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Jill IWDKRLYS address
rermnncnt Organisation Not Yet Com
pletecl Tlm Kyea of the World nro
Upon You The Color Jimsllon to
Mettle ltsulf A Labor Congress In
Uiciimond Va Oct 5 Although tho
sccondday of tho Knights of Labor conven
tion hat passed that body la not yet ready
to begin the business which called It to
gether Nothing could bo dono bcforo
organization as n convention and boforo
that Is dono It la necessary to know who
nro entitled to ho members of tho conven
tion Tho flrat atcp toward accomplishing
that result was taken yesterday whon tho
committee on credentials wastiamcd From
tho tlmo of tho organization of tint
eommlttco It has been busily onsagod
going through tho tedious and laborious
task of examining tho list ot delegates from
assemblies throughout tho United States
and Canada and compnlng with Bccroary
Turners hooks to deterralno the startling
of the assemblies they represented and the
claims ot tho assemblies to bo rcprcscnlod
Over tbls work they tolled uutll n late
hour last nlulit and tho toll was resumed
coily tils morning
Whin convention assemblel at 0
oclock the work waa s 111 uncomplotcdand
thoiomciitlon was compelled to adjourn
to 3 oclock this afternoon tonwalt Its com
plitlon When tho convention want Int
session at that huur tho report was not yet
ccnipletcd n all Its details and was not
presented until u ociocu from mat uour
until C 30 oclock tbo tlmo was occupied In
of over GOO names Tho commlttoo bad
leached a decision on all but eight or ten
nanus and theso wcro referred to tbo con
vention Itself Tbo report presented was
unanimous lrotista wcro mado on behalf
of deli gules excluded by tho decision of
tlio cc nimlttio Arguments wcro nudo for
nnd against acceptance of tbo report nn I
If the statements of delegates who lift fio
hall durlug tbedtbato may bo hclluvul tho
feeling shown ou both sides In several cases
was crj stroLg At length tbo report was
accepted and It waa decided tbattboso
whoso names bad been read from tho roll
ptcpartd hytbo commlttoo on credentials
wiroiutltlcd to stats When this result
was reached tho others were requested to
leave nnd qulctlv retired from tbo ball
Thowoikof assigning scots to tho remain
ing dU gates then began and was completed
at 720 oclock when an udjoilrnmcnt was
token to 0 to morrow morning
Ileforo adjourning It was decided that
tho sessions of the contention shall be from
J to IIS a m and 3 toO p m dully until final
adjoin nrati t
Bcforo tho delegates left tho hall tlls
nttiicotu Mr Possdcrly strongly urged
them to avoid tbo uso ot strong drink whllo
In ltlchnjoud As IntlMJuals ho stld bo
had no right to dictate as to what they
should do Lilt they wcro not here aslndf
lduals hut as n preventatives ot avist
crnstltuency Tho eyes of tho world were
upon t lit ni whllu here und that constitu
te Mould bo Judged by their conduct
The commlttio of arrangements of local
knights appointed to determine the details
of tbo entertainment to bo clvou tho visit
ing knights next Monday have decided to
let tbo question of ths commingling of
Viblto end colored ncotilo at tbo ball that
rv evening settle Itself It bos been arranged
locale two uanciug pavilions at too stato
ftlr grounds -v
Chairman Ijuchsaid this afternoon that
It vie rot tbo Intention to assign one to
white knights aid tho other to colorod
Kulghtr Ibis order recognized no such
distinctions but at tho samo tlmo the foal
ing hero In regard to nodal Intercourse of
the races was so well understood thoy an
tlclpaled no trouble on that score It was
expected of course that tbo colored pso
pie would prefer to a sjclato with thotr
own people If however a colore 1 kulght
and Inly should choose to danco with tho
white people In tho other pavilion ho
knew of no Intention to prevent them
ben nikid If colored guests should pre
sent the mseHcs at the tables wherd whites
veto tcatcd at tbo bauquet what would bo
flow bo replied that he expoetol no trou
ble In that wot but did not suppose they
would bo prohibited from dolus sa
He lutcmded speaking to Mr Iowderly
en the subject In a clay or so lie ropoited
that ho expected no trouble
The funds for tho eutertatnmcut of tbo
pin its was raised by the local assemblies ot
JtUbmotid colored an 1 whllo Tbo knights
I tre havo separate assemblies and the
colored hnlgbtshnva contributed something
muo than tbo whites to the entertainment
Include a parado ot tho lojal assemblies
aid vlsltlug lnlghts Mr luwdcrluy exec
utive eommlttco and Invited euests In
fiptcbes will bo mado by Senator elect
Dnulcl Oov Lee Mr 1owderlj and otbrJ
Doling tbo afternoon session Mr Fow
tlcrl n i lived tlio following telegram from
Ttno Haute lim
Tho rrolht rbuod of Locomotlio Tlremen
Iild rmitratulatloni nil 1 bet svlhs
and wish ou and your ordtrcsery success
I 1 Hah IKNT
Tlie tdegram was road an In eommlttco
was appointed to send a sultablo response
Mr Iowilirlv also Kflclvcd by wlro to
day from lllchraoud Ind the umirratul a
tlons iinil Ihauk ot Joints I Townssnti
eolorcd of Post 40 1 A It for tho stand
he bad taken In lit half ot tho colorod race
lo tuorinw will be taken up In thodls
rustlou of tlio question of uduilsalou nr re
jection of eight or tin dolcgiites svlnso
rotes wcro referred to tho convention by
tho committee on credentials They come
f lorn several statt a uud consist of miimbara
of delegations from assemblies clalmlu
larccr representations than tho strict rulos
of the order allow They claim that the
prcsint membcisblp entitles them to the
number tent but tbo rules require that rep
rtsentotlon shall bo based on tbo member-
Mli thown bv the secretarys bonus last
liy hen thin question Is decided tho
invention will bo read la listen to Mr
Towdetlys address showing tho progress
of tbo i1cr during the year and settle
down to huslneea an siting Its attention
Grant Master Workman Iowderlya an
nual rdtlresswlll bo presented to tlio eon
Million It Is expected tomorrow aftor
troon It has already been mado public
and is as follows
The most oscntful nnd trylnj year of ourox
Jtlence as nn order bas ended ami wo nstombls
for tbo purpose of rcvlowlngwhac has been
dono correcting those things that aro wrong
atiiS nt loltlnllnir fnr tliil flltliro
It Is required by law that tlio general master
wcrkroon sball make out and submit a report
or blsolllehil acts during tbo 5 cur lotoport
all of ray otllclal aais porrornicd during tbo
patt car would lako moro of your time llian it
at all nercuary and to properly place thorn
beoioyoul would require at Icat four wooks
time In which to prepare them fir
I havo nil of iny correspondence and letter
tiootsnlthln reach uud can on short uotleo
icft r to them in matters of detail Wheutno
law which requires of the tronoral matter
WOrkmnil u uinuuut n iwji Jifc vim iiw
that officer waa not ft member of tho general
juriftitKn linnril Now that tio li a inunihiirtif
tbnt body the reioil of the board mint
Oily eOllhlUUIV UllM lttUI llltl IUINJIIUb IlHt III
llioilntltaof tliennieral mastor workinaii far
ins time during the jearwas mainly occuplol
with tcncrul oxttutlve board laulnes I re fa
ouintho retorts of tho gouoral oxooulvo
Ijoii r J and other officers ami aentt of the
priieial DiceinUy and will inldrcss jou
trldl upon mine few mntteis nf Imnortaneo
nnd uiako sueh sutfjisllous as I consul r n
If wooro guided by tho cxpcrlenca of tho
rtafct and act acoordlugly wo can place the
order ujmn a fnotlmt so afu and bum that no
fltSaUll IIIHIl II IIVMl V IlJttlU no
nro not autded by that expirleneo If wo fall to
rtad urlgbt the slgui of tlio tiinet and wa elosi
this erne ralassemtdy svlib int having Improved
ru the rati wo will fall to properly represent
ttioro wnoniifc nii
1110 laPlU lUCieilcu 111 viu4iiiAHtun a iuu inn
ItamlltonFcssonof tho rcncral assembly srai
most rnarrclous An examination of tho re
I oris of the general secretary treasurer for tho
car ending July 1 INK will show that luono
sear 4CCS tuwmbllcs hare been orguilred
The new mi mbcrs so sud lenly brought t
fclbcr could not 10 properly nsstmliatol
Thoutands bavo been ntlncted toward tbo
order llirougli racro curiosity others havo
ttmo lor purely nclfish motives whtlo tho
cieat bulk of nurtiow recruits havo Joined ui
lur tho good that they could do
Jul eieftw lino tntereil our or lor for the
purptiso of redressing cxlstlni strongs and
beloio wnlllngto learn ntlylliltu coucrnliig
tho duty or tho knight to tho order havo
t lunged Into rath and IU cunl lerrd strlkoi
Tbo troubles coming Irom this direction begin
whllo tbo last general assembly svas lis i o i
Tro car drlscni ol St lxuls sro re organ I so J un
der tromlso from tho organiser that they
would reecho aid unstinted Inrassof aslrl Ice
