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! if
VTedaeadar, Sept'r 3, 18T5.
Subscription, $1.50 per annum.
Transient advertisements inserted at 50
rots per inch for each insertion.
Transient business notices in local col
umn, 10 cents per line for each insertion.
Deductions will be Biade to those desiring
jo advertise by the year, halt or quarter
ON and after Sunday. Mar 23rd, 1875,
passenger Brains will leave Mifflin Sta
tion, 1. K. K., as follows t
Philadelphia Express 12 it a in j
, J Lewistowu AccoiumoaatioD...i a m
Psciflc Express,..! ;lUu2am
; Harrisbarg AcconiUKidation..i;ll 80 a iu
Vail .1 : i 6 12 p in
Atlantic Expresa . ; 9 15 p m
Pacific Epres ....i G 00 a m
Way Passengers 1010am
jMail.... .... . 2 33 p in
; Fast Line 6 45 p in
Lewistvwn Accommodation .... 7 3? p ul
" Pittsburg Expresa 11 53 p ni
Vaihf. i Daily tier pi Sunday. Caily
tzrtpt Monday.
' Three trains do not atop at thla station :
Cincinnati Exjiress, west, time here 1 19 a.
ni. ; Fast Line, east, 2 17 a. la. ; Day i-
picss, east; 1 St p. m.
E D. Parker, Esq., is putting up a new
t.UKe bu'Mnnj.
-"-The Presbyterian chnrch at Millersluwn
"Ins a oO"-j,und bell,
. -A turtle was caught in Briidiiii's ui'U dam
1n Madison township, I'erry county, that
we if lied 19 pounds.
" Look out lor the "Minited Mail" at the i
i'lllcrsou railfoad crossing, and keep ofl"
tlie I lie track. Time, 12 o'clock, noon.
There is to be an excursion to Gcttys
tN:r on the 6th of October, leaving this
place at 4 o'clock in the morning.
Any one wishing to purchase a good open
t.rji bupgy, cheap, can do so by calling on
Buyers & Kennedy, M'lfliutown. St
Thieves pried the Iront door of the Fran
r'i hardware store open, on Tuesd y
niglit, and stole therefrom, pistols and
The attendance on the schools during
YYednesdsy of the Fair was so limit.-d tint
sn adjournment was deemed projr, until
on Monday.
Alexander Eilis did an heroic act, worthy
of lite days of kuigiit Errantry, on Tues
day by saving the life of a lady who in the
wandering of her mind plugged iuto the
The Daily Democrat and Register, i.-suod
during the Fair, demonstrated the tact that
llieri? is a great dea, of latent enteririe
among the "boys," and all that is reiuircd
to develope it is a paying opportunity.
The Republicans f Mifflin county nadc
; the following n.-miiiiations last week : Sbrr-j
J iff, -Wui. H. McClellan j Coroner, John ,
U.vaus; Treasurer, a. J. fSMauin ; Coinuiis- i
'aioncrs. David lleister. John D.tBarr; Di
rector of the Poor, Win. fSreer; Auditors, "
l:eul.rn T. tycs, John Henry.
J. E. & W. F. McCahax, tvill sill at
j.ulJic mitery, at their residue on ,
titer St., ra mflhiitovra, Siinirilay.
Ortoi.er ICtli, 187.1. Five hesul of
MtilfS. wTigfir.s, harness and numer-
oiih other articls. AL a pencral
varietvof hoTiReholdfnriiitllre. Terras
of ,lo: AUntiius over five dollars, j
a credit of tune months will be given.
Tw,. lots with cood dwelling boiwes
nuil other improvements thereon, in
the boroiieb. of jtifHintown. One lot,
. With a dwelling house and outbuild
ings thereon erected, in the borough
of Patterson. Sixteen hundred acres
of mountain land, in Fayette town
whip, with a house and sawmill there
on erected- Terms for real eotate :
Ten per cfent cash, balance in annual
payments, with interest.
Kept 29-2L
From a letter it appears that Mr. G.
AV. liurchfitld did not nndestand the
proceedings of the late Democratic
County Convention as we reported
, aad publihhed in these columns. The
follow mg is his verson as per letter :
Walsut, Ts Sept 25th, 1S?S.
B. F. Schweieb, Sir:
In your issue of tliis week, in your
report of Uie proceedings of the Dem-tK-ratic
Cotmty Convention, yon say
tliat the objections to my making a
Ftatomeut, were withdrawn and I de
flared that I was BatisPed. Flease
correct in your next issue the objec
tions were not withdrawn, and the
chairman decided against ma I then
Rjd I was satisfied with his ruling
that I could not be heard, if any one
'' nemler objected, not thatl was satis
fied with the matter in dispute.
a T -
The World's Show of P. T. Bab
stm. All qle8tio.8 of both national,
sot-ial and personal character, will be
nwallowed up in the fact that the
tlreat P. T. Barnum's Great Travel
ing World's Fair, with its thousands
yfrre animate and inanimate feat
ures, vast canvas city concealed won
der trt-asures from earth, sea and air,
and colossal combination of circus
troupes, will move on us, in magnifi
cent procession on Tuesday, Oct. 12.
