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- jVgT'icnltuval.
Peactical Wine Makwo. If you
lam rnnMi wina to make, it i best to
' " .
use lare casks, as it foments better in from water nas ai lengu, ou u..
laiwr bodies ; but if you have ouly a ! England : . .
feV hundred gallons to make. good. I The e m-nts are water e ron
clean whisky barrels will do. and -pint. The water is conwrted into
Pick your grapes when perfectly ripe, steam, which is paseed through a super
only in dry weather, and when the dew' heater, and then through a set of re
- . i , ,, will i trt -niititininr coke and iron, toe
greeu uernes.
it :.t. vl.ttA vino nl
ronr Concord grapes, in quantities of a Bteim, produces 132,000 cubic feet ol
barrel or so. run your gratia through a gas. and to effect this 2 tons of coke are
common hand cider mill, and press ' used in the furnace. The gas thus pro
imuiediately, until the mnt begins to j duoed is passed tfarongn condenser
color then remove the h If pressed and a washer similar to a Coffey a still,
erupt- and put them into an open I and afterwards through a purifier con
bar't i and so continue mashing and ! taining oxide of iron. From the pnnner
pressing until your cask is full of must. ! it is conducted to the satuator, where
IH.a ll.llf rrucauil (fmnM i it mh in the 1 it passes through rectified petroleum
m Jn barrel should be covered with, a
Kket anl left standing from 2 to 48
hours to ferment, according to the state l.w.uuu leei becomes ioj.vw ieeS
of the weather, then they should be cost of which is stated to be forty cents
thoroughly pressed and pnt into a sepa-j per thousand cubic feet. In carrying
rate cask to make into red wine. ! ont the manufacture of water gas at
If large quantities are made into w'jite , Chichester, the gas-works have been
wine, tha grapes maybe put undjr a ' only partially altered, so that the manu
atrong press, without mashing, and I fncture of coal gas is still carried on;
pressed. Many bltwk grapes will muke j the public, in fact, being supplied with
white wine if made in this manner. a mixture of the two gases. This, it
It would lie better to put some of the ; would apjiear, is the most economical
seed or racked stems into the must ; method of applying the water gas, inas
v.hen fermenting, to give the wine more much as the coke from the coal gas can
tannin, which will make it clear better. 1 be utilized, and the latter gas cau In?
If red wine is to be made, run the grapes ; made from cheap coal, as the former is
llirrtunli Ihit mill nn.l nut them into foaud to be a very rich gas. Hence
tl i i. i ).. ...ii
wi.ru uhtr'is ur uukmii-ku?, auu ir iucui
m .11 . i i .
Lg. Fill vour casks nearly full and
leiihem run over, whi.h will cast off
much unnecessary mue.laginous matter,
but when this first violent lermentatiou
is over, let the balance of the sediment
settle in the barrel and not work over,
I'nt the bnn in loosely, while it is thus
working. As soon as it is done, which
you can readily ascertain by placing
vn,.r er tn th Imnehole. then drive
'the bung tight, and let it remain until
..i ...n.,.. ... .1..., ,t
it nir '
To i roducc a m rfect fermentation.
the temperature cf the room should be
lommnhn nl tl,. mit
in the cask hile it is working, but alter
it is done it should be put into a good
cellar and kept there. The casks should
i. f..ll on.l fi. !,.,. oir lirrl.t It
should have a secr.nd racking inMarcb,
and it should then lie clear, if everything
... n.u..i. l.m it si.nnhl n..t !e
Imttled until the wxt fall; then it will
be ready to sell.
Hit th "ir tr!.tn..l,t, it i- daime.1
ii.ot" it l. t-.u.i .l..ar n.l ru rf.nt in
a few months, and St for bottling. This
.....i-1 il,.. lmt ira Un i.nt a.n
it tried, and it has not come into rrentral
use, however good it may lie.
As some may wish to make uufer -
tut nted wine, a few directions may not
be out of place. Press your grapes and
let the must stand alxiut six hours to
si-tile some, tliendruvr ot the clearest
and put into a boiler ; boat to the boil-
iug point, and skim it. Then put it
into wine bottles, not as you put up ; rinds that the eggs are laid in the gal-; fpet "lVuK " l""cu,"u? rf1
fruit sn.l hp i.l uir tinht vhilrt h.r an.I 1 bripa tit tl.A Ii.vm an. 1 l.,tw..l in Ken. i with high shoulder seasis. donble-
L...... it i.. . , II ,r 'I',, twn l,..ttU
from breaking, place a wet cloth several
folds thirk on the table, and set the
bottles on it while lilliug them with hot
Potatoes. The Early Goodrich
rieiis quitfi early, and yields largely,
but it is so variable in qnal'tr, being
sometimes dry and mea'y, and at cthtr
times again so watery and touph, that
but few people in our parts now raise it.
The Harrison is eveii more watery and
tough ; bo that the Early Goodrich and
the tileasou are for the same reason but
little better than the Harrison, while
the Garnet Chili, a red-skinned aud
white fleshed potato, yields well, and
has a solid aud good deal drier flesh
than the Early Goodrich, Harrison or
Cileasnn but is after all oi lvathir.l rate
oieasn, ijuii8aueraiioi.iyatnirarate,
or at best onlv a second
. .r" .lu :u
point of quality. The Early Goodrich,
Harrison aud Gleason are white or
whitish skinned and vellow"h white
fleshed jiotatoen.
Tha i.nckT nf ni.i.. id . ,n.i,
white-skinned" and white ti'eshed potato.
of a better quality than theOaruet Chili,
but a poor yielder, and like the Uarnet, ;
often so worm-eaten and disfigured in
its skin and hesh, when dug np in the
fall as to greatly injure marketing.
mten S U u lZ nd
mealy potato, that is nearly equal m !
ouahty to our famous old Mercer. In j
tact, it has taken iUpUce, and now, as!
for years paa. commands the very
highest price in our cty market.
Stckk iv J4PAV-In place of iron
6hthe horses are od
suoes, tiie iiorees are snou wan straw
ones,whicli scarcely last longer than
day and are then thrown away to be j
repiaceu oy iresu ones. nerds and
flocks are not common in Jupan. This
is readily accounted for by the fact that
the people live chiefly upon fish and
vegetables, and their garments
either cotton or silk. In addit.on to
cats and dogs the only domestic am-
mala possessed by the Japanese are
norses ana norned cattle, ine Jiorses
jrsesana norned came, ine Jiorses
ere originally brought from the Corea,
if China ; they are docile but timid,
...1 : . . i e i mi
laceofrraiu; their hoofs wear away
o rapidly that the best horses are us
?89 after their sixth year. In o Z
vhole number of hordes in the empire
amounted to 350,000, and the number
of oxen was reckoned at 600,000 head.
