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Xlio Government Willing to Sanction
An Inquiry with Iteferenco to the
lreiont System to tlio Needs of tlto
London Mar 5 In the home of com
mon this evening Sir Walter 1 Barttclot
conservative moved tho appointment o a
royal commission to ascertain anil report
upon military measures necessary or the
protection ot the empire Lord Charles
JBcrcstord supported tlio motion V II
Smith first lord ot tbo treasury said he
objected to nny courso that would tend to
deprive the government ot responsibility
but ho was willing to sanction an Inquiry
with refcrenco to tho cxtont and adaptation
ot tho present system to tho countrys
nosds On motion of Lord Randolph
Churchill the debate was adjourned
FilmlcrCrlsplsald tho Incident at Mon
Oanc was unimportant as the French sol
diers who abused tho Italians were pun
ished by their own oOIcers
Count Herbert Bismarck will havo an
Interview with Lord Salisbury to morrow
inul will urge a raoro favorable considera
tion to Russias proposals regard I ig Bul
garia He Will return to Berlin Friday
Thn navv estlmatea fnr 1RSS Ahrnr n fin-
I rroot nf rOOnftM AYisltlillnrr SliA cnMal
Australian squadron 000000 During 1S37
there wcro 20 torpedo boats added making
u total of SO first class and 03 second class
During the coming year 0 first class and 10
I of ofllcers and men Is highly satlafactorv
The Llstcr conservatives will opposo T
W liussells land bill unless clauses deal
ing with total Indebtedness of tenants
under bankruptcy clauses are Inserted
The engineers strike at Blackburn Is
culed the masters having conceded the
demands of tbo men
Mary Anderson has a sevore cold and
could not play this oveulng
Bishop Walsbo of Klldaro Is dead
Rlngwcll won tho coursing contest for
the Waterloo cup to day
Iarncll approves tbo candidacy of Mayor
OKcefc of Limerick to succeed Mr Jill
In parliament
Tbo attack on Suaklm yesterday was led
by Osman Dlgna The chief ameer ot Foo
was killed In tbo fight
Tbo body of Stephen J Moany was os
corted by a torchlight procession ot 30000
j persons with bands playing the dead
march Tho mayor of tho city prominent
Fenians and members of tho National
League took part
The ship owners of Sunderland have pro
posed to those of New Castle the formation
of a registry IndeDcndent ot Lloyds
In Scrvla 130 radical and nineteen oppo
sition candidates havo been elected to tho
Tbo church at tbo hospital ot St Bernard
- lias been burled by an avalanche but no
lives were lost
The Crown Prince and Princess ot Oer
many and several crowned heads will send
presents on thooocaslon ot the Prince of
Waless silver wedding
Hundreds of Abvsslnlans havo been seen
I hear Allet A number of them anneireil
near the wells at Tatta but fled on being
M Ohlka will form a Romanian ministry
wltnM Carp as foreign minister If M
Stoardza persists In reslrrnlner
it VV A public reception will be tendered Right
ll Saiu Joseph Chamberlain at Birmingham
on bis rettrn nome John Bright approves
the plan and congratulates the country on
tbe success of Mr Chamberlains mission
The Crown Prince of Austria will arrive
In London March 17 and will be the guest
of the queen for ten dava
Mrs Proctor wife of Barry Cornwcll Is
Tnn viiENcn wau oudoet
Paiiis Mar 5 Uen Boulangor has
wiltUu a letter to the minister of war sav
ing it Is bis duty to devote himself exclu
sively to bis military requirements He
atks that bis friends be requested not to
cast tbelr votes for him for an office which
be cannot accept
The debate on tbe war estlmittft began In
tho chamber t day Marquis do la Beno
iisjs sskid It It was intended to call out the
whole contingent In 1S33 to which Oen
Logeio auswored that be rezretted be was
unable to reply
Mr Keller condemned the successive re
ductions of tbe budget as tending to preju
i dice tbe military condition ot the country
I He said the companies were weakenod by
I antlclpallrc discharges to curtail oxponsoa
Oen Logtrot admitted the army lost
1 iOOO men last year owing to retrenchment
desired to raise the companies effective to
a 12men enh Pending measures would
fTJ 11
miss IUIB s
Tbe chamber has tabled a bill authorizing
a lottery loan of 21000000 francs In favor
u til illU L aUBIUi CUUUlt 1UU Ulll llSBUlHUritU
i by a number of deputies regardless ot poll-
San RrMO Mar D The Crown Prince
appeared on the balcony several times to
day His appetite Is excellent and his
condition continues to Improve Prot
Waldmeycr has scut tils report on tbe Crown
lrlnceacatcto Berlin
IIckiin Mar fi The physicians pre
scribe for tbo emperor Injections of mor
phine and rest In bed for a few days
Emperor WlHam has a slight cold and
his physicians have advised htm to keep to
bis room for soveraldays
Dr Waldmeycr has sent a final report on
tbo Crown Princes condition conllrralng
tbe semi official reports made on Saturday
Tbo main reason for Prince Williams
visit to Son Rcmo Is to urge tbe Crown
Prince to return to Berlin He took an au
tograph letter from tlio emperor expressing
a with for tbe Crown Princes return It Is
expected ho will return at the end ot March
Ircat preparations havo been made for tho
reception ot the family
r I roi uucibb auu uu uuuueut tiuurm uiavu
1 Iiham nttnrlipil in lMnpA VMllnmfA suit In
advise him on stato affairs Tbe order al
lowing blm to sign royal decrees dates from
Dec 1
Tbe Italian chamber ot deputies have
adopted a resolution of sympathy with tbo
Crown Prince und expressing hopes for bis
Prince Anton Hadzovlll and his son will
represent Emperor William at tbe Prince
of Waliss silver wedding
Iterepllon to Kmuonile und Sntton
JiiAKiisTox 8 0 Mar S Sir Thomas
Henry Grsttan Esmondo and Secretary Sutton
of tho Irish National League of America
M ke hero to ulgbt and were Riven an cntbil
aleWc reception Hibernian Hall was packed
Ironi tlio rostrum to tho door representa
tives of every class In tbo community
uniting to do honor to Irolands advocate
The addressed Mr Ksmondo wiu a nlaluaud
practical statement nr tho needs of Ireland at
Hie present hour and a scathlue denunciation
untie ministerial polloy of tbo British govern
incut Tho address was enthusiastically an
plaiMcd Ancrllio speaking Mestrs Esmondo
mid Fitttnu wcro entertained at dinner In the
Charleston Hotel
Malue Municipal Election
AiiisTA MiMarG Iutbe city elections
tc day Dig follciwlug candidates were elected
msyiri Until J II WakclLld Itepubllcauj
Rockland W 8 Whlto Republican 8ac
W T Linninns Republican Lcwlston
lttHe Iteiutillcani Kltsworth F H
Aiken Hepiibllcani Portland chapman Re
publican leteating Noal Row Prohibition
Jlcmoci at Chairman Manlcy sont a telegram
to night exulting In tbe sweeping Ilopublloan
iiltunph and tbe redemption of Lcwlston and
i i
I plosion of Fulminate
llitlhoiioiu Conn Mar 5 The fulmlualo
btilldlug nl tbo Union Motalllo Cartrldgo
Company was blown up by a mysterious ox
plosion to day Hoary Decker the solo occu
rant was allied
irinifr inrliMK ff Rnoiv At Wlntlieiter
BA i iLtaw It 1 Ailnia alnM
1YIPI HtAlMl 1 A 4IIBI U Ulli bwm
ins prevailed licre to day snovlis
laltcu to a ucptu oi vijm iavu
A Mexican Gnng Which HLttightors
Matamokas Me Mar 5 Advices
from Llcvo do Canalcs In the southern
part ot tbo state say that on tbo morning