'tit would be simply a waste of time
atid space to reiterate the repeated
j.roofp of what everybody knows
that the great Object Teacher of the
age is P. T. Barnum. and his world
wide famous srtwnuro. Menagerie, Car-
7van and Hippodrome the most stu
liendous amusement enterprise ever
projected. Press and people are un-
' wrlmous in enthusiastic recognition.
i Under , these circumstances, the
tinmler and character of the atten
dance here may be readily surmised,
and the tnsdom of putting in an early
' ajtyfeai-aiice is self-evident
' J Assignee's SAtk.fohn H. Mover, As
signee of Isaac Halteman, iU ofler at pub
lic sale, on the premises, at 10 o'clock A.
M., on Thursday, October 21, 1875, a tract
or Four Acres of Land situated at Kvan
UaJor JouiaU county, having thereon erec
twl a large naw To-tory Brick Building,
f'tatidedroraStore and Honse Enter
taiiuuent. There la also a good Frame
K table on the tract.
Also, a tract of land In West Terry town
-'ihlp, Snyder eunty,- adjoining the Green-
' wood Tannery property and others, con
taining Seven Acres, with a Dwelling Iloase
aud other improvements thereon.
. Also, a tract of Tiinberland in West Ferry
townshiis Snyder county, containing Twenty-five
Acres. '
Communication from Main Street
A HWs'i Opiw of Fain It it
Fate, RutTheJVame of the Ex
hibitors, and Participant in the Races
Prof. Robinson Burlesques Their
Effect The Management Gam
birrs Ousted.
Said a ladj to the writer of this ar
ticle, The aecoud Fair at Riverside
Park baa been a grander achirement
than that of last jear ia everything
that ia repaired to constitute a satisfac-
tof exhibition. It ia a fair exhibit of
all the basinets and industries of this
mountain gut community. Tree, it ia
not a large aa Fairs under the auspices
of the State Agricultural Association,
or Faira in the larger and more popu
lous counties, but it is just as com
plete in all of its departments aa the
district affords. It ia a credit to the
How could I say a dissenting word
to the fair speaker's statement It
was a concise statement of the conclu
sion of the intelligence of the assem
bly. It was the testimony of the senses
of the meg and women of comprehend
in; Biiuds at the Park. She added,
"You are a Presbyterian." Just as
quickly as I could say it, I said, "Peace,
peace ; a truce to creeds and religion
now." With a look that was full of
reproof, she contiuued, "I only wanted
to say that if the management is as da
nnmioational as some have declared it,
it had better be kept at that, for it
could not be better " If you knew
who said it you would prize the ccm-
" It must be fate for people to meet
in this way. Do you believe in fate "
she asked. And then I began to feel
as if my declared truce was about to be
ruled out. "Fate," I said, and I
looked vacantly out through Floral
Hall, over the beads of assembled living
feminine beauty, and over the beauti
ful work of their bands, as if for an
answer to come in at the door, but be
fore 1 got it, she continued, ' No, no ;
I don't mean to ask you if you are
fated to bliss or woe I uieanthat we
are moving along in a rut or groove."
I said, 'Yes," for 1 did not know what
else to say to this intellectual jewel of
a woman ; "as faf as I know we are
stumbling along in about the same way
our fathers did before us." " We
agree," she answered, and gave md a
smile that made my heart aohe, in spite
of my cyuical notions as to the power
of woinm's smiles and flashing eyes ;
aud 1 am glad that we do, for I seldom
meet a man who admits that. You
nien R Waut to be considered original.
Jugt 1(Kk mt th;8 Fair
: How much more of the original is there
in it than there was in the time when
Vircil in bis bucolics sang of 4 flocks,
,iIIa e ,nd- ,,eroes wUen j fs ueJd
tbeir 4j , he their feasU
.... i ', ,. , . .
kud gitna! d.splays, and shows,
the tournaments of nicdreval times,
and the private amusements of Karons
an(1 n0y1ityi 0f the'same period ! You
, how thw, nothin ; iua, in tuig.
6 . , ,,T
1 It s a continuous rut. We
.. ' .... t n i. ir..n. ,t ua ran I crpr
out of it. We call it a Fair ; a new
name, truly, aud that is all
I Lad not seen the situation in that
light. 11 was a new thing to be told
that a modern Fair, fucii as we were
working through, was old as man itself,
and if its assembling of the people ap
peared new, it was only the appearance
that was strange. It was only liko
changing water into ice ; they do not
look alike, but they are the same ele
ments, changed in form only. Here
was a lesson from a woman that tattgbt,
that man will meet for show, amuse
ment, social intercourse, in some form
or other, good or bad, for all, or a few,
just as the spirit of the times are. She
calls it fate, a rut, a groove and I be
lieve in her teaching. The testimony
of ages, as found on the historic page,
bears ber out. Then we have the tes
timony of the past to prove that people
must have show and amusement. But
she added further, " These Fairs are
the least harmful, and most useful
shows instituted among men, unless
those of a religious character are Con
sidered ; and people who are opposed
to Fairs should look at them under all
of these lights."
