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Tho Joppa Collide With It niul tlio
ltrotlior of tlio Great Ilnllrnail Mini
I Drowned Aftor n Dcspornto Htriipt
Clo Tor Ufo
LUiTivtonn Juno 8 T Harrison Gar
Kit abrothorof Robert Garrett and mali
nger of tho banking houso of Robert Uarrctt
Sons ot this city tins drowned last night
In tho Patapsco river Ills yacht tlio Oleum
In which ho anil a party ot friends wero
lomlng to llaltlmoro from Annapolis was
rim down oft Boron Foot Knoll by tho
steamer Joppa and sunk bolng struck
LJshlps and cut almost In two
4 According to accounts nil hands on tho
Uwln cru rcscucuoxccpi urijaricu ivuu
xtassV11 uiV a passenger on tin Joppa to
fall oeboard Tlio steamer 8dc Capt
Gcouhcgauomo up to about four miles bo
low Seven loot Kroll whero sho found tho
Joppa which signalled aud told him lie
bad run Into tho Gleam and asked him to
take tho crew and passengers to Haltiruorc
Copt Ocoghcgau brought tip Gen It
ilpn Atulrisu A nnil flnnrtrn Vnn Tinrrnn twn
I other passengers and Cant Tory and iv
of tho llcaui
Tho Joppa proceeded on down tho bay
tthe stownrd of tho II cam told Cant
titoghegan that tho last tlmo ho saw Mr
parictt ho w as standing on tho after deck of
tho Gleam near whero tho Joppa struck hor
uo grauueu mo cuains or luouoppa wuicu
kvcro hautrlnsr down and called tho rest of
9 Jspaity to follow as ho tried to climb up
tho side ol tho steamer but tho chains and
1 boat gavo way and Mr Garrett fell over
Loaid with them
The stew anl said tho Jonna backed oil
Fiust as Mr Garrett tried to climb tin Its
i ililes Mccsrs Andrews and von Llueen
itveio brought up to llaltlmoro and tho crow
fot the Gleam got off at Locust lolnt for a
tug iu gu uui uuu gel ur uuricei a uuuy
I Capt Gcobcgnn of tho steamer Sue says
ll It 41 tl nm Inn
laid to for thrco hours after sho struck tho
I yacht and her captain and crew niado every
I pffort to recover tho body of Mr Garrett
papt Gcohcgnn reiterated tho story that
ulr Garrett fell overboard from tho bow ot
tho steamer Ho could liavo been saved had
no remained aboard tho yacht As soon as
mo collision occurred uotu mo crows ot wo
Mopna and tho Gleam went to work to rcs
cuo tho nassencers of tho yacht Tho life
boat of tho latter was manned and thj pas
sengers transferred to tho steamer Tho
Gleam was expected at South street whart
fast night and carriages wero In waiting to
onvey air uarrcii nuu uis rncsis 10 meir
ouics Tho Suo reached llaltlmoro with
ho rescued passengers at 4 oclock this
1 Mr Asa Nccdham tho agent ot tho Po
tomac Steamboat Company stated that one
fvt the passengers of tho Gleam explained to
lithi that when tho Joppa struck tho yacht
IMr Garrett at onco becamo greatly oxcltod
tiitl sprung anu caugut me uaw cuaiu ui
ie steamer aud held ou to it till It parted
then ho dropped overboard
f The j acht sunk shortly after being struck
llio vacbts crew wero landed at Locust
i Lolnt whero tliov boarded tho llaltlmoro
4il Ohio tug boat Covoy and went back to
the sceuo ot tho accident to contluuo tho
search for tbo body
Mr Garrett was manager of tho firm ot
Robert Garrett it Sous which was founded
iy Kobert Garrett his grandfather llo
hiarried Miss Whltridgo aud has two sons
IMr Garrett was n member of tho Maryland
I ffJIuli aud ono of tbo directors of tho
aud Olilo railroad Uf was sold to bo
a tpictmid swimmer no wa a largo uuo
I oo king man and weighed 250 pounds His
biothcr llobcrt Garrett Is still in Iuropo
Mr Garrett resided at Kvcrgrcon his lcsl
cUceo ou Chailcs street nvenuo Ills library
Is tho largest private collection in tho state
inbracliicr works of tho rarest and most
tfe rnilnuo character and tlio most complete
lyiilbllography of tho Baltimore and Ohio
llrallioad to bo found in tho country Tho
Illililninnli Intlftia ttllnl lift nil lth1 Id llll
If iinllln I liilnMllni nnnlnlnlnm
Uliail 1I1UU Ulllt lUVidVUn bWIWIIIIUh
letters of nearly all tho promhicnt hlstoilcal
personages from Washington to tuo present
Tho now sot tbo untimely death of her
husband was boken to Mrs Garrett shortly
alter tho arrival In llaltlmoro this morning
of tho party who wero with Mr Garrett
w hen tho collision occurred Tho members
of her family aro with her at her residence
jTboJhccus aud sho Is completely
UJbstiited by thuTcri ii ami sucuien
f lion
A pnlilotrrnm has been sent to i
Flick a brother-in-law of Hobert Garrc
nnd n member of tbo party now with him iu
Kuropc It was addressed to tho Hotel
Bristol Paris Another was sent to South
ampton England to William F Frick
llnliert Garretts who with
J U- augutcr Miss LIzzIo Frick sailed last
Safuiaai from New York to loin tho Garrett
patty In Pans Mr I rick will icach Bomb
iimpton to morrow
Tbo guests ot Mr Garrett wero four lu
number Tlioy wero Gen It Suowdcu Au
di own a stock broker of this city with ex
teusIo New York connections Gcorgo A
Von Jlngcn tho German consul ntualtl
more Joshua G Harvey president ot tho
Western National llaiilc aud William H
Blackford picsldcnt of tho Maryland Ilfo
Jnsuiauco Company Tho party left Haiti-
uimo jestcrdoy morning for Annapolis to
w itness tlio exercises at tho naval academy
V It Is said that Mr Garrett was clinging to
Jibe anchor chains when tho shock occunoj
ami when tho Joppa sheered oil ono ot tho
Ulcatnsuoaisieu inio mo vvaicr carrying
Mr Garrett with It It is thought ho must
ujf uavo uecu sitiuueu oy mo mow nimreniicrcu
maliied by tbo wreck fiireo hours searching
for tbo bodv Gou Andrews offerod tbo
Ll ci cw e of tho Joppa aud 1 loam 3000 it they
recovered Mr Garrett ame but all oltorts
ui o una ailing and tho f rnds of tho un-
Ortmiaio gentleman wero iorccu iu return
tno city convinced mai ins ucaiu was
tndoubted A boat arrived from tho econo
tbo wreck at 1 oclock this afternoon aud
reports that nothing has been scon of tho
DUUV uuu LunuiiB iu Miy lUU UUUI IVUlUll
feUfiom tbo Gleams side anil carried Mr
iauett with It Is also missing Hut no
hopo Is held out that ho could ha o got Into
It and been saved Tho captain of tho Joppa
has not becu heard from Ho has not tele
graphed to tho ofllco of his company
although ho was to mal c several stops whero
ho could bate conimt jlcated with Haiti
Whether tho collision could not havo
bicn pro cntid had greater caro been used
Is a subject for speculation There is no
donU that both tho l acht and tho steamer
clolined tlio right of way and that there
foie necessary precautious wero not taken
Tbo two vessels plainly attempted said im
cxpcilcucid pilot this morning to cross
each othirs bows
From Gen Andrews tho following ac
count ot the accident was obtained
lliocolllilou occurred at 10J0 oclock
llcfoic that tlio paity was assembled lu tho
caliluof tho Gleam I was stictched ou a
hofiitrjlngtogetallttla sleep Wo hcaul
two blasts f loin tho Gleams whlstlo nnd
3lr Garrett Mr You Llngcu and Mr
lllacltfonl went forward to tho pilot houso
Theio wcio two blasts from a steamer In re
ply In a few minutes there was a trcmou
lous until and I was thrown acioss tho
cabin 1 ho Joppa bad stiuck us ou tho port
side Just abaft tlio emoko stack aud cut us
nearlj In two When tho collision occurrod
Mr Gnrrclt uiu aft aud called us to comopn
dick that tho j acht was sinking lit then
giabbed tho anchor chains ot tlio Joppa
and called on us to como that way Just
then tho Joppa which had loverscd her en
gines backed clear of tho Gleam pulling
ilon n as sho did so tbo port boat ot
tlio jaciit wuicu was swinging aiuugsuiu
whcio Giinelt was btandlng Ho was either
Jerked overboard and swept away by tho
swash ot tho wheels or struck by tho failing
boat and rendered unconscious as i ran
on deck I heard some ouo say overboard
