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Split In tho llrltlsli
Testifies LIU a Oentlomnn
British Consular Iteporta From
America Territory Gedod to Ger
Ottawa Okt Dec 15 An claborato
statement concerning the seizure of Cana
dian aoallnfc schooners la Dehrlugs eoa by
tbo United States authorities has been pre
pared by tho Dominion government for
transmission to tho Imperial government
It will probably bo mado to appear that tho
United States government views Its fishing
privileges on tho Atlantlo and laclflo coasts
from totally different standpoints
London Ucc in In tbo Campbell dl
Vorco cbbo to day tbo Duko of Marlboro tos
tlflcd at great length Uo Bald bo novor
rnado any appointments to mcotLadyColln
IIo bad received from bcr a few ordinary
letters about books Lady Colin
asked witness not to call any mora
upon her as Lord Colin disliked to liavokcr
receiving malo visitors Witness rcmarkod
that it was very absurd and never called
again at Cadogau pluco Witness did not
know where Lady Collna room at Leigh
court was and never wout to bor bed room
IIo never as was testified had been on tbo
Haddington station platform with her and
never was with tier at lurflcot
On cross examination tho Duko ot Marl
borough said that tbo woman with whom bo
was at Iurflcetwaa Mrs lorry a woman of
tho town and that they registered at lur
flcot as Mr and Mrs Terry Witness de
clined to namo openly tho lady seen calling
upon nim at ijuecu Anno s gate anil wuom
Bonants testified they believed was olaln
tltl lto however wrote ber namo on a
lilt of paper and handed It to tbo Judgo and
counsel for both sides
Chief Shaw another corespondent took
tbo stand and tcstlllcd that ho had known
Xady Collna family for many years Ills
daughter was nno of Lady Collns brides
maids Ills wlfo always called unon Lord
mid Lady Colin Campbell when thoy wero
In London Tho test ony of tho
man servant ONeill that bo
law witness and Lndy Colin in a
compromising position in thedlnlng room of
Cadogan Place Chief Bhaw pronouuied an
absolute Ho IIo had never hoard n breath
of suspicion against Lady Collns charac
ter until bcr petition for dlvorco was lodgod
against Lord Colin
Thocato was then adjourned
Justlco Butt will sum up tho caso on
division in the nntTisn caihmet tout
coeiicive roLiar checked
London Dec 1G Tho development ot
tbo tory coercive policy has been checked
bra strong division ot opinion within tho
cabinet Lord Ashbourne Insists upon In
stant action bated upon tho Judgment of
tho Irish Judges that tho anti rout cam
paign Is illegal IIo favors tho adoption of
the severest measures treating tho National
Learners as encaged In lllecal conspiracy
Sir Michael IIIcks Bcach backed by Lord
Randolph Churchill demands a mild en
forcement of tho ordinary law Sevoral
members of the government outsldo tho cab
led supporters of Lord Ashbouruo havo
advised Lord Salisbury to dismiss Blr
Michael Hlcks llcacb from tho oOlco of
chief secretary for Ireland and to appoint
as his successor a man In favor ot thorough
coercion Tho St James Qazcttc and tho
bulk ot tho tory press violently assail tho
covcrnmcntforlts dilatory uso of tho ex
isting powcro of suppression
LONDON Dec 15 1rlnco of Wales
and Duke 01 Eammirgn vigorously BUtipoft
tho candidacy of Prince Ferdinand ol
for the throno of Ilulgaria
Tbcy nro using their personal influenco at
Berlin and St letorsbtug In Ferdinands
favor and It Is certain that tbo czar
nnoKi Victoria continues to favor too
Battcnbcrgs and tho roval family feud Is
becoming more bitter The 1rlnco of Wales
Ignores tbo presence of 1rlnco Alexander at
Windsor and has remonstrated with tho
queen for advancing Alexander to the rank
of tho military grand cross of the Order of
tho Bath tho grado te which Emnoror Will
iam andthoprlnco imperial ot Germany
BALisnunv reduces rents
Losdon Dec 15 Lord Salisbury has
ai anted a reduction of 20 per cent in rent
to the farmers on his HatQeld estate
DmiLlM Dec 15 Tbo tenants of Baron
ONcll at Shanes Castle near Kandals
town county Antrim met to day to
cues mo auvisnuuiiy ui uuuij i
of campaign tbo meeting was noisy
and troublesome and a majority of tho I
tenants voted to rciuso to pay
nny rent unless a reduction was
made Tho meeting broio up
In a row which might havo resulted In a
riot but for tho presence of 150 policemen
who attended tho meeting to prosorve
order A small minority of tho tenants
adopted a resolution declaring that Baron
ONeill was an Indulgent landlord
completed his fifty day fast
Faiiis Deo 15 Merlattl completed his
fifty day fast at 0 oclock this evening The
doctors In attendance gave him n small
quantity lit specially prepared wlno before
giving nim food Ho Is In good condition
London Dee 15 Tho Dally If cms com
menting on Consul Underwoods stato
ment that Walt Whltmau h sorely In
want appeals to England to seeuro for tho
poet n certain Incomo to satisfy his fow
material wants
Taiiis Deo 15 Tho Terns has advices
from Zauzibar saying that tho cntlro Af
rican coast between Kiplnl and Limoo In
cluding Manila Hay and tho island of delta
lias been ceded to Germany
London Deo 15 Itoports from British
consuls In America on tho American home
stead laws nro about to bo published
They agree In praising tho operation of tho
laws and faor the application to Kngland
of tho pv lcs of exemption of personal
property to a limited extent from salo
under legal process
Serious ltullivny Accidents
Baixigh N 0 Deo 15 A passenger train
on tho Chapel Hill branch ot tho North Caro
lina railroad went through n trostlo half a
mllo from Chanel Hill last night Six or
clcbtpeoplo wore seriously hurt Including
Conductor Brown Knglncor May Bridge
builder May and N A Htodinau of Raleigh
Mobody was Killed
VlTWiiUKO lA Deo 15 A spoclal from Oil
City Ta says A passonuor train on tho
JHiltalo Now York and Philadelphia railroad
collided with n freight train at lloakwooJ yos
tcrdey The freight train was standing on the
main track nt tho timo without tho proper
tlinals fcovcral passengers wero badly
Driiltcd among them J N Grcon of Buffalo
N Ywbo was soverolycut about tho bead
and faco ond burucd bolnu thrown ozalnst
tho f tos o Ho now lies in a critical condition
ibo Injured wero brought to inls city and re
ceived medical oulstanco The engineer and
ilreraan escaped Injury by Jumping Both c
filnci were badly smashed
Ior California Congressmen
San FnANcisco Deo 13 Tho following self
explanatory telegram was tent to tho Califor
nia delegation at Wmlilnslon to day by tho
chamber orcommorro
W Morrow Coramlttoo on Commorcei
Tho chamber of comraerco has pasted strong
resolutions against the admlsilin of forelgu
ships to American registry Iloaso confer
wltnoiir delegation and with DIniloy uso
every effort to defeat free ship bill itcaolntlon
by mall II L Dodoe lrcsldont
lx Seerotary Fishs Golden Weddlnc
New York Dec 15 Kx 8ocretary of Btalo
Hamilton Fish and his wlfo to day and this
evening celebrated their golden wedding
Tho venerablo couple received their guests In
their parlor surronnded by their children
Mrs Sydney Wibster Mm ol Benjamin Mrs
William E Itogers Mm Northcoto Mr Nich
olas Fish Hamilton Irish Jr and Sluysovant
run lhero were sixteen grandchildren pres
ltovlvnl of the Strucrtlo to Prevent tho
Ilnltlmore nnd Ohio Kallroitd From
Crossing the Kill Van Kull
Tho struggle over tho Btaten Island bridge
which was supposed to havo been ended in tho
last session was revived yesterday morning In
the office of tho Secretary of War All of tho
New Jersey delegation senators and mombors
wero present Tho assumption was though at
no lime admitted or dented by tho Secretary
that bis board of onglncen bad reported Mint
the brldao If bulltl alter tho fashion provided
lnchooct would Inluro uavlsatlon unreason
ably As the right to begin construction was
loft entirely to tbo discretion or tho Bocretary
tho conference was hold for tho purpose ol
diving Ilnlormnlly to tho Secretary tho views