I could have passed an hour or two
in the company of that lady, and I con
fess to a sigh of regret when she glided
away in response to the beckoning of a
lady friend, for I could not tell when
the pleasure of her conversation should
again be mine.
All this took place in Department
III, and the first object thatl distinct
ly looked on after the disappearance of
this brilliant woman, whose powers, if
she remain in Juniata, will fnrever re
main uubooored and unsung, was the
handsome photographs of Mr. Hess.
Not far off was the penmanship of Wag
ner, and paintings by Miss Mary Wilaoni
Mis W Thompson, Mm. George Gor
don, Wise Kate Berger. " In the earns
Department were the Flowers and De
signs, by Miss Ella B. Crawford, Hiss
Julia Sulouff, " Miss Mamie Coffman,
mm Coffman, ma John Copeland, visa
Clara Thompson, -Joseph Oberholtter,
Michael Stoner, DAP Bealor, Miss
Mamie Bealor, Mrs S B Loudon, Sam
uel Parker, m'us Manie Kulp, lira. Mil
ton Goshen, Mrs. A O Bonsall, Miss
Lizaie Andrew, Mies -Kate Ktarick,
uiss Junia Pannebaker, David Stouffer,
Miss Jennie Crooks, Miss Emma Bilger,
TAe Crochet and Knit Work, 4 c, by
4ra Mary MiddsgU, Mra J C Thomp
son, airs E D Parker, Mra Kate Jack
man, Mias Jennie Slurry, Miss Ella B
Crawford, Mrs George Gosben, Mrs I
D Musscr, Mis Anna Parker, mis Reu
ben CaVcDy, Mrs James Simons, Miss
Luey Wilson, Mra 8 B Loudon, mum U
Bealor, Miss Mat tie Hamilton, Mrs J X
Moore, kiss Bhettie Todd, Mrs Martha
Wilson, Miss Mary Wilton, and
Jeff fet and Other good things, that I
would have liked to have tad the lady,
whose charming conversation is yet
lingering in ay mind and will not ont
at my bidding, at my aide W tell and
talk about them I do wonder if she
is an Epicure were there by Mrs W
Thompson, Mr P Uawn, Miss Sallie J
Irwin, Miss Liziie Adains, Miss Alice
Sieber, Mrs S A Shamp, Mrs John Mc-
Meeh, kiss Kate MeMeen, Mrs S B
Loudon, ktB Daniel A Notestine, Miss
Maty Christy, Miss Sallie Christy, lira
G M Davis, Mrs John Balentine, Mrs
John Copeland, Mrs J Banks Wilson,
Mrs barah h Stouffer, Mra John Moore,
Mrs George Gosben. I did not get
through with the niee things under this
roof when I was called down to see the
Poultry. It waa supposed that the
preacher would f ire them especial at
tention, but thete was no one of that
God given calling about when your
correspondent looked at the fowls, and
learned the names of the exhibitors to
be, James MeMeen, H W Berger,
Ellsworth McAuley, W H Moore, S W
Henderson. The same party, after we
bad done the chickens ic, would see
the vegetables ie. I knew London's
California pumpkins and monster cab
bage. Vegetables in great variety
were exhibited by Mrs Martba Wilson
John MeMeen, George King, Uenfy
Berger, Jacob Lemon, Isaac Etka,
Charles Mitchell, J Banks Wilson, Si
mon Ulsb, and the most delicious grapes
of 30 some kinds by the Oberholtter
Brothers, and other fruit by James
MeMeen, J S Robison, M Leonard, P
Ililawn; G W Me Alistej, Simon Ulsb.
Some one said there was wine there,
btit in consequence of my companion
being a cold water man, or at least an
abstainer from all stimulating drioks
except tea, I could not interest him
sufficiently to help look it np, and I
never got back for that purpose. From
the eschewment of wine, either for the
stomach's eake or other purposes, my
friend would go to see the stock, and
before we quite knew it we were over
at the southeast corner of the enclo
sure, admiring a magnificent French
Percheron horse owned by John Me
Meen and Matthew Rogers. The same
gentlemen had on exhibition an Alder
ney bull and cow, that did one good to
see. 1 here was other blooded cattle
there by Wm Christy, James McAuley,
Amos Stoaffer, Matthew Rogers, Ed
ward Kauffinan, James MeMeen, W II
Moore, J Banks Wilson, Harvey Smith,
David Doty, G W McAlister.
There was a fine exhibit of sheep by
James 3!cAuicy, A Latimrr Wilson,
M Leonard, William Kauffman, and
hogs by David B Doty.
