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Pennsylvania Railroad Company
1iiiMnrtriitA March 81 1811
Tho Board of Directors submit berowitli their
tepflrji tor the year 1857
Main Link and IlnANCiiri
lliiUDKiniiA to Pirrsiiunnii
Fathlngs 8M80578 40
Expenses 22823531 29
Net earnings 812077192 It
Add Interest from
Investments In
cash also for
uoof equipment
1pduut icotals
paid branch
roads Interest on
equipment In
tcresl on bonded
debt Stato tax
o n dividends
nnd other Items
Deduct Interest
charged for uso
of equipment
S1C260S 59
818110000 70
7C0J7H 00
Net In com o Penn
sylvania Hall-
rond Division
Earnings J1C328C1 41
Ex penscs 12301000 UO
Kct earnings from
operating 81027052 60
Add Interest from
Investment 632102 33
Totatlncomc 81650751 81
Deduct payments
on account of
dividends Inter
est on cnulp
ment Ac 1767713 1
Kct loss under tho
lento or United
Now Jersey Rail
rot d and Canal
Ce mpanys plop
2457017 53
81570883 72
17311 43
8l0lil2S0 CI
227900 78
8IQ2lii2itt 81
51010111 27
Kct earnings payable to
delrliln aud Krlo Kallrnad
Cerapany as rental 1112312 29
Netlncomo Pennsylvania
roed Division Sl044t280 01
NctlossNcwJeiseyDlvlslon 227090 78
Balanco after deducting loss
on New Jersey Division 810213293 80
From this balanco of lncomo tor
tboyrar 810213293 83
the fallowing amounts have
been deducted viz
PANY 878623 02
Railroad COM
PANYS Consoli
dated mobt
ciage Bonds
Inking lund ac
count 321800 00
Allegheny Valley Railroad Company
Eoiloloncy In
meeting Interest
guaranteed by
Railroad Com
Less amount
lunclcd by ro
celvers under
order of court
on account of
coupons duo Oo
tebcr 1 1887 315030 00
American Steam
snir Company
Interest guaran
teed by Pennsyl
vania Railroad
Amount paid In
settlement of
balances under
Trunk Line pool
In 1887
Payment of bal-
nucoduo on nc
f u eountof liability
ltvfertbo destruc
tion of private
property by tiro
in New Bruns
wick NJ
Amount rxsended
8097805 00
352833 00
00000 00
107183 28
173000 00
repairs and Im
provements not
properly charge
nblo to capital
account 1211115 30
Out of which was paid n divi
dend of per cent
Leaving a balance of
Deduct amount Clio mod oil In
totllemcnt uf sundry accounts
Total amount transferred to
credit of profit and loss for tho
year 1887
Add amount to credit of profit
and Josb December 31 liW
2129557 20
87783738 CO
5418701 73
381437 71
81933509 17
15025313 35
Balance to credit of profit
and loss December 31 1887 817C0S917 52
Theprcccdlug statements show a largo In
crcaso lb the gross revenues of your Company
after deducting therefrom tho operating ex
penses and rentals cl leased roads and tho
josses on tho United Railroads of New Jersey
Division there remains a balance of 810213
29580 Deducting from this sum tbo amounts
proprlychargcalila thereto Including such
1 tho extraordinary expenditures as
your management considered It unwlio to
charge In capital account tbo result was a net
Income for tho year of 8778373800 as com
pared With 80920890110 for 18S0
After making tbo proper debits and crodlts
to profit and loss the amount carried to tbo
creditor that account for tho year was
59917 making tho total amount now standing
to tho credit of profit and loss 81700891752
Tho Increase In tho gross revenues of your
cntlro system and especially of tbo linos west
ot Plttbburgb during tbo suraator months
arising from tho unusual prosperity of the
manufacturing Industries of tho country
seemed to warrant your Board In declaring a
dividend of llirccperccnt In November mak
ing for the year n total dividend of flvo and n
halfpcr cent as against fivo per cent In 1880
It will bo noted that your Investments In
tho securities of other companies mado irora
tlmo to tlmo by your management for the
purpose of developing and drawing to your
lines tho tralltc ot tho torrltory naturally trio
urarv thereto amount to tho sum of 810S7O9
107 -17 and that tbo direct cash rovenuo thero
from for tbo year was 8148802718 being
largely In excess of tbo interest on your
funded debt
Mho tralUu statements to bo found In tho
subsequent part of tho report show an unusual
movement loth of Irelght and passengers
but notwithstanding tho general prosperity
already referred to tlio avcrago ralos obtained
on the tonnagoworo less than lu 1880
Tho United Railroads of Now Jersey Divi
sion continue to show a lair sain In tho vol
umo of both tho freight and pasouger busi
ness more especially In tho latter but as
stated in tho annual report for 1880 tbo ex
ceptional expenses connected with Us traulo
faavo prevented your Company irom obtain
ing Improved net results It Is gratifying to
note however that tbo deficit occurring an
this division arises almost entirely from tho
operations ol tho brsnoh linen and of the
Delaware and Raritan Canal Tuo net earn
ings of tho main lino between Philadelphia
and New York wcro very nearly sultlclcnt to
Ptovldo for tho cullrc dividends nnd fixed
cl arges upon that portion of the system
1 bo Philadelphia anl Krlo Railroad Division
shows an Improvement In both gross aud net
earnings and was ablo to provldo not only
for all Its fixed charges but to appropriate a
rcasonablo amount to tho payment
tatlons herctoloro given lor advances mado
y your Company
-ho loss to your company upon tho United
Railroads of New Jersey slightly exceeded
that of last year Tbo exceptional service re
quired upon that division In connection with
tno expensive character of Hi terminals
seems to prcoludo tho poslblllly of operatlug
It as economically as tho other roads In yo lr
There liss been oxpended for construction
equipment and real estate as follows
Pennsylvania Railroad and
branches 82711070 15
United Railroads of New Jersey 1110071 17
Philadelphia and Trenton Rail
road 217090 87
And for Improvements and ex
tensions on branch and auxili
ary lines oporato by tho Com
puny 2211 07 92
Total 83200815 11
On account or these- advances
Ihcro has been received from
some of tbo companies lu cash CS013S 43