Eser leforotho receipt of tlielr charter they
were on strike Their pro oedlngs srero oist
ctillietltiT inch ntlcr disregard tor our laws
nnd teocblues that tho paid and known agvits
or their emplojers the detectives had no
d fflculiy In securing tho paisogo of motions of
a violent character It fs an established fact
that men who wcro employed bydetcctlvo
sgenrlf s stood up on tho llnnror that assembly
meilo Inflammatory speeches urging tho mu
to det da of violence and urged that tho prop
erty rf the street car comivtulis bo destroyed
It as only the good sense of tin men that pre
vtnlcd such outrages from being pnrpotrAtoi
although tbrto agents ol a nefarious spy ss
tern Induced some desperate men to blow up
tho cars upon tho streets lor thoso outrages
tho order svos In no way responsible IhoHt
louls car troubles wcro but tho beginning of
tho tidal wavo of strikes and boycotts which
swept riser Iho country and which stratnol
the strength nnd resources of your general oltl
ccrs almost Icyond Ibclr powers ot endurance
the souruwuT stiukh
betanwben tbo tlmo nnd attention of tho
general tilllcers srero taken tin with other mat
ters of sital Inmottance No notice of tho
cotilcroplalcd action wrs given to us and wo
knew nothing whatever concerning It or tho
comes hading to It umll it bad bccitlaprog
It bos been uncrted that I condemned tho
mm wlillolhcv wcrooiistrUo Nosuchstato
rat lit ever cscoped my lips The only state
itiixiL firtnlnn thAt rnnliS h made to nnocar In
the light of a condemnation was ti at con
tained In my secret circular of tho 13thof
March is copy or which ts herowlth submlllid
1 did not approve of that srtllo I could not do
to since confidence enough was not reposed In
tho general exciutlso board to glvo tbooia
t bant c to examine Into tho grievances which
the mrmbcrs ol U A 101 complained of It
svosonlvsvhcn tho threat was mado to stop
cicty Mln el In tho United Slates and cngago
ilo ssnoie eruer m inu oiiiicuuy tuat
I ralstd my solro In denial I did
that In clcfcnso nf the order and tho conn
ir I nm qullo willing to assttmo alt tho
resron lbllltles attached to the act and svould
do the samo again under similar clrcum
That the men of tho southwest sunVrod
wrongs Is ttue they were many and grievous
and It Is mt frm belief that tbo railway com
panies with a mil knowledge of what these
grlcsnnccs were precipitated tho fight them
Kl cmt a tlmo u lien It would appear to too
world that the striken us for an inslgnMaant
came I can ilonn better than to submit tbo
n i oils of Urothers Lllchman and McOolrj
Thetc two members wcro by mo norsonally
detailed to go svith tho congressional Commit
tee and with that committee examine Into tho
strike and Its rallies to that an early rcprt
mlKhl be made to the order by lis own repre
soiitutlses If tbopoMtlon which I toVkdurlnrf
lim strlko wus wrong then tho entire ordor
sustained mo In It lor when I Issued tho appeal
for aid to support those w bora tho companies
tirund to treat nllh I was motr gcnorojily
eustnlntd ssarclerinco to this rcnort ot tho
Fcncrnl 6circtnry treasurer will show Tho
dot umi nts and orrespondonco relating to that
strike are nt our disposal
the i loiiT noun STitucc
which took place May 1 was not successful
txcttt lu cases where employers and cm
plnes wcro acting In liarmonjor
were svllling to adapt the plan In
rannj rases tho old system of wo klni long
hours has been rovlsod Iho reiteration of
Trades recommended tho lkt of May bit
adopted or suggittcd nndcllnlte pi in by which
the short hour system could b lnaiuuratid I
cautioned our mcrut era against ruihl ig luo
tbls niovement I had tho rlibt to d lit ait 1
om firm In tho belief that Had I not il mo si
lrrai lota would bavoheiu cntaltecl uom vait
Lumbers ofonrAssemblles has 1 satit In mv
secret circular ot March 13 has been so crely
crltlclrcd and I base been accused of opposing
tho clgbt hour movement No statampnt ever
was lurthcr from the truth I opposed tho
strike ou May 1 becauso I knew that neither
workmen nor cmplojcrs wcro ready for It bo
eousotho education which must always pro
cede Intelligent action haJ not been en en to
Jhr mo In need of It becauso no dednlic
biisniCLllko plan for tho Inauguration orthe
eight hi ur movement bad been msppod out
In feet uopriparallons had been ma lo to put
the I Ian lilt can be called a plan Int execu
tltn These tire th roarons svhy 1 opned
tho movement on Maylaul for these same
reerons tlo I still opposi It
A reduction nfllio hours of libor Is a uocas
sli and sooner or later mnstba Iui1 bit wo
must not forget that In many lacoi tho ton
hour i Ian has not been adopted yo It may
rloen well for nn nrganlallm which lwtcs
afti r the Intercs s of but o 10 craft nr calling to
neglect Ihnso w h6 stand most In neo I ot botp
but u knicht of I abnr must ncsir rloso hit cj o
to the warns of tho humblest of bis filljtv
Tbo sery dlscuslon of tho sudin Intro luc
lion if IhceUht hour plan Injured limine is so
iiiidi so tint In ninny places men svero re
durtdlo half tlmo nr thrown ou of craptny
mtnt altogether Mlllousof dollars srnnh of
wmk was left uiutonu bttaiiseof ttieunojr
lalnty lu rtgord to taking contracts or In male
It g ei ctikemcnts to perform work Never sras
It inure tlrarly dimonsl rated thttan Injurv
lotnclsihccoucerntif all than luthomovo
ment I tim speaking of Iho bousabulldor
through uncertain as to ho v many hours nf
laloi his employes would work for nlui undo
ro com mm to erect buildings and tho car
penter wus thiown out of otnotoyracnt tho
man who mode tlio window glass the man
who mado tho mills In fact t scry manor
womnnrngagcd lu the minufa Unroof artlclos
w bit h mi to build or furnish a home sullero I
through ibauUcmpt toinforcothe eight hour
system on Mo 1 Tho moro was In tno rUlit
olrtctlcn bue tho tlino and rlrciimstanccs
ssere not tuliable Ileforo tho eight hour plan
Is adopted the Knights or Ialnr aud the tru lei
union or America must liynsl lo their Jealous
les nrd dllTcrt net a t time together name a day
rn whleh to put the 1 1 in Into cxeeutlou atopt
Iho plan of notion which mint tin graduil
uidsuih as will not Inlllit injjry upyii
slttier emnltytr nr wnrliniau Hie pi in pro
leuti d by Mr M ron of Chliigo to tho spsdal
tcttlon t f the general n semblj nt lovolau t
is a good one lu mar every pirtlriilir nnd If
thvwukliign enaiiriuiatloiiind tho man
ufaetureis aMeltlloiihntriii upon tho putting
Into irrllic mil a plan it o m bj d mo with
out n Jar nr Trillion Ni is irblnmau neod
si like nor nit1 Iuluiss Ins uuilllid Why
slnud it not bodiuc Clthiradnpt a plan
lor tin icrlPttlonnf this Idea or else place It
In II o lmuditif tholnioinlng general cxeoi
llu I oh in uith Iiutructlons to perfirra tho
thus If ire do not do either let us strike tho
lwiillist declarallon from our proetnblo
Old n longer proclaim totho world thitwj
me In fas or of clgbt hours for a days labor
Bcforo a short hour system that will b3 of
any tenet t to mankind can bo lnauguratnd
tbo relation srhlcti the workmiu boars to tho
labor saying machine must tindergi n radio il
chaugo Shorten tho hours of labor under
our present ostein and tho streets will not hi
emptied of their Idle thoustnds Moro raa
chines svlll bo erected and moroclilllrencallo I
luloservleolo fud ihem 1hoassriIn that
tbo ads ocato of short h mrs desires to st p pro
duction Is false It Is lo mako proluulin
gradual health and havo It keen pacowith
the nuls of tho consumer keening a linen
employi d so that Idleness svlll disappear and
the l rodtieer remain n consumer to his tulles
capacity that wo dedro n shorten a or tho
hours of lator Visit our larg and smill
factories and you find that tho meohinljnf
the past Is but Iho feeder of tho machine of tho
prirent We already hear nt ruachliios In
itiurseof pirfutlou which will set Iho typo
aud mold the cigars aster than hum in bin Is
ran do the work on I electricity will soon tike
thothrottlo loser Irom the liunlof tlio nun
wlinruns iholocomottio TModiy wlilsni
dawn when theso ngui les will bo tlMur their
work and when tho day do coino Hie me
chanic now so proud or his oillln will stan I
faro lo faio with Iho nlteniUveor usklnffir
rharit or tho adoption of tho eilllnzot thu
strut scavenger whin that day osnis Iho
nan si ho uon seeks to orruy labor ngalust
labor In iiksirllng that the iJ a day man
thould notmoio lu thosamusu clary ilrelet
wilh Iho roan who works tor ilailey svlll
eltbrrscckto crowd ihoJta diy man out of
hlsplato or accept the crumhsof charity to
sustain lite llhtnry svlll rcpoit Itself and
tic fight for cxlsttuiuw 111 bu svasvd wliu ui
rilitillng lory
Tho ninchiiiw mtit birnmo thoslavoof tho
man lusleadof kit plug tho manlnattonneuo
on and subordluato to the niachliii t pi 1 1 of
riwniralion Ihrituh whluli tha worlcnilii