I raucbt up llvo clecic ciiaiis mm
threw them over the stem The Juppa
then camo up alongside again and Mr
von Miigcn and two servants climbed to
tbo Joppas deck by tho chains Capt
Torrey and tbo rest of tbo crow lowered
ho starboard boat of tbo Gleam and they
with Mr Harvey and Mr lllackfora got
Into It As they camo around astern f
diopped lu Tho stern of tho Gleam was
then almost covered with water and tho
nolso of escaping steam was deafening Wo
pulled jinny from thoyacht and wero taken
Into tho Jopnas boat to tho steamer It
was n considerable tlmo beforo wo could
fct on board of tho Joppa after wo reached
icr As soon as I got on deck I ottered a
rcwaid of 1000 for tho roscuo of Mr Gar
ictt olivo Tlio two small boils cruised
around for threo hours In tho vicinity of
tho accident but could sco nothing of Mr
Garrett About 130 or 3 oclock wo wero
transferred to tho steamer Hue and camo
up to Iho city Several lady passengers
and ono gentleman from tbo Joppa camo up
also being badly frightened by tho acci
dent and unwilling to continue tbo trip
Capt Torrey and tho crew of tho Gleam
acted with great coolness and presence of
mind Tho captain kept calling lepcatcdly
to us not to lo frightened that tho vessel
bad watertight compartments and would
not sink Capt Wheeler did nil ho could
for us after tho collision
After tho accident continued Gen An
drews an ofllccr of tho Joppa stated lint
they had left tho channel seeing tho Gleams
lights and supposing her to bo n larger ves
sel they drew to ono 6ldo to glvo her us they
supposed tho bcncllt ot deeper water The
Gleam was 110 feet long and 15 feet wide
and very frail looking Notwithstanding
sbclias several times mado tho outsldo trip
from llaltlmoio to New York around Capo
Charles During tho International regatta
last tear Mr Garrett aud a party of guests
went to New York in her Iho Gleam had
also made trips to tho Wost Indies
Gen Andrews was In bed all tho morning
aud BUTcrng from tho oxpusurc Ho got
very wet aud as a result was so hoarse this
morning that ho could not speak nbovo n
whisper Mr Yon IIiigen w hen ho reached
home was very much prostrated and was
sleeping soundly all the morning Shortly
beforo noon a heavy plcco of crapo was put
on tlio door of tbo banking houso of Garictt
it Sons on South street Iho crew of tho
Gleam consisted of tho captain engineer
assistant engineer two sailors and two
Mr Garrett was about 40 years of age
Ho was very popular and was noted for his
deeds of charity which havo been numer
ous Many piomlnont men called the
banking houso this morning to express
It Is oxpectcd that ltobcrt Garrett ami his
sister Miss Mary will at onco bring their
tour of tho world to an end and return to
Tbo captain of tho steamer Juppa which
nrrh cd In Cambridgo this afternoon politely
but emphatically refused to bo Interviewed
In regard to tbo accident Ho says ho was
not ou deck at tho tlmo and knows nothing
about tho aiTalr Tbo other olllccrs will glvo
no satisfactory replies to questions asked
further than that tboy saw tho lights of tho
annroachlujr vessel and that two whistles
w cro blow n slgnsllug tho pilot of tho other
boat to starboard his helm Iho Joppa has
a llttlo paint scratched oft her bow but Is
otberwlso uninjured
A Tctter from tlio Uinporor Induces
Him to AVltlidnuv
Ueiilik Juno 8 The correspondent of
tho St James Gazette London telegraphs
that Heir Yon luttkamcr president ot tho
lrusslan ministerial council nnd Prussian
minister of tho Interior has asked tho em
peror for permission to resign Hcrr Yon
luttkamcrs decision to resign tbo dispatch
sajBls owing to tho contents ot an auto
graph letter fiom tbo emperor which ho ro
ccitcd last evening
Tho lost and tho Rational Xeltung both
stato that Heir You luttkamcr has resigned
from tho ministry
Minister You luttkamcr was absent from
tho meeting of ministers at Irluco illsmarcks
houso this evening
An order has been Issued directing tho
court to w car mourning until Aug 0 for tho
loto Kmpcror William
Tho Austrian budget shows an Increased
epcudlturo ot 5000000 lloilns of which
tOOCCO llorius aro absorbed by tho war
Tuo emperor nnd empicsshavo started for
tho sccno of tho Vistula Hoods
Tho emperor lias ordered his coachman to
drlvo moro slowly so ns to accept Iloral trib
utes from tho people
Mits 3ixrviiiji mvoitcisu
Tlio Court ltrcnkB the Honda Uniting
Her to n lllgaiulst
Lomiox Juno 8 Mrs Wbjto Molvillc
tho wlfo ot tho llov Henry Vhto Melville
who last December eloped with tho daugh
jiiLuiusuii uee
lady w ho has In
him Tho lattt
daughter of Ion
Lord Salisbury
cloned with Miss
lately governor of cS
oflleir ot tho UultcSw
biaxiai Tin
Portos Jloiisg gScceptnljlo
1aiiis Juno 8 13 ul has Invited
Minister Goblet to cOVciate In nu effort
to ascertain tho best means of stud lug
foreign legislation Iu icferenco to tho sugar
Industries It has been rcfericd to the ctri
parliament committee
It Is seml ofllclall announced that Kti
land has signed tho modllled Suez canal
Tlio Democratic Xloltut IIo Hnjs U 11
Miong Ono
Chicago Juno 8 ltosncll I lTowei was
seen at tlio Urnud PjiIHo this moining Tho
nomination li tlio slrougot ono that could
possibly bo made ho iinld Nolhlnifcan keep
tho Ucmociatlu party fiom succeed on tho
piesent Issue Tlio selection of Thtuinau
silences every man who bud ever tho slightest
erloiuuco ncalutt tlio ndmlnlitratloii uud
every man who wan disannulled with tlio dls
tllbutlon ot pallouaKO No ono had mot o
leason to feel soro than Allen 1 lliurnun
Clovelnnd brings Into tbocainiialgu his ma
nlllocnt leciid and 1111 lucicnKbd voto In tho
state of Now York Tliurinaii brlnzi with him
tlio united body of liemoeincy 1 ho Ijclllo
coast lias every leasontu foel irratcful to him
for his vote ou tlio Ililuuno bill and will bo
bullit for tho ticket No man cm bo noml
liiatcd cm tho llermhllcan ticket who will win
If tlio ilsht U mauo nil the nieseiit Isitiu tullt
ictoimundreductlou nxnliit hlih piotcelho
tot Iff 1
nil iiiroitMii ciiuitcir
PlCkClltld In
LATMit N Y June H Tho toncial
Synod of Iho Reformed hiiub otAmorlcii
In Hsslon to day lieaid tho icpoit of Iho com
mittee on lellglon It Miovvcd 31 clave 5IJ
churches I751S fumlUc uud nmcmbeishlp
of 60KI Contributions foi benevolent pin
poses amounted to SMUO 1111 lniroio of
SliYTOO unit conitriuntlounl mniilbiitlom
weiu jjOOUS IT 1111 Incienso of 850110 Tho
lliinia In mtoxlcatln llquoii with heat lion
nations was emphatically condemned
CouMM Ohio Juno H Tho titiln bear
ing tho newspaper corrcipondonts of Wash
ington nirlvcd beio ut noon to day Tho
conosiciulcula cnlled on Allen I Thurman lu
11 body slut John M Ciuson ot Iho llilli
Uelphla lHUle cilijri w 111 tho spokesman nnd
loiiRiatiilatcd Mi Ihiirman 011 his nonuiui
Hon The candidate mado u liilotiosjioiiso
den Slicriiiiin Not Kiirlmnly III
New Yoiik Juno 8 Gen Hliormaus phy
flilan cald to day that the seucrnl was
Ing fiom nsllabt attack of ihoiimatUin In tho
buck but that his ailment was not serious
L -
Tlio Homo lliiiiilsoiucly Decorated
Mnny Indlcs mill lontloniaii lros
cut Party Soiitliiiontit Strongly lro
sented Tlinnltlng Ore con for Its
Great Victor
Tho meeting o tho National llepubllein
League last night at Its homo corner ot
Fourteenth street nnd Xlassachusctts avonue
was an event most pleasing to all fortunate
enough to bo present The spacious parlors
were decorated for tho occasion which wm
In honor ot tbo picscntatlon to tho League
of tho oil portraits of Abraham Lincoln aud
Tlmddcus Stevens Magnificent bouquets
of choice lowers ornamented tho desk ot
President K F llcale
When 8 oclock arrived every scat was
laken and tho crowd onlvlng later had to