Total amount expended on
capital account In 187 83010170 fO
This amount was supplied by tho issue ot
capital stock
Ihcro wero used on tbo Main Lino In con
struction and repairs 28lCt tons of stool rails
snd 1409151 ties ou tho United Railroads of
New Jersey 10090 tons of steel and 630383 ties
on Ibe Pbfladqlphla and Erie Railroad 2591
On account ot theso advances to branoh
audauxlllary lines Ibero bavo been received
in securities of those Companies 1117882068
tons of steel and 153050 tlcs roaltlng a total of
40JC2tonsof steel and 2091193 ties
There wero built nt Altoona ami yourollur
shops east of Pittsburgh and irle lor tho Main
Lino ancTothtr roads In your Interest on can
Hal and repair account 121 locomotives 136
EKfPRr cn ll bsggaso and mill cars
vCOO freight cars and 189 cabin and mainte
nance of way cars
Tho principal of tho debt duo to tho state of
Pennsylvania on account rf tho purctuisdof
tho Main Lino was reduced during tho year by
tbopayment of 83C5107 Cl which was charged
to capital account leaving a halancootSISlO
CC183 After Ilia payment ol Iho usual semi
annual Installments until July 31 1890 thcro
will Ibcnbodno 803505 191 upon payment of
which Ibis debt will bo extinguished
Under tho provisions of tho consolidated
mortgage of Iho company thcro was set apart
on tho lint day of July last out ortho not In
come 8321800 as a sinking fund for tho re
demption ortho outstanding bonds secured by
that mortgage Their market valuo was too
high however to permit of Iholr purobas
snd the amount was placed to tho credit ot tho
trustees or tbo sinking fund
Tho nggregalo amount so placod
with tho trustees or tbo fund
for Investment tlnco tbo com
mencement of tho trust In
cluding tho Income from first
mortgages upon real estate Is 82707650 00
been Invested as
fol lows
Bonds secured by
chstcd to date
at par value 81709070 00
First mortgages
secured upon
real estate bear-
Irir four nor
oont Interest
per annum
Cash on band De
cember 31st 1887
as a
870900 00
82018070 00
118080 00
100000 00
82707030 00
Thcro aro now In tho sinking fund for
tho redemption of tho obligations of tho
various companies forming tho United
New Jfney Rullroad snd Canal Com
pany securities of tho par valuo of 81401
110 1 hero Is also a cah balance uninvested
by the trustees of 870150 65 making an aggro
sato or 81631250 65 for which you will in tho
iuture lu accordance Willi the terras or tho
leoti rerclvo bonds to bo lucd under tho
general mortgage of that Company
Tho timtocs or tho sinking fund for tho re
demption of Iho trust certificates Issued for tho
purcbaoortbeshaics or Iho capital stock or
iho Philadelphia Wilmington and Baltlmoru
Itallrosd Companv were not ablo to ptirchsso
any rcrtincatcs duilng tho past ycarattho
limit fixed In the trnu agreement and there
fore returned to your treasury 819170131 tho
amount appioprlated for that purpose Tno
total amount of those certificates purchased
andeancelled tnrcreraber11st18S7 l81S2i
CC0 leaving outstanding 88171100 being tho
same as reported last year
Under tho Car Trust system a further Ihiio
of Slccorro ol lour per rent crttillcmes was
authorized forllx equipment or your roads
Under this authority and that itrctororo
conferred thero wero furnished durlntr tho
year 360 box und 41 refrlgcralorcars nd27
hopper and long gondons ror the Main Line
lfCO box cars and 600 lint carsnnd gondolas for
tho lines In vv hlch yonr Cmnpauyis Interested
west or Pittsburgh aud 1175 gondola sub
leased to tho Northern Central tlallany Com
1 he outstanding cerl Ideates or Brlcs A and
Bor tbo Railway Car l rust r Pennsylvania
icptesemlng respectively 10CO box cars at n
rest or 84 15000 and l t00 hopper gondolas at
a cost or 84COC0O bearing Interest nt ilvo per
cent rer annum wcro paid and cancoied
during tho year Flvo hundred or tboso box
cars had been sublet to tho Pennsylvania
Company for Union Lino scrvlco and nro
now owned by that Company Tho remain
ing 600 box cars and tbo 1000 hopper gondolas
have become tho property or your Company
Tho 23605 cars placed on tho
tho system or Car Trusts rep-
nIctcnrt5eotor 812319833 01
Tho 15203 cars west ol
burgh 7722935 00
Tbo cars sub
leased to aim
luted lines viz
3200 cars Northern
Central Railway
Company 816SIC30 CO
Lain iViiLKlluIljr
Valley Railroad
162 cars New York
Norfolk railroad
137600 00
1822150 00
Total 1237C cars 8218S00O0 00
Total amount of
certificates re
deemed to Do
Amount paid In
fulKpaymeut or
122l4urs 8f 329 000 00
Amount palaou
count ol WUC2
Cars 5803000 CO
Balauco of cor
tlileaUs out
etannlug De
cember 31 1687
12191000 0
5JC200 CO
tni a n
mo number of additional Ions of fuel and
other material moved m or the Main Lino and
branches for Company uo wnsl9W3l4 for
tho previous yoar 141310J thawing ai lu
cre aso of 480410 tons
Tho Bggrcgato coal nnd coko shipments
amounted to 17790708 tons as against 1539
COO tons In lb80 a gain ol 2437 102 tons or 15 87
per cent
Tho total shipments or oil during tho year
UK oP11101 0 S038138 barrels agalnkt
Ji4 Ualrcls n 80 showing a decrease ol
10PIO barrels
J ho following table shows lha revenue and
cost per ton per mile on each Division onoraled
by tho Company as compared with 1880
J eJ
Eh S3
I s s
i g
1 3
d o o
Cl c
u I
o i 4 o
s g n
d t 1 o
S Si
d r4 o
P S3 52
fj ia
d J d
1 a
s 1
a 1 3
J a -a
w p a
a d S
From tbo abovo taulo It will appear that
tho result upon all Hues ct ol Pittsburg and
Erlo was a reduction In tho earnings per ton
per mllo of ono quarter of a mill and an in
crease In exps use of movement ors lOOofa
mil with tho result or adecrcaso of310ofa
mill per ton rcr mllo la tho not profit rom
rf w -v - 4 f
S a
d d
o S
t S
s S
g LR -- 3 S
S 3 a ll si s
j Sf no
SlLr tf u g
S u I S 9 H 8
g I i LJiL
c3 e g g s
H tit rf a
w fl ad g
Kffi S S 8 I u U
W J3 sW J IS
5 J sH Vi ci c
S a jUr
I e I I 3
S g IB i Si
h j
v j
r s - 2 3
i 1 s s
r i 1 3 o
83 3
3 5 2
3 a 3
a d s
On the Jlaln Lino nnd brunches the through
freight catl bouud Increased ono per