The latter are indispensable to the cul-
tivation of rice, and are frequently used
as pack oxen. Cow's milk is shunned
as "white blood, and the Japanese are
consequently unacquainted with butter ;
or cheese. Asses are rare, and eoats
and pigs are only fonn.1 in the seaports
Irequented by Europeans.
indigestion n A Horse hen the
grain fed to a horse passes from him :
undigt-sted and he in ronseqnence be- j
comes thiu and hide-bound and rough '
and staring-coated, it would be ad vis- i
able to give him a change of food.
Carrots or boiled potatoes, fed nearly
cold, with a handful of salt fnrinkled
on them, scalded wheat-I ran, scalded
witu a liandtul ol linseed meal
added, and ont hay or oat straw might
' useiuiiy given, in audition, a tea-
ipoonfiil of finely powdered copptras.
ami unotlier. heaped, of pronnd tri
may be given daily in the feed. 1
iMPonTAxrE of AVaum Uennf.eies.
It is well known that the fattening pro
cess goes on much faster iu September
aad October than in the winter months.
Tlie reason is that the oil given in the
corn, ttc., is more largely used in cold
weather to keep the animal warm,
being "burned" up in Ihe circulation.
From this we can see the importance
of warm henneries, prolonging the au
tumn weather into the coider months,
ap to the time when the pi ices for fat
poultry are the highest.
The guinea pig is extensively used in
Peru as an article of food, not merely
by tho higher classes as a delicaev. lmt
mainly by the poor, from its cheapness
nuu auuuuaiice. it is an entirely uerbi
bivorous animal, and a clean fetder,
being there chiefly maintained on green
lucerne or trefoil, but it would, doubt
less, thrive equally well on cabbage or
lettuce leaves, and most sorts of green
garden stuff; in bhort, on the same food
as the rabbit, to which ii has many
points of similarity."
The oft told story of the infant whose
mother bared her bosom to recall him
from the edge of " precipice, is first
found in Leon i das of Alexandria, nho
flourished in the time of Nero.
Water Oa. The problem of devising
a -) t method for Drodncinff hydrogen
I . , 1 " l.l J
., . .i .ii ,.flr ln tl.
nice mil III
"T" . . .
! spirit, which increases the bulk of the
X about t nty-five per cent, so that
AnmixiniM will nrnhat.lv find the
r- - j I J .1
water cas process nsefnl as a supple-
,.nnt.nn hili. nJ when-
ever coal is dear, for it is not intended
that it shall supersede the ordinary
manufacture. At any rate present ex -
perience at Chichester goes to place this
beyond a doubt, for thero a briUiant
and combined gaa is produced, having
an illuminating power of 18.50 candles,
The city and environs of C hichester
have for some six or seven weeks past
been lighted by a mixture of the two
: gases in proportions varying from one-
I l,ir.J tn twn.ff.ir.1a the nresent nronor-
tions beinir enual parts. The stability
of the gas has been proved by keeping
it for six months, at the end of which
tint it is stated no Bonuration or con-
densation had taken place. Its travel-
. ing capacity is shown by the tact that
it has been delivered by itself, and is
now dehveretl in eorbination with coal
! gas to lights two and a half miles from
the works, and burns freely.
Larwe. Sir John Lubbock states'?1; During winter tuev must have
: that the form of the larvie of insects : "Rit : they will do well lu a window
.inen.U irerr mnh nn their miklfl of where neither frost nor much heat can
i ;f.. Tk..i ain ihnu liumt wl. ii-h
are internal' parasites, whether in plants
: nr in .nimnU lurmUnrm tl.
same is the case with those which live
. in cells, and depend on their parents
! for food. On the other hand, larva;
; which burrow in wood have strong jaws
and generally somewhat weak thoracic
legs more developed, but less so thau
tho carnivorous species.
; lu the case of the sitans, which is a
. parasite on the nnthophora, M. Fabre
ta.ni. )tr.lK.r tl.o l-i-t-.
remaining t tit a without food until
April fol owiug; they then throw off
j their lethargy, but instead of devouring
the honey, as he expected, they turn
away from it and are unable to deal
wiD.it inUv.i;n.i. mnw. ,.fni
I examination of the matter, he discovered
that the males of the onthophora sllit revers. pipings, and cords, and bnt
emerge before the females, and as tbey i tocs ot "t1 or I"earI colored to match
pass through the galleries the atari's cloJh "aetly, or else with buttons
hiiT.-B fasten upon them. From the of Mdized silver lieantifully carved,
male the larvie passes to the female lee i The rouKh but tyhsh yak braid is used
when the opportunity offers, and as the tor tnm"""B also; sometimes there is
latter lays her egg aud fastens it up in wof inoh-wide braid, with two uar
a cell with honey, the sitaris larvie at- ; rower olle" 'ove, and in other cases
j taches itself to the egg, which floats on 1 the jacket is almost covered with an ln
1 the surface of the honey. Almost at tncate design done in fine yak soutache,
once the larvas commences to devour ! Pa.rk blue. bla-k, and irou gray cloth
. r . l-i . v . 1 usilrd a o ak ft Vi-kSkn amli-vtianw fittinf tlian ilia
! 1,16 efe'KraI1 on WU1CU It is resting. Un
c w . ,
nn.irnva it. ..,i.... ;
the empty shell, and, makiug its an-1
t pearance in a very different form, feeds
ontlia honey, this cnnsnme.1 nther
transiormaiions tae place, and tne
Irfect sitaris finally emerges in August :
j 'r''"irr mXagazmr
! Absobption of Watkb bt Dipferent
Soils. We do not think that the power
of so. In to absorb and hold themo.sture
"tP7W -
ciated. Many have the impression that
unless the water is actually falling in
drops, that the soil is receiving no
benefit from the moisture. This is in -
correct, for at all time, when the sun is
i i"?gi - T hen lu
air Of course, some soils will not only
absorb it mucL fajit bt aIso hola
mnch more than oth ' guJ it wm al-!
i, fnnn.l that the atmnrl.;nrnnirr
, . , - . , ;. " r- --
.un .o lUe pover oi utuuiug , wm
icuu cubireijr uu utv auiouufc oi yegeta-
bie matter in tne soil. Une thousand
pounds of common farm surface soil
; wm if weU dried and elposed to the
air for .., bonr8 jHrinVthe nioht
; absorb
, t o
irom twenty to twenty-hve
pounds of water- even snmn nf nr'
j Z indy ejuw '
. Vo-i some of the riehaty i
: soils will absorb
three or four
I this amount
j ""ioutds of wat withnL'nv
I rnt T' Wlthl't ',y
"nZf.l 7 .nh t 87 f01'8 i
I tT" a " T VeBtJ PUDj8 m !
! !
