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tEIMKDA1,lEC. 11, 18S.
norma u ruriimi.
Jffke:s Davis in dead.
Scmato DajtsiETK is a randidat
for Governor on
R publican
Sci-mrrutT of State Stone and Gen
ral H.v,tius are candidates for the
Siwatuu Vance lias offered a bill in
the United States Senate for the re
jxal if the Civil Sorrice act.
Turn only- two points fit for consid
eration in the civil service of the Re-
public ar integrity and capability-,
Philadelphia are at the head of
an enUrpriH to organize a bank
with a cash capital of twenty-five
million dollars.
Governor Beavkk addressed th
Hunting-dun Teacher's Institute last
week on the subject of "Manuel
Training; of Children.
It is kaid the Williamsport Hood
Commissioners proposojto take par
fnr what thev have d'ne in the work
of distributing the flood fund.
Tan first bill offered in the United
ht:it s Senate, is one that provides
for the abolition of trusts. It d3
dares trusts to be inimical to the iu
terysts of people.
Th Philadelphia Record appeared
in a suit uf new trpe anil newlr ar
ranged form Iat rk, which adds
to its appearance. It is one the
great papors of the (Quaker Cit v.
Mi-vh II. Ci-sace. a Pittsburg Nun,
is creating a sensation bv writing in
the newspapers of tho Smokv City
of tho wr,.ns that are driving sis
tars of a certain convent insane.
Tun. Sult.m of Turkev spent 7 hun
dred aud fifty thousand dollars io
entertaining the Emperor of Ger
many, who recently vim ted him and
now it is reported the German Em
peror looks upon the spondthrift
habits as the work of an insane man.
N'sw Yuan, Chicago and St Louis,
each are trying-to secure the Chris
topher Columbus World's Fair for
the rear Washington D. C,
is a competitor for the fair, and if
Congressmen prefer that plaoo to
anvonx of the crest cities monriouerl
th. shw will h- 1,-M at
... w I j
of the nation. J
J efkersox Davis, died at 12.43, last 1
Friday. December C, 1S89, near New j
Orleans. H was boru in Todd i
countr, Ky., in 1S0G. Ho is one of
the few Americans who has achieved
enduring fame. He w ill bo known
in history as the head of the rebel
lion in the United States Jfor the
purpose of establishing a govern
ment with human slavery as the cor
ner stone of its labor.
A Wwbi;ton, P. C, woman got
away with C. Edward Sileott, Cash
ier of the Sergeant at Arms of the
House 7of Iiepresrtntathes at Wash
ington and Silent got away with $75,
no worth of government money, he
draw to pay the salary of Congress
man with. A number of Congress
men had their salery entrusted with
him. He took all with him and the
t'Xregnte of his theft is about one
hundred thousaud dollars. Reed
the newly elected speaker was so
cleauly relieved of his money that he
whv compelled Li borrow a quarter
toTiuy ear tickets. Sileott ha a wife,
children and grand-childsen. He
left nothing for them.
Thkre is a complaint from the
South of a disregard of the asarringe
ties among the K;ople. People need
not be surprised over tho disregard
of the marriage ties in that section
or the United Stat, after consider
ing for a period of several centuries
m:irria-o a:uoug one race of tho peo
ple w:is only a mockery of the niar
riaK'.. htnte. A marriage would Ik.
perfot rnevl to d:v, aud to morrow
the husband rr wife would bo sold
to a purchaser in a different part of
the country, who when he .arriv.tl at
home would eucourage marriage on
the part of hm slav. for breeding
purposes. Among p.ple where such
a state of hf MiHL, it is lest n )t tj
count much on the b.nd of mar
ng ties. It wiH require ,raI
generat.ons to work to a higher level.
Pitn.i.tT Harhlsos s message to
congress i a long ,ae, and
in rev,ewi-T.rv auhjtvt of nntiunaj
importance. He favors tariff revision
but only to th. degree that will
ast and reasonable protecUon to our
uome indu.stenes. On the question
....-. vo.uage. t,e recommends
uch legislation as must -ure
Iimmy to tho twocoius-Ij and
silver. He favors such legation as
will secure to the colored man iu the
: coutu -in all of his relations to the
. r euerai l.overument, w hether us liti
gat t, juror, or witness in courts as .
lector for Congress, or as a peaceful
"""" "I10" our inter state r,I
s.ivs :
uutue subject of peusioush
ilie luw now provides
"'n for o? err soldier and sailor who
was musttred into the service of the
f qi ted States during the civil war and
is now suffering from wounds or dis-
as having aa origin in the service
und in the line of duty. 2 of tiie 3
uieessary facts yiz : muster and disa
bility, aru usually susceptible of easy
in the
service, is often difficult and in maur
deserving- cases impossible to cstab -
lb.li. That very manv of those who
endured the hardships of our most
bloody and arduous campaigns are
now disabled from diseases that had
a real but no traceable origin in the
service I do not doubt. Besides
this there is another class composed
of men many of whom served an en
listment of three full years, and of
re-enlisted veterans who added a
fourth Vearof service'who escaped.the
casualties of battle and the assaults
of disease, who were alwavs ready
for any detail, who were in every bat.
tie line of their command, and were
mustered out in sound health, and
have, since ths close of the war,
while fighting with the same indom
itable and independent spirit the
contests of civil life, beau overcome
by disease or casuality.