of tbo stato of Now Jersey
lbo discussion wai participated In by Sana
tors Bowoll and Mcvhcrion nnd by Repre
sentatives MacAdoo lholps Buchanan nnd
Ihlbach There was practical unanimity
It was said that tho ststo was willing toharo
Iho Kill von Kull crossed by tbo Ilaltluioroaud
Ohio railway and that all It asked was that
tho manner should bo such as would do tho
least Injury to tho navigation of this important
waterway SenatorMcFhcrsonprotcrrcd a tun
nel ScnatorScwell a high bridge Neither plan
would bo very expensive The incrensod cost of
such tramltwould not be equal to tho direct In
jury done In three years to tho barges nn J rubor
crait tho expenses of running which would be
greatly increased by tho bridge If built as pro
posed In tho act Messrs Buchanan and
Phelps argued as to tho legal construction of
tbo act They claimed that tho only discretion
Riven to tbo Secretary was to approro Just such
a brldgo as was described In iho statute If
Ihotecritary could not glvo his approval to
suoh n brlilgu his power ended and Iho brldo
could not be built
1 he only powers ol modification and charge
given to blm were conditioned upon his appro
al of tbo original plan If ho approved the
original plan audlnmhorlzcd Its construction
and then tho brldgo when actually con
structed or in process of construction provoi
to bo in fact and contrary to tho Secretarys ex
pectation an unreosotmblo obstruction then
Iho Secretary could alter or oven rcmovo It
But before anything could bo dono ho muit
approve tho original plan as one not likely to
be harmful and the construction muse bo be-
Tho Secretary was careful to glvo no intima
tion as to tbo clTecis of the representations and
arguments made to blm He said he should
confider nothing except his duty nnd power
as stated and defined lu tho bill Irrespective
or anything connected with tho history of Us
AllfEed Discovery of n Clan ofThloves
Who Aro Sworn to Kill any lerson
Who May Detect Thorn
CiunLtsTON s C Dec 15 A weok ago tho
rVors ond Cbtirrrpubllibcd a dispatch froai
York county fl C reporting that a whito boy
named John Leo Good had been so beaten
andmanglcdthathosoon died nnd tnatfour
colored men had been nrrcitcd as tho murder
ers and committed to Jail It was stated that
the theory was that some or tbo negroes had
been detected bv the boy in tho net of stealing
cotton from his fathers Held and that to pre
vent their arrest they killed him Tlicra was
treat excitement lu the county In consequence
end reieral inoro arrests wero made Tho
Atira and Cburfrr to get at all facts sent
a special correspondent to York
and will publish to morrow tho result of his in
vestigations 1 hero la evidently an alarming
state of affairs in York county and It li
proved conelutlvclytbatnnoriianlzatloncxtsts
among the colored people wbtch contem
plates murder In tho event of tho detection ot
nny member accused of crimo Twenty six
nrvrnes nre now under arrest Tho lonuest on
the body of tho murdered bov beloro ndlscroot
Jury brought out nil the facts Ouooftho
negroes turned statos evidence and another
admitted that be killed a man who was mur
dered in tho county eighteen months ago
Several of the colored witnesses at tbo Inquest
snoro distinctly that they bad a club or clan
m tno county lor tno purpose oi stealing cov
ton provisions whisky 40 Tho mom
bcrs wero to steal whatovcr thoy
wanted and if detected wero sworn
to kill tho person who detected them The
club bad different names but was generally
known us Tho Ilislng Star Lodge No 21 of
tho Grand Uultcd Order of National Laborors
nnd Protective Society of North America
Tho charter came from Chfrlotlc N C and
isaatca uecemucr iroi ino caarier
Stlcr thln revealed at the lnauest was a plot
to waylay Wr Ellas Inman who was thought
to havo money but the assassin missed him-
Ono ortho witnesses gavo n detailed account
of tho murder of tho poor boy John Lea aood
anil also the names ofhls accomplices In crime
Tho talk of a general lynching has abated but
tho indignation anu uurc wwuw
vmoixiA VAiuimES
Itlclimond nnd Dnnvlllo Offloera to lto
mnln In WuslilnBton Tho Troublo
otTermtanl StocU Clrand Lodge of
KicmiOND uco 15 Tho mottlng of tho
stockholders ol tho Mchinond nnd Danvlllo
road will bo hold hero to morrow Alficd
Sully of Now York will bo raado president
and tho Richmond merchants aro in arms
against making tho management a Wall street
affair Tho prospect of removing headquarters
of tho company lrom Washington has van-
Tbcro was a llttlo excitement hero to day on
account of tho lumblo of West Point lormlnal
stock reviitil Itlchmoud men being largely
of Virginia adjourned to night attor two days
session Tho following grand olucors wero
clectedi W T Drlnkord grand master II T
Cralghlll deputy grand master V r Allen
grand treasurer W II Isaacs gruud scpretary
ltcv o W Damo grand chaplain 1 S Coloi
grand lecturer
LYNCiinuna Dec 15 A report has Just been
reicUcd or another salo of mtnoral laud on tho
lino of tho Norfolk and Western railroad near
Koaneko amounting to rjoo000 This aggre
gates tho sales of over JlOOOOOO In tbo last two
Ta cllltIno Ucc 15 Superintendent Huger
ol the Norfolk and Wostcrn railroad estimates
tho damoeo by tho collision at Pulaski City
ycdlcrdoy to bo In tho nolghboruoo t or s wwu
Tho track boa been cleared und trains aro
tunning as usual
Demoerntlo Jublleo nt Ilnltlmore
Haiti jiorf Mn Deo 15 Tho Crescoat
Club tho leading Democratlo organisation Of
Baltimore to day formally opened their pala
tial club house on rayctto street Tho open
log w as mudo tho occasion ol a gathorlng or
notablo litmocrals and tho liandsqmo Jjiitlil
lug was crowded all day Tho opening address
was raado to night by Senator Wilson of
Maryland A bmqucl followed at which
wero present Gov Lloyd or Maryland Mayor
llodBLs ol Baltimore Senators Colquitt Mor
gan Vanto Wilson nnd lllaokburn Iteprp
sentatlMsTownshend Reagan Cabell Urcck
cnrlnge WCMiuaii 11111 nuu husk phui
Carllile nnd olhira Letters of regret wero
read from Attorney General Uarlaud Secro
inry Ludlcott ami Hill of Now York nnd
Lee or Virginia Hon Proctor knott Editors
mutter oftho IIWJ and Ianapftha4iiii
Bon Perry lklmont Hon John W Uanlel
nnd Senator Gorman Tho whole aflalr was
ono or tho most sumptuous over arranged In
this city nno a iienvy buiw vu uiu uu
rrom sitting down to the
banquet Speaker Carllilo Seuator Blaok
biiin Gov Llod and others rcspondodto
Ioulslunii Lottery Drawings
NEW OiiLRAt8 Die 15 Tho follow log num
lers drew tho principal prlios boro jestorday i
13171 drawing capital prize tlWOW sold In
New York San 1runcUco Cal Now Orleans
la und oVliktikb Wis U7I09 drawing second
rarAtiil prize 85iaw sold n wbolo ticket In
nrlio JiOCCO sold In San Franeltoo Cut
VnVviiil ini HninnuiLh and
ille Or 8712 and to 800 drawing W
each sohfin Mobile Ala Cleveland Ohio
HoVcrsllcld Cal San FrancUo Cal and Hal
lljiorc Miii ilyi W7l HiMi and HI Ml
drawing Hioo each told in Now ork Now
Orleans lkiclnn Washington U O love
and Ohio Detroit and Hay City Mloh Mem
TiilsT nn Han Francisco Sail Jose Oakland
i Id Mojavo Cal St Paul Minn 6tJnoph
Mo Houcv Groic Wnco and Piituaui Toxas
fctauntou Va and btocktou Knu
Chloroformed nnd Itnuliatl or Ilor
Iuxurlnnt Troases
RrAPiNO lA Dec 15 An unknown tramp
this morning entered thoresldoncoof Augus
tus Wentzcl nt Boyertown In this county and
seizing Mr Wentels daughtor Bella agod 10
jcorswhowasnlono In the house bo held it
clolhVoturatcd with chloroform tp her face
the oon becamo unconscious and when sho
recovered n half hour ator iho found that tho
villain bad cut on her luxurlaut IrosHos which
lVd SiSi nearly to her hips MUsWentiol
iniiprr il im other vlolonco Who at once gave
tho alarm ond searching parties wero linme
dlaloly formed to bunt for the uuknowu vil
Wxt ffatuma
Tennreof Omco Debato Postponed
tho interstate Commerco
Acting ns Attorneys for
Subsidized Itallronds Derangogy De
Momtnir business having been disposed
of Mr Van Wyck offered a resolution call