" j
The Change of CtniATES. Old peo-
: Pe complain that the seasons are either i
! WMmer. or colder, or more rainy than j
WDen laeJ were young. Ihcir com-
ments are often ridiculed, because most !
persons peiieve that no very marked I
changes have occurred, or ever will i
place, in a country where stability :
i oi nature seems to oe a settled tact
that is. it snows in Winter
April, and trees have leaves in Spring,
Bat atmospheric alteration is certainly
going on from ae to age, more strongly
evident in some parts of a country than
Mina in
in others.
Here are illustrations: Two thou
sand years ago the climate of Italy was
far colder than now. The Loire and
Rhone, in ancient Gaul, used to freeze
over annually. Juvenal says the Tiber
frri7.A fln firmlv in K.a Aa-wr iU l..l
to be out to get at the water. Horace
in the streets of Rome, and Ovid asserts
the Black Sea freezes over every year.
Br the use of thin leaves of steel in
the construction of artificial magnets,
M. Janiin has so increased the carrying
power of these magnets as to construct
one weighing about four and a half
pounds, which could carry a weight of
ninety-nine pounds. The great advan
tage to be expected from this discovery
is the reduction in the weight of the
magneto-electric machines of all kinds,
and especially of those emploved in the
production of light
The Elastic Eoo. Take good
soun 1 egg and soak it in strong vinegar
for twelve hours ; it will then become
soft and elastic ; now introduce it into
a bottle and fill up with lime water.
The egg will become quite hard, and
create some astonishment as to how it
got in.
Such is the marvelous ductility of
gold that a single ounce of the pare
metal may be drawn out into a wire
thirty three miles in length.
Tiie Neapolitan papers state that,
from observations tat en on Mount
Vesuvius, new earthquakes are expected.
Scientific American.
DomeNtic. - -
Flowers fob Wistkb. It is only
when plants are healthy and prolific "of
perfect flowers, continually renewing,
that they can fully satisfy the eye of
the weary invalid or the storm-staid
child. Plants already exhausted by
summer blooming can not renew good
bloom without many weeks of rest, and
! a growth of new shoots from near the
roots of. the main Kleins, vsmy new auu
! enoueh to swell either leaves of flowers
! f 1. t,,ll lioanf.
and only healthy roots can collect sup-
plies, and only healthy clean leaves can
digest them lor use.
Roses (teas and dailies) may be pre
pared in Augnst by cutting them back
to well placed uuas or snoots low uown.
This, of course, arrests all further sum
mer bloom, or if it does not entirely,
the bloom should be nipped off as soon
as they begin to appear. As soon as new
growth sets in, stimulate with top dress
ing, or with a weekly use of dilnted
j the bloom should be nipped
- they to-Jgg U
liquid manure. If any shoot threatens
to extend irregularly, its tips should be
nipped when it has reached - a point
where a bifurcation will be well placed.
Blossom buds will show on the tips be
fore winter. .
- Heliotropes must be prepared sin
ilarly by close pruning. The pots of
these, as well as roses, are best plunged
in the soil in a sunny place, so that the
leaves may have full light and the
shoots be well matured. But the helio
trope must be taken in, in September,
' uiore luej ii me kwu wutu ui nuoi,
11. 1 t -. 1 , 1 .
and the roses before it can pinch them
at ail severely.
been kept rather dry should be repotted
j early ,n September It m bestto hom
; all the old earth from -the roots ami
! shorten them pretty dose, as well as the
tops, planting them again firmly in
fresh good earth before the roots can
dry any. Keep shaded and not too wet
i for a week or so ; and as soon as growtii
; apira. water aud feed well. This will
j soon result in handsome and thrifty
plants, which will bloom by Christmas,
' and continue ior months.
! To secure copious bloom of bedding
j geraniums next summer it is essential
, to have fresh young plants, and to that
enu cuttings suouiu oe -se now, nu
i mediately. They will root easily, if
covered with a paue or two of shaded
glasa, to retain moist air aud obstruct
. excess oi neat. Alter roois uavo lonneu.
; as indicated by the appear Ance of young
' leaves, the cutting must be potted, and
i then returned lor a week to loeir siiel
' reach, them, and they will begin
, Woom in April or May. and continue all
. summer in surpassing beauty, if well
j watered and fed. Country Orntlmmn.
Enolhi? Walkino .Iaket. The
! English, walking jacket again appe.ii9
1 in this country, according to a fashion
. journal. It is made of warm, rough
cloth, nearly half an inch thick, yet as
, ' soft as camel's-hair.and ' known as
, camel's-hair cloth. It retains its jaunty
1 breasted front, coat collar, aud three
back 8eams far aPart at the Wlll8t. w.ltu
hippew below the waist, but no position
plts. Coat sleeves and pockets with
aV complete ion mm, iiuy, auu
thal masculine-looking jacket. It is
niade of olive, slate, blue ana myrtle
B" cloths, trimmed with velr. t or
i J ,"7
ordinary EnMish saenne. and mnch
loncrer : some are loneer in front than
bfburtl, and have an extra basque
: Peaed on the back, like a riding-habit
i waist Bine gros grain bands with a
lighter blue cording on the upper edge
trim blue cloth jackets -prettily ; the
buttons axe theu blue steel or else oxi
dized silver. When single-breasted
i jackets are shown, they are usually
.l ; i n i :n
-r r-u.-i.i i
are hown ia preciselT the same shapes
- BJ colors just noted. Soft beaver
ciotll Jacket, are bordered with beaver
r Kkfn f u7 ad I have s 1 ur bo.
1 "Jtn front otlaTO tt. oSSJrSS
Xealkln o7 rer fun Small
Unffs of cloth are trimmed with fur to
! '
, T SCCE.Take "forty noimds
r.f ,7
r'u-T-Ti "A !!
iiio nn auu ; uiHi siiaeeze mrougu a
ae-isiev, tllt will reUin the seeds and
Boil for an hour in order to tret
rid of some of the watery portion, and
then add half s gallon of best brown
vinegar, one and a half pounds salt.two
ounces cloves, three ounces allspice,
two onnees cayenne pepper, three
,rr fW".
n .oMl
sufficient time ; two hours will usually
suffice, but the sauce will not be boiled
lLick' and f" the Water7 -PPearanci
na" Kn- without straining in
perfeot,y "' "nJ tben
T whe ". The garlic must
pee'tid. bruised, and tied up in a bag;
all the spice must be ground ; the quan-
tities may be increased or diminished
according to taste. We have kept
sauce made from this receipt three
years. enreu nr lorker
Fashion", Hats. Oood styles for the
Pn"'l narrow-bnrfimed.
lloTd crowned hats of black silk
beaver, wit'i only a band of velvet or
gros grain lor trimming, a id a bow sur
mounted by a dark willow feather and a
steel or jet ornament The bonnet of
the season, is called the "Sylvia." It
is half hat, half bonnet, the low brim
descending to the ears, but opening np
in front to admit of a trimming of lace
or flowers, which forms a becoming
irame to a lair lace, xt is a U'gnilied,
protective, yet picturesque and very be
coming 6tyle, and a welcome change
from the bold, brassy shapes which have
been lately stuck on the back of the
nead in a way which made their wearers
look like courtesans escaped from a
lunatic asylum.