I am not unaware that the pension-
roll already involves a very large an
nual expenditure, neither am I deter
red by that fact from recommending
that Congress grant a pension to such
honorably discharged soldiers and
sailors of the civil war as having ren
dered substantial service during the
war are bow dependent upon their J
own l;llor for a maintenance, and bv !
diseaso or casualty are incapacitated
from earning it Many of the men
who would be included in this form
of relief are now dependent upon
aid, and it does not, in my judgment
consist with the national honor tht
they shall continue to subsist upon
the local relief given indiscriminately
to paupers inste tdof upon the special
and generous provision of the nation
thev served so srallantlr and ana lh-
Our people will, I am sure, very
generally approve such legislation.
And I am equally sure that the aur-
ivors of the Union Army and Navy
will feel a frrateful sense of relief
rhen this worthy and suffering class
f their comrades is fairly cared for.
(.'muted Alive by Xecroes.
Wnatus.., Dec. 5. James Robin
son, a colored man, lately came here
from Elmira; N. Y. He was steady
aud industrious, but he won the dis
like of a gang of neirroos who lounsre
about the Arlinsrton saloon. Last
;ht, while sleeping in the barbor
hop, a number of thesa men poured
iconoi over nis clothes and person
nd deliberately set fire to it. and
Robinson was burned to a caisi.
He lay several hours without lwing
notieed cr attended to. Three of the
(negroes are under arrrest for the
Imralitj In Alabama.
B.WTON 5W 4 x generfll
Christian Conference under the aus-
pices of the American Evang.) Alliance
of the United S'.atas, to continue three
days, began in Tremont Temple this
morning. During tho session Frank
E. Jenkins, of New Decatur, Ala.,
told of the condition of the mountaie
whites of the south, who are largely
unchurhed and uneducated. There
are some thriving towns, he said,
where things are better, and the re
cent efforts to improve the public
schools have been relatively success
ful, but family ties, illicit distilling
aud a disregard of marriage ties have
woefully corrupted them. The min
isters are illiterate, and often immor
al and drunkards.
The Fall Penalty.
The sentence of an illegal liquor
seller to one year's imprisonment ami
a fine of $o00 is a new but w ise de
parture in the punishment of moon
shiners. Up to the present time on
ly tbejuinimum punishment, three
months' iruprisouinent and $500 fine
has been indicted. In a spirit of
fairness the court has made allow
ance for possible ignorance or possi
ble misapprehension in the violation
of the law, but there is no longerjanv
reason for such leniency. Every of
fender naw breaks the law with a full
knowledge of the consequences, and
the time hos come when the maxi
mum penalty should bo inflicted in
every caso not possessing extenuat
ing circumstances. Whether the ad
ditional punishment will frighten
anybody out of the business who is
now in it is doubtful, bat if there is
any virtue in imprisonment for crime,
it should certainly art as a warnin
to those tempted to enter. Thn
hort term of three months has few
terrors to people ,f a certain class,
but a whole ear mav have differ
ent effect. It will at any rate add to
the enls of illegal liquor selling, and
the greater danger the less will be
the disposition to dare it. North
After the Show.
A Urrieble fipht in which three
nefeTOs w. re kill.,1 is reportetl from
Charlotte North Carolina, under date
of Dttf ralier 4, the despatch. A
circus exhibited at Lumberton, Ib-t-son
county, last niyht, and after the
porfonuaace, which lasted until near
ly midnight, a cnwd neproea from
alj:tcent towns, filled with whiskey
started for home with their wives anil
sweethearts. There were iu all
twenty-three, and it is said that all
were prettyjdnink. They had only
traveled a short distance w hen a,'en
eral quarrel begun, a younj? mulatto
pirl Ix'inj? at the bottom of it.
Hot words were passed, which
soon led to blows. Then a
reoilar old time Degro riot followed.
Pistols, knives, razors, clubs, stones
and all manner of weapons known
to the negroes were culled into plav.
One negro rushed up to Jack Hunt
and, placmhis revolver to his breast,
fired Hunt fell to the ground, but
the remaining four rhamU-rs were
emptied into his lajdv. Tom CoIIinr
Tf Bi, ln ,Q tLe neok and " !
I Then a negro junked upon
do ut ri I ,t ri n ii t fm .
-v'" juuipaxi upon mm i
an.tc ut hiIthroat from ear ' .
almost entirely severinir his bend i
. . . r 1 4 f 1 r .
r i.: i. i.. " ion
By this time several of the" n.
had taken to their heels! Julius
Erabra fired n ohot at one man and 1
Ip but th
! then started to run. He was caught
J and beaten with ston js and c!ubs un-
' was dead. More than half a
dozeu were hurt Terr badly, three
women in the number.
The battle continued until every
one had taken to the weods in differ
ent directions and nobody left to
fight. Ail parties engaged in the
riot are hiding, but. the Sheriff is
searching for them.
vTbj They Were Diver red.