cent and west bound 19 0100 per cent
Tho local rrclght shows an Incrcaso or
20 32 100 per cent cast bound and 13 72 100 pr
rent west bound It will be noted that ou tti
Main Llncnnd branches tbo local tocnago rep
rctints Kbont ninety two and one half pr
cert of tho entlro traffic
Thclollowlitglnblo shows thccattilncjand
it per passenger per mllo on each of tho Di
visions as compared wlthlO
fc 2 S 9
Is s s s s
I 21 I il a
S Sl - - S 8
5 13 d
i - 1 8 b s
- lit ode o
hB v S 2 s a
IIff niB s
sfS 8 a IS a
H 3 el J cl cl
PcS ii et - d ci
rr t
log g
i S
i -a A s
1 ts a
- I 5 -3
I 2
t -a -a a
a a
3 5 3
3 u a
Uwlllbe seen from tbo above that Iho re
sult from all lines csst of Pittsburgh and Lrlo
was an increased earning per passenger per
mllo of 11 100 or n mill ami a decreased ex
pnso or si 100 or a mill the rcult bclugan
Increased rrcllt of 15 100 of a mill per
6aheaveraeodlfctnnco traveled tyealh pas
seneer in 1S87 over llm Main Lino and
branches was IS -10 inlles lbo same as In
Trie folow ng tabcs show Ibo gMss earu
Iues expenses and lift rrrnlog ol tho coal
compsnlcs In which jour company Is Inter
ested for 1187 as compared will 1S and aKo
tlipameunt tiT coal mined and slid and the
pilec icccivcd lor same at point or tnlo
1 i j
Kxpinscs I
luoludlmt Net
ings inxenj ing
Increase as
with me-
ylousjer 137703s 11
D S7
88620718 91 8797037048 881 1316 15
112136 83 9352r2S
Totartons mined lu 1SS7 232003 19 lu
orcosecempared with previous year 03 213 Oj
The avcrago price per ton ot point of sale
segregating the results or tho fourcoal pou
panics lor lt 87 was 83594 per ton as agalust
314 12 In 18f0i an incrcaso of 4528 cents pir
Tho following statement glvos tho rasilt o
tbo lines wost of Pittsburgh oserjtpl by
the Pmntylvanla Company and ilttshirgti
Clnclqnatj and Bt Louis Railway Company-
Tho total earnings nl
CosiiANY on lines
operaled Hrcly
by It were 820781103 17
Expenses lor same
period were 12859123 60
Leaving net earnings 7921979 97
lrom this deduct
Rental Interest and
liabilities ol all
kinds chargeable
I hereto 724940393
Net profit on Icnn
eylvanla Com-
ponys lines CijW0I
The total coruInK ot
tbo PlTTSUlII111
Cincinnati and bt
Lou ib Railway
Company on lines
oi crated dlrectl
by It wcro 828023111
Expenses for same
period were 5659199 37
Lcavlngnetcarnlims 2127031 71
From this deduct
Rental Intcrctt aud
llalllltlcH oi all
kinds chargeable
thereto 1001S1 65
Net profit on Pitts
burgh Cincinnati
and St Louis Hall
a y Companys
lines 52107010
Net profit on lints
nest of Pittsburgh
for 1887 1200183 23
Net profit on Hues
writ or lllttburgh
forlESO 1624V 10
Gain on lines west
or Pittsburgh to
1667 1017735 83
Tho other linos west or Pittsburgh on ao
couutot which your company has assumod di
rect obligations or In which It Is largely Inter
ested through ownership or stcutltlcs but
which aro operated through their own organi
sations aro the Chicago Bt Louts and Pitts
burgh Railroad Bt Louis Vandalla und Terro
Haute Railroad Grand Rapids and Indiana
Railroad and roads operated through Its or
CtnUatlon East Bt Louis and Carondelet
Railway Cincinnati snd Muskingum VfUUy
Hallway and tho Wajncslurg aud Washing
ton Railrosd
Tho aggregate
gtots carnipcs
oi these roods
Net earnings
Dcrnct rental
BLd interest
Of this profit
your Company
under existing
lllldl to
Which added to
tno prollt
shown In the
above state
Leaves a not
profit on all
lines west ol
Pittsburgh for
Net pie lit on all
lines west ol
Plttilurgh for
Eli owing again
jur jco
com pared
with I
811253840 09
7913033 13
83310105 0
3184231 40
3150M 10
878277 21
1200186 23
81273 Ml 47
205 787 23
81072070 21
jiicso lines comprising your western sys
tem show a marked Improvement over tho
preceding ycarthero being a prollt of 81278
40347 over and abovo all llabllliloc as com
pared with 820575723 In 1880 Tho freight
trsllle shows uu incrcaso of 3998098 tons and
tbo passenger travel an Increase or 1140013 In
Ihc number carried Largo expenditures were
mode In thopurchocoor additional real estate
at terminal points In tho renewal or bridges
and construction or branches doublo track
and sidings Tho condition or tho track and
equipment was fully maintained
Ibo amount expends during tho year on
capital arrnntit on Iho lints wist ol Pittsburg
wa 82C08f043d
There lave been redeemed through Ibo
sibling fund Sl023 00 oribulssuo of 8 1 2000IO
ol tho Pciinsvlvniia CooipauyssU per cent
boi ds secured by lllttburgh Firl Was no and
ChlrnEo Railway
11cre Irnvp be cu redeemed thro igh tho
tlnklrg fund 81lf8Ll0ol tho Issuo of 1200
to or Ibo Pibiitjhania Companys six per
cut bonds secured by Pittsburg Port
Wajto ntd Chlccgo Railway Company
sleek as collateral leaving tho amount
outstanding 82 02X00 Theie was a
furlhsr Isiue or 81JCOOCU or Its four
iril ahaHper tent bonds for mo purpose
or pro lalug for construction and otherpapilnl
ncccEntscn tfco Hues west of Iltlsbtirgso
thst the enlire lsue to dale Is 815W0ojn Of
this kinnunt il 2tP0 bad been retired through
ibe nitrations til tbeslnklnzluid bu under
the limit is to pricu tncreiiillicd no aldi
tloial tuithaith could bo made dining thu
Iheicjioitmadcby tlielriiteesof thosliik
log funds or lhcllrt and troiiiid mvtgWsor
tlipllllslurgh fort iynoand Chicago Kill
rond Compunv shows that tho regular nniuil
pnvmeiitol 8ir4irOuns made thereto Iluy
itoeemtd during the year JSLOW or tlioilm
inoncigoaiid tlJJCO tr Hie fi pnnd mnrtgace
bond making tbo total amount icdtcmcdtn
Dercmbcr ill 1 W
First mortcago bond 81081 500 00
Second morlgago bonds sotsiOO 00
With n balance or cah In the hands of tho
trustees uninvested December 31 1SS7
On account or first mortgage sink
ing fund 8598279 28
Ou account nl second moitgago
sinking fund 131573 C8
Tbo further amount of 8138302 was also
added to tho sinking funds provided lor the
redemption of tbo existing mortgages ortho
Cleveland and Pittsburgh Railroad Company
In addition lo iho amounts contributed di