Cocoa Snicp. Two oza. licorice rout,
pound raisins, 2 tablespoonfnls flax
seed (ground), and liverwort, the more
the better ; boil in two gallons rain or
river water, until the strength is ont ;
then strain and boil down to a quart ;
now add i pound white sugar, when the
sugar is dissolved take off, and when
cool add i pint good cider vinegar.
The licorice root should be split np
finely, and the raisins divided.
This makes a syrup very pleasant to
take, having no disagreeable taste about
it It will cure coughs, colds, soreness
of the lungs, croup, and is said to care
consamption in its first stages.
To Remove Warts from the Hands.
"Simply allow a second person to
wet the ringer on the end of the tongue,
rub the wart two or three times, taking
the finger off with a jerk, and tctVt the
wart off at the same time. There must
be a trill about it"
It is a curious fact that cats cannot
survive when kept about a lead pipe
manufactory. The experiment has
been tried frequently at one of the
largest manufactories in New York, and
in every instance the cat has gradually
lost flesh, and died within three months.
Jersey woman of our acquaintance had
an i Jea that talking very load and mono
syllabically converted broken English
into; exoeilent French; with the true
Parisian accent Never shall we forget
the scene it was some fifty years ago,
but is even now as vivid as though it
had happened yesterday. A Trenton
lady who had engaged French lady as
governess, all the way from Paris, asked
our venerable grandmother, to receive
her on her arrival, and until she came
to escort her to Trenton.
The steamer arrived, and the Parisian
mademoiselle was put down at our
grandmother's gate in Hoboken, which
then contained about one hundred
houses. On her arrival she handed in
the letter of introduction, and . was
immediately shown into my grand
mother's sitting-room, the servant hay
ing been told that she expected 'an
outlandish lady, who was expected that
day from Europe.' ,
I was sitting iu my grandmother's
pickling-room for forty years ago every
old homestead had a pickling and preserve-room
when the servant came in
aud handed to my ancient relative the
letter of introduction. The old lady
"Where is the polly voo lady ?" '.
"In the parlor."
"I will soon come down ; let her wait !'
After reading the letter, my grand
mother rose majestically, just as you
can fancy the Queen of Sheba, and
descended to the parlor floor. In an
other moment she returned, leading
with her a very nice-looking lady of
When they bad entered the room, my
grandmother, pointing to a chair, bid
her foreign guest emphatically to it,
and said, in a distinct tone of voice:
The fair foreigner did as she was bid,
and took a seat, a fact that convinced
my grandmother that she perfectly well
understood New Jersey French.
It being about tea-time, and the kettle
boiling on the old-fashioned hob, our
venerable relative said :
" Take- eujy- tea- do-yon- Sftotl- yoitnyl
Frenchwoman, uttering every syllable
with- a metallic distinctness.
The pnkzled. parley roua shrugged
her shoulders, and looked piteonsly at
"The woman's half a fool, like all
foreigners," said grandmother, in a totto
voce; "I talked to her as plain as I
could speak."
At List a bright thought struck her.
She resolved, as Hamlet advised, to
suit the action to the word, aud seizing
the kettle, which hissed and foamed
from the spont, advanced to the alarmed
Mam' telle Parley You, and shook it
in hej face, shouting out :
'Po you good, young French woman!'
The unhappy and periled creature
rote from her scat, and, retreating in
fiiKl.t, cried:
"Pitie uiol, viadamc .'"
It was a rich scene thero was the
evidently terrified demoiselle retreating
round the room, while my grandmother
pursued her with the kettle, which she,
to be more emphatic and intelligible,
kept shaking under her cose, the steam
gushing in jets into her eyes, and nearly
blinding her. . . . . . .
Three times did she pursue her vic
tim, uttering her disjointed gibberish
in a loader, and louder shriek, when
the door Aetied, aud our Trenton friend
entered. My grandmother restored the
kettle to its simmering sMt, and wel
comed her old companion. After a few
words of French betweeuMias Parley
Vous and her employer, the latter
amazed my grandmother by telling her
that she had nearly frightened her
French governess to death, and that
the poor creature implored my grand
mother to inform her why she was
going "to knock her brains out with
the teakettle." My Hoboken relative
never could make out why people are
such fools as not to talk English when
it is so easy. It, however, shook her
faith in the teakettle, as a pantocaine
medium for conveying the French lan
guage. : A Sheep Amoko the Beabs. "Fluc
tuate ?" said a rural practitioner with
the long bow, to the crowd of village
lonngers who gathered round him in
the Post-Office to hear the story of what
he saw in Wall-st, on one of the panicky
days during the war "fluctuate ? You
just bet she fluctuated. Why I jist
went down Wall-st holdin up this ere
gold five dollar piece between my thumb
and finger so and you could fairly
see gold fluctuate every step I took.
She went up and down, aud vibrated
and swung around and there wa'nt
no thin certain about the market till I
put the money in my pocket and left
the street Fact is there ain't no gold
in the eonutry, and it don't take more'n
five dollars to upset everything."
Mks. A.vthowt's Hejj. When. I Wis
a boy of 16, aud lived at home, one of
our hens, previously very proper and
well-behaved, left off her modest lays,
and grew to look exactly like a rooster ;
she found voice, and "crowed a shrill
clarion," aud, in short and ia fact,
became a rooster in every sense of the
term. 1 have never speculated much as
to what occasioned the change, and
whether it was a progressive or a retro
grade movement I do not undertake to
determine : but an acidulated old bach
elor in this neighborhood, who thinks
that the women have "rights enough
already, dares' to maintain that it is a
species of transition worthy the lmita
tion of the Agitators.
It does us good to see these little
traits of love and affection between man
and wife. An Ohio woman remarked
to her husband, "If vou don't like this
dinner you'd better go out and hang
yonrieii. And that ontifui husband
went right out and shuffled off his mor
tal coil with a piece of rope ; from which
it is safe to infer that he did not like
that dinner. .
Herb is something that will interest
everybody. We are told that the light
produced by lightning bugs is due to
the secretion of phosphorous in the
form of a substance termed nootelucine.
This will surprise those old foggies who
always maintained that the bug carried
a lantern on his back. " However, we
learn something most every day. '
The editor of one of our religions
papers says he has made np his mind
not to accent anv more artiolmi fmm
people who spell Bible with three b's.
ihis may be all ntht and although
three b's don't hurt the Bible to. any
great extent yet it is well enoneb to
teach correspondents economy in using
the alphabet.