The exhibitors of horses were Theo
dore Thompson, G W McAlieter, J
Purdy Johnson, Wi'.liam Hartman, U
M Diven, Henry Groniuger, IJUh &
brother, David Doty, Kurti Kauffman,
II W Berger, John Cunningham, C M
Johnson, James Kauffman, J S Tyson,
Banks W Kauffman, Col J K Robison,
James MeMeen, George King, Matthew
Exhibitors uader the classification of
Home Manufacture and Agriculture
were, J H Simons, with his magnificent
and substantial harness, Oberholtzer &
Brother, J B M Todd, Wm Hartman,
Amos Stouffer, Jonas Kauffman, Sam
uel chimeling, J Fred Hummel!, Kurtx
Kauffman, Davis Kauffman, John .Vc
wUeen, Geo King, Henry Berger, Jas.
McVeen, Wm H Banks, .Vat the w
Rogers, Jacob Slautterback, J G Sny
der, Pannebaker & Slautterback, John
and Harry .Voore, O W Ort, William
Thompson, James .VcAuley, J E Jam
ison, W H Graybili, C Altman & Co.,
G V Diven, E A Smith. W F Snyder,
S W Henderson, Cora VaClellan.
The display of Embroidery was be
wildering, and the fair makers of all
this profusion of adornments were, sirs
Geo Goshen, Mrs Henry Groninger, Mrs
France Ulsh, Mrs Catharine Shirk,
Mrs .Vargarct Leonard, Mrs Kuts
Kauffman, Mrs E J Naogle, Mrs James
Simons, Mrs James McMeea, Mrs Reu
ben Caveny, Miss Rebecca North, Miss
Lizzie Andrew, Mrs Davia Kauffman,
Mrs Sallie Arnold, mUs Ada J ames,
Miss Ida Jones, Miss Lizzie Moore,
Miss Julia Sulouff, xiss Ells Thomp
son, Mra A G Bonsall, MM. W H Hen
derson, Mir Mary Moyer, Mrs Annie
Rogers, Mra Mary Coffman, Mra John
Thompson, Mrs E S Parker, Mr T W
Auker, MUs Susau Basom, Mrs DR P
Bealor, Miss Hannah Bealor, Mrs J
Lyons, Mrs F Halderman, Mr William
Tie trotting race were all pleasant
ly gone through with, and the horses
were owned or driven by T J Mid
dagh, Abraham Moist, Reuben Moist,
E D Parker, Di Bratee, John Cunning
bam, John Hays, Samuel Strayer,
Isaac Sieber, C H North, David Sieber,
all of this county, and B F Myers, of
Altoona, and H Byers, of Harrisburg,
but the crowning horse race or trot was
reserved for Prof. John Robinson,
most skillful Knight of the razor, in
Patterson, to conduct, to the infinite
amusement of alL His profusely cut
Brother Jonathan style of clothing,
and the preferred bat of the same char
acter and all the trappings of bta horse
aod tehicte, led a number to exclaim,
"The Professor is the Tery Don Quix
otecf the raees.". Ilia performance
made many feel as if all the racea
had better be denominated a farce.
The Professor is a character, and when
the live of the local distinguished peo-
plo come to be written be should not
be left out. 1 missed the companion
ahip of the lad referred to in the opco-
irg of this communication, when the
Professor was ia the height of his per
formance, for I should have been glad
to have bad her opicion as to its effect
Would she ray thai in effect it woald
reach as Gar as any other performance
for good on that grofind, considered as
a burlesque ! It is said that Dos
Quixote did mbre to extinguish Knight
Errantry, its tournaments and attend
ing gambling, than all the serious ex
hortations that had been delivered
against it
The half-mile race, participated in
by two ICdians and one white man,S. B.
! Rickenbacb, was an interesting one.
j They all ran well, and as the white man
j followed the Indians closely, I could
'not help thinking that it looked like
: destiny running out the Red Man. The
white man was following him as sure as
The race of one fourth of a mile, in
dulged in by boya under 12 years, was
aa spirited and exciting to the specta
tors as a race by the coming generation
of that age eouli be. The partici
pants were John Ellis, Willie Caveny,
S. Loudon Todd, Fred Wright, William
BankSj Charles Doughman thd others.
The pedestrian James Adaas, de
livered himself of a walk that has given
many people a new and possibly a bet
ter idtis as to how speedy walking nisj
be accomplished.
The management of the Fair was
kept to a moral status. At one time
gambles were in a glee ; they thought
that an entering wedge had been effect
ed, and by the opening thus made a
lodgment for the whole fraternity, from
the selling of pools, opvnly, to She Three
Card Monto game, would be certain.