rectly toother sinking funds by tho individual
The Grand Rapids aud Indiana Railroad
Company continues to show favorable result-
Its net earnings having been moro than sur
licit nt to meet tho interest on Us ruuded debt
andtboioiscson Its leased lines Tbo land
department msdo sales or acres or larin
lands and 7032 acres or Pino binds for 81 1
21819 being an avcrago price of SltCMpcr
acre The amount sold lo the olosp nttho
year alter JeductlDg cancelled contracts was
4C0C87 acres and the uggrcgato prlco recelcd
thercror was 85W84230 nn avcrago orl27
pcracrc No bonds could bopunbacd by m
trustees durlrg tho 3 car out ol the proeeudt or
such Isnd sales and tbcro aro now outstand
ing 8393100 or tho guaranteed and t03oto
ol tbo unguaranteed first morlgago laud -grant
bonds of Ibo companv
ibo assets on hand Dec 31 1687 appllcablo
to tho redemption ortho first morlgigu land
grant bonds were
Cash In tho hands or tho trustees 89SI07S 12
Cash In the hands or cashier - 02073 17
Bills and accounts receivable In
hands or cashier I033H19J
Hills and accounts reeolvatilo In -
bandi ottiustees 153 030 00
Total 8l599T3 51
It will be toted that the thiUig funds u tho
Pilltbtitgh Tort Wayne mid Uhlcavi Itoll vav
atdGiand Haplds and Indiana HsilrnadCom
potJes in which your Company Is In
terested contain over two and a hirinllloii
ol dollars which Ibo trustees teem to bu un
able to Invest in the securities lor the redemp
tion ol which tbiyareplcdctd
andvvistoi 1irrsnnuni
Gross cartligs fiomtrnllla In 1637 8115 515-
rtfilJ In Ihtfi 810109790 78 lncreae 813-
M 7t2J II
Urrsa cxrrnser Including rentals liiterot
Iivldends Ac In 1SS7 87723804i 2 1 In
181 0 t7102714t9 increase suumjtut fit
Lowing till lArnlass III 1tf7 8LV2OI2M
ill 1SMJ til 9321 019 Increase S3 C215777
Nmr r
Number or
ltw I Oil
18S7 1S7
Llnrsrssl 11 f ruts-
buigh and Erie 72330093 0 1150 I2ru
Lines west nl
burgh 33772120 3511121158
Totals 100128215 9922 1 670 i I
1S0 1Sii
iil5 rostnf PUtSt
buighanuTirle 5031210707
LlncBwcstof Pitts
burgh 32297431 2999027781
Totals 90709381 S690S 11188
Jtmiiar Ttafflc
Lines cost or Pitts
lurghnnd Trio
Lines cast or Pittc
burgh and Kilo
Lines west or Pitts
Number of
Niirah r of
Pl i 11OIS
Ono Mllo
Tboeggicgato amount or steel rails used lu
cpnttructlou and repairs in 1M7 ou all Hues
owned controlled oropTated by your Com
psnytattuud west or Pittsburgh was 79190
Thcro was appropriated to thu Mauugnrof
tno irusi createu uctouer u iss lor tiiu year
U87 the sum or S78C2302 being ouu per
cc mum or tho tict ineotnu or tlio Company be
icrupavmintoi livnioniis o tho siiarLhiti it
it wlllc seen by tbo rcpoitof tho Mausters
of that 1 rust that theiunua beim mid tn inv
cemtcr 31 1867 lhusumol8J82610 93 which
with tho Income tbcrelrom has been lnvelea
in tecuiltlts amountlug at par to i3 58l4JO
jlcldiug nu Inteicst lor the year of 091 101 per
ctut upon tho Investment
J he eiolctiioni ot in Insurance IunJ sIidtk
stttts on hand at tbo end of tno year of
SI til 411 to being au incrcaso over tho pre
Vleusjtsi or174l9247
iho greau r pan oi tho amount expanded
duiltig tbo past yenrou capital accouut was
lorlncrtuscd Meiiuies 011 jour lino betneeu
New iork nnd Pitttburgh ihovohimoorbiil
ntse secured through the development ol local
Industries trorcotid by tho construction of
blanch and auxiliary lints hd become so
ci tat as to eoni pel jour Company to mase un
usual outlaj s In this directum not only lu th
extension ol third and fouilli tracks but in Iho
putehaiunl additional realcstatu and equip
ment Iho amount or construction work uu
dtitoken duiiiig tho year however was so
great that It was Impossible Incomplete It
and considers ble expenditure wll bo roqulrtd
during iho current year to finish that now lu
progrets 3 he four tracks aro now laid on the
greater portion of tbo road between Philadel
phia and Now York with tbo exception of tho
cxpeusiyo points in tbo latger clues Tho In
creased lading of tho freight equipment and
the high spttd which Eeeras to bo dcniaudod
for all olastes of tratllo ludlcato tho Necessity
for bridges 1 of a moro pormancnt character
than those heretofore constructed Your man
agement is thereforo pursuing tbo policy of
substituting Mono for iron when tho necessity
arises for the renowal of tho structure and
wherever It Is possible to do so nt rcasonablo
coit Tho aggregate sunp expended for the
purposes thus indicated was 8l078447l9v
A largo expenditure was mado In the exten
sion and development of your branch aud
auxiliary lines mainly as rollout
On thu Connecting Railway forthepurohaso
ol additional real ectalej and third aud fourth
tracks on tbo Perth Amsoy hud Woolbrldge
Railroad ror tbo completion of doublo traci
on tho Pittsburgh Virginia anil Charleston
Hsllnayi for tne acquisition if additional
real estate In South Pittsburgh and additional
tracks on the Couth West Pennsylvania Rail
way for new branches aud tho construction
of a more direct connection with your Main
Lino for west bound traffic on tho Western
Pcnnsjlvania Railroad Tor second track and
reduction or grades In carrj lug out tho policy
bt retoroio Indicated or making this lino an
cfllclent nnd economical route ror tho move
ment of jour through tralllcr on tho Pennsyl
vania Schuylkill Valley Railroad rnr tho ex
tension or tho lino to tho Malnnoy coal bln
and the completion or unfinished work on tho
llnctoPottsvlllct on tho Tyrouo nndClesr
Held Halfway for tho extension or branches
for the urther dovolOpmont or that bitumi
nous coal district Theaggrcgato ofthosuais
10 expended was 82211667 02 of which 80SO
138 43 was provided in cash by tbo branch nnd
auxiliary lines Tbo wisdom ol such expen
ditures Is shown by tho large Increaso or ton
nage that has been secured tn your system
aud the direct revenuo received fron tho In
vestments In such lines
Authority was glvcjt la yonr Aomptny
toward the end or tho ycir by ihootrd ol
Public Works ol Jersey City to clevato the
trecks approaching tho Now York terrnlnus