of the 2Sth ultimo that place and Pecacbo
ranch wcro attacked by a party of
nineteen or twenty men from Kscau
don commanded by Braullo Cervantes
At both places bloody contests took place
At Llcvc tbe first Alcado Juan Sanchez and
bis daughter wero killed as wcro also
Manegtldo Ruiz Eplgtnenlo Rondrlgucz
and Crcsccnlo Munoz At Pccacho they
killed President Julio Acumna and
his sou Pablo Bustamonte Analdoman
Medardo and Lopez and Nomccclo Jurcz
Of tbo attacking party one Porrlo SCapat
was killed on the part of Llovcs was nine
men and ono girl killed Tbo loss ot
Escandon wcro one killed and a number of
persons wounded
The light Is said to have been a bloody
one It Is appears that tbe assailants first
attacked Lleva killed and wounded many
of tho most prominent citizens robbed
the post and stamp offices and sacked sev
eral stores They then nttcr doing all tho
damage posslblo retired As far as can ho
ascertained the names of the attacking
party are as follows Braullo Cervantes
Ilcyts Badlllo Joso Monies Azaplto
Morlcga Faustlno Redrlzuez Dostdorto
Lcnius Drcnco Francisco Nicolas Sanchez
Lmlllo Arias Nlcolis and Fernando Roque
Cleopas Lopez and Pilar Cervantes
Jen Stele at once ordered troops from
various quarters to actively pursue tho
bandits Two ot them Nicolas and Ferhand
Roque wcro captured at Jarmouqo and at
Hcrmanos rancbncar Las Presas Franclaco
Sanchez was run down and captured by a
squad of the 13th cavalry under Cornet
Canter Sanchez was well armed and
mounted aud tried to resist arrest
Adjournment To Day With a Groat
Amount of Unlinlsticil lliislne x
Special to tho IUtTnucAN
RicuMONii Va Mar 5 Tbe house to
day refused to extend tho session aud tho
assembly will adjourn to morrow morning
slno die The adjournment kills tho Inter
state commerce bill a farmers measure to
prevent railroad discrimination In frotght
rates and tbe tix bill which has passed
the house but has not been considered In
the senate
Tbo senate seated D F Houston of
Roanoke Republican by a vote of 27 to 7
Tbo committee to exatnlno the affairs of
tho Virginia Military Institute report In
favor of the appointment of an expert to
cxamlno tbe financial condition of the In
stitution which It Is admitted Is very bad
Tho committee recommend that the super
intendent F H Smith be retired on half
pay at the end of the present fiscal year
The Metropolitan Still to bo Continued
In New York
New Yoiik Mar C The American As
sociation meeting was held to day A
resolution was adopted declaring that the
Metropolitan club would bo continued In
New York city but leavo was given It to
discontinue playing games until suitable
grounds could be procured In which to
play and when such grounds aro secured
a scbifiule will bo arranged to allow them
to play In tba cbamplonsnlp series A reso
lution expressing the opinion that tbo fran
chise ot tbo Kansas City Club Inured to the
western association and declaring their
faith In tbo said club to preserve tho good
standing of base ball and rid It of dishonest
practices was also adopted
lie Milken a Short Stay In China Owing
to the Spread of Smallpox
San FitANcisco Mar 5 Word has been
received from Singapore tbat Robert Gar
rett of tbo Biltlmore and Ohio railroad
with bis party and a retinue ot servants has
arrived there Oarrett made a short stay
In China owing to tbe smallpox epidemic
at tho port at which he landed lie will
take a leisurely tour through India and
will then proceed to Hamburg colnir most
of tbe way bv steamer After spending tbo
rummer at Hamburg be will visit other
Ruropean cities and return to Baltimore
about November From Singapore It was
reported thatthesea voyage bad greatly
lmpioved bis health
An Intlmnoy Which Sprung up In lull
Itesultn In Attempted Aliirdor
ZamViiix Ohio Mar 5 Kt Shcrlff
Richard T IUncs shot his paramour
Franklo Wise last night and escaped He
Is fifty years of ago and has a large family
She was sentenced to six months Imprison
ment live years ago for adultory at which
time John Landers her husband obtained
a divorce from her While In Jill the Inti
macy between hor and tbe sherllT was es
tablished Ho bought her a house and
spent money lavishly on her until a month
ago when ho failed for 30000 and she de
serted blm She will recover
A County Treasurers Clerk Short tM
POO In Ills AccmioU
llAiutisiiuito Pa Mar C It has been
found that Rrastus J Jones who was clerk
for County Treasurer Iongnccker ISSJ Sj
Is a defaulter for 37000 When Long
Efcker went out of olllce his clerks gave
htm receipts for the full amount hut It was
subsequently learned tbat ho was a de
faulter Loogncckcr fell hack on bis
bondsmen who paid themselves by taking
his notes Jones Is tbj reputed owner ot
tba Morning Call Ho may be criminally
General Denial to All the Allegntlons
liven to 1IL Owning Stock
Cincinnati Mar fi The directors of tie
Cincinnati Hamilton and Dayton railroad
have answered the petition of F II Loomls
asking thai they bo restrained from obtain
ing control of a majority of the stuck
They deny bis allegations oven lo the ex
tent that be owns lr00 shares of the stock
They ay It was delivered to lilui by Ives it
Stajner and that It belongs to the railroad
To Apply nr n A Uncut nr
1lillAiiKitiiu Mar ft lor Samuel
Johnson convicted of tbu murder nr ritrnuul
Sbaiplesr will lo morrow apply In Judge
Ilradlty of the Inlted Mates Snpiemu Court
ut Washington for an allocatur nu the ground
that tho defendant wan forced to testily
against himself
Shot liy an Amliiinheil aausln
Winona Mo Msr 6 tomtablo John
ltucluT bot and killed icorga Maderu a
romtractor on tho iulf road from an am
bmh Saturday nkbt Re was balled on fl0W
and then Hid to ccapn lynching
The irrlght Itatnn on Ciml
Ciiicaoo Mar 5 Tho railroad coal opera
tors of rituburnaud other dlitrlets will meet
lo morrowto discuss tlio frclubt rates lo the
lakes Hovcral conrcreuc s have been held
but nothing accomplished
Reduction In Wuges
Cikveund Mar 6 Tho last lurnaco opera
tors of tbo Mahouilng valley will roduco
wagc commencing Mar 25 the operators
claiming the reduction lu the prlco or pig
Iron made It necessary
frank Ifattou us mi Killtor
New Yoiik Mar B frank Rattoii Ins re
signed Ibo presidency or the Press Publishing
Company but will devote hlimeir toctltorlal
wttli Ho has not amrcil his connection
Willi the paper
k J
Tho Chairmen or tho Grievance Com
mittees In Secret Session Conlldenco
Maintained oultoth Sldes Iteadlng
Engineer Desortlns tho Ilitrllngton
CitlcAdo Mar B Chief Arthurs head
quatters presented a lively scene this morn
ing nearly all tho chairmen ot tho griev
ance committees having assembled Tho
secret meeting commenced at 10 oclock In
room H Previous to tho session Clilof
Arthur gavo out several tolcgrams received
from lodges In several cities all ot them of
an encouraging nature and promising to
obey all orders A larger number ot roads
wero represented than was anticipated
The morning session lasted until 130
when a recess was taken but tbe men
would not stato what business was trans
acted One ot tho men said that the dolo
eatiewiro happy and confident and that
all would staud united In tbo fight Too
quest Ion ot expelling tho Headlnc engineers
for disobeying tho crder to leavo their
places was discussed but Chief Sargent