The young lady in Brooklyn who
sings, "Don't be angry with me darling,'
needn't be a bit afraid. - We won't be
a bit angry with her. It's her voice
that we dislike so. Were she to become
dumb or we to get deaf, our love would
become a great deal stronger.
A Grateiti. Spirit. (Time Saturday
afternoon) Jail-bird "Oh, you're ail
hard-working men a-waiting Vi be paid,
are yer T You do look so Vppy ! They
talk a deal about honesty, but thank
goodness, I've always been able to do
without it !"
A new dish is grapevine leaves fried
in egg batter ; it is called a French
dish. An exchange remarks: "We
can't think of anything that would be
more delicious than fried grape leaves,
unless it is a circus poster on toast"
The Louisville Courier Journal rrvh
that unrequited love is the toothache
of the soul. Yes, and the only way to
stop it is to use some gold filling.
Westfield, X.
Y.. has a . new iron
Whiskey asd the Weed. Intelligent
physiologists and pathologists admit
that all so-called medicines containing
alcohol whether they emanate from
the regular pharmacopoeia and are
called tincture, or from the Empirical
Ram Mills, and are labelled "Tonics"
are essentially dangerous aud destruc
tive. The only way in which drunken
ness can be arrested is by restoring the
integrity of the nerves ( especially the
nerves of taste and the great sympa
thetic nerve;, and purifying the animal
fluids ; and these objects are more cer
tainly and swiftly accomplished by the
use of Da. Waleeb's; Ylskoar Bitters
than by any other means. Hence, pro
bablythe opinions now so generally
expressed, that this pure preparation
is a sovereign remedy for the evils re
ferred to. Should it "be clearly ascer
tained that Vixeoar Bitters is not only
a specific for indigestion, liver disease,
nervousness, scrofulous ulcers, and
eruptions, and a hoBt of other disor
ders, but' also for inebriety, thousands
will rise nn and call the discoverer
blessed. " 10
Tsp Worm I" Tape Worm I
Rrmorrd In a fr hour with hsrmlraa VftteUble
Medicinal Nu foe sakr I nntll the entire worm, with
had.liaiiam. Bcfer tana alHu-tol to rxudenui of
PbllAuelpDUi whom 1 have cured, that hail been nn
ncreaatuUT treated at the JelTcrnaa Medl.-1 OoUeRC,
on Tenth aire ; had taAeu hi vain turpentine, the
eocallrd apeclflc, and alt knuwn retuediea. Pr. E.
F. knnkel, o. Sorth Ninth atrcet, PhUadr phiA.
The iKMnor ha been In btiMinea l'r over twciily-hve
Tear, and perfectly reliable. Call and are. Advice
iree. Hemoved tape worm front s child ait ;en
old measuring 3 feet. At hi office can be aeea pe
riineu. mim uf them over 44 feet ia length, which
have been remoTed in I than three boon, by takiuK
oueduae of hi medicine. Ir. Kunkel'a treatment
alrnple. aafe aud perfectly reliable, and no fee
until tne w.rm, wun head, paaeee. Ur. K, F. S unkel.
a North Ninth afreet, PhUtd' Ipfua, Fa. roneutla
Llin br nratl, .nrat uthce free.
To CoiiampuTn.
The adverttee, tUYTtna; been permanently cured of
hat dread dlaaaaa, CtteufUJttoa. by a auuple remedy
at enuoua to make known to hia fellow eulterare the
mean cure. To ail who deaire rt, be wih eend a
cop) .if the preacripuon uaed, (free of char.'e), wilh
the direction tor vreuaru and omii the aame ,
which 117 will rind a avart Ortau tor oovarwa-nua,
AjrrHWA, BattNoairl. and all l iiftoar aud LzxQ uX.
AcuuMea. -
Partkw alaliUui Uie prearrtprlan will nleaae addnaa
oriMy . New KDWMaV WIUMMTl,
nw Perm Mraet, Wuiiametmnin. M. f .
la CUeutiral and 3aUial Scicatca.
FIRST AND OXT.T FOT.rTToV e-rer made fa
tM auxtnr of ALL TH H TW I.LV K aiuabl
sours pnncipia ul tne we., known euralir atrant.
Clf KQC AXLED la OmAl CM. Catarrh. Aatbaia.
BroochUis, aad CosuwuiDtjou.
A reeent enld In ttire tn t'x ho.irr rnl a!ao. hr It
Seal upua Utm ffenefai y tam, ia reoiarkaUy ttfaoa
oou in all
Inelsdiaf IVrotala and Kro.pU.ma of tn akia. Dya
papaia, lharaaeof the Urer aad kaiser. Heart ilar
asso, and lieneral lebilitr.
kablj valnanle daassry, which post
ASTH.HA, amel all Disaes of Hie
tat ass in sonaestiaw with the ELIXIR TAR.
autnbl nation of the TWO moat valuable ALTERA
TIVE Madieince knows ia lb ProfsaMoa. and lea
der thai Ful without exeapuwe, tne vary east erst
BoUtlea lad Componad EUir. J '' !T.Bo'
Tar sod atsfulrat fills, Mela psr as.
stagnated Inhalation, 5.00 per Packet-
Bead far Cbealsr of POIITITK CURES U
foor JJragfaM, or t
I. F. HYDE & CO..
JUS 8vmth Ave., Ne York.
Tht 1ntmmTt r eaperUHy l!!il fur tl.e
;erlect apnlication of
It i the o-ilr form of Inurnment Tot ii.rented
viih which tiuid meuicine ran bcrarried high vp
and ptrfftllf ntplitd to all part U too .fleeted n
al wt:n. and tlie chamber or ravitirs rem
lauiiicatm;; therewith, in which torn and Hirers
f rinenllr Tit, and front whirh the catarrhal di
rharse ernerallr proceed. The want of rnccrcs
in Irwin Catarrh heretofore r.a arisen largely
from the iHiiav.ttilit of applying remedies to
three ravitie an1 chamber, br any of the firdi
nary method'. TnU obstacle 'io the way of rf-f.-etin?
core is entirely overcome bribe iiivemirn
of the Dooehe. Ji.n.in?thit lDttnfment. the Fails'
II cameo ny iu emit weight, (no tmikne. lorcwg sr
puispint bring required. i tip one uurtnl in a full
gently dowii. atrvem to the piirhe-t portion of tl.e
l paace. paeaes into and ltiorvnrfrvc!ear.e.
e- all the tttlie and cham hers connected therewith.
and fax Oirtol the opposite nostril. Iiene If l'lean
ant, and so ffnule that 'Mid ran nndrrrtar.d
it. sun ana explicit aircetlons ac
company each instrument. 7heB sard with this
lntrnment.Dr. Sa?e" f'atarrU Itctneily core, re
cent attacks of "Cold In tlie Head " by
a tew application.