may control be machine- he op rates may ouo
da Biipcrtodo tho present system lo prop
til man outsuchu lan rt quirt a moro tlmi
than I luno liadnrnm llkelv In have nt my
disposal lean only cooperate ulth others lu
the work
emu lanon
Tbo thlrtientb article lu our declarallon of
prlncl lea nails lliu iirnlilblllnu by law of
the tin plot mint of children under liiyotrs of
gt In workshop lulnia and fietnrlcs Ilia
cud sought for in carrs lug this declaration Into
e licet Is not that Iho child may llse In Idleness
Ills not that more mliills ma bo omnluyed
It l that Iho child of tho poor man mas bo
t milled to acquire an eiluoitloutaepiln 111 in
for iho dutlts which will lu luluro fill tin U
blmusiuaiiaud cltUiu Wo cannot utfjrd to
pass Ibis question tv and leilslatn onsomo
slniplo queiilon of trade discipline Tho ques
tion of child labor and education Is the nnst
Important that nncumobifuro us tiiwnrnt
an other time With an education all tlilnie
aretasyor arrompllshment wlthoil It aopo
lrcir almost dies and liberty Is a firce
In our organlmilons of labor and It It ishoo
lo Horn thebcRlnnlug sro takauplhownrknf
reform when tho subject Is advanced In soars
Iho new member must be above sixteen yuan
belorowo admit him Wo attempt todrlvo
from li h mind tho raise ideas g tttirred In from
the workshop or pnsdbly the alreot toruer
Illshabltsaro forme 1 and the work th it shoul 1
have been begun nt seven oars vto lako up at
ttsrniyorlateronlnliic Tonttompttoselllo
so Intrlt ate a question as Iho nno wo are grap
pling wilh or to successfully solve tho ques
tion Is a tesk so difficult that I do not won lor
that men drop out of tho r inks of bib ir organ
Iratloi s discouraged nnd hopeless To make
the uccctssry progress wo must begin with tho
child nnd sco lo It that ho has an clneatloii
If Iho principles of tho Knights of Labor are
right nnd few men question them sve should
finch them to tho young Il should bo a part
of the duty of every assembly to ascrtaln the
number ofcblldrcu who do not nttend school In
Us fclnlly learn sshat the causes are aud Uko
Heps to has o them attend school
1 he sis ord may strike the shackles from tho
limbs or the slaso but It Is education aud or
ganlrttlou that mako of him a frco mat Ho
Is still a slate whoso limbs alono havo boon
or what avail Is it lo say that wo aro labor
ing to establish n systom or co operation when
that which Is most essential to the success nf
coopcrallnu Is lacking A business mining J
nco ssary to succiMfUUy esorry on a
enterprise If tho ruanvemont of tho largo
orsmnll concerns now In operation lu this
country srero turned over to us to day svo would
but run them In tho grnind for svo lark tho
business training necessary to successfully opo
ratalhcra Our vanity may prevent us from
ncknosvlcdglng this lo bo true but wo cannot
deny It It Is through no fault ol ours that It
Is true but ir It continues It will be our Unit
lnk that a special eommlttco on c location
bo appointed to prepare and recommend to
lo tbls general atscmblv a plan fir tho better
educatlenof Iho American youtb
TItAIlES iwiovs
Tbo trouble with trades unlonsln which cer
tain of our members aud assemblies have boon
engaged was greatly mngnlllcd and distorted
The proceedings of the Cleveland special ses
sion of the gmersl assembly and the report of
the gent rat elective board Vtomllto I to you
to day svlll bo sufficient I need not enter Into
detail further than tosiythat there wcro mis
takramadoon both sdea Somo of our or
ganizes have been so zealous In tholr way of
organizing that they have encroached upon tho
prerogatives or other associations and on sev
eral occasions tho rights or our members hnvo
been seriously lnterlercd with by members or
trades unions Slnco tho special union of tho
general assembly over fifty cases of dlspnto
between parts or our order and other societies
base been placed bcforo ma for adjustment It
w as not necessary to place theso cases befora
llicgenctnl cxccutlvo board A few lines la
each cato was sufllclcnt and tho troublo
ended To dig up past troubles Is unnecessary
and In consultation with prominent moti or
tho trades unions I svas sratUlul lo l amtlii
they bod no dcslro to roi lvo tha past Ior th
fuluiol reiommend lhat ull matters likely t
crcnlc a breach of the peacu between our order
and nny other bo nt onca submitted to tho ox
ccutlscsorbnthorganlzatlons If a tradcsualon
complslnsnfany action on tho nirtofourorilor
let tho aggrieved party sulmilt the matter to
tbopltsldentor his union ho to luvesiljat
and falling to elicit a remedy to placo thu
mtillir befoio tho general master svorkmanaid
txecuilvo board If tho aggrieved oarty Is n
tntUibtr of nu nsscmMy of tho Knights ot
1 at or lit the samo uiodo of procedure ho gone
llnwiRli wlib and about all things lot a
speed nnd Impartial lusoitlgatl m and uu 1st
turdlatcsetllement bo made This plan his
srorktd well In every new costs culled to my
attintlon slnco tho Clcioland soislon au 1 It li
worth nfadotlon
V to trouble has been caused us by men who
pioins tu l o members or tho Knights of Layor
tl nn be numbers of trides unlins I rvspict
tho man who being amcmbrof n tr s lei
uuh n docacrerihliighnnorablo In his pvver
to defend mid perpciuate hts orginlratlm
but Jor Iho Knight of laibor who wo lid even
attempt to subordlnato our order to any o lur
I base nothing t ut contempt III my estlui
llon there Is but nno piaio far such a man
li d Ibat Is on tho outside ofour order
If tbo representatives nt tho trilotuiloni
and of our enter como together an lbvharj
tint ere In their devotion to their rosp ctlvjnr
gnulzatlony rut hont stand satbifiietory sjlu
tlon nr over dllllculiy cau ba arrived at No
sacrlfiecof rlnctple or regard f ircltliororirai
izntion need attend such a meeting 11 it tno
man who through fear policy lndlfTercnro
or a desire to acquire popularity neglects tbo
Inleiestsof thaorilerhoronresnuialsuot hot
est nnd should not be allowed toactlnaoy
capacity for nny society of worxlng nen
With tho st Mion of tho general iLsscmblv
only three days nway It will not bo pos lblo
for mo to say all that I would likoto unmlln
questions that will como befrro us Mv tlmo
has been enllrily taken up with llioiletall work
ol tie order nnd I was forced to neglect
tbls dui In order lotrlio nny tlmo or attcutio
tu a prt i arntlon ror tho raining or tha gorloral
nstcmbly It svlll surprise you to learn that
oscuut this moment when ciery member
known full well that svo aro ussembte 1 m gen
oral convention secretaries and members nro
addressing ma nt my oltlro In tho expectation
nf icrclvlng nn Immedlato reply Litter and
telfgrnroshy the hundred will flow In upon
mo even whllo tho general assembly is In set
The duties svhichrslled tno away from homo
for tbc grmier part of tho year tnat bas close 1
made llltnpnsslblo to give proper nttontlon to
my correspondence lo real each letter ad
dressed to mo would occupy every inoinontol
thotweni four hours leas Inx nollnio lo an
swer nrtllilata an nnsivcr to any or thom I
attended to all that I conl I and tho other
will never bo reached If this Is neglect of
duty then I am entity but I havo nn npolojy
tootlcr I did all that I could dn moro oiuld
not bo expected of me
I lias o ncser during tho seicn years that I
have served as gt ueral roaster workman made
a mt mbcr of this order a subject of personal or
puWiocritleltm or utilise Huch treatment has
nofbecn accorded to mo Whclhor tbo Inten
tion svas to havo mo rep ytbrrmjli tha public
press I do not know but 1 have mado It a rttlo
ncier to spenk In criticism harsh or otherwise
of n mau except when staudlug fieo ti fiea
with hint Aud I havo as studiously refrained
limn replying lo or denvlng attacks nr accusa
tions nrnlnsi mo except In tho prosonco of
those who made them When called upon to
ilcti nd Hie order or Its principles I havo at
timited lo do so
1 have 1 cm accused of displaying a Ivk of
nircof isaut of backbone nut or bjltig
loo weak a man to lead a strnn movotneut
I I ate never n piled to these chargot nor will
I do so now 1 simply point back to a rooor 1
orscstn years or scrvlco and ask thlsqmstlou
II whllo holding n position such as no man
llilng or di ml over bold before svlth tho lull
blaze or public scrutiny shlnltu uponmy ovcry
notion with ptibllo opinion as ready to rou
tlimitnstonpplnud I havo displayed ulaok
nr nirsu or backbone why Is It tlain mlllloi
men nnd women or nerve backbone nnd
common stnso haso gathorol arounl the
slnndnid which ss as placed In my heulssovon
inn ago by Ibo founder of tho order hlinselfr
Ifl base been proven n woak man whyd so
icanysiiong men support raof IdlslU u
speak or thesu matters but I hellevo that lu
Justice to ourselves an I mo you should kn iw