Hera ara a few of tho causes for
divorce criven in Commissioner
Wright's report on marriage and di
vorce: Defendant took a buggy, drove six
miles, got one Mr. , an old s we t-
heart of hers, drove him out into the
country, and then and there shot the
said llr. in cold blood with arevol
ver. This action caused plaintiff u a
peakable suffering ; wherefore he
prays for a divorce.
On their bridal trip from New York
defendant fell in with a German mna
on the cars. She Bat on the same seat
with the raid German, kissing him
and entwined in his arms. Plaintiff
remonstrated, but to no effect This
conduct of defendant caused plaintiff
great mental suffering.
Defendant and plaintiff were mar
ried in , both belonging to a pecul
iar sect called "the Brotherhood f
the New Life," with strange tenets
j onf ?f 'hioU tha a man . "hoV1. 1
wife unless given a permit by the
chief of the sect. In this case the
husband alleges he has bwen unablo
to obtain a permit from Chief ;that
to the contrary the said has com
manded his wifeanot to stay with bia
for three years. Divorce grauted on
the ground of cruelty.
Defendant said to plaintiff: "I care
more for 's little finger than for your
whole body, thereby causing this
plaintiff mental anguish and suffering
Defendant made plaintiff climb a
ladder to drive nails in the woodshed;
not the way he drove the nails he
lassoed her on coming down from t c
ladder, tied her fast to the gate-pos-t
then stuck sticks and straws in her
nose and cars, gouged his knuckles
in her eyes and he "wanted to seo if
she was Dutch. On untying her he
threw or shoved her into a nest of
bees, all of which sorely grieved tho
plaintiffin body and mind.
Defendant struck plaintiff a violent
blow with her bustle.
"My husband would never cut his
toe nails and I was scratched very
severely every night, especially as ho
was verv restless." North Americau.
Tferld's Fair Bills in rengress.
Wa5hi;to. I). C, Dc. 5. Sena
tor Ingallu introduced in the Senate
to-day a bill providing for the appro
priation of $8,000,000 for a World's
Fair in 1892 and the appointment of
a commission from aU tho States and
Territories to agree ujh.u the site.
Edmunds will introduce a bill provid
ing for theerwction of a non-sectariau
National University at Washington
in commemoration of the event, dis
pensing with the World's Fair.
Platform of the National Grange.
The National Grange at Sacramen
to, California, November 19, adopted
a report favoring restriction of for
eign immigration, building Amcri
ican ships and the ownership of
small farms. A resolution was
adopted endorsing the California
law as to tho state furnishing the
text books at cost and condemning
the single tax system , memorializ
ing congress in favor of manufacture
of jute, and other textrile fabrics for
use instead of cotton bagging ; fa
voring an increase of silver coinage :
adAocating the circulation of paper
money, independent of national
bauks. in sufficient quantities to pre
vent financial embarrassment.
A Female Samson.
r rom tbe London Illustrated New..
"MiM Phoebe Boun. of Matlock.
never made an exhibition of herself '
in n n v wa V... TV:1: ?T i
in any way, but William Huttun. in
one of his tours, speaks of her with j
womler as well as praise. Her step
at JU, was very manlv-, and could cov
er forty miles a day She could lift
a hundred weiRht with each ban. I,
and with the wind in her face tend
her voice a mile.
"She could knit, cook and spin,
but bated them all with every accom-
.1.-1 l a . r i .
jiunuiuruk k ma iemaie character
except modesty If any Pentlcmr.n
I",,". i ' , ,
n iv-uic, BUO M BlX'Etl turn
lwn- j
J?! Uf- i
rh-if.. T . nr
- '""'B m nors-8 '
without a saddle, at a guinea a week. !
She was an excelled shot and a cr.st '
reader ; fon.l of SheakePeare and I
doubtless, also of the musical eia.au-. !
since she plared the bass viol in M-it. 1
lock Church.
Mr. Old.lunce "I want an en
gagement rin of appropriate design.
Jeweler "WLat do you think of
twr hearts in rIbiel., "
Mr. OUldunce "Twon't do.
There's only one heart in thin trans
action: The girl is marrrin for
money. Ex.
A Lettekenny farmer who li
the mountain says he can always tell !
ves near
wnen a nara storm is comin its Vi
crows then fly to the letter protocteil
nooss ior sneiter, sometimes a day
before the storm reaches her".
A successful religious revival is in
progress in the jail at Cincinnati, !
rajtny uaruenea criminals and aban
doned women having professed con
version. Farmers near Hiawatha, Kansas
are using corn for futL Corn bring
20 cents, while coal costs from 21 to
23 cents per busheL
m ,
aro verai gixu petlestnans
,a - est T? who follow a fox-hunt
- -- . X - .wud i
foot anil twn nn ;k il.. I
th ftaisn- I .
-- iuC 1K w
A Meadville vm. 1,7 I
in? fir matches, which she nibblos
.vwrhe4 iii Warvland.
UVfrfcR Mabijobo, Md., Dec S.
Abui. 2.30 o'clock this morning a
baud of mot.ki.-d moil c-auie to tie juil
overpowered ug keeper and brie
optu the cell ui Joo Vermilion, t.--k
him out and iy.clied him on d-i
bridge leading U this village.