should Iho business of Iho present year bo of
such a character as 10 warrant so Urge an
expenditure this work 111 bo commenced
Ihearcatdanger to life attending tho run
ning or trains through thickly populated son
linns istach yesr Increased through the estab
lishment or new grado crossings With tho
view or regulating tbo further opening or
streets across railroads and tho construction of
rallrocds across streets at grade an act was
parsed by tho Legislature or Pennsylvania at
Its last session which failed however tore
cctvo Ibo approval of tbo Governor of tho
Commonwealth Tho Company has en
deavored to meet tho dlncrcut municipal au
thorities of tbo various toivns through which
Its lines pass In the most liberal Bplrit so as to
avoid such crossings In Iho city ot Harris
burg In connection Willi the building ot tbo
now ratsenger station and tbo changool your
llro nmaiscd Improvement has been made
In this direction which although attended
Wlthlarte expense to Iho Company seemed to
be Justified by thedlrcct advantages not only
to the public hut to vour Interctts
Ibo Alexandria and Washington llallroa1
five miles in Icrsth cnnneeilng the Uaitlmorc
and Potomac Railroad with tho Alexandria
slid Prtdrttcssburiil Rallwnv was purch iscd
duilng lie jrsr at Judicial tale under pro
ccidlDssluslllutcd bj tho city of Washing
ton Urder its reorcaidratlnti jour Cninpiuy
teefme tLfOwpcror all Itstccuiltlc
As Indicate a lu a previous onion nt the ro
pott tlr lc s sustained on jour NowJi rsey
system was largely duo to tho cost or operating
inr urm en nucs in mat siaie and in tut uigu
ratcsof Inn rest upon thtlrnulstandliigobllita
tlot s For this ribton jrur Company availed
Itseir or the opllcn under Iho contract made
by Ihc United New Jirscy Railroad and Canal
fcmpnnv with thoPtmbcrtnu and lilghslown
Bnllrord Yrepsny to pmchnto at par tho
auatanleedstoil and bnudsot Ihat road which
Itic Interest respectively nt s lxand sovcu pcr
ceil amcumliig to tie sum or SUMJO of
vvhlih Iho creatcr pottlon has already Lccn
sutrindercd lo yrnr fompnuj
Jbo Emplnves Rellor Fund establishd
1 tbrunry 1 I860 ban morn than fulfilled tho
expectations ol vour management lu tho
brncllts ci tiling therefrom to eucli of thu cm
plnycs and their families as have availed
tliiirselves cr the opportunity tbtnaflirded
f riellcf In caies nl sicklies accident aud
elf nlli Yrur company ami alllllatcd Hues
conliibnled during Ibo jenr 807il34 ror
ntiialltig expenies and lu nddlilon theteto
tho sum orsil42 40 or cxlra brncllts to mem
bers of the find whose disability had con
tinued over llfly two weeks and who were
iheicfcrc no longer entitled to roller there
frcm Tbo amount contributed by your em
plojes was 831119175 tlfo receipts from In
terest were 857C4no and tho contributions by
Ibo companies 85801178 making a total or
8405000 09 which added to the balauco on
hand atihobeglnnlngnf tlio jear amounted
to 831540712 Out of ibis Hind thcro was paid
to the ramlllcs ol employes In death benefits
and for sickness nnd accidents ho sum or
82CIW58 and for expenses 8507013 leav
ing n balance or SI97l4740 Alter deducting
Ibeicfrom the amount of outstanding unad
justed claims and setting asldo a proper re
serve fund to mctt liabilities growing nut or
the Increasing ago or tlio member tbcro re
mained a net surplus or 811191390 Thcro
were 18744 members or tho rutid nt the close
ofihe jcar
With the view of enabling your employes to
Fnlely and conveniently deposit such portion
of their earnings as they might desire to necu
rauntc your Company established on Jan
nary 11868 an Kmplnvcs Having Fund as
suming Iho responsibility of tho safo custody
and repayment with rcasonablo Interest or
Ihcmoucjsso deposited This fund is now
in lueresslul operation and will no doubt
like the Relict Fund bo or valuo ror the pur
pose Indicated
Bufllcicnt tlmo has hardly elapsed tn de
termine what will bo Ibe ellcctof the Inter
state Ccmmerco law upon tho transportation
Interests Tho policy Indicated by Iho law
dlllcrsto widely rrom that hcrctororo prevail
lug that many dinicullles havo arisen in en
deavoring to conform tho business of tho
country to Its requirements and In conse
quence tlieieor therrUias not bson probably
that rgld obeiTanro or lis prnvHqis which
was no doubt intended Further leulilatfon
seems to bo nrcctsarv ns It is nniiRrent Hint
insnlfeit jnlurr Is Indue done In ilia railwaj s
ol iho Fulled Rati by pirmlttlng tho ana
1 dlsn rosd to participate In tlio carrying Hade
or thl without the atnlitr under tho
law left ntd to to tnfoitutbilrobttrvanco of
Its pinvlloris
In Ktvetnlcr liwl Mr I 1 Cummins who
bad bttn a director nfjourttiinpaii since
Match 1678 cumpclled by the pressure or
other butincM irtscntcJ lilt resljrutlou as a
member ot jrur botrd which hlscolleaiucs
mlcdful of his excellent Judgment nnd de
votion 10 tbo interests of tho Company ac-
rpnlrrt lsllhplrnl rTrpt Mr It It Cnmrtft
Prcldrrl of tho Philadelphia National Hunk
was elected to fill thu vacancy thu paused
if a Hoard acknowltdjo wltn plossirolho
fidelity nnd etlelCLcy w lb which tho ollliers
snd craploj e of ibe Company have discharged
ibe duties entrusted lo them during tno past
5 car
Hy order of the Hoard
U 11 ROHKRTH President
Not tlio hlmnino Twins
Jobu Edwotils nnd William Carletou nee 1
pltd tbccnmc room tngclht r In 8 into strict
Chicago Cuiioiisly bvth wervsiiilcrlug Irom
Intense Neuralgia pains In lb Iau nni weto
driv tu almost crazy by that and prolnnged
slceplessncs Tbo firs named driven In ih
sialr shot lilmseir through thu bend wlillo
tbosocoud by tho ndvleo of n Irlond pro
cured a botllo of Scotoh Oats Esrneo nnd In
forty tlgbt hours was a well and happy man
A nytnnastlo I lxlilliltloit
Tho gjmuastio cxblbl Ion given at their
rooms by tbo members of tho TOn Mens
Christian Association gymnasium last even
ing was well attended considering tha
weather Mr JG Ames openedtbo exercises
with an able address on thu necessity or physi