or Ihem lly men who nro not KnUhts of
labor 1 haso hi en called weak bccuisj du
countenanced lolcuco and hasty ill a Ivlso 1
hcllon I havo no excuse to oiler fir ir this
Is nn nireiisolet tho gt ncral nshomily Itsolf
oflrr tho npokvy M views upou such
questloua wero known to eaoh general as
umll before my election as general master
workuan and lu clcctlngmo they lulirsed
and mndo themrolvcs responsible for those
I w 111 now speak as I havo never spoken to n
tcirlouor thu enteral Assembly licfiro llep
tesinlalhishaio beiu Itistriictid ti vota f r
me lor gcnciul matter workman I feeloun
I llmcnted but rele isu every membr Iron Ills
i titration to nto for mo You are Ir 0 to v it l
tor an othei man on chnoso and If sou at
in ncconliinec with mysvlshes sou will solii t
another to 1111 my This llcivo lnjoir
hands I stand ready lo servo this order til
any capacity cither as general muter wrk
manor prliato In tho ranks lu vnilugfir
ginerol master workman tlo not bo gulled by
unllnicnl or sympathy but voto nr llialisi
liitcrestsortlora siillerlng poor mil thecauO
of milled labor It Is becauso I bilkso Itto
Ki my duty that I talk thus plainly un 1 bo o
fare to faio with labirs reprcoiitatlvj milt
and women Is Ilia pi ice lo say It
It has been charged that between niombors
flho general executive bmrd and myi If
seihus disturbances havo taken pi lie in it
ruriuirs base occurred of n serious ch tracter
Oiht r has e charged that tho bo ir I o mstltuid
Itsilf a ring to manago iillalra Tluno stito
inenls iiiunilonsnf tho epomy luio iidtni
Hglngtiliti when tod ti tho unwary Tho
I rst tiMcrtluii I utterly falso for botwoen Un
bi aid nnd liitself there has bun id rupture
or eveu n dlltereuce If at llrstwa did nit
agree upon a question wo discussed It uutll tho
Unlet possible light shone tipan It nn I wluil
we went to tho world with it we went as on
mail Kirr attempt to dlvllo in has been a
failure That svo havo constituted ourselves a
ring to manago nlTalrs Is true that Is what ou
cirri rd us for Wenraa rlnz solll an I un
broken nnd I hope tho next board will bo Iho
tuuie lot standing togcthor In unity wo havo
nnopologltslooirer lormysvlfl say may It
utvtr be otherwise
At tho special session of tho general as
sembly held at Cleveland Messrs Heau
mont McCartney and Campbell wero ap
pointed n rommltteo on legislation to go
in Washington to svatch legislation In tho
Interests of labor Messrs lloaumout and
McCartney wcro In Wnahlngtou during tho
session of Congress and shortly after ad
journment prepared n roport evhlch svis
printed nnd circulated through assemblies
of Ibc Knights tit Labor and the siibiUnco
of which was madu pnblla through tha
press Ilalph Ueaumont chairman of the
committer has prepared n supplemental
report which will ho presented t tho pres
ent contention nnd nnwhlth action will bo
taken The following aro tho main points
Your committee found Ihattho most itlH it t
task Hint It hal topalorm was to g t at tha
true Inwaidiictstir the mcasuros pitnllng bo
rmeiiingros They found that anion the
hundreds of bills now pending tnf in Hid He i
ale and House on Iho three treat qui sthus of
the lutiirc si laud tran por atbn mil
finance lhat but lew of them wore drawn
wilh nvlcwof accomplishing tho msstuofcl
Inthelqterestofthepeoplo liutmilhccintrary
It wns a common usage of tho cnemli sorths
pciplt tolnlrnduce nblll that nn tho f s t nf
Itwnuldscim to bo a go nl and wholessms
measure In the Interest of Justice and 0 1 iliv
while In between tho linos It wmld couliln
the most Insidious clauses that th1 cunning
drain ora railroad attorney co lid Invent In
factccrsl members nf Congress Ufonn d
sour cnmmlllte that 11 svas uoxt to an Impossi
bility In get nn bouect mid nir bill through
either branch or tho legislature
nur eommltlco alOflnd that raembarsof
the ordr und other worklngiien In general nro
under these conditions often led to In torsion
measures that nro decidedly Injurious to their
own best Interest Again there Is no possible
rhauce or educating Ihopeoplo on theso rrtuds
by anything lhat Is said in Congress as those
who hnvo chargool this class or lorlslatlon
aro as a rulo tha sktlirnl tacti
cians in parliamentary debate In thn
llouso and they haso snccccdol In making ttio
Ilouio rules suih ns to cnabla them to smother
tlibsto on every rleceoflolstslloutira vicious
character lhat mny como before either houso
In the Interest of the corporate Intero Is or tho
country And a committee or three would bo
more than humaiithal wool 1 bo able to svatch
every mcasuroortbls nattiro an J bi abloto
count rat I Iho same
Now your eommlttco lof the ontnlnn that
In ordtrtocomballherorrvoralfilnturostnl led
nsltls by Asubsldlred presi that something
moro than a commlttin Is not only needed bat
must bo resorted to II svo svould aroiiso the
people of tho wrongs that aro constantly being
enacted by our law makers and In view of
this opinion held bv votir commlttoo tboy beg
lease to oflcr tbo following suggestions to ba
laid bcforo tho general assembly at lUehmon 1
on Oct 4 1
a i anon rosnnrw at wasiiivotox
That Ibis body establish n congress of Its
own at Washington during tho balance of tbo
tircsrnt session nt thn tlnltpil Rtntn fmi9ra
a period ot ICO days commencing Dee 1 1833
This congress to conslstot ouo dolegato from
each or Iho thirty tight states they to bo se
lected trota tha best speakers and dobatersln
the order they to bo allosved n comncusstlon
of li per tlsy nnd lo bo tillowcd actual travel
ing expenses to and from tlulr homes tboy
shall orgaulso the body by electing a speaker
from Ibt Ir own number and shall appoint tbo
same number or committees as now ara ap
I olnted by the United States llou o nf llcpro
stntstlses and they snail ba designated by tbo
samo lilies Tbls body shall bo In soislon
dally claht hours perils from 9 n m to On
m with one hour fordlnner Tbls bo ly shall
sstoonns It Is orgaulz d procure n copyof
escry bill that Is Introduced Into cither
branch of Iho national legislature
and It sball at onro bo referred to
tho npproprlato committee nnd such commit
tee shall at tinco report tho bill totho boly
svlth such recommendations ns It In Its Judg
ment may deem best when It shall debate tho
some and If emended by tho b dy a commit
tee shall at onro ho appointed tn take tho bill
In Its amended form aud present tbo samo to
tho committee or either branch orthe national
lrglslnturc that has It under consideration an I
request that the amendment bo Inserted In tho
Tbls bodysbnll havo a clerk assistant clerk
Id a stenographer a sergeant at arms and nn
assistant scrgeanl at arms nno doorkeeper
nprt nn nsshlant doorkeeper nil of whom shall
to members of tho order Tho general execu
tive board sball levy an nsscsssment prorata
on each member of tlio order to delray tho cx
pcmrsortblsbody Thoroslull nlsibomib
Ihbcdhy this body a dail rocord of Us pro
rccdlncs including tho dcbitps a id it ropy of
the samo fumi liel to em h lab r assembly nnd
shall be told to members of tho order and
others nt cost
This In brief Is sabmlllod to ynuainsup
pltmtntnrv report or tho committee aour
eommlttco Is ot the oplnlin that tho cost or
maintaining sucu n uoiy nr lisiunys wnuiu
in 1 1 xcced J3 cents per member nnd that Its
etlcct ns nu educntnrnr tho people svould rar
exceed that ot tho national leaMaturo nslt
would no unirammeitu by any p tutsan bias
It wculd In fact ba a congress ot tho
common people svhat this nation has
never seen before and tho criticisms of this
mensbersof tbls hndmpon thi nttCTances of
Iho members of tho other two boiscs woutt bo
looked for by the w ago workers from ono end
ff this land to the other As It Is now wo tiro
unrepresented lu tho balls of legislature as svo
nro unablo to compcto with tbo wily
politician and through tho unscrupulius
dealings of theso men iho ulll of tbo hon
est and well meaning portion ol tha people
Is lliwarlcd but b thlsmcanssvo svould bo
able lo show them and their sravs bare to tho
people Your commltco Is or tho opinion lhat
a tfrco months session or such a congress
ssould be the means of awakening to new lira
tho slugp rd apathy thst now exists among tho
people Ihrtatinlug their llbeitlcsallofwhlch
is rcott respectfully submitted
Milages Destroyed by llsrtltqunUo
rrcpelt Citnadliins Loatlug the Unltmt
Mutes Itusslua Iit muntlH Upon llttl
Iodov Oct 5 Tsvo shocks ot oirtb
quakowcro felt throughout Nlapu ouo of
tbo Site tlunil Islands last iiKlit
Mi MiouiiNr Oct fi Tho oartliquakn
destroyed every Ullage on the Islunlrf
Nlapu Tho Inhabitants escaped The
Island Is cohered twenty feet deep with
volcanic dust mid nt ono place u now hill
00 feet high has been formed
Iomion Oct STbo tcmpcrattiro In
Loudon to day has been abnormally high