ing on tbo Secretary of War for Information
as to how tho Missouri river commission has
oppottioncd certain monoy appropriated In
tho river and harbor bill for Improvement
of tbo Missouri river at Omaha and other
points In Nebraska and Iowa
Tbo resolution rivo rlso to a discussion
participated In by Messrs Van Wyck In
galls Vest and other senators
Tending tho discussion Mr Cullom pre
sented the conference report on tbo Inter
state commerco bill asked that It bo
printed and suggested that ho would next
Monday ask tbo Senato to tako It up
when If debato were dcslrod It might be
postponed IIo hoped however that no
senator would Insist on n motlou to post
pone It until after tho holidays
Mr Hoar said that tbo matter was ono In
which bis constituents bad a very derip In
terest It required deep study not only on
the part of those who bad to voto on it but
on tho part of tho business Interests of the
country And ho Intimated that as tho
Christmas holidays would probably begin
next week tho report should go over until
alter the holldavs
Mr Cullom did not know that tho Senato
would havo any holidays All that be de
sired now was to havo tho report laid on
tho tablo and printed IIo would call it up
early noxt week and then If tbero was a
dcslro to discuss It It might po over but bo
preferred not to ogrco to that nt this timo
IIo read a statement explanatory of tho
Mr Flatt ono o tho conferees said ho
had withheld bis signature from tbo report
IIo might perhaps although with groat ro
luctanco have consented to all tho recom
mendations ot tho report but ono that was
tho surrender ot tho provisions of tbo Sen
ato bill directing tho commissioners to In
vcetlgnto tbo ejstcm of pooling between
railroads and tho substituting for that pro
vision tho absoluto prohibition of pooling
IIo thought that tho public prejudlco exist
ing against pooling by railroads was largely
tbo result of misapprehension as to tho
naturo and effect of tho pooling systcmupon
tbo general welfaro of the country All
Interstate commerco by railroads was trans
acted to day under pooling arrangements
and tho absoluto prohibition ot such a sys
tem might work great ovils
Mr Cullom said that tho object ot tho
uui as roporteu was to oring auoui tuai
stability of rates which tho railroads them
selves wero trying to bring about under tbo
system of pooling IIo believed that tho
apprehension oxpresscd by tbo senator
from Connecticut would provo to bo un
After further discussion tho report was
ordered printed and Mr Cullom eavo
notice that ho would call It up next Tues
day and If tbo Senato desired to discuss It
nt length it might go over until of ter tho
holidays But be was very anxious to so
euro final action at this session particu
larly as tbo Supremo Court had ruled re
cently that It was tbo province of Congress
to legislate on tbo subject Tho hour ot 3
oclock arrived when tbo unfinished bust
ncesoTucsdaythoblll repealing tho tenuro
of office act caino up and was on motion
ot Mr Hoar allowed to stand over till to
day as unfinished business
Mr llatt then called up his resolution
that exceutivo nomlnHoCJeVWnr rilvur
JjojMUillUltilJRsoowvoto ot tho Senate
Mnrrlll mnrurl nn nmondulOUt by
stalking out tho words execuuvo minima
tlons nnd Inserting in lieu thereof tho
words reciprocity treaties so called IIo
had no objection to that chango
Mr Piatt characterized tbo amendment
as a case of deceits bearing gifts
Mr Hoar moved to lay tho resolution on
tho tablo Agreed to yeas 83 nays 31 as
YEAS Mcssrs Allison Beck Call Cameron
Chnco Cheney Cockreil Colquitt Kdraunds
Kvarts Gonnauaray Harrison Hoar lugalls
Jones ol Arkansas McMillan sicPhcrspn Ma
bore JInxey Miller Blorgan Mnrrllt Iugn
Fabln Saulsbury Sawyer Suwcll 8pooncr
Vest Walthall Wbltlhorne and Wilson or
Nais Messrs Derry Illalr Duller Conger
Cullom Dawes UolnbKuslIs Frvo George
Glbion Haw ley Mitchell ot Orogou Mitchell
or Pennsylvania Plait Plumb Sherman Van
Wyck Voorbccs Williams aud Wilson or Iowa
Mr Ilawloy said ho bad voted no only
because bo wanted a direct voto on the
On motion of Mr Evarts n Joint resolu
tion directing tho Stato Department to
restoro certain papers thcroby error Intho
claim of John lott a Drltlsh subject
ogalnst Moxlco was town up ami passcu
Mr Beck called up tbo bill prohibltiag
senators or representatives from acting as
ottornejsfor subsidized railroad compan
ies tho question being on tho substitute
reported from tho Judiciary committee
Mr Beck opposed tbo substitute and ad
vocated tho bill as Introduced by blmsolf
and which he said had been denouncod by
leading membersof tbo Judiciary committee
as on infringement of the rights of attorneys
In tho Senato and House Tho substitute
reported by the Judiciary committeo was
so absolutely unjust and absurd that he
was anxious to hear the grounds on which
tbo committeo presontod it
nim aiihntlintn was a burlesnuo on all
legislation and was so Intended by the
chairman and loading members of tho com
mittee If It was so micnucu men mi
committeo bad come short of its duty If
the original bill was a bad ono tho commit
tee should have so reported but instead of
doing so It bad adopted all of the orlatnal
bill and bad carried it to a point whore
nobody could voto for it
Mr 1iigh a member of tho Judiciary
committeo Justified tho substitute
He was opposed to all such legislation
but If It was to bo enacted bo would havo
I nnrrlfl niif in Itft ftlll OXtCnt
Mr Beck declared that tbo substitute was
unworthy of tho committee that reported
It and that tho committees action was In
bad foltb Tho ohlcct was to dofeat a
measure which 6enotors dared not vote
down directly
Mr lugh did not bellovo that tho sonator
from Keutueky Intended to charge the
committee with bad faith
Mr Beck did not know what tho gentle
man considered bad faith IIo bad given
bit opinion as to a report niado to me Ben
Mr Tugh said that If theto was to bo any
legislation on the subject bo would have it
ts comprobcn6lvo ns it bad been nude lu the
Mr Heck deuounccd It ns Indecent for
senators aud members to sit and voto upon
measures affecting great railroad compan
ies to tho amount ot hundreds of millions
wbilo having tho monoy of thoso compaulcs
in their nnekets Public right common
decency and tbo honor of every senator
and riprcstntativo was Involved In havlug
tho world to understand that no man was
sitting In either house as tho hireling or
tho retained attorney or tho agent of any
oflheso subsidized railroad corporations
IIo bad Introduced tho bill In good faith
thinking It to bo a bill which evory seuator
would bo glad to voto for so as to prevent
nny such suggestion Ami he was earned
at iludlng a substitute reported for It which
was tohig far buyond anything
it onv tonnlnr wniilil want to go Ho
wouttd n fair voto taken on the bill as
Introduced nnd not to havo tho bill killed
by Indirection
Mr Maxoy advocatotl tho original bill
nnd on behalf of his absent colleague Mr
Coke offered on amendment which 1ms
tbo effect substantially of restoring tho bill
to Its original form as Introduced by Mr
Mr Call expressed bis docided opposition
to tho bill There was no necessity for It
It tho sonator from Kentucky knew ot any
such case as be suggested the remedy was
In a resolution ot expulsion IIo reminded
that senator that he Mr Beck bad voted
against tho bill forfeiting tbe Northern fa
cine railroad grant whllo ho Mr Call and
others opposed to tbo Beck bill had voted
for the forfeiture ot tho Northern Pacific
grant but It was not to bo pretitmi d that
tho volts had not been given Tho
Beck bill or a hundred such bills not
have tho effect proposed It senator wero
to be bought they would be bought all Iho
tamo Ho argued also that tho bill was un
Without reaching a vole tbo Senate at 1
oclock went Into executive session and
when Iho doors wero reopened adjourned
After tho transaction of eomo unimpor
tant business the House In tho morning
hour went Into coniulttco ot tho wholo