As soon as J. A. Ridgcway, the j-:l-kevper,
opened ilie door two ja.u
grabbed him and covered him wi.h
pistols. They the u went up stairs,
broke open the c;ll, cut the leg irons
from tho A jt, It aving them on t'.a
prisoner, and put a rope abnnt Lis
neck. They then dragged him to
the bridge and immediately exei.-ul-ed
their work.
It is pret'y wll wvll provsn t!:ni
Vermilion was guilty tf firing a nu-a-ber
of burns and outbuildings in V.ar
vicinity lately. It is supp w -d V. at
be did this in revenge for the failure
of a Justice of the Peace to hold sev
eral young men who were accused of
having burned the house of Vermil
ion's father.
Contributed to the JratATA Siitkil.
ii-4 appoint a lima for great events j
be appointed a time for creation a tim to
deliver Israel frm bondags, and baa ap
pointed a time in wbioh to jndge tha
world in rightooan, while the other
band aaaa on a smaller acaJa and at shorter
intervals appoints tiroes for his aaenrbrrea
and celebrations. The soldier appoints
times for the re-anions of living, snrviving
veterans of the la'e wars. In all eivihs-ii
nations, in his lore and warmth f r tba
survivors of battle, and the aarioors t the
nation's government and laws, the soldier
in rations sections appoints a day each rear
tor a n-unton. Tho day come and the re
unions are held provided allpbingstsre favor,
able such as the weather, and ao forth .
Christmas is Cening," is a quaint song,
rung throughout a large portion of Chriat
Undom, generally near Cbriotmaa and ol
ten the night before Children siog it.
Sabbath schools aiug it, and every person
that has learned the song, or helped to sing
it, or beard it sung, knows of it. Christ
mas is a noUele day and bis never I oat its
note, and has a flxed data each year. Tbt
date occurs in the twelfth or last month ot
the year, and always on the same day of
be month from year to year namely the
25tb day of December. Christian men in
time gone bye set thiaMate, on which In giv
gifts to children and friends in com
memeration of the wise men presenting
gilts of gold, frankioeeaee and myhrr to
Christ at bis birth. It is frequently said
long before the day 'Chriatm as is coating ."
It esq be said of this dsy months before it
arrives "it la earning." So long before
Jesus came into our state of .life
long before bis birth, the Old Testament
chapters and propheaie in licatel his com
ing. He came at last at the appointed time
and his advent was hailed by an nnuaually
great angelic abowiog to the aight ol men.
no doubt a wonderful experience for th
ahepberda who watchel mod gaardrd their
flocks from time to time. Again, Jiam
Testament chapters snd verms indicate that
not all concerning tbe Saviour has beeu
fulfilled, aiuce be will come a aecond time
to earth, in clouds, in great por and
glery and tbe holy angrla with him.
For instance when he bad ascended iu
to Ueareo aodvas beyond the sight ol
those who witnesned his aacension
two angels looking like men clothed
in white appeared in tba aight of tbe dis
ciples and said .- Ta men of Gaiiieej by
stand ye gazing np into bearea f this same
Jesus which is taken np into heaven sbsl
se come in like manner ss ye have seen him
go into heaven, according to the announce
ment of e two clothed in white, Jesua
Christ will come a 2ud lime, which will be
inOed's time with whom a thousand year
is like it were yesterday. So surely as ap
pointed re-uuion days coma. So surely as
Christmas comes each year, although It, 8,
or 9 months distant. So surely as it will
came this year, so certainly Jesus Cbrift wil1
come a second time. A part of a verse
reads-- "And unto them that look for hiiu
shall he appeal tbe second time without am
onto salvation.
A Family Calherlag.
Bava yon a lather f Have yen a mother'?
i Have yon a son or daughter, sister ar broib
a , " WDO baa not yet taken Kemp 'a Bals-m
for tbe Throat and Lunga, the guaranteed
remedy for tbe enra of Coughs, Colds,
Asthma, Crouy and all Throat and Lung
,1, , cUd,. .
irouniea i ll so, wny, wben a sample bet
van to ya,jTt by any drug
gist, aad Ibe large aiae eoaia,eaIy 60 ceaia
one 1. 00 f
Amwtmwr Reelmctloa lm -tbe)
Price ef Cabinet Iaia(e
iraphi. NOTICE.
For tbe next 90 DAYS, I will make
fnll lAnviVi I'mktmmt Ha .4 en n.
per d;izen, mlld Bud Ctneis. at $3.00
Pr dozen. I am also making very
popular picture called tbe Operm Pic-
l 2 00 X" do.. and another
:P are nailed the. tfiiwfr Pannell,
at 1.50 per dozen,
AiV noH RrDrrrn
n . tV WRK R"fCE"'
CaBD9 Rzm"d 59 p
- T $1 "R DZt!-
Uj Dot fiul take advantage of
tuis opporiauitv at ouce.
Joseph Hess,
llifllintown, Ta.
Sept. ICth, 18S9. 3 mo.