But fate was against it. Tho manage
ment ruled in such a way that the
ground was soon rid of them, and the
outside concern that was set up, was
poynced upon by Officer Wilson, and
the offender arraigned before Justice
lluzzard, who, in the leniency of his
judgment and heart, and agreement
of the parties, ltft them " off by
ruling that tbey return the fleece that
they bad shorn from a green country
i youth, pay the costs, and leave the
country, which it is believed they did,
for they were not seen afterwards. -
I would write you more of this plea
sant and profitable Fair, but 1 have
already trespassed largely on your
space. So adieu ftr the present, with
the expectation of bearing soon again
Amono the many meritorious things
on exhibition at the late fair of the
Riverside Park Association, none were
more interesting than the display of
fruit by the Oberholtiter Brothers,
and others. Our people could there
see that as fine fruit is produced in
Juniata county as anywhere in the
country. TVe were recently shown a
number of peaches raised by Daniel
Kloss, Esq., on his farm in Walker
township, which surpass in cpuility,
flavor and size any we have hereto
fore seen, one of these weighed C
ounces, and was as fine a Hpecimen of
perfect growth as can be produced
anywhere. .
The Perry county Advocate ssys :
On Tuesday of last week Mr. Absalom
Stahl was found lying behind his plow
team, in George Corngable's clearing,
in Spring township, in a dying condi
tion. The other hands in the field no
ticed the team standing aod Mr. Stahl
lying on the ground behind the plow.
Ou going to Mr. Stahl, they found him
dying. A physician was called, who
pronounced the cau.-e of his death to be
heart disease, to which be was subject.
Mr. Stab' was an industrious man, and
leaves a Widow and five children.
Miffli.ntown, Sept. 17, 1875.
.Vr. Schwtier Sir : To ask for space
in your columns at this late day after
Inspection, is acting on, or under the
adage of '-better late than never." It
is "better late than never" to tell some
thing of our trip to Pot;sville for In
spection, and I will do it as briefly as 1
know how, for you know that the first
duty of a soldier is not to talk much
but to act to the point.
We were called to meet at our Ar
mory on Monday night, September 13,
to prepare to march, at 5 o'clock next
morning. On our arrival there we
found Col. Robioson there with the
"Juniata Scouts," in line, with between
fifty and sixty men commissioned offi
cers and enlisted men and the "Gray
bill Zouaves," commanded by Captain
Cornelius MoClellan, numbering forty
commissioned and enlisted men.
The Juniata Cornet Band accom
panied us and enlivened ua with tbeir
superior music. A Company, number
ing forty-nine commissioned and en
listed men, joined us in Perry eouoty.
They were tine-looking soldiers. On
our arrival at Hatrisburg we were
largely reinforced by Infantry com
panies that were changing cars at that
place for our destination, namely, Potts
ville, for which place we started by
way of the Reading Railroad. At
Jonestown we were reinforced by one
company. At Lebanon our number
was increased by two fire companies,
and the 'olonel and .Vajor. of the Re
giment. Col. Gabm is every inch a
soldier. He Commanded a company in
the 47th P. V. in the late Rebellion,
and many Juniata boys marched under
him through the swamps of Florida,
and with bim as leader took a part in
the Red River expedition, and notably
Worthy of mention is the old flag bearer,
Beu Walls, over aixty years of age.
The Colonel says he was a remarkable
man for endurance, and was brave from
the loweat depth of his bis heart. I
We reached Pottaville at 11 o'clock
A. M. The Colonel formed the line,
and marched op Central street to head
quarters, and there reported to the
gentlemanly commander, General Latta,
and bis assistant, J. .V. Awl. The
command was moved np -Market street
to the People' Line Railway depot,
and there rs and were taken some
two miles to a beautiful grove, where
tbey were inspected by Governor Hart
ran ft and staff, upon the completion of
which we were returned to town, where
the Zouaves were met by gentlemen
properly delegated to invite, to dinner
at the engine bouse of the "Good In
tent Firs Company." The invitation,
it is needless to say, was accepted, and
ample justice done to the good things
provided. The citizens of Pottsville
may be proud of this company. Tbey
threw open tbeir parlors (or our recep
tion, which was quite a treat after the
fatigue of the ear and inspection.
After a short rest -we formed line
and counter-marched and then filed
left, down Norwegian St. to the heights
that Overlook the towo, when all the
troops were drawn np in line and re
viewed by the Governor and staff, after
which the march of review was taken
np through the principle streets. This
maneuvering eon&nmed the afterstran.
At the proper place and time the com
mand was baited and pat Under com
mand of their respeetite commanders
and wiai?se5.
.. Two hours remained, in which to do
PottstHlei aod many of the "boys"
aaw a g'eS3 deal of the town in that
time. Traib time came ; we. boarded
it and the next morning at 3 o'clock
we arfived at -Vifflin, sale aud sound.
The members of the Band and the
Zouave company are of opinion that
theFS are few men better at 'entertain
ing strangers than the members of the
Good Intent Fire Company Tbeir
name is most appropriate. ;
livervthine passed off pleasantly,
and Paddy McGuire kept in his hole,
as there we're too many "goons about
for good health. And thus we', close
for the next year.
Fib st Gra.nd Expositiox Pitts
burgh TrAI) its en's Industrial In
stitute. Open from October 7 until
November 6, 1875. Every department
will be filled with the most interesting
Inventions and Arts of the age. Twelve
Aeres of Exhibiting Space. Prcuiinnis
valued at $50,000.