said there was to rulo admitting uf expul
sion and tho men could refuse to obey tho
order If Ibcy choso Tbero wero but thirty
live engineers and firemen who took places
on tbe Reading The Knights however
contend tint tbo Brotherhoods position Is
wanting ot consideration and eood causa
f r making war on tbo BitrliDgtoi Brother
A delegation of tbo Brakemens Brother
hood attended tco conference evidencing
tho fact that the brakemen would not run
trains with non union engineers
Mr OBrien said tbat tbo question of a
strike on tho Northwestern was not consld
led It Is tbo Intention to confine tbe
slriko to tbe Burlington as It Is not dostrcd
that tbe strlko feeling should become con
tagious Ho thought thacnglncers secured
by the Burlington bad been successful In
ono thing burning out engines Tbe ex
amination ordered by the stato of Iowa
shows that tho men are very Incompetent
Ho predicted that victory would ultimately
reward tbo Brotherhood Many engineers
he said wero leavlnc the Burlington
Tbe general manager ot tho Northwestern
has been notified by tbo engineers that no
Grievance exists on that road
Tbe Burlington this afternoon Issued n
notlco that freight would be received on all
lines to morrow and that reasonably
prompt delivery might bo expected though
as good time as ordinarily would not bo
This morning all passenger trains save
three through ones wcro started out ot the
Burlington depot on lime Tho engines
were manned by new meu Freight was
also received to day
Six Reading engineers Jesertod their en
ulnen at Galcsburg to day and four others
left at Aurora Twelve left at Omaha yes
terday saying they had been brought out
under false representations
Chief Sargent said to day In discussing
Congressman Whites bill to Investigate the
stilke that ho was perfectly willing that
any committee of practical railroad men
should kqulro Into the trouble They aro
also willing that a committee ot congress
men should Investigate to see If a settle
ment could bo made as tho men aro not
asking that any mora wages bo paid than
other llnesare paying Cblct Arthur con
curred In the sentlmonts
Speaking for tbe company Paul Morton
said tbe backbone of tho strike was broken
Tbero was still a tall but It was not tbat ot
a whale and Its lasblng will not in tiro
anybody He said the passenger and
freight business waabelng accommodated
The eastern agents havo been Instructed
not to send any more men unless thor
oughly competent as tbey bavo a sulllclcnt
force None ot tho conductors or train
men bavo been dlschaged as tbey are all
loyal to the company
lieufra Manager Harris had a consulta
tion with Chief Arthur this afternoon rela
tive to tho report tbat tbe Brothcrbood men
on tbe Chicago Burlington and Northern
would bo called out Chief Arthur said It
was a matter exclusively with the men
and the chief hatl nothing to do
wllh It Mr Harris then discussed tho
matter with the grievance committee of
the road the result bclns tbat tbo order for
a walk out was rescinded
The grievance committee meeting closed
at 780 oclock and many ot tho delegate
left for tbelr homes All members aro
pledged to tbe utmost secrecy
A circular has been sent to tbe Iowa
legislature which will ho laid on every
members desk elvlng the difference In
woges paid byall railroads showing that
the Burlington road pays less than any
The Brlevanco committee adopted resolu
tions declaring tbey were cheered and en
couraged by tho loyal resolutions adopted
by the New York Brotherhood Sundiy
It was learned that at tbo grievance
committee meeting Chief Arthur requested
truthful reports from all chairmen as to the
willingness of men on tho other
lines to stand by him In
the fight The responses were unanimous
In favor of the chief with pledges ot moral
and monetary support He Issued no
orders hut wanted word conveyod to tbo
men that with their support the flkt
would be won
Detiioit Micir Mar fi Tbo local
Brotherhood has subscribed 1000 to aid
tho Burlington strikers Tbe mombers
have subscribed 3750 for the same pur
pose and will ralso It to 5000
Denveii Cor Mar fi The managers of
nnitrnl lines claim to be placed In a deli
cate position by tbo demand tbat tbey must
not handle Burlington cars Ou the one
band Is the mandatory Interstate commerce
law while on tbo other Is the fear ot a gen
eral tlo up
Lavayftte Mo Mar fi Tho Brothcr
bood of Engineers has sent 1000 to tbelr
striking brothers of tbo Burlington
Omaha Neii Mar fi The firemens
brotherhood at a meeting to day decided to
stand or fall by any action tbe grand ofll
cers mlulit take
P0TTSVI11B Pa Mar fi Reports from
tbe Reading engineers who took places ou
the Burlington road Indicate that they will
bold their situations and not return
Thirty engineers wcro secured yesterday
New Yoiik Mar C Tbo local Brother
hood announces tbat tbo membership ot
tbe order lias 30000 of tbo 500000 ready
for Uo In the present crisis and that twice
that rum will Lo raised It necessary
Veto by Mayor ratrolie
Baltimore Mar ft Mayor Latrobo lo uUtit
sent In tho city council with his veto an ordi
nance receutly passed which gave the council
power in appoint directors In tho llaltlmore
and Ohio railroad without tbo nomination of
tbe mayor Tbo mcastiro vh believed to havo
cmiMdi ruble political sliriiinrauco nnil slrous
prct uro wits brought to hear to have It vetoed
An i llort to pass it over tlio veto was unsuccoss
IltUburB fainter on Strike
IlTiMiuriiSlar 5 Tho paluters or Pittsburg
and Allegheny struck to day for aulne bour
dayat 93 waECK Four llrms have conceded
nnrt others nre willing to grant tlioscalo which
basliccn mlnitcd by the lulmi lhu strllcv
will probably be ot short duration
A Halo or Hay Foil on Ills llexd
Win Ware a colored laborer at the herdlo
stabler Tenth and O streets southeast yester
day afternoon while hclnlnz In putting away
tticial Imlesof bay In tho loll was weverely
Injured by ono ot tbo bales railing on Ills
Superintendent or II inul O Lines
1IAITIMOKE Mar r Charles Bclden has
been appointed Joint superintendent or tho
Hues or tbe llaltlmore and Ohio Railroad
Couinauy owned bv tho rallroadconipauyaud
tho Western Union
Texna Republican Convention
AIminTkx Mar 6 The Republican state
convention to nominate delegates to Chicago
aud a gubernatorial ticket will bo bold ut
Imt Worth AprliJI
Unprecedented Bale or Cotton
New Yoiik Mar t -The sales at the coltoa
exchauge to day wore UlftW balei the hrgeit
lu Its tuoiory
A Irolliulnary nijcumloii In the Cana
dian Parliament
Ottawa Ont Mar 5 In tbo house of
commons to day Sir Charles Tuppcr said
tbe protocols to the fisheries treaty wero
bong printed He expressed great
fiolntmcnt at tbelr contonts and as ho had
nllmated that tbo agreement to tho trade
question would bo contained In tbcm It
was necessary to explain the position when
he loft Washington Atthattlmo Itwas not
olllclally settled what tho protocols should
contain and how far tho various papers
submitted by tbo confcrcnco should bo sub
mitted Ho received a messago from Mr
Chamberlain last week and assents to a pro
posal to make tho protocols purely formal
To his great regret tbe protocols contained
nothing but a statement of tbo meetings
and theiiiofatiieii Ho had been con
sidering what steps should bo taken by him