Mr Crisp ot leorgla In tho chair on tho
bill for tho allotment of land In severalty
to Indians
Mr Skinner of North Carolina advo
cated thopassago ot tho bill nnd criticised
tbo reservation system of civilizing tbo
Indians If at tbo end ot tbo war tbo
frecdmen had been placed upon reservations
Congress to day would bo faco to faco with
a negro appropriation bill much larger
In amount than tho annual Indian
Sriatlon bill nnd the negro raco would liavo
ctorloratcd as much as It had now ad
Mr Perkins of Kansas regarded tho
mcasuro as being in keeping with tho sen
timent of tbo country and as being re
spontlvo to tbo best Interests of tho In
dians It was be stated warmly Indorsed
by tbe Secretary ot tho Interior and Mo
commissioner of Indian affairs r
Tending consideration the commlttoo
rose tho morning hour expired and tho
bill went over as unfinished business
Tbo Houso then went Into committee ot
tho wholo Mr Hammond of Ocorgla In
tho chair on tho sundry civil appropriation
Mr Dlngley of Maine offered nn amend
ment appropriating 1 17WX for tbe con
struction of n light house supply steamer
for uso on tho Atlantic and gulf coaits
iUlupicu ui to 1
Mr riiclns of Now Jersey moved to In
crease to 100000 tbo appropriation for tho
Hover powder depot It was tho only depot
ho said in which to store tho ponder
needed for tho whole Atlantic coast The
powder It kept In tho forts on tho cant
deteriorated at the rato of 13 per cent per
annum and tbo necessary magazines to
storoit should bo built Immediately Tho
government needed to keep M000 barrels
In store That required two additional mng
ozlncs Tbo present appropriation would
complete tho magazine This would flulsh
tho work at Dover Thcro seemed to be bo
reason In delaying It when tho delay was so
coetly Eight years storage outsldo of tho
depot destrojed all tho market value ot tho
powder and five years destroyed Its mili
tary uso to tho government
Mr Ilandall was surprised that the gen
tleman should ask for moro Evon tho
department had asked for butT0000
Mr lbclns replied that this was true aud
It tinexplalnod would bo nn argument
against tbo amendment But tho gentle
man from Pennsylvania knew why tho de
partment asked for so llttlo now Vor yearn
they bad asked for more and for largo sums
year after year which tho gentleman had
as regularly refused Now thoy had loit tho
courage to ask but still believed In the
wisdom ot tbclr original plan
Tho motion was lost
Mr Byrnes of Colorado offered several
amendments Increasing tho appropriations
for tbo signal scrvlco bureau and thosa
being opposed by Mr Ilandall Mr Sims
piocccdcd to critlclso that gentlemans ac
tion ns chairman of tho committeo on nil-
proprlattons IIo did not envy tho gontla
man who lived upon the Atlantic coast his
narrow minded statesmanship which did
not cross Iho Mississippi itvcr It tho gen
tleman did not grow fast enough on tho
principles of statesmanship to extend some
privileges to tbo people ot tho west those
people would bco that a man was mado
signaTstatlons on tho Atlantic coast
Mr Ilandall In reply sold that tho pond
ing bill carried moro appropriations for tho
loclflc const than any similar bill for yoars
post IIo thought ho know his duty mod
el ntely well and he did notproposotobo
frigblened from the pcformanco of that
duty certainly not by words of suchdoma
gogyashnd emanated from tho gentleman
from Colorado
Mr Symes thounht that tho gentleman
bad better read his dictionary for tho mean
ing of tho word demagogy A dema
gogue ns defined by tho best political
writers of this country was a man who
was a pretended- loader ot a great party
und who had ns his own Btock Intralo
the ability to go through appropriations
with a cuceso paring mine anu cuiuug
oft a few dollars hero aud a few dollars
there mako a reduction of 3000000 from
tho appropriations ot last year That was
was tho cheapest character of statesman
ship that bad ever led tho couutry on to
material prosperity If that was tho states
mansblp of the great leaders of tho Demo
cratlo party Ood savo the country from
such statesmanship Lnughter aud au-
P Mr ilandall predicted that the Damn
cratlc party would live to thrivo and con
trol In this country without regard to the
gentlemans opinion as to Its leadership
nmnmlmanta warn rntnrtnd
i no amen
Pending furtbor consideration oi tne urn
tho committeo rose and tho Itouso at iju
p iu adjourned
Largo Altondnneo Despite tlio Stormy
A complimentary bop was tendered by the
Washington Light Infantry Corps last oVunlng
to Iho irleods of that organization nt IU
nrinory Despllo tho inclement weather tho
nttendnnco wns large Bergt MaJ Ltriller
assltedby Privates KB llrandt and IT B
Walker acted as lloor director Among the
largo number present wire Mr and Mrs
Smart Miss llodk nson Messrs Arthur
Tomlhson MlGIU A Zapnouo Jowpn
i odor tho Misses Lotterner
Miss Daw hoMlNicsDutrv Miss MoFarland
Mr Davis Mr and Mrs Terry Mr Brown
Mlii Walter Misses Miller Gardner Burgess
Mr nnd Mrs Clark Miss Yoiing Mlsi Clssol
1 Ilalley Mis White Mrs I epp or Mr and
Mrs HOOl 11 llttUV tfiiwvo
llotol llurned Mortality
rirE Stone Minn Deo 15 Tho Calumet
Hotel burned thUmornlng liev ab circuit
the Baptist iniiusicr wai killed David Me-
ugh fatally Injured Virgil Ireiulcrgrast
jsly nnd a lltilo colored boys back was
u nil by falling walls Thu lossll
S15U00 partially lusured
iho Kenato cafo Is now n favorltodlnlug
place with our fashlouublo society ladles
Tho speaker oppolntod Messrs Caldwell
Idcn nnd Cooper ns conierecs em tho electoral
lount bill
Hills to amend tho postal moncyonlor systom
and to cxtond the free delivery system wero
reported to tbo Senate jislcrday
Tho Senate adopted Mr McPhenoni resolu
tion calling on tbo Secretary p Wur mr lufor
inattonastoiho proposed firldga across tno
Arthur Kill between Hew Jinoy aud btaten
Hcprcsentallvo Henry Bacon or now o
It 1 - nnrfnnlnnil 111 finimltllnd tO 1111 1110
carancv on tbo House committeo on banking
nnd currency cuuscd by tho death of Itepresen
Tho 6tibcommlttco oi tho Homo commerco
ronimlttiobciirdMcnrsllowlu nnd Cpx In
favor of the bill for tho Improvement of New
York bnibor and the committeo decided to re
port It fuvorubly to the full committee
A communication from tho Secretary or War
woBlaid before tho Houo showing that the
expenditures during ibe j parat Iho Spr iglleld
armory on ucuium u vi i
of illles and ordnauco was 8W8007
Senator Conger from the committeo on pojt
inr rmmrinl foiorab v tho bill recently
imsicd by tbo Houso to extent tlio frco delivery
lynera Id tow ns having a population oJ WOOd
or a grow nnnual postal re cniio ol llOtiOO also
tho Houko bill authorizing tho employment of
mall messengers in Iho postal nrvlco
On motion of Mr Warner of Missouri n bill
wnipnssid by lbo Houso br using tho cities of
Atlanta Galveston ht Paul Minneapolis Iu
Ulauapolln Kansni City nud Omaha under tho
prollPni ol kecilouo91 ltevlcd Statu es
which rcoulres national banks In certain clllei
to kifp oil band In money of tho Uultcd Blatoi
ainui equal lo -percent otthcir circulation
and deposits
Tho Georgetown Ohs Oompnny Under
n Steady 1lre
At 10 oclock yesterday morning In tho
Scnnto District committeo room an Investiga
tion was held by Senators lugalls and Harris
Iho subcommittee appointed under tho Van
Wyck resolution lo Investigate nnd report
upon the expediency of a reduction ot tho
price of gas In West Washington Thcro wero
present tho officers or tho gas company Pre
dent Lclttb Superintendent Calhcl aud Sea
rclory CmpUyi nlso Mr W 11 Orino repre
senting Mr Hartol of Philadelphia a heavy
itcckholder and Mr Stephen Drown Trio
citizens committee appointed Tuesday oven
Ingnt the Georgetown mectlnz wero alio on
President Lclteh at Iho request of Senator
lugalls placed before tho subcnmtnittco nil
tho liooks nnd papers of tho rompnny and
rend n detailed written statement ol thu com
panys capacity operations nnd financial con