accommodate Itself as best It could In the
wldo hallway T hero was a very largo at
tendance ot ladles and besides tho prom
inent members of tbo Lcaguo present thcro
w cro many gentlemen occupj lug high posi
tions iu public lite
Iho magnlllccnt portialt ot Abraham Lin
coln rcstcil upon an easel to tlio left of tho
presiding ofllccr and was so placed as to bo
seen ou nil sides Adjoining it also on nn
easel and in ns cnually n prominent situa
tion was tho portrait of Tliaddeus Stevens
Tbo frames of both pictures wero cntwlucd
with Ivy nnd when unveiled the largo as
sembly tiroko forth lu rapturous applause
Mr Simon Wolf accepted tho portrait of
Abraham Lincoln which Is by Mr Mat
thews of Virginia on behalf ot tho Lcaimo
His speech was filled with well rounded
icrioils and contained sentiments of tho
ilgbcsl loyalty and regard for tho great
lrcsldl t He w as f rcqueutly Interrupted
by anu use Lincoln ho said he ad
mired f being au American ono who had
tho cour go of his convictions who was
powerful to lead and a great standard
ticarvi tor the party for which he lived and
Mr W A Cook accepted tho portrait ot
Tliaddeus Slovens and classed that political
leader as a man great lu his mental aud
emotional powers who when tho hour
came bad tho boldness and courago to
champion tho cnuso of human rights and
freedom His tribute to the statesmans
worth was very ably dono and whllo brief
was marked by a lltncss of language aud
choice scutlmcnts descrvlug the hcaityap
plauso bestdwed
Senator Teller was called upon for a
speech after the Franz Abt rpiartetto bad
sang ono of their choice numbers Tho
senator gav j w ay after saying a f ow words
to Gen ltobcrt Schcnck who had entered
tho hall Just as Mr Teller begau spcaklug
Tho well known namoof Gen Sehonck was
frected with great cordiality to which tho
louorcd pcrsonago bowed bis thanks aud
then began his speech
Iu speaking ot Mr Lincoln bo character
ized that much loved President ns 0110 who
still lives and would over llvo In tho hearts
of his countrymen aud dloJ tho representa
tive man ofnllthattruo Americanism meant
It was through his efforts that tho great
prosperity of tho nation began ho fostered
Tim prniccicu 11 anu put 11 upon 1110 course
ts healthy progress which has continued
ever since
Of Tboddeus Stevens ho spoko as tho
great leader lu tlio cause of freedom and it
nil who wero with him at tho tlmo ho spoko
had listened to and followed his advlcont
tbo tlmo ot tho reconstruction of tho south
and had abided by tho counsel that ho gavo
to hold tho lebelllous states ns dependencies
never 10 uo rccoguizcu mini iruo rcpciu
nnco was shown by them tho Republican
party would bo nllvo nnd nctlvo to day The
light said he bad to lie gone over again
In spcaklug of tho Democratic party ho
6old that thcro was no Democratic party
now Ho rcmcmbeied vcars gono by when
tho Whigs and Democrats wero in Initio
but the Democratic party had great
Issues then T hero was n conspiracy and
coalition between tbo south tho city of
New York Wall street aud tho rabble to
get possession ot tho nation Tlio uicins
used were by swindling tlio ballot box
suppressing tbo votes nnd other mis
doings Tho south said to New York
glvo tho candidate wanted and suited to
that section and tho south would bo solid
1 hat was all that theio was to Democracy
For sixty 5 cars ho had been In political life
and bad fought that party but tho light
now w as not against tho Democracy ot the
old times It was very different Ho know
when tho Democratic party was for
uud against national banks for and
against free trade for and nc alnst tarlir
nnd Intact was for aud ngalust ovcrj thing
ou Gods green earth oxcept ouo thing and
that was tbo Democratic ticket before
closing bo paid his lespects to tho double-
otns convention
brief speech
ed that ho was
spiritual needs ot
eoguc but tho meuilicrs so far had not
i X lirrvrroif jlSd011
J cV jXdcd his mluUtintlous Tbopirty
Jl CC sS1jiiiUat theJecn lu such a want but If tho slgr
ygtUls state1
rj r4 I r n nv
tlio G0110111I
nan not
nsot tho
times wero to bo Judged rightly tho other
imiIv would soon stand III uecu of
men Tlio btiilal ejaculated n member
of tho League and this sally caused great
Senator Teller followed In au elaborate
speech very argumentative and logical
Ills point was that fiee tiade was a death
knell to Iho American wojkuuii9v that It
was the duty of llnf Republican party to
piotcct tho Amcilcaiiliboiei fiom the cheap
labor ot Duiope
Representative Johnson of Indiana Son
ntoi Mori 111 uud Judge Wilson also mado
excellent speeches
A coloicd quartette lenderedsovcral songs
very nicely Jutt at the closoof tho exercises
and wiro applauded for their efforts
Uefoio adjournment was had resolutions
of sjmpalhy were adopted for Gen Sheri
dan and n sentiment of gratitude was ex
pressed at his deserved piouiutlou
Resolutions ot congratulations at tho vic
tory lu Oiegon vveio adopted and copies ot
the 6amo weie ouleied to bo telegraphed to
the chairman of tho Oiegon stato commit
Tho meeting which was probably 0110 ot
tho most successful jet held then ad
IIo Will Not Kuiru tho Nominee ot
Iho Cltlonco Couvontloii
Dknvtii Col Juno 8 Mcphon W Dorsoy
nulvcillu tho city to day and his attention
lcln tailed tcleRimns In the eastcin
pnpirs In 1- At to lilt going lo Chicago to
knlfocvi oodynud tlio Republican pntty ho
tald I hav 0 not tlio sllghtett lutcntluu of ho
hi nt tlio convention and theio Is not n can
dldalo mimed that 1 would not I10 willing to
nippoit Ilmvii not now uml novcr bidn
grievance UKnlnst anybody and IIiIh story
about uijUinltlnK hhcrmun or tlroshim is pmo
lot I am 11 llepublicau fiom conviction and
mn for vv hoover will ino t eloiato fruedom for
ev cry body and cv ei y w here
lot Knott Dclhiim tlio Address to tlio
AsNAiotis Mn Juno 8 Tho graduating
ccieinonlesof tho navnl academy took place
to day Tho nddicss to tho graduates win
made by Gov Knott ot Kentucky and was ie
eilvcd wltliKicat npplauso by tlio cadets Tbo
diplomas weie handed to tho guidiiatet by
s erpfiitvnr llirt Kniv VVIdtnoV Till Llldotn
Oilieud tho class of W heeietary Whltnoy
nose who weiuicu uuiuuu uuu iiuv ivuuii
amci avoodhvijTs rrcic
Itolciiscd oil tho Mitlii Uliurgo or
Iliigur but item lusted
New Yoiik Juno 8 Alice Wuaiihill who
wnsextiadlled on a chuigo of forgeiy by
which hlioncanliodugi eat deal ot pinpeity
Irom John llll 1111 octogenarian was today
leleascd by the United States commissioner
It having been shown that llll himself signed
Iho tiansfcr hhowas however loarroitod
011 n charge of foi gory lu tho second dojroo
sriTKiinvrcz SUI IlVUICIitt
SoiiityriB f tlio Insldo History of tlio
xliliicso Concessions 1
Yftw YonhJJsuno 8 Through tho nttorneys
of Coviflt EiiRcihVte Mltklowllez of this city
and Philadelphia ifpmplalntwasniodto fay
In tho courtof commoncas of Phllndolpfila
against Wharton Ilaikcr tjio 1lillailclphli
copltallt ta compel a s iiecflt pcrformaii 0
of narccmei ts of Rlmntlo propotyons umler
concession by tho Chinese goveritTlcnt Jo
supply tho whole of tho paits of that tcrrfvy
covered by trentlcs by tolonlionlo scrvlct
through a company of a capital of 00011100
ami In fonn ntiothcr company wild n capital
ui svvvivuu iiiiiieiieriii uiiuKintr rnuroiiu
Ing and lnliilus jiowrrK nlso under conces
sions from Iho Lhlneso Rovrninicnt t
1 lie complaint ets forth that prlorlo March
IPST tlio plaint lT and William I PalncAt
great trouble and uipcme succeeded In pro
iiirlim tbo support of tho Chinese mlnlitr
I Icon Ulianir lbc follow liu aireomcnt was
A company wa to bo formed lo supply tho
empire w lib U Vplioiilo ncrvlco rialntliT w w
