colorado Catllo Growers As
social Ion
Commenting on this dispatch Commis
sioner Colman said Ilieno people must he
eiazy to think tho department will permit
any of theso catllo to bo sold Wchavo
them doubled our forces on
aturuay and nre now going to send out
some of Iho most expert loterlnarlans wo
have so as to stamp out tho dlseaso at once
and do everything that tho department can
legitimately do Wo did not got through
Congress tbo bill wo expected to pass on
this subjeet so wo can only second tho
efforts of tbo state authorities and assist In
carrying out tbostate law s Under existing
law wo can only stamp out tho dlseaso In a
statu with tbo permission of tbo local au
thorities Sometimes tho governor of tbo
slato will not consent to federal Interfer
ence so wo can only second their efforts
Iho commissioner has drawn up and for
warded to tho govtrnors of all tbo states
ond terrltoiles n scries of rules and regula
tions for co operation between tho United
States department of agriculture and tho
authorities of tho several states and terri
tories for tho suppression and extirpation
of contagions plonro pneumonta an 1 If
they recelvo the consent of the stato au
thorities tho bureau will miko a system
atic ami uoicrmincu attempt 10 stamp out
the disease by attacking simultaneously
every Infected district
JIijavAckee Wis Sept 27 Gov Rusk
to day Issued a proclamation forbidding tho
Importation ot cattlo from Illinois except
when accompanied by n certificate of health
from tbo stato ctcrInarlanot that stato or
an Inspector of tho United States bureau of
animal Industry
Chicago Sept 27 Tho Illinois llvo
stock commission has not yet ordered tho
slaughter of tho quarantined cattlo at tho
Chicago distilleries A meeting of the com
mission will be held to morrow morning
when somo decisive action will be taken
There uro largo numbers of calves at tho
stock jards aud clsewbcro which havo beeu
shipped to Chicago from dairy districts In
this stato aud In eastern states to bo for
warded to the atock raising portions ot
Iowa They aro now stopped by tho Iowa
quarantino proclamation against Illinois
etocK ana it win no necessary to uavo a
veterinarians certificate to forward with
each car load
Umlorurouml Telegrnplt Contest
KiwYoik Sept 57 Tho Now York Elec
tric Lines Company to day obtained root
JudKcTruax or tho superior court an order
compelling John 1 Crimmlns me American
liuuiattd Company tho Consolidated Telo
graph and JJcurieal bubway Company nud
Hcsnell I Flower Jacob Hess and Ihuodoro
Mots Loth Individually and In their alleged
eopHillnsn hoard ot electrical subways in
the ell of New York to snow causo why on
lutcrloi uiory Injunction should no bo ma lo en
Joining tbo dolcndants from Interfering with
Intrualngupon or occupying uuy ot tba spaces
In or under Sixth monuo and othor streets
avenue and public rlaccsiu this city located
and appropriated by tho New York Ulcctrlo
Lines Company The ailldavlt recites tho his
tory of tho company and Its r ght to exclusively
lay and base underground electrical conduc
tors snd lurihcr asscits that Iho company has
locator certain spaces now occupied by tho
subway commission tor a subway aud that tho
act creating the commission is Illegal
Denth or Vol lllmrlea a Green
Ecmon JIaS Sept 27 Col Charles Gor
don Green former editor of tho Boston iusl
died this morning Col Green was bornot
Jirscawtn N It In 1WI lie was a son of
Nathaniel Green a lawjer aud nncpiowof
Hon tamucl Green at ono tlmo chief Justice
ofthojuclicliil court of Now Hampshire Col
Green leomed tbo printing business carlv In
llfo ond when very young went to lloton and
entered tho olllce ol tho Stattvmin a Demo
cratic weekly In 18il ho published tbo
tator n literary Journal and dually roturued
to tho MatYmaii In 18i7 he removed to Phila
delphia and associated with James A Jones In
the publication of the Kaliotal iWa linn tho
firttipapcr In lcnnsylvanla to odvocato the
clcctfon of Gen Jackson to tbo presidency
In tho t prim of 18J8 ho was conncetodwltb
den Dull Or ccn In the management of tho
Vnltol Hatetmaii Tllaraph bhortly afterward
ho returned to Boston iiiul become sole proprie
tor ol tlio btalmuuii He soon Issued tho pros
titctusfor a dally paper and on Nor 1SJ1
io published tho first number of tho Boston
lott Ho retained his connection with this
rapcr until 1875 Col Green failed or election
asinaor member of Concres and stato sena
tor leading n forlorn hope each time lie was
a member ot tho legislature and an old to Gov
Martin Ho leat es ono son and ono daughter
llio Mtsterloua Murderous Anmy
Dosni N H Sept 27 Tho mysterious
murderous affray In a buggy near Darlington
lst nlolit has been solved Tholloohcner
ofilcersou hearing tho news started lor Isin
glass brklpo rthtrolhcywcro told that thedead
body of a trench Canadian wood chopper had
been found In a field near Leo It was thon
learned that threo Trench Canadian wood
choppers resident of titailord started J etsr
day alternoon for Darlington They bad bacn
Imbibing freely Ail tbrtestarted lor home In
onebugcy On tho way tuoof them became
Imohcd In a dispute and ono stabbed tho
other with a clasp knife seven times Iho
victim dlid In tho carrlaco soon alter tlio
stabbing and his com auions took his body
from the carrlogo and curried It Into tho Hold
where It was found Deeomlng tcrrlilod they
deserted tho horso andbugy and started for
1 cc Doth wcro arrested nt noon to dav In
I eo and taken Ibcnco to Rochester Tho
names of Iho two have not yet been obtained
Iiomlnnted for Congress
Nlw OnLiANs Ecpl 27 Tho Ropuhlleous
of the second district to day nominated ilaj
Andrew Hero for Congress MoJ Hero Is a
prominent notary or this city Ho served
through thowar In tho Washington artillory
In Iho Armyof Northern Virginia and Is now
major ol nut organization
jIaiiuu ite Mieu Hept 27 John rnvors
of Lscauaba was to day nominated by tho
eleventh district DenioCMtlo congreulonal
Jlrsn in TrNN Bent 27 Tho Republican
convention of this loili district today nomi
nated Hon Jach lay lor for re olccilon for
ImiAliilliiiAIA Sept 27 Tho Democrats
of tho seventh cll lrlcl to day nominated Dr
A D Markly of Montgomery county for Coil
frees on the eleventh ballot
An Unelo of lresldent Clevuliiml Iloucl
Daltimoei Mil Sept 27 Jiseph Neal a
materuaiuncloot President Clovelind died In
this city tonight aged 81 v cars Deceased Inn
been ailing for somo tlmo past and bis deatn
was caused by exhaustion of the vital forces
Mr Ncal has betii a resident of Baltimore all
his II le and was formauy jcars In the second
hand book business Do was In comfoitiiblo
clitunistanccs It Is not kuon n whether or not
the President will attend the fuperal
thirty IIiiIIiIIiiks lJoitrutod
Jackconnuie Tla Bept 27 A fire broke
out about 130 oclock jtfterdny morning In
IHlom Volusia county Flo and doitroyed
thirty buildings In the business part of tho