Tbe statement showed that tho affairs of tho
corporation wtro conducted mutually for tho
benefit or patrons as well as stockholders that
tbo company had reduced tho price otgai sev
eral times of their own accord that thero hail
been only profits enough to pay n semi annual
dividend or 0 per cent ilncoltf and they hail
been unable to savo any money for nn accident
fund that the plant cost Jir70oo being f no
more tbnn tho capital stock that tho pild
officers were n president and treasurer who
tccclud I80U n superintendent tl050 ono
clerk 100 n plumber 51111 por year and a
number ut laborers whose salary nmnunted to
tl9H ndby Additional cxtwnsnt for street
work amounted lat year to 87 tS 10 It was
si own that cotblug but pure iv it
gsi purltlrd by lime was mils
and that 2 171 Inns of coal at SMSportnn
uoro consumed last year Tbo total outlay In
INCvni J1I0S nnd tho total expense
I0S2AU8 Tho profits after deducting tho
dividends left n profit for 18SS of S2I10
It was further shown that tho comoanvhad
HO consumers at tl per thousand and sup
plied 410 itrcct lamps ntS22 per lamp In romo
Instances long Hues or mains were laid to sup
ply street lamps and where thero wero not
enough consumers to pay even for tho prion
oftl o gas It was claimed to bo unfair to do
mand tlio tame rate from this comptny ni
wns raid to tho Washington Gas Company
who siinnltcd 30COO nconlo and BOOJ street
amps ui tho company bought only n fair
profit on their Investment Kach share ol
stock was paid In nnd valued at S23 It wai
smtro Hint a bill is now to be presented asking
nutborliy or Congress to Incroaso tho capital
stuck as thero wns a demand for au exteu
tlou ol trains nlnng lliu 1 eniialloj town road
Sunt Cnbill being questioned by Scmtor
Ingnlls stated bo bnd been superintendent of
Iho oompnny for thirty thrco cars that a
cnurnmciitliipcclor dally Inspects thegis
wlili li mmtboiilwaysof 10 candIo pnwor IIo
knew or complaints as to tho price but not lu
iccard lo iho quality ol the gas
E en lary Croplcy stated that he had held his
present portion for luclvo j cars wHU nomi
nal duties nnd nominal salary
Fx Couimlssloncr Joslah beni of the citi
zens committee raid that Georgetown desired
gas as cheap ns Washington obtained It It
wan only recently that tlioprlco hasboencx
Mr Mclntrro stated his gas was poor In the
forepart ol tho ovcnlng later it wns all right
Mr llrnce n druppin thought ho was over
charged for gas nnd that tho gas Inspector so
Infmniid him
Tho hearing then closed nnd will bo re
sumed Saturday nt 12 m
ArTolMMENTs iw tub jfAWNE ronrj
A bill lias been Introduced Intho Houso by
Mr Matron to chango the system ot appoint
mcrts lo tbo mnrlno corps This measure
Is designed to carry out a recommendation
lilc li as favoicd by tho House committee on
na nl aflalrs during iho forty sixth Congro
Ibe object of thoblll Is to open the way for Iho
appointment of Chilians and non-commissioned
officers nnd privates oftnonrmyand
marine corps As tho marlno corps is a popu
lar branch of tho naval scrvlco tboro have
been many efforts mado to break down tho
barrier which shuts out civilians and it Is
moro than probable that tbo present oftort will
bo a success
Tho reboot board bill which Is likely t
eomo up In tho Houso at an early day will be
championed by Representative James who
wilt oiler an amendment providing that of tho
three trustees to be appointed from each school
dlMrlct ono shall be a woman
ecrtnlu tuo rcsiuioi iiuwiiiiai iiwu
buildings nnd to report as to whether tho
families or the Injured men should bo pro
vided Tor Senators Morrill and Voorhcos
tatcd that tho library work was oontrapt
w ork nnd tho contractors were negligent On
this Iho molou wentncr
Htpicfcnlatlvo Iluehanan statod yestorday
lo the Homo comniitleo on tcntllatlon that
Iromcdlato steps should bo taken to Improvo
tho House uutllntion that the atmosphoro is
nlmo t unbearable
The committee on rules of tho Houso havo
Ren rskcd by the Houso District committeo to
niln nMln nn Ltmrnsnlutlnn
hg on extra District dav etch month iu tho
which tl rmlilF nhsnllltl ll nCCOl
House they
Messrs Tiowcll and Himphlll are Btrpnily
ocpofed to tho Introduction or bills w hicli will
bo filibustered until other calendar bills q
much Importance to tlio District and which
would icadlly pass the Ho 10 havo becuacted
C1Tho District npproprlatlou bill Is now un ler
crnsldirotlon h tlio Houso committeo aud
will be rcporieu luiuc iiuuw iu v
looKiNo ion a iuiLnoui jon
A letter written In Italian from New York
liv was recently received nt tho white houso
una tent lo ClcrkSkaUU or the committee on
loromerco or tho Senato to translate It
lurnidoiitto boa petition or flvo Italians to
President Cleveland asking blm to sit o them a
Job on District lallroad work
Two Couples Mndo Hnppy by tlio
Isturs Aid
Thn TnLernaolo Church Mntli strcot be-
twciu Virginia avenuo and B street was well
I lied la6t night with tlio friends oftho brldo to
wllnees Ihoinarrlnco of Miss Emma It Kcnncr
10 Mr Thoraai 11 llarnoy Tho ceremony was
Impiessivo as pcrrormcil uy tno pnsior uov
Mr Ecolkld Mfssn Jo opn Gassford iindJ
11 Sluck ueted as tlio ushers Tho brldo was
erypretllly attired In pink satin en tnlno
miiilnoVprl liniulsnmnaiid hapuv In front of
tho pulpit was erected a largo ovfrgrocn bower
end at ho top or the arch wore tho IcttorsK
r ii rnhfliittnilwhltornseacmbcdded
lu It and beneath this tho bridal coupio stood
during tho ceremony Tho brldo is a vory
lioiiular young lady Sho was tho roolplontor
a iiumbir or usoml ana bandsomo presents
After tho ceremony tho happy pair rcturnod
to tho residence or the brides parents where a
reception was given to n row or tho lutlmitu
friends of tho family Mr llarnoy U a native
ol South Caralino but has been in business in
this ciiy frsomo time and will rcbldo hero In
future Many and hearty wero tho congratu
lations received by tho brldo and groom und
Iho National Hi i ini ican Jolus with thorn lo
wishing that they may lle lougand prosper
HAnnisoN CA8BY
Mr John I Harrison n popular nnd rising
snung business man of liast Washington and
Jibs Klla N Casey wuro married last ovonlug
nt the resldenco or tho bridges p tronts BM
M K Church the congregation or which was
scry largely represented among thoso Prosont
The cercmouy wis potornied by the Uov M
1 11 ltlce nnd Miss Klla Iordliara played tlio
wedding march Tbo porlora were llllod by
the friends of tho young couple nnd nftor tlio
weddtuginociioiroi mo itv
rendered several npproprlnto selections A
mnislco wedding enko wns cut latter intho
lunlngnnd nu claborato supper served Sir
and Mrs Harrison were Ihofroclpleu sor n
urcst number or handsome prentits and Uvgin
their married llfo with tbo host wUbcsofa
lwt of friends
Niitimiiil Hoiiieopiithla Hospital
The regular mccllngof Iho uxcciutio com
mittee ol the Ludlck AM in nan iiini mnii u
r nlliln lloipllal Ascclatlon was hold jestenUy
til yip m Ill Vtards dairy hall present
Mrs Marlln chairman MM Itliiiards kcori
tuis Mrs cn IHriic Mrs Wllco t Mrs Mo
l ill Mrs Itciil Eaton Mrs ljdsiiii Mrs
t cnin Mbslratt Mrs ruber Mrs lierroi
Mis tiencer mid ntners Various amnml
irentsinthocoimllulloi wero d sensso I and
Iho hulJti t recommitted to cociuultleo
to bu reported at iisiuiiial mtciliigoMorol Mr
Jan II im 7 ritoladuS Mrs Spencer Mrs
Hlillntcr Mrs hills Mr Slenrn and Mrs
lite to visit tbo liosplinl threo limes
u wrck for ono week each Tho annual moot
lug oftho snclcly will bo lnday Jan Jl at
limp tal llUllding IJIIl unuilil uunuwnu
lulls ol tbo Klrmes occupied thu romaludor or
Aimrnnrliitlnns for Iubllo Printing
Juil biforo lbo tdlournincnt of tho II mu
yciterdaynflcnioon Mr Iluruos of Mluiurl
irom tho iorrinltti0 on appropriations reported
n bill to supply a deficiency In thoappriprla
ilonaliirrubllo printing to tliocnininittopof
tbo whole It appropr ntu fcatVJ for publio
lulngand bludlug J170W lor dhittiei Ivo
iuperforlnlleil fctales securities nud 3V
for Iho rccolnago of sliver