Hymptomsof Catarrh. Freqnent head
ache, diacharge falling Into tbroat. .om. timea pro
fiwe, watery, thick mncna, purulent, ..flVBf ire. Jte.
In otheraariryne. dry, water, weak or ir.flamcd
are, tonpin;np orohMractidn of naval paaaar,
riucrinf ia car', limfiiea, bawkine and conching
It cbir I'iriat, ulceration., scabs from nicer.,
troioj altere-l, nasal twan, offeneir breath. Im-pain-sl
or Dial denriration of renee of an-.ell ai.rf
ti-te, dixziaesa, mental depression. Io. of sppe.
i-mi own, eniargva lon.ll. IlCKIlDf ronea,
Ac. Only a few of thee srmptctEa are likely to
he present In any ease at one time.
Ur. Hare's Catarrh Re an e. It. whew
bvtI wilh Dr. Pierce's Nasal Dosrhe,
and octwiipanied with the ron.titntiunal treat-
metit whica is recommended In the pamphlet
that wrap each bottle of the Bemedy. i a per
fjet .peciBc tar this losthwime riies. and the
proprletfir offer. In good vitt. f.'.OO reward
for a ne he nn not core. The Rem.lr u mild
and pleasant l aee.rTmtaiii inr no trore;orcao$tie
nrun-ur i..-iie. i ne iiiirm Kemedr r oid at
50 rent linnrne at 00 cent., by all Drue.
lata, or either will be mailed br proprietor oo
receipt of 60 cents. R. V. PIEBCE. Id.
bole P letor. BUFFALOf. . ; n
Kit Cat muriates the mirmer of UHiur ' I lY?!
Fountain Xasal Injrclor, rt
SiO Breslau Lots.
'.' ' ;
V X6xVO jeet, or Sal in tkl
at f0 pr Zot,
2,000 Garden Plots
O IO Lot tack, at fOOjHr Ttot.
The City of Breslau
la located on the South Bid BaUroaJ
of Long Island, aad ia known to be th
moat enterprising place in tha State,
having three churches, schools, several
large manufactories, hotels, stores, etc,
etc, and population of several thou
sand inhabitant.
Every one Enows Breslau,
And those who dont, please call foi
particulars on TUOS. TSTXWOOD. 15
Willoughby Street, Brooklyn.
Title perfect and wasrantee deed
given free of incumbrance, street
opened and surveyed free of extra
charge. Apply to
15 Willoughby St., Brooklyn, L !.,
4 No. 7 Beekman St, Rooms 56,
New Tork City.
Or to
612 611 Chestnut St,
Ml ly Philadelphia, Pa.
Oeseral ku fur RTtjgELL CO.
Massillon Separators
lH.'i5 Market Sfie t.
a. a. neisiuo.u ' mm
la th onlr Known Ifrtm-tiy fr I.rihf Di
rftic antl ha tarwi CTry rp f Jialsftr 1c
which It Wb fiv-u. IrriTati'in i f tli- Ncr
ff the Blsuttltf and !nflammtiie cf tht Hi'lti,
rirfimTiiMi uf the Kiiiu4 and lidiirr iirten
tin f rrin. Ji-i uf th- I'nite (land,
Motif in the 1 Luliler. (iraTrl. Urkk l)ut l-postt,
nrt Mimiiii i r MHkT Irihaivr. t;J fr Ed
(t-lilrtl auti iit-lii t onitutnuf both xe.
altfinifd v. if b trie following vniptoin-: I-om
ot INiwtff. Lo- ir 3l-tm.ry, F)iHiiulty of Dreatb
hitr. Vfk Ntr. Wakefiilneta. Pain Id the
IiM k. Klupiunr of ib Hotly. Kruii.ua oa th Face,
i'l.iiMM i'tinlutDre, I-itui-of ttitST-trn, ric.
I fKtl bj e4rnuna Ih the dtx-.tne r change of
t!f: afif ronflarmeut vr Ubwr paiua, UtU-wH-tiiix
io cbiMmi. etc.
Iu many aflWtiona ppcnliar f Inilit. the El
trai t but ha i untiaak-d hjr any mhe?r irmrijf
Am in t'htoro-'tfi or KHention, lnvuiaritT, li
ra brsii or Sap pr-tiua of CmU'raju7 Evacaatiana,
I iTBtJ or iVhtrrua tate of the I'teniit, Leo
rorrhtea nr Whit, tril.ty, and for all com
plaint incident to lhs wi Jt i pnrtrrib?d
f xttntrHir by the snout eimn-tit rbrmciana and
Midwivra for enfrWrd and d4;ca!e constittt
riooa of both exe and all at
Cwrtt JiMasew Atiinq from Impnt'Unea.
12 hit cf lH4 itkm, U., in all their etagf-a, at
Uttlr esrMr. little or no chttngt in diet, no tn
conrraieuce, and noecpoore. It eauiva a frrv
Quent dewire, and (rtvt utrptiL'th to nrinate,
thereby remoTing ObtttrarTiiHia. iTerentinif and
Curing Strirtnrra nf tlie I rrthra, Allaying Pain
aud Inflammation, aofreqnent inlhiarlaM of die
eoace, audf xptUinall poiaoooaa nittr.
$1.00 pr bottle or mx fo4t.t for 5 00, delivered
to any addtea, itrrure from ulrvattoii. 9old by
drUifOataevervwh-Ts. lvpart-d by
KEAftNKY St t o. UH I uanrSt ,X. T.
to whom ail toiler for Uifonoauoii anoutd be
So Cfajga for Adrica aad GonMilUtioaX
frr.J. it. ItyotK -rAef1J'ffrT$em Mntical
CbUsQ. rhtladdphia, author of i-vera) Tainable
workrt.can be conaultrd an all diaeaaea of the
Sexual or Trinary Ikreaua, (which he haa made
an vperil at tidy), either ia male or fnialr. nu
nattvr fnna hai cauae orLnnarine. or of bow
lung atandine. A practice of ito yeara enahlra
him to treat diseases with suorre. rare gusr-
snterd. Charges MsooaUe. Those at a dis
tance ran forward letter describing syiuptmn,
aad enckuslsg stsmp to prepay postage.
Bend fur the (Vtnti to yeu.tA. l'r 11 cent.
J. a UVlTT. M. D., Physicisn snd borwa,
kX Duaae ttuKcw York.
TritErl. Ice.
HOOSB AND OiriCE lURxm-RB an kind
Th. I. . n ,. . - - . . . . k
i-, nnu.il
I . T " . mm-itw. mw. new ana
mecund hand in th (Mi.