to sustain tbo statement tbat trade pro
posals had been made by the British plen
ipotentiaries Ho said be thought ho would
bo qulto warranted In placing In tho
bands of tho opposition leader and Sir
Richard Cartwrlgnt who would on Wednes
day move the resolution In favor ot unre
stricted reciprocity between Canada and
the United States tho proposition ot the
British plenipotentiaries In reference to tho
question of reciprocal trado rclttlons be
tween tho two countries as It had an lm
Eortant bearing on tho matter before tbo
ousc Ho said he would cable Mr Cham
berlain as to the necessity of bavlog fuller
protocols published and ho would also
communicate with Secretary Bayard and
Sir Lionel West on the subject
Ex Minister Mitchell said be did not see
tbo necessity of watting for Mr Chamber
lain but bo recognized that It would not
he well to discuss the trraty until tbo
United States Beuato should act Sir
Charles Tuppcr should havo to make the
1 cst possible case and It would not bo well
to furnish arguments which Canadas one
rules could use Mr Mills urged that It
would bo necessary to secure Lord Salis
burys consent to publish tho Canallan
protocols but Mr Mackenzie deprecated
that as the matter was a purely Canadian
one In this Sir Charles concurred but
admitted the force of Mr Millss observa
Taken From tho Annealing Ilirimco
nnil Now Heine Pollsfied
PiTTSiiui o Mar fi Tho big steel gun
was taken from tbu annealing furnace at
tbo Pittsburg Steel Casting Companys
works to day aud again placed In tho latho
for final polishing and reborlng wblch will
end tho work on Supt Halnsworths big
pet In this city It will be shipped to Wash
ington about tbe 20th Instant whero It will
be reborcd and rifled to tho full six Inches
In diameter required In tbo auueallng
furnace the gun was heated by ifivans of
natural gas to 1400 degrees It was al
lowed to cool and again heated to 1400
dtgiees and gradually cooled off The
process of annealing Is a secret to tho Steel
Casting Company and has never been used
before but proved In thlslnstancoa perfect
tuccese Tbo sink head was cut oil this
afternoon and boxed for shipment to Gov
imment Inspector Eaton at Washington
for ofllcial tests
Mr Halnsworth said to day It this gun
provi s a success I am going to offer to
innko tho government a steel gun In one
casting the same size as tho English 111
ton gun and of better quality for li0M
The English gun Is constructed ot forty
flvo separate pieces Is torty tbree feet long
and will throw a projectile thirteen miles
which Is five miles farther than has been
done by anv American mado gun and cost
the government 333000 I know that I
can do It
ExpcrtsrwhO examlnLd the uo loayL
say that It Is simply perfect It Is as close
aud smooth as a looking glass
A Number or irrunces Cleveland Clubs
to Ito Hlarteil
JurrNSiiLitd Pa Mar fi Efforts are
btlui mado by the young Democratic
ladles of this plnco for tho organization of
Frances Cleveland Clubs fur the purposo ot
taking an active part In tho coming presi
dential election Tno club will bo com
posed of some of tbe leading ladles ot tats
place and w ill bo uolforniad tastily each
wearh e a wbllo elllt badge with picture ot
Jir Clovcland cngravod on It Tbey will
be furnished with torches mado especially
for the occasion and will turn out at every
political procession and will be drilled lu
the manual of arms and marching maneuv
ers by skilled drill masters Similar organi
zations aro to bu started throughout tho
county and may sprtnd over tbe state
The Virginia Senate IifinamU the lie
penl or tho Interiiul Kovuiiiio Tax
I Special to the National Itcpubllcau
Richmond Va Mar fi Tho senate ot
Virginia passed a resolution to day to ap
point a committee to visit Washington Im
mediately and Insist on tho passage of tho
Blalr education bill the repeal of the Inter
nal revenue tax on tobacco and fruit bran
dies and to oppose the reduction ot the
tailft July on ores and wool There was
culj one vote against the resolution
All CnfaltJirul Wire Who Wanted to
let It Id or Her OIiuoxIoiih Consort
Paimviia Mim Mar fi Martin Stein
baueer was fouud on the floor of his house
Satuiday evening dying from a bullet
wound Ills wife said mirglars had com
mitted tbe crime while Stelnhauscr he
roic he died said his wife did It to get rid
of him Ills wife will be arrested as prin
cipal aud a male neighbor us accessory
111 Cotton Seed Cleaner it Siiocetm
New Oiueans Mar ft A successful exhi
bition has been given of the new mnohluu lor
cleaning cotton teed Experts arc of the
opinion Ibat It will revolution the present
mifiu mid largely Increase tbe quantity of
lint cotton The machine Is tbo Invention ol
J Howard McCormlelc a young man or this
city aud Us chief feature Is that It cleans the
seiil perleclly by steel blushes leavlns tho
lint as clean as that from the gin
tlie Caused liy Inralllnn Kxploalon
Kw Yonit Mar 0 The stock or J II llia
licit tl Co waii burned out today by n tiro
muted liy the explosion of a can or paraDlne
The building wastwrMdorably damaged Tbo
Murk or Pinion Uacbe giant Impjrtuni wai
rUuneRed to the extent or 70Mn liiinnctla
lots Is j7CU losi on building SdiOU
- -- i
President Iatn Itoily Iylnc In Statu
New Yoiij Mar ft Tho Venezuelan com
iiilstlnn liavo nrranged to have tlio body or
cj lKtddent Iaez He lu state nt tbo city hall
Friday mid tbenco It will be taken to tho
Mcnnier lor feoulli America The conimoa
eouuillwlll attend tlio funeral
Ilody Id ii nil In it Ciinul
ilnoritlYN N Y Mar 5 Tho badly de
composed body nl Henry Sehuback a tailor
who disappeared Jan t has been round in
Gowanus canal 111 watch Jewelry mid
money being loundun lilmdlspeltlie suspicion
of minder
Sand bagged 11 Illlllimu Conductor
Manuan Dak Mar ft A Pullman car
uidticiorwassatidbagxedliililsuir by lw
umked men last night and robbed nf IJ
1 hey left him for dead ou tho platform of tbo
car wlicie ho was found by a pifnonger
retirimrjV Heavy llro tomo
New York Mar ft Tho flio losses for
February In Ibo United Hiatus and Canada
ainouut to lllJ13Vi over llW00iW abovo the
avcrogoror thirteen years There wore twenty
one flics of over 8U0UQ3 loss each
rleetrlcal Street Hallway
Wiuiinoton Dei Mar 6 Ail electric
stieel railway was opened hero tidiy It Is
one aud one lb ltd miles In length Cam aro
ruu Btlweuty mluiito lulervaW Tho road Is
built ou Ibo Hprnguo system
Mr Illtlyard Complains or Ills Wifes
Leaving Ills House
ffllccr Breen was told yesterday morning
logo to 013 E street northwest and see
what tho trouble was and was met at the
door by Mr John E Hlllyard In the hall
way Mr Hlllyard said that his wife had
robbed him of 1750 and ran away with a
man named William OBrien who was em
ployed as a clerk In tho sixth auditors
office I had said he this monov
sewed no In a little Hag and bung It around
my neck Whllo I was asleep last nlht
my wife came In my room ami stole It
Tboofliccr having gatnednll the Informa
tion wanted left tho house About the
Samo time a well dressed lady called at
pollco headquarters told Lieut Swindolls
that her husband was drinking terribly
and that she was compelled to leavo her
house for protection Sbo gave her name
as Mrs John E Hlllyard The ofllcial til J
her what she could do and sho left