Splendid Inducements offered to
Farmers for tho exhibition of Live
Stock and Agricultural Products. The
following periods are assigned for Live
Stock : Horses, week beginning Tues
dayj Oct. 12. Cattle, week beginning
Tuesday, Oct. 19. Sheep aud Hogs,
week beginning Tuesday, Oct. CO. All
kinds of PoUllry, Week beginning Tues
day, November 2. Musio during the
entire Exposition by First-Class Bands.
Railroad Excursions at low rates. Ex
hibitors can procure blank applications
by addressing
A. J. Nellis, Pres. P. T. 1. 1.
Tnr J uuiaia County Agricotural Society
Kill hoid their annua Exhibition at the Fair
Ground in Port Hoya, on Wednesday,
Thursday aad Frilly, the VSih, 14th and
loth of. October. A Urge sum of money
w u7 be distributed in Premiums.
Sept. 22, 2t.
Cocolasi'S, Sept 20, 1873.
Ma. B. F. Sciiwkier Sir: I wish you to
insert in your paper a Notice Cantioning
any and til persons from purchasing two
Promissory Notes, given by me, in favor of
George Hubbard and W. 11. Kimer, as 1
wii not pay them, for the reason that i
never received vaiue for them.
Eespectfuiiy, ic.
jacob suLovrr.
31 A 11 MUD:
EICE FLICKINGES On the2lst inst.,
by Rev. H. C. Shindle, Mr. W. Jerome Rice
and Miss Frances J. Fickinger, both of
furbett toxnsbip.
WARNER On the 28th Inst., in Walker
township.(Samuel Warner, aged about 8U
Corrected weekly by Jacob S. Thoiua.
MrrruxTowx, Sept. 29, 1875.
Butter 22
Egg 25
Lard J.
Ham i, .......... 13-
Bacon i. ............ ....... 11
Potatoes SO
Onions. . .... 1 00
Corrected weekly by Buyers ft. Kennedy.
Qcotatioss roa To-dat.
Wednesday, Sept. 29, 1875.
Wheat, oIJ $1 25
Wheat, new. 1 15tol 2
Corn, C5
Oats... 2?to8a
Timothy seed ... .........
2 2.
J. B. M. TODD,
Closing Ont Sale of Clotting I
Shirts and Di'awers, Hats and Caps,
Boots and Shoes, Hosiery and
Cloves at CHy Priem.
A cciiiPLETl Lt.Nfc OP
Gam Bots, Gum Overshoes,
. Gum Overcoats.
Intending V) close out my stock of Win
ter Uooda preparatory to putting in a mam
moth stock ot Spring aod Summer Goods,
I am determined to sell Goods at such
Low Prices that every one can shit them
selves tor a very small sum of money. Call
to see me, and I will guarantee you aatis
faction. The highexi market prices allowed for
Country Produce, Corn and Oats, Hoop
Poles, Locust Posts and Kailmud Ties, in
exchange for Goods, by
i. B. M. TODD.
Patterson, Oct. 7, 1874.
Executors' Kotlce.
Estate of Tkama Mcdtlly.atetani.
LETTERS Testamentary on the estate of
Thomas XcCully, late of Fayette
township, deceased, having' been granted
to the undersigned, all person indebted to
said estate are requested to make payment,
and thoM Laving claims or demands are re
quested to make karnvn the tamo without
delay to - WM. II. McALIaTER,
Sept. 1, 1875. Exeeutort.
Hess' Photograph Oallefy, Bridge St.,
Job work oa short notice at this office.
THE undesigned, administrator of the
estate of Saiunel It (Ikeson, deceased,
will, by Tirtq of an enter of sale issued by
the Orphani' Conrt ot JunUts county, ex
pose the foHofrfrie; deacribeo real estate,
late the proiwrtT of said decedent, to pub
lic sale, on trie premises, in beale town
ship, said county, at 2 o'clock r. a., oa
is'o. 1. A tract of land in said township,
rMmnltnl W lands of Joseph Pomernv'a
! Ltf!ra, Andrew Patterson, Jouathan B. Oite
! son, aud Tuscarora Creek, containing
I more or less, hairing thereon erected a good
30 by 4? feet, with basement, also a (rood
!1..K and Stone DWr.l.t.l.VG HOUSE,
i BAK, WAGON" SUED, aud outbuildings.
Ki. 2. A tract of land in said township,
i bounded by lands f Andrew Patterson,
' licujauiin Ucrtzler, Martin's heirs Tuacaro
; ra Creek, and the tract herciubelore de-
scribed, coutaiuiug
I Seventy Acres,
I more o les, having thereon erected a LOG
i TENANT IIOLsE. Abont Fifteen Aeres
i ot this tract are well set lib good limb-.-r ;
I the residue is leuced and iu a hic'U statu of
1 cultivation.
j The two tracts will be sold either separ
I ately or togclkt-r, to suit the conreuieuce
1 of purvhasert.
! This property is situated about one-fourth
of a mile I ruin A--deniia, in a neitthlior.
hood noted lor the intelligence and culture
of its people and the fcniiity ot its land.