to havo thnr twenllclli of tho stock defend
ant Ihlmxn twenllrtln and lahio four
t went let hi 11 was to In called tho American
Telephone Coiniwnr lid ono million dollars
wottlinf stock was to bo limited to Chlntuo
subscription Tlio remainder of tho stock
was to bo held by n ronipnnr capitalized nt
OCCOOtO to ho called tho Oriental Compnr
1 his company was to havo banklnir rilhoi
lug and mining poncr nmt a concession St
Suib aRrantwns promlsod by LI ItuiujClnni
m this promised concession provisional certi
ficates of stock were Issued ot cr I ho signatures
of tho plaintiff and defendant to Chinese
officials Meanwhile an embassy was sent o
tho United Mates In which was tlio envoy Ma
Klc Chang to sco Marker nnd nrraiiRO matter
1 ho complaint states that Chang was taken
lo tho country homo of llarkcr nnd treated
sumptuously and that tho ouleomo was tlut
n row nercement was mado whereby tho
plaintiff was left out In the cold nnd between
barker Hamilton Ulsston II D Fling lranets
1 uhlpley irrn How en Robert aicndennlnf
William Mnsscy Thomas Potter Jr and
leorRo T Tyler a subscription ot
SlOOuuO was raised to moot tho ex
penses of tho Cldneso enterprises Marker
representing that ho was tlio solo Rrnntea 0
these concessions An agreement wnl then
mndo whereby llarkor was allowed to sell
one fourth of bis lntcrost In the American and
Oriental Company for S3 tier cent of tho par
valuo Onollfthot tho proceeds was to bo
paid to the treasurer ot iho latter company
Tlio romnlnder was to ro to the owner
An ngrcemeut was then mndo to form the
finance Company ot Pennsylvania with n
capital of tiro millions nil tlio stock to bo
paid up and each stockholder to bo glvon part
of tho stock of tho American and Oriental
companies Allot tho agreement Parker has
failed to fulfill according to tho complaint
although pressed to do so by plalntltf nnd
Mr Paine Although Darker claims tlio con
cessions wero repudiated by the viceroy It li
claimed Pal kcr represented otberwlso to in
duce tlio 100000 subscription
The plaintiff alleges that through Mr Hat
kers failure to carry out theso agreements ho
lias not been nblo to fulfill his piomlscs to the
Cldneso ofllclnls and that distrust has been
niRcndcrel which Imperils tho schemes
Tlio wealth and blRh social staudlugof Mr
llarkcr nnd others associated with him lends
tin additional interest to tlio litigation
Tlio Chicago Auditorium Will
ltcnily by Tiiesilny Nuxt
Cuicacio Juno 8 Tho auditorium building
will practically bo ready for tho occupancy of
tlio Republican Convention bynoxt Tuesday
night tho tlmo set for Inspection and testing
ot tho lighting apparatus Tho rapid strides
mndo during tho past week havo gotten the
picparallonsto tlio point where nothing at
this moment remains but tho platformlng ot
to sections of tho first balcony along Hid
sldc each section of nbout llfty feet In length1
and tho placing ot tho chairs in theso two sec
tlous lu tho parquctto and on the platform
for tho distinguished guests Tho chairs for
theso parts aro nil heaped In tho pirquoto
however and only need to bo arranged
Iho chairs In nil tho galleries aro lu their
places Iho celling directly over tho par
ipictto has been dec orated with tricolor bunt
ing nnd largo stum and tho work of decorat
ing the rest of the ball will begin tomorrow
morning Ono looking at tho mammoth audi
torlumfrom tho speakers stand will unto in
tho stuno timoa roominess nbout tho arrange
ment which augurs a most favorable contni t
tothosardlno Inn hoi capacity which char
acterized Iho St Louis convention Prom tlio
Hist balcony theio aio thirteen exits mi dis
tributed that no sent Is 111010 than twenty
leet fiom audit Tlio lost of tlio auditor1 1111
has a sltntltuly lavlth distribution of tho
menus of cgiess
Tbo Kind of Dinnoi rals In Ofllco In
IIaltimoiil Juno 8 Tlio select committee
of tho Senate consisting of Senatois Hale
thacc nnd lllnckhuru met hero to day to
Investigate tho operations of tho civil service
law Chairman llonaparlo testified that sev
eral federal oniccbiildcrs wcio ncthcly en
giigcdln partis 111 politics nt tlio primaries
llo snldthit Morris Thmnas imene Illg
glns J 1 Maliou uud I Freeman ltiisln wero
menof biidihnructcr mid 1 nutation bisliu
on general icpoit though he knew of no deft
nlto uetlagalnst nny of tlicm
John cjumn u ilcrk to tho Inspector of
boilers and Bteamboats was asked by son
nt or Halo to write out 11 certificate such us
ho Rites after inspection but lepllod he was
not much of asiholuriiud nllowed his son to
do that work llo declined to wrlto tho per
mit but Fold bowent ovcrydayto sco that
Ills ou faithfully performed ids woik llo
himself Is a real ctdato agent llo admitted
finally that ho bad novcr dono any work lu
ins position iiionpn lie iiiiii5 oi o per wir
anu pays nuoui u or sin perwecK lor
tons boaiil nnd clothln
If Tluiruinn Wns Out or tho Way He
Would Havo tlio Man
Inbian irons June 8 Gov liny lueclvod
tho news of Thin mans iiomliintlou with
comiihieency I havo had no other expecta
tion for two days than thatTliuunnii would bo
nominated foi Vlcu Picsldcnt bo said I
buvo long thought that tho man whom tho
Now York ilclcmtlon supported would bo the
nominee I think I should Invo had no
1 1 oublo had It not been for Tlinrm ms 1 nndt
Wliatwlll bo
I think ho will entry tlio full sticngth of
tho patty lu tills state Ho Is a grand man 1
vvmit to ny Willi icgaid to my cuudiducy tlmt
I feel 1 louder of thosupiioit I loeelvcd nt hi
Louis nnd tit homo at Iho hands of tlio party
than 1 would of any honor tho convention
lould 1 outer upon inc
No Political SlEiilllciiiico jVttueheil to
Ills Visit
Niw oiik1 lino H Senator John hhei man
whoairiied lu this city yosteidny says that
Ills v lslt Is 011 business only Hols ono ot tho
exccutlvohonidof Iho Iittsbuiglort Wayne
uud llikngoialhoudiiud Is tho solo trustee
of tho funds ot tho company slneo Iho death
of hlscottustei fcoigoW Cass It Simu
lation to business lomicctcd with Oiu rail
loud lie bus cuino lieio It was Intended to
hold 11 meeting of thudbectoisnf tho 10 id
today but It has hecu Histoiied for n week
It Is piohahfe that tlio special mcethu of
tockholdiis ndveitlsul to bo held nt Pitt
liir ii t Ins iuh instant will ul11 bo nol-
poped to 1 liable fuieigu ttoiltliohlirs to
mHiUKiiiss niv iiipinihy
Tlio Sugar King Hies homo Interest
lug Slutlstlo About Siigat
1iiiiAOi UjiiA J111108 Claus Spreckels snld
to daj that tho now sugar refinery lu tills city
would bo In full operation within 11 year It
vtll hntoe apailtyof 10H tons per day
gtcatei than any oilier icllnciy lu Iho couutiy
Thcie are twenty teilneiles In tho trust With
thotievviellncrylhoso out of tho tiustwlll
have a dally cupiulty of S1W tons Tho con
fciimptlnniit sugailntho United States Is 131
XU tun vcr yeiu Tho lollniilosout ot tlio
Itust will produce fsnnuO tons jmr jear lo ly
ing ov er tlOimo or less than halt the consump
tion for the Itust to pioduce Mr Sprockets
hns In contemplation 11 system of beet uiUIng
on 11 lauo scnlo
Tbo Soirildgo Court
IhoSelfildgoeotitt miittlal ieoomcno1 at
1010 oclock 5 ontcrduy morning nnd Mr Kent
begau his argument at once Ho spoke until
oclock when ho was followed by Judge Ad
vocatullild The business of the court will
piobnbly lio concluded to day
IlAusnAiilo dny fMp m Wuslilnjtonvs
KtiGom and oukntiikii
Iho Iterorni Ticket Hun 11 Now Tall
lo II
Kvcr since Monday Inst Ihonitlouilcom
inlltcoof the paitj which put lu nomina
tion Represent illvcs Kllgoro nnd Dates 111
candidates for presidential honors has
waited for some recognition from tho tnll of
Iho ticket but that recognition Ins not
come Tlio commtttco was patient nnd no