Laura Trice, eighteen years old
and good looking daughter of
David Price, of Karthus, Centre coun
ty, was found murdered lrinsr ia the
middle of the road, a short distance
from that town, on V'aHiim.iit nr
lt week. The inquest revealed three
bullet boles in her body and the fact
that she had been ravished. Alfred
Anderson was arrested at his home
in Brisbin, on suspiscion of being the
murderer. He admits having been
in the neighborhood on the day of the
Since some unknown person has
been seeking the Lf f Jbn Rosen
steel, of near Greensbur, aud he is
no longer safe, his nuigLU.rs have or
ganized a vigilance committee whose
members will keep watch alternately
for the viilians, and if the attemn't
ujon Mr. Ifciseusteel's life is repeat I
11. 1 1 1 . . A
they will be sh,
- 1 - . - - . . AWi'rK
ot down.
i. . , , . ...
J, lu a?anare.rt elOty en
Am wl. kVAI intl... 1 . r .
" vuegas-oouiiesoi ljonuon
have giyen notice that they will strike
on Dec-ember 13.
To 'h Storcho-W of the First Nation- '
al Bank of Uitflmtown There wilt he an
e'ection beki in ibe Ranking- Hue, Tues- .
day. January 14 it., HI. between tbe hours
of e'-evw orlv .and two ocl-tc f.
M.. for th purpose " elating five Direc
ters to serve the enuiiif yetr.
I mo. D- S Klo, Cmhir.
Whet-ma Letter- Testamentary on tbe es
tate of As!fic V ALLCsrisc lateoi Delaware
tnwnahiD. deceased, bas been (rented t
e !
the nedersirned. all pern indebted to
said estate are rHi-sfod to make imme
diate pavnieat, and thnae having claims
will plea preaent them properly anthenti
eated tor settlement to
Jisihiah LccmcasLAncn.
East Salem, Pa.. November 24, lH9.
rriccpvHB eirrLiT3w bkidoecobtpaht.
HirruTvt Pa.. Novemh-r 26. 1W9.
A lueetitig tho atoekhr tsra of tbe
Mtfftintown Bride" Companr will be held
at tbe office or;rge Jacuba, K-q., in Mil.
Hints wn. Pa.. Tnnndav, F--hrn-rv 6th,
1890, at 2 o'cloi k P. V., for tbe purpose of
Considering tbe advisability of increasing
tbe Capital stack or indebtedness of said
By order of the Board of Directors,
C. W. Mats. Secretory.
The undersigned Kxeeutors and Trnatees
of th laat will and Testament of Christian
Zonk, late of Manbeim tewnahip. Lanes -terjeonntv.
Pa., deeeawd. will aell st pub
lic sals on tbe preiuiaes in Fermanagh
township. Junistn county, Pa., about three
miles north of t iftiiuiewn, on
Satnrdaji December 14. 1889-
tbe follnwinc described Real Estate ta wit :
TRACT NO. 1, containing
mare er less, having theren erected a
bag pn and necessary nst-buildings, all
cleared, besn snd decrih,Ml aa follows :
on the east bv lands ol Sarah Cleck ; sauth
by Lest Creek ; west by lands ot Elias
Horning, and nertb by lada of I 1st id Sieber.
Na. 2, A tract af laud containing
mora or less having t hereon ererted a
bounded on tbeeaat !y lands uf C. Corkins;
sonth by lands of George Jscoba ; west by
lands of David W eller ; north by tract No.
I, above described.
No S. A trsctjof woodland sit sate in llim
Valley eeerairt'er
more or l-sa. honndd an the north by
lands of Willi. m ston-r and others ; on tbe
wast by buloufl"sai Allison; on tbe south
bv J and ' i . Hower ; on tha east by Klia
No. 4 One half interest in a tract ef un
divided mnautain land containing two
cbSBD acs n. bennded en the east by
lands til McCahans ; sooth by Siogerly rand
others ; wst by Levi Bpeglemoyer and
nortn by Joseph Speglsraoyer.
Sale to cotiaiaence at t o'clock P. II.,
when attendance will be given and terms
made known bv
Executor and Trustee t.
H. H. Sbvdbb. Aociioueer.
Wonderful Flesh Produce..
M&nj have gained one pouna
per day bv its use.
Scott's tmulsion is not a pccc'
remedy. It contnins tbe stimuLi.
ing properties of the lIypopi
plates And pure iMorweeiaii Jo-
Liver OiL th yv.tncj of h-tl:
being largely ini-'na -d. It is tiso
by Physicians . n tiver the worh-
Sold, by all IhruggitU.
COTT A BOWNE. Chemist.. N. Y
ecennful Treatment of Disease
JIK kUHKs ibe mmm- el .11 Ulanars.
KlIU ibe .Viirrebea.
cnrBCffnl TrsateiaK
iiail,V4lui II6HIU1CBU
WoBeWfel Teek- aid
TOa sViiiii af the Klarase KlUw I
"I" b" ao saaetaalb drnv.
;loe! I'eribrr.
' mm vw ciuauvs awa
a ar
that I
tm kapvxlrfe. bet m tUm LUM it ail!
C PV wTm1 Waa4. fll An) It tfc
thso hail g"
" "TT "-"4 f ra with nvurabU rhn...
. taila. or m
rtra l.iaptMMt u tha ana aa Ma
- 'll Pn.TMCIUl of I 7 Tia-j , , a
-nm tai iniwuiiiiii.
it lite a. .zir-rr - - n-t
ii . ."lit
i rta.i
e m m
aV k,t-m
f2 -lu
a w cT Vi .