About S oclock In the afternoon Ofllccr
John Boland was given a warrant for tbe ar
rest of Hlllyard charging hint with making
threats against Wrn OBrien At tbo sta
tion house Hlllyard showed the effects of a
protracted spree and his mind seemed to bo
greatly affected He continuously snoko
of being robbed by his wife and of her leav
ing blm with OBrien
At tbe E street house last nlifhl It was
ascertained tbat Hlllyard rented out the
rooms ami tue nascmeui was oceupteu by
a colond caterer Tbe latter stated to a
repoprter for tho Hepuhmcan that Mr
Hlllyard had been dtlnklug heavily and
mrs iiiuyaru nan icu tue uouse uecauso
sbo was afraid of blm whllo In Ills Intoxi
cated condition She took tbo money for
safe keeping And Is now with her brother
Mr Harry Smith who lives on It street
opposite tbe covcrnnicut printing olllce
lie said Mr OBrien had lived lu the house
but some two weeks ago left
It and has been roomlug near
the pension ofllcu He thought that
tbo whole troublo with Mr Hlllyard was
due to Jealousy and to his mlud being af
fected by strong drink Two gentlemen
who called to make Inquiry about Hlll
yard while the reporter was talking Joined
In the conversation They seeiuoJ to bo
wi II posted as to the troubles and thov ro
tnbtked tbat Hlllyards jealousy was about
tbo whole of tbe matter
An eifoit was made to sco Mrs Hlllyard
at her stopping place but It was not suc
cessful An Intimate friend of tiers stated
to tho reporter tbnt Mr Hlllyard had Im
aginary forebodings but bis fears were en
tirely groundless for his wife was a loyal
woman and had been faithful to him
Iji bis cell last night Hlllyard said that all
he wanted was to get out aud he would
leavo the city Ills wlfo could havo every
thing ail that ho wanted was to get away
from tier
A Ilrtt ClHHS Programme Rendered In
Magnificent Style
When Theodore Thomas bowed for tho
first time yesterday evening In the Congre
gational Church he did so to an audience
tbat was much smaller than his reputation
called for and Infinitely less numerically
lliau tbe performance deserved The ex
tremely Inclement weather was doubtless
the cause of the absence of so many of tbe
niutlc lovlng people of the city The
famous orchestra was as strong as ever
rail Its work was with a couple of excep
tions simply perfect
Schuberts symphony No J in C major
was tho first number Tbe four move
ments were rendered with a precision and
delicacy that could hardly be excelled tbe
thadlDg was superb Wagners Baccha
nolo from Tauuhauscr was a very
lBeptlI l ot instrumentation la
which the extremes of fortissimo and pian
issimo were beautifully worked out Sere
nade No 3 F major by Volkmann op
PS was the most popular selection of the
evenlug It was reudeied by tbe string
oicbestra The alltgro movement was at
times b wlicbli g a wave ot tholculers
latonandlbe soft low rippling strains
swelled into waves ut solid harmony and
then ellbir siuldiilv or gradually sank
to rest Tip wait uiiTeinpnt was catchy
and thee wire sevniii very pretty effects
lu tbe tlnal march
Mjrcs Whitney prlrce if bassos sang
Drelhovcii lniu Mii tnmba In those
smooth rich symp1 uetlc tones that have
made him famous and although the an li
me compelled blm tbrlce o bow bis ac
knowledgments of Its npplaus be stead
fastly refused to gratify them with an en
core Ills second selection was Schu
manns The Two irenadlers and the
Maiullattc llnalc about all there is lu the
song moused not a little enthusiasm It
bad to be icpeated aud tbe only thing that
marred Its rendition was tbe faulty tune In
the orchestral accompaniment
Tbe programme concluded with a spirited
Pcifonrancn of Liszts Hungarian Rhap
sody No H
To night the second Thomas concert will
be given In the same place Mr liifitl
IcselTv will play the Cnopln Tunslg con
certo No 1 E minor op 11
it Visit to the
firniid Army
Every night the Irani Army fair seems
to Increase In popularity There Ii always
sru ethliig new to bo seen and being a most
salable and pleasant place to visit It at
tircls people raoro than once Last night
liev Dr Newman headed a number ot
chigy men anil the visitors were made to feel
Hint tbey were welcome Senators Haw
Itv and Beck were also present and they
met with a hearty reception
Mrs Houghton and Mrs Sbelton were
showered with congratulations on the sue
eei lbey met with lu getting up the famous
New England dinner Hen Ross of Haiti
more and Col Vandersllce of Philadel
phia both prominent Irand Army men
were prescntand made to feel what u Irand
Army welcome meant To night the Wash
ington Light Infantry visit tho fair To
morrow night is -set apart fnr the Indepen
dent military organizations Tbe Old i iuu d
Cupt J M Edgar beaded by their drum
coips will escort the National Wilts to the
Among Ibo many donations which have
foiled to receive mention and sent to rep
resent Philadelphia aud Camden N nie
the following Mrs Kato irav lace tidies
aid perfumery caskets Mrs A Vaughan
faucy bonbon basket Mrs M K Ilrlug
htiist sewing basket and fancy glided
mici Mr Frank W Elwell solid silver
cup Miss Nanulu Vauglian large embrold
rini velvet sachet Mi I W Haws fancy
wall ImicUt and whisk bolder Miss Clara
Si hovel fancy brass candlesticks Mrs
Aunlu Luvt grove Ctuidcn plush opera
glass case Mrs Eatlugtou Camden in
fants socks Mr and Mrs James Martin
tapcsliy portieres Mis Win Dressier
Camden fancy wall pocket and Mr C
inrfgan embroidered piano cover
letting tho Apparition In Inultlou nt
Iliu 1lmt Irenluct Station
rbcolllceraof tbotlrst precinct nre deter
udncd to fix up a gymnasium nr their own
Kunilof tbcm have clubbed loselber and
put In n sufficient sum or money to buy an
xirclio pulley Tills arrived yesterday and
ti -day the boys propnicd In put It up In the
ii om adjoining the otllee ThU u dl boonly a
temporary arrangement oilier gyuinaitle
uppiualiik Is expected Kach month additions
uietobc made totlicsyniimtitm until a com
nlile outfit Is obtalucd HI understood that
Ifloiiisrcn gives money needed lo put an
addllionaUtory on tbo building an clloit will
ho made to havo a room on the second door
lilted up lor gymnastic
Hurt In a Collision
W 11 Porter by his attorneys Heury K
Davis Henry Wise Harnett ami Win Piukuey
White yesterday brought suit agatntt the
Philadelphia Wilmington aud IUHImore
Kallroad Company of tbo Ienusylvaula system
or SjnMO damages for Injuries rewlvedby
lilni lu a rolllalou ou that road ou June -I
1817 between the cnngreislonal llanlol ex
puss with the Watliiugtou express
Sir Itencan Oppose Mr John J
ONoltr Amendment The Secretary
of War Contlemmt The llenedlcts
Administration In Scnthlnc Ternn
Among the petitions aud memorials pre
sented and rcferrod In tho Senato yesterday
were the following For the abolition ot all
licenses and taxes on commercial travelers
from tbo Womans Christian Tcmporanco
Union for tho repeal of Internal revenue
taxes on alcoholic liquors and for a prohib
itory amendment to the constitution from
citizens ot Kansas against the Springer
Oklahoma hill and from citizens ot Ne
braska In favor ot It from tbo Society of
Friends lu Kansas for a permanent arbitra
tion treaty with CI rest Britain thirty two
petlllous presented by Mr Sherman for
tbe passage ot tbe per diem service pension
bill and numerous other petitions from other