Tho thermometer registered bO In Iho
shade this afternoon Never before during
tho past forty six cars lias tho tempera
tine been so warm at una tlmo durlug tlio
month of October
Worm weather prevails all over tho con
tinent The 1arls theaters aro described as
vciltable furnaces nnd thoaltendanco Is
said to bo cry limited In cousoqueuco ot
IlcitliN Oct 5 Tlio etitemcnt Is au
thorized Hint Mr Hotirj Vlllard will soon
go lo America ns tbo representative of n
tonil Inutldn of continental banks which pro
peso to engngo largely In financial business
with tho United States In eonlunctloii svlth
lindlnc American firms Tho Deutsche
Hank which Is now tho leading Joint stocl
1 unk of Iuropc heads Iho combination
Mr Ylllards health Is fully restored
Ottasva OrT Oct 5 Tho ministerial
Journal hero announces that tbo Dominion
gourmncnta efforts to induco Krench
Caiiadlniis to return front the United Stales
to Canada Is meeting with great success
Special agents employed he tbocaverument
are operating In the Now lhigland dates
luting French Canadians to go to Manitoba
JletllH UDIINDH HON llUltlAlll
BortA Oct 5 Tho nolo presented to tho
Ilulgarlan gocruuiiiit by leu Kniilbirs
before his departuro from Holla svas lu ef
fect as follows Tho Imperial government
desires tho icleasa of all persons nr
risttd In connection with tho deposition
ot 1rlnco Alexander It also desires
that tho dictions bo postponed until
November T ho consequences of a refusal
to comply with Itusslua wishes will fall
upon those at tuallv governing Bulgaria
Il Is stated that leu Kattlbars has ro
ctlvcd CCOOOO francs todevoto tofurtherlug
agitation In Ilulgarla
Escaped IIIm Wotilit ltn Nloiyor
Si Lotus Oct li Jitsllio 81m louor of
Bcllesllle III was out gunning forllr Wtsi
tngtonWcst tbo most prominent physician lu
tho nboso city Ibis morning Tho doctor
made a professional call upon Mrs Gannon
residing upon High street nnd upon opo nl in
Ibeiluiir when about to lako his dipirlure
found Justice bhallenir rrouehlng InacoruT
wilh a revolver pointed nt his Wests heal
Tho doctor aulmly shut thoiloar and msdo his
exit Irom tho rear of the homo andesapjd
hlswould bo slayer Mrs tJaunoii otllol n
sa1 Ifiattsiiii luhrs stkftir Ail Qll lllAnsiss llsulii n ssAijs
lie in s llint as bnoanshelsrclinsnl howlll
iiirel kill West Simo doiucttlo troublo It
said to bo tho enuso of tho Justlio s attgor
Ulurder at Dnnvllle Vit
naNMievOet 6 John J Mclntyre a svoll
knoyvn aud wealthy citizen nf this city was
assaulted last night In tbo dark by nn ofUndcd
negro tenant and received Injuries from which
bo died about midnight Ilo and his tenant
had a dlsputo about two weeks rent due
W ords passed and tho negro dealt Mclot ro n
blow with a club Iho negro cscapod Tho
deceased was originally from Now orksvhero
his parents uow live
8 J lAplliOAT DHAVi1It
lxplnslon on I tin Mississippi Hirer
Alnnj Lives Lost
8t Iotts tlct B Stonmor Ii
Msscottr plying between this c ty an 1
Cno llrardeait Mo on tho Mississippi
river exploded her hollers about noon to
day at Nttlys lauding a fov miles below
Oraitl Tower HI There hehu no tolo
crtijli or telepbouo coinmunlcatloii with
Net Its landing nothing wus known
brio of the disaster until 7 oclock
tbls Vetilng when tho towhoit
Ioglo tirtlvid at Csno llrardoail
with n large numtfr of dead and woundol
pnssitigtra ftfun thela Mnsi otto Thnbiat
wns owned In Kvansville Ind and valued
at 0000 The names nf the dead an I
wounded aro hut set obtainable
After tho explosion tho La Masootto
bmiitdlotho waters edge Tbo captain
of the Kaglo sats lie rrscucd thlrly flto
persons and believes others svero saved
by people on shore Following ara ba
llettd to bo dead t Judge William lliior
slid wife of Cone llrardoail Miss Krlcger
Mrs Win II Wheeler nnd two chlllren
Irltz Ilnd all of Capo llrardeait Chris
Anicl colored two chambermaids nnd a
lad unknown Tbo liodtcs ot threo children
and a rbatnbcrmald havo hecu recovered
Tbo passenger list wns burned
Tho latest reports stato tho total loss of
llfo to bo between 18 and 22
ChnrlvHton leoplo Confident nntt Hope
ful Slight Tremor nt Suntmervllte
Ircsltlcnt Cluvcliiiida Contribution
CtiAitirsTOK 8 C Oct BThero svoro
no shocks hero to day A slight tremor oc
curretl at Siimmcrvlllo ut 0 oclock this
morning The work of reparation Is going
bravely on luslncs Is active people aro
confident and boot fill and tho situation
Is Improving steadily Advices from
S C over 200 miles from Charles
ton rt port heavy shocks nbout threo miles
from that pinto during tho past week and
It Is claimed that tho center ot disturbances
has shifted frnm Charleston to that point
Contributions to thu relief funds aro still
coming In sldwlv Mr Samuel 1 Stoney
treasurer of the Icntlcmsna Auxiliary
Association of tho Confederate Home has
received a check for
20 ntoM IltrsiusNT Cleveland
accompanied by tho following letter
IxrciTitE Massiov Wasiiimitus I C
Oct 1 IStO HAHBH 0 Stonev Treasurer
Xv Dear Sir A circular Just received Informs
me of tbo oblctt nnd purposo of tbo home rr
mothers widows and daughters ol con Mar
ate soldiers nt Charleston at well ns Its present
neen caused ny recent lnisioriuno ntoiun
constantly appealed to from all sides aud upon
nil icannir of occasions lor pecuniary all I
cheerfully Inclose n slight contribution totho
sum necessary to such repairs ns svlll en tblo
Ibis tisclul nud benevolent luslltull in to a tin
opt n its door to tho mothers widows aud
daughters fir whom It svat Intended and
whnte loudltloii prtnents sue i an urgent np
pral to I he sympathy of every American cltlze n
lcuif sincerely One nt Ci us ieMi
The city council ot Charleston nt a spo
cial meeting to night authorized tbo major
to withdraw the proclamation of Sept 17
which ttnttd tbo w nuts of Charleston for
tbo needs sufferers by earthquake at that
time and to express to all contributors sin
cere thanks for the aid extended Tho ac
tion of the council Is bated upon tho follow
ing carefully worded and dignified report
of the committee on relief
It has been and Is now a dlalcult task tn
menrure the loss by tho earthquake otlaailty
as It wns wholly new and devastating lathe
destruction It wrousht This dllllouily was
tieclally felt by this eommlttco who svoro
hsmtd In rctclio and distribute aid to Iho
mrdysufltrcrs only of this disaster Tothoio
ui tut nunc bui n vi a uvnuiK nu uiiu
ImuKillato pcruulary aid this eommlttco have
tlirctl relief and tn llictr Judgment thcro lias
Uensurli a rtsumi linn of tbo normal Ufa of
ibis etiy as e Justify tho discontinuance of
this s sirm of asslstatua at an curly day Tlio
nintXdliAiuH AndvgraYcrprohlpm has tcen tn
I x Cornell tho uuinlicr or victims svhoso lost
Is Ihrlr shattered houses and who are
actually unablo to repair or rebuild thom
nud to istlmato rightly tho total amount ol this
lot tn money so that Iho good givers tl this
unit rrtal charity might know tho limit ofour
setunl need lu Ibis uurdlslrcis Tho commit
tie base alttr the most care tut examination
of thocosrsoslorasrctclvid arrlvod nt tho
t pinion Unit the sum of money already re
ft Is cd by tho tommltieo together svlth the iw
llmnteil amount or collections now mado and
In i mgren or being made In tho torrliory oast
of thn Alttghaulus together with tho esti
mated amount now In pro ess or collectlou In
t hlcogonud wiutortho Alltghaiilcs or which
they haso been ads Ised w 111 when rocelvod
place the cominltlco lua nosltloi tn sustun
tlally help Iho needy stifhrcra for whom re
lit f only iblsetinmlltenwasfonncd Iholargcr
uud Muter loss hilling upon tbo federal
kos eminent tho state county and city In tbo
bimnveto publlo buildings tho great lost tn
churches nsso latlous nnd enrporatlons nnd
the widirprrud damages done to residences
siorts w arehouscK aud oilier prop rty of
irlvnto i h irons wlio aio able out of their
I rltatc menus to replaco and repair tho losses
great nnd distressing ns their luurcirito list
Is tothopnbllti aud tolndlvl ltmls It has li it
hftu svlth n tho scopo of tho commlttoos
ellotla simply becauso It svas not thociusoof
ehnrliy lolVo medy carthqtiato suirerers As
the raleful recipient of the generosity and
syuipntl of tbo o who havo stretched out
their helping hand tn us tbls eommlttco havo
felt hat they should ba gulled by ruts nnd
tsilinatcsor the actual loss or needy sulTuin
t nd ir ou un untroddeu path llioy might err
the prefer to err limiting tho estimate rathur
tliun i lacing it too lilgh
Nninlnntetl lor Congress
riTTStimo lA Oct 5 Tbo Itei ubllcan con
fuicaef tho twenty first consrc slonal district
nemlnatcd W MeCiiUough orareensbnrough
nt 0 oclock this morning alter an all nleht
WoiersTrrt Miss Oct fi Tho Democrats
or tin lenlh ionKrcsloual district nomluitod
John r IiuohI nt Ixicester for Congrust