FERf fc'CT
:)! tba
t hkai-iiKMil-V.- -
a. it ker Hkj . mr MADE
rW KtrMINf an4 uutmt hauluia. Our Iaireve4
' ' ben nuil. r ibe beavieac ItsS
X?&tt32l ! Agents Wanted
Scotls Emulsion
Xalxrez Oil ma
ftiBwed and endorsed &y Phyti
ciona becauee it i Um featf.
Et is three timea as sScadoni as jJiIn
Coi Liver CH.
II la far snpailor to aU othsr so-called
ia a psrfbct Zaraldaa, do9S not sapa-!
Tata cr char59u
is la t7Kii5rfd s a flash producer,
tt i3 ZLa best t&.Zv1j fcr Consnmpticz,
Ecrofala, Ercashitis, Wasting DJs -
eases, Chronio Cocgha and Colds,
-JTT &. &ei-, tnerriots, B.I.
r,E yni
EV'Eky pLJc STArjpED LlkE
aboVe cJj.
JKO. FIHZER Sl BROS., LoaisTiUe, Ky.
W1H 1 11 JSTA I K
Worth Knowing,
Tkat I can stop ToovH40BB in lest than
Ova kiinntos; no )aiu, uo eztracting.
That I can extract testb witbont vain.
by the u of a fluid appli.td to tha teeth
and gams ; ne dancer.
1 bat Diaesand Gams (known
as Scurvy) treat viV.v ed auccosslully
and a cure war-tfyy rauted in ever
Teeth FiLtun ! warranted lor life.
Artiec-ial Trrti r-rMiired, exchanged er
rrmoddlnd, trum VJ.W to $li r set. j
beantilul fiiim Knauieled Test inserted at j
prices l suit all.
All work wsrrantnd to give perfect satis- J
faction, feopie who bare artificial teeth
with which tbey cannot eat. are especially
ilia iteii t i -ill. Will t iiit protessionally
al thnir homes if notified by letter.
Will visit r-gu:arly at Kicbdald the 2nd I
Wt-rk ol Wst and OtilUi. j
TasMit Cab.
Prnctlcul OentlMl.
Oct. 14 '85.
to canraa lor 'he ale ol Nnrery Stock
S'radj emplovuif nt guiaiit-ed. ftillery I
nntl KxeilHVn psi t to Micmtial men!
A pp'J' al onc- Maiinic ace Mention this
Cliase Hrutliern Compauj,
horbfrnUr, N. Y.
Aug 21 -M.
Tle only cni Ivte lotk r tiliial.il. Naw
A irpu.Hr trtirt uLMn the tMru nd
Fund 1 uh' ol INwith Ani nn, wnb rs
I'e-ciail Kltrci.ee La bit fci.d ui hod ot
cai turo. bv Brnii Ooodo. L. S. Cm
DiMrtiourr ot F ish and Fnleri . With
bi.inerouM ilUintratioim and roajtnificcnt
Iruntiivplcre lat ol a tfrrk triUt io nine
culrs. 1 no work. 10 jtihlth d 10 ont5
I uine, Hnai Octavo, (iter IM pant , from
j Dew pialea, on natidrHjiu i, auti el
I ft ant I v houud. b 11I laeoo m-tiji ol price.
FAtLk.llsH W ALLC1,
Cmcni arr 6t., f uiiiPtLHiA, Pa
Juit 10, 1869-bU
Un. if A 0 t r u n fkwrt- id aJw a . -i. 1 ,.1
" to rtr f.w Ij.usjo Aner.. w o. -. . 1
n-icw, or raanh rJ
raiTw-1 ipi-jor o all oiir r w
tJt.n.i,'L 6rat y BifllL M. 1'AltaV
Life of HfKRT WARD BEECHER 132-3.12.
It ilhutrw 1. irWtnr dU UTo frttn htw feirtb U bim
amm ta. lfK Of It. fiprrtaj- prvrpaUd.
LMO rooK
ltaua U.. ix-ookU . J'.Y,
menttctt ib h. t t-r ll.h.
Mll-r Vftst,
er p p I . 4 '-rtitrlirw
No. 1JJ . i
aDaM,arrrl4 tt.
S4 A Waahli.(iuu A.,
nu t Tinn.A ns fnr
l;OS t-bastset SC. Phllada.
FeaaUeam fer lrmdeaxee.
Timereqolre4 2to4 aaee.
HHST JimtVD9t. hrmt
Caerse et Ktasr. Catcviari I
'ret V yue bisk uum foyer.
' A
HADF. or
For frrsiDtwcrs. Cmuochts. CrurrcRies. Famaa
Qahocms Galia arbara. Wlaoaw Caardi. Traill.
te. Write for Illustrated Cttalone: mailed free
Hardware Jier Bees IU Crse name of thl.
isiw.iiau, .,.. 5Tai,a.u 1KP.
a. u. nrqnuiir LrniUtd, l,a, fa. '
Selling' at clTst!