town It began hi Wilcoxs saloon ond H
thought to havo been of Incendiary origin
1 ho loss It estimated at 7 uoo Tho insurance
tamut lo stated bceauso tho records aro
Why Ohio Irlsoners Werololsonocl
CoiVMUis Ohio Sept 27 Au niuljsisot
tbo Hater left In their cells shonstoday that
tbico penitentiary prisoners who wcro taken
suddenly sick taturday night wero poisoned
i fiie oi mtm jouu rrauois is still very sick
ineoibera were not badly alleetcd AU aro
Important uliuesris in Iho pending
uuu vi umueut iuu pruoiu
wrtttjjU Cj
Krcig lb
1 2
1 0
0 0
o o
Shook cf 0 0
Ooldsby rfo 0
KnolcsSb 1 1
Hayes c 1 1
Henry p 1 2
Seven Itncea No Wnlkovor lit I5r
Victory for Iho Natlonals Anotlmr
Ynclit ltaca nt Newport Other Inter
esting Sporting News
Favorablo weather such as has beon pre
dicted by Irof Copcofor this afternoon
will Insuro tho most successful rowing
regatta ever held on tho 1otomso river
Everything Is In readiness andthomon
who aro to partlclpato aro eager for tho
contest Thcro will bo seven races no
walkover Whoever wins will cam vic
tory Tlio senior slnglo scull raco tho only
event it was reared would fall has heeriiwaiu i
placed among tlio certainties by tho aiMI MfcJc
uwn v imi u VllllltO 111 UUUIUUU bt ill IV
of Jlr Kearney of tho loloraacs namely
Messrs Houston of tho lonas of Philadel
phia Baker ot tho llato Printers Rowing
Association aud Noordzy of tho Iotonucs
In oil but two rnros tlioso of tho four
ootcd gig and tho eight oared shell thcro
aro moro than two entries and In every ono
thcro will doubtless bo bard rowing to tho
At tho Columbia boat houso last ovenlnir
tho llght wclabt crows wcro weighed and
It woa ascertained that all nf tho men camo
Within tho limit 123 pounds
Auction pools were sold at Miller ft
Jones billiard rooms lost ovenlng on tbo
regatta 1 bo following Is a fair estimate
ot tho betting
Four oorcd glgColumbles 10 lonas 0
Junior tour rotomaca 10 Columbia 5
field a
Jnidorthiglcs Haltor 10 Houston G field 3
Senior fours Falrmounta 10 Columblas 7
t iHuuiue o
Ltght u eight fours rotomaca 10 Columblas
4 Analostans 2
Benlor singles Kearnoy 10 DakorOiflcldt
Llghl oarcd shells Columblas 10 roto
macs B
lools will bo sold at the samo placo at 10
oclock thb morning
Iho Ihlladelphlans who accompanied the
Talrmount crow did the plunging on their
favorites ond at a late hour wcro rambling
about town In scorch ot Columbia boys with
lucro who wcro willing to wager against tho
Folrmounts winning
Tho Nationals easily defeated tho St
Louis club vcttcrdav at Caoltol Park be
fore 2000 spectators a scoro ot 5 to 3 la
a slx lnnlng contest loo gamo was
moderately Interesting ond sovcral bril
liant catches In tho outllcld wcro liberally
applauded 1 bo homo team went first to
the bat ond wcro retired without scoring
as wcro also tho visitors The second in
ning was not productive ot runs to cither
sldo Lut In tho third tbo Nationals mado
two tallies on two hits a baso on balls a
wild pitch and a sactlilco bit Tho St
Louts also mado a run la tholrbalt of tho
Inulng by a base on balls Dennys baso
hit and MeGeachys two bagger No runs
were scored In the fourth Inning but In tho
fifth Hayes led off with a baso hit Henry
bit a beauty to left field which Beery
muffed and Hayes reached second lllncs
then mado n baso hit and thcro wero thrco
men on bases Carroll tho next striker
waited patiently for a boll and as Klrby
could not pitch tho sphero over tbo plato at
tbo proper height called for Cliff went to
first on called balls and Hayes scored
Still thcro wcro tbreo men on bases and
none out but larrtll broke tho charm by
going out on a high lly to right Held which
enabled Henry to cross tho plato In sstcty
Krclg struck out and Shock ended tho In
ning by sending a fly to Cahlll In tho
slAth Inulng tbo Statesmen scored another
run on Knowlcsa hit a wild pitch and
Henrys single St Louis also scored a
run lu this Inning by JlcUoachy gcttlug to
second on a muffed third strike and com
ing borne on Knowlcsa falluro to hold a
thrown hall Tho homo team plajcd tholr
half of tho seventh Inning In which Krola
disttnculshcd himself by knocking the hall
over tbo fence for a home run but as dark
ness provented tho St Louis club from
playing their half of tho Inning the gamo
wcut back to tho end of tho sixth and
Krclgs run did not count
There were several brilliant catches mado
In tbeoutOeld by both nlues among which
Carrolls and McQoaehys wero thu most
praiseworthy Tho leading feature of tho
game was tbo battery work ot Henry and
Hayes ond Henry most amply proved that
ho Is what tbo ItEruiiLiOAN has over
claimed a first class pitcher In every re
spect Hlncs and Henry led tho batting
and some fine stops aud throws wero mado
by Glasscock whllo Mj era and Hayes did
clever work behind tho bat for their ro
spectlvo clubs Tho scoro
national rt wtro asst louts it ihipoae
Hlncs ss
Carroll If
Olasselcss 0
MCKlnlb l
Denny ab 0
rf 0
Crone 2b
ruyers c
Klrby p
6 61815 tl Total 2 11313 0
National 0 0 2 0 2 1 S
bt lout 0 0 10 0 12
Stolcu base Cahlll and Crane Tivo baso
Mcutuciiy liret lisso on balls lly
Klibv 5 h llenrv
cock Crane and AlcKlnuon
Double nbiis Ulass
Lett on tnss
National 5 St Louis 1 btruck out w Hcnrv
5 by Kltby 2 Wlla pilches Klrby i lime
of game 1 hour and W minutes Umpire
OAM1S ELitwiiKnn
rnir AtiFiiiilA 1A Bept 27 Tho game be
tween the hltuo aud Philadelphia elubi to
day was railed at tho end of tho tenth lunlnit
on aceouut of tho darkness with tho scoro is
tio ut two runs entli Ihochampious buncnod
three of tlu Ir hits In tbo second Inning ana
earned their tto runs A wild throw by Wil
liamson In tho second Inning followed by
Dull s safe hit gov e the Phillies ono ruu and
another ruu was earned In tbo tilth on thrco
singea alter two men wero out Bilectivo
pitching backed up by cxcellcut llel llnr pro
rented further scoring Haitian and 1fcllirdld
some brilliant work whllo tho tickling of all
haplaers was of tho highest order Score
lhllftdtlpbla 0 1 0 o 1 0 u 0 0 0 2
Chicago 0 20000000 0 J
Base hits Phtladtlphla 0 Chicago 7 Er
rors rhllaaclphlaJ Chicago 3
Doston Sept 27 Detroit defeated Doston
today Otoi Iliogaino was markel byline
playing on Hie port of Morrill lliilllnton tlnr
miug and Itowe Baldwin pruvida puzzler for
Doston aud btcminicrw os also cflectlvo tha
hits ngalust cacli being scattered Score
Detroit 0 1 1 0 1 0 0 20
Boston 1 00000001
Base hits Detroit 8 Boston 3 Errors De
troit 7 Boston 7
NhvAork Sept 27 Tho Now York and
Kansas City clubs plaj cd at tho Polo grounds
today Iho match was tho drawn gamo of
Saturday Iho New Yorks played with their
old dash and won with tciso settling tho con
test In tho rtrst Inning Welch pitched well
Lut uos a little wild m times Whitneys balls
wcro batted hard Gillespie hurt himself lu
the llfih Inning eliding to the plato and re
tired Score
New York 1010 2 200 0 0
Kansas Clt 00000010 J 1
Huso hits- Now York 15 Kansas City 2 Ec