dn h ncelamatiou
J i wi hut Kv Oct 0 Tho Domocrits of
Iheklxlli eongnsslniial dlstrltt this morning
it nominated b acelamattou lion J 0
DMiiIlin Va Ott t Joseph It Pigo
ncmlrntid I thehntghts of labir nas da
cllntd niidf iiliiml I Hopkins has bouunnil
nnltd Instead Ilo will uppisatiiaii l llrlitl I
the icgulnr IXiuinrailu nominee fir MsJ John
W llniiula tint lu touertss
lUTItiiT Mull Oct ft Tho Joint conven
tion oriitmocratsaud tricnhackura at I Hut
roi tliimd I allotlug until 1 o clock this mom
lug wbinthe furty fourth billot stood Jiliu
II 1 edeuii Dim UO Whitney Jones Irion
barkci el thus uonilnallng 1 cduwa
Ji siMiLin Mass Oct 8 Iho lleptibll
car sorthusescnteentli congressional district
lo clay rcuomlnutcdWil Whiting by accla
WoiKrsTFn Mam Oct 5 Tho Prohibi
tionists of tho tenth district tn day nominate 1
William II lorle ot W arrester for Congress
by flcelumnllnu
llioy N Oet Tho ltepubllcan con
grcrslonal convtiitlou for Iho iljhleciith ills
irltt today itnomliiated Hon Henry U lur
ltlili on iho tweiiD thlril ballot
liimoLioiiTCosri Oct 3 Judro MllesT
Orongtr wis twloyiiorulnnuil tirCousross
by thnltmiicrntsothe tourth district
Maoaiia 1 alls N VOct O Col John II
Wtbcrwnsrtnnmlnatid for Congrost nt Iho
thirl third dbtrlet ltepubllcan cuuveutlon
btrotti tla Ho was thu llrsl nnd uuaulmous
choice ot thu conseiitlon
rinsiii no Oct 6 Tho now loinoiratlo
roiigrtsslonai conferees of the tweuiy ilnt ills
liltt mrt nt Oreeiisburg this tilhirnonn and
tioinlmilidixtlnv John W Lata ofWtstmoro
land count Thcro are no v two llemirrallo
inudldates lu this dWitct flllbert T Itallerty
svhu was recently nominated lu this city
O A II lnriido In IltlsbtirR
IliTsrero lA Oct 0 Tbo annual Jrand
ArJiy parado to day svas participated In by
fully Use thousand veterans Tho day svas
tt aiitlful and tlio tlctoratiotiN lastcrul ami lib
eral Campllrcs aticndrd by twilyo tbotiaud
ret lie wero held tn nlght In tho Coliseum
l inu asiuiiu Jiuaiu imu itiiuoiiiisiiur nan
nt which nddrcw ia were mado by
hlcf Iuelui liilrehlld Ion U H tlhorn
licit n Hetinoiid mid Col Thomas J Stewart
It Is estimated that seventy llto thousand
strnugcrs are In the city
- i Pi i
Tito American Belioouera belzrnl
Ottawa OntOcI 5 Tho collector of cus
tcins at Port llawktsbury has seized tsvo
American schooners Iho William I Dalsloy
nndbcllla for violation of ihariistom law hav
ing lauded dutiable goo Is without reporting
enity uu sevtrat occailons Tho goods svero
jandiil at seseral places and Iho eases havo
no connection wlili the fishery troubles fno
cuHoms authorities aro In cstigatmg tbo mat
No ntntlneo nt Hie National To Iny
Announcement Is made by tho management
that thiro will bo nomatluco or mlnsirol lur
formancent tho cw National Ihoatir this
afternoon 1 ho announcement that ouo should
bo uli en w as douo through inlstako
Tin TvnKTit avmjm mektino ok
am vmtisTivv union
J nroiirogliig Ilepnrt lroin tlio Cam
inlltfcs 11m Oretiuliallon llrancli
IlilT Out mill IiiIiiIiie Htrenstti
Atldresses ou the Liquor
J runic
The beautifying effects of womans band
were visible upon all sides In the Uongrcga
tit nsl Church ester lay mornlug odornod
and tin orated as It was for tho sessions of
tho twelfth annual meeting of tho Womaus
Christian Tcmpcranco Union Tho church
vsas handsomely draped with banners and
flogs and tho platform svas tastefully
drtised svlth fragrant nnd boiutlful Mowers
stid cvcrgrccus Suspended abovo tho
platform was a large banner bearing tho
inscription Kor lod and Homo and Na
tlvo 1 oud which was typical ot the work
of Iho good ladles ot thu union Pictures
nt Miss Fiances 1 Wlllard Mrs 11 II
Hairs Mis Itosa V Ilaitwcll Miss Mary
A oodhtldgo lion John II Flock and
other distinguished tctnperanco workers
ssctoariaiigid on tbo platforin svlth pleas
Ing effect Tbo banners used In decorating
Ibu Interior of tbo church horo tho follow
ing Inscriptions Sailors Department
lod lrotcrt Our Seamen from tbo Curso of
Hum Soldiers Tcmpcranco Union
Colored Peoples Department Soldiers
Homo Temperance Union llygleno and
Heredity Department
Occupying seats In front of I thonudlcuco
wcio tbo following ofllccra of tho uulon
President Mrs Sarah I La 1ctra corre
spondlug secretary Miss Ilzzla Kosslcr re
curding sccrclarj Mrs Lvdla II Tllton
ticaiurer Miss I V Andrews district
organizer Mrs Annlo 1 Horcc auditor
Mrs Annlo It Moulton
At 10 oclock the meeting wns called to
order bj Iho president Mrs Sarah D La
Ketra Tbo first half hour was spent In
do otlonal exercises which wcro condtictod
by Miss M M Chapln after svblca tho
business meeting ot tho union was open
Mis S II Msttln ot llaltlmorn being
present was Invited to address thouiilin
bbo said that all who would svork for lod
und humanity must look to God for svts
dom and strength and not ho discourage 1
win n thn arms of llesh fall
Mrs Ia Fetra reported to tho mooting
tlio work of tho eommlttco on tho amen 1
mints to tho constitution and by laws
which wcro read bv tbo secretary
I Mrs La Kctra tho president then read
her annual report showing tno progress ot
tno worn uunutriuo j car ouoniaiu spe
cial mention of the law Just passot by
Congress requiring tho study of tho effects
of alcoholic stimulants In tho public schools
Miss Ilzzlo Kessler tho col responding
secretary also read her report Mrs 8 II
Martin was on motion cicctcu a raomuer
of tho ufclou
Ilea W II Iloolc ot Now York was
called upon to mako somo remarks which
be did hit lily complimenting tbo Womaus
Chrlstlou Temperance Union upon their
gtntid wmk and encouraging them to con
tinue their labors of lovo Tho report nf
thocommlltro on tho amendments to tho
comlltutlon wns taken up read by sections
mm adopted ns a wuoio looaincnumenr
proposed lo the bylaws propositi that
the district orcanlzir should act as presi
dent In tho absence of that ofllcer svai
unit inlet so ostorequlro that tho 11 rst Mc o
president should net or In her absence ono
of tho other vlco prt sldents
lcv J II bchi vely out going missionary
to India conducted tho devotional exer
cises at tho opculug ot tho afternoon ser
vice nrd made a very Interesting uldruss
Mrs ltcv Ira II Ia Fclra also addressed
tho meeting giving a most Instructive ac
count ol her svork In Santiago Chill and
also as regards the habits ot the people
of that country as to their drinking cis
totns Mrs Henrietta Moore of Ohio
fiioko a erj earnestly of tho prospects of
the timpcranca work which had bcon usj
cicd In so tremblingly by tbo svomen ot tbo
Mrs Annlo K Iloveo superintendent of
tbo lis gleno and hereditary department ro
ported her work and read a most excellent
paper on the subject ot bj gleno Mrs M
A Weaver reported her conferences svlth
Influential bDdlcs during the past car Mrs
M K Cohen reported tha salts of UIll
woilh ot temperance papers and tracts and
mado nu earnest oppcal for the moro extcn
bIvo uso ot tcmpcranco literature Mrs
Therisn Williams gave nu account ot tho
svork among tho colored people of tho Ills
diet and reported four organizations
among them
Mrs M V McPhcrson spoko of tbo svork
douo among tbo foreigners of which she
Luyo a full and lutcrt sting account aud
sppt alcd to thu union fnr help In thu distri
bution of temperance literature In different
lending a lu tlio District
Mts llclva Iockwoud being called upon
responded most eloquently giving aver
graphic occoutit ot visits paid by her to
various sections ot tbo country during thu
past summer Miss Loulso Strobcl roil
fur report of work douo by tho youug
ladlt a unions and In organizing societies
among young ladles for teinperaiica svork
Mib Ia Iitra announced tho appoint
ment of tho following commlttcu on tho
Hurlwtll memorial Mlts Lizzie Kessler
Mrs Margaret Foster aud Mrs M K Mc
At tbo evening session tho devotional ox
t rtltcs wcro conducted bj Hoc Clus V
Huldw In niter which Miss IivIlIi Cine
lead liei report upon tho work douo among
thu toldleis and sailors Tho meetings
tlmeolcl that had been held for their heuellt
hod bitn well attended and much cood
had been dote and 111 hal tJgnolthe
pledge most ot svhom had remained faith
ful to it Hev Dr W II lloolo ot Now
lotk was then Introduced uud for more
llion an hour ably and eloquently discussed
tho subject ns niiiiouncfd by him The
great Inipcochincut or tho relation of thu
ehureli und parties to Iho liquor trifflj
He said that tho protection of human life
Is Iho highest dutj ot tbugoy eminent Tho
liquor trallla eudangcra human life there
foro tlicgorernmenl should protect tho lives
of tho people und stop tbo sale of all
liquor Of every ten murders committed
In this i omi try eight could bo traced
directly to tbo uso ot intoxicating liquors
What Is it that causes all tho misery and
6iillirlng wo eco dally around us It Is