Having dottrminpd to retire frrm business I win tt.n ,
at cost. Now is I be tiui. to securs bargains in the 7 ge
ed tkeli,tII)entfroln B""-8 was
I now iuvite my frien.ls and I he pnblic penerally to call r 1
my .took at cot It will p.y vuu. The goo.V "ui aLr
lieu Boys and Children a r '-t rts.
and Genl'a furnisLing goods. Firht Class, combining Style OobH
Elr-g-ne. Prices that wiJl astwni.h you. At cot prices 7 ni
atid JKWKI.RY, Calico, Tercala ar.d Whit. fchirU. r '
and Cuffs, Trunks and Satchels, is full and couplet.. CW1 and see 1 1 !
cost ' "
Noveinbf r Ctb, 1SSD.
of Pittsburg Pa., make j
of manufactuiing for the Domestic i
trade tha Ftnett Brand of Uiuminat- !
iug and Lubricating OUh, Xaphtha
j i- . . -'r'"t"
ana U60hne, that can be made from i
Petroleum !
We challenge comparison with!
every known Product of Petroleum.
If you wish the most
ask for ours, trade for MiHintown and
icinity Supplied by
January 2ud,-89-ly.
JVeic Firm.
No more Summer for months
!to come. Fall and Winter
' are here, and to conform to the
'change, the Senior member of
'the firm has just returned from
! Eastern Markets, where he ee
j !cted with great car the goods
thut his many patrons faror.
N'e h ave now filled our i
Goods of all kinds. Our
ir- :t-J
v.0 tirt,; a1Tn;uillcu Vlir non, Newport, Millerstown, ThOU1psoDtn
! efforts to give them iroods to ! rert KoT,1' ,ime at MiWin. ' 1 5S p. a.; A I
W their purposes and we 1 ,0"' 2 m-:'d Pm"",rg' 8 lu ' -
believe that we arw better pre- r.V'J
pared than ever to merit tiieir i p0' 12 14 p- M"fin 12.6a p. m. t,p.
confidence. We invite 3ou toluTT
come and fee and be satisfied j ' utsbur8 810 p
Jn our drees goods department' altoo-a accobhodatiob ioar.. rbi:
wo have almost every thine ! fidanp.h't,d n5" 11 40 m- a"e '
I . , , , J ,. " 6 80 P- "' Duncannon ii.04 p. m., sw.
Don't be backward, call for r" .32 p. m., Miiierstown 4 1 p
what vou want. j tp"""" v.. Jyke ' 7.0a
! P. m , Tuscarura .n, p. aa., Meiico 7,09 p.
tfF. V-.f W9 m m-t Fort Kojal 7,14 p. m., M.min 7.-0 p
isiocs and Hoots, i Lc,"'r p , ucvy,oa ,
11 f- ., Nrwtnn Hamilton 8 3 i. m
Our Boot and Shoe De- j HaDti'"rlon 9-05 p- m o P. :
partment is full in its aort- ' ir'u'VTT.
, .
inent, and you certainly can be
uited in fit, quality and price.
hatever improvements have
been added by the manufactures
we liave them all. Ve can
supply 3 ou with foot wear for
any in or out door service. Our
crocerv DeDartment nevr lairc
i" l 1 i i .....
u e nave on nana a lull line o.
Fresh, Plain and Fancy
Alho, the only full line 01
in the county. Every house
nuiot have its full supply ot
Queens and Glassware, this is
tiie torc to call on for such nr.
All orders by mail will re
ceive prompt attention.
Remember the place,
Main Stbeet, Opposite Couht IIocsl,
AlifHiiitowii, la.,
Fred'lt i:SlJJ,SCIIAIi:
&c Son.
I would inform tbe publis that I have
now in my new millinerv store at my place
f residence on Water street, Mifflintown,
second door from corner of Bridge street,
a full stock, of Fall si.d Winlr millinerv
goods, all new, and of tbe latest styles.
nd having employed first class milliners
lam prepared to anpply the public with
everything- found in flrstclass milliner
store, come and examine rev stock. I
consider it no trouble to show goods.
March 22-e".l..
idwUlJiFJwliWS&5t"r', - J
dHerminod upon nfier I had
Ob snd after Sunday Nor. ICMb,
trains tbat stop at Miffiia will ma rl
Hunttncdnn daily at 6 Ids. m.. Moust Un
ion a 6.64 a. m.. Kewton Usmi!tn 0 Ou a.
m., McVeytowo 8.20 a. in.. Lpwistown 6 4S
a. ra.. htilforit 7 m u;m;n r no . '
Port RoyalT.M a. ta-. Mexico 7,1 8 a. m"
I"carora J-20. Vandyke 7.24 a. m,'
Tbompsontown 7 .Si a. m., Diirwari 7,85
m., Millerstown 7.41 a m., Newport 7,51 .
m-' rri'"lt at Himihurj at (5,aU a.' m'
and at Fbiladolpbia, 1,25 p. ra.
EuIioiiE.miuIm.m. ..i.,,
at 7,15 a. and stopping a all regular
I stations between Altoona and Harriahnrr,
Biimin ai iu,vo a. m., Uarrisburg
11.40 p. II., and arrives in Philadelphia at
S.lft p. m.
Mail Tails leaves Pittsburg daily st
6,30 a. m., Altoona at 2,00 p. m., and stop
ping at all regular atationa Brrirr at Mifflin
at 6 CS p. ru., tiarrisburg 7.0 p. ni., hhils
adulphia 10,0 p. m.