rois New York S Kansas City J
At Pltlsburg llitsbiirg 6 Alliietlo 1
Tho I ouisvlllo Mttropolltan gamo was post
poned on account of ram at Loulsvlllo
Iho Broivns BaHluioro game at bt Louis
was prevented byraln livo games will bo
plajcdtxhls alternoon weather permitting
HnioiiTON DtAcu Sept 27 First raco Ono
mile Ainblcr won by half a length Gleudou
tccond VenllUtton third Tlmo llcH
fcttond race thrco quarters or u inlfo Uo
lltro nun by a length nud a hair Pool Box
scrond Lager third Time 1 17
fhlrdroco Seven elglithinf a mllo Com
lnondtr wonby it head Hcugorbush soeond
Ieieiiburg thlid Time 1 2i
1 ninth rnco Selllug rone seven lurlongs
Crafllu won by a hi ad Lltzlo Walton ftcouj
1 era Kylo third Time 1 30 Ccrtlllcatospal 1
Fiflli raco Ono and ono eighth miles Won
b lloreueeMby two lengths Fraus second
lopSattjcr third lime 1 07
t ixth rare Hurdle raco one nud n quarter
miles list won b tunlemtths Harrj Jlanu
second Joe Shelby third lime 2 iO
htiius ion to nwa horse haci i
Tho entiles for todas races at Jerome
Ia ik as furnished by Jones A Co HarrU
House are as follows
First race One mile Tambouretto Bl
rounds Hliulaia 101 lluckttonon 111
Ictt 111 Fnsony 100 Alf Kstell 101 Jl u
Douglas us Mogglo J 100 llonanra 104
Gltancr 115 Llslreflc 81 1illau 87
ttcmid raco Charupngno Stakes three
qierters nf u mile lonniinaM Ill pounds
lratlosa 112 Hrrnzl lJ llclrMcr II
lnggard lift Tendon 115 Ilcsslo Juno Hi
Qldrd race Hunter fctakes ono and three
nuaitir miles McCarthy s Last II pounds
rcrono 116
Fourth rare Handicap ono and one clghlli
mllia lrcksklll pv ionn1 Ircclosn 101
KiiiusKOjBtontbuclr 10J Orlaull UJ Bap
phi re 05
I ilili race Ono and oncsxlcenth miles
Mlsa Daly Nl pounds Nettle BJ Ihll Loisls
t2 llotachlmle 81 Politico 1OT Hoiicful 101
1 rror 100 Btrotbspcy IOC Wlitli M Adonis
JIarbi sitrAU Mass Sept 27 Tho win t tl
night Is from the i ast and n thick for prevails
Unless the wind change bclore morning there
wlljbo no racu to morrow
xkothSk yacht RACE at Nriyjonr
Irov ibrscKlt I Sept 27 A match has
been arranged between Iho jaohts Mir in la
and Snchem lor n foity inlleraceolf Nowpvrt
nct Thursday The Hurt will ho from Uren
inns Iteef llghtslilp twenty mllos to
io ircnnru i im return iiic prizo win
nsr viv
I a Blanche The MArlna hat
trpttd the rhnllcniro of Daniel Da v thu
wistcm middle weight champion to fight
eight rounds Manpjls ol rmeensberry with
fourtttueo glovta Tho hatlb wll ocsnr
tatly lu October
Nrvv York Sept 27 T ho Lnjllsh crle keti
con nit net it ttiuiau matin nut ono nf tnulr
present tourou thesmundsof the Slatcn Islan I
cricket Club ot Livingston staten Island this
n omlng meeting a team rvpnsentlnt all New
oi k ilic 1 ngli hmeii mm thu lo s but sent
Ihtlr jiflnents to tho wickets W It will
lams of Newark and J 8 Davis of tlioMin
bntlan Club oiieLed Hie Inning f icing tho
bowling of Holler nnd Bucklnnd Williams
was iho first to go having sesind 11 runs
linker nnd Tiers the two profession lis wero
bolh retired ford runs apiece Davis scored 31
beforo bowas cauahtoutt Lambkin mado 20
1ilcslly 10 and McGregor II not out but bo
vond tneso linnn nf thu nlhrr mivii nt thn Iniim
seoied very heavlljty Tuo Americans Inning
closed for 1 13 runs Tho nigllshmon bad only
twenty minutes In whhli to play when they
started their Inning Tltlllno llaycocknnly
scored ono when ho was caught behind tho
wickets by llllsms Key and llucklaiid ero
loth not out when tho gamo was called for
Iho doy tho Lngllshmcns scoro being Jl for
the loss of ono wlcktt
Iondov Beit 27 A boat raco for flOia
sde belwien Lorgan nnd the Australian
oarsman Melsen took nlaco to dav on tho
Thames tho course bolng from lutnoy to
Mnttlakc Tho raco waa won by Nlalson
who finished alone Beach and Hainan wits
besstd tbo raco from tho deck of a steamer
On meeting the champion and ox cbamplon
showed marked coldness not oven shaking
bonds 1caeli said ho would not row In
Amcrlenlf llanlan oilered him tho whole of
Amtrlentoduto Hosald he would row on
Iho Paramatta end would lay llanlan XIOH
against JCKO but that ho would not pay Han
laus traveling expenses Tho disputes con
tinued for soino lime llanlan was gre illy
onnojtd by Beach calling him agasbig
noiiTroRiEUiiinwrtnitT cir VMriossiitrt
Cn ciMtAtr Fepl 27 Tat OLcory of this
rliv nnd Tommy Warren of loulsvlllo havo
signed an agreement to light for SlOKI and tho
fuilhcrwelghtchamploushlp The light Is to
take place within six milts of 1j dsvlllo ou
ov 8 aud Is to bo w ith skin gloves
Comparing Ik achsstyleof rowing with lint
of Turner Iho lamlon firld sajs Anrtgsrds
sliding Beach is certainly n much gre iter
adipt ut it thon any of iho American or Cam
dlan senile is and he reaches w ell out catching
bold nt tho first part of the stroke hut does
not slide until the proper time In ad ltlnu t
which he finishes his itrosowlih hltcltniv
close to his tide Teenier like most ot the
American professional rows his stroke lu tn n
pieces as It were and though ho renchos well
out and catches the first pu t of tho stroke he
begins to uso his slide without holding It
and then Is obliged to givo a great Jerk back
with his body and a vigorous kick with
his legs to mnko his boat kctp her way w hllo
his elbows Unlshnna level with his boty and
man Inches from It Instead or being brought
home close to his Hanks This Is amnsturly
and uncainlj style of seulltng nnd mast loso
the man who practices It a lot of power Will
IflCQ Boss used wheu ho was hWa two and kit
years ago lo scull lu a somnwbat similar
itn us no inauo two siroxcs oi it anu also
screwed a great deal hen he was hero bo
fore ho was jounger nnd stronger than ho Is
now and his faults wcro not so exaggerated
aslLey bavoatiKc become Lte who will be
remembered as having flulsbcd second for tho
diamond sculls nt Henley lo Mr f C Ed
ward llosoflnisenosoCoilcgo Oxford sculls
In the hestionnnf nnyol tho Americans who
took part in iho sculling aueepules as ho
reaches well out hut ho misses the llrsl pirt of
Iho stroke nnd slldts too soon though his flu
Isli shy I o means bad as ho brings his elbows
In eomparallvilvclose to his sklos Matterson
sculls In n somewhat similar I union tn iioanri
I uthls work Is not qulto so high nnd ho lacks
tbo great strcrgth of Iho champion Hols
still qulto joung nnd us ho hislmprnvol very
inuih inner thu tuition of Henry Kelly slnco
he was unsuccessful ngnnu Perkins there is n
rcaionahlo rrospcot of his maklug a gooi
mati lu a few jean time
llanlan tho oarsman saj s ho will not count
the lowering ot the three mllo record nccom
pllhed by him ot Itockawny although It was
fairly done He says A record can only bo
mode on dead water but Iho Jamaica biy had
no current tho day I rowed It was ebbtide
tho river down low and no current either
way I felt fun condition to row and so did
Courtney I mado the thrco miles In II llti
tho greatest record On Slglsmund lako I