cnuetd by tho ililnk tit the people not the
water but Iho legalized drink ot thopeo
plo furnished by tho government Tho
buslines ot tho liquor trafllc has been en
couraged nud protected by lcglslatlvo en
actment nnd carefully guarded from lutcr
lelonco Wo havo had all sorts of cointuls
slons nppontrd by Congress Commissions
on tho illow fiver ou thu cholera on
grasshoppers iU but no commission lias
vet been uppoluted b Cougress to Inquire
Into tbo ruin ami misery being dono by tho
llqtim truffle nnd the remedies therefor
A political party has no stan ling tu the
constitution ot tbo United States nor tu
un ot the courts of tho country When n
political pnrt dies nothing dies When a
political party dies nobody goes lo tho
funeral Uuly tho Individual members of
a political party lives Auy man has thu
right to lcavo bis party uud Is not bound
to It bv an legal or moral obligations
political parts cannot lie held resuouslblo
for Ibo liquor trtilllc becuuso It svas never
organized for any such purpose A ploea
of machinery cannot bo used for any pur
pose torwuicu it was noi inauo euo po
litical paitles ot tho day aro not responsible
for Iho Honor trufllc they havonothlngtotlo
with It Tho utttraticcs ot a part platform
aro nothing until Indorse 1 by tho Individ
ual incinl era thereof Hut 1 do lmueach
tho members ot tho Christian churches for
allowing tho liquor trnlllc to llvo Tbo
cburt lit sari not Ilka political parties tboy
will tile but tho churibis will llvo tores or
Iver Protestant church on the land but
ono has declared agalnct tho Honor tralllc
Now tho churches must act Tho liquor
truffle carts nothing for resolutions Tho
strong fortrcst ot the trallla must bo
stormed by tho ballots of Christians There
Is still a criminal lndlftcritico among tho
churches In regard to this tralllc Tha
churches ore a unit against It and If the
w ould act ngalustlt It would not bobiit a few
cars before It would ho swept from tbo f aco
of the cnith Lit them do right though tho
pnttlts may fall Gol has prepared n
monitor lo distroythls great curse It Is
cnllcd constitutional prohibition Homo
will say Hint prohibition dors not prohibit
nil law prohibits but It docs not prevent
Law dots not prevent crlmo Tho at
teudanco at tbo evening session was very
large niut great Inttrcst was manifesto I lu
nil tbo meetings Irro jislerday Three
sessions will be hi Id to day at 10 a m 110
p in and nt 710 p m nnd Interesting
addresses and lepoils will bo mado at each
Harmonious nnd lntliuslmitlo Conven
tion H I rank llostoy Nominated for
love rnor
TiirjiTos IN J Oct C Tbo ltepubllcan
stata comcntlou met In Taylors Opera
Houso at noon to day Tho delegates svero
prttl nearly all In their scats nnd miny
prominent ltcpubllcaua occupied places
on tbo platform Several Methodist
clrrgjinen wero also prcsont A
brass band In the balcony furnished enter
tainment while the delegates were locating
IhtmselyiR Among thoso on tha platform
wcro United States Senator Sesvcll ex
Pi rsldeut of the Scnato llobart Stato Comp
Irolltr Anderson John Y Foster Stato
senator 1 Isb cx Unltcd States District At
torney Ktasbcy Stato Treasurer Toftey
and a nuinbt r ot llcpubllcnn assemblymen
The whole number of delegates entitled to
Hats Is Ml rsicx county has eighty six
dtltgnttsand Hudson eighty
At 12 15 Chairman llobart of tho stato
commlltcc called tbo couvcntlan to order
and tbo proceedings wero opened with
prefer b tho ltcv Mr Strickland John
V roster then tend tho call Mr llobart
next named for temporary chairman cx
Sflialor Alexander 1 Cattell of Cimden
at tl he was elected Assemblyman It
W nuo Parker and Senator John J Gardner
escort id him to tho chair where ho was ro
reived lib applause
Mr Cattell thanked tho convention for
the honor paid to a nearly worn out veteran
In the lhpulllrnu pott Ho referred to
the snuggle of two ears hence whin ho
iltehrtd that the Pliimid Knight ot Maine
wruhl lo the Iltpiibllcnn nomlnco for
President Tie announcement Bet tho
cony 1 1 lion wild with excitement Thu
delegates first npplsudid and then rhcero I
aud lluoll fulls half of tlrcni rnso to their
ftetatnl waved their huts ana hurrahed for
scvtrul minutes
On the conclusion ot Mr Cattells
sptctiitbo diction of vlco prcildcnt nnd
tt trctutlisniid thunppolMiiiint of commit
titsptocetded and the stato exccutlvecom
inlttce was then uppoluted
Thocrmmlttco on permanent organiza
tion n ported for permancut chairman of
the- convention Congressman Win Walter
Phelps aud a secretary from each congres
sional district
Mr Phelps was escorted to tho chair
Ho was warmly greeted and mado a semt
humorous speech as to tho iftortsattho
selection ot n candidate for governor Ilo
referred to tho brightened prospects of tho
ltepubllcan part to elect their nomlnco
All tbo convention has to do is to nomlnato
Just such a man ns tho Democrats did not
Leutitleswcro then called for noralna
lions forcovernor Ilergcn named Gardner
It Colbv of lsscx Kssex seconded tho
nomination with SO votes solid Gloucester
nt initiated It Frank Howe of Warren
Meretr tiamid John Halt Ilrcwer and Mid
illt fix I mil tic Polls subsequently
Pottss rami at bis own request wns with
draw ti A ballot was taken and Howry
Iictlvtd a tnujoitly of 1 namely 295 votes
Itumedtattly Camden Burlington Kssex
and otbrrscbonged tollowey and Howeys
nomination was mado unanimous
Tlio lTnnnco Commlttco Mielto ts
sottio Hliosvlnc
A full meeting ot tho fliuueo commlttcu
of tbo national drill was held at Wlllirds
Hotel last night tho only member not pres
ent being absent from tho city Details of
bualm ss w t ru nlit usscd and the list of sub
scrlhcrs reported Man subscriptions
wererepoited as held until to morrow for
tunning ot amounts nnd general discussion
elicited the fact that tln entlro amount of
cubcirljitloii can bo counted ou certainly he
foro the next meeting Tho list tmbt ices
over lift mimes of well known citizen
nnd among them nro tho following J K
Woiigh JlroO iilicntloy Urothers 1003
M M Purkti jlCOO Albert Ordwa 100
P C Del eon 1000 A A Wilson 1000
P W Fox SSOO Ilcnr A Clark 1000
ilbtnu Ilrolbtrs 1000 John lie worth
isfiOO O 1 Staples jslOonSolurl llroth rs
MtX0t TliornSlOOO A Amai 390
liorgo i HnrvesKiOO George 8 Parker
Jlnm Jiorgo i Ltmou Cd000 George T
Dii lilt p 1CC0
It was ordered that tho flnanco commit
tee bo subdivided Into tommlttocs of two
each uFlgucd to approach cirtalu Interests
ond that u thorough und general t any ass
should be made this morning to permit all
who desho to subscribe to do so atonic
It sins tho sense of the meeting tlutnn
more than the original subscription calle 1
for fOCCO wilh CO per cent paid up by
orbefoio tho Mh da of Jouuar 1SS7
should bo raised and that the list shnul I
not Le reoj ened for oby Ions business rea
Chairman Wbeatlcy announce 1 that
under nuthorll vested In him at tha last
meeting ot thu general committee ha hud
udded siveu new members to that b i ly
1 heir Homes wero ordered to hu svlthhell
until acceptance as It Is tbeliiteutlou of thu
tciiiinltlce to batbor no drones aud to urgu
no nitnibiishlp upon any reluctant tltleu
1 he entire tone of Iho finance committee
lost nlulit told that business was meant
firm thlstlmuforth that Hiiro was supremo
toiillileree In the succiss of tho drill anl
Hint slock subscriptions would pa lu moro
wu s than oue
llio lllsliop of lliston
Wiisiimitov Del Oet 5 An 1 my Fein
fnff special from Centres lllo Ml ropms tho
recelptlhero of tho fiibislng lelvrim frsni
IllshopWIngfleld datol Itenlcla C tl Oct t
A thouand thanks for tho honor IV m
ivtnitim nd von itmnlmus lllshop Ingllel 1
Mho llllli who Ins bun elect d by tie rpis
ropallnus til 1 anion dloreto to lilt Iho s no tncy
rniocd by the ilinth of lli hop I ay Ihollrst
Ihreodiellued uud tho ruurtli Kos Ur Drys
dale or Ntss Orhniis died bcforo ho co lid
Inkt prsstssloiiiif tho vacant see There Is a
htvputhiit lr W Ingllild inn yet bo Induced to
llAiTisionr Oct n Itev Or Wlngdeld bas
liliLrniliul from lleiiltlaCil dicilnlngtho
bbboirleur tlie J plseoiml dloctsoorKiston
Sid toishltb bowns retentl electednssuo
tissortn iho lalo lllshop lai Dr Wluglleld
Is IPc tlfihiiho bos luu tlectod lists llrst
three tilt lined nnd ltey Dr Orsdalc of New
Orb mis tilt d biluro bo could lako possession
of the yamntHC
IMcrllnpof tlio Ircsli
Tho Washington City Presbytery met nt
llynltsyllle Mil last evening nt 7 JO oclock
Key II K lllttenger 1 I stated clerk Hoy
Joseph I hoursc tho retiring moderator
prrnthril an ablo discourse Key William
Mcllsnlu was iliocu moderulor and Kov
William II ldwards was recelicd irom Iho
lrtsb tcry of New fustic Del
Knight oftlto Golden Cuglo
A preliminary business meeting of Monarch
Castle No 1 Knights of iho Golden Faglo
washeldln llunins Hall last cy oiling Tho