cal as well as mental development A Tier
which Iho members or tho various clvsea
gave a most Interesting exhibit or tbolr at
tainments undir the direction or Prof Win
A Jackson Tho programme consisting of
tbo vatlous cxcrclsts common to gynaslums
wero nil well executed with tho exception of
tbo Indian club drill Iho Individual club
swinging by Messrs W Loveless and A F
Adams aro deserving of special mention lu
tbo running high Jump contest Rx Smith
co rilt cl od the honors with the record ol5 reel
I inches
Farced to Icnvo Ills Wife
Patrick Couuor by his attorney I E Cahlll
ycstoidsy filed nn answer to tho bill of Ablgill
Connor bis wllo for divorce lu tbo answer
ho denies her chargo of wlllfuMcscrllou and
alleges that ho was compelled lo leave for
fcarol bis lire as his wife and her friends
would assault blra with botllcsec He asks
that the bill bo dismissed
Fires During February
Chief Harris in his report of llres occurring
In Febiuary elatos Iho loe m at Ml covered
bysnlnturanccof 8530 Thcro wero fourteen
alaims nnd lu nCdltlon Ibetu wcro seven loial
alarms tho loss lu the latter being i23 which
wis fully covtrcd by Insurance
FOYNTON March 6 18c8 Jvni 1OW
TiN utcd 15 j cars
Funeral scrvlco from his late residence 310
Indiana nveuiic Thursday March f at 1 p m
Philadelphia papers plvsse copy I --
CALDWELL At her residence 721 Ninth
slrett bortliwest at 0 oclock a m Sunday
March 4 1668 altera short lllneis Mm Aliiiv
8 Caidutii
Funeral Irom ft Patricks Church Tuesday
alternoouat a pricuds Invited
IKcokuk Iowa pcrs plt ato copy J
MlNROE Mircli 1 Jfiu tlaililnar ol
Patrick and AiinleMuuineacd 7 inunlhs
Funeral will take place lucsday nitcrnoflii
from the rrsldenco ot her parents loot Fifth
slrett northwest at 2sup ra Interment at
Mount Olivet Cemetery
Oqr first lu Heaven
HRFSII Marcl4 IfeSat lldp in Vt
Ail ILTI tldist ihiuslitir of Harmon Muud
JUry MBruth nged 11 jctis 5montb aud
Funeral from residence 109 3Iapln avenue
Lo Dtoit Park Tuesday tuo 3tli Inslant at 2
ViQ V Street Northwest
strictly flrst olats and on tbo
most reasonable terms
Camp Chairs to hlro or all occasions
Testing lis Application In Tills Dis
Thctwocoscsof th Unlled Stales against
Dr Millard II Crawford for violation of tho
Edmunds law camo up before tho court In
general term yesterday on certiorari from tho
police court District Attorney Ifogo appeared
for tho government and Alotr Huuton k
Chandler C 51 Bmllli and O Thompson fjr
the defendant This Is considered as a t st
rate or that law and Its applicability to tho
District Thpdclcnto claim that It dOsnoi
apply lo the District becauso It Is limited to
the territories and by Implication Iho District
is excluded that It deals with subjects having
their scat elsewhere and that as a writ It Is
Inapplicable to tho District and the treatmsnt
and punishment or bigamy Is dlllerent lit tho
District from what It is In this law
A life of Indolent ease and sensuality tbo
Me of highly seasoned animal food ancl alco
hollcdrlnks are tho predisposing causes or
gent W hen nwarc or Its presence In the sys
tem lose no tlmo In procuring Salvation Oil
It kills pain Price 21 cents a bottle
First Snow Storm for March
Shortly alter 0 oclock yesterday morning
Hakes of snow gently commenced to fall and
In two hours tlmo theslreets and roof tops
were covered with a listening wlillo mantle
All dav long onncrsuf cutter were out testing
tho sleighing qualities or the snow but they
met with little success ror wherever tbcro was
much travel Ihc snow rapidly slushed up A
rrcrro would help manors a llttlo In that til
Itliioil piirlflpr Aycr Sitrsnpnrllln leads
nil others lu ngp iiieiit nml popularity It
tones up tbo system Improves thu nppetlU
strengthens the pcrvci nnd vitalize tho
Blood lust w lml you need Tiylt
I run selling your goods f reply and moro
of Aj crs Sarsapirllla than of nil nthnr blood
tnitllclnpsj put tngi llier II A JlcWIIIIams
Irnnd Itnplds Mich
Ayers Sarsaparilla
Prepared byTrJC Aver 4 Co Lowell Mass
Prlco 1 nil IoUIm ii Woitli 3 a bottle
25 CS at
Hydinnaphthol Soip
for promptly curing nil skin ami
salp dlstiiCH iiiidi as cczoina
ringworm tetter blotches black
tpois barbers Itch daudrtiir
scaly eruptions or rointhnos full
ing hair Ac Ac It Is highly
tntdlCHlid Mvictly scented and
dlslnlcetsnll sinks basins tubt
Ac tliiouh whlcli tt passes
llydrouaphthol Pastilles for
purlfjlug sick rooms clocls anil
apsrlments where Hieaso germs
lursr Whin burned In such
places they Impart a most do
llghtlulodor which is refreshing
tothestck nnd agrecabla to all
other occupants
Mead s Corn and Uunion Plas
ters quickly redueo lullitmuui
tlnn nnd soon cure corns and
bunions thereby bringing roller
and romlotttn ihnusnnds or mil
nlo Manufacturers New York
Cleanses tho Nasal
Passages Allayi
f rfl1 JsV vi
Pain aud Infiom lllYjl
matlon Heals the
Boies Restores the
Senses of Taste and
u av cc e ur rs
A particle Is applied Into each nostril and Is
agree able lrlc n W cents at Druggists by mall
reglsired no eents ELY BKOTI1KRS 235
Green irlcb St New York
How a Djing Child
Was Saved
Cicrno Hamilton Co o Sept l 1837
Tlie rollowlng Is n tuio account or what j onr
a 8 s liasdoncrorotirllltludiiijhicrlliul
iniw four ears old When 13 mouths old ft
lunipnppeaied on hci hrelss lilch stow lygrew
larger 3 bo family ilijlctan thought It was
i auseil liy a pleco or broken glims or needle
but railed to bihigaiiyililnj to Hidit Tha
child lu cnnm feebler ullllio time seeming to
lose this use or her leg nnd finally quit walk
ing Tlio mtddlo linger nnj thumb
uriltlierhimdhrcnmocidjucl lliu lloth lm
ciimlng bard The hip Joints bicnmo luvotv
nl so Iliat when seventeen months u4 iho
eiiulcl not stiind linvlng lost tin usu of leg
ami linn Im Hat curvatlu a or tbo spluu also
rollow ed Tho uei vous sj stem was wi ecked
musolos lontiocted aud thcio was general
wasting ur flesh and nuncio At eighteen
months of ng siiu was placed iiucler thu