row cd threo miles In 10 23 T hat stands as my
greatest record if I should count tho record
mado tbo other day lu Jamaica bay it would
give n lino opportunity for some quick witted
oarsman to lower It by at leist two minutes
Ho could row up a rlvor on tho eddy side and
shoot down tbo center on his return when the
current was swift Dead w olcr Is tho only f ilr
test Thocoureo over tho Thames rlvor Is
threo miles and 330 yards aud on tho Tyno
thrco miles and GO yards TI10T3110 Isabel
tcrrlvtrto row on than tho Thames Tno
roursenn tho Paramatta river Is four and
three elehths miles straight out 1 havo no
Bptclol dlstanco to row Beach 1 wilt row hlin
any distance under twenty miles The fact that
Beach refused lo como tu America uiidr n
guarantee of tlO 000 to row mo one race shows
that ho Is not anxious to men me
LoMion frcpt 27 Eduard llanlan Iuu
rlialUngidWm Beach to row a raco on tho
Thames for nny sum up to sjsooo and has of
fered to row hfm In America or Autralla llan
lan to gito Beach toouo In tho foimercino
and Beech to plvo llanlan 810 000 In tho latr
Ik och has declined all tho challenges
Tho mnnagementof the National club should
coll iho games played at Capitol Iarlc for Iho
remap der of tho season at 1 oclock surp in
oulcr that n full camo uiaj ho pliycdosthu
ballpubllo nro kicLIng noout seeing only
six nud set en Innings Begin In tlmo to play
a lull gamo
lllmoro and Hack will bo the Nationals
baltety to day whllo Hi all and Graves will
do like duty for Iho St louucluh
Several of Umplro Plorcos decisions wore
questioned vesterday but on tho whilo ho
acquitted hlmsolf very credhabl ami Cahlll
who mode snehn kick ou Intuit cntleloitou
strikes was fairly out notwithstanding his
Indignation at being so retl cd
A suggestion tn Mr UiNncy Play Henry at
short lop ond Iltnes lu his proper posillonat
cenKr I elil and lay iioldsbynll nud a belter
hatting nnd hiding nine will bo the result
Manager flchmelz of tlio St Iouls club has
entered an objection against Umplro Pierce
nnd bos osked that Mr dalnicy tho manager
oftho Nationals bo allowed to umpire the rc
rnalnlng games between tho Nationals and tho
bt Louis and It Is moro than likely that Hall
ncy will dccldo tbo line points lu tho g imo to
After considerable chcaptalk an l ra till dis
appointment over failures to bring John L
tulllvonnnd Paddy Itynu together tn a glovo
conlcst It Is announced by lat Shcclv the
manager of tho Boston pugilist that an agree
ment has been signed whereby tbo champion
slugger and his old antagonist will lnvon
battle with thu gloves bhttdv arrived In Chi
rogo last Saturday with n document slgued by
Sullivan agreeing to enter tho ring with Hyatt
for a sparring match thu mccllnj to tako
plato at ban Francisco within two months
lestcrdoy ltron attached his signature to tho
paper and tho prospect looks good for a moot
ing At tho conclusion or tho light on the
Pacific coast tho two pugilists uro to return to
Kclhcr giving sparrlugexhlhltlous stopping at
iho principal cities In the west lucludtug Silt
Lako and Denver
The Ironing meeting at Woshlnglon Park
Cnleago has owing to rainy weather and
heavy trnek hi en postponed from Wodnosd ly
Sept 20 until Saturday Oct 1 w ban Uoiioral
bLerlilau Is expected to ho r resent
Convention of Druggist
Minnfapoiis Minn Sept 27 Tho board of
ICO members of tho National Wholesalo Dm
gtsd Association met In twelftlinunua session
nt tho West Hotel this alternoon 1 he follow
ing nlllccrs of the association wcro present
President W M Kllno Philadelphia vlco
residents A II Joins Philadelphia J C
ltlchardsonSt Louis J 8 Bird Boston has
11 leltlt Louisville 1 A 1iixson Kansas
City treasurer M Strong utcretary A U
Merrlam Minneapolis Mr t llel of tho Ly
loan Ellel Drug Company welcomed the mem
bers ol tho convention to Minneapolis jlr
Noycs of bt Paul otlercd the groellug of his
city A number of names was proposed for
membership aud other routine business trans
Complain to thnlrPKtdpnt of Coininor
clul Itrlntlonsl Willi tho West Initios
A tlcleeutlon of Now York shipowners
engaged In the Cuban trado reached this
tlty jesterdoy 10 rnlng to lay beforo Presi
dent Clovcland t ielr complaints respecting
commercial relations wltli tho 8panlsh
West Indies Tho delegation was beaded
by Mr John H Alejandro of tho New
Yotl Havana oud Mexican steamship
lino and Mr Mm H T Hughes of the
Ward lino of Cuban steamers nnd aro
quartered at tbo Arlington After paving
their respects tl Secretary lliyard they
called ot tho white bouse nnd wero granted
a lengthy private Interview bythe President
jestcrday afternoon tn which tlio wholo
question at Issue with Spain was discussed
ond tho President was fully Informed of tho
views and wishes Of the American shipping
Tho delegation expressed themselves
highly pleased with their treatment by tho
President and feel confident that ho will
allow no unnecessary tlmo to bo wasted lu
securing to Amcilcati vessels tho Just treat
ment in Cuban ports to which thoy are
fully entitled under treaty and our laws
They feel that It tbo Secretary ot State has
been to far successfully resisted bv Spanish
diplomacy and Uluslonory promises tho
demand which President Cleveland will
now moko will Lavo adccislvo effect In put
ting a speedy end to tho discrimination
which has for so long been Imsoscd upon
our commerco In Cuba
Tlio question at Isstio between tho Stato
Department and Spulu was fully stated by
Iho National ItKi unLtCAN on Saturday
oud now need otily be briefly recapitulated
Somo years ago a mutual arrnngemout was
modo bctw ecu tho U 0 governments where
by It was agreed that Spanish vessels
should pay the somo tonnage dues In tho
potts of tho United States as American
vessels and that American vessels should
In duo reciprocity pay ouly tho otnio port
chorges In Cuba os Spanish vossels And
In lbS4 a further ngrremont was made
whereby the products of aud goods carried
from tho UultedSVites to Cuba In American
vessels should MVtho soma duties as If
carried In Spanlsji vessels and vlcn versa
as to Cuban products brounhj to the United
States Theso tvf 0 agreements havo been
carried out In good faltb by tho United
States but tho rercrso has been the case In
Cuba Tho Now York shipowners feel
that enough time has been wasted In
diplomacy at their expense and tho
visit of tho delegation named lias beon to
inalo a direct and urgent appeal to tho
President to eccmefrum Spain an honest
oltcrvonco of thu agrccraeuts made or to
re establish tbc discriminating duties which
Congress hod Imposed on Cuban tralllc
wuicn uiiu uccn cuspenaett uy tno 1rosi
dents proclamation Tho delegation will
return to Now York to day feeling confi
dent thot tho Trcsldont will put au oarly
termination to the present unfair condition
of matters lu Cubsu ports
flrent liny Among Colorad Mllltlru
Baltimore Sept 27 This has been a treat
day amoug Iho colored militia tho occasion