. lKVVIH Sc IIRfl.. -ls.ly
109, 10H, I will and 10S BIIKih AVE . Phils.
siththsOreenTeanaeae. War
hntMl .n ... i, .il . . i-
sale Terywhere. And for sal
wholesale onlr by the Great t
lantle A Pacific lea Co., ll Fal
tna HI., snd 1 k 4 Cboreh at. N.
V. P it. Boittut. bend for Thea
xiectarcircniar. t-ni
. ! (BUT HUT irurt
AQ tTle. Sll.vr jr.unteoT au,T V.lsut, new aid
Mcond hand. Securely i.-ked for atupi'ing
CoriTfJtS. BA111. SHKI.VIXO kStmuV a-re
ee t n r
Art ve rt iiiAie ntH.
Can. Dytprptie Consumption be Cured f
H'e answer, YES!
rirtC Remova all the aahealih mucous
ih.t ealher. atwul Ike alU of loo atoMach
' from indigeatioB.
I Heeoad. Produco aa actiTe eoolifioB of
Uvor aad KiJaeys withoul Jepltng tho
Third Supply or aid aaturo ia furniahiag
the draia of mim of tho eompoocBl pari
thai ccaposo healthy fluida.
Wo, from thousaada who h been eured.
aasert that a curt caa U performed oa this
Apart rrom our Office Practice.
Remove the fungus mailer from the sto-sach,
aad restore it to a healthy conditio.
AeU ob tho Liver, heal" the Stomach, and
asta on lis Kidneys and Nervous Syeiea. I
For further advice, eall or writs j
OR. L.Q.C. W188ABT,;
2S2 A'vrtA Seroni Street. i
It is koowa to all readers that siaes Da.
L. Q. C. WISHART has followeJ ths cans
sad cure of disease, and the great taIqo
I TAR as a enratire remely. as directed tf
Bishop Berkley aad Bee. John Wesley, that
siany hare attempted to make a TAR prs
EASES. Bo U koowa that Da. L. Q. C
Is the only remedy, from long experience,
used by eur most skillful pbyaioians for
Diptheria, Ulcerated Throat, Long, Kidney,
Stomach. Asthma, aad General Debility, as
veil as for Coughs, ColiU aad Long A (Too
inn. l n.c:. wish art.
No. 32 N. SECOND ST ,
. . - . a . a ..... , . - - " v ,
Dr.J. Walker's (iilifuruU Vin-
Ocar Uitfl'rs arc a imrt'ly VeetuMe
prejiTiiiition. niult t-liu-dy fnrni llie Da
tive herbs found mi the lower rangrs of
tL-e Sierra Nevada mountains of Califor
nia, the mcdiriiial proiMirties of which
are extracted tln'ietroin without the use
of Alcohol. Tlie iiestion i3 almost
daily asked. ' What i tint cause of tiie
unparallt'icd 8urci'sj of Vinegar Kit
teius?" Our answer is, that they remove
the cause of disease, ami the patient re
covers hia health They are the preat
blood purifier and a lilc-giving principle,
a jierfect Kenovator and Invigorator
of the Bystem. Never before in the
history of tbe wiirl.l ia a mediciue beon
compoanihil poswAiine; the remarkable
qaalities of Vi.eg IIittkbs in healing the
sick of every disea man is beir to. Tbey
are a pcutlu l'urzative a well as a Tuuie.
rebeviug Congeftioa or Iuflamniation of
tha Liver and Vwtral Orgnas, iu Biliooa
The properties of Dr. Walker's
VlMEGAk liiTTKas are Aperient, Diaphorrtic,
Carminative, Nutritious, Laxative, biurvtio.
Sedative. Counter-irritant, Sudorific, Altera
tive, and Anti-Bilious.
H. tl. MeUO.UALD eb C..
Drareiar and Gen. Aeta. San Fnwewee. Calir..nla.
and oir. of H'aahmeton and ('harimn St N Y
sHk all li-WBlt. and Dealers.
ith a liberal utn.1 as far aa your
iCPI"LT will go.
Super - Phosphate.
IsTlt will pay well em tl present prices uf Prodnee.
llHh Year of Constant Use.
A Nil err aw
I l.l'kU.
Sole Manufacturers.
SOSohIM t'ela fare Are., Vhituda
i OS JSotA Street, 1Saltnore.
I ll-ana
the TTtrlil la neiiWUnnial wee. '
(Vllaud jxamias, sad for sgwaeia sad abwaten.
. BU1 X0fliTTI
Monumental Marble Works,
1. 12 Street, abort Oborj,
cAa. a CAarwirrrm. joanr irett
loan. a. caarairraa. joa. ...r
asslaaa, Iankasoaoa. Lock auiaal
i Tn Beelpo tor tam BUtare wa f oand uui if
paper nf iDaaailnti phjatdan. a lnlo man. who
loat hia Ufa, whan 104 Tears old, by a fall of hla kora
BrrlpUiabBkf a profound aatret bf
bis famll7 for mora Uxaa tbre oantarlea. Karmgau
tola Umatnar made frequem ua of the Bitter, wafc
rsndarwl tAem a atroBic anU lonn liTtne aet of peopla,
anjojlnzcalIaiit neaitn. Originally tie aaeroc of
prepaxlnf tola Blttar and ita wonderful tTacte,waa
notalned br onoftholT kin. while part lei pall ag in
kbe aamr ezpadirloae of the Spaniard n America,
after a aolama protnlae. narer to dlmlire u btnwtb
pr anted principal betr.
TERS ia B now omCed. Baeemeo rteeomlos Into pesua
M .a-ti taoimnda ef aatmilanlea caraaafna.
tiesu already f Iran ap by aaany phyatctana. and has
prored itself sucn a powerful reetaratlT and prea.
Tatl-T f "T. lnmT mnmmn iiaBiiB wimum Ilia
TldUAl 1
The edect of the Swedlalt Bttsra direct Itself, la
the first place, to the taarrsa of tha tligsttlTO orgasa
throanrbowi their satlra extent, bnt mainly to the
stomach and the rlaoaral tract. Itnnrnnlli their
fanctloca. and therrforsvaocordlna to the nature ef
zlatlna irregularities or isauoeea ohstractloos and
retentions of all kind, or at ops Oiarrhcaa, Oyssntsry,
or other aiumoloiis oUaelasrgea and afBaria. By reeu
latlajr tho abdominal organa. of which depend the
aoorialiment, tlie ooneerrarjoo and the derelupemut
of ti,, human body tho Swedish Bitter toTlgorale.
th nerre and tlie Tllal powers, sharpen the seoaas
ind the rt titTT-.Kih.te'K timi
the acidly, tho Darning, s.nses sad pain of tha sta
noach. tm proves its digestlrs faculties, and la an .i
oellfat rTophjIactlo and remedy galn aenroo Irrv
UUiily, natuleixry, Cboiic. Worma, Dropsy. & If
taken ta double ana.aopratsssaaoxs aperietu.
bat n and palnlaa way.