ticntiucnt or a prominent iihyslclan or Dos
ton Mais but at tlio ml ot ten imiiithislm
had ilclied to such ndcsrio that slioivnslu
n djliigeoiioitloff TliU was In April li
Wo took tho child away not nlp what
to do Iu this drciilfiit dilemma wo were
ns er persuaded by frlcmls to tryono bot
tle or Swifts SrEcinc which wo did and
beforo It bad nil hceiuakon wo saw n cliango
for tlio bolter In her symptoms Wo kept It
up and have dono so to this day and will
ktepltup If tho Lord wills for many days
to come ror It lias brought our it lug Ilnzcl
tn lire to Igor tn sti engtli and health again
Tlie allien lino of her cheeks has changed to
niosy tint Sho Is ablo to walk anywhere
her languor and motantholy bavo passed
away ami she It now a blllhp cheerful hap
py tomplng child Should jou wlah to In
crease your testlmonlols of pioof of tho
slituo of SS S our names and what wo
lias ess ll Is but a portion of wlmtweovvoto
jou Id jou wish to uso them
Kluilly yours
Hsu P Swift
CIBiiTnvbs 1C bw
1 O Hox fC
TreatlscoiiDlood and Skin Diseases lushed
Afvnio bxuantt
isTAitiiiiiiii ihiii
The Favorite and Uncqualed
3 m mi
Pianos also Dailys Wonderful Self Ilayliig
Inttiumculs at lowest prices and easy terms
Pianos for rent at rcdjiipd rato Special at
tcutlon to tuning and repairing Pianos noved
by cxpctlenci bands
BlQtxli Er
Corner Sixth Stice t and Pennsylvania Avenuo
WAKniNnrnw n It
Foun Ino Fiiik Escapus
Pennsylvania Aveuue Washington D 0
Near 11th Street
8250 AND 83 PER DAY
Epcclil Rati a to Pottles and Permanent Uucsti
AttEaER Elevators
0er a ilillion Distributed
S vL sP
I Slgp r Sf
ftnfnmliyhi 1
Incortoratcd by the Lculsiiinicm ltrf lei
Educational snd Cbarltablo purposes and Its
franchise mado a part or tho present Sluto
Constitution In 1679 by an overwhelming pop
ular vote
Its Grand Bmglo Number Drawings lake
ilaco every month and Its nrann tttartcrly
IrawJngs take placo In Marcli June Septem
ber and December
Wcdo hereby certify that we eupeivni
tli arrangcmioits for all tm MoimiIj ntel
uarlftly Drawings or the Louisiana Hsie Lot
tery tympany and In Peion raanrpc snd con
trol tho Drawings thcmtclvcr am bat Hit
same aro conducted wllh houetiy laitncss
ami In good faith toward all partus and we
authorize the Company to use this cert lllratc
with fac similes ofnur signatures attached tn
Its advertisements
Wo tbo undersigned Hanks and Bankers will
pay all prles drawn In the Inilslacm Sttto
Loitcrtcs which may bo prcssnted at our coun
Iresldent Tiiiilslnnn Nutlnniil Hunk
Iresldent htnto Nutlmiiil Itiinli
Iresldent New Orleans Niitl llunlt
lAltl KtlllN
Iresldent Unlnu Nutlou 1 lUuk
At the Acadtmr of Aluslc New Orleans
1001X0 tickets at Twenty Dollars each
Halves 810 Quarters 85 Tooths
82 Twentieths 81
list of riiizrs
1 Prlrcor 83000oi Is 3rxj
llrlroor lOOooul PioOjO
lllircor iOIiOOIs 51000
llrlruot 1000 Is 23000
2 Prizes cl 10000 are Mn
ftpriresor f000 arc iiflta
251rlrcsor lOuOarc 25000
lCOPrl esof 600 nro 50000
mis Prlris of SO- are coocx
too 1rlzciof LOOarc I00000
100 Prizes or 8i00 are 60000
lOOPrlztsor lOOare MOUO
100 Prizes ot 200 arc 20000
locoPrlzcaofirOaro lOOnoo
1000 Prizes of K0 are 10000
31C Prizes amounting to 81055000
B For Club rates or any further Informa
tion apply to tho undersigned Your hand
writing mutt bo distinct and signature plain
Moro rapid return mall delivery will be assured
by jour itcloslng nu Enveione bearing j our
lull address
6 end Postal Notes Express Sfouey Orders
or New York Exchange In ordinary letter
Currency by Express at our expense at
dressed to 51 A DAUPHIN
Now Orleans Ln
Address registered letters to
Naur Oilouun Ih
49 Remember that tho preseuica of Gons
Beauregard and Early who aro lu chargo ol
the drawings Is a guarantee of absolute fair
ness and Integrity that the chances are all
equal and Ibat uo ono can possibly dlvluo
what number will draw a prize
Remember also thatthoriaymcntofprlzeisla
or New Orleans and the Tickets aro signed by
tbo President or an Institution whose char
tered rights sro recognized in thu highest
courts therefore bowaro of all Imitations nnd
anonymous schemes dcKl tUu
Kstabllshecl 1813
Franz laldecto Co
521 Seventh St N W
Pianos Organs Muelo and
Musical Inotrumcnts
Manufacturers of Musical In
struments and Strings
1VEHS POND Evorott Pi
unos and othor makos
Waterloo Woavor andBrlderc
port Organs
Repairing Polishing Pianos a
ilncfiuulct in Toue Toncli Workman
fcliip sfl Uuraliility
Special attention or Puichatirs Is invited to
our Nctr Artlstlo Styles finished In do
signs or v
SECOND HAND PIANOS a line assortment
or prominent makes at all prices
Edward F Droop
925 reiinsjlvnuiii Avenuo
Agent for ritcluway tt Sous Ernest lublei
lire Ilrlegs and other Pianos Story A
Clsrko and Sterling Organs Music and Mini
cal Merchcndlto
Instiuincntssold on Monthly Paymonts Es
changed Rented limed Repaired Moved
Stored aud Shipped
New and Second hand Plauos or other makes
bIw ays In slock at low Dguics
Tell photle 817 2
Pi t
A a
Thcro Is no handsomer X tnai present than u
PlbCHEll Piano or an EttlKY Orgau Piauot
lor rent
No OS r BtrMt Northwest tVahlnc
ton 1 t 13 N Charles St Haiti
more Md 1 U7 Slain St Itlcliutontl
Trains leave B b p sutlon Slxlh and 11
880 A M East Tenncsseo mall dally ot
jTirr ntnt Gordonsvllle Charlottes-
uw ln
U A M Fsst rnau daily for Warrenton
jrlottesvlUe ejorSonsvllle stations
Chcrapeako and Ohio route Lynch
aSiTF Mount Danville and
sta Ions between Lynchburg and Dan
ylc Orecnsboro Raleigh Charlotto
Columbia Augmla Atlanta Hlrming
fi s Mod tcom c r NowOrlcinsTcxas
and California Pullmsn Sleeper New
7Ll In connection wllh
Ill ITT -ft-- -
tfi2fi a1J MrP Poudor Sleepers for
Birmingham Vics jourg and Shrcve
rSfViIImBtl Mper lMiivlllo 10
niis nd Charleston Solid trains
i HI8n Kori tiit
routo ronl nn
S 2S r M Dally excopt Sunday for Manas
sas Strasburg and Intermediate sta
630 P M Western express dally
Tillc Cincinnati and 81 ixiuU Pull-
SiDiSI tCP W 1 5rln Washing
ton to Louisville also ror lynchbutv