It is iu close pioxiiuily to one of the best
schools in the Stare, and near churches,
stores antt ui!'ls. There is a rlne selection
of Krn'.t on tHt! Jifemues, and the land is
well watered.
The above properly will be sold subject to
a dower tn tavor ot Margaret A. Okcsoii,of
sbout $,0ti0, priyable at her death, ami the
bhuit-e upon the folloaing terms: Ten p-r
cent, wheu the property ia strickeu dowu to
the purchaser; lilu-en per cent, when the
sale is continued by the Court ; oue-third
of the reniaiuderun the Hrst day of April,
lS7(i; and the residue in two eual anuiul
payments, i:h interest Iroiu April 1, lsTti,
to be secured by judgment notes
Adin'r. "r Saiauel IS. Okesou, dee'd.
Set. 22, l7i.
C8JUN, tU&8EB,.&0.
THE nmlersiirned, having completed his
new Warehouse in Perrvsviile, would
I respectfully invite the attention ( the
farmers or the county to tlie tact tlat be is
at all times
j GRAIS, SEEDS, Ac, do.
Having introduced new facilities for hoist
ing, weighing, Svc., we are now prepared to
unload with the least possible trouble.
Bark, Railroad Ties, Locust
Posts, and all Saleable
Country Produce
will be bought St nil time's; aithcr (or
Have for salK
which will be sold to suit purchasers, either
Sand at the lowest rates rnling.
At my Store id THrbett township may be
found as complete ad fisscYtMCtit -I
Queensware, Hardware, &c,
all of which will be ar.Id as low, if not a
little lower than elsewhere-
Dec. 1(1, 187!Mf
Philadelphia & Beading Eailroad.
Arrangement f Passenger Trains.
Mat 3d, 1X7.3.
Tram hate Hjrristmrg as folloxc. :
For New York at 5 -0, 8 10 a. m.. 2 00 and
7 40 p. in.
For Philadelphia at 5 20, 8 10, 9 45 a. n.,
2 00 and 3 60 p. ni.
For Reading a' o 20, 8 1, 45 a. m., 2 00,
3 5" and 7 40 p. m.
For PotUvilla at 5 20, 8 10 a. m., r)n4 3 50
p. m. and via Schnylkill ft. S uiueh!tnns
Branch at 2 40 p. m.
Fur Allentown at a 20, 8 10 a. m., 2 00,
3 50 and 7 40 p. m
The 5 20, 8 10 a. m , 2 00 and 7 40 p. m
trains have through cars for New York.
The 8 10 a. in. aud 2 00 p. iu. trains have
through cars for Philadelphia.
For New York at 5 20 a. m.
For Allentown and way stations atjiOa. hl
For Reading, Philadelphia and way statioiia
at I 45 p. iu.
Train for Htrrnbirg Itave as follort t
Leave New York at 9 15 a. m., i 45, 5 30
aud 7 45 p. m.
Leave Philadelphia at 9 15 a. m., 3 40 and
7 00 p. m.
Leate Keaillt! et 4 30, 7 40, 11 20 a. m.,
A 50, 6 15 aud 10 15 p. ui.
Leave Pottsville at 5 55, 9 IX) a. ni. and 4 30
p. ni., and via Schuylkill and Susque
hanna Branch at 8 05 a m.
Leave Alluutown at - 30, 5 50, 8 50 a. m.,
12 25, 4 30 aud 8 45 p. in.
The 2 40 a. m. train Iroiu Allentown and
the 4 30 a. iu. train from Reading do uot
run on llundays-
Leave New York at 5 30 a. hi.
Leave Philadelphia at 7 OO p. in.
Leave Reading at 4 30, 7 40 a. m. and 10
15 p. m.
Leave Allentown at 2 30 a. m. and 8 45 p. m.
Vim Horru ami Ettt Railroad.
iOilil E. WOOTTEN,
Ofnfral Snptrntndtml.
tf. L0UD9.V,
in room on second story of R. E. Parker's
new buildmg, on
Main Street; Mifflintown, Pa.
CUSTOSI WORK DONE on the shortest
OOODS SOLD by the yard or pattern.
PERSONS buying goods can hae thcra
eut in garments free of charge.
Oct 22, lS7S-tr
Info" Hartley's Burltftiig, three doors East of the' Room forwrl
occuoied in the
In order id eoe out mv stock of
gurate a Grand
Parasols, Sun Shaded, Fans,
Fringes, I-accs and other
TR I 31 MIX tig,
Children's Head-Made White Dresses, Summer CridefweiirV
Shawls, Gloves, and in fact, all such articles as can
not Le carried over;
OncnV' -k-ill ho ilisnostni of at a sacrifice. rnust be soM
within the next thirtv tlivs, in order to make room for Fill
Stock; of which 1 projKTse Uj lay hr an extraordinary supply.