being tho anniversary of the organization of
the Hant Memorial Guard Tho Washington
Cadets ond Copltat City tluards of Washington
and detachments jr the Attuck Ouirdsnnd
Itlchmom Uuaids bf lllchmond Va pitrtlel
ntcd There was 11 parade throughout tho
prmtlral streets lir which all tho companies
presented n lino ni oeoraneo Tho celebration
closed with a hall L night
New nnd interesting facts In tho lives of sen
ators are now Ilrst recorded In our Senatorial
HitiiARD JlANsrrin Is at vVormlcyo
Judge Biuf lds ofiltchtgau Is m tho city
Wilkif Collins health Is quite restored
8FJ4ATOR Casidfn of Wost Virginia Is ot tho
Hon J AsiniEn Smith Is reported as ill at
Lj nwood Va
Henry Watti ilson and 8 B Cox aro doing
John Wilson orSllgo Md died ou Sunday
ulslitof Ijphold fover
Comiiieksh vn Clfmi nts of Georgia Is regis
tered at the Metropolitan
MissAucf LoNOSFtiow eldest daughter of
tho poet has gone to Paris
Jt stick ANn Mis Mtit mi wero expected to
return to tho city last night
The Comtode runs has taken rooms at tho
hotel nt Genet a for tho w Inter
Attorney Jem hai a vuland Is expected to
return to ibotttylna doj or two
Mn ANnMrs Henry Suikfn have returned
from ou extended tilp through Europe
Senator Edmunds has gono to Butlers
Island en the coast of Lako Cbamploln
Capt LnwAitn P Lull has been ordered to
command tho Pcnsacola Fin navy yard
JoiinEstiN Cooke the outhor died at his
resldcnco In Clarko county Va yestorday
Mrs Burdett Coutts has leased tho Duo
d Aumaleo Cbantllly palace for flficcn years
C P Black tho Democratlo candldata for
tbo co v crush Ip of Pcuusylraula Is at tho
Gfn Shfrman and ramlly havo arrived at
tho Fifth Avenuo Hotel New York w hero
they will spend the winter
JtrHii Dlrhasi first comptroller oftho treas
lire has returned to Washington from Button
much lmrrovcd In health
Cait If P Pit kino naval secretary oftho
light house board has gone to San Francisco
lo visit tho stations on tho Pacific coast
Mr Luis Mills prlvato secretary to Mr
Baeard left last evening for a short vacation
to be spent lu rambles through Virginia
Slnator Sawv eu of Wisconsin qulotlycele
biottd tho seventieth anniversary of his birth
at his homo tu Wisconsin on Wednesday
Hon N A It Dawson of Alabama commis
sioner of education returned to tho city yester
day and formally took charge ofMhat bureau
Mis Olive II Hopkins accompanied by her
daughter Louise leaves this morning for olshort
v islt w Ith rtlatli cs lu Philadelphia and vicin
bintmRY llAYARn left tho city for Boston
jesterdoy to accompany his youngest daughter
to her school Ho Is expected back lu about
ten da 8
The Illness or Senator Mitchell of PeuiujI
vanla Is regarded as of so serious a character
as to probably prevent his return to the Senato
next winter
Ir Is ounounccd that Mr Bcavor Wcbh tho
English sachtsmau Is under cngagemont of
martiago to Miss Alice May daughter of Dr
1 redcriek Maj of this city
ItEiRi siNTVTltE AnNOT of Now York prob
abl villi not occupy bis scat next winter ow
ing to bis continued sullcrlng from tho cifects
of 11 gas explosion 11 car ago
Mrs J M Carlisi r slater In law of Spcokor
Carlisle and family who havo beeu occupslng
the Towusend cottage ou Brlnley street New
port have returned to this city for tho wlntor
Tin following aroat tbo lllggs House Hon
Allen 0 Mjcrs Ohio lid ward Cohen the
banker of lllchmond James Oliver New
York a WGail of tho Arm of Gall i Ax of
Tin Loudon correspondent oftho New York
Tluirs hears llcnrj K Abbey was
ilcdtollorcnco Gerard oud that tbo couple
spent the first part of their honeymoon In Paris
before sailing for America
IT Is said that tho mother of the present czar
bequeathed 2000000 rubles to Prlnco Alexan
der lata of Bulgaria who was her favortto
lie lie w The legacy has never been paid hut
tho prlnco has ricclv cd tho luterest on it
Hit A M Caliahasi grand high priest of
Kansas at compauieu uy ins wile is the
guest of Cupt Thomas It McKco U1J II strcot
northwest during the triennial meeting of
Iho Grand Chapter oftho United Statos
Huvmanu Joiinion ono of tho original aboil
tlonists died Saturday night at his resldcnco
in tho Orauco mountains Ho was bom lu
Gcrmantonil Pa May Jl 1810 and formally
j ears was ono or tno imporimziirmor It
J L Johnson of New ork aud Phlladolpnt 1
1 n
1 1
Tho National lteiniMlciinV lredlo
llon of H Second Kitrtliquituo Lerlnil
in Getting Very Trompt mill Wide
spread Verification Charleston Ho
lier Funds
Chaiii eston 8 ft Sept 37 A slight
earthquake shock was felt hero at 503 this
afternoon accompanied by a loud rumbling
sound lbe wave moved from north to
south Tho shock lasted about two sec
onds Houses wcro shaken perceptibly
and a number ot persons rushed out luto
tho streets No datnogo was dono beyond
tho falling ot looso plastering
The somo shock was also felt ot Savan
nah la Summcrvlllc Urangeburg Cam
den Qranltevtlle and Hopkins
AtoisTA Ia Sept S7 Thcro was n
distinct shock ot carthquako hero at G
Wilminoton N ft Bcpt 27 A special
to thu Sur reports two earthquake shocks
nt Smlthvlllo ono at 11110 last night nnd
ono ut 4 KO this morning There was no
damage done
Au corthquako hock was felt through
Iotilck ond Henry counties Va at J
oclock Saturday morning It was very
pcrctptlblo at Martinsville A slight
tremor of tbo earth was experienced In
Danvlllo Saturday ovenlng about 7 23
oclock A slight corthquako shock was
felt at Kcw Haven Conn at 12 33 oclock
Saturday morning It was of short dura
tion and caused no damage
Boston bcpt 27 Tho Charlostou relief
fund so for subscribed In this city amounts
to 71400
Vjnuintto llomli 1ound lu Ht Iouls
St Louis SIo fept 27 Tho citizens of
South St Louis aro thoroughly aroused ovor
tbo finding of a dynamite bomb at tho olllce of
JobuM Conrad tho keeper of n livery stable
at No CS07 South Broadway When Mr Con
rad went to his slablo jesiorday morning Ho
found a small chalk box from a which Also
partially burned protruded ltug In tho dojr
way Ifoi lckcduptho box carefully romove 1
Its lid nnd was horrllled to see ready nakcdlu
solid nnd rawdust a regular Chicago au
archlsts dynamlto bomb Tho police wero at
onco notified and they took chargo of tho
bomb nnd carried It to the tiollco station
where it was thoroughly cxamluod Tin In
strlilnpntAf ilestriietfoti seas a CAsMron shall
resembling in suapo a iiucks cggauoiuiiirco
Inches in diameter and filled with dynamite
and bullets Willi an opening In tho top to ad
mit tbo fuso Why any ono should desire t
destroy his stables Mr Conrad Is nt a loss to
Chief of Ioltio Arrested for llxtortlon
Nrw York Sept 27 A warrant was Issuod
at Jefferson Market rollco court this after
noon for the arrest ofWm F Mahady chief
of police of Saratoga The chargo Is altemutod
txioillon of moncnnd tbo warrant was
Issued on complaint onutano A Lorldou or
101 Vust Foriy ulnlh street this city Ciilsf
Mabndy was found at it hotel