word of complaint came from thu lips of 11
sluglo member until they read liiosterdiy
lUiraintis 11m iimc iv an Intel view w lib
Mr tVite in which he declared himself in
favor o Clovehtid nnd Tliurnuii This
abandoniiiciL of the principles and ot Iho
paity which hauionoied him with Its sup
port was naturally host nniiovlng ami jes
terdny cftcrnoon lt s decided to tike
some 1I1 clslro action At 1 Ylock I bo eom
mltteo w us called to order In t ircirot Iho
Houie press gallery by Chairman rvr Du
bam Iho first buslucss In otyr wni
tho consldcratloii of Mr Oalesscoirct
and after this liml been reviewed
Irrnis by all thoso present It was
decided that any appearance 01 wcanness
nt this time would do the party Infinite
damage A resolution In which Mr Oatcs
was said to bo removed wrt then con
sldettd Mr Wclsbons moved Idat the
word filed bo substituted for ihevjvorit
icmovcil Jlr 1 G ilnnilv movi
amend that bv iuilluir It bouncedV W
Mr Hnudis amendment the resolution was
Nominations for a new candidate were
then declared to he lu order but before any
thing dcllnlte was douo lu that line thecom
mlttec Informally considered a number ot
poisons who wero suggested ns being eligi
ble Fnch candidate a points were careful
lookedover and opinions wero fieely ok
prisscil Iho first 11 11110 mentioned was
tbatot Roger J Mills of Texas but a
stoim ot objection was raised Several
members said ho had 110 qualifications and
theso statements weie accepted by tho
majority without hesitation Iho principal
trouble was found however lu Iho fact I111t
Mr Mills raino from tbo samo state as
llcsldent elcct Kllgoie
It was finally thought best that no candi
date should bo consldeied who had not at
least n thirty dajs cipcrlcnco as a Jail bird
The committee was led to this conclusion
b thcknowlcdgothatMr Kllgoro was con
fined lu a Jail como quarter of a century
ago nnd It w ns necessary that the Ylco Presi
dent should havo had a similar experience
Mr F G Handy bad secured tho Important
position of private sccictary to the presi
dent on tho st rongtli of his I laudys father
having been In Jail with Mr Kllgore
Under the new liillng tho first name dis
cussed was Polk LaiToon of Kentucky
Ills autobiography showed that bo had
twice been arrested 011 the last occasion
being confined in tho lennsjlviiila peniten
tiary with several other gentlemen who fol
lowed tlio varjlug fortunes of 0110 Morgan
After tho circumference ot bis barl lml
been guessed nt his name was laid under
tlio tulilrprlillo othei prominent members
ot the Democratic puti wero h itllcd out ot
their obciiilty nud looked over
Mr Rose suggested Air Robert J Vance
of Connecticut but the chairman said Iho
nomination was not lu order becnuse there
was nothing In thoCongresslunal Directory to
show that the auburn haired gcutleiuiu hid
ever done time
pcaleil fiom Iho ruling of thcchalraudtcfcr
rlng to tlio directory said that whllo It was
truo that tbo gentlemen from New llrltaln
had never been lu n common jail still ho had
been n member of the Connecticut legisla
ture and the Supremo Court hud long
since decided that of tlio twocv lis tho Jail w19
tho more deshnble Mr Wclsbous argued
with n lucidity which will some day bring
him to tho front ns a strcct fakir that it
was manifestly uufaii to judgo Mr Yiinco
bv his mist record Give him n clnnce
be sild Jn alt till ho has been hre for a
other cir or two llythat tlmo I lnvo 110
doubt that he will bo fully qualified and lu
tlioinijiitliuol trust wciditll Mipptut him
benrlllj anil help lihnofi liiswnj to solitary
It was only to bo expected that tho next
gentleman huunied with mention should be
Mi Amos J Luininlngs ot ew vurK
Ills billlliul iccord threatened for 11 time to
can bis nomination by acclamation It
tctiinUi ceil bj Mating that ho hud received
n common school education this was agood
point foi nio t of thoo who had been con
sidered licked even Ibis When the secre
tary read from the dluclorj entered n
printing oilier when twelve cir3 ot axe
uud has set tjpe lu nciih every state In tho
L nlou there w us nuu li iipplausouud tniuy
cries of Good VliM clnsj A tramp
You bet hes bin lu J ill 1 ould bo distin
guished nbovo tbo din ills hiving been
with tbo gru ned nun of destiny nt
Nicaragua also aided his candid icy to n con
siderable extcut
Mnj Murtln was declared lucll Ible and
In quick succession the same decUiun was
come to with legaid lo Ml Tmsuey Ml
llmotbj 1 Ciiiupbell Mi Trunk Liwlei
and Mr Tillman
A brave light was mule lu behalf of
Mr Allen ot Mississippi but as thcro was
no lecoid of his ever having been iu durance
illo the committee reluctantly passed uvei
his name I bey agreed tint Mr Allens
Intentions vieio good enough but ho had
not ns jet demonstrated his poweis as 11
criminal Giuvo doubts wise nlso
as tollin wearing qujUUus ot his
Ono of lUo commlttco suggested lint If it
v cio considered dcslinblo to cultivate the
nequalutunco and Inllueucoof thu fair so
ho would move lint tho tall ot tho ticket
hen niashei and to that cud bo nomi
nated Chillies Hoppci Gibson of Murjhiiid
Ho was proinptlt bowled down by the
other nieinhiis all uf them ovldeutly being
Jealous of Ml Gibsons tcdiictlio uppear
cm 0 and Ids stoiu clothes
Iho political situation was thcu calinlj
dli cmseil uud after much briibi weaijlug
elToit it was lesohed th it It would bo better
to select a Republican for tho second place
lu this manner destroying both of tho old
nndcoiiupt patties ut ono fell swoop It
wnsnt onco seen that thcro was but n single
Republican who could be tiusted to usslstlu
inirilngtho b tuner 011 which Is inscribed
We Hunt paj forour nlggeis lllsnuno
was GiKiituer and bo hilled fiom 11 town
which bears tlio luellillitous iniiiio of Osli
koh lliedlscoverj was at onco made bv
some captious member that thu dlrectuij
contained no Jail iccoulfoi Mr lueiitht
but Private Secictuiy Ilomh shut him up
bvi calling attention to the fm t Unit when
Mi 1
Giienther wlio was bom lu Intsdini
lnisslal was nidi til veais of u e be cml
glided to the United states mid be Hand
had not Iho slightest doubt that when Ml
Gucntlicrstruckthusteiimboit wblih bore
him vtcstwmd he was not moie tliaiiblx
feet abend of uu oilkei Mr Ilandj then
argued that If Ml Uueuthu hod not ue
ttuiily been lu jail it was ids ow 11 fault for
ho had liml amplo opiorttiuitv togetthero
while tiensuier of the stato ot Wisconsin
Ou motion of Mnj T 11 Klriij the tioiii
luatlou ot Mr Gueutlier was made unaul
moiis Imd n luinmllteo was nppoluted to
wait 011 him and Inform him of the cominlt
leosncllon Sccretaiy liaud was 11N0 dl
leclcd lo uollfy Mr Oatcs bj post U card
of bis peiemptor dismissal
toiisldi ruble Indignation mis epiesid
ut the uxtiiinely dlllldeiit maiiuei lu which
M11J yiofer hud attempted to pel form tho
mission entrusted to him b Ihoiouieiitlnu
Iho St Louis patiets hate not 111 oided n
single effott mndo by liini nud when ho
liluins to daj he will doubtless be seuul
II Is uudeistood that Vice llcsldenttluen
ther w III Invito tlio 1 oiuiullteo to necoinp iiiv
him to lunch uud they will piniunlgitu the
battle civ ot Kllgoie liuinthei and the
Wo only chaigo SPi forum Jb 11211I11 suits
Rlscmiu II101 Tlh and 1 Tho mil inauu
laciuimgeioiiiieisin vi iisiiinifiou
Popular Man foe Assistant Posliuustoi
Tho contest going on niron soteiil mem
heritor tho District DcimivMaiv 1 01 tho posi
tion of supcrlntendo of tlio tupltol II 111
binnchimitoniiowiis latlod hylostinisr
John Rosssostcidtiy lit app ilnllng lohii
A Clarke tho lawyer to On jni llo will
tucciid Mr Grant on thnltl 1 en b
Elllko is 11 noiiuhil iiltoi 111 niul Willi li
wlllborlssed hum the bin hf I 1 1 l