states to tho same effect
Mr Piatt lu presenting one of the peti
tions for prohibition lu tbe District ot
lolumbla contradicted the statement of
one of tbe Washington papers that such
petitions were signed principally by women
and children Ho had examined tho peti
tion whtcn he now presented and fouud
that It was largely signed by business meu
of Inteerlty and position
Mr Palmer gave notice that on Thurs
day the 15th lustaut he would call tin tbe
Ik use resolutions In relation to tbe death
of Mr Moffatt from the e eventh congres
sional dlttilct of Michigan
Mr Blackburn presented the crelontlils
of his colleague Mr Beck for the sena
torial term commencing Ith of March ISSIt
and they wcro placed on Ille
Among the bills reported from commit
tees and placed on tbe calendar was the
following To regulate commerce carried
ou by telegraph with adverse reports on
the bills Introduced by Senators Cullom
and Edmunds Mr Cullom asked Mr
lleotran who bad reported the bill from tbe
postofllce lommlttee whether It was a regu
lation bill
Mr Reagan It Is a regulation hill
Mr Culluni Then It should go to the
committee on Interstate commerce which
bns had a like bill already referred to It
one Introduced by Mr Spooner
Mr Reagnn Tho postofllce committee
has had several bills before It for the es
tablishment ot a postal telegraph and In
lieu of any of them thought It best to re
port a bllfregulatlnr the lelezrapb system
of the country The two committees might
well have simultaneous Jutlsdlctlon of the
subject but It would be hardly Just to the
postotllco committee to refuse to consider
tbe bill which It has reported
Mr Piatt argued that the bill reported by
Mr llcagau should be referred to tbo Inter
state committee be would feel anxious
either to have that committee ot which be
was a member discharged from the further
consideration ct tbe subject or let It have
Its uutramnieUd and unembarrassed con
sideration He presumed that the hill re
potted was not a bill In the Interest ot the
postal service but In the Interest of com
Mr Beck thought it hardly the fair
thine take to tho control of the bill from tbe
postofllco committee- and glvo It to tbo
Interstate committee Tbe 8enalo ought
certainly to have a chance to see the bill
ob tho calendar and then It the Senate
thought It should be sent to the commit
tee ou interstato commerce that might be
done hereafter
Tbe discussion was further continued by
Senators Cullom Qbsce Blalr Reagan
Saulsbury Hoar ami lioiinan
Mr iorman expressed his regret that tbo
postoIUcc couiralltco bad not condned
pselftothc subject referred lo It that ot
establishing apustal telegraph system Tbe
rapid transmission of Intelligence was novv
In tbe bands of a single corporation which
had wiped out all coaipetitlon heretofore
attempted ond jet tint great question
reftrred to the postofllce committee had
teen set aside and n bill to regulate teleg
raphy with which the postnlllce committee
tml nothing to dol substituted for It The
prstolllcc committee had none beyond any
thing referred to it mid he therefore hoped
that the Mil would be sent to tho committee
on Interstate commerce
Mr Cullom consented to withdraw his
motion to refr the bill to tbe committee
ou Interstate coaiuicne and to have the
II I and reports laid on the table for the
Mr Sherman from the committee ou
federal relations reported back the Homo
concurrent resolution directing the Secre
taiyolthc Navy to designate a national
vessel of war to convey the remains ot ex
President Iaez of Venezuela from tbe
port of New York to the port ot la Oiuyra
and It was passed
Bills to extend and grade the streets and
avenuisof the Dlstilct of Columbia were
Intiodiiced by Mr Blackburn ant referred
to tbe Dlslilctcommlttec
Mr Shcmau reported a n solution
which was referred to the committee on
contingent authorizing lue com
mittee on foreign relations to employ a
stenographer for the bearings In relation to
Clilniseluiml ration
Mr Colquitt gave notice that ho would
on Thursday next submit remarks on Ie
motion to refer tbo Presidents message
Mr llawley called attention to executive
document No 71 being a letter from the
Secretary of War transmitting an abstract
tatcnient of the mllltla force of the
lilted States Mr Hawlcy said he hid
melted a communication from the War
Depaituicnt saying that the errors con
tained In the printed document rendered It
almost valueless for reference mid that
the mors weio not contained In the ropy
suit from tbe department He Mr Raw
ley i asked tbat the document b re
print d So ordered
On uu tt n of Mr Hale the itiillolsbed
business tbe pension bill was laid aside
and Die urgent deficiency appropriation
bill was taken up for consideration
A number of Items were struck out and
several others Inserted
Tbo amendment to strike out the follow
ing paracraph and tho public printer Is
hereby dlrectid to tiddly enforce tbe pro
visions of the eight hour law lu the depsrt
inuit under Lis tho public printers
charge havlnu been reached Mr Hoar In
qiilied of Mr Halo why tbo committee had
iteommentled tho striking out of the3C
Mr Rule replied Ibat In the first place
tie committee had no knowledge tbat the
eight hour law was not enforced In tbe do
paitnuntof public printing There were
peifons employed there working by the
piece st l o desired to work more than eight
hours who preferred to work twelve hours
and tlio adoplon of the Item might ho cou
stmtd to tiitiko these men stop work at tbo
end of tight hours
Hie result of that might be to compel
good woiklngmen to stop work alter eight
boms unit to allow new untried green
bands to bu brought foto tbe olllce In
fact It bad been said that the object ot the
provision was to Introduce Hill new un
uitd men lu the public piloting olllce
Atguments against striking out tbo pro
vision were tnado by Senators Hoar Teller
and Blalr the former stating that to strike
it out would be an Indication that the
St rale was Indifferent to the subject or
tliit It did not favor the eight hour law
Mr Reagau iiigued that the committee
ou appropilatlons was right In recommend
ligibe piovlklon to bo struck out Hit
iiitaut aujHIng It meant that the public
pilntir should suspend all work at the cud
otdttht hours each day It be did so a
large number of employes would have to
suspend work to their owu groat Injury aud
to the Injury of thoservlco This was one
of those extraordinary things which Con
gicts was liable to do uuder a sort of pros
Hue wulch could not be It seemed resisted
lu either branch ot Congress
Mr Evartssald ho was not dlsposol to
prevent tbo Insertion nt the clause It the
Senate desired It He only wished to know
on what ground the Seuate desired It It
did not belong to he said but was
a derogation Imm Its dlcnlty to give repri
mand admonition or advlco It the pub
lic printer desmved to be reprimanded the
reprimand should come from tho executive
not from the legislative authority
Mr Reagan repeated that this was a very
extraordinary proceeding There was no
complaint tbattbu cigbt hottr law wssbclng
violated lu the ptlbllo printing olllce He
could not conceive of anything more
Mr Hale said that there was evidently a
feeling In the Senato that to strikeout the
provision would be considered an Inter