at 0 o clock this afternoon was arrcstod and
locked up In Charles street station wheru ho
will spend the night
Tbo warrant alleges that Albert Lnrldon Hon
of tho complainant Is charged Willi lorgery
and that Mahady had n warrant for his nrrest
Instead howovcr of arresting young Lorldon
Chief Mahady Is charged with an attempt to
icltie tho coso with tho elder Lortdon tor tho
sum of tibto Mahady will bo arraigned In
Jcflcrion Market to morrow morning
Gen Arthur llottirna to Now York
Nfv London CoNNliept27 Ex Prcsldent
Arthur who has been spending tho summer
rt toe leimot House left at 110 oclook ou the
Shoro 1 lno express train for Now York this
afternoon accompanied by hlsphvslclan Dr
Peters Mr Arthurs health greatly Improved
during his stay hero
NrwYoKK Sept 27 Ex rrosldcnt Arthur
arrived homo to night Irom New London
Savo fortlio natural fatigueof thejournoy ho u
feeling as well as usua
rsHtlounl SnIUIera lloino sinmigers
LiAvrNVioRTH Kav Sept 27 Gen W II
Franklin Gen L A Harris Capt Milcholl
Gen Knox Gen Hyde and Gov Martin
members of the board of national soldiers
homo managers wcro In session hero to day
Ucn Block pension commissioner Is with tio
party They wero tendered a rcieptlon nt the
Soldiers Homo this morning after which they
vlH d Fort Leavenworth They loll this
Defaulter inuld Indlctad
Portlanh Ms bept 27 Tho grand Jury
lo do relumed an ImlHmcnt against Cashier
W m II Gould Tho Indictment charges th t
on Dec H 1611 Gould embezzled lilltol
Slates notes valued at tl 1271 nud made talso
tmrltsln tho Lookito coverupsald fmttl
This Is the only oilonso charged ajalust lilin
In Iho Indictment
Hallway Men Indfctoel for Man
IliiiALo Sept 27 Conductor Harrison and
Ki glnccr Brewer of the excursion train In
collision at Silver creek havo both been In
dicted for manslaughter by tho grand Jury nt
Mas vlllc They aro held In 03000 ball each
Their cases may bo tried next month
Uxcurslon to Charleston
The Pennsylvania railroad tho Itlcbmond
FrcderlcKsbttrg and Petersburg railroad aud
the Atlantic Coast Lino Jointly will run au ox
rurslon to Charleston on Oct 2 tickets good
for any train leaving that day ami to return
Oi t I 1 uro for round trip 810 Tho proceeds
will bo devoted to the relief of tho Clutrleiton
suficrcrs Sleepers will bo provided to accom
modate all who inoy wish totakotkotilp
Vlco Cannula ICecoglilzed
Tho President has recognized llullno Velez
as v leu consul of Un United States of Mexico
at Tucson Arizona nnd Peter L Chetrj
Brlllih vlco consul at Astoria Orcg
Tho Democratic primary contest In Toledo
Ohio lesulted In 11 victory for Hon Irmlt
lliml oud his nomination bythocoaveutioi
lo duy is regarded as assured
Tho threatened strike of salesmen at Pitts
burg has botn averted by Iho proprietors of
the gents liinilshlng goods stores agreeing lo
closu at 0 oclock In the evening
Tho XirllMtilnn CliroiUcle Bishop Irelands
organ nt bt Paul Minn nud an lulliicntiat
Ciiiliollu 1 uper has come out In favor oftho
lie publicans ou tempcrauco grounds
titorgo W Washington 0110 of tho bost
kiiown colored Itcpubllcati leaders in AU
banin died yesterday at his homo in Mont
gomery He was one of tho 300 who voted lor
1 rant at Chicago and hud ono ot thot rant
At nconferenco at Philadelphia joiterday
between tho window glass maiiiilactiirers and
it tommitlto 01 employes tho wage question
wis siltlul nud tbo nres will bu st tried nt
rnce This fcltlinntit nlkcH oil fai torloi In
New Jersey Maryland how York mil Pouti
syhaulacii toftlio Allcghenles
Nat Johnson nephew ofcx Gov Johnson
shot and killed Ben crady ut Nclsmivlllv Ky
The killing grew nut of the Into
lonfirtsMoiml race trail and
Jim tmilli allaekid Johnson who shutCraly
Ihrmigh iho binln and llreel at builih who
cseor td b running
ContMernblo excitement was cniisod lu pollt
luil elicits In Qui ens county N Y jitter lay
hv tho annouiieemcut that oi toirrreMiuui
JninisW Covert had oonsiuted to enter the
contest tor tho nomination f ir Congress ngalust
1irrj BtlmouLwliiiiiwasbcllcvcd would havo
a walk over Mr Covert bos written 11 letter
to Mr J W Quintan of Hushing consenting
10 tho use of Ills niiiuo In Ihetonvenltou
vA Democratic mass mrctlng was held nt
Indianapolis Ind last night ut which Sou
nlor Voorliees vi as Iho prlnlpal speaker The
iinntorcoudi innid tlio hepubllcaii party for
iliiiounclng ihcDeiiiucrnci lor tilings ol which
Iho tonner had been equally guilty and then
passed to a consideration oi tho llajcs lllileu
count tlio n suit ol w hlch ho 1 haraclerlzod as
Iho trlumi h of a dhhoucst ballot nnd a falso
Tbo troublo at Stcrubergcrs shirt faetoiy
Phllailelplila which threatened to ciilmtnaie
In 11 slilkc was adjusted esterdny The
dllllcultv grew out of the employment of a
klrl In the shopns a learner whom iheilrm
was requested tudlsehargeon thoornuud that
It w as ov lolatlou tit the rules ot tho Knights of
labor Tho firm refused and tbo bauds gavo
nollro that unless tlio loarucr was discharged
tlio four liundn d hands employed would nop
work VHerday morning ocomuilttoo from
the shop wahed on representatives of tho llrtii
nndthuritult was an adjustment nf the mat
ter b which Iho lcarucr objected to was per
mllltdlo remain
tim arnMANs duinic
llcer rodiictloti for 11 Yeir Over
1100000000 riiiiions
Consul Tanner of Chemnitz reports to
tho Secretory of Stato that tho beer produc
tion of Germany in 1SS5 win l10iOtOOJ
gallons enough to form a lako moro than
0110 mile equoro nud 0 feet deep or It
would make a running stream as large as
seine of our rivers Ho savs tho con
sumption of Intoxicants lu Jorniatiy per
bead Is four times as great ns In the united
States jet there are a thousand hopeless
diuhkards In tho United Statos to ton In
German Tlio dllTcrciico arises largely bo
lovs If not tnllrelj from tho manner of
drinking In voguo In Iho two countries
This stlcnco lot drinking ho writes
consists simply lu the tardiness of drink
Ing All drinks aro taken sip by sip nhuK
or thrct quaitcrs of an hour being con
sumed for a gloss of beer
This Is soslmpio that ono Is liable to
ridicule for losing stress upon It an 1 yet
ou this ono point hinges lu my opinion a
question of vast Importance to Americans
lly this manucr of drinking tho blood Is
aroused to greater activity In so gradual a
mamicrthat thcro Is no violent derangement
of tho animal economy lly slow drinking
tbo Herman accomplishes tbo object ot
dilnUIng and gives his animal economy n
chonco to say Hold I enough 1 which only
slow drinking will do Mr Tannor says
that since bis orrlvol In Icrrnony ho bos his
Ilrst gloss ot water to sco drunk
itovAis axi siiirjT mastiiih
Arllslrjg In rsuiiilioM lo Attend the
Triennial Assembly
Tbo following ofllcers and members of
Ibo General Grand Council of Hoyal and
Select Masters nrrlv cd in tho city yesterday
olid bavo their headquarters at tho Hbbltt
House Geo M usgoodby New York M