the lonKiulullitloiis ot lit- i ti
Tin NiiNAToiis snow iitiLvr
wiakmss at phi hat
A liinin That tlio Washington Sbniild
Unto Won Tbo Vlltoi llo Hotter
Work Willi liu Stlclt Cliingo hi lliu
St 11 It of Umpires
Washington niny bo able to win a ginie
from New Votk on four hits but thothliy
cant bo plojcd solowdowiionthoHoosleis
not even w ben tlio Senators put up an ab
solutely erroriess game n tlicy did jeslei
dnv not 11 dip of any kind Littery ur Hold
ing being recorded ugnlint them Heily
wasvety wild nt times nnd kept bis catcher
fljlug nil mound tho pinto afler bis erratic
shoots but although ho was hit hard tho
fcenalois were unable lo place tlio bill
safely and Iho hits wero kept so fur apirl ns
jo be useless ODa also pitched
Ku i u1 lu visuors ijunciie 1 on
two Innings and Iberobi won
Int Imr rtil Vl ndl l111 O tlllrl
ffm ba8p 1ut Uc1
li11 1ktckll ut
Tnvh IJ lVUmoVCIll hi place WIS
niyiwiMWl10 m hittllng two
baser In Iho elghtli Jj
K11 toucliliu tbo ha
r iook 111 lour nics I 7 Ai
c ono nearly at tho foil Lll R
cirv iiiv
crefiSlcii nrciy nuu spoucu Hire -- -
lor LNLJally Glasscock did tlio I 8
tltitr btitillio Hooslcrs wero greatly hi JW
to luck tliTek ot their hits being short iTO
which fell I
Mint Rtlonorl
Schocli lfO 1
Mllmol If 0 1
OUrienlbO 0 T
MrnshO 0 0
Hoy cf 0 I
Maeko 0 0 7
Irwin ss 0 0 S
lionillylb 1 0 a
oDay p ooo
Ictween tbo In nnd out lipid Unbilled to thogrnduolcs All who iniU inula
aiii i lr reci In d one u speelil litlnctl
ODii I fi
tSvriuaf a il tint 1 shows 1 vinwnriiil 10 thoo who made M per u iil
Donnelly took tWlic way
ho hns gically strcnfnSilcl lu bis formeO
weak point S
Unset t mado ono criorB noirthclMs
exblbllcd line bae playnndKC1 hj110
balls ncios Iho diamond In hlsc Inlmlla
blo fashion I lines received 11 licJtJi wcl
como nnd a basket of liowcrs rnppli0 u
nn 1111 111 niKiiriu iriif niiiniii niiiiv
loured all tho baso bits that camo
way A canvas has been stretched across
hlgli poles from the club houso tint cuts off
the v lew ot the grounds fiom the houses ou
Massachusetts avenue whero scats wero
Killed mi the roof Soino fears were ex
pressed lest It might Interfere itltlillic homo
runs of lbc nshlngtous but n number of
boles have been left for the ball to go
1hovlsltors mado their list 11111 at the
stmt on Glasscocks bounder to left center
lllness short hit back of second and lias
setts hopper to right Hoy got thud lu tbo
second on nu Infield lilt n passed ball uud
nn out but was left there Washington
tied the seoro lu tbo third by llassctts miss
of Donnellys grounder a steal and nn
overthrow by Dally which gave tho runner
third and ODnjsout at first Mvcrs was
hit by the ball lu tbo fotiith unit reached
third and Hhoch and Wllmot undo doubles
lu tbo sixth aud eighth but Healy was not
to bo ruttled at critical points and the
ncccssni bit to bring them lu was not
foilhcomlug Hoy ngalu lieat the ball Iu
tbo ninth but when Mack lilt lo llassctt he
touched tho mute nud retired the long
cnlchci nt Hist
For four Innings after the first tho visitors
did not reach first base lu tho lift 1 1 Glass
cock drovoouoto left field for two bases
and llliicss bit back of third scut him homo
wllh what proved the winning run Seety
and Glasscock wero on second and tlilul bj
good bits in tho eighth but the next two
men nut up easy Hies and the were left
wamik n In ro a r iNnAfoi is n 1n roAE
ltallyit 0 0 1 0 OMory if 0 t I 0 11
Kiln 1 0 0 0 1 1
asl Hi ti S 1 i i
Mollillil 1 1SI 0 0
lloriiHglf 1 u 0
llrottn il u
lliudkli n
Wind ss
nllko iL
oie If
Hat llil ill
VV elch li
U UUIKSOK ss u 1 0 1 11
0 i nines cf 0 - 0 11
0 0 Denny 3b 0 0 2 0
1 0 llissott sib 0 I S 1 1
0 iVriryrf 0 0 0 0
1 OMlsthklb 001100
J 0 Dally u 0 II 3 - 1
I oltcaiyp 1111 I a
Tuinl - 11 a
Total 1 4SI1J Pi
VVnhlnto 0 0 1 u 0 0 u 0 0- 1
Indianapolis t 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 u
Kntucd I un Indianapolis Two base
liltstMery iln stoik hoih Wlbnot Molen
bases Hoy Donnelly il ici k Illnos Doll
blopinysllassett and Rsterhionk first I11 0
niibiills Miocli Hoy lilt bypltelicd lull
JljerK First biso on errois Wnslilnglon I
Struck out- lly DTtay 8 by Henly i I issed
Inlls Dall I Wild pltchcM lloiiV 1 Tlmu
1 hour nud JS minutes I mplro Mr Daniels
OAMIS FLsUllllKlli
ISoston Juno K It took tho Wolverines
filtccu Innings to detent tbo homo team to
tiny 11U halting lu tlio llftcentb nldod by
lliowns muff jlehled six inns t tho oud ol
tho eighth Inning It looked llko Hustons game
but lour singles nud u sacrifice gavo the
ilsitorstwo inns tlelng tlio score ttzelu
I lie 11 steadied down uud pitched n rcimrkahlu
name Home inns were numerous iluiln the
first half and Ikunett innilu one iu tho lit
licutli llostoulndu good eliante to win lu
thetwclltli but Chuksim ran lu lioin eeoiid
on JoliiiMius long fly which was eaplure by
lliinlon and 11 double pin wasthoiesiilt In
thethlitiiu lloimuig inudo 11 lilt 11ml i tolo
sicond but Iliown lould not bring liiinlii
Tlioiiowd wiiitfiiiiitleuud ljneliwasliootol
ill Ills tlicllons except oil balls nnd irlkes
weie good t cole
Who M 113 1 0 it hdsnib J II 1 1
lolnisp ei - J 1 b I Hrthis Hi J H 0 1
roirsuif - 3 2 a 11
Howes 1 1 1 11
White il 0 3 i i 0
TwVIl If 0 1 I u 0
13 0 1 Hindoo cl 1 I 1 1 11
1 I olionnett c 1 1 Hi I 2
1 OU Uletllll p I 111 I
Total 5 IS lj i t Total 11 IS OS1 s
iio tou 1 ii ii 1 o 1 11 11 11 0 11 a 0 11 a- i
Dcfiolt 1 0 0 11 0 t 0 1 a 0 0 0 0 0 l ll
Riirnul iiins llitiolt 11 lioslon I Two
base lilts Wise ltleliurdsuii White Tliieo
liiiso hit Thompson Hi mo runs lllehiid
ion liuielt lohustini Moil 111 Double plays
lleniiett nud 111 outliers llnnlou ct7iln
nnd Rli linidsou 1 lrt biisoou lulls Kullt
lloinuiig Nusli GcUeln lilt bypltelicd bill
Rowel Hist bnso on errors llusloii 1
DitioltS stunk out -Wise 2 Kelly Nasli
AI011III I Hiown Iliudock Rlchirdsou
llomo on White Twltrhell llnnlou Hen
mtt litcln Passed bill Kelly 1 Wild
1 Hi lies eUoln 1 stolen liases
Kelly 1 Iloinuug J blown Time
I bonis I lvneli
Iiiii aii it nix It Juno H lliifilntoti was
toodeopn pioblem for tho Pittsburg batters
this iillunoon wlio icciired only lour bits
linliliiwusiilsoefTiithe but Ids support was
not of tho host Si oie
1 iiiia nlu ro An 1iTTsniRii n In roAE
Wood If u J 11 u OMiidy r u 1 0 1
Andrwsit 1 1 1 t UMIIleru 1 - I 11 1
lognttvrt I 1 3 0 oioleniiiirf 11 Hunt
Mulviv3bu 0 1 u Diinlap uu 0 0 -1 11 1
Inrrni lb tl 1 0 iilinlrplo If 0 u 0 0 1
HTtintnp 0 0 10 SMntil Hi 0 nn n 0
hwlu ss 0 It 11 Kuehiie lb 0 1 11 1
1 lemnts eO 11 HI 11 1 smith us 0 11 11 1 1
lliisilan Sb 1 0 0 I iilnltliip 1 0 10
017 11 I Total
0 0 II 1 II 0
u 0 0 0 0 0
0 I 1 S
lhlllldlllhlll J 0 0 1
llttshurg 0 11 0 0
lluned inns llillndolplil 1 9 Tim huso
lilt 1- -Multi Iuirar stulin liases Vndiews
Ingurly Sunday lloiiblo pint litilu and
i111111 1 Irst bnso on bulls Wood llastl in
Diiuljp VI ml 1 list bnso ou error- Phila
delphia Struck out Colcm in laliiiulu
I Kiiiliiiesmillilliiltlu lassil lulls -VIII
I 1 wild pltihis tiiililii Tlim -1 Hour
and 10 minutes Pmpliu Hecku
Si oiih 1 lino Itl New oik ugilned
thlidplnietiiihiv by iiiliiiliilsioiliigin 1
lotho Uilcngn RUht Ihoiiml peo
1I0 wltnes eid tlio giimo which ul II1 1 nium
bed to be time but iifterwiuds detiloiel
inliitlio hi iviiit kbigglug exhibition on tile
1 111 1 thu home team ever teen on the lLi
gioiiiuK Stole
MW VOIlll II 111 TOA E I CMlCAllO II lulO 1
I J I 1 i Ky m cf I u 0 0
3 I 0 J Isllltn If il 0 - 1 0
I 111 0 li Pelt It ifO 0 I 0
J 1 0 0 n Alls in lb 0 OH u II
l t 1 J n proffer vb i i e r i
a J s 0 u vv inson s i Olio
1110 0 limns i n -x 0
1 J i i 1 VliHTupO 0 0 III 0
1 ii s g Hailing e 1 18 11
Total I ii I ll 1 Total
1 I S7 M 0
Now York 0 1 0 t 1 0 I 1 1 19