Inoonawqueooaof tbese qualities of do Swedish
Buttsetaejifnssnsof the saososiebr.t ad regie
diss agaloat ill.ii of lbs eroas enntalned la the
alwrrgmi. and of affacdoua lb K bH mankind to
loo of said aUassaaw. Tboa the Bwsdisb Blt
aa ttnamraaaii rsaosra tut coring Line
Complaint of haul at.sdlnfc iaaadace. Dpala.
Dlsordsrs of the Spleen, of lbs Fanerssa, of the M,ea
ralo aiaoda, and ales dlaorder of the Kidney, of thm
Urinary and Sexual-Organa. Besides these the awe
dlah Bitter cure tho lnnnmerable nerrooe, or con
geaciT atTection and diseases, which originate from
said abdomlna disturbances, as:-CoagestloB of tha
Longs, tho Heart, and the Brains. Coughs. Asthma,
Headache. Neuralgia. In oUtfereot parte of the body.
Chlorosis. Internal Usnsorrbolds aad Piles. Gout,
Dropsy. Oeneral Debility, Hypochondriasis, ateavn
choly, 4c, c Of great benefit too Swediaa Btitars
haa also been found in the beginning of Osatnc sad
intermittent FaTers.
Bnt this is only one aide of Ita inestimable power of
amterung those who ase tft regularly againat aU ail
asmif4 aad epidemic rlifases The Swedish Bitter,
has by long sjpeoeoce la assay tboMind cases maiav
talned Ita great renown of being the most f euabte
Ty hus, OrientalPest, Ship
Fever, Yellow-Fever,
The so parlor protsctire sod sanstlrs Ttrtoes of th
Iwedlah Bitters afsinat afslarlons rsrera. Dyssnte.7
aad Cbolisa. wars most apparently tested In th late
wars by Tiwaca and English physicians, who by pre
serlbtnc the ansae so their respectiT troops, soa
eseded In rsdnctnit the mortality list uf epidemic ifc
asm from at to per cant.
(rAn persona who hare to perform long and hard
iabce. and while dolne It. are often erpod tu andvleu
chaniree of temperature, or the draft or air, or obuov
tone dnats, smells, or rapora, aooald not (ail to see
tho Bwsdisfe Bitters, a a tew drops of It, added w
their drtnk. are ufflcienl to preeerre thsm in tnreu
mable has Ith and Thror. Those who are erenstoeaed
to drink k-e water darlnc the an miner, ahonld noser
omit to sdd scans Swedish Bitter to it.
r rron rlren to eedentary Ufa ahonld use the
Swedish Bitters. It will nautrallia tha bad .ffsct it
their want of exercise in open air, and keep thsm in
good health and good spirits.
Is io the Ladles the Swedish Bitter most ssped.
aSy be recommanded. Because tts ase contributes most
amen Mally to piwaerre the regnlarlty of teephysjolo.
EicaJ function, peculiar to tho delicate female coo
stitntion aad .thus prorss sa sfisctoal barrier sgalnst
those lnnnmerable Xerrons sad Blood Diseases, whli-b
now-o-dsys haee grown so frequent ss to be taken by
many for Eve's natural Inheritance)
19 Bat tho Swedish Bitten does not only aeeare
good health; It also e sets the full derslopmeat of the
female body, and of it beancy by perfect forma and
tin eornplsrrtnn and color.
Thna the Swediaa Bitters haa bsooms one of the
safest and most sfVert
1st farmers and their famClea, who hare trlri
Rasdlah Bitten, prefer It to all elmilar article, f or
them It proves nsneflclal In vartooe ways.
tn Summer, when their calling require) them t j
oflea sadurs ths Intana heat of the sua, whils per
forming hard work, they are induced to be not eui
ndeatly cautious tn atirTlng tnelr burnlnr thrr bj
water, or m eating fruit sot yet ripe, to. Thosfanc
tag peopa. ars Tery liable to autler from son stroke.
Er. Dysentery. Cholera, kc. ke. Th regular ess
of tho Swedish Bitters makes those danreroue Intlu
snos an harmless.
In W!nlr. during the time of rest, many country
tawplav trying to Indemnify thsmssires fur past prl.
rations are very apt to often orsrlosd their koboscLs
and thus impair their dtgestiT orrnsth rooc of
thetTse.Tho nseeftho Swedish Bitters preien
dlssssss from that sense.
As a matter of sourss,m case of sickness, th PS
Went should arold food not agreslcg with him or
sojeh, ss I known, to b dlfflcalt to digest orassuK.
aUs to the itt ws a la question.
The rule: -B moderate la a!l yoe cat, drink or do,"
k strictly to he ehearred.
Ths 'jwediak Bitter, ahal only be taken in thsab
awnce uf inflammatory symntoms,
Orown persona tska on Ublsspoonful three time
per day, before or after niseis, pore or diluted with
Persons snder years, two-thirds of that quanUtr
" IA - one-half -
ens-quarter - "
Children from I year, spward. oneaiiihlb of thai
fWaona snmstomed to chew tooseoo. should ab
stain from tt a much aapoeelbla. white nalng Swe
dish Btttn; they may subtltut eomo mowers of
chammomlleor root of calamus, bnt then swallow the
emlrta. Instead of ap;uln It away. Iatbeaamewey
kafAln. n. -I ... . ....
- """'n venj saoaaraiaiy be ptao.
Persona afflicted wtttt dyspepsia most not sat hut
mad or caksa, or fat or salt meats, bnt shooul take
moderate uercl tn free .lr toui n; all audden chan.
w of temperatnra, all hitemperanca tn eating snd
drinking, and all endue mental excitement, by which
they will contribute largely to the effectiveness of the
Swedish Bitters. -
K a-Should the Swedish Bitters not rait all tastes
It may be taken with some eager, or can be diluted
Ithsoms sugar-water or ryrnp.
Haying sjnired by purchaaa ths recipe and the s
ctueiT. right of preparing tbe Only Genuine owediah
fcttern. heretofore prepared by Eugene Schosalng.
U U. S. Army Surgeon, w hars, in order to free,
trats fraud and deception, the name of . Schoanlng
burnt into th laaa of each bottle and th enrelope
around a marked by X. Bchoenlnii'. and by our own
m" stottlm wttlwed thsss nwta ars rlos.
Bo. sS Xortn Third Street, Philadelphia.
Pries psr atagm Bottle, W cents, nilf i lnisn. II
old Whnlasil by Johnston. BoOow-ty Cowdan.
em Area si a..i.j-irnlt gar . by all drug-

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