1 U G M George J Pmckard Louisiana
11 P J G D M Georgu V Cooloy
Minnesota II P 1 i 1 C V O A il
Sentcr Ohio II P G 0 treasurer llenj
I Holler Tennessee R P G 1 recorder
John Ilalgh Massachusetts It p J C
Henry Sovrc Orme Cal U 1 M Geo L
McCaban Marylaud H P 8 John W
Coburn New York Charles V Urown
New York A Jl Wololiln Georgia Hlch
ard Lambert Louisiana draft 1 Acklln
Ohio S blacker Williams Ohio John V
Ltadmum Goorgo McGowon JM Wilson
II V liurtrtlf 1 L Lambert Now
York 0 11 lllrn Pnlmjra N Y
Gcorgo J Plnckard also represents Florida
and John Vt Cohuru will votofor Alahtma
Tho meeting of tho General Grand Coun
cil of llojnl aud Select Masters will prob
ably tako placo In Scottish Itlto Hall and
will begin after tho adjournment ot tho Ilrst
session of tho General Grand Chapter nt S
oclock this afternoon
an inioyaiili ijvunino
Htuslenl Intorlulmncnt fllvon ut tho
rolmnnoa limit House
A pleasant entertainment was held at the
Potomac boat liouso last evening which
was enjojed by n comfortably largo au
dleuce Tbo Tranz Abt Club rendered
several selections during the ovenlng and
received encores on each occasion lr I
Dainainvllle the emlueut surgeon of New
York held the audlenco In rapturo by sev
eral violin solos Dr Dimalnvlllo was the
favorite pupil 01 iixtcmps tbo famous
violinist nnd took tbo Bst prize over Wle
losKI the Pclo at the const rtory in Paris
when hut 0 jeorsot ogo Mr J V Law
rence tho organist nt St Matthews Chith
w os present nnd gavo with excellent effect
several piano solos besides accompanlug
Dr Domalnvlllc
Tbo cvcnlnns entertainment waa uuder
tho inausttctucnt ot Col Frank Jones
Among tho number present were Mrs
Prank Jones Hon Samuel H Whcatlov
wlfo and daughter Mrs Dr Stems Mr
and Mrs Joucy Mr and Mrs Oscar P
Schmidt Mr and Mrs Cllllord Warden
tho Misses Dougherty Miss Heatou Dr
Jerome Chase Messrs il Lewis Blackford
W W Warden Fred W Jones Frank A
Miller MaurleoCroplej Frank H Warden
W 1 H Irt Col ttcldeu aud a number of
the visiting oarsmen
Another llonil Cull
Acting Secretary Falrchlld yesterday
Isstltd tho 113d bond coll which Is for tho
redemption of 15000000 of tho 3 per cent
loou of 1SS2 oud Interest will ceaso on tho
somo on tho 1st of November next Tho
boudscalled nro tho following 50 original
No 00 to original No Ki both jnciuslvo
qiitv urigiuai 10 mi to original iio fill
both Inclusive 500 original No 230 to
original No ill both Inclusive 1000
oilitlnal No 213 to original No J 4 II both
Inclusive 10010 original No 7dtW to
original No b810 both Inclusive
A Houso Warming
Mr Wm Mnjsc tbo banker havlug J11 1
moved Intohls elegant new homo on Third st
northwest invited In a few of his many Iriends
Inst cvculug to an old fashioned houso winn
ing Itwasnlsothctwrntlcth nnnlversaryof
I lie Iuu py colli les w eddlng day iT ho occasion
was over pleasant onu and tho happy couple
liavo again stoned lu llfo with tho good wishes
ol hosts of friends
Mr Maisoiaino to this city Just alter the
war nnd entered the Interior liep irtnicnt as 11
cltik Ills energy nnd thrifty biiilneas habits
would not allow nlm to bo burled lu a dep irt
incut however and ho engaged In vurloui
riusldo enterprises until his tlmo was so ab
soibcel that ho resigned bis olllce an I Is uo v
nt the head of tho nourishing banking homo
of W m Ma so A Lo and Is reckoned ns ono
ol iho olid men of l usblngtou Among tlioso
wl o we roprtsent last evening wero Uev Job
lTlccDD ond wire Mr andMrs oM Brvant
Mr and Mrs I D CroUsaut Mrs 51 1 S
Davis Mr and Mrs A M W Ilson Mr and Mrs
John Benton Mr I WDavis and his ntcco
Miss Agnes Davis Mr and Mrs T 11 Towner
Dr MiKcndrto ltlley Dr H M Bennett an I
wife K 1 Doorman and wire II A Hall Mr
and Mrs V Y jiinlnn Capt Dickey and
wife Mr and Mrs Little Mr and Mrs Hull
Mr and Mrs Wood Mrs Aveliue Miss Bent
Mr nnd Mm Inngley Mr and Mrs John
ltcedJudgo Thomas and wife Mr aud Mw
Geo Laletra and mauy others
Operation of tho leologlcul Surrey
Tho Secretary of tho Interior has roeeived
tho report ot Iho operations of the geologlctl
survey lor tbo month of August last Tho
topographer In chnrgo of tho District of Coliim
bin reports tho completion of tho llfty three
square miles of toimgrupby
The ctnozote die 1 lon of Inv crtebrato paloon
tolog Dr VV II Dale In chargo returns that
tho workof classifying and nrranglng rollvc
lions was continued nud thai tlio Hold of work
of Assistant Burns wrui continued eollccilng
tcrllar fossils was In Mnryhin laudnluiij tho
Hulls of the lotomao In irulula
Prof W M lontalnc continued tho prep ira
tlon of his report 011 tho fossil tlora or the Im
mnc formation spending tho gra iter part of
liiu nionlh lu Washington so as In tie ablo to
ct mult toots of rtftrvueoandpliuteollto
1I1 ns
The sixth annual report or Iho survey Is now
In the bltiile rv nnd will soon ba Issued
Aiipoliitiut iila lu tha llglitliouso Ser
Tho Atllnp Secretary of tho Treasury has
mnile the following appointments In tho
service Thomas long nnd Arthur
Bunnell lo bo assistant kcepors a the cbcirlo
lltht Hell Gate N Y r Swatn to bo
ktti crathauluikel Mass Uins H Hammond
in bu keepir of lightship at llau Iktrchlet
Shoal Mass Stephen Hones tn bo keeper nt
Mouoinny Point Mats A S I Ills lo bo ns
slstnnt keeper nt lliindktrehlff Shoal Muss
jniiuc 1 rcu iiinuiissiiiiunt keeper at lint
terns Inlet N C 1 dgar J Itussell to bo
assisiam keeper at Nomorori Key tin
1 1
The Thrco lcr Ceut Xuisii
A statement prepared at the Treasury Do
partment shows tho status of thu thrco pr
cent loan at tho close of business yesterday as
rouowa Total loan sa 01510 adeemed 111
DM U2MI surrendered under circular ol
Aug 0 uso JTtS oou surreudt rid uude r circu
lar of bept 15 1SM1 tjIHloSO called 8J0UV
2v0 uncalled 8705iiJO
Tlie Wentlier
Tor tho District or Columbia and Ylrglnln
Local ruins slightly cooler weather sotith
wcsltrl winds
Thcrmcmctrio readings 3 a m 71 o 7 a
m 70 0 11 n m Siog s p m f 0 7 p m
bJO 10 p in 77 03 lip m 70 ty mean
temperature 7 0 maximum EJo mlulmum
07 0 mean relative humidity 7il0 total
precipitation Q luchej
Cnrdlnl nnil Hearty lteceptlon to this
Msllnro Acllvlty nt tlio ltespectlva
IlcHdiiinrlrr Arrangements for tiio
Inrnclo Cumpleto After Tlnit llusl
Tlio headquarters of tho Ocncral Grand
Chapter ltojal Arch Masons was opened
yesterday at tho Itlggs Honse Tho
parlors on tho second floor of tho I
stiretslilo aroused by tho Grand Chapter
of tho District of Columbia and tho parlors
on the Fifteenth street front second floor
aro used for tho private purposes of tho
general ofllecrs Iho Mar land Grand
Choptir occupies tho remaining parlors on
tho somo Moor as a headquarters In both
registers aro kept open and tlio pages last
night were filling up rapidly with signa
tures Of IhcMarvlandmcrabcrj tlioso pres
ent at their headquarters last night wero
Messrs Charles It Ohr Ucorgo I McCa
hau James W llowcrs Herman I Um
mous Jr Charles I Achcy John STyson