A Crime Canrelttil In Sin Scenon In
the Crowded Court Itnom IUeorder
niiiyll Cjrs to the Jury The
linra family Group
Nrw YonK Dec IS An Immcnio throng
of peoplo erc outsldo goncral sessions
coutt room waiting for a chanco to get Into
tho court room As beforo they wero do
tiled admission but tho favored specially
Interested pooplo who wero admitted titled
tho court room to Its utmost capacity
Hundreds of people filled tho corridors and
ttalrwoysof tho building moving restlessly
through After tho usual formalities Col
Fellows summed up tho case for tho peo
McQuadea llttlo girl sat onhtskneonnd
was hugged close by tho father during tho
latter part of Col Fellows a address this af
ternoon Mrs McQuadc tbo wlfo ot tho
accused was part ot the group McQuedo
sat with his eyes fixed upon tho eloquent
prosecuting attorney At the conclusion
ot Col Fellows speech which consumod
four and a halt hours and received close
attention by tho Jury ltccordor Smyth
aMiCBp m began his chargo to tbe Jury
lbo present case bo said was ono ot tho
most Important that twclvo men had ever
been called upon to decide In this city Tho
crimo wns ono of greatest magnitude It
was a crimo conceived In sin with scarcely
a witness outside tho participants and
thercforo difficult to discover
Tho various classes ot ovldenco wero then
defined and rcfcrcnco was mado to tbo care
lu Ibe election of tho Jury
Tho jury wero to pass upon tho matters
of fact nnd drnw their own conclusions
Independent of nny net ot tho court lbo
prosecution was bound to provo guilt bo
jond a rcnsonablo doubt not a foolish but
a rcnsonablo doubt It It was found that
defendant asked for or received or arcod
to receive any sum of money for his action
In tbo board as an alderman ho Is guilty ot
tho crimo cbargod As to Fullgrafts
story of tho mcctlnga of the
combination tho question to consider
whether tho story contained such circum
stances as constituted an agreement to
reccivo n nrioe u so men mo question
of whether or not McQuodo votod In con
science with such an agreement Is of no
consequence Tho stories ot Duffy an
Fullgraft wero thoso of accomplices and
tho law provides that they must be
corroborated An accomplice could not
corroborate another OI the girl Katy Mctz
tbo recorder said tho Jury had socu hor
point out eomo men whom sho says she saw
nt McLaughlins In May or Juno nnd sho
tells how sho knows It was May or June her
reasons being corroborated by Slclnugh
Hus doctor Sho was contradicted by
Helllv Clearv nnd ONolll Tho Jury neod
not feel that It Is Its duty to discredit hor
and believe them because they aro as thrco to
one Tho motives of tho witnesses must be
considered What motlvo could sho havo
to tweor falsely f Sho was positive anl
makes no error They ONeill Cloary
ond Hcilly wero all Jointly Indicted with
McQuadc who was on trial They aro al
most on trial themselves
Because Duffy and Fullgraft onco per
jured themselves It must not bo concluded
that they ara forever perjuring themselves
Tbo Jury must bcllevo them It thoy wish or
thev inltrbt throw out their ovldenco
At tbo conclusion ot ltccordor Smyths
cbargo tho Jury retired to their room After
waiting some timo the Jury returned with a
verdict ot guilty as indicted It was
learned thntJIcQuadswaaniuul ii Jv
In discharging you ftom your duties I wish
tocorgrntuluto you ou tho manner in which
j on bavo conducted that duty ou wero
Hv nor nvnTnlnnil
I regret to sco that many Iu
iclllgentmcnbujlucHi nnd professional men
of this city endeavored ton void tholrduty to
sort e on tills Jury 1 repeat ngalu that ou nro
entitled not only to tbothankiof this court
but to tho thanks or tho pooplo for when so
many men formed an opinion you wore ablo to
discard that opinion and to decldoupon n
urdltt upon tho cWdcneo
It seems that tho Jury after removing
their overcoats In tho room to which thoy
were sent for deliberation Immediately pre
pared their balots Thoy wero cast aud
on being counted wero found to bo uninl
mous for conviction It was Just fourteen
minutes niter thoy left tho court room
when they bad agreed when
tbclr verdict was given to tho court Mo
Quado ulono remained unmoved ills
demeanor was not different from that of
any other day oi tno inai jj
once left tbo court room declining all In-
Alter n few mluutCB consultation tho re
corder adjourned tho court until I rlday at
11 a rn when further motions In this case
w 111 I o heard Tho counsel for the defense
declined to outline their future course
McQuadc was taken oaclt to the Touib3
Centennial Lodge ltccolsos nnd ISntor
tnlns Ilor Guests
Tho lnitallatlon of officers of a Masonic
lodgo is to every Mason a pleasing coremony
Such wns tho caso wlthWashlngtoii Centennl il
ldgo last night and W V WHtell W M of
Columbia No 3 was tho Installing pllccr
Added lo Ibis was tho work nrtho third degreo
und ono candldoto was raised to tlipsublline
posltlonorn MasterMason Tho outsldo world
Mould have lawn delighted with tho spectni
lar drama acted by nil present and tho chief
nctor wns tho largo whltoBllkon haired goit
w Itli fiery eyes and fearful Iiorui who did his
part very well ns tho candidate toon discov
ered 1 rom all that could bo earned of those
prewnt tho degree was worked better than
icr witnessed before in Washington War
fhipftil Matter L Cabell Williamson Senior
Warden II S Truoworthy Junior Warden
Wm Oicar lloome and tho other officers
wero congratulated upon tho manner or their
perlccted work In duo timo tho banqiiot hall
was reached It may bo said with fairness
that thcro is hut ono Class in men ivhu uu
how to get up a feast and enjoy It and they are
Masons Tbe spread was ngood one Wor
Milpfhl Mastor wllllam on after tho cloth had
been removed called ror responses to toasts
and among tbo many responding were Mossrs
Welzell lilcuioru uariium luiuuuiuu
roham Holmea Hancock Mclnloshof New
Vork Cross or Lynchburg Va and Win
Oppflr HooiiiOt
1 bo affair w as very pleasant nnd thoroughly
cnloicdLy tbo largo number present
llm following nero tho oitlcorj installed
L Cabell Williamson W Mi DT Truo
worthy B W Wm Oscar ItiKime J W th
C llmore secretary A 1 lloguoraarihal
1IM Ktcuc 8 D Win II Partridge J II
14 11 I nffcrly S 8 E 1 Thomas J S and
J M Bushtr tiler
1MI Knto rinlda r QOturo
Ketwithstanding tho severe weather last
night a large audience assombled lu tho body
or tho Congregational Church to hoar Miss
Koto llclds lecture upon Mormonlsm At
Iho hut moment Hon H 8 Cox who was to
Inn o Introduced Miss Hold was coinpellod
by aire n of publlobiulness to scud an apology
Ltd Hopkins commander or Kit Carson Post
rendu tilt grannie incssago from tho I A 11
InMof Uinh congratulating tho Washington
loHupou having been tho llrst to procure the
nfriitiiiio of Miss llild ibo illitliunHliod
A nnamntirxil Illr tKilima B 1UW lllll
nil after 8 clock and kept her au
enio well In haul without a
I icok for nearly two hours Miss
1 lld eldcntly regards Mormonlsm asnycry
minus business Sho rarcrully avoldol
rbcWirlo and badliiage and her studied con
vcnatlonnl dlscouro was a clear logical argil
tneiit packed with facts and dealing mainly
nllh llm barefaced treason of a practically
Irresponsible government existing within the
inurnment of tbo Vnltod Wales Touching
lightly upon tho mysteries or tho Endowment
Houso sho related experiences aud convorst
tlous with tho most Intelligent of npottato
Mormon women whoso statements 111 every
instance shu had srarcd no trouble to verify
nnd corroborate Her calm lucid
nosittmi was lutersporsed with
glowing passages of scornful loathing for the
Vioplo who under gulso or a ill vino revela
tion had iuei ceded lu brutalizing human
nature and who wero now engaged lu under-
raining the noblest gocrnmeiit upon oartu
MI 1 leld has cxulldenco lu tho present a 1-
ministration and helioses that Wosldont
UCeianu anu rcuuiur iuiuuu i
suecesirully with treosou In Utah It may bo
ndded thnt Miu Tleld Is master or mistress