Bristol Chattanooga Memphis Llf
Roek and an sonthwftern points
Tntougb tjillman Sleepers Washuicton
I Memphis without changp
1100 J H 6outbern Express dally for Lynch
JrRSFa9Tn ail0lRn Ashevllle
Charlotte Columbia Aiken Augusta
Atlanta Montgomery New Orleans
Toil is and Calffornia Pullman Sleep
ers Washington to Now Orleans via
BiVJUJf W UoMomtr Fullraan
y Washington to AlkcuM C
without chan p
SftTJhAnston912 m dally except Bun
fJ IU W m daily and 120 p ra dally
Hai Lm n Wsahuigtoa 630 a a
Through trim rrom tho South vis Charlottis
Danville and Lynchburg amvo n Wash
ington 810 am a p m via art Tec
ncsscc ltrltipl and Lynchburg at 1 lll m and
10 n in via Chrsaticako aud Ohio route and
9 75CUe 1 p m Mutot ocl al
Tlcketf Sleeping Car reservation and In-
formation furnished and bsggago checked at
ISnlrA liyH11nntHlnnn
-- w uuiinuiftituui nuu ns pnucn
gor station Pcnniylvanta railroad Pixth sn
ueutral Panengcr Agcnt
iiik3aieaie and ouio ro ut
Newport News and Mississippi Valley Oon
Schedulo lu effect Nov 11 IN
Trains leave Union Depot 6th and B its
1027 A M For Newport News Old tout
Comtort and Norfolk Daily exccM
butlday Arrive In Norfolk at 7 P M
through pariorcar Washington to Old
1 oint
1121 A M For stations on tho Chcxaoosko
and Ohio In Virginia West Virginia
aud Kentucky Dally except Siiulay
sleeping cars Clifton Forgo to Hunt
580 P M Fast western express dally solid
train with Pullman huuet sleeping
carstoLouJsvlllo Pullman service to
Cincinnati St Louis Memphis and
New Orleans
Office 613 Pcnn avs
Benetal Passenger Agent
ruYHirJAlll29TON FR0M btationcor
1t9Ii1ntAco5Nortuwcs iJsy 1058
A y U 1 M
nd 5opIMATlar I0UU r
KrTriutu C kv Exp Dally 1055 A
di a 10 i m
For Lexington and local stations fSIOA M
For Philadelphia Newark aud Wilmington
73Q A M 2 35 PM 655 P M dally Et press
1 I itcJcntelnf wecn ftallimoro
and IhlladelphlB t5 AM and 1115 P M
For Slncerlraud lntcrmcdiato points tl Q
i -I
ForBaltlmoro 5 CSO610 7- 830 050 A
410530 6M615 730 8 35 and ll30P M
Sundays 030 IIOIISO JSUA Mlft
830 440630 5 55 615 8r a id il 30 P M
WW lACi nds Jo A W 10
and 4U p M On
Sunday SCO A M lto P
J1HaTVAnyolls C40 b i AM t2
850CS P M Sundays 830 A M 410 P m
ror Way Btatlrina between Washlnatoa and
Baltimore 600 610830 A M 1210 JJ04 40
OISfud 1130 PM On Hundnya 8to A M
and 1 3 JO 440 6 15 and 1IS0 P M
0btln n Metropolitan Branch 6 33 A
M 840 A M tl40 P M for prlncral sta
tions only 8110 P M aud f53o P M On
Sunday tfort at all stations
0li5Wn Intermodlato points
f93tiAaitl2u OP M 5 85 and tlirM
lnlcrmdlHl0 stations 1700
anrtUOtjo p J
Church tralnjcaves Washington on Sunday
5Tetyoayia1BfMancnPPlUS U B0ll0D ou
5ariMEUSaKylfloVMJftWO -
For HAOERSTOWN 1840 A Mt530 P M
JSyVt iy0 irom cJ1 ago daily 0 20 A M
5mJ r5iJlf rom tlneinnnll and St Ixiuis
Si S 1 1 sa SSft i r
Krnm Pfillniinltvhta isAin tin
- j and b
Frorn SlngerlVand lntcrmcdlato poluU uorUi
or Baltimore 10 00 A M dally
Wl 10y 5mora r Washington at
510 CS5 6S0 7fl pflo 905 and 1000 A M
IS1 MSJ Pu d K f0 7 20 005
t Except Sunday Dally JSundays only
cHcdfor aud checked at hotels
and residences ou orders left at Ticket Ottleti
Manager flcn Pass Agent
InKFFEOT DEC 15 1887
IBA1NS UCAVK Washington rrom lUCB
oomcr 6th and B streets as rSllowsi
For Pltlsburg and tho West Chicago Llmlletl
nIiS0Paai JcePlhg Cars at 960 am
dally East Line 050 a m allv lo Cinclnn
and st Louis with Sleeping Wrs from Harrtl
bnrg to Cincinnati aud lu c cir to st Tinis
dslfy except Saturday to Chicago with Ber
lug Car Altoona to etco vvcsiern K
prtsat 8 jo r m daily wltn Sleeping Cars
Washington to Chicago and St Louis n5 cx
cect Saturdays iforrlsburg to Cleveland
connecting daily at flarrlsourg wllh throusn
Sleepers for Loulsvillo and Memphis Paclto
JJxDress it m dally for Pittsburg aud tho
SKft1rIVa8eiorW m aJ
lor Erie
Canondalguo rjochester Buffalo
Niagara 1000 p m dally occpt sisturdav
with Palsco Cars Washington toVtocheseJ
Korwilllamsport Loolcunven aStv
at 80 a m daily except Siiudav
For New York and tho East 720 900 1IC0
anc 1140 a m 2 00 110 loexi ami Ilrtup m
On Sunday 9W 1140 a m2004lo lo oo and
1120pm Limited Express of Pullman Parlor
and Dining Cars 40 a m dally oxcout 6un
dav and S45 p m dally
tcr Boston without chauge 200 a every
Ftr Brooklyn NY all throngh trains com
ncct at Jersey City with boats of Brooklyn At
nex nflordlng direct trautfer to Fulluu ttrtet
avoiding doublo rentage across New York city
For Philadelphia 72P 900 llKsv aud U0
amt10 60100 and 1120 pm On
Sunday 900 1110 om2 oo 410 osx 10W aud
llr0p m Limited Exnresa Parlor and Din
lng Cars 840a m week days and 315 p a
ForilBlllmoro635V209O0910 9t0 11C0
l4uaml2M 2 00 315110 4 20 440 6cp
MlOlOlwand llprnOn Sunday 900 8 oS
S50ll4uam2 003l5 410 600 810 1000
and no p m
For Foils ctcck Lino 720 a m and 140 r
m daily except Sunday
For Annapolis 720 and 0 00am 1205 4r2
and Iipo p m dally excopt Saudav suudays
000 am Il0p m
WASiiiNtiTON railroad
ror Aioxautina6uue8io vt7 1057 a in
1204 uoon 206 4 25 6W 0 OI 630 805 1005
aC 1187 p m On Sunday at 600 U7 10 57 a
l OV Vl Ouv Qllll AVU Ul
Aecoinmodallous tor Quanilco 5 00 p nl
For Richmond aud theSoutb 6 001057 a ml
dally and c 01 p m dally except Sunday
Trains leave Alexandria for Washington
o05 76 8 ou 910 1016 1107 a nv lr20 300
s es Siiri ins OW ml ii in n nA
Sundsy at 010 and 1107 a m 200 6ao705
vnv ami ju p m
Tickets and Information at tho office north
oast corner of 18th street and Pennsylvania
avenue and at tbo station whero orders can
be left for the checking or oaggago lo dcitlnai
lion fiora hotels and resideacs
General Passenger Agciil
QUA- E FUGU General Manager
Do Your Own Dyeing at Hume with
They will dye everything Thuy aro sold
everywbtru Price ltfe a packago 10 colors
They bavo no equal for Strength Brightness
Amount In Packages or far Fastness at Color
or Non Fading eiusllilee They do not Crock
or smut For solo by ail dnigghiij

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