lerecre lib tho execution of the ellit
hour law He did not suppose that the
Senate desired to take that position So
far as ho was concerned he was willing to
let the provision go
Mr llawley protested azalnst the reten
tion of the provision us It was au attempt
tofotbld a man to wotk more than clglit
b on is It seemed to him like a piece of
Mr Hoar objected to the suggestion of
Mr llawley I did not know that the
senator from Massachusetts had anything
to do Willi It It struck tue Ulfftt was an
elTort of ilcniagoglam niidTTcpeat that
Mr Hoar This proposition of political
economy whether wise or foolish whether
it Is dcmagoglsiu or whether opposition
to It Is Miallow pntcd assurance la one
which his had the support ot such pro
found thinkers as John Stuart Mill and of
such practical reitsoiicrs us Thus B Ma
cau lay
Atlerfurtherdltcussloii by Senators Hoar
Ilawlpy Sewart Hale Allison und Ka
gnu Air Hale moved to add to the provi
sion that It should not be construed so as
to loteifeie with piece work or extra work
In the government printing olllec He
wished Ibe discussion to close and slid
that Senators would have three or four
mouths to look up the gcat question
laucbtcr He flnall withdrew his
amendment and also wlttittrew his opposi
tion to theorleliial House provision
Wltkoiit taking a vote the Senate pro
rt til til to the consideration of executive
luslcm iiid at n adjourned
TIIK iiorsic
Orders wire intend assigning tbu UJI
and Mtli of March tor the consideration ot
mi unites reported bv the committee mi the
judiciary mid tbe tilth and of Much
for the consideration of busliifs called up
by the committee on commerce
Mr Rlchaidsou of Tennessee from the
romrnlttce on prlrtlug reported back a res
olution directing tbat committee to Inquire
whether the scale ot prices In voiie In the
sovcrument printing olllce prior to Jan I
1877 should not bcie establlshed Adopted
Mr Plumb of Illinois rising to a ques
tion of pilvllege sent to the clerks desk
aud had read an article In a Chicago paper
headed Plumbs Llltle Bubble In which
it Is stated that the Judiciary committee has
found that there Is nothing In Plumbs
alleged discovery that the funding act of
lt7U was tampered with by the crasttroot
the word for aud the substitution of the
word after
In view of the fact ho said that his po
sition was misrepresented In the article he
askid consent to print In the lltrard some
remarks deflnlm that position Consent
was granted
Underihe call of states the followlne
bills nnMesolutlons were introduced and
By Mr While of Indiana The followinc
preamble and resolution
Whereas there has been Inaugurated a nreit
strike orrtlio Chicago Burlington and Mlncy
Itallroad Company which If not speedily
t becked will end In widespread dcstltitlnu
and siiDcrluc not only to tboio Immediately
engaged In 11 but to others who are not di
ll cliy connected with It yet nevertheless nre
gieatlv aOected by tno prolongation and on
tlnuancoof said strike
yfuoh eel That a special committee or live
members be appointed by tho Speaker to cro
cicd at once to Chicago and thero Investigate
tbe condition of all airs In relation to said
slrllc aud that tboy bo empowered and re
quested to act as mediators between tho Chl
lagodlurllncionand nulncy UHlroad Com
pauv und Cmel Arinnr anrt bring about n set
Ueuicnlortbc pending roiililcHauddUferuuccii
which will lie amicable and ngreeabletobolb
parties so that the strike will terminate
Itelertcd to the committee on commerce
By Mr Rajner of Maryland For thn
greater safety ot passeigers on steam rail
llj -Mr Rover of Mlssotlil Cilllug on
tie Secretary of War for Information at to
whether the late leu Hancock drills estate
has been reimbursed for money expended
by blm In cntcrtalnlne the French visitors
at the lime of the Vorktown celebration
IlyMr irotvenor of Ohio A resolution
reciting Hint In response to his resolution
ol Jan 1- cnlllug fur liifoimiitloti us to
whether thirebad been any departure In
the Tinpllatlonof tbo rebellion records as
now carilcd on from the plan adopted
when the work was lu charee of Lieut
Col Scott tbo Secretary of War replied ou
Ibe authority of Lieut Col Iazelle tho
present compiler that there had been no
charge In airangcmetit or subject matter
that there Is resEon to believe that niiifll
clal matttr hat been Introduced Into tbo
rccoidsiand directing the committee on
military alTulis to ascertain whether such
utiulllclal matter has been Incorporated in
tbe iccoids and lr so tinder what circum
stances aud by what authoiity
By Mr Faiquhar of New York for the
coiistmctlon of a ship canal around Ni
agara Falls In New York also for the bet
ter protection of the northern and north
western fronlicr
Tbe House then proceeded to the con
sideration ot tbo McHunie H chardsou
Alabama contested election case
Mr Matst ol Pennsylvania openod the
cose for tbo contcstee and denying the
statement made lu the minority leport that
tp cuso Intolved no legal question
pinceeOod to discuss tlio legal
gs of tie contest as well as
the facts elcltnl lu t e testimony
w lili h he contended were utterly Insulllclent
to prove the allegations of fraud made by
tbe contestant
Mr Simmons ot North Carolina fol
lowed with n brief speech on the same side
Mr Lodge of Massachusetts said that
the case Illustrated the advance ot civili
zation In tbe fourth Alabama dlstilct In
stead of resorting to the Jack boot and
saber policy tbo Democrats bad resorted to
fraud upon the ballot box lu order to over
come tbe Republican majority There was
evidence of general fraud throughout the
district wbllo the poll lists oftbuSelma
pri duct showed that the sheeted dead
were mado to vote Of courso they voted
the Democratic ticket
He reviewed In detail the testimony taken
lu icganllo the votes given at tbe various
prteluets to substantiate the chargu ot
fiaud which he declared was fouud to
ixlst wbeiever It was probed for For tho
good in in e of Conercss and In the name ot
honest elections he believed lhit tho House
should reject the sitting member and seat
Mr Otitbwaitr of Ohio advoc ted the
adoption nf the majoilty report
Mr Unwell nf Illinois lulelly advocated
the minority report and then the case went
over until to dav
Mr Cut ot New York Introduced a bill
to divide Iheemplojcs of tbu railway mall
sit vice Into six classes llcferred
On motion nf Mr Botitcllc of Milne a
Joint ii solution was paused allowing Iay
muitcr 1 Barton I S X to accept
fioin the emperor nf Japan a decoration ot
the Order of the Itlaint Sun
The Rouse then at iitWj adjourned
A lteniHrlia lilt- Collection
slgnur Snlrlilnun rnlleetloii at Waiter II
Williams o will bu opened today
to Hie nubife It l a treat tor the
Invris of ml IkIiu one or the finest ex
hibitions ol paintings and marbo statuary
that irebate ever had In WHubhuioii Mauy
of the sreal Kuronenn matters are repre
sent d- Kortuny Chaplin Isiboy forot
Haublgny Javrcttn I Hpirldou Ac Balvatnr
Itpfn and itovaniil llolonna are hIu topro
teiued Hit Troubadour IovoHouz hr
by Klnelll lonoor tbo most elaborate
and failbfullv worked nut pictures that lias
been exhibited Tbo painting stands the test
ol the moil careful with a
and the whole work represents a
Jens- continuous tabor
The Weather