Ihluui 0 0 I il 0 0 1 0 II-
Fumed mux New m I Chkao I Two
I olillol 1 llutllold 1 ilitcoh isu
lilt I llll I llulllt lliillli Rwlug
WuiU lib luiilsAin il lliiuikf Wlh Double
I lu 1fofffi lo Williamson Pint Inso on
- Vim Haiti i ii I Iln hi pU ho I lull
puttt St lift basis lttillJl Ilollei Ill it
bnso on York I Clilenn I
fitltHk nut lly Welili I by Van HUtren 0
nsscl bolls s V lid pitches Villi
llnltrcn S Tlmo j hours nnd 8 minutes
I inplrc Valentine
iiitMii or i mimiiix
President Young has niccpteil tho reslg
nation of I mplro Decker and appointed hi
bis place Jolin Kelll lute unnager of tho
Ioulsilllo Club KellyJias telegraphed Ills
acceptance and will liport for duly lu
Washington on Juno la Kelly ranked
with Online and lVigtison when ho de
scried tho MnlT of uinplies for tlio post of
uuu ui nui no gimuy wcicomeil
back No better appointment has ever
been mado In tho League and President
v tiling and Hie clubs of the senior org min
ikin nre lo be cougnlulated
Coililliiitis Piiovntuil In Sinn Prolly
Voiing I lull
fci Idem has u inoie biMiitlful Ight been pre
sented loan iiuilleice thin tint ut tho Mi
sonlo Temple last night when tho seventy
jouiiglndyiuipllsor Korwool Instltuto Illol
Into tho hall niul tmik simts uiwu tlio stage
Ihey weionll dieeil In white and seitol In
he nur ol tlio pjrumlds or Hum ulTeiiius
Hint had lieen biuiuht there Tor them a
irelty pituiii was iiro ented nnd tlio au
dlincp tilling tlio lull loiidl iiipliue I lu
ho gull ry tlio Mm Inn liaud tin lor the dlrec
llotiiifPior SouiidIiouriil swiet musl
I n Iho ftneo to the lift of tho pupils wire
llof uml Mrs Cnbill and the fanilty tho
speakers of llic eienlng ommissloncr of
Idui nttnii liawiin nnd others
Piomiitlynl so n look thonsemhlngewns
eallid In iirdei nud Rev Mm s smte of
Colinnlii m I nliiTMii Invoked dlt Inohhrnlmr
lie leitllientisof dltliiitlonof pirchineMi
Mv1 s J iiiarueo wero
null a number of tho iiunllt hid the hUrli
iiiium v i i vt muii iiiuiiu
J Orinoll JvTo mado by senator sstowirt
public chMiUon into superintendent of
Itei lr Wmif tno District of Cobimbla
Klllotl T D Alarliett nnd Rev 1 II
tlo lloor was clcaficcloioof tlioexeieUcs
Jored until n Into hour imd dancing was en-
Llargo party
Pigiillliiins Mntlier llrcils lt
earing tin Vnnlltt
In Illi criminal tout yesterday tho use of
John P Jillltnii i hit get tilth klllin Hum
T I IpcomL on Nov J lit was lemmed
Jist MontgcIIiery charged Iho Jury Tlio
cotin said that f Iho defendant killed tho
innn I anger nnd wlllo boating him nress
liolynud not In selfiUfcnso then no matter
whether ho Intended to kill him or not lie
wii guilty If tho ilefcndult was really net
lug 111 sell defense if ho wnssinply defending
himself If ho did simply what wvs necessary
orwhnt ho thought was necessary to defend
himself nnd no more then be sliouh be uc
quitted If bo did more than was nciviry
uud moro than ho thought was ncccsnrocn
lie wns guilty Rich In u mutual light and
nctiiul struggle tho slnyorvvnscallt of man
slnuglitii llo lould only ho cxciwd on the
theory ol self defense nnd It lo did no
moro than defend his pi rson ho should bo
tf liodld moro ho must bo convicted
the Jury were out nbout half au hour nud
iitiiriuil with n verdlit of guilty As they
nmiinmicd tho verdict tho defendants
mothei who wnsiu tho court room hrokuoiit
lu nu uiuonliollahlo lit of crying nud bad to
be removed Sullivan wns then committed to
Tlio tpper ltoillo Said In ISo tlio 3Iost
Riar Ailinlrnl Ainincu Ins rcccltcd n letter
tiom Cltll Rnglntcr Jlcnoiul In Nicaragua
dated May 8 lu which bo says lean now
say that the upper roiito is far moro faiornblo
lu many iisnccts both is to co t nnd engineer
ing illltu iiltlcs than thu one recommended by
mcluJKiv Ibototul length of eanil In ox
iiitntlou fiomiichonto liieylown will piob
iiblv not cxeied nluiteen miles It
will have Instead of the single long nlnuk
mini pinpo ed in ISS3 several sliort emliiiuk
u cuts niiiouutlnglu tliougiegito to less Hi iu
tho single ono 1 ho enib inkmeiit pioiod in
1SS1II1U leiiuiln prnctlenlly whero origin illv
iltslgmd nnd mural liiiiidriil feet less In
k nglli by swinging tlio western abutment u
It iv hundred feettothonorlh bit I lnvo pie
liiridtuihungo the po ltlou nltogethoi uud
thus sine money uud illllUultles lu loustiue
Inmveiyglnd both route will be locate I
Willi the snino i are for now uo will In pro
pond to answer all questions and etatill li I
trueioinpurlson between tlio two routes Tim
work on Iho west sldoof Hie lake will brhw
out 111 mine striking i iihirs tho udi nitlesot
that Mitlonot llieeMiiil
IboCltv Pnstollko to llo Unlit on tin
loliiti Court Square
lbc eolitioicrsy oiei n slto for tho city
lssttifleols uo more It was ester
du by die members ot I hi House commlttco
on I ublle buildings nnd giouuds Tho slto so
it ted lsMtiuie tsn tdu boundaries of wlilih
me 11 mid Rami 1 Itthnnd sixth ulieets Iho
site has hem but little ilKnssed Itimlyliit
lug bun propo cd aslioit tlmo ngo and when
tloiominlttic took a totem It it was only
optmscd tiy ono nieinbei Tlio square eon
tiilnsTUiXti feet niul or llilsnmoiintOil font
nliuidy lulling lo the ill lllet Nouioio than
SliUllUinny botsdd lortbosllo It Isprolu
ble that the DMilet otllte will lie built on
the sumo sqiuue
A Chilli oT llllltllottli lireutllgo
Justice tixjistciduy made a
Kit ing Mr Josepli 11 Miuui gj
utrJ slxlbstitctlioitliwestguarllmiif his
mbiptid child Annke sininious ugod iibuut I
teals In tho bill llled Mr samnuns hijs
lliut on April 7 Inst llieihlld win plieol la
Ids i esslon liy Anulte Iutlen u colore 1
woman lit Ingiu Rsi cx coiut liu believes
Hint tlieihlhl is nu Illegitimate one ot uu
lnown piiieuts nnd eiimo Into possession of
thocoloud vtmnnn shoiRyiillci itsbbtli but
belletlngtliut the woman was not n pnip r
lit rson to but e the caie of It steps Weiotukeii
lit Aguit DNill ot tlio lliimaue Society
whlihic ullidlu I he child being gli en to tlio
petitioner lie nl o sivs tint liu knows ot no
property belonging to lie ililld
Virginia 1rolectlvo Club
A ilelgutlone from thoVlrgllill 1iotoctli
lull iinllliig Hall tones with tlio Old Do
minion lull of Ibis li lilc t je indiy i alio I
upon Ml II A MeDoiiuhl uud lutltod him to
nddicss them ut mi euiy d ly s ihscqucutly
uiiieetliig wiislield it whit h imiiiallllod sup
polt wns pledged tho Repuhlh in pirtj uud
lesolutlon pa sod i oiigiittilutliu Soiulor
Dolph mid tlio Itepiiblliau leolers oer tho
glint mciess iuiiirgou Tho follow lug i on
posed tl e dt Itgitlon 1 W Ihompson cluir
mini sniiiiu I liishlus Andietv askhis cii is
Dlggs I II Duties llobeit Johinon uud Jor
dan 1011111011
Ainti uu orrnt iioike
rilnieMilhil alem will bothe uttracllou
m Albaiigbsuext week wltlitllss Winston as
tho Prime Iho full strengt hof Iho lyceuai
1 1 era Company will boned locust tho opera
unit us It Is ouo ot stiutissii most baautlful
ocius Its poiulailty will no doubt tend toliil
the houses ns Dunn i lu mltu is now doing
nits foi Prime Mitliiisuhm will go on silo
lids irorning Admission Jl cents Ro eived
n Us Ml ei hi-
II mills 111 lot TIIEtTIII
Miss C in a V uu Tassel a night uud charm
ing Run soubitttt and uu e xiellent drimitle
louuuiiy will hiulii ii wtek engagement ut
the III lou on xitmilivtirtcinooii Ini lojiertolru
of pupiilai plljs Hn Moudii Tuesday uud
WmIiicmIiiv ii senile uud ttietniiilar piodilo
Hon ol iho Hidden llund will lie presented
Among the principal suuis will bou view ot
the Hudi on Rivu by moonlight tlowot the
grent lirookltu bridge sliowiugturs passing
in nud tro ImiUs pit tig the riier unit tho
illy of lliookltn Illuminate I The stare
mountings will In tlaboruto lu eteiyibitull