ollletrs ofthoCastln will ho Installed on next
Tuesday evening Tho Knights oflhotloldiii
lnklo wilt lako a prominent part lu social af
fulis this winter
lltust itnil atitrtriiurlte
Thcro svlll ho a rendition otTttist nnd
Vargucrltu at Vlbaughs Orand Opera llouso
this afternoon Tho piece Is strougly east
well mounted and etery intention boon given
lo its cornet production It has met with
lasor nnd those I trsona unable tnatleuda
night performance should avail themselves of
tbtsoiportuuit to sco It
The vYeilllier
For District of Columbia Delaware mil
Mrhlnla lair weather northeasterly wluds
nearly stationary temperature
Tncrmomctrlo readings J a m 17 P 7 a
m 19 0 11 a m COO0 3p m 70 0 7 p in
69 0 10 p m 59 05 Up m 67 Of mean
temperature 69 0 maximum 71 0 minimum
40 0 mean relative humidity 070 total
precipitation 0 Inches
Seroml ltaco Itctwcen the YisoliU
lliells nntl Strtsngrr Itorso Itacm
1osltlons Drawn fnr the Koulllng
JlnndlcKii Other ftpurtlni Items
Yesterday morning at 10 oclock tha
Nationals played oft a postponed game of
June 4 with tho Dctrolls nnd tho result
was that tbo visitors won by a score ot 10
to 7 In a contest that was marked by nu
merous errors on tbo part of the local clubr
and heavy hatting by both teams Carroll
and Itlchardson led their respective sides
with four bits each out ot five times at tho
bat and Farrell and Dunlop iron applause
from tbo -100 spectators present by their
fluo lidding Tho score
national tt nit ro a k tirTRorr n nu ro a
Illnes 3b u 2 0 2 2 1tlchn If 2 I 1 t I
sarrou irs t a o oirrpsn rr l l I o l
ruriuu nt u i A u
niiiKiuiv 1 v 0 1
Bchoek rr 12 111
toloibycf 11 0 n 1 nl
Henry p 1 1 1 t n
nidrnlc li l 2 ll
llouckss 0 l i J
llonlap 20 14 3 0 1
Uh Ilo ill- 1 0 0 O
tlanzel lb t 1 11 1 u
Jlilndles I 3 a I 1
1 1 anion cr 1 1 0 0 I
licnnott o I I 1 1 il
tklzeln p 1 1 1 a I
Total 7 II 2U71 Total 10U27 2iS
National 1022001 ill 7
Detroit 10 0 10 0 0 3 X 1D
Iiutisiariicd Dctrtilt 7 Nationals 1 Twn
Inso hits Dunliip Icireln Parrel I Ilo ilk
fartoll and Dennett Three baso
Lett on basis Nntlonals 7 Detrolts ft
hlruek oul dcircln i Honry 1 Hates on
Pulls Detroit J fatlouals 1 tlu erinrt
Dttrots 1 Nationals 1 1assM
1 Ilmr 113 Umplro Icarco
About 2000 baseball cnthuslaets congM
galtd yesterday afternoon nl Capitol Park
10 w lints s tho contest between tho Nationals
nnd Dctrolls but contrary to oil expecta
tions thn exhibition svas n very tamo affair
nud the Wolvrilnes won with hands diwn
Thriosttmtd tu bcnoltllo among the homo
term ai d the majority of tho players actol
us though tut dldiit cairo whether eciisl
kitornot Among tho few who should
1 1 note 1 us exceptions to the gen oral want
of iLiitt ess tna be mintloued Decker who
1 Invtd a Cm gome at third hasp Tbo Do
trtils die Mid all gave n great exhibition
ol bull plajltig and batted run bases and
lltldtd In commendable stylo aud deserved
the victor they won Tbo score follows
natio si h mi in a r nrTRoir n nu ro a b
lines cf 113 0 1 Itlchn Ifl I 1 1 0
Carroll II o o j o OTiimnrf o o o o o
1 nt tell ih 0 1 J 1 1 Dual ii 20 o I 1 a 0
hrclg IbO li 7 tl 0 W Idle Hi 112 10
Bchoek rr n I i o nuanzii iti j s ft o o
Mutkc 0 1 7 3 2 hludlas 110 0 0
Ilniici ss tl 1 I 0 oillonl n cr 1 1 ft 0 u
Dtalrr lb 0 0 2 J 0 Hi II tt C 0 1 8 0 O
lllmi re p 0 0 0 S tial 1 np 0 0 0 tl 1
Total l 7 lll c Total osiTii
Dctrolls 061 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Nellonnls 1 U 0 D 0 0 0 0 0 I
Frncd runs Dettilts 1 Two luie hits
Hints 1 nrrrll Ilmirk danrill an I 11 nnUt
lhitebnlte hits White and Ilenlou Dyiiblo
I IaS Dclrolts 1 Lefton titiea Nationals 7
Diirolts Kiruck out Uy Ollmoro 0 by
laldulu6 Ilaio on balls lly Jllmore 2 liy
llaldivlti t Wild pilches lutdwln 4 111-
mnrn lSl llb
Tlmo of gamo J hours Umi Ire Pearco
Tho Nationals will lisve out a strong nlno
to day and thcro Is no doubt but that they
will clve tho Dctrolls a tough fight for vic
tory ODa andOldflcld will bo tbo Na
tionals battiry and Phenomenon SmlUi
will deliver tbo ball for the Detrolts
tiAMts LLirssiirar
IlilunrLritiA 0t 6 lhlladelnhli slr
tunlly won tbc game Irom Kansas City to day
in Ibo Iblril Inning when six runs tvere score I
t n ihrre slngitK two doubles and ttso error
I llniirord Tbcyalso batted for three slnzlos
Hilda home run In Ibo setentn Inning Kin
Histlly fielded iHiorlt vhllu tho horn t tcniiiS
old trror was nwlld throw by Inrrir Tin
In tie r tlnyira work with the slick was tho
liatii cnlihegame Koniu Cpy scored a run
In tl u t Ubth lulling but darkiiQis then put is
sit Plo the 101111 svhleh reverie 1 lo thu oev
tithiiinlig fore
knntrsli 0 1 2 n 1 0 0- I
lhllndelphla 020100 3 11
Pate bits 1hllaiUlphla i Kansas City 0
Lrrors lhlbitiell Ida 1 hansascity 10
Mw uHh On 6 Ninriy251 p oplo ot
ttidtdthi rttni lo d is hithi 1 ilo griunds be
lli ean Iho Niw vnru nnd Chleso clubs Kecfo
pill hid svlth rent ilhrt winning tho cams
lor ihf home ilub little 1 lyun was halloa
linril nt limes Connors homo run aud this
two time laser or Dorian sierutho Tenures of
ibt Lnmi Darkness closed thogamo in tbo
t Iglilii Inning luusle caught tawrly nud
taic hlcnio four rutin Hcoro
hltnci n I o 2 0 0 J t
Niwaork 0 J o 0 0 1 I 7
1 ustlills Nework U Chicago I Errors
Vwvnrk I t hlcnio tl
I tiMtiv let 6 Nil htrllostou nnrSt Loiti
I lnytd mi thnl a bulling gamo toalay an I mi
In the sixth inning bit fmr lilts hal bs m
uncle oue 1 rnslou und three by bt Lints
Ik Sinn 020010407
H I mil oatiniUO J
Pnto blt lloston C St Iout I Krnrs
llostoii 7 tt liiuis 7
At I tit burg Morning gamo ltilllnnrj C
Iltisbtirg 1 Aflrriionn gamo Ilttsb irf 3
Ualiliiion 3 1 to iunliur
AI inelnnatl Clucliiuatl 1 MelrnnolltanX
Atljyulsylllc Hrnoklii 1 Liulsvlllc 3 w
Nrw 0I1K Oct 6 1lrt nee at thollmik
IuJoikt Club lour o today lor nil iuo
tine tulle leaner uon by half a length Ltt
tle Minnie seeoud Ldltor third rime 1 llji
Hit nitl rato Ono nnd ono eighth intlos
lllnuix won by bnlf alenetIiSjLomto soeond
ltriuia third lime Ji
Iblril roee lor six lurlonjs
PeMlo Juno won by n leiuih Laredo secoa I
ldieltti third lime 1 15
I I UN h rat For 1 car olds aud upw anl oia
mllo and a quarter Ynhiuto won by tws
b tilth Millie second Jim Douglass third
Tltn 0vJ4
fifth ran For all ages nno mile Biggar
liuli won bv a Kngih Jcsslu socond War
Leg c thild Time 1 lii
mtoma lurns
Istcmi Ka Oct 8 First raco Nine fur
longs Tnxfcathir won Ilgau second War
rington third I line 1 i7j
ttcoud raco I or mulJeu 3 year olds and
upwind men lurlmiKs licit Almond won
llnrrodsburg second Audclli third Tlaia
1 nu
I bird race Mllo and soy cnty yard Lcns
llrsj I initio second Porter Asho third lima
1 II T
1 1 intli race One an 1 one sixteenth miles
youiiwon ltttle Mluch second lout thirl
Unit 1 IU 4
llllb rate 1 or 5 ysar olds mllo C illalt
won lllthtasvuy seeoud Banbury third Tlnu
1 tlj a
Till set lmno HArtniCAf
I iishon Oct 6 Tho positions drasvn for tha
seiilllimbandlennat ilendouaro as follows
I I rst bent NIclseulU sccouds Uoss scratch
lerklus 8 seconds
ftcond heat Ten Fyck 0 seconds Teenier
scratch Oodwln lseconds
third brat Tallin 11 second ltanini J
seconds UuLtnr 8 seconds
1 mirth bint llitrce 15 second Leo ft
icconds Jam 1J seconds
Till TI bTlll Ullt SEtOMI II ICE
Maiuiifhiak Jlssa Oct 6 soconl
rarolctwttn tlio ynilus Ihetls aud Mnugcr
to da tniltd lu u drifting match In tho early
pint ol tbo match both vessels repeatoJIy
thttugid places llio Uiranger won and tha
1 hells did nut llhUh but w as ton rd home T no
tin Idlng heat will oicur to morrow wialuur
si oimsn trrsis
The rlrgnnt boat houso ottho Rwtou Island
Albleiiu Hub at West New llrigbton sra1
stiuck I the heavy ton boat Jesse early vosler
tin mtrulug nnd wrecked It was floated let
bt Gtorge where It sunk Tho houso Is a oom
ilcte wrick Tho racing shells canoes nu
furniture am being removed in a damned
loudltlou Ihedamuga will amount to KiVOM
Tho 7 J hour go us you plcaie match for tho
cliami Innshln of America and tbo gato ro
cell Is bevau Tuesday at Now Uedford Iherj
w ns a good attendance
What n bum gamo somo of tbo loading
nla era on tbo National club aro playltijl
auto wh
Det ker showed up rtmarkably wollonthlnt
bate ycitirdii and should lie ktpl thero until
a letter man Is secured Ills batting whiles
not tofc case eviduii oof his ability to prop
erly pauge tho ball Keep Decker lu tho lit
tle lit but ns Iho small boy on tbo outsldo of tha
Icno said recently 1 lease sir dont put
Dctkir he hiud mount
It l tnly un onlulon you know but why
should Unlir bo laid off for players svhu tits
tu t bli the bill as well as ho and who toildof
do not t nual htm at couching Tho llxi im
i n Ah bus several letters from patrons of llio
koine asking lor Information ou this polut

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