Mail Exprexs loaves Pitt. burg st 1 00 pm
Altoona tt 20 p m ; Tyrone b 62 p m ; liuct
ingdon 7 37 p iu ; Lewistowu 8 4i pm ; Mif
flin 9 10 pin; liarrisburg le 4S p in ; Phils
delphia 4 26 a m.
Dv Exi'BE'4 lejrei Pittsburg at 8 00 A
M. ; Altoona I 1.40 A. M ; mar bj tiarrrj
at MirHin at 2 05 P. II ; arr.ve, at Harn
buig at 3,20 P. K ; at Puiladr j.hu. 0 50 P
Philadelphia Kxpross will atop at Hrft!:c
at 11 37 p. in., otivn tiaggcl
Vast Lisa leaves I'hid.-lphis daily a:
11 40 a ra ; Harrisburg S 05 p ta j Mifflin
6 C pm; Lea-istown 6 2S p ra; AUouls
8 10 m ; srrivrs at I'lttaLurg at 1 1 65 p ai
Wav Passkboeb learrs rbils.l.lahis
daily at 4 30 a. m.; Usrrisburg, 8 15 a. m.;
Duncannon, 8 64 a. in.; Newport, 0 25 s'
m.; Millerstown, 9 40a. ro.; ThoropKontown
o a. m.; an Uyk, 10 00 a. m ; Tuncar
I era, 10 04 a. ni.; Mexico, 10 07 a. ni ; Porl
Royal, 10 13 a. ro.; Milflin, 10 20 a. m
Miltord, 10 2G a. m ; Narrows, 10 34 s ro -
Lewistown, 10 4j a. iu.; McVcvtown, il
I a. m.; Newton Hamilton, 11 ilia, ni.; llun
, tiliKdnn, 12 17 p. m.; Tyrone, 1 07 p. m.
I Altoona, 1 46 p. in., and atom at all ri-.
""en uarnsuurg and Altoona.;
" 1 unaaeipnia dai-
'J at 6 50 p. m., Harrisburg, 10 20 p. m.
flvftrraH Rru D1..1 j ...
I "'"rP'-K ai Kocuv.ue, Marysville. Dnncae
i j r. - , i"iiic arillOD 3
, 88 m' Newport 4 00 a ni; suttiin 4 9
... , .oiaiunu o vi a in j JSc Ver town 6 2i
a. in; Mt. Union 6 4'i a in ; UiintiiiK'1n B
12 a ra ; 1'etnrsburr 6 2j a in ; Spruce Cresk
o i a u; ijrone w a m ; Hell's atil!
Altooua 8 05 a m ; I'itubui?
VI 45 pm.
S-a feliore Kxirei-a ml. ... s. ,....
. will counoct with juodav Matl ...i i-r,;"
narrisburg at 1 15 p. m.
LKWISTfllPM hii-K'i,...
Trains - "AYtlv. . ....
1 r,"y at 6 10 " 10 65 is p m : rUr
Sun nil r ( 7 yii ... .n
J " ) m iu, d w p m.
Trains arrive at Tewistown Junction (rem
Milroy at B 60 a m, 1 25 pm, 4 jO p rn ; from
SBiibury at U 05 a. ni, 4 HJ p. m.
Trains leave Tyrone for Bellelonte sad
Lock Haven at 8 10 a m, 3,1(17.15 p m.
Leave Tyrone for Cnrwoovil!e and Clcar
fleld a'8 20 a m, 3 15 p m, 7 25 pm.
Trains leave Tyrone for Warriors Mark,
fennsylvania Furnace and Scotia al 7,60a
m and 3,20 p m.
Trains arrive at Tyrone from Belleroute
and Lock Haven atl 1 68 a in, and o 40 p m.
Trains arrive at Tyrone from Curwrns
ville and Clearfield at 6 60 a m, and 1145a
m, o 17 pm.
Trains arrive at Tyrone from Scotia. War
riors Mark and Pennsylvania Furosce at
1 1,40 a m, at 7,2i p m.
Trains leave Huntingdon tor Be.iford,
llyndman and Cumberland at t) 25 a. m
and 6 Si p. ni.
Trains srrire at Huntingdon from Bed
ford, nnimao sr,d CiiiiiIhtIuuiI st 12 IS
p. m., 6 20 p. m.
Tiaina nr A !'. i-a for points .. i h. at
7 0 a in. 8 2 4 m. J2 p in. I 50 p iu.
6 Oil p in., rlllpni 9 6k p m.
Trains ithb vt Alien.,. r,..,n i.i.- .f.
South, at 6 4 S a ui. 11 Hi a m. I M.' l ai.
oo p. m. h su p. I,,. 7 (ill p m. and V :ir p
rn- Tra:nt. Ie; bcli...: h.r J'uEX-ti-lawn.-j
at 8 Mi, , ni.. a-.il :! 2S i ..i. Ar
rive at B-lii...d tr im riinx'ut,.ii. v 11,
20 a ni., and 6,10 p .
The Sentinel and krjiui'tran oK.ce ia tie
place to gei job work done. Tiy il. ll
pay you if yt.o need auything in that line.

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