For ho District or Oolunibta Marylaud Del
aware and Vlislula Llght lo fresh westerly
wiiiitt colder followed by warmer fair
Thermometer readings s 7 am 3 p
m 230 10 p m tM0g mean temperature
7 maximum SJSj minimum 200Ji mean
relative humidity KV total preololtatloa
012 Inches
A Ilflli Iliillot Ilrlven Tovrtrd the
Henri Alt on Account or it Uoiitiotttiis
llrl Ile Could Not Mtind Heine
lilted Tho Man May Mve
Shortly after 11 oclock Sunday night
Private Sheehau of the 3d artillery eutere1
the half stioct gateof Washing
ton barracks Ills eyes were direct
toward the ground and hewst appitently
Indifferent lo everything transpiring aout
Hello there said the sentry
you look as if your best girl had gone
back oh you
Im all right was the reply but tin
tone was different from tho lappy wiy In
which be tisuslly replied to any billu age
I am glad ot It old fellow but tbe way
you looked as you came made me thlul
tbut something wiong had Inppcned tt
Tbe two spoko together for a few min
utes when Sheehau said I a u mil fioilu
light mid I am irulrg to bed Hlbea
priccedcl down the lonir wait to tits
rcom In the mens quartets In the sjtiiiti
eost paitof Ibe grounds He stt up souis
time and a peared to be bruoilD over
seine In uliln A comrade pi nt blm ml
rcinaiKcd Your girl Is gone luck ou you
hasnt sheV What Is the trouble with ou
I would think from jour lu iks that you
hadnt a friend In the world
SlKibau did not knuw whether to at
atgryor tot ami seemed to be terrl ily
downhearted Yes she has gone bisk on
ipe and you fellows must have been told
about It or guessed It H J theu rdipie t
Into slleice and tbe questioner thlnkluj
tiotulni further of the matter went n tilt
About 1 30 tbu men steeplu tit the
lunhs lu tbe quartets were suddenly
aroused by tbe sharp report of arevoler
inul lefore lbey could fully realize wmt
was going on live reports were heard In
lapld eiicccssslon Instantly on recover
ing from the surprise tbe thoroughly awak
ened soldleis rushed from ttitlr bds
to Hit- Plate from where tho
sound of Ibe shooting came and weru
b i rilled to Und Sheehau lying on the floor
and blond pouring out of wounds lu his
head The guard heard the shooting and
also visited the sceue The wounded nun
was picked up by somcot his comrades uu t
taken to the hospital whtre Surgeons Wui
1 Wolverton and Charles B Byrne of tlu
barracks were soon by bis couch Thevmadn
a careful examination and discovered tint
the would be suicide bad shot himself four
times In tbe head aud once In tbe breast
The latter shot was a little above the heirt
Probing showed that the bullets In the bold
bad been deflected by striking the Inner
bouts and bad not penetrated deep enotii
to leach the brain The wound In the
bicast was however tbe most dangerous
mid looked upon as likely to cause serious
mulls Diiiliiirycsteiday Sheehau was la
a precarious state but at a late hour last
night he gave Indications that he would
recover An Investigation Into tin
matter revealed the fact tint
he had been paying much attention to a
young lady living not many squares froaj
the bairacks He was heard to speak of
her In runanner showing very plainly tint
he wa deeply devoted to her Re hit
known her for some time and all his
friends as well as manv ot tbe young
ladys became fully satisfied that the couple
would soou marry Another young man
It Is said came upon the scene au 1
to show her such consideration
that she began to be lukewarm toward her
soldier lover Sheebnn according to hit
comrades belief Is thought to have had a
serious quarrel wllh her Sutiday night
Onilfti which she Jilted him Sheebin It
a well built man ot good form attrac
tive In person and Intelligent He It
very neat lu his attire and considered a
model soldier Those kuowlng lilui lull
mutely descilbe blm as being of a liUi
strung and sensitive nature anl a una
whose friendship was to be desired
There were many rumors alluat at llnl ai
to the cause of the ottmr mails rub acr
hut the statement given Is ilrmly held to i
Ulrg the real reason
Items ot Interest Oathorcil for that
Itepiihllcitns Iteadors
II Is learned that the Old Dimlnlin Itiat
Club have lu contemplation the erection or a
new und larger boat bouse anl will lu ull
probability bold a fair to raise funds or ta it
The Mount Vernon Avenue AssocUliu hi
lieenialledtu meet lu thlscliy oa Thursltv
iiltcnii on next at uvi oclock wheu a pre it
bo cleelcd to nil tho vacancy ca ttM
by tho death or tho late John II Union aud
steps will Lc taken looking to tbe collection or
i lie claim recently presented to ttuui br tits
Vlralnla legislature
Miss Nellie Turner of Warreritown V and
Miss Catluirlno Spear or Baltimore Ml un
vlsllingthe lamily ol MrJ 8 Douglas of tail
The Century Magalne Company lui a
kindly loaned lo tbo Mount Veruou Aveaite
Association several largo cuts ot Mount Veraoo
mid vicinity wlilcli Hie association trill iij lu
au illustrated volume upon Hie proposed nuilo
Irs olut Ji Sinnot is seriously III hi Iilj
tlelplita where sho went for uiedfcil tresr
The bill which has recently passed the fji
lattirc aud become a law which provides tUt
any judge who does not receive iinrettna
SI M0 salary fcr annum can practice liwont
ildeol his owu court altecttihc court of tiis
city as tbo com neiiiatlou to the corDrattoa
Judge Is only SlliKi It U learned with miici
pleusuro by tbo property owners ot the city
tbat Ibe Ron Charles E Stuart will ncvoptot
Hit position to which helms been elcctesthr
tbo legislature
The llraud Lodge Knights ol llnaor or Vir
ginia will meet lu this city to day Tliey will
be banqueted by tbo new nmnaiemeiit ot tho
llraddock House to day at noon
IlcenieM Acted trpun
The commissioners jesterday approve 1 ttio
following bairoom licenses John Qiiluu
Itobert Hurley J T Wright I Melnkeini
Hugh llorlcii J C tuackcubiisb aud Jobu A
Huppert 1 lie following were refused James
foodwlu corse W Cooper and J Murny
The cose of Wm Kbcrt Nxs I street northeast
has been leerred to the computing engineer ti
obtain the distance from n school Iiouju
Ilrmncratld Committee Organize
Al a meeting ol Ibe Democratic cnnm
lonal coniuiltlee yesterday morning tbu fol
lowing otllcers were elected senator tCeiiua
of West Vliglula chairman
Plill 1lioinpsnnnl Kentucky secretary
nnil lames I tsorrlof the District ofltjliuu
but IrtaMirer
Miss Emma Aiiiiott Is at the Arlliutoa
HitiuTiKY Kniucott hit gone t HiUai
Hon HakoiiiSmitiiuniianp of England ll
C W AiiMoiii ol Armour A Co accompa
nied by bis wire Is at the KWiltt
ImiiTos Cook a well known attorney of
Nashville Tenu It at tbu Kbbltt
CuMsioiKtrtr HinHosv V 8 N I In Nor
folk Vi on department business
J uu wile or Chief Justice Walte has gone to
California on a visit to her uncle llrhu at Lit
Vic i Iinisrsr Ilirrmt of the Northara
Pat lllc railroad who Is sick at Welckers Is
mine what better
Hon W IIavis Hiiuk of IVniiHylviatt
airlvcd lu the city yesterday and tt registered
at the National Hotel
Mn Lotus Durham son ot Comptroller
Duihaiii or the Treasury Department died
sundsyathls boaie In Cincinnati He leaves
a wife aud three children
horse while taking equestrfaa exercise oa
last Saturday altornoou but was able to be Ha
lilt oltlre yesterday uol haying been rtiulr

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