Goods calt be ijnuvhf at Chean
Price, which is less than anv other House in town Cfttt rossit7
aflbrd to sell at. The reason I can afford to sell cheap, is be
cause I buy only for" Cash, and import a majority of ray gooda
direct from Europe". Do not fail to aire the a cttll and secure a
10, R. E. Parker's .Yew Srtck Buildi;,
Housekeepers' Hardware, Build-
ers' Hardware.
GLASS, &C, &U,
all of fifst quality, constantly on hand. I invite" the" public ta
call and see me.
M!fflirtttrb. A'tg. 1 !8M-lf
Is the place where you can buy
TTE are prepared to exhibit one of the nmst rhmrc and select sinews evef Oiler! :a
this market, and at JSTOSISHISGLY LOW V RICES !
Also, meaFures taken for suits aud parts of suits, which will b4 made to oricr
at short notice, very reasonable:
Remember the place, in Hoffman's NYw Uuilding, coroef tjf Bridge and
Water sTceU, MUTLIXTOW W, PA. Sept. li, Wu
A New Sprice and Summer Stock of
For JK'n, Dors, ttomtn, MNsr and Children. Notion, Jleu's FurnUhtliz Goods.
All at rates, In correspond to the shrinkage in values. Cheaper than, tho Cheapest of
tlifiith ago. K7" SI" ITS .MADE TO OKDEIi.-n
l'tt'erson, l'a. .Nov. U, 1S74.
VAUWW.E farm at
PRIVATE SALE!; banks & Tiamllv.
OV account r ?c an1 ileclininsr health; ; (Bcltoni Bsihihig,)
lowers, at i'vae sale. tln Street, .tl idlln t urn, Pa
his farm in rtaltier l-iihip, Jnui- DEALEIW YS
aia eourty; i:;ree itsk-s west oi l non.pon-
Xinctv ar.res of which art cleared aud under j
good fences, aud iu a r'Kd state, of culliva- ,
tioa, having all been well limed within tlie ,
last lire vears; the Utlauco is Kill ant oifl 1
good timber, such aa lucdbt, vhc&tuul, ouk .
aod Lkkory. TImtw arc !
Two Goal Duelling Houses i
lonii. ioiirn.m noriMasi or Mexico ana ujtJEMIC.Vlj?, Ij t SVt K, FAI
, I w VW V ", : ' , V; ', i U1LS' lAKMjHEa, GLASS. I'I TT
of J S ThnftinMin. J S l.nki.fi- llaviit Ail.' ...... .... . .
wan ai.d others, obtaining r CUlMi ElS, H U U S U K S,
nn the premises, a (food FRAME BANK: IIITl'VP If fcTtTPIV L'CJ
BAK.V with Wagon Shed aud Corn Crib ! 1 AIL A I jl LULL IiM.O,
attached, and all other neeessarv nntimiH- j.Selcrti-d with great care, and warranted
ii.es aK tl good condition. There is a 'trow high authority.
neTc'r-Uilrag Spring ol good water come-, C7"l'ureit oT W1XES ASD LIQUORS
nicfit to tth bonsuy, and nevev-ni'ling "or ir.cliial purpose's.
Springs (f water in ererr IM4 except two. ; DyFUES JKU'tliJXS cmponndt-d witU
There are two rood APPLE OSiCHAHUS, great eart. f June J-U.
one in rood bearing erudition, the otl!.T ;
just beginning luMrj also an sbnndaiice COLO.HO.t SKIIILIE:,
of other fruits; such aa Fears, PeacHe', ' O
Plnr.s.,Qmm:e.aDdCJherrie.L ! Will visit Mifflin and Patterson ererr
v ii tltl1 T I7 T' Th,.ri.r and S.t.irdwv mommg,
T- .. runsiwh the Cliaens of thew bo,-
will bo sold oa eay terms. Call of. ;, . ,, . . , .
If the ahdve propHrty is not sold private-
ty b.f..re th-j Fl.l'Kllf DAY OF XOVKM-
HER, l(7-, rt w'll t! uttered on th.a rtav at
pnblic tale. angi 'j3
Large stock or ready made clothing ol the
latest aud choicest stylirs, J.r men and
boya. hats, cap, boots and shoes, notions,
Pitnithinr goods in endli-ss varu-iy for aute
at Samuel Slrayer's, w Patterson.
SuIouiT House.
Summer (lootl, I will iifnra
Clearing bale ot
John's New Store for Cot
Bridge Street, Mifilintowh, la,
J! A 1 S 2 kt fillfcS, T( M 1 H
BltiMIES, 1'EU
ItSEilY.ClOlliS, SliAI'S-lIAIR
tf or
oughs wit I the best of
n thu verv lowrnt prices. He ruxbccttuliy
'3oi;eits the jMlrotiago of tbo public. .
Alil 3. 187i 1 y.
' The Sentinel aud Jleimhlirat. otru:i ia th
ptace to pet jui work dote. fry iu II will
pay roil if yt.n uevA auything in that line.
Large stock of lUuuly-made Clothing tot
s.de by 11AKLLY ii CO.
I: iff
il i
i ;
) t
: f
i f i
! f

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