Win I Cochrau C V S Lovy Georgo W
Shelve and Edward T Schultz Messrs
Schultz nud McCuban did the honors In
rccclvlnt gucsls During the evening
their headquarters were crowded wltu
visitors A splendid luncheon was spreal
on a side table aud It was heartily
partaken of During tho night Grand
Mask r Thomas J Bhrvock of Marilanl
took Ibo Baltimore delegation by surprise
by dropping In on them Ho had como over
lurofiom Baltimore with u wedding party
General Grand High Priest Alfred I Chap
man was making strenuous efforts during
the early part of the evening to trausacta
lotge amount of Important business but lies
was foiccd to lay uslde his good Intention
and hold n icceptlou as Ida visitors weru
crowding In oublm Hi numbers at all times
The cxtcutlvo committee held a short
meeting lu their porlor to see If nil tho or
roncuncn s had been perfected Kvcry do
tall wos gono over to see that nothing was
amiss After ou hours session uvcrjthlux
was found to bo complete In tho District
headquarters thero wcro plentj of memhjrs
present to ut tend to the guests Here also
on sldo tables were plenty of gool things
to cot and drink and tie air ot comfort an 1
soclablencts prevailing made every one foci
nt esse Messrs N D Larncr Goorga
E Corson M Trimble P II Cum
bcilaln J C Allen J T Peir
snn 1 11 llos Alox MclCenzIe
William 11 blngleton ond KdnarJTurkea
ton oil of the cxecutlvo committee vvcra
ably nsslstcd by Messrs Will A Short
ltobert Ball and others In looklnc after thu
wants of tho visitors Messrs Iirucr
Hall Singleton Corson Trimble and Allen
lecclvcd tho delegates arriving at tha de
pots and escorted them to tho Itlggs House
An order was Issued to tho General Grand
Chapter lost night to bu In readiness at tha
lilggs Houso tbis morning nt 0 oclock to
tiiku coinages that will bo lu waiting for
Until Tho ludtca accompau Ing tho dele
gates will also coinpl with the order and
they will bo propcrl attended to by tho
ladles commltlco At 10 oclock sharp
this morning tho parado sturts from tho
come r of Eleventh nnd 1 streets Tbo lino
ot march will bu carried out as published
lu thu llEiinLlCAN ou the 2 Id Instant Tho
reception at tho Masonic Templo follows
the parade oud It will bo a very prominent
feature Ihu Marino bond will furnish tho
music for all occasions ot cntertalument
The r illowlng dclenatcs orrlvod lejterday
and reported at headquarters
Dr A M Uallahain and wtte Kansas
Frank b Johnson wife child ami nurse
Mrs Henry Class all ot Colorado Serauui
llowcu M 1 Boston I N Grccaljar
Deliver Col II S Orme M D and
daughter Los Angeles Jlr nnl Mrs
1 redcriek Speed leksburg Miss S II
Allen Wisconsin 0 II Urlttou Wlsconslu
II L Gosh Portage Wis 1 C Daniels
WIscouslu 1 WT Branch South Cirn
llna John 0 Cowlaud New Haven T O
Morris I II Eastman John Prlzzell
Bradford Nichols James 1 Douglaslt W
Nlchol oil of Nrshvllle Tenn Chester
Tlldenand wife Connecticut Ciiatles It
lllcbardsou Lowell Mass Lucius Field
Clinton Mass Nathan J Slinmonds
Woburn Moss Arthur G Pollard Lowell
Mass James v 11 Shaw Lowell Mass
W S Matthews Memphis lenn 3
Stuchcr Williams Newark Ohio Christo
pher G Iox Buffalo N Y David F Day
nnd wife Buffalo N Y P Plcktou
iK iuriiuierivcjaione iuu
Christian Frttto Itlcbmond Ind C W
Piather JefTersonvlllo Ind Mr ami Mrs
Wm Flcbards tfatartla Wis Thomas It
Caswell California N 1 Klmrsler
iitm iiiiiu 11 n cavngo aim v
0 Usher both ot Wilmington Del
1 W Iredell Cluclunatl It C Iommau
lady and boj Toledo Ohio John M Car
ter Georgo L McCohon and Ed T Schultz
oil of Baltimore Fred King La Crosso
AW Mr and Mrs T 11 Ercanbroek
Anamosa Iowa J A Iadd Chicago EJ
G ltjlev Omaha Neb Georgo W Gauld
ling nnel J M Nov cms Oakland Me O E
Crow ell Oakland Mo J W Tailor
Georgia J P Tavlor Georgia A SI Me
llliln Macon Ga
At Wlllnrds William Shlrcr nnd Janice
E Morrison both of Now York ltlchard 11
Iluntlngton wife and daughter Adams
N Y Frank Mugte Now York
livempt from Dutv
Tho Acting Attorney leneral has gives an
opinion to tbo Treasury Department that cans
containing French peas llsh polled meats
Ac aro exempt from duty uuder tho provi
sions or tlio liirlll act and tho decision of tho
United States Supreme Court In lno Obcrtetiiter
case Such cans hat 0 herttnroro been asswi tl
at tho rato of loo per cent ad valorem 01 tho
ground that they aro coverings designed for
uso otberw fso than in tho boil t tide transporta
tion of tho goods to the I nlted Stales
To Iiniiroto His Musical IMutntlon
John P Lawrence tho organist of St
Matthew s Chtirehwlllsall Irom Now York oa
Oct 9 for Europe Ho goes abroad for his
health and will study niuilo nt Lclpsle
tcrniany Mr Lawrence has gained au en-
lublo riputatlondurlug bis engagement at St
Matthew 1 Church ami will tarry tho beat
wishes or his many friends Ho will bo suc
ceeded at tbo church b Mr Stephen Kubcl
Farn couplo of senators has a wholo state for
roiuiltucuts All theso w ill desire and posscsi
Irlralls ofthclr senators In our senatorial
IAIIOlt lOllCa
Thero oro now lilt oiKrotlves working at
iho Augusta tia factory the hands from
latirson N J will rtturn home
Dlspatthcs from New vork state that a strlSo
of tlio cmploves of Iho Mount Vernon ami
Last Chester surface railroad took place yes
terday morning In roiistuueutoof a reduction
orwagts fiom tJ to 61 00 per day for lllteeu
I ul or In nil branches of tho bnlldinz tra loi
excel ling tlioso of bricklaying and plumbing
was quite generally resumed at Albauy N Y
jcsicrdai Tho master builders exchange
who locked out all mcchanles last week ho
causo of bo colts 011 certain of their members
taturda night adopted resolutions to throev
open their shops this morning and employ all
w ho applied bomo bossos continued us union
no s whllo others oponcd ns Independent
shops The bricklayers and plumbers ora
boUiug meetings and dlscusslug tho manor
It was through the Instrumentality of tho
brlcklajers that tlio boycott wm laid aud thoy
say they will bold out to tho bitter eud al
though they allowed tholr helpers and api reu
tlccstogo to work
- lu tho United States district court at Duffal
J II Dun John Dole ldward Bittles aud
eieorgo Salspaugh members of tho Cigar
makers Vnlou ofBIngliamtoii wcro arraigned
on n charge ofeonsplratv to Injure a citizen of
Iho Iniled bliiles In tho oxereUo an I enjoy
ment of tho rlkht and prlv llego secured to film
bv iho constitution or the Inlied States They
pleaded not guilt uud wcro held In 81ci
ball each to appear at thu Nov embr term at
Auburu Thoipecltle chargo It Hut thoy at
tempted tn bo colt 11011 uulou dgar manulao
turns and tiietasu is brougnt umLr soulo 1
tUiSoftliolniledbtatcs Itevlbtl Thei
iiisulsor vast ltnporlance asir tho eim irac
Hon of this statute claimed to be tbo true 010
lisustalutd by tho couit It will wipe nut all
boj coiling of non union mado cigars ihrotuh
ouitucmitcd bUlcs

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