of nn excellent literary stylo nnd her forth
coming book will bo cxrected with interest
Itcjcctlng the Committee of Ono Hun
dred nnd Adjourning fjlno Dlo
Many of tho persons who attended tho cltl
rens meeting last week failed to put Inanap
pearanco last night Others who had not soon
tbe announcement of lbo postponement of the
meeting In conscqiicnco nt tho hall being en
gaged braved tho fury of tho storm raging
and went to iheTcmpIe Tho crowd g uh irud
In number until otcr nno hundred were
present Frtbrts wero mado to gain entrance
to tbo building but tbo doors were found
locked and Iho citizens had to content thorn
selves with remaining on tho nutslde andao
ccptlng tho welcome protectlonirfordcd by the
permanent awning tunning rrom the ruuiplo
to the curb
W hllo huddled together n general discussion
took placo as Pi tho authority or any nno man
to postpono Iho mt cling to nomo other time
end the conclusion was reached that tho cltl
rens controlled tbo tho mooting In that respect
and not tho person choseu to preside At 8
oclock taking Iho front steps ror n platform
Iho meeting wai called to ordor and In the
nl rence nl nil the regular officers previously
chosen Mr Genrgo F Dawson was chosen
chairman and Mr Charles lclham secretary
Among tboso preent wero noticed Stossrs
Gcorgo M Oyster Thomas W Smith Andrew
Archer M T nrldwell K G Wheeler Johnil
Slater John N Walker Samuel II Walker
W A OMcnra II 1 Vtaggaman M I
Wcllcr A I Bliss 0 Y At boo K
V Wliltikor A II CoDpcs Chris Itn
twlsle II W Dno Koblo D larner A M
Cannon O T Thompson II I Lark J O
Wilton J M Jones Larnon Knvanaaiih
lmnlel F Ut Jim 8 Worihliigton U I
Iinscr Adum Gnddts Thns Gray Geo II
Newton Geo It ltepr ttl Thns A II irlner II
A Grlswold Dr A II Donaldsou L Chappol
nnd W H llarrtnw
1 be unfinished business of the mooting was
culled for nnd Iho chair announced tho report
or Ibo committeo or ilto to select n committor
of lco citizens which was pending nt Iho lst
meeting was lbo unfinished basinets nnd be
fore the body for dUcusslon
It wns not tho kind or night to do much
Inlking In tho open nlr nnd the storm m 1 1 It
more agreeable lo koep the mouth elu ol luau
open m no one wns Inclined to spcan
Mr Charles KutwlsK taking this view of
tlio situation moved to lay tho report on tho
tabic which moiton prevailed nnd then tion
another motion tho meeting wns declared
adjourned sine die It is claimed thstthts
action fettles tho business nnd relievos the
president of tbe necessity of callliii tho meet
ing again
Grcutiat Lconoiii lo Ho Olisorsed lu
Conducting AITilrs
The meeting of the directors ol tho Chesa
peake nnd Ohio Cansl Company was held on
Tuesday at tho Arlington Hotel Tho report
submitted shnwed that tho tonnago for tho
jcor had fallen off nearly moOoi tons on no
count of tho strike In tho coalmines and tho
destruction caused to the canal by tho Ircshets
ana Hoods during last spring Vor tho last
scar tho receipts showed ndencloncy afabiiit
JXiOOO Tlio pretent management has paid
MUH OoftboSlVrtWO dfht outstanding when
they nssumed control Tho expenses or tho
i anal Iu lttl were tJOJ000 lu 18M Ihey were
fflMKOilu iif O they will bo about SlilOni
showing a marked ilecrcaro In tho ordinary
iwiniHlluiriK All the bosses will bo discharged
lor the months nr January and Fi hruary The
gouriimcntwlllbealcst for money to ratio
thctowpath at Great rails as tho government
dam there lias backed tho water up to tuCi an
extent Hint tho leant risn In tburlvcrcauies the
canal to overflow During the next uirttls
prntiovil lo conduct the affairs of the company
w lib tlic greatest economy nnd every unneces
sary expense svlll bo cut sill
oi rnA at tub new nationai
Tbo Thalia Company gavo Mlllookera
charming comic opera tin black Hussar
last night Tho company mado a great hit in
this opera last season aud tbo success was ro
pe atcd last ovcnlng though tho cast was not
Identical Max Lubo as Hcldcklng tho
magistrate was as amusing as over Schultz
wns an excellent VHTkow Elsbach was a dash
ing Hussar and Miss Mctrert contributed n
good share to tho success ot tho performance
Gasparonne tno opera plvon by tho
Thalia Opera Company on Friday evening li
Mlllockers best work surpassing In beauty
siudent and lllack HuVsaraud I replete
with comical ttnationi and catchy mudc In
tlio tint net Miss Emmy Moflcrt the luitiv
popular soubrctto of this company nnd Wash
ugtoni favorite will danco tbo Tarantella
Among tho pretty numbers of which ho
opcnCi brimful Is the ramntelu J o
Hobbcr song ineullfVivi
on Schooners popular poem or that name nud
has not a f nqio aiuu m uiiuuy u vj
sung entirely from beginning to end Mr
Otto lUtbjens iho popular barytono orihii
company sings the title rolo
AMiAtons onANn oi gni nousn
t nin nionicii comnanv wbtclt opens on
Monday cvciilnj with Snrdoiis spectacular
drama Theodora met with phenomenal
success In New York During n run oi thirteen
weeks In that cltv 811000 was tho s ual est
weeks business with an nserogo ofovcr 8U
Ono The New York Tunessaysnt this dram
ond comrany Curiosity was ririi among thot
tcrBocrsa yto iho capabilities of tliooiing
una beautiful ttar to copo with this trimcn
dousrole but It muit lo admitted that her
success wain signal ono nnd thnt tlicru were
neucs In which sho wns superb With n
beautiful face eyes of traniccndal lovollness
ni nnllif ivrrlnpui n lLuronrilllllwvand
graceful proportions tlio at onco won tho
sympathy oftbesast audience Alter tho lint
applauso all sound was bushed nnd tho music
or her low soft nnd rnlher tremulous voico
wns ncnru mu gaiucnuK ura
sceno prpgresscd hor vital lly nnd genius bo
come clearly apparent MIssOlcott has won
succets as T boodora
Fnlo of seats w 111 bo opened nt tbo box ofllco
this morning at 3 oclock
Tccka Bad Poy Is to fill tho BIJou next
week ulih laughing audiences It Isto bo tho
Had Hoy as rcprentt d by good nctors thoie
who originally presented It and rar better
than tbclr Imitators Tho play Is pure nnd
highly rnteitnlnlng Old folks witnessing It
fniget their ego nnd scarcely can restrain
then seises from rushing oa tno staio nnd
compering nroundns thevusod to dohnKa
century niio
Christmas week at tho Dlmo Is to bo glorious
Nothing leisthnu tho Worlds llcprpjontillvo
Comedy Company will appear A oxander
Wilson ventrlloriult stands forth for hiigland
tho Morrello brothers gymnasts typify Gor
mnnsi Mile Lornlno in bcr spectacular act
Iho ArtlitB btudio sparkles ror rrauco
Mois PetrosvUkl In his Trip Arounltho
World Illustrates Itussiai John T Miles
comedian author and dancer li tho broth
or n bos from Ireland Prof Ai Iauronce ox
inito iiu uvntuirnuslv lioautllul nrlsnistlo
Italys portra t Is pa utod by b g
Ddl Martellc Scotlands by Annlo McDonald
iho nightingale and Africas by W llllam A
Melville who it master or tho art ol laughter
i mmnMnrdenls tbo statiio of Uberty Ln
llBhttnliig Iho World with Now ork In t ho
bae kground bv nlnht and the Brooklyn
brldgo Illuminated Tho Christmas Treo
comedy concludes tho oulcrlalument Do j ou
want any more
Kemana holiday attraction commencing
ttnHlv ml mini tlirniltrh ttiu wonc
will bo the Christmas Pantomime andSpoclalty
Company ot mo uircu mo iireui mu
Thero Is promised and Kernans promises nro
lelliiblc ixirnordlnary cntcrlalnmout Siug
will lie sweet danco grncoful nnd spirited
feulsof iiglllty nud Urcngth wonderful lor
1 artlculan inquire within
W S llmicoolc Posts Iloceptlon
Tho rccepllon given by W s Hancock
lott Ko 1 Union Veteran Union at Abucri
last uight was a pleasant affair to all who
wero bras o enough to raco Iho snow storm In
cnlerlobupreicnt Attioilock inoiUnclng
t I 1 Cis uaaanil linilrst
commeiiceii huh
Mr M A lilllou nn I Messrs U 1 Ihimpus It
Siicdcii A II Illsbco Judsnu Knight J U
llucbley Arthur Solnru and II Watson
netcdns tlio rcceitlon commllteo with Messrs
llbUtt Allen 1 1 Marsh John Welsh W
A tn ealspeed und C Daticnhowcr as tlio
Uoor committee
Admission nr New States
ThoSenilo bill providing for tlio ndralsslon