iissuilng n pleolllL pie tlltiitlon Ou Tluirs
dn nnd 1ildiy liili Iho lor iiKen will
oieupj tho lioiiids Iaiiehon thu Cileltet
will hold forth on Sutiiiiluy MUs V un Tlssel
is n spilgbtly uud win iiimo llttlo in ties uf
imuked ubtllt uud always tapltvnto bur
Uiu mil today I to p
m W iishlngtun vs
llm Wentlior
Tor tho District ot Columbia Virgin i
Iisteiu leniiluiuli liilattnre and
tu fiosh southeistoily winds
ttuimii oeiusloiml Im il lalns
Tlierinomctor readings f a m v0i 3 p
m - 0 10 p m ii3 oo mean temperature
niO mailmdin M 0 m u num 71 0t mean
relative humidity 10 toll proolpltattou
0 Inches
1II 1
A Uiilol liny Passed lit Iho lliiuia
Mttlo Ilnproiollienf Nolleciililn In
Iho nistlliguMicct riiflents
ami ltcsplrallou High
YesUrdoy was n quiet but not ail encour
aging day ut Gen Sheridans house TIimi
were uo veij decided clnngcs but the m is
optimistic ijes could mo no liiiprovemeiif
lu tho dlslliiiiilshcd patients eonlltliii
Hie high iisplritlon conllnued and Its
cause congestion of lbc lungs prevento I
nun irom seeming much iiecdo l rest
Ilcictoroie there his uniformly been au Im
provement after au attack ot licilt failure
but jistirdaj Hie general seemed iltnMu b
At 1 3 jcsterdiy inorulng Drs Llm iln
and Pi ppcr came out of the house and left
Inimedfatidi for their home Shortl after
tlitlrdepnrtttic tho following bulletin w u
1 lie icu lion roiitlnue lo bo well nnt ilue l
Tlii ie Is iioclivntloii of tempi ratine pulsn
101 rcsplrilloiiill I ho mind Isinnie rloir
1 ood nnd remedies are well borne I he con
ectlonof the lungs inutilities ett re lull In
thciibseiieeol foier Indicate- m ilmcloi
incut oi extended tiithimuiutiou
Wm lrriin
N fe IIMIII xf
RonT M O Itunv
IIimiv C Vaiiiioiv
It tlien liceime known that tliioiigh tliu
night the general had been moro or less di
llilous he lould not recognize tho member
of Iris finillt or his phsiclitis and ho per
sistently refused to lake any mcdlcluoor
nourishment Abiiutliiclock ho Impnitcl
lonsldernlily nnd his mlnil beenmo perfect l
clear He took peptonized milk uu 1 then
medicines wcio glien btpoilcrmlcnlly Tim
general Miff icd llttlo or no pain and for a
time seemed to bo better although In loillly
Hie oiganle diseases had not tided n pir
1 he next bulletin was Issued at 1 oclock
en Sheridan Ins been rethu Iriuiiilllv
pmoiulng Ills pulso Is about tin Ids u
nndiu its lint turing Ills kln Is warm
ilcir i t be coughs but llttlo his mind I
R JL OllriMt
C II Ill live
II C Y union
thiiiughouttlieilat l remained cleir
si terul iiicilfiQ nint askcil bis brother
of I liursdny and mado twJ polllleal now
istlc comments on the lufoft three charae
reply Ion given In
At l 30 p in the following bu
Issued U wai
The afternoon hns been a quiet ouo with
aiy Inildent worthy of mention en sheri
die pulso Is ion Ids respiration 3V Ids leini
unt o normal Ills mind Is perfectly eloir
purlngiio day ho ha shown great intereit
Intbeeuiint news Roiieiit MOllrni1
ClIAItLlS U llniNt
Hcmiv C Vaiiuow
I his tin rollouo nt midnight hi nuotlier
bulletin which reads
en shiTldnns coughvi Increased somn
tt lint sliito tho Inst reiHirtNjd tlds Ins mile
him restksa and iiertous rnnuNe Is latlur
illliker but of good strength nn hlsrespiri
Hon Is riitlier more firquciit witin tlio list
twuliours He takes Ids uourlshnit with
regularity uud telllics It
r r viiiiMT
It C Yaiuiow
llei Plijslcluns Consiilei llor Cunills
lion Critical
i rsn Ohio June s Mrs John snui
d n u other of dell 1 II herldan who In
him 111 foi some time hud another
yi sterd ly nfli llionn and Is In n critical con li
tlnii iheiloitors fi ai slio cannot lite Ilto
ui Inns Illness i f her sun 1hll lias neter jot
bun made known to her forfoar of serious ru
suits onstniit tominuiikatlon both b tcio
griipbund telephone Is kept up Willi Gou
house lu Washington
Mslts Our Nations nnltutio cu
Picslilciit 5L
IrliKO Roland lloiniirle n grandson ol
Iucieu RotiatMite wlio was a bioli i f
Nnixileon I empeioi of lrancu niritol In
tho tllj on ll late tialn last night uud took a
suite of threo roomsnnd larlorut the Ailing
ton vtlilcb Inn been intluiiol icseivol for
him He was ueiomiiaiiled liy M Roger du
lleauton Ids prltute ctretar M l irl
Ids liliiiirliu nnd M Louis Meyer Intorptetoi
sloitly utter Ills nrrltai nud nlino i botom
Iho prince had tlmo to l emote tbedustof
trail I fi Hi n uiu an it porter rilltsl nt tli
Arlington uud was atoiuoneeotdod an Intel
view Tl o print o was tumid sunoundod liy
his paily lie Is u Hue looking well built
lntiuofao seals of uge nud ouMdo of 111
benri striking teseinblanto to tlx
futrotis llitlt iDipnril Ills niipeiiam
Itweitr wiiinoi thut i fa wan lor but i itluu
Unit of a dep indent which ho itullv Is
AIII ouch u illni 1 lie eudiint the piluiolus
in thoughts of lecstubllslilng tlio lulu ol
Human h In lTinte but Is uhsorlieit In bis
To the icpotter tlio prime stated tint hi
tislf to Amerleii was tor tlio uumo unf ut
teudhh iiliniobijlpiil Iongruss iiieb
lins lust cloud Its se lou 111 New Yoik i
He t xprissed himself as well please I wfth
Ha ii mi lis of Hie tongressnnd hlsiefoptlo i
their lie who three time eulle I up m I i
prt side over Its deliberations md Just h foru
its t lo eiuadelt u present of his works on tlii
subjiits Hi nppiiiiunieof a elon ofioyilti
nirong Iho leiiie i lltiitlies there was hallo I
Willi delight by tbo hulled dot tors In at
tend into Miyoi Hewitt nude setci il ills
upon tho prime uml took him for n diltoht
Ciiitril Park The culls wiroretiirnel ai I
Ihiiilneo vvascntlnisliMleiivei lil tieitmnit
b tuo m lyor und otliers
As to Ids tl lt to VViislilngtoii tho ni In o
stnttdlliit It had no slgiillitiineo lloliig 1 1
the t iiinli v li i ilit that he could not think m
lent lug without tailing upon tho Chief M wi
ll lie shlili lie will do in day lu respmo
to thcrtpoiti l V liniulri us to tho condition ut
lollilts In 1 1 nut o uud of Jen lloulaugeis
Intrigues Iho prime sluugd his sloiildir
aril mid tiul he look uo luteieit In pollth s
uud enrid imt hint they wcio gong Thu
lurty villi riin iiu lu the city three or four diy
in d then litnru to Pail- At the close of tlm
Intert lew tin prince shook the reporter ho ir
lly by Iho hunil tb inked him for hi call u 1 1
piouiistd to solid him one ot bis photographs
Niitloiml lTowti Itllsslou
TlieNiillonul llotver Mission will be ol
seitidtoduv thioughout tho cotintr Tlio
Indies of tho Washington branch will tlslt thu
Jail hospitals and other public Instltutloi
and itUiilliiiti dowels among the Inmate- It
will be nu oeiaslou thut till itluddoi thu
benrtsof ninny unfoi tuuntvs and the rei olhi
t Ions of lhodi tt 111 niw iys be br lit
AiTouxtv itxeiiAcliAncASD Is steadily lm
prin lug
Hun A II Du Msox of New loMoy Is if
IxMavou Jaes I UiumKT has fully u
loteied hlsheullh
IX lAM Ioiuiissioxtn Oekiuivi lAt V
W il i iamon Is at the Arlington
Mns R A HtiSEs las gono lo New Vnic
for a few dajs on u business trip
W J IVniTrtiuiiNi of Toimosco a brotlioi
ot lie roseutitthe Whltthuruo U a rcoont u
rival at thoUbbltt
Hox J 11 llmi Kit and Capt L H Muiroul
of New Jersey wen among tho kite unit its
tit Wllluids lust night
si Nnon Inuu is has gone tu stoulnjliit
Conn w heio his family now is He will to
Hun to morrow eicnlcg
Jons A l iiiTTkNuEv brother of nxilo
illtenden nt Slissoiirl dlol ut Plankton
Kylisteiiluyot lurjuiltls
J as R Hoi li u leullng Republic in ofi
Greunsbotv N Cuuil Pliny Ilsk ot tlio firm
of llsk Morgan A Co New Yolk nro at tlu
R I ion s fMi the lie ivlost minuMiry
l it tl wlio Iinduited it wholesale t of o ostiS
ilsliuieut at llalllmore dusl yostei lay Ut
weighed lWisiuuds

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