of W Bsblugton territory Into tbo union of atatos
was taken up by tuo nouso commuiooon torn
toiles icstordny nnd nmcuded by adding a
section including Slontana within tho scope of
mu bill in ibis shupo It will bo reported to tho
Tho Wontber
For tho Dlstrlit of Columbia Maryland and
Virginia Snow followed by fait weather
wcitiTly winds slightly warmer
Tbermoraotrlo readings 3 a m 30 7 a
sn 380Oj n a m 330 J p m 370 7 p m
280 10 p m 100i 11 p m 180 mean
temperature 810 maximum 410 minimum
170 mean rolatlvo humidity 1110 total
precipitation fi lncheA
Tlio Coroners Jury 1lnds It Wai in
Affray Prisoner Statement In Ills
Own Ileluilf tirorts to Seeuro Ills
Itolcnso on llnll Successful
Meters W If Douglass Robert Leltcb
II 1 iiscnbilas L II Hopkins Thomas
Walsh and John J Hogan comprised tlio
coroners Jury yesterday at tho first pre
cinct station that Investigated tbo killing of
John C Miller on the 8th Instant by floorgo
N Walker Tbo accused was present with
bis counsel Messrs Wm A Cook and I
E Cablll and tho Inquest proceeded with
out delay
II W Crogtn testified to seeing two men
struggling opposlta bis office OU P street
Argyle Mackcy sworo to taking tho pistol
away from alkcr
John T Htlcnco saw two men struggling
but could not Identify them lie nttcrward
recognized Walker as ono ot tho men
Dr Ilartlgan testified to tho cause ot
Cornelius Campbell colored testified
that ho saw the shooting nnd that Miller
had his hack turned to Walkorwhcu tho de
fendant began firing at him
Matthew McCully testified that Walker
said after tbo shooting I shot him In self
defense If I had not dono It bo would banc
killed inc
Jamis M Tinker said ho had a conversa
tion with Miller ou Iho 3d or th of this
mouth nt the Evans dining room Hpcik
Ing of tho enmity between walker and him
self witness told him ho hid better let up
on George as ho would mako him crazy
Miller said bo did not calculato to let tho
s of a b get tbo start ot blm that ho
w ould 1111 him him on sight Ho said wheu
be sventnearMaJ Walkers ofllco bo alwsya
cocked his Pistol Witness said to Mr
Walker that afternoon Mr Walker Mil
ler told uie that ho has his revolver cocked
In bis pocket for you ivcry time be meets
you aud uu havo got to do pretty quick
work when you meet Mm or he will get
ahead of jou The witness advised Walker
to get a warrant but Walker demurred as
he said be did not like to mako troublo
Georfo N Walker tho prisoner was
sworn llrst being cautioned by tho coroner
that he was not rcaulrcd to stato anything
that would crlralnato himself
I havo nothing sold Walker which I
wish to avoid stating
Tho coroner then requested him to con
lino himself to tho day of tho shooting and
not speak of occurrences prior to that
On tho morning of that day said tho
witness I camo to Washington for tho
purpose of taklog nut a warrant tor libel
or somithing for tho purpose ot bavin
Miller arrested Ilu went llrst to Mr Fill
more Ileal nud then went to the court to
git tho warrant Mr Coylc ho said hi 1
mauo miormation respecting a unci on
witness wife Tho last letter witness bid
received was a libel on himself tho witness
personally and he desired to got a warrant
on that Officials at the court Btiggestol
that he could not mako ranch of n case out
of that IIo stated to Mr Lavender at tho
court tho necessity of tho caso and how
this man was persecuting blm After a
timo it was Bcttlcd that ho should return
ln tbo evening for a warrant Ho went
from tbcro to Mr It 1 Evansa
office Mr Evans was not thcro
It wns about 1145 oclock Witness
was anxious JadYlsowUuXynni ami
numbered Caving been told that Mr Tin
ker took bis meals at 1rcd Kvanss dining
rooms When he trot thcro ho suddenly
recollictcd that Miller nlso took meals
there and ho did not waut to meet htm
Ho then crossed o cr to thu other side and
Hiiro leaned ngnlusta class counter Iu fruut
ot a clothing store Ho was not behind
nny clothing ho was not near the clothing
Ho was not In the inlddlo of the pavemout
but still stood In full view Ho watcho l
thcrotoseoMr Tinker coming out ot tho
dining room opposite so iuav no i uum
meet and 6pcnlt with him IIo bad no
other purposo ond no thought In his mind
Ho kept a sharp lookout becauso if he In 1
sccu Mlllir hu would hao left to avoid
him IIo bad done 60 once or twlo
About threo mouths ego near tho same
placo bo had blushed against Miller
Miller then had his cane but made no at
tempt to assault witness While looking
nrouud bis cvo suddenly caught that of
Millers I was startled eald the wit
nese rising from his chair nnd he seemed
to be startled too IIo had his cane In hi
right hand and quickly transferred It to
tlio lift for tho purposo I sup
posed ot taking out his pistol with
tils right Uo did that onco
biforo when I met blm and took out Ills
pistol I remained then motionless and lid
did not lire As soou as he throw his cano
around in a ouick way i urew my ruvoivcr
from my pocket and ho mado a lungo at
uo I fired aud tbo moment I fired ha
struck lbo pistol Knocking It down In
making the lungo bo got past mo I tiro 1
agoln quickly Tho llrst time I firod I do
not think 1 struck him The second timo
ho made a motion or halloed which
made oo think I struck blm I took uo
aim but fired I novor carrlod a revolver
beforo or used one As bo advanced to
ward me I fired Ho struck mo several
times with his cano I think I struck at
him with my pistol That was tho way ot
it lm Lent ndvanclnt on mo and I kept
firing Hero tho witness slopped aul
then added with emotion Had I sup
posed ho bad only a stick lu tho presenco
of Almighty God I 6ay I would sooner
havo taken his club than havo his blood on
my bands
Tbo witness sat down but roso again and
Baid lu a broken voleoatidln a disconnected
way Gentlemen I would llko to say
about this shooting whllo I havo had so
much trouble with this man ho has psrsu
cutcd me nnd my family accusing ray wife
if eho has dono nnvthiug wrong I wanted
him to provo it Ha claims that be has so
duccd my wife that ho has slept with her
many times but I say gentlemen I did not
shoot on that account but lu defense ot my
This closed tho testimony and tho Jury
retired After an absence of noarly half an
hour they returned with a verdict that
Miller eomo to bis death from a pistol shot
wound in tho liver end stomach Inflicted
with a pistol held In tho hands of Georgo
N Walker durlug what seemed to havo
been au affray on the Sth of December last
Tlio coroner niter recmiui luu is
made out tho necessary comrattinout oapora
and the prisoner was taken back to his coll
Later the clirk of tho criminal court seut to
the slatlou houso au order ot icleaso and a
certificate to tho effect that Walker bad
1 een released on 10000 ball Tho I rlsoncr
w as thereupon released
Tlio taking of ball has caused conslderablo
comment and some attorneys assert that It
is without precedent Tho caso of Gen
fclcMcs who billed Ihlllp llarton Key and
for whom ball was refused has beon cited
and many subsequent applications with tho
eauio result Another strange feature ot
tlio case Is that Walker was held iu 30000
I all pending the result ot Millers Injuries
and since death baa cutuod bo la enlarge
on a bond of 10000 or Just oiio balttho
sum originally given CltlienslnspeaUug
ol the case assert that for somo reason f av
otltl6m Is Icing shown
Tho President icut tho followlni nomina
tions to the Senate yesterday
Preston II Uslle or Kentucky to bo gov
ernor or Montana territory
Henry K Hndeu ot Minnesota to be clerk
oftho illstilct court for tho district of Alaska
AHoo Hit or 170 postmasters tnoludln
Michael Glennan NorTolk Va On ar 1
Derr Hoauoke Va nud James W erlander
Huullugton W Va
Cls II Service ltopeiil Hill
Tho bill to repeal tbo civil service law re
ported adversely by Haw ley from Ilia
comralltio ou ctvll service durlug tftollnit
icmIou of Hie present Congress w ai ycatiMiy
relutroduccd by beuator anco

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